Why Is That Underwater? - Rust

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for the latest adventure with the guys as they delve into the depths of an underwater wor...
Why Is That Underwater? - Rust
Why Is That Underwater? - Rust

Why Is That Underwater? - Rust

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer absurdity of 'Why Is That Underwater?' in Rust? I mean, who wouldn't want to find a rocket launcher at the bottom of the ocean?

simon: Oh, absolutely Neebs! It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold doubloons, we're hunting for explosive weapons. And let's be real, who doesn't love a good explosion in Rust?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, the underwater adventure in this video is next level. I can't believe we actually managed to find that rocket launcher. It's like the game knew we needed some extra firepower to cause chaos!

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! And hey, if anyone needs a tutorial on how to find rocket launchers underwater in Rust, just watch this video. We've got you covered, folks!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for the latest adventure with the guys as they delve into the depths of an underwater world in search of a rocket launcher? I know I am! The excitement is real as they get closer and closer to achieving their dream in this epic journey.

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come on dick just help me just help me i0.7994.881
was oh god i help you with a guy right3.1994.321
here i'm trying to clear the place out5.683.76
oh my god you're gonna get us can i7.523.84
crawl in the house operations9.445.39
crawling out of here11.369.12
saw a guy up here neebs52.324.32
a lot of deer around by the way yeah54.164.48
four in the immediate vicinity maybe56.643.919
they'll fight with us that'd be really58.643.599
awesome if you could that'd be awesome60.5593.761
where's this guy he was up to the right62.2395.121
but i don't know where he went now yes64.324.32
there's a big middle wall right here we67.363.119
can get behind guess my life goes i like68.644.0
those walls okay i don't know where that70.4794.801
guideline is all right72.644.159
okay i just don't want them to sneak up75.282.8
behind us you know yeah i don't think76.7993.521
they're gonna sneak up behind us well78.085.039
i mean it's just possible all right okay80.324.56
i don't see anybody i don't either but83.1194.161
you know you know i'm gonna go close84.885.52
quarters yeah me too87.283.12
all right should we just move in right90.564.559
to here i'm gonna go ahead and get this92.644.24
can i get in there95.1194.64
yeah what's in here oh dear oh yep okay96.883.919
all right99.7593.201
did you just warn me of a deer yeah he100.7993.921
looked like he was gonna make a move man102.963.439
thank god104.723.84
i got a bear trap now we can recycle106.3994.0
that hey in there recycling108.563.44
he's around back he's around back you110.3994.08
see you nope nope he's still walking112.04.32
he's turning back he's circling back114.4794.161
he's that's just his route on that side116.323.759
we're going to clear we're going to120.0792.4
sneak we're going to go in there's a guy121.043.119
on that field see122.4792.881
going in124.1592.96
so when i say there's a guy i see you125.364.8
just i get safe not important okay oh127.1194.961
there's the recycler see if i can reach130.163.28
this box132.082.56
uh scrap133.443.2
can't carry that because i'm full all134.644.08
right let's get to scrapping hey okay136.644.0
okay i'm gonna clear the office you do138.723.68
that thing okay you want me to give you140.643.12
this scrap i'll give you the scrap yeah142.42.559
just throw it all on the ground i'll143.763.28
start here you go here you go scrap and144.9594.0
it's gonna get so much stuff it's gonna147.047.4
be awesome okay shh be careful shut up148.9595.481
yeah so sweet yeah we can make our way160.163.68
back up there and check that out but162.563.12
let's clear the rest of this floor with163.844.0
dark back here hold on165.683.279
what do we see what we see168.9593.92
oh my god there's a guy there's a guy171.5992.801
back there there's a guy back there172.8793.601
bring him out bring him out174.44.24
bring him out uh i don't think yep here176.483.52
he comes here he comes there you go178.643.28
clock clock in there yeah you will180.04.0
notice a t-shirt contest [ __ ]181.923.36
nice oh man what is this got a shotgun185.285.679
trap oh hell yeah and i know why they189.043.68
call you dick 44.190.9593.601
i don't know but don't don't i got a192.723.76
mcdonald's all right make sure none of194.563.92
the other guys are hanging out back here196.483.6
what was he garden what was he garden he198.483.119
had a big garden something good right a200.083.68
rocket launcher some titties i don't201.5994.961
know uh no i don't see much back here203.765.039
thick okay are you okay did you get hurt206.564.399
