The Robots Are Getting Bigger - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! I just watched the latest video where the team goes head-to-head with an oversized robot in an e...
The Robots Are Getting Bigger - Generation Zero
The Robots Are Getting Bigger - Generation Zero

The Robots Are Getting Bigger - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that latest video, 'The Robots Are Getting Bigger'? It's my favorite so far!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a wild one! I couldn't stop laughing at how we were running around trying to take down that giant robot.

appsro: Haha, yeah, and don't forget when Neebs accidentally tripped over his own feet while trying to dodge the robot's attacks!

neebs: Hey, it's not my fault the robot was moving too fast for me to keep up! But seriously, that video was a blast to film.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! I just watched the latest video where the team goes head-to-head with an oversized robot in an even bigger warehouse. The suspense is real as they try to gather new information to prevent a robot apocalypse - talk about intense!

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So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be entertained by the epic showdowns, unexpected twists, and endless laughs that Neebs Gaming never fails to deliver. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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where we're going today is apparently8.6393.04
where they made first contact with the10.083.679
robots great11.6793.92
why are we going there because the game13.7594.081
wants us to ah it's the gaming thing all15.5993.6
right all right i'm slowing up here17.843.359
making sure i don't see any robo oh yep19.1994.561
hop up okay yep ditch the bikes hit your21.1994.32
bikes you want lights off lights off23.763.04
right it's off25.5193.281
there's a big robot oh yeah that's a big26.84.639
guy oh really oh [ __ ] can we get the28.84.4
bikes up there well that's what we need31.4393.681
we need to get the bikes why do we need33.24.64
the bikes for fast travel yeah you know35.126.4
bikes are four dollars right hop on it37.845.2
i can't hop on my bike he's right there41.524.32
he sees me43.042.8
as far as i can49.923.92
all right52.324.48
okay where are you going53.845.68
going up the hill this was the [ __ ] show59.523.92
yeah yeah these bikes are the best oh61.523.12
i'm not on the bike anymore i'm getting64.643.28
the [ __ ] off it's hard to get on this66.1593.441
it's hard to go anywhere on the bike67.923.68
uphill was a bad escape strategy on69.63.92
bikes wait someone's bikes on the ground71.64.48
i left it oh the crap is stuck on your73.524.48
bike yeah you're right [ __ ] the bike i'm76.083.76
still riding my bike78.03.52
oh congratulations i got here a half79.844.24
hour ago thank you okay this is the path81.525.36
i think we needed to be on and here just84.085.52
follow me follow me okay86.885.279
[ __ ] salmon well don't want to leave my89.63.6
stitch the bike i don't want to get off93.24.8
the bikes i'm off the bike okay okay i95.683.439
didn't see you98.03.04
follow me this way this way this way we99.1193.761
all agree at bikes or just101.044.399
asking for death102.886.279
no just me okay105.4393.72
generations heroes119.328.97
i see lights we got to locate the139.284.24
reconnaissance team at even140.8793.681
there's a reconnaissance team there i144.564.319
guess so oh we're gonna wow we're gonna146.484.32
see other people i'll bet they're dead i148.8793.44
think they're dead probably that's been150.82.96
kind of the way things have been yeah we152.3194.161
haven't met any living person153.764.64
i'm going to get on top of this thing156.485.52
here lights out wait what do you say ah158.45.04
well it's actually pretty pretty up here162.03.28
it's clear okay163.444.72
the thing is down here see what the mark165.284.27
on the oh168.166.4
actually i've been wanting to try out175.24.48
this new sniper rifle anyway176.43.28
all right i'm [ __ ] going in179.924.36
guys i think you're gonna waste a lot of199.125.36
ammo ah i think i'll be good let's see200.565.44
right here summit right here yeah yeah204.483.28
is this is this the thing it's a thing206.03.76
there's people here or robots rather207.764.67
okay okay so come209.765.199
oh that's the hunter there's a hunter214.9593.121
here guys we see the hunter we're down216.482.56
by the hood218.082.879
feeling better219.044.08
what we got oh there's so many look at220.9592.961
oh you didn't see me got one i got one223.923.44
