Getting Into Our NEW BASE is DANGEROUS! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of the Neebs crew in Ark: Survival ...
Getting Into Our NEW BASE is DANGEROUS! - Ark Fjordur
Getting Into Our NEW BASE is DANGEROUS! - Ark Fjordur

Getting Into Our NEW BASE is DANGEROUS! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of getting into our NEW BASE! And let me tell you, it's a wild ride in Ark Fjordur!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, this one's a real nail-biter. I mean, who knew searching for a secluded tunnel could be so intense?

appsro: Ha, you guys crack me up. But seriously, those beavers are no joke. They're getting us into all sorts of trouble out here.

neebs: Well, what can I say, we like to live dangerously. And what's more dangerous than going up against an Alpha Tribe in Ark?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of the Neebs crew in Ark: Survival Evolved. In Episode 9 of "Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe," our favorite underdogs are on a mission to find a secluded tunnel, and you just know things are going to get wild!

I love how the Neebscom merch is always on point, and if you haven't checked out their spreadshop yet, you're missing out! Plus, who doesn't want to sip on some Neebs Gaming Coffee while watching the latest antics unfold in Ark? It's like the perfect combo for a gaming session.

And let's not forget about the awesome community that Neebs Gaming has built. From their Patreon supporters to their Twitch streams and Discord channel, there's always a way to connect with other fans and share in the excitement of each new episode. Plus, their dedication to charity with their Folding@Home team shows just how much they care about making a positive impact in the world.

So grab a snack, settle in, and get ready to laugh along with the Neebs crew as they take on the challenges of Ark: Survival Evolved. Trust me, you won't want to miss a minute of the action in this epic showdown between the noobs and the Alpha Tribe.

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but I'd like to find the other guys and5.8994.601
just circle up and see what they're8.765.22
doing and I'd buy two teams that you10.55.879
know are very valuable so13.985.04
I bet you're there on that boat so I'm16.3794.201
gonna let's see if I can find the guys19.022.94
boys you know what I'm saying all right23.2795.641
how are you doing today sir I'm doing85.15.98
great I'm just uh I'm just leveling up87.965.659
Punky my new little91.085.46
pterodactone is that based on the Punky93.6195.441
Brewster of quality 80s television96.545.759
sitcom entertainment that it is Soleil99.066.599
Moon fry my ex Flame102.2996.061
yeah yeah you guys have a thing huh we105.6595.761
had a we had a a moment in time together108.365.399
man I can't hear about that enough I111.424.26
know I know it's a thing that I will113.7593.481
carry and so that115.685.46
would you like to reiterate no no no117.246.239
there's no maybe maybe at some other121.144.619
time who knows but we have we had a123.4794.56
thing I'm just saying in a coffee shop125.7594.5
in New Orleans it happened128.0395.161
that's it and by thing I mean she asked130.2594.801
me out on a date and I was busy you know133.24.259
what I'm saying that's what I let's just135.064.259
say I turned her down but you know you137.4593.841
know I would have went out with it next139.3194.201
night but she was leaving so and that's141.35.96
all true that's all true143.523.74
I am just I'm getting more of these147.485.04
little bad boys I just got a a worthless150.04.8
one that couldn't even carry me but I152.524.98
want I want to get some more to know154.85.7
oh suckers bite me don't bite me157.56.139
fair enough I'm gonna bring something165.924.84
back for the ground and put it in our168.186.54
new improved tame cage oh good I know I170.766.059
see ya and you know what I since this174.724.68
guy or girl over here is so powerful I'd176.8195.161
like to meet the the two that we have179.44.38
that are over to Hyundai we got a male181.984.32
