POTATO QUEST with an AWFUL Map - Stranded Deep

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
POTATO QUEST with an AWFUL Map - Stranded Deep
POTATO QUEST with an AWFUL Map - Stranded Deep

POTATO QUEST with an AWFUL Map - Stranded Deep

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Potato Quest video we did in Stranded Deep?

simon: Oh yeah, that one with the AWFUL map? Hilarious!

neebs: I love how we were just wandering around trying to find potatoes like a couple of lost souls.

simon: And don't forget the epic potato hunt music playing in the background, really set the tone for our adventure.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is all about the exciting adventures of charting and potato hunting in Stranded Deep. If you're a fan of survival games and hilarious gameplay, this is definitely the video for you.

In this episode, the Neebs Gaming crew dives into the world of Stranded Deep, facing off against the challenges of the open seas and the dangers lurking beneath the waves. With their trademark humor and camaraderie, you can expect plenty of laughs and epic moments as they navigate through the game.

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hey buddy uh i i can't find the compass2.564.88
hmm i know we had it we had to have had5.444.079
it did we big trip like this you7.443.6
wouldn't think we had it i mean i did9.5193.601
make a lot of room in my inventory for11.044.16
boxes uh-huh so there's a good chance i13.123.44
just left the damn compass but there's15.24.56
no way right i wouldn't think oh [ __ ]16.564.879
okay well then where are we let's is19.763.759
that south because if that's21.4394.16
we weren't far from first island all23.5194.241
right sun setting so right so that's25.5993.241
if it is that would mean30.724.48
south is this way right yeah that's the32.963.92
way we need to go i sure wish you had35.24.16
your compass i know i know but oh damn i36.884.64
think there's a storm coming up my gut39.364.96
is telling me that is first island i41.524.32
think you're absolutely correct because44.323.6
that looks like first island45.844.08
that is probably leave neeps die island47.924.159
also known as what try coconut yup all49.923.76
right then yeah all right so we know52.0793.201
where we're at let's go to that one and53.683.76
start start there right go back to where55.283.919
is the case right here we missed this57.444.08
case oh i didn't oh you didn't i just59.1993.68
didn't pick it up is there anything else61.523.359
in it i just i want to take it62.8793.92
you can never have enough cases okay64.8793.521
yeah i didn't realize you had room yeah66.7993.121
i didn't put the compass in there did i68.43.039
um i'm crazy with that oh wouldn't that69.924.4
be something it would be so take a look71.4395.761
nope okay people check though yeah all74.325.76
right so we're going77.24.48
oh god no no wait wait wait come back80.083.359
come back and look no no no no you81.682.96
stupid [ __ ]83.4393.36
okay i got it i got it i got it you get84.644.159
it there we go no i really feel like we86.7993.28
shouldn't go out in the storm only88.7993.201
because it's a storm i don't want it90.0793.68
because we we didn't even find potatoes92.03.04
half the reason we came out on these93.7592.881
adventures we can find potatoes what is95.043.36
it what is the potato around here96.643.92
like diamonds i know so we didn't find98.43.359
any but we're growing some back of the100.562.8
house so we can make more fuel i don't101.7593.281
want to use the motor until i know we103.363.52
got lots of fuel yeah you know what i105.044.32
mean and we got a sail so yeah storm's106.884.0
over we head out109.363.759
storm's over we head out okay coconut110.885.36
party i'll eat a coconut face them out113.1194.801
you want to cook yourself you want a116.243.919
motorboat on my coconuts117.923.92
what does that mean120.1593.28
rub your face on my tits121.845.4
these are things yeah123.4393.801
god i love doing that130.163.64
still alive151.282.239
of course152.3192.56
you come suck down some of this water153.5194.401
