Midnight Mining - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 50

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro puts his finishing touches on the horde base. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATREON htt...
Midnight Mining - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 50
Midnight Mining - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 50

Midnight Mining - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 50

Neebs Gaming

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oh my God Simon look at this they chewed10.825.14
her right here oh you know a zombie got14.2192.881
in the other day and I was like where'd15.962.64
he come from man that's what I'm worried17.13.179
about this horde this horn base you know18.62.88
what I mean we gotta seal these little20.2794.441
spots oh little chewy spots yeah I think21.484.86
once they uh once we have some spikes24.723.18
around that'll help but tell you what26.343.179
Simon if you want to help me out well27.93.24
Dora what are you up to well I'm making29.5193.181
spikes currently and I will be all day31.144.14
but I'm gonna make a big um uh Trader32.74.56
run right now I got a bunch of stuff oh35.284.38
good tell the one with the big big bad37.264.799
you know bongers that I said hello okay39.664.32
but what else other than that that would42.0593.601
be more important than that ammo ammo43.984.34
shotgun shells45.664.739
awesome he's off so I would tell you48.323.88
what if you want to do me a favor I want50.3993.241
to make it so the zombies will never be52.23.3
able to reach this second floor so this53.644.86
uh set of stairs right maybe yeah chew55.55.039
out a good chunk of it I think I want to58.53.84
be able for us to be able to jump up so60.5393.541
maybe up to this second piece should be62.344.139
okay okay well we all have we're all64.084.26
maxed out right yeah I mean so I could66.4793.781
make it up to the very top oh that's68.343.599
true I'm hoping we don't even make it70.263.12
this far but if we make it this far I71.9392.401
don't want zombies coming up with73.382.64
stairways the point all right so that's74.343.24
fine so I'll leave maybe I'll just leave76.023.66
one of the the very last step I'll leave77.583.539
yeah or if you want to take out the79.682.88
whole stairway and make a ladder up to81.1192.82
this door I don't know get creative have82.562.94
fun in here all right uh this is gonna83.9393.481
be so much fun I never dreamed of the85.53.299
fun that I would have it's not gonna be87.422.519
fun just need you to take out the88.7994.521
stairway yeah I know that's what I'll do89.9393.381
hello Joel app so asked that I93.726.12
compliment you on your breasts when I97.324.92
got here it is good to see you99.844.86
um let's see a lot of stuff a lot of102.243.26
um a lot of cat a lot of a lot of gold106.924.86
see I'm getting the scavenger way on so109.2594.201
you're going to want to give me more for111.784.199
all this as I progress and I think113.466.72
that's that's really cool 50 62 okay115.9795.881
that's a lot of it's a lot of money no120.183.6
no I'm not I'm not done I'm not done I'm121.863.359
still in front of you don't tell me to123.782.64
come back125.2193.301
we do have nice breasts126.424.28
let's take a look let's take a look I133.283.76
just took off I took off the whole thing135.483.36
because I could jump off oh yeah perfect137.043.66
okay yeah that'll work that'll work yeah138.843.36
that'll be fine140.73.66
um I need engines I went out and got a142.24.619
couple of those myself but if you would144.364.5
take your ratchet set go out find cars146.8194.201
ratchet the [ __ ] and then um148.863.959
yeah bring me engines please all right151.024.26
ratchet you're lucky well I have a152.8194.14
wrench I might have a ratchet too right155.283.179
in front of me um I can hook you up with156.9595.941
my impact driver oh yeah and boom but I158.4596.42
do want that back I love this thing all162.94.74
right oh I have one of these too well164.8794.321
then why am I giving you mine mine's a167.643.12
DeWalt no I'm talking about in real life169.24.5
oh okay gotcha gotcha yeah all right170.764.74
yeah you do that then uh yeah that would173.73.96
be very beneficial all right Vehicles175.55.58
wrench or ratchet with this thing impact177.665.88
yeah go impact on the vehicles see you181.085.78
later later gator183.543.32
okay got a little uh DP down fetch Quest189.36.9
clear I want to do it kind of speed193.625.899
running you know me196.23.319
all right come on can we now start this200.066.12
thank you208.52.42
ammo Gretch and clear Fetch and clear210.9595.481
come on guys come on213.2393.201