nice neebs maybe i could run through227.363.76
drop one of those tanks you know i'll go228.8794.321
for it i run by you i drop it you blow231.125.119
it up okay sounds good don't stop it233.24.48
okay i'm going236.2395.601
to help leaves here237.684.16
that was amazing it was oh god i'm still252.564.56
getting spotted254.562.56
i want to bring him around this way come257.9193.681
on you do okay you want me to come over259.7593.921
come around there get back inside simon263.684.799
it's all right back in in time so what265.7593.921
are you going to do shoot those tanks268.4793.121
you laid down269.685.519
oh my god oh [ __ ]271.63.599
got him276.82.72
quit blocking me in here277.843.28
guys we killed the hunter279.522.959
oh he's awesome281.124.079
all right did you see that one282.4794.0
he found us285.1992.801
i don't think he didn't see me he's286.4793.44
right he just i know he just came right288.03.12
he didn't see you because we're hiding289.9193.361
in the291.122.16
position dark people holmen castle but295.283.68
the civilian anita kirkland is nowhere297.124.24
to be found no visual contact of what298.964.48
she described but sigins did pick up301.364.64
something else303.442.56
just heard a recording of first contact309.1993.681
didn't it sounds about as good as we311.522.72
thought it was going to be312.882.96
no survivors314.243.36
it didn't sound like there would be315.843.68
all right according to the map we got to317.64.879
come down here to the beach so uh i'm319.525.119
guessing let's loot this place up and322.4797.0
then uh yeah we'll set off for the beach324.6394.84
i think i see something down there on338.03.36
the beach you see something on the beach339.444.16
yeah this is where we're supposed to go341.363.36
yep there's robots down here344.724.08
it looks like maybe just like a cargo347.1993.84
container it's a big red yeah hold on a348.84.16
second i got a scope let's get a little351.0394.241
bit closer yeah that's that's what it352.965.519
looks like red cargo container and a355.285.28
robot that's there358.4794.081
oh there's a couple down there uh we360.564.079
want to send in the infiltration squad362.564.4
i'm counting three robots down there388.04.16
from up here okay390.163.92
what's the plan you gonna fight him i392.163.7
mean maybe we should just all394.082.21
[ __ ] what'd you do [ __ ] i shot that i397.64.4
shot by accident399.9193.521
that wasn't the plan402.03.68
nope it wasn't a plan403.443.4
i [ __ ]405.684.32
up stay home simon sorry406.844.84
it's okay buddy410.04.639
oh [ __ ] see someone right here411.684.72
i got his ass we shouldn't have said how414.6396.12
good we are though oh [ __ ]416.44.359
what's the best way down oh boy i'm434.884.4
going to slide i'm going to fall crap436.885.84
oh i see you son of a [ __ ] yeah439.285.44
sorry i'll be there in a second i'm just442.724.24
packing you're doing great okay i got444.724.319
the collectible did we get them off wait446.963.28
are you alive yeah yeah we did it yeah450.244.239
yeah i'm moving in i'm probably gonna452.563.199
fall so454.4793.28
be ready yeah i think we can catch you455.7595.601
where you at oh there you are457.7593.601
you okay can you just revive me or do i463.284.56
use my adrenaline465.7593.761
that's steep huh yeah that's really469.523.92
steep that was a dumb way to approach471.525.69
this all right let's check this out473.445.52
hey guys478.962.32
the only one i haven't opened is this480.082.88
one right here um all right let's see481.283.599
what's in it482.966.16
oh oh gosh [ __ ] are they alive484.8794.241
that was something maybe they could be489.364.88
our friends i would love that so much491.444.479
is that what this is494.243.76
well okay maybe495.9193.601
yeah they're just in here but they're498.03.039
they seem docile i must have missed499.522.399
i mean uh it wants us to destroy the501.9195.12
non-active machines okay so504.085.04
anybody got one of those yeah oh yeah507.0394.401
loaded up yeah exactly all right so509.125.919
that's it we need to destroy511.443.599
do it all right do it i don't think i516.325.68
did it how did that not do it um518.325.92
the [ __ ] was that did someone shoot yeah522.05.04
we were moving in sorry524.244.8
all it took was one shot527.043.68
of course it took one shot that was529.043.2
hey guys it's me uncle thick again quick537.125.2
question does yogurt go bad guess what539.926.08
we have an updated spreadshirt shop yep542.326.24
we've got a bunch of [ __ ] like throw546.06.24
pillows buttons hats aprons duffel bags548.566.399
with random body parts another hat fanny552.245.12
packs who doesn't want that bandana for554.9594.88
