The Airdrop - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 11

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious antics of the crew in Darkness Falls, then you'...
The Airdrop - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 11
The Airdrop - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 11

The Airdrop - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 11

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Darkness Falls! Today, we're working on some base upgrades and things are getting pretty intense.

simon: Oh man, I love this episode! The airdrop was like Christmas morning for us in the game. It's always so exciting to see what goodies we get.

appsro: Haha, yeah, and the banter between us trying to decide who gets what is always hilarious. I swear, Neebs hogs all the good stuff!

neebs: Hey, I earned those goodies fair and square! But seriously, this episode is one of my favorites because we really come together as a team to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious antics of the crew in Darkness Falls, then you're in for a treat with the latest video. In this episode, the gang is hard at work on some base upgrades, and you know that means there's bound to be some chaos and laughter along the way.

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I don't know about you, but I always love hearing the music choices in the videos. From the catchy tunes of Coyote Hearing to the atmospheric sounds of Kevin MacLeod, the music really sets the tone for the action-packed gameplay. And if you're a fan of Dan Lebowitz's music, you're in luck because his tracks make an appearance in this video too.

One of the things I love about Neebs Gaming is the variety of content they offer. Whether you're into cartoons, survival games like 7 Days to Die, or open-world adventures like GTA V, there's something for everyone on their channel. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to watch the crew tackle some base upgrades in Darkness Falls - it's going to be a wild ride!