all right219.5995.78
and the FPL how's that feeling220.764.619
yeah yeah228.7996.061
come on come on231.083.78
shut up over here come on236.729.28
right there got it got the satch241.347.679
but I got it clear still all right fine246.04.75
come on249.0195.191
where are you266.064.74
oh goodness goodness a big old gaping270.86.28
come on all set up that's nice that's277.085.839
cool hey280.442.479
they're coming around don't come around285.63.8
come on dude290.524.45
all right you sons of [ __ ] what are295.1394.62
you you going after me now freaking bear297.544.439
listen to me I'm just trying to rinse299.7594.921
Vehicles all right so maybe you could301.9793.841
just leave me alone looks like you're304.683.6
leaving me alone for a second there huh305.824.68
all right let's do it I'll search the308.284.979
vehicle I don't care I always get some310.53.9
you're still down there look at me balls314.46.9
of [ __ ] steel right now yeah there's317.945.58
another bear over there too you want a321.35.04
piece of me no you don't because my323.524.5
balls are made of steel and if you326.343.96
chewed on them that would just hurt your328.023.239
yeah that's right331.2595.461
balls of steel baby334.2598.601
I just want to get up here oh maybe342.866.179
there come on346.567.979
I don't want him come on [ __ ] I mean got349.0397.861
the Satchel there okay you guys coming354.5395.341
let's see I'll make a356.95.44
I'll make a you're right there okay I'll359.886.36
make a thing frame shape two you happy362.346.419
guys just dilly dally and I'm in a366.244.5
oh okay370.745.899
now you wanna oh hi373.083.559
I bet there's a bird is there a bird378.685.5
no just one of you guys you're a freak381.5395.301
of nature384.182.66
thank you sir387.385.92
all right now I can go back my God389.7596.261
there's your head393.32.72
oh crap is that a Wandering horde399.445.86
between me and bass I need to get over403.54.08
the base to get that cement that's been405.33.899
making yeah of course he'd send a407.582.94
Wandering horde409.1994.321
can't let him tear this up not now410.525.28
okay come on I'm about to take you out413.524.2
the ones in my way at least415.84.56
that was a miss that was a bad Miss417.724.979
there you go come on come on bubba right420.364.09
in your little dinghy422.6996.621
Jeep this is horrible this is like429.4794.681
you're fully surrounded where the hell432.4193.481
are you I'm over here434.164.08
I know but around the entire horde base435.95.639
is is surrounded like green glowy things438.245.94
very bad yeah I know I'm aware all right441.5393.961
I thought maybe you were in the front444.183.12
here the front I guess seems pretty445.54.4
clear yeah447.32.6
vehicle here is pretty healthy and454.1994.801
doesn't it hurt things I could just be456.5394.38
mowing them down uh yeah if you want to459.03.18
mow them down with the vehicle go ahead460.9193.12
all right jigsaw just caught some462.184.26
engines uh yeah but not that many hello464.0393.841
wait are you coming in huh oh I got467.884.759
maybe only six I've raced a lot of cars469.865.52
six will work I could use six all right472.6396.041
oh boy up seven I need help all right475.384.98
well I'm478.684.62
this guy's over come on boom and boom to480.364.44
you oh yeah you knock them down I'll483.34.26
clean them up there you go come here484.86.48
come here come here guys oh man487.568.419
hello everyone oh God oh God491.287.62
at least oh yeah there you are hey buddy495.9795.141
oh God I need help all right hold on I'm498.93.78
gonna try to help you right here and501.123.9
boom oh yeah502.684.26
yeah that'll work all right and watch505.025.28
out where are you oh boy oh I hit the506.944.74
I'm backing over these sons of [ __ ]511.684.62
come on all right yeah all right you get513.4793.961
them with the car I'll get him with a516.32.7
knife all right got you back over here517.444.14
this guy Booyah oh yeah down I'll clean519.04.2
them up yeah521.584.14
it's me that you want can you smell my523.25.1
sweet ass it's leaking for you yeah go525.726.679
get that sweet Simon ass leak yeah528.34.099
Santa [ __ ] yeah oh good game just in535.766.1
time yeah we got a little wandering539.74.139
horde thing here I could smell Simon's541.864.02
sweet ass from a ways away I mean how543.8393.481
could you not that leaky deliciousness545.885.459
oh my God yeah it's like honey butter it547.324.94
really is551.3394.861
honey butter in a leak552.265.8
oh I should probably not use this556.23.24
anymore all right I'm gonna get out and558.063.24
[ __ ] them up all right and I'm gonna hit559.444.32
this guy is a zombie bear gonna mess me561.34.44
