First Time Rust Players Take on Tank!!! - Rust Season 1

Hey guys, have you checked out the new Rust series from Neebs Gaming yet? Season one is here and it's so exciting to watch these new players...
First Time Rust Players Take on Tank!!! - Rust Season 1
First Time Rust Players Take on Tank!!! - Rust Season 1

First Time Rust Players Take on Tank!!! - Rust Season 1

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neebs: Hey there, folks! Today we're talking about why this video is our favorite. And let me tell you, seeing us newbies take on that Tank in Rust Season 1 was a sight to behold!

simon: Oh yeah, it was hilarious watching us fumble around trying to figure out how to defeat that thing! I mean, who knew you could take down a Tank with just a rock and some determination?

appsro: Ha! I still can't believe we actually managed to do it. But hey, that's the magic of Rust, right? Anything is possible, even taking on military-grade vehicles with nothing but our wits and questionable skills!

neebs: That's right! And don't forget the epic moments of panic and chaos that ensued during the whole ordeal. It's moments like these that make us love what we do, even if it means facing off against a Tank in a game of survival!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the new Rust series from Neebs Gaming yet? Season one is here and it's so exciting to watch these new players try their best to take on the Bradley APC! I mean, who doesn't love a good challenge in Rust, right?

They play on Survival Servers and I have to say, it's pretty cool that they're giving them a shoutout. If you're looking to get your own Rust server, definitely check them out at And of course, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to keep up with all the latest episodes.

I've been a huge fan of Neebs Gaming for a while now and it's awesome to see them being supported on Patreon. If you want to help support them, make sure to check out their page at Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, which is just the cherry on top. Their stuff is seriously top-notch.

And let's not forget about their social media presence - they're everywhere! From Facebook to TikTok to Twitter, Neebs Gaming is always keeping us entertained. If you're looking for more epic content, be sure to check out their playlists on YouTube. Whether you're into cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, or Subnautica, they've got you covered. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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binoculars already yeah i found them1.285.44
like a millionaire right now i don't4.723.28
this game's taking the wind out of me8.03.28
yeah every month apparently right yeah9.283.12
every month that's what we've learned11.282.8
apparently at the first what the first12.42.56
of every month14.082.8
everything resets first thursday14.963.6
something crazy it's like stupid that uh16.882.72
yeah we didn't know18.562.96
so we gotta re we gotta reevaluate our19.63.919
strategy here right yeah so now21.524.32
it's just us four for now simon's gone23.5193.76
apparently playing video games is hard25.842.24
he said no no what he said yeah so28.085.6
now i don't want to play playing video31.3593.681
games for a living is so33.684.399
tough i gotta go35.044.64
i think in real life he's asking people38.0793.041
to spawn things for him too39.683.36
well hey it's us four we're gonna get a41.123.439
little bit better at this and uh take on43.043.199
some things by yourself44.5593.361
selves we're gonna look at this as like46.2393.281
a training month yes47.923.279
we're gonna work together and if i'm not49.523.679
mistaken there's a military base to our51.1992.801
we're gonna try to take out a tank yeah54.03.44
and then after the month55.922.959
we'll go back to hating each other's57.443.52
guts yeah that sounds funny58.8793.68
because i want to fly a helicopter you60.963.279
should fly a helicopter i want to fly a62.5592.96
helicopter yes sir64.2393.841
just like that i think you're going to65.5196.241
take them68.083.68
let's go find food73.7614.08
uh we got an old dusty road here oh113.4394.401
dusty road116.0794.961
okay just like the uh wrestler yeah117.844.959
anybody know what a sewer branch is up121.043.439
the road there's a sewer branch122.7994.481
no i see it no i don't yep i see a124.4794.64
person person straight to the north127.282.959
straight to the north all right let's129.1193.84
avoid them let's head south uh stay on130.2394.08
the road head south we're going to the132.9592.321
sewer branch134.3193.121
i eat okay maybe we can find food in the135.283.92
sewer maybe someone flushed a137.445.12
meat stick look at that van139.25.44
my rock broke yeah hopefully you can142.563.31
find one144.645.679
uh guys i think there might be some sort150.3193.681
of uh hyena152.3192.961
oh yeah we should kill it we need the154.02.879
meat we need the meat the sun's going155.282.239
can i give someone this other weapon i157.5193.761
found what what what kind of what159.125.199
uh where did you find a mace yeah i161.283.92
found a maze164.3192.481
and look some trucks and stuff you ready165.23.52
someone want this take this someone166.84.799
oh that's a sword a savage sword okay168.723.599
are we going to try171.5993.201
to shot him he's wrong here we go shot172.3194.0
him what did you share with174.82.96
he had a bow and arrow the whole time176.3193.441
remember that lord pick's already177.763.839
in game already yeah no he's going to179.763.52
take this tank out in five minutes181.5993.761
let's hyena go we need a sweet sweet183.283.92
hyena meat we're gonna get185.365.28
you know we're running into those guys187.25.28
man i hope not because they're just like190.643.04
we're getting into a monument or192.481.679
yeah it could be we're gonna tell you194.1594.08
what i got the torch i'll peek in i'll196.564.08
peek in198.2392.401
i don't like it it's spooky you should201.5994.56
probably be over there with that mace204.8792.161
just in case206.1593.201
my long distance mace yeah you're right207.043.04
in your face209.362.48
oh you know what it's i don't see any210.083.68
scientist guys but there's lethal211.844.479
levels of radiation over here oh yeah213.763.6
yeah yeah216.3194.801
get back get back scooch217.363.76
wow i need some food yeah me too at
what should we do should we like set up226.3192.56
a base somewhere227.763.36
exactly is it worth it right now i think228.8793.36
we're not we're just going to run around231.122.64
like a bunch of crazy chickens232.2393.28
not in the desert though come on not in233.763.6
the desert why not in the desert because235.5192.481
it's hot237.363.04
it sucks ass it's not i'm very238.03.92
comfortable we can eat cactus240.43.759
it's nighttime okay well names do you241.923.039
want to look at the map244.1592.561
trying to figure out a place to set up i244.9593.2
mean i'll set up right here246.723.28
i'm that crazy all right let's do it248.1593.761
setting up right here this is our spot250.04.8
all right we wow a great base251.926.019
well there's that water water purifier258.45.44
it collects rain collections yep yep261.444.0
okay we got it263.843.44
what else is everywhere i've got a uh i265.443.52
got a green key card267.283.84
i've got some anti-radiation pills i268.963.6
mean you know you find the stuff in the271.122.88
stuff so well you know what an272.563.28
anti-radiation pill might be fun because274.02.4
area right behind us is radiated maybe276.43.2
someone can take the pills278.322.56
run up there see if there's any good279.63.12
loot just grab some good stuff280.885.12
oh nice hills yeah so neebs i've already282.725.039
i'm already slightly radiated so if you286.03.36
guys want to give me some pills287.7593.841
is there a medieval times like here's my289.363.76
best broken down somewhere291.63.52
damn thank you neebs make sure you pull293.123.76
for the blue knight all right so dora295.123.04
you and me first thing in the morning296.882.72
we're going in the morning we're taking298.162.08
here we're going to take our swords oh300.244.48
you can throw them in oh303.525.119
oh god where'd you go did you lose it304.726.76
hold on let me light it up for you here308.6397.901
oh [ __ ] what have you done nothing318.166.16
i see some wolves chasing their pig yeah321.7593.681
they're running that hog324.322.64
i don't want to run that hog all right325.443.039
let's focus don't worry they just got it326.963.2
now's the time do we do it do we do it330.163.599
okay all right fine i'm with you guys332.162.319
all right333.7592.081
good and then we do it it's all right we334.4795.361
need food oh335.844.0
yeah oh we got a hog too right i gotta349.523.2
walk yeah351.7593.521
we got a house it did all the work for352.723.28
oh man forget am i getting something356.05.28
i'm getting bone fragments animal fat359.523.2
raw pork361.283.919
leather baby we're eating good tonight362.723.919
what are you getting with the sword yeah365.1992.241
come and get366.6393.041
what happened he's attacked doraleous373.843.12
hold on you need him376.04.639
i gotta do that i've been376.963.679
hey dora oh wait did he try did he381.63.439
respond dora383.63.92
did he respond i guess so i didn't he385.0393.44
went down i can't387.522.88
i can't revive him are you still what388.4794.241
i'm dead i didn't respond yet390.44.96
i'm dead then quit talking what's wrong392.724.319
with you we can usually revive you if395.363.04
you're dead are you sure397.0393.28
i'm sure you're the worst dead person398.44.56
i've ever seen400.3192.641
well that's what you get for throwing a407.283.28
at a boar i thought that okay i wish i410.565.68
probably kept that sword okay looking414.164.0
clear so far damn it i can't resist i416.242.959
can't resist418.162.479
like i could get the best thing in the419.1993.601
world up here like um420.6396.56
like a gun like a gun in here422.87.519
wait wait whoa whoa whoa can i427.1995.601
open this can i not that's just okay430.3194.16
[ __ ] oh i can open that432.85.36
oh not a gun but there's targets that's434.4795.601
great right now that's exactly what you438.163.84
want to use against bad guys440.083.92
put up a target and they don't know it's442.03.84
you they start shooting the target444.06.4
perfect oh [ __ ] okay hmm445.846.16
yeah i'm not gonna break that open all450.43.199
right i should just find them get my452.03.36
stuff my i can't resist453.5994.32
damn it it's the you get the loot skis455.363.119
you know457.9193.201
a case of the loots he's i got a mailbox458.4793.521
they're gonna be so happy461.122.72
well needs will be let's see is this the462.04.319
right way463.842.479
hey thick yeah you think the house like467.124.799
i'm gonna drop some foundation should be470.243.76
like here or maybe here471.9194.161
like if this is our camp uh where do you474.03.84
want the house to be like maybe by the476.082.72
yeah right here yeah you know a bit478.84.56
decorative by the between the trees481.125.359
but twins that is is that over there483.364.48
or like right here or just right here486.4792.961
yeah so it's got you know we're kind of487.843.12
framed up with the trees489.445.36
right there yep perfect enough space490.966.799
all right this is where it'll be casa de494.83.839
maybe not too big huh yeah it's498.6394.481
temporary minimalist outpost501.284.319
yeah outpost build it up store some503.123.199
that'd be good506.3192.56
you son of a [ __ ] what are you doing510.45.519
are you regarding that just walking513.683.279
around that515.9193.68
let's just scrap you loser have i got a516.9593.44
for you my friend once you do this520.3993.12
don't turn my way yep once you go that523.5195.121
way okay525.5193.121
and then if i go here532.326.48
ow oh ow ow that's not [ __ ] i can't put535.764.079
this anywhere538.82.8
i can't put it anywhere all right i539.8393.361
really wanted to put this down put it541.62.799
no ah crap all right hide544.3996.801
hide screw you screw you damn it547.686.719
oh god what do you do what do you do551.210.96
throw some554.3999.521
what fig is is that is that a weapon562.163.2
what the hell are you carrying it's a563.922.72
where did you get a shotgun problem i566.643.44
found it where did you find all that568.562.64
stuff i've been i've been calling the570.082.72
desert for damn five minutes and found571.22.56
[ __ ] towards the road572.82.8
there's a bunch of stuff okay but you573.762.88
gotta be careful because there's575.62.4
scientists over there576.642.96
yeah i was gonna wait the door gets back578.02.88
and you know suck on them radiation579.62.96
fields yeah i see that guy up there also580.883.12
see a plane582.563.52
yeah hey bubba we're setting up down584.05.04
here it's gonna be our586.085.6
up place off completely yeah let's play589.044.64
i know those plain drop loot boxes but i591.683.92
don't see any falling from the sky right593.682.32
yeah oh i want to fly something oh god596.04.16
there's a hot board598.3996.88
give me a board yeah oh we don't need 20600.165.119
we got to build beds or i can help oh616.03.2
yeah beds618.0794.801
oh yeah yeah just throw it619.25.6
i can't i'm full someone grabbed his622.883.44
meat hey624.86.24
hey hey yeah626.327.84
oops oh it happens it happens631.045.039
well man you found a tank top i did i634.163.52
did i almost died on the way back too636.0792.641
but he spared me637.684.399
um it's my stuff around here uh638.725.2
anywhere uh yeah you know what if i642.0793.041
follow me door oh yeah yeah it is it is645.124.719
it is647.5192.32
i mean damn dude it could be anywhere654.03.92
yeah i agreed but it should be by where656.243.52
my dead body is i didn't throw it that657.922.24
from where i died all right you remember660.163.04
which direction662.242.4
because you were throwing it at a bore663.23.68
right yeah yeah so and i hit it664.643.84
and i hit it close to me you'd think it666.884.0
would stop where i hit it668.484.479
yeah i didn't see it near the bore670.883.44
looking down on the ground672.9593.521
a mace oh man this is like looking for a674.323.759
damn needle in a haystack out here but676.482.479
it shouldn't be678.0792.561
i mean it could be laying in a bush it678.9593.44
could be like oh god680.643.68
but then i want i want you to find that682.3993.201
i mean i know yeah that's a sweet bait684.322.639
and i gave you that you know the sword685.62.479
we were like pretty tough686.9594.081
together except for the dying part it's688.0794.241
definitely not in the box691.043.359
yeah you're having this yeah damn all692.323.44
right that's some [ __ ]694.3993.68
that's dumb that is dumb watch over695.763.84
behind oh god oh god oh god698.0795.76
oh god don't eat me door699.64.239
oh boy where's my sword pull up a sword706.0793.281
that's not my sword i got it708.0793.44
hey yeah i got it you kill him yeah709.363.76
we're good oh damn look at you don't711.5196.32
even need a base well i want the mace713.124.719
ooh i like that mailbox no nice can't723.443.199
put anything i bet it's nice this is725.361.76
check this thing out oh yeah target727.123.04
oh so you remember what we're gonna730.164.0
we're gonna have to do731.442.72
yeah yeah see if i can hit it from here734.324.56
with a sword736.322.56
oh yeah man i'm a damn dead shot damn it738.9594.32
i'm a little wide right741.764.96
incoming oh boy whoa okay did my sword743.2795.36
break did i did i seriously just746.725.44
hey like lose my sword are you kidding748.6393.921
yeah man that is similar [ __ ] no i752.565.12
mean i made a bow and arrow but man talk755.8392.161
something okay if you've ever thrown758.03.2
i'll give you anything else760.03.04
yeah if you've ever thrown a sword you761.23.439
you'd know that they break whenever you763.041.919
so clearly clearly you ready764.9595.281
okay let's see yeah let me get my bone768.0793.601
arrows equipped770.243.279
yeah dude yeah i do because i did see a771.683.2
scientist up here all right you ready to773.5192.0
take the pills774.882.24
are we taking them now yep i'm ready775.5193.041
take pills in three two777.124.8
one empty radiation bill yes all right778.564.719
come on we're gonna go get some good781.923.68
stuff oh boy y'all be careful783.2794.641
i see scientists already yeah okay i'm785.64.479
trying to sneak up on him787.925.12
i can't what is this oh it's like a bus790.0793.601
oh an old run down bus station okay you793.683.52
see the guy796.322.8
because he was right up here not yet i'm797.23.84
moving in i'm moving in man you're so799.124.959
confident i love it801.043.039
okay sneaking in sneaking in uh-huh807.685.159
i don't see anybody yet seems pretty810.883.68
