TRAPPED with the Alpha Tribe!! - Ark Fjördur

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Survival Evolved? Episode 5 of Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe is o...
TRAPPED with the Alpha Tribe!! - Ark Fjördur
TRAPPED with the Alpha Tribe!! - Ark Fjördur

TRAPPED with the Alpha Tribe!! - Ark Fjördur

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neebs: Hey there, Simon! Have you seen that new video we did where we got trapped with the Alpha Tribe in Ark Fjördur? It's a real nail-biter!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs! That was a wild ride. I still can't believe we survived that encounter. Those Alpha Tribes sure know how to bring the heat!

appsro: Hey guys, don't forget who did most of the heavy lifting in that video. I was the real MVP taking down those Alpha Tribe members left and right!

neebs: Oh, come on, Appsro! You know we all played our part in that epic showdown. But hey, at least now we have a new favorite video to show off to our fans!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Survival Evolved? Episode 5 of Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe is out, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride. Some say our favorite characters are still in there to this day, facing off against the Alpha Tribe. Can they make it out alive? You'll have to watch to find out!

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So, grab your favorite Neebs Gaming shirt, settle in with a cup of coffee, and get ready to dive into the latest episode of Ark: Survival Evolved. With the epic battles, hilarious commentary, and awesome music by Hank and Jed, you won't want to miss a minute of the action. Thanks for watching and supporting Neebs Gaming - let's see how the Noobs fare against the Alpha Tribe in this exciting episode!

