An Explosive Episode - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 20

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro begins work on a new horde base. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us on PATREON https://www.patre...
An Explosive Episode - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 20
An Explosive Episode - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 20

An Explosive Episode - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 20

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, so I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming and it was so epic! Appsro is back at it in Darkness Falls, working on a new horde base. If you're a fan of the channel like me, you won't want to miss this one.

Make sure to hit that subscribe button and support them on Patreon if you can. Their merch is pretty cool too, I might have to grab myself a shirt or two. And shoutout to Xidax PCs for powering Neebs Gaming - those PCs are no joke.

The music in this video is always on point, they have such a great selection. I love how they always credit the artists too, it's nice to see that recognition. Plus, the social media links are there if you want to keep up with all things Neebs Gaming.

If you're looking for more content from Neebs, they have some awesome playlists - from cartoons to games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Seriously, these guys are always putting out quality videos that keep me coming back for more. Can't wait to see what they do next!

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so there's the smoke simon yeah i guess10.44.399
there's something13.283.999
about it right inside let me use my14.7994.56
tracking skills and see if i see any17.2794.881
zombies here i can uh i can see zombies19.3595.441
at times now really yeah so you're like22.165.039
that little kid in that old bruce willis24.84.96
movie you have the sixth sense yep you27.1994.32
have the sense i don't think he could29.763.12
like see him through walls and [ __ ]31.5192.641
though you know what i mean no well i32.882.08
maybe maybe they just cut that out of34.963.52
the movie maybe36.7193.761
notice you have a sore voice yeah i sure38.483.759
do i had a rough weekend well i mean a40.485.759
fun weekend but fun bit rough oh oh [ __ ]42.2396.881
oh [ __ ] what a twist this is a twist oh46.2394.721
and there's like a heavy-duty door right49.123.84
here this is like alien [ __ ] wait a50.963.919
second i feel like i need to have my52.964.239
pistola out there's this door in that54.8794.16
door they're very high-tech doors maybe57.1994.081
we need to open them at the same time59.0394.081
why it's i don't know but it's locked61.284.8
okay this one is it okay all right oh63.127.12
hello hey anybody what the [ __ ] this is66.087.68
pretty awesome it's pretty great yeah70.246.559
hello unlocked this way and unlock that73.765.679
way let's just take a peek in here okay76.7994.481
we'll search the desk but looking for79.4393.761
any life81.283.56
hello oh83.23.36
life what hey84.843.639
and they're not zombies man no they're86.564.239
not and guess what what one of them's a88.4795.041
lady or they're both ladies i know we're90.7996.081
we just came to heaven we did and93.526.639
we don't need to tell the guys96.886.239
oh my um hey you got any work wait what100.1595.121
does that even mean you don't trust you103.1194.96
go out and help eve she doesn't trust me105.286.0
help eve is that eve yeah hey you want108.0794.561
you got any work111.283.119
i'm talking to mine i don't know trust112.643.519
you go and help eve we have to help eve114.3994.72
with the [ __ ] eve116.1592.96
okay yeah i'm thinking somewhere out122.0793.121
i don't want to get too close to the uh126.0793.361
church you know for you know i don't127.923.119
want to hoard to go in there that's129.443.2
pretty far yeah yeah i think this is131.0393.361
pretty good though sit down bubba we got132.643.599
to do like a ground breaking134.43.44
yeah or oh136.2393.36
block you know ribbon cutting kind of137.843.28
thing yeah god i wish we could make139.5993.921
ribbons yep is that what you really wish141.124.16
for god if i could only make weapons143.523.84
well if you had three wishes one of them145.283.36
could be ribbon what what are you147.363.599
talking about genie three wishes you had148.643.84
one ribbon you'd probably that wouldn't150.9593.36
be it right what what do you mean what i152.483.28
said i wish we could make ribbons yeah154.3192.801
and he said that's what you want to use155.763.52
your wish for right yeah if you had157.123.68
three wishes maybe where did the three159.284.48
witches come from janiece janie160.84.88
