We are NOT READY for this GIANT BAT - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can never get enough of the adventures that the boys go on in Conan Exiles. In th...
We are NOT READY for this GIANT BAT - Conan Exiles
We are NOT READY for this GIANT BAT - Conan Exiles

We are NOT READY for this GIANT BAT - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen this GIANT BAT in Conan Exiles? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that bat was massive! Definitely not something you see every day in the game.

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing when we stumbled upon that thing. Definitely made for some entertaining gameplay.

neebs: I think that bat might just be my new favorite thing in Conan Exiles. Who needs enemies when you have giant bats to deal with?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can never get enough of the adventures that the boys go on in Conan Exiles. In this latest episode of Season 2, two of them head out in search of brimstone and end up encountering a bat, while the other three set off to find thick hide but end up with every other type of hide instead. Classic Neebs Gaming shenanigans, am I right?

If you haven't checked out the video yet, make sure to click on the link provided to watch the full episode on their YouTube channel. And don't forget to grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee to enjoy while you watch the chaos unfold in the game. I love how the guys always manage to find humor in even the most challenging situations in Conan Exiles.

I also wanted to give a shoutout to Xidax PCs, the awesome sponsor that powers Neebs Gaming. Their high-quality PCs ensure that the boys can bring us top-notch gaming content every time. And if you want to support Neebs Gaming even further, consider becoming a patron on their Patreon or joining their Discord community to chat with other fans.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of Conan Exiles with the Neebs Gaming crew. I can't wait to see what hilarious moments and epic battles they get into this time around. Thanks for tuning in, and remember to like, subscribe, and share the video with your fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts. Let's spread the love for this amazing channel together!

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God it says shelter here I think I'm2.525.52
okay yeah this counts I hope so yeah5.15.16
we're gonna be fine perfect time for an8.043.84
adventure yeah well you know yeah10.264.14
because really you you just don't want11.884.02
to have this in the middle of the14.43.18
adventure like while you're right you15.93.379
know in the middle of fighting it's true17.584.08
that's a really good point so this is19.2793.76
the perfect time because what are the21.663.06
odds of it happening again today this23.0393.841
seems like a mild Sandstorm it does it's24.724.02
actually I mean I remember when I was a26.883.899
kid we used to go out and play and stay28.744.2
in storms no you didn't yeah people30.7793.78
these days are way too sensitive they're32.943.42
way too listen the sand was different34.5593.481
when I was a kid and it's good for your36.364.019
skin those Long Island sandstorms were38.044.199
really something yeah they really were40.3793.721
and you run out in the middle of the42.2395.3
field and you'd be like up sand sand44.16.0
run to the side over here we'll hang out47.5394.241
take a little break we clogged up your50.13.24
pores it was good actually this is51.783.9
pretty oh look at this right here do you53.344.5
see I've never seen this I've never seen55.684.62
that but it's insane the animal no this57.845.039
uh the sand actual sand craziness I'm60.34.2
looking at in the sky yeah it's pretty62.8794.321
rough oh that's does that looks like64.54.619
hell over there and it's just a wall of67.23.779
it like if that we were in that that'd69.1194.561
be bad yeah but we have a rock yeah all70.9794.741
right we move out after I don't want to73.683.66
talk anymore I'm glad you don't make the75.723.86
shush your mama79.745.16
so this animal's cute shut up81.7223.82
Ahoy matey Ahoy who goes there yeah108.928.26
how's the CB treating you that's114.564.48
treating me good I made a big old forge117.183.06
you want to see it yeah you like my119.042.579
Boathouse I can't really see your120.242.879
Boathouse hold on let me put down the121.6194.701
forge boom Oh my God123.1196.0
yeah that looks good oh yeah you made126.323.999
your house kind of look like a boat129.1195.041
