Spelunking with SHARKS! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Episode 18 is here, and it's pack...
Spelunking with SHARKS! - Ark Fjordur
Spelunking with SHARKS! - Ark Fjordur

Spelunking with SHARKS! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Oh man, that Spelunking with SHARKS video was a blast! I mean, who doesn't love diving into caves filled with toothy underwater friends?

simon: Haha, yeah, it was like a real-life underwater adventure! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, waiting to see if those sharks were gonna chomp down on our virtual butts!

appsro: You guys are crazy! Spelunking with sharks sounds like a recipe for disaster. But hey, at least we got some epic content out of it, right?

neebs: Disaster? Nah, it was all in good fun! Plus, who doesn't want to watch us face off against some underwater predators while cracking jokes and trying not to get eaten?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Episode 18 is here, and it's packed with some serious cave concerns for the Alphas. Meanwhile, the beta bois are unlocking new powers just in time for the action-packed showdown.

If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of Neebs and the gang in Ark: Survival Evolved, then this episode is a must-watch. The Alphas are facing some major challenges, but knowing their determination and resourcefulness, they're sure to come out on top. And of course, watching the beta bois level up and discover new abilities is always exciting - who knows what surprises they have in store for us this time?

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So, grab your favorite snacks, settle in for some epic Ark: Survival Evolved gameplay, and get ready to cheer on your favorite tribe in Episode 18 of Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe. Trust me, this is one adventure you won't want to miss. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all the latest Neebs Gaming content - you never know what surprises they have in store next!

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oh y'all gotta quit losing beavers we0.5995.461
just lost two just grinding I know the4.023.6
jellyfish wasn't anywhere near me man6.063.06
yeah but hey look we got this little guy7.625.22
now oh goodness oh my goodness look at9.125.22
little Beyond wait what's the prone12.842.52
button I don't want to punch this thing14.343.019
in the face15.365.22
there you go there you go 92 man I wish17.3595.26
we had made it beavers you know yeah I20.583.779
wish we had made it that was my plan22.6193.42
but what we got two of them left we got24.3593.121
two and one of them's really low level26.0393.601
okay we're talking business27.484.74
one of us should go do that little guy29.644.259
one person can do it right I mean I'm32.223.24
the beaver Guy look at me okay UVB33.8992.941
forgot it I'm the beaver guy I'll be the35.463.84
beaver guy okay so take a bat and we'll36.844.86
go get other stuff done gotcha and let's39.35.66
see now hold on hold on hold on41.73.26
oh wait here just a minute boys this45.3794.241
thing crawls around like it's scared47.943.06
after what have you been doing to this49.622.35
thing feeding it blood51.019.609
sleeping bag is this oh [ __ ] what no no88.146.24
no no no no no no no that's not right is91.744.86
this the way out okay why did it94.384.379
register these I don't know I put down96.63.659
another sleeping bag shouldn't me98.7593.421
putting down one sleep well we both did100.2594.5
I know but shouldn't it override the102.184.86
other one when you put it down just the104.7593.841
right way is the wrong way I don't know107.044.259
it's the right way out man we got got108.64.979
giggled we got gigged man and now we111.2994.021
gotta run through this [ __ ] while we113.5795.941
were preparing oh my god oh come on no115.326.96
no come on now119.525.12
oh and there's bats waiting up there124.646.399
come on well oh come on no126.8995.641
well here we go131.0394.021
I'll punch out of it yeah oh [ __ ] I'm132.544.5
trying to run oh [ __ ] there's the Giga135.065.24
how are you how are you137.043.26
Simon hopefully you'll spawn at the141.2393.0
way our sleeping bags aren't even here144.2395.22
dude we're destroyed oh that piece of146.46.479
[ __ ] hey wow what look at them149.4596.0
