Moving to the City! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 45

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is a real doozy. The gang is on the hunt for a new home, and let me te...
Moving to the City! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 45
Moving to the City! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 45

Moving to the City! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 45

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting episode of Darkness Falls! Today, we're on the hunt for a new home in the city.

simon: I love this episode because it's like house hunting but with zombies. It's the perfect mix of excitement and danger!

appsro: Oh definitely, it's like 'House Hunters: Zombie Edition.' I can't wait to see which abandoned building we end up in this time.

neebs: Exactly! Who needs a real estate agent when you've got a horde of zombies to help you make the decision?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is a real doozy. The gang is on the hunt for a new home, and let me tell you, the shenanigans that go down are absolutely hilarious. If you haven't already, be sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss out on the latest adventures with the crew.

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this is a horde base or home yeah no20.1194.66
this is horde base I Want To Build The22.983.42
Horde base in the lobby of this place24.7793.66
and I'm going to find a place for our26.44.08
new base of operations yeah no we need a28.4393.721
new base of operation pretty close by30.483.66
but yeah I'm gonna move the horde base32.163.96
in here let me just peek around a little34.143.9
bit guys yeah it's pretty big city36.123.84
probably lots of good loot here yeah38.044.38
lots of zombies too you'd imagine yeah39.963.72
yeah it'll probably come with the42.423.0
territory yeah we're used to it hey I'll43.683.059
see in a second I'm just peeking around45.423.959
the building sounds good all right neebs46.7393.901
what do you think we were in this49.3793.18
building right together yeah remember50.644.079
there's a penthouse at the very top oh52.5594.14
with the garden yeah that's the garden54.7194.621
yeah oh okay so that's our that's kind56.6994.441
of like where we're gonna finish off to59.343.66
no I probably won't get that highs I61.143.059
think yeah if we got that high the63.03.24
zombies would just get confused but I64.1993.96
can absolutely use this first and second66.244.32
story pour it down here pouring down68.1594.381
here yeah I'm gonna funnel these idiots70.564.5
through here okay interesting how we72.544.92
build titanium we need titanium and the75.063.72
only place I know to get that is from77.463.36
the Wasteland yeah and I can't be done78.784.199
uh yes no it can be done we have to have80.823.78
a hazmat suit and go to the Wasteland82.9794.32
and uh find Titanium Ore I'm gonna start84.64.68
kind of figure this out all right I'm87.2993.96
gonna go with Dora hey89.283.479
um the passing gas on the other side of91.2594.081
the building I think I think I like that92.7594.701
we got to go clear it Simon all right95.344.04
okay Simon so you're saying this is99.386.34
gonna be our our base yeah why not103.54.38
keeping it right by The Horde base I105.724.02
mean it's got a good enough distance in107.884.32
between it right yeah okay and it's like109.744.14
not like an overwhelming size or112.24.26
anything we just clear it and uh protect113.884.08
it and we'll move everything into here116.463.54
all right we'll clear it from zombies117.964.38
and then um get rid of all the gunk in120.05.04
there would you shut up yeah Miss there122.344.8
you go the do you have a silencer on125.044.8
that uh no I need one yeah you do yep127.144.08
we'll clear it and then we'll clear it129.843.0
and then we'll protect it we'll clear it131.223.239
and then we'll steer it everybody come132.843.899
out come on come on I gotta go over here134.4594.86
hey pep Mama yeah you go for the fat136.7395.22
mile I'll go for the glowing hello Chloe139.3196.721
oh that lady looks is she a demon hope141.9597.981
not she's dead good okay hello hello146.046.18
all right back door's open got a little152.224.04
loot here oh God154.3793.921
oh [ __ ] damn I got I got a couple in158.37.12
here that are being silly get off of me161.4598.221
secret sneakies I don't get a what shut165.427.56
up all right I got Taylor's treasure map169.685.22
got a boy I'm gonna do that at some172.983.899
point I love them okay well we can do it174.93.72
together if you'd like all right on the176.8795.461