then we'll set off so my water is pretty154.8795.041
good already yeah mine's man my water's157.924.16
good my food's good i'm doing all right159.923.84
my health's back up162.083.519
all right perfect time gonna save once163.763.119
more boop165.5994.481
and uh all right we're taking off okay166.8794.64
all right let's flip this sunbitch170.083.439
around put it in the water171.5193.36
i love it off on another adventure are174.8794.801
you driving trying to there we go okay177.044.88
and we decided the island was to our179.684.639
right right which island island we're181.923.679
going to184.3192.481
no i thought we were going to the other185.5992.961
one the one we're going to first island186.82.719
right oh you want to go to the first188.562.16
island i'm sorry i thought you'd want to189.5193.121
go back to leave neeps to die island oh190.723.12
we're trying coconut that's where we192.643.04
just came from oh yeah you're right okay193.843.2
we'll head back to the first you think195.683.839
we left any potatoes on the first island197.045.199
no i kind of feel like we didn't okay199.5194.8
100 no i mean i guess there's no way to202.2393.28
be 100204.3194.961
nope not 100 okay i don't think ever205.5195.761
look yeah we can look i mean we're there209.283.599
right yeah we'll go there we'll look211.282.959
yeah i mean we don't need to gather too212.8792.881
much stuff because we already got we're214.2394.401
full we're packed215.762.88
[ __ ]218.8792.72
like i left i left two two boxes on the219.764.24
beach i left two boxes on the beach221.5994.321
yep you know what i i took them out of224.03.12
my hand because my inventory was full225.922.56
and i had to eat a coconut and i227.122.72
couldn't pull out a coconut because my228.482.64
inventory was full well at least we229.842.959
didn't get that far yeah good thing i231.122.96
remembered it might have just been232.7992.961
stuffed like sticks in them but damn it234.082.96
that would have been dumb to get all the235.762.479
way back237.042.479
all right i should have left oh i see238.2392.72
him i see him i see both of them right239.5193.44
there okay that that that was completely240.9594.64
my bad 100 my bad get off the rudder you242.9594.081
have inventory now yeah i got plenty245.5992.961
yeah i got the space i got the space for247.043.36
these two boxes i just i left the two248.563.2
boxes all right i'm gonna jam this hey250.42.72
get us turned around would you yep251.762.399
do i need to uh254.1593.121
lower the sail for that no no all right255.5992.961
i'm grabbing that grab that all right257.283.44
got all the boxes full of boxes oh i258.564.0
need to jump off and do it that way yeah260.723.919
yeah man come on turn us yeah well let's262.563.6
yank it that's exactly264.6392.801
thanks for showing me exactly what i was266.163.039
gonna do okay great demonstration all267.443.84
right we're good yep all right setting269.1994.481
off hit it come on into the water let's271.283.199
we're doing it take two274.47915.361
oh yeah i think i see our house from289.843.04
we had a house we have a house over on292.884.879
the next island oh the next next island295.364.88
i think i think i see it from here297.7593.921
all right boom you want to you want to300.243.84
pull us on shore yep so you can see301.684.64
water pig island i think so that looks304.083.839
like that looks like it over there yeah306.323.599
the three three rocks and i wish you had307.9194.321
binoculars right now now this is first309.9194.321
island you think oh well let's look312.243.76
around i think we came and approached it314.242.799
from the other side i did see a316.02.8
structure on this island that i'm pretty317.0394.0
yeah this is first island first down321.285.12
yeah hobo stove that's it yeah this is323.9194.801
it oh man memories look we look we left326.44.48
a good pile of [ __ ] here yeah we did328.724.64
let's see and the map is working oh wait330.885.039
hey i found the spy glass so333.364.8
water pig island yeah hey there's a335.9194.241
hammer here let's see what is this338.163.36
peepee plant oh you should grab that340.163.84
peepee plant yeah those are important341.524.08