mig's the captain of my house here Yar130.3195.821
Yar Yar indeed you should have put it in134.164.439
the water nah well yeah that'd have been136.143.84
cooler yeah I didn't know it was gonna138.5993.481
be a boat when it started okay look we139.984.5
got this Advanced Forge now and let's142.084.739
see our improved furnace oh how do we144.484.74
make steel just says wood does it just146.8194.021
burn it more efficiently oh you know149.223.48
what it's all coming back to me what150.843.78
unless I'm making it up um what and152.73.24
they're like don't you have to make that154.624.08
little jar of blue and gold stuff jar of155.944.379
blue and gold stuff you know what I'm158.73.66
saying no blue and gold jar blue and160.3193.961
gold jar no Brimstone no it's not162.364.2
Brimstone what is it I've seen it I have164.284.02
no idea I was hoping I'd be able to make166.563.24
steel with you you know an advanced168.33.48
Forge but clearly not in real life you169.84.2
got to add something to make steel okay171.784.98
well maybe we can make iron quicker so I174.04.14
can go get more iron because God we're176.763.059
gonna need it yeah all right but then178.144.08
steel how do we make steel a little jar179.8194.2
of blue and gold stuff maybe okay is182.223.06
that something we can make here The184.0194.021
Alchemist bench maybe is there a jar of185.285.28
blue and gold stuff in there jar of blue188.045.94
stuff here that's fish gill Potion No I190.564.92
don't think that's right yellow stuff193.983.479
that's Yellow Lotus potion yeah we're195.483.479
looking for blue and gold from what I197.4594.14
remember nope nope this is all fodder198.9594.741
okay something we got to make oh wait201.5993.481
you know what I bet we got to make it203.73.06
here at the fireball cauldron oh that205.083.78
might be it huh blue and gold stuff206.765.699
steel fire maybe tauren Brimstone oh208.865.82
that that kind of sounds right kind of212.4594.021
sounds right boy that's blue and gold214.683.479
stuff if your memory serves you216.484.08
correctly hey I'm only like I don't feel218.1594.14
super confident about it but it could be220.563.48
well where the hell do we get Brimstone222.2993.181
I would imagine God that's probably224.043.3
gonna be in your more volcanic regions225.484.92
right man I got some somewhere I think I227.344.679
may die out of it how'd you end up with230.43.479
Brimstone sometimes you get lucky oh no232.0194.261
killed somebody or hit a rock or I don't233.8795.28
know hit a rock killed somebody let me236.284.739
take a look at the map is there anywhere239.1593.601
see I would think Brimstone I would241.0192.521
uh god that's way too far to the North243.544.979
we can't travel that far today hmm I246.04.26
don't know I don't I think it's blue and248.5194.58
gold stuff gold stuff yeah Brimstone250.264.74
primstones make253.0993.7
sounds all right I'll do some research255.03.78
I'll figure it out okay I'll kill the256.7994.081
neighbors oh258.784.02
ER what are you doing buddy you've260.884.68
gotten yourself into a skirmish see if262.84.56
the neighbors like this there you go265.563.84
there you go I'll distract him you take267.365.279
him down take that neighbors what are269.46.78
you blowing over there a horn ah272.6395.651
the neighbors out being loud276.184.2
sounds good I think it's gonna work you280.385.759
guys hear that horn yeah is that like283.564.62
neeb's Rapture I have no idea it was286.1394.201
just a loud horn I heard the horn looks288.185.459
like there's a Bengal tiger wait what is290.345.34
that a Bengal top oh so this might that293.6394.641
might have thick no I don't know295.684.739
you don't see the Tigers right over here298.284.06
looks like it looks like it's a Bengal300.4193.84
it's just taking a little rescue yeah302.343.84
should we murder it I mean we haven't304.2594.261
seen one yet we might murder in a Bengal306.183.78
tiger we should do a little and then308.523.119
I'll try this uh the skinning knife the309.964.5
nice one yeah we'll see all right let's311.6395.601
jump in right now314.462.78
what a good leap finish him oh I want to333.446.16
hurry please finish it there oh is it336.846.419
easy yeah science science we're giving339.65.46
you What's It Gonna Give You feline343.2594.44
pills that's not heavy it's not heavy or345.065.52
thick at all no let's continue our thick347.6993.981
thick Adventure thick surely there's351.685.44
something large we can take down out355.1395.881
this way or something thick I just gotta357.126.98