roof all right is it on fire no but it's178.626.8
about to be on fire182.343.08
thank you from the heavens186.0196.101
we're pretty much clear clear clear all189.5994.201
right I'm just gonna break down and make192.124.259
room for stuff and uh and game on193.86.799
remember to loot it oh we got some denim196.3794.22
we got to come up with a name for this202.924.02
place instead of higashi you know yeah I204.9594.2
agree Kakashi just says it doesn't ring206.943.6
with me and I'm not trying to be racist209.1593.781
oh because it's like Asian name you like210.544.26
Asian names it's not that one yeah not212.942.939
on the building that we're gonna make214.83.12
our base listen can you get my back for215.8793.78
a second yeah what you gonna do I'm217.923.06
curious because I got this uh what do219.6592.94
you call this thing here oh the uh it's220.983.42
John baton but like the bigger stun222.5993.841
baton yeah uh watch your back real quick224.44.199
there you go I'm curious how it works226.444.439
against a bear yeah I see the bear I228.5993.901
think you're gonna go after yeah yeah230.8792.881
I'm curious how that works against the232.53.06
bear too I'm with you if I get start233.763.899
getting my butt handed to me help help235.563.84
me out all right all right we'll do here237.6595.16
we go all right bear I assume you're239.45.82
aggressive that's why I'm oh yep yep yep242.8194.321
here he comes oh oh here we go you ready245.226.299
yep baton oh oh crap actually knocked247.146.0
him didn't I oh yeah ready let's knock251.5193.021
him out again253.144.379
oh man this thing is awesome it really254.545.5
is I mean yeah this is animal abuse so257.5194.321
it isn't really that awesome and you saw260.044.08
he ran at me yeah no he came at you yeah261.844.26
okay got me that one there we go yep all264.124.639
right it's it's hard to fight now266.14.98
this doesn't feel like a fight this268.7594.301
feels like animal abuse I feel bad yeah271.083.72
no I feel real bad watching this just273.064.5
end it okay but you wanted to know it's274.84.5
science no I wanted to know I'm glad it277.562.94
happened and he attacked me first279.33.119
technically I mean I walked up to him280.53.78
but yeah yeah you instigated the whole282.4193.901
thing didn't you uh well I just walked284.284.26
up okay we're having bear for dinner286.325.659
yeah please at least288.543.439
oh boy Simon where where is he killed296.365.68
her I killed her no she's right here oh300.183.239
there's another one then that's a second302.043.719
one because I just killed one inside one303.4195.041
of them screamed oh yeah oh God zombie305.7594.981
bear Simon zombie bear zombie bear get308.465.459
high oh God can demon guy oh boy this is310.747.44
not a good start no damn it oh God I313.9196.72
don't think I can get to the roof I318.184.799
don't think I can get to the roof oh I'm320.6397.321
up here did you get there I'm higher I'm322.9798.101
not in a good position nope [ __ ] oh327.966.239
you're confused am I I don't know okay I331.085.64
mean I'm hopefully not bad damn it's not334.1994.981
as bad as that [ __ ] bear in front of336.724.8
me come on you little [ __ ] it's a lot of339.184.14
gunfire coming from over there yeah it341.524.26
was a screamer yeah see I've killed343.324.8
three screamers in like [ __ ] five345.784.979
minutes they inside I feel like I should348.126.12
be able to run good job350.7599.541
good all right oh the cop blew up354.247.799
yeah yeah yeah yeah360.34.8
kind of sorta all right I'm gonna jump362.0397.281
out of that jump on that Jesus all right365.16.599
Dora I saw a military guy running that369.324.06
building with you371.6993.961
oh dear you guys got a demon there oh373.385.28
yeah oh yes a couple demons oh [ __ ] oh375.664.68
they're coming to you yeah they are378.663.84
aren't they I'm running I'm getting them380.344.76
away come on follow me you little shits382.56.72
come on come and follow me come on I'm385.17.06
not leaving without you come on guys all389.224.259
right well good luck I'm getting back to392.164.159
planting all right393.4792.84
Dory you're doing good a lot of ammo396.93.299
getting wasted I'll tell you that well398.884.259
wasted or or you're upgrading and doing400.1994.741
I just heard another scream [ __ ] I was404.947.92
there yes damn it hold on am I getting407.7597.741
her I think she's dead follow me you412.865.36
little shits415.52.72
you think of a name yet no I haven't419.7593.421
thought of a name I'm just kind of421.563.419
wheeling in my head what I think this423.183.48
thing's gonna look like so here's what424.9794.44
I'm thinking we start out here there's426.664.56
