Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's already Episode 25 of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Today's the big day - will the to...


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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen 'THE FINAL BATTLE' video on Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's our best one yet!

simon: Oh yeah, that tower is going down for sure! Those Alpha Tribe guys don't stand a chance against us noobs.

appsro: I don't know guys, I think we might need some more coffee from Neebs Gaming Coffee to get through this epic battle!

neebs: Haha, good point Appsro! Maybe we should all power up with some Xidax PCs too, just to be safe.

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's already Episode 25 of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Today's the big day - will the tower finally fall? I'm on the edge of my seat just thinking about it!

If you haven't checked out Neebs Magic Dumpster on YouTube yet, you're seriously missing out. The crew's adventures in Ark: Survival Evolved are always a wild ride, and this episode is no exception. I can't wait to see what kind of chaos they get into this time.

And let's not forget about Neebs Gaming Coffee - it's the perfect way to fuel up for watching these epic battles unfold. Plus, did you see those Xidax PCs powering all the action? They're seriously impressive.

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So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming shirt, pour yourself a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, and get ready for another epic episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe. This is going to be one for the books!

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yo yo hey buddy hi listen uh let me come0.1795.821
down let me come let me come there yeah4.53.06
come to me I'm coming down there I'm6.03.42
gonna be hanging with Punky today oh7.565.22
good it's my bed so listen yeah we've9.426.24
been out art yes we have yeah and I12.784.8
think a lot of it is uh we didn't come15.664.14
at them hardcore at first because uh we17.583.959
wanted to entertain the audience yeah19.83.12
we're entertainers first we're21.5392.941
entertainers first and we care about our22.923.48
audience and we felt bad whenever we24.484.32
were beating them up and we're just like26.43.84
let's give them a quick little breaks28.83.66
and we were silly pants we also make30.244.44
excuses yeah I feel like the last 1232.464.14
episodes is just us being humiliated34.685.399
Kinda Yeah Yeah you got some you got36.66.72
some data for me oh I do don't you yeah40.0794.8
well let me get in case they're43.324.2
listening okay listen oh God so slippery44.8793.68
very sliver slippery Wing what do you48.5595.141
put on these Wings Vaseline it's a very50.824.919
good moisturizer for your hands too by53.74.32
the way so listen yeah I watched some of55.7393.84
like the last episode that came out58.023.179
because I didn't give you [ __ ] and I'm59.5794.501
like yeah so at least I see where they61.1995.341
were at one point so I have some Intel64.084.5
so we're going to do what an attack yeah66.544.02
we're gonna try to have some fun during68.584.079
the day yeah let's do that and then I've70.564.98
got Plan B in place Plan B you know what72.6595.521
plan B is oh75.543.92
okay you're the one who said it all79.464.06
right let's make sure we're ready and82.24.26
we'll do um today's plan a yeah but Plan83.524.919
B isn't gonna happen today is it we86.463.9
don't know okay I guess it depends how88.4394.621
uh if I have an itchy finger oh you know90.364.32
what I mean all right I do and my93.063.84
fingers tend to itch a lot yeah you94.683.78
should another good thing for the96.93.48
Vaseline well yeah moisturizing and98.463.36
itches they probably won't itch today100.384.08
I'm covered in Vaseline yeah you're101.825.339
welcome just another day104.464.79
are you a man yeah107.1595.271
dumb dick I'm the [ __ ] King133.984.74
all right all right a couple of berries157.985.399
you done this here what you done I think160.564.5
I'm ready okay I think I'm ready yes163.3793.301
we're ready to go oh okay I know this165.064.56
egg's almost ready is it yeah okay166.685.339
be a few seconds this is the first dodo169.624.02
egg I got to be fertilized they're not172.0193.72
always glowy and red Sometimes they come173.643.959
out and then they oh so something you175.7393.36
eat and some you can okay make babies177.5993.301
out of yeah [ __ ] here you want a snack179.0993.901
no you sure yeah delicious egg right180.95.04
there maybe for later what do we add183.07.14
oh 24 23 let's count all of it 22. I185.945.879
don't want to count all of it 21. let's190.143.599
count it like five I don't know why I'm191.8193.541
so obsessed with this dodo thing I think193.7392.941