clear oh he's over there he's over there812.8392.44
three three thirty can we pull back and815.2793.841
not deal with them like just kind of817.8391.921
straight back819.122.079
we might be able to oh there's a hole819.763.519
here there's like a hole821.1993.681
yeah which makes sense this is a sewer823.2793.281
place a whole new world anything in824.883.36
those boxes826.563.92
telephone you want to make a collect828.243.039
what is this oh cool we got a recycler831.2793.12
up here nice that's pretty sweet833.043.039
you do one of those calls like hey it's834.3993.601
nate come pick me up real quick836.0793.76
collect calls for hey it's nate come838.03.44
pick me up you ever do that839.8393.68
uh no i haven't oh hey there's a loot841.443.04
crate back here843.5193.361
all sitting good get it what is this844.483.28
there's a846.883.04
a satchel charge a chain link fit a847.763.439
chair what is this849.924.24
i just grabbed a a metal trap nice maybe851.1994.721
we can use that on somebody all right854.162.96
can we get can we get through this part855.923.84
of the pit oh yeah857.122.64
okay okay you know what we found one of860.483.68
holes on the other map oh boy864.164.08
i don't know if he's doing the same867.2793.12
thing or not yeah i'm going in hold on868.244.48
let me let me crawl down here now it's870.3994.081
gonna be dark down here because yeah you872.723.28
know what if i could oh okay874.483.039
yes it's a little wonky it's a little876.03.279
wonk yeah super wonky all right877.5192.961
i wonder if this is the same thing879.2793.041
because yeah there's a wire that moves880.483.2
along the ceiling882.323.28
does it lead to a door yep leads to883.684.64
another damn i've got a green card thing885.65.039
you do have a green card this is a green888.323.84
door but this thing's not890.6393.841
powered oh god i forgot what we needed892.164.16
power like if we follow the one if we894.483.2
follow this wire it's going to lead us896.323.12
to a fuse box i bet what happens when897.682.399
you knock the899.443.28
on on the door nothing i assume900.0793.841
somebody's in there i don't think902.722.239
anybody's in there903.924.64
it says knock can i knock come on knock904.9595.68
okay no one in there all right come on908.563.6
let's follow this wire real quick910.6392.961
all right hopefully bubba boo's not up912.162.96
here waiting for us i'm gonna take a913.62.08
that's his name915.682.56
okay looks good looks good i like your919.64.239
little butt cheeks sticking out from922.3994.56
under your shorts just a touch i thank923.8394.56
oh god taking fire taking fire oh god oh928.3994.0
no oh no oh no931.2792.881
oh god i gotta i'm taking cover behind932.3993.12
the shed taking cover behind him yeah934.162.239
i'm gonna do something935.5194.961
similar we're getting overwhelmed yeah936.3994.56
thank you good okay hold on i got to use940.9593.68
a i got to use a wrap here943.363.76
i see like a power thing okay where's he944.6394.0
at oh is that what the power thing is947.123.36
yes that's exactly where it is oh yeah948.6393.521
how the [ __ ] do we get in there though950.483.76
come on baby oh wait can we break the952.163.679
door i bet can we break that954.244.159
right there there's a door over here955.8393.68
door i'm breaking it okay958.3994.321
okay okay959.5196.081
door's broken yeah all right we're in962.723.359
we're in965.62.159
okay yeah this thing's gonna need what966.0793.521
the hell do it needs a fuse that's what967.7593.52
we need there's another sword969.63.679
you want this sword oh [ __ ] i would love971.2793.281
this sword i was hoping you were going973.2791.761
to say974.563.36
i was hoping you were going to say it975.046.34
let me make another couple of these977.926.58
yeah i see the dog we got wolves986.723.76
sniffing at us this is gonna be fun988.883.44
you ready there's two of them oh god990.483.44
there's the door there's three of them992.322.879
right outside the window993.922.88
all right i have a satchel charge you995.1993.041
think this might blow up the wolves i996.83.68
don't know998.242.24
ow they they bit me through the damn1001.443.28
how'd that happen hold on1003.1993.951
oh god boom god back up back up1004.724.559
worked great i think does that thing get1009.2793.441
a blow but it blows1011.5193.841
like it was a dud i seriously look oh1012.723.039
it looked like what oh it's it's still1015.7595.52
here yeah i see that1019.443.12
all right hold on let me read something1021.2792.641
about the satchel charge a small1022.562.639
useful to defer to destroying wood and1025.1994.24
sheet metal doors unreliable explosive1027.284.24
okay let's try it again boom all right1029.43910.4
back up1031.528.319
yes all right let's get back to base oh1042.44.0
good god good call oh wait no it didn't1044.3193.681
there he is he's chasing the wolf on1046.42.399
your butt yep1048.04.31
you're gonna run right1048.7998.66
oh god needs we found another hole1064.966.24
a hole we need a fuse you remember uh1069.123.52
yeah we never found a fuse without we1071.22.96
never found a few so now i got i got1072.642.64
goals helicopter1074.163.519
fuse and don't forget the tank right the1075.284.08
tank we got a few weeks to take out that1077.6792.321
tank yeah1079.362.48
before everything gets wiped again1080.03.44
because that's how this game operates1081.842.959
we're learning1083.444.0
we're learning1084.7992.641
ow ow damn it dory okay1090.965.36
well i backed up into this stupid thing1094.643.44
i played1096.322.96
i didn't want to put this right here but1098.083.04
i did and it's just so be careful right1099.282.96
there especially if you're doing target1101.122.32
price right yeah so if you're doing1102.242.96
target practice don't back up into the1103.444.08
big barbed wire fans gotcha1105.23.76
yeah that's good to know that nobody1107.522.96
would have thought yeah you don't think1108.962.8
about stuff like that1110.482.96
no not usually like i was like i'm gonna1111.763.6
make this tougher and then i sure did1113.443.119
because i was bleeding1115.364.16
okay all right needs to see our mixer1116.5593.601
yeah dora found a mixer okay we can make1120.164.16
low-grade fuel in this1122.7994.481
this is pretty sweet okay what are what1124.324.8
are the ingredients1127.283.6
so like for low-grade fuel that's just a1129.124.48
little bit of animal fat and some cloves1130.886.96
hello oh [ __ ]1133.64.24
is this one going to keep running though1143.363.6
no but we should take it out and look1144.964.56
for horses1146.962.56
yeah there we go it's like a safari if1157.0394.721
you've got binoculars1160.44.32
oh look oh that's true except it's very1161.764.32
thick please don't drive us into1164.722.64
anything crazy though1166.082.8
you have a bad habit of that i do1167.362.8
there's actually a counter here on the1168.882.56
dashboard how many times you've done1170.161.92
this month1172.087.76
all right keep them eyes open oh wait a1188.643.76
what look at this i can't i can't see as1192.44.639
good as you can1196.243.439
yeah it's the hot air balloon oh we're1197.0394.241
gonna get sick to feel like1199.6794.161
scientists to the left oh all right i'm1201.285.279
pulling out1203.842.719
oh yeah hog where's this oh there's the1209.23.12
hot air balloon1211.0394.561
now we need what uh low-grade fuel oh1212.325.839
i've been making some and cloth oh my1215.64.64
god i might have all that hold up i know1218.1593.921
how do you uh how do you repair this1220.242.88
i think you know i think there's a1222.083.44
little box we got a head we got a hugs1223.124.96
oh fuel storage so i put the low grade1225.524.08
fuel in there1228.083.2
then what do you do with the cloth does1229.63.12
it go in this little box1231.284.24
little box cloth that just says loot1232.723.52
but with the fuel in there can i oh it's1236.243.12
just a fuel1238.644.0
i hit bird get in get in1239.366.16
wait the scientist is this going up did1242.643.84
you hit the button1245.523.92
i hit the button we're burning i don't1246.483.28
where's dallas uh dealing with the1249.763.279
scientists okay1251.63.04
don't get left behind i don't know i1253.0393.601
mean i'm right here you if you left you1254.643.44
left me behind1256.642.8
well we haven't left yet are we too1258.084.88
heavy uh1259.447.2
step out try it now who's the fat ass1262.963.68
you hit this button right uh yeah i hit1266.723.28
the button it says on1268.883.12
so it's on now yeah no it's burning look1270.03.6
i mean it's full1272.03.039
both you guys step out everybody step1273.63.04
out here1275.0393.681
is it is it just a one-person ride yeah1276.643.519
that's the dumbest1278.723.04
is it is it connected at the bottom1280.1593.601
somehow that's what i was looking at oh1281.762.48
you were1283.762.799
see i don't see anything connecting it1284.244.08
this that doesn't make sense1286.5593.441
it just says press the button oh i hit1288.324.0
balloon is fully repaired before takeoff1290.03.84
there's a blue guy right over here blue1292.323.2
guy right him out yeah we can take him1293.843.36
out i got one shot everyone's sinking1295.523.2
he was getting your balloons falling oh1297.23.44
no oh no use it as copper1298.723.28
i burned all the fuel i burned down the1300.643.44
damn field damn it does nothing work1302.03.919
i think we have to fully repair it right1304.083.68
now i mean this thing's sitting at 841305.9192.24
out of1307.763.68
1 500. okay we have to make a wrench or1308.1593.841
[ __ ] are we fighting as a scientist uh1312.03.36
well we can1314.03.12
where is he oh i might have hit him1315.364.4
again oh right to the left of the truck1317.123.52
the vehicle1319.762.399
oh all right i'm going in i'm going in1320.644.56
here oh and i hit him again1322.1594.961
yeah he's down i got him he's down he's1325.23.839
down stupid [ __ ]1327.124.32
yeah yeah good stuff good what we got1329.0393.041
you got a gun1331.443.599
no let's see i got no just some scrap1332.084.16
that's all this guy's got1335.0393.76
scrapped where he had a gun huh i just1336.244.0
found a flame turret1338.7994.88
oh and i found a fuse yes oh1340.244.799
okay i have that piece can i have that1343.6793.12
few stick or do you want to go with me1345.0393.52
no no no no i'm gonna give you the fuse1346.7993.841
right there sweet1348.5596.561
all right we got to get back in that1355.123.039
building yeah i'm making a run for the1356.44.48
building running1358.1592.721
i just got shot at yes he god where is1366.03.2
where oh i think i got him southeast1369.23.359
140. yep yep yep i see him yep1372.5594.801
oh god i'm getting radiation poisoning1375.763.279
oh [ __ ] we didn't think about it1377.364.4
oh we don't have hold on all right i'm1379.0394.0
going to put the fuse in here yeah do1381.762.32
that do this quick1383.0393.361
electric fuse open and then drag it put1384.083.2
it here1386.42.32
all right fuse is in so we gotta go1387.283.2
turning this thing on turn on go into1388.722.319
the hole1390.482.24
uh go to the hole go to the hole oh god1391.0392.88
i'm still getting radiation poisoning1392.721.76
all right come on1393.9192.161
we gotta make this quick or we're gonna1394.483.28
die in that hole we're gonna die in the1396.082.079
okay my health the radiation poisoning1398.1594.161
is going down it's at 22. i think it's1400.482.96
okay all right getting in the hole1402.322.16
getting in the hole in the hole i'm1403.442.239
gonna i feel like i'm gonna fall down1404.482.72
the ladder i feel like i'm gonna do that1405.6792.721
no you're good you're good come on down1407.22.4
come come here i wanna just go in the1408.42.639
yeah there he is okay here we go1411.0394.111
here we1414.643.589
all right you have the key card please1419.763.519
let this work1422.5594.24
come on work um just uh1423.2796.241
work there's something else we got to do1426.7993.201
yes oh my god oh boy1430.06.24
oh is this loot please be all types of1433.523.6
oh my god oh what's in this box look1437.123.52
there's boxes here where did you just1439.2793.121
sweet sweet boxes oh that's a sweet1440.644.56
sweet box1442.42.8
that's true that's true anything else in1451.123.28
here that's good1453.2793.361
ah right you'd hope so this goes on i1454.44.96
mean look at this1456.645.2
how you feeling neebs pretty good you1459.364.319
ever see terminal1461.843.92
nope tom hanks oh maybe i did a long1463.6793.041
time ago right1465.764.0
is kroger a real flick crossia croatia1466.724.319
i'm from crozier1469.764.0
croatia is a real place yeah i know that1471.0393.361
i mean i figured you say it wrong yeah i1474.43.279
think people let tom1476.642.159
i don't i don't think the accent was1477.6792.561
that good i think people just let him1478.7992.721
get away with it because he's tom hanks1480.242.4
oh because1481.523.68
yeah out of wood here we go hold up oh1482.643.039
there we go stakes heard a hog close by1485.6793.12
did you possibly he had to really bend1488.7994.321
some rules for that for that story you1491.363.439
know yeah it's like he gets there1493.123.52
no one speaks his language just walk1494.7993.76
around the airport what are the chances1496.644.0
of that happening for real you know1498.5594.401
i bet it's happened like well to an1500.643.12
like someone's probably got locked in an1503.763.519
airport and it's like oh we forgot about1505.2792.561
this guy1507.2792.561
and he's just i mean he's renovating the1507.844.079
airport he's like just going down1509.843.68
certain terminals and building water1511.9193.841
fountains and stuff oh no one cares i1513.524.72
forget okay that's vandalism technically1515.765.279
it's only vandalism if it's ugly well i1518.243.36
didn't i1521.0392.88
i don't remember the the fountains so1521.63.04
it's in there good movie though tom1524.644.399
hanks gets a pass for everything1526.966.0
yep even covered1529.0393.921
all right dora my torch my torch broke1533.363.12
so you're like guys yeah light guy you1535.122.0
want to be1536.484.0
up front and be front okay okay1537.126.4
what a fine man i know this is sweet i1540.484.319
got a grenade1543.524.72
kind of one with the oh oh boy now what1544.7996.88
as a button oh button oh okay that was1548.245.039
not as hard as the other one not even1551.6793.761
oh my god oh we can't go that way all1555.443.359
right sweet uh-uh1557.445.04
uh-uh uh-uh-uh sweet huh oh oh oh oh oh1558.7996.961
okay back to the surface hold on1562.485.6
yeah yeah hold on let me repeat hold on1565.763.519
oh i know where we're at we're at the1569.2793.041
bottom yep is it good1570.724.079
is it safe nope nope i see a scientist1572.323.2
back down back1574.7991.921
down all right we're going out the other1575.523.039
way right safer because it's right1576.723.199
we're gonna go back the way we came but1578.5593.12
i know where this leads now okay1579.9193.441
sweet we could do an ambush at some1581.6793.841
point oh [ __ ] are we lucky1583.365.12
oh oh no are you caught up oh get the1585.523.84
balls out1588.484.16
get the balls out of here1589.363.28
what an evil trick that is an evil trick1592.724.8
oh [ __ ] so we're trapped down here all1595.763.2
right we need to wait till morning1597.522.72
remember i got that grenade1598.9614.0
in the morning1600.2416.4
okay absorb1612.965.52
yeah yeah yeah yeah do me a favor will1616.643.519
you do a quick peek1618.483.92
and you tell me really it's hard with1620.1593.441
that light in the face1622.42.879
yeah we don't need that anymore do a1623.63.12
quick p you know what i'll do the quick1625.2792.0
yeah you got the grenade well that makes1627.2793.601
perfect sense i like your shorts thank1628.883.12
oh okay what do you see ah1632.07.039
not oh uh oh coming back1635.25.599
up and now he's walking that way okay1639.0393.76
hold on are you going for it and then1640.7992.561
grenade yeah1643.362.72
oh boy i don't uh what did i do oh wow1647.128.72
you get what did i do where's that1650.725.12
hey i had a little problem i blew myself1664.04.399
up and abso is in a pickle1666.324.4
we could uh we could use us he could use1668.3993.201
a saving1670.722.88
uh that's right times of the essence uh1671.63.6
do i have anything i gotta grab1673.63.679
something come on something just uh any1675.23.28
type of weapon yeah1677.2793.361
thick we got a rescue mission okay come1678.485.36
back to the place1680.643.2
got a shotgun okay okay okay you got a1687.843.52
yeah i've only got uh two shells left1691.363.039
don't follow me we're gonna go into the1693.22.719
hole we're gonna come from the back1694.3992.081
there's a1695.9192.721
scientist right come here he's a little1696.483.52
bit further okay1698.644.48
so unless he's the guy we gotta take1700.06.24