you injured i'm fine okay all right208.7994.08
let's make our way back yeah we can go210.9594.0
downstairs yeah back to the ladder i212.8793.92
think we're on the what floor are we on214.9594.241
the second floor we were on the i think216.7993.921
the first floor219.25.52
was the one that had uh the fuse room220.726.32
did you work in umbrellas looking i227.044.32
picked up this site you got a sight yeah228.724.48
i got a light yeah i know i got a light231.364.56
in the sight okay so our goal is rocket233.25.92
launchers and their way good god they're235.926.08
down there so far yeah okay so i need to239.126.0
start working my way i got to learn this242.05.04
which i'll never probably make a long245.125.36
sword right and then a salvaged axe went247.045.279
around the money so fast yeah i mean250.483.759
yeah how much money am i down to should252.3193.92
i do uh what is money what do you mean254.2394.321
money scrap yeah yeah um there's some256.2395.361
scrap here too so okay pump shotgun yeah258.564.96
let's do that over this one uh i'll make261.64.72
that right pump shotgun oh land land263.525.76
mine yeah grenade i thought oh i bet266.325.12
abstra knows that one okay269.285.04
unlock look at this what python revolver271.445.84
can't afford it python yeah okay cool274.324.64
and then how many past the revolver is277.285.6
the one two three four five six seven278.965.2
nine more things i'm gonna get all the284.164.4
scrap possible i'm gonna i'm going to a286.165.12
recycler yep i'm with you let's empty288.566.52
your inventory and do it agreed291.287.07
hold on all right we got a guy at that306.563.84
top floor308.4794.641
show your face peek peek i dare you pete310.45.2
come on feet [ __ ] pete313.124.48
i know your blue ass is up there i hit315.64.48
him and i'm about to eat it317.65.68
what if i got him you still up there320.085.28
i'm hungry for some blue [ __ ] i'm323.284.32
about to make me a blue [ __ ] sandwich325.364.32
sounds disgusting get up there dick see327.64.0
see what's up oh yeah he's dead yeah329.683.04
good job331.63.12
okay i need to eat man i'm out of food332.723.919
you got food i have raw food man i've334.724.08
got a bunch of food and okay can i trade336.6394.161
some food for the raw pork or we go back338.83.36
to the kitchen and cook some broccoli340.83.2
come here come here i got plenty of food342.163.36
for you bubba ooh344.03.68
there's a damn computer station here a345.524.64
computer huh we don't need that right oh347.685.799
thank god350.163.319
oh you354.164.319
you [ __ ] again yeah baby damn it i355.7597.56
just saw fish fly through the damn wall358.4794.84
you think we can actually get this going367.443.52
man you know what we haven't369.1993.681
successfully done this yet no we got it370.962.72
start fluffing up we couldn't get it to373.683.44
get off the ground let's put that much375.443.68
in it i'm just gonna walk around make377.126.16
sure okay oh yeah yeah there's that part379.127.359
nothing with me yeah i'd love to uh383.285.44
you gotta hurry i think it's yeah386.4793.601
it's already better than the other time388.723.68
isn't it yeah we've got tons of fuel390.084.88
we're just gonna go off into the sky392.45.68
yeah fly away yeah right never come back394.964.48
never look back398.083.52
all right399.444.16
oh wait whoa whoa whoa what what when i401.65.039
do this the bar goes up am i hitting it403.65.599
you hit the thing and the bar goes up oh406.6394.721
i guess are you in yeah i'm in okay i409.1994.321
see the heart yeah okay here we go411.364.399
come on baby we're gonna get to them413.523.76
oh we're going we're lifting yeah417.285.55
use that fuse we had from over there425.443.84
we're gonna use it in this door yep turn427.443.92
off activate oh get the blue you got the429.284.16
blue card key yeah yeah yeah put the431.363.6
blue card key over here over here over433.443.44
here over here oh that's a sword yeah434.963.92
don't pull out the sword all right i got436.883.2
you covered438.883.92
well had you covered oh stick yeah you440.084.559
open the door yep442.83.44
there you go444.6396.4
okay where are we now we have here open446.246.16
we have a451.0393.521
wooden tower a wooden tower yeah i'm452.44.639
just gonna take it in a box yep in a sea454.564.88
base at the bottom of the ocean yep yes457.0394.56
man this game's stupid this game is done459.444.0
it's dumb as rocks man i don't know what461.5992.961
to tell463.444.24
what bullets bullets okay good come here464.564.479
there's some shotgun bullets over here467.683.12
okay hey man i just found a chest with469.0394.401
23 high quality metal man now i got i470.84.64
got 57 high quality metal in my pocket473.444.64
and i've got 54. [ __ ] man this is like a475.444.72
loot room i love it478.084.72
is that it is that all for this room no480.165.84
no red key card huh482.83.2
we're on right we're going back up yeah488.8793.921
we're going up yeah491.123.359
