GOOD-BYE LOS SANTOS (GTA Cinematic Series)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out their latest video, you're in for a treat. In this one, the Neebs Cre...
GOOD-BYE LOS SANTOS (GTA Cinematic Series)
GOOD-BYE LOS SANTOS (GTA Cinematic Series)

GOOD-BYE LOS SANTOS (GTA Cinematic Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! I just gotta say, that 'Good-Bye Los Santos' video is hands down my favorite. The heist finale with Trevor was just epic!

simon: Oh yeah, definitely! The way we pulled off that heist with Trevor was like a work of art. I mean, who knew stealing virtual money could be so thrilling?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. But seriously, that video was a blast to make. And let's not forget the amazing soundtrack that added so much intensity to the whole thing!

neebs: Oh, for sure! 'Hot Pursuit' was the perfect choice for that video. It really amped up the action and made everything feel so cinematic. Plus, who doesn't love a good heist in GTA V Online?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out their latest video, you're in for a treat. In this one, the Neebs Crew teams up with Trevor for a Heist Finale in Grand Theft Auto V Online. I don't know about you, but I always love watching these guys tackle heists in GTA V. They never fail to bring the laughs and the epic moments.

And hey, if you're not subscribed to their channel yet, what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming family! You won't regret it, I promise. Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know the quality of their content is top-notch.

I also want to give a shoutout to all the amazing Patrons who support Neebs Gaming. You guys rock! Without your support, videos like this wouldn't be possible. So, thank you for helping our favorite gaming channel thrive. Don't forget to connect with Neebs Gaming on their social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on all their latest adventures.

