DON'T SWIM in the LAVA - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episode 26? It's a real treat, le...
DON'T SWIM in the LAVA - Ark Fjordur
DON'T SWIM in the LAVA - Ark Fjordur

DON'T SWIM in the LAVA - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen that latest Ark video with the title 'DON'T SWIM in the LAVA'? It's pure gold!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That one's a classic. I mean, who wouldn't want to see us trying to swim in lava, right?

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget about those hiccups we had along the way. It's like watching a comedy show!

appsro: Haha, yeah, those hiccups were the best part. I don't think any other tribe could pull off swimming in lava like we did!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episode 26? It's a real treat, let me tell you. The tribes are finally united, and they're gearing up to take on Thick's wyvern. But of course, things don't always go according to plan for our favorite group of noobs.

If you haven't already, make sure to head over to Neebs Magic Dumpster on YouTube to catch all the action. The boys may run into a few hiccups along the way, but that just adds to the excitement, right? And if you're a fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, you definitely don't want to miss out on this epic showdown.

Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to Neebs Gaming for more awesome content. They've got a whole playlist dedicated to Ark: Survival Evolved, so you can binge-watch all the adventures of our favorite noobs. Plus, they've got some killer coffee and merch available, so you can show off your love for Neebs Gaming wherever you go.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another wild ride with the Neebs Gaming crew. You won't be disappointed! Thanks for tuning in, and as always, stay awesome, Neebs Gaming family.

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you can use mayonnaise as butter0.2995.46
substitute while making a grilled cheese3.124.739
as a butter substitute yes have you ever5.7594.561
done that no gross mayonnaise gross7.8594.86
mayonnaise and a butter substitute yeah10.324.92
if you don't even warm mayonnaise yeah12.7196.781
no just warm gooey white mayonnaise on15.246.84
my sandwich no stop what do you well no19.55.46
you put it on there you butter or you22.084.08
make your sandwich then you put24.962.7
mayonnaise where you would put butter26.163.48
then you put it into the frying pan and27.664.08
it fries you're going to hell let's go29.643.54
to hell everyone in the chat right now31.743.18
is calling you an idiot I don't know how33.184.1
many shouldn't even be on a sandwich you38.65.619
know what you're you're just a crazy41.824.68
person and it's just gross you want beef44.2194.381
sandwich Man without no man no you don't46.53.539
need roast you don't need mayonnaise on48.63.36
a roast beef yeah I need it you want50.0393.601
ketchup you just want to have some51.963.439
ketchup with you53.644.68
freaking child I bet you use ketchup as55.3995.381
a marinara sauce yeah you probably58.324.68
prefer that Anthony you're not liking60.784.08
Mayo you're you're on my shoes I like63.05.04
Mayo just cold just add pounds pounds64.865.7
yeah Mayo yeah good God you put it on68.044.079
there you slather it next thing you know70.563.54
your fat asses you're like Brendan72.1193.901
Fraser and the whale74.15.28
yeah eating pizza farting and mayonnaise76.028.06
winning Oscars I'll take it79.384.7
nibs yeah I just heard the dumbest133.924.319
conversation oh really that's gotta be a136.144.08
doozy well yeah I still got uh Simon in138.2394.441
my in my headset here and uh yeah you140.223.56
ever had142.684.98
bananas I'm so dumb mayonnaise on a143.785.679
grilled cheese like as a butter147.663.659
substitute I mean mayonnaise is on so149.4593.36
many sandwich I mean you go to a Subway151.3193.42
place or any kind of sub sandwich you're152.8193.0
going to end up with mayonnaise and154.7392.64
cheese together yeah the cold is one155.8193.541
thing but like on the pan like fried157.3794.08
into the bread more okay you ever done159.364.019
