We Found a Giant Gnome!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! You won't believe what the guys are up to in their latest video - they're heading out west in search of...
We Found a Giant Gnome!!! - Grounded
We Found a Giant Gnome!!! - Grounded

We Found a Giant Gnome!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we found a giant gnome out west, can you believe it?

simon: Oh man, that gnome was something else! I never thought we'd actually find it, but here we are, making dreams come true!

appsro: Haha, yeah, it was a wild adventure trying to track down that giant gnome. But hey, anything is possible with the Neebs Gaming crew!

neebs: Absolutely, nothing can stop us from finding the most ridiculous things out there. That gnome may have been grounded, but we sure weren't!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! You won't believe what the guys are up to in their latest video - they're heading out west in search of the mythical giant Gnome! I mean, how cool is that? I've been waiting for this episode to drop for ages because I just know it's going to be epic.

Make sure you hit that subscribe button and check out their Dumpster channel for even more hilarious content. And if you want to show your support, they've got a Patreon where you can help them keep creating awesome videos. Plus, don't forget to grab some sweet Neebs Gaming merch to show off your love for the channel.

I swear, these guys never disappoint. And with Xidax PCs powering their gaming setup, you know the graphics are going to be top-notch. Be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date with all their latest adventures - you won't want to miss a single moment.

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming, check out their playlists for even more content. From cartoons to games like Minecraft and GTA V, they've got something for everyone. And with Subnautica and Scrap Mechanic thrown into the mix, you know you're in for a wild ride. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for the guys to uncover the secrets of the giant Gnome out west!