whoops well I'll see you in a bit Simon152.8794.621
wins a bit like what am I doing flying155.4594.5
back there I guess you're flying uh uh157.54.5
whatever you can here I see your bird it159.9594.92
landed what is a giga doing here I don't162.05.28
know a damn thing I thought it was gonna164.8794.351
be you don't167.285.08
I'll see you soon bud182.663.6
all right fellas in I think five four187.146.54
five what three seconds you idiot yeah190.55.519
but like what's happening oh we got193.684.22
another one oh196.0194.681
look at this all right and Boop let's197.95.68
imprint oh hello200.74.2
hello that's great all right listen204.96.66
you know with the baby with beavers yes209.224.26
we should make them oh I need blood okay211.563.48
yeah let me put a little blood in your213.483.0
buddy there you go you're gonna grow up215.043.72
begging strong little Kevin Jr hi216.485.7
recipes Mr Kevin Conroy by the way okay218.765.94
will you stop it it's adorable I know222.184.38
it's adorable but you're not224.72.94
I'm sorry it's okay I'll get over it227.645.159
you're right230.5194.8
you ready buddy as ready as I'm gonna be232.7996.601
me too me too I didn't see that235.3196.84
piece of [ __ ] right right I I'm not I'm239.43.96
not feeling good about leaving right now242.1592.461
but we got to get something done today243.362.879
all right yeah we got to do this is for244.623.66
the people this isn't even for us you246.2393.72
know yeah hold on I gotta I gotta hide248.284.2
my hat I need to hide that hat all right249.9595.521
now I'm feeling good yeah got the Sharks252.484.379
I think we're good to go got to kill a255.482.999
few things here I'll tell you what I256.8593.66
just want to address this this is a body258.4794.881
that's me earlier yeah what's up oh um260.5195.341
if we had a chance to kill their baby263.363.94
animals we would have without265.863.72
questioning a heartbeat but the fact267.34.8
that their baby animal attempting269.585.1
Killers how dare they right even though272.15.22
like what uh the baby animals oh274.684.38
remember when the brother tried to277.324.2
failed right they did but they well they279.064.38
didn't they didn't try the babies they281.524.26
were trying to drop animals into our283.444.62
Nursery they knew's a nursery I think285.783.84
they had some they must have been oh288.063.98
watch out289.622.42
anyway yeah292.53.979
son of a [ __ ] it was a freaking spider296.4797.481
damn spiders all right all right hello300.844.919
kangaroo you know you hang around with303.963.54
the shitty place yeah why would you be305.7593.72
here yeah seriously why are we coming307.54.62
here again I don't know you wanted to go309.4795.16
you wanted to go into a pool with sharks312.125.34
down here ah trying to entertain the314.6394.801
people all right well that's fine good317.464.38
for you I think that's a a noble it's319.446.599
noble noble it's like a night yeah a321.847.04
noble Knight it's me326.0395.121
all right is that all the jellyfish I'm331.164.84
not sure man I feel like I think I'm334.1393.12
just gonna go for it I need my things336.03.9
okay I got killed by a Megalodon and a337.2594.681
jellyfish so hopefully the Megalodon's339.93.72
not there anymore that one seems alive341.943.72
right see it to the right I don't know343.624.2
it's not coming towards my Direction so345.664.16
I'm gonna choose to think it's dead347.824.439
yeah it's just hanging out you got349.824.659
enough air I mean I don't have any other352.2594.261
choices do we have scuba gear oh we have354.4794.201
beavers we got two beavers left that's356.523.66
better you can hook yourself to a beaver358.683.299
I'm too afraid to lose Beamers I lost360.184.019
skunk today I love hooking myself to a361.9795.22
beach I do I'm close to bag how's your364.1995.461
air it is halfway if anything I will get367.1994.681
my items slightly closer to the base369.664.319
yellow Batman's really enjoying this oh371.884.92
little Batman's yellow not the most373.9794.201
insightful commentary I'm kind of376.83.3
focusing you're making me nervous you've378.184.32
been on a long time I'm not gonna make380.14.56
it neebs lastly382.53.6
I'm probably gonna drive but I'm384.665.18
carrying my things completely closer386.13.74
let's go oh yeah I can't take it anymore394.284.9
oh I'm feeling pain it makes me feel397.53.919
you drowned like a man415.8193.72
