A Spider Stole Our House!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, you know how the guys are always out on some crazy adventure, right? Well, in their latest video, th...
A Spider Stole Our House!!! - Grounded
A Spider Stole Our House!!! - Grounded

A Spider Stole Our House!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that video where a spider stole our house? It's absolutely ridiculous!

simon: Oh yeah, that one cracked me up! I mean, who knew spiders were into real estate?

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing when they walked in and saw that spider lounging on the couch like he owned the place!

neebs: And then they tried to negotiate with the spider to get our house back, classic comedy gold right there!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, you know how the guys are always out on some crazy adventure, right? Well, in their latest video, they come back from exploring a cave only to find something totally unexpected in their own house! I mean, can you believe it? I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they discovered.

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oh there's another spider out here oh no0.1794.761
no the same one2.76.679
oh boy what do we do run away4.944.439
hey guys you down in the hole yeah come23.226.6
in the hole yeah yeah buddy oh this26.2795.941
looks ominous it's a hole everybody got29.824.62
torches I got a torch yeah I'll tell you32.224.14
what oh light you guys got Shields so34.445.48
I'll let the shield boys stay in front36.363.56
this is good stuff we need this stuff41.666.16
there we go there we go get some of that44.765.52
yeah we gotta blow this too huh yeah47.825.52
that's not good I got grenades oh50.285.279
awesome perfect how many you got53.343.199
four oh perfect yep all right well okay56.5395.981
I just hook it yeah just hook it I can't60.2398.181
remember R oh my God yep I know oh62.528.22
yeah watch out yeah that's that's68.424.6
probably looking mad it doesn't hurt70.745.46
yeah it seems okay okay Shield unit up73.025.58
oh I see something ahead we can do this76.24.739
okay all right what are these things oh78.65.54
wow shall I do it80.9395.82
science got one of these down here oh84.144.78
there's some bars candy bars in there oh86.7596.121
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we can upgrade88.925.82
our stuff with all this stuff what's92.883.96
this purple one oh yeah what is this94.748.78
purple one uh I can sturdy marble oh96.846.68
can you uh go ahead and research it in107.185.259
there uh yeah give me a minute and get110.283.42
and then yeah let me do a little science113.74.04
science uh no you can't research it115.6194.14
unresearchable it's an invalid object117.744.239
okay seems well to me because it doesn't119.7595.46
exist should I move forward we came from121.9795.28
there's two ways over here do you see125.2194.68
that we came from the right and there's127.2595.521
a way left but tell you what yeah we'll129.8994.441
move forward for now and then we'll come132.784.19
back if we need to134.343.979
okay all right you don't remember how to138.3193.521
do it this time I'm just gonna hook it140.4594.981
right yep [ __ ] it come on there you go141.845.52
yeah oh rocks that opens up over there147.366.12
solid hook151.24.92
oh boy153.484.92
this isn't the Ant Hill is it oh boy oh156.124.38
God is that larva and stuff158.44.619
yeah those are larva reminder they are160.55.099
are they resistant against chopping so163.0194.5
don't use an ax on these guys oh don't165.5994.081
all right there's a lot of them at least167.5194.321
four hey we could use larva Parts like169.684.199
that's good stuff so do we just fight171.843.84
hey why don't you you could grenade them173.8793.72
what if we got more walls to break oh175.683.6
there's ruin there's movement should I177.5994.92
grenade it oh yeah yeah I've got two179.286.92
left oh I don't know we might yeah182.5193.681
oh boy they're pissed186.7395.701
all right189.842.6
this one's almost dead dead beautiful193.624.92
beautiful oh that hurts that hurts oh195.546.14
boy oh boy198.543.14
you guys uh all right I'm gonna I'm205.5195.261
gonna fight okay everybody go I'm208.564.58
here we go238.43.24
all right yeah look at all these larva243.444.859
parts that's great245.72.599
oh yeah that was awesome okay the second248.6594.901
break heal up if you got him agree yeah251.5194.44
