Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest Subnautica Log video where our favorite crew has made a Seatruck? It's a wild ...


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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another thrilling episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into the deep sea with our terrifying sea truck adventure in Subnautica: Below Zero.

simon: Oh boy, I remember when we built that sea truck, Neebs! Those pesky wildlife creatures just couldn't resist trying to eat it. Classic Subnautica shenanigans!

appsro: Haha, yeah, that sea truck was like a tasty snack for those underwater critters. But hey, at least we got some thrilling footage out of it, am I right?

neebs: Absolutely, Appsro! And don't forget to hit that subscribe button, or else we might just let a squidshark eat ya. You wouldn't want that, now would you?

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest Subnautica Log video where our favorite crew has made a Seatruck? It's a wild ride, but unfortunately, the local wildlife seems to have other plans for it. Squidsharks, anyone?

If you missed out on the original series, don't worry - you can catch up by clicking the link provided. Trust me, it's worth it if you're a fan of underwater adventures and hilarious commentary.

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And last but not least, a shoutout to Kevin MacLeod for providing the awesome music in the video. "Welcome to HorrorLand" and "Decisions" really set the mood for the underwater shenanigans that Neebs and the crew get up to in Subnautica.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the latest Subnautica Log video and join me in laughing, gasping, and rooting for our favorite gamers as they navigate the treacherous depths of the ocean. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. #Subnautica #BelowZero #NeebsGaming.

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oh hello15.23.919
neebs hello there guppy are you doing16.083.76
that accent19.1192.32
i'm actually uh yeah just kind of19.843.199
setting up the base i got a little bed21.4393.84
got a bunch of storage this is looking23.0393.121
and then i got some pictures here i've26.163.76
been wanting to put up let's see here27.5994.321
put this one down29.924.319
let's see yep there we go that's that my31.924.4
sister's stupid cat34.2394.721
okay yep and then this is actually uh36.324.48
this is actually neat uh my sister was38.964.8
working on a concept i found out40.86.64
for this it's called a spy pingling43.765.92
spy pangling yeah it looks like one of47.443.439
the little penguins49.683.92
okay oh yeah gotcha would you like me to50.8794.16
i'll shoot a picture of her of me53.63.439
and you can uh put it up no i'm fine if55.0393.04
i don't need a picture you57.0393.2
okay today i got a goal and that is sea58.0795.041
truck is it light out it is a light out60.2396.081
okay mobile vehicle play right here what63.126.24
do i need to make a seat truck baby66.324.96
let's see can we help you out there yeah69.363.2
if you want to or71.285.199
i can pin the recipe batteries72.566.239
advanced wiring kit yep titanium inglet76.4793.121
lead power cell all right power cell let79.65.519
me go see if i can make a power cell83.363.28
how do you make a power cell tell me85.1194.0
that okay yeah now i'm working now86.644.4
you're working89.1193.601
thank you you decided to talk this time91.044.64
you stupid92.722.96
i always mess this word up silicon or97.283.76
silicon silicon you say silicon silicon101.044.719
silicon valleys you ever say silicon104.03.04
i do and i love the show but it's107.044.56
silicon valley silicon not silicon109.045.119
valley silicon valley say yeah i just111.64.0
you just throw it all together silicon114.1593.201
i'm a fast talker named yeah that's what115.63.04
you do when you don't say a word right117.363.439
you just say it real fast yeah silicon118.644.159
silicon valley you need two silicon one120.7993.521
yep that's it two two two and then124.324.32
that's it huh two batteries127.1193.441
two batteries all right we should go to128.643.04
electronics one130.563.52