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so down here huh simon yeah but i don't0.484.319
see any in my scope so you know but2.483.76
apparently we got what a couple of4.7994.401
raptors yeah a couple rogue raptors and6.246.08
potentially poppy my freaking t-rex9.25.68
we're bad parents yep but12.324.24
we're about a lot of things it's okay14.883.6
that's true so the t-rex should16.564.479
obviously be pretty easy to see is that18.484.48
it right there down there yeah the one21.0394.721
just sitting there like dirt i'm tamed22.964.8
yeah the one that's kind of sitting25.765.0
you've been hiding halfway in the32.2395.281
mountain huh okay so are there is there34.325.52
a wrap up there that i see right now37.524.64
nope it's not a raptor they probably39.843.6
made their way down well why don't you42.163.44
start leading that summer gun back all43.444.0
right i'll do that i'll get stuck in45.65.68
some trees i'm stuck in this tree47.445.439
here we go51.282.88
all right come on52.8794.68
time to go54.163.399
is that blue drop down after i don't see82.04.08
it in the sky so maybe you'll make a run83.923.519
for it i'll wait right here no you keep86.082.56
going up the coast and i'll make a run87.4393.201
for you okay oh god i don't want to get88.644.4
todd killed thick would be very mad with90.645.04
me yep but he's not here right now so93.044.079
let's see a t-rex95.684.16
alrighty already already approaching the97.1197.04
drop it looks pretty safe yeah paris sir99.846.88
yeah okay okay okay come on be something104.1594.64
we can [ __ ] use106.724.24
blueprint for a metal foundation what108.7995.121
was it blueprint for a metal foundation110.967.04
ah waste garbage absolutely garbage113.926.64
simon yeah how's it going up there buddy118.06.56
i'm leveling up my poppy oh so uh yeah i120.566.08
had a lot to level up i had a lot of124.563.36
killing to do down here what are you126.643.839
doing well i i saw a bunch of these127.925.28
fjord hawks down here uh i was gonna try130.4793.921
to kill some stuff and see if we could133.23.039
tame one yeah no i think that's a good134.43.839
idea then they'll you know if we put136.2393.36
them on our shoulders are they big138.2393.201
enough to put on our shoulders are they139.5993.36
i don't know how it works i don't know141.442.879
how it works dealing with the t-rex at142.9593.92
the moment but you know okay well i got144.3195.681
a a i think a corner sore if i remember146.8795.841
correctly up here okay oh boy and he's150.05.04
gonna want to fight my t-rex yeah152.724.64
actually but they but the thing is this155.044.32
is like a connoisseur that's glowing oh157.364.32
it's alpha is that gonna kill my159.365.04
freaking well are you gonna help well161.684.96
yeah but there's only so much i can do164.44.08
you can nip the [ __ ] out of that thing166.644.239
can i168.482.399
well i killed the rex i was trying to180.483.759
get these fjord hawks remember yeah but182.03.599
you know what i'm thinking that maybe184.2394.161
you should be here oh [ __ ] i think i185.5995.92
think poppy's gonna die oh [ __ ] oh no188.46.16
we just got poppy poppy's looking bloody191.5196.401
oh no oh no your poppy was killed [ __ ]194.564.48
all right197.922.88
you know what we're taking those lumps199.044.479
aren't we we are we're taking the lumps200.84.32
it's like i'm just trying to get poppy203.5193.921
home and now poppy's dead let's go kill205.124.16
some stuff by the beach and get a fjord207.444.079
hog that might make us feel better oh209.287.4
wouldn't i doubt it probably not211.5195.161
that's six gates237.5993.761
oh crap there's a river here oh god241.366.0
there's a lever in here yep oh boy244.04.48
oh hi247.363.36
oh boy oh hi248.484.56
where are you at down the coast did the250.724.14
same thing oh boy253.043.199
that's fun we need to destroy their boat256.2394.801
yeah i would agree oh no258.885.199
i can't let them do that261.043.039
oh that's got a big drop on it265.1993.28
oh that was a lovely279.364.399
i made a hole on the side isn't that282.44.079
cool that's great here you go a little283.7594.801
bit of fire oh wait i guess you could286.4792.961
hit me288.563.52
yeah don't worry about all the guys289.445.36
oh it broke see what happens oh we got a292.086.08
hole in the side oh yeah sons of [ __ ]294.85.839
i know you guys are the worst298.164.08
you're the worst can i have my stuff300.6395.28
back i'm stuck no no no no no302.245.36
no no305.9193.84
no this is [ __ ] goddamn look at this307.64.08
[ __ ] game oh309.7593.521
i like this311.684.56
oh my god313.282.96
of course of course todd's dead317.7595.121
come on321.364.48
what ah you're messing my stuff up why322.885.44
no but you messed my stuff up oh did we325.844.0
