We're Cold, Hungry and The Wolves are Hunting Us - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's called "How Long Can We Survive?" and let...
We're Cold, Hungry and The Wolves are Hunting Us - The Long Dark PERMADEATH
We're Cold, Hungry and The Wolves are Hunting Us - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

We're Cold, Hungry and The Wolves are Hunting Us - The Long Dark PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of The Long Dark PERMADEATH! I'm Neebs and I'm here with my buddies Simon and Appsro.

simon: Yeah, and let me tell you, this video is our favorite because it really captures the essence of our gaming skills - or lack thereof!

appsro: That's right, Simon! We're cold, hungry, and the wolves are hunting us - just like in real life!

neebs: Haha, yeah, we're not exactly survival experts, but that's what makes it so entertaining for our viewers. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more hilarious fails and epic moments!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's called "How Long Can We Survive?" and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss out on any of the epic content Neebs and the gang put out.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew is taking on the ultimate challenge to see just how long they can survive in a crazy virtual world. From battling zombies to building shelters, they are putting their skills to the test and it's so much fun to watch. I won't spoil too much, but let's just say there are plenty of hilarious moments and unexpected twists along the way.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the incredible support from the Patreon community? A big shoutout to all the amazing Patreon supporters who help make Neebs Gaming possible. If you want to join in on the fun and get some exclusive perks, be sure to check out the Patreon page. Plus, don't forget to snag some awesome Neebs Gaming merch to show off your love for the channel.

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okay I am leaving the barn1.3196.6
hopefully we'll find better shelter wish5.464.559
me luck7.9195.121
[ __ ] that's a bear10.0193.021
all right guys I am back in the long18.145.68
dark I'm gonna try another permadeth run21.05.039
the the only difference is I got a buddy23.824.799
with me this time hey neebs hey I'm sure26.0394.32
all right well now this is a single28.6193.78
player game so we're not really together30.3594.38
neebs is in his own world and neebs this32.3994.441
is your first time playing the logo man34.7393.901
I just downloaded it and you got me out36.843.48
here in the freezing cold I know you're38.644.02
welcome I spawned in in the mountain40.324.559
town okay yeah that's the region you're42.664.44
in man yeah44.8794.621
um well get started start looking for47.14.5
shelter that's gonna be your first thing49.54.86
uh you need to pick up sticks I see a51.65.16
school bus is that gonna help me uh well54.363.78
you can search it56.763.779
might be some food or something there58.145.04
see rocks how do I pick things up60.5395.241
click on them63.182.6
take it got it all right I got two rocks67.025.34
uh I see uh Brit man my temperature's69.2995.221
dropping so quick I'm on a slightly72.364.74
higher difficulty than you are good I am74.525.4
on a interloper I think here on Voyager77.14.44
let's search this bus79.923.839
you might not be able to it won't let81.544.86
you just move on but there was good83.7594.761
oh I see a rabbit oh man no it's too too91.384.379
early too early I need to focus on94.2593.54
shelter oh but I've already found some95.7594.261
rose hips if you find rose hips that's97.7994.741
good stuff neebs that's a flower plant100.024.2
that I can eat yeah it's a plant it102.543.84
looks like a berry you can't eat it but104.225.34
you can use it to make a healing tea I106.385.279
found a stick I'm gonna break it down109.565.22
no no do not uh focus on finding shelter111.6595.761
first oh really114.786.979
time is also a factor to break a stick117.424.339
I'm trying to get you to a point121.7993.901
like at least have shelter I just pop it123.546.18
over my knee bam broke it okay125.77.38
I have found a little cabin129.725.76
it's not like a suitable Place well [ __ ]133.085.42
I'm gonna have to build a fire135.483.02
Bridge Okay lots of wood around here138.986.46
let's see what's in this cabin oh found143.284.74
my first corpse oh and I found an ax145.444.98
that's a good fine boom daddy got a148.025.46
hatchet and some firewood150.425.399
rifle cartridge then you have a rifle on153.484.52
here all right so I've just come across161.74.259
a Orca gas station oh you got a gas163.444.92
station yeah oh that is165.9595.821
and I'm just gonna start searching wait168.366.98
Hatchet just sitting here on the floor171.783.56
I don't know how to use it but I got it176.946.84
so I'm sitting in a vehicle in the back183.783.12
