What Is That Thing??? - Generation Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Did you catch the latest video where they took down their biggest robot yet? It was epic! I couldn't...
What Is That Thing??? - Generation Zero
What Is That Thing??? - Generation Zero

What Is That Thing??? - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that new video we posted? 'What Is That Thing???' It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a blast! Taking down that massive robot was epic!

appsro: I still can't believe we managed to defeat it! And the way we did it was just pure genius, right?

neebs: Definitely! And did you guys see the shirts we're selling? I'm totally getting the Neebs Katakana one!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Did you catch the latest video where they took down their biggest robot yet? It was epic! I couldn't believe the teamwork and strategy they used to defeat that massive machine. If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely need to check it out.

And hey, have you seen the awesome shirts they have available on their Spreadshirt shop? I'm loving the Group Katakana designs, especially the one for Neebs. You can get 15% off for the first two weeks, so don't miss out on snagging one of these cool shirts.

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all right1.283.36
it's clear3.122.48
you almost six yeah i am yeah5.65.2
i'm about i'm like 4 30. yeah i'm more8.44.319
like five should i get it up six all10.83.52
right lights on or off guys probably we12.7192.8
don't need them look how bright it is14.323.68
it's a full moon so uh we're good yeah15.5194.161
okay let me take a look at the map uh18.03.439
there's a farm not too far from us19.683.439
there's a weapon there but we need to21.4393.201
stay on the road to make it into the23.1193.361
forest region i feel like we've never24.643.92
left the forest region since we started26.483.52
this is that the farm up there on the28.563.039
hill yeah you know what we're going to30.03.92
head there cut through there that's good31.5993.441
use of light33.922.56
yeah now it's off because you don't need35.043.12
it well it's like a pointing system36.484.48
gotcha yeah we're going this way38.166.079
i like that i like it what in my butt40.967.4
what what in your butt44.2394.121
abstract yeah don't you have that like72.326.159
x-ray freaking scope uh not anymore oh74.7996.481
scrappy why um didn't like it it covered78.4794.96
too much of my screen seems seems really81.284.24
handy it could it could be handy in83.4393.761
situations like this all right i'm going85.523.76
in the back i'm i've got your butt and87.24.64
i've got your butt89.283.36
what are we looking for that said there92.644.08
was a weapon here a weapon94.44.399
breaking up breaking up no probably not96.723.84
it could just be a damn pistol for all98.7992.721
we know100.562.16
it's rare we're101.522.959
impressed or really happy with the new102.723.92
weapon isn't it yeah look at all these104.4794.161
someone was a prepper oh what is this i108.644.32
don't even have an smg hey i just got a110.883.84
barn storage key112.963.92
keep it oh there's probably a weapon in114.723.439
there yeah all right i'm going to the116.883.919
bar did you guys see like this uh hey we118.1595.121
got a robot out front binocular thing on120.7996.6
uh on a tripod123.284.119
why did you block me was that me why did128.3995.361
you block me what did you do130.85.84
what the hell was that oh133.762.88
what did you throw down i didn't throw138.085.04
down [ __ ] what's that139.5993.521
it there you go come on back get a dog154.9594.801
all right161.22.8
oh i blew his tank up but he's still up162.43.52
i think yep here we go164.02.959
there we go165.922.16
all right there was another one out166.9594.121
all right181.442.719
let's go see what the hell's in that182.8793.001
barn all right184.1595.44
so you got a key uh yeah i do have a key189.5995.36
all right can i use it here unlock yup192.8795.28
boom oh boy is anything in here huh194.9595.841
seems uh seems clear yeah it does all198.1595.041
right maybe there's a weapon somewhere200.85.28
see some ammunition that's always good203.25.44
all right anybody see a weapon yet no206.084.32
yeah i got a field radio208.643.84
hey that's good yeah some boxes to climb210.44.24
maybe it's uh over here212.483.52
i know stuck yeah you're doing great216.03.92
neighbors i can always use that stuck217.5195.121
guys crap you're stuck stuck here all219.924.399
right we'll just hang out a second okay222.643.84
the adults [ __ ] find a weapon all224.3193.84
right you can't move226.484.479
that's dumb right come on hey i'm free228.1595.121
oh there was a door i was gonna jump the230.9595.041
fence oh hey door hey here's a weapon233.284.12