that that's amazing you don't even know161.4593.36
it's mayonnaise anymore I just think163.3792.761
it's a common thing I think it happens164.8193.601
all the time by accident I think it's on166.144.679
the best grilled cheeses uh it's168.423.899
intentionally done to make them the best170.8194.041
grilled cheese okay172.3194.92
they're gonna put mayonnaise and cheese174.863.94
in the same sandwich right unless you177.2393.36
don't ask for mayonnaise it's gonna178.83.78
happen everyone's done what does cheese180.5993.121
have to do with anything I don't know182.582.519
what you're talking about sandwiches or183.723.18
they have cheese all the time yeah I185.0993.061
know but like what's that have to do186.92.88
with the sub all right let's move what188.163.54
are we doing here so this is where we189.783.239
used to live can you believe that right191.72.94
over here did you know where we lived193.0193.841
accidentally I put those little mines in194.643.54
the underwater over here they196.863.18
accidentally killed me oh one over here198.184.559
dude yeah oh sure it's awesome I love200.045.1
that great job paid off okay I'm gonna202.7394.321
need you to pull out your uh crossbow205.144.5
with your grapple hook there we go all207.064.14
right now this is going to be kind of209.643.54
dangerous what are we doing uh you're211.23.899
gonna grapple to my butt oh my God I'm213.183.479
gonna take you down to our Lair you215.0993.42
ready for me to Grapple how excited are216.6593.781
you to see where we lived right up in218.5193.961
the butt right in the butt220.444.56
okay here we go hold your breath this is222.485.039
the dumbest [ __ ] ever here we go up225.05.099
shark yeah I know so thank you everyone227.5194.8
have found us no no I hate being230.0994.56
underwater in here gotcha but I'm glad232.3194.021
that you234.6593.0
we had to236.343.72
oh my God this is insane it's insane237.6594.16
isn't it yeah yeah240.066.86
in the butthole of the depths all right241.8195.101
we're safe here forever you are not247.0194.021
close to finding us no I don't know why249.064.02
you ever messed with us stay here we're251.044.38
good all right you good yeah all right253.084.559
and then raise the Enemy Lines are in255.424.499
the enemy anus here we are home sweet257.6394.141
home I just want to get up there what is259.9193.901
going oh I got that261.784.44
um how do I grapple did you how do I let263.826.86
go it's amazing we brought you guys down266.224.46
I think it's control or C or something272.184.6
oh just sit do you know did you try274.745.28
those two you got a controller see276.787.1
on my way there we go280.023.86
I feel less proud now of our285.724.979
accomplishments dude I will grapple your288.365.399
face I swear to God290.6996.801
all right the tour continues293.7593.741
Anthony have you been over here at all298.83.839
once to collect some stuff on the beach300.725.6
but not much further in okay302.6393.681
okay so yeah we gotta Scout this area313.465.5
and let's see I don't want to anger a316.2595.041
wyvern no see you with me yeah what's318.964.019
our mission are we just like our mission321.33.36
is to eventually we gotta get a dragon322.9793.121
dragon to the milk to feed the baby326.13.72
right but what are we doing how can we328.383.48
help that we're scouting right now and329.823.42
trying to figure out a spot where we331.865.179
could possibly set up a base okay333.243.799
okay man that's a deep old trench no339.04.38
just full of them look at it oh there's341.13.36
a dragon rival343.384.259
oh good good good good good good okay so344.465.4
then we're gonna sing it out all right347.6396.9
do you see me uh oh crap yes okay349.866.54
um we where do you think would be a good354.5393.841
spot to set up base356.44.44
maybe like this Cliff here because it358.384.02
seems kind of empty of threads but it's360.843.299
pretty close yeah wait is this a cave362.44.92
right here check this out oh364.1394.981
okay no that's the difference no it's367.324.219
not this is369.122.419
oh yeah we already have this is the base372.34.2
that we need to build like in other374.223.419
words we don't need to build anything376.53.78