drop my pants for that361.023.08
I don't get that you don't want to be364.285.88
too thick no okay I'm very small367.326.54
it's ridiculous names what's wrong373.863.779
mateys this horse isn't even halfway375.4794.56
done oh the horse yeah I mean it takes377.6394.021
the horses a long time to grow up in380.0392.88
real life so what are you worried about381.663.24
it's a video game should go quicker382.9193.661
right well I mean what a day you can't384.93.78
wait a day or two like 10 days I feel386.584.98
like real horses are months but is that388.685.28
fun in a video game 12 months or days391.564.38
sometimes it's worth the wait no it393.963.179
isn't just let's just give me the damn395.943.12
horse that's a phrase it's worth the397.1394.381
wait okay cool all right that's a phrase399.065.1
oh wait there's two wait two minions for401.524.2
that wait isn't it I don't know what do404.163.18
you what are you on about worth worth405.723.96
its weight like like worth its weight in407.344.5
gold like pounds yeah and then worth the409.683.48
wait isn't that weird that there's two411.843.84
of those wow my whole life I haven't413.164.2
thought about that now look at me two415.683.78
different versions of worth yep and wait417.364.5
yeah that's what's crazy it's in there419.464.32
twice yeah hey421.863.66
um any idea where to get Brimstone right423.783.3
off the top of your memory you know what425.523.66
I was just thinking about that again and427.083.78
you know what I think I got it from429.184.26
those uh those Rock rhinoceros things430.864.86
maybe Rock oh those do you know where433.444.259
those are right off the top of your head435.724.8
because if not I know exactly where F5437.6995.701
that's ingrained in my brain oh F5 there440.524.26
was something else there too iron right443.43.66
iron hey we can make a double run I'm444.784.02
not playing stolen iron I'm down let me447.063.6
empty some inventory and we're going yep448.84.44
same here okay we're worth our weight450.665.78
worth the wait yep453.246.959
and Bam very nice work gentlemen yeah456.446.46
very nice work home sweet we're like460.1994.56
surrounded by um people that don't want462.93.48
us here I'm sure I think that's a trend464.7593.481
to this series yeah well that's just466.385.4
Conan World hey so that's Simon you468.245.04
remember when we fought like the big471.783.66
[ __ ] dude there yeah that's really cool473.285.699
I feel like beyond that just North up in475.445.099
that general area if you look at the map478.9793.301
there's higher potential of something480.5394.081
with thick hide so we're gonna what run482.284.8
through it run past try to we could we484.624.68
could just also um take care of that487.084.019
situation over there on the way right I489.33.48
mean we could but we did it already I491.0993.6
know but it was so long ago and there's492.784.08
three of us now Simon there you know494.6993.541
let's face it I mean I don't really496.863.66
remember it yeah and Anthony hasn't seen498.243.6
I've never been there so that's two of500.523.44
us that have no idea what's let's go501.845.28
mess them up I have an idea what I know503.964.959
a little bit more than he does okay507.124.32
Anthony all right yeah like well what's508.9194.92
in there let's grab it well well the big511.445.18
[ __ ] along with it yeah513.8395.341
a bunch of little gimps along with it I516.623.88
mean that could be assumed with the big519.183.12
well it could be assumed but I knew it520.54.26
as a fact guys guys let's just focus on522.34.38
the yeah hey look little gimps you were524.763.36
right yeah yeah there's a bunch of526.683.36
little oh let's knock this all out huh528.125.82
hey guys hey yeah my favorite thing is530.046.38
they're tiny little no butts533.944.98
yeah they look like Hank Hill I'm gonna536.424.539
beat this one up with my fifth there you538.924.2
are get them all right no more the more540.9593.921
up here543.124.26
no no there's more innocent creatures up544.884.0
here let's murder them this is where the547.384.26
yeah all right where is your leader is548.884.86
this the leader no it's quite large and551.643.84
I feel like we've already bought them553.744.2
yeah it's not over here yeah no okay555.485.34
where's Simon uh that I don't remember557.945.1
okay fair enough yeah but I will say560.823.84
that I do have these new daggers when I563.045.359
think they kick fine oh Great Clips564.665.82
oh God568.3994.861
there we go there he is570.485.34
that little thing is the biggest of them573.265.079
