What Is That Thing??? - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to share with you the latest video on the channel where they continue to explore and lea...
What Is That Thing??? - Grounded
What Is That Thing??? - Grounded

What Is That Thing??? - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that new video, 'What Is That Thing???' It's my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where they're trying to figure out what that weird thing is? Hilarious!

appsro: I love how they just keep getting more confused as they try to understand it. Classic Neebs Gaming!

neebs: And don't forget the Christmas Shirt merch plug in the description! Gotta love that shameless self-promotion.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to share with you the latest video on the channel where they continue to explore and learn more about this tiny world we love so much. The enthusiasm and passion these guys have for gaming and creating content is just contagious, isn't it?

In this video, they are sporting some awesome Christmas shirts that you can check out in the link provided. And of course, don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already to stay up to date with all the latest Neebs Gaming adventures. They also have a Patreon where you can support them and some cool merch that you can get your hands on to show off your love for the channel.

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So, grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to join Neebs and the gang on another exciting gaming adventure. I can't wait to see what they discover next in this tiny world we all love exploring with them. Let's show our support and spread the Neebs love!

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you want to try5.3593.54
oh crap I guess we gotta go back to the22.1994.08
tree is the tree the one that's like the23.765.279
thing that's marked 280 two centimeters26.2795.4
yep that's it 284 seven yeah that's it29.0395.101
neebs you went there I went there yeah31.6794.261
with drellies you look good you got like34.143.84
freaking armor on yeah I made it out of35.944.38
the twigs and stuff damn I didn't do any37.984.079
of that yet I guess I should work on40.323.96
that at some point yeah hey I'll uh42.0593.781
finish this door up if you want to go to44.283.24
the tree house yeah you finish the door45.843.18
I don't know if you guys can research47.523.059
any of the stuff we found maybe unlock49.024.14
some more crafting materials I'll try to50.5794.021
do that I'll look at what we've got and53.163.239
see if I can uh research it and stuff54.63.84
like that so we should stay here for now56.3993.601
right you know what I feel like this is58.442.52
going to be a game we're gonna have60.03.059
outposts set up everywhere yep I like60.964.32
that all right Simon you ready to go yep63.0595.641
all right good luck out there guys hey I65.286.18
tell you what look out for spiders sorry68.75.16
I was looking at the wrong person71.464.38
still take the advice73.863.48
you got it75.843.72
oh juice77.346.599
Simon what juice juice yeah see uh the79.565.879
juice box yeah look right above you all83.9393.481
that juice oh wait a second and also85.4393.18
wait is this juice right here that I87.425.82
could drink exactly so oh man that's a88.6196.421
lot of juice for a little girl yeah it93.243.839
is I'm gonna have to pee very soon wait95.043.719
there's there's something on top of that97.0793.961
juice box you see that98.7594.68
um glow in pink101.045.24
caves yeah what do you like better103.4397.381
Weevil meat or Nat roast I love them106.288.08
both equally you do uh-huh110.825.52
so is that are you that way about like114.364.2
just everything uh nope I like chicken116.345.16
more than steak but as far as these two118.566.36
go oh yeah these are equal okay gotcha121.55.399
because they both I'll tell you the124.924.14
second one I thought let's see126.8995.7
where's the hmm is that what you wanted129.065.64
to ask me yeah no I didn't want to stop132.5993.241
you but you didn't have to come and look134.72.82
at me but it was just a question like135.846.02
normal talk oh got you like work talk137.524.34
all right this is getting real close144.867.599
all right Booyah yeah I love it I'm148.086.54
