What Did I Do??? - Rust

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, Rust had a major update and you know what that means - time to start from scratch again! But wait, w...
What Did I Do??? - Rust
What Did I Do??? - Rust

What Did I Do??? - Rust

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming video! Today, we're diving into Rust and starting fresh with this update. And what's this about WandaVision? I'm so confused!

simon: Oh man, Neebs, you always get so lost with these updates! But hey, that's why this video is my favorite. Your confusion is just too hilarious!

appsro: Haha, yeah, Neebs, you really outdid yourself with this one. I can't stop laughing at your cluelessness. And that's why this video is definitely at the top of my list!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, Rust had a major update and you know what that means - time to start from scratch again! But wait, what's this WandaVision thing all about? Intriguing, right?

In this video, the Neebs crew is playing on Survival Servers, and let me tell you, things are about to get crazy. If you're looking to get your own Rust server, definitely check out Survival Servers - they're the real deal.

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well here we are again i love it0.884.32
back to square one yeah which means3.363.2
they're back to square one too5.23.439
so this might play to our advantage kill6.563.92
them let's crack their skulls with our8.6392.801
rocks i'm down10.482.4
i am down let's go find them and let's11.443.279
go on a murder spree we already see12.882.4
oh really that way should we kill him i15.283.6
don't know what's that17.63.2
try to talk who is that running away18.883.68
from us he's running hello20.86.639
oh hey vic hello hello hello22.567.92
how's it going i found a guitar27.4395.681
like a madman oh i'm a lady get this30.484.0
how'd you get all that stuff33.123.599
it's a they wiped the server already i34.483.599
know but i found a barrel36.7193.441
okay i found this guitar and some38.0794.081
mushrooms yep40.163.6
so you're just like a roaming minstrel42.163.6
uh yep pretty much43.763.44
we can we need to find uh i guess a45.763.04
place to set up another spot47.23.76
yeah we gotta this is like one division48.84.8
first three episodes are the same thing50.964.4
well i guess we'll see here let's go53.64.08
down here okay can i join you is it is55.362.8
that cool57.6816.16
go for it all right you're cool i'm cool58.1615.68
hey you hear gunfire yeah that's102.3993.121
campfire oh i bet that's that's simon103.843.12
and door over there they're getting shot105.522.0
oh there's probably scientists and [ __ ]107.523.919
uh-oh they're coming this way they're109.522.4
oh let's hide in the bushes out in the111.923.199
bushes yeah stay crouched113.683.36
okay are they going to the beach yeah115.1193.761
yeah yeah they're going to the beach117.044.0
should we bash their heads in i doubt118.883.04
they have anything121.041.84
all right they're behind that rock i'm121.922.32
moving in i'm moving i just want to kill122.882.8
them for fun you know what i'm going to124.242.879
stay neutral on this i'm just going to125.682.4
watch you guys127.1192.081
all right they don't see us they don't128.082.64
see us i'm coming in i'm hiding behind129.22.64
this rock i'm going to observe them i'm130.722.159
going to see where the [ __ ] they go131.842.479
i'm the observer you're going to bash132.8793.36
their heads in134.3193.441
there's a horse there's a horse there's136.2393.841
a horse of course straight ahead137.764.24
yeah like can we get horses like how do140.083.68
we do that because there's a horse right142.03.76
on the edge of the lake i also heard a143.763.36
rumor that you can get a horse do you145.762.72
have any berries or something147.124.56
they need straw hey they hey148.485.759
hey hey why don't you go get some hay151.683.919
just walk you see you should be able to155.5994.881
work oh i got it i gotta tame the [ __ ]158.565.039
easy what you're wearing all right sam160.484.0
we have a horse163.5994.0
wow can you get on too i hope164.485.2
you should be able to it's a horse i167.5993.92
know right hit e169.684.16
oh uh oh yeah it doesn't tell me to and171.5193.761
i'm hitting e and it's not they're173.842.96
allowing me this is175.283.76