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come out you want to mess with this you0.424.62
think I'm scared of spiders now do you2.943.66
think he is because I don't think he is5.043.599
the way he's talking come out I'm gonna6.63.9
back you into the corner little corner8.6394.281
of Shame10.52.42
all right guys we're gonna make this24.724.2
little camping site okay we're going to26.344.38
let's set this as our respawn point that28.924.62
makes sense okay so we need to make30.724.98
bombs and in order to do that we got to33.544.38
get inside that stupid it Hill over35.73.6
there I got one that I'm looking at37.923.74
right now39.36.24
yeah that's that's it let's see I got my41.666.28
shield got this oh man I wish I had some45.545.4
sort of light maybe I can just uh yeah47.944.86
maybe I could just um yeah yeah I mean52.84.02
do we think about that don't worry why55.0793.361
don't you be the light I'll be the light56.824.86
so uh none of us are gonna be disguised58.444.74
even though we have the capability of61.683.24
doing that uh no all of our armor is63.183.9
broken we need more mic fuzz oh all64.923.9
right but you're the most disguised so67.083.899
you are the most disguised all right you68.824.2
guys ready to run you won Simon you guys70.9794.441
ready yes yes all right and in three two73.024.74
let's do it75.423.73
boy I'm getting gunked up back here with89.846.599
them all turning toward you guys okay92.344.099
follow me oh boy okay here we go yeah101.07.36
I'm the one moving all right I'm running104.425.339
with him108.365.119
all right can you go faster109.7596.581
yeah any larva you see we we need it113.4795.441
yeah we need to make bombs all right I'm116.345.54
gonna get some more uh118.922.96
okay I'm underwater but I'll tell you124.5794.361
what go ahead127.564.339
all right128.942.959
all right all right all right a little132.723.72
moment of wrist man that worked out kind134.944.019
of nice for me it did all right so uh136.445.46
what do I got I got two larva what do138.9595.461
you guys get I got uh I got I got one141.95.059
red ant eggs144.425.7
uh red ant egg oh boy that wasn't good146.9595.441
no yeah we need more than that so uh why150.123.78
don't we uh keep uh keep moving you152.43.419
ready you ready yeah yeah let's go let's153.93.12
go let's go155.8193.121
and by the way don't play as over the157.023.66
fact that I got the most oh here we go158.944.76
oh yeah160.683.02
oh this is dumb this stuff tickles I'm171.266.82
going upright upright upright right and175.444.26
then even further right even further178.086.68
okay right behind you all right guys179.75.06
I I missed I can't move I can't move192.54.14
come on holy I'm going down it196.644.959
looks like I'm leading the way going200.5194.201
down to the right that's a further to201.5994.581
the right204.724.2
this is not good probably Frozen to the206.185.559
right person I like the double rights208.925.099
those are good yeah double right now211.7394.441
you're behind me to the right following214.0194.881
here oh man is this what I think it is216.185.339
what is that what is that oh dude that's218.95.38
a uh that's a verbal thing what the hell221.5196.541
get out of here oh my God don't let the224.286.179
skeleton there holy crap can't believe I228.063.539
found you guys I dropped that off230.4593.931
hanging left all lefts231.5993.141
how do we get out of here240.7395.64
oh my God we're back we're back at the246.3795.451
same place249.9594.97
exactly oh my God fine oh you're not we255.8597.56
are the furthest room fine you're right260.947.16
oh I had the most threaded eggs263.4197.96
yeah yeah we're not going back in there275.93.64
without a full set of hand armor right278.044.5
okay we need might fuzz too should I279.544.2
just go break away get some might fuzz282.542.52
real quick yeah tell you what you do283.742.76
that Simon do you have any more room in285.063.419
your inventory yeah I'll tell you what286.56.259
then while we're in here oh get it um288.4796.901
arrows or something with this stuff oh292.7595.741
okay so yeah this is mint I think it295.386.24
applies some sort of uh cooling effect I298.55.82
don't know yeah but yeah but yeah we'll301.624.82
uh not good for your teeth304.324.74
at all no but yeah so if you get that306.444.0
door yeah you want to go get that bike309.064.199
Buzz I will because I'm gonna go back to310.445.52
base and I guess make as many Bobs as I313.2594.921
can yeah we can do this better oh yeah315.964.44
yeah we're professionals we are all318.184.32
right you got it seven yep I'm from320.44.5
professional mid picker upper okay let's322.53.84
go let's go let's go let's go right all324.93.72
right hell out of here326.344.94
all right328.622.66
crap I was only able to make two bombs333.9795.741
oh well maybe that'll be enough man okay336.664.92
we needed more fungal growth but yeah I339.723.12
feel like yeah we keep running across341.583.6
things that need those bombs so yeah but342.844.139
these extra ant eggs I don't want to345.183.66
leave them in the house no we know that346.9794.321
no wait351.32.48
oh this is amazing355.9794.261
kill these357.9795.201
so uh oh I got an idea what if we put360.244.38
them out on some of these lily pads and363.184.14
then we have pet ants on a lily pad I364.624.68
that's perfect367.325.46
I like your little ant snow man yeah all369.34.86
right five little ant babies Let's uh372.783.0
let's go to bed maybe we'll be here in374.163.78
the morning all right this is like375.784.979
Christmas Eve or any other holiday that377.946.46
you get a present the next day380.7598.061
we got babies393.4795.28
