We Took Down a Big One!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the team takes down their biggest robot yet? It's absolutely epic! ...
We Took Down a Big One!!! - Generation Zero
We Took Down a Big One!!! - Generation Zero

We Took Down a Big One!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Neebs Gaming video! Today, we're talking about why we took down that big robot in Generation Zero. It was intense!

simon: Oh yeah, that robot didn't stand a chance against our teamwork and skills. We were like a well-oiled machine out there!

appsro: Absolutely, that robot never knew what hit it! And the best part was when Neebs accidentally shot Simon in the back instead of the robot. Classic moment!

neebs: Hey, it was an honest mistake! But seriously, that video is my favorite because it shows off our incredible coordination and ability to take down even the biggest threats.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the team takes down their biggest robot yet? It's absolutely epic! I couldn't stop cheering as they faced off against this massive opponent. If you haven't watched it yet, you definitely need to check it out.

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what is this i don't know the map says0.7996.641
it's a control point hey guys3.284.16
hey hey simon how you feeling how you7.682.879
feeling fine what do we got here are you10.5594.721
better i i feel better okay so let's see12.484.639
i might be a little a little contagious15.282.96
you know what central distance for a17.1192.24
little bit you know what i mean was it18.244.48
butt stuff or what was it uh it was i19.3596.0
had butt stuff and i had22.724.479
nauseous stuff oh boy all right let's25.3593.84
see what this is a control point there's27.1994.721
a body i can't jump over that okay oh29.1994.801
wait i'm spotted that way to the south31.923.52
oh okay everybody get down whoa all34.03.6
right does anyone see that little icon35.444.24
which i can uh you mean the one that37.64.24
it's like a little hand see it nobody39.684.559
just me okay just me what is it is that41.846.0
the sun my goodness it's bright in it44.2397.0
was that a question47.843.399
let's see be inspect farmland's region74.884.64
claim control point uh we don't have77.7593.841
enough money we need like 20 bitcoin who79.524.16
the [ __ ] taking the money the command81.63.68
center claim control point yeah i'm not83.683.6
sure the point of this do we need to do85.283.839
it um well we can't right now we don't87.283.12
have enough bitcoin oh is that like a89.1193.441
side game thing maybe i don't know so i90.43.679
guess we'll you know we'll inspect that92.562.559
later i'll tell you somebody in the94.0793.281
comments will tell us what that is95.1194.0
yeah yeah all right guys we gotta get to97.363.68
uh we got to get to the airport let's do99.1194.401
this mission is there so let's do it all101.044.719
[ __ ] yeah we had the fence106.3993.201
yeah we're gonna have to loop around108.4792.32
remember that uh there was that bunker109.65.199
around back we are we are adult men uh110.7995.521
yeah we could find i could climb that114.7993.521
let's see what the hell man it's kind of116.323.2
i think i'm getting spotted okay getting119.523.76
down something's blinking didn't enter121.23.68
combat or anything123.283.76
oh yeah oh god there's a bunch of robots124.883.599
they're coming what i don't know if127.042.8
they're coming or not it looked like128.4792.881
they were coming did anybody get spotted129.843.28
no i didn't131.363.12
maybe you're seeing [ __ ] remember when i133.122.479
was on the bridge and you guys didn't134.483.2
see anything i saw maybe135.5993.841
maybe yeah137.683.6
me too yeah they're out there looking139.444.4
drones and like maybe i don't know seven141.285.039
dog robots oh okay i see the drones i143.844.0
saw the drones what should we do should146.3193.521
we hoof it well we haven't entered147.844.08
combat so yeah just keep on do your149.843.679
thing all right all right rock and roll151.922.64
rock and roll153.5193.681
that was a close out oh guys i found the154.564.959
spot i found a spot over here jump right157.24.8
by the fence oh oh159.5193.761
come on162.02.48
come on163.282.64
you don't run straight at it yeah well164.482.8
there you go there you go yeah hit it165.923.12
from an angle there we go get down167.283.679
immediately all right yeah it's a pretty169.043.6
big robot out in the field oh a couple170.9592.56
running this way running this way173.5193.521
yeah they might have seen that all right175.922.239
all right we're going this way i saw177.042.88
there was a little bunker back this way178.1593.44
we should be able to get into that drone179.924.239
that's a drone yeah see it right there a181.5994.081
lot more than just the drones stupid184.1593.601
robots can't jump fences185.684.72
it's so dumb187.767.24
i can't compute foreign190.44.6
oh my god that was sudden where did they199.844.0
come from i don't know did they jump the202.1593.761