[ __ ] ever do they know what horses do176.83.04
i'm happy with this 1967 ford ecoline179.844.64
copy you just going to stock them184.486.56
i feel like they're getting too far now189.043.199
do they see us because they're191.043.04
they're stopping they stop do they look192.2393.36
do they see us i don't know194.084.0
[ __ ] yeah now they're moving195.5994.881
okay so they're moving up the beach198.084.56
neebs yeah proposal i'm just making a200.484.0
spear what's up okay cool oh boy don't202.643.04
don't get too close to these guys you204.483.759
see this uh mountain to uh north 20205.684.32
north 20 mountain north 20 mountain kind208.2393.36
of a hill hey that rock210.02.64
like right there that little rock211.5993.441
mountain there yeah maybe we like set up212.643.44
an outpost there215.042.559
and then we uh you know we can gather in216.082.719
all the woods and then you know make it217.5992.481
make it our goal to attack that gas218.7991.921
yeah that sounds perfect let's move in220.727.12
let's move on223.24.64
hey dora yeah are you hungry232.06.08
yes your stomach is hungry oh it will be235.124.319
it's not too bad yeah look at this238.082.079
wow looking good yeah we got a door i'm240.1594.401
not putting a lock on this one got two243.122.479
tables over here244.563.36
a little fire over here but uh right245.5993.28
quick yeah quick247.923.519
i i like quick and i like let's let's248.8794.161
face it this is nice and hidden251.4393.201
agreed so we should get the horses out253.043.599
of view yes the door's out of view254.643.36
yeah what were you talking about i'm256.6393.12
moving yours so i got258.05.12
food for you my friend [ __ ] yeah259.7595.361
listen i got at least ten mushrooms are263.123.68
gonna be in your belly265.123.92
let's put these guys over here okay and266.83.119
my mine's white269.042.56
you know it'd be nice oh yours is white269.9193.361
it'd be nice if we uh could kind of271.63.44
stands out we should muddy the white one273.282.16
ah yeah we should slop some275.446.08
[ __ ] on it huh yeah i'll take those278.724.4
please i will take those281.524.0
oh yes hold on and you know what here283.123.359
look at this285.524.0
all right take 16. oh there you go wow286.4793.521
you just289.524.0
wow i got 20. you got 16. i also have290.05.28
berries if you need berries you let me293.523.6
know make some more clothes295.283.76
simon i don't want to cover up too much297.123.359
because then you know i know that people299.042.56
like to see my skin300.4793.201
so you wanted to cover up the horse with301.64.08
mud but you want to leave your white ass303.684.799
just shining or shining in the sun okay305.683.76
yes because i308.4794.241
am sexy flesh309.443.28
okay neebs this is going to be the316.83.2
basement oh really318.562.56
it's going to be tall yeah what i'm320.02.639
going to do is yeah i'm going to add in321.123.519
a ceiling here uh-huh and then yeah322.6393.441
we're gonna walk up some stairs and walk324.6392.321
up into that326.082.16
all right we'll have a basement full of326.962.88
goodies i'm gonna go look at this truck328.242.399
thing over here329.842.32
this truck thing over here i thought330.6393.601
well i saw some probably some more stuff332.164.16
well i want to go oh you want to look at334.243.28
it with me yeah i want to look at it336.322.56
with you i was going to share with you337.521.76
okay i picked up a couple of good things339.283.52
i wanted to share with you oh yeah341.283.359
yeah i got an extra helmet i got some342.84.0
binoculars that's pretty awesome344.6393.441
all right guys what's in there what's in346.83.44
there was that a shovel no it's a bone348.082.8
arrow ooh350.243.44
those wasn't good baby okay i did look350.883.68
that's a wolf353.683.28
named up oh he's he's focused on me yeah354.564.0
he is i don't have it why did he go356.963.44
after me that was the easy prey358.563.359
are y'all gonna shoot him yeah i'm gonna360.43.44
shoot his ass that's gonna be dinner wow361.9193.041
he's really dope363.844.56
got him oh yeah yeah baby364.966.799
we got some dinner wolf skull oh boy i'm368.44.56
dropping i'm dropping some stuff because371.7592.72
my inventory is fine okay372.962.88
leather good god you get a lot from374.4793.361
these things i got it yeah all right man375.843.12
please cook some of that because yeah377.843.199
