We Messed Up. The Cargo is Radioactive - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is all about the crazy adventures in Pulsar: Lost Colony. And let me tell you, it's an ep...
We Messed Up. The Cargo is Radioactive  - Pulsar: Lost Colony
We Messed Up. The Cargo is Radioactive - Pulsar: Lost Colony

We Messed Up. The Cargo is Radioactive - Pulsar: Lost Colony

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Pulsar: Lost Colony! Today, we have a special treat for you - radioactive cargo and E N D L E S S G L I T C H E S!

simon: Oh boy, radioactive cargo? That sounds like a blast! Literally. I can't wait to see how we mess this up.

appsro: You know it's gonna be a good time when we're in charge of something as important as radioactive cargo. What could possibly go wrong, right?

neebs: Exactly! We're professionals at messing things up. But hey, at least we'll have some good laughs along the way. Let's dive into this mess and see what happens!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video is all about the crazy adventures in Pulsar: Lost Colony. And let me tell you, it's an episode filled with non-stop glitches and radioactive cargo! Buckle up, because you're in for a wild ride.

If you haven't checked out Pulsar: Lost Colony yet, you're missing out! It's a game that never fails to deliver on the excitement and chaos. And the Neebs Gaming crew always knows how to navigate through the madness with their hilarious commentary and teamwork.

Make sure to grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee and settle in for some epic space exploration. The guys are always up for a challenge, and this episode is no exception. From navigating glitchy terrain to dealing with dangerous cargo, they never fail to keep us entertained.

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So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Pulsar: Lost Colony. And remember, it's not just a game, it's a journey filled with laughter, glitches, and endless entertainment.

