I'm Cold, Hungry, And Being Hunted by Wolves! - The Long Dark - One of the Best Survival Games!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel featuring our favorite goofball, Appsro, playing T...
I'm Cold, Hungry, And Being Hunted by Wolves! - The Long Dark - One of the Best Survival Games!
I'm Cold, Hungry, And Being Hunted by Wolves! - The Long Dark - One of the Best Survival Games!

I'm Cold, Hungry, And Being Hunted by Wolves! - The Long Dark - One of the Best Survival Games!

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that video where I'm Cold, Hungry, And Being Hunted by Wolves in The Long Dark? It's one of the best survival games out there!

appsro: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I love watching you get chewed up and spat out by those wolves. It's like you enjoy the punishment!

neebs: Ha, you know it! I thrive on the challenge. Plus, it's a great way to show off my survival skills... or lack thereof!

appsro: Definitely, it's always entertaining to see you struggle to survive. But hey, that's why we love The Long Dark, right? It's all about the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of finally making it out alive!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel featuring our favorite goofball, Appsro, playing The Long Dark? If not, you're in for a treat! Appsro dives headfirst into this survival game and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish.

In this video, Appsro faces all the challenges The Long Dark throws at him - from harsh weather conditions to dangerous wildlife. But what makes it so entertaining is Appsro's hilarious reactions and witty commentary throughout the gameplay. You can't help but laugh along with him as he navigates through the unforgiving world of The Long Dark.

And let me tell you, Appsro doesn't just play the game - he truly immerses himself in it. He embraces the struggle, the triumphs, and even the failures with a level of enthusiasm that is infectious. It's like watching your best friend take on an epic adventure and you're right there beside him, cheering him on every step of the way.

So, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming and love watching Appsro tackle tough challenges with humor and heart, be sure to hit that subscribe button and join in on the fun. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of this epic journey in The Long Dark. And don't forget to show your support on Patreon and check out the awesome Neebs Gaming merchandise while you're at it. Let's continue to cheer on our favorite gamers and enjoy the fantastic content they bring to us each and every day!

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hey guys welcome to the long dark4.565.68
this is one of my all-time favorite7.3594.561
survival games10.242.96
and i've always wanted to play it here11.922.639
on the channel13.23.999
and now i'm doing it14.5595.121
okay i don't know where i am17.1994.401
i played this game before but this map19.683.679
is huge21.63.759
and i am at a place that i do not23.3594.321
recognize the broken well broken bridge25.3595.201
there you go27.685.36
uh this is gonna be a perma-death run30.565.28
so i am just gonna try to last as long33.045.679
as i can oh no this is bad35.844.0
already i'm going into the wind see my39.843.12
temperature down there at the bottom41.64.0
left temperature is dropping really fast42.964.079
out here45.62.72
it is cold47.0392.641
but the four things i have to worry48.323.84
about to keep my health up are49.684.24
water and food54.8795.2
and none of it comes easy in this game56.965.759
uh uh-oh60.0796.001
uh i don't want you to see me62.7196.481
that's all i have on me is a rock66.084.88
i'm playing on a69.26.32
uh a harder difficulty as well because70.966.159
yeah i want the challenger what is that75.524.32
is that a soda77.1192.721
that's a cold soap80.03.2
[ __ ]81.7593.201
okay weapons84.964.72
oh no all i got's a rock86.644.799
where is he at89.684.399
where's he at91.4392.64
uh grab another rock or two94.4796.761
oh i have nothing to defend myself96.964.28
i heard him102.243.12
i know he's up here103.63.44
but i need this shelter105.364.799
so he's gonna have to bug her off yep oh107.044.96
yeah there you go hey get away get away110.1595.0
oh boy112.03.159
oh god120.7193.321
well welcome to the long dark everybody129.59911.601
let's see141.23.36
this will come in handy oh flare flare142.723.36
might actually scare that damn thing144.562.72
now i need medicine okay let's check my147.283.92
injuries what have i got i have a149.684.96
sprained ankle and some pain151.26.56
okay i got some painkillers here154.646.879
we're gonna use that on the pain157.763.759
okay that's better now spraying dankel162.084.56
though see can i craft a bandage what do164.565.679
i need i need cloth166.643.599
can i use anything in here can i break170.3193.28
down anything172.3193.121
i don't have a knife otherwise i could173.5993.521
break that down175.445.04
god there's nothing in here this sucks177.125.92
oh no curtains180.484.16
oh let's see what have i got my183.044.72
inventory socks i want184.645.2
okay i need a bandage bad i don't want187.764.479
to do this but189.844.88
i'm gonna harvest192.2394.801
let's use it nope don't drop it damn it197.124.72
use it on the left foot199.445.84
wolf bites already201.845.52
all right there we go how's how we doing205.284.64
how we doing okay207.364.959
no afflictions so now my health can209.924.879
climb back up and i lost my hat212.3196.48
god i'm ragged it's cold in here214.7994.0
all right i gotta go back outside219.685.52
let's see if i can get somewhere warm222.7994.72