up in this car you think uh you might563.764.44
try to yeah oh yeah you got that goddamn565.743.599
oh who's getting electrified oh mate it569.3394.44
looked like I was getting shocked oh is572.14.22
that door's gun yeah573.7795.581
oh whoops that wasn't smart to do yeah I576.324.72
put a mod on this gun that uh randomly579.363.419
catches them on fire581.043.479
let's see can I catch a bear on fire582.7793.301
come here584.5193.0
I don't want to waste too much ammo586.083.54
Simon I'm coming to you coming to me587.5194.561
come on guys I'm on top of the car all589.626.54
right oh oh here get back on yeah look592.086.18
it works the Bear's on fire oh God he's596.165.16
he's after me all right oh man watch out598.265.34
watch out oh yeah you got fire601.324.62
electricity yeah what else you also got603.64.2
another mod here that was you want this605.943.42
puts a cold on you but all right I'm not607.83.44
gonna use that now okay yeah all right609.365.7
all right good job boys very nice got a611.246.279
bunch of ammo good make up for what we615.065.06
just wasted yeah we're gonna need it617.5196.541
lady will you just bugger off oh man you620.125.56
got lucky I almost shot you in the head624.064.74
oh that would have been bad yeah625.684.23
coming in yes dude this place is insane644.065.8
and I love it it's gonna be an647.764.74
interesting one okay I made a bunch of649.864.08
spikes should I go around the building652.52.88
and make sure the building's patched up653.943.72
yeah no anywhere around the building we655.384.139
could absolutely use spikes I mean I've657.663.359
built this area I mean this is our659.5194.44
biggest fallback area here but yeah the661.0194.38
perimeter of the building is what I'm663.9593.781
most concerned about okay copy that's665.3994.5
what I'm on now I'm done dilly dally and667.743.48
that's what I'm doing until the horde669.8993.421
all right sweet spikes if you can ah man671.223.54
we probably don't have enough materials673.323.66
to upgrade them to metal spikes but also674.765.1
maybe try those log um those log spikes676.984.5
you know what I'm talking about as as of679.862.94
right now and I'll go make those after681.484.2
but uh right now I have 26 iron spikes682.86.42
160 wood spikes nothing crazy okay but685.686.899
where should the 26 go oh man maybe out689.226.119
front hey oh it's gonna be part of our692.5796.361
first thing hey okay you got it um 26695.3397.041
out front and I'll do wooden yeah yeah698.947.26
sounds good man this is a mess he made702.385.68
wood spikes I remember being made fun of706.23.72
by neebs for making wood spikes I don't708.063.6
think they're useless are they useless709.924.32
or not no I think they are good neebs711.664.32
was like what Spike why are you as much714.244.32
spikes what are we what are we in the715.985.88
the the prehistoric it's not even here I718.565.82
know but he rings in my ears oh gotcha721.864.44
he wants to make uh yeah he wants to724.383.72
make a better quality Spike Simon do me726.33.659
a favor stand up on that wall get clear728.14.739
of all these wires and blade traps uh up729.9595.521
on I'm following you no or you can don't732.8395.281
ever get a view of the place here I am735.485.28
up above all right let me switch these738.125.94
on Wow all right and then let me switch740.766.78
this on and I overload the generator no744.066.0
we are right oh I can even attach one747.546.12
more if I wanted to all right wow and750.066.36
turn that off this is gonna be fun this753.665.04
is gonna be stupid yeah it's probably756.424.32
man I hope this doesn't feel like my758.74.56
last one failed so fast I was like so760.744.62
disappointed myself well I have a763.264.019
feeling that you have you've gone above765.364.8
and beyond this time and so everything767.2794.981
here that's Cobblestone will be turning770.163.9
to concrete is that it772.263.54
um well not everything oh really so774.063.48
these steps aren't going to get turned775.82.64
um maybe the steps yes okay let's see778.443.72
the zombies attacking the steps they're780.7792.821
going to be using the steps to walk up782.163.66
all right I mean yeah pay more the783.63.84
supports you never know I mean the785.823.9
things the you know are you making more787.444.74
um forged steel because I would love to789.724.859
upgrade these uh last bits of concrete792.184.56
yeah I do have some forged steel cooking794.5793.781
not much though man because I need some796.743.48
more metal I used all my metal from the798.365.219
wrench in the cars oh geez okay well800.226.359
oh pray this works yeah I'm going to803.5794.801
pray too who should we pray to I don't806.5793.781
know Pepsi Cola808.385.759