power cell all right and then i saw131.683.36
three lead134.084.08
i have some lead beetle boop135.045.279
all right three lit power cell i like138.163.36
the little top right is turning green140.3192.481
then we need what glass141.522.799
i need to know how to make an advanced142.83.519
wiring kit in the meantime i'll get some144.3193.441
glass which i have146.3193.361
find me an advanced wiring kit i'm on it147.763.92
man that's the titanium ingot i'm149.683.04
working on that151.683.199
right now yep got the titanium ingot152.724.08
you're gonna need a regular wiring kit154.8795.041
okay add a computer chip to it156.85.36
computer chip computer chips uh help me159.924.24
out i know table coral samples are162.164.88
involved i got those164.165.76
and gold let's see look at that look at167.043.919
this man169.922.48
i'm doing it man i'm glad i went out170.9594.0
collect resources all right that's it172.45.199
that should be what i need damn it that174.9594.56
should be what i need to make a computer177.5993.681
wiring kit and that should access the181.284.239
advanced wiring kit with the183.844.88
wiring kit computer chip neebs yeah185.5196.241
let's go make a c truck let's do it188.726.799
put my picture in it hell no191.763.759
all right using the vehicle bay196.726.64
and bam200.03.36
here we go oh204.2397.841
drop it in drop it in drop it in baby207.687.279
oh come on212.082.879
oh it's looking great what color is it215.285.28
white yeah we got us a sea truck217.366.08
where are we going buddy220.562.88
oh yeah oh feels good too all right let224.04.319
me run around a minute227.124.64
just driving kick the tires driving228.3196.881
let's see got some lights all right231.765.039
this is great we got a good source of235.23.52
oxygen looks like we can only go 150236.7994.401
meters deep okay that'll let us go down238.723.28
far and yeah241.22.16
be able to like jump back in this thing242.03.76
when we need air i love it and speaking243.364.239
of going down far why waste any time245.762.96
have i got water on me247.5992.481
i got a little bit of water i got a248.726.6
little bit of food let's do it250.088.319
already reached maximum depth neebs okay263.043.8
god see yeah we need to make a uh what a269.123.12
depth module270.962.32
i kind of remember how that worked272.242.72
because this operates very similar to273.282.479
the uh274.964.4
what is the other thing the sea moth275.7593.601
all right but hey we got a high capacity280.243.28
oxygen tank282.4793.361
we got that up there i wanted to check283.526.0
down here because i found some sea truck285.846.16
uh pdas down here i want to see if down289.524.16
here there any sea truck fragments292.03.12
laying around293.683.84
okay well we are deep keep an eye on my295.124.24
oxygen oh god is this stupid297.525.119
is this a little too far to go probably299.366.399
you do stupid things oh302.6395.361
hey good news those little oxygen plants305.7594.481
down here308.04.639
oh god what are you what's going on310.243.28
get up313.522.32
okay okay give me320.085.44
what's this okay i got i got sucked in323.523.36
by a thing325.523.2
uh-huh oh god i'm hurt do i have a326.883.2
health pack i did not bring any health328.723.52
packs i'm an idiot i'm an idiot330.084.72
i'm trying i'm getting the at it332.244.32
yeah yeah i've made a dumb decision334.83.44
i've made a damn dumb decision you got336.563.919
sucked in by a thing yeah like a plant338.243.84
grab reached out and grabbed my arm just340.4792.801
pulled me to it and tried to342.081.839
hate me343.283.68
oh like in the musical with the plant343.9196.72
seymour suddenly say more346.966.0
what is350.6392.321
suddenly seymour no i've never heard of354.963.04
this the plant356.4794.401
the musical with the plant what little358.04.4
shop of horrors no360.882.96
i've never seen it never seen little362.44.0
shop a heart363.842.56
what do we need to make a damn upgrade366.4793.28
for the depth on the sea truck368.3193.44
depth uh what's it called probably a369.7595.761
module yeah i am on it man371.7593.761
all right absorb looking it up here378.4793.201
looks like you want to do this in the380.162.4
