This is a DISASTER!!! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, I just watched the latest video on their channel and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. They were...
This is a DISASTER!!!  - Pulsar: Lost Colony
This is a DISASTER!!! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

This is a DISASTER!!! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're diving headfirst into another disaster in Pulsar: Lost Colony!

simon: Oh boy, here we go again! I swear, every jump we make in this game leads us straight into trouble. It's like the universe has it out for us!

appsro: Haha, you're not wrong, Simon! But that's what makes it so fun, right? We can't catch a break or our breath today, but that's the beauty of Pulsar: Lost Colony!

neebs: Exactly! It's like a never-ending cycle of chaos and calamity, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Who needs smooth sailing when you can have constant disasters, am I right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, I just watched the latest video on their channel and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. They were playing Pulsar: Lost Colony and man, they just couldn't catch a break. Every jump they made led them straight into another pickle - talk about intense!

If you haven't checked out Pulsar: Lost Colony yet, you definitely should. It's such a fun game and watching the Neebs Gaming crew play it is always a blast. The way they work together (or sometimes against each other) to navigate through all the challenges in the game is just so entertaining.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the Neebs Gaming Coffee they were sipping on during the video? I mean, how cool is it to have your own coffee blend? If you're a fan of the channel, it's definitely a must-try. Plus, I love how they always give a shoutout to their sponsors like Xidax PCs - those guys really power up their gaming experience.

So, if you're a fan like me, make sure to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for some exclusive content. And don't forget to join their Twitch streams for some live gaming action. Neebs Gaming truly knows how to keep us entertained, whether it's through their videos, music, or even their awesome merchandise. Can't wait to see what they'll tackle next in Pulsar: Lost Colony - bring on the disasters and the laughs!

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captain's log here we go the lightning1.685.84
shark on its way to a mission go on yeah4.245.68
bounty of the striker the striker has7.523.6
been i don't know there's lightning9.922.56
stuff again the log is something you11.123.92
record later late it's being recorded12.484.799
now yeah it's now he's getting ahead of15.044.079
the game the lightning shark crew was on17.2793.92
their way to warp station nine they're19.1194.32
gonna need repairs first before pursuing21.1994.32
the bounty the real captain doesn't23.4394.321
pre-log you know is this a pre-log i25.5194.08
think you're pre you're pre-logging yeah27.763.839
usually the login is what happened not29.5994.241
what's going to happen oh well one i31.5994.161
mean i get wanting to know what's going33.843.76
to happen just in case the [ __ ] hits the35.763.76
fan and then they're like hey what37.63.44
happened that's what the black box39.523.359
exists for he might be busy later too we41.043.359
don't know did y'all even listen to the42.8794.641
log no well did you what do we do44.3994.48
we're doing we're going to a warp47.523.359
station which one i'm busy i don't know48.8793.601
you're the [ __ ] captain it was in the50.8795.921
log nine people there you go thank you52.484.32
and then what and then we're going to56.963.04
get repairs yeah we heard that and then58.0792.8
and then we're getting we're getting uh60.8794.881
ice cream sandwiches out of the biscuit63.1994.401
business you gotta65.762.96
check the log67.64.559
everything checks out over here guys68.727.48
looking good dora thanks72.1594.041
dora that's a fun place to hang out i102.324.4
like it where where what104.564.0
oh here yeah yeah i've got a bunch of106.724.8
screens oh yeah you look good thank you108.564.72
it's my take i wish i could ride on the111.523.52
