A Dangerous Blitz Back To Safety - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? It's an absolute rollercoaster of emotions! The guys are in a real pickle th...
A Dangerous Blitz Back To Safety - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
A Dangerous Blitz Back To Safety - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

A Dangerous Blitz Back To Safety - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of The Long Dark with your favorite crew here at Neebs Gaming!

simon: That's right, we're diving back into the dangers of the wilderness and trying not to get eaten by wolves!

appsro: I don't know about you guys, but this video is my favorite because it's a reminder of that one time Neebs got chased by a bear and screamed like a little girl!

neebs: Hey now, I may have screamed, but I made it out alive and that's what counts! Plus, it's always entertaining to watch Appsro fail at making a campfire in the snow.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? It's an absolute rollercoaster of emotions! The guys are in a real pickle this time - they need to get home but there are hungry wolves on the loose. Can they make it back in one piece? You'll have to watch to find out!

I love how Neebs Gaming always keeps me on the edge of my seat with their hilarious commentary and epic gameplay. It's like watching a movie but with a bunch of friends cracking jokes along the way. And let's not forget about their amazing animations - they really bring the whole story to life.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and become part of the Neebs Gaming family. And don't forget to check out their merch - I've already got my eye on a few items that I definitely need to add to my collection. Plus, a huge shoutout to all the patrons who support the channel - you guys are the real MVPs!

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for another wild adventure with Neebs and the gang. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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all right got a little more water what's3.145.7
my food situation7.026.06
I got peaches sardines man names yeah8.845.86
it's been a long time coming this uh13.083.779
military grade ration I found ages ago14.76.2
uh-huh I think I'm gonna eat it16.8594.041
yeah it's at 49 that's why I want to eat21.843.54
it now I don't want it to get me worse24.03.539
gotcha I still got some sardines and25.384.08
peaches and back at the Hagar I got more27.5394.261
food but uh29.464.439
just gonna need calories for sleeping31.85.22
and getting back doing it a long time33.8995.34
coming but man it fills me up big time37.025.3
first time you ate one of those yep39.2396.961
I know all right just cook two steaks42.326.94
I'm gonna take it and take it how much46.25.699
is on this fire four minutes left49.264.68
adding anything you know what there's53.943.24
still some daylight I think55.53.539
how's my weight pretty good I think I'm57.184.379
gonna step outside and look around in59.0394.441
some different places gotcha all right61.5595.161
I'm gonna go to bed and then try to yeah63.486.42
just get out the barn head back66.728.219
there you go look at this sunlight yes69.98.94
all right it's getting a little windy74.9396.0
hmm okay78.844.68
look up here at the top oh wow80.9394.921
let's see like uh on top of the mountain83.524.26
there's like a one of those stations85.864.86
like it's built on stilts87.784.8
I don't know how I get there90.724.02
hi I'm not getting there today hey let's94.744.62
try to map some stuff out97.564.62
right here before it gets too uh the99.364.02
visibility gets too bad102.182.14
there we are there now I can see the107.7594.351
train tracks perfect train tracks Lake109.6194.021
uh yeah fishing hole sweet113.644.86
see how far we get before we get117.07.92
back over here I'm going to scour this133.0995.201
place for any new supplies and then yeah135.486.3
I'm gonna try to head back to the hangar138.35.46
yep I think that's my best option that's141.783.84
uh that's home base143.763.24
because I have been in this region145.624.259
before this region sucks147.05.22
I went there for the boat and uh yeah149.8795.461
this Factory over here152.224.44