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what's up boo boo hey i miss you guys9.925.679
hey we missed you listen i was trying to12.964.079
put together what you were maybe15.5993.201
envisioning i still don't understand why17.0393.601
you put a block on the bottom of these18.84.319
saves but i don't know you didn't know20.644.32
you know what look what i've been23.1193.761
scrambled a bit so24.964.479
uh yeah i'm just gonna default to26.885.6
brain damage that's fine so listen i am29.4395.441
i'm on it though i'm i've decided to32.484.16
take over if you'd like you're more than34.884.32
welcome to to help or i you know but i36.643.759
kind of have a39.23.76
half-assed vision now i i like your40.3995.761
vision and i'm going to work towards it42.965.52
okay great is it easy you think we'll46.165.2
make like a complete metal cage up here48.485.44
so that the birds can't attack us and we51.364.96
can just shoot through everything yeah53.925.68
can we shoot through these like we can56.324.079
already tested so yes peepholes yes we60.3994.641
could shoot through at least we shot uh63.1994.481
an arrow through so yeah yeah yeah i65.044.0
like the peepholes we're trying to67.682.96
figure or there might be i'm still69.043.119
trying to figure this [ __ ] out but i'm70.643.12
happy with the way it's going so far72.1593.441
it's my first metal door i made yeah it73.763.52
looks like we're gonna have to reinforce75.64.159
it a bit with some concrete yes i want77.284.479
to have yeah listen if you would please79.7594.161
make this stuff cobblestone or whatever81.7594.481
stronger material you can easily make it83.924.4
because everything needs to be stronger86.244.72
yeah yeah yeah yeah right i like it i88.325.04
like it90.962.4
what's going on neebs oh just taking93.923.839
this guy to school oh yeah come on baby95.524.8
what's going on oh97.7594.481
yes sir the university of neebs what'd100.324.88
he get i got some shoes and you know a102.245.04
hooded sweatshirt hey you want to see105.24.72
something cool oh yeah um watch this107.284.64
it's all right sorry all right that111.922.8
wasn't the cool part yeah113.043.439
let's teach your workday go home one114.723.439
more hit him i'm sorry116.4794.24
yeah is he down yep i don't mean to brag118.1594.401
but i mean look at this120.7194.161
what about core skills huh yeah i max it122.564.96
out so i'm your land mine uh guy they124.884.079
don't affect me anymore how sweet be127.523.12
able to jump over some sick spikes yeah128.9593.681
listen i'm gonna go and uh try to steal130.644.48
those turrets at the trader okay i heard132.644.72
that you can maybe so i'm gonna get them135.123.44
all right good luck all right let's137.363.68
check this out neebs okay uh138.564.88
yeah right here141.045.04
was that explosion that was my shotgun143.444.96
okay but check that out uh what is this146.084.96
this is a mechanic workstation i'm gonna148.44.8
build up some cars oh you need this to151.044.24
build a car yeah i think so that is153.24.319
crazy but uh guess what i also read and155.283.92
i don't know if this is true but i read157.5193.921
if i wrench wheels i actually might be159.23.679
able to get a wheel in this [ __ ] mod161.445.68
i can i can yeah okay well hell yeah162.8796.64
well then my day's just gonna be full of167.123.759
all right see you later i want a car i170.8794.08
want a car absolutely work on it no173.25.52
promises i'll trade you food for it174.9593.761
okay we need cement180.485.679
there we go184.484.64
good good good why does it say i'm wet i186.1593.841
you know sometimes i get all randy190.03.76
i hear another one [ __ ] off should193.764.64
probably clear this place this could be196.44.88
a huge mistake but mistake is my middle198.43.759
my mom came up with it all right202.1595.921
yep oh god204.7993.281
god scared the [ __ ] out of me212.04.72
why were you running you were supposed214.7993.36
to be slow216.725.24
oh my god all right healing up218.1596.16
okay let's see how this goes224.3195.321
hello ma'am how may i serve you uh you231.443.12
all right237.23.92
um best way to get oh here we go right238.2395.28
here and here we go241.124.319
uh i would assume a wrench i would243.5194.321
well this could take a bit247.924.92
getting uh yeah we'll see we'll know250.06.079
soon and 80252.844.519
did i get it did i get it did i get it257.3596.001
no i just got the parts ball sacks wait260.4794.241
all right let me try i might have i263.362.96
might have messed up maybe i can just264.723.759
pick it up266.323.04
oh you just sold out ian269.362.72
take it271.043.04
i took it okay272.083.36
okay i'm grabbing the rest of these274.083.679
okay yeah278.243.32
boom how many is that now oh i got three282.44.799
so far come on give me four give me four284.565.199
come on give me another one come on287.1995.041
will did i get four289.7593.601
damn it292.243.12
i get four hey293.363.839
keep searching297.1992.72
how's it going farmer neebs ah it's302.164.0
coming together man yeah quite the304.04.96
garden here finally got some seat okay306.165.12
there we go another you could plant308.964.48
let's do them all the way down oh yeah311.284.0
hey listen uh-huh i wouldn't do that313.444.319
traitor thing yep guess how many um auto315.286.479
turrets i got like four like 13. oh holy317.7596.241
moly i know what kind of ammo they're321.7594.801
auto turret mk2s i'm not really sure324.06.0
what the ammo is but hey we got 13. so326.564.8
that's pretty neat just need to make a330.04.32
lot of emma okay that sounds great a331.364.8