what are you doing in the back seat am I186.94.68
warmer in here or no188.74.86
um you can tell by look look down at191.583.06
your temperature gauge what is what does193.563.539
it say it's uh194.644.019
is there an arrow197.0994.321
down that means um yeah you're still198.6595.22
getting cold in there okay I'm leaving201.424.5
uh the car is uh gonna get to the front203.8794.531
seat of the car205.925.589
sticks hey I found a candy bar on the211.5195.281
dashboard there you go213.92.9
empty but there's a spray can on the225.6593.921
floor okay that's good for navigation227.8794.621
got it so say if you search this gas229.584.96
station and you've looted everything you232.55.58
could mark it with an X an X an X so you234.544.979
can mark it going like okay I've238.082.82
searched this there's nothing in here239.5194.08
gotcha okay I'm gonna move on240.96.86
in work a gas station shop hopefully243.5994.161
no does that mean I'm screwed or what no250.0192.94
I mean251.763.6
I mean pry bar or something all right252.9594.441
what's your temperature at right now I255.363.3
don't really know how to read it because257.42.64
it it seems like it goes258.663.86
the white okay so the more white you262.524.6
have in your circle the better it is265.53.24
there's not a whole lot of white all267.122.76
right yeah268.743.6
you fire I don't have wood269.883.84
you told me not to break it down what273.722.759
I'll look around got a bunch of rocks276.4794.201
yeah go to find some trees and get some278.884.46
little sticks280.682.66
find another283.9792.541
I'm gonna be dead before the day's over287.043.8
you focus on Survival for a minute I296.343.84
need to cook some water I got298.1394.861
and all right cooking some water300.186.0
anything else I can cook here now303.06.38
some more rose hips306.183.2
temperatures going up which is good309.725.1
that's what I need312.963.72
I think I see314.824.439
I see power lines over there316.684.92
okay that'll hopefully lead to some319.2594.701
oh yeah there's a lot of stuff around324.724.46
here okay maybe326.42.78
let me check uh oh this place looks329.944.319
inviting right here got a Canadian flag332.344.62
on it yep open door I'm going in what's334.2595.101
your temperature look like in there336.965.04
going up there you go so yeah that you339.364.02
have shelter now342.03.06
nice look at this there's a table343.383.48
there's a stove345.063.24
a microwave348.35.42
there's a fridge I can search350.43.32
fresh rabbit cooked what you found354.126.06
yep man he's finding food I'm356.6995.22
I'm in this little dinky ass cabin360.184.26
trying to warm up by this fire361.9194.56
you're finding rabbit you should be in364.443.479
Mountain Town that's where all the366.4793.601
action is hey I would love to make367.9194.801
I think I'm in Pleasant Valley370.085.1
okay oh man as soon as I step away from372.724.56
the fire it is immediately freezing I375.184.859
found some wool socks socks377.284.38
that sounds good doesn't it sounds great380.0394.5
I wish I could find socks uh381.664.379
there you go you should have done the384.5394.461
easier mode like I did386.0392.961
how do I put these socks on390.63.26
okay and I think on the your tabs at the394.9193.72
top there's one that looks like a397.563.96
character a character oh man yep okay398.6394.981
and uh okay so the next one over I think401.525.16
is your clothing man I look like a clown403.625.16
next one over his clothing got it406.685.17
oh these are the ones no those are the417.184.2
ones you already had okay so the ones419.13.84
you found like click on the other slot421.383.36
that doesn't have a sock in it click422.943.42
where boom you got them on426.365.399
I don't understand that but okay it429.243.959
looked like it's grayed out like I don't431.7594.081
have it and it's just gray socks oh are433.1994.861
they yeah well that's misleading435.845.1
okay do I have gray underwear438.064.32
no that's great you don't have any440.942.759
underwear right there okay you see the442.383.18
diff you have a gray jacket up here do I443.6993.12
have three great jackets and a gray hat445.562.65
no those are446.8192.701
those are I do but it's it's weird that449.524.64
you can't grasp that452.0995.04
man I found a sweater you son of a [ __ ]454.167.5
fix a little sweater I'm boiling water457.1394.521
I'm gonna put it on I hope it's gray462.4793.861
son of a [ __ ]469.747.22
okay uh all right I've got to471.245.72
all right I gotta take a torch and run477.724.86
oh [ __ ] my torch went out immediately480.5394.681
it's so windy okay now I just gotta book482.584.14
it for the road and hope I see something485.225.039
damn it already all ready are you gonna486.726.14
die Maybe490.2592.601
I don't know494.525.78
okay I'm at a road I don't see anything496.685.88
a lot of building is that a building500.34.36
down there okay I think I might might502.564.56
see a building504.664.939
just gotta I just gotta go507.126.56