feel like you attacked me last time328.323.599
didn't you you stole it after i messed329.842.88
come on [ __ ] off332.723.36
come on [ __ ] them334.324.159
come on [ __ ] off336.083.76
[ __ ] this game how many rounds you gotta338.4795.041
put in one goddamn cat jesus christ339.845.68
i see some of their stuff on the beach343.524.16
here so i'm taking it dory go ahead and345.524.959
grab that materials just to annoy them347.684.01
yeah why you keep spinning around363.7594.401
because i have a hole in my boat365.9193.84
i don't want you i don't want you to see368.164.08
my hole it's embarrassing yeah369.7595.28
i made that hole372.244.48
you know it's not polite to look at375.0393.041
someone's hole376.723.52
well it depends what country378.083.04
let me get my stamina back so i can [ __ ]381.124.4
with you more dora can you please tell383.364.16
me where you're at cuz i just like to be385.523.84
a part of this fun at least a little bit387.524.48
volcano simon yeah we're by volcano389.365.279
island simon okay there's this fun hole392.04.72
that we can spit our [ __ ] into it's not394.6394.321
polite simon don't listen to him it's396.723.68
also not easy398.963.76
looks like we got a wild thick coming in400.45.28
wonder where he'll spawn402.722.96
where the hell's my bird where are the407.284.56
others tell me before i i'm not gonna do409.125.519
anything dude actually but are they here411.845.84
my bird is not here i really wish i414.6396.201
remembered my bird's name417.685.68
bad patera420.843.799
i don't know424.6393.351
memes that's true425.844.0
there we go429.847.199
that's it oh [ __ ] jealous why'd that431.685.359
come on baby438.3194.081
nope oh crap shut the door439.844.72
oh boy that was bad that was almost bad442.43.76
okay here we go444.564.56
fellas yeah what are you doing well446.164.72
did you just go up to the wall so i449.124.0
could fall off yeah oh it worked okay450.884.159
good let's do this now what are you453.124.16
gonna do now yep there you are okay oh455.0393.921
wow i did a good amount of damage to the457.284.08
boat didn't i yeah up front proud of458.964.48
that i like your i like your tactic461.364.0
though thank you i guess we'll meet463.446.64
again sure you name the place in time465.364.72
yeah i'll meet you at panera bread470.3194.961
tomorrow noon okay panera tomorrow noon472.085.44
yup try those new chicken sandwiches475.283.919
they got i'ma get that i'll see you477.523.69
there okay479.1993.44
all right482.6393.041
let me get some high ground see if i can483.7594.081
see anyone from up here485.684.16
oh what is this487.845.039
a statue for me the [ __ ] is this489.844.72
the heart thing oh i thought i heard492.8794.401
someone yapping what's up buddy494.565.28
hey hey what's going on oh man we've had497.284.8
a day um we tried to go get a griffin499.844.479
they found us they ruined everything so502.083.44
that's what's going on the bird you504.3192.641
head's dead you have this one now it's505.523.84
only level 116. dude hey tell you what506.963.919
you want to like go out and find us like509.363.52
a couple more birds yeah510.8794.001
let's find real birds i know but this512.883.599
whole like sitting on the coast thing is514.883.12
[ __ ] as hard because they know we're516.4793.521
on the coast no i'm i'm with you so yeah518.03.44
we need to like we need more birds we520.03.36
need to go inland so uh can i pick you521.443.76
up with this guy i don't know do i do523.363.599
something here oh no this is just one of525.23.84
those stupid collectibles hey gotta526.9593.841
catch them all no i don't i'd rather you529.045.2
in the nuts right there530.84.479
yes simon where are you at on a island535.2795.201
sam okay i am still537.8394.721
circling our place540.483.6
okay and542.563.92
i guess there's a reason for that544.084.4
right i don't we don't know what they're546.483.359
doing you know what i mean we don't know548.482.479
no i know549.8392.241
but i mean550.9593.601
um i'm guessing something's going on552.085.04
because eight is on me554.564.64
well they hadn't been on you for nobody557.123.44
people want to see what you're up to559.24.48
well damn it okay we'll we'll see i'm560.565.92
gonna come back to you okay yeah because563.684.64
game a little scared but not enough566.484.32
whatever right got to do what we can do568.324.72
yeah okay well570.83.2
here yeah yeah you'll be coming there575.045.2
yeah all right do something for the578.322.959
i'm good584.562.48
reinforced windows588.645.52
here we go and bam all right thank590.566.8
goodness man this boat was almost a594.164.239
got to get protection on it let's see598.3995.361
where my walls at here we go three new601.23.6