holy crap what have we got i got a flare225.25.36
i can scare that wolf away with a flare227.5195.041
which is what i might have to do oh take230.564.959
that bandage leave that anything was232.564.0
there oh235.5194.08
come on be something good236.563.039
okay i can use spray paint i can use240.43.36
spray paint242.083.359
let's double check they're sneaky about243.763.839
hiding stuff in this game245.4393.921
back there247.5993.36
come on wolf be gone250.9594.161
be gone252.722.4
oh man temperature is going quick i need261.286.919
wood there's a fire barrel right there263.7594.44
let's run268.883.68
i'm running there's another trailer over270.6394.081
any chance this one's warmer274.724.8
oh temperature it's dropping so quick276.86.64
can't feel my hand yeah i know279.526.0
um damn temperature's dropping in here283.444.24
too i might be able to lay in oh this285.524.08
stuff will come in here that's good okay287.684.64
let's put that on289.62.72
let's wear that293.1994.481
temperature okay good temperature is now294.6394.721
crawling up a little bit i managed to297.683.76
get my temperature299.364.64
high oh but the sun's going down i have301.445.039
hardly any food hardly any water and i304.06.24
can't see [ __ ] in here306.4796.56
12 matches310.242.799
all right right now my warmth is my317.125.919
biggest concern but there is a bed here319.285.199
and it is getting dark so i'm going to323.0395.121
crawl in bed and sleep for a little bit324.4795.28
sleep for a good eight hours i got a328.163.52
good calorie store right now329.7593.361
i'll get a little bit extra warmth in331.682.72
the bed333.122.56
maybe the wolves will be gone in the334.44.28
i woke up and it's dark339.444.479
all right i'm gonna pop out of the342.322.719
sounds quiet out there so let's see345.0394.761
all right yeah the wind's not as strong355.283.359
right now356.966.32
oh man oh okay i could break this down358.6397.84
oh [ __ ]363.284.88
is that wood368.163.92
maybe this building here will have370.722.88
something for me but man it's probably372.084.399
so dark in there i have one flare373.65.92
and i don't want to use it376.4796.241
uh what's the temp situation in here379.524.959
[ __ ] temperature's going down i can't382.723.68
see a thing384.4795.44
i have nine matches and one flare386.45.84
i'm gonna have to use the flare389.9195.921
just to loot this building392.243.6
all right let's make this quick397.7593.601
it's keeping me a little warm too401.364.8
whale bones okay yeah this was like a404.05.84
whale processing facility406.163.68
that's some cedar firewood that's good413.5993.761
okay hey here's a fire barrel so that's420.6393.28
um this could be a temporary home423.9195.84
metal working well i don't have any429.7595.201
metal oh a hacksaw that's actually431.5996.961
that's good i'll hold on to that oh man434.965.76
you know what i'll take this hammer just444.02.479
in case445.524.76
might come in handy later446.4793.801
empty soda perfect454.883.039
you can use that for burning empty458.884.0
oh hey yeah that's a good hoodie okay462.887.2
use that for a little extra warmth466.726.4
oh come on i need food470.084.399
damn it474.4796.081
uh oh peaches yes yes yeah all right480.564.639
that's good that's a good pun483.284.16
uh that'll stave off the hunger for a485.1995.12
little while damn it need a pry bar487.445.28
come on have a candy bar or something490.3193.521
damn it492.723.039
candy bar come on493.844.639
come on daddy needs a candy bar495.7595.601
ah come on498.4792.881
or any sort of light source505.124.16
oh this game is being mean to me right507.363.36
oh you're so mean510.724.879
this place is cleared out512.886.639
ah nothing all right man515.5995.36
all right there was that fire barrel519.5194.0
downstairs i'm gonna go back to that i520.9595.44
can at least boil some water523.5194.721
until daylight and then i think i'm526.3994.401
gonna have to get out of here528.244.08
come on530.84.0
sometimes this fails come on532.324.48
yeah this is looking good though come on534.84.4
come on536.82.4
all right540.643.199
that did it yeah all right we're gonna541.5194.0
get that543.8393.68
one of those that'll give us545.5195.76
an hour and 31 minutes on the fire547.5195.601
had a couple of those two hours on the551.2794.401
fire all right we can boil some water553.126.719
all right you are noisy and all right555.684.159
let's check our inventory i know i had a561.123.44
all right i got a bedroll let's use it564.565.52
i can put the bedroll near the fire567.444.56
come on i saw you wanted to go there570.083.439
there you go572.03.68
i right a fire i got a place to sleep575.683.36
i kind of just want to make it till579.043.44
let's uh let's cook some stuff oh those582.483.919
peaches i got584.565.6
okay it's the long dark we're surviving586.3995.041
we might actually might make it through590.162.96
day one591.442.72
looks like the peaches are ready let's594.164.72
eat those 306 calories gave me a little596.164.64
bit of water too598.884.0
all right this is five minutes until600.84.64
melted and what you can do602.884.399
is you can click on this and hit space605.444.56
to pass time until it's ready it's now607.2794.641
19 minutes until boiled which is what we610.03.76
want to do611.923.84
there we go ah look at that warmth all613.764.319
the way up that's nice615.764.56
and then we'll take that uh we can618.0794.081
either drink it but for now i'm going to620.323.04
take it622.163.52
so i got a little boiled water or623.364.4
potable water in my pocket625.683.76
and let's cook some more627.763.36
we're not sleepy629.443.92
so i'm going to spend the night631.124.88