man oh God temperature509.5994.081
so listen I know you're kind of stressed513.7793.721
out right now but there's a toilet here515.825.219
and if I click on it it says take right517.55.76
so the little arrow on the right you can521.0394.261
just you know you can dictate how many523.264.44
liters of water you want to take oh I525.35.46
see a barn I see a barn527.74.92
to drink this toilet water you can drink530.765.84
that toilet water so but you can take it532.623.98
do I have like a a jug or something yeah540.724.05
if you hold space543.04.26
the water is up top547.263.73
yeah and then drink it548.644.44
water meter fill up oh my God leaves553.085.3
this is bad555.7792.601
come on oh my temperature's all the way558.663.64
down I got hypothermia risk already560.822.76
uh I can't it's too windy out here563.584.34
oh man come on what is this come on uh568.564.32
do I have time to stop for this I don't571.23.96
I don't I don't I just found some572.886.42
painkillers cool I'm gonna die575.166.0
and I wish you were where I was because579.34.56
I just found a granola bar581.166.06
shut up I'm having a really bad time my583.864.979
temperature's all the way down but I do587.223.6
see is that just another ratty ass588.8394.261
shelter I need okay Barn oh my God if590.825.1
this Barn's locked I'm [ __ ]593.14.919
come on get to the barn get to the barn595.924.14
please be warm in the barn please be598.0194.641
warm in the barn600.062.6
come on get to the barn get to the barn602.764.98
I'm sorry I just found a newspaper that605.225.9
I can use Pretender yeah you can607.743.38
almost there611.224.28
almost there612.9595.341
made it to the barn615.54.48
please be warn me here please be warm in618.33.5
here please619.984.56
it's not warm in here and it's dark I621.85.08
can't see624.545.72
I got one flare I'm using it626.883.38
gotta be a place to maybe light a fire634.983.6
in here636.9593.861
this is a fire Barrel640.823.72
back here oh okay A little scarf hold on644.645.6
maybe if I put that on647.3392.901
warm up warm it up yeah653.225.22
yeah good those are great655.865.28
yeah fire Barrel okay sorry I need wood658.444.92
I need wood bad661.144.319
wood around here663.365.24
all wet stone I could use for later665.4595.94
come on668.66.22
Let's Start A Fire come on uh not one671.3995.521
accelerant I hate to use that accelerate674.825.78
but I gotta do it come on676.923.68
let's add some fuel685.5193.841
generate does that generate warmth for693.64.32
the whole Barn yeah okay looks like the695.823.78
whole Barn's warming up697.924.02
okay I think my Harmony situation is699.63.08
painkillers yeah you gonna make it I702.684.54
think I'm gonna make it that's perfect705.544.88
so now I feel like707.223.2
so I knew how go up to the fire uh-huh711.125.82
click it click it714.8393.961
there's a should be a start fire option716.944.98
okay start a fire718.84.8
pick my fuel721.925.82
Cedarwood Tinder oh soda uh yeah maybe723.66.06
either one of those but uh okay so if727.743.3
you look at the top right there's the729.664.679
chance of success for your fire 55 all731.045.16
right well click start fire734.3393.781
oh just click it yeah736.24.579
good luck738.122.659
feeling pretty good like everything's740.883.079
going going right for me though you know742.444.62
yeah you're in a town you're finding743.9595.101
uh Hey Oh I got some dog food749.065.92
two cans of dog food oh yeah things are752.2796.141
looking up for a lamp stroke754.983.44
fire start yeah I'm just sitting here762.064.38
with my rock I got books you don't want764.043.9
to hold the rock hit H it's like hide766.444.199
stuff okay there we go what do I do with767.944.8
these books uh you can either burn them770.6393.661
but some books you pick up you can772.744.2
actually read they'll teach you uh774.34.26
they'll teach you about survival and776.943.42
they'll give you like better stats so I778.563.48
take it then I read it right yeah oh780.363.24
actually I just found a I found a book782.043.84
called stay on target783.64.44
yeah if I researched this for five hours785.884.56
it'll make me a better um I guess Hunter788.044.94
with a bow790.442.54
snake gauntlets yeah797.6393.901
how's your stats looking neebs well uh802.0194.38
temperatures great sleep looks good804.485.479
water everything's not too bad806.3993.56
yeah congrats I should be preparing810.424.26
somehow shouldn't I welcome to the long812.823.42
so I've checked most of the place I816.243.42
found some running shoes they're decent817.864.5
running shoes but what am I wearing819.664.619
I'm already wearing822.363.3
you can compare them oh yeah yeah so825.663.799
I gotta pick up the other ones huh yeah830.224.32
yeah take them and then I look at the832.443.36
two shoes834.545.06
the ones I'm wearing are they in yellow835.83.8
okay and uh let's see so I should just847.25.04
go with the one with the better uh850.623.959
number right better percentage uh yeah852.243.96