it's purple inside oh it is it is purple377.6394.141
all right let's take it I don't know380.282.16
to do don't worry Simon I won't drop you382.443.36
all right you could die if I do I don't384.02.58
want that385.83.42
it crystals oh wait go I think it goes386.585.399
into the trench could be good oh yeah389.225.34
into the trench it's the same rocks so391.9795.101
we can use this to try to escape yeah394.564.44
you know what yeah let's set up uh can397.083.48
we build it here I know some caves are a399.03.919
little iffy about it let's see but yeah400.564.44
we'll try to build a few foundations402.9193.521
we'll set up uh we'll set up at the405.04.699
mouth of this place to the mouth406.443.259
all right Dora take your pick we got410.884.98
bets we got pterodons you have a used413.466.54
bat lot yeah okay I will take uh there's415.868.04
a tubby but tubby yeah I'm gonna take420.06.419
potabi and Simon's gonna take patuts423.94.919
you're taking the pterodons oh wait my426.4195.581
bad where's the bads oh hey what are you428.8196.241
talking about all right well they were432.05.4
backlit and very silhouetted I didn't435.064.68
know what I was looking at all right437.45.34
um Miss Dick Grayson and Jason Todd for439.744.98
Simon Jason Todd oh yeah that great442.744.5
choice thank you thank you you can drive444.724.699
that home today for free447.244.92
I can't yeah okay oh you got to put the449.4194.541
things on right oh yeah yeah thank you452.163.96
so much all right yeah we'll wrap this453.964.2
up for you now listen what I do do I456.124.019
have to oh hey man Wonder did I just458.164.439
gotta use these floor mats could I get460.1394.5
the upgraded floor mats I just threw my462.5994.261
bed out didn't I yeah you did we have to464.6393.661
wait for it now you're rubbing off on me466.863.54
what's going on here which part did you468.33.78
say I was dumb gum I said you're rubbing470.43.78
off on me did you did you take it that472.082.88
you meant it that way474.963.079
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]478.53.74
yellow Batman483.1993.301
oh boy he's dumb oh God oh God all right489.3195.081
yep yep yep yep why did we set up here492.725.36
okay okay got him got it494.46.84
stop it did you say got him uh yeah I498.085.559
got him cheese Batman the hell did you501.244.019
kill that maybe on where's where's the503.6393.0
other Batman what are you fighting out505.2594.62
there stop it stop it stop it oh God506.6395.46
Beyond do not get in front of me yellow509.8794.381
Batman I need you to stop fighting a512.0994.32
[ __ ] spider get over here514.264.62
okay this is too close to the wyverns516.4194.62
yeah I mean Hey listen though I mean518.884.079
maybe we just got unlucky521.0394.92
and he's dead we should probably put a522.9595.841
bed down right525.9596.181
crap crap528.87.3
oh hi how you doing back there this is532.145.819
scary this is bad [ __ ] crazy isn't this536.13.66
crazy yeah this is what we had to do to537.9595.761
survive good oh boy oh what am I allowed539.766.06
what a jump okay I Really Wanna oh543.723.6
that's how you do get him up here come545.824.019
on yeah there you go how do I let go547.324.44
again though yeah it was controller C549.8393.721
wasn't it oh551.764.56
yeah so now let's see which one is which553.565.16
uh which one was yours which bet I don't556.324.8
remember the names Miss Dick Grayson or558.724.679
Jason Todd I think I was the dick racing561.125.279
Miss Dick Grayson okay one Dick Grayson563.3995.041
coming up Dick Grayson boom there you go566.3994.081
oh something else I want to give you568.444.92
what okay so right here beautiful what570.486.24
and Bam equip that on your uh your chest573.365.46
plate oh why is that what is it yeah I576.723.299
don't know why you guys didn't never use578.822.76
these they're great oh because we're580.0194.32
dumb oh remember remember that one581.584.14
remember that I didn't say that I said584.3393.0
you rubbed off on me you did you find a585.723.84
roundabouts well you're just a master of587.3395.161
if you messed up you messed up there you589.565.16
messed up I did and then you blame592.54.38