quick treasure map uh before i bring334.324.24
them on over to that base okay awesome336.165.599
yeah yeah yeah yeah yes i'll feed you338.565.199
guys do everything else well yeah we got341.7593.841
all that meat and343.7593.041
all that death345.64.159
you know we we did a lot yesterday yep346.84.66
yep we sure did okay i'm going349.7593.841
neebs hey357.0394.0
six whole wheels a bike oh yeah i had358.85.119
the bike oh a wheels yeah i think i361.0394.16
think you're like checking my wheels no363.9193.041
i found six wheels i'm getting to work365.1994.911
okay boy what else do i mean366.967.76
oh look plain nice374.724.0
oh [ __ ]377.443.68
scream right by the house378.724.0
you little [ __ ]381.123.359
you need to get away from my place you382.724.319
little [ __ ] i'm gonna be quiet killing384.4793.601
you too387.0393.921
yeah you screamed i heard you388.085.36
yeah i knocked your [ __ ] head off you390.963.679
little [ __ ]393.443.199
stay around my place394.6393.351
nobody wants you here396.6395.471
good lord so402.163.759
the treasures in here403.7595.361
that's crazy405.9194.641
under me now409.122.799
i can't410.562.56
what the f411.9192.56
it's a building413.123.12
this is a building414.4795.041
and a highly fortified one416.245.6
not worth it not worth it i don't think419.524.32
it's worth it look at all this [ __ ] i'm421.845.84
in a city no no god no ah [ __ ] i'll have423.845.44
to cancel that one427.683.359
not worth it okay429.283.52
where's that drop though someone getting431.0393.361
the drop i wonder i gotta get out of432.84.48
here i gotta go be helpful [ __ ]434.44.639
go set up these turrets and stuff damn437.283.919
it damn it hey i've done enough good for439.0394.081
well the morning later guys don't have441.1993.521
time there's a treasure under here if443.124.919
you have the time444.723.319
hey vicky hey hey how you doing i'm all450.085.6
right i was just going to this drop yep453.124.88
yep i'm pretty encumbered okay well if455.683.84
you want to i i mean i can try to cover458.03.36
you the best i can try to you know what459.523.519
do yourself a favor there's a stop but461.363.44
you pass by stumps there's honey in463.0394.88
there i i know but oh chicken yep we got464.84.64
a drop we've got some zombies there467.9193.441
might be dogs around469.443.28
i'm going up here and i'm getting the471.362.8
drop okay472.723.84
i'm thinking this is it right here this474.165.2
is you yeah476.564.88
all right buddy what do you got what do479.365.119
you got for me good stuff uh481.445.84
nothing really no i would say i would484.4796.081
say not good stuff like oh [ __ ] i saw487.285.599
you you're trying to sneak up on me i'm490.564.079
not gonna let you what's the deal with492.8796.241
cows uh cows yeah they uh they have milk494.6396.801
uh in their uh in their bellies but it's499.124.079
not really their belly but it looks like501.444.159
their belly and you can you can suck on503.1994.961
their udders i'm gonna do that is that i505.5994.801
feel like that's false no no you could508.164.08
you go up there and it'll give you a510.44.24
prompt to suck and then you just suck512.244.239
i'm gonna do that all right and i'm514.644.0
gonna try to get some honey simon you're516.4794.8
lying to me why would i ever lie to you518.644.72
man have you ever sucked another in real521.2794.321
life no oh i got honey why the hell523.363.12
would i525.62.64
uh well i don't know some people get526.483.84
bored when you're out in the field you528.244.4
know that that comes from boredom huh530.323.28
oh no i hit the cow oh no oh [ __ ] oh533.64.72
you're gonna die536.564.0
oh no help me simon uh i don't know how538.324.0
to help you because then it's just gonna540.563.6
get mad at me you know what i'm saying542.323.04
hey buddy544.162.72
hey buddy545.364.0
oh no oh no546.883.59
oh no549.366.0
i'll wait for you buddy i'll wait for555.364.64
you but yeah he wishes he sucked on the557.65.799
others now560.03.399
oh my god this forge takes way too long571.125.279
to do anything it's insane just making574.245.84
the brass casings stop hey guys576.3996.241
some it's funny you mentioned that i'm580.084.96
looking at making a big forge that's582.643.68
what we need585.042.96
i know right586.323.92
do me a favor though i need 20 leather588.04.24
and and like we got leather we got duct590.243.84
tape right yeah we got leather oh duct592.243.36
tape man i'm kind of holding on to some594.082.879
duct tape because i'm trying to you know595.63.28
what okay you want a big forge i need596.9594.56
six duct tape i got two yeah598.884.88
so that means four okay god you're601.5194.401
bitching about duct tape i got 14 i'll603.763.6
give you a half that's seven cheese605.924.32
you're not you're well fourteen of them607.365.599
okay anyway all right so good so we're610.244.4
gonna get other things i already forgot612.9594.081
what was it twenty leather uh 2011 do614.644.0
you got that oh yeah we got leather i'm617.043.2
gonna give it to you right now yep and618.644.08
we got plenty of small stone right yeah620.244.32
all right so then that's it and clay622.724.0
soil we're gonna salvage the leather all624.563.6
right so626.722.88
all right here's so here's a whole bunch628.162.56
of clay629.63.679
you said you needed stone clay i need 90630.725.92
stone okay there there's 150 stone633.2795.041
look at this look at this look at this636.644.16
so i got the duct tape i got the short638.324.4
iron pipe by far640.84.24
uh i got clay soil and i got small stone642.724.0
and it's still not letting me do it so645.042.88
