Another DIMENSION! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Pulsar: Lost Colony yet? It's the one that disappeared and n...
Another DIMENSION!  - Pulsar: Lost Colony
Another DIMENSION! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Another DIMENSION! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of Pulsar: Lost Colony? It's like we're in another DIMENSION!

simon: Oh yeah, that episode disappeared faster than a pizza at a gaming convention! But it's still my favorite, the shenanigans in that game are top-notch.

appsro: Guys, guys, let's not forget the real star of the show here - me! Just kidding, that episode was a blast, I mean who wouldn't want to get lost in space with us?

neebs: Haha, Appsro always thinking he's the star! But seriously, that episode had me laughing so hard I nearly spilled my Neebs Gaming Coffee all over my Xidax PC.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Pulsar: Lost Colony yet? It's the one that disappeared and now it's back for us to enjoy all over again. If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat!

In this episode, the Neebs Gaming crew dives back into the world of Pulsar: Lost Colony, navigating through space and encountering all sorts of challenges along the way. It's always a wild ride with these guys, and you never know what hilarious moments or epic battles they'll get themselves into next.

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So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming shirt, pour yourself a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, and get ready to dive into the world of Pulsar: Lost Colony with your favorite YouTube crew. It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure - and don't forget to hit that like button and share the video with your friends. Doot doot!

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captain's log we're doing a biscuit1.525.68
delivery maxo brassus is a big food time3.845.52
reviewer that this goes well there might7.24.08
be a lot more business for us no one9.363.84
should ever say captain's log we were11.285.64
doing a biscuit delivery13.23.72
oh wow look at this dump okay okay well46.85.2
dump this looks pretty cool over here50.323.919
this is a manner doraleous yeah how the52.03.92
scans look let me tell you i mean we54.2392.881
know it's here captain it's just a55.922.56
manner right okay57.123.52
can't be too safe right captain yes58.484.32
simon permission to move closer to this60.643.919
thing that looks like a floating turd62.83.92
sure let's do it that's a luxury manor64.5594.481
owned by maxwell brasses okay are there66.724.079
any comms you can open for me that help69.044.64
uh yeah probably nope no we'll probably70.7994.081
we're probably gonna have to warp down73.682.88
onto the station and find this guy hey74.883.04
maybe we can pick up extra jobs or76.563.199
something while we're here okay it's77.923.28
lonely out here79.7592.641
kind of a cool spot though like a81.23.279
vacation home yeah like oh i'm gonna go82.43.84
out to my asteroid manor and look at84.4794.721
space front property yeah oh man the sex86.244.879
parties here are probably sweet89.23.68
yeah you're probably like space91.1192.64
big fan thanks that's a good salesman93.7595.521
it's space front what is it96.325.04
space pop right in if you want all right99.283.519
captain what's up all right let's do101.364.079
this so let's send uh abstro simon and102.7994.96
ayda butt to the surface perfect and105.4394.401
then uh hey sell biscuits okay all right107.7593.921
eight is eighty bots with us yeah we got109.842.81
he's right here working the weapon115.283.199
systems for us while thick's116.563.36
on vacation are doing whatever he's118.4793.521
doing don't just sell the crates sell119.923.92
extra biscuits okay all right we'll sell122.03.2
some biscuits we'll sell some crates123.844.399
baby impulse125.24.399
all right128.2393.921
this way simon alrighty right let's see129.5995.121
where is this guy well he's got a robot132.164.32
here running the bar you got time for a134.723.92
drink hey maybe what's up see if he can136.484.72
sell that robot a biscuit okay oh yeah138.644.64
really says sixty-two percent141.23.92
sale come on oh yeah dude143.284.16
now good times yeah oh look at this but145.124.4
man this is a nice place look you can147.445.2
have dinner here yes it's wonderful love149.525.84
i love the the room and the very bright152.644.879