out if there's just one oh1703.125.039
down here all right you going down yeah1706.243.12
i can put my hat on1708.1593.201
okay cool with the light let's go all1709.363.12
the way to the end i think i remember1711.362.72
the way how do i turn the light on1712.484.64
uh hit uh yeah all right take a point1714.083.839
take a point1717.123.2
follow me we'll i'll oh here we go um1717.9193.201
hello we're at work again hello wait i1721.123.039
have my oh my god i don't have it [ __ ]1724.1594.24
that was the worst plan ever1726.3993.441
pull back we're going around the other1728.3994.481
way okay my cue card's on my corpse1729.845.439
everybody up the ladder so we have to1732.883.679
take this guy out we're gonna have to1735.2792.161
take this guy out1736.5592.48
the scientists huh i gotta take them out1737.443.68
yeah um okay1739.0395.601
oh boy these guys are tough so all i got1741.124.72
is bow and arrow1744.642.8
now you don't know where where where is1745.843.28
apps can we just absolutely1747.443.119
you can yeah but that's what we're doing1749.123.279
we just we can yeah1750.5593.681
uh straight this way i think it was down1752.3993.52
here well1754.243.6
i don't remember where i was let's see1755.9193.041
where's my body1757.844.64
hold on man dead body abs rope1758.965.68
uh uh there's the hole there's the hole1762.483.76
where apps was in down here guys1764.644.56
hey okay oh there is there is a guy down1766.243.6
okay 16. uh well that hole down there1769.845.6
yes geez i'm in the hole yeah yeah yeah1772.964.079
we're coming after we're going to save1775.442.8
i should probably take out this guy huh1778.243.919
yeah do it do it1780.087.52
[ __ ] oh are you guys okay1782.1597.041
i'm trying to find my way out of a1787.63.439
tunnel using uh1789.24.959
the placing down what is that is this1791.0394.401
door stuff1794.1592.481
counter oh that's what i'm gonna get you1795.443.2
i found some more stuff and oh god1796.643.519
that's a gun1798.643.68
oh thank god i fell okay jesus i found1800.1593.361
the ladder okay1802.323.68
okay oh yeah that took long enough can1803.523.279
you come out of it1806.02.96
i think so is there a guy up here i1806.7993.681
don't hey there you go hey what's up1808.963.839
wait did you just take fire no i just oh1810.483.12
that was me1812.7992.961
that was me oh i found a gun uh with i1813.64.079
think i have three shots left now1815.764.159
found some decent stuff names really i1817.6793.841
think so a battery1819.9194.321
okay and um with that a large planter1821.523.2
oh and the uh solar panels now that we1824.724.319
we don't have any electric stuff1827.6794.961
i know but when we do solar panels1829.0397.36
it's a pretty lame rescue get shot at1832.646.159
oh no you don't i'm too nimble too hot1836.3993.201
to handle1838.7993.6
too cold to hold on whoa he's shooting1839.63.12
up here where is he where is he where is1842.724.48
he he's underneath that red pipe1845.444.479
oh yeah i see him [ __ ] i think i got a1847.23.04
i got a hit uh huh oh he's running he's1850.244.799
a coward1853.524.24
oh i'm about to robin hood his ass come1855.0393.76
here sucker1857.763.44
oh i got him i hit him he's not dead but1858.7993.921
i hit him i'm moving in i'm getting some1861.22.479
cover okay1862.722.64
i'll keep coming back coming right1863.6793.451
behind i don't have to hit him again1865.365.969
yes that was a rescue mission1871.445.52
that was a rescue mission yeah look out1874.723.36
oh i'm taking this [ __ ]1876.962.48
is there a machine gun on him there is1878.084.079
not a machine gun1879.442.719
hold her hand but hey that was fun yes1882.724.88
thanks for the rescue boys yeah back to1887.65.52
basically we gotta get a bunch1889.763.36
hey neems i got something for you okay1902.5595.281
look at that shirt what color is that we1905.6794.321
try this it's green baby1907.844.24
check it out yeah we think you look1910.03.519
great man no this is1912.084.64
oh god man you look like a green [ __ ]1913.5195.361
i love it yeah all right turn your light1916.723.6
off it's daytime oh you know1918.884.159
yep what is that f yup all right we're1920.324.32
gonna go to a fishing village1923.0393.36
you know i hate this car right yeah i1924.643.519
know this thing only dries for like1926.3993.681
five minutes then it just quits on you1928.1593.76
hold it yeah it1930.084.16
let me put some maybe some gas in it1931.9193.521
that might work1934.244.88
there we go now we're cooking horses man1935.445.76
yeah lights on check engine lights on1939.123.2
look at it hey1941.23.76
is it always on that's like your car1942.325.92
yeah but my car runs1944.965.36
what's going on buddy oh man i just made1948.245.279
like a ton of uh low-grade fuel 161 oh1950.324.16
very cool1953.5193.76
and i've also crafted oh man we're kind1954.484.48
of running out of space here but1957.2794.961
oh yeah yeah right in front of the two1958.964.16
modern ones1962.243.279
mm-hmm right yeah but uh we take some of1963.124.08
our ore stick it in there yeah we can1965.5193.121
start cooking some good [ __ ] now1967.24.4
listen like i feel like um like at least1968.644.32
i have to go and just1971.64.48
grab all the stuff we left there oh yeah1972.964.559
if you want to do that go for it like we1976.082.0
need it1977.5191.921
there's just so many things and like we1978.083.28
didn't even look at that last area very1979.442.32
you know because we were getting shot at1981.763.2
nah go up there grab the [ __ ] put it in1983.2793.76
a box or something yeah our storage is1984.965.439
already full storage in this game yeah1987.0395.76
uh okay i'll see you in a bit yeah see1990.3993.841
ya you can bring it here and put it in1992.7993.201
our damn yard man this looks like the1994.243.36
yard of someone that lives at a [ __ ]1996.03.34
trailer park1997.65.919
hey neebs yeah man i think those guys2003.5193.681
are like2006.3993.28
they protect that place i'm laying a2007.24.16
sleeping bag down all right you put that2009.6793.201
down you wait here2011.364.08
fishing bag yeah i think it's like an2012.883.519
you know uh-huh where they're just2016.3993.681
walking around i don't have my weapon2018.243.439
out and i'm like hey2020.084.959
i'm think 44 unarmed jay2021.6795.761
you're lucky now god one's coming2025.0394.0
towards me2027.444.4
they're not they're not attacking not2029.0393.841
attacking okay2031.844.4
wait wait wait just just i mean maybe he2032.885.2
hasn't seen me the periph is probably2036.244.72
pretty bad because of their suits oh2038.084.64
looks good neebs2040.965.28
so all right hello sirs2042.724.959
guess what maybe no weapons in your2046.244.159
hands no weapons in your hands for sure2047.6795.2
all right hello sir just here to get2050.3994.081
some fishing oil2052.8796.401
omega 3 do you get you said fishing oil2054.487.679
yeah okay you know for your skin i don't2059.283.28
what's fish oil for is it for your bells2062.564.88
i don't know there's a turret okay2065.6793.761
there's a traitor here oh he's waving2067.444.56
hello trout right here when he's2069.443.04
i'm looking to buy a boat how much is2072.483.04
this boat2074.724.159
how about a nice big rhi a rip boat2075.525.44
should i buy a rip boat i mean maybe how2078.8793.76
much how much scrap you got i've got2080.963.76
i've got enough for a rib boat i only2082.6393.04
got 21.2084.724.0
i've got 300 i've got more than 300 yeah2085.6794.24
let's get a rib boat2088.725.04
rib boat i just saw it back there2089.9195.76
we just go get it all right man find2093.763.599
your boat just behind me2095.6793.201
be sure to leave in the next five2097.3593.201
minutes or i'll have to repossess you2098.882.239
let's do it let's do it now2101.1193.041
awkward pipe2104.642.64
this isn't the what isn't this where we2109.25.12
this is like a one-time entry thing2115.683.12
what's going on here2117.284.72
well [ __ ] is the power offs the power2118.85.44
probably the power i'll bet that's off2122.04.54
i'll bet the fuse is2124.244.599
[ __ ]2128.8395.401
all right make a call2130.487.359
oh maybe phones oh2134.246.8
um two five one2137.8396.24
nine three five five2141.046.319
one wrong number but it's2144.0796.0
right up there okay that's a waste of2147.3593.841
did this what we this was the door we2151.23.76
what like we were already in here2154.966.72
no fuse okay oh2158.566.08
we'll get this [ __ ] later2161.682.96
names northeast 60 we got something i2165.763.44
see it man2168.42.8
it's right in front of us i'm gonna i'm2169.23.12
gonna drive by2171.24.8
wide no no people on it right i2172.325.519
don't doesn't look like it to me what is2176.03.599
this yeah2177.8393.041
i don't know just get in there is that2179.5994.0
some sort of a turret um2180.884.959
is it i'm not getting shot at you want2183.5993.76
to get out and take a look2185.8395.361
yeah hold up here we go2187.3595.601
here we go can you get me a little2191.23.52
closer little closer2192.964.96
little closer here we go oh yeah oh it's2194.724.72
just like literally over here2197.924.32
okay yeah there's uh is it just as much2199.443.919
trash in the water2202.243.28
and then this is a thing just a just a2203.3593.201
little loop area isn't it2205.524.319
okay yeah water barrel okay on the red2206.564.88
one there might be some fuel2209.8393.441
right put it in the boat here we go2211.443.84
low-grade fuel yeah there it is nice uh2213.284.319
i guess this is just somebody's raft huh2215.284.799
it was someone's dock okay just floated2217.5993.281
over yeah2220.0793.921
hey all right hey real quick uh-huh2220.884.239
let's take a look at it2224.05.359
you see it out there oh the oil rig yeah2225.1198.321
yeah floor it here we go baby2229.3594.081
what you got going on what you got it's2234.03.2
got a boom2236.164.64
we got a workbench now we can make some2237.27.28
good good [ __ ] hey uh that uh2240.86.08
that uh place up there kind of reset the2244.484.72
fuse is gone all that stuff so um2246.884.239
oh that's such [ __ ] isn't it yeah2249.23.28
well to look into that2251.1194.321
but it's okay we got stuff things are2252.484.16
yeah we got stuff yeah we're going to2255.442.88
need some more storage solutions i hate2256.642.719
this we don't have anything2258.323.279
labeled everything's in here this is a2259.3594.0
myth that seems like an absolute damn2261.5992.24
can put nibs on that uh or we could do2263.8395.201
it why why can't we do it2267.24.56
i really don't want to do it okay you2269.044.319
really are the new simon aren't you2271.764.24
yes because if he's not here who's going2273.3593.281
to be done2276.02.079
he's got to be yeah that's true2276.643.6
somebody's got to be lazy okay2278.0795.121
lazy i i was not lazy this entire uh2280.244.28
look at that i see it man look at that2287.24.0
yeah there's probably enemies there2290.01.599
i guess is that a helicopter pad yeah no2291.5994.561
helicopter though2294.325.039
okay it wants one it's true2296.166.4
i'm looking get in tight baby okay2299.3596.24
a lot of containers uh crane what's this2302.563.76
some kind of2305.5994.081
poop shoot oh i see blue guys over there2306.326.16
oh yeah yeah see him on the ground level2309.684.159
yeah i see him2312.482.96
hey get in get in tight we'll do a2313.8394.321
drive-by oh yeah2315.444.32
just real quick boy don't run into2318.163.36
anything though well i can't shoot this2319.762.079
you're there well of course i'm gonna2321.8393.201
hit you you're on this side ah there's2323.3592.881
too many there's2325.043.52
some up top too there's no way here we2326.243.76
go stop by2328.564.88
we're doing it drive by oh boy2330.06.56
hey take that oh [ __ ] i jumped up2333.448.399
nick you jumped off the boat2336.565.279
this is a horrible idea oh i said let's2352.563.44
not do this2354.723.28
i know but gas i thought i didn't think2356.03.119
you were out of gas2358.04.32
[ __ ] in the water okay2359.1195.441
we're gonna blow our boat up it has no2362.324.0
gas in it are you serious2364.564.64
there's no gas [ __ ] neebs i didn't want2366.324.08
to do this2369.24.8
do what drive by we're past that we've2370.44.56
done it2374.03.04
i didn't think i fell in the water all2374.964.56
right hold on let's see if we can2377.044.96
needs i'm gonna try to get on this thing2379.523.599
i'm hiding yeah me too not very well2383.1198.0
oh god it's coming from all singles2388.164.24
names i hate you2391.1196.72
yeah i hate me too2392.45.439
are you hurt can i help you2398.886.88
do you have a time machine yes2402.163.6
oh god2405.8396.0
yes yep yep yep2419.5995.121
you know you just sit back and you're2422.963.119
like yeah2424.723.28
yeah i got a good spot at earth right2426.0793.04
here yep2428.03.839
don't infringe on my property uh oh stay2429.1193.441
back now2431.8396.321
we don't need no government getting2432.566.24
probably yeah you know what i'd like to2438.83.76
travel west and uh i just want to loot2440.82.08
i've been organizing doing all this2442.882.88
stuff yeah i'd like to go out and see if2444.3192.881
i can find any good stuff today i'll go2445.763.04
with you i will go with you2447.23.68
okay nor are you with me being thick2448.83.44
we're gonna be together2450.883.28
yeah is that what's going on yeah i2452.243.76
guess so you guys are over there you2454.163.04
guys are over there in those chairs like2456.02.0
you like each other2457.22.24
may as well stick together we'll look2458.03.119
too but i want to go take a i want to go2459.443.04
scout that tank out and see what we're2461.1192.081
doing oh2462.484.16
i think it's okay neebs but uh2463.26.0
let's let's not use the words get in2466.643.439
you know get in tight you remember that2470.0793.441
you remember when you said that2472.03.119
um do y'all remember when i said that2473.523.12
get in tight yeah2475.1192.801
oh yeah when you were snuggle up with2476.645.04
thick last night nope nope getting tight2477.926.64
boat hey get it get in tight yeah we2481.683.52
used to have a red2484.563.6
rib boat oh yeah yesterday yeah so no2485.23.919
more getting tight2488.162.32
all right door you ready to go you got2489.1193.041
food bandages2490.485.599
yes yes um yeah all right let's go2492.165.52
uh we're heading this way we'll see you2496.0793.681
guys later we'll catch up bye2497.684.88
later uh-oh did you just hurt yourself2499.765.2
uh dora i see a blue guy to our south2518.723.599
okay rex south2521.3593.201
yeah guys actually okay if they're2522.3193.681
floating over there we can come in a2524.562.0
little bit2526.02.72
loopy on the right yeah man let's sneak2526.563.44
around back to this place it's like an2528.721.92
supermarket or something yeah yeah it's2530.644.479
all ours2533.1196.321
okay okay they're out there okay2535.1197.041
anything good in here oh scrap hey2539.444.159
there's a uh2542.164.72
recycler thing oh that's cool and i2543.5995.121
i see another blue guy beyond the2546.883.12
building from oh yeah2548.723.68
to the north yeah gotcha all right i'm2550.04.16
going in the building and also i found a2552.42.64
oh hey um you know i know how to use2555.044.88
oh boy i don't ah what did i do oh wow2559.926.96
what did i do where is it2564.02.88
oh god oh boy oh yeah yeah yep2567.8395.041
all right let's see where was this guy2570.963.76
where was i i believe it was from the2572.885.92
oh yeah he's covered2574.725.68
oh that's not good that's not oh is that2578.82.96
the grenade i think i might have just2580.42.4
blown myself up2581.763.68
so okay so you use it like i use it yeah2582.83.6
i know that2585.444.399
i'm down oh [ __ ] i'm down i'm right by2586.44.0
the door2589.8392.0
in the back right by the door in the2590.43.28
back back door come in2591.8393.441
come to the back door and get me i cut2593.683.12
this i think i'm safe2595.283.68
okay no i mean i mean like right outside2596.83.68
the back i saw you run past me i don't2598.961.76
did you miss me oh that's the back door2600.723.44
the back door yeah the back2602.965.04
okay hey buddy hi um i don't want to2604.164.56
loot you2608.04.56
hmm no hold down use2608.726.08
there we go yeah come out there you go2612.564.08
buddy come on up i'm trying i'm trying2614.82.64
there we go2616.643.6
there he is man i should have brought2617.445.36
more bandages2620.244.16
give me some goods give it good stuff2622.83.92
here come on foods2624.44.959
oh a drum you guys are in luck i found a2626.723.599
oh thank god oh oh is he inside here is2630.3194.721
he with us yeah no2633.922.48
but he didn't see me can i close this2635.044.079
door there's not even a door here2636.46.24
oh there yeah yeah they're not happy2639.1196.0
where is he uh around uh to the2642.644.08
northeast on this uh where we came2645.1193.041