i'm hungry bone fragments bone fragments378.962.72
uh-huh yeah get it off pick it all up381.683.12
got it got it got it383.63.84
oh hey look look what look at me man you384.83.119
kind of387.443.36
have that suit there's a lot of loot in387.9197.521
this game390.86.239
all right all right so if i do it395.443.199
anywhere i'm gonna you know what oh i'm397.0392.88
playing with it dude i'm putting a bunch398.6392.481
of hemp right here399.9194.0
oh okay this is gonna be the berry401.125.04
corner over here so hold on403.9195.521
let me go to all right406.166.96
bam and then oh yeah hold on409.448.0
oh nice look at this nice413.126.0
maybe we'll do berries all around the417.443.039
whole foundation419.122.88
oh yeah let's not let's just not get420.4793.041
trees in this immediate area how about422.02.08
no we're not doing any treasons we're424.082.88
leaving the trees leaving the trees425.5992.32
right around426.963.679
uh-huh oh these berries are gonna be so427.9193.201
and the hemp too fun times431.127.519
nape you ready for this yeah i think so436.243.76
i made something pretty funny438.6393.28
my vision's still bloody yeah you need440.04.4
to eat and441.9195.041
wolf mask i'm wolf lady oh you look444.44.56
pretty cool now actually446.964.239
no i'm killing it yep i like your riot448.964.079
hat helmet though that's probably a lot451.1993.44
more protective than what i'm wearing453.0393.361
you know the skull of an animal i also454.6392.881
feel like you have a456.43.519
face shield this is good if i sneeze oh457.524.239
yeah if you sneeze yeah that'd be great459.9193.521
you don't get sneeze all over me right461.7593.201
yeah but then i'll just have snot and463.442.4
blood in my face464.962.48
yeah you know you take the good with the465.843.6
bad yep take them both467.444.4
and there you have your sword i mean469.443.759
it's a cool sword but it just kind of471.841.759
i don't know like it like adventurous473.5993.201
like i want you to go play legend of475.521.76
not a facts of life fan huh no477.285.52
you take the good you take the badge480.963.359
take them both and there you have the482.82.799
effects of life484.3194.401
the facts of life it was a show i know i485.5998.241
didn't grow up in the 60s488.725.12
you see that fire out there i do i497.1994.241
wonder if that's uh500.3194.081
doraleous and simon that's that's near501.443.52
like a504.42.079
an outpost or something you think they504.962.72
would set up there or maybe you should506.4792.481
put your light out that's pretty much a507.682.56
big indicator of like hey here508.964.559
you know here we are right shh okay510.246.159
not like this it doesn't look like it's513.5194.161
moving though so maybe516.3992.961
i was about to say this kit this can't517.683.76
be them that'd be insane i mean this is519.364.239
like uh it's like a base over here thick521.445.36
okay and i mean it is this game is like523.5994.961
dark dark yeah it's cool you know what526.83.68
that's probably not another person so528.564.56
i'm just gonna turn my torch on okay you530.483.84
yeah i know i know you know you know534.323.44
i know why i'm so excited537.763.199
hey scare you oh you did541.26.96
oh wait wait what's that what's that544.723.44
no oh wait was it oh oh that was560.83.76
no i thought you died no um put a bed564.563.92
i hope so he's gonna say he got fixed568.484.32
because i was investigating something571.22.24
you know i know it's listen it's a real573.443.44
i know you don't want it to be it's a576.883.6
real thing but it's weird how i always578.84.4
come out alive580.482.72
how are you looking dora check yeah593.043.44
check this out you tell me how i'm594.722.32
good all right oh you're looking fancy597.046.08
you're looking topsy yes i am i'm all600.084.879
covered up i'm less sexy but now they603.123.52
just want more they want to see my604.9592.721
clothes come off606.643.52
yeah okay all right well tell yourself607.683.839
that all right shall we610.163.84
let's see let me look at the map we are611.5193.44
let's go there's a mining outpost hmm614.9595.44
yeah we need to loot let's go to uh618.03.6
let's go to620.3994.321
what is that stable shopkeeper621.64.96
oh man we can't afford anything there it624.723.28
doesn't look like let's go626.563.92
here it's not far we'll see what's here628.03.44