yeah and there's another trailer on the155.342.46
other side yeah I'm just gonna scour156.663.36
this Factory for uh supplies but yeah157.84.26
finding that Ford was awesome160.024.62
that just unlocked a whole new crafting162.065.179
game for me164.642.599
oh crap handsome oh crap that as I was170.347.259
doing survey get out of nowhere175.147.58
holy moly laceration minor bruising okay177.5995.121
that's running185.8194.881
okay I gotta check myself187.0193.681
where are we at Spring oh wait what's191.184.18
what's this on my eyelashes sprain is195.364.379
that a sprain yeah it's a sprain risk197.1595.101
I wonder about okay I don't think199.7395.241
you hurt my clothes202.262.72
you might have some antiseptic205.0193.781
it would say on my body though right207.184.139
yeah it would yeah208.84.799
I'd be good I don't see anything I'm211.3194.021
pretty good at fighting off wolves I213.5992.821
just didn't know to click the thing215.343.479
before okay I'm gonna check this guy I'm216.423.92
getting ballsy218.8194.381
is this what I think it is what I just220.344.179
found 10 more rounds of revolver223.24.2
ammunition oh really yeah I was in here224.5194.58
like scouring this place a little bit227.43.96
let's see it's dark in here I'm gonna229.0993.821
use a flare231.363.439
yeah that's awesome232.924.5
oh yeah this again this whole trip was234.7994.061
worth it just for the ammo It's Gonna237.423.179
Keep Me Alive a little longer oh there's238.865.42
an energy bar yeah that's a snack240.5993.681
I know he ran this way though246.6593.541
oh wait248.8193.42
I picked up the track the track the250.24.679
tracks the trail I don't know Trail252.2394.62
yeah okay254.8793.301
are you desperate for food why are you256.8592.701
hunting this guy yeah I just it's258.182.64
you know260.823.84
you don't attack a man when he's doing262.53.6
his Maps264.663.3
is that a is that a wolf on the ground266.13.539
up there267.963.06
you don't think I'd kill it with just a269.6392.821
knife do you271.024.16
I doubt it272.462.72
runs away275.7593.061
he was bleeding I saw blood upstairs280.045.099
there okay there's they are282.365.82
all right got some more peaches some285.1394.941
I got pry bar ride bars are so damn293.6994.341
like a camper or a caboose and it's300.1995.141
yellow it's on the tracks303.125.34
if I don't find this wolf and I need to305.345.1
I wonder if I could get in that stay the308.462.94
and he ran aways311.43.42
you're still on the tracks moving313.53.3
forward huh still on it let me just look314.825.85
real quick okay I can get in here316.85.6
uh no place to build a fire I bet I322.44.68
could build324.842.24
oh wow no chances332.6396.0
all right you know what okay look hold335.15.599
on I want to lose sight of this wolf338.6394.56
where you at Wolf340.6993.761
I'll find him and get another Pelt343.1992.821
that'll be three pelts344.462.88
yeah that's what I'm excited about going346.023.119
back to CNN347.344.26
here those pelts are all right I think349.1394.5
I've scoured this Factory at least I351.64.52
hope I have353.6392.481
oh wait there was a guard house357.244.14
over there too is there stairs here yes359.464.44
there's here all right what was that361.386.539
guard house okay over there been in that363.97.859
trailer when I get through this gate367.9197.821
get no371.7593.981
yep he's howling380.5395.1
he's a howler383.4795.741
oh Eric oh it's on385.6395.68
here he comes389.224.58
it's done395.665.979
rifle firearm uh novice too oh you're a397.9196.62
novice at Firearms down401.6395.161
now I'm getting it404.5394.181
where you at I gotta flare out I'm not406.83.119
too worried408.722.759
we're gonna come to this guard house see409.9193.541
if there's anything working [ __ ] in here411.4793.961
nothing that was a first stage kit413.463.6
anything good new415.443.84
painkillers yeah damn drug addicts all417.065.359
over this but whoa good God419.283.139
hey buddy423.3193.421
yeah [ __ ] off427.583.48
all good yeah I think I'm all good grab431.15.879
this player back okay yeah you go that434.285.06
way idiot all right436.9795.881
ah okay decent weather I am making the439.346.47
Trek Back to the hangar442.867.679
I heard a bit um from the wolf oh450.5394.581