maybe i'm not in the right place is646.722.72
there a top right with an x what is it647.924.72
saying you know how this works649.443.2
god you're a [ __ ] idiot well i mean654.0793.76
[ __ ] idiot forget the obvious yes656.04.959
you're an idiot for other reasons657.8395.201
you're an idiot life you're a piece of660.9594.961
[ __ ] and i want you dead yeah you you663.044.72
got okay go ahead just make the damn665.923.359
forward all right uh by the way i need a667.763.6
claw hammer and i have a claw hammer in669.2794.081
my [ __ ] hand there's another one in671.363.76
here here you go some i got the claw673.363.44
hammer though in my inventory that's675.123.36
that's the actual machine you're using676.83.279
need the claw hammer yeah well if it678.483.359
does it's not showing me a place to put680.0794.081
it top right it just builds up top right681.8394.481
tools it has other tools calipers and684.163.76
welding torch well maybe i gotta take686.324.079
one of those out right no no because687.923.76
it's got a little picture of it when i690.3992.721
take it out it's got a picture of that691.683.279
particular tool it doesn't say [ __ ]693.123.76
put in a hammer you want me to do that694.9594.081
i'll drop it in there i'll no it doesn't696.883.76
doesn't go in the caliper spot you know699.043.6
why because they're not [ __ ] calipers700.643.199
well what is it702.642.96
what is it okay so the egg says a claw703.8394.641
hammer required yes claw705.64.72
have it required do you have to build it708.483.919
at the other workbench maybe710.324.0
we'll take a look that's what i'm gonna712.3995.601
do [ __ ] big forge crafted here i'm714.325.199
crafting so you were just at the wrong718.03.279
spot i know because you told me you719.5193.681
[ __ ] piece of [ __ ]721.2794.161
i said723.22.24
jesus i know726.725.52
i needed to yell yeah clearly728.3994.88
one in two ends oh thank goodness i733.2794.401
thought i was gonna collapse i don't736.322.82
know why it collapsed last time737.682.88
and maybe some paint how does this look740.564.719
that's not too bad743.125.279
right it looks rustic now i just need745.2795.12
these guys to grow748.3993.841
this has been growing750.3993.841
forever what you bitching about out here752.244.159
uh this this one i actually picked one754.244.64
up but this one says growing okay but756.3994.56
it's not grown okay gotcha so it's758.883.6
growth well as long as it says it's760.9593.041
growing that's a good thing right okay762.483.12
yeah you don't have any duct tape on you764.04.24
do you i'm a farmer farmers don't carry765.64.56
duct tape around your random exploits768.242.96
that you might have come across some770.162.88
duct tape i'm just asking everybody if i771.24.48
yep nope i don't okay fine um i might773.045.28
run down to a traitor okay if i can buy775.684.56
duct tape or glue all right thanks for778.324.0
coming welcome i like your side thank780.243.2
i didn't even have to tell him to look783.444.399
at it yes785.122.719
okay gotta do a little bit of this and789.044.799
this and i'll tell you what this makes791.5193.841
all the sense793.8394.321
this makes all the sense795.364.4
that you have to798.162.799
do this799.765.12
to beat up the white paint on the road800.9595.361
makes all the sense so i can put down806.324.56
the spikes and then i got this808.3994.081
i'm worried about the ammo really810.884.24
worried about that ammo but hey oh do i812.485.12
have to okay yeah let me get this here815.123.839
let me go ahead and817.63.52
beat the [ __ ] out of this paint818.9594.641
oh my god we're [ __ ] we're [ __ ] but821.124.48
hopefully neebs the sign is done excuse823.63.359
excuse me826.9593.411
thank you829.2793.281
all right she's done all right i want to832.563.76
see this bad boy what's up tell me tell834.563.76
me all right it's the big force the big836.324.48
four oh big forge okay yeah maybe near838.325.28
the corner uh that's what i was thinking840.86.479
um how about centered right there843.66.239
i forget if which one puts it down that847.2796.161
one oh okay is that gonna set that box849.8396.081
on fire at the top of the chimney maybe853.444.399
all right how to oh man all right so855.925.52
this one takes several things uh-huh um857.8396.081
let's see anvil crucible bellows we got861.444.0
a few of these things laying around i863.922.32
let me look at miscellaneous do it look866.243.36
well i admire my beautiful brickwork869.64.16
that is yeah i can't wait to see that872.0793.44
box catch on fire873.763.439
me too i think yep we got all the875.5194.641
elements to fill this [ __ ] up too yeah877.1994.241
now let's see okay so check this out881.443.44
check this out i'm just curious all883.683.12
right come over here to this forage and884.883.36
i was cooking some iron it was going to886.84.159
take 14 minutes i'm going to cancel that888.244.959
and i'm going to move it over here890.9594.961
the same thing forged iron893.1995.44
so 14 minutes over there to make it nine895.925.2
minutes over here pretty good yeah hey898.6394.241
that makes it a little bit quicker yeah901.123.36
i'll take it i'll take a little bit902.883.36
quicker because the advanced forge i904.483.599
can't make yet because it's got a lock906.243.68
on it gotcha but what can we make in908.0793.521
here let's see what about a cement mixer909.923.68
we need a cement mixer yeah i think uh911.63.599
simon that's again that's your job913.63.599
you're the cemit mixer guys [ __ ] hold on915.1994.961
okay so i gotta look at the cement mixer917.1995.601