cooking water633.362.64
i should probably641.684.32
break down some of this wood oh hey i644.0794.401
left some stuff here wet stones good646.04.32
book is good oh come on a little bit of648.485.68
food a little bit of food damn it650.323.84
all right if i ever need scrap metal i654.563.519
can come back here hey accelerate that's656.0794.081
really good that's in like a a desperate658.0794.561
situation if i need to make a fire660.165.2
the accelerant will guarantee the fire662.644.24
if i should break668.0795.041
okay i got this hammer 34 minutes670.164.88
calories all right i'm gonna burn a few673.124.959
calories to get some of this wood675.047.52
for uh just in case emergency situation678.0794.481
and we're off686.323.4
i suppose uh that out there might have697.5196.32
some fish or something for me699.8396.721
oh boy i see circling birds703.8394.801
circling birds is a good sign of a dead706.563.839
human or not712.166.96
resources out here716.05.68
[ __ ] it is cold i mean it's cold that719.125.519
temperature is already halfway down721.684.0
ah that sounds good725.684.959
okay do we got metal728.244.88
okay a little warmer in here733.123.279
okay now736.3993.68
would end up being user738.0794.32
let's search this corpse740.0794.481
nothing oh man i was really hoping you'd742.3993.601
have something on your butt i'm gonna744.564.0
put this scarf on actually746.03.44
you know what i also found didn't i find750.882.72
a hoodie yeah i should have been wearing752.322.319
all right that'll give me a little bit754.6394.961
more warmth bonus i don't have any756.164.4
man i don't have much clothing760.565.6
uh that's better than nothing though762.9595.201
okay it'd be great to find some matches766.162.96
in here768.164.679
for some food769.123.719
sardines hey772.9595.521
okay that'll keep me alive a day longer774.6396.0
do i use a match i don't want to but i778.485.68
got eight of them left i'm using one780.6395.521
[ __ ] there's a furnace that's actually784.163.679
really good for786.164.239
coal oh that'll help start a fire that's787.8395.44
good okay don't at least keep me warm ah790.3993.921
[ __ ]793.2792.8
is this anything794.324.24
simple tools i think i can use this okay796.0795.76
can repair my tools so that's good798.566.48
overall not the best in here yeah fell801.8395.12
sardines were good805.042.88
nothing that's gonna help me too long807.924.4
all right i need to leave and head back810.725.119
up towards the road812.323.519
oh man816.563.2
i feel like that lighthouse is so far818.04.0
away oh god that's a wolf819.765.199
[ __ ] i gotta make an emergency fire822.05.199
uh i'll keep the wolf at bay too all824.9593.521
right hold on827.1993.76
let's see if we can't craft828.485.76
nope insufficient need tinder oh [ __ ] i830.9595.521
don't have any tinder god damn freezing834.243.2
hold on crafting crafting crafting yes i837.443.399
tinder [ __ ] crap that tender crap that840.8395.401
tender oh no i left without any [ __ ]843.925.12
tender that's bad846.246.399
okay fire fire849.043.599
plug 75 come on i'm gonna [ __ ] freeze853.5195.76
to death out here856.562.719
come on860.884.399
i know there's a wolf nearby oh come on862.565.519
fire should hopefully keep him at bay865.2796.881
i'm on fire i'm on fire868.0794.081
it worked872.323.36
um yes that coal i picked up came in873.64.56
okay warm up882.163.039
oh no why aren't we warming up there we883.64.4
go there we go885.1992.801
that'll warm me up yeah all right889.444.0
i could use a drink891.8395.321
that's what i'm doing buddy893.443.72
oh i see a sh there's some shelter over898.0794.081
i could go check that out902.243.17
actually this is good907.364.24
these are uh909.2794.081
rishi i call them rushing mushrooms i911.63.84
may be saying that wrong ricey913.365.68
edible mushrooms uh but i can use this915.444.959
i'll show you guys919.044.4
let me grab a couple of these920.3993.041
now these mushrooms have healing925.63.039
so if i get bit by a wolf which i928.6393.44
probably will930.244.959
they can at least heal me932.0794.801
how's my food looking oh that's all i935.1992.88
300 calories 10 of sardines938.0797.361
food is going to quickly become an issue942.0796.32
so we got945.442.959
do i run to that shelter948.485.88
an hour left on that950.324.04
all right let's wait until this is ready954.565.68
let's take it958.164.88
and uh let's go check out this shelter960.245.839
while we're warm963.044.88
all right i'm gonna add a little fuel966.0794.401
here so it's burning when i get back967.924.719
oh i don't want to use that970.484.479
i'll add one of those and i'll add a few972.6394.241
sticks i can pick up more sticks974.9594.88
that gives it an hour and 40 something976.885.84
i'll take my can just in case and let's979.8396.0
go see what this shelter is982.723.119
oh a nice warm place to set up face987.923.68
uh or an old burnt out church991.64.599
this doesn't look good997.7592.961
more mushrooms1000.884.72
not even warm in here1005.65.76
oh all right was that matches yes1008.485.359
12 matches that's perfect1011.363.52
and uh1013.8392.56
rifle ammo1014.884.56
hey how about a rifle1016.3993.041
if you're a religious person say a hail1020.6395.2
mary i'm looting him1022.324.479
backpack come on food1026.7995.12
energy drink 100 calories okay hey i'll1029.363.679
take it1031.9193.76
i will take it what is down here first1033.0395.28
aid kit1035.6793.52
500 calorie energy bar1039.1995.281
okay it was worth coming up here1042.44.639
um but is there anything else worth the1044.486.72
[ __ ] nothing not a damn thing1047.0394.161
oh so this1051.6792.88
firearm cleaning kit1056.164.8