potatoes water344.03.36
i don't see any potatoes at least not345.63.039
right off hand347.362.08
do we want to stay here do we just keep349.443.92
trucking back let's just uh do a quick350.84.239
look over make sure there's nothing353.363.279
really important then we'll head back355.0393.681
okay i like the sound of that yeah take356.6393.601
all the fibrous leaves because that's358.725.599
important take my fibers leave baby360.244.079
my [ __ ] hair fibrous leaves nice and364.884.08
that's what it sounds like368.965.16
when you lick it370.6393.481
neebs if i didn't know any better i'd385.0392.72
say we were approaching a town look how386.43.28
lit up that place is look how far we've387.7594.081
come i know we got a little uh we got a389.684.16
little town going here we could stay if391.843.76
we had more people to socialize with we393.843.04
could stay here forever395.63.12
i could stay here forever anyway look396.883.439
you're you know you're you're a man i'm398.723.12
a woman we can have kids i mean i know400.3192.641
i'm fun to be here that'd be weird401.842.479
though like because then our kids would402.962.48
have to bang each other to keep404.3192.88
reproducing and they don't have weird405.443.92
teeth i don't want weird grandbabies we407.1993.521
know where this is going you don't have409.362.559
to play it through in your head yeah410.722.56
you're not wrong411.9193.84
okay so we're gonna see if our potato413.286.24
plant is grown what else415.7593.761
sorry i was still thinking about the420.6393.041
grand babies with weird teeth yeah what421.9193.921
are we doing and that's on your side the423.683.84
teeth oh yeah i got big teeth it would425.843.04
be messed up with one you know one427.522.959
generation of inbreeding428.883.759
oh boy okay all right plank scrap i'm430.4794.081
gonna need you know i got these three432.6393.361
paint plank scrap right here i want to434.564.4
try to make shelves shelves yeah yeah436.04.72
you know what all right we got a potato438.965.04
plant sweet okay so now we pick it we440.724.96
plant it how many so how many potatoes444.03.919
do we get from this well probably one445.684.32
let's see wait how's my inventory yep447.9193.601
here we go i'm gonna pick it eat a450.03.52
how many do we get now453.523.28
one damn it what we got all right we455.123.919
gotta plant more i would say let's let's456.84.32
hold on to that one and replant it right459.0393.841
yeah we'll have two potato plants maybe461.124.32
three yes sweet potato malt four that's462.884.719
a that's a rhyme in it uh one potato two465.443.68
potato three potato four yep that's467.5993.681
pretty potato stick potato potato yup469.123.359
yup yup yup471.282.4
i like all that wonder why you don't472.4792.961
hear that more often because it's dumb473.683.919
and we're not in um kindergarten decades475.444.159
without hearing that anyway let's bring477.5994.32
it back479.5992.32
hey neeps487.1993.68
i gave you another box here for farming488.564.319
uh yeah there's like some yuca fruit and490.8794.241
aloe and peepee in there okay so yeah492.8793.841
there's another farm box you got like495.123.44
three farm boxes now yeah we got a496.724.4
potato here and a potato over there498.564.88
growing sweet so501.123.84
we really need more potatoes i mean503.442.8
we're looking good like this like look504.963.6
at this i made a rock pile uh-huh 40506.244.239
rocks in here right now that's great508.564.719
that's awesome so we got a bit of a510.4794.8
checklist to get out of here right food513.2793.76
and water back on the aircraft carrier515.2795.12
right kill that shark right so far i517.0394.961
mean killing the shark we're gonna start520.3993.841
really stocking up on weapons and arrows522.04.0
and spears yeah i feel like i'm gonna524.243.279
need to make a bunch of spears because526.02.8
when we go out there and do it i wanna527.5192.481
do it right you know what i mean i don't528.82.8
wanna do it twice i don't wanna do it530.04.08
twice well i mean i'll start making531.64.239
weapons unless you've got a better idea534.083.36
