Why is This Even In The Game? - Breathedge

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel? I'm talking about Breathedge, and let me tell yo...
Why is This Even In The Game?  -  Breathedge
Why is This Even In The Game? - Breathedge

Why is This Even In The Game? - Breathedge

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen this video? Why is this even in the game? It's just ridiculous!

simon: Oh yeah, I watched it! It's so funny how they try to make sense of the nonsense in Breathedge. It's like they're on a mission to find the most absurd things in the game!

neebs: I know, right? It's like they're just trolling us with these weird elements. But hey, that's what makes it entertaining for us and our viewers!

simon: Definitely! It's all about having fun and not taking things too seriously. Plus, it gives us a chance to showcase our silly reactions and banter while playing.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel? I'm talking about Breathedge, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button because you don't want to miss out on any of their awesome content.

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all right hey I'm back hey there how you46.1994.561
doing super you almost look like you're48.645.04
standing um yeah like when I come in for50.764.599
a second I was like oh maybe he's not53.684.199
paralyzed anymore but this counts I'm55.3595.761
thinking about entering the Iron Man57.8795.16
I I think I'd hold back on that buddy61.123.6
okay well you know until we're out of63.0393.44
this go big or go home that's what I was64.724.2
told well yeah I would okay sure go big66.4795.201
go for it all right so I got more68.925.12
resources uh went out and got some paint71.684.32
and I rided our old stuff yeah all right74.045.039
I can make this helmet covered with76.06.159
paint sweet that's going to look good79.0794.801
it's going to look stupid all right I82.1593.881
guess I'll put this on you ready yep all83.883.68
right helmet covered with paint let's86.044.92
see it yep I love it87.566.559
this okay I radiation level90.965.799
is I'll give you directions fly to the94.1195.601
left or to be more precise to the right96.7595.72
okay your other right which is at the99.725.24
top okay that was a bad idea it's a very102.4793.881
bad idea you probably shouldn't have104.963.08
built that yeah how am I supposed to see106.363.079
this is supposed to protect me from108.043.119
radiation I would just rather be109.4394.0
radiated I think I hate this nebes well111.1593.681
you bought it it's yours you might as113.4394.161
well use it I can't use it I can't see114.844.199
okay well all right can you guide me out117.63.6
the door sure119.0393.561
all right can121.25.48
I okay it's cold cold122.67.32
cold go forward I heard the door open126.685.24
yep well now this might be dumb cuz if I129.923.2
get out there I won't be able to see to131.922.48
get back in yeah you'll probably freeze133.122.8
the death out there yeah no this doesn't134.43.52
make any sense why did I make this I135.923.88
don't know well it said it was it said I137.923.84
needed more radiation protection throw139.84.159
that away you don't need that all right141.764.0
well let me put my other one back on143.9593.521
when I was a kid we had radiation for145.764.759
breakfast what it was delicious and we147.485.36
loved it I get you're old you're trying150.5194.401
to do yeah that that whole stick of when152.845.36
I was your age mhm but come on radiation154.925.44
for breakfast yep you're being dumb158.26.48
you're a baby okay let's see so well my160.367.56
next goal is to oh boy all right yeah I164.684.72
guess I'm just going to go out there go167.923.399
as go as far as I can and just see what169.44.28
I can find all right I'll just wait here171.3194.081
yeah you do that I might train for the173.684.279
Iron Man175.42.559
all right ne's oxygen just hit 100 m and188.8794.801
uh looks like there's a point of192.3195.601
interest about 600 M away going there uh193.686.72
may as well this is working autonomous197.923.76
station uh oh there's an oxygen station201.686.6
here you found one out there I think so204.486.759
check it out C on come on be an oxygen208.285.56
station interesting design the wiring211.2393.92
schemes of the steering wheel are even213.842.64
less complicated than in the pleasure215.1593.321
ships all right216.484.44
cool you can connect an oxygen station218.483.759
