We Control The Robots Now!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs fans! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They've cracked the code on how to hack the robot menace and ...
We Control The Robots Now!!! - Generation Zero
We Control The Robots Now!!! - Generation Zero

We Control The Robots Now!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest video? We're taking control of robots now!

simon: Yeah, it's hilarious! I can't believe we actually hacked those things.

appsro: I know, right? Who knew we had such mad skills when it comes to robot hacking.

neebs: It's definitely one of my favorite videos we've done. Those robots didn't stand a chance against us.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs fans! Have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They've cracked the code on how to hack the robot menace and it's absolutely epic! If you haven't checked it out yet, you're seriously missing out.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how they managed to take down those pesky robots. The teamwork, the strategy, it was all so impressive. And of course, the hilarious commentary from the Neebs crew just added to the fun. It's no wonder I'm such a huge fan of this channel!

And don't even get me started on the amazing Neebs merch they have available. I've already got my eye on a few items to add to my collection. Plus, their Patreon support is a great way to show some love for all the hard work they put into creating awesome content for us fans.

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I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what Neebs Gaming has in store for us next. Their videos always bring a smile to my face and I'm grateful to be part of such an awesome community. Let's continue supporting this incredible channel and enjoying all the laughs and adventures they have to offer. Neebs for life!

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so like what now what is this1.0797.98
it looks very alien but it's robotic and4.866.06
yeah I'm not sure it's on the map it's9.0596.061
it's called a phoenix fnix Outpost I10.925.4
don't know if this is something we can15.123.48
destroy or take down it'd be neat if we16.323.539
could you see the like the little18.63.72
elevator things that went down on the19.8596.08
far wall elevator things huh22.325.879
oh yeah they're like Pistons look at25.9393.58
that you guys don't have Scopes and28.1993.601
binoculars binoculars yeah oh my gosh29.5193.901
this red dot that's kind of your call31.83.18
though let me see if I see any robots33.423.78
yeah you check with your it's clear34.983.72
robot so yeah tell you what let's move37.24.379
in okay I love that yeah38.74.859
why don't you have a scope memes I don't41.5794.201
know just didn't work out I mean it was43.5593.781
your choice yeah you probably got a lot45.784.02
of Scopes I got too many Scopes I can47.344.02
give you some oh you're throwing them49.83.599
out every day aren't you I I do often51.363.66
throw things out that I'm sure are53.3992.101
have y'all seen this before yeah a83.1194.901
little bit see I kind of I've never seen85.864.38
this like this looks like alien stuff88.024.68
right yeah I was running around to get a90.244.559
Scene by that light oh see that's a good92.74.08
thing to know because I'm I'm attracted94.7994.801
to the light like a moth yeah but it96.784.019
don't seem to do anything neeb's gonna99.63.3
stand in the light I'm curious yeah yeah100.7995.581
come to me just in case yeah let this102.96.96
light see you you ready yeah okay let's106.384.43
go in that way109.862.28
all right it's coming back yeah112.144.38
hey hey115.4392.36
huh nothing nothing okay hey these117.7997.241
containers if anything's blow up a bowl123.244.32
would would be it oh well then we should125.044.38
blow things up right wow so yeah someone127.564.08
ramped a tank into this place yeah maybe129.424.14
try to blow up these Lighty containers131.643.239
has anyone tried to get into these uh133.564.08
these Pistons no not yet134.8794.201
whoa that fell in there does that look137.643.42
dumb to everybody else they're going in139.083.56
the ground right141.064.08
I feel like it comes up to cool will142.644.78
that lick me up now oh I think we're all145.144.5
seeing different things we are yeah we147.425.0
might be nice149.642.78
um nope you're going down divs come on155.764.08
yep see ya oh wait no you just popped158.0994.14
down you're up top for me whoa now159.843.78
you're that's something what you're162.2394.561
doing wow it's great oh wow yeah I see163.624.92
that that looks very good we can all166.84.62
agree names good names all right it's168.545.12
stop or stop yeah175.143.379
oh yeah guys check it out it's another188.583.239
one of these pointless outposts yeah190.3193.601
let's see oh you know what I want to191.8194.14
test my new ability is there robots here193.924.5
they are always a big robot oh gosh okay195.9594.621
I have a new ability that should allow198.424.56
me to hack a robot can you do the big200.583.299
