What’s Inside the Castle??? - Grounded

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever wondered what lies at the top of a talking castle? Well, wonder no more because in this video, t...
What’s Inside the Castle??? - Grounded
What’s Inside the Castle??? - Grounded

What’s Inside the Castle??? - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today we're checking out 'What's Inside the Castle???' and oh boy, it's a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, I love this video! We're like a bunch of kids on a treasure hunt, except the treasure is probably just some weird talking castle stuff.

appsro: Haha, yeah, but you never know what's gonna pop out of those castle walls! Maybe it's a dragon, maybe it's a friendly ghost, who knows!

neebs: I'm just excited to see what kind of crazy shenanigans we get into this time. Plus, who can resist those ugly sweaters from our merch store? Pure fashion gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever wondered what lies at the top of a talking castle? Well, wonder no more because in this video, the gang over at Neebs Gaming is on a mission to find out! Join them as they embark on another hilarious adventure filled with twists and turns.

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oh god oh oh they're here don't do that1.0796.361
it's going to make me4.882.56
do oh God that's oh no oh they're awful7.765.48
neebs gaming ugly sweaters available for10.924.359
time prepare yourself large insect15.2799.24
incoming where where what are you on20.86.239
about Dr24.5192.52
what do you got there well do you see it39.645.599
uh yeah I do see see it's a surprise42.2394.361
well I already do see it and I already45.2392.84
have a guess on what it46.64.24
is yep I think I I'm a guess in what it48.0794.441
is now I want to guess I fig cuz we got50.844.879
so much stuff uh like challenges coming52.524.8
up well we've always had challenges55.7194.921
grounded but uh when we are here hey hey57.325.96
boys let's do this let's do it when we60.648.36
are here yeah why not a little of that63.287.839
okay oh wait where the clay I the clay I69.04.32
can't reach the clay I need five clay oh71.1195.281
I got clay hold up he go in here yeah I73.325.68
got some clay on me76.47.48
and here we go oh oh you that is a hot79.07.2
tub that's what I thought it was oh yeah83.884.52
oh it's just a two-seater I guess oh am86.24.08
I sitting in it hey you must have gone88.43.28
in up really quick no you're just90.282.92
standing in it I'm just standing oh yeah91.685.079
you you can't soak there you go oh I can93.25.32
soak too oh96.7594.4
yeah yeah yeah this is all this this is98.524.0
what we're doing all day is't it neebs101.1595.401
isn't here we can just chill just relax102.526.279
back there oh this is perfect yeah it is106.564.48
it's nice look at Dr Tully looking at us108.7993.721
through the window he's jealous you111.044.24
don't have a body anymore T idiot you're112.525.559
creepy looking through that window115.285.36
too all right as fun as this is is I got118.0794.241
get we got work today yep nope I'm120.643.759
making mushrooms all day all right122.324.719
mushrooms you do that you enjoy yourself124.3995.441
yep I'll sit over here you guys going to127.0394.92
go do stuff I mean in a little bit Yeah129.843.28
okay we're going to do something I mean131.9592.801
come on all right Simon come with me133.123.96
seriously yeah you going to give me this134.763.72
and then be like you got to get up and137.082.72
leave right away hey we got to do work138.483.88
today yeah work all right after work139.84.04
it's a good night thing we're back in142.364.36
here all right deal okay all right hold143.846.92
on boom and then boom can't figure out146.725.2
how to get out of the hot tub can you I150.764.44
can it's left control thank you I had to151.926.48
put my hot on you doooo face hey we just155.25.759
started yeah he's up with the language158.45.16
oh wait get mad all right well I can160.9594.2
change that want me to retake the line163.563.48
yeah retake that line all right you165.1595.551
doooo face challenge Accepted167.047.44
all right Simon uh we've been tasked182.24.52
well abstra said we should go check out185.123.56
this uh while we you know to do186.723.599
something he's working on on the walls188.684.4
and and mushroom things right and then190.3195.521
we're supposed to build up into this it193.084.879
looks like it would have to be built up195.844.84
into so we should establish a lean to197.9595.041
somewhere all right okay I had the uh200.684.24
you want me to do it here cuz I did grab203.03.799
the stuff for that maybe we could find a204.924.12
safer spot down there like these sker we206.7994.08
can take these skers all day now you209.045.04
know what I mean here we go game on okay210.8795.681
yep here214.087.519