but there's also temperature oh man like856.24.319
these so for example I found these uh858.183.659
fleece mittens860.5193.06
um that give you a temperature boost of861.8394.381
uh 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit however these863.5794.56
gauntlets I find I found give you a866.224.32
temperature boost of 3.3 degrees868.1394.861
Fahrenheit so those are much bitter and870.545.72
I look stupid873.03.26
okay how long does it take me to break876.9594.261
down okay I'm gonna break down this878.883.48
well don't go out fire there you go882.367.099
add that reclaim wood886.1995.58
okay now all right I'm gonna get to889.4594.721
cooking let's see I am gonna cook891.7796.441
no cooking pots or cooking items and894.184.04
oh no needs898.864.919
oh no900.725.58
I left my can back at that fire I made903.7796.06
oh you're such a noob I had one can wait906.36.539
can I open the dog food can yeah okay909.8396.68
hold on open in the dog food912.8393.68
dog food917.4594.44
or eat the dog food now can I use the919.0195.76
dog food can yes okay all right I'm back921.8994.44
in Action figured it out listen I think924.7792.941
I still got some daylight so I'm just926.3393.24
gonna go outside and I'm gonna stay927.723.299
close to this house929.5793.421
yeah maybe yeah do some looting around931.0193.421
this is where I'm gonna live forever933.02.459
right here934.442.82
and then yeah just look around there's935.4594.44
some cars and I see uh some buildings937.265.04
that are kind of run down939.8993.841
long-term survival you got to start942.33.539
thinking about supplies943.745.399
I don't know how to equip my ax945.8395.101
how do I put my ax in my hand well it's949.1393.421
not really an equip thing it's more of a950.943.6
tool so if you come across some like952.564.459
across that stick earlier uh gesture957.184.32
hands it would959.5794.021
have gotcha and since you got an ax you961.54.44
can break that down quicker I think I'm963.64.64
gonna step outside too just for a minute965.943.899
okay I found a little stick good for969.8394.5
firewood there we go oh it's a gorgeous972.063.959
night here neebs974.3395.421
cold as hell but gorgeous I can't976.0193.741
nothing not a damn thing984.247.14
my torch went out it's too windy988.3394.961
nice here991.383.54
two questions993.35.599
yeah I found a metal tail994.923.979
um oh I gotta have a hacksaw to break999.244.2
that down right1000.925.159
and I also found oh wait that's a1003.444.38
container I'll search that but then I1006.0794.38
found some metal scrap metal1007.825.1
well scrap metal is great uh later on1010.4595.401
for uh like1012.925.159
for making yeah metal tools so don't1015.863.3
worry about it right now don't worry1018.0793.68
about it now1019.162.599
oh yeah I could just move it to my house1025.284.2
yeah okay there's a marine flare in this1027.0794.321
box oh1029.484.079
that and then I'll grab this scrap metal1031.44.2
and I'll take it to my house where I1033.5594.461
live forever1035.62.42
burnt down house over here come on maybe1039.3194.801
something there's a body give me a body1041.545.24
give me anything1044.122.66
this game's being mean to me again neebs1048.5593.981
it's really nice I wish I lived there1052.764.34
water water's okay food's okay this1057.865.46
Barn's pretty cool there's no way I can1061.642.7
stay here I'm gonna have to move1063.322.64
I've been forever1065.964.14
this game's gonna kill you eventually I1068.362.819
back in my house1071.1795.101
I think I'll get a fire going I'll put1073.225.579
my scrap metal how do I store stuff you1076.286.98
say Okay so I go to your inventory1078.7997.441
you can click on something and then1083.264.659
click the drop button1086.244.679
okay so I'm gonna find my scrap metal1087.9195.161
scrap metal found it all right so now1090.9195.281
click drop drop now get out of your1093.085.64
menus so now if you look at it on the1096.24.38
right click you pick it up and from1100.585.16
there you can put it anywhere you want I1103.464.98
pick it up oh oh I'm moving it now yeah1105.744.62
so you can store it just anywhere you1108.443.54
got space I just put it on the counter1110.363.48
yeah there you go1111.983.42
there we go1113.844.079
that's gonna get messy after a while it1115.44.38
probably is gonna yeah it's gonna be1117.9193.12
really gross you're gonna look like an1119.782.39
it's dark in here1124.583.479
yeah this game this game gets really1126.086.32
dark it's called The Long Dark but1128.0594.341
tonight it's real1132.442.96
space bar1137.1793.971
I guess the bean can is your food1139.283.24
is that oh Fred I should eat that rabbit1143.665.0
shouldn't I1146.1792.481
put that1149.785.519
that's taking me up to like 75 full1152.1796.12
go I think I'm doing okay too yeah1155.2995.521
um my food food could be better but I1158.2994.141
have a couple of candy bars in my pocket1160.825.099
and I'm rocking some dog food so not a1162.446.06