gonna just try to do it to do it nope152.4593.661
didn't do it but you did that's all the154.622.52
matter all right let's see if I can get156.123.36
up here to the straw yep yep what is it157.144.56
what is this I found159.486.18
I found it scar dot b what is that you161.76.6
ska.b scheme Poncho I have no idea what165.664.68
that is I have to research that all168.33.299
right I'm gonna see if I can drop down170.343.84
to the straw oh171.5995.881
oh and there it is pinky pinky glowy174.186.19
stuff yeah and it is177.484.94
science science182.423.0
all right we got I think with science we186.266.52
can learn different building materials I189.05.94
hope so maybe we can learn a roof right192.783.9
okay are you still good on food and194.943.36
water we could head towards the big tree196.684.02
yeah man I'm looking good all right I'm198.35.34
coming down oh [ __ ] ow I'm fine fine200.75.24
okay you're fine yeah203.645.499
I just went to get some drink okay okay211.8194.42
what are you looking at214.922.48
okay yeah right in front of my face you217.44.119
see it no he's a mess219.93.96
a what he's a mess yeah do you see it221.5194.5
that way yeah okay good I just want to223.863.599
make sure I wasn't losing my [ __ ] are226.0193.061
you gonna eat him or just I don't know227.4592.521
how to229.083.9
I don't know where he is can we uh maybe229.985.78
he's not really there232.982.78
that's probably for the best huh237.7395.261
right yeah sorry to take your time again240.9595.161
yeah no that was uh it seemed more243.04.88
relevant yeah246.123.56
Simon you think this is a solar light uh249.685.02
it looks like it maybe it comes on at252.844.139
night yeah I mean we should probably do254.74.02
we have coordinates I forget is there a256.9793.181
map in this yeah there's a map it's like258.723.18
you know most of these games hit him so260.164.62
be careful up here yep uh no man I'm261.94.26
looking at these acorns you know that264.783.66
you can make flour out of acorns really266.164.38
yeah you gotta leech the acorns there's268.444.02
like Acorn meat in there you gotta like270.544.86
I don't know get the get the the sticky272.465.16
stuff out these acidic stuff out and275.43.96
then you could use that stuff inside to277.623.42
to eat [ __ ] you want to try to do that279.363.779
with these acorns I would love to but I281.043.36
don't think you can but I'm saying it's283.1393.901
a sustainable food source if you know284.44.739
how to prepare it one to know one to287.043.719
grow on what do we get we should be able289.1393.601
to eat those but yeah I knew I found290.7596.841
this uh Diamond what what cyan inside292.747.21
yeah ah I uh I discovered um well with303.386.819
the research the resource thingy308.7594.921
whatever we can make stuffed Nat no wait310.1995.701
do you eat that I haven't I'm just313.683.9
saying now we can make it is that is315.93.12
that something I eat317.583.42
stuffed Nat it sounds like a way you319.024.019
would prepare nap how come you don't321.03.84
answer my question what did you ask you323.0393.961
eat it324.845.76
it's a way you prepare yes I would327.06.12
imagine right it's stuffed Nat okay yes330.64.5
thank you I don't believe you now you333.123.359
sound very confused and there's a335.14.92
spoiled meat slurry we can make okay336.4795.341
a slurry340.024.92
yeah does it does it give you like a a341.825.58
buff I don't I don't know344.945.16
okay see but you learned it through347.43.96
science we probably got to build a350.13.18
blender all right351.363.839
stuff from that353.283.66
better not be a355.1993.141
Taxidermy thing356.946.08
Simon look at this dump yeah I wasn't363.624.359
expecting to see anything like this in365.943.539
the backyard367.9794.321
right I guess uh whoever this guy is at369.4794.981
trunk us must have shrunk his laboratory372.34.44
all right put it under a tree but let's374.465.88
see we gotta go over here use biometric376.746.0
scanner so hold on here I go380.346.199
mm-hmm you're so brave382.743.799
uh oh we gotta retrieve a super chip for389.345.4
burgle let's see where do we do that we392.224.919
gotta find the Hedge lab well where the394.743.66
hell is the Hedge lab yeah this is397.1393.06
burgle Simon I don't know if you've met398.44.5
him burgle I wonder if Virgo makes a400.1994.381