center of the table yeah that light155.364.08
everybody up quite inviting let's see157.5194.641
where is this uh joker um no i think159.444.32
we're in the kitchen what's he got what162.163.92
is this though a classic biscuit163.763.44
is it okay166.082.4
don't tell anybody simon i'm stealing167.23.52
from the kitchen oh okay yeah okay it's168.484.32
okay it's okay i tell nobody listen if170.724.159
you see me stealing it goes without172.83.84
saying i don't want you to tell people174.8793.921
all right i said understood176.644.0
no no i got you i got you i want hey i178.86.68
think this is our guy hey we were wrong180.644.84
hey man he was he was having like a sex190.44.32
party in his terrarium like192.3193.681
he needs uh he need i guess some194.723.68
monsters got loose what's a terrarium196.05.84
again i'm not entirely sure oh but you198.45.6
know that there was a sex party going on201.844.08
yeah sex party there's terrarium some204.03.84
[ __ ] got loose and there's monsters205.923.76
there hey uh absolutely captained after207.843.36
the captain come in209.683.119
oh yeah hey there's a there's a mission211.23.92
here this rich [ __ ] had some monsters212.7994.08
get loose wants us to clear them out uh215.123.759
right there where you are uh yeah here216.8794.241
on the ship somewhere get the offering218.8793.92
he's offering to give our company uh221.126.24
like a really good review of five stars222.7996.241
listen there's only five percent chance227.363.599
this guy wants to buy biscuits let's see229.043.919
if he buys any more biscuits no i mean230.9594.161
i'm not gonna i'm doing it damn it he232.9593.761
didn't he didn't take the hard sale all235.123.119
right listen let's do it but if you see236.722.96
any stuff laying around just grab it238.2394.0
okay okay yeah yeah and maybe maybe239.684.32
he'll pay us i'm going to recommend uh242.2393.36
dora uh door come down here with his244.03.04
that's a good call247.044.26
for that yeah i'm going248.646.56
so i think of a terrarium as being like255.24.64
this almost like a a place where things257.045.52
will be growing like greenery inside of259.844.56
like uh yeah terra terra means like262.564.88
earth right so yeah an earthium264.46.72
an atmosphere yeah all right witch267.446.319
oh [ __ ] okay271.124.96
there's a lot of red sorry273.7593.921
captain what's up captain what's up cap276.082.64
are y'all trying to figure out what a277.683.12
terrarium is yeah i mean it's like an278.723.84
aquarium without water pretty much yeah280.83.6
it's an earth aquarium we got it okay282.563.84
good now and now i know officially oh284.44.079
god there's like slimes in here286.44.32
all right so we shoot it's like 16 red288.4794.801
dots here everyone wow so that's a lot290.725.36
of red dots so we're looking at slimes293.284.08
that are going to come up and we just296.083.2
need to shoot yep there's four up here297.364.32
on the left up here and to the left yeah299.284.56
yep i see one oh [ __ ] i can't shoot you301.685.2
can i oh i hope not oh careful three303.844.639
more oh306.883.44
that one yep all these guys these guys308.4793.761
are pushovers yeah man this is good man310.323.2
i hope we're getting paid for this this312.243.28
guy sucks he didn't you couldn't deal313.523.76
with this oh i know we're gonna buy a315.523.519
biscuit not even one damn business no317.283.759
maybe he will after nothing in here or319.0393.841
maybe exactly why not buy a biscuit321.0393.281
first we're going to help you pick up322.883.52
heavy pistol too do it ooh a heavy324.324.24
pistol too that's good326.44.4
i'll pick up candy pack you guys should328.564.24
pick up more stuff when you're here yep330.86.839
i haven't picked up anything all right332.84.839
all right let's see what this baby will338.242.48
come on there we are340.724.96
up underneath we're going to do the343.124.0
loopty loop345.684.079
let's do it all the way around347.124.4
yeah hopefully i'll thread it right349.7594.241
through come on351.524.08
gotta level out a little bit time it354.03.36
just right355.62.64
should've been a pilot358.244.0
come on baby come on359.9193.601
is it gonna make it362.242.72
well this wasn't as hard as i thought364.964.239
this is kind of easy okay367.123.12
well am i starting to doubt it now oh370.243.519
boy nope372.242.959
crap okay373.7592.801
it's harder than it looks376.563.639
what you see up here door three more uh380.723.84