your dog or something to choke your cat557.366.479
anyways i'm on sleepy pills559.8394.0
what stop my liquid picks today where am566.725.36
i uncle big that's the [ __ ] you need and569.2795.801
all right i'm looking at the war map580.484.0
here it looks like there is a naval base582.084.24
on the west coast584.483.919
and it uh might contain a radio tower586.323.519
and as such might be a good place to588.3993.601
find either any remaining military589.8394.481
forces or the means to contact someone592.04.399
else for help that's what we're doing594.323.519
next man they're all dead you know596.3992.721
they're all dead they're probably all597.8394.0
dead but hey cowabunga right yeah man599.125.6
yeah cowboy listen the map also appears601.8395.281
to have something that looks quite quite604.724.72
a lot like a nipple oh yeah well you're607.123.839
you're using vinyls in here huh609.444.0
something yeah just above db man that610.9594.401
looks like a nice little nip should we613.443.519
go there what's going on here vinyl off615.363.28
we're going to the nip i don't think we616.9593.681
need to go to the nip i mean at some618.643.92
point i'd like to visit the nip the620.644.48
nipple on the way um i think not no622.564.56
there's there's no nipple okay all right625.125.88
let's get the hell out of here627.123.88
who's paying the electric bill634.724.54
not us637.26.28
what's in here a baseball bat we're651.5194.961
using a grenade we are absolutely using653.924.24
a grenade next thing we do is a grenade656.484.08
thing yep thieves i've never loved you658.165.52
more i love you too simon oh pants660.563.98
taking them663.684.719
uh yep we got robots up ahead guarding668.3994.481
the entrance all right so is it is it670.724.32
good for you to shut your light off do i672.883.76
understand that correctly thank you it675.043.359
probably yeah it probably helps okay676.643.759
just saying don't like your new outfit678.3993.601
oh thank you so much i like changing680.3993.44
them because i find them so often so682.04.0
this isn't the naval base do we want to683.8394.0
go around this or try to go through it686.03.44
you know what we should have a team up687.8393.521
in the hills and a t a team down here on689.442.959
the road691.362.479
down the road all right you're on the692.3994.241
road yeah okay uh who wants to go with693.8395.281
him who wants to hang out with me i do696.644.639
it'll be a jolly good old699.124.159
oh okay all right i'm going to the app701.2793.761
store door all right sweet we're coming703.2793.68
up into the hills yep705.044.4
wait needs a new me okay it's gonna be706.9594.961
me let's do it baby okay709.443.92
you guys have a lot to live up to i'm711.923.359
kind of flawless on the forward unit713.364.479
damn i miss you boo-boo oh you can see715.2794.721
me up here717.8394.081
he's just up there simon he's a sexy720.04.92
so far i don't see any more robots730.885.199
oh yeah i do i do i do oh yeah we do734.04.48
it's coming out there it is736.0794.0
oh he's looking for he's getting it see738.483.76
somebody he's skating count three three740.0794.801
two one742.242.64
these robots are dead already yeah and754.0794.081
you can't take [ __ ] out of them all756.0794.081
right i see you guys758.164.08
i swear absolutely there's something up760.164.239
yeah that was me i was like oh [ __ ] will765.24.56
you stop that oh god why why why it's767.044.08
about to go into769.763.44
battle it's combat why771.124.959
oh it's a little [ __ ] oh get it get that773.25.439
that was really loud yeah i know776.0794.481
my bad guys sorry778.6394.88
oh there's another great780.566.399
do you have any quieter spider783.5193.44
[ __ ] me795.2792.481
oh god799.444.639
that's a big boy oh [ __ ] neebs800.3993.68
big boy806.242.88
it's like one of those hundreds we just807.62.49
beat sam yeah809.122.719
did you hear811.8394.081
that did you hear that no812.8395.961
oh here we go now i see something is he815.925.039
bigger than normal that's a big one yeah818.84.64
we need to lay a trap for this guy um820.9594.481
we have a pretty good shot at him uh up823.444.079
in the hills neebs do you have any uh825.444.48
boom boxes and explosives uh yeah i827.5194.481
think so one second lure him in and we829.925.12
can throw grenades at him yes okay832.05.279
see this tree i'll put a line of them by835.043.68
the tree okay837.2792.721
there okay uh boombox ready oh you got a840.05.36
little one coming after you842.883.84
got the little one don't waste it on the845.363.919
little one who's taking the shot i think846.724.72