good hamburger yeah he just put a402.93.12
Nintendo cartridge in his head404.583.059
interesting what do you think he's406.023.78
playing he's playing the Foo Fighters407.6394.741
they got a new game who fight is the409.85.519
game yeah made by who Activision right412.385.819
and they rock until that [ __ ] falls off415.3195.461
and that's that's how you win the game I418.1995.601
love it yep420.783.02
yeah hey have you seen this like little424.285.56
candy case over here a little Jiggly box427.1994.861
yeah did you yeah yeah hold on I'll come429.844.32
to you did you go inside432.063.419
um I didn't know you can go inside yeah434.163.9
I opened I opened the lid oh really this435.4795.34
is um I smacked it it just stays there438.064.5
now I can't shut up anymore you smack440.8193.361
that note but I smacked the lip that was442.563.24
right here oh yeah you know how to open444.183.359
it up look at this this is a good like445.84.08
Hideout it's a decent Hideout yeah447.5395.341
spider comes we run here but then can we449.886.12
not get these cap mints can you a bus I452.885.7
think too we will come on come on higher456.04.199
tier it's got to be higher tier that's458.585.399
crazy it's just sugar okay but uh we'll460.1996.12
we'll get there now we know yeah we're463.9794.321
gonna eat we're in the best breath and466.3195.28
all the garden oh my God and maybe468.35.399
keep the spiders away with our fresh471.5993.491
breath that's right473.6993.9
it says spin raw science and the science477.5993.841
okay that science we've been picking up479.8194.801
yeah wait we can buy stuff we can buy oh481.445.06
here's our science we got484.625.28
1930 science that's a lot of science oh486.56.099
what can we buy a smithing station a489.94.98
cooking station man a little I'd say no492.5993.421
to the cooking station just because494.882.64
those weevils are plentiful and we have496.023.0
a fire we can cook this could allow us497.523.239
to cook some really good stuff though499.023.959
okay but anything to build might be500.7593.901
cooler is all I'm saying all right tell502.9793.301
you what we'll we'll do a smithing504.663.479
station because that sounds super useful506.283.66
yeah and then we may as well go ahead508.1393.481
and do the cooking station too all right509.945.339
sure then boom well now we're broke it511.625.339
feels it feels more at home when I'm515.2793.841
broke yeah and then burgles got Quest516.9595.401
too grave robbery Hunter burgle's got an519.126.9
update no he gives us Quest oh okay kill522.365.88
four red soldier ants we could do that526.024.56
man those are pretty hardcore like I528.243.719
tried to kill one once when I was530.584.259
practicing before I got in here and and531.9594.721
it did not work well534.8393.921
I uh I got aphid slippers on now can you540.426.18
see Nathan slippers yeah I wish you'd543.8994.681
tell me when the sunlight was out yeah I546.63.54
know [ __ ] there's a light over here come548.583.54
over here yeah yeah yeah they're right550.145.46
here right there nope that's just boots552.125.339
wait oh I didn't know I didn't equip555.62.58
oh yeah there they are okay now you like558.184.8
an elf you gotta look good yep okay they560.584.5
make you faster really they're not good562.984.02
defensively but that says it makes you565.083.66
run like the Dickens oh hold on we got a567.04.44
race exactly we do okay ready I'll say568.744.2
three two one go571.444.38
no I'll say I'll say that what you just572.945.04
said it I said I'll say that doesn't575.823.9
mean I didn't hear the old say part say577.983.24
that louder so I know it's not three to579.723.299
one girl okay because three to one goes581.223.9
Universal gotcha right here this is it583.0196.141
yeah three two one go three585.128.04
faster how much uh good bit oh yeah yeah589.165.38
let me go let me go first I'll get a593.162.76
head start you ready go for sure go594.545.299
ahead three two one go coming595.923.919
oh tied okay aphid slippers aphid600.865.32
slippers yo604.924.34
science is cool606.183.08
apps for hope uh yeah yeah there's a610.146.42
menu over here like a sign there's rules613.686.36
it's for burgle for burgle Eyes Only616.568.1
rules no wets under Patty no ketchup620.046.78
without mustard it's like a list of like624.665.1