not a bad first day1165.9194.201
I'm gonna go to sleep1168.54.08
um I think Hmm you know what I got that1170.124.86
book I found I'm actually going to1172.584.44
research it for an hour and improve my1174.983.48
archery skills1177.026.42
boom yeah how do I do that oh [ __ ] my1178.467.579
fire went out1183.442.599
I'm gonna have to crawl in my bed roll1186.25.64
wait if I sleep1189.5594.201
am I warming up okay good I was just1191.843.36
making sure I warm up in the bed roll1193.763.18
God forbid I go to sleep and freeze to1195.23.719
death you know what I mean there's a bed1196.943.78
in here somewhere but it's so dark I1198.9194.321
can't see it you got matches yeah hold a1200.724.8
hold space bar and then click on your1203.243.78
light sources which I think is the very1205.525.82
top okay oh crap okay and then now find1207.026.84
your matches what is that wood matches1211.344.92
and cardboard matches1213.864.319
um doesn't matter all right1218.1795.641
oh light1221.445.34
oh there we go okay oh yeah found my bed1223.826.9
this place is so nice shut up okay I1226.785.44
just uh click on the bed and go to sleep1230.722.82
yeah all right good night sleep1237.143.96
eight hours that might be too much1238.825.96
anyway sleep good night1241.13.68
I'm going to take my can don't forget1250.225.699
that and taking my bed roll1252.385.7
um my food I'm okay on food all right I1255.9193.541
need to try to get somewhere else did I1258.083.3
ever I might have not ever gotten into1259.464.86
this car what's in here come on food all1261.384.38
right hey I got a soda1264.324.62
not a bad morning it's a soda morning1265.767.799
okay I am leaving the barn1268.947.02
hopefully we'll find better shelter wish1273.5595.641
me luck all right our money chatty in1275.965.7
person aren't you I am [ __ ] that's a1279.24.64
it's up to you I'm being stalked by a1304.825.099
bear don't really care neebs okay good1307.1593.841
luck with that bear I'm gonna take1309.9193.5
another nap1311.02.419
two hours hey bear1314.0594.161
hey bear hey bear1322.943.26
huh okay just get to the road get to the1327.025.76
road hopefully roads lead to somewhere1331.343.959
that's usually my uh I feel like my1332.784.62
motto in this game neebs1335.2993.421
I feel like roads always lead to1337.43.54
somewhere except it kind of bit me in1338.724.079
the butt last time like if you were to1340.943.479
see a bunch of famous quotes from people1342.7994.041
and that was1344.4192.421
yeah it usually works out pretty well1347.54.299
for me in this game1350.1794.321
except the one time it didn't1351.7994.76
okay I think I may have gotten away from1359.5396.26
the baron Eaves1362.962.839
oh my God my temperature ah man my1367.825.479
temperature is all ready1370.283.019
I got a hypothermia risk1380.963.38
am I gonna have to just build a fire on1384.385.34
the road I just left holy crap Let Me1386.245.28
Shelter up ahead1389.725.36
oh no I don't see anything1391.523.56
no all right stamina is low where'd you1395.124.38
sleep last night on the ground you're in1397.944.08
the barn on the ground the ground1399.55.159
I got a book 75 chance of success come1402.024.82
no there was no food there there's1407.264.18
I need to find I need to find a place1411.443.719
like you're in with a bed1413.04.38
a place where I could store supplies you1415.1593.241
the city the city yeah something1418.44.92
okay I got a fire going let's add some1421.16.14
few uh all I got is a stick1423.323.92
I'm trying to find my way back to the1428.123.059
toilet in the dark I don't want to waste1429.742.939
my matches1431.1793.961
yep I see windows so just here to the1432.6795.181
left yep1435.142.72
toilet should be right1438.345.38
I found the toilet in the dark stick I'm1440.965.06
gonna right click and1443.723.48
take some more water for later1447.23.859
got it what can I see Ed anything no1457.467.02
just an old desolate Road wait is that a1461.64.38
am I not getting warm why am I not1470.724.14
getting warm I need some bio I'm right1472.465.599
by a fire and I'm not warming up1474.863.199
torch is that warming me up wait what if1479.965.2
I put my bed roll down1482.485.879
you'll go running off in the wilderness1491.04.26
like a crazy person I sleep feels like1492.6794.921
negative three out here crap needs I'm1495.263.4
gonna freeze to death1497.63.059
I know I need your I need you to tell me1500.6594.14
what to do fire is not warming me up can1502.824.82
I add any more fuel1504.7992.841
I don't want to burn this archery book1508.463.719
is there any wood around me1509.95.1
[ __ ] I should have harvested more wood1512.1794.62
this fire is not hot enough it's not1515.02.77
doing anything for me1516.7992.88
all right I'm gonna put more clothes on1519.6794.86
I got all the clothes on I have1521.94.08
that even with these gauntlets are doing1524.5393.481
nothing for me all right come on let's1525.983.12
go up1528.022.82
let's find something1529.14.22