um it looks like it okay so this is far203.8795.22
away it says remote hacking 30 is that206.0995.761
like a chance uh yeah and also if I hack209.0994.5
this guy he might turn on his buddy so211.863.92
let's see I don't see any buddies213.5994.56
there's buddies behind him he's already215.783.76
hacked well I guess there's little218.1593.601
Scopes yeah Beyond yeah you should get a219.544.5
scope yeah there it goes look at him it221.763.96
worked I think so I think that's what224.043.839
that blue [ __ ] happening is oh I don't225.724.68
see that no I'm not controlling him you227.8793.78
talking about that big guy right in230.42.64
front of us big guy right there yeah231.6593.061
he's kind of flashing blue now or he's233.043.479
not doing I'm not on our screen not a234.724.079
yeah he's not flashing I got a hacking236.5193.841
cooldown it's gonna take me 30 seconds238.7993.66
to do it again maybe I'll try it on one240.363.599
of these other guys yeah it wasn't cool242.4593.36
the first time yeah what a great benefit243.9593.84
that was yeah I mean like how do we even245.8194.081
know like it just kept on walking yeah247.7993.541
where's this guy running to he didn't249.93.24
spot it anybody has he you gonna hack251.343.959
him oh is he coming out no he's just253.143.779
coming out no no yeah he's just hanging255.2994.741
out he's got a feeling yeah I went to256.9195.341
somebody out here I'm not a bad feeling260.044.74
can you hack him uh yeah give me five262.264.98
seconds yeah that little [ __ ] I want to264.783.72
shoot him in the face I don't think it's267.243.36
100 each time yeah I have a it's like a268.54.979
50 chance on this one yet all right and270.65.7
close see what happens all right Tim273.4795.181
come on do it276.34.26
I'm good278.664.12
and then attack the big one with him280.564.079
and he's just walking like he's just282.783.6
walking normal yeah I think the hacking284.6393.78
attempt might have failed okay and you286.383.9
gotta wait for it to reboot to fail288.4194.921
again maybe maybe this is fun290.285.58
so far apstroke if this was a movie and293.344.32
people were like how was I'm like I just295.863.66
wait until it comes out yeah no yeah297.663.06
that's right it's it's not a very good299.522.64
so yeah those military class guys 30302.165.46
chance for the big guy I see so yeah304.624.799
there's like oh man see that's that's307.623.6
[ __ ] it's like no you unlock the309.4193.78
ability you got the ability yeah 50311.224.62
chance well I guess we're moving on313.1994.5
because this [ __ ] doesn't work but on315.844.799
being aware uh let's see let's go let's317.6994.201
sneak to the road to the West because320.6393.78
our mission's uh yeah out that way man321.93.78
we don't want to get involved with this324.4194.581
right now it was a huge letdown yeah325.685.88
I'll just keep looking and then you know329.04.66
popping them every now yeah be a payoff331.564.079
by the end of the day God seen them333.663.49
fight each other would be wonderful335.63935.681
um no I don't okay I'm gonna hit him371.825.48
three two one okay okay okay374.15.939
all right everyone stay down I think we377.34.66
got him okay I don't know if we did I380.0394.321
think we were all lost all right where381.964.38
do you go salmon I don't know man I'm384.363.5
following that thick door over here386.344.139
getting off to the side yeah well I387.863.76
don't know where I don't know where he390.4793.261
where are you393.744.0
you're way over there okay let's see395.8193.241
what you guys oh I wasn't following the397.743.06
lines I got the lines a little bit I399.063.419
thought that was the whole point400.84.14
no the lines lead up to an outpost I402.4793.84
thought we were going up the lines well404.942.759
I guess we're going up the lines now all406.3193.181
right everyone meet at the top near The407.6995.701
Outpost okay follow the lines yeah409.55.9
I never knew the words421.0394.121
science line yeah yeah Simon that's it I425.168.099
know it's like a 30 year old song429.67.439
a song's before us it's not oh433.2597.921
okay it's just uh hey abstra yo I don't437.0395.401
remember this at the other one there's441.184.32
like uh uh oh oh don't go too far guys442.445.22
there's horns in the middle you see that445.55.28
in the middle horns horns like bugle447.666.18
horns like bugle horns yes yeah okay all450.784.859
right yeah we got a dog up here I'm453.844.22
gonna try to hack the dog455.6394.921
I'm packing the dog say it's a good boy458.067.5
he's a good boy I love your belly460.565.0
how's the heck going I don't think it's467.6394.021
going at all yeah yeah should I take469.444.02
care of him yeah let's move in on this471.663.96
guy like a [ __ ] let's take care well473.465.34
like ready give me a killer [ __ ] where475.626.66
he's like he's right there go in win oh478.85.64
here we go there's three of them482.284.94
yep he won the hunter484.445.78
[ __ ] get out of there499.0394.44
god oh [ __ ] oh there's another Hunter505.467.42
off to the West oh god oh yeah everybody509.0996.601