what you'd see at a burger place on a626.824.74
whiteboard all right yeah but it's all629.764.62
about this dumb robot in here burgle I I631.565.7
guess yeah no that's burgle But but so634.385.04
see I didn't even get that they were637.263.96
talking about burgle yeah burgle's over639.423.72
here matter of fact burgle gave us the641.224.739
location of a chip that might tell us643.144.98
where the next uh lab is we gotta find645.9595.281
so when I said Virgo made burgers I was648.123.779
yeah I guess you were right I didn't651.8993.781
even know oh yeah look his damn hands654.244.08
are spatula see that's what kind of made655.685.099
me thinking in the first place yeah well658.324.68
damn I would love to have a burger with660.7794.021
everything please ask him if he'll make663.03.779
you one well I was kind of just dead can664.84.4
I please Burger yes666.7796.18
nope that's super metroid yeah669.24.84
you don't really know how to make674.043.6
burgers do you I think it's all a ruse675.424.02
yeah you want to go try to find one of677.644.97
his chips yep let's do it679.444.26
yes yeah remember we we killed a spider683.75.16
the other day yeah we didn't research686.5794.801
the um the fangs oh you had the stuff on688.865.64
you and the spider chunk yeah oh yeah691.385.88
speaking of there's one outside what694.54.68
there's a spider outside like it's not697.264.139
right here A big one I see well yeah699.184.58
yeah I was back by the baseball okay701.3996.961
insect bow wolf spider head Mount and703.767.96
spider Fang dagger yeah for that one the708.367.68
spider chunk if you analyze that hmm711.726.42
spider Hood I guess it's like a hat hell716.044.32
yeah spider knee pads yeah spider718.143.72
shoulder guards720.364.68
yeah all right better armor for sure and721.866.659
weapons all right that's cool yeah can725.046.12
we take that spider or no ah no we can't728.5194.681
but if we make that bow it would help731.163.359
right okay I'm just looking around for734.5195.581
you know okay it wasn't so far but yeah737.5194.56
that's awesome dude let's go right now740.14.859
go where a home okay that's this way742.0795.301
Simon I think this is a pretty good spot747.8995.761
for a base yeah uh yeah seems like it I749.5795.7
don't think spiders like to hang out on753.663.119
the water so that makes me feel a little755.2793.541
safer for some reason yeah I mean we're756.7793.961
here at night I don't see any spiders758.824.38
around us yeah what's so so is this all760.744.86
glowing red like crazy right here like I763.24.68
I didn't notice that earlier what the765.64.919
purple up there yeah uh yeah that's the767.885.579
lab we came from wow so it seems like770.5195.88
it's like on fire uh yeah it's it's got773.4595.041
like purple science juice I think a lot776.3993.06
of the science we're finding around778.52.94
that's purple science is purple in this779.4595.341
game oh I love purple yeah me too you781.445.16
got purple shorts on have we been able784.84.26
to jump around easily and Traverse in786.64.799
these Waters like on these lily pads789.064.86
what is that noise I don't know is there791.3994.38
I didn't even hear it oh yeah that793.923.359
sounded terrifying whatever it was but795.7793.661
no I have not been in these Waters see797.2794.8
so I wonder if I'd die if I jump on that799.444.98
leaf oh yeah yeah all right you want to802.0794.861
try to jump in the water sure see if you804.423.719
can jump in and then get to the surface806.942.94
and pull your torch out let me do okay808.1393.961
let me just practice jump there okay so809.884.019
I can't just jump over my torch why812.13.179
wouldn't I you think your torch would813.8993.0
survive in the water well I was I was815.2793.3
gonna try to make the leaf okay gotcha816.8993.24
all right818.5793.0
and go820.1395.041
boom oh yeah cool there you go get to821.5797.2
that Lily bed and Zumba you see any uh I825.184.86
don't know materials or anything the828.7792.761
Harvest out there I'm seeing if there's830.043.299
anything that might be you know glowy831.544.32
that's different all right you can get833.3394.081
out of here pretty far though that's oh835.864.979
wow yeah look at you yeah so if I go837.425.52
here oh Simon you think we could build a840.8394.8
base on a lily pad oh dude Lily Pad base842.945.28