bam all right stop oh wait i can't count604.86.32
that's two all right i gotta back up and608.244.32
there we go613.64.479
okay i'm gonna name this thing cause i616.03.92
don't care anymore thick yeah i'm gonna618.0793.921
send you on a mission more pterodons619.923.84
right yeah and see if you can find some622.03.12
crystal if you find crystal we can make623.762.88
a fabricator we can make a fabricator we625.123.2
can repair the damn rocket launcher626.643.439
rocket launcher just stay at a place628.323.68
where there was crystal at the top of630.0793.521
that mountain oh was there there was632.03.279
some up there yeah oh cool go grab that633.63.359
with the pterodons all right all right635.2793.201
i'm gonna work on expanding this place636.9592.721
just a little bit so we can fit a638.484.72
fabricator in here okay sounds good639.687.32
don't mess up643.23.8
all right guys hey dora yeah simon so648.645.52
you said you used your hand grenades to651.64.72
blow a hole in that boat yeah all right654.163.52
yeah maybe the first time i ever used656.323.84
them it was pretty user-friendly good657.684.8
because i i got some yeah don't blow a660.164.88
hole in our base i'm not going to try to662.485.919
but did you say it's so like an arrow an665.044.4
arrow would just668.3992.641
just uh left click just go ahead and669.444.8
left just left click i think so and no671.045.84
oh oh you primed it then huh and now i674.244.24
let go okay676.882.48
you feel pretty competent with that now679.363.919
i think so cause yeah because right681.683.76
click does nothing okay so i was just683.2794.161
that's perfect so it's left click is685.444.32
everything and then you let go just like687.443.6
you can't really mess it up oh god why691.044.479
what are you doing i didn't let go of it693.24.319
i thought me holding it it blew up in my695.5194.241
face you said that the exact same time i697.5196.32
said you can't really mess it up699.764.079
all right it's just the place705.128.08
yep and that's ro708.886.24
let's see your light careful careful713.23.6
flying around lit up like that at night715.123.6
i don't give a [ __ ] because you guys got716.83.36
everything else killed718.722.96
yeah you're not wrong okay these are720.163.6
better pterodons yeah got a little bit721.685.68
of a fleet here nice crystal crystal was723.765.519
heavy so we're gonna have to do the727.363.919
crystal run in the day you said it was729.2793.68
just on top of the mountain i know but731.2794.56
it's very very heavy oh guys732.9595.601
that that thing that you land lend me735.8394.161
i believe lint's the word lent yes you740.03.92
let me that shitty one over there and i742.0793.44
could barely get off the ground with him743.923.12
gotcha so hey should we should we like745.5193.361
dedicate one of these guys to just wait747.044.96
the big boy right here a tubby tubby748.885.199
yeah tubby i like the tubby maybe that752.03.839
[ __ ] one we call patini754.0793.821
tiny yeah755.83911.201
man there's a big cliff hopefully right767.043.52
around this corner i can at least get769.123.36
out for a minute and scavenge for some770.564.8
stuff oh i bet that's the uh yeah that's772.484.72
the swamp up their head i can tell by775.364.08
those scraggly trees i want to wait till777.24.0
morning though i don't like to be in the779.444.0
swamp and can't see we'll get close781.25.36
scope it out783.444.32
there's a bank i can't tell what that787.763.68
red thing is let me come a little closer789.8392.401
man if these seeds were right here on792.244.399
the bank that'd be fantastic come on793.64.16
what is that796.6393.521
no that's mushrooms in it crap i want to797.764.16
go in a little bit just hoping not to800.163.76
have to go in okay801.923.28
all right803.923.52
man i got nothing but a bow and arrow805.25.12
broke my smithy is that a cave that's a807.444.88
cave man you know who's not going in810.324.88
there i do not yet just waiting for a812.325.199
one of those alligators come grab me815.24.16
all right we're at817.5193.601
i know this is the spot819.363.919
okay a little deeper821.123.519
mushrooms looking for species x man i do824.6396.0
not like being this far in my boat that828.325.04
oh i think i see it there we go baby830.6397.681
yeah all right that's it nev's out833.364.96
dora simon dora yeah i think i found him838.3994.88
where are you at brother looks like i'm841.363.44
15. way other side of the map oh [ __ ]844.85.68
yep and you know what i shouldn't even i847.924.4
already went out of their view are they850.484.0
still right there852.324.72
[ __ ] guess854.482.56
hopefully they didn't see me see them863.045.68
let's see i forgot how big this [ __ ]868.725.359
was but maybe that ought to do it there870.486.799
