I Want That Drop!!! - RUST PVP

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can never get enough of those epic drops that Neebs and the gang deliver in their videos...
I Want That Drop!!! - RUST PVP
I Want That Drop!!! - RUST PVP

I Want That Drop!!! - RUST PVP

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Rust PVP video! And you know what we want in Rust? DROPS!!!

simon: That's right, Neebs! We want those drops and we want them now! Give us the loot!

appsro: Haha, you guys are crazy about those drops! But hey, who can blame us? It's all about the loot in Rust!

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! And if you want to get your own Rust server to hunt for those drops, check out Survival Servers!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can never get enough of those epic drops that Neebs and the gang deliver in their videos. I mean, who doesn't want to see more hilarious moments, crazy adventures, and epic battles?

And guess what? They've got some awesome Neebs Socks available for the holiday season! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to snag a pair to show off my love for Neebs Gaming wherever I go. Plus, who doesn't love a good pair of socks, am I right?

If you're into gaming like me, you should definitely check out Survival Servers to get your own Rust server. I've heard great things about them, and I'm sure Neebs wouldn't steer us wrong. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to make sure you never miss a drop of Neebs Gaming goodness.

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Make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest drops, announcements, and behind-the-scenes fun. And if you're looking for more Neebs content, be sure to check out their playlists for cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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neve's gaming 2021 socks are now0.323.04
link's in the description box baby3.363.68
hanging out in breath10.323.62
watching the plane come in11.923.52
i wonder if it's gonna drop near them or15.444.4
it's gonna drop near them19.846.08
they gonna get all the good stuff and we23.3594.881
gonna die25.926.319
that's how it goes then rough28.245.36
when you go in the trap when you're32.2392.641
doing a trap when you're gonna drop33.63.6
drift drop that's actually closer to us34.885.519
naves yes sir there's a drop i see it37.27.13
i'm on it i'm coming too okay40.39913.691
ah is the worst this horse80.083.92
oh wait82.7994.921
oh i see them84.03.72
oh my god this is kind of scary91.286.64
yeah just stay on their butts and um94.886.279
kill them97.923.239
hey is that you with a horse yeah uh you101.283.68
see anything party saw him go up the103.4393.921
hill man oh i saw a horse go up the hill104.963.76
okay i'm gonna go right there [ __ ]107.365.0
base okay108.723.64
oh let's see might be one of them here114.7994.32
neebs how close are you i'm right behind117.523.919
you man steal their [ __ ] steal their119.1194.481
[ __ ] still there stupid [ __ ] don't see121.4394.241
anybody in the house neebs okay what's123.63.28
in here125.683.439
can you open this oh yeah i'm taking all126.884.079
that [ __ ] i'm taking it off129.1193.2
they're probably not far behind i don't130.9595.041
know how fast their horses are oh oh oh132.3196.161
watch out okay sneak through here we go136.04.72
oh boy you can't sneak through ah crap138.483.68
that hurt how's this work i got a timed140.723.2
explosive um i don't know i've never142.163.84
used one how's it going143.923.84
i think it's going okay i'm keeping an146.04.08
eye out towards the hills okay147.763.839
is it just gonna blow i don't know man150.084.239
i've never used one151.5992.72
come on you little shits155.683.6
looked like chaos over there i don't157.682.88
dare go159.282.88
and please come back the same way you160.563.759
went please i'm right here waiting a162.164.799
little welcome party a congratulatory164.3195.361
party and then i'll take your stuff166.9594.401
i think169.684.24
come on what171.364.239
you just be patient down there you'll173.923.2
[ __ ]175.5993.681
this might be dumb179.283.44
is this dumb probably dumb180.644.16
damn it182.724.96
is it broke no completely keep breaking184.84.88
it keep breaking it keep breaking it oh187.683.36
can i get in yeah it looks like i can189.683.199