outwardly I got yeah I guess when I said594.723.9
that all right so uh now you have a bat596.885.399
you got a wingsuit the bat yeah you're598.625.339
good to go I can't ride the bat oh you602.2793.301
can't oh that's right I should have gave603.9593.661
you the thing to here I think I can do605.584.319
this though I can go okay here I think I607.623.839
hit unclaim and then you claim it one609.8993.481
second boom unclaimed now can you claim611.4594.161
it damn right613.384.98
yeah what's up Dick Grayson you're615.625.56
better at stamina There You Go Wings up618.364.44
so much it's fun I don't know how to fly621.183.96
them but I can't wait that's right I622.84.86
love it I love this new tribe me too625.144.44
it's about time all right let's get out627.665.64
of here ah crap oh my God somebody629.586.66
rubbed off on me who's that633.37.56
I think I bumped into myself well played636.247.98
all right Simon crafted in a bed putting640.865.099
it down thanks for all your help boom644.223.72
listen I know I didn't help I tried to645.9593.781
help I'd kill this thing I wasted all my647.943.12
bullets on this thing and I couldn't649.744.339
even kill it okay here you go Anthony651.065.16
Simon hold down the fort I'm gonna take654.0795.521
Anthony to get his stuff back all right656.225.4
oh you want to just fly your back yeah659.63.52
why don't you why don't I fly bat and661.623.48
you uh you you just be a lookout okay663.123.68
I'll be Lookout all right665.13.72
Simon build something built more666.84.3
Foundation please I don't have any tools668.825.88
I only brought uh food a gun some tracks671.15.52
and and armor that's it that's all I got674.73.24
you're killing it Simon I don't care676.623.24
yeah listen I didn't even want to be677.943.3
here today Anthony getting on your bed679.863.0
or not yeah I wish I could you're flying681.244.52
it oh is this yours682.862.9
yeah follow me to the cave yeah I hope688.945.2
you both die thank you692.164.56
Simon's not very nice we're fishing yeah694.144.5
more helpful or really that smart but I696.724.5
love them I can't hear you what oh sorry698.644.199
thank you702.8393.961
all right no dragons no dragons no oh703.884.48
there's a dragon right there right above706.84.2
okay so it was let's go the long way to708.365.039
this little Cliff right I think so you711.04.74
see here uh you see your your light do I713.3994.141
see the green light what is the take all715.744.52
button in this game717.542.72
there's a722.4592.721
right can I see it look the inside of725.75.36
the cave is really safe all right728.166.44
hey buddy how you doing how you doing me731.066.459
and I got it nice all right get out of734.65.56
there get out no dragons no dragons no737.5194.621
dragons in here yeah yeah yeah yeah come740.163.84
straight to me come straight to me all742.143.18
right Dodge the bullet from that one all744.04.019
right let's get back get reorganized I745.324.019
don't want to build a base anywhere here748.0193.841
this place sucks oh wait what's up top749.3396.321
look like it looks pretty cool751.863.8
yeah but we can lure the dragons in757.923.979
a short place to stay and we'd have to762.543.599
haul some materials up here to build764.5793.841
stuff but this is a it's got a rock it's766.1394.861
got a tree this is a cool location it768.424.979
looks like it's raining in the lava771.04.56
lava base773.3994.261
let's see I'm kind of a battle of a base775.563.719
yeah lava bass it's gonna be cool all777.662.7
right yeah tell you what we'll start779.2792.941
building some foundations up here yeah780.364.08
yeah yeah Simon or just leave them down782.224.32
uh we'll get him if he can come up here784.444.62
and I don't know stare at things yeah786.545.28
uh doralis this takes so long how long789.065.94
though again I forget yeah I mean he's791.826.54
like 80 unconscious still oh my God yeah795.05.339
so while we're waiting what let's try798.364.38
out your new stuff yeah teach me see if800.3393.961
you can fly up to that rock behind you802.743.539
and then land on the side of it you can804.33.719
cling to the side of a rock oh I like806.2794.981
this I like this yeah yeah something's808.0194.88