we're going to need a plastic oh god382.564.32
last steel ingot385.0395.041
plastil and two enameled glass386.885.28
uh enameled glass all right you're gonna390.083.2
have to remind me how to make some of392.162.64
this stuff let me make sure i can make393.282.4
all right plastil ingot is a titanium395.684.639
ingot and two lithium all right i'm398.3193.121
pinning that400.3193.761
and are you ready for enameled glass um401.444.319
glass and nimble glass looks like glass404.083.52
leading diamond oh boy i gotta find405.7593.28
all right well i guess we're going on an409.03913.44
adventure neebs410.7213.44
do you remember when uh superman made422.4794.081
the diamond he made it oh yeah he424.163.28
crushed yeah426.562.639
i think that was like superman three427.443.68
right yeah and now there's a new show429.1993.601
where superman lost his job431.123.519
remember that yeah i think i think i432.83.2
know what you're talking about he lost434.6393.201
his job he's superman like436.04.88
i know he's clark kent too yeah but like437.844.639
you're superman right you got skills440.883.439
with nobody else yeah now that the whole442.4793.12
the whole concept is hacked me didn't444.3193.44
like he could just go go the store and445.5993.681
get a bag of charcoal and make a bunch447.7592.72
of diamonds and449.282.88
give them to clark kent wink wink yeah450.4793.041
you're not wrong you're not wrong452.164.72
superman's an idiot uh-huh uh-huh i'm453.526.32
gonna stay away from you456.882.96
can i hear you oh god sorry peeper whoa460.888.159
whoa what are you you you what you say464.3197.761
it's like a lobster pounding dirt and469.0395.44
eating it472.082.399
oh god what where where what's that oh476.083.519
okay yep that's478.244.079
that's a big thing uh took a little hit479.5993.04
oh god do i have a repair tool my damn482.6394.721
sea truck's already 86485.445.199
health okay okay lobster do i care about487.364.0
a lobster490.6392.881
no about hunting for diamond do you have491.364.48
a repair tool which493.524.079
i don't think i do we should make that a495.843.12
priority yeah it probably should be a497.5992.641
priority next yep498.964.48
repair tool coming next500.243.2
any depth i don't see any depth looks504.083.679
like might be some506.84.32
over there all right see truck come on507.7595.681
speaking of death did you know i saw511.123.44
this you know sometimes513.442.8
on youtube they put these videos up i'm514.564.08
like uh516.246.0
robert downey junior's windmill house518.645.84
you ever seen something like that uh no522.243.76
i guess he and his wife bought like a524.482.08
made the house probably one of many526.563.76
houses i would assume528.04.08
johnny depp has a whole village in530.323.12
france or at least he did i think he532.081.92
sold it533.442.56
bought a village yeah it's like an old534.04.72
village okay just made it his compound536.04.8
cool all right cool yeah it is cool but538.724.32
uh real quick i have found540.85.52
i found a hole oh543.046.08
shut up they had a like a restaurant546.323.76
there and it was like549.122.24
hold on hold on hold on i found550.083.6
what you found is more than just an554.323.44
it will help me follow the traces my557.763.759
people left on this planet559.764.16
oh goody goody that's great i know you561.5194.0
would still prefer me to have a563.923.599
corporeal form565.5195.601
what no if you continue searching567.5195.841
i may regain some of my connection to571.123.2
the network573.363.12
piece by piece oh so i just need to574.324.24
scour the entire ocean for alien parts576.482.96
that's perfect578.563.68
that's just what i wanted to do579.443.839
so apparently582.244.08
i scanned this alien artifact neebs583.2794.961
i guess uh alan can use that to start586.323.36
figuring out who the hell he is and how588.242.8
the hell to get him a body589.683.92
oh wait alan's your your the alien591.044.4
inside my brain that's right yeah okay593.64.08
yeah do you forget that yeah yeah you595.443.36
can't you you keep in597.682.64
uh your mind that about johnny598.83.52
depp's house but oh yeah i have600.325.92
four zeros here foreign602.323.92
diamond yeah oh baby baby baby606.325.44