all right yeah what are my bandages heal253.565.239
them if you got them255.9592.84
all right well we cleared the larva out259.8594.381
yeah except for these little guys I'd261.784.199
leave them in don't dig them up why264.243.179
because it might be the bad ones again265.9793.241
we can take the battle look it's just267.4193.301
one at a time here wait don't you want269.223.06
to see what's up that's the good ones270.723.96
yeah look at these grubs I think we272.283.479
cleared it I thought they were going to274.683.299
be the bad ones you know yeah they might275.7594.081
be the bad ones no the ones that we just277.9793.541
had sometimes you dig those up yeah279.844.579
let's see I don't like that like that281.526.2
okay okay284.4193.301
[ __ ] alone yeah it was290.724.919
deep position I bet it goes forever293.7594.321
that's what he said is it me it looks295.6394.0
like it's going up yeah it does right298.083.3
it's going up to me it has been this299.6393.78
feels like oh it's the way that's the301.384.14
way up no it's not it's a way out but303.4193.84
not these not yet no it's not where we305.525.72
are oh [ __ ]307.2593.981
where's this place311.966.7
yeah good job okay well we're just here315.1394.901
in the yard somewhere318.663.479
um y'all recognize where we are no oh320.043.9
there's one of the bipod things the322.1394.021
lasers so should we go back and rule out323.944.199
that other way uh yeah I think we should326.165.24
I agree all right back in the hole328.1395.571
that's what he said331.44.72
and this one feels like it goes down336.125.7
yeah there's more thick thick rock you339.065.88
know that thick rock oh wow boy yep we341.825.52
didn't bring any dive gear did we uh we344.944.62
didn't I wanted all you know what though347.345.48
but you should let's see349.566.72
okay there's some Gunk off to the side352.825.08
to the right all right hold on I'm gonna356.283.9
pull out my underwater torch there you357.95.34
go oh wow I'll stick next to you360.186.06
root um is there air in here I don't see368.225.88
any air in here it was a little scab but371.284.8
we don't have the right tool to cut this374.14.74
uh root up I don't think nope okay well376.085.66
we know that's there oh boy378.845.22
okay so I have to come back for that we381.744.66
need to make a better knife ah do you384.064.8
know what that was no no clue okay386.44.62
pretty random and weird is that the388.864.86
whole cave yeah yeah that's it also now391.025.64
my torch is out that's okay I got this393.723.68
oh that's fine but we397.43.96
bam we got us a jerky rag jerky rack I'm424.1996.0
gonna put a couple things on that right429.02.94
now so the nice thing about this stuff430.1994.741
it won't spoil roasted Weevil and431.946.06
roasted uh no it's raw Weevil yeah yeah434.944.86
stick it on there raw and make some438.04.44
joinky even better and uh you know what439.85.1
I think we had enough stuff to make see442.443.96
how real jerky's made444.93.66
well you dry out to me right oh you dry446.43.9
it raw you don't cook it or anything448.563.72
I've never made jerky yeah thanks I450.35.36
don't think so oh what is that uh452.286.84
that's not a good spot for it this is a455.666.099
cookery it's like an island huh like you459.125.16
you cook here and you hang there yeah461.7594.261
yeah we can set it up like that I mean464.283.0
you know what we should have like a466.023.66
kitchen and yeah we got the firework we467.284.139
honestly we can put the fire under this469.684.639
no it doesn't look like it man we could480.564.78
use the spider I want that thing I want483.4793.601
that better bow and arrow yeah let's485.344.079
want to kill it I'm tempted to try you487.086.2
guys up for a spider fight yeah489.4193.861
does that make sense to anybody else551.244.2
uh looks like he's right on top of our566.8394.741
damn base569.042.54
cool boy575.04.66
arrows mounted on this trampoline or it577.264.199
was that was funny how do we do this579.664.2
guys I'm gonna see if I gave Allure oh581.4595.841
God he's right there oh wow583.863.44
oh yeah593.183.18
let's see him there you look nice can I597.328.04
revive you yeah yeah we're gonna be fine601.388.66
oh okay I don't want to be here605.364.68
we go okay he just knocked me off the611.425.26
top of the thing oh he's back down he's614.4595.481
back down okay good hey yeah616.686.24