okay here630.484.24
i i am trusting you and i agree let's go631.444.83
these guys are strong there's no way i'm638.9593.44
getting my stuff back now tell me what640.562.399
i walked over there i got shot it was642.9593.281
like a base or something and there's645.042.0
like a dude646.242.56
just shot me couldn't see him was it a647.043.28
guy couldn't tell648.83.039
i just saw bullets flying at my face and650.323.36
boom dead let's take a look let me take651.8392.24
a look653.681.92
let's just see what we're dealing with654.0793.281
okay make a plan655.62.96
and i gotta get some mushrooms or657.363.28
something where's dick oh who knows658.562.64
oh here he is what's up nothing you guys661.23.12
keep dying663.442.16
let's see can you hold can you hold664.323.12
shift neebs can i hold shift yeah i feel665.62.64
like there we go if667.442.32
you want to go faster npc in like a668.242.96
single player game well i was getting669.762.8
ready to uh671.23.6
follow me i'll advance the star well672.563.92
this is this is as close as i want to674.82.64
um what are you doing i'm thinking677.446.8
this might not be a danger i got shot a680.84.8
second ago what the [ __ ] you talking684.241.76
did you have a weapon out no i might686.04.399
have had my bow and arrow but the second689.043.039
time all i had was a torch i wonder if690.3993.44
they see a torch as a weapon692.0793.76
that sounds insane right i'm holding693.8393.841
mushrooms is that a weapon695.8394.401
this might be a trading post well697.683.92
they're not very friendly with me i'll700.242.32
tell you that701.62.799
okay hold on though i think i found my702.563.04
[ __ ] hey704.3993.201
okay i'm sorry we're we're all the way705.63.919
up to the gate okay hold on i'm getting707.62.72
my [ __ ] back709.5194.241
cool now is it possible710.325.84
for these professors that they might713.763.36
be uh i wonder how easy it is for them717.123.36
to kill a horse719.22.72
we're gonna find out eventually i would720.484.08
imagine well i i prefer to find out with721.924.08
horses that aren't these724.563.279
you know yeah i just don't think it's726.04.0
gonna work that way727.8394.56
okay well i hope yours dies first and i730.03.12
death upon yours as well son okay good733.125.76
okay we got a little oh okay ooh ooh735.8396.0
oh we got stuff i just got a knife simon738.884.88
i got a thing there's741.8395.12
two knives yeah this is what we needed743.766.48
what am i even grabbing oh yeah oh how746.9594.56
do you what do you got to hit it's shift750.242.48
tab probably right751.5193.12
i don't remember oh hit right or right752.723.52
click right click on the things brings754.6394.241
over the bam756.242.64
yeah you know one of those things is a759.684.399
wood kayak763.044.08
an improvised wood kayak764.0794.961
i haven't improvised and so do you a767.126.399
wood kayak769.046.72
we're gonna go and check out i saw some773.5194.56
crazy thing out in the middle of nowhere775.764.639
like in in the water you think we should778.0793.681
do that now780.3992.88
no just one of these days yeah one of781.764.24
these days right oh i see a blue783.2795.36
oh you see that simon oh blue guy yeah786.04.0
pull back pull back788.6392.801
they've got guns pull back pull back790.03.519
they have guns i know they have guns but791.443.28
they don't see me793.5194.481
yet is it just one i see one794.726.48
oh god simon rugby simon oh my god798.04.639
are we come on get on the horse where801.23.36
did he just come from get on the horse802.6392.401
i'm going we're running back running805.043.28
louise oh i just jumped up i was trying808.323.6
try to jump the horse doesn't work that811.923.12
way my813.8393.361
god it felt like somebody was right on815.045.12
top of my ass817.22.96
so wait a trading post we gotta go in824.9593.44
here right yeah that's all i've been827.122.8
waiting for you gotta take your sweet828.3992.24
ass time829.922.56
there's a sign that says no weapons no830.6393.921
killing no thieving no sleeping832.484.4
well we're coming you impatient [ __ ]834.563.6
what are these guys cool they better be838.164.16
damn cool841.5193.041
hello hey you can tell your buddies down842.323.6
at the gas station that real they're844.562.48
real pieces of [ __ ]845.923.039
yeah all we wanted was mushrooms they're847.043.44