straight ahead i guess on the other side383.282.8
of this wall and there should be to the384.564.0
right there's one coming oh god oh god386.084.64
oh god that's a big388.566.12
dinosaur yep390.723.96
spider here oh simon simon bot needs a395.684.72
little bit of healing i got him398.163.12
you do400.42.96
i got you okay401.284.08
here we go do it403.365.119
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh god wait i'm405.365.44
helping just me being by you heals you408.4794.56
so we're cool okay i see uh yeah another410.84.16
another spider over here left here yeah413.0393.921
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah suck it second414.963.92
second we know for sure that i can't416.963.76
hurt you you can't hurt me so i don't418.883.52
want to worry about look at all these420.724.4
spiders over here oh [ __ ] oh wow yeah422.44.48
yeah there we go clean them up clean425.123.76
them really good yeah how did all this426.886.24
[ __ ] get out oh watch that dinosaur428.884.24
hey dinosaur did it complete435.443.92
all right is there any stuff here we437.842.96
could take i want to grab any rare439.363.36
materials i mean this is a terrarium440.83.839
maybe it's got some like some cool [ __ ]442.722.8
this is444.6392.96
this doesn't seem like a terrarium this445.524.88
seems like a big round dining room it447.5995.04
really does yeah he like comes here and450.44.079
like eats sex parties452.6393.201
sex i don't know where you're getting454.4792.961
the sex parties from i mean it's what i455.842.88
would do if i had a tour it does seem457.443.52
like a freak you do you do a sex party458.724.72
in a porto potty all right let's get the460.963.679
hell out of here kev we're on the way463.443.439
back copy that i'm gonna go talk to old464.6394.881
maxwell whatever the [ __ ] his name was466.8794.72
son of a [ __ ] the freak bella bella469.524.48
buddha bella wonder who's coming to his471.5995.361
sex parties well slimes and474.07.28
dinosaurs yeah he's [ __ ] sly spiders476.964.32
where is captain napes484.4793.601
where could he be488.084.72
oh he's a master pilot and he knows how489.685.359
to hide that'd be great if we're in a492.84.799
race we just tuck in behind a rock like495.0395.361
they do in the movies497.5994.961
all right mr brasses uh we got rid of500.44.4
the creatures yes we did good sir yeah502.564.16
see thank you save my life i'll surely504.83.76
write the review for your company now506.723.759
positive one uh do you have the five508.564.8
crates of biscuits why yes we do510.4796.161
boom baby we just made 3 000 credits and513.365.359
we sold our biscuits okay well that's516.643.759
good he was i forgot about the whole518.7193.921
idea of getting biscuits yeah all right520.3994.0
do we want to rob this joint what's down522.643.6
there i i kind of grabbed everything i524.3993.521
could see okay did you go all the way to526.243.68
the end yeah okay well then yeah let's527.924.08
get out of here get back to the ship i529.923.28
like that we were pointing our guns at532.03.04
that guy yeah yeah you know make him533.23.44
know you know we mean business makes me535.044.72
feel strong to make other people scared536.645.52
hey cap hey buddy yep well done539.764.56
thanks where to next uh let's hit it542.163.119
patience stay tuned545.2795.12
prepping the jump captain always548.165.04
initiate jump what happened captain550.3994.161
this whole [ __ ] time you've been553.22.8
sitting up here and hey who's been554.564.399
screwing with my controls556.05.959
all right folks we're getting ready to562.563.92
come out of warp yep three two what563.65.359
valley scans scanning all right captain566.484.0
you want me to sit still right let's568.9593.921
just sit still buddy see anything yet570.484.88
fire a few probes i'm firing them uh572.884.639
there is a ship out there in the comms575.363.84
see that dora i will now i got to pull577.5194.401
out of this yeah the column's the rendra579.24.24
all right you want to here we go if you581.923.599
want to talk to them open comms oh it's583.445.12
the randra hmm uh-oh says well hello you585.5195.041
didn't expect to find a fluffy biscuit588.564.32
ship out here right for pillaging aren't590.564.0
you or592.883.28
we should sell them some biscuits huh594.563.36
well no i think they want to raid us596.163.119
yeah yeah i was about to say do you have597.922.479
any um599.2793.12
there's no dialogue options are there no600.3994.161