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so kevin you click those and then just6.7993.92
install components so we got block long8.5594.561
range comms yeah equip them over okay10.7194.321
equip component oh yeah13.124.159
yeah you getting it dora i got that one15.044.239
self-healing oh yeah get keep equipping17.2793.92
oh yeah yeah military-grade shield19.2793.521
that's it21.1994.16
cyber's threat there you go all right we22.84.799
got some new programs installed 1025.3594.881
programs let me organize them that's big27.5994.401
time we can get into fights a lot more30.244.08
securely now can't we you're damn right32.04.079
got more programs to run keep our ship34.323.28
safe all right all right all right where36.0793.201
are we going next cap37.63.84
let's get into some action okay uh let's39.285.439
go to 1212 academia system all right41.446.56
sounds good the uh warp is charged yup44.7196.16
and i am on my way pointing almost there48.04.559
almost there oh i love it when you're50.8794.32
almost there i'm on it52.5594.48
to the aedemia system55.1994.641
you're gross57.0392.801
all right any bogeys i don't see any89.685.6
bogeys here let's see92.324.799
that's a pretty planet got a planet and95.284.479
that planet is a cold climate location97.1195.601
of a colonial union terraforming station99.7595.121
the colonial union here are we cool with102.724.0
them cap let's see uh yeah we're104.883.199
actually cool with the colonial union106.723.359
right now fantastic all right there's a108.0794.241
probe there permission to move captain110.0794.72
want to move the ship yeah i like to fly112.325.2
why why we're here we are can i still114.7994.801
move or no i guess i mean it's117.524.0
distracting but go for it is it really119.63.68
distracting a little bit man you are a121.523.52
shitty captain backgrounds are oh you123.283.76
know what distracts me the ship the125.043.76
whole shift we're on spinning around for127.043.6
no reason without spinning around or128.83.84
move or thrusting forward130.644.16
about like a small child that can't sit132.644.72
still gotcha yeah doesn't distract me i134.84.24
like it wow you guys don't you guys137.363.28
aren't alarmed by the captain they can't139.044.24
handle the ship moving forward140.644.72
roll the ship okay yeah roll us all143.283.76
right rolling yeah yeah look at that145.363.519
handle that that's fantastic no i like147.043.279
to do that sometimes but not during148.8793.281
planet time yeah well i just set150.3193.681
permission to move because i like to fly152.165.04
the ship okay154.05.04
and then what do you do no you no i157.24.0
didn't say to do the roll let's let's159.043.76
stop let's stop with the [ __ ] yeah be a161.23.44
captain hey are we gonna jump somewhere162.83.2
else and get into some action what's164.643.12
going on166.04.08
where are you i'm on the gun yeah why167.763.44
don't you come in here and talk to us170.083.2
what are you shooting at171.24.56
holy [ __ ] man listen you know what this173.283.76
is the first day i'm starting to get175.763.04
sick of this captain captain okay177.043.44
yeah that's a bit that's that's too178.83.359
close just back it up180.483.28
back it up all right hey you're going182.1592.72
down because i think you like cold183.763.04
weather right i do simon you're going184.8793.601
down cause man i just can't have you up186.83.68
here with me right now good and uh i'd188.483.839
like to grab materials down there dory190.483.28
you should go so you can help heal yeah192.3193.121
right right right or get materials all193.763.839
right go get em tigers okay you're a195.444.159
tiger what am i doing we're just hanging197.5994.241
out buddy oh sweet i'm gonna go get a199.5994.481
doraleous you got your speaking spell207.683.279
yeah i'm looking at the speaking spell i209.364.159
don't see any hostels so uh i guess just210.9594.721
start selling start selling that's213.5193.521
that's what we're just we're still215.683.04
selling well i mean just while we're217.043.52
here all right so we're just here to218.723.2
well we're here to sell biscuits and220.562.72
let's do something else all right well221.922.959
yeah thank you go ahead and talk to them223.282.48
i'm going to see if there's something224.8792.72
well i'm done talking with them because225.765.199
they suck okay okay hard sell that's my227.5995.84
that's my motto oh230.9594.56
that's what i needed oh i'm getting the233.4394.8
goods so i can make us better all right235.5194.8
all right so what is the i wasn't paying238.2394.401
attention to the captain as usual so240.3194.321
what is the ultimate plan here hey242.644.64
there's a door here wanna go in244.644.799
hey we're gonna call the elevator anyone247.284.08