oh an assault rifle huh237.45.16
let me take a peek at that oh damn240.43.839
that's a level three assault rifle242.564.239
that's actually really good244.2393.841
there it is246.7992.961
fill it up with goodies you know oh man248.083.04
i don't have much ammo for it now i've249.763.28
never seen a magazine extender ever in251.123.6
this game of you yeah get them all the253.044.159
time do you i don't i just got this254.724.639
maybe my first i remember all right we257.1994.16
ready to head out sure heading into the259.3595.361
forest region we need to go261.3594.571
we got to get to this bunker but before278.02.88
we get to this bunker we also need to279.523.36
kill robots so we can get the key cards280.884.48
for the bunker oh i'm good at that yeah282.884.319
just point put me in the direction i got285.363.76
no we're going east so let's go east and287.1995.681
when we see robots we'll kill them okay289.123.76
i got spotted did you see what it was292.965.36
barn through the uh through the trees to296.083.76
the east see right there to the298.323.28
southeast something just duck behind299.843.76
that uh little shed back there behind301.64.64
the shed oh yep yep yep i see him oh303.64.159
that's just a little baby [ __ ] are we306.243.28
gonna leave it or take it down we need307.7593.841
it we need uh we need the key cards okay309.524.56
i'll push pull up yep there he is oh i311.64.4
see him [ __ ] my bad314.083.28
i don't like where i'm standing sorry316.03.199
i'm moving all right317.362.8
let's do it319.1992.601
okay okay this320.164.72
is not321.83.08
there you go all right let's see do we336.84.399
get anything from these guys338.965.12
any key cards these guys might need to341.1994.481
kill some of the bigger robots to get344.083.679
the key cards let's see yep i don't345.683.519
think that netted us any key cards let347.7593.841
me double check349.1993.84
net zero351.63.2
with aol's recent decision to let you353.0393.841
keep your email address for free you can354.83.92
get your email from aol and your356.884.319
internet access from net zero no key358.724.56
cards all right we need bigger robots361.1993.041
let's move out net zero is only 9.95 a364.244.88
off to the left bridge bunker bunker to374.244.239
our left uh yeah that's where yeah376.563.12
that's actually the bunker we need to378.4793.201
get to but again we don't have the uh379.684.0
all right the car keys381.684.639
so is it worth like if we get into a big383.685.28
battle like i've i've eat rocket386.3193.681
is it worth it it looks like it seems390.03.28
like they do with these391.524.48
spots man hit those little uh oh hey i393.284.4
just found one of the key cards in this396.03.52
uh robot here on the road just laying397.683.84
there just laying there that seems too399.524.64
easy we need easy every once in a while401.524.959
we will take okay that's side mission404.164.72
all right this way follow me guys406.4794.72
how many key cards we need two more two408.884.4
more oh boy411.1993.361
i don't understand the sense of that413.283.759
okay then when you last time you checked414.563.6
into like a417.0393.121
hilton garden inn and they gave you418.163.439
three key cards you had to use for your420.164.24
door well it wasn't a military bunker421.5994.72
are we okay oh [ __ ] i just entered424.44.639
combat come back426.3192.72
back to the building was it big was it429.282.479
oh [ __ ] sounds big yep and accurate ish431.7596.56
okay anyone got eyes on him uh don't uh435.5995.04
heat sensors oh there he is438.3194.401
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah440.6393.84
i don't need his engine for that all442.723.68
right let's bring his ass in444.4795.641
there we go come on446.43.72
here we go this is it okay moving in oh454.05.16
here we go455.9193.241
how about this you got a key for me471.9193.84
[ __ ] yep one more key there we go473.284.319
yeah i didn't get a key how come you get475.7592.801
a key477.5993.121
oh no there's more than just okay yeah478.565.199
there is holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] i'm playing480.727.28
come on i'm trying to oh god oh my god483.7594.241
come on yeah489.283.4
i'm in the green building i'm gonna put515.2795.161
down a field radio516.83.64
almost there521.123.68
here we go522.322.48
[ __ ] oh wait what is that525.23.84
robots out there527.443.92
all right field radio i'm looking for my529.043.84
field radio531.363.599
um what the [ __ ] is there a search thing532.883.6
because i swear i probably just passed534.9592.88
it here we go here we go you got one536.483.2
already deployed all right good can you537.8394.881
do it yep there you go field radio out539.684.88
damn it i really need to assign mine to542.723.52
a slot just in case544.563.12
learn how to look for it546.243.68