could there be a firearm in here1058.04.68
that'll come in handy1064.724.64
now let's see let's compare to the scarf1067.283.6
i got1069.363.28
it's crap it's good yeah this scarf is1072.644.48
much better as far as temperature goes1074.5594.0
yeah all right but we'll keep it we'll1077.123.6
hold on to it we can break it down for1078.5594.641
clock if need be1080.724.16
uh i already got a better roll so i1083.23.2
don't need that1084.884.52
saw rabbit1094.166.56
okay let's see weapons weapons weapons1096.724.0
okay this is really hard to1101.763.52
come do i need it i need it1107.66.56
oh missed it no1110.243.92
get still all right he's running back1115.64.76
towards the fire1116.963.4
i would love some rabbit meat1128.727.72
how good would some rabbit meat be1131.445.0
no this1137.6793.041
damn it oh1139.0395.121
god i need to work on my shots1140.723.44
i got one rock left1147.6794.561
pick up some of these rocks1150.482.559
[ __ ]1152.243.6
[ __ ] [ __ ]1153.0392.801
um jump in this risk1157.524.64
here damn it1165.122.72
oh there's two rabbits look at them1169.844.4
they're just taunting me1171.362.88
let that wolf go1174.5593.641
god i gotta work on my aim that was crap1178.484.72
and when you do it it's like the sweet1183.25.04
spot is like right above the thumb1185.285.04
from what i remember uh played this game1188.244.08
a bit and yeah1190.324.0
all right an hour left on the fire can i1192.324.32
break this down real quick three ten1194.324.64
get it1199.9193.841
add a little bit more1201.365.96
fuel to the fire1203.763.56
all that wolf's after those rabbits yeah1208.644.0
eat the damn rabbits1210.484.0
oh could i scare him off and get that1212.644.84
come on this might be my rabbit1220.083.36
hey how about you give me that rabbit1230.244.64
hey how about you give me that damn1233.362.96
come on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah come on1236.326.449
gotta take it1243.9193.481
oh that's a small victory1254.245.919
okay let's harvest it okay oh no less1256.725.839
than a pound of meat ah that'll take1260.1596.0
five minutes that's nothing but ugh1262.5595.521
i need it1266.1594.081
better than nothing1268.084.56
all right now let's cook that meat1273.844.0
14 minutes until ready1279.9193.441
all right1286.245.28
how many calories 164 got1287.766.0
that's nothing the wolf got most of it1291.523.92
[ __ ]1293.764.159
all right1295.442.479
let's uh1298.5592.641
wow they're two wolves over there now1302.484.0
yeah perfect1304.245.04
all right i'm gonna grab a torch1306.486.0
let's head for this lighthouse1309.283.2
oh wait set up where did you come1314.44.88
from oh nothing to harvest wolves got to1316.844.04
it [ __ ]1319.284.72
okay black guys1320.883.12
no matter where i go there's wolves1326.44.399
jeez i need to find a weapon maybe the1328.723.28
uh the guy that lives in the lighthouse1330.7994.481
maybe he had a damn weapon1332.03.28
all right made it to the lighthouse1337.123.76
getting sleepy and i'm getting real1341.284.8
that rabbit did nothing1346.083.28
still see my fire out there1349.763.279
man i wish it were clear1356.04.0
i'd love to see uh my surroundings a bit1357.763.52
um i'm gonna risk a little bit of1361.285.44
temperature droppage to survey the area1363.25.359
so uh some of this charcoal i've taken1366.724.72
from the fires you can use that1368.5596.0
to survey your area1371.444.8
and this is kind of how you uh make a1374.5593.921
map in this world so we got the1376.244.24
i can't see much if the visibility is1380.485.12
better you actually could survey more1382.7996.801
but since the visibility's crap1385.66.8
how much we can do1389.62.8
stove in here that'll be good for1395.24.4
this stuff will come in handy handbook1399.64.319
for information on wilderness survival1401.125.6
okay that's good um i can read this in1403.9195.041
my spare time1406.724.64
oh is that a candy bar yes1408.965.599
500 calories yes yes yes1411.365.199
another fire i already have1414.5593.521
oh maybe that means there's a firearm1416.5594.561
here oh if i could be so lucky1418.084.64
i could go out and hunt kill a couple of1421.124.159
those wolves1422.722.559
oh come on1427.47.48
which one's the worst this one1431.123.76
500 calories seems like a lot but look1437.124.64
at my food that did nothing1439.125.12
in this cabinet1441.764.88
hey a can opener that's good that's a1444.244.96
good find1446.642.56
well it's warm in here which is nice so1450.324.16
oh and it's got a bed so this could be1452.722.92
is a great find1458.1593.76
holy [ __ ]1459.9195.681
ah maybe ammo come on oh yes yes yes1461.9196.0
i could use this and rounds revolver1465.65.36
ammo that is a fantastic find we got1467.9195.041
chips lantern fuel i wish we had a1470.963.04
more food1474.02.68
we can hold up in this lighthouse for a1478.7993.921
little bit1480.42.32
put a bedroll down yeah1483.65.76
home sweet home for the night uh man i1486.5594.801
am tempted to go out and try to shoot a1489.363.199
because man the meat1492.5595.12
would be fantastic1494.43.279
still a little bit of daylight left1498.46.879
and i'm not entirely sleepy1501.443.839
there's one blocking my path out of here1505.843.92
let me prep a little bit1512.243.6
okay um1518.1594.88
[ __ ] the wind's kicked up uh so it's1521.0395.361
gonna be cold out there man i'm really1523.0396.0
i'm not happy with my warmth1526.46.35
i'm gonna start a small fire here1529.0395.12
let's see1534.1593.921
percent chance come on1538.085.68
in this uh this cleaning kit i can clean1541.124.64
this gun1543.765.2
i want this to be as clean as possible1545.766.64
so it will be as accurate as possible1548.965.76