you would i would think you'd be more610.3993.281
excited about this because you got611.764.96
famous from being whatever it was613.686.399
and then you went and got a sex race616.724.64
change yeah620.0792.961
you could have bought a little village621.363.12
what the am i gonna do with a623.042.16
village you don't624.482.08
have to leave the house ever if you625.23.199
don't want to i like leaving the house i626.563.44
like going out and doing what the628.3993.281
am i gonna do with a village i'm630.03.6
just saying hold on allen's calling me631.684.48
what how do your people communicate if633.63.359
you are not636.1611.679
networked pretty poorly allen636.95910.88
well i think eventually we might make a654.163.119
bigger base and i'm just going to656.0793.121
transfer all the here to the bigger657.2792.721
base i mean like659.23.36
after after oh after i'll leave it here660.04.56
i don't give a662.563.839
who the are we going to rid it too664.563.92
airbnb to a cold ass all right tell you666.3993.281
what if you want to airbnb668.483.359
this you can i'm gonna yeah i'll start669.684.32
working out this place sucks it's cold671.8394.401
grabs you and tries to eat you674.03.76
nobody wants to stay here676.243.44
different strokes this is different this677.763.84
place is a damn can you get679.683.279
some pictures for me i want to put this681.61.84
damn pictures683.442.639
decent scenic overlook but yeah i would686.83.92
never recommend this place hold on688.9594.801
that's good decent scenic overlook690.7213.119
okay all right go and find lithium okay693.7610.079
all right what are you what are you706.485.76
daytime now rock puncher he needs i'm709.63.44
scanning uh712.242.599
info on this guy it's called a rock713.043.359
puncher be careful man714.8393.961
yeah he seems okay no okay no he is not716.3993.041
it's not cool i've heard these like719.443.92
underwater creatures that punch721.64.72
things you ever see that movie with jb723.364.159
no was it power power or something he727.5193.521
was in an underwater movie where he729.8392.401
punched things give me this all right731.042.56
sweet got some more lead that's good732.242.56
what are you digging up is it something733.61.76
i can use734.84.32
give it to me no no okay735.365.2
weird little bastard he wasn't under739.123.36
water everybody740.563.2
everybody took fields they got different742.483.039
powers okay743.764.319
kind of based on what animals can do745.5193.601
really yup748.0793.041
never saw that one okay well there's a749.123.36
shrimp that punches really hard it's751.122.08
like the752.484.4
yeah okay let's see can i find753.26.639
ah you know it's okay i prefer crab hey763.23.84
names i found a pretty cool area over765.442.72
yeah yeah any lithium bite oh what's768.164.56
cool about it771.24.079
well it's like it's coral and it's got772.723.919
uh it's like775.2793.521
there's like some thermal going on776.6393.601
it's just like pumping out heat okay780.243.92
it's just a cool spot oh maybe i can set782.562.56
up a base over here784.163.2
it's kind of flat too all right lithium785.123.519
where you at am i right above787.365.12
aha well one out of two788.6396.081
kind of kind of noisy though what's796.9593.521
making all that noise799.5194.241
well i think these uh these coral vents800.484.799
are kind of popping off oh crystal803.762.72
sulfur that's good805.2793.601
i bet if you move there yeah you'll806.483.359
start to like it808.883.959
you ever do that like you live near the809.8394.161
holy holy that's a biggie814.08.88
oh god neebs a real biggie818.567.36
what's a biggie a big sea creature822.885.28
like gigantic okay you remember the825.923.039
the uh right the left oh god oh god828.9597.361
don't come near me hey over there832.725.6
no it's not a reaper i've never seen836.325.28
this one before but it is huge838.325.04
okay i like this place i was like oh841.64.0
i'll build a base out here843.365.52
that not with that guy's swimming around845.65.12
okay be like a whale shark or something848.883.12
this uh850.724.4
gentle baby oh852.05.76
i hear a crash oh yeah look at you i see855.124.32
you in there a little bastard857.765.04