I'll oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah tiger216.567.44
mosquito please oh I'm a tiger mosquito221.5993.521
yeah so we're going to go down there224.02.959
since it's easy we'll just talk and225.123.759
fight at the same time yeah we're going226.9594.721
to go down hit me and uh and then set up228.8795.041
one the lean to and then what just uh we231.684.0
need to get materials get the materials233.924.0
yeah so we'll use the Gat for that oh235.683.559
don't mind this little spider again just237.922.519
a remind239.2392.72
there's a spider well it's my little240.4392.961
like Phantom spider that kind of241.9593.961
distracts and such I don't fully243.45.52
understand it but yeah that me we need245.926.08
to do this like a team yep we are I know248.924.159
I feel like this thing should have been252.02.799
dead two of we would have been in253.0793.72
trouble oh there hey this is don't mind254.7993.801
this guy oh256.7995.321
okay don't oh we're good good get it get258.67.159
it get it yeah hit isn't that great262.126.2
that's your guy that's my guy that's265.7597.241
amazing a oh it's always it's dead yeah268.327.56
it'll be back one day wow yeah let's go273.05.56
uh let's get a little275.882.68
closer okay let's see use the grinder to280.566.079
make the mushroom slurry with the toad284.446.599
stool chunks and then take the slurry to286.6397.361
the oven and keep cooking the bricks291.0395.0
going to get to have a whole storage294.06.16
thing here full of bricks oh yeah rough296.0398.681
day here at the house rough day Dr300.164.56
Tully this is nice this is real307.286.52
nice Dr tul you might be able to like311.1995.44
stick your head in this you know just313.85.239
kind of dip half your body you should be316.6393.521
able to feel the319.0393.401
heat probably feel real320.163.92
woo kind of looks like I'm farting a324.084.399
bunch doesn't326.084.36
so where do you want me to drop these330.445.599
off it's good question um good question331.846.24
H cuz up here it doesn't do us any good336.0395.801
we got to build this [ __ ] down there uh338.085.88
yeah yeah yeah and we can't really build341.845.68
off of um the water let's see off of343.966.16
this thing to over to that thing seems347.526.2
like the h i does know you seeing me350.126.16
over here sent um sorry I started353.726.08
looking at something else uh I do see in356.285.759
something we were I'm looking around man359.84.679
see look at this we've got to go from362.0394.72
Land we should have built a lean to over364.4794.041
here so that doesn't we can build366.7594.0
another lean to lean is a [ __ ]368.525.119
nothing all right calm down you calm370.7594.761
down you love when I say calm down I373.6393.12
know I love the fact that you still375.523.399
bring that up have we been in this I376.7594.481
don't know have we been in down here I378.9194.201
don't know381.244.48
okay you know do I do I have an attitude383.123.919
or something you want to point out a385.723.28
little bit little bit should we drop the387.0394.121
stuff um389.07.16
H here no I no not with that391.168.08
tone what is your opinion Simon you're396.164.759
not offering one well I'm not offering399.243.32
one because because you're the one when400.9192.961
I was looking around you were giving me402.564.4
[ __ ] for not being on top of moving past403.884.56
why don't you give me a minute to assess406.963.239
the situation and like you had some time408.444.24
to look around right no not really you410.1994.521
know so no you did you had at least a412.685.079
minute you know uh so let me look around414.725.039
and see where I would put it okay good417.7593.761
call good call you can do whatever you419.7593.28
want I'll do whatever I want no no we421.523.84
should do it in tandem save time no no423.0394.481
no no I want to do teamwork with you425.363.519
Simon you said you were assessing it so427.522.84
I'm waiting for your assessment well428.8794.401
listen man I need 5 minutes is that okay430.365.679
take it 5 minutes to assess a situation433.285.16
you take436.0392.401
it all right come here buddy don't get441.285.4
scared where'd you go come here come444.444.439
here come here come here maybe if I446.686.04
leave it right448.8797.121
here like a trail of them check this out452.726.36
Dr Tully these little aphids they love456.05.639
these things oh yep he's eating trying459.084.88
to get another pet leave a trail right461.6394.96
to me like Eliot in that movie about463.964.239
that dumb space alien everything looks466.5992.88
good from here yeah it does look good468.1993.161
from here doesn't469.4795.961
it yes yes okay ooh little boogie boo471.365.72
hey little boogie boo I got something475.443.159
for you man come on back follow me477.083.48
follow me478.5993.761
don't get stuck um well that's not the480.563.079
way to go is it yeah just follow me482.363.08