know how to get this thing to work but249.4394.641
it's a button i mean i hit call i did251.363.599
i i hit on two or three254.9596.161
nothing's happening enter service258.05.04
oh sorry about that so261.124.72
it doesn't seem to be hmm263.043.8
nope oh i felt oh god oh boy266.845.16
yeah i fell all the way out i fell all272.244.72
the way down275.1993.361
i'm down here276.965.0
you need to revive278.563.4
okay so he fell down i'm gonna try this282.164.319
oh god [ __ ] you286.4794.081
there we go there we go i won't go that290.563.28
far okay292.4793.28
right back guys go ahead and heal me if293.843.76
you could yes yes yes i will so what295.7593.681
should i do guys you know you have a jet297.63.84
pack i do i don't understand why you299.443.84
hurt yourself then uh because i [ __ ]301.445.52
up yeah he didn't use it no i didn't303.283.68
perfectly cooked biscuit abstract report308.6393.84
to the bridge311.283.12
okay okay hold on do i want to eat my312.4794.56
biscuit first314.45.12
which one did i okay whatever317.0394.801
is this thing on hello is the cap i'm319.524.959
coming i'm coming321.844.799
oh hey look at my foot324.4793.921
what about it you see it326.6393.681
tapping has it always done that328.44.32
maybe probably yes hmm is that like a330.324.08
habit you have for like you know tapping332.723.68
your foot i guess just one of them huh334.44.88
is that what you wanted yeah336.45.6
thanks for checking339.282.72
all right guys the only thing that shows343.65.039
up is these door here346.244.959
no life forms inside the place348.6394.881
not the truck here why don't we go up to351.1993.681
because we can go to the second floor on353.522.959
the third floor let's try second floor354.882.879
all right second floor356.4793.201
i believe we started on the third floor357.7593.521
well you know what i'm clicking on it359.683.44
because it lit and i was assuming it was361.284.639
gonna take us up yeah no oh boy no when363.124.799
i click on it it doesn't matter what365.9194.161
have i done not sure where to go from367.9194.801
here abstract come in yeah bridge give370.084.239
me a minute372.722.56
damn it374.3192.561
bridge bridge375.283.6
dammit yeah it's a small ship yeah i376.883.439
know but i'm in the back in engineering378.883.039
what the [ __ ] do you want captain okay380.3193.521
listen i made a mistake man oh sending381.9193.84
down bumble idiot and his crew yeah yeah383.844.16
you made a damn mistake385.7594.401
send down a professional you know yep388.04.0
yeah or you can get a lot of uh and um i390.162.96
don't know where to go and i'm doing392.02.56
this and i don't know what to do yeah393.123.68
they got other talents don't they you394.563.52
what's going on with your hand now my396.82.32
hand does that it's kind of like your398.083.6
foot okay all right once you go maybe399.124.32
yeah you go you go just check up on them401.683.359
go check up on them yep okay make sure403.443.599
they find the right things405.0394.321
you doing great407.0393.6
all right so where are we going i don't409.363.52
know the only thing on here is this door410.6394.081
this way i like i don't see any other412.884.96
points of interest or npcs anything hey414.725.12
yeah what's up oh hey what's up where is417.844.88
everybody what's up simon hey419.844.32
melissa where the hell are you man where422.723.36
the hell are you i'm it's simon where424.164.159
the hell are you nope no you're not no426.083.92
you're not i don't see you you're in my428.3196.6
ear like i can hear you like in a radio430.04.919
wow all right i see thick where's dora444.3193.28
right here446.562.96
hmm in front of your face447.5994.961
let's go outside you guys see me yeah449.525.2
all right let's all go out here okay452.563.84
all right oh now i'm seeing two of you454.723.68
there we go now we're all together okay456.45.76
so all i see here is uh straight ahead458.47.199
there's a door of ways no any life forms462.165.599
what any life forms yeah but are they on465.5994.481
the same level as us uh i think the life467.7593.681
forms that will be on the same level of470.083.44
us will be more highlighted yeah i mean471.443.36
there might be some around here let's473.523.28
take a quick peek yeah yeah usually when474.83.6
you come down here there's a mission not476.83.04
far away you know one of those guys with478.43.44
an exclamation mark on his head i don't479.844.639
see that a homeless person maybe okay481.844.16
did you guys scour the third and second484.4793.521
floor not good no that's what we were486.03.84
about to do when you told us to come out488.03.36
here yeah the only thing down here is489.843.12
that door i guess they're on the second491.363.839
or third floor well that's where we're492.964.4
going okay we couldn't get the elevator495.1996.081