inside you know back from2646.723.44
whence we came back from whence we came2648.164.48
okay running around like an idiot back2650.163.52
come on oh where are you2653.687.159
oh and there's a guy up on the hill oh2656.727.119
oh boy yep he's coming in he's coming in2664.483.52
hard come on2666.3193.121
what are they doing what the hell are2668.03.68
they doing2669.443.679
running around out there like chickens2671.683.159
oh this guy's a2673.1194.72
yeah did we get everything out of here i2682.3194.401
don't know kind of distract us2684.43.76
right here you just want to just want to2686.723.359
sneak out the way we came in yeah i2688.162.88
see i got all that okay god2691.045.84
yeah let's sneak out the way we came in2694.483.28
let's go2696.885.6
go go go go go go go go go go go go go2697.764.72
means i see a horse see him too man2711.926.32
majestic beautiful creature let's uh2714.964.96
now there's a guy out there blue guy2718.243.52
we'll we'll go out there2719.923.679
can we come with you or like play recon2721.763.359
guy ah2723.5995.52
come with come with we got some animals2725.1197.361
yep yep yep hang back where are you at2729.1194.48
where are you hang back2732.482.879
i just asked you okay yeah hang back2733.5994.0
right here just a little bit closer2735.3595.441
okay oh what a black beauty2737.5996.561
babes oh my god2740.87.039
look at you look at your run oh2744.166.88
wow what a beautiful horse oh yeah2747.8395.681
we gotta get you one i mean this is for2751.043.68
all of us right now2753.524.319
oh enough to you too sir2754.725.599
we'll all get horses so we're heading2757.8393.28
into that camp2760.3194.961
right is that where the tank is yes2761.1195.841
oh there's trees left oh oh god2766.966.879
okay oh this is something that's a2770.06.48
look at that [ __ ] tree jeez we gotta2773.8394.161
go to that tree2776.483.92
oh yeah absolutely wait is this this is2778.03.44
[ __ ] corn2780.43.84
what this harvest is can we know it kind2781.443.84
of looks like swamp2784.244.079
swamp corn what yeah2785.284.319
i want to come back with a handful of2788.3194.0
swamp corn2789.5992.72
oh boy wow oh there's some like docks2792.884.4
here what is this2796.164.4
okay it's a [ __ ] what is this dump2797.285.28
dude this tree what a what a great2800.564.559
climbing tree oh yeah oh man2802.565.2
huh is there any anything in the tree2805.1194.401
any significance of the tree or is this2807.764.24
just a weird location just a tree2809.523.76
let's see what do you see with your pine2812.03.44
knox anything out there or any like uh2813.285.6
oh yeah a little dock all right chair2815.445.76
okay well no doesn't seem like much2818.884.479
significance at all just a place2821.23.919
can we get this tire can't gather2823.3593.441
anything here what the2825.1194.321
[ __ ] is the point in this place then um2826.83.76
which one2829.443.36
i mean obviously there's tons out there2830.564.48
which which were you feeling2832.83.6
man i don't know all right let me see2835.043.039
let me peek at the map we got2836.44.24
the dome there's a water treatment plant2838.0795.04
uh we have a launch site to our north2840.644.32
yeah i'm sure we're ready for that tell2843.1193.361
you what why don't we uh why don't we go2844.962.48
to the dome2846.482.72
that is going to be to our west let's2847.443.44
check that out okay it's uh2849.23.119
i mean yeah look at you can see it from2850.883.52
here oh i see it i see it2852.3197.52
all right dome it is2854.45.439
see a pig to our right see if pigs see2861.683.76
some other animal2864.164.0
oh i see a what is that is that a rocket2865.443.919
see a rocket2868.164.32
rocket it's a big space rocket2869.3597.121
over to our left oh yeah nice2872.486.079
okay all right our goal though is to2876.483.119
take down the tank2878.5593.361
and the tank i think is in this i think2879.5993.361
i'm getting raised here2881.922.96
i got to be getting radiation poison no2882.963.44
guess i'm not i don't know2884.883.439
why wouldn't i be getting it all right2886.43.199
does it say on the screen you're getting2888.3192.24
radiation poison2889.5992.641
no i just feel well maybe i'm just2890.5593.28
damaged okay2892.244.48
the damage goods yep what's that oh2893.8393.76
another wolf2896.725.119
yeah there's wolves everywhere2897.5994.24
hit run okay uh hold on thick2907.25.52
all right we're not far from base you2910.85.12
can uh you can come back2912.725.04
what the hell's on your back i don't2915.923.28
know what's on my back it looks like a2917.762.72
rocket launcher you have a rocket2919.21.919
oh god maybe yeah i do i thought i2921.1193.281
picked up a scope2923.24.879
a scope for what like a how big2924.44.88
i don't know i was under pressure we2928.0792.48
were in that gas station i was getting2929.282.88
shot at and i was also looting and i was2930.5592.961
like oh scope and i just grabbed it put2932.162.56
it i actually like clicked on it and see2933.522.559
what it was you don't have any rockets2934.721.92
though right2936.0792.641
no no no rockets oh god how awesome2936.643.28
would that be2938.723.28
i see two of them that's what i've2939.923.439
scoped so far2942.03.52
hmm god that would have been awesome you2943.3593.041
want to break around a little2945.523.839
to the left we should probably try to2946.44.32
take these guys out yeah2949.3594.561
yeah but that's why i'm um i'm just2950.724.399
what's the best approach we need to stay2953.923.04
in cover so we're trying to stay behind2955.1192.881
these rocks2956.964.24
yeah yeah oh god now it's getting dark2958.04.8
it's gonna get harder to see these guys2961.24.639
really [ __ ] tough oh no2962.84.48
been playing battlefield recently and i2965.8393.041
saw that glint i thought a sniper was2967.283.12
looking at me2968.884.08
shoot that rock um how do i turn my2970.44.56
headlamp on again2972.964.32
yeah okay there you go shouldn't stick2974.963.04
out now2977.282.559
uh no yeah we're gonna be really hard to2978.03.76
spot and uh i guess you're leading the2979.8392.801
way man2981.763.839
jesus you can't even see them in this2982.644.0
all right well here's a good rock to2985.5992.24
hide by2986.643.439
oh my god yeah brought to our right all2987.8393.921
right oh god2990.0794.881
run run south run south side uh2991.765.04
up the hill to the south yep south south2994.963.44
south all right behind these trees to2996.83.12
take care behind this tree god go in2998.43.12
here and the deer the dark side no2999.923.28
we can't yeah we can all right we're3001.523.44
we're let's see3003.25.119
it's a bear there's a bear oh god3004.966.08
i'm running over running west west oh my3008.3194.561
god he got mauled by a bear3011.044.96
i can't even see out here oh god oh god3012.885.04
it's a bear on me oh3016.04.319
[ __ ] me in the dick where's my oh torch3017.923.84
i need a torch do i even bring a torch i3020.3192.081
didn't bring it3021.764.24
that's torch what is it is it3022.45.05
that's a bear blah blah3026.012.559
i think you're coming what do you mean3038.5593.04
am i coming3040.43.76
i've been waiting well there's no way3041.5993.841
there's no oh3044.164.24
oh oh hi guys hey what's up guys nothing3045.444.08
oh you got a horse3048.44.88
yeah yeah pretty isn't it3049.525.599
um take your stuff i steal it to go get3053.283.6
back [ __ ] um i guess3055.1194.081
so it's a dick's kind of thick horse so3056.883.439
well i mean3059.23.84
kind of a team yeah but we all we all3060.3193.681
you know what go ahead absorb just don't3064.03.52
get a kill sure get went i don't know i3066.03.68
don't want to leave dora behind well3067.523.76
we gonna just run in the dark and just3069.683.36
cross our fingers how dumb is that but3071.282.96
that is done3073.043.12
it's really dumb all right i'll fall3074.243.52
i'll follow you then i'll just3076.163.919
follow him [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it all3077.763.12
be careful good luck there's a scientist3080.885.36
that way yeah yeah we're running right3084.0793.361
toward it3086.242.64
yeah this is just keep running just keep3087.443.79
running i'm running i'm running3088.884.32
keep running it's good it's good3093.26.89
yeah i know but that's like right in the3104.0793.201
line of sight3106.245.28
oh did your torch break no3107.285.44
he was right behind your door did you3111.523.68
see him oh god3112.7213.119
that was a good route yep3115.210.639
all right neebs let's see if my stuff's3127.044.079
still here hey this box is back is there3128.884.479
a oh yeah there's food for me too3131.1194.72
and some of those pills see your bag i3133.3593.281
don't see my bag3135.8392.641
right oh wait was it over here i'd be3136.643.28
over here kate3138.484.079
uh yep there it is oh nice all right we3139.924.0
gotta remember where we parked3142.5595.441
we parked right here uh in gnh3153143.926.24
you wanna you wanna climb these uh tank3148.04.0
things sure3150.164.159
yeah find the same one or uh different3152.03.2
ones different ones3154.3193.121
yeah i'm gonna take it take out my sword3155.23.44
sword huh3157.443.44
yep just in case there's a knight up3158.643.52
here or something3160.884.64
okay i see a big building3162.166.72
and hmm is that a ladder who's gonna3165.524.4
climb that3168.883.36
okay well i guess you get out there all3169.924.399
right you see a tank3172.245.119
pig no tank3174.3196.081
no tank okay got a little bit higher3177.3595.2
oh there's a nice place to sit over here3180.43.84
yeah i'm going over to it take a3182.5594.881
book neebs oh yeah ha3184.246.16
park park all right yeah doing great yep3187.443.52
i'm doing3190.44.4
like spider-man man oh i see the tank3190.967.28
you do yep what up i'm coming west 250.3194.85.2
from wherever we parked yeah there's a3200.05.04
pig right underneath you3203.445.04
oh he's running he's taking off coward3205.045.519
okay i was having a hard time pulling my3208.483.2
boat i think maybe because i was like3210.5592.641
standing weird yeah i think i'm staying3211.682.72
weird like this3213.24.32
and then i go here and then bam okay i'm3214.43.76
coming down3217.524.4
okay can i come out get in there pretty3218.164.72
in the hole3222.882.56
all right all right i'm gonna get some3226.83.92
high ground try to take a peekski3228.0796.0
okay i'm getting close to my ship3230.726.399
thank you berries thank you mushrooms oh3234.0794.321
yeah oh yeah3237.1194.401
hell yeah life um3238.45.28
we're okay i'm super close to my [ __ ]3241.523.2
it's got to be right here3243.683.84
here we go all right i'm good oh see it3244.724.639
was dark when i died so3247.524.319
man this is gonna be a challenge oh oh3249.3593.041
oh no no no no no i'm in the menus3252.47.28
no i can't see that dora damn it damn it3255.526.0
damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it3259.684.24
okay is he sitting right on top of your3261.524.64
body i can't get to you yeah i i get it3263.923.679
is he t hold on3266.163.679
okay he might be god if i could find my3267.5994.561
[ __ ] if i could find my [ __ ]3269.8394.24
well it sounds like he sees you all3272.163.52
right i'm running to drive it3274.0792.881
i'm just i'm just running off sorry3275.683.28
don't worry i gotta man do you do you3276.964.08
maybe i'll lift this one through again3278.964.72
oh he's gonna kill me get that how you3281.043.6
man okay3284.643.439
all right neebs it was over here okay3288.7994.161
it's out of south right3291.763.839
it's out of sight right now i think you3292.963.92
saw it in this direction3295.5994.321
yep i sure did man i3296.886.56
saw that tank like i want her to kill3299.924.72
her with my sword3303.443.359
was it purple it was black maybe3310.726.16
i don't know it's in the distance but3313.766.48
uh yeah i don't see it i heard it hey3316.886.56
let's let's check this door over here oh3320.244.24
i see it oh yeah yep there it is3324.486.0
boy that looks tough okay but hey we3327.763.76
know where it is now3330.484.079
that's a start you're upstairs yeah3331.524.16
where are you3334.5592.961
i can come to you oh there's a ladder3335.683.76
over here yeah3337.526.96
yeah easy ladies i know it's sexy3339.445.04
yeah they they do oh i see that tank3345.524.96
is he looking at me on the roof too i3348.963.76
don't see you i hear you there you are3350.484.96
ah there you are there he is yeah hey3352.723.76
shoot an arrow at it3355.442.879
see what it does wouldn't that be3356.483.04
something if i killed it then what are3358.3192.24
we gonna do for the rest of the show3359.521.36
right just see that yeah yeah can you3360.884.32
hit it from here aim up3363.924.0
and bam3365.22.72
nothing nope he's coming3370.05.76
do it again do it again yeah i'll lead3373.043.039
a little high and bam3376.0793.52
he fears them all right let's run let's3384.0795.28
all right i think i'm pretty geared up3389.3593.281
stay right here3391.5994.881
yeah over this hill3392.643.84
wherever did you go oh3397.686.56
oh god oh please come on really3400.965.92
right there huh oh there's a couple bags3404.243.2
[ __ ]3406.882.32
this might be that might be your bag you3407.442.8
might want to get it i got this guy3409.22.159
distracted he's running3410.242.879
can you get that [ __ ] i wish i could3411.3593.44
grab it quick yeah that's my [ __ ]3413.1194.801
hit uh hold hold h and then just oh god3414.7994.56
he's running at me he's running3417.924.72
okay i got him on the run dora okay3419.3595.121
are you running toward me i hope not no3422.643.199
nope where are you3424.483.52
you got it you got your stuff uh except3425.8393.52
there's another one let's see am i3428.03.04
getting greedy here maybe3429.3595.601
h h h h3431.043.92
come on dora come on dora i'm trying to3436.0794.161
trying to get the stop3438.883.04
please we're almost out of this i need3440.243.92
you i need you i know i wanna i wanna do3441.924.8
it so bad3444.162.56
oh god okay yeah he's running towards3446.883.439
you oh [ __ ] he'll get you3448.245.68
get off i'll [ __ ] it sorry door i think3450.3195.921
i might have shot you run3453.924.0
okay i got the guy i got the guy are you3456.243.839
okay [ __ ]3457.925.199
[ __ ] i put one in him oh god damn it3460.0794.081
here we go picking up the good stuff i'm3464.164.0
using one of your things3466.163.6
all right yeah you can rebuild the rest3468.163.28
all right i'm out out of here [ __ ]3469.766.079
out of here3471.444.399
hey check out the new whip wow3478.7997.441
that is just keep getting these clunkers3482.3197.121
left in 30 minutes maybe3486.244.72
if we can get to a gas station or3489.443.2
something i think you can get put these3490.963.44
on a lift and customize them and fix3492.642.159
in case that is a thing should we bring3494.7994.161
the parts we have not a bad idea3496.3194.881
yeah yeah all right well i'll go put3498.963.839
some parts in my pocket and then road3501.22.24
road trip i like this gate by the way3503.444.08
yeah i found it3506.243.599
yeah yeah super super nice yeah it's3507.525.599
really really protecting the place3509.8393.28
so the plan is to find a garage stick3527.8393.201
and then you think you can repair this3529.5991.841
i believe so i i want to test it out3531.445.2
i'm not certain but you know worst case3534.484.16
scenario we find a garage we loot it we3536.642.959
get stuff3538.642.56
we still have a tank to bring down3539.5993.361
though hey that's a long-term goal3541.23.44
no that's it's not long term though we3542.963.28
only have like one more week to play3544.643.28
this game before it gets wiped what's3546.242.24
i don't know it looked like a place we3548.482.879
could loot yeah we're not worried about3549.682.24
it okay3551.3592.161
but yeah i agree with you names i need i3551.923.52
found a rocket launcher so if we could3553.524.24
find rocket launcher ammunition3555.444.639
okay then we're you know i think we have3557.763.28
a chance right3560.0793.681
now that's the way to go look oh are we3561.044.16
getting into some green here3563.764.48
they go neebs greenery love it3565.25.28
you're the desert lover though i like3568.243.839
both but just you know like variety3570.484.16
like to switch it up sometimes hey if we3572.0793.121
if we3574.643.919
go uh east here there's a junkyard3575.24.879
yeah let's check out the junkyard maybe3578.5593.04
we can find some rocket launcher ammo in3580.0792.321
the junkyard3581.5992.081
people are always throwing that stuff3582.43.6
away they know i don't want this all3583.684.399
right if i just go straight here we go3586.05.359
oh yeah probably ease it into it3588.0794.72
yeah they're gonna be blue guys here3591.3593.281
should we all hop out move in slow3592.7994.081