[ __ ] jd's we're we're laying ground163.763.6
and uh so if you had one wish it'd be165.683.919
the ribbon uh no no no no no it'd be167.363.04
like a169.5992.801
i don't know okay i'm just saying giant170.44.96
helicopter and boom this is gonna be the172.45.68
start i'm doing a custom build okay175.364.879
let's see all right i'm just gonna i'm178.083.76
gonna be out here probably all day lay180.2393.441
in frame shapes and kind of you know181.843.44
constructing this thing how i want it183.683.279
okay is there anything we can uh bring185.283.44
you that's you're gonna need man i'm186.9592.961
just gonna need a lot of wood for just188.723.12
kind of the initial build so no but uh189.923.2
you know what they're gonna clear it out191.843.2
around here um no i can do all that you193.123.36
guys you guys should probably do195.042.64
something more constructive going196.483.119
traitor missions you know to get get197.683.279
some more metal we're going to need lots199.5993.521
of metal clay neebs you have any trailer200.9594.56
missions you can do uh we can do one but203.124.56
real quick before i go can i steal some205.5194.08
forged iron to make that oven yes of207.683.44
course all right yeah make that oven209.5992.801
apparently that oven doesn't generate211.123.039
heat make two of them212.43.839
nice all right all right thick me and214.1594.64
you mission time adios let's go see216.2395.36
hasta luego218.7992.8
all right silence come on oh oh yeah i221.925.599
can sneak through you can yeah i can225.124.64
jump up here like crouch jump it got me227.5193.521
through it's like a little kind of a229.763.92
glitchy thing almost oh yeah yeah look231.043.6
at that233.683.68
and this one's unlocked all right oh you234.644.56
would think it'd be bad in here dude237.364.32
stuff like like maybe good stuff i'm239.24.88
sorry i'm in your way but i oh man241.686.24
hold on come on baby um clipboard energy244.086.56
cell 34 energy cells might be good i got247.926.0
109 energy cells whoa okay dude we're250.645.2
getting some high-tech [ __ ] that we253.924.559
don't know what to do with energy cells255.847.359
and clipboards a lot of clipboards okay258.4794.72
i had some before should i even take the263.524.8
clipboard yes all right of course well265.444.4
there's a green one i can give one to268.323.52
neebs there you go whoa maybe they're269.845.6
all green i just got 12 pulse grenades271.845.68
grenades uh275.446.0
another green key card oh key card okay277.525.119
all right well we're gonna have to281.443.52
freaking see like i need you to test out282.6393.84
one of these pulse grenades you know284.962.88
we're testing it out but i'm getting the286.4795.321
rest of this [ __ ] simon287.843.96
i think you know what i meant by that302.883.2
three wishes thing right yeah yeah i304.03.919
just don't think it's a probably306.084.0
appropriate for this game but you but it307.9193.921
made sense he was like what what do you310.083.2
mean well just311.842.88
sounds a little313.283.359
stupid sometimes when when you say314.723.6
things well what like what do you think316.6394.0
i meant by if you had three wishes i318.325.439
would like three wishes so that's that's320.6394.4
what it sounds like but i know what323.7593.201
you're getting at well it'd be nice to325.0394.241
have three wishes but when you say it it326.963.519
sounds like329.282.32
just some hill i feel like you don't330.4792.641
understand what i'm saying either like331.64.4
you wouldn't waste a wish on a ribbon no333.124.88
are we close can we park here yeah while336.03.52
we park okay338.02.88
here we go339.523.6
yeah it's right this way seems like340.884.08
there's some i can hear people zombie343.124.079
movement a few zombies out here did we344.964.64
get out prematurely hope not come here347.1993.761
oh she okay350.963.92
there we go oh nice oh she pooped a bag352.84.56
she did poop a bag come on354.885.439
give me seven six two up nope golden rod357.365.04
tea i'll take it cat food i'm gonna360.3194.0
drink it thirsty you're gonna drink cat362.45.04
food uh yep so we can either nerd poll364.3195.841
or go through the bank and you know do367.444.479
our thing i didn't bring you boxes let's370.165.12
uh let's go to the bank okay371.9196.081
let's just let's just run for it yeah375.284.639
probably over here i hear a lot of378.04.08
something be careful sometimes oh yeah379.9194.241
business man yep i got a cup i got a382.083.52
lady and a hoodie up here here we go384.162.64
watch out385.63.2
they're coming yup yup all right i'm386.83.6
gonna get i'm hurting am i switching out388.83.839
come on back come on back yep switch out390.44.0
no oh i thought you were okay oh you392.6394.241