and a female let's mate these huh yeah183.785.34
let's yeah okay I got it in yeah you did186.34.859
good for you and I'm gonna I'm gonna189.125.339
shoot at it as you should hey welcome191.1596.621
look at this thing194.4593.321
family you will be hopefully you are a198.2396.78
peace what is this I don't know but I've201.35.34
never dealt with this have we I don't205.0193.661
know I don't think we have but you know206.644.14
me I mean dude I didn't think we saw208.684.08
that big turtle but we did oh you're210.784.08
gonna love it here dude I already think212.765.96
the name should be like handsome214.863.86
like Handsome Jack yeah come on him come220.4595.741
hey we get this we can't tame this we226.23.959
can't we can't we can't get inside of it228.542.94
we can't we got to kill it before it230.1594.021
wakes up [ __ ] there's got to be there's231.483.899
probably another way to tame it you234.182.52
could have been part of the family and235.3793.481
Andrew Sarkis Andrew Sarkis remember236.73.24
that we're gonna have to research it238.864.2
yeah really yeah oh you know what he's239.944.92
very unconscious but243.063.72
just one back all right244.864.58
waking up246.782.66
and that could have been so good that249.5994.621
could have been a thing okay all right252.186.679
all right moving on [ __ ]254.224.639
you got Ebola I do pull up to it okay259.564.5
get out of the water grab him I don't261.843.48
wanna no I don't want to knock him out264.062.639
like while he's in the water they drown265.322.939
you remember that I just didn't know if266.6992.72
he was deep enough268.2595.16
and yeah all right guys okay here we go269.4196.78
moving in oh God you got drinks273.4196.301
here we go uh 45 gonna have to do all276.1995.141
right bam279.724.44
there we go beautiful easy got some meat281.346.299
yes I got a little meat and I got oh man284.164.86
I don't have any narcotics you got any287.6393.301
narcotics on you I think so yeah yeah289.024.38
it's just throw Narco berries in it it's290.944.62
a low level who gives a [ __ ] okay quit293.43.78
giving a [ __ ] about these dinosaurs look295.563.54
man let's just grab something so we can297.183.239
I don't know what is that over there299.14.379
something underwater okay blowing there300.4194.861
was more here let's try to grab two and303.4793.301
then we'll uh hold on I want to see what305.283.479
this is okay oh that's an alpha Raptor306.784.02
oh really yeah we don't need to make him308.7595.061
mad no no310.86.38
well for now313.823.36
all right I don't see the guys oh is317.6394.981
that a cave321.125.28
can I fly in caves let's see let's check322.627.139
this out slowly we're gonna go very slow326.46.54
okay looks like looks like it's all329.7594.5
right right here332.943.24
a little further in okay now it's a334.2594.681
little darker this is spooky336.186.299
Spooks magooks oh338.946.42
I swear to God if this kicks me off my342.4793.901
what is this place oh kick me off come346.387.56
on time to go let's go well you know350.943.84
tell you what let's uh stay here354.786.12
okay look at this place god seriously357.96.78
you guys just get ready because I don't360.95.76
even know what's going on here all right364.685.04
stairs stairs stairs oh okay it's one of366.666.12
these I would like to place an order369.726.12
access terminal oh that's all right I372.786.3
spawned something so the gamma dragon or375.846.079
whatever I really really really379.086.839
shouldn't be going any further381.9196.761
I'm not gonna do it nope because385.9194.921
everybody's gonna say it in the comments388.684.139
he's gonna get fixed and it's not gonna390.844.199
be fixed because nowadays it's like392.8195.1
getting a throat or neat so yeah you395.0394.561
know what we're doing the right thing397.9195.821
we're walking with the Lord today399.67.46
Let Me Ride you403.743.32
found a green one afro oh good there's410.164.68
probably some [ __ ] shoes in it no412.83.839
it's actually good stuff what is it414.844.199
there's like a parachutes and a spy416.6394.381
glass and yeah my glass is actually419.0394.021
pretty good I guess yep so we can see421.024.44