to work couldn't what you got apps497.366.239
all right everybody on501.284.639
second floor all aboard oh my god are503.5994.641
you not kidding what lord and savior505.9194.0
jesus you guys couldn't get him you508.243.76
can't get an elevator to work no no how509.9193.92
do you get it to work512.04.08
you went up we didn't well i am hitting513.8394.56
the button we're hitting well don't hit516.083.36
the button while we're moving why are518.3992.481
you where we're going we're going to the519.443.039
first floor now well we weren't going520.883.36
anywhere i'm not going anywhere we're522.4793.841
all down here here's what i think is524.245.12
happening appsro you can't see us but we526.324.959
can see you oh they're glitching and529.363.2
[ __ ] yeah531.2794.321
okay interesting can you guys fly up to532.565.52
the second floor i don't know535.64.72
that's too far all right oh so yeah538.084.0
don't do that thank you for the heels540.323.6
you're welcome thanks for the sass well542.084.56
this captain this place is glitched543.924.96
uh the elevator's not working maybe uh546.643.68
maybe if you come down here since you're548.882.959
the captain yeah550.323.199
the whole thing might be tied to you551.8394.161
okay i guess i could come down yeah were553.5195.681
you busy you sound very captainy okay i556.07.16
guess i can come down559.23.96
i never said that i said you had good570.324.72
attributes you just wasn't exploring572.085.759
please help us575.042.799
captain yeah you up there yeah i'm on583.5194.401
the third floor585.8393.921
yeah we're at the very bottom oh i see587.924.08
you okay589.764.56
should i try calling it sure592.04.399
here we go594.322.88
now i'm going up are you kidding yeah597.25.199
yeah it works just me yeah just you huh599.765.12
okay yeah so can you you guys all need602.3994.401
to be up here well we we don't want to604.883.36
be down here i just hopped off on the606.83.279
second floor you guys are technically608.243.839
still at the bottom huh yeah there we610.0793.601
are can you all call the elevator back612.0793.601
we've tried we've been driving didn't613.684.08
make it615.684.08
right one sec so yeah captain again i617.764.0
think this place is haunted or glitched619.764.16
okay i'm gonna call again621.765.12
al the other elevator trust me sorry i623.925.12
thought you jumped off626.885.199
oh you can step it up oh i see yeah oh629.045.039
[ __ ] i fell but yeah you could do that632.0794.0
you guys climbing yeah you can do it not634.0795.121
the easiest i'm climbing it's difficult636.0795.681
well difficult for you but not me so is639.23.68
that the floor we want to be on the641.764.319
second one well i'm here but i oh the642.886.48
bigger problem is that we can't interact646.0796.161
with [ __ ] because this place is glitched649.366.32
yeah skip yeah i would recommend maybe652.245.68
sending them home okay and you and i do655.683.76
it like is it glitch for you and i oh657.923.28
how'd you get there um i respawned on659.443.44
the ship and came back down oh oh did661.23.52
you die yeah crossed by the elevator oh662.883.199
i thought you were just being dramatic664.723.04
no i was crushed by the elevator sorry666.0793.601
that's my bad that's okay okay i love667.764.0
you um thank you all right so we should669.684.08
go home yeah you guys go home me and671.763.92
amster will do this you guys do ship673.765.68
stuff send me that scatter okay675.683.76
simon yeah baby hey what we could we681.045.28
could leave them here right can we do684.564.08
that ah i mean686.324.959
i mean just for fun well for fun sure688.645.36
but i'm i'm i'm honestly i'm thinking691.2793.601
neebs needs to go soon694.883.44
yeah definitely698.324.24
i can't do it myself hey did you turn700.243.92
off your calm so he's not here and702.563.68
you're he's not hearing you oh god i704.163.28
don't know he might have heard that he706.242.719
might have heard that but you know what707.443.199
i think he knows that right now i'm not708.9593.68
happy just say kidding710.6393.841
it was a joke all right turn off your712.6394.561
comms and hey let's uh see if we can get714.484.96
out of here right can you do that god i717.24.639
don't i don't no i don't think we can719.444.56
i'm the newbie i mean we could i mean721.8394.24
listen we're we're ready to initiate724.04.079
jump and we could warp somewhere else726.0793.76
try it see what happens do you really728.0794.721
want to well yeah all right neebs i see729.8395.12
the door whoa what the f what what the732.84.8
[ __ ] work why are we back on the ship oh734.9595.12
oh oh yeah737.64.72
we're so bad hey doraleous you look good740.0793.921
in that chair742.324.079
oh hey what the hell happened oh we got744.05.76