there's still a lot of potential in the195.362.94
plan okay you know we're doing a battle196.683.96
today well yeah not a great day to have198.34.079
a baby I know I mean look if this thing200.643.599
dies whatever I can always get another202.3793.72
dodo I like that attitude I like that204.2393.541
attitude yeah I'm gonna take it throw it206.0993.541
in the little babysitting pen eventually207.783.539
if it come if we come back and it's dead209.643.599
whatever but let's name it yes the211.3193.481
spirit let's name it let's get attached213.2394.58
to it Bartholomew Bartholomew214.86.48
Bartholomew dodicarus Jones come on out217.8195.621
Bartholomew come on out what's the big221.284.56
name for a Dodo uh dodo Jones it's a223.444.14
good name to the next one oh the next225.843.899
one's me the next one's you I like his227.584.56
uh his name first Bartholomew do Dicker229.7394.441
but dodicarus is a type of dinosaur it232.143.78
is it's not a Dodo but it still sounds234.182.94
nice it rolls off the tongue nice235.923.12
Bartholomew do dickerus Jones yeah237.124.14
sounds very biblical yeah I could pray239.044.46
to that I think done yet there it is241.264.559
little wings I just want to eat them yep243.53.64
thank you245.8193.901
oh I can name him oh God how do I spell247.147.76
that dodo Jones or Bartholomew Jones249.725.18
all right and pick you up pick up nope257.044.56
hey I haven't followed you yeah great259.263.78
you all right261.63.84
um that one is down no it's fine order263.044.28
stable following265.444.259
me oh my God I'm gonna shoot this dodo267.324.659
how do I tell it to follow me it's269.6994.981
really taking up my day nope just leave271.9794.201
it where it's at put food in it build a274.682.82
trap in there all right all right all276.183.06
right all right all right after her go277.54.759
outside I have to go outside279.243.019
think that they're right up like inside284.13.44
of here286.383.78
okay right on the other side is there287.546.04
another entrance I mean once we peaked I290.164.8
know that's why I think maybe what we293.582.94
could do because they might not even be294.963.54
here anymore I don't know we could what296.523.959
we could do was land on top of the wall298.54.38
right here yeah yeah yeah jump out yeah300.4793.961
and then try to stay on the wall of302.884.2
course okay and then just shoot rockets304.444.8
at what we got with their building what307.083.66
you want out you know I believe yeah309.243.84
well I mean I will once I get out oh did310.744.7
I jump313.082.36
I'm just gonna get up there okay yeah318.083.76
okay let's do it we're doing it right320.343.18
now but yeah let's uh all right I'm321.843.18
doing it I'm getting up here right now323.523.119
yeah maybe get on your own little thing325.023.119
I'm over here326.6393.721
um yeah yeah he's right there let's do328.1394.321
this hold on you want to count it down330.367.32
sure three two one332.465.22
yeah baby yeah did you take off yeah351.086.52
yeah there you go oh boy I came out of354.664.34
oh [ __ ] okay oh yeah I see his ass oh359.08.699
boy oh boy this this puppy's hurt363.4194.28
you want him373.883.24
all the fires are broken I know it was404.666.4
bad oh God on the hill oh God yeah dodo407.585.6
I think Beyond's behind me all right447.684.48
good he's alive I'm taking man Wonder450.184.919
where are you oh oh you got man wander452.164.92
yes okay be careful with him I got him455.0994.081
abster where are they uh Simon's dad457.083.78
down there in the water let's go get us459.184.26
good I hope it [ __ ] Burns is he the460.864.92
one who shot the rocket probably because463.444.5
it came flying right at me let's see all465.784.62
right there's man wander there's Beyond467.944.5
it's all right all right Beyond is safe470.44.76
you stay still472.442.72
okay to come back I believe so okay I'll476.526.54
meet up with you in a second480.667.259
yeah I am on my way to you Whispering483.066.479
when I probably don't need to but look487.9193.661
keep it low okay I'm trying to keep it489.5394.38
low I got somebody with me okay I should491.584.98
be able to carry you okay this is uh I'm493.9195.641
trying to peek for you it's uh it's not496.566.0
a safe space all right and you're saying499.565.88
that you were Far Side like where we502.565.46
were at I see you yeah okay so start505.445.44
fearing right veering right508.025.989
okay yeah521.9593.301
let's go529.226.04
yeah seriously did we kill one of their532.15.02
things I think so I think they got very535.264.38
angry for some reason yeah because We537.124.8
snuck up on them now they know that [ __ ]539.645.34
yeah exactly it's not fun no I didn't541.925.82
like it when they did it the last 19544.986.84
episodes right so good so I feel like if547.746.719
it all ends we we did something yeah551.825.1