here if I've understood the blueprint220.923.56
correctly I can connect an oxygen222.2395.521
station here wait repair let's see wait224.486.479
I I made a repair tool hold on let's see227.765.44
repair tool repair tool where are you if230.9593.681
that place is nicer than ours we're233.23.759
moving huh maybe let's see I'm repairing234.646.519
it um refill oxygen236.9597.521
oh yeah it's a oxygen station right here241.1594.92
there you go seems244.484.959
unlimited man all right oh boy this is246.0794.921
great I'm stopping and I'm sucking is249.4393.88
that a candle heck yeah that's a251.04.879
candle here I was worried about you uh253.3194.16
well I got an oxygen station in my255.8793.561
pocket yeah oh I'm going to grab these257.4793.48
candles though sometimes you can be259.443.68
frivolous let's see babe found food a260.9594.041
lot of green food so that's good oh I'll263.123.28
take a little extra food and a little265.04.72
extra water how's it going with you too266.45.72
uh it's not she texts me constantly I269.723.52
don't like272.124.359
her well you know what let me let me I'm273.244.12
going to suck and I'm going to keep276.4793.121
going there's no perfect woman you know277.364.2
yeah you're not wrong about that so279.63.24
sometimes you just got to accept the281.564.199
flaws and I'm not getting any younger282.845.48
you know are you interested in her no285.7594.081
I'm talking about grandbabies I'm not288.323.28
having what one you're not even my damn289.844.4
Grandpa two uh I'm not giving you any291.64.319
grandbabies if that's if that's the294.242.84
angle you're trying to play there was a295.9193.72
Survivor temporarily apparently there297.084.88
was a Survivor here temporarily so299.6394.0
there's there's not a damn Survivor God301.963.84
I hate my AI SPAC suit constantly303.6394.041
chattering on about something judging by305.83.32
the number of antennas this is either a307.683.04
communication point or a communication309.123.28
point from Another Side of the liner in310.722.84
any case there's a chance to find312.43.32
Normandy and the other survivors during313.563.52
the explosion of the bridge I managed to315.722.599
take measurements of your body to order317.082.72
a coffin but it didn't come in handy318.3193.081
after all I'd like to note you're in319.83.32
great shape keep it up you're almost not321.45.76
so fat well hey there we go I'll take323.124.04
it all right what is this what am I327.724.599
looking at here329.965.079
e what the hell what are you looking at332.3194.88
I don't know yet hold on let's see a335.0394.041
miracle of engineering this vacuum337.1994.161
cleaner flew fast but not for too long339.084.44
oh it was a vacuum cleaner pull it out341.364.399
um let me pull out this vacuum cleaner343.523.76
yep bring it back this place is getting345.7594.321
dirty hold on a Rocket vacuum347.288.68
cleaner fuel sit can I Rite this350.088.2
what you're riding a vacuum cleer I am355.964.72
riding a vacuum cleaner cleaner in358.286.759
space what all right okay fuel360.687.4
durability all right I found okay I365.0395.841
found a vehicle kind of yeah hey how368.084.08
fast does it go you know who's going to370.883.0
be impressed by that if you say that372.163.879
damn [ __ ] that keeps texting me babe373.884.319
shut no I'm not trying to impress her376.0393.521
with this vehicle that's what we did378.1992.681
back in the day you got to impress the379.563.52
ladies with the hot rod with a vacuum380.884.319
cleaner you can ride you're the only guy383.084.559
around yeah well then unfortunately I385.1993.761
don't really have to try do turned out387.6394.12
to be l skillful driver okay oh wow so388.967.0
he just uh Slamm head first into that391.7596.241
okay I'm going to go check this point of395.963.72
Interest okay my Oxygen's getting a398.03.479
little low where was that station all399.684.04
right how fast is this401.4795.201
thingo this thing's pretty Zippy oh yeah403.726.4
yeah this ain't bad vom vroom V vroom406.685.919
indeed I just got to keep it fueled all410.124.28
right coming back to this o station I'll412.5995.6
take a breath and then I'll go over414.43.799
oh man is this another place I could426.083.799
potentially haul up looks like someone427.83.519
tried to get inside the module using the429.8793.32
shuttle as a battering ram by the way431.3193.201
did you know that originally the heads433.1992.72