hood during warp113.285.04
oh yeah yeah yeah i do it at times115.044.8
thanks for visiting now listen simon119.844.48
yeah i think this enemy is going to be122.3993.441
tougher than the ones we usually fight124.322.799
there's something about drones and125.843.52
lightning oh god yeah it's gonna be127.1194.801
rough drones and lightning now doraleous129.363.519
you know what you're doing over there131.922.8
yeah i'm gonna hit buttons yeah like if132.8793.36
you gotta like reset the shields or134.723.2
something like that i can reset shields136.2392.72
yeah there's like a shield where there's137.923.28
a shield boost yeah i can do any virus138.9593.841
and scan and all that stuff right and141.24.0
dora i'm in the uh engineering room uh i142.84.64
can reload a menu i'll manually charge145.23.52
some of your viruses if you need a147.442.799
recharge baby all right we'll see what148.723.84
happens don't forget we have a nuke oh150.2394.801
none of us know how to use a dick152.564.08
absolutely know how to use it shut up155.043.199
yeah cam you should load that nuke that156.643.04
actually might be good it's already158.2393.681
loaded let's know them we are seriously159.684.4
if we get to a point where we know it161.924.48
really doesn't much matter why not all164.083.92
right if it comes to that thick let us166.43.68
know we'll okay we'll make the call then168.03.84
all right certainly suggest we meant170.084.96
business if we use the new copper pad171.845.36
open with the nuke well i don't know175.044.4
i just hit buttons all right cam coming177.23.92
out of the warp in four179.442.64
strength with their shields or [ __ ]193.5995.241
they got [ __ ] shields195.123.72
cool we should target a different sector225.123.28
of a ship perhaps engineering or the226.723.12
started right now229.844.0
in front about this you guys see down231.045.44
simon that's this get right there all233.845.44
right come on need some more we just236.485.119
took a hit uh to our hole our shields239.284.08
are down uh door you might want to run241.5993.441
some uh shield charging program yeah243.366.079
let's do that uh increases245.048.279
oh my god this is tough249.4393.88
i don't know is that power power's out265.684.56
power's out how was that oh [ __ ] all267.7593.521
right hold on i'm in there are they270.243.04
going to board the main power i got to271.284.24
reboot the operating system all right273.284.16
they might they might board right we'll275.525.2
keep an eye out for them all right277.445.44
all right we're behind we got a little294.4794.081
bit of cover oh man our hull took a big295.9194.161
beating there shields are recharging298.563.199
though we got a little bit of cover and300.083.839
i might just stay here listen i'm i'm301.7595.201
doing some good driving303.9195.28
hold on hold on i know simon's going306.964.239
around these rocks i need to i need down309.1993.681
down down this way311.1992.961
yup all right i'm gonna switch turrets312.884.08
and try the new one yeah keep it there314.165.599
okay that's this way yeah316.966.0
oh yeah new turret has a shot319.7593.201
are you guys going for those drones323.362.88
there's two drones out there you guys324.84.8
know that right i'm marking them326.243.36
i'm gonna give us a little bit more329.682.48
power because we're looking good right330.882.319
with the missile shields333.1993.521
target b has lightning i have a shot334.85.04
with missiles336.723.12
i've got three targets i'm looking at348.164.72
well don't listen there say oh no stay349.844.88
there okay352.885.36
down down down [ __ ] down target locked354.725.36
all right we got fully charged shields358.243.36
it's looking good oh now we just took a360.083.28
hit wow we just took a pretty big uh361.62.719
at 10 30 yeah364.3193.041
halfway down uh more than halfway down365.7593.521
now captain oh where's that are the367.364.24
warps active no i can charge the ward369.284.72
though if you prefer our hall's at 798371.64.48
out of 2000. maybe you should go ahead374.04.08
and prime it hey yes you're the captain376.085.559
just make the call378.083.559
how are we doing you guys have a shot386.6394.801
come on baby our hole's at 300 captain388.85.28
do you have a place to jump to yes i do391.444.319