don't don't even do it are you teasing859.445.759
your life yeah the uh crash fish uh-huh862.83.44
i hate them865.1996.64
okay well you're at his house866.245.599
okay so we got the lithium we can make a883.043.52
plastic england we got884.724.239
all the stuff to make enameled glass886.563.68
uh-huh we're gonna888.9594.0
make us a depth module and we're going890.243.039
oh i'm not scared of you anymore i'm not893.2793.601
scared of you i'm in my895.63.039
i'm in the future okay okay i'm going896.883.04
i'm going going i'm a little scared of898.6393.361
you don't stop stop stop stop stop stop899.924.56
jesus christ jesus christ do you stop it902.03.12
stop it904.483.68
oh god oh god oh so what happens905.123.92
when you tease908.162.64
the wildlife well i remember these guys909.042.64
are bigger than me i'm not going to910.82.64
tease that guy i am going to tease the911.684.53
damn crash fish because they suck913.445.839
and bam i got the plastic uh-huh920.9596.721
yeah i got a plasti-lingam enamel glass925.8394.56
why why aren't you letting me make this927.686.24
oh i have what you do i haven't made the930.3994.721
plastil engine uh933.923.52
i got the materials i'm done i'm dumb935.125.279
that's that's it937.446.399
geez there we go damn death940.3995.041
depth upgrade you ever like try to put943.8393.201
your uh i don't know your milk or945.443.759
something in the cupboard947.044.239
what milk in the cupboard no something949.1993.281
supposed to go in the fridge you're like951.2793.36
oh wait about put that in the cabinets952.483.84
never done that one i mean i've done a954.6393.041
lot of dumb stuff though956.323.68
okay okay so now let's see access957.684.159
upgrades looks like we can have960.04.959
four upgrades four upgrades oh961.8396.401
boom okay we're gonna need a depth yeah964.9595.68
for sure we got it we can go 300 meters968.245.12
now 300 how do they go deeper than that970.6396.88
um yeah i would imagine now let's see973.366.32
okay blueprints let me get this off977.5193.521
my screen979.683.839
yeah you're gone you're gone all right981.043.68
now we can go deeper983.5192.721
let me grab a little bit of food a984.723.6
little bit of water and we are986.245.599
going deeper we're going deeper bladder988.329.519
fish you are gonna be water991.8396.0
i found another module i think you1002.323.36
should get1004.883.84
um sleeper module it comes with a bed a1005.684.0
jig jukebox1008.722.96
and a picture frame and that picture i1009.683.599
just sent you of me1011.683.519
okay you can put in that picture okay1013.2793.521
yeah i don't really want to sleep in the1015.1992.0
although i guess i could all right hey1017.1995.44
good news we are deeper1019.123.519
oh boy dave this place is all sorts of1022.84.639
oh god what are you what are you what1027.4394.4
are you what are you see something big1028.7998.081
okay like lots of things are big1031.8399.681
and we just hit maximum debt okay oh god1036.887.919
names this is like a squid shark1041.526.08
wow that sounds crazy yeah it looks kind1044.7994.0
of like a shark but it1047.64.4
like it's back in looks like a squid1048.7995.12
weird i wonder if it inks i think it's1052.03.679
inky oh i don't know1053.9193.201
i don't know but i see something over1055.6794.161
there near it1057.122.72
what are you wait what are you doing1060.7993.601
down there are you like looking for seed1061.9195.441
truck parts1064.46.0
to do what to expand the sea truck to do1067.363.92
which module are you doing i thought we1071.282.56
were doing the sleeper thing no we're1072.5592.641
not doing the sleeper damn thing hold on1073.844.079
let me see what this is1075.25.12
yes storage model module fragments oh1077.9195.041
you want to do storage1080.325.12
okay you got to tell me this stuff i1082.963.68
don't know where we're working1085.445.44
oh oh god oh god oh god1086.644.24
yeah just gotta tag1091.523.92
my giant squid1094.083.44
spin shark oh yeah giant squid shark1095.444.479
just tried to nip me1097.523.519
all right see i don't know if i would1099.9193.12
have done this yet you don't sound ready1101.0393.441
for this no i'm not ready for this1103.0393.201