of some battering rams were carved in434.523.239
the shape of a ram that's an interesting435.9195.201
fact all right can I get in here yep yep437.7596.481
yep is this oxygen the chance the441.125.24
electrical tape is 46% which makes the444.243.799
dispenser the safest tool for useless446.363.399
construction and wasting your time time448.0393.0
remember not to put the loose end of the449.7593.201
electrical tape down your throat the451.0394.321
pilot ENT the module well partly at any452.963.799
rate his brains are scattered all over455.363.04
the corridor they most likely got into456.7593.0
the vent and activated the airlock458.43.359
pressurization protocol you need to find459.7594.361
another airlock to get inside okay so I461.7594.16
can't get into this464.124.799
ship uh this way got to find another way465.9194.641
what is this a468.9194.12
generator mhm simple generator for470.563.72
electricity those are great storms okay474.285.879
oh God she's texting again oh boy she477.5995.28
won't stop texting she likes480.1596.32
you she she doesn't oxygen candles482.8796.081
that's good water that's good how do you486.4794.56
explain all the text then all right I488.964.799
don't know what is a dispenser491.0396.401
blueprint inductor493.7596.44
dispenser okay new task I got to find a497.446.159
passage into the module all right got to500.1996.12
find a passage anything I can use here503.5997.191
Tom Rider oh I love this506.3197.94
game wow this looks cool yeah did you520.1595.401
look for a door that's what I'm looking523.2794.161
for just looking for anything here on525.565.16
the side oh wait there's a527.443.28
marker might be a way in underneath the531.3995.841
ship mhm it's like an air lock the534.444.8
service airlock to be more precise this537.244.12
was the service air lock unfortunately539.243.8
now it's gone but if you scan how it541.363.56
system works and get the necessary tools543.042.84
we could try to repair it to544.922.56
depressurize the doors all right let me545.882.72
give it a547.484.08
scan come548.65.2
on construction551.566.519
kit oh wait do I need a construction kit553.85.84
you don't have a construction kit do you558.0793.121
I don't think I have one on me I've559.643.56
picked I think I picked up561.25.639
some oh let's see dispenser oh I got to563.25.96
make a dispenser it needs a dis566.8394.24
dispenser not a construction kit569.164.6
dispenser a dispenser which I learned571.0796.161
how I got the blueprint for like a p573.765.16
dispenser I don't know man it says577.242.96
dispenser and I don't know how the hell578.924.28
you use a dispenser to uh repair an580.24.879
airlock is there a crafting station583.23.12
where you are well that's what I was585.0794.2
about to take a look at let's see H is586.324.8
this a crafting station no this is the589.2793.441
blueprint for the591.124.159
dispenser I don't see a crafting station592.724.16
here buddy and there wasn't one where595.2793.721
your little air place is either I can go596.885.0
back back and check uh right over there599.04.64
I mean I could also fly around a little601.885.12
bit more maybe I missed a thing cuz yeah603.644.92
God going all the way back I mean I got607.04.36
to go back for you eventually yep but it608.565.12
would suck to have to go back right now611.365.039
well you got that vacuum thing now so613.684.52
that's true could be a little616.3993.641
zippier all right we know this is out618.23.56
here I'm going to take the vacuum620.044.28
cleaner and I'm I'm coming back to you621.763.34
oo NES this thing is amazing oh you're652.164.76
back already I'm back already this thing655.364.24
is so fast I barely got dinner started656.926.0
yeah oh vacuum cleaner I love you I love659.66.479
you so much it's amazing okay but this662.926.52
stuff over here I remember getting some666.0796.161
of this uh this resin Supply uh oh I669.444.76
need the Grabber always need something672.243.08
why in the world they can't they give me674.23.439
more than four [ __ ] slots okay but675.325.0
this resin Supply as a kid we only had677.6395.76
one slot shut the [ __ ] up here we go680.325.199
some of this I think I could use this to683.3993.961
fuel coming in687.365.68
you here we go here we go here we go all689.8394.68
right you doing okay yep you're going to693.043.28
have to make dinner cuz uh I didn't694.5194.32
realize you're going to be back so soon696.324.959
were you planning on making dinner yeah698.8395.0