he got close yellow Batman approved424.224.86
what do you think buddy man I think429.94.44
we're here and we might as well try it431.7594.56
here there are so many saber-toothed434.346.06
salmon I know it seems just like do you436.3196.181
think it'd be good to I don't know I440.43.299
mean like you're gonna have to what442.53.78
throw the cryopod in the water and then443.6994.681
jump on the shark okay yeah this whole446.284.38
thing feels like a mistake doesn't it it448.384.379
is a mistake you going down there and450.665.18
not being able to get back up yeah452.7596.901
that was like a really big mistake I I455.846.16
feel like I've killed 50 and oh God it's459.664.08
like a horror movie all right maybe I462.04.44
should watch you yeah let's watch me you463.744.56
try to cover me but I'm not gonna be466.443.12
able to cover you but you know what you468.32.76
have a cryopod in you though it's like469.563.84
if you get killed and your shark then471.064.199
I'm [ __ ] you got one in your pocket473.44.26
you should let them both go all right I475.2593.901
just don't know what they're set to hey477.663.12
buddy do they have all set I'll have479.163.539
settles yeah yeah they should all right480.783.0
well no you should have dropped the482.6993.181
other one well I didn't I know that that483.784.199
was the key and that that could still485.884.98
happen yeah I can get down there are you487.9794.981
uh I'm coming down stop it right okay490.863.179
um here's the next one nope nope nope494.0394.681
now you're up now you're gonna get it496.564.02
that's no good that's not good not a498.724.62
good thing oh no okay here get off me500.586.179
yeah out out watch out well that's good503.345.579
that you can get up here who's that hey506.7594.5
get in here let me get oh I tried to eat508.9194.021
all right he's supposed to get in come511.2594.14
on guys you can't do it it's not doing512.944.56
it you can't get enough heat and there's515.3993.781
another yep why aren't you getting them517.53.24
uh I'd like to get on it I want to get519.184.62
on I'd like that nope keep on as easy as520.745.039
to get in isn't it yeah why why can't we523.83.78
what's going on here I'm not sure what's525.7793.541
even happening I'm not sure we're not527.583.18
gonna get out of this [ __ ] water we529.323.72
just because we're I was riding one you530.764.139
were are you kidding this happened what533.043.12
is going on right why are you just534.8993.361
hanging out in here pal I can't change536.163.78
their behavior you're not gonna let538.263.54
you're gonna let me access it I can539.943.72
level her up look at this I'm leveling541.84.08
up I can't do that that's perfect I'm543.663.96
glad you guys are up on what the [ __ ] is545.884.86
happening come on man come on really547.625.399
there's a I can't even level it up even550.744.62
though it says that I could553.0194.801
um oh good I can change the name that's555.363.84
what I want to do right here oh that's557.824.079
great good let's change Apple to useless559.25.54
oh my God561.8992.841
I can't do anything567.33.5
all right thanks for the lift neebs572.224.08
you're welcome anytime thanks for riding574.084.5
uh Neve's taxi oh man I got the man I576.33.36
wish you got the grapple back that's578.582.819
dumb right it is kind of dumb grapples579.663.359
seem reusable exactly it should be581.3993.301
reusable but it's gross it has blood all583.0194.26
over it now you can wash a grapple all584.74.199
right you guys go I'm gonna go work on587.2793.301
trying to get more beavers at you guys588.8993.721
and get a sacrifice to whatever God you590.584.08
believe in there you go let's get so592.624.38
many we can't screw it up okay okay hey594.664.2
no problem I'm great at getting Beaver597.03.24
memes I don't know if I believe in598.863.12
anything the Beavers might be burning600.243.24
but don't you or not I don't know what601.982.82
you're talking about right now all right603.483.6
let's move on604.85.28
we're about to answer the age-old610.764.84
question can you tame a beaver with a613.144.319
slingshot because I forgot trank darts615.65.1
and I'm already way out here so he met617.4595.601
some minting Phase 10 come on beavers620.74.68
who's hungry yeah oh that's another623.063.94
skunky one I think Anthony would like625.384.38