along the Rocks come on little boogie483.6395.0
boo now last time I had pets Dr Tully485.445.12
they uh they died like immediately all488.6394.881
the time Boogie boo can you make it up490.565.16
here or are you going to get like stuck493.524.0
on the stairs495.724.36
see that's what I figured all right yeah497.523.76
hey follow me follow me right into the500.083.92
house Boogie boo come out come on little501.286.319
cutie come on little cutie no yep I got504.07.28
food up here for you hey dumb animal507.5995.401
yeah that's the way you should have gone511.282.759
not the513.03.919
stairs oh you're an idiot okay but wait514.0396.8
a minute so if I go into building I can516.9197.201
go ahead and build this Dr520.8397.44
Tully yeah oh deposit524.128.08
pet is he in there it said deposit pet528.2799.0
aan can I name the apid okay but I know532.27.04
where was it the bricks box yes this537.2793.601
this thing I made a while back cuz I539.243.039
thought I could use it on the regular540.887.48
guy can I do this and then do that Bo542.2797.0
boo did that work where are you are you549.2794.12
under the552.324.079
house Boogie boo I already already553.3997.521
dislike you as an animal where do you556.3994.521
go did you die oh I I hear him oh oh561.127.399
there he is what are you doing on that566.564.279
side of the house oh you idiot I want568.5195.081
them to like come to me come to570.8396.601
me boy they did not think this one573.611.919
through all right Simon you ready to585.643.36
start going588.04.36
down uh no man I I I continue to I'm589.05.16
following your lead so yeah go ahead I592.362.96
mean I'm ready but I don't know what the594.162.96
hell's going on but you wanted to say no595.324.32
okay so we're going down here597.124.52
cuz we can always come back with the Gat599.644.199
uh-huh I don't even know what is going I605.63.84
don't the [ __ ] is wrong with you I don't607.884.28
know man listen it as of right now the609.444.88
whole like do you remember we can come612.164.359
back with the N oh it just seems extra614.324.68
condescending and then I fell off oh616.5194.481
crap so I fell you can get back up on619.04.839
this Leaf oh right on the that doesn't621.05.56
help all right where's this [ __ ] oh we623.8395.44
got two uh-oh all right let me corner626.565.2
yeah sucker sucker sucker yeah oh hey's629.2794.641
my buddy my buddy we're good Sim we're631.763.759
going to be good we're going to be good633.923.96
yeah okay you just get yourself to me635.5194.521
all right there's that leaf right by The637.883.199
Twig you640.044.44
fell yeah641.0793.401
yeah one down one down one there's a lot646.2796.521
of guys here use a650.126.24
sucker uhhuh come on come on652.86.0
ow is there another behind me uh656.365.96
probably oh there is wow sucker this was658.86.56
three you knocked out and you w't die662.326.639
you did and you die good job now we got665.366.159
this area somewhat clear I guess yeah I668.9595.161
just I really don't know at all what671.5194.481
you're doing except there's a bridge we674.124.36
got to make this676.02.48
jump and now we build up so we just have679.925.159
to grab the net whenever we need683.8392.761
something to build this whole time here685.0793.521
I didn't know that you had chosen this686.64.12
spot here to build up I talked about it688.63.96
previously you were just so mad at me690.723.76
you wanted to fight I just didn't692.564.32
understand you just wanted to fight all694.485.4
right let's start building the stuffs so696.885.28
should we have grabbed materials we can699.883.639
with the702.165.2
net that's what you said703.5193.841
before okay I think I got the layout710.323.84
good you know what I'm going to call it712.882.72
I'm going to go ahead and start laying714.164.16
down bricks Dr Tully cuz uh yeah when715.64.96
this thing pops pops off I feel like718.324.0
it's going to be Madness I might have720.565.519
damn 6 10 12 layers of bricks know what722.326.48
I mean like I don't want to fail this726.0795.121
you see the crew I'm dealing with like728.83.64
I'm I'm going to have to take extra731.24.879
precaution here cuz uh yeah my God all732.445.04
right let's see736.0795.241
here all right so there's one oh spikes737.485.52
I'm going to need to build a lot of741.324.24
spikes yeah like spikes everywhere like743.04.279
this place is going to be dangerous to745.564.36
walk through once I'm done woo this is747.2795.12
going to take a minute Dr Tully hope749.924.44
those other guys are having752.3996.281
fun can I use this can I make stairs but754.367.32
but why if you want I mean what I don't758.684.88
know why you want to struggle because761.683.68
I'm already up here and look I'm over763.564.279
here well I know I guess I don't want to765.365.039
struggle okay I cuz I I already I tried767.8393.881
to go up there and it's a pain in the770.3995.521