gonna be kind of a big box full of traps429.4194.861
out here if it fails we fall up to here431.224.56
right we're gonna be another thing we'll434.283.18
be able to fight here if that fails we435.784.44
fall into here uh-huh and if that fails437.464.44
we'll come in here I think I'm gonna440.223.36
take one of these stairs out so the441.93.78
zombies only have one way up and I'll443.584.559
expand it so hopefully we can go up445.683.72
there and there'll be another set of448.1393.18
traps and stuff down here you should449.44.079
probably make this whole thing here a451.3193.66
ramp yeah it's kind of what I'm thinking453.4793.72
just a giant race like from from454.9795.16
escalator to escalator oh that big huh457.1995.461
and just just traps we can't be relying460.1394.56
on bullets you know it's got to be uh462.663.599
traps like crazy yeah that's kind of464.6992.761
what I'm thinking this place is just466.2592.761
gonna be trap City and it's gonna be467.463.48
titanium what has to be titanium you469.023.72
gotta start building titanium stuff okay470.943.78
well then go get titanium yeah it can't472.743.6
be done then what'd you bring it up I474.723.9
just said we got to oh we're going okay476.344.799
I got to I'm going going to we got to478.626.919
yeah gotcha perfect okay481.1394.4
Dora yeah I hear there's a lot of loot487.025.16
up top of this construction building490.1393.9
what would you call this metal framed492.186.72
yeah go get it yeah okay go Simon go you494.0396.121
would think it wouldn't be that hard498.93.72
since I had the parkour stuff you're500.165.0
gonna be fine502.622.54
hello oh I should have reloaded oh505.285.199
there's of course there are construction509.163.239
workers here510.4794.381
of course there are okay I'll clear you512.3994.861
guys out hello sir you're not wearing514.865.039
your helmet you should be oh I got two517.265.88
for one on that one put on your helmet519.8996.661
damn you two for one on that as well523.145.699
all right come on526.564.08
one for you528.8393.901
one for you530.644.98
one for you those are three head Pops in532.743.86
a row535.624.98
anyone else on break huh536.65.97
oh get in there546.984.299
get in549.265.44
that's what she said she said get in now551.2796.421
what is that that's a bird oh [ __ ] oh554.75.579
God these these birds are bad this is557.75.639
not looking good all right come on come560.2796.261
down come down you little [ __ ]563.3397.321
turn it [ __ ]566.544.12
more birds are they all dead572.15.76
they did put on a bandage574.325.4
even though I got plenty of help I need577.863.539
it all probably579.724.52
all right581.3992.841
yeah what you doing I am slowly making585.567.3
progress oh I see sorry if I'm I should589.444.92
be making too much noise I got my592.863.479
silencer on oh yeah he's doing great594.364.08
neebs hmm I could go help him with596.3393.661
molotovs I can really throw him you know598.444.8
yeah get over there no no no not a chew600.05.839
with the zombies603.242.599
oh God that was a legit [ __ ] legit609.8396.241
crazy scare what's going on I'll throw613.386.12
it I don't know what floor I'm on okay616.084.98
here comes one look out for it you ready619.54.44
no I can't look out for it here goes you621.065.219
better not eyes up yeah that wasn't623.944.26
close to me that that's fine if you want626.2793.901
to do whatever the hell it no you didn't628.23.96
I saw it fall what are you crazy are you630.186.06
ready this one though come on632.166.72
look for it nope I'm busy look for other636.244.8
we're like below him oh yeah yeah is641.043.84
that getting kills no it doesn't look643.082.879
like it644.884.199
damn come on are you kidding me you got645.9595.041
a lot of zombies down here Simon oh God649.0795.94
I fell I fell okay all the way down you651.07.62
ain't kidding [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] hey there655.0196.421
hey that guy's alive oh God I'm out658.625.459
already there we go thank you get back661.446.3
up there no damn it what that was really664.0797.44
frustrating that I felt all the way down667.745.94
the heck oh my God that thing is good671.5193.841
don't shoot me you'll you'll regret it673.684.08
I'm sure I will these guys are not going675.365.219
down the way I want them to damn yep677.764.44
that didn't look good oh this guy's680.5793.781
smoking yep he's smoking yep he's682.24.8
smoking and I am not doing this I'm good684.364.44
to go let me see how I do with the687.03.48
smoking guy oh he's coming up after you688.83.779
oh God he's coming up he don't care690.486.08
oh yeah you know yeah692.5793.981