now where do we want to go i don't know492.83.2
i mean do we have a choice i can see my494.4793.681
house from here i can see my house too496.04.0
look at this looks like some pro gamers498.164.0
live there yeah apparently uh should we500.04.16
just go where it takes us502.164.719
yeah i mean yeah uh nope don't want to504.164.64
go that way there's nothing over there506.8793.44
where we're going you mean we've already508.83.28
been that way what the we're at the510.3194.881
mercy of the wind hold on turn off nope512.085.04
take the fuel out no we're going over515.22.639
power plant we don't want to go there we517.8393.76
don't which way are we going now519.683.52
it looks like we're doing circles this521.5993.041
look at we're like over the house now524.645.6
yep junkyard is uh which way526.485.12
i'm looking now530.242.64
to the east531.63.6
whoop we're falling we're going oh we're532.884.56
falling yep535.25.6
yep oh look we're right where we started537.445.6
hey let's uh let's turn this off okay540.83.28
what just for for good just because544.883.92
we're not cut out hey but we were up in547.363.36
the sky that's right that's cool so548.83.039
you're just gonna beat the [ __ ] out of550.723.92
it and we still got 283 fuel left so551.8394.961
heck yeah there you go there's a way of554.644.16
getting somewhere you don't want to go556.83.039
i like horses559.8395.091
horses are neat562.245.039
all right567.2792.481
yeah this is the boom pool570.164.56
all right let me put on the tank i'm572.244.8
gonna do that putting on my flippers my574.724.64
are you sure this was the right move580.723.84
because we should see a uh submarine582.484.08
right we can probably get to it i think584.564.48
i see586.562.48
all right hold on i don't want to lose589.2792.641
you think where'd you go to the other590.3993.44
moon pool oh okay i see your body i see591.923.44
your buddy the sub's gonna be around593.8392.961
here somewhere i swear to god if that595.363.599
sub despawns i'm gonna go with somebody596.84.56
lose my [ __ ] [ __ ]598.9596.191
should be right around here601.367.01
all right let me get in first so you i616.164.56
can switch seats right right that's dumb618.726.0
right very dumb oh damn620.726.64
all right we're up oh i'm riding on top624.725.52
oh you steer627.362.88
oh man this is yeah630.9590.841
right behind you635.923.76
yep here we go638.03.519
it's a lot cooler here oh yeah there he639.683.44
is yeah yeah yeah641.5194.56
right yep where's it going oh he was643.127.04
talking about one shot on him yep646.0796.081
oh we're in your sneaky ass be careful650.164.4
doraleous barbed wire right here in it652.164.799
you good654.565.04
you got eyes on him now he's down656.9594.801
yeah that took way too many shots yeah659.64.88
you got to uh conserve that ammo man i661.765.44
know can i get through here yeah oh yeah664.485.84
beautiful okay careful now careful667.24.96
all right all right i'm making my way670.324.48
over to where we needs to goes okay672.163.919
pushing in674.83.279
oh yeah come on676.0793.841
give me the goods678.0793.841
all right doraleous it looks clear i679.923.84
don't see any scientists no i don't681.924.64
either i'm gonna access the fuel tank go683.765.199
for it i'm just kind of like uh clearing686.564.48
stuff getting stuff okay688.9594.88
i want to access the691.044.64
tractor thing i think you're very693.8394.641
intelligent and effective at what you do695.684.719
thank you698.483.68
all right so that does that that does700.3993.201
what's that that's that703.64.08
that is that705.8393.44
i gotta remember707.683.52
all right let's find some cards709.2793.761
i see them everywhere i think they got711.25.12
to be a white one oh713.045.919
okay we're coming up on this gas station716.323.68
all right718.9593.12
all right where's an [ __ ] come on720.04.079
show me your [ __ ] show us your722.0794.241
butthole come on blue guy724.0793.76
blue guys726.323.68
it's me after owen my white horse and727.8394.721
thick and his black ass horse yep show730.04.959
yourself i know you're here732.564.079
is this the first gas station we go to734.9592.731
where no one's here736.6393.281
oh i'm coming for you739.923.039
oh wow743.442.639
okay got one down okay yeah he caught a748.244.32
little fire did you see that yep you got750.563.44
another one caught i did see him i got752.564.079
another one coming you see okay754.05.2
on the other side of the truck oh756.6395.121
i got to reload to go and oh boy oh boy759.25.36
i'm taking some shots here yeah761.764.8
guns reloaded there you are764.564.959
operation horse shield they don't die766.565.63
got him stupid [ __ ]769.5195.72
yeah i see you oh bear bear all right775.64.479
i'm getting the [ __ ] let's go oh god all778.483.12
right i'm crawling behind the wall i'm780.0793.361
crawling behind the wall781.63.919
i got it i'm hurt i'm hurt dick don't783.444.16
get hurt hey thick can you help me yeah785.5193.44