were getting fought too oh god394.44.799
oh [ __ ] didn't mean shoot didn't mean to396.884.8
shoot you good yeah i think so i'll take399.1994.081
this guy why is this guy running at me401.684.079
oh boy i'm like like a bull just403.285.28
charging yeah okay in a business suit405.7594.481
stop it fell a little this is the way410.243.28
thick what is down here you don't want412.163.759
to go that way i know a bit but i did i413.525.679
did find some meds down here as i fell415.9195.761
uh you do your thing up there um419.1994.481
yep supply drop let me clear it out421.684.799
first okay oh come on423.684.48
ah i love it when their head pops off426.4793.681
but it's not happening428.164.56
come on you down got one on thick good430.165.039
job just a bunch of workers up here oh432.724.4
no there's a dog down here on the435.1994.4
basketball court you okay yeah i think437.124.479
we're clear okay all right got the439.5996.961
supply drop yep good stuff nice441.5994.961
all right simon yes sir yes this is the446.6393.68
time and i just went into the trader448.882.8
here and i grabbed something else i'd450.3193.521
never seen called a451.684.56
a nail bomb first of all let me let me453.845.6
get this dog up456.244.239
i'm missing459.443.599
can i can i throw a grenade of regular460.4794.241
grenade at the dog well it's in the463.0394.401
kraka book now it is um hold on all464.724.879
right first things first let's just go467.443.759
ahead i forget how to do these do i469.5993.841
write [ __ ] i don't know i've got471.1993.84
grenades for the first time i don't473.443.28
think i don't remember ever throwing one475.0394.401
for a while whoa that was a nail bomb i476.724.0
don't think i did it right all right479.443.12
well maybe try to throw whatever you do480.724.319
at the at a threat yeah that makes that482.564.8
one right485.0392.321
son there a [ __ ]491.524.16
i'm a little dumbfounded right we really495.685.12
i haven't got nothing to say really all498.6395.601
right i'm gonna get on my bike yep500.87.36
i'm gonna go into my bag okay504.243.92
yo where are you at come past the church512.7194.8
and way out in the field you'll see me515.0395.12
we're coming517.5195.041
more hit here and boop oh wait i guess520.1594.161
there's one more522.563.6
i'm just chewing away at this trying to524.323.44
make some room i think there's a little526.163.44
thing right there you are527.766.28
there you are and kaboom529.64.44
i love to see it every time that's a lot535.5194.961
of fun all right two things yo uh will537.2795.68
you guys all help me shoot this cow540.483.919
because i will get a lot of meat if i542.9593.361
harvest it should we be like taming544.3993.841
these things somehow probably all right546.325.12
[ __ ] it okay here's the big deal abstro548.244.56
we found these things called pulse551.444.64
grenades and uh it killed us552.85.599
here's five of them i'd love556.084.64
if you could try throwing a pulse558.3995.201
grenade at a cow sure yeah but listen be560.724.88
careful because when i i'm going to be563.63.76
very far away i'm not going to be near565.63.44
you we messed up but you might kill567.363.68
yourself so you really need to make sure569.044.239
because it's a it's a cluster good guy571.045.28
explosion damage of 682 holy balls it573.2794.641
does more damage to organics than576.323.44
standard grenade very little damage to577.923.52
structures well that's good to know that579.763.6
it's good to know all right so i assume581.444.0
you prime it like a normal all right yep583.363.76
all right i'm gonna throw it at this cow585.446.32
[ __ ] that cow and boop and toss back up587.126.96
count down okay yeah it operates like594.243.68
all the other grenades you just prime it596.644.08
and toss it yeah what did you do i don't597.924.4
know simon600.724.239
not that bad i hear i was thinking it602.325.12
was a super powerful bomb yeah i just604.9594.161
messed up let me get this here and how607.442.959
much meat you're going to get from old609.122.959
maxi that's that's what we're about to610.3993.361
find this should be great okay here we612.0794.0
go i got a better hunting knife oh that613.765.36
was quick yeah wow two swipes and i i616.0795.841
got 15 steak nothing crazy but well no619.124.56
go give it uh farmer neebs have him621.924.0
making some meat yeah yeah once the sun623.683.68
gets down everybody gonna get back in625.923.76
the church yeah i know i'll uh stand627.363.52
guard on the wall tonight for the first629.682.399
time in the world you know what hey if630.883.12
you got spare time chop wood make spikes632.0793.281
i want to wrap the whole church kind of634.02.399
in spikes you know just having a635.363.2