when i take this shot i'm not sure why i1552.45.44
feel so tired1554.723.12
[ __ ] all right man we've only managed to1558.04.159
clean this thing to 39 it needs a lot1559.844.4
one more1564.242.48
all right one more good cleaning1567.843.8
don't have to do1572.1593.201
i could eat a horse1573.843.6
all right that warmed me up a little bit1575.365.47
let's drink some water1577.446.47
then let's have a uh1585.25.2
just for the energy1588.324.64
we'll eat these chips1590.44.56
god they gave me hardly anything1592.964.079
all right let's go see if we can kill a1594.965.599
wolf this could be stupid1597.0395.441
oh and i'm getting really tired all1600.5592.791
oh [ __ ]1606.244.4
oh no1608.245.52
no no no no no no damn it going out this1610.645.68
is suicide1613.764.77
maybe we'll see if he's on this path1616.324.56
there was one right across the bridge1620.885.36
i think i still have that rabbit carcass1624.482.19
on me1626.244.439
hey whoopee1631.0393.921
temperature's going down super quick1634.965.92
see any tracks or anything damn it nah1638.883.679
this is dumb1640.882.96
i think even if i kill him i can't1642.5592.561
harvest it1643.842.88
it's too windy out here my temperature's1645.123.2
going down too quick1646.723.6
i need to be able to build a fire next1648.324.32
to a kill1650.324.97
so yeah this is a bust1652.644.48
all right i'm going to use what little1657.124.559
light has left1658.962.719
clean my gun1664.243.2
yeah just1666.084.4
crashing the lighthouse tonight1667.447.04
oh holy [ __ ] in this game1670.484.0
welcome to the long dark1674.646.759
i might spring my ankle1677.364.039
i have a little bit of lamp oil and i1685.124.0
don't have a lamp so i'm gonna use that1687.0394.321
to really increase my chance of success1689.124.24
for a fire1691.363.28
woof that's how it's done all right1694.644.24
let's add a little fuel1696.643.12
wood all right two1705.2794.321
two hours and 30 minutes of fire1706.724.959
a lot of heat output uh we only have one1709.64.24
cooking slot here though i could learn1711.6793.841
that later1713.845.76
oh man should break down that chair too1715.526.159
but all right let's see i got this can1719.65.199
of pork and beans here that'll help me1721.6797.681
with my food problem for a little bit1724.7994.561
here we go some hot pork and beans 6001729.444.719
okay food's not great but it's better i1736.05.52
left the rabbit here for uh1738.485.679
the next person that comes along1741.525.36
uh looks like it is sun sun's rising how1744.1594.321
much time have we got here on the snow1746.883.44
51 minutes so let's cook a little bit1748.483.919
more water1750.324.719
oh we got a little water on there1752.3995.601
yeah we're going to boil that1755.0395.281
take that1761.23.199
and then not much time 29 minutes left1762.244.88
on the stove so yeah1764.3994.88
we'll just take that1767.123.76
good use of that fire we're gonna pick1769.2793.921
up the bedroll1770.885.519
and uh it's not windy out it was snowy1773.25.12
but uh we are gonna have to get the hell1776.3994.801
out of here1778.324.4
attempted to use a little bit of my1781.24.079
calories to break down this chair1782.724.559
34 minutes1785.2794.0
yeah let's do it so we have a little bit1787.2794.081
extra wood on us1789.2794.321
and uh yeah1793.64.73
we're off1796.325.26
good it's not snowing anymore but oh god1802.886.279
it's [ __ ] cold out here1805.124.039
man i really hope there's something up1809.362.72
the road1810.722.959
uh but with the weather like this i can1812.083.52
build an emergency fire1813.6795.12
i have some accelerant which is good1815.65.76
not enough1818.7994.48
and i might have to shoot a damn wolf in1821.365.28
the face oh god i see one1823.2793.361
if i shoot a wolf in the face i'll stay1829.363.6
at the lighthouse because i can use that1830.964.4
stove to cook wolf meat1832.965.76
and that'll last me a little bit1835.366.72
and you're gonna come after me1838.723.36
you gonna come after me1842.883.039
i really don't want to stay in the1846.645.2
lighthouse i want to keep moving1847.9193.921
oh [ __ ]1857.0392.561
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1858.243.76
come on damn it1862.02.799
i know i shot that [ __ ]1864.884.48
i know i shot that1867.363.52
he's bleeding1869.362.88
he's bleeding1870.883.2
oh but i am too1872.242.64
what did he do to me1874.883.519
[ __ ] blood loss oh god i need to use a1876.643.12
bandage right now1878.3992.961
oh god i need to do some bandage right1879.762.88
no no no no1882.646.699
that is bad that is bad heal bandage1896.3993.601
bleeding bleeding yes views1900.05.12
no no no no no no1902.644.72
heal bandage1905.123.2
use it1907.362.24
[ __ ]1908.323.12
[ __ ]1909.63.439
did i even get a shot in is that the1911.443.119
same wolf or was that a different damn1913.0393.76
[ __ ] i gotta get out of here1917.5193.441
oh my god i gotta go back to the white1919.5192.081
[ __ ]1923.22.24
oh look at my health that is not good1925.6793.761
that is not good one more fight i've1927.763.039
one more fight i've done i just started1930.7994.641
this series he's hoping to at last1932.5595.761
make it at least five days1935.444.32
[ __ ]1938.323.599
i know i got a shot off he's bleeding to1939.764.639
death too1941.9192.48
[ __ ] all right i gotta get in and like1946.843.64
look at my wounds1949.123.2
i need to find some place to escape this1950.485.28
cold okay what did he do to me let's see1952.325.839
sprained wrist pain okay i can use some1955.763.68
infection i got some antiseptic okay1959.444.8
okay all right right now we're gonna1962.7993.12
heal we gotta heal up let's see all1964.245.039