you okay oh I love I love how627.04.399
all right follow me yeah there you go oh631.3996.341
we got donkey monkey let's see look none634.644.78
of them are gonna get a flank oh wait I637.742.88
see another one coming up is it coming639.422.94
up this way hey come on up come on up640.624.02
over there yeah there we go all right642.363.84
but you yeah you don't need to go to644.642.759
that side why don't you come up oh646.22.34
you're gonna go around don't go around647.3993.421
go up like your brothers like your dumb648.543.84
brothers yep all right just gonna start650.823.54
popping them in the face I should have652.384.98
brought train here there we go it's a654.363.78
what are you a level 50. you're cute oh658.144.62
you're nice and brown okay I think three660.185.04
God is three enough how many rocks do I662.765.28
got I got 200 rocks so guys we're gonna665.225.1
be here a minute this is my day this is668.044.2
what I'm doing with my life670.323.86
slingshot and beavers672.244.74
uh I should really question what got me674.184.98
neeb did you ever wonder what got us679.163.82
here I think that's a wild one Anthony681.184.56
what that wyvern oh yeah I'm not682.984.26
concerned with that I'm having more of685.743.48
an existential crisis yeah I don't know687.243.719
man you should stay away from Deep stuff689.226.239
I've heard you talk okay so we need um690.9595.88
you know what I'm talking about no I'm695.4592.761
not very deep I don't understand me696.8393.601
either so imagine me and you both doing698.225.179
it together we'll combine them demand it700.444.98
do you see one is that what we're703.3993.701
searching for yeah I thought we were705.423.84
looking for Penguins no man polymer707.13.859
don't you murder Penguins709.264.259
you want to kill that ah man there's a710.9594.421
lot of wyverns out man okay but I see713.5193.361
two of them in the trees right there so715.384.139
should we planted yeah two mantis okay716.884.62
let's just be aware of where that wyvern719.5193.781
is I'm wearing those rocks how do I pick721.53.66
up a Manton can we pick them up I don't723.33.479
know but maybe we can move them further725.163.359
away uh listen we want to kill them with726.7793.361
the bats but don't Harvest them with the728.5194.141
bats okay all right let's see if we can730.144.319
kill one by picking it up how do you732.666.619
pick it up uh right click and come here734.4594.82
just relax relax babes I'm gonna set you739.743.9
down try to get you somewhere safe oh742.324.4
this shit's getting too deep for me743.645.22
now's not a good time after all we're a746.724.42
little busy a lot of trouble what's up748.864.56
buddy you guys have any drink darts I'm751.143.72
trying to knock out these beavers with a753.422.58
slingshot they just ain't working754.863.659
there's four of them now we got oh man756.03.959
we got stuff at the base but we don't758.5193.601
have any drink darzones okay I have 23759.9594.201
trach darts on me actually don't need762.123.959
those streak through me neebs 23 oh764.163.239
sorry Anthony whatever you guys are766.0792.401
doing what you're doing can you bring me767.3992.401
some trank darts I'm gonna keep trying768.483.419
this slingshot thing but so far this769.83.36
ain't working have a tree of clubbing771.8992.94
them in the face no I'm not getting in773.163.96
there Anthony you oh hey you go I'll774.8393.721
stay and do this all right all right777.124.92
train delivery service away so many778.566.54
wyverns jeez to be or not to be that is782.044.56
the question785.15.479
oh it's five of them now good786.63.979
that's a problem yeah this is a it's a792.724.619
big part oh you know what what happens795.664.32
if I do this what are you doing follow797.3395.701
them Ethel's got cryo sickness all799.985.28
because oh they're like [ __ ] useless803.044.919
for a while because of cryo sickness oh805.265.4
unconscious how long does that last I807.9595.101
don't know [ __ ] I just threw a freaking810.664.38
grenade nothing happened another shark813.064.079
was that ours yeah we well we had two815.044.979
sharks right well three wait what we had817.1394.94
last week no I knew we had two I didn't822.0796.161
know we had three you did know I did825.365.58
know then I stopped knowing yeah you did828.244.8
stop knowing all right well we wait for830.943.78