And of course, we can't forget about the awesome music featured in this video. From "Hot Pursuit" by Kevin MacLeod to the Neebs Gaming Intro and "Wingy Dang-Dang" by Hank and Jed, the soundtrack really sets the tone for the heist finale. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride as the Neebs Crew and Trevor take on this epic adventure in GTA V Online. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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okay car got them nice job seven20.847.829
right with your names these I think35.5394.081
there's gonna be a lot in this house38.34.02
oh yeah yeah inside the house oh yeah39.624.919
take cover they're in there okay is that42.324.169
see that's right that's me how do you44.5392.671
know that by now46.4893.21
did you get any like I said like a side47.219.659
dude out or doesn't think ever so49.6999.691
masculine - he has a hockey man what are56.8693.061
you wearing59.394.199
I've got a metal skull masks like the59.934.799
metal guy63.5892.611
skull you're both skull people yeah but64.7293.09
they're clearly different you know look66.22.91
at me You Know Who I am67.8193.061
stop it how you doing buddy I'm doing69.114.23
just fine I'm right behind ya Oh yep I70.884.049
see thick move it in73.3412.12
cover me boys four wheeler no I'm not74.92912.241
inside I'm at the front door though and85.463.329
I'm peeking in you want you want to rate87.173.6
this place with me yeah one second I88.7894.17
think we should made a grenade this90.774.409
place a little bit I like what you're92.9594.59
will you brings that little my grenade95.17910.95
out right now Oh God hold on I think a97.54912.781
costume me throwing grenades in this106.1295.151
game is nuts110.333.42
hold on I got111.285.16
let's do it this way113.752.69
try this thing please watch out the118.930.76
window what there's a bunch of guys out122.9628.95
there behind that behind the barn we149.664.23
should go get those guys oh [ __ ] alright151.915.09
I'll try follow me153.893.11
apps are this is noobs over I got them174.54.59
sandwich me I'm sandwich we're in the177.5310.17
orange groves I see you almost shot you179.0911.24
Vic I'm sorry187.72.63
all right he's in ok on the truck201.718.61
humming alright hey guys I think the203.998.46
health is clear we got two more out here210.323.78
to field all right I'm moving back212.453.75
downstairs I'm coming down to the field214.15.46
let's say what see boys wonder what I216.215.66
think we can take care of this baby all219.5612.57
noobs just blew our last life nobody232.133.99
else to die anybody see these guys out233.818.7
in the field I got one of them Oh Simon236.128.34
hey where are you I'm in the window242.513.84
behind you how you doing buddy good how244.463.96
are you doing good good listen this is a246.354.86
little hectic yeah and and I forgot how248.425.07
to eat snacks well you have to own251.214.53
snacks I probably do how do I access253.493.96
them again you probably never bought any255.744.23
I did okay no access the beginning257.455.4
inventory you hope hey guys259.975.01
yeah all right I think I think most of262.853.36
them are cleared out but we have to264.983.66
steal this tanker good all right we need266.214.38
to find a truck that can haul this thing268.642.88
look around270.592.25
well there's truck there's a there's a271.522.85
truck right here there's a red one and a272.841.98
green one274.373.95
Oh getting shot at274.823.5
I don't know where he is not shoot279.13.99
Pete's gonna kill me Sam Adam coming281.353.66
Dean Sam yo you know it still the [ __ ]283.095.13
I see him oh I got him nice good job285.014.8
needs alright leaves you driving the288.223.27
taker I'm doing it alright are you289.812.91
driving the truck you got to come up291.495.0
here and pick up the taker follow me292.723.77
I'll be over please297.342.93
are you doing good mom come back come301.624.12
back all right you're good304.423.6
we hooked alright nîmes time has started305.745.43
there's a timer yeah three minutes okay308.025.96
no one311.172.81
we're following you outro oh boy Simon315.616.43
you're gonna have to shoot window320.36.739
probably am I really probably okay322.044.999
- where you gotta go338.883.659
you think I'm gonna shoot people in342.993.269
front of us I think you probably should344.6993.181
I like that guy346.2593.841
yeah like they been back so shoot you in347.885.93
the face well don't you mean all right350.13.71
legit knees punch it 130 left 130 I'm365.63911.141
shoot anybody in front of us and that's374.25.57
not that's not the right376.782.99
I got this truck380.8493.08
right he goes think is right389.495.67
don't [ __ ] it up on the turns noobs well406.074.81
so far right you know driving pretty408.696.26
good oh boy they're coming up on us410.884.07
all right421.8714.069
they're running away all right okay424.2816.039
we're good get lost I'll dump the rig435.93928.63
bye go this is bad this is this is very440.31927.07
very very bad I shouldn't be here464.5695.25
I should be with Trevor or at the467.3895.33
airport of someone I'm not saying Who469.8195.46
well anyway it's not my place to472.7195.861
question leadership decisions but475.2794.98
someone may have pulled the Vagos and478.584.47
the ballast and the frat boys and the480.2594.741
lost and the O'Neal's483.056.079
pulled them all where their stuff is485.06.659
you're going to get paid I'd get over489.1295.211
there quick491.6596.801
hey here what's all this fuss about we498.467.03
heard there was people get okay two on502.675.37
the door side two on this house let's go505.495.19
to your dog minivan with Nick Simon508.045.7
handed thank you okay because I went to510.687.19
the side of the bed you're the best513.744.13