see him everybody oh God yeah everyone512.885.399
run West run to the Hunter and kill him515.74.199
no go around the hunter there's a safe518.2794.081
house to the West oh really is it this519.8994.981
bunker door uh oh wait no it's a little522.364.62
campsite man this is my favorite safe524.883.959
house look at this safe house unlocked I526.983.479
love it do you know what this looks more528.8395.18
like a yurt but it but it's not530.4593.56
guys just537.925.7
really excited about this bunker door540.9595.281
yep we got uh we got some friends coming543.627.0
this way shut the [ __ ] up oh oh you546.245.76
brought a buddy550.623.3
tell him to shut the hell up552.05.76
get him Simon come get ya you son of a553.924.8
[ __ ]557.763.36
yeah are you dead you're already good558.726.2
lucky I didn't run you over with my bike561.123.8
so I'm sure I feel like I've asked this567.664.619
a lot but what are we actually doing569.884.44
well hunt robots this Mission we're572.2793.721
currently on hold on let me let me look574.324.38
at my my whole map uh we're here at this576.04.14
nice little campsite on top of a578.72.94
mountain we got to get to this mission580.144.319
called spiking the guns now if I look at581.646.06
the mission spiking the gun says uh584.4595.281
there seems to be a coastal artillery587.74.46
Fortress called589.745.52
torsburg I would love to see that so we592.165.08
got to go to this fort and apparently it595.263.6
was the first locations to come under597.243.96
attack by the robots well that's a598.864.62
historical they should be a statue or601.23.6
something hey the biggest question603.483.66
what's that called Spike the guns well604.83.659
that wasn't it that's not the big607.143.42
question okay could be I was curious we608.4593.481
don't know why would we know now anyway610.562.88
the enemy's there and we got a Thor611.943.12
whatever plans they got for the place613.443.3
let me ask the damn question all right615.063.24
dude what's the question s'mores or no616.743.48
you like s'mores no s'mores I feel like618.33.12
I used to when I was a kid now they're620.222.82
way too sugar I feel the same exact way621.423.479
oops how are we done with Spike the guns625.984.08
we all going to go into this Mission I628.23.06
don't know what it means yeah we're630.063.839
going to go yes do you know like I631.263.96
explain s'mores okay we gotta go to a635.222.7
one of the first place that the robots637.922.7
ever attacked we got to like Spike their639.243.24
guns I don't know yeah yeah we're going640.623.18
there we're spiking the guns what's that642.483.0
mean hey you ever Spike could you ever643.83.56
Spike the punch645.484.2
and then what it means you ruin it I647.364.719
hope so didn't say that no say that649.685.099
spiking doesn't mean ruin the guns you652.0794.2
ruined every campfire don't you when you654.7794.261
spike something you like spike a drink656.2794.201
we're gonna pour alcohol in the guns659.043.96
nibs okay make the guns more fun to660.484.799
understand right crystal clear I can't663.03.899
believe I brought it up665.2794.521
let's do it666.8992.901
hey Uncle thick here you guys want one681.726.66
of these things oh look at this thing go684.668.04
this thing is great wow and look over688.387.26
there it's that and you can get that692.75.36
you know what these do698.7793.721
back here wow706.83.779
oh [ __ ] right here oh dog right in front727.54.8
of us all right we're down oh couple of730.265.519
dogs everyone everyone go prone again I732.35.94
forget X you're down you're good oh I am735.7794.321
sorry all the way down you're all the738.244.08
way down oh damn good good boy going740.16.26
loud uh no let's hear another one oh742.327.98
hey let's all get together hey Ed wait I746.366.76
do have a big scope of course okay good750.35.219
but I forget I had this gun who knows753.124.38
it's even got a thing on it good for you755.5194.26
not the time to do that neebs yeah I can757.53.959
do both I'm right behind you759.7794.981
kind of is he kind of is right behind us761.4595.701
watching your backs you know what's good764.764.199
to do when we're going like traveling a767.164.679
really far distance with that crawling768.9595.521
neebs is our slack back what's a771.8394.261
slackback I don't know I just made it up774.483.12
but you're like the slacker that stays776.16.26
in the back oh yeah okay inner combat777.64.76
straight to the South he's hacking them785.3995.221
oh God yeah I don't know how the hell788.164.859
they see us oh wow this is he's actually790.623.6
attacking him he's shooting the other793.0193.901
dog yeah all right yeah let's move in on794.224.619
him [ __ ] him okay yeah all right all796.924.58
right all right798.8392.661
all right I think we got them I don't803.8993.701
know if we alerted all the other guys806.4593.06
loot these guys well the looting's good807.63.479
yep yep809.5193.841
believe your hack works it was great I811.0794.981
know for the first time and she ever oh813.365.039
I gotta I gotta drop my butt y'all it's816.063.719
all right all right I'll bring them to818.3993.18