death coming at us that's right you got423.065.1
that other uh they're done yeah baby425.465.04
nice all right I'm taming another428.164.92
um do you want to go back and make these430.55.28
Saddles yeah I'll get on that and uh433.084.44
actually I'm Gonna Leave This one with435.783.66
you so I'm coming to you oh you're gonna437.523.78
leave it out in the open here with me439.443.96
with possible danger around perfect I'll441.33.899
take it let's lose it as fast as we can443.43.78
today well it's better than losing the445.1994.44
base hey there you go all right you stay447.184.56
with me you die quicker I'll find you in449.6394.28
a second451.742.179
salmon yeah you got the the honey yeah I455.0996.72
do do I wanna I got I got five honey I459.04.919
think maybe I should carry you and you461.8194.981
got to come in like sneaky pants right I463.9194.981
think I gotta go sneaky pants sneaky466.83.42
pants come on to this opening a little468.93.359
bit more let's take a little fly okay470.224.74
and let me let me see double check the472.2595.401
how to's I throw throw it the giant like474.964.799
bee honey in front of it how do you477.663.84
throw it in front of it I don't know and479.7593.361
then I waited for it to eat it and then481.54.139
I sneak up and I'm out and begin to ride483.125.34
tame it wow this is like a porn site it485.6395.601
is it's like the Penthouse Forum from488.464.7
and then the knock at the door happened493.165.56
is that one of them it was the pizza guy496.026.959
you read that one too yeah yeah oh man I498.726.74
wait a second I didn't ask for pepperoni502.9795.22
well if you didn't ask for pepperoni505.465.62
I'll give it to you yeah but you know508.1996.361
what boy I'm gonna get fired if I don't511.085.399
I don't know where I'm going with that I514.563.859
don't know either but uh Hey listen516.4794.261
there's one using you okay there's one518.4195.141
there's one let's see okay so drop me520.744.92
off good far away okay behind it right523.564.2
and there's got a white stripe on it525.663.9
that one oh man there's like a crazy527.764.98
little yeah that is it so what if I put529.565.76
you right oh man everywhere is not good532.747.02
oh yeah well it could be better oh okay535.328.3
Simon you ready uh sure539.763.86
oh I just threw the honey out by543.984.24
accident way too early don't do that and546.423.72
then something else okay hold on Crouch548.225.0
and sneak hold on hold on all right550.145.52
am I getting attacked or did you pick me553.223.94
up I didn't pick you up oh no it's555.663.54
attacking me oh gotcha okay all right557.164.98
yep okay yep yep if it comes to between559.25.46
me and him it's gonna he's gonna die562.145.34
I'm killing him I just killed him did564.665.04
you yep oh God another one right behind567.484.14
me oh in a picture you wanna you wanna569.73.9
pick him up I think I did I did it oh571.623.719
good why don't we shouldn't we be573.63.179
dropping him in The Taming thing and575.3393.721
then dropping the honey there yeah576.7794.801
unless that wouldn't work well I'm579.064.38
supposed to sneeze I'm coming yeah it's581.583.84
the sneak thing [ __ ] I feel like that583.443.36
thing's coming right to you oh God585.423.96
there's the be careful Carno all right I586.84.02
think coming right to you pretty what589.385.1
the thing oh God yeah he is really uh590.825.82
let's do the two I dropped the honey but594.485.1
he didn't go for it I got him again yep596.645.699
honey over here you are a bad bad boy599.585.1
come on honey bunny oh god oh you're602.3394.921
something else yep yep yep yep yep you604.685.279
I'm gonna kill you you [ __ ] I hope I607.266.6
can yeah thank goodness I have like609.9597.32
weapons given to me yep I don't know613.866.3
where you are looking for me again yeah617.2795.521
I'm over here getting hit by another one620.164.26
of these guys622.85.719
just kill them okay okay okay624.426.66
this is gonna be challenging it is628.5194.481
there's a guy that's right there drop me631.084.14
off and let me see if I can sneak closer633.04.68