okay I can beat a smoke and go oh696.746.88
you scared me yeah I don't like this700.686.86
construction site I think I'm retiring703.626.3
that was almost me707.545.32
that was scary holy crap all right709.925.159
that's enough excitement I'm good did712.865.12
you get to the top uh in my mind I did715.0796.721
in reality now all right I'll carry on717.986.419
your legacy721.82.599
okay close to the top now and feel it727.0194.26
look at this729.8394.581
table saw oh here we go all right whoa731.2796.961
hey whoa you see that yeah I saw a734.425.62
zombie just go flying he stepped on a738.243.56
mine or something740.044.799
idiot yep I'm glad it was him and not me741.84.96
oh man I so would have stepped on that744.8395.94
mine I can make this bam all right746.767.88
zombies get ready neeb's coming in750.7793.861
okay oh explosives look out oh they're759.55.5
jumping oh there's a lot of them762.8995.481
okay hey it's getting hairy up here765.06.38
okay better nope772.884.0
okay I do a first aid kit damn whoa I778.225.98
just do not want that to blow up near me782.3995.06
they're funneled oh he's a bomb guy784.25.96
yep there's a bomb guys787.4595.801
hold up oh boy790.165.679
I'm tempted to go loud I mean at this793.264.259
point you probably do it okay hold up795.8394.5
I'm good for a second bomb guy bomb guys797.5194.26
coming maybe I can knock him off the800.3393.0
building here we go801.7793.721
oh crap I'm still in the building man803.3393.541
you know what I wish he would get near805.54.74
the explosives all right biker guy806.885.1
I'm gonna heal up hurry up811.983.4
come guys814.263.06
oh no wait I think it fell wait what817.326.079
I had a boy I found the top ladder all828.445.62
right I found the loot room oh yeah831.8994.68
there's a lot of stuff down here up here834.064.519
I mean836.5794.801
I think this will work oh [ __ ] you838.5794.741
better not okay841.385.459
yeah oh damn it oh God oh God oh God843.326.459
needs wow fall back to the crane oh wow846.8395.361
what do you mean849.7795.281
it's gone now no I thought the whole852.24.78
build was coming down nope just the855.064.56
grain I wanted to do it yeah look at856.984.44
this this is beautiful hey the top part859.625.54
finally just fell that's wonderful861.423.74
anything I should bring like on my880.164.72
person I mean eventually we have to take882.7794.74
everything I'm just making steps so I884.884.62
can make a little wall around that gas887.5193.661
station you know what I mean yeah well889.54.32
listen everything like we're we're891.186.12
transferring everything no yeah no yeah893.825.519
I thought we were just transferring some897.34.38
things because this is so much it seems899.3394.381
to be such a really great place while we901.683.719
abandon it just for me it's pretty close903.723.78
because we're moving you know it's kind905.3994.081
of a pain in the ass distance away I907.53.899
wish we could hire a moving crew man909.484.32
like College Hunks Moving is that what911.3994.141
it's called yeah but we wouldn't go with913.84.2
them we'd go with a plug from my my915.544.56
brother's business what's it called them918.03.98
A Cut Above920.14.5
thing in storage yes now is that921.985.38
worldwide uh not worldwide but924.65.64
Nationwide here's here's their info hell927.365.099
yeah meaning like they'll they'll go930.243.779
wherever they'll move they'll move you932.4594.281
from California to Montana934.0195.461
wherever you want well son of a gun a936.746.36
cut above you say yes I do939.487.74
how Shameless as [ __ ] that's right well943.15.38
I'm gonna leave here in about 10 minutes947.222.7
and go do that thing and I'll bet it's948.483.18
is it dark out yet listen I have a949.923.12
treasure map and I would love to do951.662.58
something like that with you I've been953.043.479
cooped up just like Simon like you know954.244.14
what I'm doing right I know but I just956.5194.5
laid down like 200 spike traps around958.384.74
that that beautiful thing that you've961.0194.56
been working on you did to secure it yes963.124.5
okay hey have you done a treasure map on965.5794.56
your own no you're a big boy not today967.624.14
who's your big boy I just pooped my970.1393.301
pants so I'm not a big boy yet today971.765.0
that's the opposite of big boy right973.445.579
wow yeah that's that's a lot of spikes1009.3397.3
yeah why not well yeah well I mean I1012.625.519
mean did you wanna did you want to do1016.6394.14
some things out here hey will you uh Hey1018.1394.38
nibs hey how are you guys doing over1020.7794.261
there good God what spikes yeah what do1022.5194.44