all right yep we're in a fight okay i'm602.3994.88
moving places we're doing this604.564.64
i am moving captain you can tell me607.2794.161
where this picture make sure everybody609.25.04
has a shot keeping my eyes open611.444.72
all right dora let's let's let's be on614.244.08
the same page here oh you're just flying616.163.84
and i'm looking oh you know what wait618.323.36
who's on the turret620.04.0
yes aydah okay so621.683.76
this is what we're gonna have to do what624.03.36
do you i would call this625.444.48
going down627.363.919
okay and this is going up631.2796.161
so you know what's interesting is635.124.56
aydahbot's not communicating i'm going637.443.6
to need to be able to communicate with639.683.52
oh we can take644.242.8
there we go execute that i think they're658.9594.0
hitting us with some viruses yep i just661.123.76
did the thing all right i'm gonna put on662.9593.921
some uh cool our engines off a little664.883.44
bit we're running hot666.883.12
all right we got a rock in the way simon668.323.12
get around this rock670.04.72
are you talking about one right671.443.28
i don't know i'm just flying you're680.9593.281
telling me i'm going to go into a rock i682.82.8
was nowhere near why you guys shooting684.242.32
at stuff and not knowing if you're685.62.96
killing it or not trellis guys look at686.564.719
this ship now what is the ship down i688.564.88
don't know look is it on this is it on691.2793.68
the scanner no i mean it disappeared693.443.68
from you we see any possibilities694.9593.041
oh it's talking about shooting it i698.03.6
can't see everything silent turn right699.5194.401
okay i'm turning right i see it looks701.65.679
like a pile of scrap out there yeah703.925.039
oh yeah it looks like adabot shooting at707.2793.68
it yeah it's straight ahead okay well i708.9593.841
can't wait to get it so we killed the710.9593.921
ship huh yeah i guess so look at that712.84.24
and who who'd knew that killing the ship714.884.399
would be giving everyone such a sour717.044.0
road oh [ __ ] right719.2794.081
jesus i'm not in a sour moon721.045.359
what are you talking about723.363.039
simon yeah727.443.48
you give me direction left right740.566.0
is someone going to tell me which747.443.04
direction to go i think the last one the748.725.04
laser was the instructions750.483.28
god you're [ __ ] you're excited this754.724.32
yes that's the way here we go good job770.564.0
can we go toward the where the laser was774.566.16
going yeah we can let's do that i am776.566.0
yeah yeah780.723.44
oh god782.564.399
oh that's hot god that's [ __ ] hot784.164.239
thanks a spot788.3992.88
oh hey cat we're coming out warping five794.163.119
seconds by the way yeah we're coming to795.763.84
them system so let's be ready we're797.2793.841
going to go on the surface maybe we'll799.62.96
find some good work here and sell801.123.839
something with this station whoa hey802.565.12
this this it is a colonial union804.9594.481
research station location of a807.684.159
dimensional rift a dimensional whoa a809.444.88
dimensional rift yeah i guess that's a811.8394.0
dimensional that's what that is there814.323.519
yeah yeah a research station i'm sure815.8393.201
they're going to want biscuits captain817.8392.8
yeah they want biscuits all right let's819.043.84
see i want to go on this one um let's820.6394.801
see who didn't go last time822.884.48
you're the only one oh just me i'll go825.445.12
with you oh yeah me doraleous and one827.365.44
more let's take me take me take me you830.563.76
want to go well let's all go why not832.82.96
let's all go and just sell like we can834.322.8
split up on i mean the station looks835.762.48
huge why don't we split up on the837.123.92
station okay all right good idea absorb838.245.599
let's do it841.042.799
okay oh nice place well there's someone849.124.32
to talk to there is all right all right851.364.32
look at those ramps this place is insane853.444.56
yeah you guys look around855.684.08
what you got to say858.04.0
one second i'll tell you doraleous859.763.439
you're just staring at each other862.02.24
oh doraleous they've messed up wow how864.243.839
so so they found this riff they were866.484.0
trying to widen it doraleous oh868.0794.641
yep some of their people went through it870.484.88
okay like a portal uh-huh so we gotta go872.725.2
get some like logs or something get logs875.366.8
yeah like like study stuff yeah oh877.925.52