already said it if it comes to that uh394.082.88
we're at one third oh god we're at395.7592.88
seventy eight where am i gonna go come396.967.079
on go go go go go work drivers398.6395.4
i unlock goggles408.083.679
so what do you want to do cap you want413.7593.681
to retry or load an old save so retry414.963.92
just puts us right back in the fight i417.443.759
think so yeah we got to lose let's do it418.884.159
okay all right oh wait no no no never421.1994.0
mind i think retry restarts the whole423.0394.16
[ __ ] wait what what oh no i think we425.1993.361
got it i got we got a load we got a load427.1993.44
of sale yeah okay we're gonna reload to428.563.919
save boom we'll load that one there we430.6392.801
where is it gonna put433.446.4
us everybody ready up yep yeah434.848.12
all right captain i just need more439.844.799
oh wait we're getting hit we're already442.963.2
in the battle444.6392.801
all right i'm charging more i'm charging447.443.599
all right charging warp i'm ready can't449.365.04
wait to get in right here here boom get451.0395.201
in all right getting in454.44.239
and boosting trying to get out of here456.244.0
okay i'll at least call my program458.6393.921
backwards charging all right warp is460.243.6
charging we're charging the warp drive462.563.759
right now drama's down all right shields463.844.32
shield shields oh yep shields are down466.3192.801
to be getting away from them or chasing469.122.799
get away get away get away simon okay471.9194.081
get trying to get away well uh captain474.165.08
said of course476.03.24
sword there simon you got it sorry491.0394.801
almost there493.523.44
was that the right sector496.964.079
no oh [ __ ] where are we jumping are we498.8794.0
blind jumping well no we're not blind501.0393.521
jumping we're jumped into sector oh502.8794.561
that's the right sector right 987 no504.564.96
i didn't reach it but okay507.444.159
i chose a place with repairs oh no yeah509.523.759
no we're not going there oh we're going511.5994.161
halfway there yeah oh no so that's our513.2794.0
prayers i thought we were pointed at the515.765.399
right thing that's my bad517.2793.88
we lost a battle but we learned yep526.644.48
we're a stronger crew529.123.92
you got goggles too right that's right i531.124.0
got some goggles well thank god for that533.043.84
now let's turn this around let's turn535.123.76
this day around huh hey yeah sure tell536.883.519
us what to do man all right we're going538.883.76
to a system so i assume we'll be you540.3994.321
know teleporting to the surface yeah if542.643.12
we're going to a system yeah it's544.722.72
probably a planet there i think officer545.762.96
doraleo should probably always go547.442.72
because he's got a scanner i always do548.724.239
go don't i yep and then uh give someone550.165.76
plus he's got a great mustache yeah yeah552.9594.641
people take to that well let's send555.923.44
three people um557.64.4
so someone will be by themselves no559.365.2
that's not true no that's fine exactly562.03.36
usually pretty good at math you're the565.363.36
robot around here yeah i tell you man566.564.32
good guy you gotta keep your dipstick568.724.32
out of me you gotta up upgrade him and570.884.639
make everybody woozy all right go kind573.044.0
of depends on the climate too doesn't it575.5193.201
yeah once we get there we can uh scan577.043.28
the planet if it's cold i can take a lot578.723.6
of cold okay we'll make that decision580.324.24
when we get there all right all right582.323.92
so we're actually almost there okay all584.564.08
right everybody look alive well586.244.4
technically i'm not alive we know we588.644.96
know look it i do look alive i'm talking590.644.16
and moving593.63.919
planet it is arid climate extensive594.85.2
subterranean systems location of a597.5194.401
mining facility600.03.839
oh maybe there's some people there like601.923.68
some hungry miners wanting some biscuits603.8394.0
you know they want best animals605.63.52
biscuits why are you i don't even know607.8392.481
why we went the bounty hunter route we609.122.24
should have been selling biscuits the610.323.519
whole time that's right insane yeah611.364.8
that's why you're ridiculous hindsight613.8393.68
thank you hang out with me yeah i'll616.163.52