my battery just died damn it i didn't1104.483.84
make any more batteries1106.244.24
you got to talk to me i'm the brains in1108.323.84
this operation yeah you might be1110.484.559
okay all right we're going to stay1112.164.399
away from the squid shark but i do want1115.0393.201
to search this area more if there's one1116.5595.841
fragment there might be more1118.247.429
okay see more diamond great1127.844.8
seymour that was the name of that plan i1130.963.52
think little shop of horrors1132.645.12
wasn't it i don't know you seem very1134.484.24
theater no you1137.764.48
yeah okay i see you like wearing a1138.725.28
handkerchief around your neck clogging1142.243.84
no no no no that is not me at all1144.04.24
yeah i was a theater kid but i didn't i1146.083.36
didn't go that far with it1148.243.679
okay were you in oklahoma i see you as1149.444.08
like a lead in oklahoma no1151.9194.401
i was in meet me in st louis i don't1153.524.24
think anybody's ever heard of that1156.323.52
of course they have you jackass how's it1157.763.2
go oh1159.843.12
god i barely remember remember the1160.963.599
musical no i don't think it was a1162.963.68
musical i wouldn't hate me1164.5594.0
lois it didn't go like that i don't1166.643.36
think that was a musical i was in a1168.5593.041
cinderella musical1170.03.44
oh really i think yeah was that that1171.63.12
wasn't a musical well1173.444.88
it was made into a musical1174.726.24
how'd that song go i don't remember i1178.324.4
was also in scrooge there was a i was a1180.964.0
scr there was a scrooge musical i was in1182.724.8
a little tiny time no it wasn't tiny tim1184.963.52
i was like1187.523.2
a village person in your life oh wait no1188.484.4
i was1190.725.68
oh oh god oh oh oh1192.886.08
suck get off me jesus christ all right1196.44.0
big squid monster all right we're1198.963.599
getting the out of here we ought to1200.44.44
oh god i really want these c module1202.5593.681
upgrades okay1204.843.319
going up going up going up you played1206.243.36
marley and marley and me1208.1593.52
no not marley and me damn it's free dog1209.63.52
you played a dog no it wasn't a dog it1211.6792.161
was scrooge1213.123.12
marley you know scrooge is like what was1213.844.0
he his business partner oh yeah1216.245.439
marley you know yeah scrooge i'm marley1217.845.68
yeah this is what you'll end up with if1221.6794.24
you continue on your path1223.524.24
that's a pretty big role not really i1225.9193.201
mean he just shows up in the bedroom one1227.762.88
night doesn't he yeah but you got1229.126.72
lines oh yeah headlines nailed it too1230.645.2
battery repair tool needs that's what1241.763.279
you can do how do i build a repair tool1243.365.92
oh repair tool standby needs is on it1245.0396.161
okay in the meantime i need to make more1249.284.8
money is the location of an important1251.24.719
i will share its coordinates so you can1255.9193.361
look into it1258.085.52
okay cool signal location uploaded to1259.285.12
names allen just shared the location of1264.44.639
an ancient alien artifact1266.884.08
so we got that going for us too you guys1269.0393.52
are really buddy buddy now1270.965.44
we're having all kinds of fun1272.5596.321
copper i believe copper copper cup of1276.43.12
yeah i got plenty of copper listen here1279.523.44
is that what they named oh no wait it's1282.963.44
cause they're cops wait1284.5594.24
what came first police or cops probably1286.43.44
police yeah1288.7992.641
how did that yeah that's a good question1289.843.76
how did they get can be called cops not1291.442.64
that up1293.62.8
i bet you police had a lot of pennies1294.083.76
and pennies american copper why don't1296.42.639
you just look it up i mean this is1297.841.839
like where did the word cops come from i1299.6793.201
like just to think what makes sense and1301.62.079
i just go with it1302.882.4
yeah all right so you think because1303.6793.041
have pennies pennies they call them cops1306.724.0
they call them cop they call them1309.282.399
and then they got tired of saying two1311.6793.441
syllables they said either1313.843.199
were the badges made of cop copper by1315.123.76
chance oh that's possibility too1317.0394.401