right let's do some painkillers1965.9193.36
hold on1970.04.159
okay let's1972.3994.721
there's some antiseptic here1974.1595.76
the wolf bite1977.122.799
[ __ ] okay1981.24.079
a little more antiseptic on this wolf1983.25.079
damn it1990.082.479
let's make another bandage just in case1992.964.959
[ __ ] look at my health my health is so1995.763.84
far down1997.9194.081
oh no1999.64.559
that is not good at all on the2002.03.679
temperatures going down in here now it's2004.1593.52
freezing oh i wonder if he broke some of2005.6793.6
my clothing2007.6795.281
[ __ ] i gotta get a fire going2009.2793.681
okay can i break down this table2013.364.319
i might have to2015.764.08
burn some calories but i'm by a fire two2017.6796.0
hours and 15 minutes to break it down2019.843.839
all right we're gonna add this reclaimed2024.03.679
two hours and 16 that'll warm me up2027.6794.72
let's break this table down that2030.724.72
reclaimed wood back boom i'm warm2032.3995.441
okay food water are bad though let's2035.444.719
cook some water2037.843.6
all right we got a little bit of food2040.1593.681
still we have one energy bar and a tin2041.445.44
of sardines [ __ ] oh i gotta look at my2043.844.16
what the [ __ ] did he do to my clothing2048.03.119
let's see2049.5993.76
oh that's at 252051.1195.361
28 oh man all my clothing's beat up i2053.3597.081
gotta eat this can of sardines2056.483.96
man this is again i love this game2061.3595.52
it's so brutal2064.6394.161
it doesn't mess around2066.8793.28
but i don't i don't know if there's two2068.82.96
wolves out there just one i couldn't2070.1593.121
it's like all of a sudden they were i2073.283.359
felt like there were two2074.84.319
because i shot and know i shot the one2076.6395.601
so the one is either dead or dying2079.1194.72
all right temperature's going down i2082.244.24
gotta make a move2083.8392.641
all right let's go see2087.1194.881
that wolf is still out there2088.723.28
and try to move on this might be it2092.8793.681
okay clear weather for once2099.8396.321
see the wolves from here2103.043.12
okay man2106.244.879
this is not my day2108.03.119
if there's any way2113.24.08
could risk climbing down these rocks2114.644.88
risk a spring ankle but2117.285.2
put me out in the open2119.522.96
this might be dumb2123.1194.161
attempted to go back but if i get2131.1194.0
ambushed by wolves again with this help2132.564.08
i am [ __ ]2135.1194.24
okay i'm gonna just shimmy down2136.645.12
best we2139.3592.401
all right all can all right2143.25.52
okay at least we got some space2145.1193.601
so long lighthouse2149.8392.961
uh anything in this boat2156.243.599
all right no wolves2161.683.04
as i say it as i say it2165.5993.921
oh come on2168.163.6
oh no all right we're gonna head2169.523.599
towards the direction2171.763.2
i haven't been2173.1194.641
get off the ice2174.962.8
you want me you're gonna have to work2181.764.44
for it2183.043.16
you're gonna have to work for it2196.0795.641
come on2198.483.24
get out of here2202.725.879
get out of here2205.1193.48
oh there's a deer that would have been2217.923.439
good wolf go after that deer2219.283.11
because it's a deer2221.3593.121
back on the road back on the road back2224.485.359
oh my god2226.483.359
oh roads leaves roads lead somewhere2232.725.119
roads always lead somewhere hopefully2235.5993.921
somewhere better than this2237.8393.0
hellhole god he's hunting me in me2240.8394.041
i'm gonna check this car2247.523.92
hide this car for a minute2249.764.88
come on come on come on2251.443.2
[ __ ]2254.884.64
anything in here2256.642.88
damn it2260.242.72
damn it2261.763.599
damn it2262.962.399
dropping quick2266.645.52
i might have to make an emergency fire2269.046.72
uh does this lead anywhere [ __ ]2272.165.679
oh no i'm getting too deep in here this2275.765.359
is dumb i need to start a fire2277.8396.641
give me a cave or something2281.1196.161
we got to start a fire immediately2284.484.639
damn it did i not craft accelerant again2287.284.16
it's going to kill me in it2289.1195.201
oh no oh no no no no crafting crafting i2291.444.24
need a tender2294.322.519
plug god i keep forgetting to do that2296.8395.24
that's gonna bite me in the ass oh no2299.8393.601
health okay2302.0793.441
come on come on we gotta get a fire we2303.445.36
gotta get a fire i'm using my accelerant2305.525.76
[ __ ]2311.5994.0
[ __ ] on the fire all right we need2312.964.96
we gotta add fuel2315.5996.0
this fire hot come on get this fire hot2317.926.08
come on i'm not warming up i need to2321.5994.721
warm up come on get this fire hot there2324.03.28
we go2326.322.56
all right right by this2327.284.559
i can break this down for an hour 30.2328.886.16
got two hours on there oh food food is2331.8395.441
so bad2335.044.079
[ __ ] i gotta eat that2337.283.2
it's gonna give me the calories i need2339.1194.161
to break this down2340.485.68
because i gotta warm up2343.282.88
give me some tinder too2347.1193.681
and it's getting dark2350.83.72
there's the lighthouse i came here2358.44.88
uh i was hoping there would be something2361.443.76
up here but man it really is nothing in2363.283.44
step away from the fire for just a2366.723.04
oh man yeah2369.764.079
get up there2372.643.04
there's nothing up there2373.8393.201
that would be the point all right i got2375.683.679
to go back the way i came i think i just2377.043.68
need to hit the road and head to the2379.3593.76
right but man i really i gotta warm up2380.724.72
i got this fire that should keep the2388.484.48
wolves away maybe2390.244.16
maybe they gave up on me i don't have2392.964.68
any food2394.43.24
okay hit the road follow the road2399.683.919