ass how much did you try um I tried uh771.726.64
here to left and then then work left775.924.479
yeah and then then go left up up top778.364.159
left yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah780.3993.24
yeah oh yeah you're going to get that782.5194.801
left right or or oh uh even that even783.6395.161
with that I could barely get in from787.324.0
over here really do you need me up there788.84.24
we're going into the castle together I791.324.28
know I me right now that's the plan that793.044.56
was the plan hey you build them steps795.63.52
and I'm going to move forward and build797.63.479
the final steps we need so once you get799.123.68
to exactly where I'm standing you let me801.0794.721
know right or I can wait here no but you802.85.56
can what I don't know why am I coming805.85.279
why am I going in Oh I thought we were a808.363.96
team all right never mind I thought we811.0793.361
were a team too you just don't want to812.325.6
come I'm saying what if if if if means814.446.04
we're not a team what if you oh [ __ ] I817.924.84
fell asking that doesn't mean we're not820.483.159
team back in the N it's all right okay823.6395.481
I'm grabbing stuff with the N all right827.0793.361
yeah you make your steps and I'll make829.122.76
these next steps all right we have830.445.44
enough material right yeah831.884.0
good all right and oh man is this oh I'm836.567.199
out of bricks already jeez but okay841.165.28
we're making some progress Dr Tully pull843.7596.76
up my new torch that I love okay so two846.446.12
stories each I'm thinking and then uh850.5193.921
yeah we put ceilings on each one of852.564.36
these and man I almost want to build a854.443.92
that's a lot of resources but like some856.923.599
sort of catwalk in between them all that858.364.52
way it's easy to run around let's see860.5194.161
probably won't be over here look looks862.884.8
like a cliff so that's good oh864.686.36
hey hey Anthony is this where you867.686.839
decided to hide not a good hiding871.046.2
spot okay so they coming from down here874.5195.88
as well might come from this direction877.245.08
hopefully not up top man that's the880.3993.201
thing they really could come from882.323.24
everywhere so yeah all right I'm883.64.4
thinking two layers of bricks each all885.564.279
right if we cover these up and then have888.03.519
another maybe two layers of bricks as889.8394.56
walls and then spikes and I mean891.5195.521
spikes um where do I get spikes that's894.3994.44
from like rose bushes man it's been so897.044.0
long since I've gotten spikes Dr Tully I898.8394.601
think I'm going to have to just go out901.044.56
where were they not down here oh these903.444.199
are mushrooms though this is good905.64.44
stuff we got a lot of work to do Dr907.6395.481
Tully thanks for your help say something910.045.359
stupid like I could use a billy hog bite913.124.839
right about915.3992.56
now and this should do919.887.959
it bam right and we have made it to the922.89.68
castle so here's the mouth what the927.8398.641
hell here we go Nimble quii batteries932.486.159
that's a heavy duty 9vt and that looks936.484.719
like the um the speaking The Voice did938.6395.281
you have Castle Grace skull no no I941.1994.681
didn't do anything he man as a child943.926.159
gotcha and that was a pop cap ooh can I945.887.36
I can chop this I can get a pop cap950.0797.081
okay gunpowder Clump wow we got953.247.24
gunpowder nice oh that's right that's957.165.28
it's a cap gun now I understand what it960.484.56
is okay this goes down into I don't want962.445.759
to mess with that I guess we cap we go965.047.68
up oh nice yeah all right so up to the968.1997.161
top up to the top and we're just told to972.725.0
just check this out can I bust this you975.363.76
don't know what you're looking977.724.4
for oh I just pushed in a button I don't982.125.56
know what it does I hear some okay well984.7595.121
we'll see what that does we know that987.685.519
there's some science up here science is989.887.48
good science science993.1997.161
science all right so keep on going up I997.367.479
guess yeah this floor looks be be hey1000.366.8
what what just to rule it out go ahead1004.8394.0
and stay looking at this floor like1007.163.0
stand in here and like look over at1008.8393.081
those wires or something in the1010.166.88
top let me hit this cing fear of the1011.927.599
Lord of swor1017.046.12
all right let's keep going up1019.5193.641
yeah oh look at Bird that's cool I could1024.7995.12
have swore I heard that castle talk1028.3193.441
though that's neat what you think Dr1029.9195.481
Tully you dumb raisin I think I'm going1031.766.199
to need all the needles in the world cuz1035.44.24
I got to build all the spike traps in1037.9592.88
world there we go where do you find I1040.8394.401
mean is this the best place for thistle1043.723.719
needle or is it just everywhere I feel1045.243.88