can they make it you can't make it up396.1395.141
little ant babies on a lily pad what are398.7594.621
they gonna do oh we've seen what they401.283.9
can do they can make wraps and stuff403.385.159
yeah one of them's a soldier in oh well405.186.12
that's a big that's a big boy that's a408.5395.28
big brother yeah oh411.34.44
at least you got a soldier in guys413.8193.66
you're gonna die but at least with your415.744.34
soul drum417.4792.601
dummies yeah we did it though yeah all420.1396.28
right what's up what's up I'm thinking424.623.98
today let me look at the map426.4194.981
we've explored a lot of this region I428.64.42
don't want to go into the gas region431.44.739
this yet let's uh let's head out west so433.024.92
you want to head out to the wild west is436.1393.861
what you're saying we need us a western437.944.62
Adventure I think we're ready for the440.05.139
West how about you pack up the wagon442.564.759
right there501.083.119
let me get the spider it's attention you514.74.839
get Simon out of there okay hold on I'm517.683.299
getting I'm going I'm going oh God519.5394.62
there's another surprise there's another520.9794.381
spider there's another spider don't524.1593.62
all right535.944.529
I need to heal myself547.643.84
all right everyone everyone meet up meet553.2795.201
up yeah oh Circle up we're getting555.7795.581
tougher boys yeah oh what is that oh the558.484.44
little oh man come on you think I'm561.364.56
scared of you look at you I am right now562.926.18
I am yeah look at you you're just a565.925.28
little you're just a little turd I'll569.14.62
hit it too yeah it won't hit it yeah571.25.759
yeah hold on yeah never mind we got it573.726.78
we got it yeah yeah yeah I'm a spider576.9595.701
get up here Yep this is New Territory oh586.266.36
really yeah let's see what is that oh589.985.9
it's a bombardier beetle592.623.26
they make good stuff we need this guy596.224.619
all right I'm gonna get up over here he597.8994.5
just shot his load all over you yeah he600.8392.361
all right604.883.12
yeah take a swing616.643.84
very cool all right let me look around621.0194.241
yeah let's take a peek you see anything623.4594.261
Dora another no that's uh another orb625.265.04
weaver a couple or Weavers up this way627.724.44
let's see yeah all right we're gonna630.33.78
head out west what is that I think I see632.163.84
I think I see a garden gnome634.083.72
so yeah let's just start continue our636.04.38
adventure see what we can find I uh I637.84.02
feel like since this is a new point for640.384.44
us though let me set up one of these or641.824.5
we were uh just in front of me by the644.823.66
way oh crap so this is probably um one646.325.28
heading your way oh God yeah yeah I648.485.94
wasn't lying about it okay you guys can651.64.26
get down here come on get down here set654.422.82
your spawn point real quick let's run655.864.099
okay okay657.242.719
you think he is because I don't think he672.0795.801
is the way he's talking come out I'm675.064.62
gonna back you into the corner to a677.882.959
corner of Shame679.685.0
oh another one's coming no another one680.8396.401
yes another one is right behind it's684.685.7
right it's coming at you right now687.243.14
oh boy Jesus come on now694.5795.741
keep going keep going I'm right above698.184.36
you oh my God go left go left go and700.324.32
left follow me follow me I can't see you702.543.539
I'm right behind you Jesus Christ all704.642.52
right what are you saying follow you706.0793.121
turn around Simon all right follow me707.166.299
follow you now alone709.24.259
come on745.163.119
there we go good for you749.3394.801
yeah we're good can you get to us Dora751.74.72
are you in the can no we are not in the754.145.639
can there's a gold tooth up here oh crap756.425.159
you're at the can a gold tooth and759.7794.74
there's a hot dog hey yep yep I'm at the761.5794.5
can okay all right Tyler we're falling764.5194.071
back to the can nice did you say hot dog766.0794.921
oh we get upgrades and yeah that's773.043.9
a milk Muller if we could get if we775.53.0
could find a science station we could776.944.22
upgrade all of us778.55.639
yeah there's my wrinkly hot dog all781.164.479
right let's see yeah I like your wrinkly784.1393.661
hot dog let's see if we can tell you785.6393.541
what let's try to make it over to that787.82.94
Garden though oh there's a spider789.183.54
right underneath there790.745.88
for your wrinkly hot dog792.725.52
there it is right here that's it you're796.624.58
right there Simon I see you798.242.96
get up there if you can get to the tip804.543.299
of it and give it a little scratch it'd806.3993.421
be awesome oh I could see it from here807.8393.421
and I don't think I can get up there809.823.24
that's a shame but you know what I think811.263.78
with this ax I got you can check in the813.064.14
hot dog I think I can Harvest hot dogs815.044.799
shut up oh please please here's what817.23.84
we're gonna do we're gonna set up camp819.8392.94
beside this hot dog821.043.72
and we're eating hot dog tonight Camp822.7795.18
hot dog yep yep824.763.199
all right boys thanks for help on829.263.9
building the base of course and as a830.885.54
reward hot dogs833.166.0
that is not how I expected whoa no not836.424.96
at all that's a lot of the harvesting839.165.84
are these little hot dog beds yeah841.383.62
it's called Fresh846.366.539
I'm so happy yeah I wish I wish I was849.0195.681
hungry I'm not I'm gonna have to save it852.8994.021
oh that's a good thing to say I think854.74.199
I'm gonna come here by the fire856.925.359
hmm open my inventory858.8997.161
just consume one fresh Billy hog bite862.2796.941