hang out with you simon you go with him617.5193.601
yep yeah maybe you can do all the619.683.92
numbers simon yeah i'll do that i'll621.125.04
i'll try to do the addition623.66.479
no subtraction though hey let's go626.163.919
all right whoa630.324.48
look at this place633.444.48
wow this looks quite pretty i i quite634.84.24
like it637.924.159
i might want to retire here okay hey uh639.044.799
dory you see anything on the scanner i642.0795.76
see this guy okay niven men men menu all643.8395.281
right yeah tell you what let me talk to647.8392.961
him let me talk to him go forward649.123.839
oh jeez hey guys sounds like a hostile650.84.4
creatures have taken over the mine oh652.9594.56
that's not good yeah but uh he asked us655.26.0
to talk with gaucia inside okay so hey657.5195.361
thanks niven661.24.56
captain 25 biscuits captain we filed662.884.959
niven uh it sounds like their mining665.763.6
facility has been overrun with foul667.8394.481
creatures okay did he want biscuits he669.363.919
uh let me see if i can sell anything hey673.2793.761
buddy anymore oh goddamn [ __ ] you then674.9594.801
nevin boy about 25. 25.677.045.28
should i try sure yes everyone try i've679.764.079
always gone with a hard sell and it's682.323.759
worked we're still in last place but683.8393.761
keep going all right i'm gonna talk to686.0793.681
this go see a [ __ ] sell our biscuits687.63.919
yeah captain uh they're asking us to689.764.079
clear the minds of those uh i think691.5194.961
maybe insects okay can uh is it good to693.8394.641
accept that mission yeah you gotta stick696.483.84
together all right we'll stick together698.485.039
and uh yeah we'll do it neebs700.324.48
yes thick703.5193.76
look at me704.84.96
that's very dramatic listen are you into707.2796.481
riddles usually not okay709.764.0
okay all right what tastes better than714.485.2
it smells717.64.479
your tongue your god you're so smart719.683.839
that's what i'm capturing yeah i don't722.0794.081
know all right hey what has a bottom at723.5196.961
the top a bottom at the top i feel like726.165.84
you should get this one the bottom at730.483.44
the top so smart except with being a732.03.839
captain i don't know what is it your733.923.52
at the top yes that's great737.444.56
i got so many more for you but uh hey i740.163.44
got something for you what go sell some742.03.839
biscuits to that first guy just go down743.63.76
go down there yeah just the first guy745.8393.12
it's right at the teleporter all right747.364.8
atta boy hard sell right sure go go all748.9594.0
hey what month of the year has 28 days752.9594.801
in it756.0792.801
all of them757.762.48
that's why i hate riddles they're dumb760.243.68
oh [ __ ] i don't like it the way it makes768.724.799
you shake and rise above the platform771.123.68
that's right oh really you guys look773.5192.961
great to me what are you doing the sun774.83.68
behind you this is good this looks epic776.484.4
you're hovering oh really oh yeah you778.483.76
were riding on the hood of the damn ship780.882.24
you know okay everybody does weird [ __ ]783.123.279
around here it happens from time to time784.83.76
you do you and you know what we're we're786.3993.601
doing where we're going oh god i didn't788.563.12
realize i could just walk off the edge790.03.92
you might want to be careful there simon793.922.159
i'd hate to have to put you back796.0794.44
feels like i have testicles and they812.484.08
want to like drop out of me yeah that is814.244.159
very strange why would they do that i816.564.0
don't know it's like just a [ __ ] with me818.3994.641
probably yeah i suppose yeah they give820.564.959
you phantom robot balls yeah823.044.4
not not a good feeling825.5193.361
all right i think this is the mining827.443.68
facility up ahead simon you and i need828.884.319
to take point dory you got that scanner831.123.76
yeah there's this guy here let's sell833.1994.561
some biscuits first hey uh yeah yeah834.886.24
let's sell some biscuits who's good837.765.92
i'm going in hard do it do it yeah 25.841.126.88
going in hard yeah 25 50 like that843.684.32
all right851.122.959
well hey there friend852.324.319
niven i want to tell you something but854.0795.841
first hey why not a riddle so what can856.6396.88