oh yeah sorry sorry sorry piece of [ __ ]619.945.8
oh God he's in the house can I go up622.926.44
this way oh he is in the house625.743.62
well I mean I didn't think he could fix635.7794.12
this door look at the door he went to638.163.84
the door hey follow me follow me at the639.8993.421
the house okay I'll lure them away643.323.92
he keeps not happy uh hey come out the648.446.339
house come on out there always at the651.9594.341
okay I'm running I'm right I'm gonna656.33.88
lower him away there you go follow me658.24.259
the lily pads you son of a [ __ ] I think660.185.88
he's just talking now wow okay Lily662.4596.421
pants you know what I'ma poke him in the666.065.279
face poke poke poke in the face look at668.885.18
you just take it like an idiot all right671.3395.701
all right yeah now here we go oh man674.064.6
this is meant to be yeah we're gonna677.043.84
wheel him down now we're spider Killers678.664.26
we just won't count all the time he just680.884.199
killed us I'm getting the best boom ever682.924.859
I'm gonna try this bomb is that gonna685.0795.641
blow up our house oh man I guess we687.7795.041
didn't need to do that maybe a little690.724.739
bit okay all right hold on I got him I692.825.0
got them695.4592.361
oh I'll get my arrows back here holy705.624.839
crap that was our second spider right I708.363.719
know oh there's a little spider out here710.4595.361
oh no no the same one no the same man712.0798.121
what do we do run away foreign715.824.38
there's a ladybug right there we could732.983.82
do that thing yeah but it's gonna kill735.064.44
that ladybug oh yeah he seems really736.84.979
focused on739.54.86
you oh yeah look over the ladybug there741.7794.861
you go there you go yeah yeah he's744.363.659
trying oh there's two of them right746.643.18
where's he back up there I took a shot748.0194.44
come on dude you can do this you big749.825.759
idiot welcome back Simon hey yeah look752.4595.641
like he uh jumped down you can get out755.5796.44
of there there he goes down758.13.919
come on ladybug774.0793.481
what you oh you may have been poisoned I778.746.02
got you ah go away780.364.4
okay I'm coming in there with you names785.067.92
oh God I don't want to piss ladybug off788.664.32
get that ladybug in there795.543.32
get it baby805.6395.14
come on okay I don't know what the hell807.65.28
said It's gotta be well right so well810.7796.18
one more hit in the butts812.884.079
spiders ain't got nothing on us oh823.944.8
that's ladybug part that's spider party826.626.0
he's not just ladybug Parts he's a828.747.96
friend she's a fallen oh comrade yeah832.626.18
thanks a lot thanks listen I want to836.73.84
make this okay I was still doing all838.83.96
right oh yeah make that a big thing make840.544.2
it yeah oh I gotta put this back842.765.24
together son of a [ __ ]844.743.26
can you believe that Simon I I can but848.14.32
I'm see arrows Lighting on my screen I850.384.019
need arrows okay after all she did for852.424.62
us yeah she was really great854.3995.361
dude I got an insect bow857.044.56
heck yeah859.763.96
thank you861.62.12
let's see burgle where are you at we got864.425.34
the uh super chip from the pond we867.7793.541
forgot to give it to you right here hey869.764.579
burgle oh here he is871.325.579
do I have a head Simon do you have a874.3393.761
head yeah all right I don't have a head876.8992.88
on my thing but whatever it's nice to878.13.299
see a friendly face how can I help you879.7793.721
we got a super chip baby881.3994.861
nice there we go he's putting it in he's883.55.76
updating his files he's processing he's886.265.46
looking good oh he's got good news and889.265.22
bad news what's the good news uh oh he's891.724.44
got a spare and bigoting cell so that's894.485.159
good the bad news is it's empty come on896.165.28
so I think that's one of the things we899.6393.781
need uh we got to fill it with in bacon901.443.72
juice once we fill it within big and903.423.56
Juice we can go home can we be big again905.164.08
oh okay906.984.84
which yeah would be nice because uh it909.246.2
sucks down here what with all this911.823.62
body mass readout is an acceptable range919.985.12
the skinfold degradation is minimal922.686.0
specimen vitals are stable in holding925.15.14
looks like we've done it the defense928.683.599
department has arrived early to discuss930.244.74
project orc director needs you to be932.2795.281