protective barrier okay we got time it's636.3993.68
got a little wealth638.564.48
all right i'm gonna keep trucking640.0792.961
is that how that works you just smack it644.163.28
i don't think so because645.8393.601
i have my keys bound all weird but it647.443.92
goes pretty fast oh i mean that just649.443.68
broke it that wouldn't yeah dude didn't651.364.32
open it all right you going down uh you653.124.24
won't go first since man let's just take655.683.76
a peek and go home after this huh can he657.364.4
can go home yeah man it's uh yeah if659.444.8
they start running am i going first yeah661.765.44
i like that idea664.242.96
oh wow look at this there's a whole bag668.02.8
of stuff669.923.28
hey let me sh let me shut this door just670.84.56
oh my god there's so much [ __ ] in here673.24.16
okay here i'll check this bag real quick675.366.0
okay gun parts mods okay there's a lot677.366.24
of stuff in here i'm gonna grab this681.364.8
we'll sort it later and uh guy right683.63.44
fall back oh all of them yep all right687.044.56
oh i think that's how you take that side689.5194.32
just don't hit each other oh my god i691.63.28
killed one693.8393.761
keep swinging thick is he whoa is he694.884.72
still alive yep just don't hit each697.64.64
other gotcha oh boy i think it's great699.64.72
that's stamina for me catboy he's702.244.48
hitting start punching things yeah he704.324.079
okay that hurt a lot we good yeah708.3995.44
hey offensive duct tape i found a bunch711.764.319
earlier i got to take my medicine we're713.8396.401
definitely leaving after this yeah716.0794.161
oh there's my blue ride hey baby hey hey720.565.279
how was your day good we got some uh723.5193.921
stuff there's a sewer we want to explore725.8393.201
but not at nighttime oh yeah no i can't727.443.12
blame you on that all right look i've729.043.12
managed to wrap this base in a layer of730.564.32
spikes but you know at any time during732.164.4
the week if you get a hair up your ass734.884.24
make wood add more spikes okay i kind of736.564.48
want like at least three layers you know739.123.04
for uh741.042.4
i mean you know what we experienced the742.163.44
other day right yeah that can't happen743.443.839
again and then so at night everybody745.63.359
needs to be on the wall and we need to747.2793.36
be crouched and we need to be quiet no748.9594.721
guns you keep yelling750.6394.401
just want to make sure everybody knows753.685.0
all right well i know755.043.64
i see you getting that bag you do762.484.32
and i got what i got nothing hardly764.884.0
anything crushed rock oh hey that's good766.83.92
stuff okay well then good then be happy768.884.24
i did it dora how you doing what how you770.724.0
doing is that a crossbow you got oh wait773.123.2
nevermind that's thick that's me yeah774.723.44
would you get a crossbow i don't know776.324.24
you found it yeah found it778.164.64
yeah it's like how simon finds his780.564.8
clothes you know782.85.039
i didn't buy it i just found it right785.364.64
dumpsters the moon looks beautiful787.8394.8
tonight oh it's full yeah it is oh man790.03.839
you know what they say happens on a full792.6392.481
moon though793.8394.0
full moon horny people get weird yep795.124.56
weird and horny you talk to anybody that797.8393.601
works at a hospital or medical facility799.683.68
they'll confirm that [ __ ] too yep it's801.444.399
the truth803.362.479
hey neebs hey what you doing i kind of806.163.6
want to jump in your car and just run808.324.24
over zombies what for for bags for bags809.763.519
you don't know what you're gonna get812.562.399
from bags yeah but sometimes you get you813.2793.281
want to waste gas and possibly damage814.9593.601
the car you get bullets sometimes816.564.079
sometimes there's no guarantee what if i818.564.8
hit okay memes go do it yeah let's just820.6394.481
see let's settle this yeah yeah let's go823.364.8
destroy the car yeah sure only took 300825.124.64
damn ford steel to make well can you828.163.28
repair it yes you can just use a repair829.763.04
kit matter of fact look at it before you831.442.8
take it out okay does anyone have a832.84.159
repair kit no not one to spare834.244.88
i got one all right meet me at the car836.9594.56
i'm coming to the car all right do you839.123.92
like uh have to pick up the car what do841.5194.641
you do uh no you just you hold e and you843.044.479
should there's a little uh one of these846.163.2
things just says repair okay yeah and847.5193.841
it's right here click i repaired it all849.363.279
right ready851.364.08
go get them guys all right catboy okay852.6393.921
you know what i'm not going along with855.442.8
this i don't know why i got in all right856.563.44
well here we go i'm gonna get all the858.243.839