all that is the piggy yeah575.824.019
but then there's a whole bunch of little578.3394.701
ones here you see yes579.8393.201
there's a lot going on here all right584.065.5
like they've added Burger they might587.2793.901
oh okay okay watch your back oh591.185.7
so glad they're that easy look he's got594.64.02
like a little he has a cauldron on his596.883.019
head yeah598.624.26
oh damn I forget they explode oh no get599.8994.541
away from me don't hit me like that they602.883.6
do they explode well that one just did604.443.56
look at that606.484.38
you hit me you [ __ ] oh my God I'm608.04.3
pretty hurt I think oh you're already610.863.36
doing all right am I where's the door is612.33.9
more hurt than you all right yeah oh get614.224.02
out of this how the [ __ ] did you get out616.23.3
of here go up to someone else for a618.242.88
minute I need to heal all right I'm619.53.48
giving him some bleed damage there we go621.123.18
there we go there we go thank you thank622.982.88
you then I'll come on in when you're624.33.479
ready son all right hold on go ahead625.865.22
jump all right I'll do that okay627.7795.881
I don't I don't mind uh you know being a631.084.92
distraction all right coming back in633.665.0
come on636.02.66
oh god oh sorry heaviest attack I'm so647.426.28
sorry I jumped right in front come on651.544.38
I'm gonna come in for this deal there we653.74.98
go you're dead hell yeah good job y'all655.924.919
all right let me get that blood he658.684.14
fought with honor and dignity it was all660.8394.141
right except for the way he was dressed662.824.5
except for the way he was dressed well664.985.599
that's high fashion in these parts667.323.259
so this is F5 huh this is it look at all671.73.3
that metal674.042.28
I think cold over there we should get676.323.06
that furnace I'm gonna run down here677.73.06
real quick just to make sure that I'm679.383.3
right here comes one oh this is680.764.139
potential Brimstone boy I can't I think682.684.32
maybe it's these guys here we go we hits684.8994.801
yep I'm gonna hit him oh okay yeah he687.04.019
looks like he'd be made of Brimstone689.75.28
yeah another one whoa yeah three of them691.0196.361
oh wow this is uh this has gotten out of694.983.9
hand oh man I forgot I made some new697.382.94
gauntlets I didn't put them on yet four698.883.48
of them that's a lot yeah why why did700.323.24
you drag us your names because you702.363.0
wanted Brimstone that's a good idea well703.563.24
I wanted to go to a place where we could705.363.719
just get it you want horses immediately706.84.44
you want Brimstone at the quickie Mark709.0794.081
yeah sometimes you gotta work for it I711.243.3
am working for it like going to the713.162.52
place where we have begin we'll be714.542.58
working for it okay715.682.94
um but this is working for it yeah no717.122.76
now that I'm fighting These Guys these718.623.659
guys are idiots yeah we got this yeah my719.884.16
god dude722.2794.5
oh and he's down what a count let's see724.044.66
they like me so do you harvest them for726.7794.201
brimstone yeah Trek harvesting yeah try728.74.62
that see what happens hmm what's coming730.984.2
what's coming hey yo all right hey I'm733.323.959
trying to harvest your buddy your mom or735.184.26
your dad for brimstone will you leave me737.2794.881
alone yeah go that way yeah739.445.22
they don't usually listen I found that742.164.96
out yeah I can see get my stamina up and744.665.04
stand oh that was a stab you see that747.125.839
[ __ ] that was some good stabbing749.73.259
Iron Stone and coal Iron Stone you get753.684.48
iron from these guys what about756.8394.62
brimstones uh Stone insects that might758.164.56
have just been for the bush oh they're761.4593.421
back on me Cold Stone looks like Cold762.724.619
Stone and iron there's no Brimstone here764.883.959
you rep you brought me here and wanted767.3393.24
me to work for it he's not even here we768.8393.18
still got two five770.5792.94
Stone animal772.0193.841
s better it better I'm gonna be upset773.5194.701
about it775.862.36
I get when these guys die man is your779.425.8
weapon way better than mine oh yes how782.2794.261
do I get good weapons all right what are785.222.28
you chopping them up with I've been786.542.22
hitting them with an iron pickaxe you787.52.16
want to try something different let's788.762.34
try the skin and knife try that Skinner789.664.2
knife what you got nothing it doesn't791.14.799
work it's a rock no no you got something793.863.419