get in oh i'm in all right steal their191.043.119
[ __ ] let's hurry what's good i don't192.8792.961
know looking you know what's good okay194.1593.601
metal sulfur any of that good [ __ ]195.844.0
here's some stuff here we go grab it197.763.52
hurry hurry hurry let me know if i199.842.56
should run201.282.8
i don't see anybody but the quicker you202.43.68
can go the better okay if we can if we204.083.28
go now it's a clean break we should go206.082.96
let's just go let's go let's go towards207.363.68
the road which way uh towards the house209.043.68
come on come on come on come on right212.721.84
oh boy my heart's pumping i know i love214.564.8
it i love it216.9592.401
that was our first rain i know we did219.442.96
what kind of [ __ ] you get i got a couple222.45.199
guns and stuff and a rocket launcher223.5995.601
yeah you didn't find any scrap dude227.5992.56
there's a wolf there's a wolf on the229.22.48
hill to the left was that a wolf or a230.1593.44
deer stare to the right okay steer him231.685.279
to the right steer to the right okay233.5993.36
we got that [ __ ]238.2392.64
that's right243.682.559
oh my god dark as [ __ ] i we got robbed252.2396.96
we got robbed those son you know what256.164.96
they were waiting for that drop259.1993.361
made sure we were going to the drop and261.122.799
then they just came and i should have262.563.6
shut the door should have shut the263.9195.361
[ __ ] door i'm so dumb266.164.4
damn it269.284.96
oh okay okay okay it's okay270.565.919
it's okay this can't see [ __ ]274.246.08
come on thick what you doing out there276.4793.841
oh i'm at their base280.844.44
there's is that their horse285.283.76
i would hate287.364.0
to get on that horse289.044.48
because that thing can291.363.279
i don't293.523.28
is it mine now294.6394.161
can i can i get out of here296.83.6
can i get out of here298.83.04
can i go300.43.359
because uh301.843.199
it's dark303.7593.44
i feel like i hear the footsteps305.0395.681
oh that's a [ __ ] wolf307.1996.961
i know what are you talking about310.723.44
i gotta get by this light at least314.884.48
get by the light317.525.72
so you can kill the wolf319.363.88
you hear that neebs326.883.84
i wonder what that is take a look turn328.44.0
the light out look or330.723.6
go here can you get it332.43.68
here go ahead okay yeah you got a light334.323.439
yep all right336.083.119
oh yeah they're definitely back i see337.7593.28
lights over there oh yeah339.1993.681
they're probably pissed341.0393.841
you think they're just now finding out342.883.92
probably they're probably looking wild344.883.68
weapons but that's it that again they346.82.959
got to that drop they might have found348.563.04
some good [ __ ] yeah they're like hey349.7593.921
didn't we have a door we had a rocket351.64.879
launcher we had a door didn't we wha353.685.28
what's happened here where's a rocket356.4794.961
launcher they got a rocket launcher oh358.964.32
doraleous yeah thick363.284.24
wolves hold on let me take a look at365.64.0
these idiots all right367.524.08
make sure we shut the door whose horse369.63.68
is this is this ours yeah i stole it371.64.24
from simon oh i you know what i stole a373.284.4
horse from them well it's probably our375.843.52
horse from the beginning377.683.84
that's true so i got our horse back379.365.76
rallies okay hey congrats yeah get ready381.524.88
you sure you want that too because385.122.56
they're watching yeah you know they're386.43.359
just watching that light go across the387.684.4
field you know they they can't hit the389.7594.241
broad side of a bar nor that's true you392.083.679
know all right wolf should be around394.04.72
here somewhere two of them okay395.7594.56
locked and loaded398.724.0
come on400.3192.401
get it get your stuff get it let's go403.843.44
sneaky wolves they love you don't they407.284.479
they do okay i need to get better at409.444.96
defending myself in the dark these are411.7595.921
so dark yeah yeah we could use those uh414.44.799
nice thing is it's right here we blend417.683.6
in with the light yeah we'll foam and no419.1994.881
the light sun morning good morning good421.285.759
morning good morning424.085.04
all right almost almost done here all427.0393.521
right you ready let's go let's go i429.123.919
don't like leaving our place unwatched430.564.32
now we got to lock it again otherwise433.0395.921
they can walk right in right yeah maybe434.884.08