yeah why not yeah yeah yeah leave the3594.643.36
leave the truck here3596.882.56
i feel like i should put down a sleeping3598.03.359
let's we're moving in let's move in i'm3601.3593.521
right behind you neebs3603.763.52
okay does this work with regular arrows3604.883.52
man i don't know probably3607.282.72
you would hope looks like you're loading3608.44.08
something in oh wait regular arrows yeah3610.03.839
there you go haha3612.484.319
wait i found a shotgun too but no uh no3613.8394.72
ammo yep looks good sitting on your back3616.7992.241
oh yeah that thing's huge though it3619.042.64
looks like something like elmer fudd3620.3192.881
would use it's so ridiculous3621.685.919
i'm hunting rabbit lots of barrels oh3623.26.159
lots of barrels lots of barrels i don't3627.5992.161
any guys no yeah wait is this a lift3629.766.16
a lift this right here you're on vehicle3633.3593.841
are you kidding me don't get the car3635.924.879
back seriously all right3637.27.359
man oh man okay oh oh blue guy neebs3640.7996.32
blue where east where east east oh yep i3644.5594.081
see him should we move in3647.1195.44
uh yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm sliding here3648.645.6
i don't know how many there are3652.5593.601
hopefully just one3654.243.359
i see nope i see another one i don't3656.163.52
know south east there's two3657.5994.321
i think oh i think i got a hit he's3659.683.119
running in on you3661.922.48
oh no don't let him do that don't let3662.7992.961
him do that i'm trying i'm trying okay3664.43.12
yep i got him running back up3665.764.64
he's teared up he hit me dad take cover3667.524.64
baby i am taking cover3670.44.88
i need to put these on where is he where3672.163.52
is he3675.283.039
oh [ __ ] i think i just i think i shot3675.684.08
you i'm sorry i thought you were bad i3678.3192.721
was a good shot phil3679.764.0
what i'm sorry i got five percent help3681.043.92
i'm sober3683.763.28
i didn't i'm sorry about that heal up3684.964.0
heal up you guys do you guys need help3687.044.559
you want me to roadkill this guy yeah3688.965.28
his name's doraleous3691.5994.321
hey guys he's pushing me he's pushing me3694.243.44
i need help i see i'm healing up almost3695.922.879
you know oh this is awesome i know3698.7993.201
there's two of them i see them3700.484.319
oh careful3702.02.799
ah come on show yourself you little3705.924.96
idiot oh3707.5993.281
sorry i'm not much help i'm almost dead3711.1193.121
i'm sorry3713.1194.48
yep i was just saying just stay back oh3714.246.4
yep yep yep here he comes he comes3717.5994.801
oh [ __ ] he's coming out you're pushing3720.643.36
me he's pushing me he's pushing3722.44.159
well okay god damn oh i got one down3724.03.44
yeah ready to go3726.5594.081
oh what a shot hit that hill up i need3727.444.48
to heal up coming in3730.644.32
okay there he is3731.929.919
yeah that's the team baby3734.966.879
hold up can i drive this thing i'm in3743.684.0
i'm in like this big3746.3194.081
magnet crane oh yeah yeah but i think3747.684.399
it's me busted cause i3750.45.04
yeah yeah you put fuel anywhere oh yeah3752.0794.881
hold on hold on there's some low-grade3755.442.879
fuel right here3756.963.599
oh you're moving oh cool all right i'm3758.3193.52
moving the crane3760.5593.76
can you grab like this thing of cars3761.8393.841
over here or something3764.3194.24
oh wait a minute i see what hey we got3765.683.679
to bring stuff3768.5594.081
over here and then put it inside3769.3597.121
this grinder okay oh3772.647.679
so thick bring the bus well no no we're3776.486.0
we're trying to fix that is there3780.3193.841
anything what else we can do3782.484.24
oh well okay i can move this thing after3784.163.84
it go backwards is that3786.723.119
this truck right here can you pick this3788.03.92
truck up oh let me try it let me try it3789.8394.0
let me try probably not3791.924.0
i mean it's made of [ __ ] metal here3793.8393.121
we go3795.924.08
camo come up i mean right3796.965.04
it's a magnet in a big [ __ ] metal3800.04.96
maybe it's a fiberglass3802.05.52
nickel oh is it getting it it kind of3804.963.599
it didn't stick to it though a little3808.5593.28
closer is there is there like a magnet3809.8392.72
like a hit e or something man i don't3812.5593.441
know maybe it's an electric magnet you3814.3193.04
gotta turn it on i'm never doing one of3816.01.92
these things3817.3592.48
you run out of gas i think i'm out of3817.923.28
fuel yeah god3819.8393.601
that ate a ton of fuel really quickly i3821.23.919
mean there's gas in the other vehicle3823.443.599
yeah this thing this thing drank all my3825.1194.0
gas i put like 20 something in there3827.0395.841
oh my god that guy that guy that guy3829.1197.601
bad guy oh i see him man what a shitty3832.885.28
shot he is3836.724.879
here peak oh [ __ ] he got me there3838.165.84
healing up there i'm hitting him he's3841.5993.2
running at you3844.02.88
he's going at you oh [ __ ]3844.7993.28
try to help dick help help help i'm3848.0793.921
missing i am missing we're helping you3850.05.119
oh i gotta stay on him hopefully let's3852.03.52
oh he's looking at me he's down nice3855.524.799
oh [ __ ] what i got weapons3860.3197.8
what holy crap what'd you get3863.5997.44
mp5a4 mp53868.1195.801
i got 30 [ __ ] ammo pistol bullets but3871.0394.08
i can use that with my pistol3873.923.04
perfect what did you get needs floor3875.1194.72
players i got it3876.962.879
oh my god look at that i got 30 votes3887.4410.639
you guys coming up here hold on i just3895.763.52
found a bunch of just hey3898.0792.801
names put it in there put it in there3899.282.88
let's put it in here huh oh it's3900.883.52
okay just uh like that can i just uh hit3904.44.159
h don't need that don't need that don't3908.5593.601
need that don't need that3910.644.0
can that be recycled too and a little3912.163.199
light things3914.643.6
there we go oh turn it on so we can fix3915.3594.0
the truck with this stuff3918.243.839
i believe so yeah okay that and i3919.3593.68
believe some wood3922.0793.361
as well for some reason i would yeah3923.0393.601
that makes sense3925.444.159
who wants a flashlight helmet i've got3926.643.76
one thank you3929.5993.841
babes did you say fleshlight helmet3930.46.48
oh you don't hey guys3933.446.56
right yep hey i found some more fuel i'm3936.884.719
going to try this thing again3940.04.72
a little research here and i think if i3941.5995.841
come down on this truck and hit r okay3944.723.92
oh didn't grab it hold down the arm3948.644.159
maybe more3950.886.719
you know come on oh there we go3952.7994.8
back up a little okay that's a lot yep i3958.7994.161
this thing is not easy to control here3962.963.28
we go3965.444.24
all right it's going3966.245.68
down looks like it's going down the3969.685.359
thing huh right i'm gonna try my best3971.927.919
oh no no i gotta go back this way3975.0394.8
i think it seems like it goes too fast3980.03.359
right man now this thing's nuts okay uh3981.443.599
who's up there can you guide me in3983.3593.601
you could you could probably drop it oh3985.0393.04
i did i did drop it3986.963.76
that's great wow this is a video game3988.0793.121
isn't it3990.721.92
i didn't think it would work that way3991.23.44
fix it okay3992.645.12
oh wow that's really something oh3994.644.88
[ __ ] okay i got it all right bring it3997.763.12
down bring it down bring it down3999.522.64
it's gonna go down just gonna go down4000.883.36
with it yep bring it down bring it up4002.165.679
there we go4004.243.599
holy crap that's a lot of scrap holy4018.3193.681
[ __ ] that's good that's awesome4020.45.49
hey let's go let's go repair the truck4022.07.92
taking up fuel all right here we go4029.927.76
do you need the repairs there we go oh4035.523.2
you're doing it oh4037.684.399
okay you added a uh repair to this one4038.724.56
all right all right now what about that4042.0793.52
the engine is what really needs it4043.285.44
yeah hey quit smoking well now we're4045.5993.841
you're a natural mechanic vic thank you4049.444.159
oh neebs4052.164.8
you wanna see something fun yeah4053.5993.361
moving on all right everybody in let's4067.3593.44
do it4070.242.72
okay okay we got enough light uh yeah4070.7993.52
keep your torches out right okay yeah4072.963.04
here hold on oh i'm not in yet or put4074.3193.441
your hats on oh [ __ ] i just wanted to4076.02.799
light that can i just light that and4077.762.4
hold it4078.7993.201
guess not just can't hold a flare that's4080.163.28
so dumb can't hold a flare4082.03.359
so stupid all right go can i get it in4083.443.52
here can you do it4085.3593.76
put a flare in the car maybe perfect all4086.965.359
right sounds good let's go4089.1195.621
damn it didn't stay with us i hate the4092.3198.531
well hey guys before we get to the4109.2793.361
bandit camp you want to go to some4110.644.079
spooky abandoned cabins4112.646.639
yeah maybe okay4114.7196.321
don't you laugh like that all right4119.2794.161
we're uh we're coming up kia keep going4121.044.08
straight on this road for a little bit4123.443.68
and we're gonna come up on a dirt road4125.123.28
that's gonna be on our left4127.123.84
according to the map probably gonna4128.44.799
encounter some [ __ ] in here4130.964.48
well just blow past it but as soon as we4133.1993.921
pass the gas station there's going to be4135.444.16
a dirt road on our left oh [ __ ]4137.124.159
yeah don't worry about it just go let's4139.63.119
go i'm going4141.2793.52
jesus and take a left dirt road there's4142.7193.52
a dirt road here take that lift take4144.7992.96
that lift all right all right stay on4146.2392.801
this dirt road this is going to lead us4147.7593.201
straight up to these abandoned cabins4149.045.759
okay uh what's going to be here4150.967.759
abandoned cabins i hope you comfortable4154.7996.4
me yeah yeah i'm looking at the map okay4158.7194.241
he just don't look comfortable oh no i'm4161.1992.241
all right all right it should be4163.445.919
right ahead of your head's up yeah right4167.123.36
here you want to stop4169.3596.081
stop all right stop dick stop stop okay4170.486.719
uh what oh here it is oh it's kind of4175.444.08
swampy here and yeah4177.1994.241
all right i'm moving in i'm moving in i4179.523.36
mean look at me4181.443.919
crazy you're not gonna mess with me one4182.883.839
box right here i just gotta check the4185.3591.92
it's right here okay we're moving in4187.2793.121
we'll meet you inside4189.2792.96
nothing worth the [ __ ] well i got the4190.44.08
take cover by the car take care of the4194.485.6
car northeast 60.4196.04.08
we got no cover except for the car all4200.323.28
right the car will be our cover4202.1593.121
it's a bad idea that's our that's our4203.63.2
ride is there just one4205.283.52
um there might be there might be two4206.84.0
yeah i'm seeing gunfire for more4208.83.68
who ran to the cabin was that you thick4210.83.12
that's me okay4212.483.04
take cover in the cabin take cover in4213.923.2
the cabinet well i can't i don't see a4215.522.08
how we doing can i throw these flares or4217.63.2
no uh yeah4219.6792.241
all right that's all you can do you4220.82.399
can't hold them in your damn hand i4221.922.4
found that out do i4223.1994.161
hit oh i just okay just one4224.325.2
one movement isn't it is it on oh it's4227.363.44
right there right there oh [ __ ] [ __ ]4229.522.32
[ __ ]4230.82.8
didn't drill this all right i'm out of4231.844.16
ammo oh we got one to the north one to4233.64.0
the north he's trying to flank us4236.04.88
yep there's another cabin uh4237.65.28
southeast oh wait one of them's down are4240.883.839
you outside nibs you're outside yeah4242.883.44
okay that guy i remember shooting him i4244.7193.52
didn't know if he went down so good4246.324.08
okay did we get all that sweet uh sweet4248.2393.521
luke we got all this stuff out of this4250.42.48
one but i do see4251.763.68
a cabin to the southeast push forward4252.883.2
follow me follow me4256.083.76
keep out oh nope busy4260.2395.361
you don't see anything inside so far4263.6793.921
right table oh there's a box here4265.64.48
there's like a bunch of scrappy daps and4267.63.36
stuff boo4270.083.36
green key card yep take it perfect lot4270.964.16
of good stuff to recycle4273.444.08
all right sweet grab it can you recycle4275.123.92
like switches and4277.522.96
i think so yeah yeah yeah you can throw4279.042.8
them at a recycler or get some good4280.482.0
cool let's just say uh naked4282.487.44
naked welcome naked's not welcome that's4285.766.56
yeah what's he think of this yeah it's4289.925.12
not very naked4292.322.72
rub my butt in the sun4296.05.84
now wait we gotta be disarmed here i4313.763.36
mean i would be4315.763.52
all right we parking here or we uh yeah4317.123.76
parking here yeah work here4319.284.399
oh here we are abandoned camp oh this4320.883.44
place is a4323.6793.681
dump i love it yeah yeah it's cool okay4324.324.0
hey there's a trader up here okay scrap4328.324.56
no body dumping ah oh hi4332.887.96
oh yeah you can exchange i like that4336.87.359
nice hi hi4340.843.319
hi how are you hi you gonna wave again4344.563.119
cards what do we need to buy4347.6794.241
i don't know i think we should look4350.7193.761
around and see what what's for sale this4351.924.16
is a scrap exchange so4354.482.8
like do you want to what about this guy4356.083.44
here hello4357.285.76
oh okay the stuff for some stuff4359.525.679
i mean a little says stuff yeah hi hi4363.043.28
what's he selling4365.1993.601
wind turbine i believe it's a she any4366.323.12
like uh4368.82.64
we need stuff for a tank right y'all4369.443.2
know what we're looking for yeah4371.443.84
ammunition yeah oh there's a oh wait4372.644.0
these are these vending machines4375.284.48
oh yeah oh wait no these are if we're4376.643.84
selling stuff4379.762.64
isn't it no you can buy stuff from all4380.483.04
over town4382.44.319
or the the at least yeah4383.526.4
there's assault rifle oh i want it4386.7194.881
let's see i'm looking for hey assault4389.922.799
rifle is good is there any rocket4391.62.16
launcher ammunition4392.7193.841
i'm looking uh we've got grenades we4393.764.0
could learn it right in the tree4396.562.88
like uh we got a ton of scrap now4397.763.68
because of the the junk yard4399.443.6
we don't have that much crap well at4401.443.2
least we know how to do the junkyard now4403.042.56
so we can4404.642.88
go down the tech tree i mean yeah we can4405.63.36
look at it yeah we learned to make the4407.523.12
rocket launchers and the rocket uh4408.963.12
missiles we're gonna need a whole lot4410.643.039
more scrap is that the plan4412.083.92
that's the plan yeah yeah i kind of4413.6793.601
wanted to look around here more but all4416.02.32
right i'll follow you guys4417.282.399
yeah well look around a little bit i'm4418.322.48
gonna see if i can buy some shotgun4419.6792.321
shells yeah you know what4420.83.0
five minutes back of the truck4422.03.52
you guys want to head in here uh is4425.524.56
there anything in there worth a [ __ ]4428.084.8
oh it's like a little boat okay nice4430.084.079
oh good god right okay4434.1594.801
could you use that there's nothing you4437.62.639
can actually use is it it's just4438.961.92
yeah it looks like a decoration okay4440.884.0
going up going up4443.445.04
anything upstairs just a bandana man4444.886.64
man oh4448.486.48
what is4451.523.44
have a seat it's like a game show4459.926.48
all right got it at one where three oh4463.6793.601
okay one of the other4466.43.36
winning so you can place bets place4467.283.2
into the bedding area oh no no no i'm4470.483.92
not getting into gambling4473.044.08
triple your scrap i am not gonna get4474.44.4
into gambling wait a minute is this what4477.122.72
is this poker4478.83.439
there's a recycler here uh cool hold up4479.843.44
hold up stick4482.2393.121
over here poker oh we're never gonna4483.284.16
we're never gonna beat this tank now4485.364.16
more players needed to start a game add4487.443.6
more scrap to your table storage you4489.522.88
don't have enough for the minimum oh god4491.042.8
see it's poker but it's not fun because4492.42.56
it's asking me to do4493.844.56
[ __ ] i'm out fold all right let's get4494.965.04
out of here before we lose all our scrap4498.44.16
all right i'll one scrape okay yeah4500.03.84
where are you at you ready to go4502.564.24
um yep uh i bought some stuff let's hit4503.843.28
all right this way right yep the car4507.126.0
where are we going now back home or what4510.44.799
well do we want to uh4513.126.96
go up this hill nah anybody else4515.1996.48
decision should i get should i get out4520.084.88
and push okay4521.6793.281
gas station test out your shotgun all4536.7193.121
i'm gonna go wide i'm gonna go wide yeah4539.843.92