chasing you you want to hide everything811.265.6
and Boop bam812.8993.961
off again land on Top of the Rock there821.3994.801
he goes you're a champion I'm not bad823.925.7
Middle top now jump off jump off off the826.26.6
bat what yeah we'll just get off the bat829.624.74
there you go you're flying is it834.364.38
following me yeah oh I don't know okay836.14.08
okay I don't land the water there's838.743.659
sharks hey I don't wanna I know we just840.185.64
got away from them look at this Palace842.3995.821
you did great thank you is that it you845.824.019
did great how do you make it disappear848.223.72
and be a little [ __ ] huh oh that's849.8393.481
that's at night time it only works at851.943.66
night time really yeah oh that explains853.323.959
a lot855.64.5
I like this place it's safe it is safe857.2794.8
so far and nothing's nothing's come at860.13.419
us this entire time we've been building862.0793.721
I like it and by the way for the record863.5194.921
I've been contributing ass wipes thank865.84.2
you but we have to call you out on it868.443.24
before you start doing it well sir I870.03.42
just didn't have a pickaxe and I have871.684.08
made one let's go I think you're a873.424.2
valuable part of the team I was prepared875.763.42
to hear pressured into bullying you I'm877.623.719
sorry I understand Anthony listen man I879.183.719
wasn't talking to you okay I wish we881.3393.3
could use this lava for something I882.8993.481
don't know like cooking meat you just884.6394.32
take lava and say Minecraft come on cook886.384.5
that meat cook it cook it what if we888.9593.18
throw a dildo in there you think they890.883.06
pop out as a cooked turkey oh no this892.1393.06
little ugly thing that's been following893.943.6
me around throw it in there cook it895.1993.961
I think it worked I saw a bubble pop up897.544.859
oh well screw him glad he's gone oh no899.166.44
oh no oh no902.3993.201
I was there I was contemplating shooting906.685.62
him with my trick did have to you get909.484.5
your revenge and you come out on top912.33.779
you're not a bad Governor's face just913.985.0
for the hell of it yeah [ __ ] them916.0796.721
that was so nice here we go that was so918.984.84
oh no perfect923.825.42
so doralius don't throw two cryopods935.5194.861
down back to back okay I I would never938.2794.081
that's what makes them get sleepy yeah I940.384.56
would never do that ever all right so uh942.365.159
our plan is to get a wyvern egg yeah you944.944.5
guys have a egg incubator right I947.5194.081
believe we do yes okay949.444.199
um okay let's take a look at it okay951.64.5
yeah we used it a bunch I've never953.6394.5
actually used one we haven't used it956.14.739
once right you used it once never did oh958.1396.0
yeah not once not one time why I didn't960.8394.981
realize we had one for a while you know964.1395.421
okay so this thing is um says unpowered965.826.3
you got all these cables going yeah969.564.779
you'd think it yeah the contractor did972.124.62
that we didn't do it okay so there's974.3394.021
you're not gonna be much help here nope976.745.279
okay uh boy all right let's look into it978.365.039
all right so blah blah blah come in983.3995.901
hello images986.15.76
so you guys probably don't have a Webber989.34.12
net yet right oh heck no we're just991.863.18
making a kind of a base of operations993.424.08
out here on top of a lava Mountain okay995.044.56
Simon and Anthony are here just chilling997.54.199
it's very comfy there's an egg incubator999.63.78
here but Dallas doesn't know how to use1001.6992.76
it I don't know how to use it I don't1003.382.519
know how to use it okay I don't1004.4593.481
understand there's a power going into1005.8994.081
the straight into the floor okay to a1007.943.66
generator I have no idea it goes in the1009.982.7
ground food needs power it probably1011.64.799
needs a generator right yeah so wait who1012.684.86
gives a [ __ ] about the lines because I'm1016.3992.221
sure they have lights and all that other1017.542.52
[ __ ] hooked up yeah let's make a1018.623.18
generator hook it to the egg incubator1020.063.48
right yeah I'm gonna do that yeah thank1021.84.519