that's fine1530.842.48
oh man my Health's going down babes1535.463.86
I'm sure you can't die I don't know how1541.13.559
to do anything in this game1542.65.78
I don't want to leave you alone1544.6593.721
I'm gonna poke my head outside there's1548.65.52
got to be shelter or something nearby1550.525.759
oh yeah I just stepped out of it you1554.124.08
shouldn't be outside right now well I1556.2793.481
think I see1558.23.959
a mess out here1559.764.56
it's a mess where you're at it's not a1562.1594.26
mess where I'm at I don't have time I1564.323.839
see I think I see a building what is1566.4194.321
that a flag is that a building or not oh1568.1596.02
my God what am I seeing up here1570.743.439
oh leaves I got buildings1579.085.479
I got buildings1581.846.3
oh yes okay a building please be warm1584.5595.921
with this bill please be warm in this1588.145.82
building this is a little town oh if1590.485.88
this is a little town I'll be so happy1593.964.44
yeah neebs1596.364.679
Thompson's crossing looks like several1598.44.259
buildings a little church maybe a little1601.0394.38
Schoolhouse yeah okay come on get in1602.6594.081
this building1605.4193.541
uh yeah Thompson's Crossing1606.743.9
please be warm in here please be warm in1608.963.36
here please be warm in here1610.643.86
come on1612.325.06
yes it's warm in here1614.56.4
warming up oh yeah maybe look around for1617.386.52
more socks oh no kidding hey this is1620.95.399
It's like a Community Hall1623.94.139
is this a bed already here yeah there's1626.2993.601
beds already here yeah this is a good1628.0393.981
okey-dokey what's the worst your1632.024.539
temperature is the absolute worst but1633.985.64
hey okay I can loot this place we got a1636.5597.5
soda oh man I think my toilet's empty1639.628.78
the toilet Runs Out of Water yeah1644.0594.341
yeah live here forever and just drink1651.743.66
toilet water hey1653.05.96
this is a rancid rabbit meat1655.43.56
come on anything good in this fridge1659.123.72
at least I can cook that rabbit meat1662.845.48
more dog food1666.53.779
this is so much better than the last1668.323.82
time I played neebs1670.2795.041
this is great this is great lots more1672.145.1
cabinets here come on let's find some1675.323.42
good stuff1677.244.679
and more tomato soup1678.745.58
I need a can opener1681.9194.681
I've been sitting here all night I'm1684.324.44
just gonna I'm getting tired of sitting1686.64.02
in the dark I'm gonna run out and see if1688.763.419
I can't find another build and jump into1690.624.26
okay yeah go for it all right jumping1692.1794.62
okay still night still snowing1699.226.04
it's not a building I'm going to that's1703.823.719
not a building I'm going1705.263.899
to take a note1707.5394.26
this one I think I try this one already1709.1598.0
yeah there's no way and snowed in1711.7995.36
this one let's board it up1718.07.679
this place is boarded up abstro1722.0593.62
maybe this one1726.6792.6
come on1737.5593.301
mittens great1742.125.74
tools oh this one looks promising1744.225.86
yep I found one oh yeah1747.864.799
oh yeah I'm in another place now1750.084.26
of course it's dark well use your1752.6593.541
all right lighting a match1756.23.2
uh this only gives me a few seconds of1762.3993.821
light doesn't it1764.724.02
uh yeah they don't last forever I don't1766.224.559
see anything to1768.744.439
start a fire in1770.7794.681
oh yeah if uh you know search cabinets1773.1795.1
for supplies light went out crap yeah1775.464.92
it's not gonna last long1778.2794.561
some of this food I'm actually going to1780.384.2
yeah you know what I want to organize a1782.842.22
little bit1784.581.74
the bars here nope nope nope I didn't1786.324.979
want to eat it what you mean organized1789.54.26
just organized like instead of carrying1791.2993.841
all this stuff around this stuff gets1793.763.24
heavy you just place it on the cabinets1795.143.899
so yeah well I'm taking it out and I'm1797.04.44
putting it on the counters so you can1799.0393.601
kind of you know keep stock your1801.442.94
inventory and you don't have a bunch of1802.643.36
weight to carry around1804.383.299
well I think1806.04.679
this house so I'm gonna leave it and can1807.6795.22
you tell me how to use the spray paint1810.6795.041
uh yeah so go outside the house hold the1812.8995.4
spacebar okay and at the very bottom is1815.724.319
a icon kind of looks like a star that's1818.2994.86
your navigation icon like that we paint1820.0395.461
the spray paint click search so yeah now1823.1594.441
click uh and yeah and they'll maybe1825.55.22
confirm okay now close it just put it1827.64.559
wherever you gotta get close you might1830.722.819
have to be on the side or yeah right1832.1593.961
there there you go near the door bam1833.5396.321
berate it we've already been here1836.123.74
man this is going so much better for me1842.9195.921
than my first run I got rabbit I got1845.725.339
peaches temperatures still bad I need1848.843.24