well i have a lot of [ __ ] unfortunately547.684.0
yeah i know yeah so why don't you learn549.923.84
how to not be an [ __ ] man i mean it's551.685.279
easy just don't be like you not now guys553.765.199
not now all right well556.9593.361
all right well maybe that'll take558.9595.201
forever you just later560.323.84
make a breaker569.682.4
all right good job guys all right572.083.28
they're out there we still surrounded i573.764.56
think so let me look575.362.96
oh really they left578.564.56
okay no they left it left yeah580.245.76
seems like a trap right hmm583.124.32
it's too quiet586.03.36
i don't like this at all they just left587.443.12
looks like it589.364.159
let's push on huh uh yeah push it out590.565.76
they just left593.5192.801
hey guys what's going on it's uncle599.124.08
thick i'm back hey i wasn't in myrtle600.9596.481
beach jail this time i was in japan603.28.56
yep we got new t-shirts from japan607.444.32
so head over to the link in the612.0794.241
description and get one of these shirts613.8394.641
from japan616.322.959
whatever you could have all five heads619.2796.161
together or separate different strokes621.8395.761
for different folks we want the ones625.445.399
from japan627.63.239
yep see some buildings up ahead looks639.63.84
like maybe a logging camp641.446.24
lumber facility yeah any robots643.448.0
so far i see no robots647.685.76
there is a schematic and a weapon here651.444.48
well it's a big town yeah it's a decent657.123.92
i mean659.8392.481
oh [ __ ]661.042.799
yeah i walked to the right too it's like662.325.36
factory oh yeah oh man like to the east663.8394.721
huh okay668.564.959
oh oh spotted a robot [ __ ] little dog670.3994.88
what the hell he's yellow673.5194.161
yellow dog oh he's yellow and he's like675.2794.961
emitting a gas no no no no no no no677.685.04
[ __ ] what well i got spotted oh yeah680.244.88
there's three of you shooting it i see682.725.84
three i see four robots685.123.44
i'm guessing from the green robot the699.123.36
green robe at home oh there's a big701.23.199
robot behind it kind of what are you702.484.16
doing doggy become the hill704.3994.721
he probably is706.643.6
we'll try to take him out come on barrel710.243.12
come on barrel711.8393.68
really like a barrel hit right right713.365.279
here from a [ __ ]715.5193.12
there we go there we go there we go he's719.442.639
all right yep but his dog buddies are722.0793.921
coming in723.62.4
oh he's right on my ass726.8394.8
yeah what was this guy this guy was new742.566.64
oh no okay because of radiation745.445.12
oh big guy749.22.319
or a750.562.719
what do you call him ranger what's that751.5194.0
two-legged one the dog753.2795.441
oh crap that's not good trying to save755.5195.521
all right i see the big guy going names758.723.679
i'm trying to cover you761.042.72
you get his attention though i'm762.3993.281
shooting at him right now oh he's right763.764.319
i am though765.682.399
hold on a lot of ticks i feel like it's768.6395.44
oh he's shooting stuff out yes hold on771.126.32
don't do it i'm there774.0793.361
i got an adrenaline shut i'm gonna use777.5192.481
okay nice780.02.8
gotta take care of playing competitive781.442.72
take cover782.85.839
oh my god good guys good guys come on784.166.18
all right come on kill him788.6396.481
oh that's too far it's a bad throw all795.125.839
right i'm coming back i revived796.884.079
okay okay okay okay oh god another804.9593.841
little dog807.123.6
[ __ ] you808.83.68
jesus now what810.723.679
don't say up down the road812.483.76
down the road there's big ones here oh814.3992.641
[ __ ]817.043.599
this is [ __ ] you guys are screwed like817.925.2
going down here seems ridiculous820.6395.041
all right peeps yeah823.123.92
i'm going to the woods west827.043.52
oh god829.043.44
hang on simon behind the rock830.563.839
something's there oh god look at these832.484.08
all these guys right here it's insane834.3993.761
just one second oh my god they're on836.563.92
your own838.162.32
almost had to summon it's okay840.9593.521
i'm sure i'm in the woods okay so am i850.164.88
oh crap he sees852.484.96
to meet me just in the woods right now855.045.12
man i'm trying to go prone and just stay857.445.04
oh boy862.83.52
there's a big one864.722.559
i don't know where to meet you i'm just867.2792.401
oh god i see two big ones neebs869.684.24
oh no874.83.279
oh he's fast too876.483.28
all right and these trees are slowing878.0793.2
hope needs to see you okay you got a lot881.2795.201
of bugs on you yep i don't like it oh883.685.12
hit a big guy yep886.484.88
good luck thank you i'm gonna try some888.84.08
stuff see what happens891.363.2
i got a sticky player i've never used892.883.199
one okay894.564.56
oh that was too far oh crap no that was896.0794.081
that was bad neebs i don't know if you900.163.76