shops and crafting848.9593.841
that's this is cool all right i just850.483.44
started liking this game a little bit852.82.32
more i didn't realize we were dealing853.922.08
with all this855.122.64
i'm sure we can't afford anything right856.03.92
now once we get money we're going857.767.12
shopping hey yeah all right859.924.96
look at these windows back here now864.9594.081
right you like so beautiful866.883.6
yeah you want to be able to see the869.043.359
threat sneaking around and it says add870.483.919
more resources to your tool cover872.3994.321
so is that the tool covered is this i'm874.3993.601
putting stuff in there i don't even know876.722.32
what else878.03.279
yeah is this the tool cupboard that i'm879.043.68
going to wait what is that thing what is881.2792.721
that what are you882.723.679
cost per 24 hours what is that i do you884.03.76
see the middle thing in there886.3992.8
if you go in there simon tell me what887.763.519
that middle thing is go ahead okay hold889.1992.961
on it says891.2793.36
uh clear authorized list clear though892.163.359
don't worry about this no894.6392.32
no no just go into the thing i want to895.5193.12
know what the middle item is yep896.9594.801
uh the that is uh the bones of a dead898.6394.0
is that a dead grandma bone pile yeah902.6393.44
we've got to find905.124.48
uh 10 bones of 10 different906.0795.681
dead grandmothers yeah i don't remember909.64.32
using grandma bones when i built this911.764.16
really i mean it looks like grandma913.923.2
bones to me915.923.44
because they're very brittle looking917.123.68
yeah [ __ ]919.363.599
well all right let's go find a grandma920.84.64
on killer i'm gonna turn off the fire922.9594.161
all right and we could find a live925.443.6
grandma killer and take the bones out if927.122.88
we wanted to right929.043.2
okay i we both look we both know that930.03.92
it's not grandma bones932.249.2
okay but it would be fun if it was933.9210.8
so open tech tree and then oh you can uh941.445.28
can i make it says unlock looks like944.723.84
it's already unlocked though946.724.559
oh and i can make like a different okay948.563.279
so you unlock stuff and now you can951.8393.12
craft it yep weapons953.364.159
cool sweet oh man so this thing's super954.9593.041
looks like it takes scrap yeah scrap958.03.759
seems to be the currency of the railroad960.02.24
yep speaking of weapons guys i got a gun962.246.0
oh yeah let's see it no i'm not we can't965.7595.041
pull it out here968.242.56
check this out check it out check it out973.123.76
check it out what you got i found a974.483.52
uh-huh and let's say i brought like978.03.92
several binoculars oh can i not recycle980.243.12
binoculars of course i want a pair of981.922.159
oh yeah all right well i'll give you984.0793.361
that but i guess you can just throw985.1993.841
okay so like throw a hatchet in here987.444.24
boom turn it on breaks down the hatchet989.044.96
and gives me the raw materials boom and991.683.68
i got the raw materials back to make994.02.48
another hatchet because i need my995.361.599
so save everything we'll recycle it save996.9593.361
everything we can dump it in here and999.123.279
get the raw materials1000.323.759
i like this place i like this place a1002.3993.44
lot all right all right it's daytime1004.0793.12
i'm gonna get back to the house keep1005.8393.281
building yep we got a gas station1007.1993.601
attendant to shoot yeah we do1009.123.68
this place is sweet oh repairs you can1010.83.039
repair [ __ ]1012.84.8
oh my god all right i'm gonna i'm gonna1013.8394.8
give you one of these1017.63.12
oh you gave me a shirt off your back1018.6393.921
look at those sweet little1020.725.359
oh you want one of these yes i do1022.566.32
look at that a snake jacket empire's1026.0796.801
balaclava look at my face right now1028.884.0
oh you want one of these fantasies of1034.05.839
mine yeah yeah1036.5593.28
we're like a gag we're like two robbers1040.5593.36
we are1043.4393.041
oh hold on we are and i got a knife you1043.9193.841
son of a [ __ ]1046.485.76
what give us your give us all your stuff1047.768.0
you better give us all your stuff now1052.246.4
all right let's go1055.762.88
riding horses with knives out1059.68.24
it's a thing1063.124.72
all right guys i think he's by the large1071.283.759
rock or at least behind it the large1072.884.08