come on yeah let's eat some rabbit meat1852.085.76
how much is it gonna give me mmm man I1854.6594.5
was hoping it would do better than that1857.845.219
all right peaches oh no1859.1595.941
I got food poisoning1863.0595.22
got food poisoning1865.15.36
wait I ate rabbit I thought it was good1868.2795.701
what'd it say it was it was a little low1870.466.16
okay hold on let me food poisoning1873.984.62
I can take uh I can take a couple of1876.624.32
antibiotics I got some antibiotics come1878.66.24
on let's do this yeah come on hmm1880.946.479
do it1884.845.04
come on one more1887.4197.441
that treatment didn't do anything no no1889.884.98
so you're just gonna puke until you die1899.084.24
is that what's gonna happen1901.2794.201
that's gonna be it's gonna take me 101903.323.42
you will weaken until you treat it it1906.745.179
passes or you die okay1909.325.459
I think it's just gonna Chew in what is1911.9193.941
it chewing into1914.7794.861
oh it's chewing into my uh sleep1915.865.939
it's making me tired it's basically a1919.644.2
bad stomachache you're going to rest I1921.7994.141
gotta Mark these doors I've uh I've1923.845.1
checked this house he's got two doors1925.946.18
here we go oh yep got it and then one1928.944.32
more door1932.123.9
right here1933.264.56
go out and see if I can find more1936.022.79
all right I'm doing it my food and water1942.383.36
everything's good right now except for1944.123.36
my tiredness I'm gonna risk it oh crap1945.744.2
I'm I'm cold that's right I gotta go1947.483.54
I gotta watch that1951.025.18
oh boy1953.4192.781
yeah I'm gonna have to go to sleep this1959.725.16
damn uh food poisoning's eating into me1962.244.08
I'm gonna try to1964.884.86
tear through this Market real fast1966.324.739
I'm not gonna be able to search it all1969.743.12
though oh hey a first aid kit any1971.0595.181
antibiotics yes come on come on1972.865.46
antibiotics oh wait you know what I'm1976.243.159
just gonna rest it off I'm not gonna1978.323.739
waste my antibiotics that's dumb1979.3995.76
container okay I gotta get back and1982.0594.781
sleep I'll come back into this Market1985.1594.341
maybe tomorrow1986.842.66
Queens sardines energy drink oh there's1989.625.799
actually a lot of good food in here1993.265.279
all right good to know there's more1995.4194.98
other than the food poisoning I'm doing1998.5394.561
A-Okay I think yeah yeah I'm just2000.3994.38
stacking all my sodas here by the fridge2003.13.78
there you go I'm just gonna have a big2004.7795.161
you know Buffet line kind of going in2006.885.24
all right yep my2012.3994.801
tiredness is all the way down I'm going2014.7994.821
to bed2017.22.42
thank you talk to you when I wake up2020.324.16
so my house is there I have checked2027.3995.461
pretty much this entire Street those2031.03.96
houses are just broken2032.864.799
some of these houses I've marked2034.965.88
X that I've already searched it2037.6596.661
and there's a street just up here2040.846.12
see search that house2044.325.46
searched this other house wait what is2046.966.139
this can I look at this2049.783.319
probably can't get in there it's a post2053.22.76
probably not much in there anyway huh oh2055.966.139
wait there's a post office2058.064.039
okay there's a candy machine2062.56.24
this is all right all right how did I2066.3394.26
see this last night2068.745.24
so far nothing good in here2070.5993.381
that's soda yep taking that2078.226.36
backpack empty2081.066.64
who keeps nothing in the backpacks2084.585.72
s they are all chapped got to find some2091.8596.101
I just hear something2097.964.62
thought I heard a howl or something2102.583.5
okay so this street here this is where I2113.55.82
stopped everything this side of the2117.165.52
street I have not looked at yet2119.326.5
start with this side2122.683.14
nope just exploded up2126.3393.861
place maybe2132.942.84
oh oven maybe somebody left oh crap2143.746.599
I was so lucky earlier today with the2148.185.78
food the cooked rabbit2150.3393.621
microwave nothing come in neebs good2156.047.64
morning Napster2161.0792.601
food poisoning's gone all cured okay2164.564.98
that's good I'm trying to decide what to2167.564.14
have for breakfast tomato soup a granola2169.546.0
bar maybe some beef jerky so tomato soup2171.76.3
do you have to cook that uh no you can2175.543.84
eat it Robin if you cook it it gives you2178.03.599
a warmth bonus oh really um yeah you2179.383.66
know what this beef jerky is getting2181.5992.821
stale I may as well eat it before it2183.043.66
goes completely bad please don't give me2184.424.52
food poisoning hmm2186.75.879
yeah all right food's looking it goes2188.946.12
bad everything goes bad in this game2192.5795.461
beef jerky be good for months you think2195.064.84
it would but it will go bad eventually2198.044.26
that's that's what I'm saying this game2199.96.74
is designed to kill us and it will2202.34.34
I feel like I'm hearing wolves2208.423.199