I was going to make turkey and cranberry701.2796.8
sauce and gravy green beans and mashed703.8395.8
potatoes shut up you weren going to make708.0794.401
anything and corn okay let's see let me709.6395.041
look at this we want to see this712.484.12
dispenser thing right well yeah all714.684.88
right battery an inductor metal thick716.65.239
electrical tape okay what's an719.564.6
inductor is that a is that a composite721.8393.761
resource oh my God look at all this new724.163.96
stuff I know how to make all right well725.65.44
what about fuel fuel is something I728.126.0
definitely need to make uhhuh and is731.047.76
that in fuel metal and resin734.127.24
easy easy I've been keeping some metal738.85.399
here got some resin741.365.08
soap and744.1997.08
fuel yes on your little uh vacuum rocket746.446.92
go hook up with that little girly you go751.2793.841
cruising yeah not going to hook up with753.363.4
her I mean I hope she's alive and I hope755.123.64
I get her out of here yeah You' been756.764.56
cruising cruising yeah you mean just758.764.72
like driving for the sake of driving all761.324.24
the kids go downtown and just763.485.44
Cruise same street it still happens just765.565.32
doing laps not even going anywhere I get768.924.039
it and you know it used to be cool770.884.88
actually it didn't you know why cuzz a772.9594.88
lot of those cars got that loud ass775.764.48
engines like you Tred to have a nice777.8395.201
meal downtown you got to780.245.68
hear how's that783.045.159
go who wants to hear that who wants to785.924.32
hear that all damn day nobody see I'm an788.1995.241
old soul at heart right yeah maybe we're790.244.279
both grandpas all right I'm going to see793.443.839
if I can refill the vacuum cleaner all794.5194.921
right I got the fuel so how does this797.2794.721
huh oh okay use some fuel so now I got804.045.08
44 out of 100 oh I should make as much806.9593.841
fuel as I can fill that thing all the809.124.48
way up yeah you could be a gas attendant810.84.96
how many places that do that yeah yeah813.64.88
yeah yeah God for places that are just815.765.879
really desperate for work yeah I guess818.484.479
so I would never want to be a gas821.6393.2
antenna actually I'm annoyed at them822.9593.281
anyone is like oh I got to pump your gas824.8393.041
no [ __ ] you pump my own gas what else826.243.0
could we turn into a job that doesn't827.884.519
need to be done lots of things boy I I829.244.64
feel like our yeah there's a lot of832.3993.401
paperwork in this we're getting833.883.879
political let's shut835.84.19
all right got enough stuff I can make843.563.68
inductor and with the inductor I can now847.2410.12
make the dispenser yeah here we851.685.68
go you going to head right back out858.443.519
there I don't know I kind of want to see860.484.479
like what what is this thing short on861.9595.12
resources okay didn't have time to read864.9594.24
that dispenser dispenser867.0794.521
build oh you can build your own place869.1997.64
huh what oh my God okay this just got871.67.96
insane floors pianos oh all the stuff876.8396.201
I've been scanning right yeah tubes879.566.92
power oh God there's power to be okay oh883.046.4
God yep okay okay but how in the world886.485.44
are we using this to get into that air889.444.72
lock well didn't you say the air lock891.923.719
was broke guess you got to build a new894.163.28
one is that what it wants me to do cuz I895.6394.521
scanned it okay uh I guess I'm going897.444.36
back out there then should probably take900.163.44
some resources then yeah what do you901.83.479
need to build I don't I don't know I903.64.039
mean I can gather resources out there905.2794.12
try that thing out I go out go outside907.6394.921
and see if you can build an air909.3993.161
lock airlock uh okay so I need aluminum914.1996.601
and titanium there you go all right918.045.32
small airlock aluminum titanium all920.84.52
right I think I have so I need to take923.363.2
aluminum and925.323.12
titanium I mean hopefully I can find926.564.56
this stuff out there you don't want to928.444.24
risk it do you no I don't all right931.124.24
let's put this away uh let's see yep932.685.24
there's my aluminum and I know yeah I935.364.159
got a little bit of937.926.399
titanium okay okay all right and uh yeah939.5196.56
I think I got the vacuum cleaner fueled944.3195.161
up so yep here I go look at that my946.0796.0
grandson's a construction man now yes949.485.0