no right now i'm still organizing all535.8393.041
that all that let's see this big pile of537.443.12
crap right here yeah all the stuff we538.883.68
picked up out on the islands organized540.563.279
i'm organizing because i got to take542.562.48
this stuff out and i got to put it it's543.8392.801
proper place so i can take these things545.042.88
back and put these things back on the546.642.879
boat when we go back out again oh yeah547.923.599
shelves shelves i got to do shelves you549.5193.521
know what let me do i'm doing shelf551.5193.76
right now doing shelves let's see553.044.96
shells can i stick them uh555.2794.0
damn it see that's why i wanted to build558.02.64
them i want to stick them on the boat559.2794.081
everyone's saying560.642.72
but that's right that's right in front564.562.64
of the [ __ ] motor i don't want it to565.8393.12
be in front of the motor567.23.759
oh wait here's this side568.9593.201
stick it570.9592.32
stick it572.162.56
hey okay573.2793.201
now we need a box right see if the box574.724.239
goes on there yeah maybe i got a box576.483.84
take the box578.9594.641
put the box on the thing e to attach580.326.079
oh [ __ ] okay so it holds three of them583.65.28
probably man that's where it's at that's586.3994.721
actually pretty cool hmm should we make588.884.32
the boat bigger uh591.124.159
yeah you know more front end maybe front593.23.759
more front okay you know what i can595.2792.801
probably do that i got a little bit of596.9593.281
plank i got this scrap here oh man you598.083.439
know what all right you leave that to me600.242.719
i tell you what you work on farming i601.5195.681
work on boat expansion own it doing food602.9594.241
what you want i should have enough to613.685.36
make those last piece of the wrap at616.325.199
least the last in all right scrap get619.045.12
out of here me me to pick this up yep621.5195.201
should stick right on okay there we go624.164.799
right okay so now the flooring i think i626.725.52
can make out of scrap okay let me look628.9595.361
let me take a peek a little peeky poo632.244.96
scrap two scrap to make the floor634.324.4
uh-huh boom637.24.4
boom two more scrap make another floor638.725.119
okay and what's the plan more shelves up641.64.72
front bang yeah now i can make more wow643.8393.841
look at this now646.324.16
this is a big boat this in the middle647.684.64
motor on the back so yeah i'm thinking650.483.599
we'd make more container shelves up652.322.56
we need to make planks which is easy as654.883.68
[ __ ] because we made this little flake656.9593.841
station already that's right look i come658.564.0
over here i think all i gotta do is go660.84.719
to uh was it building boat planks and662.565.6
pap and then do it again665.5195.361
sweet okay so i'll bring these in here668.166.32
oh yeah they just stick on the back like670.885.68
rotate them i want to rotate it i don't674.483.44
want it sitting that way is that the676.563.279
only possible way that they'll sit it's677.923.599
possible i want them sitting like meat679.8394.081
on the back all right [ __ ] it boom there681.5194.56
there you go now we can carry six boxes683.924.8
on our shelves yes we can carry a lot of686.0794.961
stuff man if i could make uh that's a688.723.84
lot of resources if i had three more691.043.2
planks we could put one over here maybe692.564.08
nine boxes we could haul around are we694.243.839
gonna go anywhere else you know what i'm696.643.439
curious what is actually where we698.0794.081
thought try coconut island is there an700.0793.681
island down there we should go south and702.163.2
just see what's in it right yeah i would703.764.16
love that um i've lost the compass oh705.364.4
yeah i don't know what direction south707.923.28
of it i don't know where i put the damn709.762.16
was in my pocket south is on this side711.923.52
over there yeah713.763.36
yeah okay so you want to go well i mean715.443.44
there's the aircraft carriers south717.123.519
right oh no i guess that's sort of like718.884.48
south aircraft carrier is west okay so720.6394.401
that's west is it723.364.0
okay so that's west you're saying south725.045.28