would be sweet that would be very cool845.6394.32
um let me see if I can make this oh yeah848.224.5
yep all right now now it doesn't look849.9595.341
like I can cross it doesn't allow me to852.724.98
go anywhere else yeah there's nowhere to855.34.099
go I don't think so857.75.1
it's still pretty neat yeah it is all859.3995.861
right I need water my water situation862.84.68
just got bad all right I think I see a865.263.54
juice box over here I'm gonna run and867.483.84
check it yep868.83.98
yeah that's a really big toy yeah man I880.765.5
want to investigate that absolutely884.3994.261
let's see all right so this is a Rose886.263.84
oh yeah crap we got to get up we got to890.883.6
get up high893.4593.901
hopefully oh damn it I see spiders yeah894.484.919
that one looks kind of doesn't it look897.364.02
different does look smaller yes yeah899.3994.38
well you know what let's go to the right901.384.199
yep we're gonna have to watch out for903.7793.24
these spiders though right oh now905.5793.181
there's a nail over here that we might907.0194.44
be able to jump on and then jump over oh908.764.319
yeah I see the name of this all right so911.4593.721
watch this oh there's also a gap to the913.0793.481
right a little more all right well I'll915.182.94
try this anyway916.563.899
oh that seemed like close918.125.06
come on920.4592.721
come on let's just do the Gap all right924.7794.821
do the gap927.122.48
oh spider spider oh God that's a little930.124.92
one that's a little tiny one yeah take932.943.899
this one right you want to try if you935.043.419
hold right click too it's a it'll block936.8394.68
it okay oh so what you get behind him938.4594.56
I'll get in front if he's looking at you941.5193.481
you're blocking okay let's let's say943.0193.721
what you're son of a [ __ ] okay look at945.03.72
me wow look at his butt now I'm blocking946.743.38
all right948.724.619
oh God don't let me down okay no I'm950.125.44
good okay block watch out watch out953.3394.8
block it block it all right seven955.563.64
oh God I'm very hurt968.36.88
oh God oh my God yeah we're already971.886.24
starting our weapons [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]975.185.36
[ __ ] [ __ ]978.122.42
oh I just picked up a flower petal look981.664.739
at me I'm gonna run oh God what is that983.5194.62
is that water did you shoot water at me986.3994.081
I said spider piss I'm drinking it all988.1393.781
right we gotta do this quick time let's990.483.62
oh God I got you right there it did I995.364.719
was looking at my pretty face and I998.3993.421
didn't even see you yeah I'm gonna reach1000.0794.56
for your butt oh God you are please1001.825.04
don't give me that butt no don't don't1004.6395.12
touch my butt1006.862.899
um we got this uh there's like a stem I1010.13.419
think it was from like a dandelion stem1012.1994.08
or something fair enough going here uh I1013.5194.021
think yep weed stand that's what it's1016.2793.721
called all right analyze that okay maybe1017.545.159
this will be like stronger oh man that'd1020.05.459
be great here we go yeah scaffold stem1022.6994.86
scaffolds triangle scaffold indoor frame1025.4594.141
hell yeah now we're talking stem wall1027.5593.961
how many like we can make walls out of1029.64.199
stems beautiful beautiful yeah and1031.523.899
windows and this is what we got a build1033.7993.78
out of yeah listen I'm living in fear in1035.4193.301
this game I didn't know it was a horror1037.5793.36
game yeah spiders man I think they're1038.724.079
everywhere but check this out one step1040.9395.821
closer whoa oh you got arrows no okay1042.7996.241
well that's hey we're halfway there yep1046.764.14
we all gotta kill some gnats and make1049.044.44
these and we gotta get thistle stuff but1050.96.92
yeah let's let's fortify dude all right1053.487.079
I just picked up my stuff where'd your1057.825.44
stuff go okay see it right here this is1060.5594.74
sorry of course the things on the screen1063.264.56
all right okay yeah there's the ants all1065.2994.681
right sweet all right okay looks like we1067.823.359
can make it through that Gap now right1069.985.04
spiders are gone spiders I believe so I1071.1795.221
mean really I don't [ __ ] know they're1075.022.34
they're probably gonna come out and1076.43.06