you figure out the existing1023.544.86
you think I wasn't going to get to that1026.3193.581
in my brain I just wanted to call you1028.45.779
okay and see if you get an egg hello1029.94.279
all right we're gonna we're Gathering1034.522.76
materials we'll have1036.023.059
traps you're the best trap maker so1037.283.72
we're waiting on you bubba oh you are1039.0793.48
yeah okay there's gonna be resources1041.02.819
here when you get here though oh it's1042.5592.821
gonna be great gotcha why are we1043.8193.061
standing next sitting next to a fire1045.383.72
next to a lava Pit Boys well it's nice1046.884.44
to stare at a fire it's relaxing it's1049.14.62
calming say bye names yeah we're still1051.324.7
say goodbye back1056.0593.081
Goodbye Oh see you had to give him what1062.64.8
he asked for didn't you abstro what he1065.124.7
asked for yeah1067.42.42
hello this is neebs nobody say anything1070.2996.581
hello we win what do you want1073.764.98
I kind of want to be back against each1076.884.02
other now1078.743.9
all right boys tell you what while1080.93.54
waiting for the Min uh what's his face1082.645.039
who let's go Scout the dragon trench not1084.446.239
go in it just scouting okay what's that1087.6794.801
guy's name you've known for years Bob1090.6793.441
yep that's him1092.483.8
sneeze yeah it's like a makeup Channel1096.284.779
and measles yeah1098.4195.221
looking for an egg yeah1101.0594.261
yeah because I don't wanna1103.643.539
dragons all right Simon you got my1105.323.9
telescope right I do but it's not really1107.1793.841
easy to yeah no we're gonna have to go1109.224.56
somewhere and get still yeah we're gonna1111.024.38
have to look down this trench we're1113.784.62
looking for a nest man I tell you yes1115.44.68
the worst person to be looking for1118.43.24
something that could very well be right1120.083.24
in front of their eyes come on Simon go1121.643.06
into this with confidence you got this1123.323.54
we trusted you with this job you know1124.74.2
what Anthony I'm beginning to regret you1126.867.319
being here I'm being supportive yeah1128.95.279
no it makes me regret I want to be here1138.464.54
I just didn't want him being here that's1141.383.72
me because you got this so hard I'd like1145.14.38
to be my authentic self I don't like1147.9193.541
your positivity fair enough all right1149.483.96
Simon take a peek in this trench see if1151.463.78
you see any eggs yeah good luck bet1153.442.7
you're not1155.242.88
right that's that's the kind of Anthony1156.144.44
I like I'm more comfortable hating you1158.124.439
no I don't see [ __ ] man and I can't1160.584.38
sorry but you really are I don't even1162.5593.901
know what to look do you think eggs even1164.963.3
spawn this high up man I don't know I1166.465.16
knew you were gonna Simon thank you all1168.266.12
right Nest it is a river Nest but I1171.624.62
don't see an egg okay okay we might be1174.383.96
too far yeah maybe maybe an egg there1176.243.72
but hey that's good we got a Target all1178.343.12
right pull them back yeah you did it1179.963.839
Simon I'm shocked oh God I wish you1181.464.76
weren't here1183.7992.421
okay so I can't build right because this1186.55.52
is your base except for that thing in1189.324.56
the middle we built right so can you1192.024.68
figure out a way to wire this oh man I1193.885.46
can put a wire at the top what the hell1196.75.46
look at you just a wire straight up hmm1199.347.02
seven now where are these snow I guess1202.165.82
we can always break break the wires down1206.364.559
if they don't work but yeah right yeah I1207.984.5
haven't done a bunch of wiring in this1210.9194.5
you see I don't do a lot either let's1212.486.059
see look at that huh okay and now grab1215.4194.201
that other thing that little Outlet1218.5393.0
thing what's it called maybe one of the1219.624.38
uh oh an outlet there yeah well I don't1221.5393.781
know if it goes on the floor here if1224.03.419
it'll just snap to it I can put it on1225.324.5
top up there okay oh look it looks like1227.4193.841
it connected see it does look like a1229.822.82
connector and maybe let me grab some gas1231.263.6