attacked oh [ __ ] yeah yeah it was bad by746.3994.24
like 30 there was 30 plebians750.6395.841
pleba zone proof okay well we were754.244.64
almost there756.482.4
right the door yeah it's too bad because760.04.32
uh we had to go otherwise the ship would762.164.08
have perished along with us i don't764.323.199
believe you766.243.12
where's captain i don't know he should767.5194.691
be talking but he's not769.366.0
what is going on here775.364.0
one minute i'm in a door next i'm777.64.239
floating through space yeah779.365.279
i bet those idiots did something781.8395.601
this is me now i'm a celestial being784.6393.841
yeah captain yes eric how did how do you788.485.2
hear me um well i see you i'm back on790.885.6
the ship no i'm a celestial being now oh793.684.88
i don't think you are i see you here796.484.24
here yeah where's here on the ship what798.564.0
on the ship yeah i feel like is your800.723.76
visor [ __ ] up i have a shadow wait802.563.76
that's a planet i think i see a planet804.483.44
oh there's a captain hey captain hey806.322.88
captain what are you doing in there i807.922.8
hear all of you yeah put your gun down809.23.439
my guns down kind of aggressive your gun810.724.72
is up i'm pushing buttons it's not doing812.6394.0
we really broke this game today i guess816.6395.841
so there we go there what goes818.484.0
yeah hey we were attacked so we had to823.5195.361
hop skadoo you know that's a lie that is825.685.279
a lie thick828.883.44
thick like hey let's don't let's don't830.9593.361
fight something right yeah okay so we're832.324.48
working where are we warping 357 my834.324.24
favorite system so this is an unknown836.83.839
system unknown system probably hasn't838.564.48
over here840.6392.401
all right we got three bandits on us852.04.839
yep you're good868.0793.401
all right come on baby880.484.479
let's get it882.3992.56
well probably not because there's so887.763.04
many right yeah yeah let's just worry889.2794.0
about taking them down all right890.84.159
turn around give me some more power893.2793.36
we're good right now good894.9594.0
there we go909.1993.32
okay awesome how's that going one more953.364.32
shot on me probably got him955.5194.24
coming nice took it out957.684.56
there we go okay all right close this on959.7595.601
ship see962.243.12
has things that are ready965.683.8
can you run a shield recharge program976.883.519
i'm going to look for it978.324.56
yep here we go bam there you go oh yeah980.3994.321
look at the shield go up all right focus982.885.12
on ship c all right how's that looking984.725.039
coochie oh yeah we're we're gonna take988.03.199
that thing out we're not getting down989.7594.601
for sure991.1993.161
straight ahead you see it yes i don't1019.686.399
nice work guys man don't mess with us1023.8394.161
yeah don't mess with us also something1026.0793.76
directly above oh yeah1028.03.28
i see it1029.8393.2
just grabbing all the junk that's what i1031.283.44
good job guys1034.723.92
that's what scientists do hey this1036.7994.24
ship's beefy as [ __ ] captain what say1038.644.799
you i would say we go to the anemia1041.0394.88
system 12 12. you really want that door1043.4394.081
don't you man i was right there how1045.9193.681
could i not i kind of wanted to i i1047.524.48
wanted it first yep i've set a course1049.64.64
pilot line us up back to the endemia1052.04.07
all right here we go it's a nice wooden1065.25.52
door a wooden door oh1067.9194.801
look it's like green glow behind it it1070.724.48
looks creepy yeah yeah yeah i don't know1072.724.56
about this guys right now we'll try to1075.24.0
win first captain you make the call uh1077.284.56
let's see who's the tough guy shouldn't1079.24.16
be tell you what doraleous you stand1081.843.28
back be ready to heal uh because i'm the1083.363.28
[ __ ] yeah all right no you got the1085.123.12
healer i'm sorry i want you to go in1086.643.6
there all right on it i want the weapons1088.243.28
guy to do it1090.243.6
all right let me scan this [ __ ]1095.25.44
um no this is this lighting is what from1097.844.88
okay there's a teleport oh what do we oh1102.725.52
i love this stuff we got some goodies1105.526.0
pick up get some uh oh zesty jerky some1108.245.679
someone wants one okay okay what a1114.324.0
healing bean rifle right here if someone1116.44.24
wants one1118.324.479
i mean there's a syringe here it's mine1120.643.84
now there's a pr like there was a meth1122.7993.041
head living i just got hurt how'd you1124.482.4
get hurt i think that thing's a1125.842.56
radiation someone just picked that up uh1126.882.88
oh what's going on here someone just1128.42.88
picked that thing up i did that was a1129.763.68
radiated cargo yeah i shouldn't picked1131.284.32
it up is it hurting you now no i'm1133.444.16