i've seen that you had the shotgun4542.482.56
before again it looks like something4543.762.16
elmer fudd would use4545.044.639
okay yeah okay go wide just so yeah4545.927.2
yep yep yeah right here good spot yeah4549.6794.401
let me take a peek4553.124.079
okay see4554.086.0
one two three guys out there oh three4557.1993.601
four yeah four off oh oh my god4560.86.8
five five of them [ __ ]4564.325.839
this is not the place didn't want five4567.63.119
didn't we4570.1593.52
with a close range weapon yeah that's4570.7193.681
not good4573.6792.56
maybe we can lure him out here hold on4574.43.839
hey what are you doing come on4576.2394.401
just just one don't bring your friends4578.2393.361
right hey4580.642.88
hey got it4583.523.92
oh he's shooting he is i'm bleeding4587.523.76
should we rush him4590.2393.121
well there's russia five or six of them4591.283.68
well yeah but rush stay in cover4593.362.879
all right it looks like they're all4594.963.12
towards like kind of the east side so4596.2395.281
if we push so the west side yeah4598.084.56
all right follow me knees we're gonna4601.522.88
push we're gonna push we're gonna push4602.642.4
cover us4604.45.44
well we're all4605.044.8
that was a bad shot careful4620.885.76
careful oh yep yep yep he's seen us he's4624.1593.441
come in close i got a shotgun i want to4627.65.44
shoot you with it come on push him4629.523.52
i don't see him where is he oh wait that4640.483.36
way to your left4642.968.88
your left okay excuse me4643.848.0
good job i'm happy let's go home let's4654.03.28
go home now look at this place this4655.842.399
place has got to have here4657.283.12
good [ __ ] well i'm going back to the car4658.2394.0
i'm seven hours oh no no get out of here4660.43.44
yeah okay all right fine we're getting4662.2393.201
out of here let's go let's go let's go4663.842.16
it's crazy4665.444.239
oh boy hitting the road and uh off we go4666.06.159
we're going home we're going home4669.6794.321
this is a fun road trip this was the4672.1597.681
road trip episode had a good time4674.05.84
all right neebs we got this uh research4681.763.28
bench now uh-huh4683.842.96
um should we research the rocket4685.043.52
launcher uh that's gonna cost i mean we4686.82.399
lose it4688.562.32
huh that means one we lose it and it4689.1993.281
costs like 500 scrap do we even have4690.882.72
that much scrap right now4692.484.56
i mean i've got no i got 206. yeah i4693.64.639
have a hundred and something4697.044.159
i have i have none i could scrap stuff4698.2393.681
up the hill4701.1992.721
up here there's like that recycler up4701.923.84
the hill okay what we really if we're4703.923.12
really going to take down this tank in a4705.762.64
couple days we're going to need4707.043.28
to learn the rocket launcher and we need4708.43.839
to find rocket launcher ammo4710.323.04
neebs do you think maybe you and doric4712.2392.641
can go to the military base do that i'll4713.362.08
make a run4714.881.839
i'll run back to the junkyard and get4715.442.64
scrapped i'll take simon with me okay4716.7192.48
all right when's the uh when's the4719.1993.601
sacrifice called4721.284.32
leader what what about just you look4722.84.24
like there's going to be like a cult4725.62.639
because because of what i'm wearing yeah4728.2394.321
all right we're gonna sacrifice simon4731.282.399
later tonight we're going to drink his4732.562.24
blood it's going to be great4733.6793.761
oh okay sorry simon good yeah that's4734.83.2
okay so uh let's get to it all right yep4738.03.36
let's do it4740.569.28
all right simon follow me all right4741.368.48
so dick's not here simon i guess i got4759.283.2
you today uh4760.964.56
yeah and i'm pretty shocked by this this4762.483.92
shitty vehicle4765.524.0
i mean it's good any vehicle is good but4766.45.839
this is a pretty uh pretty rough and4769.524.8
listen you're not supposed to drive with4772.2393.92
you know your foot on the brake and your4774.323.28
foot on the gas4776.1593.04
is that what i'm doing oh yeah no that4777.63.2
doesn't look good at all does it no4779.1993.361
that's that's not good that'll [ __ ] up4780.82.8
your transmission4782.562.56
oh yeah big time i don't know why i'm4783.63.2
doing it i don't know either4785.123.119
probably keep my eye on the road huh4786.83.359
yeah so i mean4788.2394.241
so what am i i'm i'm here today just to4790.1593.681
help and stand in4792.483.199
yep help stand in tail yeah you got a4793.843.839
bow and arrow so uh you know if we get4795.6792.801
attacked just4797.6792.881
try to take cover try to take pop shots4798.483.12
at uh bad guys4800.562.8
um i hope this junk yard's still clear4801.63.2
we cleared out this junkyard not too4803.362.24
long ago4804.83.04
and uh oh i see a guy right over there4805.63.2
son of a [ __ ]4807.842.319
well maybe you won't mess with us4808.83.28
there's a junkyard up here we can uh4810.1593.601
scrap vehicles out we cleared it out the4812.083.44
other day but damn it they just keep on4813.763.439
coming back in this game maybe we'll get4815.523.199
lucky all right4817.1993.04
now i'm gonna park up i'm gonna park up4818.7193.201
here by this bus stop we'll take a peek4820.2393.841
okay and i would take uh i guess a4821.923.84
pickaxe and try to scrap things with4824.083.36
yeah there'll be some barrels here tell4827.443.6
you what though follow me4829.046.0
space bar there we go yep oh no4831.046.0
take cover behind here oh [ __ ] all right4835.043.84
how do i crouch again hold control hold4837.044.08
control hold control4838.884.24
son of a [ __ ] where is he where is he i4841.123.68
don't know4843.123.44
oh all right get in the car oh he's4844.82.15
right there4846.561.76
damn it ow4848.326.08
got him hit me oh no yeah he's uh he's4851.363.68
60. oh god damn you shoot me of course4855.046.08
jesus christ jesus all right jesus4859.043.119
correct all right we're getting in the4861.122.32
car get in the car get in the car all4862.1592.56
right getting in the car4863.444.239
get in the car why don't i switch seats4864.7193.601
oh no4867.6792.801
that's not good i should not be here by4868.323.12
simon i'm on the side of the car revive4871.444.08
me okay how do i do it again what button4873.283.919
probably e i don't know just holding4875.523.52
he's i'm holding it for you guys4877.1993.121
just keep doing it keep doing it keep4879.043.84
doing it yeah yeah yeah yeah4880.325.12
oh yeah perfect perfect okay okay okay i4882.883.279
need a bandage4885.442.64
get in first oh yeah you need to bandage4886.1595.681
up okay jump i got a bandage up4888.083.76
it's a horse isn't it i see it i see it4895.363.52
all right my4898.2394.081
binos yeah4898.884.799
perfect we'll grab that we'll have two4902.322.879
we can get a lot quicker we can carry4903.6792.321
more stuff4905.1993.44
yeah perfect how far are we from where4906.03.44
we were gonna go4908.6394.08
ah i don't know a lot quicker on horses4909.446.08
yeah yeah here we go okay so this4912.7193.681
okay it's amazing how tame these horses4916.44.56
are here you know for like wild just out4919.042.72
and about4920.962.88
just ready to hop on horses really4921.763.36
trusting aren't they are we4923.844.0
are we in a cliff oh [ __ ] horses do not4925.124.0
hack at the cliffs4927.843.2
well this is steep isn't it can we get4929.123.76
down this way probably not4931.043.44
i mean we're right here okay yeah4932.883.92
probably yeah there we go4934.484.56
what is that place i don't know what's4936.85.12
it say um4939.044.88
the military tunnel that's the military4941.923.12
tunnel over there4943.924.239
military oh wow yeah quicker my thought4945.046.0
okay exactly yeah we were there um this4948.1594.961
is not going to be easy i'd imagine4951.044.159
okay i mean wouldn't you imagine it's a4953.123.2
oops i just4955.1993.04
no i don't want to use that don't use4956.324.319
that yet until you need it yeah4958.2394.321
uh let's take a look uh probably see4960.6393.841
anything dangerous i don't see4962.566.0
any bluebees bluebees sugars4964.487.28
is that okay bluebees can we call like4968.564.96
bluebees that's not bad4971.764.8
like bluebee bluebee left i don't see it4973.523.44
all right4976.562.8
yeah let's push in uh just take it slow4976.965.04
though yeah4979.362.64
so i remember these uh these these guys4984.564.24
are very powerful4987.62.8
they don't see these guys yeah no they4988.83.439
don't mess around they unfortunately and4990.42.16
and they just spawn back so it doesn't4992.562.639
matter if you clear an area they're4994.082.24
gonna be back in an hour4995.1993.841
right yeah i mean oh yeah sweet oh4996.323.919
yeah let me eat these let me let me get5000.2394.0
some mushrooms too oh yeah5001.926.16
come on baby come on all right baby5004.2396.161
oh mushroom there's a chicken all right5008.083.44
crouch let's uh5010.42.64
we're gonna snatch crouch i don't know5011.523.44
if crouching works or not because5013.043.44
sometimes i feel like these guys should5014.963.44
see you anyway yep5016.484.32
yep yep yep here's my [ __ ] okay which5018.43.2
one's mine5020.84.32
loot loot this one's mine if you hold h5021.65.039
and then just do this yeah you take it5025.123.28
all back take it all back all right so i5026.6393.201
gotta get in5028.44.0
all right getting it yeah simon got it5029.843.359
got it all right5032.42.239
so now i'm just gonna sneak around to5033.1993.681
the front of the car i'm getting in5034.6393.201
all right get in the passenger seat5036.882.48
passenger seat all right all right i'm5037.842.48
in all right we're in5039.364.48
all right5040.323.52
i can't i can't see behind me so here we5046.883.52
go turn around turn around all right5048.87.8
all right you're looking good5050.46.31
oh yeah yeah okay you're still here yeah5066.2394.881
um there we go5068.844.92
this isn't a good start man no but we're5071.124.24
fine that was a that was a pig we're5073.763.28
gonna go into a military base5075.363.6
that's their outer uh defenses5077.043.76
apparently there's my5078.965.12
bow yeah i'm useless right now five five5080.86.0
health oh you're fine no that's not fine5084.083.84
no i've got stuff5086.83.12
calm down what is wrong with you mr5087.923.6
negative why are you saying calm down5089.922.08
when i'm5091.522.32
uh commonly explaining to you the5092.03.04
would you like some meat5095.042.96
i've got meat man look just it's all5098.083.92
right hold on i was just hoping to get5099.922.799
into this5102.02.239
yeah i know that's what we're going to5102.7194.0
do you weird little bark head5104.2393.761
you don't have that oh you know what5106.7192.641
i've got a better helmet i got to put5108.02.639
that on here we go5109.363.92
do that and then uh all right let's tell5110.6393.201
you what5113.283.439
let's move forward yeah uh i'll just5113.844.56
look at all the sun glare and blood in5116.7192.801
my face5118.44.16
oh boy wow you want to take a nap you5119.524.24
sound like you need a nap5122.564.0
can you get me a nap maybe a yeah maybe5123.763.84
a candy bar5126.563.76
and a drink i wish we had time hey you5127.63.76
go right down the middle5130.322.96
i'm going to go up high here okay down5131.364.24
the middle hey scrap right here hold on5133.284.959
yeah i'll do your eyes on the hill okay5135.64.8
how's the middle look uh glarey going5141.524.48
into this5144.7192.641
come on give me good stuff oh wait5146.03.6
radiation i i hear a bunch of radiation5147.362.799
45 i don't pull back yep5150.1597.441
uh 78 on the poisoning [ __ ] it'll be all5154.323.919
calm down i'm it's really not good i see5158.2395.201
a bluebee and there's no radiation over5161.62.48
okay well i'm still dealing with it5164.084.48
excuse me man he's got good eyeballs5166.325.359
he's a lot of carrots a bit oh man5168.565.76
radiation like all day yeah come towards5171.6793.761
me there's no radiation5174.322.72
i wish my clothes are better than i see5175.443.44
the tunnel i see a tunnel neebs5177.045.04
crap is that him that i am i'm running5178.885.68
he's yeah run for it go for the tunnel5182.084.4
there's a there's a tunnel oh [ __ ] no i5184.564.639
can't because of radiation poisoning5186.485.44
damn it i got to use my thing you're not5189.1994.081
wearing clothes5191.924.08
i'm going in just bones really i don't5193.284.24
have the right gear i don't think5196.04.08
[ __ ] stuck geez we're not ready for this5197.523.84
there's no way5200.084.72
there's so many you can't just wear5201.364.799
yeah to a radiation place5206.1593.361
i'm coming but my health's at 21. i'm5213.043.199
gonna die5214.962.8
yeah there's a there's a bluebee through5216.2395.121
the door too guys5217.763.6
[ __ ]5222.843.0
hey hey napes where you at5233.65.599
in the uh in the bus station wait about5236.6393.04
uh what's up i just i think we need to5239.6793.921
get my stuff and get out of here we're5242.41.92
not ready5243.62.96
i know guns i don't have a gun also we5244.324.08
went to a place that has military in the5246.562.48
uh-huh so that was an indicator yeah i5249.044.159
didn't know if the military was still5252.082.48
together you know if they were like5253.1992.721
blockbuster or something5254.562.96
yeah they kind of just hang on to these5255.923.92
places don't they i guess so5257.524.56
ready uh now i got no clothes radiation5259.843.68
poisoning yeah you don't want to5262.082.639
you don't want to mess with that where's5263.523.119
where's your stop where's your ah5264.7193.52
it's at the door of the thing i'm5266.6393.761
getting poisoned ah nah5268.2393.841
do you think you can go get my stuff5270.44.16
well i gotta know where it is exactly5272.084.32
oh you just go straight down this road5274.564.079
and uh the tracks like run right into5276.43.68
like an underground tunnel5278.6393.361
i'm gonna do my best i've got a grenade5280.083.599
that i found so5282.05.44
okay you know how those yeah yeah5283.6797.201
so i'm probably gonna need all new stuff5287.445.12
now there was a guy like on top of the5290.883.12
thing and then there was a guy5292.563.84
inside you don't want to go inside don't5294.03.6
go in the tunnel5296.42.56
mouth of the tunnel it's almost like a5297.64.639
loading dock i'm on the ground there5298.966.56
pull my shoulder up5302.2396.0
all right come on get him go ahead i5305.525.04
don't know5308.2392.321
i heard him go off yeah i threw a5311.124.24
are there two bloomies i don't know i'm5315.364.319
just dealing with one5318.04.32
and i'm hitting them yeah keep it up5319.6793.921
doing great5322.324.879
i took them out yeah5323.66.72
way to go thank you that's just one5327.1995.681
uh oh can you get my stuff i don't know5330.323.76
we're going to see them up top5332.883.52
look it up top there's a door that goes5334.083.599
into the tunnel5336.44.239
yep and my body's on the ground before5337.6793.601
the tunnel5340.6392.641
right yeah i was okay kind of like in a5341.284.24
loading dock area where it's like5343.285.2
are you were you on the side of the5345.524.56
there's a door on the left side and i5348.483.44
kind of fell off to the right of it at a5350.082.8
lower area5351.923.52
oh okay perfect that well explained5352.883.44
would you be in5355.443.12
yeah i found it you really knocked it5356.323.52
out the park today5358.564.4
i did pretty good yeah yeah i'm glad i5359.844.399
got you instead of simon5362.963.199
okay shut up let's keep it down and buy5364.2393.44
a lot of things here5366.1593.021
hear me hear me steer me hear me dear me5371.366.64
hear me dear me oh he's fast oh watch5374.85.2
this i'm gonna shoot the [ __ ] too5378.04.32
do it do it simon all right hold on oh5380.03.199
dear me5382.322.96
come on dear me come on i think you're5383.1993.761
just putting arrows into our window5385.284.08
i am i am that'd be nice for me didn't5386.963.36
do that5389.364.0
dear me dear me hear me hear me come on5390.323.76
come on5393.362.96
i love me some dear me oh i'm a hungry5394.084.159
boy i am a hungry boy you know that's5396.323.2
[ __ ] fast5398.2393.521
okay oh oh he stopped you stop you stop5399.524.639
there meet there me dear me5401.764.08
come on baby all right here we go here5404.1593.52
we go here we go here you go simon this5405.842.64
is your opportunity5407.6794.161
all right hold on and top5408.485.36
he's running but i don't know if i if i5411.843.92
got that that was lucky5413.843.2
uh i know i'm trying to get closer i'm5415.762.32
trying to cut him off you know what i5417.042.56
mean you know what he's got5418.082.639
he's got to run back this way he's in5419.63.2
the water oh here we go here we go simon5420.7193.041
all right get him5422.83.28
hold on boom got him so the blood5423.763.2