why didn't they get the logs because882.162.56
they can't they're not cut out for it883.442.48
because we're warriors and they're not884.723.2
always i thought we were not they're not885.925.279
cut out for it yeah exactly hey uh887.925.279
simon you and absolutely stay here yeah891.1993.601
hate about doraleous you're with me893.1993.281
we're doing this great all right all894.84.56
right hey good luck guys thank you hey896.484.719
hey hey hey listen899.364.56
yeah social distance still the thing901.1995.2
okay okay okay yeah let's check this903.925.44
place out okay906.3992.961
hey you know what guys what i was just910.324.319
thinking this is a rift looks like an912.563.92
anus i don't know if we can go through914.6394.161
this whoa without maybe a robot would916.484.719
have to huh a robot918.84.32
maybe we don't know we can't tell the921.1993.921
environment through there can we923.123.92
man i don't know i don't know i don't925.123.76
know how this works you know what i saw927.043.68
exo suits back there let's go see if we928.883.6
can put them on just to be safe right930.723.359
okay okay932.483.039
looks like a fire pit yeah those flames935.5193.601
are insane937.683.04
it's not i think they're crystals oh939.123.6
okay i thought it looked like it was940.724.239
like me trying to draw flames when i was942.724.559
like in second grade gotcha hey how how944.9593.841
do you think we can get on this pump how947.2795.12
high dude oh damn okay yeah oh hold on948.85.599
let me join you yeah yeah get up here952.3993.921
whoa careful careful careful okay hey954.3993.761
y'all don't fall okay oh what are you956.323.439
doing back we're gonna see if we can put958.163.2
on there was exo suit somewhere all959.7593.52
right here we go oh perfect all right961.364.8
put those on can't wait oh oh no963.2794.161
get the ones off the ship they're fitted966.163.119
for us anyway i don't even know if we967.444.959
need them or not well well then maybe969.2794.641
why don't you send doraleous through the972.3993.36
rift see if it kills him and if it does973.923.599
all right you wanna975.7593.361
we'll play that game all right i'm going977.5193.041
through the rift all right doraleous979.123.36
let's go do it all right y'all be980.563.68
careful though we will that's a great982.484.4
captain go ahead and risk your life984.244.32
you don't have to say yeah i love it986.882.959
neebs yeah if i don't make it back um989.8394.081
you'll just be rematerialized on the992.322.8
ship and then you come back all right993.924.88
right right yeah good luck going in995.123.68
i'm okay you good yeah great pay the1002.325.759
butt let's do it jesus this is crazy1004.885.92
there's nothing on the scanner okay1008.0795.2
nothing on the scanner at all nope well1010.85.279
that's not good um hmm1013.2795.521
okay i guess let's just uh walk around1016.0794.161
yeah okay1018.83.12
right into the well i mean let's check1020.244.48
out this thing hey1021.922.8
it was like a little jellyfish brain or1037.9193.361
something oh okay well we should [ __ ]1039.523.919
that up you got a heal ray from me yeah1041.283.679
i do wish i was quicker with it you want1043.4393.921
to buy some biscuits great job doraleous1044.9594.401
thanks i feel like this is the focus1047.363.48
isn't it this thing right1049.364.0
here but i can't interact with the body1050.845.8
yeah or this thing or these crates1053.364.96
up things back what's that [ __ ] i1056.643.12
don't even know if we can fight that i1058.323.44
haven't looked like a ghost brain1059.764.24
come in absorb uh yeah what's up kev you1061.763.919
ever encounter a ghost brain that's a1064.03.28
weird question nope i have never1065.6793.521
encountered a ghost brain okay we just1067.283.279
wonder if you knew how to fight it i1069.23.92
would try to shoot it we tried that1070.5594.801
couldn't tell okay oh wait i see1073.124.08
something oh there's another one did i1075.363.6
kill it find the damn research notes get1077.23.92
the [ __ ] out of there we're gonna we're1078.964.24
looking there's nothing on the scanner1081.123.84
are you guys getting radiation yes1083.23.52
you're getting it hard neebs really1084.963.2
thanks for healing i can't believe1086.723.12
you're still alive let me let's just run1088.163.04
for it maybe it's just up here why don't1089.843.52
we send the robot i feel like i'm too1091.23.2
deep in1093.363.52
or too dumb yep come in absolutely i'm1094.44.8