okay perfect we got us this visit874.0794.56
i don't know877.2792.881
i'm gonna have to pick this up aren't i878.6395.041
[ __ ] okay that's true hello thick i got880.165.2
something for you is it a woman you883.684.24
already have crystal huh yeah i had some885.364.4
yes did you pick up more yep yeah i went887.924.24
to the top got some yeah hey little oh889.764.879
my god you got a bunch wow yeah all892.165.52
right tubby's doing well for us yeah go894.6394.88
tubby go897.683.92
i'm gonna drop you yep well but i'll899.5194.241
write on him okay well i do i'm not901.64.16
gonna be able to okay i'm on the line903.763.199
now okay905.763.759
so really come at the right angle like906.9594.161
along the line there we go but you're909.5193.44
gonna have to i don't know when to drop911.124.0
okay let's let okay like as if you're912.9594.32
gonna land up keep going okay okay915.124.719
actually just get over get over him917.2794.081
over him919.8395.36
okay drop me oh [ __ ] oh921.365.36
oh [ __ ]925.1993.361
what are you doing simon i'm trying to926.723.919
do something did it work what happened i928.565.6
heard vaping what do you got huh hey hey930.6396.081
how you doing934.162.56
we came early for lunch oh hey guys hey937.2794.881
oh man that's fun i wish i was there943.1996.08
yeah i don't know how i am wow okay so946.165.2
so where are you i'm inside you're949.2794.161
inside and there's no one else there951.363.76
nope okay953.443.36
now you can take hold of that thing or955.123.6
are you blowing it up956.83.839
how do i do this i don't know don't kill958.724.16
yourself though oh just in case960.6394.481
oh hey i'm just here to uh punch you in962.883.84
the face i gotta open the door for me965.124.0
please oh are you966.724.32
what you open this door back here for me969.123.279
are you stuck in here yeah i'd like to971.043.44
get out of here oh so972.3992.541
how do i handle this what are you taking976.03.92
your time with just open the door the978.3994.401
door open the door god what are you979.925.2
waiting for right i asked him like three982.83.68
all right tiny986.483.84
we're getting away from the base a988.724.0
little bit exploring we need to find990.325.439
obsidian if we could find some obsidian992.726.239
oh we'd be good again let's see now i995.7594.961
heard people say behind waterfalls in998.9593.841
this game or things but i've checked1000.724.08
every damn one i run across and guess1002.84.24
what nothing but pure disappointment1004.83.839
come on obsidian you got to be around1007.044.4
here somewhere okay i think their base1008.6394.961
is down that way1011.444.399
oh an argentivis1013.63.84
that's a pretty that's an american1015.8393.761
argentavis right there god i can smell1017.445.44
his big american dick yo yo america [ __ ]1019.66.239
hey hey oh there we go that's still on1027.64.479
my wrist all right doing what are you1030.163.36
doing oh look you've been sitting here1032.0795.561
with what have you been doing1033.524.12
yeah i took a little nap next to you you1038.164.159
took a nap a little nap i cause it lets1040.0794.801
me get in this bed oh does it let's see1042.3195.281
oh wow holy moly that's it's amazing1044.885.36
amazing yeah all right hi hey so you1047.65.52
want me to open that door over there yes1050.246.559
please now what's in it for me i wonder1053.126.24
me not killing you again i mean1056.7994.401
i'll just respond1059.364.319
what you see that over there that that1061.24.719
sleep in neebs yeah i have the power of1063.6794.0
filling this whole boat with those yeah1065.9193.201
i get that i'll do it all day too just1067.6794.561
be you and a thousand courses in here1069.125.84
are you are you done so i guess1072.244.319
hmm what are my options i feel like i1074.963.28
should have options can't go through1076.5593.041
this huh no1078.243.6
won't you pull off wasn't that crazy it1079.64.0
is why don't you like get away from the1081.844.8
uh the cheaty border oh are you hungry1083.64.959
no i'm good i could cook us something1086.643.52
you want me to mix something up in the1090.163.759
mortar and pestle no i've got that stuff1091.9194.401
already okay could i interest you in a1093.9194.561
nape's corpse i know i already had that1096.324.479
you got that yeah thank god absolutely1098.483.92
didn't have it well geez i wish i had1100.7994.961
more to offer yeah just open the door um1102.46.0
you want to take a nap in the bed again1105.763.76
push the door1108.44.56
and i guess i'll take a nap again1109.523.44
[ __ ]1114.643.12
[ __ ] what are you what are you what is1115.443.84
that what is that i've been poisoned1117.763.6
stamina what's happening i can't move1119.284.399
okay where are you what are you you're1121.363.28