oh yeah I'm gonna do that yeah you eat866.065.74
getting cold oh I see big grass moving869.225.46
oh I think we might be okay yeah but871.84.86
yeah it is dark I say we consume874.683.959
whatever hot dog we want to and we go to876.664.7
bed we will continue exploring tomorrow878.6395.281
rotten food I got a bunch of rotten food881.364.3
yeah pick that up too maybe that'll be883.923.419
used in like I don't know some sort of885.664.44
recipe we'll do it okay887.33910.06
neighbors are gonna be jealous of this897.984.9
adventure maybe this has been fun oh899.824.5
okay we're on that end of the pond902.883.899
there's the pond and uh what is that904.326.3
there's the tree it's like an old uh uh906.7796.661
speaker what is that Frankie line sure910.625.339
oh Etch A Sketch kind of thing huh oh913.446.06
cool so wait wait use this I don't hold915.9597.38
up hold up oh yeah yeah do something919.55.459
better though who's gonna get on the923.3394.74
left side left oh you can uh what do you924.9595.341
do you're standing on it oh yeah go up928.0795.401
to it and hit e oh like okay hold on e930.37.64
ah all right so there's that right933.488.58
okay what is that the letter L yep we'll937.946.94
go ahead oh uh oh I'm I'm doing this too942.065.399
here okay going back okay maybe we can944.885.04
do that all right now we've got a some947.4594.82
type of a graph949.926.18
let's see now look at that that could be952.2795.62
a bird that actually could be a bird now956.15.76
it's uh this is abstract yeah I see a957.8995.781
butcher like a butcher knife961.864.74
Deli slicer Deli slicer all right that's963.684.959
good Simon all right we should actually966.64.32
try to draw something968.6393.661
yeah now it's getting a little weird970.923.24
from my taste oh yeah I know it's yeah972.35.219
wait so hold on yeah draw down so wait974.164.859
can you got to be able to erase it right977.5194.861
you gotta shake it uh oh yeah zap color979.0197.38
yeah that'll do it okay yeah well man I982.385.459
feel like we should make a base out here986.3993.721
just because we're by that yeah I mean987.8393.961
that thing's cool it's cool Landmark990.125.219
okay all right but from here yeah where991.87.5
to go I guess let's just keep going um995.3395.641
let's keep going this way we'll follow999.33.02
the wall yeah1000.987.529
oh wait is that that garden gnome right1014.363.659
in front of us It's gotta be that's oh1016.222.4
it is1018.0195.0
let's see all right mosquitoes over1029.744.9
there I'm gonna go check out this gnome1032.64.44
check out the gnome you see all these1034.645.1
bees up at the the picnic that gone1037.044.68
wrong up there oh wow yeah goodness1039.744.439
gracious oh because there's a Honey Jar1041.724.8
up there uh-huh and a soda1044.1794.62
they know what they like we could1046.523.779
probably use that honey right let's see1048.7993.661
of course can we get anything from this1050.2993.781
dumb gnome1052.463.42
would be pretty cool to have a face1054.083.42
right under its legs but these wolf1055.882.88
spiders walking around and we're right1057.53.059
here on mosquitoville can I shoot this1058.764.44
thing what is this thing I don't know1060.5594.98
whatever it's holding1063.24.62
it's called it says the Tully's1065.5393.861
what is that I don't know1069.46.46
everybody gang up on this mosquito I'm1073.0594.961
shooting it all right I'll be front man1075.864.64
with Shield1078.022.48
damn you come come down here you dummy1080.5595.98
yeah come down here dummy1084.025.3
there we go1086.5392.781
I used to be scared of y'all remember we1089.5593.841
all work1092.243.26
I got my voice1093.46.22
oh boy so close you want to sting me I'm1095.55.799
about to stand1099.624.4
man we kicked some ass today right in1105.946.34
the middle of a gnome's crotch he should1109.466.26
have known better yeah1112.283.44

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Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where the guys head out west to find the mythical giant Gnome, and it was hilarious! The banter between the guys as they traveled through the old west was comedy gold. Neebs kept going on these long-winded stories that made no sense, while Thick was grumbling about his horse the whole time. And watching them finally come face-to-face with the giant Gnome was amazing - the cinematics were movie-quality, I couldn't believe it was actual gameplay footage.

The amazing thing about Neebs Gaming is they take these open world sandbox games and turn them into cinematic experiences. Their editing and voice-acting brings the story to life in a way that makes it feel like you're watching a sitcom or movie, not just watching someone play a game. And they go all-out on production value - custom costumes, sets, music etc - it's clear how much love and effort they put into their videos.

Honestly their videos are the next best thing to playing these games yourself. Sure, you don't get the gameplay experience, but you get the story and laughs without having to grind through all the tedious parts of actually playing. It's like they take the best parts of gaming and turn it into entertainment anyone can enjoy.

So if you're looking for a good laugh and want to experience the adventures in these open world games, Neebs Gaming is a must-watch. It's amazing the high quality content they put out week after week. I really can't recommend their videos enough, especially if you want to enjoy the world of gaming in a fresh new way. Neebs and the crew are brilliant entertainers and their videos are always the highlight of my week!

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