out of this thing okay man I'm a1232.644.5
electrician you did great man thank you1234.864.14
this take the rest of the day yeah I'll1237.143.779
yeah I'm gonna take a nap okay I'm gonna1239.05.1
turn this on oh now is this working it's1240.9195.401
powered yeah if we had an egg we could1244.14.62
just up throw it in here huh yeah I'm1246.324.14
gonna unlock it oh there we go access1248.724.199
inventory so I guess you just throw egg1250.466.42
in here okay done yeah yeah sweet all1252.9195.281
right I guess we'll grab some materials1256.883.419
and go meet the guys at the volcano all1258.26.14
right bill is in the mail well done1260.2994.041
okay we'll be there shortly1271.2223.379
by home yep yep hello hey hey we got1295.2997.86
stuff Simon I got you a bet oh thank you1300.086.06
hey neebs do me a favor okay I got1303.1594.481
something here okay you got me about I1306.143.24
got something for you all right I jump1307.643.48
out oh this oh you know what actually I1309.382.88
got something for you watch I'm gonna1311.124.08
you watch uh hey boys watch Anthony1312.265.82
Anthony yeah what's up does that that1315.25.64
doesn't do anything to you oh it netted1318.084.979
you oh I have a new armor on look at me1320.844.56
oh yeah can you move I kind of look like1323.0594.98
Spider-Man can you move I cannot move oh1325.44.56
interesting but ironically I can climb1328.0394.5
walls I think oh yeah all right well1329.964.32
that's nice that was very sexy thing1332.5394.14
yeah thank you Simon you're welcome yeah1334.285.1
that's how tiny you were yeah yeah I've1336.6793.841
been hanging around apps throwing you1339.382.58
and neebs you're just average height in1340.523.36
this game okay good Lord You're tiny I1341.963.54
know I'm like a little hobbit man so1343.883.72
Simon this is your uh bird your bat1345.53.299
where is it1347.64.26
um Jason Todd there we go I'm sorry1348.7995.041
which one's Jason and Todd that's dick1351.864.98
Mr Dick Grayson Miss in front of me Miss1353.844.86
thank you honestly I don't I don't this1356.843.54
thing getting tighter I see everyone but1358.73.3
you yeah there's some Todd's over here1360.385.76
thank you okay on Jason Todd you gotta1362.06.179
claim it so I guess go up to it and hold1366.144.08
e and boom what's happening over there1368.1794.681
got it there you go oh never mind I'm1370.224.98
good yay all right I've picked up the1372.865.46
fabricator and we have a new fabricator1375.24.52
in the base1378.325.7
Bam Bam slam it jam oh yeah all right1379.726.16
show me where the egg grounds are and1384.023.659
we'll uh we'll set some up that way okay1385.883.72
neebs yeah follow me follow me follow me1387.6794.441
okay all right on foot yeah one foot1389.65.1
okay so you can probably well maybe not1392.124.26
see it from here but the wyvern trench1394.73.599
is down there near like before you get1396.384.2
to the beach okay so I don't know if you1398.2994.201
want to set up up here maybe too close1400.583.839
to base maybe on the other side why1402.53.6
don't you Scout around and find like the1404.4193.24
best spot that you think I'm trying to1406.13.0
trap a river I would think we sit right1407.6593.481
up on the rim of that that trench that1409.13.24
way when you're inside and you're1411.143.06
endangering as soon as you get above the1412.344.14
lip you got back up yeah that may be a1414.24.44
good idea but uh yeah I think I should1416.483.9
be on sniping Duty when we fight these1418.643.419
dragons Okay because this uh sniper1420.383.539
rifle I got it is awesome okay perfect1422.0593.421
there's a lot of damage to the dummy put1423.9193.841
holes in it yeah like 2 000 damage I1425.483.36
don't know if that's good but it was a1427.762.279
lot more than the other things hole1428.842.579
damage I'll tell you what let me go1430.0392.76
build a couple things and then maybe we1431.4193.061
can be grabbing this egg like in an hour1432.7992.821
heck yeah1434.483.12
do it let's do it baby yeah all right1435.623.66
neebs you got a plan let's go get us a1437.63.9
dragon egg boys1439.286.2
whatever you call them yeah whatever1441.53.98

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