is that way behind us yeah okay okay and727.365.279
north was uh first island all right let730.324.639
me dig around make sure i i don't i i'm732.6393.76
kicking myself because i dropped that734.9593.521
compass or whatever it's not it's not736.3994.401
sitting in ah compass you got one that's738.484.799
probably a spare you think yep that's740.84.0
sweet though we got it i won't lose this743.2793.761
one i promise okay we're going south744.83.92
yeah let me drop off some or you know747.043.28
what are we worried about inventory748.722.48
let's pick up some of these boxes let's751.22.8
put them on the boat and yeah we'll go752.6393.281
south that's right baby754.04.72
we're going south755.924.22
i like it when you go south758.727.429
okay so yeah definitely been here770.243.92
this has got to be storm island yeah772.3993.44
yeah yeah yeah all right this is good774.163.84
pretty sure yeah we did this before775.8394.161
before we started like you know putting778.03.839
all these things up yeah so you know why780.03.44
don't we rename this you got look all781.8393.361
these giant crabs we killed here you783.443.199
wanna call it three crab island wait a785.22.879
minute we have something like that but786.6393.361
hey we left a hammer we can call it788.0794.481
hammer island hammer crab hammer crab790.04.399
hammer crab island forget storm island792.565.32
because that's ridiculous794.3993.481
neebs yeah you got a name for this dump803.442.72
two-door two-door island were you gonna806.163.919
guess that uh no i was gonna guess no807.8394.161
goddamn potato island810.0793.681
well when you look at this what do you812.03.6
think you don't think potatoes uh no i813.764.0
go oh there's uh two doors oh wait815.64.0
there's another door okay two-door817.763.759
island nice all right you got it charted819.63.12
it's charted all right you know what821.5194.0
this is pretty much where try coconut we822.724.4
thought it was we're gonna call that825.5193.601
two-door island now okay two-door island827.123.76
all right shall we continue829.123.36
south you wanna go southern that's our830.884.1
next one let's go check that one832.488.819
now this island looks as lame as the one842.244.64
we just went on well if you want to we844.6394.161
can quickly name it and then skip oh god846.883.6
but again i want to chart it gotta want848.83.599
to chart it so bad why don't we just get850.483.52
quickly get off we name it something852.3993.521
that we go name it something go [ __ ]854.03.44
something go because yeah we don't need855.923.2
to stop here if this is just a lame857.443.68
piece of [ __ ] we hop off we quickly859.124.0
scrounge for potatoes okay then we get861.123.44
the [ __ ] out there wouldn't that be863.122.719
something if there's a potato there's a864.563.12
potato on this island i'm gonna jump for865.8394.24
joy i'm gonna jump for joy i'm gonna867.684.959
dittle my clittle all night i have a870.0793.921
good old time872.6392.961
this south is874.03.839
this island is two-door875.63.919
this island is directly south of877.8393.68
two-door island this south is directly879.5194.961
island of two-door island guys looking881.5194.081
looking to me884.482.799
i'm gonna stop didn't you quit talking885.63.76
did you have a [ __ ] stroke887.2794.721
maybe is that funny are strokes funny889.365.44
it's not if it has actually a stroke we892.04.32
need to get you to a hospital well i894.83.2
can't wait till it's really a stroke oh896.323.759
that's a big crap that's a big crab898.03.839
whoever he goes after the other person900.0794.081
he was sneaky turned on me oh he did is907.044.799
he on me man i made a spear so fast this909.8394.8
oh okay yeah you ow there you go you got911.8393.841
okay man my health's not even down i'm915.682.8
[ __ ] you now we want to we don't want to918.484.88
waste any time here we don't want to uh920.485.2
look around for potatoes name this thing923.364.56
go right uh are you gonna be in charge925.683.599
of naming you you're kind of in charge927.923.12
of the map you become the de facto map929.2795.68
guy here yep there's no no one better931.046.159
