Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Destruction Derby in GTAV? If not, you are seriously missing ...


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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Neebs Gaming video! Today, we're diving into the chaos of GTAV with our rooftop destruction derby!

simon: Oh man, I love this video! The sheer madness of crashing cars on a rooftop always gets me hyped up. And the explosions? Top-notch entertainment!

appsro: Haha, you guys are always up for some crazy stunts in GTAV. But let's be real, we all know I'm gonna win this destruction derby. No one can beat me!

neebs: Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong, Appsro! I'll show you who's the real king of destruction in this game. Get ready to eat my dust!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Destruction Derby in GTAV? If not, you are seriously missing out! It's an action-packed, adrenaline-fueled Sunday Funday kind of video that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

In this epic video, the Neebs crew takes on the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto 5 in a Destruction Derby like no other. You'll see some crazy crashes, intense battles, and hilarious moments that will leave you laughing out loud. Trust me, it's a wild ride that you won't want to miss!

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Oh, and let's not forget about the awesome music featured in the video. From "Zombie Chase" to "Mistake The Getaway," the soundtrack really adds to the excitement of the gameplay. And of course, the Neebs Gaming intro and "Wingy Dang-Dang" by Hank and Jed are always a fan favorite.

So, grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and prepare yourself for an epic adventure with Neebs Gaming in their latest GTAV Destruction Derby video. It's a must-watch for any fan of their channel, and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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hello fellas9.2994.931
just taking a drive today look my check11.0195.4
engine lights on better pull over and14.233.209
check it out16.4195.25
here I go parking the car and then17.4397.771
having car trouble hmm I wonder if it's21.6696.061
the radiator huh25.214.68
I'm in position guys okay yeah are you27.734.349
are you gonna take out the the guard on29.894.52
your side there's two cars on this side32.0795.25
I'll take the one closest to me I'm just34.414.72
gonna go for it I'm doing whatever I37.3293.721
want needs doraleous call your shots39.133.03
count down and do it41.055.48
miebs I'm on your countdown I'm ready to42.167.37
all right let's get it here I was gonna50.865.19
do this job done52.973.08
these guys come on you sons of [ __ ]58.487.62
that's it Simon keep them distracted62.573.53
all right69.832.81
goddamn alright how we looking fellas77.338.62
get him Sam get him yeah oh sorry not81.145.2
alright we still may have some couple of86.345.3
guys left here in the back Oh88.473.17
two down sir Ali took my cover way buddy91.926.48
well I didn't know that was your cover97.025.129
you didn't call it I think we're good98.45.73
let's steal these [ __ ] trucks trucks102.1494.171
huh so doraleous you're in one yeah yeah104.133.89
so dear Alex we got to steal these uh106.324.53
follow the trailers as well so just back108.024.209
it back the truck up to it steal the110.853.65
oh [ __ ] okay you can go rally116.095.61
doraleous just back straight to the119.783.99
trailer don't get the air copy that121.74.11
yep you're acting all crazy man line it123.774.68
up all right I'm good not really good a125.814.71
little off back it up no further128.453.539
justjust keep back I get that little130.524.26
attention okay all right no I'll lead131.9894.441
the way there Alex you follow me copy134.784.05
the f7 on Ravel Simon all right it was a136.433.87
good way to go really falling it's138.835.43
really this fence all right follow me140.36.12
guys oh we got we got bad guys coming in144.263.17
behind it146.423.59
yeah Nev take out those bad guys all147.435.49
right beeps yeah men rally late rallies150.015.19
do not go too fast take it slow I'm on152.923.989
your ass I'm a noob stay as close to us155.23.69
as you can all right all right smack-dab156.9095.16
in the middle oh yeah we should probably158.894.769
be on the backs gonna fight off the162.0694.911
enemies all right well it here163.6593.321
still coming over the other side172.314.97
make it a right doraleous to the left180.26.21
hand side the right so I have a shot my182.66.36
left your left your left your right I'm186.414.32
gonna stay over on this side okay the188.963.859
stain your Chuck190.735.8
try to me come on boy192.8193.711
that's right SketchUp together206.374.94
all right Oh doraleous come on man212.875.009
why would you take a last minute right216.23.33
turn and blame I thought you were behind217.8796.601
me I'm right next course we have how219.536.959
would you blame me for what you just did224.487.2
you idiot I hope I didn't help that spot226.4897.47
huh this is the spot good job boys231.684.229
look at this they're two trucks233.9594.14
delivered Hey look at that235.9094.521
so have a nice work at the Karuma buddy258.74.27
dude listen I'm getting the hang of this261.113.84