probably gonna die follow me oh yeah1096.884.159
yeah is that because you went into a1099.23.44
dimensional rift without a spacesuit1101.0393.841
well i you know [ __ ] dumbass yeah i1102.643.919
know you said cinderella's through he1104.884.159
went through was fun1106.5593.36
buddy that's what you did say yeah i1109.9195.12
mean if i were a captain and it was like1112.723.92
okay we've been assigned a mission to go1115.0393.681
through an interdimensional rip simon1116.643.76
yeah first thought in my mind would be1118.723.28
we should probably get spacesuits but1120.43.76
didn't you imply that he probably didn't1122.04.24
need them and he should just send doors1124.164.399
yeah which was a dumb decision1126.243.52
the best decision would have been let's1128.5593.12
be safe let's put on spacesuits okay so1129.764.48
because the captain listened to your1131.6795.36
dumb advice right he is not fit to be1134.245.52
captain no the person who gave the [ __ ]1137.0395.281
advice are you fit to be captain oh i'd1139.764.08
be an excellent captain hey you want to1142.323.28
do a parkour challenge yeah i think you1143.842.64
jump and then try to land on this pipe1146.486.72
you know you gotta you gotta stay over1153.22.64
the death hole stay over the death hole1154.323.04
simon damn it1155.842.719
this is1157.364.0
all right i'm doing it oh [ __ ] i hit the1158.5593.841
hold on starting over that's cheating1163.525.12
starting over that's okay damn it yep oh1165.6795.281
hey names hey after oh i got suit huh1168.644.399
yeah listen the doraleous test uh yeah1170.963.2
that wasn't a good way to do it all1173.0392.161
right well get back in there buddy1174.162.639
you're doing great i'm going all right1175.24.24
simon you ready oh uh yeah yeah1176.7995.601
officially do it do it do it do it and1179.444.11
label the pipe level1185.6793.561
how's your health do alice i'm better i1194.084.56
heal if i just stop you know you know i1196.483.92
get better oh you get better do you want1198.643.12
to go back in or do you want to go join1200.43.2
the others no i don't i would i was so1201.763.52
close to death okay once you join the1203.63.76
others me and uh weapons 80 bot will go1205.284.639
in okay wish us luck good luck thanks1207.363.6
for the heels1209.9193.601
you're welcome1210.964.0
what's up1213.523.519
you're my six buddy1214.963.199
all right1217.0393.281
man i feel like it's got to be this1218.1594.241
thing in the middle right1220.324.56
this seems like the most obvious can i1222.44.72
do sometimes you just hit r on stuff and1224.884.159
it works huh1227.124.24
anything up there1229.0394.721
he's crazy wait like i just saw a prompt1231.363.84
what was that1233.763.039
oh am i getting hit1235.24.32
oh come on man oh pick up sensor logs1236.7994.481
here they are oh there's that little1239.524.399
tiny thing on top hey i think that's it1241.283.92
let's go back1243.9194.561
tiny thing you see how tiny that was1245.25.28
that's right come in yo what's up we1248.483.52
found the sensor log we're heading back1250.484.079
now awesome saving yeah try again i'm1252.04.72
doing it one baby1254.5593.36
come on1256.723.6
come on1257.9194.481
there you go who's a pro i turned into1260.324.88
pee-wee hater was right1262.44.399
oh yeah when you're excited1265.22.8
yeah at least when i jump on these1266.7992.88
things it makes my if i had testicles1268.03.6
they'd be tucked up inside me right i'm1269.6793.36
gonna go meet captain he's gotta be yo1271.62.72
what's up dora1273.0393.921
let's see yeah hey target this jackass1274.324.56
captain we're done here right i'm trying1276.963.36
the suits heavy1278.882.96
oh yeah that's true you went and got1280.323.44
your damn fat suit yeah probably a good1281.843.12
idea though i mean they can let us1283.763.279
borrow those they're right there right1284.963.44
yeah but we want to take theirs you know1287.0393.76
what i mean we got their logs yeah but1288.44.96
germs okay screw germs listen to vrom1290.7994.0
your people are dead they were laying1293.364.64
all over the ground but we got the logs1294.7994.321
there you go1298.02.559
objective complete1299.125.72
can we make some cash uh yeah1300.5594.281
you're welcome it's all in a day's work1306.644.24
we're space heroes see you later let's1308.724.56
hit it folks yeah space heroes i like1310.883.97
the sound of that1313.285.29

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