you put in a bucket to make it way less859.924.64
i think you're going to lessen your863.5192.961
chances of selling biscuits864.564.48
shut the [ __ ] up i'm talking to nibben866.486.719
okay i don't think give up okay a hole869.044.96
some biscuits874.04.56
neven bought some biscuits a crate uh he876.05.04
bought 25 did you do the hard sale yeah878.564.0
okay i'm not gonna mess with your881.044.159
methods all right had a boy man this882.564.719
place is great thank you niven go sell885.1994.481
some more887.2792.401
all right boys huddle up huddle up yep892.244.159
simon you and i are on point dora you're894.563.6
on the scanner yeah i've got my gun out896.3993.921
now i mean there's one person of898.163.359
interest in there but it's a little ways900.323.44
away okay well let's uh let's pop in all901.5193.601
right that scanner tells us where903.763.439
enemies are because they're insects905.123.04
everywhere that's just what i'm907.1992.161
concerned about908.162.96
all right yep straight ahead whoa whoa909.363.279
whoa what is that911.123.36
light oh hey there's a teleporter here912.6393.361
it's a way to get back to the ship oh914.483.599
cool that's gonna be good rock and roll916.04.079
it's like a checkpoint almost okay all918.0794.401
right uh straight ahead there are uh920.0794.56
threats threats how many two to the left922.483.68
one to the right two to the left let's924.6393.041
pick up some [ __ ] right here all right926.162.96
let's hug the left we know there's going927.683.92
to be two hold on i'll be right there929.124.32
yep come on there we go there we go all931.63.76
right one to the right hold on and there933.443.44
you are935.364.399
boom all right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah936.884.56
captain we're cleaning them out keep it939.7593.44
up and don't forget biscuits i don't941.443.839
think we can sell biscuits to ants nope943.1994.56
they don't want them did you try945.2795.12
no no because we gotta kill them first947.7594.32
what are you scared slightly off to the950.3993.201
right right around this little corner952.0792.88
i'd imagine953.63.039
that's here laser fire954.9594.0
maybe no what direction you think dora956.6394.401
let's see there's there's a threat here958.9594.24
we might as well just clear it all right961.043.76
copy that and then maybe we'll go back963.1995.281
down the other tunnel or break off964.83.68
yeah okay okay let me see if there's any969.2794.0
stuff here i'm gonna grab these971.7593.361
materials oh you got some material oh973.2794.0
yeah you just right here this big stuff975.125.92
ac 88436 oh yeah i'm taking that thank977.2795.841
thank you we can't all take it okay good981.043.599
oh yeah well well i think we all could983.122.959
but yeah dora can dump that in his984.6394.081
little atomizer yeah level up somewhere986.0794.161
all right follow me all right right988.723.52
behind you should i take point oh sure990.243.599
yeah since i got the guns yeah let me992.243.12
know if you see any of the purple jizz993.8394.24
on the wall ooh ooh nuts all right right995.364.88
to our left and to our right so they're998.0794.241
here okay so let's go left first let's1000.245.44
go left first all right1002.323.36
there we go there we go1005.7594.121
around this room that thing's crazy1010.0794.241
what's this it's a crate1012.0793.921
can't do anything with that crate oh1014.324.16
great glad it's here all right so three1016.04.56
threats slightly fanned out right ahead1018.484.96
of me okay right ahead of you yeah you1020.564.879
shouldn't see one there's there's yeah1023.442.8
oh yeah yeah1025.4393.841
oh wow behind you simon uh hey you guys1026.245.439
are good is there a third one let's see1029.284.96
boy oh no get closer to this fire in the1031.6794.561
middle here okay all right let's get it1034.244.4
let's get it1036.242.4
this guy had a damn robot hand and a1049.283.519
robot foot that's crazy balls that's1050.7993.681
good minor1052.7995.041
this bitch's head's in the sand1054.483.36
ah there you are captain1062.244.4
hey thick big news yeah sold some1064.245.2
biscuits i saw yeah which i'm a little1066.644.24
concerned because they're not showing up1069.443.359