like these are rare as should talk to1047.4393.561
Dora he's kind of the arrow guy so I1049.124.48
think he gathers these all the time all1051.04.16
right so yeah I need it's just a new1053.63.079
group Mission it's like if anybody's out1055.163.399
and you see thistle1056.6795.841
don't not grab it cuz we need1058.5597.921
kts I hear it man so happy that bird1062.525.68
doesn't try to eat us first time I saw1066.484.16
that Dr tul I thought for sure oh he's1068.26.28
coming after us prepare yourself large1070.646.399
incoming where1077.0394.0
where what are you on about what are you1081.0396.441
on about Dr Tully man if you lost more1084.05.4
than your body good sir you have lost1087.484.079
too too to that's right TOS are good1095.286.6
yeah they are and that's a bu what1099.63.959
exactly they do but you guys do like1101.883.72
them well I mean they give us more1103.5594.561
Powers oh yeah it's like we get points1105.63.68
milk M all right let's go to the toppy1109.286.399
top tips tip tap A Tip Top a tippy tippy1112.445.119
tip to the bigy the bang bang a boogie1115.6795.411
boogie all right maybe over to here1117.5595.161
mhm come on oh I just went down oh wow1122.728.48
how am I even is this a thing does this1128.05.48
matter it's probably nothing up here huh1131.23.68
who knows there might be I mean you're1133.485.36
right there you can't get up huh um1134.887.6
oh man well oh we can look why don't we1138.848.52
become a Nat oh yeah okay boom what's1142.488.679
here got NS oh there's a mo up here it1147.367.28
looks is it a boss it's got a health bar1151.1595.76
yeah I think that we should do something1154.645.08
with this moth I mean1156.9195.601
right oh man yeah we got to at least1159.725.439
like wake it1162.522.639
up ooh okay come on now okay okay okay1167.249.24
come on all right okay okay he's okay oh1172.367.04
hey good boy look at you oh hey buddy1176.485.92
perfect timing perfect timing thank you1179.45.519
for showing up oh you got your buddy oh1182.44.96
that's great okay maybe stay out of that1184.9197.961
I don't know get him oh wow another stab1187.369.4
too yeah man you [ __ ] it up man yeah1192.886.08
that that packs a oh really1196.765.48
come on now you don't need you Dam oh no1198.966.44
okay hold on hold on all right oh God1202.245.559
and I got them both oh that's not good1205.44.48
all right hold on hold on coming at me1207.7993.721
oh they're coming oh God I wish they'1209.884.36
fight each other I wish they F just1211.525.6
fight 20 seconds you got time I got time1214.244.679
you got time okay come and get me real1217.123.76
quick so I can I can help you hold on1218.9196.721
okay okay oh yes crap holy crap I all1220.886.48
right I'm about to die wow that's not1225.644.279
good all right1227.364.28
okay all right I'm going to do that real1229.9194.321
quick oh1231.646.12
what I'm in okay hold on all right let1234.245.36
them eat on your butt for a second sure1237.764.279
your heal okay okay I got to get you I1239.65.6
got to get you okay okay come Seconds1242.0395.561
come on do okay I'm going over here I1245.24.28
hate this give me give me give give give1247.63.12
me give me give1249.483.84
suck hey hey I'm seeing some fluttering1253.324.92
going on up there what are y'all doing1256.723.199
fighting them all oh I want to fight1258.244.16
them all come fight them all fight okay1259.9194.0
oh I see you stair yeah give me a minute1262.44.04
oh I'm still going down in heal uh yeah1263.9194.601
and you know what I am not doing good1266.447.16
either oh boy oh oh go okay we got this1268.528.2
there it is thank goodness I got this1273.65.48
bow that hurt that hurt I'm probably1276.723.839
going to die oh I'm really hurting I'm1279.083.32
going to die too probably be better up1280.5593.801
dead let me get a cou St not one more1282.45.24
hit come on one more hit yes oh we got1284.366.48
it you guys got it yeah we got it oh1287.645.88
awesome oh hey meet me at the1290.846.839
bottom oh yeah look at your1293.524.159
boys it does look1302.0396.961
cool Hello Dora hello1305.2797.681
zit yeah I wonder what's down here I1309.07.72
guess we'll find out next time on1312.966.599
Grounded see that that's a teaser boys1316.725.24
all right yeah tell te next episode they1319.5594.961
did that in the old Batman shows yeah1321.963.88
that's why they left it back to that1324.523.68
time well we're bringing it back boom1325.844.12
see if you want to watch one of these1328.23.28
videos you can click on one of them1329.962.959
subscribe subscribe if you haven't if1331.482.84
you're here you probably subscribe if1332.9193.64
you made it this far right that's absurd1334.323.8
yeah just click on something yeah click1336.5592.761
on something enjoy yourselves you're1338.123.18
here have a good time we love you1339.326.739

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