got at least one oh no we're gonna catch5426.963.759
oh he's yeah he's gonna be stuck in the5429.522.48
water here we go here we go5430.7192.721
all right it comes out of the water5432.03.679
that's where we ran okay oh yeah5433.443.68
this is good this is looking good this5435.6793.281
is looking good okay yeah dear me dear5437.122.559
me dear me5438.964.239
oh i can't get him right there because5439.6795.761
that was a horrible setup for me5443.1994.241
shoot him again wait for him to stop but5445.443.12
that's the only way i'm really going5447.444.239
oh he's looking look at his worn out5448.566.96
oh that's right oh i took that poor5451.6794.721
little deer5455.523.92
out of his misery man we just did a5456.43.759
drive out5459.442.56
of [ __ ] deer that's right we don't5460.1593.361
mess around no5462.03.12
not actually this is this is nothing but5463.523.28
messing around we need scraps yeah that5465.123.039
was kind of a whole day's goal5466.83.28
right listen me going to the junkyard5468.1593.201
trying to take all those guys on by5470.081.84
insane no yeah i love you i love you but5471.923.52
you're gonna you're you're gonna [ __ ]5474.02.48
you're gonna [ __ ] it up and i'm just5475.443.04
gonna die i'm useless i remember i5476.483.36
already shot you once5478.482.96
yeah exactly i don't want that to happen5479.843.839
again but yeah well then you're lucky it5481.443.6
didn't happen again when we were hunting5483.6797.601
but look at that that's a beautiful5485.048.32
big strategy huh we're gonna have to5491.283.04
change our strategy5493.364.48
probably just to uh recycle recycle and5494.324.08
something because uh time's about up5498.46.16
me me5501.446.32
no go in the military oh man okay bad5504.563.52
i wish i would have never bought this5508.083.119
shotgun i need a ranged weapon5509.283.6
oh yeah god i would love a ranged weapon5511.1993.681
i made a damn nail gun but it's5512.882.799
is that okay yeah it practically is it5515.6793.841
shoots nails but the damage is so low5517.843.2
you may as well stick the damn bow and5519.522.08
all right we need scrap we need to buy5521.63.84
stuff i'll run up the hill i'll use this5523.63.52
recycler i'll scrap a bunch of the [ __ ]5525.443.279
we have that we don't need the car parts5527.123.2
all that stuff i'll get some scrap5528.7193.281
all right go for it that'll help and no5530.323.44
uh the junkyard mission i got shot in5532.03.52
the back by simon we died and had to get5533.762.959
her [ __ ] back it was bad5535.522.88
yeah okay yeah not good now if doraleous5536.7193.601
goes up the hill there he's got5538.43.839
enemies as well right probably yeah i5540.323.68
like guaranteed so we need all of us5542.2393.521
i could use a quick clear and then i'll5544.03.12
just do the back and forth once we've5545.761.919
cleared it5547.122.16
wow don't use the nail you guys want to5547.6793.441
do this right now like just do it5549.283.919
quickly do it all right i want to get5551.123.84
rid of this ammo so i am going to use it5553.1992.561
so we're going to go5554.962.48
are we going to am i following him or is5555.764.479
he going on his own5557.446.32
i'm running from a damn pig5560.2393.521
i got you simon don't worry you see how5569.044.24
crappy that nail gun is5572.03.92
i know i know 20 shots that's what i'm5573.283.919
saying this5575.923.44
up there now i'm out of ammo i switched5577.1993.361
to my bow and arrow so i'm actually5579.361.92
all right let's do it let's move in5581.284.08
right behind you dora5583.045.199
okay okay okay now a little bit right5585.364.24
maybe i don't move it to the left i see5589.63.52
yeah let's see the recycler5593.123.119
let's just do like a little parameter5596.43.04
clear like i5598.1593.04
don't see anyone down there where'd5599.443.36
these bluebees go5601.1993.04
bluebees is that what we're calling them5602.83.12
rubies blueberries5604.2392.721
do you like that i thought they were5605.923.6
i don't see any guys we might be all5611.123.119
right watch my back5612.882.64
i'm moving in do i have anything to5614.2393.121
recycle uh ribs5615.523.92
i've got some scrap i've got some stuff5617.364.16
neem should we go to that bandit camp5619.444.96
buy some grenades uh yeah yeah get a5621.524.4
grenade yeah5624.43.2
if we got a grenade and research that5625.922.96
maybe we can build our own maybe we5627.62.72
could build enough grenades to take down5628.883.12
a tank that's a long shot that is a5630.323.28
little that's the best plan i've heard5632.02.88
i'm just gonna be doing this i'll be5633.63.68
doing this i'll go back and forth and5634.884.88
recycle what i can yeah there's recycle5637.283.439
everything in our base5639.763.84
there's so much in there absolutely okay5640.7193.44
all right5643.63.52
just do it break5644.1592.961
the light's always coming on check5651.044.48
engine uh no i think that's the gas-like5652.83.359
yeah you know because it looks like a5656.1593.681
fuel tank oh yeah yeah yeah that's the5657.923.12
yeah i got some i got some gas in my5661.043.199
pocket though we should be fine i got oh5662.6393.52
is that anthony5664.2393.601
oh yeah yeah he's probably getting shots5666.1593.761
yeah um i got the shots for the earlier5667.843.359
part of this episode yeah5669.922.88
probably just noticed them back online5671.1993.281
computer shut down or something5672.84.48
yeah uh listen we're not doing that good5674.484.48
oh no we're doing terribly yeah but5677.283.439
i think next go around once they wipe5678.963.84
and we reset we're bringing our a game5680.7194.881
oh watch out for this guy yep yeah we5682.84.16
are getting good aren't we oh boy5685.62.559
yeah we're doing all right they're5686.962.4
shooting out they're shooting yep yep5688.1592.48
yep juking and jabbing kicking and5689.361.92
jumping okay5690.6392.401
you getting driving i repaired the car5691.283.439
before we left okay buddy yep yep yep5693.042.72
okay this is this isn't good oh i know5695.763.68
no it's not good you know to go around5698.081.92
those right5699.442.32
oh we did fine look at this look we're5700.03.41
yep yep yep there we go and yeah5708.86.399
that's a fun part okay weapons uh make5713.1193.52
sure you have no weapons uh5715.1994.561
oh yeah are we being shot at by what5716.6393.921
why i because i had an axe out just a5720.563.44
let me make sure i don't have any5724.02.88
weapons on it okay yeah no i'm clear5725.043.44
okay i think the car saved me on that5726.883.44
why are they still shooting i don't5730.323.6
understand what's happening i'm holding5732.44.239
binoculars yeah i'm holding nothing5733.925.279
they're binoculars stop it is it because5736.6393.52
anthony has a5739.1993.44
giant gun on his back uh is it anthony i5740.1593.611
don't know5742.6393.761
i come in peace i don't have any [ __ ] on5746.44.88
me i'm bandaging up i'm coming back5748.564.88
all right they seem to have calmed down5751.283.04
not too bad5753.444.16
85 health it's peaceful now it seems to5754.323.68
yeah i don't know what that was is it5758.03.28
because you had an axe in your hand5759.922.69
that's ridiculous5761.284.56
that's danger he says he has dangerous5765.844.799
stuff oh yeah there we go5768.324.319
weapons all right why don't you uh5770.6393.361
purchase some grenades5772.6392.801
okay and then we can take the grenades5774.02.639
we can take them back we can research5775.442.32
and we're going to make a ton of5776.6392.161
grenades all right5777.762.56
i got a grenade can you buy any more i5778.83.28
can buy another grenade oh yeah go ahead5780.322.08
buy a couple i guess i don't know i just5782.43.68
buy man i wish i had a pistol we'll buy5784.323.12
a pistol if you bought the grenades we5786.082.4
can research the grenades we can make5787.442.56
our own grenades i don't have ammo5788.482.08
why can't you make ammo i've never made5790.563.679
ammo in this game yeah me neither5792.43.92
okay look i'm gonna buy the pistol dude5794.2393.201
buy the pistol maybe we can figure out5796.322.08
how to make ammo5797.444.0
okay uh there we go let's let's leave it5798.43.36
okay then we're good we're good head5801.763.84
back uh yeah let's look around a little5803.63.119
bit then we'll head back okay look5805.62.24
around a little bit i need to go to the5806.7191.681
okay i'm gonna piss right here off the5808.43.279
ladder they won't care look at that5810.561.44
yeah i know look at this place5812.03.84
here we go why don't you give me the5822.7194.241
grenade oh god a bear5824.06.159
a bear up here up on the hill up out of5826.965.279
his room5830.1593.361
i'm not gonna go deal with that give me5832.2393.121
the grenade okay simon what are you up5833.522.4
um just i'm standing over here where are5835.924.16
oh back by the car5840.084.96
there you go i didn't even know you came5843.1193.12
oh my god yeah okay hey guys i'm gonna5846.2395.521
try to get my stuff there was a bear5849.6795.361
i i heard bear bear yeah i i don't like5851.763.919
the uh5855.042.639
the the pig so i like to just stay up5855.6793.761
high because they like to kill me5857.6795.761
uh 75 scrap i have 47 neebs5859.445.84
yup how much scrap you got i got a good5863.443.84
bit oh wait i put some5865.283.839
yeah i put some in this chest for this5867.283.439
particular moment look at5869.1194.241
me begin research bam all right i am5870.7194.4
researching how to make grenades5873.364.879
okay watch this watch this neebs5875.1194.241
see i'm walking over here i'm just5878.2393.041
trying to walk over to you oh no5879.364.24
this starts to bring me up it's so cause5881.283.28
you're near the ladder5883.63.519
look at that yeah that's so weird that's5884.563.2
great man5887.1194.641
it's the little things you know yeah5887.764.0
okay i've made some sort of blueprint5891.923.6
take this blueprint by dragging it into5893.842.64
your inventory5895.524.0
bam okay and then do you read it5896.484.719
or how does that work i don't know drag5899.523.76
it into my inventory yeah do i click it5901.1994.801
learn blueprint okay now we go into the5903.284.56
crafting table i guess so but5906.04.0
god i think it said i needed a level two5907.843.04
crafting table5910.02.96
don't tell me that we only have a level5910.884.08
but maybe we can make a level two hold5914.963.6
on no not the tech tree5916.84.319
give me a second give me a second okay5918.564.48
uh yeah we're gonna do a level two5921.1193.04
but it's only gun powder and metal5924.1593.201
fragments we can make a ton of that5925.6794.56
yeah but uh now we need to do what is it5927.363.68
level two5930.2392.721
bench hey guys there's a bear up there5931.043.199
i'm gonna go get my i'm gonna go get5932.966.88
that stuff5934.2395.601
all right neebs you ready uh we yeah5941.847.04
this is a level two workbench okay okay5945.527.36
so now if i search grenade5948.885.839
oh man i know how to make grenade gun5952.883.52
powder metal fragments we got a bunch5954.7192.96
how many can i make5956.43.2
oh whoa how many can i make right now oh5957.6793.921
man i can make 10 already holy [ __ ]5959.63.599
we're making 10 grenades and check it5961.63.36
out i got some sulfur cooking over here5963.1993.201
let me get a little bit of sulfur i got5964.962.88
to come over here to this mixing station5966.43.04
if i take this sulfur5967.842.96
and i put it in there i'm going to start5969.442.96
mixing i'm mixing some more gum powder5970.82.72
and making grenades5972.43.52
mad scientist right here yeah i'm mad5973.524.4
hey i think we should have like like 205977.923.759
each 20 30 each5980.083.68
20 30 grenades each time yeah we can do5981.6793.201
that i'm just going to need to make a5983.762.32
ton of gunpowder so5984.882.799
i need wood just to keep the furnace5986.083.36
going yep uh sulfur5987.6793.44
uh well actually hold on let me take the5989.444.0
materials here yeah you know what um i5991.1193.361
think i'm good on5993.443.44
sulfur yeah i'm good on sulfur okay all5994.484.239
right i'll check with thick5996.883.68
thick couldn't make it but uh we should5998.7193.681
probably he'd want us to have uh his6000.562.4
yeah does he have any like scrap yep6002.963.199
water yeah maybe just a little oh yeah6006.1593.201
just a little longer6008.1593.281
little tea bag while we're here a little6009.363.2
little tea bag of love6011.443.04
i'm going to go a little longer i love6012.563.2
you thick all right6014.482.88
let's get to it all right you do it i'm6015.763.439
making grenades just a couple more6017.364.87
i'll be right there6019.19912.67
you with me yeah a little bit behind but6035.763.359
i'm yeah okay6037.6792.801
this is uh right over here is kind of6039.1193.04
where thinking i went is there6040.483.36
is our bluebee factor up here i would6042.1593.201
imagine uh let's go here to the right a6043.842.16
little bit6045.362.799
uh there could be bluebees uh keep an6046.04.159
eye out oh yeah i am6048.1594.641
okay oh yeah right here at the gate this6050.1594.0
will be our place oh right here it's6052.82.24
okay cool6054.1592.881
i like it kind of using the back wall of6055.043.92
the gate okay can't place6057.044.88
okay okay6058.962.96
still can't place i'm walking away yeah6062.483.759
i hear you i hear you buddy6064.43.759
do i not have a hammer i thought i had a6066.2393.761
hammer oh i have a hammer6068.1595.201
okay well we got a little uh up6070.05.84
closest place is here i'm down the hill6073.363.359
oh wow6075.842.399
should i go for it yeah of course if we6076.7193.201
don't have another option that's uh6078.2394.0
that's the base how far down the tiny6079.924.16
thing oh there's a bore6082.2395.121
yep just go east okay i will6084.086.24
coming in time hey i think i see a wolf6087.364.64
and i've got these new high-velocity6090.322.399
yeah i get him i don't know he ran6092.7195.92
i think i got him yeah i scared him off6096.43.04
so this is our6098.6392.48
everybody wins this almost feels as6099.443.44
close as our base but uh hey it is6101.1192.801
closer i get it6102.882.319
it's right there look at it you got a6103.924.719
hammer uh yeah i do6105.1993.44
all right man sulfur takes some time to6110.883.92
cook but now i got three furnaces6113.1992.641
taking a nap dick good miss you buddy6115.846.48
we're here simon i think he went to walk6118.964.64
his dog that's okay6122.322.799
that's okay i'll just cook all the salt6123.63.519
for myself i'll do it all6125.1194.241
i'll build the furnaces cook the sulfur6127.1193.681
build the crappy bench6129.363.359
cook the gunpowder make the grenades6130.83.2
i'll just do it all6132.7195.041
doing great simon have fun walking your6134.05.45
i got him6148.7192.721
this top floor top floor oh yeah yeah6153.524.08
okay see that rocket uh-huh do i have a6157.63.68
no you see the rocket oh yeah uh6161.284.32
no yeah i see that rocket there was the6165.63.2
one on the ground okay yeah yeah yeah6167.363.92
okay oh there's the tank oh there it is6168.83.28
does he see us6171.281.919
i don't know but i'm gonna pull up my6172.084.159
binos okay he doesn't see us the other6173.1994.401
time i shot him with a6176.2392.96
bow and arrow so he's probably already6177.63.2
hurt a little bit okay all we got to do6179.1993.121
is finish him off with the uh you know6180.82.24
the grenades6182.323.6
oh wow i'm sure that bow did quite a bit6183.043.679
you hero man these binos are touchy huh6186.7194.4
yep there you are what you're doing6189.365.44
okay wow what a job you've got6191.1195.921
that's your job actually i'd rather do6194.83.52
that than be6197.043.36
ground patrol and i see a bluebead that6198.323.68
he just drove by okay6200.43.759
so it's following that route have you6202.03.6
paid attention to its like6204.1593.52
route i think that's what we do now yeah6205.63.68
just uh kind of scope this out6207.6793.52
try to learn his patterns oh one of the6209.283.76
bluebees just started running there's no6211.1993.761
way he saw us there's no way6213.043.44
anyway so it went down the railroad6214.962.96
track took a right that's what we know6216.483.92
so far6217.922.48
hey appsro yo what's up baby hey oh6222.486.0
you got uh what's with all the well i6225.844.48
guess you're doing a lot of cooking huh6228.484.08
yeah no i gotta make sulfur and uh yeah6230.324.399
using one furnace to make sulfur it just6232.563.119
takes too long so6234.7193.361
i made a bunch ah well that's smart i6235.6794.241
think that's smart and you're smart6238.083.599
thank you you're welcome what's going on6239.923.759
in your world uh nothing you know i'm6241.6792.96
just filling in6243.6793.121
thick's not here and you know it seems6244.6393.441
like i'm not really doing much of6246.82.96
anything except for just enjoying the6248.082.4