us I'm bringing them I'm right by you819.7794.141
right behind your knees oh yep just821.5794.2
slack back here comes slack back okay823.924.68
we're ready oh I'm gonna hack him where825.7795.161
is he oh no no I see him here he comes I828.65.28
see him he's behind the tree and he's830.945.1
not I can't see him just because of the833.884.62
[ __ ] tree that's [ __ ] and why are836.043.96
you going for me 10 other people are838.53.74
oh wait no that's Dora damn it850.17.419
we gotta find any intelligence about the862.444.74
attack on this fort this is a hell of a864.64.38
four this is a hell of a fourth this is867.183.659
like massive this is where I want to be868.984.26
for you know we should keep a few people870.8395.481
up top here huh873.243.08
neeps you and I know we can take the big878.944.22
guys from up top that's a great up top881.045.18
Simon and our bottoms yeah yeah like883.165.1
like that886.225.26
there's a dog down there too I can flop888.266.579
down all right door you plop plopping891.486.06
plopped all right let me heal you plop894.8395.821
with Dora plopping yup flop will pop all897.544.62
right you got two Hunters down there oh900.665.179
I'm gonna hack one watch this902.163.679
it work [ __ ] God I hate that power it's907.5795.44
the worst [ __ ] thing why don't you911.3395.101
shoot I might heck may have worked is he913.0195.281
attacking the robot oh that's a big boy916.443.959
down there okay maybe all right so918.33.96
whatever we do we're plopped down you920.3994.141
guys are up there what's next neeb's you922.264.379
got a rocket launcher I do hit him yo924.546.14
you ready right now yeah [ __ ] it and go926.6394.041
get to this side Simon get over here all930.724.52
right getting over there932.5192.721
and it worked okay fighting back942.987.859
there we go I'm going in closer946.624.219
that's fine man yeah I'll get it back to951.7795.961
Rocket Miss with this [ __ ]954.543.2
oh what's all them fireworks down there961.2794.62
you got you got a freaking uh right972.54.959
behind me oh I see him now all right hey975.7792.641
oh a couple dogs978.423.02
holy moly that hurt I think it must have986.363.719
been from him988.983.719
and we gotta confuse it more with990.0794.541
yes fireworks994.623.839
oh oh my God yes who's a big old blown1002.067.5
up oh is somebody dead he's dead1005.128.719
let me smell yes he's dead1009.564.279
I plop but I'm good1022.067.08
I got a scoop it's a good point1025.0596.701
this guy's freaking out man this guy's1029.144.48
got some moves yeah he does he's break1031.765.039
dancing yeah he is maybe I'll be down in1033.624.74
a minute when I find a good way to go1036.7996.02
just just plop no just plop yep1038.364.459
all right shotgun Squad1047.1795.181
you're up1049.642.72
another door [ __ ] it would have been a1053.025.7
lot cooler if that was1055.942.78
your ass oh yeah1062.664.16
all right keep pushing forward shotgun1067.5396.181
Squad name's up front down1070.166.56
we go1081.223.12
blow this up1091.966.88
all right I'm good you okay sure I might1095.06.12
have gone a little too far oh our1098.846.26
objectives back this way shotgun Squad1101.123.98
make the way we came we gotta checked1105.344.99
another door all right assistant1107.5397.451
yeah one guy Claire1133.483.78
oh God1135.9194.14
it looks like ammunition right oh [ __ ]1137.264.6
we probably shouldn't be shotgun Squad1140.0595.12
in here huh uh yeah1141.863.319
all right it's not explosive no I mean1146.965.339
I'm shooting it and it didn't okay throw1149.484.98
some some bunk ass ammunition decorative1152.2997.101
if you will there you go we got a dog1154.464.94
we got another one I'm gonna get it1160.845.219
right up in his face1163.162.899
yeah and then the third one won1168.75.5
Bunker's a [ __ ] maze yeah it's pretty1171.9194.021
oh damn it did you run some more you run1175.944.5
so light Simon you're like a little1178.767.26
dainty Swan I know I am cause I'm heavy1180.448.46
yeah yeah I'm too heavy1186.024.86
so we got three things to destroy yeah1188.94.2
steal things in this bunker somewhere oh1190.884.26
my God they're back that way this is a1193.16.0
major Adventure here split up right up1195.145.76
do you guys see these three icons as1199.13.78
well maybe yeah I do I do let's split up1200.93.72
split up1202.883.919
tracks oh yeah bad dog1212.864.679
you did that though1215.784.019
all right I'm about to get the second1217.5393.821
I know I don't know what those [ __ ]1221.364.52
are doing oh I think1222.9192.961
I think two down1226.582.76
all right yeah and I got the last one1227.844.02
it's a tick so all three were actually1229.345.66
this is complete1231.863.14
oh it's on a computer yeah and we've1235.664.48
been doing things the whole time here1238.643.12
helping I don't really know what though1240.143.539
but killing robots while you just1241.764.4
[ __ ]1243.6792.481
oh shut up1252.166.1
shut up we were doing things earlier and1254.985.74
you didn't see your [ __ ] now shut the1258.264.88
hell up1260.722.42

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