I've not checked that place over there2213.0995.781
not just the wind2216.065.7
maybe it's just a man2218.885.199
so I don't have a weapon I don't have2221.764.18
any kind of weapon do I2224.0793.78
you picked up a hatchet right can I use2225.943.78
that as a weapon well2227.8595.941
attacks you can uh oh look it just I2229.725.34
just saw a wolf2233.84.279
it just killed a rabbit2235.065.76
I'm gonna run back to that if it gets2238.0794.721
after me2240.823.06
I don't know if I can get in the house2242.83.26
over there2243.885.279
kind of want to check this cabin2249.5793.141
I'm going for the cabin2253.242.839
I want to see a little red thing in my2270.5793.78
right corner is that weight uh yes2272.443.48
you've probably picked up uh too much2274.3592.401
so you probably need to go home and drop2276.764.02
some stuff off I'll try to eat drink a2278.443.48
little see if that helps and I'm gonna2280.782.339
go for it2281.923.36
I'm Gonna Leave This House do you think2283.1195.361
that wolf would still be there2285.283.2
do they usually stick around2289.543.079
we got a rabbit he might be full he2292.8596.521
might be lucky oh yep yep yep yep Open2295.724.68
safe yeah he was right on my butt2300.46.06
um what should I do okay do you have any2303.76.0
rocks or flares I got uh rocks and2306.465.879
probably flares too now a flare has the2309.75.159
potential to scare a wolf off but uh you2312.3394.921
need to practice throwing so pull out a2314.8593.061
okay got a rock yeah so if you hold down2317.924.919
I think right click2320.983.359
and then2322.8392.961
what would you say aim is thumb thumb2325.83.94
right above the thumb I'm gonna go2328.3593.48
Center window2329.744.74
that was a little higher you can uh I2331.8394.5
would recommend trying to throw a flare2334.484.5
at the wolf the worst case you can throw2336.3396.24
a rock but yeah you can try to scare him2338.985.76
off so we're just lights that's your2342.5793.721
best bet if he comes after you if I2344.744.379
light this is it gonna scare him off2346.35.16
light it and throw it at him2349.1194.5
at him oh really yeah2351.463.78
yeah I'm gonna try this side door here2353.6193.901
since he was at the other door all right2355.243.54
good luck I got a little bit more2357.523.9
Daylight out so I'm gonna go out uh see2358.786.9
if I can loot some more houses here I go2361.426.439
oh crap I got turned around shoot man2395.143.91
now I'm panicking2397.93.0
I think he's coming right back2400.95.21
it's your character the little man okay2411.43.66
little man all right what Affliction oh2413.323.66
his foot hurts2415.064.62
he's got a sprained risk any blood loss2416.986.02
infection and blood loss2419.683.32
do you have a bandage2423.5795.221
all right use a bandage so hit Escape2425.445.82
all right space bar uh go to your2428.83.84
medical on the left2431.263.3
all right do you have a bandage use the2432.644.5
bandage use it on the blood glass2434.565.36
there you go2437.142.78
the heel it'll tell you2442.04.44
there you go all right so now that the2444.224.2
blood loss is taken care of look at your2446.445.52
other ailments okay good man2448.426.48
infection risk and sprain risk all right2451.964.92
have any antiseptic yep2456.884.92
it's all good there and I'll go to2459.5795.101
antiseptic I'll use it yep that's the2461.84.68
that way too I'll put it on the wolf2464.684.85
bite there you go and use2466.484.379
I'm feeling better about this all right2470.8597.26
all right uh yep I had three things2474.285.94
this is a sprain risk oh that's because2478.1194.141
of your weight2480.224.76
okay all right2482.262.72
if I can go outside and not panic yes2488.6195.661
all right2491.742.54
should I go unless you want to like2496.183.5
yeah you might want to consider throwing2501.964.119
down a bedroll and resting there for the2504.523.66
no way yeah2508.183.899
man I don't want to stay in here my2509.985.099
other place has a fire and a bed I know2512.0795.641
but uh food what you got to consider if2515.0793.721
you go out and you get attacked by a2517.721.48
let your health climb back up2522.225.28
so consider it is all I'm saying I wish2525.045.4
it was dark already I'm wasting daylight2527.56.079
right now there's daylight out there2530.447.139
okay so my food water is okay2533.5795.681
temperatures okay2537.5794.201
I just need to sleep yeah get some rest2539.264.74
uh heal up a little bit before you go2541.783.72
back out there give that wolf time to2544.03.54
you know bugger off should I sleep like2545.54.14
eight hours or like half a night um how2547.544.74
whatever you're comfortable with Buddy2549.644.14
this is what this is what this game's2552.283.78
about you have to uh you have to make2553.783.0
these decisions2556.062.4
like uh five hours all right sounds good2558.464.59
I'll talk to you in the morning2561.0996.6
thank you2572.464.02

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