thing I like having my own car I like262.975.1
the color hot pinks coming back it never264.955.1
went it's pretty cool car not as cool as268.074.02
my dukkha death though got dick and270.053.96
death wood smoke this [ __ ] but listen272.0913.44
come on you're dukkha death his car's274.0113.47
armored and fast I don't know if your285.534.26
cars fast I'm sure Howard hard out yeah287.484.59
I don't know either my cars fast well289.794.47
your car is definitely fast yes [ __ ] we292.074.17
should have a race boys you would have294.264.32
raged you want to say oh oh you will run296.244.17
real fast I know the Duke cadets fast298.583.63
I've ridden behind you before I wonder300.4114.64
if I'm faster than dude not many cars302.2115.57
can do that far right there God well if315.053.87
we were gonna race or you guys want to317.783.18
do it you tell me then I think maybe the318.9212.51
aqueducts look that bridge right there320.9612.33
it could be the turnaround point see a331.435.34
bridge I'm talking about right there333.295.37
I'm pointing at it he's kind of metal336.773.48
looking yep do that yeah that's the338.663.45
turnaround not the big bridge further340.255.84
down this little metal bridge right here342.113.98
yeah are you talking like this is a347.684.78
really really tiny little trap no well350.363.809
we're gonna see right here the tricky352.463.78
part is the fact you need to get in here354.1694.981
and hopefully good job seven all right356.247.4
that's not becoming an issue oh sorry359.157.08
that bridge with the double arches right363.644.06
right in front of us that's the finish366.233.33
line you go up to the bridge cross the367.73.09
bridge come back to the double arch369.563.51
bridge all right done who's ready I'm370.793.68
ready let's do it373.076.7
oh man425.6821.63
being a douche worked out wonderfully445.783.419
for me hey I think my car is the fastest447.313.54
no absolutely your car's walleston you449.1992.25
know what450.853.42
I was way way behind you when I actually451.4494.171
started what are we doing are we doing454.272.7
racing yeah we are yeah we're done455.623.269
racing that's it yeah was only quick456.973.479
grace can you race to keep race all day458.8893.481
Kenya I raised my whole life he's a460.4494.711
racer he's a racist yeah he is racist462.377.919
too no I'm not I know he did a crash465.167.08
Derby well it's a long time ago I did do470.2893.901
a demolition derby yeah wow sounds472.243.54
except a racer we did we should do a474.193.05
demolition derby right now475.789.01
this is fun but guys remember I bought a521.275.41
cargobob I can take every one of these524.733.36
cars and we can have a demolition derby526.683.81
on top of the maze bank Oh perfect yeah528.095.51
all right let me call it in530.493.11
Oh yummy hey any one of those other cars549.9612.71
the ones with the parachute or the Jets558.933.74
no we were fine no we were going upward594.186.9
Jesus Christ just get to me612.0896.48
this wasn't part of her schedule today685.054.93
you can run with me lady hop in the old687.585.58
sweet ride everybody sees you cowering689.989.86
everybody alright we'll wait for you693.1610.53
dude dude we got you covered ma'am he'll699.846.39
leave her alone703.692.54
we just built out of his oh there he is712.794.47
my best landing but uh not to worse720.024.8
sorry lady759.013.389
oh hey I lived783.3221.41
we're off a little bit my old lady she810.425.5
has no idea how healthy she's gonna look813.553.99
great tomorrow morning you really got a815.923.15
feel great guys yeah and with your817.543.84
exercise it's gonna thank us in her own819.074.32
way all right lady this was fun well we821.383.42
got to go pick up our friends yeah a823.392.85
hospital keep it up824.84.2
doraleous yeah over here you shot his826.243.93
friend with a rocket launcher you know829.010.68
how it is right yeah so you would I did830.1712.0
man and dice blew me up I know well he's839.684.02
a dick like that I don't even know what842.173.33
happens to my car when that happens how843.72.55
do I get my car back845.52.16
you could ask doraleous and you know846.253.81
what he'll say I don't know exactly yep847.6610.17
he's a douche I really don't like whoa850.069.02
man we were having a good time857.835.99
exercise oh really oh yeah good race I859.089.04
kill Simon well we're on the right apps863.828.32
row how could you say that one me let's868.125.55
be honest he deserved that he deserved872.142.82
that and I figured the hospital is the873.672.73
best place to do it that's honestly yeah874.962.73
we're gonna shoot each other you may as876.43.21
well do it like where we can get treated877.693.81
yep yep now we're even879.614.1
alright guys that's enough screwing off894.514.09
we need to break into this here facility896.563.48
and steal us a truck full of weapons898.63.479
yeah we don't need the vehicles to do so900.044.35
uh well we could Ram the gate I mean902.0794.681
that's always fun guard yeah need what904.396.66
do you see I see one guard I got him906.7611.15
down alright other witnesses alright911.056.86
all right yeah there you go really920.067.709
oh god babe I did shoot923.194.579
okay I'm alright make me out of the car928.7095.5
nice come on can't shoot out of your car932.054.08