to the coast oh drops down as much as635.224.2
you can from right here you want me to637.684.44
drop you off yeah sure all right I'm639.424.56
gonna run see if I can drop sneak up642.124.94
behind him and drop something643.983.08
yeah be my eyes you can help647.16.979
I thought he was around here651.125.899
there's one654.0795.38
yep yeah that's a good sneaker because657.0193.88
you look a little safe around here659.4593.601
that's perfect so here's sneaking I'm660.8994.62
gonna sneak I'm still sneaking yeah yeah663.064.08
well you can maybe go a little bit665.5193.961
faster until you get closer oh yeah yeah667.144.439
because you're sneaking so slow okay669.484.5
we're we're uh maybe by that rock once671.5795.221
you're by the rock starts oh673.987.2
man sneaking watch out sneaking676.87.08
oh [ __ ] okay okay wrap it around oh God681.185.099
I'm getting attacked I just killed this683.884.38
little little [ __ ] head all right hold686.2792.941
on these little freaking little688.262.88
[ __ ] of shoot they're trying to689.223.66
kill me and I can't kill them with my691.143.86
they won't die699.384.36
I'm gonna get him I'm gonna get him701.9593.641
you'll go get him703.744.2
I was doing the wrong thing I think I705.65.46
killed some stuff oh boy what are you707.945.16
doing the wrong thing I don't know how711.064.32
my bullets were killing this go get them713.16.6
okay sneaking get down crying you're not715.387.56
crouched quit running to him719.76.3
you are a psycho I am a psycho I was722.946.8
crouched oh [ __ ] you were not726.03.74
I suck732.183.14
you stay right there up a raptor738.65.1
remaining funny business here we go he's740.3395.94
gonna sink it right in here turn it all743.74.02
there we go yeah747.725.16
hey what750.0795.281
where to your left752.886.72
yeah right here yep now to your right oh755.365.979
I see the app store oh I see you go759.64.739
that's yep yep that's you need hey holy761.3394.44
crap do you have saddles on both of764.3394.021
these I I did man I'm a warrior hey can765.7794.921
I ride this one you'll you'll kill it768.364.219
okay we'll just770.74.16
can't reach us772.5794.901
two shorts is what you feel like okay774.865.02
yeah now it's uh can you give you777.485.099
seriously can you not kill something huh779.884.44
tell me no we got some we were just782.5793.241
building uh you want me to kill784.323.18
something for you look no no I'm well785.823.72
I'm saying I gotta go oh you do yeah787.54.44
I've gotta go I've gotta get at least789.545.22
one of these things to safety okay so791.945.399
you want you want patoots over there794.765.28
yeah listen hey if you gotta go797.3396.24
had your bird right under here okay800.045.82
right under there like right under here803.5795.521
yeah I don't see it there oh yeah hell805.866.36
no that's too too shallow okay will you809.15.22
hide it where you want to I I will I812.223.299
will but814.324.319
um listen yep if you get toots killed815.5195.94
you gotta give me three pterodons okay818.6395.281
all right yeah oh man look at him I'll821.4593.961
go ahead and start saving look at that I823.924.44
know he's a crazy nut isn't he we got a825.426.479
couple more coming in baby oh hey hey828.366.06
those are mine too this is uh Terence831.8995.481
and to Phillip834.422.96
all right I am I am going to hide okay I838.1395.82
would say hey maybe maybe up there842.6394.021
further under the water yeah no okay I843.9595.521
didn't like that spot at all bye bye all846.664.32
right see you dick849.483.599
and talk850.984.74
he seriously just leave his uh bird with853.0795.281
us yeah I think it's gonna be okay this855.724.44
time yeah no that's a guaranteed way to858.365.36
get it killed um we'll see860.163.56
all right Simon all right864.7795.161
look how perfect all by himself play the867.1395.081
Crouch game we look clear yeah we'll see869.944.68
some Alpha action and then now the thing872.224.2
is behind it so I got to make sure I'm874.624.08
sneaking up on it oh like that one I was876.423.24
looking at the other one that was878.73.36
farther away don't do that fall off this879.664.02