there's another knife452.6394.741
I need that you need a hatchet right455.124.6
that's 79 I wonder what mine is let me457.383.9
take that for a second yeah I do need a459.723.12
hatch it461.283.0
all right made it back to the lighthouse462.843.72
gonna go in there real fast pick some464.285.9
stuff man looks cool out here Grace guys466.567.34
Davis is a pretty game470.183.72
and if I can take an hour nap and if it474.725.24
doesn't get worse up is it getting worse477.4196.141
nope I don't think it is479.963.6
fine that anything else uh I'll grab485.524.7
this Cedar firewood I'll leave one488.584.5
there's a couple of reclaimed wood yeah490.224.479
right that's just in case to build a493.084.08
fire if the weather turns on me494.6995.641
and I'm out I'm out yeah I'm out man497.164.92
beautiful weather today absolutely500.343.0
here's how this is going to go down503.344.259
Hampshire okay I'm going to uh take an504.5394.44
hour nap507.5993.241
I'm gonna hope the weather's good and508.9794.081
I'm gonna quarter that walk510.844.49
yeah sounds good man here we go513.069.669
all right see the wolf my uh temperature523.826.94
is like full right now that's good but I527.646.06
got two arrows down and I forget how530.765.03
long it takes to quarter533.73.5
between me and my goal537.23.84
doing it541.565.399
who was dropping quick apps bro okay544.3393.661
it went way down all right grabbing it548.05.86
all yeah I got three pelts now551.225.16
I don't need those legs I guess553.864.38
all right back to the train for the558.243.36
oh I'm heavy now dude561.66.66
yeah yep yep yep I'm just I'm just565.085.28
walking by leave me alone568.265.78
just get out of here570.363.68
God damn it574.76.4
really yeah you think the first gunshot577.645.8
would have scared him away oh man and he581.14.02
sprung my ankle583.444.079
crap I'm okay though all right see let585.124.8
me check myself real fast I got some587.5194.081
pain well this place was full of589.923.3
I'll just take a few painkillers use it593.225.6
on my pain596.162.66
how's your situation629.064.42
well I am631.56.24
Fire's got eight minutes left and633.487.82
I'm about halfway warm now637.743.56
so my plan is to go out and find some641.3395.0
more wood I guess643.622.719
gotta make it home648.242.839
highway so yeah just gotta keep walking651.66.919
well this is a large wreck655.0793.44
it's all movement up ahead is that a658.683.54
rabbit or a wolf660.184.74
I got a flare on me662.226.26
I might actually have to plan it oh664.923.56
Dead all right what's your move673.0194.861
um I guess I'm gonna go to the I might675.665.58
go to the old house see if I can make it677.884.98
tired though681.243.9
so yeah being tired means you just can't682.863.479
still warm right here though the Embers692.944.639
are keeping me warm694.82.779
easy easy700.562.48
try to make it back to the other cabinet705.363.96
all right good luck so that's just right707.4594.32
down the train tracks right709.323.54
the temperature right now I got I think712.865.28
one arrow down and about715.746.539
three quarters temperature up all right718.145.22
Moon looks amazing723.364.38
I lucked out with this weather727.745.159
it could have been really cold that730.624.5
would have been bad732.8994.801
crumbled highway I am crawling back735.124.68
under a rock737.73.42
I'm almost there739.83.06
actually no once I get there then I got741.124.04
another mile to walk742.864.5
sometimes you gotta make some big745.164.48
Journeys in this game when I climb down747.366.86
that rope into that Rocky ice River749.644.58
yeah that made me real nervous755.45918.5
a little winds picking up it's getting773.9594.421
all right I think so778.384.38
um I should be turning up here pretty780.8394.321
soon oh yeah782.766.0
I feel like it's right past this rock785.165.76
visibility here is really nice today I788.764.139
see three deer out there but I also see790.924.41
Mr bear God I want to kill him so bad792.8994.141
uh how could I kill bear797.046.479
yeah I got a lot of ammo now if I could800.166.54
get him near a car or a vehicle803.5195.161
might be able to hit him jump in the806.74.56
vehicle jump out hit him again808.686.3