gonna die1123.6792.801
tiny where the [ __ ] been1124.643.039
oh no but1128.644.24
you know where the hell did he go1130.484.8
tiny oh god if you just left me on the1132.884.4
edge of the redwood forest you stupid1135.284.399
bird where'd you go you were set to1137.284.72
follow where'd you go oh there you are1139.6793.601
there you are there you are you dumb1142.04.48
animal here good god don't do that to me1143.284.96
i want to slap you in your stupid little1146.484.96
gangly head1148.244.24
trying this again hey dallas hey buddy1152.483.92
how you been good what are you been up1154.965.839
to ah just um oh wow we got two now yeah1156.45.76
hey will you just open this door back1160.7993.441
here real quick um listen there's no1162.163.6
um's really i think this is a trade1164.243.04
situation you want something i want1165.763.76
something it's not it's you surviving i1167.284.0
don't have to kill you again well you1169.523.279
already know that i don't mind being1171.283.84
killed so and i don't i'm cool with it1172.7994.321
too let me just throw something out okay1175.125.52
give me the sword and armor and i'll1177.125.2
open the door i already pretty much gave1180.644.08
you guys a rocket launcher and a good1182.324.56
good armor and good weapons yeah but we1184.723.68
didn't use it yeah but you're going to1186.883.12
you might we might give it back someday1188.43.279
who knows nah1190.02.48
there's really no there's no1192.485.04
you're i mean i feel like you're not1195.524.32
even trying to barter no i'm not because1197.524.56
i've got the upper hand okay let me look1199.843.92
at this door and just see1202.085.76
what's involved i'm just opening it1203.764.08
it's just a door okay why would you1209.365.52
delay oh we got us1211.6793.201
yeah can't wait to see you again1216.04.88
yeah all right yeah it's not much but1218.646.399
it's a start here we go and oh1220.886.4
all right hello neebs what's up buddy1225.0393.921
taking the boat adventures going to [ __ ]1227.283.519
oh man it's hilarious1228.963.92
what's going on dallas is trapped on the1230.7992.88
you should go say hi oh yeah mate is the1233.6794.88
bed still there yeah yeah all right yeah1236.1594.961
let me dump off all my [ __ ] there you go1238.5594.961
yeah we need better storage in here we1241.124.799
do we need the big the big things so1243.524.8
maybe that's in our future holy crap we1245.9194.081
got a fabric i didn't oh yeah you can1248.323.92
change stuff oh yeah no i've expanded a1250.04.08
little bit we got a fabricator now let1252.243.28
me do that and then let me go boop and a1254.082.88
boop and a boop and a boop and a poop1255.524.159
yeah i'll go talk to him1256.963.88
oh hey1260.845.959
hey what's up oh this is a fun situation1263.285.759
hey what'd you do1266.7995.171
i'm busy1269.03911.281
i wasn't dealing with after i'll tell1280.324.39
you that much1281.843.38

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The Game

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Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Ark: Survival Evolved. Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe series is comedy gold! Seeing those lovable goofballs try to survive and build up on a server ruled by an unrelenting alpha tribe is absolutely hilarious.

You can tell they are just having a blast playing together, even when their thatch huts keep getting smashed by the alpha over and over. Their frustrated reactions crack me up every time. And you gotta admire their perseverance - they just keep respawning and trying again, determined to make some progress.

The cinematic editing makes it so engaging too. The way they splice together gameplay footage, clever sketches, and their goofy narration and voice-overs brings so much personality to the series. It really enhances the experience and draws you into their chaotic misadventures.

Honestly, watching Neebs and the gang play Ark is just as entertaining as playing it yourself, maybe even more so. Seeing them encounter all the dangers and wonders of the Ark world through their unique goofball lens is a one-of-a-kind treat.

Whether they are desperately trying to tame their first dino or getting ambushed by a pack of raptors, their reactions and banter never fail to make me laugh out loud. And you can tell their camaraderie and obvious love for gaming shines through.

So if you're looking for a wildly entertaining Ark viewing experience, I can't recommend Neebs Gaming's series enough. Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe is the perfect blend of survival game action and comedic mayhem. It's the next best thing to playing Ark yourself!

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