ledge and come up behind it this LED's882.062.88
right here oh I'm just walking towards883.682.88
you don't go off yet I already went off884.945.339
oh [ __ ] okay now go up okay886.567.459
right there I'll come waiting yeah890.2793.74
okay because because896.9594.141
right now he's turning and now he's904.1994.921
facing freeze freeze freeze go back go905.824.98
back you want me to Common Sense well I909.123.779
mean a little bit okay Common Sense okay910.83.36
how about that There You Go Wrap around912.8993.601
the wrapper oh boy oh that's no good914.164.2
that's terrible oh God916.55.1
no no no no918.363.919
what happened well you see me I think922.2795.261
you might have jumped the gun I think925.922.94
you might have jumped the gun on this927.543.72
one yeah I didn't do another one to928.863.779
shoot him because it looked like it was931.262.939
coming at you but it wasn't coming at me932.6395.401
yet hold on hold on hold on hold on I'm934.1995.82
safe I mean I don't think it ever saw me938.044.56
ah I'm just so worried about you don't940.0194.921
listen wait until it starts to bite me942.64.679
and I say it's biting me okay all right944.944.199
easy now is it gonna it's coming to get947.2794.321
me all right oh yeah it's biting me this949.1393.781
is biting me951.64.2
it's fighting me now this is bad you're952.925.88
bad you're bad yeah I'll shoot you down955.85.899
I'll shoot you958.82.899
please oh I missed you all right here964.446.24
turn around I'll wait calmly967.0197.081
maybe I shouldn't be calm no I'm just970.685.88
gonna sit here and I'm gonna Crouch with974.16.72
C I hope it doesn't see me oh oh boy you976.567.639
are not doing well under pressure980.826.3
oh okay all right how's this how's that984.1995.981
buddy how's that line it up perfectly no987.125.459
excuses here you got this pal all day990.184.68
and we try to get a uh like a Sarco or1004.244.959
something maybe there's one there okay1007.6393.841
or just to get to this underwater base1009.1994.681
Yeah okay or I think beavers are pretty1011.483.84
good swimmers we could go back down to1013.883.0
those beaver dams and try to catch one1015.323.12
of those you want to try to get to an1016.883.36
underwater cave with a beaver it's gonna1018.443.839
swim faster than we do past sharks okay1020.243.839
okay you know what let's do the beaver1022.2794.201
idea okay this way1024.0795.34
right down here and I'll just land uh1026.485.219
somewhere up here on top we'll get a1029.4194.561
good look bam oh oh boy we're sliding1031.6994.801
okay oh yeah so this is believe a1033.984.74
country yeah I think we should build a1036.55.819
trap I've never built a beaver trap okay1038.725.94
I myself am a beaver trap though oh1042.3194.081
really we'll just go down there and1044.663.6
catch one nah I don't like this type of1046.43.659
beaver all right we'll build an1048.263.299
old-fashioned one I'll let you build an1050.0592.901
old-fashioned one what do you need1051.5594.441
probably wood Rock stuff like that all1052.964.599
right I'm on it1056.04.799
man I hate doing this oh there's a saber1057.5596.24
tooth there I really hate doing this but1060.7996.301
this is gonna be my best chance maybe1063.7997.861
okay this cave boom I'll live here from1067.15.579
it's for now and uh yeah you just1072.6796.481
passively just get out of here if [ __ ]1076.126.04
goes down all right I love you good1079.165.18
how long buddy six minutes okay it keeps1087.265.58
on you know can you do me a favor could1091.343.12
you you got some wood on you maybe you1092.842.88
could throw some wood in some of these1094.462.04
the food that keeps on going out yeah we1096.55.64
also load them back up sure I know you1099.54.32
know but I mean I feel like this might1102.143.0
be the first1103.824.44
thing that I've like mated and hatched1105.145.46
let's face it probably the only thing I1108.264.98
ever attached ever yeah so I'm a little1110.64.98
nervous I got some raw meat what you're1113.244.62
doing great1115.584.86
dude they're both like 226 228 it's1117.864.439
gonna be a powerful little little fella1120.444.5