oh wait here's the guy alright you're934.2095.55
driving my car now shooting people I936.136.74
figured of a safe in here939.7593.111
you want your car back cap sir oh sure949.25.49
okay well there you go thanks for952.533.54
letting me drive it to you thank you954.693.12
thank you alright I'll just set up over956.073.54
here oh I see you guys crashed the way957.814.4
I'm going for him959.612.6
nice name so I didn't make it why do you967.354.95
make a run for the truck I think these971.043.18
guys keep coming the truck where is it's972.34.32
just sprung truck I'm sorry this lager974.224.44
light truck right here hey run up we're976.623.24
on my side I got you covered978.663.36
okay yeah everybody cover needs let him979.863.75
get the truck all right come on names982.024.35
hurry up okay where hey where is it983.615.31
right at the logger light truck to the986.374.1
left to the left988.924.02
all right needs ammonia you should have990.4711.17
a waypoint let's go all right oh god we992.9410.65
got a chopper coming in boys Oh1001.644.62
zombie dude I'm gonna take that chop it1003.594.17
down all right1006.264.74
Go Go I'm going baby take that jabber1007.769.98
down around it yeah down1011.06.74
- okay so far behind us1018.427.12
yeah alright well that's good1022.133.41
easy on the ramen oh no I got crammed1032.6210.959
into you copy thank you drawbridge it's1035.6899.24
a drawbridge isn't it yeah it's a1043.5794.59
drawbridge I like it so so imaginative1044.9295.791
these engineers today or for the last1048.1694.38
few hundred years yeah right around okay1050.728.88
still impressed by oh boy cars got a1052.54911.361
sharp turn going up sorry hey listen1059.67.7
man take it right there you go you've1063.918.34
been on your mini-map buddy rallies yeah1067.315.33
all right I'll stay it back guys go go1072.2512.9
go niches I can't shoot out the back1082.634.4
because of this [ __ ] arm come on1085.155.88
everyone's trying to hit me today oh hey1087.035.47
you're going too far we got to protect1091.034.32
our guys hey what the salmon can you1092.54.77
shoot out the back yes and you you guys1095.354.71
should be back here i Joe come on1097.274.68
great great places I can't shoot off the1100.064.41
back I'm sure I'm moving to the train1101.954.98
tracks all right I'm with you I'm back1104.473.9
on the street let us say you'd have to1106.934.77
take a left me back on the road hey that1108.375.13
was awesome1111.74.229
hanging right up here yes sir all right1113.53.99
here we got enemies coming in on this1115.9297.161
intersection fat shot baby1117.4910.14
whoa okay I feel like we're over there1123.098.319
Elmas there uh we got about 1.5 miles to1127.635.76
go ooh that's one and a half miles yes1131.4094.551
it is for the for the person that's1133.396.93
doesn't know right stop yep okay the1135.965.68
choppers still on us but he's always1140.326.27
back there oh god we got ya to get them1141.6416.83
Simon we're still trying to get him get1146.5913.64
him sorry get it1158.475.11
stay straight for you buddy1160.233.35
all right here eck here a good I got the1164.995.04
chop oh yeah get this shoot that chopper1167.726.66
man shoot that chopper truck no I said a1170.036.09
beer truck I thought you said sprouts1174.383.21
heads broken first and then I changed my1176.123.09
mind about yeah all right you didn't1177.593.03
have to take a left into the country up1179.2123.28
here all right I got a homing launcher1180.6223.49
I'm going to take this [ __ ] chopper1202.4933.63
out that's actually a faster route yeah1204.1135.96
noobs you're amazing with directions1236.123.95

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You definitely should check it out

Man, you gotta check out this latest Destruction Derby video from Neebs Gaming! I'm telling you, these guys know how to make gaming fun and entertaining. They took a bunch of cars in GTA V and turned them into deadly destruction machines - outfitted with blades, spikes, rams, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

The commentary from the Neebs crew is hilarious as always. You got thick-accented Dora freaking out whenever he gets rammed, Neebs laughing maniacally as he takes people out, and Thick going on his usual unintelligible rants. I was cracking up the whole time watching them bash and crash the crap out of each other.

And the cinematography is amazing, with different camera angles and slow motion shots of the wrecks that make you feel like you're right there in the arena with them. At one point there was an epic ten-car pileup that they captured from like five different perspectives - it was nuts!

Neebs Gaming always goes the extra mile to produce quality, cinematic content. They put together custom races, stunts, and matches that you can't experience just playing GTA V on your own. And their commentary and editing brings out so much comedy and entertainment from the gameplay.

I'm telling you, watching Neebs Gaming play GTA is even more fun than playing it yourself sometimes. They take things to the next level. So if you're looking for some hilarious, over-the-top, destructive racing action, you gotta check out their latest Destruction Derby custom match. It's non-stop adrenaline and laughs!

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