Kraus sickness I guess I'm gonna put my833.043.18
scoobs gear oh here you know what hold834.724.739
on well don't do that what here we have836.225.46
a raft okay this will be nice we'll839.4593.901
chill out here in the raft until we can841.683.599
figure [ __ ] out I'm gonna hang on onto843.364.74
uh Wilbur okay good we'll lead845.2794.74
everything away is thick are things848.15.039
are they oh that shark is850.0195.641
ah what Apple's dead Apple's dead and853.1394.44
another shark is [ __ ] well I might855.663.419
have just attacked I don't know what's857.5793.841
going on here [ __ ] dude this is a this859.0794.741
is a problem yep what is even what is861.424.68
even I don't know what I'm just gonna863.825.1
sit here and cry yeah no it's not it866.14.979
sucks where's the blood coming from868.925.28
where is it oh god oh no she's twisting871.0794.081
she's twisting this looks insane875.166.2
somebody's trying to ring her878.043.32
why can't I ride this oh because you got881.3995.541
the cryo sickness884.3392.601
yeah and see what see what that gets you891.625.38
know where nowhere895.324.74
[ __ ] god Ethel or the other one897.05.94
whatever they were oh can we go home now900.065.54
I want to902.942.66
okay a lot of stuff here907.565.579
um I want that mantis both those mantis910.863.419
and I gotta get rid of everything else913.1393.541
though oh maybe I can he's probably914.2794.981
gonna jump off isn't he okay okay I need916.685.459
this thorny guy yep there we go mantis919.264.319
is coming oh now where are you going922.1393.361
where are you going uh there's two of923.5793.961
them all right attack quick here we go925.54.079
all right get it nope don't don't eat it927.544.38
don't eat it stay away okay don't eat it929.5794.44
don't eat it what'd I say what I just931.925.82
spit that out ah come on man all right934.0196.781
now you stay still here we go get it937.745.219
baby oh nope where are you going get up940.84.8
here come on give it to him here we go942.9595.641
oh yeah nope nope945.67.679
you ate it you ate it ah okay let's keep948.66.14
yeah can you get both those active954.744.3
skunks out of there957.33.36
um like pick them up with a bat oh yeah959.042.82
yeah I thought you wanted me to murder960.663.06
them no yeah I managed to get one of961.864.56
them down okay let's see drop it in963.726.72
there's like a crane claw game man yeah966.426.479
good get him out he's out nope he jumped970.444.259
out okay yeah get the other one in yeah972.8993.661
and uh yeah keep an eye on them take974.6994.08
them away here we go away with you away976.563.899
with you Bieber all right let's see978.7793.601
beavers what do you like to eat berries980.4593.961
and then goodbye Beaver man I didn't982.383.6
even bring narcotics984.424.44
I'm so wildly unprepared for this985.984.08
Mission it's all right you just don't988.862.4
need them because uh Brent was like we990.063.06
need materials do all this do all that I991.263.0
spent the whole [ __ ] morning getting993.123.42
materials together that's true what994.263.54
who's Brent996.543.78
[ __ ] neebs you know who I meant997.84.979
I just I'm done I'm [ __ ] done with1000.324.92
this game it just started we gotta win1002.7794.261
oh and there's a beaver on me so keep it1005.243.599
on the Beavers well1007.043.0
I keep her weight you're sleeping on a1008.8393.0
rock uh come here skunk I'll fight you1010.043.919
I'll fight you yeah1011.8395.281
oh God oh God it's bad1013.9597.0
are you dead how did you die and he's1017.125.519
out and I'm stuck I can't move because1020.9596.12
I'm stuck on a [ __ ] oh god oh see1022.6396.901
here have some darker berries enjoy it1027.0794.921
taming Jesus1029.544.259
it won't even let me go up this little1032.03.179
bit can't get up that one I thought you1033.7993.361
were gonna gonna try to go across the1035.1795.461
waterfall no I was going this way I saw1037.165.7
it different hey what I want my brain to1040.644.919
go down okay hold on let me uh Gear Up1042.865.219
geared it let's just take a peek right1045.5594.101
right might as well1048.0794.381
we've traveled we've done things see1049.665.379
this is what you get for being like for1052.464.14
trying well you know what you don't want1055.0393.481
to discourage people from trying I know1056.62.699
oh God it's dark it is deep that's what1060.6796.681