sure all right got a little bit extra952.0795.521
fuel in my pocket here I go I'll be back954.486.12
all right I'm back to the ship good979.1996.601
let's see plenty of fuel God plenty of982.726.679
breath I didn't get halfway so fast dude985.86.24
this thing is amazing a game changer an989.3995.761
absolute Game Changer all right so now992.044.279
this uh oh up up996.3195.121
reconstruct module isn't selected okay I1002.3996.401
got to select not the tube this would1005.86.719
have been an airlock or a small air lock1008.85.76
was it small I don't know how big does1012.5195.481
it look uh let's see I'll try this1014.565.079
small air lock re God damn it okay1019.6396.8
fine small airlock here we go why did1023.66.359
you want a big one so much I don't know1026.4395.841
just however your biometric data shows a1029.9593.84
fit of acute frustration with the visual1032.282.88
implementation of the construction1033.7992.601
system that doesn't match the given1035.163.12
developer promises and screenshots the1036.43.2
breath Edge agency is trying to take1038.282.72
care of its customer mental health1039.62.76
therefore I have to start stimulating1041.02.439
your brain to create visual1042.363.839
hallucinations oh God my my AI is1043.4394.0
stimulating my brain what your1046.1992.84
construction look more attractive now1047.4392.881
but there may be some side effects that1049.0392.88
are not worth paying attention to oh1050.325.4
cool you all right what the [ __ ] uh yeah1051.9195.88
the AI is creating hallucinations to uh1055.723.52
to make the air lock look better wait1057.7994.0
can I breathe in1059.244.72
here I'm not getting any breath nope I1061.7993.76
need to turn around let me let me turn1063.963.64
around real quick and go take a1065.5594.601
breath over there what were you going1067.65.56
into I the ship does the ship not have1070.165.84
air I have I I I didn't see it I got in1073.164.84
there and I wasn't my breath wasn't re1076.02.96
oh so I'm going to get my breath all the1078.964.56
way up before I go in there okay playing1081.124.24
it smart you know you got candles too1083.523.72
right oh yeah I got candles do you have1085.363.84
like the other kind of candles though1087.244.439
like romantic whenever you know no I1089.24.12
don't we're in1091.6799.24
space so when you get back maybe you1100.9194.921
build us a place and there's like a1104.24.359
little uh I don't really know the word1105.844.36
all I know is Granny flat but I'm not a1108.5594.681
granny a what granny flat a granny flat1110.24.599
is that what they call yeah like a place1113.244.2
to to move an old person into what would1114.7994.36
you call uh you need to find the central1117.443.119
interphone if there's anything left1119.1593.041
undamaged there and you don't try fixing1120.5593.041
it then we have a chance all right of1122.24.24
course there's air in here mhm hey you1123.65.12
never be too careful though no what1126.443.92
would you call is it only grandma that1128.723.88
get to live in these Flats clearly not1130.363.52
what happens when the grandpa needs a1132.63.64
place to live he moves into the granny1133.885.039
flat man what would you call call it1136.245.84
like an in-law uh well I've heard1138.9195.76
mother-in-law sweet but never grandpa1142.084.64
sweet no you're right yeah it is always1144.6793.48
female I mean yeah let's face it the1146.725.199
males die first don't they let's see oh1148.1595.721
I'm going to put a change of that oh1151.9194.481
it's a gravity in here yeah hey I'm1153.885.56
inside this ship there gravity this is1156.46.2
great I'm going to move in here uh Hey a1159.445.8
first aid kit is there room for Grandpa1162.65.24
flat uh there seems to be plenty of room1165.244.48
for a Grandpa flat I don't know let me1167.844.839
explore this place try to unclog the1169.726.439
ventilation oh all right oh I need a1172.6797.36
grabber lucky me and I was correct the1176.1595.76
brains Clogg the ventilation now the1180.0393.481
security system should shut down which1181.9192.88
will allow you to unlock the door1183.523.92
manually from inside NE I don't even1184.7995.161
know what I'm doing here what are any of1187.444.4
us doing here right I don't know I'm1189.963.959
just following what my AI tells me to do1191.844.079
and it's all very vague oh I guess this1193.9194.841
is part of this dude's brain1195.9196.88
you should keep that I'm leaving1198.764.039