healing your neebs i might have saved us1135.63.6
instead of radiated cargo in it then i1137.63.68
took damage oh so we got new cargo what1139.23.76
would we put on the ship it's irradiated1141.283.519
no is our shipper radiated i don't know1142.963.599
let's go chill all right let's1144.7992.961
let's finish1146.5593.041
a radiated cargo a crate that is1147.763.84
emitting dangerous levels of radiation1149.64.16
fantastic right1151.64.079
it's in the cargo of the ship so yeah1153.763.36
god now if we go back to the ship1155.6792.641
everyone's going to wear suits all day1157.122.4
wait a second1158.322.96
you already sent it back to the show no1159.525.56
i didn't send it yeah1161.283.8
yeah i'm a robot so i'm fine yeah that's1169.24.0
what you got on the scanner nothing this1171.283.519
door and that teleporter back at where1173.23.599
we came from like it's nothing we came1174.7994.401
here for this race that can't be right1176.7994.24
yeah this wasn't worth the trip back to1179.23.359
the ship back to the ship back to the1181.0393.841
okay so we think our ship's radiated1185.524.64
potentially all right uh dora you're a1187.9193.841
science guy don't actually just jump in1190.163.44
there yep and see what's going on and if1191.763.36
it's dangerous let us know i'll let you1193.62.88
all right so far1196.484.079
so bueno no damage1198.164.96
where would it go it's in the cargo oh1200.5595.281
that makes sense cargo cargo you would1203.124.72
think those doors would at least seal1205.844.4
off some [ __ ] you know maybe1207.844.319
is this the way that you killed rallies1210.243.6
you're testing this out on him trying to1212.1592.801
give him cancer i didn't kill your1213.844.319
allies today master1214.965.199
biscuit cargo do you see the cargo1218.1594.961
rallies yep going to cargo crate supply1220.1594.88
hmm one of them is called a radiated1223.124.0
cargo we've got a room for that what do1225.0394.961
you mean an irradiated cargo room no no1227.124.72
it should be in the cargo hold with all1230.04.159
the other cargo well okay i see a1231.844.079
particle shield and it's down on the1234.1593.681
bottom right here here it is oh yeah1235.9194.081
yeah radiation goes up1237.844.079
if you're close to it oh if you get1240.03.84
close to it why would we want that uh1241.9194.401
maybe it's worth money oh maybe1243.844.24
okay just don't get close to it see if1246.324.56
simon hey simon you try it you go near1248.084.88
it he's a robot of course he's fine1250.885.6
right well yeah let's see yeah i am fine1252.965.44
yeah see if we can radiate that sweet1256.483.199
robot ass1258.44.8
uh where is it now in the cargo1259.6795.441
there's no one over okay you gotta be1263.22.88
you know this is the side says cargo on1266.084.32
it right yeah you can just jump down1268.1594.321
right here1270.44.08
here we go yeah our giant cargo right1272.484.72
here so yeah getting here simon radiated1274.485.679
cargo you got nothing yeah look he's in1277.24.64
the spot can't get it radiated i'm gonna1280.1593.921
try it i'm gonna see yeah you try fish1281.843.52
oh yeah there all right yeah he's a1286.484.0
living being hey all right nobody gonna1288.483.76
do the rated cargo let's try to sell it1290.483.76
somewhere yeah we gotta get rid of this1292.243.6
thing like immediately1294.244.4
why did we pick it up we i picked it up1295.845.68
i couldn't help it sorry1298.645.88

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The way they roleplay the crew members and give them unique personalities, all while navigating the dangers of space together, it's just epic. You really feel like you're part of the crew too as you watch them bicker and banter while trying to keep their ship functioning. The top-notch editing and cinematography by Appsro and Thick really pull you into the experience too.

And oh man, the glitches they run into are hilarious! Like that time half their ship disappeared or when Anthony clipped through the floor and ended up in space. Their reactions had me cracking up. But they roll with the punches and keep the adventure going, tackling challenges like fixing the ship's systems or transporting radioactive cargo through asteroid fields.

I love how they mix funny moments with tense, action-packed ones seamlessly. One minute you're laughing at Simon, the next you're on the edge of your seat as they battle space pirates. It's such a thrill ride!

Really, Neebs Gaming is capturing Pulsar: Lost Colony in the most entertaining way possible. Their cinematic style brings out the best in the game and lets you experience the crew's epic space voyage right alongside them. I can't wait to see where their journey takes them next!

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