i think they may have gotten a horse444.963.44
neebs yeah mom was right there did you446.084.959
not use it the horse yeah no i used the448.43.919
brown one because when i remember when i451.0393.041
parked it was dark but i saw your horse452.3194.401
right here okay well look um let's take454.084.239
the brown one because that one was so456.724.72
slow anyway yeah i'll just follow you uh458.3195.201
okay that'll work yep let's do it we461.444.159
need to get good stuff today yeah quick463.523.76
hey jump on horse what are you oh i465.5992.961
thought i thought you were following me467.283.52
on the horse no i'm gonna fall up yeah i468.564.96
follow you on foot okay you're on foot470.83.679
i don't care okay i can go faster than474.4794.16
this you know yeah can i get down over476.83.679
here uh probably478.6392.881
yeah here we go go down the road and uh481.525.92
which way uh left or right484.724.0
okay i was asking you which way you487.443.12
wanted to go you gave me both options488.724.0
i'll go right yep i'm to the road490.564.56
yep keep an eye out for scumbags yep and492.724.319
let's look for a better horse hey i'll495.123.44
take that trade off though we got a lot497.0392.801
of their good [ __ ] you know what we need498.564.0
to do today also what uh every499.845.919
road sign we see we need to get it oh502.564.479
that's right i always forget you can505.7592.56
harvest those that's right because they507.0393.041
get the pipes and that's how you make uh508.3193.201
oh bear bear510.082.72
we could kill that bear if we haven't511.523.12
yeah we could use the animal fat512.83.039
actually i don't want to waste the ammo514.644.319
i got 16. i want to save that for a dora515.8394.88
okay i want this roadside okay okay518.9593.281
bear's coming for me bear's coming for520.7193.521
me is it i'm running i'm running i i522.244.0
can't outrun it i cannot run it okay oh524.243.52
he's coming for me not you yeah but run526.242.96
towards me okay i'm running towards you527.762.72
he's hitting me sure we may have to529.23.759
fight it yep530.483.919
oh there we go532.9596.081
okay get the meat i'll get the sign okay534.3996.801
doraleous i haven't i have an idea what539.044.0
you got what you got it's a terrible541.24.24
idea kind of yeah yeah i'm gonna go over543.045.359
there to their house okay and wait by545.444.72
their front door just right at the front548.3994.241
door okay wait for him to open it up550.164.96
yeah and then start blasting get our552.644.72
stuff back okay i'm going to i'll yell555.123.839
over to you well i'm going to float557.363.52
around on that tree line again you know558.9593.521
how i like to do that560.884.32
yeah and um when you've distracted them562.484.479
properly i'm just gonna start placing565.24.48
all these mines okay for uh you know566.9593.681
yeah do you think they have the569.683.599
awareness to see that i'm coming uh570.644.48
depends on how sneaky you're being are573.2793.921
you just walking straight there yeah575.123.52
walking straight there then yeah they577.23.92
probably know you're coming then578.644.56
neebs yeah airdrop coming right for us581.124.56
oh really hold up where okay come on583.24.48
baby a little drop come on drop drop585.684.0
right on top right here right on top of587.684.32
our hits right on heads we'll catch it589.684.08
drop it drop it592.03.92
drop it oh that's not bad all right593.763.759
what's up man we're going for it right595.923.68
okay yeah you're faster than i am597.5193.921
obviously if you want to get there599.63.2
and hey if you see something just you601.443.04
know don't don't even don't think just602.83.76
shoot okay don't think shoot just don't604.483.359
think shoot don't think i've seen you606.562.48
aim before you're like aim and then you607.8392.481
think for five seconds before you pull609.042.88
the trigger don't think shame pull the610.323.44
trigger aim trigger don't think don't611.923.68
aim don't shoot there you go perfect i613.763.84
mean do shoot615.64.16
okay i see the drops do you see them in617.64.32
the in the windows by any chance no not619.763.68
once no621.923.52
no you think they'd be eyeballing that623.445.519
drop yeah damn it let's go to the drop625.444.48
because that's probably where they're628.9592.88
going go forward thick i went to the629.924.88
last drop no no both of us no that's so631.8394.56