oh [ __ ] i'm about to die205.924.56
oh there's two208.02.48
yeah these are dogs dogs damn it relay211.363.519
back in the south get out of the woods213.5192.8
so we can see him214.8792.321
oh my god oh [ __ ] the big hill oh there217.23.679
you are okay are we going down the hill219.123.679
i don't know i just fell down there hard220.8793.041
to get back up222.7992.561
uh oh hey guys the entrance to the223.922.72
bunkers right here uh from where you225.362.959
guys were you went down the hill take a226.643.519
right okay228.3193.681
hey hey yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah230.1593.521
yeah perfect perfect all right get in232.03.439
this damn bunker that's where we wanted233.683.839
to go whoa on the hill on the hill on235.4395.321
the hill yeah237.5193.241
uh there is weapon storage here good the246.2395.2
military used it for a supply run so249.5193.761
okay we're looking for supplies left251.4394.401
behind good there's a plane over there253.284.479
yeah we've seen that yeah we've seen255.844.399
planes before yeah well i didn't know if257.7594.401
we saw that one all right we need to go260.2393.601
south a little bit tell you what just uh262.163.759
follow me guys okay i don't think263.844.079
anything's in this bunker there's a265.9194.321
plane well if you heard that yeah yeah i267.9193.521
just saw that yeah i heard about the270.244.08
plane yeah there's also a uh some sort271.445.28
of a trailer the generator we pointing274.323.92
everything out yep276.722.88
yep there's a278.243.6
little fence thing there's yes can we279.64.48
stop doing that can we stop this281.844.4
science can anybody read this we gotta284.084.64
find the weapons bunker uh what would i286.243.92
pushing pins i would if i was a weapon290.166.64
yeah i'd probably be a grump daggram is294.166.879
a good guess it's like gitadagrams296.85.52
is probably there's a robot behind you301.0395.121
simon yep oh jesus302.323.84
here we go309.124.799
heading towards that no robots no more311.364.24
robots we got to find this weapons313.9194.161
bunker it's in here somewhere i hope so315.64.4
it's not dag rum if it's that way it318.085.52
could be four red or i probably320.05.12
i'm probably guessing for it because it323.64.64
rhymes with norad no red what's norad325.124.56
uh isn't it328.243.12
there's a plane simon331.364.559
and a generator yeah all right hey guys333.683.84
this is where we're supposed to be335.9194.161
hey for add it was for ad that's what337.524.16
you knew it it's like they're it's like340.082.32
faux norad all right let's see342.45.519
locked what do we gotta do no power son345.443.92
of a [ __ ]347.9192.641
all right we all don't need to go find349.363.76
the generator simon you me on let's go350.565.68
get him you got that nose353.123.12
all right should be down this way357.123.519
somewhere simon all right how are you358.883.759
doing you said you're feeling good yeah360.6394.481
i mean it's nice to not be in bed you362.6394.801
know we're always laying on the floor365.124.72
sick is miserable yeah like full-on367.444.72
[ __ ] miserable i hate it yeah you369.843.919
think you want to be sick when you're372.162.879
healthy because you're like i just want373.7593.121
to break for a second it's not a break375.0393.361
but it's not it's not a break no it's376.884.24
not all sleep378.44.639
now fun you can't diddle yourself i mean381.123.519
you can but it's like oh we got robots383.0392.801
that's how you know you're feeling384.6394.321
better when you go to your first diddle385.845.28
oh [ __ ] oh god what was that i don't388.966.0
know i just got my ass handed oh391.123.84
so i just i just like staring at this400.965.12
at the button yeah why not it says lock403.363.52
locked i mean that's the only thing406.883.28
that's going to change on our end is is408.084.32
that changing what this does in swedish410.163.92
is the swedish word for lock lock i412.43.76
don't think so414.083.92
i think they just threw that in for us416.162.8
dumb americans418.964.959
okay open [ __ ] i wasn't looking at it420.884.319
[ __ ]423.9193.041
he looked away for two seconds can y'all425.1995.041
turn the power off he missed it426.963.28
hey it's nice to have light in here431.362.0
yeah light's cool433.363.48
all right447.1993.161
you got that thing on tight i think so i456.083.44
feel like darth vader in this thing all458.02.96
right be careful because that gas it459.523.76
only does so much so quick i got i got a460.963.919
pac i got a pocket full of health packs463.283.44
baby all right we'll get in there there464.8793.44
you go i thought it was just happy to466.723.28
see me468.3193.921
let's see what's over here i found the470.04.479
guy and i'm searching him searching472.244.239
emergency players oh wait there's a474.4794.481
document taking the document476.4794.961
oh wait i got a supply room key oh a key478.964.56
a key to a supply room or where there's481.443.52
a supply room483.522.799