on the scoreboard i don't it sounds like1070.884.64
500 we sold like 800 something i know i1072.7994.481
guess here's my question1075.524.08
if you throw a blue stone into the red1077.284.24
sea what will it become1079.64.8
uh it's a it's still a blue stone1081.525.2
you see why that's dumb though i love1087.284.32
riddles because my answer was right too1088.885.039
stone yeah well it could be a stone in1091.63.6
the sea there's like a thousand right1093.9194.88
answers no no to today there's only one1095.26.0
okay uh yeah yeah i have no idea why the1098.7994.161
scoreboard hasn't changed yeah put me1101.23.28
down for don't like riddles remember you1102.963.68
asked me earlier uh-huh i wasn't sure1104.484.48
okay well what runs around a whole yard1106.643.84
without moving1108.962.56
you're getting better captain okay all1112.483.199
right bye-bye1114.483.6
thank you1115.6792.401
what you see up ahead door right around1118.243.12
this corner two right ahead of you two1119.842.959
right ahead here you're ready there they1121.362.319
i will help you too yeah there you go1123.6795.521
all right any stuff in this room here i1127.364.24
hope so well yeah let's see that looks1129.24.32
like a what is this it looks like a1131.64.959
stuff yeah heavy beam pistol oh a heavy1133.524.8
beam pistol yeah that's all right what's1136.5594.0
that heavy beam pistol i'm gonna send1138.323.92
something back i'm a little full some1140.5593.521
weapons we can upgrade1142.244.48
all right is there uh well that's not it1144.084.08
clearly what uh what else is on the1146.725.04
scanner yeah there are people1148.164.96
this way1151.763.36
well we're hunting bugs so it said1153.123.52
objective complete with the bugs we1155.123.36
should maybe go back okay we'll rock and1156.643.44
roll hey captain i think we've uh1158.484.079
completed our bug objective wow nice1160.084.24
none of them bought biscuits huh i don't1162.5593.441
think so bugs no1164.324.16
so what does it say on the list1166.05.679
are we in like 12th place now listen i'm1168.484.48
concerned about that because every time1171.6792.961
i look at the board it's not moving yeah1172.964.56
but uh it says we sold 839 over there by1174.645.36
our money yes 5.3 on the board okay1177.524.24
maybe when we jump it'll change so1180.04.64
what's what is 12th place what's their1181.766.08
score there's 1400. jeez it doesn't even1184.645.44
matter though it's gonna move up are we1187.843.92
what do i have left to do uh i gotta go1190.084.4
back downstairs and talk to rosia oh i'm1191.764.0
looking forward to jumping off this1194.483.439
thing out here hey can we take out our1195.764.56
our um competition is that a possibility1197.9194.64
oh destroy other biscuit ships1200.323.92
i feel like corporate would uh would not1202.5594.641
like that okay1204.242.96
oh this is gonna be fun hey cap we're1208.1593.441
about to jump off a big cliff you want1210.084.16
to watch us yeah okay hold on is it near1211.63.92
the teleporter yeah just go to the1214.242.72
teleporter and it should be your first1215.524.0
teleporter pod teleporter pad teleporter1216.964.64
pad yep you got it buddy1219.523.84
you need to get away from those riddles1221.63.52
okay you on the ground yeah where are1223.363.439
you uh we're upstairs all right simon1225.123.2
dora yeah yeah all right you remember1226.7993.76
how to use your jet pack i do yeah all1228.323.839
right so yeah we're gonna jump off this1230.5593.36
thing and right before you land be sure1232.1593.041
to uh1233.9194.24
fire your jet pack i love it here we go1235.24.719
all right are y'all on the big crane1238.1593.281
thing yeah we're at the top of the crane1239.9193.601
okay got a joke for you cap when i get1241.443.68
down there1243.523.279
can't wait all right who wants to go1245.125.28
first i'll go do it dora1246.7993.601
oh nice1252.723.28
yeah okay bye1257.9193.801
nice very nice here i go1268.1595.281
oh my god that's awesome in the booth1270.7995.921
and a bop and a bee and a bop and1273.445.359
yeah a priest a minister and a rabbit1276.723.76
walk into a bar rabbit looks like the1278.7995.441
other two is like i might be a typo1280.483.76
do you have any more riddles1284.883.64

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