here get there no he's alive he wasn't811.267.079
here earlier today I got something814.986.24
right I mean yeah deers have your eggs818.3396.601
but I just didn't expect to see that821.226.119
okay I see the cabin824.945.399
and I am super close827.3394.771
and I'm moving so slow830.3394.141
ah I don't feel like it but yeah maybe834.485.4
oh man my temperature's down the red now836.5795.7
come on I'm so close839.886.06
go legs come on oh yeah here's some good842.2795.701
I dropped that one time845.944.92
try to scare a wolf that may as well847.984.56
oh now I gotta stink about me but that's850.864.38
okay I can cure it back at the house oh852.545.22
I do see two wolves out there all right855.245.3
but throw me a risk857.762.78
you're over there man you're almost861.03.38
I know that good as soon as I did this867.9594.88
they start heading right for me okay869.4595.88
yep you guys see this yep you know what872.8392.961
that is875.3392.841
idiots okay I am like at the steps how878.186.279
long can I go with this without getting883.262.579
there we go from the side885.8393.901
okay oh yeah getting warmer889.749.0
we still have the gun898.743.06
still got the gun to my hand like what901.83.24
are you gonna do903.8992.94
but yeah if you get hyperthermia it905.043.599
basically gives you a permanent debuff906.8392.881
to your health908.6393.181
okay I could choose into it I don't want909.725.6
that yeah no you don't want that911.823.5
matches I don't matches suck918.245.52
ERS okay I kind of oh wait I see the921.124.64
stairs I gotta get upstairs923.764.019
there you go925.764.42
all right anger I know you're up here927.7796.12
good God this was a long damn walk930.186.719
I hear you buddy here we go all right933.8995.521
fire going got sticks in there I need to936.8995.281
put uh where is it I got a cooking pot939.424.56
somewhere that's a can942.185.04
all right let's start with that bam you943.984.56
gotta get some water cooking I'm947.224.1
completely out of water948.542.78
all right moose954.483.539
psych neebs yeah so is another wolf955.85.099
Jesus come on guys you know I don't want958.0194.901
to see it right now but I960.8995.221
they're everywhere966.122.839
leave me alone I just want to get inside968.9595.101
I just want to get inside oh boy oh [ __ ]971.167.08
oh God damn it idiot okay get out of974.066.519
here where's the other there's two of978.244.64
them yeah980.5792.301
oh no he's coming in986.064.42
I'm gonna let him kill you right out988.5193.861
there you go you idiot oh997.884.899
thank goodness man like every time you1004.6394.56
face down a wolf man you just get bit I1006.83.56
hey this works out I get a little bit of1010.365.68
wolf meat today1013.6395.401
sure I'm taking all 6.8 pounds of your1016.044.38
ass oh actually you know what I'm gonna1019.044.94
quarter this bad boy like you do hey1020.423.56
plenty warm a little tired1025.884.559
oh yeah look at that quartered wolf1028.044.5
I'm taking this wolf bag inside taking1030.4394.681
you good yeah taking it all take the1032.544.86
legs dude I'm leaving nothing but the1035.124.5
legs hopefully those legs will serve as1037.44.74
an effigy a reminder1039.625.88
not to screw with me1042.146.14
cooking some water1054.025.88
but I got a big day here let's see cured1056.087.9
cured 81.81 oh but these I got two cure1059.96.42
deer hides here neebs1063.984.62
yeah if I look at the workbench I1066.324.08
man I need three for that1070.46.659
oh yeah these boots two cured hide and1073.166.72
four cured gut I can make some deer skin1077.0594.021
it sounds awesome but it's gonna take1081.083.62
12.5 hours1082.465.7
so let's see hide one high two we're1084.78.14
gonna say one two three four five and1088.167.5
six cured gut1092.844.8
to your skin boots1095.663.899
begin crafting so you can like slowly1097.644.62
craft it so I'm gonna spend oh wait I1099.5594.321
gotta keep an eye on this fire because I1102.263.6
got some water boiling1103.883.72
33 minutes all right let me go ahead and1105.864.74
pass time boil this water we're going to1107.64.74
take all the water1110.64.439
and should I cook yeah you know what I1112.344.38
should have a little breakfast maybe1115.0393.661
some tomato soup1116.724.92