i don't know if the supply room's in484.962.72
here if that's at another part of this486.3193.28
bunker how's your house you good oh wait487.684.799
there is the supply room is in here oh489.5995.171
yeah here we go let's see unlocking492.4795.201
oh my goodness oh my goodness what's in497.684.09
there hold on let me get back to you500.03.28
i got we already have them but a level503.284.0
two one of these505.5993.121
so we should all probably go in there508.723.199
and get this i guess the level two it510.44.72
will do a lot more damage511.9193.201
it's right in here it's right in here515.24.399
is there gas in here yeah oh oh come on517.363.76
gas in here grab it there it is going519.5993.281
going around521.122.88
these other ones i'm gonna open these522.882.639
other ones right here524.03.279
oh my god525.5194.0
there's a ton of ammo527.2794.961
there's a ton of ammo i'm at 47 where's529.5194.561
the ammo i made a bunch of healthy532.243.52
anything in here oh what is that that is534.083.92
a good damn it's a sniper rifle535.763.44
oh yeah538.04.24
oh that's a rifle move start go ahead539.24.16
was that it542.242.56
get it baby543.363.76
that's everything right yeah i think so544.84.719
holy crap getting out right everybody547.125.44
out everybody made it out alive yeah549.5195.76
oh look at this thing oh my god that's552.564.959
in there yeah yeah i can't you didn't555.2794.081
get one until you know you know there557.5193.44
were there were like three boxes it was559.363.039
in the box on the left yeah i don't know560.9592.801
if you guys heard me say it three times562.3992.961
but i didn't have any health packs it563.763.36
was chaotic in there get back565.363.12
i can drop you a health pack i can drop567.122.64
your health pack don't worry we're gonna568.482.799
get you that rifle alright we're all569.763.04
gonna have that rifle before we get out571.2793.841
of here and then where are we going572.85.96
to shoot something575.123.64
location unknown652.249.029
okay you see the tank can you hit the663.922.96
as soon as someone gets a clear shot i666.884.0
do it right here good boy just did it i668.886.44
just took the shot too all right hold on670.884.44
no i'm not can you get me i'm right here685.444.0
buddy all right yeah he's looking uh all687.5193.601
right yeah he's being done he's run holy689.443.519
[ __ ] he's fast691.123.279
okay here if i try to take a health pack692.9593.041
maybe my health is already low all right694.3995.12
get covered holy [ __ ]696.03.519
oh that's covered i feel like my thing699.925.76
didn't work i shot the tank oh god yeah703.24.24
i feel it i hit the tank too i think we705.684.0
got to shoot the tank many times707.447.24
oh give me that take come on709.685.0
yup his guns are good take the guns out724.85.36
all right i'm gonna toss some nate at728.323.28
him there you go dummy can we take the730.163.84
gun out731.62.4
anyone man734.484.159
i'm trying737.043.2
holy crap738.6396.281
hey i found the uh what you call it oh740.244.68
oh hi simon hey so what are we doing756.244.88
we're shooting guns758.724.16
yeah we're shooting guns761.123.44
i'm coming in with a rocket launcher oh762.885.12
god we got another big guy yeah764.566.16
and we are wasting a lot of ammo yeah768.04.0
i'm trying to figure out how to take770.723.359
these [ __ ] down772.04.8
oh my774.0792.721
one more to god all right so now that785.123.76
other big one all right where do we787.24.8
shoot him at are those tanks on the side788.885.519
anything thanks oh wait what about your792.05.12
stupid eyeball794.3992.721
let's see if i can get huh this guy799.043.44
maybe there's a tank in the back800.244.48
so should i be using this you know uh802.483.2
what the hell he called the missile805.683.599
oh he's got buddies with him here dude809.5193.281
i'm nailing this guy with the rocket811.363.36
launcher oh i think i just took him812.84.8
partially out baby814.725.119
where is your weakness oh he's got you817.63.919
know those little rolly guys uh you see819.8393.12
every now and then yeah they're in the821.5192.721
back of this guy822.9593.041
like they can come out of him yep i got824.245.599
a really good right here like a queen826.03.839
somehow oh i got some tanks on the side833.362.96
of it835.364.159
oh there's some more tanks oh again that836.326.6
time for real839.5193.401
right here854.323.079
okay good job names yup thank you for858.724.72
the revive you good [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]860.83.68
[ __ ] good863.443.36
i got it864.484.16
i gotta get way out of here866.84.9
come on yeah i got him i got him872.563.519
well what does that do what does that874.9592.721
expose oh god he's looking at me he's876.0795.361
looking at me shoot him in the ass door877.683.76
you're still looking at me i don't know881.683.519
but i'm just distracting them883.363.76
i don't really know what to shoot885.1995.281
oh wow what up just blew up887.123.36
yeah okay we know your weakness now you891.123.839