have a chance to look at your map901.8394.481
on top of the hill to the uh west of903.924.479
that town there's a mountain and there's906.323.519
like some structures there that's where908.3992.481
i'm heading909.8392.481
what's it called i don't know you should910.882.88
be able to see me on the map if you want912.323.44
to come to me but i said do not bring913.764.24
the entire robot army to me knees plus915.763.84
what plus one it's a thing like you919.64.239
throw a party you say plus one921.5193.841
you've never been a party you do plus923.8392.721
oh you're talking guests yeah i don't926.565.44
know uh crap seriously928.565.44
they won't leave me alone man oh [ __ ]932.04.72
what is that okay934.04.32
come on nope936.724.239
that's right just938.322.639
oh crap here we go come on951.64.239
crap that hurt okay corner back room957.923.839
back room960.562.639
i don't know if i'm saving here or not961.7593.281
uh i found the same spot i can put up a963.1995.08
field radio965.043.239
hey simon977.63.359
yeah reload bam978.9594.641
yora don't get spotted don't get i don't980.9595.44
wanna hey where you where are you going983.65.28
see neebs is in the town986.3994.24
oh wow he's way down there jesus i988.883.92
thought he was closer990.6394.161
we'll try to get a shot this window992.84.56
oh yeah now what994.85.92
how you gonna act that's right baby997.365.36
oh my gosh1000.724.05
uh yeah um1006.243.599
what's your situation i am surrounded by1007.8394.161
a thousand robots in a little tiny house1009.8394.56
building okay so we don't want to go to1012.03.36
guys you want to try to mount a uh1015.363.52
whatever your rescue mission you know1017.2793.12
the lane of the land i could do that1018.883.92
i'll follow you i'll i'll die oh wait to1020.3994.241
help right i think did one of you guys1022.84.239
just pick up a bar of a key card maybe1024.643.919
what did i pick up yeah it must have1027.0392.88
been a key card we got all three key1028.5593.601
cards oh well [ __ ] yeah all right1029.9193.361
players have changed we're going to the1032.163.039
yep can you make your way back to the1035.1994.161
bunker probably you give me a minute1036.884.079
i just gotta kill a bunch of stuff you1039.363.76
know right simon door follow me all1040.9594.96
right okay1043.122.799
that is crazy1048.644.72
how many bullets1050.724.0
uh okay1053.363.6
this is gonna be it he's gonna be it1054.723.68
that's gonna be it1056.962.4
that's insane1059.363.76
could be insane all right getting low on1060.966.0
bullets in that payback shotgun1063.125.76
there's no way out of here1066.965.36
oh he disappeared1068.883.44
all right we got eyes on the bunker i1073.447.16
sure do slide down here again1075.125.48
i got my shotty ready for business1080.644.399
we made it to the bunker1086.082.88
come on get out there1088.963.64
oh he's freaking out there oh there's a1095.764.88
big one too going around and i'm ducking1098.04.96
oh it's bad out there1106.02.96
this a shotgun that i'm holding1120.964.64
i love it1123.122.48
all right well names if you give us a1131.123.12
second we might be able to either get a1132.645.44
field radio up or get this poker online1134.245.76
that's what she said1138.083.839
sheep why1140.03.44
what'd you see simon1141.9192.481
nothing yet a door1144.45.279
oh all right yeah yeah um it's probably1147.25.28
here simon you know the blue war room1149.6794.721
signs that we've seen in the past yeah1152.484.72
probably but i like that door better1154.45.36
well look it's a really cool closet1157.24.0
we're in1159.764.08
earthly police station this is service1161.24.4
design at the idea factory outside of us1163.842.88
why are you not answering we are being1166.723.839
shot at our emergency alarm tricks1168.643.84
aren't working and neither is the radio1170.5594.161
we need assistance now dammit it's1172.483.36
even when i warned1175.843.28
i saw the flying little thing going1177.6793.681
right over her house last night you know1179.124.08
i told the police but they didn't1181.364.48
believe me it's true1183.25.44
you know anger was right1185.844.24
they did it1188.644.0
it was the damn aliens1190.084.64
oh i saw it didn't i say it might be1192.644.24
aliens was it you or did isaiah well one1194.724.16
of us said it i don't know but sail1196.885.039
maybe aliens then or it is confirmed1198.884.64
yes it is aliens1201.9194.961
the robots are done by the aliens1203.524.72
oh yeah yeah1206.885.36
all right amanda back room let's see1208.244.0
here we go there he is1213.24.959
crazy you should have seen this place it1216.1595.681
was insane it was so wacky1218.1593.681
fine for a missile yeah shoot a missile1222.884.88
in the house yeah because it was funny1225.24.4

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