open that up have a nice tomato soup1118.76.54
oh and then I'm making some boots1121.645.52
15 minutes until ready pass some time1125.243.84
eat on that1127.164.139
boots with the fur uh yeah boots with1129.083.959
the deer fur1131.2993.901
okay so that's good on the fire Let the1133.0394.801
Fire die out and let's start working on1135.26.0
these boots go ahead and spin I got two1137.845.24
hours why not1141.24.02
in Boots1143.084.24
he just crafting now1145.224.199
so now I got 10 more hours to spend but1147.324.979
you know why not I got time today so you1149.4194.921
just sit there and you allocate time to1152.2994.38
the boots yep1154.344.32
okay you have time to stop time to stop1156.6794.801
have a little water there we go1158.665.42
so yeah you gotta stop and uh1161.485.4
look at my crafty the boots oh yeah so1164.084.18
here they are1166.883.12
and I just can't wear them yet because1168.264.26
they're in progress okay that's a pretty1170.05.7
cool system yeah but yeah just gotta1172.525.279
slowly work on it while this stuff cures1175.73.54
okay I don't see him where is he where1179.245.04
is he what was that1182.04.559
okay you kind of Blended in with the1184.284.5
trees there1186.5594.921
he sees me up Sir all right this is kind1188.784.44
of great do I just need three Wolf Pelt1191.486.059
to make a thing four four crap1193.227.56
where's my house it's right there1197.5395.76
yeah come on I want you to1200.784.5
how's my oh I'm still not full health1203.2994.981
crap I wish I was1205.285.88
come out of those grasses grasses man1208.285.639
what's up my vocabulary1211.165.899
okay here he comes he's coming1213.9197.38
here we go yep we did it nice all right1217.0596.641
so uh you were really good at that this1221.2995.641
rifle man hell yeah that rifle is way1223.76.479
more uh deadlier Than My Revolver yeah1226.945.22
so how am I doing my food is super low1230.1794.5
do I have food I've got this energy bar1232.164.98
I could do that1234.6795.761
called Cabin Fever risk yeah you've been1237.144.8
indoors so long you're starting to feel1240.443.72
very uneasy spend some time Outdoors1241.943.9
before it gets worse all right I guess I1244.163.96
need to go outside for a little bit yeah1245.845.82
oh boy we just picked up crap okay I1248.126.36
just quartered and the storm just came1251.664.56
not bad ah it's uh1256.225.04
well it took my temperature from like1258.983.96
almost full you're not far from your1261.266.14
house yeah I wish I had more wood though1262.944.46
I kind of in a situation oh it's a1271.283.66
little foggy out1273.265.22
wait where could I go what could I do1274.945.16
something man you're trying to become a1278.483.48
Hermit ah well yeah no I found this1280.13.18
little place and this place is a good1281.963.0
setup for a little while1283.285.399
huh break down some wood I guess and uh1284.965.64
wait you know what let me go grab my pry1288.6793.48
bar because there's some cars around1290.63.24
here that I haven't gotten in the trunk1292.1592.581
so I can give I can just run around1294.743.54
today and uh Jimmy some old trunks is1296.363.179
that a soda1298.283.66
soda all right pry bar you're coming1299.5393.481
with me1301.942.69
you and I got a job to do1303.029.659
yeah come on dad give me Jack give me1312.6797.201
jack up and what we got what we got1316.285.899
how much food did I bring oh God oh my1324.6795.341
God I'm carrying raw wolf made on me1327.744.76
like a nut1330.022.48
I'm stupid that's really dumb God I1332.5595.5
should turn back I should have grabbed1336.086.2
more food I can cook the meat1338.0594.221
small risk of parasites I'll take it1342.324.8
gotta get out gotta be a wild man1345.5593.6
otherwise I'll get Cabin Fever neebs1347.124.5
becoming friends maybe uh join a bowling1349.1594.561
league or something yeah maybe1351.624.14
I wondered what time is it oh it's1353.723.839
getting late maybe there's an aurora1355.762.7
oh do I set up up here1358.464.32
yeah I might come up here cook this meat1361.0393.421
eat this meat just see if there's the1362.784.2
roar tonight you know what I mean1364.464.199
see if I can get to that mine this time1366.984.5
it's been a roar in a minute1368.6595.341
so light yeah well I wanted to activate1371.484.92