it oh wow anybody alive in here seems1209.124.88
like during the crash they smashed their1212.722.52
heads against the console which now1214.02.919
appears to be nonfunctional it's a shame1215.242.96
that airbags are not provided in1216.9193.201
spaceships the observation post was1218.23.64
broken before the crash all the records1220.123.28
are missing looks like a1221.844.88
diversion well we didn't have airbags1223.46.279
when I was a kid yeah no okay let's oh1226.725.88
God I think everybody's dead dude yep1229.6795.24
everybody's dead aboard this1232.65.439
ship let's see what were they1234.9195.441
doing all right let me look at their uh1238.0394.241
communication Point1240.364.96
here see Hello the interphone is out of1242.284.68
order which is to be expected from a1245.323.16
commonplace Indie video game where the1246.963.8
main gameplay is based on oh wait it1248.483.72
actually is in order however1250.762.96
Communications are down and the antenna1252.23.719
needs to be fixed again of course I got1253.724.16
to go outside and fix the antenna it's1255.9193.88
all right right you in construction now1257.884.279
uh yeah now i' I've learned a lot since1259.7994.401
my uh first forray into fixing you need1262.1593.561
a special pass which is issued only to1264.23.24
employees of the liner okay this is only1265.724.4
for employees can I open it anyway hit1267.446.16
it oh yeah okay you need a handy either1270.126.0
a handy Scrapper or I could uh yeah I1273.63.959
could either break it or I got to find1276.123.96
an employee1277.5595.691
pass oh achievement unlocked1284.44.519
deconstructor cool you just break open a1286.7993.921
door with a scrapper the anten1288.9193.401
miraculously remained intact you may1290.723.52
start debugging but where's the antenna1292.323.4
I wanted to use the audio file from the1294.242.96
first chapter to reduce the cost of1295.723.16
development looks like it wasn't the1297.23.12
antenna that caused a problem but these1298.883.64
broken wires you need to deal with it1300.325.839
broken wires uh what's this there's a1302.527.44
guy over here the green Universe was for1306.1595.361
green Universe1309.964.04
radicals okay oh God his guts are1311.525.84
hanging out damn dude access code Blue1314.05.039
okay bypass the defense take the records1319.0396.76
assist the object as much as you can1322.47.0
what Blue Bell all right weird isn't1325.7995.521
that an ice cream I think it is an ice1329.46.8
cream okay so I do have a repair tool1331.329.359
will that be of help in this1336.27.0
neutralize I don't think it'll help did1343.25.479
the repair till do it uh1345.646.68
repair we go there we go me neutralize1348.6795.841
it with the chicken I don't think it'll1352.324.2
help okay and1354.525.639
repair broken wires 20 there we1356.527.279
go H neutralize it with the chicken I1360.1595.4
don't think it'll help well it's helping1363.7995.401
broken wires are at 20% 40%1365.5595.801
60% n all right let me neutralize it1369.23.52
with the chicken what are you doing with1371.362.799
it chicken I think it'll neutralizing1372.722.48
electricity neutralizing it the broken1375.24.44
wire problem is solved try to catch a1377.764.2
signal from Normandy oh all right I1379.644.68
think I solved1381.965.839
it damn engineering genius all right1384.325.359
let's see if I can get a signal from1387.7993.721
Normandy I wish you could fix this1389.6793.921
television in here let's1391.525.56
see uh someone can hear us this is the1393.66.28
crew some water food shuttle's a bit1397.084.32
damaged Captain's trying to fix it if1399.883.12
you can hear us and want to get res1401.43.159
amazing that they are alive even with a1403.03.32
serious decrease in the cor's activity1404.5593.761
it still must be extremely uncomfortable1406.324.08
okay oh I see some Activity Connection1410.45.36
Normandy all right I guess I got to1416.644.72
build a service1418.5592.801
module why do we want that I have no1421.444.32
man [ __ ] if you take into account your1425.763.799
excessive consumption of water and food1428.03.559
resorting to this would not be1429.5596.841
easy what I hate my AI I hate babe I1431.5596.401
think the only person I like here is you1436.43.04
I don't even like you that much listen1437.963.12
I've set the bar High you can't compare1439.443.28
everybody to me you won't like anybody1441.082.92
well then why am I building a service1442.723.88
module I don't know you open a fast food1444.03.919