yeah copper badges yeah listen if we can1318.884.72
speculate i speculate all day1321.443.92
maybe they enjoyed copper dildos in1323.64.16
their ass1325.362.4
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that's nice here1330.964.16
we go1333.844.4
you want me up and up okay1335.126.559
and then get a little um1338.246.319
new battery all right see trucks back at1341.6793.761
any word on cops uh so far1345.444.96
all these answers are crap let me keep1348.723.04
looking got a little bit more stuff1350.43.12
gonna store my diamond we're going back1351.763.68
to that place or should we you know what1353.523.039
let's go for that1355.444.83
ancient alien artifact that sounds cool1356.55911.921
i'm looking up stuff i don't like the1368.483.12
answer i like what we1370.084.32
what we have okay our speculative answer1371.63.92
is better than the real answer what's1374.41.84
the real answer1375.522.88
just saying like the word the term cop1376.244.799
it's like some old anglo-saxon verb for1378.43.2
or grab oh okay so yeah it's derived1381.63.04
the word catch it's dumb let's go with1384.643.519
badges kyle yeah they had copper badges1388.1593.281
we're calling them cops man all right1390.02.559
well how the hell do i supposed to get1391.443.52
down there1392.5592.401
leave me alone leave me alone let me1396.43.2
alone here we go that's probably1397.64.8
it over here oh yeah some thermal1399.63.6
yep this one actually looks big enough1403.22.959
for the sea truck neems all right1404.5592.561
okay all right glad i brought a repair1407.124.48
oh god oh1411.765.84
god damn it something just bit me it1415.6793.761
pushed me into a damn1417.63.12
here we go here we go here we go here we1419.444.719
go here we go okay1420.723.439
oh boy this is a twisty maze1425.127.76
okay but hey artifacts down there1428.5594.321
what's all that noise it's uh thermal1432.963.199
just popping off like crazy1436.1593.601
whoa apes yeah1440.7996.161
hold on we just found it might have just1444.44.879
found uh a base1446.965.52
oh really oh really a human base1449.2795.841
human base1452.482.64
uh there's a symbol here on the door1455.63.84
looks like a queue cubase1457.0394.961
okay anything in your files about cubase1459.443.839
i don't even know if it is q1462.03.52
then well that might be a god what's it1463.2793.921
what's the sigma deltas what is all that1465.522.56
oh the uh greek like greek let alphabet1468.086.32
kind of thing yeah might be those all1472.03.36
right but i'm taking the c1474.43.2
truck down i bet there's some good1475.363.199
to scan in here1477.63.679
hold on it's not called kappa is it1478.5593.841
wouldn't that be something1481.2792.961
what a crazy day it'd be that that would1482.43.92
be wild that would be a an insane1484.244.64
is that something this seems like fate1491.363.04
might be all right1494.42.96
what are you are you worth something1497.9195.681
thermal plant fragment hell yeah1499.6793.921
that's sweet get a base and power it1504.883.84
with thermal energy1506.885.44
there you go what are these rubies1508.725.28
oh sweet i bet these are going to be1512.323.2
used to build something handy1514.05.12
rubies oh yeah did you say you're a1515.525.039
wizard of us1519.124.64
no we're we haven't talked about wizard1520.5594.801
of oz at all i mean most theater kids1523.764.88
have done wizard of oz1525.365.6
thank god i think you'd make a good1528.644.0
let's see i probably cashed you as the1530.962.56
10 man1532.643.84
why's that i don't know stop stop stop1533.525.519
leave me alone1536.482.559
prawn suit fragment neebs atta boy we're1539.123.439
gonna need one of those1541.23.04
all right let's say i'm the director1542.5593.12
okay you get to pick1544.243.679
you want to be tin man or scarecrow1545.6794.081
cowardly lion i can't be the lion no i1547.9193.041
don't see you as the lion i like the1549.762.56
lion though1550.966.46
i can do a good lion let's hear it1552.328.0
come on let me play the damn line i can1560.323.04
do the lion we'll see1561.8410.0
let me see all the auditions1563.368.48
yeah that was pretty good1576.49.44

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