dumb son of a [ __ ]893.1994.721
it's dead yeah it's dead that's right894.9595.601
yeah oh what you got on you hey dude897.924.56
that's the best we've done that is the900.563.68
best we've done against the big guys902.483.359
yeah but we still didn't do good we lace904.243.12
we wasted a ton of [ __ ] ammo of905.8393.12
course we did yeah907.363.12
but we learned908.9594.081
we learned all right our next objective910.484.64
is to the east we got to go into the913.043.68
forest region915.124.399
and we have to uh get to the bunker and916.725.76
kill robots on the way919.5194.081
love it922.483.75
[ __ ] love it923.610.649
let's all get together all right we're934.9594.961
still pro door where you at i got yeah i937.2795.761
uh i lost you guys um head up hill yeah939.924.96
that's where i'm going now943.042.799
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] where was that where did945.8393.281
they come from should we book it for947.63.679
this safe house sure949.124.959
no okay951.2792.8
i'm good i'm just like kind of doing a965.923.599
little out to the side can we just go967.2794.401
over the safe house [ __ ]969.5193.361
you got to get back to the road the safe971.682.64
house is a bunker972.883.759
oh [ __ ]977.1994.921
oh god978.83.32
yeah it's right here i'm just running985.5193.201
for it i got 20 health986.884.16
damn i got these guys like right on top988.726.08
of me but they don't see me yet991.045.12
you'll be glad to know there's a plane994.83.599
here simon if you make it996.164.479
okay all right we got him we got him1005.046.68
come on simon i upped it1007.124.6
yeah there's no there's a guy right on1014.3993.68
top of me you can't come to me he just1016.0795.2
looks like he's [ __ ] little spiders1018.0796.24
they [ __ ] spiders1021.2794.8
you can't go anywhere near me without1024.3194.24
being in very bad like trouble now we1026.0795.281
can take these guys1028.5592.801
all right simon i see where you're at1031.6793.201
i'm gonna try to go get you oh my god1032.9594.161
there's so many enemies right here like1034.884.88
probably 240 of them don't do it doing1037.124.48
oh where's my buddy there's nobody1041.64.959
ignore me ignore me ignore me ignore me1043.9195.92
ignore me oh boy1046.5593.28
oh my god huge what are you doing1050.086.839
all right1053.843.079
come on1058.723.16
oh no1066.02.799
it's never good1067.6792.561
hey i think i can help i just made a1068.7992.321
bunch of1070.242.4
medpack things neebs you're going to get1071.122.96
killed by this thing to the right look1072.643.68
to your right you idiot nope i got med1074.083.839
packs for days1076.323.76
dora deebs i believe1077.9194.241
bring your rocket launchers1080.083.599
the robots are fighting the robots1082.163.92
there's [ __ ] more out here yeah1083.6794.561
is it just the one big one1086.084.16
it's like the medium medium one there's1088.244.48
a couple of dogs another medium one see1090.244.08
a hunter guy oh yeah there is a really1092.723.76
big one that was that one's red hey1094.324.88
what's up little buddy1096.482.72
oh boy there's another one there's a lot1099.763.36
of needs you might want to fall back the1101.364.16
spider is a rocket launcher1103.125.04
my body is a hot spot yeah my two i1105.524.0
think i'm right there1108.163.2
i don't see you oh wait a second i'm1109.524.48
like right behind you dummy you are1111.365.6
you were so close i warned you1114.05.039
i'm still coming baby hang on all right1116.964.32
i believe in you i think the fireworks1119.0393.76
confused him a little bit1121.283.92
oh yeah that's right shoot him1122.7994.561
shoot that son of a [ __ ]1125.23.76
oh there's hey hey the fireworks are1127.363.679
working he's super confused i'm crawling1128.962.88
crawling yep oh i see you there we are1131.846.4
all right just sit tight buddy oh god1134.965.839
oh god please one of those1138.244.4
perfect where's the revive thing i don't1140.7994.24
know maybe oh yeah he just went right by1142.644.24
him oh man have i been down too long1145.0394.64
maybe oh crap what if you stand up1146.884.32
throw another firework i like it that's1149.6793.201
pretty yep okay i don't see your about1151.23.28
let me go check out simon okay yeah no1152.883.44
it might be done it might be done dude1154.484.72
it's it's i don't know for you i tried1156.324.8
you didn't try and you agree and i love1159.22.96
you for it1161.123.12
thank you happy fourth of july i'll meet1162.165.04
you back in the bunker1164.242.96
all right1173.6794.0
it almost worked oh it's okay hey we did1175.284.24
our best um should i throw down a field1177.6793.601
radio yeah this doesn't seem to be a1179.524.32
bunker for us no it's not but bam [ __ ]1181.284.16
it here we go1183.844.4
on a field radio abstract simon1185.445.599
there he is hey welcome hey1188.245.439
i'm back baby simon you coming1191.0393.841
yeah i hope so there he is1194.885.84
nice look at the plane1197.444.41

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