that elevator in that mine oh I see what1374.03.48
you're saying1376.43.84
see where that goes1377.486.84
so drop there oh wait is that one two1380.246.9
three and I got one more here bam1384.324.5
Where'd I go1387.144.44
that's four1388.825.4
it's four pelts you got four pelts yeah1391.584.32
yeah buddy1394.224.38
so hold on is my water ready1395.95.82
yep uh so I got four pelts1398.65.04
come on steak uh let's cook another1401.724.199
steak I got four pelts1403.646.48
and let me cook this here we go uh I can1405.9196.0
make we'll make again pants or a jacket1410.124.799
that's a jacket that's a jacket1411.9195.521
wolf skin coat1414.9195.161
workbench which is downstairs four cured1417.446.0
gut four cured wolf pail there you go 251420.085.839
oh talk about being cozy I think I got1428.784.92
enough here right yeah there's four guts1430.75.94
four pelts1433.74.62
yeah now it's a waiting game when we1436.643.659
gotta survive 24 hours1438.324.979
okay can you go over here let's start1440.2994.74
this fire1443.2993.781
I'm gonna cook this meat I'm gonna go to1445.0393.301
sleep see if there's an aurora tonight1447.083.0
if not I'm gonna head back to where the1448.343.48
food's at hey these water bottles are1450.083.78
different sizes didn't have something uh1451.823.359
yeah it depends on how much water's in1453.863.0
there I made a big one and a little one1455.1793.961
can I make a really big one like the1456.863.84
size of the bed no eventually it just1459.144.22
cuts off it's like1460.72.66
that'd have been great no Roaring our1465.264.14
names just a blizzard ah sorry to hear1467.1795.161
that that sucks ah one of these days I'm1469.45.45
gonna have an aurora1472.345.63
oh it's a cold day out here1479.445.56
go back inside1483.6793.181
no I want to make it back to the hanger1485.04.5
I don't have much food over here1486.865.34
uh but yeah God I gotta hoof it1489.56.48
yeah hold out here so for me it's a game1492.25.28
both Health secure I guess yeah that's1497.485.1
kind of where we're at right now we both1501.383.0
are uh we both want this wolf jacket1502.584.62
yeah so my thing right now is wood1504.386.799
so you need lots of wood yeah1507.26.359
I can break down these chairs by hand1511.1794.901
but that takes a while1513.5594.321
next couple hours1516.084.92
oh and it's cold out crap yeah I just1517.885.76
gotta gather wood and it's so cold out1521.04.74
here my best bet right now is break them1523.643.96
chairs down1525.742.939
you can get to stay warm giggity yeah1528.6795.181
better go back in1531.082.78
I do it all well it also depends on the1539.964.5
situation you know if you're uh you know1542.1793.961
if I'm out and about1544.463.42
right you know if I'm in a situation1546.143.06
where I need to harvest meat but I might1547.884.46
freeze to death I'll do less1549.23.14
I mean I usually service at all that's1554.363.9
it's longer right yep1558.263.899
wood burns out halfway through the cook1559.94.48
I'm worried about that wait you don't1564.383.12
have enough wood yeah I'm just breaking1565.944.52
down things around the house1567.52.96
you got a piece of coal I could dip it1571.523.18
to buy one piece of coal if I have to1573.262.94
man I'm so jealous that you're just able1574.75.16
to eat meat I mean I can't eat wolf meat1576.26.24
oh gosh all the time yeah that's what1579.863.72
I've been doing1582.443.3
owls all right I need to look into1583.585.459
making these arrows too [ __ ] hold on1585.745.22
where's my crafting stuff wait I should1589.0393.781
go in I'm freezing let me go in look at1590.963.12
because I stuck my arrowheads in this1594.083.54
because uh yeah I do have the intention1597.624.86
of making a bow and arrow1599.66.36
yeah right here got those 10 arrowheads1602.487.559
but what the hell did I need to make hmm1605.966.599
weapons Arrow shaft1610.0395.76
I need a cured Birch sapling damn it1612.5595.1
bird sampling1615.7993.24
so where the hell am I going to find1617.6595.701
Bert sapling I guess around birch trees1619.0398.0
okay let me make some tender plugs1623.363.679
I like that sound1628.843.719
put a beat to it1636.25.409
oh yeah1641.7423.71

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