present at the meeting934.985.159
sure what's worse our director or a937.565.839
three-hour meeting with the military940.1393.26
girls you ready yeah oh that was you oh946.0795.94
that was a long shot that was great okay949.865.219
is it coming oh man this is our eyes oh952.0194.56
where's it going sorry oh I'm in a way955.0793.901
where's he going whoa let's see if I can956.5795.101
do this again come on come on oh that'd958.983.84
be amazing if I could hit him from here961.683.06
come on962.823.959
how'd you get it964.744.58
dude okay966.7792.541
okay sucker oh yeah he doesn't know what969.724.02
to do why does he keep running because971.823.959
he's scared I'm like a marksman from973.744.32
hell yeah get him again bam I did oh975.7794.981
here he comes stay on him978.068.1
okay ready stay on him yeah except it's980.767.74
only dude it's it's like not even986.163.6
halfway yet you know what I mean yeah988.54.079
yeah just keep on it man I am don't miss989.765.28
though because I haven't heard him I992.5794.44
rarely have missed right okay but when995.044.2
you do it doesn't hurt him oh if that997.0194.221
one oh that would have been amazing999.245.76
payback there we go1001.247.48
it's halfway yeah I got him stay on it1005.06.42
yeah I got him again okay is he healing1008.724.08
where is he where is he I don't think so1011.423.479
just stay on him oh1012.83.839
yeah come on baby okay come on over here1014.8996.06
yeah down to one more bar you got a1016.6397.32
derral list yeah bring the pain bring1020.9594.281
the pain1023.9595.421
I ran out of arrows perfect1025.244.14
yeah we had the plan we did the strategy1029.6794.861
some of those shots I made dude good job1039.4596.36
not one to brag but I'm bragging1042.1993.62
oh is that what I think it is oh yeah1055.226.42
hey hey guys hey everyone pop over here1057.7996.12
real quick hey yeah all right check this1061.644.32
out now that I got this upgraded Hammer1063.9194.441
if we ever see a tooth out here in the1065.965.459
yard oh it's a tooth I can break it hold1068.367.819
on okay oh yeah oh check this stuff out1071.4199.541
is that a real tooth yeah boom this is a1076.1797.301
milk Muller the glowy part the glowy1080.963.959
part it's called a milk Muller I know it1083.482.939
makes no damn sense but uh follow me1084.9194.64
follow me okay all right1086.4195.461
behind you1089.5595.201
all right I only came to the lab but we1091.884.86
can go to any Science Station but yeah1094.764.32
we come up to this uh computer you can1096.744.559
use the computer we all have these molar1099.084.62
infusion upgrades so as long as we got a1101.2994.26
milk molar we can upgrade our Max Health1103.74.44
our stamina our hunger and thirst drains1105.5594.321
so we don't get it hungry and thirsty as1108.145.399
easy oh yeah when you say we yeah1109.886.36
do you mean yeah every everybody has to1113.5394.681
go in here and upgrade their uh their1116.243.84
thing you get to use your milk though1118.223.72
yeah every time we pick up a milk molar1120.083.18
it helps the whole group matter of fact1121.943.06
hell yeah I remember seeing one here1123.263.6
hold on I'll be right back I think I saw1125.05.52
one out here molar Fusion okay it's load1126.865.28
yeah y'all hold on I might be able to1130.524.64
get us two two upgrades two milk molars1132.145.46
I think Dora just did his though this1135.164.78
time just did Max health I guess you get1137.64.8
one so I can do one right now wisely1139.944.2
yeah get in there load up that molar1142.43.48
okay so I go here and I got a science1144.144.74
shop Max health I did Max Health but you1145.885.7
know and I just click on it yeah I guess1148.884.919
oh yeah there absolutely was a tooth out1151.585.9
here heck yeah bring it1153.7993.681
that was a great animation1160.244.02
should already be into the system we get1166.0595.021
in there oh what can I do with two oh1168.6793.901
that's really good but yeah you know1171.084.099
what I'm gonna increase my healing1172.585.16
I'm gonna increase when the max Health1175.1797.781
all right yeah I'm going in oh yeah get1177.747.08
her doralis I'm doing Hunger thirst1182.964.339
I'm not as excited as you guys all right1191.867.84
hold on wait no no milk mowers I click1196.246.52
on that right huh no Max stabbing a bam1199.75.9
grumpy no um I'm not anymore1207.9426.499

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