he said yeah I can and hopefully warm1064.346.42
sweat is this the bottom I can't see1067.366.88
anything I could see you I kind of want1070.765.12
to change the gamma1074.244.439
I helped a little bit yeah anything at1075.885.5
the base of this like anything1078.6793.321
clam shell that is a big clam shell1082.04.66
anything else1084.444.979
um is this for real just just this1086.664.5
because we've taken a lot of effort to1089.4193.841
do this it's gonna be wow apparently1091.164.5
impossible to get out of here that we1093.264.68
that we know of ha getting punished for1095.664.259
being what's the word1097.944.68
um explorers there's nothing I mean1099.9195.64
except this clam shell is is definitely1102.624.559
something but he can't do anything with1105.5595.421
a clamp no I mean it's it's nothing1107.1793.801
well we cleared out the [ __ ] evil1112.125.62
hole oh wait there's another clam right1115.764.32
here all right but what maybe it'll open1117.744.92
its mouth if we tickle its taint I'm1120.084.14
gonna tickle it right now yeah I'm gonna1122.664.86
try it come on come on can you open come1124.224.88
on baby1127.524.62
[ __ ] [ __ ] if that opened and there1129.14.84
was something in there like a pair of1132.144.2
socks I'd be happy socks yeah I would1133.944.32
take a blueprint for socks yep and more1136.344.5
clams come on this is begging for sock1138.266.779
placement oh my god wow what a clam test1140.847.44
your feet love it fantastic it doesn't1145.0395.701
work it does it's better than this1148.285.58
[ __ ] [ __ ] all right [ __ ] now we're1150.744.92
gonna get out of here what I kind of1153.863.24
just want to leave this shark here put1155.663.0
it on aggressive yeah I don't want it1157.14.699
anymore no you don't1158.663.139
night vision is great there's a lot of1171.443.599
great things about these man yeah no I1173.2993.781
love I can actually see everything1175.0394.02
underwater never been able to see1177.083.54
anything anything underwater in this1179.0593.36
game all right how's your stamina mine's1180.623.36
fine good okay can you make it across1182.4193.241
the water to this little see that1183.984.079
glowing area yeah that's where we're1185.664.74
headed everybody in I think I'm coming1188.0594.381
to the right spot let's see you there's1190.44.68
one there's two sweet wait can I hang up1192.444.979
I can hang upside down oh yeah okay nah1195.083.42
it's all coming back to me I remember1197.4193.241
this dump this that's cool all right see1198.53.9
a roller I see a bunch of ravagers we1200.663.3
want to stay away from those God oh1202.43.18
what's happening why are we here right1203.963.24
here man is this what we want we're here1205.583.54
for the mole rat right here hey come1207.24.14
watch my back all right back watched all1209.124.2
right nah you could get one of the moles1211.343.78
and just roll it into their base maybe1213.323.359
build a ramp and just jump right in1215.123.24
right yeah they won't see us building a1216.6793.421
ramp outside there well not if we do it1218.364.38
quickly here we go this is what I came1220.15.459
for so we came for a Blue Rock yeah give1222.744.5
me give me all that hide and metal and1225.5593.661
stuff copy that oh I know I know what1227.243.42
you're talking about neebs all right got1229.223.72
it all in this bag here we go here we go1230.665.28
here we go again my weakness I'm gonna1232.945.41
hang on the roof and watch dude1235.945.18
look at me all the wings dude it1247.2996.041
happened yeah okay all right it's a wing1250.166.0
suit it's wonderful yeah you excited I'm1253.345.339
riding it back we're all done in case in1256.165.3
case you're on look I'm doing something1258.6797.141
to text out neebs out perfect burn you1261.465.5
with dragon1265.823.3
small victories okay yeah short man it's1266.963.959
a small victory for you I want big1269.123.6
I want a big victory okay whoa the1272.724.98
entire's office power just surged it's1275.93.3
still recording thank God yeah good1277.73.06
thing we got this battery back up holy1279.24.2
[ __ ] see smile victory1280.766.2
whole episode would have been lost1283.43.56
I swear I heard my power You're Gonna Go1287.124.08
nah yeah no the light there goes stop1288.746.05
recording yeah stop recording1291.222.159

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