place or something I don't know it wants1446.63.28
me to build a service module or you're1447.9193.921
not going to be a gas pump boy are you1449.883.0
man I don't know I'd rather you get in1451.842.16
construction I don't know what I'm going1452.882.399
to be I just seem to be floating from1454.02.96
thing to thing here with like no no real1455.2795.401
reason to do it okay build a service1456.967.769
module so medium service module two1466.7996.161
construction kits and electronics of1470.3995.721
which I think I have all right let me1472.964.64
see if I can build it guess I just build1476.124.08
it right out here there you go uh this1477.64.959
is a good little bit of empty space hey1480.24.719
this works out perfect doesn't it maybe1482.5594.761
cuz this place is the grandpa flat this1484.9195.041
is spot and then you and babe over1487.324.28
there yeah I don't know what you're1489.964.68
thinking but shut up uh let's see1491.66.24
confirm make room for babies boom Oh now1494.645.88
I got to build an airlock mhm for the1497.844.839
station this is crazy I can build my own1500.525.44
damn space station yeah you can Dude1502.6795.441
does it have oxygen in it oh well I got1505.963.079
generator okay build an air lock all1509.0395.281
right let me uh let's see I guess can I1511.2795.64
build a small air lock aluminum and1514.324.56
titanium yeah just need a little bit of1516.9195.201
titanium which I think I have hold1518.883.24
on I think I can build okay yeah I'll1524.486.96
build it right1527.845.6
okay so boom module airlock now I got to1533.446.04
build an oxygen generator what do I need1536.966.36
for that uh oh that's power generator1539.487.28
oxygen oh I got to build a damn inductor1543.325.4
you've done that before uh yep all right1546.764.48
y just give me a1548.725.88
minute all right another1551.246.4
inductor and with that let's see if we1554.66.319
we can build a oxygen1557.645.6
generator all right you just put it on1560.9194.24
the side put it wherever you want it1563.244.28
can't you I guess so I guess that'll1565.1594.201
look uh you know what I'm going to stick1567.525.24
it in the back1569.366.679
yeah boom all right and now it just1572.765.6
needs a power1576.0396.401
generator boom build a research table oh1578.367.559
boy research T oh right there thick1582.445.52
thick electrical tape and resin need all1585.9193.48
right let me grab that have you even1587.963.64
been in your place yet no that's going1589.3994.64
to be exciting huh I hope so so this is1591.64.559
my place now actually yeah that's that's1594.0393.52
true yeah we can each have our own place1596.1593.52
it's a gry flat yeah this will be the1597.5593.641
granny flat1599.6794.6
gry okay think I got the stuff to build1604.2796.28
a research1608.846.48
table maybe like right here1610.5597.881
boom research the electrical engineer1615.327.52
space suit what w man okay all right oh1618.446.08
so this engineer are you going in I'm1622.843.8
going in I'm checking it1624.526.159
out and hey hey home sweet damn home oh1626.646.08
this place is great now when you get1630.6793.561
married you got to do the ho not going1632.723.28
to do that you know the threshold thing1634.243.88
nope this is a bachelor pad my friend1636.03.279
you know I'm talking about threshold1638.122.919
thing no what's that the threshold the1639.2794.041
threshold not a thing people get married1641.0394.321
you got to carry your wife Across the1643.324.4
Threshold oh is that why yeah yeah okay1645.363.84
you carry him carry her through the door1647.723.319
in your arms you got to watch her head1649.24.52
though cuz the doors oh yeah of course1651.0393.961
uh but that ain't going to happen let's1653.723.36
see oh all right so research the1655.04.159
electrical engineer1657.085.439
spacit why do I is that not still a1659.1595.841
thing the threshold carry I don't know1662.5194.601
oh here it is research1665.05.039
table oh my goodness look at all these1667.125.439
Vehicles bribe money holy moly this is1672.5595.521
this is overwhelming okay1675.5194.28
see where this is going oh an enhanced1678.084.24
handy Scrapper with a 99 durability now1679.7995.321
you could use that a blaster a blaster1682.325.4
oh man oh I'm I'm staying up all night1685.125.439
oh God this is1687.722.839
awesome I'll see you in the morning Dees1690.64.87
yep call before coming1693.03913.401

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