dear Pepsi Cola we hope that this horde810.366.84
does well even though I don't think that814.1395.521
you taste good as a cola I think that817.25.04
you may protect us and we have faith in819.665.46
you just don't pull a Pepsi clear on us822.244.92
like the 90s that was [ __ ] I like825.124.74
Pepsi clear you did yeah I thought it827.164.679
was good tastes just like Pepsi but it829.863.96
was clear yeah you were just a kid yeah831.8395.401
it's crazy but amen amen Thank You Pepsi833.827.34
clear the Jesus of Pepsi837.243.92
I hate that I hate that ah I mean I'll846.328.259
probably come back around again but ah852.34.2
it's so pain oh854.5794.38
all right get over it that's some OCD856.56.66
[ __ ] oh look at you Abomination I'm858.9596.841
Gonna Leave it I'm gonna leave that I863.166.0
know people can relate oh865.85.08
Simon tell you what we need to find an875.825.639
iron Source close by oh okay listen I877.985.52
know it's night time but uh yeah you881.4593.24
want to take the car and go out follow883.53.72
me yeah oh that'd be fun as long as I884.6994.921
could run to the car if need be yeah no887.224.619
we'll stay near the car oh man look889.623.659
doors brought all the cars over here891.8394.081
nice yeah look at all that oh we got a893.2795.24
hello sir895.922.599
there you go there you go there you go898.744.56
okay oh and we got motorcycles too yeah900.186.779
maybe we should bike it ah bike it I903.35.76
mean we need to take a bike why not but906.9594.141
they're locked oh they're locked oh of909.064.74
course damn it okay that's okay911.14.26
just locked there we go all right yeah913.84.52
let's do the marauder all right I got my915.368.63
steel pickaxe and ready to roll918.327.0
this would be good I've been in the city925.322.759
too long get out into the woods a little926.4594.32
bit no no I I that's a drink come on now928.0794.861
but that really that tree's so small I930.7793.841
know yeah this this vehicle should tear932.942.94
right through that934.623.6
all right buddy excuse me935.884.8
let's see huh right there you think that938.223.84
might be it maybe940.683.42
there you go buddy sit your ass down942.064.56
what you got anything good you know what944.13.539
I should have brought I should have946.623.36
brought a really good melee weapon I did947.6394.921
not okay let's see949.985.34
hot damn Simon this is definitely an952.564.5
iron mine so now I'm going to show you955.323.54
I'm going to get Pro with you here just957.063.48
uh cover me for a second oh watch your958.863.12
back cover me for a second watch your960.542.82
back cover me for cover me for a second961.983.78
I said watch why aren't you covering me963.364.8
I did I shot him he was right on your965.764.439
ass when I say watch your back you watch968.163.78
your back I'm trying to be a pro damn970.1994.741
gamer and yeah you ain't doing it all971.945.699
right let's see okay so if I hit him and974.945.88
go to my map I can come here and I can977.6396.601
place a waypoint save it as a little980.826.0
thing and call this baby iron look at984.245.459
you and by the way I shot a zombie that986.826.0
was right next to your freaking ear with989.6996.121
a shotgun nice and I didn't hurt you Pro992.824.74
gamer Pro Gamer all right so now here's995.823.9
here's real Pro Gamer I'm gonna share997.564.32
this location with you Simon wow check999.725.58
it out boom share it with everyone and1001.887.22
look and when I look up I don't see [ __ ]1005.36.959
inventory like look at your map do you1009.15.56
see it looking on my map you know what I1012.2594.38
see I see you so yeah you have to go1014.663.299
into the shared waypoints and like1016.6393.961
accept it I think I see the waypoints1017.9595.701
say yeah whichever I don't see the the1020.64.739
where you're saying all right don't1023.663.0
worry about it you ain't gonna do it1025.3394.5
anyway no but I will I'll do nothing1026.664.919
yeah let's just let's just stick with1029.8393.421
you're so cute now1042.5795.98
yeah everything is better everything is1044.95.279
better in the world1048.5595.351
that was a close one close call1050.1796.83
oh God screamer oh Simon all right I'm1057.744.14
hopping in I'm hopping it get in Simon1060.143.96
get in steel yep all right oh God no I'm1061.884.08
not get in I'm in go all right now I'm1064.13.72
going oh my God yeah no screamer we1065.965.04
gotta get out of here oh baby that was1067.825.34
funky oh that's the dangers of mining1071.05.7
though yeah right there holy geez thanks1073.165.519
for that quick getaway though1076.74.94
let's get back to base1078.6792.961

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