a few of us are just to make sure is my849.2794.881
radio oh there's a drone oh god there's851.444.639
a bunch of things coming don't waste a854.164.0
little one whoa there's a little tickle856.0793.601
me hold up don't waste it on the little858.163.44
got it cut the little one all right861.64.16
where's that big one don't see him863.444.56
oh god one two three dogs three865.764.879
i made a882.242.719
yeah yeah nice898.883.36
leave the enemy threat from the naval900.724.0
base all right three out of five902.245.039
i got you baby bam904.726.16
yeah got one yep we're good907.2793.601
oh i got that one910.9594.0
okay did we get the big one i don't know912.3994.081
i think we would know right you would914.9592.721
uh does anyone did simon die no i'm917.685.599
sorry oh we're fine920.9593.921
anyone got explosives oh wait maybe i923.2793.441
got a different type of explosive we got924.883.6
land mines we also still have grenades926.723.2
that we haven't used that's right we928.483.039
wanted to use the map929.922.89
what's the plan i know we have grenades936.484.799
but what's the plan938.322.959
instructions again and again because i945.8393.601
[ __ ] up already i don't see this guy947.5193.201
i don't either i mean he was there right950.724.32
yeah it wasn't i'm sure simon didn't953.1993.361
blow him up i mean do you think you'd be955.043.359
able to see him from way up there yeah i956.563.36
mean i can see your dumb ass from way up958.3993.841
here yeah but what if i went like this959.924.32
i can still see you about now962.244.159
uh not anymore still see simon though964.243.76
maybe he's doing this right yeah but why966.3993.281
would he be hiding behind a building i968.02.8
see both969.683.12
this guy's got to be either gone or dead970.83.599
i keep hearing him he's like rhyme right972.83.2
guys are you sure that's him i don't974.3994.081
know no we're not sure976.04.56
tell you what i'm going in it's taking978.486.32
long enough where are you at buddy980.566.24
hey hi boy984.84.08
i shot him986.83.76
i shot him right in the face988.884.16
he's in the warehouse oh what a twist990.564.48
all right so if he's in the warehouse993.043.76
should we be using our grenades neebs995.043.2
yeah you ready996.83.36
there he is hold on998.246.68
i'll throw it me too i'm sorry1000.164.76
who the hell was that1011.7594.64
i don't know well we threw the grenades1013.684.64
that's what it was oh goddamn warehouses1016.3994.401
on fire oh yeah and also this tanker1018.324.4
right here like there's a big explosion1020.83.84
right oh god oh boy did you kill it1022.724.8
suffocating probably yes we did we did1024.646.48
kill it okay congrats yeah hey hold on1027.526.24
am i dying maybe i gotta take this1031.124.64
you're fine you've gotta breathe you're1033.763.84
right you've got like the shot hey did1035.763.199
we kill this thing1037.64.4
yes we did it's dead oh yeah1038.9594.24
look at that1042.04.24
toast he seemed bigger before1043.1995.041
you guys are a questionable forward unit1046.243.439
all right dora and i are coming down we1048.245.04
gotta check out that radio tower1049.6795.521
oh i found what's disrupting our1053.284.72
it's gone1058.2410.23

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In their latest video, things really heat up when the crew stumbles upon this massive robot in a huge warehouse. I'm talking like skyscraper-sized robot. It must be the boss battle of the century! You can tell things are about to go down based on the music and camera work. It gets your adrenaline pumping for sure.

From what I can gather in the storyline so far, the world is on the brink of a robot apocalypse and it's up to Neebs and the gang to try and stop it. They uncovered some new information in this episode that I think will help them take down the big bad boss bot. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but let's just say they have a fighting chance now.

The best part is Neebs Gaming's cinematic style really makes you feel immersed in the action. The camera angles, sound effects, and editing draw you into the world in a way that's unlike any other gaming channel. It's like you're watching a big budget action movie! Except you get cool gameplay too.

I seriously can't wait to see what happens next. Will they be able to defeat the robot army and save humanity? With Neebs Gaming's awesome cinematic approach, it's almost better than playing the game yourself. You get all the excitement without having to grind through the levels. Anyway, I could gush about this forever but I'll wrap it up. Neebs FTW!

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