okay so i just need four springs which920.164.96
is easy an engine mechanical parts i922.84.56
should be able to make a mixture like925.124.48
right now yeah we got all that yeah make927.364.0
that mixer put it down somewhere and929.63.44
forged iron too i just need but ford's931.363.2
arm we have right uh yeah we're making933.044.239
forged iron right now i have 19 on me934.564.16
i'm throwing the crafting materials for937.2792.881
you right now buddy all right all right938.723.919
so crafting materials and boom boom and940.163.599
i'll tell you what in about five minutes942.6392.401
i'm gonna have something real cool to943.7593.921
show you guys945.042.64
okay sun is still moon's there is it948.165.28
technically night it's like right in the951.63.919
middle somewhere those guys are night953.443.519
people aren't they955.5193.76
ah are they running956.9594.161
let's see if they're running in the bar959.2793.441
apps for his bike961.124.0
oh it's locked crap962.724.479
um yeah i don't see those in the day965.123.36
oh there's my bike968.483.84
there's my bike yes970.243.76
here we go972.322.56
let's just do a little ride by see if974.883.759
they run at me976.883.04
hey buddy978.6393.841
wait is it not yeah that's a that's a979.923.76
was that a run982.483.039
what was that what are you doing just983.682.88
thinking of it985.5192.88
oh nope that's986.563.44
okay i thought there was a ho i thought988.3993.68
there was a horn isn't there a horn on990.02.8
all right going back home992.83.76
there we go994.9593.361
all right take it inside996.564.16
yeah it's a good looking sign hey998.324.16
hello neebs it's night time almost1000.724.16
gotcha oh sorry1002.484.96
i i didn't think friendly fire was on1004.883.759
with these things the hell is going on1007.443.68
up here sorry it's night time yeah no1008.6394.88
[ __ ] you don't know the sun was kind of1011.125.36
still up the sun was kind of still up1013.5195.381
yeah wow i'll watch the door1016.484.56
all right what you got simon i am1021.045.36
finally crafting a cement mixer oh yes1022.86.159
okay it's gonna take uh almost four1026.44.399
minutes oh okay take a minute let's see1028.9593.681
how is this looking oh1030.7993.921
i tell you what forget your submit mixer1032.643.6
though check this out1034.724.16
boom boom boom bada bing can i not place1036.245.839
it in here oh come on1038.884.48
i might have to wait till morning or1042.0792.48
come on you know what we'll sneak out1043.362.319
we'll sneak out all right let's do it1044.5592.961
let's do it let's look dangerously see1045.6793.841
watch out dave watch out yeah yeah yeah1047.523.76
yeah yeah i got you i got you seems1049.523.76
clear seems clear hey it's night time i1051.284.399
know easy look at that oh it's a1053.284.32
or dirt bike you guys got a motorcycle1057.63.76
got a dirt bike dirt bike's even better1059.524.84
you could be riding all night in that1066.03.039
thing look at that's a free shot right1067.63.36
there look at that that's like1069.0394.64
wow look at you does that thing kind of1070.964.64
blocks it looks like it's grinding up1073.6793.921
the rock yeah this oh this thing's1075.63.52
awesome all right well it is kind of1077.63.76
loud though and we're trying to you know1079.123.76
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hey we1081.363.6
gotta we got a dirt bike yeah we do all1082.883.84
right just lay down lay down1084.963.44
perfect oh god i guess it does tear up1086.723.52
dirt jesus yeah all right this thing's1088.43.92
[ __ ] sweet it's like a dirt mower oh1090.243.36
wait you know what i tell you what i'm1092.322.88
going to unlock this bicycle so somebody1093.64.0
can have this bicycle now yeah i'm going1095.24.4
to take my color out of that1097.63.79
oh can i put my color under this1099.64.079
we're getting some some people who are1103.6794.801
curious they're coming over oh yeah okay1105.64.64
is that blue hey shine your light on1108.483.12
that thick yeah i guess it's a little1110.243.04
blue down there at the bottom but not as1111.63.439
blue as i would like it yeah okay but1113.283.36
hey this white bike that's somebody's1115.0392.961
all right let's get back inside yeah1116.643.76

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest 7 Days to Die series! I've been eagerly awaiting each new episode as they continue to survive the zombie apocalypse in Darkness Falls.

The first paragraph draws you right into the action as the crew works on upgrading their base. Neebs' trademark humor and camaraderie with the other guys provides laugh out loud moments throughout. It's just so entertaining watching them banter and problem solve together.

In the second paragraph, the high production value of Neebs Gaming really shines through. The cinematic camera work and editing builds drama and tension perfectly. When a sudden zombie attack happens, I feel like I'm right there with them fending off the undead!

Finally, the last paragraph highlights why Neebs Gaming is the best way to experience Darkness Falls outside of playing it yourself. Their storytelling ability transforms 7 Days to Die into an immersive apocalyptic adventure. I become invested in the crew's survival and root for them to overcome each new challenge.

Neebs Gaming's blend of comedy, teamwork and cinematic flair takes this zombie survival game to the next level. Their 7 Days to Die series is thrilling entertainment that keeps me coming back. I can't wait to see what they'll build and battle next!

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