i could probably do it better934.9595.521
let's see anything good potato plant937.1994.801
oh mean crab942.04.88
oh i want to go out to this boat943.924.56
i'm going maybe the lantern does the946.884.399
lantern work in the water948.484.159
okay yeah951.2792.721
yeah yeah you know what i want to come952.6392.961
out here i'm going to come out here i'm954.02.8
going to get in this boat there's going955.63.84
to be a god damn potato in this boat956.83.599
come on959.443.199
come on open the door960.3994.88
[ __ ] flare we got plenty of flares962.6394.721
but you know what this actually might be965.2793.68
it might be nice to pop a flare off the967.364.32
night i'm gonna do it oh my gosh did you968.9594.641
find a potato there's a potato right971.682.959
in the grass just sit in the grass974.6395.601
oh my god yes not enough room not enough977.364.96
room for what to carry it you better980.244.08
take everything out of your ass to make982.323.84
room for that potato oh you're flaring984.324.319
out there yeah blaring hold on what can986.163.919
i drop988.6393.921
one stick this stick's going there we go990.0794.481
potato you're mine all right that's992.563.76
awesome that's awesome i'm going to ski994.563.279
i'm looking in this boat see if there's996.323.519
anything worth the [ __ ] man at least we997.8394.161
found a potato that's wonderful all999.8393.68
right made the trip out of this island1002.04.839
worth it1003.5193.32
okay okay okay look check it out check1011.684.0
it out easy peasy1014.0792.481
sticks pointing to1016.563.76
the aloe plant yeah i like that it's an1018.6394.241
arrow yeah like the aloe's upside down1020.325.2
though don't you think1022.884.079
yeah sure you want to turn it like that1025.523.6
once it depends on where you oh yeah1026.9594.321
it's like part of the arrow in it yeah i1029.123.839
mean i like it right here it gets the1031.284.88
job done hello island oh1032.9595.6
okay we going [ __ ] yeah we're going what1036.164.48
do we look we got a potato well then do1038.5593.681
you want to go back maybe we should go1040.643.84
get that planted yeah you're right all1042.244.319
right enough enough charting for the day1044.483.76
uh yep let's get this planted plant our1046.5593.441
potato make some fuel once we make some1048.243.439
fuel we can really bounce around that's1050.04.16
right yeah okay okay i was hoping enough1051.6795.36
to find enough [ __ ] to make another1054.164.639
okay it's fine it's fine all right yep1057.0393.361
yeah let's go let's go back home yep do1058.7992.961
you know the way back home uh we're1060.43.279
gonna go north um1061.764.159
let me look at that direction real quick1063.6795.041
i can't see a goddamn thing out here1065.9194.64
north okay so that's north all right i'm1068.724.319
taking us north you better be right yep1070.5594.161
you hop on the1073.0393.841
oh you doing that i was gonna push it1074.724.52
for you oh i got it1076.8814.709
on bubba she-hulk head count1093.124.08
she hulk1095.842.56
why do you gotta make a female version1097.23.12
of a character anyway just make it your1098.43.36
own damn character1100.323.2
make her a badass1101.764.72
she-hulk give her a new name yeah1103.526.8
like cassandra black widow wonder woman1106.485.36
super girl1110.322.88
no i guess that's a that's off of1111.844.16
superman isn't it yup spider girl no1113.24.32
that's yeah that's right off they do it1116.02.88
all the time it's what i'm saying bat1117.523.6
woman exactly did you just take the1118.883.52
thing that's already popular and just1121.123.2
attach a woman to it do something1122.44.56
original god damn it1124.329.159
hey neebs yeah since we got that potato1133.764.32
you know what i'm gonna do nope fire up1136.084.959
the engines oh okay why not you seem1138.084.959
like a person that spins their uh1141.0393.681
christmas bonus before they get it but1143.0393.681
we have the bonus yeah but we got a1144.723.76
potato okay we still have to harvest oh1146.723.04
yeah i mean your analogy would have been1148.483.439
had i ran this before we got the potato1149.764.4
we got the potato we got the bonus okay1151.9194.401