dumb i'm staying right here in case they634.82.64
come back636.3992.161
no okay637.443.76
okay okay they're probably going for it638.564.32
and i'm gonna i'm gonna kill them it's641.23.36
fine whoever gets it i'm waiting for642.884.079
them back here i hate burglars yeah644.564.56
they're the worst unless it's us646.9594.88
we're vandals649.122.719
oh you got a scientist too you're right652.882.8
in the swamp feature right yep hanging654.0793.281
left all right keeping an eye on you and655.683.36
also keeping an eye towards the woods657.363.84
looking for these guys yep659.043.44
whoa what's that what's that is that a661.22.8
scientist see it662.484.24
the scientist can't tell probably is664.04.72
probably is okay i don't know if666.723.6
sometimes i feel like there's668.723.84
there's another one yep all right oh god670.324.24
all right yeah i see him i'm running672.564.16
this is a bad spot this is no it's not674.564.0
well yeah it's not a good one superhero676.723.84
[ __ ] holy [ __ ] you know what fall back678.563.76
into the woods fall back into the woods680.563.04
god damn it [ __ ] me bleeding again it's683.64.88
tough super tough686.3993.921
[ __ ] i only got five bullets left neebs688.483.44
eat you mushrooms god damn it i'm trying690.323.68
i can't even get away coming to you i've691.924.08
got a tree nice room mushrooms don't694.03.6
even have any [ __ ] mushrooms on the696.03.12
ground i've got some bullets too for you697.62.96
yeah cover me cover me there's a699.123.44
scientist right there you see him no700.563.839
he's uh whoa he's not he can still see702.562.48
these things are like [ __ ] laser all705.042.479
right i'm heading towards this power706.483.84
pole neebs okay707.5192.801
hey look we should look out for the710.3992.321
other guys you know they're coming uh711.442.8
yeah you would think they're coming712.723.52
listen if if those other guys come and714.243.44
they get shot by the scientists and then716.243.92
we sweep in maybe maybe let them use717.684.64
their ammo yeah you need some ammo uh i720.164.799
would love some ammo do you have any uh722.324.319
what kind of ammo you got it's the uh724.9593.68
pistol bullets oh yeah yeah that's726.6395.041
worthless to me ah crap728.6394.721
all right731.683.599
smoke is gone733.363.36
oh no735.2793.761
to those guys up there might have to get736.724.08
the high ground739.044.239
maybe that's what those guys are doing740.83.92
i don't see the smoke744.724.48
okay come on think 44.749.25.36
you just have to go all in you know752.04.24
that's what you do you always have to go754.562.719
all in756.243.44
and it ends up getting you killed757.2794.56
at least half the time759.683.92
there's a tower i should have got up in761.8394.24
the tower763.62.479
god damn it god damn damn it that766.724.119
absurd are you769.64.4
down crap crap this is bad this is770.8395.641
freaking bad774.03.279
i can't even help him up can i777.2793.36
this is perfect779.124.0
this is just freaking perfect780.6396.681
put a shotgun back in his body783.124.2
i see him792.3994.161
i see you794.323.84
see my worry is when i'm away from the796.563.36
house they've put traps down before they798.163.28
put a trap in front of the front door799.923.44
some [ __ ]801.446.32
let's see i don't see anybody803.364.4
i think if i just exit this way810.566.32
all right814.562.32
dammit oh god where oh [ __ ] you bastards817.765.4
i'll take those thank you830.485.68
thank you833.682.48
absolutely i don't see the smoke anymore839.2793.12
hopefully they're still there842.3994.481
i'm just gonna okay you're dead all844.6393.031
right never mind846.883.28
here we go here we go850.165.039
time to loot852.482.719
you know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna go863.5193.361
up here864.484.799
and camp this866.884.639
maybe they'll come for it869.2794.321
what's over here871.5192.851
show your face873.63.2
wait is that it876.82.719
oh boy is it just one guy879.5194.801
one guy right oh there's a bag how's881.924.4
there a bag there hold on884.323.04
right here886.323.28
okay here we go887.365.52
moving in oh i see him oh my god889.66.96
come on come on really892.886.0
oh my god this is gonna be great okay is896.564.24
there two is it just the one898.884.56
oh that's not bad what is this looted900.84.399
already it's loaded already wasn't it903.443.199
whoa the box went away906.6398.241