rock large rock straight in front of us1075.0393.041
160. there we go nim's the directions1078.083.599
unlike can we move1080.164.08
up ah i feel like i saw a couple of them1081.6793.041
can we move up to the rock possibly yeah1084.723.52
i'm gonna get my gun out hopefully this1086.643.2
is not just a level four gun there's at1088.243.28
least four bullets in here1089.843.04
all right i'm taking i'm taking cover1091.523.44
behind the rock both likewise1092.883.919
oh i see i'm okay maybe i should go1094.963.68
around so we have them surrounded1096.7993.441
yeah what kind of gun you got there1098.643.12
thick look at me with that thing1100.244.16
pistol what the hell thing looks like it1101.763.52
was just made from1104.44.159
junk it probably was just made from junk1105.286.56
uh where oh he sees me okay yeah from1108.5594.0
i'm running sorry you really need to1112.5594.48
seize me1115.63.12
taking fire taking fire i'm behind a1117.0393.121
truck healing up healing up1118.724.48
all right looking southwest it's i don't1120.163.68
see him1123.22.32
he probably chased me a little bit so he1123.843.839
went my direction i'm on top of a van1125.525.92
yeah i see you hey where'd he go i'm1127.6796.88
looking i don't see his ass oh thick1131.446.4
c1 190 190. 190 okay okay1134.5596.721
i'm moving forward okay1137.843.44
taking cover behind this jump where you1142.643.36
at bubba1145.22.8
where'd he go where'd he go oh he sees1146.04.16
me oh yeah i see him over there1148.05.919
yeah you got an idol dick oh holy [ __ ]1150.165.68
he's got eyes on me there's more than1153.9193.441
one of them i'm not gonna waste all my1155.842.16
where'd he go uh he's heading down he's1158.04.08
going down the street yeah he's at1160.323.599
yeah kind of 190. they're everywhere1162.083.52
they're everywhere i see three of them1163.9193.201
should we pull out of this this seems1165.63.52
stupid there's three of them i know this1167.124.08
seems dumb we are vastly overpowered1169.123.36
here yeah overpowered1171.23.359
underpowered there's too many yeah well1172.483.52
hey you guys distract them maybe i can1174.5595.281
sneak into the gas station okay1176.03.84
i'm inside the gas station oh bottles of1184.883.44
it pills what is that anti-radiation1188.324.08
pills take it all baby1190.7994.081
i'm getting it i'm getting it oh is this1192.44.88
roof access1194.886.08
get on dude i'm on the roof what you see1197.285.759
man i'm looking i'm looking i'm looking1200.963.839
i don't see1203.0394.161
oh wait i do see something oh i see you1204.7993.841
yeah yeah yeah you got eyes on1207.24.32
yep see anybody uh not just you all1208.643.2
moving in moving in moving in like i see1211.843.199
a box or1213.842.719
some crate might be some loot here oh1215.0393.52
yeah i see a crate there okay oh there's1216.5592.961
some good [ __ ]1218.5594.081
howard water purifier take it man crap1219.526.32
what's that one a long sword okay i'm1222.644.32
gonna take what i can1225.842.56
oh hit him throughout the stuff we can1226.964.079
get more of you get somebody thick yeah1228.47.44
he's shooting that's right1231.0394.801
did you hit him yeah he was a little1237.63.04
closer hit him1239.444.32
i killed him yeah he's dead1240.649.2
i'm a [ __ ] god1243.766.08
oh god see you thick is he near you it's1252.964.48
it sounds like it yeah1255.9193.521
he's in the woods oh i see him i see him1257.443.2
he's out 130.1259.442.32
130 over there in the woods there are1260.643.44
two of them neebs become thick oh be1261.762.64
wait get him out of there get him out of1264.43.759
there says loot just no don't move me1265.845.52
hold him names oh help player1268.1594.88
thought it was looting hey don't forget1271.363.12
your bow slam on the ground right there1273.0391.841
okay there you go oh [ __ ] running back1274.883.84
running back okay1276.884.159
guys get out of there get out of there i1278.723.199
want to loot him1281.0393.201
go loot him sure go for it see you next1281.9194.081
week yeah come nuts1284.243.76
can i jump off this gas station without1286.04.4
getting hurt come on please yes yes1288.05.039
oh [ __ ] i'm running i'm juking it up1290.44.88
javin you'll never catch my ass1293.0395.52
oh [ __ ] he might catch my ass1295.288.92
come on come on1298.5598.461

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