it's not grown yet right but we got the1154.164.24
bonus all right yeah we just you know we1156.323.2
just have to put it in the stock market1158.42.24
we have to put it in cryptocurrency we1159.522.72
have to grow the bonus you saw christmas1160.643.12
vacation right oh yeah i did he didn't1162.243.6
have the bonus he got jailed a bonus1163.764.24
yeah he got jelly and he bought a pool1165.844.16
oh yeah no yeah he made the mistake yeah1168.03.28
see that'd have been me doing this1170.02.88
before we had the potato we got potato1171.283.36
we got bonus that's all my financial1172.883.6
training is in that movie yeah hey you1174.643.12
know it could be worse financial1176.482.64
training like1177.762.48
yeah i just want to spend all my money1180.244.64
on lasagna and wait i thought this was1182.245.679
home where is this oh boy is this storm1184.884.88
island where have you taken me this is1187.9194.561
wait wait i tell you because our system1189.765.2
is so brilliant this is the hammock1192.484.8
that's hammer crab so that's old storm1194.964.4
and this map thing is really working it1197.284.16
is no that's good our map guys we1199.363.6
supposed to go well1201.443.119
first we do a head count how many people1202.963.04
on the boat it's gotta be this island1204.5593.6
over here the little three yeah i think1206.03.6
i see it1208.1593.121
really wait are you why aren't you on1209.63.68
here there are two of us1211.284.72
one two hop on the damn boat here you1213.284.639
get off get on you look for one other1216.03.52
person you know we're all there we're1217.9194.0
supposed to go too okay hop on the damn1219.523.6
boat now look1221.9192.721
can you tell i'm on the boat right now i1223.122.799
can tell you're on the boat right now1224.642.72
can you tell me what island i'm supposed1225.9192.961
to go to supposed to go1227.364.24
north and east1228.884.32
north i think it's that one it's a1231.63.84
little it's the three rocks right there1233.23.2
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah1235.441.76
yeah yeah1236.44.0
west that's it that's it1237.24.959
damn it this is great1240.44.0
this map is working it's it's where you1242.1594.0
know thank god we're leaving this [ __ ]1244.43.44
at the island with some sort of marker1246.1593.121
because otherwise we would be completely1247.844.0
lost no we're like we're like geniuses1249.285.2
and the thing i'm kind of confused about1251.845.36
is where's the meg actually where's the1254.484.559
mag i feel like that was drawn during1257.24.479
the whole tricho confusion i feel like i1259.0394.241
could see it better at night it was like1261.6794.321
a very clear thing in the water that's1263.284.399
right we were heading uh i'm pretty sure1266.04.08
we were heading north when we saw that1267.6794.401
[ __ ] might have been1270.084.64
might have been it's probably between1272.085.12
hey listen look we get enough gas made1274.723.839
we can bounce all over the place we're1277.23.2
gonna find that [ __ ] meg yeah it's1278.5593.281
gonna be great look we did some good1280.44.32
charting today it needed to happen yep1281.846.56
there's home just out of gas1284.723.68
mm-hmm up you were pointing me to the1288.843.8
wrong [ __ ] island it would have been1291.283.84
fine no it wasn't you drifted you1292.644.32
drifted i didn't drift [ __ ] we started1295.123.84
talking you drifted no you were you had1296.964.32
the compass but we were talking you1298.963.92
you're at the helm you tell me where to1301.283.68
go goddammit okay to the left a little1302.884.24
to the left i'm going to the left that's1304.965.36
our home i go i see it how could you not1307.125.039
home of the flying1310.326.239
pigs what is that are those pigs1312.1596.64
that pig just dropped i saw that too1316.5594.401
what is that i think it's a pig and1318.7993.681
they're just falling into the water huh1320.963.28
that's what they do1322.483.6
i love this place1324.244.24
all right get that potato planted bubba1326.087.4
will do don't get lost on the way home1328.485.0

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