bullets who left the bike in the road860.04.959
which bike the white one oh not me sorry862.0794.761
i feel very safe up here yeah yeah yeah874.725.44
this is nice quite nice you think maybe877.8394.56
we could just stay up here for the next880.164.4
horde like couldn't one of us just stay882.3994.161
up here while everyone else was like out884.563.839
there and then nobody will probably mess886.564.16
with nope no i don't think that's a good888.3994.321
idea yeah and plus i think app sure is890.723.919
building a new base yeah we were just892.723.28
buying it simon894.6393.681
i know but you know what if i die i896.05.12
might put my my bed here with some stuff898.324.16
and i'll just chill out here for the901.122.959
rest of the horde well we don't want902.483.68
this place to get gobble this is our904.0794.401
home base you know yep i know but it's906.164.56
protected but you being here is gonna908.484.799
bring zombies here on a horde ah they'll910.724.16
be busy with you guys913.2795.601
no they're gonna come find you somehow914.885.84
thinking that they might i'm thinking918.884.24
you just heard that yeah played the game920.723.359
a minute923.121.839
why why for that creepy what are you924.9594.32
doing laughs926.564.32
what the what929.2794.8
plate trap recipe930.883.199
[ __ ] you doing just learning stuff okay936.164.799
keep okay he's jacking off yeah i know938.245.92
he calls it learning stuff940.9593.201
that kid's always learning944.484.88
smartest [ __ ] i know yeah he's a947.445.24
[ __ ] genius949.363.32
here we go come on baby boom give me955.8395.12
back that one that's two what else we958.06.079
got all right oh boy gas crap960.9597.721
oh that's out of gas isn't it uh-oh964.0794.601
uh oh968.723.359
it's night i'm out of gas969.8393.201
hey the old base is right over there i973.043.84
can go get the old base i gotta take974.724.32
that guy out over there976.884.16
sneak damage979.043.52
stay quiet982.562.88
here we go984.0794.241
and release985.445.6
that was a mess988.326.0
yeah oh boy he's coming he's coming he's991.045.919
coming oh crap oh boy994.324.72
what have i done come on996.9593.601
okay i can do this999.043.919
yeah come on oh boy okay1000.565.199
still no bag what i'm look like an idiot1002.9595.601
when i go back home1005.7592.801
hey guys hey yeah you think if i uh1009.126.0
break this bell apart the zombies will1012.565.92
hear yeah we're fine yeah yeah i wanted1015.125.12
to hit the bell earlier too and that's1018.483.52
why i made that opening i just didn't do1020.244.959
it let me try do it1022.03.199
they coming well no no i don't even hear1026.0796.0
anything yeah1029.362.719
what am i saying for whom the bell tolls1035.0394.721
yeah time botch is on ooh1037.0395.441
that is uh from the ride the lightning1039.765.279
album it is metallica [ __ ] metallic1042.484.559
is [ __ ] awesome you ever see him live1045.0394.721
i did it's my first concert oh yeah i1047.0394.401
saw him with guns and roses and guns and1049.764.0
roses was an hour and a half late oh1051.443.359
it's like thick when he comes to the1053.761.78
i'm the guns and roses of neebs gaming1061.366.48
an hour and a half late every time1064.163.68
bam there he comes1071.443.119
he's coming you're looking the wrong way1073.124.88
you're looking there you go okay1074.5593.441
oh nice tag team yeah that's my friend1078.323.92
all right coming back to you1082.242.96
keep hitting them1084.04.799
yep nope okay help me out buddy1085.27.44
boy oh boy we're hurt1088.7993.841
we got some bags1092.884.0
huh who's a dummy now1094.483.92
look at this1096.883.039
what's that what is that1098.43.68
is that guy still what are you doing man1099.9193.441
this is over1102.082.88
it's daytime1103.362.72
and come on baby1106.083.76
uh they're not gonna be impressed with1108.724.0
mechanical parts this has got to be good1109.844.8
come on1112.723.839
shotgun shales1114.643.36
my nemesis1116.5594.24
names yeah what are you doing i just1118.05.2
loot bags for days man where's the car1120.7994.321
at it's over there by the trader are you1123.23.2
ready i guess1125.124.39
do you have any gas no okay1126.413.92
right right right right right come here1141.283.519
get in there and get an a little faster1143.123.76
absorb you learning again i'm learning1144.7995.321
so hard1146.883.24

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If anyone has any fan art they would like to submit, a post idea or promotional content for the crew just reach out and let me know! This is community supported so feel free to get involved if you love Neebs Gaming half as much as I do!

Contact me and I will be in touch.

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