killing us all right let's we'll try to1077.363.66
go through the Gap if we see a spider1079.463.599
let's just haul ass back to base all1081.023.659
right I can do that yeah and we might1083.0593.0
have to loop around another way tell you1084.6792.461
what real quick let me look at the map1086.0593.36
so if we go through here then go right1087.144.32
all right we'll try it hold on let me1089.4194.561
just bandage up here all right because1091.464.219
they're still pretty hurt oh God1093.983.78
[ __ ] I'll tell you man this is1095.6795.081
scary [ __ ] this game's horrifying it1097.765.76
really is Jesus all right all right come1100.766.539
on let's be sneaky trying mites [ __ ] you1103.526.019
yeah I got these oh perfect hold up man1110.026.039
I don't know how to not throw them like1114.53.78
that but um just hang on to them um okay1116.0594.5
yeah see the blueprint here oh yeah you1118.283.48
pick them up and you start putting them1120.5593.061
into the door there yeah yeah yeah okay1121.764.34
yeah I remember how that works I guess1123.626.12
and I got the rest of it sweet so rope1126.16.699
there we go oh that's lovely now the1129.744.5
spider hopefully won't break that one1132.7993.061
we'll get the other one then too huh1134.243.299
other side yep1135.863.12
um I'll go get some more stems but I1137.5393.181
kind of want to I guess research that1138.984.319
dandelion tuft okay why not that could1140.724.8
make something Neato yeah like a mink1143.2994.981
fur coat like a yeah like a like a like1145.526.24
a boa gangster jacket yeah yeah we're1148.285.1
talking all right then we won't get1151.763.659
messed with yep I'll get started on this1153.385.96
door I'll go research tops1155.4193.921
look at this board holy crap guys we got1159.886.94
to get up there well we would know what1164.93.659
we need to do is just get up here this1166.823.54
is a lot shorter and then from up here1168.5593.301
maybe you know all right I tell you what1170.363.12
let's just follow the wall a minute okay1171.863.42
maybe it'll shorten out maybe I mean1173.482.88
this is the way of that Nintendo1175.282.46
cartridge we need to find anyway for1176.363.54
Myrtle all right then again an outpost1177.744.62
out here by the wall might not be bad no1179.93.84
I don't think so and then we can go on1182.362.88
top of the Outpost to try to get over1183.742.7
this [ __ ] wall but like right here1185.243.059
this looks like a pretty easy place to1186.444.2
to get up right here yeah all right1188.2993.841
we'll explore down a little bit all1190.643.12
right no that's fine but this one's only1192.143.419
too high yeah you know what this area1193.763.6
right here isn't too bad as far as like1195.5595.221
base no a nice flat land yeah Market1197.366.36
Market with a B1200.785.16
I'll remember it that's from like uh1203.724.14
bring around the rosie or some like1205.943.479
patty cake patty cake you ever do that1207.864.199
[ __ ] oh yeah mark it with a B yeah I1209.4194.5
don't know man my mom used to do it and1212.0593.781
she used to Mark something with a b and1213.9194.321
put it in the oven for you and me Mark1215.845.28
it with a B yeah in the oven for you you1218.245.7
and me man your mom's saying some weird1221.126.6
Rhymes yeah she was a witch oh [ __ ] [ __ ]1223.945.46
[ __ ] what is that I have no idea what1227.723.6
this is but it's not good what is it's1229.44.8
coming after me all right mean bug it1231.327.38
looks nasty what the hell are you maybe1234.28.28
um we could do the larva yep to larva1238.75.219
let's try to do the thing that we did1242.483.96
before Oh God all right yeah you got all1243.9194.5
right I'm blocking unblock him right now1246.444.619
okay we can do this this time yep all1248.4194.76
[ __ ] oh God I got it oh god oh that's1254.265.2
my son to run and then try to come back1257.785.899
and save you that was very quick oh no1259.467.339
son of a [ __ ]1263.6795.921
all right I'm gonna come back to you if1266.7995.76
I could lose this thing1269.62.959
you just keep running I'm doing it right1284.085.56
now I don't know that's a bad idea it1286.585.459
was a bad idea son of a [ __ ] okay just1289.645.039
go just leave me all right leaving you1292.0394.571
I love you love you too1294.67923.071

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