right yeah I like that a lot and then uh1122.2994.441
and then soon after that we could start1124.943.06
you know hopefully it's gonna be another1126.742.939
female and then we could start you know1128.03.84
wearing out that vajayjay and start1129.6794.681
getting it you know just getting it1131.845.04
ready to I mean I'm just saying uh for1134.364.62
the the breeding yeah because I don't I1136.884.02
don't mind having pterodons like they're1138.984.559
mosquitoes nor nor do I I want them to1140.94.74
be annoying they should be very annoying1143.5394.5
and let's just say that this is the1145.644.68
beginning if it's a female it's going to1148.0394.801
be the beginning of a lot of a lot of1150.324.8
pushing you know what I'm saying yeah a1152.844.14
lot of egg pushing yeah1155.123.48
yeah I'm gonna get some wood oh okay1158.65.34
listen do I gotta put the fires out like1161.725.819
right away probably it's probably1163.945.88
yeah otherwise it's gonna like die can1167.5393.841
you be here when it's ready we we1169.824.2
promise to be here I'll be there for you1171.384.74
thank you you'll hold my hand you're1174.023.72
gonna be my coach I'm your I'm your1176.124.5
doula Doula yes you're my Doula your1177.745.84
Doula oblongata1180.622.96
oh man another argentavis uh you need1184.827.26
help uh let me see uh he's 135 okay crap1187.646.779
yep I'm on the teardon you want me to1192.084.08
like uh blur him off I don't know I1194.4193.181
don't want you to get that killed I1196.164.5
won't I'm faster maybe the sword's1197.64.56
strong enough let me try it I can warm1200.663.78
up maybe just tell me if you want me to1202.164.8
lure him off oh boy I'm hurt okay you1204.443.9
want me to lure him off ah it's probably1206.963.9
too late come on I learned my boys you1208.344.14
really want me to you got1210.863.86
so we got a 25 seconds yeah yeah do the1219.986.42
imprint thing throw some meat in I'll1223.884.38
have the meat but I forget what to do1226.43.72
with the imprint your material instincts1228.263.659
will kick in will they that's what they1230.124.14
say right but I'm not the parent that1231.9195.401
makes no sense you're right no but three1234.264.919
two one1237.325.06
zero here we go1239.1793.201
Foundation no I don't want to pick up1242.6795.681
um what do I do put out the fires put1246.53.66
out the fires go make sure what the baby1248.363.9
needs what see what the baby needs okay1250.165.94
oh God here I started it again1252.266.419
um I don't know what the baby needs baby1256.16.959
tardon imprint e yep e sorry imprints1258.6796.681
yes yeah put some food1263.0596.321
and then Eagan1265.364.02
that's about the main meat went bad what1270.14.3
no it didn't what are you talking about1272.844.4
okay hold on wait1274.45.519
why is it letting me put the meat in1277.245.16
okay I am dramatic all right1279.9195.64
oh it does it only lets it's such a tiny1282.44.48
little stomach1285.5593.901
it only holds so much meat when it's so1286.885.1
tiny that scared me oh no I don't want1289.464.14
to pick up the stone foundation you1291.983.48
don't need to pick up anything God I'm1293.64.14
just trying to access the inventory of1295.465.04
this freaking don't pick up that spoiled1297.744.799
meat I put on top of it oh it only holds1300.56.919
that okay yeah well welcome baby1302.5394.88
yep I'll do that again and again level1308.96.72
222. do it I'm uh oops wrong button I'm1311.745.439
here for you bud all right thank you1315.623.66
time time to go I want this little baby1317.1794.98
to follow me I love that you're on this1319.284.56
Mission uh in the morning I'm gonna do1322.1594.26
some get some more Panthers okay come on1323.845.1
come on time to go proud of you Simon1326.4195.88
thank you when's the baby shower soon if1328.945.46
this thing will follow me gotta hit two1332.2994.921
I did well you're gonna have to move one1334.46.48
of those fires okay demolish come on you1337.225.22
little [ __ ] I'm already sick of this1340.883.799
yeah see you down there once I take1352.65.199
something from this it's gonna piss them1355.763.6