nice what do you think of this place i6250.483.679
think this place is very nice i like how6251.922.88
i like i like the outer i like your6254.83.359
the way they work as simple as it is i6258.1593.281
really like this6260.564.24
this open concept the first two stories6261.445.92
it's fantastic actually and then up here6264.84.24
you got this roof what's with this6267.364.24
is this looks like it's a remote torch6269.044.24
yep that's a flamethrower okay but it6271.62.4
doesn't work i6273.281.919
i didn't really hook it up it doesn't6274.02.96
have any fuel in it i just i've had it6275.1993.841
in my pocket and i just put it up here6276.965.12
oh okay so yeah i was gonna say it has6279.044.96
to shoot flames really far to be some6282.083.76
sort of defense down there6284.03.52
yeah maybe we'll uh we'll figure those6285.843.12
things out one day didn't figure out6287.523.52
power got some solar panels up here6288.963.759
hooked them to a battery and then hooked6291.043.92
it to a little light so uh you know now6292.7193.92
i can see in the dark a little bit6294.964.159
it looks creepy though yeah like like6296.6394.161
yeah wait till nighttime6299.1193.12
it looks like an interrogation room you6300.82.48
know what i mean because you got that6302.2392.561
single light right above6303.283.359
oh you know what then are there chairs6304.84.08
in here we can do an interrogation scene6306.6394.48
oh wait there's chairs out front yeah6308.887.279
i'll grab one of them6311.1196.801
you see that doraleous yeah i mean i've6316.1594.321
been yeah what have you taken away from6317.922.88
well uh he passes by that checkpoint6320.83.28
right there6323.282.48
all the time right right right right6324.083.2
that seems like kind of the6325.763.359
central area and then it does a little6327.283.839
back and forth and left and right and6329.1195.921
yeah there's a boar and one bluebee6331.1195.681
that checkpoint has a lot of like6335.043.44
concrete walls around it which might6336.83.68
offer us some protection if we're like6338.483.84
running around and crouching and stuff6340.483.28
and just kind of doing the little dosey6342.321.839
uh-huh right back that's because then we6344.1595.681
have we have some people in there6345.764.08
wow i'm hurt crap i'm so hurt6350.886.96
yeah that was a big shell in my body it6354.1595.04
won't take him long to bring us down we6357.842.399
cannot get hit6359.1994.561
no i mean no like two hits if one more6360.2395.681
yeah yeah we should at least make one of6363.763.919
those wood chest armored things let's go6365.922.319
do that6367.6793.761
okay yeah yeah yeah6368.2395.601
there he is uh what what's6384.485.28
what's going on here tell me what i want6387.523.44
to know6389.764.0
what do i uh what what exactly are you6390.963.759
looking to know6393.762.399
what do you what do you want what's your6394.7193.281
favorite type of cheese6396.1594.721
no no no no what's your favorite type of6398.04.56
cheese listen to me listen to me that's6400.883.2
personal information6402.564.639
all right oh god oh wow that killed you6404.083.76
wow man i am not a good interrogator6407.844.799
thought i i had a couple of whacks6412.964.719
i'll have to try that again sometime oh6418.410.92
yep there come the flies he's stinking6421.289.52
you got this now left left i believe6430.84.319
it's left click like6434.03.52
hold that click boom and then toss or6435.1194.881
you could just quick tap i think6437.525.92
quick tap okay yep6440.05.28
oh there's a guy right there well we6443.444.56
don't have time for this [ __ ]6445.285.839
oh my god you son of a [ __ ] all the6448.04.0
grenades on this6451.1194.08
jeep got grenades we can get him i see6452.05.36
him i'm not doing anything oh i just hit6455.1993.361
him i just hit him6457.364.24
oh okay take my cover neebs i'm sorry6458.564.8
that was your cover yeah that was my car6461.63.36
we're going uphill6463.364.319
it's not available sorry i was gonna run6464.964.48
him over i didn't know he's gonna peel6467.6795.121
oh jesus sucking taking shots oh he just6469.445.84
stopped moving he like got all relaxed6472.87.2
i just hit him again oh okay easy easy6475.286.48
i'm hiding behind a horse i'm a [ __ ]6480.03.119
ruined grenade class6481.763.04
i know but hey at least we figured out6483.1193.761
yeah you hold lip hold left click and6484.82.399
lob it and then it has like i don't know6487.1993.04
like a three second countdown i need to6488.6393.121
see how far it goes we did pretty good6490.2392.96
yeah yeah yeah all right well6491.765.08
one knee flop one doesn't go very far6493.1996.161
no all right how about this i'm going to6496.844.2
throw it a little high or go6499.364.879
how's that a little better but not much6501.045.52
oh yeah just landed past it i think6504.2393.281
okay so that's about the distance right6507.523.36
here from that target that you can throw6509.1992.881
high and get near it6510.883.359
okay and this thing's gonna be moving oh6512.083.599
this is gonna be uh6514.2392.96
interesting we'll tell you that we might6515.6793.04
want to go from a rooftop or at least6517.1993.201
try that6518.7192.721
all right well should we start making6520.43.12
our way there absolutely you guys get6521.444.0
the horses up get i'm in the car all6523.522.719
got everything yeah it's gonna be fun6526.2396.561
yeah all right lead the way now if i tap6529.365.68
if i tap the right click button while6532.84.24
i'm holding this grenade it'll drop in6535.043.599
the vehicle and then blow up jesus6537.042.4
christ yeah6538.6391.921
why don't you pull out a bow and arrow6539.444.0
right now please simon are you sure6540.5614.5
yeah it'd be good okay6543.4411.93
now i think that you guys maybe should6564.883.12
have given me some more6566.884.08
information but ah it's kind of hard6568.03.599
so uh yeah all right where am i going6571.5994.08
now neebs well i mean6574.42.239
i guess you can drive in a little6575.6792.48
further we should be safe right here6576.6392.48
through the gate yeah6578.1592.321
we were at the top of this building6579.1192.48
right here to our right we weren't6580.482.08
really close enough6581.5992.56
yeah and you couldn't see the tank this6582.563.84
should be fine right here and we could6584.1594.401
there's a pick to our left all right so6586.44.239
we're gonna flip from here yeah6588.563.84
all right yeah sure how about okay how6590.6393.121
about around this way because that was6592.41.68
round to the right yeah okay all right6594.083.76
and then we'll peek around the corner6596.084.4
because it's just down the road to our6597.843.04
here and then it does this whole kind of6600.883.92
big rotation this figure eight kind of6602.882.719
now this is a tank that we're gonna be6605.5993.281
fighting on when i think of a tank6607.443.6
it's the traditional tank isn't it the6608.883.839
tank yeah can we lure it to this6611.043.119
cylinder if we could work like if we6612.7192.801
could bring the tank around the6614.1593.44
circle around that yeah there's that too6615.523.84
that cylinder is possibly good cover6617.5993.921
we can get on top of that yeah we could6619.363.68
hide behind this stuff like here i'd6621.522.88
feel fine on top of that6623.044.4
use that upper lip to protect someone on6624.44.319
top lure it in6627.443.759
maybe hey can you i mean yeah if you6628.7193.681
lure it in is it going to come in6631.1992.241
because i mean that might be a good6632.42.719
tactic because yeah if we're here this6633.443.12
is a lot of cover that way we could run6635.1192.961
left we can run run right6636.563.36
right can you stay away from the thing6638.084.0
can you reach it6639.924.88
what is it it's the tank it's the tank6642.084.96
coming down simon might be down simon6650.563.84
down is there a way to get up on top of6653.042.24
the cylinder6654.42.56
ladder straight ahead this is the left6655.283.2
side of this simon that's where someone6656.961.92
shot oh god so he's going to shut the6658.883.44
line with this thing going up there6660.83.919
still there tanks planted i don't see6662.323.44
him i don't have eyes6664.7192.96
yeah i'd like to get eyes on this thing6665.763.6
can you try i don't see him near the6667.6793.201
ladder maybe moving a little closer uh6669.362.64
our knees why don't you get on can you6670.882.64
get on top of that building the eye in6672.02.08
the sky6673.522.079
where's that i'm going up here a minute6674.083.119
i'm going up the face going up the face6675.5991.921
never mind never mind pull back door's6677.523.199
going up the thing he's going to be our6679.361.68
got it okay okay okay6681.047.119
where is he what do you see bubba oh6685.524.079
it's far it's back far6688.1593.601
uh right way far back right why don't6689.5993.6
you give him wes why don't you give a6691.763.359
like a 260.6693.1993.601
260. all right guys you hit him with an6695.1193.361
arrow from there oh no no no no it's in6696.83.68
that member names when we saw it what go6698.483.52
way back and to the right6700.483.199
way back huh yeah we're standing there6702.03.119
then it's gonna come back he's at the6703.6793.201
base of this ladder where i got up on6705.1192.241
you should we should get his grenades or6707.363.04
something casey can't make it back okay6708.6393.6
i'm trying my best yep i'm grabbing his6710.43.279
grenades right now6712.2393.281
he needs to put on the clothes otherwise6713.6793.52
radiation is going to be an issue6715.523.92
so that so he's the tank's way far away6717.1993.04
yeah but it's going to make its way back6720.2393.201
um what if i try to make it to this6721.842.56
guard shack6723.443.759
okay all right i'm coming with you okay6724.44.56
all right bri dora6727.1994.081
i am and it's coming back it's making6728.964.08
its way back from the far right6731.283.68
so we could like hide in here maybe6733.043.36
we're we're pinned like rats here nearly6734.961.92
i mean you remember what i said we6736.883.359
probably shouldn't okay6738.483.28
let's let's just i'll be back here i'll6740.2392.88
let him go by then he'll come your way6741.762.16
right okay yeah6743.1192.801
you know what maybe i'll get over this6743.924.08
looks like a fun place to get and i can6745.925.6
kind of hide6748.03.52
hopefully they won't see me if i'm6762.563.36
hiding right here you guys see it at all6763.524.079
oh nope neebs is on the other side of6765.923.199
you it's northwest6767.5993.841
oh boy oh god all right she's taking6769.1193.201
shots at me6771.443.44
okay he's he's to the northwest god he's6772.323.52
got a range6774.882.88
holy [ __ ] that's a see him your night6775.844.16
out perfect6777.763.839
can i hit him i don't i don't know i6780.03.36
can't see him it looks like he did6781.5993.841
oh he's taking shots at me he's judging6783.363.2
me grenade out6785.443.6
yup throwing him he's still there oh boy6786.565.679
oh boy i ain't bleeding yeah i don't6789.045.28
think i'm in a good spot6792.2394.4
i don't know if we're hurting him don't6794.324.24
worry nobody sees me6796.6395.201
damn it neebs dora can you distract him6798.566.8
oh god yeah it just gets it's like6801.846.399
it knows i'm up here so it's focused on6805.363.759
yeah it's focused on me too this is [ __ ]6809.1196.961
is he coming in i think so i mean yeah6812.7194.081
he is6816.083.92
he's looking right at me oh6816.84.64
nope now he's coming he's coming to me6820.03.92
he's coming this way okay6821.446.64
oh man as soon as i peek he hits yep6823.925.679
all right you're still up top of that uh6828.084.76
cylinder right yeah and i'm afraid to6829.5996.241
i'm trying to get back to my body oh man6852.083.76
i would love to get back to my body6854.2393.44
um all right well doraleous is hopefully6855.843.2
still on top of that cylinder if he has6857.6792.801
eyes on well that thing's on the other6859.042.96
side of the compound we can run and get6860.482.96
our [ __ ] and then pull back6862.02.719
all right sounds like a plan let's go6863.443.92
catch up to dora okay so my radiation6864.7194.0
poisoning i'm still6867.363.279
i'm going to die put clothes on yeah6868.7194.561
yeah i got clothes6870.6394.881
i'm going to die guys i'm gonna bring6873.283.919
what's your health there radiation6875.525.119
uh to five and keep four okay well let's6877.1994.96
try to get let's try to get rid of your6880.6392.401
stuff maybe you can get your other6882.1591.841
clothes on6883.044.4
two no it's not gonna happen6884.05.599
all right oh did he have anything good6887.443.6
yeah are these clothes support detect6889.5992.721
protect you because yeah i have my6891.042.88
radiation poisoning right now is at 20.6892.322.72
i thought they did oh6893.922.48
yeah you need more though you need the6895.042.72
wooden armor and all the other stuff oh6896.42.719
god then yeah there's oh6897.762.72
i just got to make a run for it then6899.1193.761
that's my only chance i'm at 21 health6900.483.04
oh [ __ ]6902.884.48
run run i'm i'm running oh god6903.527.119
oh tank hey dora yeah where's the tank6907.365.359
man it was right by your stuff it looks6910.6393.201
like it might6912.7193.841
be starting to move away oh please move6913.844.879
away i'm at ten i'm at eight6916.565.28
seven oh boy oh god there's no way6918.7194.48
there's no way i'm getting to my [ __ ]6921.844.64
yeah no way oh god damn it well6923.1994.801
this was fun we need to bring at least6926.483.6
we tried time for the vehicle6928.05.119
probably vehicle time huh is he back6930.086.24
um tank back tank is uh far away now way6933.1193.52
off to the right mm-hmm we moved to my6936.6393.04
you got to figure out how to get the6939.6793.201
others back in here you're clear right6940.82.72
all right i'm gonna grab my stuff i'll6943.524.88
be right back okay6944.963.44
oh it's pegging out where is it where is6949.443.12
it it's6951.762.08
it's coming right to you it's coming6952.563.36
right to you from the northwest6953.845.12
so it's northwest yeah oh yeah oh it's6955.923.84
heading toward the oh6959.764.8
oh blooby's two6966.329.52
sorry buddy you might die in this6981.443.6
radiation 21.6983.284.319
it's just a it's a luck of the draw it's6985.043.84
luck of the draw6987.5994.08
but if it's just don't be here if you've6988.884.799
got a big route just don't be here is6991.6793.201
that mine6993.6794.321
no that's not mine that's simon's okay6994.886.719
go go go go go go oh my god the6998.04.88
radiation poison7001.5994.401
i'm [ __ ] i'm [ __ ] i'm [ __ ]7002.886.64
oh my god oh no oh7006.05.599
get it get it grab it grab it get it get7009.523.44
it grab it grab it7011.5995.201
okay god this that7012.9618.88
that come on7016.815.04
all right last ditch effort you guys got7041.1193.201
grenades next chance we're taking7042.843.56
radiation poisons all right where's the7044.324.24
tank where's the tank take a left i7046.43.25
would suggest7048.562.24
all right going left right oh boy where7050.83.919
is that damn thing7053.523.32
don't see it anywhere keep grabbing oh7054.7193.121
boy oh7056.843.08
oh no there it is straight ahead past7057.843.44
the truck it's right there straight7059.9212.08
ahead past the truck7061.2813.439
did we do it yep nope let's just say we7072.04.08
hey we tried7076.0811.76

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Have you seen Neebs Gaming's new Rust series? It's absolutely hilarious watching them try to survive on a Rust PVP server as complete noobs. I was cracking up in the first episode seeing them bumble around trying to figure out how to do anything.

The best part was when they decided to take on the Bradley APC - I mean, what were they thinking?! It was just Neebs, Thick, and Appsro with bows and spears trying to fight an armored vehicle. Of course it didn't go well and they got destroyed in seconds. But their optimism and determination to keep trying despite getting repeatedly wrecked is what makes their content so entertaining.

And the cinematic shots and editing by Anthony and Axel take these Rust videos to the next level. The way they manage to capture funny moments and epic fails in slow motion makes it feel just like a movie. Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming play Rust is better than playing it yourself!

Overall, if you're looking for a hilarious and cinematic Rust viewing experience, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming. Their chaotic energy and awesome editing skills make Rust into a true cinematic masterpiece. I could gush about this series all day - just do yourself a favor and check it out, you won't regret it! Neebs Gaming is the undisputed king of gaming entertainment.

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