we cave people yes why not I mean it's1025.043.539
just a store but don't worry about it1026.9593.301
Simon what names are one of you two you1028.5793.421
guys uh wrench down these cars right1030.264.98
here I'm gonna make a a wall you know1032.05.76
like a little outer parameter wall we've1035.244.26
made noise1037.763.179
um that doesn't leave us much room to1039.54.62
play right here yeah look how cramped I1040.9395.941
feel what so the spider yeah it's all1044.125.939
about your comfort behind you guys1046.886.36
hey I just saw it I just saw it okay1050.0596.661
okay good there we go done very good1053.246.179
okay yeah like imagine you had kids and1056.724.56
this is their yard I don't have kids and1059.4194.801
never will okay but imagine this is1061.284.62
their yard well there's there's a couple1064.223.9
of uh running ones right here oh yeah1065.94.44
it's night time yep she's coming at you1068.123.9
Simon yeah she is well the spikes are1070.344.199
working yeah I'm glad I did Spike Swing1072.024.92
Away Bobby be my protector I don't need1074.5394.621
to okay they're doing their job so is1076.943.78
there storage I need to put try some1079.163.24
stuff up man I mean I've only could do1080.724.38
so much so far okay yeah but I can just1082.45.1
show my myself in ah please do it make1085.14.56
yourself at home okay there's a there's1087.53.78
a land clean Block in there already and1089.664.1
I already put my bedroom oh this is nice1091.285.279
I like this I cleaned it out there's a1093.765.26
kitchen beautiful yeah they've got1096.5594.081
they've got a toaster there's a dead1099.023.42
body that's on top of the stove but1100.643.11
we're gonna clean that up1102.4410.04
that's oh yo how's it going ah it's1112.484.66
going pretty good I'm not building too1115.762.76
much at night because you know that's1117.142.64
so uh yeah this is it nice and close1119.784.259
convenient right1121.945.64
yeah right over here yeah I've uh I just1124.0395.221
got to finish the other side1127.582.78
yeah you're looking good sorry about the1130.365.199
wood Spikes all right crazy yeah I like1133.0393.841
the wall you think about going one1135.5593.48
Higher yes I mean eventually yeah I just1136.884.62
got to make some more [ __ ]1139.0393.901
[ __ ] clean that all out how you doing1141.53.78
names good quick access to the roof not1142.944.2
bad I like it we want to tear down all1145.283.66
these old gas stations this awning1147.143.779
probably oh I kind of liked it it looks1148.943.66
nice yeah I like it I was just cleaning1150.9193.421
up the parking lot I mean I think it1152.64.14
looks pretty okay yeah if we put some1154.343.959
gas in there maybe wait can we use these1156.743.299
to storage we could park all of our cars1158.2993.061
right there yeah we can absolutely yeah1160.0392.821
we can put extra gas in these things1161.364.319
yeah there we go yeah okay all right1162.865.54
pure oh role play some gasoline1165.6795.281
I think I'm gonna like it here it's1168.45.91
gonna be fine ah we're all gonna die yep1170.9624.0

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In this series, the gang is trying to find a new home after having to flee their old base when a horde attacked. From the start, you can tell this is going to be an epic adventure as they journey across the wasteland. Their chemistry and banter during the exploration and looting missions make it feel like you're right there questing alongside them.

When they finally decide on an area to build their new base, the cinematic shots of the build process are fantastic. The base looks amazing as it comes together, and it's clear a ton of thought and effort went into the design. Of course, 7DTD being 7DTD, they have to defend against hordes intent on destroying all their hard work. The battle scenes are intense and fun to watch unfold.

Overall, Darkness Falls captures everything that makes 7 Days to Die such an addictive survival game while also enhancing it with Neebs Gaming's signature storytelling style. It's truly the next best thing to playing it yourself. The way they produce their series draws you into the post-apocalyptic world and makes you feel invested in the journey of the characters.

I never miss a Neebs 7DTD series because I know I'm in for a wild ride. Whether it's laughing at shenanigans during the build, holding my breath during horde fights, or feeling moved by poignant character moments, their cinematic approach brings the game to life. So if you're looking for immersive storytelling combined with Survival gameplay, Darkness Falls is a must-watch!

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