off never seen a beaver dam like that1357.7993.421
it's like a bigger than usual Beaver Dam1359.364.62
right okay be alert all right I'm I'm1361.226.36
old alert here goes bam and I'm just1363.984.86
gonna do a little bit for now all the1367.582.94
smoothing face are they coming uh oh1368.842.819
yeah oh yeah they're coming they're1370.523.779
coming fast yeah oh yeah here they come1371.6594.081
here they come I just got a little bit1374.2992.88
so I'm not overweight yeah yeah yeah1375.744.58
yeah yeah yeah are they here1377.1795.461
nope they didn't come yeah no they're1380.324.06
still coming okay still coming oh boy1382.644.1
he's got one of them yep that's right1384.385.52
now we'll lower the other ones away yeah1386.745.439
where are they yeah are they mad at me1389.94.259
maybe they're just mad at me yeah oh1392.1793.301
yeah they're absolutely only just mad at1394.1592.941
you I didn't touch the damn cement okay1395.483.66
you can get started on knockout okay1397.14.5
we'll do right hey buddy oh wow he's1399.143.72
actually chewing on the wall down there1401.62.76
oh yeah knock him out quick oh1402.863.9
breakthrough okay my bird just decided1404.363.9
to fly up in the air I guess that's the1406.763.06
passive flea [ __ ] I should have probably1408.265.539
been ready I was drinking no not yet1409.823.979
can you repair the wall from the other1418.843.88
side if you got the materials you can1420.983.6
there's some stuff in the Box you can1422.724.8
hit oh no he's trying to run now oh1424.584.979
buddy you got nowhere to go all right1427.524.62
he's down he's down he's down yeah all1429.5594.921
right give him some food and uh these1432.144.26
guys are still mad or I'm off the side1434.483.9
of a cliff or something yeah they're1436.43.899
good beavers you know yeah what do these1438.384.2
things eat meat think so I don't have1440.2996.321
any okay I'll bring you some in a second1442.584.04
how's the baby doing good you know1447.446.0
they're weak when they're little so you1450.445.7
know you sounded so scared earlier I was1453.444.56
I was freaking out because I thought it1456.144.5
was a lot quicker than this and then the1458.05.039
meat I had it didn't transfer from a1460.645.12
certain sure1463.0392.721
I've been here for ever like I feel like1465.7995.521
I need already a day out1468.025.88
maternal woes cause when was the last1471.324.26
time I just had a little bit of me time1473.94.08
you need some you time1475.584.14
good because this it's everything's1477.986.64
about E I need food1479.726.199
let's get over it baby honestly get a1485.9196.701
[ __ ] job you got like 60 over 60 meat1489.267.32
maybe 70 meat just just shut up the1492.625.939
epitome of selfish is what I've always1496.584.68
said yeah that's why that's why we need1498.5595.461
to down down with the the little ones1501.264.68
yeah that's what I say I don't think we1504.025.48
need them why would we1505.943.56
minimize by a third oh my goodness more1514.4197.721
like 85 yep easily gone yep and then1518.5395.221
from there we can still with five1522.143.96
percent we can play like Hunger Games1523.764.799
type games it's this and you're on the1526.14.5
same page as me I pitched like a uh what1528.5594.681
was the squid game yeah yeah for babies1530.64.92
like right up like at the gate right out1533.243.84
the gate and the games are real simple1535.524.279
the games are like1537.084.26
um Bay retrieval right and some of them1541.344.88
have poison on them1544.47.2
right that's one of them pay-per-view1551.65.9
right definitely1554.2993.201
I don't know yeah that's the though1572.144.48
that's the I'd watch it gotta tune in to1574.522.71
find out1576.624.26
oh who's a good man all right that's1586.825.339
good and you got some big ass Beaver1589.645.34
feet good Lord I never knew Beaver feet1592.1595.281
were that big I'll be looking uh we're1594.985.76
looking good we got the beaver okay ass1597.448.16
smells like sweet vanilla uh uh 29 huh1600.746.84
oh yeah no it's a little [ __ ] all right1605.66.24
well uh here we go and made with your1607.586.959
own cementing paste look at that let's1611.844.56