you may want to take care of different518.383.19
positions they're probably gonna be520.611.83
coming from that way521.5717.85
okay you guys in position this way okay522.4418.9
I'm sure there's a truck I'm here then539.424.44
turtle yeah I know what once we defend541.344.32
the base will be able to take that can I543.863.96
use it now not actually yeah bring it545.663.82
bring it close to the entryway that's a549.483.75
good idea names here we go I don't know551.253.06
where to go because I don't know where553.232.22
they're [ __ ] at the dot on the554.314.14
mini-map which which colors yellow dot555.456.3
as always as always all right guys take558.453.96
they're coming in Oh562.412.9
I knew you were a good crew I think if574.9394.08
you got rocket launchers this may be a577.5794.25
good time to use them579.0192.81
like us596.233.05
all right yeah618.044.049
all right get the vehicles prepare to636.0294.771
move out Simon yeah you come up front638.5195.57
come to me all right I'm coming to you640.85.37
thieves you need to drive the truck644.0893.641
Simon you need to hop in the back of the646.173.269
truck with a gun where are you at Simon647.733.06
I'm at the back of the truck with the649.4393.121
gun beautiful thick hopping the black650.793.18
truck I'm hopping in the other black652.567.279
truck right am i right you're right653.975.869
we got this look684.064.46
well when your lead on I'm doing slow686.333.69
down a little bit let thinking I catch688.523.87
up with you all right all right we're690.023.57
waiting we're beside the way hold on692.395.57
look way too fake Oh cyber we got693.594.37
see where we got707.443.57
- all right I see him718.1394.291
I'm catching up - yeah of course723.1520.41
now you're slowing down because we742.274.97
[ __ ] communicated like adults743.563.68
green car summer they're bad guys okay767.726.62
damn they're very obvious770.963.38
[ __ ] [ __ ]780.5996.791
yeah all right I'm out I'm gonna try to783.966.1
concentrate in front of me I'll go all787.399.3
over though feel like there should be790.068.76
more choppers I took a lot of mine away796.694.2
from like far away man yet you did great798.824.56
Simon can I say thank you son alright800.895.91
this is Oh Oh in front of us what are803.385.1
they bikers near those bikers from this806.85.96
microscope and yet alright suck it808.484.28
stay with needs and seven oh god there's818.826.71
a bunch of them822.842.69
there you go for granted here with cake850.9317.99
I buy that we got people fine865.8395.701
yep but we just did not looks like we868.925.7
got something from here871.543.08
that poor bastard876.563.45
he's still under fire Wow883.583.259
nice one friends nice one huh TP I on932.219.33
our way we are on our way oh thank you936.628.45
people thank you great work really great941.5410.799
here here is what I promised you little945.078.68
advance from my earnings952.3394.741
you gotta speculate to accumulate now953.756.54
we've done the speculation soon we'll do957.085.46
the accumulation very soon all right now960.293.75
let's get the hell out of here all right962.543.48
I got the buyer coming through thank you964.045.1
thank you all very much hey be cool that966.024.53
babes yeah man gotta say it's a an979.695.49
excellent use of your your money well I982.933.96
couldn't afford the thing I wanted what985.182.31
did you watch986.893.06
flying bike got a play more got a play987.494.35
all the time got to buy shark cards like989.954.08
this was my second choice it's pretty991.8425.32
good work dam limousine well that's994.0325.68
that's a nice limousine how much did1017.165.46
that cost this was on sale for 1.31019.715.45
thanks great they try not to kill my1027.886.15
neighbor she just got one yeah but you1030.3396.061
didn't like him right I mean he was yeah1034.035.91
well he even need to die hey names1036.49.33
hey we're unstoppable look at us Oh cops1039.948.33
we need to get the hell out of this city1049.328.65
I can't I'm on the gun hold on I'm1051.946.48
well I don't know about you guys but I1166.027.18
was thinking about heading out west wait1168.9114.91
are we all ready oh the west coast we're1173.214.51
gonna play Red Dead Redemption - oh1183.826.14
Jesus Christ1187.712.75

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, the latest GTA Online heist video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute blast! Their cinematic approach to gameplay commentary is totally unique and makes you feel like you're right there with the crew.

The way they set up the context and characters for the heist makes it so engaging - you've got Trevor playing the unhinged mastermind, while the rest of the guys bumble their way through the preparations. The editing is top-notch, with cool camera angles and seamless transitions that build tension and excitement.

When the heist finally goes down, it's incredibly immersive with the first-person perspective and the gang's hilarious reactions. Neebs screaming "Go go go!" as they make their getaway had me on the edge of my seat! The post-heist banter is also comedy gold. Their natural camaraderie just shines through.

Honestly, watching Neebs and the boys play GTA is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their funny and cinematic approach makes the gameplay so enjoyable and entertaining to watch. The high production value is evident in every video they put out.

If you're looking for a GTA Online experience that feels like you're part of the adventure, Neebs Gaming is the way to go. Their ability to roleplay characters and craft engaging stories around the gameplay is second-to-none. I always look forward to their next chaotic heist!

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