exactly yeah gotta rest all right I'll554.4594.021
sit and rest with you okay we're gonna556.923.78
go back home yeah and then just hang out558.484.68
there yeah good yeah I feel good and560.74.259
then if Plan B happens it happens yeah563.163.96
you know see that's what I mean see what564.9593.541
all right is that enough hide570.65.22
um I hope so yeah let's yeah we need to572.946.079
get back in shape and then we can uh575.823.199
oh yeah 300 uh rifle bullets 100 sniper581.16.72
rifle bullets oh I want those Advanced585.485.24
sniper yeah587.822.9
I don't want all of them but yeah night591.744.3
vision goggles594.04.5
they sweet stuff I hope they attack us596.045.4
more often yeah what Treasures all right598.56.6
prepare my hat and I'll be ready601.447.8
oh boy oh boy oh boy right yeah you know605.16.84
it was it was uh kind of fun while it609.243.599
yeah I'm I'm proud of us just uh612.8394.861
stirring the pudding we'll put puds a615.8395.281
bit yeah I mean we got tonight yeah you617.75.639
know that they just do that do their621.124.38
thing at night right I'm glad that we623.3395.281
did what we did what's the plan well I625.54.74
feel like if they because you know628.624.02
they're coming back they're mad yeah but630.245.34
um yeah it might be Plan B night I don't632.644.56
know might be I might take a couple635.584.86
shots with this I know that is uh that's637.25.46
like such a long shot yeah no yes it640.444.2
never it's not worked once yeah man just642.663.78
nailing one would be would be nice it644.643.54
would be magical I think that you should646.445.16
try that and I'm probably going to I648.184.68
don't know maybe I'll bring all these651.63.12
birds inside I thought they were inside652.863.659
no I was gonna say like inside the654.722.88
should I bring them in the building657.63.0
that'd be that'd be kind of silly658.923.479
because they're gonna attack yeah I know660.64.02
and then they're gonna be dead and I662.3994.081
want to miss them yeah well you know664.623.24
what though I guess we should just go666.482.78
out in the blaze of glory667.863.96
exactamundo all right so it's getting669.264.66
dark let's see everybody everyone's for671.823.9
their death you look really cool Semper673.924.08
Fi you're probably gonna die oh separate675.725.46
guy we know them so well we do death678.04.76
fart Terry681.185.24
Christmas joy682.763.66
that Rosie's here just gonna be chilling686.5795.7
out Tico yeah Tico's looking to get689.2795.101
leveled up for a while now probably I692.2794.021
did bring one way inside to the middle694.384.74
okay oh is it the uh the meow meow yep696.35.7
nice and we got peanut oh peanut how we699.124.74
will miss you oh I've forgotten you702.03.42
should I go through everybody now no703.865.539
good sorry guys you're not worth it705.423.979
not slow but we're low low and fast on718.685.3
our way to Revenge yeah720.8393.141
see if this works you got our you got724.143.18
our buddy in your pocket neebs uh yeah725.943.899
you go to um am I flying in or are you727.324.5
dropping me uh I was gonna drop you okay729.8394.74
then I'm gonna put uh C4 in the gate ah731.825.04
gotcha yeah all right I got you back734.5794.38
because I hope that one side's still736.864.74
covered so we'll see so Anthony while738.9594.681
I'm doing that you're on possibly Simon741.64.26
Duty and door duty all right I'll743.644.259
distract him as much as I can I've also745.863.9
got some Rockets if I can plug away from747.8993.721
a distance let me know okay I'm gonna be749.763.54
on foot so make sure I have access to751.623.48
everything is this is this a small753.33.96
village we've discovered ah yes babies755.14.32
live here yep he's nudist colony oh oh757.265.3
all right I'm gonna fly higher then759.423.14
get a little height to remember where763.683.54
they're at yeah765.483.72
so I've taken all the plants out on this767.224.5
side okay so I'm hoping that their769.24.62
plants won't shoot at us all right you771.723.96
got fire arrows in case yep no they're773.824.019
gonna be any walls blocking me uh yeah775.684.02
the one I'm gonna take out hopefully oh777.8393.661
okay just that one yeah I gotta cover me779.74.319
or me while I'm doing that yep you got781.54.56
it oh I can do a rocket off the back of784.0193.901
a bat oh be careful doing that be786.063.18
careful doing that I can hit the back of787.923.06
the bats bear that's fair for the wings789.245.279
you never know oh all right790.984.919
all right I think it was this side yeah794.5193.301
it was definitely this side where's that795.8994.88
gate there's that gate797.822.959
going here yep everybody needs to tell801.063.06
me when you when you're dropping me I'm803.043.62
dropping you all right804.122.54
don't shoot this door Anthony because I809.064.06
am putting C4 on it all right let me811.443.36
know when you move I'll I'll give it a813.124.399