hold on what do you mean hold on i'm787.63.2
gonna get get rid of this right here788.9593.68
there's a guy behind you thick790.83.599
oh [ __ ]792.6392.961
[ __ ] [ __ ]794.3993.601
come on dick just help me just help me i795.64.96
was oh god help you with the guy right798.04.399
here i'm trying to clear the place out800.563.92
oh my god you're going to get [ __ ] can i802.3994.0
crawl on the horse804.484.4
another guy coming to the horse can we808.885.199
get on the horses810.885.6
i feel like the horse is keeping me safe814.0794.56
they can't shoot through the horse816.483.68
i love this818.6393.44
getting out of here you're gonna shoot820.163.119
the horse822.0795.721
and it's like shooting nothing823.2794.521
uh good that thing is834.9593.521
yeah yep yeah up838.565.36
am i turning well at times841.2794.24
okay here we go843.924.159
yeah baby here we go okay845.5193.76
and then848.0793.841
hit r that thing849.2795.201
i don't know i'm seeing the blueberries851.924.64
yeah i saw him too all right i'll come854.483.919
up behind you in case they uh they get856.564.399
nosy and sniffy right858.3995.041
there it goes yeah is the whole tractor860.9595.68
turning like the tracks too uh yep yep863.445.28
you can't tell huh no i'm just i'm kind866.6394.481
of inside here you're doing really good868.726.4
okay got it baby get out of it oh boy871.126.32
oh there you go here we go you gotta run875.125.36
and grab this up yep here we go we got877.445.519
we're getting it all are you covering me880.485.28
yeah 50. all right awesome awesome i'm882.9595.041
taking this son of a [ __ ] out fight885.764.48
i'll scrap oh there's another888.04.72
you got them yeah i got one down need890.245.92
help i can just kill them maybe yeah hey892.726.32
i found some more cars use them i got896.165.76
you covered yep899.042.88
i could use that big med kit that's what902.482.719
i'm going to use904.162.0
did you get them nope907.364.96
yeah i got one all right914.04.24
i am hiding like a [ __ ] neebs yep heal915.764.48
up buddy because we gotta do this oh no918.249.08
he's gonna give me no no no no no no no920.247.08
i think that's the last guy we're so938.0794.641
good yeah that's why we got the sign on940.245.68
the house yes942.723.2
you want me to distract that guy or do949.2793.281
you want to do you want to shoot him we951.363.44
should kill that guy okay she killed all952.564.719
these guys well i'm getting off remember954.84.56
hide behind horses and they won't kill957.2794.24
you i also have a grenade actually five959.363.76
of them oh five grenades that's that's961.5193.361
great i don't i don't know how to cook963.124.399
grenades you see that guy at a 260. yeah964.885.36
i do did we go for it man that's a long967.5196.24
shot that is a long shot all right so970.245.599
what's our plan of action think let's go973.7594.241
go go to the woods we can always retreat975.8394.0
back to the rock978.03.36
get a little closer to this guy tell you979.8392.961
what yeah we can take cover behind these981.365.2
trees yep that'll help982.83.76
all right i got a good position987.5195.841
oh i think he's seeing it990.484.64
god damn him993.363.279
i'm getting close got him got him he's995.122.959
down all right i don't know where his996.6393.841
buddies are i have six bullets left oh998.0793.841
yeah i see some of his buddies on the1000.482.96
other side there oh if i can just get to1001.923.279
my [ __ ] my stuff i can just get to my1003.444.399
[ __ ] and go here we go h1005.1993.44
oh god damn it no i can't leave that1008.6395.041
behind oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] is he coming this1010.85.12
way i need i need you i need you more1013.683.44
than anything1015.922.719
[ __ ] [ __ ]1017.122.88
throw out what can i throw out what's1018.6393.841
garbage garbage these for now sorry so1020.03.6
i'll come back with him i just really1022.482.959
need the scrap uh got it i want him to1023.63.599
come to me right there1025.4394.561
so i can pants sorry front door front1027.1994.64
door door uh thick i think i'm good1030.03.439
let's bail1031.8393.6
let's go i still need stuff oh you need1033.4393.681
your stuff how do i use a grenade left1035.4394.0
mouse rora oh it's really tough so be1037.123.919
there you go1041.0394.961
completely lift all right good scared1043.4394.161
him okay i think you're good where's1046.03.52
your [ __ ] get it go i am getting rid of1047.64.0
some stuff yep yep yep yep i got you1049.523.92
covered man i got you covered oh god get1051.64.16
rid of get rid of just [ __ ] you don't1053.444.08
need we can come back with you we can1055.763.12
come back i know1057.523.44
come on come on dick all right oh yeah1058.883.84
see i see easy come on get out you know1060.963.52
turn around turn around good i tell you1062.725.079
[ __ ] horses1064.483.319
we did it yeah we did yeah1068.964.76

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