hey buddy914.882.48
bam bam917.364.4
loot what do you have918.6394.56
you oh921.764.759
a key923.1993.32
two keys926.564.399
here i'll give you some rocks929.123.76
you dumb [ __ ]930.9594.8
oh and a headlamp nice932.884.56
oh and this gun935.7594.801
the thompson i love a good thompson it's937.444.88
probably mine940.565.279
and thanks for the horse942.323.519
epstrom hi hey this is bad man oh bad946.884.879
it's really bad um i forget who's so949.445.12
this is yours front door is my key okay951.7595.601
so if i think fit got my stuff so he'll954.565.76
have a key to these interior doors okay957.365.52
but not the the main one so we need to960.325.12
destroy these locks okay and962.884.079
we'll get right on that i don't know how965.444.319
to do that yeah crap we really blew it966.9594.88
oh yeah no that sucked i mean yeah uh969.7593.76
dora was sitting outside of the base i971.8393.521
got killed my [ __ ] bear a bear ruined973.5194.0
this a bear ruined our ducky bear just975.364.159
[ __ ] our entire day up and it was bull977.5193.921
i was on top of a thing anyway i wasn't979.5193.68
paying attention to my monitor just boom981.444.88
bear yep yep ah okay well983.1994.721
we just got to keep building986.322.8
we're screwed987.923.44
huh we're screwed i mean we're at the989.124.0
setback isn't it yeah we don't have any991.363.52
of our swell we got some scrap there's993.124.48
some weapons and stuff here okay let's994.884.48
see what we got997.64.88
hey i killed nibs999.363.12
thank you1003.5193.841
and guess what what1004.485.359
i got the i got the key to their place1007.364.0
two keys actually1009.8393.12
oh they they should probably make some1011.364.479
new ones go to home depot yeah oh go to1012.9595.44
home depot make some more keys1015.8394.24
don't you know1018.3993.44
ah you still can't get in our place1020.0792.56
i can't oh well1022.6393.761
all right here you go come on1024.483.76
it was a good couple days all right1026.43.919
awesome i can't close the door either1028.243.199
okay great1030.3193.12
we'll see in a bit suckers1031.4395.961
yeah kill you in a bit1033.4393.961
where's that tower what i gotta find1042.7994.961
absolutely okay here's something1045.365.199
hmm okay no one's around1047.764.88
um oh that's good1050.5593.681
did that say i should have looked do i1052.643.44
have a name on it was that that wasn't1054.244.48
my bag was it that wasn't my bag1056.085.839
my bag is still up here okay here it is1058.725.199
he's probably got so much yeah there's a1061.9194.161
good bit of stuff here whoop what is1063.9193.76
that scientist1066.083.68
no come on i've had a bad day knock it1067.6794.481
off oh there's the other loot drop i'm1069.763.68
sure it's empty oh there's another1072.163.12
scientist too come on1073.444.88
i'm gonna have to kill that guy1075.286.16
where is he did that1078.325.68
scientists take my stuff1081.444.479
surely not1084.04.96
i need some cover1085.9193.041
that's you that was you come here1090.884.56
come on1095.444.16
come on oh crap reload reload please1096.44.399
please reload1099.63.68
okay did i even hurt that guy probably1100.7996.081
not here eat your mushrooms1103.285.12
i hope he has no mushrooms hope it's1106.883.52
just me with mushrooms today1108.44.399
do not like this gun there's no way then1110.45.36
all i got is a freaking rock1112.7995.601
ready to go1115.762.64
good too oh yeah this is this is better1118.483.36
get that machete1120.244.88
arrows shotgun oh chest armor1121.845.199
where's that guy i can't believe he1125.124.16
hasn't attacked me yet1127.0394.0
don't need the grub worms1131.0393.281
that's looking better that is looking1134.323.52
better right1136.084.24
okay at least i got some stuff there's1137.847.48
still a chance we're coming back1140.325.0

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Really, Neebs Gaming is the ultimate way to experience games like this without actually playing them yourself. Their skits, roleplaying, humor, and cinematic style bring the game world to life better than any standard playthrough. I always come away feeling like I lived the adventure with them. If you're looking for a gaming channel that blends comedy, storytelling, and incredible editing, you can't go wrong with these guys. I'm always hyped to see where their next epic journey takes them!

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