grab a stick just in case2401.8393.681
you never know2403.5993.76
roads always lead somewhere2405.523.44
at least i hope they do2407.3594.48
otherwise um fifty shades of2408.965.359
oh no2417.1193.2
oh oh2418.883.52
oh no it's like something is sad damn it2422.48.16
oh no okay okay2427.045.2
[ __ ] now i'm walking into the wind and2430.563.84
i'm ten times slower2432.243.359
let's rode up here i gotta follow that2435.5994.24
i guess roads don't always lead to2440.42.8
sometimes they're blocked2443.25.04
all right this path2445.925.439
obviously cars go down it2448.246.32
hopefully it goes somewhere2451.3593.201
man i'm so tired2457.1192.96
when you get really tired2464.883.6
you're weighted down2466.882.719
right now2468.483.04
oh the weight's killing me and it's just2469.5993.681
sapping my energy2471.523.599
could build a fire and sleep out here2473.283.52
worst case but god damn it i used my2475.1194.24
god where does this even go2479.684.0
i hope this goes somewhere it's it's2481.5994.321
just gonna double me back in there2483.684.0
i'm going back to the [ __ ] church oh2485.923.28
my god damn it2487.684.399
oh there's no way out of this place2489.26.639
okay gonna have to sleep in the church2492.0793.76
[ __ ]2496.0793.76
[ __ ]2497.923.28
oh this is2499.8393.441
sucks so much2501.23.76
anything here2503.282.799
what's this2504.962.72
what is this what is this2506.0795.52
oh a cave give me this wood okay stone2507.686.24
yeah shelter holy [ __ ]2511.5995.4
all right let's get a bed roll down2520.564.4
so i can sleep2523.23.84
oh my god2524.963.52
oh what's here2527.042.72
lantern fuel2528.482.96
food police food2529.765.12
matches damn it oh god2531.444.8
matches at least i got a bunch of2534.884.0
matches now2536.242.64
what we got what do we got here2540.0794.561
uh crate2542.643.199
damn it2544.642.24
ah there's not much here [ __ ]2550.46.0
food is becoming the problem2554.164.56
that'll give me a little calories2558.83.279
enough to rest i got to sleep for a2562.162.88
little bit2564.02.24
yeah what are my light sources all i got2566.244.32
is matches2567.926.64
let me peek into this cave a little bit2570.564.0
oh no this is bad this is dumb i do not2576.965.44
need to get lost2580.163.919
cold will make a fire all right tell you2582.43.12
i'm going to rest i'm going to make a2585.525.2
fire and i can use a torch2586.883.84
i got yeah i gotta sleep first2590.886.16
okay this is intense2593.445.2
all right let's see if i can make a fire2597.043.11
cannot start a campfire indoors2601.686.32
oh i feel like i did earlier damn it2604.965.04
uh [ __ ] maybe i can start it right2608.04.48
outside the front door2610.04.72
because yeah i need a torch2612.485.839
okay what have we got here oh man 552614.726.32
chance of success i got one tender plug2618.3194.321
no oh wait i got a little bit of lamp2621.044.24
oil [ __ ] yeah i'm using it2622.644.479
that's right okay yes that lamp will2625.283.2
have that should help warm things up2627.1193.841
came in handy a little bit of coal2628.484.0
all right2630.964.24
two hour fire2632.483.92
i need food2638.42.8
now i could use that torch2644.483.599
to look into the mine a little bit but2646.483.76
you know what2648.0795.52
maybe there's some deer out here2650.245.76
i'm gonna take a peek i'm warm enough oh2653.5993.921
i see a wolf2656.03.44
i see a wolf2657.524.64
oh i need that wolf so bad2659.446.08
i could just get him to come to me2662.163.36
hey yeah yeah yeah yeah2669.443.76
yeah come on2673.23.76
come on2675.23.119
come on2676.963.6
come on you [ __ ] prick2678.3194.111
come on2680.563.92
this is dumb this is dumb this might be2684.483.359
i need this kill2687.8393.721
[ __ ]2691.8392.24
ah [ __ ]2694.3194.481
should've let him get closer2696.45.4
[ __ ]2698.83.0
damn it2707.3592.321
i'll peek into the mine a little bit2710.04.72
i can't let my torch run out i got2712.0795.121
oh it's so easy to get lost in there oh2714.724.32
wait i do have2717.24.24
got a little bit of spray paint2719.044.24
so i can navigate in there if i need to2721.443.919
i can mark walls where i've been if it2723.283.44
gets bad all right i'm taking the torch2726.727.119
let's go check it out2730.243.599
okay okay okay2735.284.24
i might as well pick this up so i don't2738.03.68
forget it2739.525.319
okay just double time it oh right or2741.685.84
left for the fire2744.8396.201
yeah yeah let's go left2747.523.52
okay here's some [ __ ] come on2752.643.679
uh what is that antiseptic2756.3194.161
cloth is good oh i can use that to2758.962.96
repair some [ __ ]2760.482.639
don't have time to break that down2763.1196.321
okay anything else2766.43.04
oh no it goes nope okay that's good2771.5995.041
don't go that way2774.02.64
oh what's this what's this2776.884.08
where are we at oh a flare [ __ ] yeah all2779.045.6
right light source more lantern fuel2780.967.879
this is another exit2784.644.199
are you still in the same area2794.165.12
oh it's so dark2796.966.2
i see something up ahead2799.283.88
there's something moving too2803.3592.96
the [ __ ] is that2808.242.879
[ __ ]2815.522.319
okay okay2825.5994.681
i picked up some accelerant2830.643.84
i need the food2833.043.279
oh man2834.485.28
i need to heal more than anything2836.3196.8
should i build another fire out2839.763.359
oh there2843.3590.76
i think i might have to risk2849.3593.801
[ __ ]2860.482.32
i can't see a thing2861.284.559
and i know he's out here2862.83.039
where are you2866.965.68
i can't see a thing2869.047.16
i hear him walking2872.643.56
come on give me your shadow2889.923.28
give me a shadow give me something i can2891.924.28