shot once you're gone814.82.719
falling back a little bit830.543.82
I'm blowing it834.362.779
we are aren't we all right uh oh they're848.185.8
in here wow they are yeah they're right851.884.28
in here853.982.18
aren't they888.0794.661
Captain Hill I'm gonna help you focus on890.3395.401
those birds move around oh boy I like it892.746.74
when you're here it's fun yeah it is fun895.746.719
they can't keep stupid [ __ ] oh God899.485.68
something's blinded me outside oh it902.4593.901
might be the plants yeah I gotta get905.163.919
away from the plants906.362.719
coming to you come to you come to you914.243.899
stop yeah let's get him oh he's bloody919.0195.241
find me their location I'll give them939.9593.06
something [ __ ] where are they at all941.5193.361
right Dora I'm waking up now are they943.0194.44
upload [ __ ] where are they let's see944.884.459
what's firing yeah947.4597.141
I see a cat coming towards me oh949.3395.261
okay door's dead959.484.02
I can't do it I can't do it for 40968.7795.62
seconds oh [ __ ] hold on I'll try to get971.167.14
my stuff come on baby come on [ __ ] no no974.3997.8
I don't want to demolish today978.33.899
satisfaction give us a satisfaction I987.1996.781
got all the satisfaction from your age990.663.32
gonna keep blowing up their walls1001.543.219
because it makes me feel good it makes1003.443.18
me feel like a man yeah be careful about1004.7593.421
any plants on that side babes yeah1006.624.019
there's some things in there1008.185.719
oh yeah Raptors are running out1010.6393.26
okay here we go are we ready yep you're1016.426.9
good all right please work1019.7593.561
what happened1025.65.38
what are you trying to destroy in their1028.126.579
Hometown we got these guys1030.986.78
oh boy that's our job um can we get it1034.6995.341
can we get in oh boy maybe that's [ __ ]1037.766.26
it did work yeah1040.043.98
Jesus Christ a minute and a half is that1046.8395.321
you guys waving the White Flag I'm dead1049.645.1
right now sorry yeah all right we gotta1052.164.32
get in touch here see what we can do you1054.744.64
want to keep blowing up things1056.482.9
oh boy that was me where they at Anthony1067.727.8
is that you shooting the explosive area1075.525.14
yeah that was one one more oh wow yeah1077.94.38
okay their base is hanging on by a1080.663.78
thread here came back there's a Simon1082.284.98
it's Simon oh hey it stopped I mean you1084.446.119
can't win but what you doing having fun1087.266.299
hey Simon I miss you buddy oh there's a1090.5595.041
hundred C4 in here oh perfect give me1093.5594.381
those after a minute okay and I'm coming1095.64.68
back with 21 Rockets I think this is1097.943.5
all right stop it1101.446.78
yeah give me more more more1104.027.06
hold on I got some too we'll find that1108.225.86
some of that1127.364.38
I'm in here careful1131.744.12
that's where we gotta get out of here1133.965.74
was that attack your name no oh here1135.865.819
that was me I'm not sure what's1139.73.839
happening wait did it did it come down1141.6794.561
or just have it disappear did we win1143.5394.681
I can't tell let me get in here and get1146.243.84
a look1148.224.86
I can't use1157.0394.341
the tuck cool enough okay1158.5392.841
okay right it feels like it yep1162.084.4
what do you expect all right we can make1169.04.24
it look cooler in editing yeah there's1171.53.36
something yeah1173.244.74
meaning what meeting yeah we'll have a1174.865.58
meeting yeah all right1177.984.68
good game fellas that was a good game1180.444.2
yeah that surprise attack you guys1182.664.139
pulled off this morning pretty cool yeah1184.646.36
you killed my child right yeah well are1186.7995.88
trying to breed dodos for weeks and he1191.03.179
finally has one it was my ultimate1192.6793.261
attack plan1194.1794.321
Woe Is you look at the death you brought1195.945.08
to us right these were our children1198.54.62
idiots that's pretty massive yeah yeah1201.023.899
you guys had a lot of cool stuff look at1203.124.559
all this I know pretty great yeah do you1204.9194.081
guys see our Andrew circus with the mini1207.6793.061
gun on him no1209.04.32
hey what's up1210.745.819
hey I have a proposal okay we create an1213.325.94
alliance uh-huh we deemed this four uh1216.5595.461
thick Forty Fort this fort yeah this1219.265.52
Ford's it's not worthy of that okay well1222.024.5
I mean it's still cooler in this state1224.783.779
than most things we've built that's true1226.525.34
yeah fair enough yeah we yeah okay and1228.5595.581
we go out and uh tame a wyvern oh [ __ ]1231.863.84
okay we're gonna give it milk this time1234.143.3
we'll get a milk this time sweet yeah1235.73.54
and we do it together as a team all1237.443.3
right team one wyvern for thick that's1239.245.48
it deal all right let's do it1240.743.98
defeat about1250.483.059

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