see let's put some stamina there's like1614.5394.02
a is this is this also a Smithy it was1616.44.08
like a scroll yeah tools you can build1618.5594.561
them there man what yeah hold on now1620.485.34
what didn't you do oh yeah no [ __ ] it's1623.124.5
a little it's a mobile Smithy that's1625.825.099
right that is awesome so here's the plan1627.625.039
um we take this thing back down the1630.9194.14
water see if it swims fast enough and we1632.6594.441
find our new home I'm with you okay1635.0593.6
where should we put the pterodones in1637.13.9
the base one of us can uh we should1638.6593.961
probably go together one of us will fly1641.03.779
Birds one's One Rides a beaver but we1642.623.48
can't go over this waterfall because a1644.7792.941
bunch of stuff was mad at me and it's1646.13.9
still down there oh okay you lead the1647.724.199
way what am I doing I'll jump on I'll1650.04.32
jump on the birds uh you follow me with1651.9195.461
the beaver yep okay let's do it1654.325.099
give her a name too yeah what is it1657.386.48
sopping wet yep fitzer1659.4197.14
all right so you want me to do the old1663.865.699
let's get in the water first okay okay1666.5595.641
oh boy oh yeah he's pretty quick yeah1669.5595.401
wow no this might not be a problem okay1672.25.16
okay how do I stay up stay afloat oh1674.963.9
space all right what am I supposed to be1677.364.699
doing you need to Grapple1678.863.199
all right okay all right and then turn1694.2994.181
it around yeah face it going out that1696.623.559
way yeah all right stay there stay there1698.487.26
and I am bam okay hands breath are you1700.1798.38
breathing uh yeah I'm good okay now this1705.746.439
is uh hard to steer a little bit okay1708.5597.321
look at me I'm Beaver skiing yeah yeah1712.1795.921
all right cool let me try to navigate1715.885.64
here I remember correctly all right1718.15.76
let's my hot Auto hot disable would go1721.524.2
away remember the button for that1723.863.96
I think it's uh the one above enter the1725.724.8
backspace oh yeah yeah enabled okay1727.825.82
there we go all right hang on man I1730.525.039
think we're getting close and I'm1733.644.74
enjoying the ski trip oh the shark whoa1735.5594.62
yeah I really don't want to be oh God1738.383.899
yeah I'm being I'm bait here all right1740.1795.761
uh kinda oh no also watch out for the1742.2796.061
jellyfish please okay I just got a far1745.945.58
away in the spot oh I'm oh boy love boy1748.344.439
are we safe let me know if I got even1751.522.82
faster I'm not worried about it I'm1752.7793.121
worried about my oxygen now okay let's1754.343.24
go up what are we looking for oh I see I1755.92.82
think I see I think I see where you're1757.583.5
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] just don't stop don't hey1767.626.9
oh no I need nowhere together1771.143.38
Dave you're gonna get me killed so how's1775.7795.681
your breath it's good go I see God go as1778.524.68
fast as you can is it as fast as I can1781.463.5
oh God hang on I'm hanging on all right1784.965.56
how deep is this it's pretty deep oh1788.364.919
what when's the oxygen start yeah look1790.524.86
it's already started just stay alive all1793.2794.081
right okay oh right there oh my God1795.384.94
surface surface1797.362.96
get the top right I'm at the top I'm at1804.224.439
the top look at this1806.845.059
hold on1808.6593.24
oh man I'm almost dead we made it though1813.227.319
did we we just we can't get up1816.863.679
huh this place is cool any threats down1822.25.339
here no I don't think so you don't think1825.265.1
so yeah okay did you bring a foundation1827.5395.221
in the bed yeah yeah perfect we'll set1830.363.48
one up1832.764.2
oh my sweet home baby sweet spot neebs1833.844.98
thank you there's a red thing over here1836.964.5
that's right oh boy what number is it1838.825.88
this time six out of 200 oh wowzy wow1841.466.48
how'd I do 12 out of 200. look at you1844.75.28
look at you you little Explorer I know1847.944.38
look at you that's a double baby cool1849.985.0

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