he just called out to all his buddies2904.05.4
all right2921.684.76
fire going right here2922.643.8
scare them away i could have sworn i saw2928.243.68
a building or something over there2929.923.36
hard to tell in the dark but i2931.922.8
definitely see2933.283.36
some sort of structure2934.724.16
and i wonder where the hell i am2936.644.8
am i in a new area or did the mind just2938.884.959
wrap around2941.442.399
maybe i'm on the other side of the road2945.8392.72
because i went into the mind the mind2947.1194.161
turned left2948.5592.721
okay we got some coal2954.8394.201
pardon me wants to go back into the mine2960.884.0
and uh look the other way because i went2965.1195.121
left i want to see what's right maybe2967.5994.641
there's a candy bar or some supplies2970.243.28
because [ __ ]2972.242.319
food is2973.524.24
food is desperate right now2974.5593.201
i'm gonna add some fuel here2977.925.04
get a four-hour fire going that's really2980.883.92
good let's sleep for2982.965.119
let's sleep for a couple of hours2984.83.279
all right2991.3592.321
okay weather cleared up i am one lucky2994.484.639
uh but my health is still2999.1195.2
dangerously low3002.05.119
all right we're gonna peek3004.3192.8
out thought i heard something3010.8395.641
all right i'm gonna i'm gonna crouch go3014.243.68
real quiet like3017.922.96
at least it's a pretty night it's still3021.283.559
freezing out here3022.884.239
though um3024.8395.0
[ __ ] is that the bridge where i started3027.1194.801
oh wait3029.8395.041
wait god damn it wait is this3031.925.76
is the lighthouse right over there3034.885.52
yeah damn it this is where i started i3037.686.0
think that's that compound3040.43.28
because there's the bridge3044.163.36
didn't i start under that damn broken3046.04.72
bridge right there [ __ ]3047.525.68
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] all right i just wrapped3050.724.16
around okay well at least we know where3053.23.68
we are3054.884.16
um that's a good way to get around this3056.884.32
area if i need to3059.045.279
um all right3061.23.119
best bet right now is to check the other3064.5594.961
side of that mine shaft i have a flare3066.3196.161
let me grab my bed roll3069.524.64
hope you guys are as stressed out3072.485.119
watching this as i am playing it3074.165.84
i really i want to survive for you guys3077.5995.921
but this game again will3080.05.52
uh will decimate you3083.525.12
and i'm having a hard time finding food3085.525.92
okay so here was3088.644.4
all right this is where we came in at3091.443.04
right yes3093.043.84
we went left3094.483.359
so tell you what i'm going to do a3096.883.04
little navigation here3097.8394.401
confirm and then3103.924.919
we went that way3106.164.24
that'll help me remember3112.0795.28
all right so let's check here3113.8395.76
[ __ ]3117.3592.24
god damn it game3120.5595.681
oh god damn it game3123.045.76
god damn it game3126.244.04
oh no3128.84.549
i'm gonna starve to death3133.445.04
i am going to starve to death3135.285.36
oh my help is bad3138.484.48
something to eat yes3140.644.4
[ __ ]3142.963.119
all right3145.042.559
go to the front of the mine i got to go3146.0793.441
out and try and get a kill it's my only3147.5995.641
damn hope at this point3149.523.72
i'm pretty sure3154.723.599
i'm almost positive3156.5594.481
yes all right where are you3158.3195.76
come to me [ __ ]3161.043.039
that sounds like more than one of them3164.246.48
that sounds like 10 of them jesus christ3166.885.04
come on3170.722.879
come to me come to me [ __ ]3173.5995.281
come on i just need one of you3176.485.599
see you i just need one of you3178.885.439
just need one of you3182.0794.271
i just need one of y'all3184.3194.8
where are you at3189.1193.361
where are you at come on3190.3196.0
come on i just need one of you3192.485.2
come on3196.3194.481
come on show me your stupid face3197.684.399
i'm gonna wait until you're right up3200.84.0
under this time oh this might be it3202.0796.52
this might do me in3204.83.799
come on come on3209.1192.72
come on3210.82.88
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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest cinematic Let's Play series in The Long Dark. I've always loved watching Appsro struggle hilariously to survive in harsh wilderness environments, and The Long Dark is no exception. This unforgiving Canadian landscape chews him up and spits him out, but Appsro takes it all in stride with his trademark optimism and good humor.

The cinematic style of Neebs Gaming's videos truly transports you into Appsro's snowy shoes as he fights the elements to scavenge supplies and avoid wolf attacks. The clever camera angles and edits build dramatic tension that rivals any survival movie. One moment I'm literally on the edge of my seat as Appsro sneaks past a snarling wolf, and the next I'm laughing out loud as he bumbles into yet another unfortunate mishap.

While I'd love to experience The Long Dark firsthand, Neebs Gaming's cinematic approach is the next best thing. Their immersive style and entertaining commentary make me feel like I'm right there struggling for survival with Appsro. It's amazing how they transform an open-world survival game into an engrossing storytelling experience.

So if you're looking for a fun, cinematic way to enjoy the brutal beauty of The Long Dark, I can't recommend Neebs Gaming's series enough. Their videos are the perfect way to live out an epic wilderness survival saga without ever leaving your couch. Just be prepared for lots of hilarious failures along with those rare triumphant moments. That's the Neebs way!

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