now I've noticed that when we turn the795.8993.24
hood on and off I haven't been my797.2793.68
husband been on the whole time oh really799.1395.281
nothing nothing unless I got three stone800.9595.5
but I think I have that okay what about804.424.099
this one with the pickaxe806.4595.701
Iron Stone Cold what all right but yeah808.5196.041
holy [ __ ] you talking about iron F5 is812.164.56
the place for iron is it hey yeah I814.563.48
think that Tower right up there is that816.723.0
where door and I fought a bat long time818.044.14
ago I feel like that one to the right819.725.46
over there right maybe it's been a822.184.5
minute it's been a hot minute it was on825.183.599
that Mesa right there right might have826.683.54
been a Mona Mesa well it could have been828.7793.36
on that Mesa Mesa or was it yeah maybe830.223.359
it was this big one I think it was this832.1393.0
big Mesa Mesa you think we're ready to833.5793.601
fight a bat no we have a I remember it835.1394.5
looking cool we the bed down you want to837.184.38
try to fight a bat839.6395.241
maybe let's do it841.563.32
you guys see what I see right of course846.424.56
is that them the little orange Rhino848.764.259
it's it's little because it's in the850.984.14
distance yeah yeah when we get closer853.0193.5
it's gonna get bigger it's gonna be yeah855.124.26
oh because of uh oh look the trees are856.5195.44
doing it too perspective yeah this is859.385.1
intense so they're red well that one is861.9595.88
okay yeah so I'm thinking uh bow action864.485.52
I'm thinking that too man it might be867.8393.961
nice to like lure it back toward this870.03.42
Temple and mess them up crocodile871.84.74
crocodile oh God the crap out of me I873.425.82
didn't see it yeah876.544.2
yeah all right880.744.8
you ready guys should we start peppering883.0193.781
them and then like run back to the885.542.88
temple and fight them in there sure so886.83.12
we don't get like blindsided by other888.425.12
stuff yeah like parties and889.923.62
did I get him you're too high he was too894.1996.341
low oh and that one was just right oh oh896.947.22
boy oh God oh God okay900.546.0
oh he's running toward me and that makes904.164.479
sense I shot him first yeah God look at906.545.159
him he's covered in oh it's hair all908.6395.161
right we're murdering right give it a911.6993.861
try yeah913.83.92
his face is gnarly oh yeah and I'll do917.725.859
the uh we'll get a good skin I got you921.364.08
guys have that skinning knife the iron923.5793.5
oh God it's almost dead that was a good927.0796.06
hit that was a good hit on me930.123.019
yeah that was close huh yeah all right933.747.18
and there he goes all right don't hit938.64.359
him don't hit him all right you're gonna940.924.08
you wanna do it yeah I'd love to it all942.9593.781
right go ahead show me something thick945.04.86
you're inside him oh yeah well that's946.745.099
interesting what why949.864.74
because I got reptile hide951.8395.341
okay well he kind of had a reptile dish954.66.359
tail maybe reptile hide is thick it957.186.0
might be does that make sense like960.9594.921
leather out of it I don't know maybe we963.184.86
could say it does so that it doesn't965.884.139
suck but that was fun yeah that was a968.043.72
real good job guys yeah I mean it was970.0193.301
also kind of wimpy I want to do more971.763.3
yeah we'll learn more we will do more973.324.079
and hopefully find dude not a reptile975.064.139
rhinoceros yeah let's find a rhino977.3993.541
rhinoceros yeah maybe they aren't in979.1994.921
this area hmm the search continues it980.945.36
we'll get honored990.03.42
honor hey our service is going to bring991.863.659
us much honor oh that's fantastic that's993.424.08
why we clicked on that uh yeah you know995.5193.481
I told us about the history of the world997.53.18
it was blowing through the cosmos999.03.72
something something gobbledygook1000.685.7
nonsense blah blah yep I see a bet oh oh1002.725.7
yeah I see him up here we should put1006.385.519
beds down up here up here yeah right1008.425.58
um right here in the corner yeah down1011.8994.44
there that might be a good idea case I1014.03.54
mean we're going to know pretty quick if1016.3393.12
we want to just you know flip it right1017.543.9
there got a bed I mean if we fight it1019.4593.841
and I get killed I don't want to climb1021.442.999
this mountain again1023.33.84
I feel you all right maybe I can climb1024.4394.441
one of those big tall things up front1027.143.96
and we can fight or I can fight from up1028.885.22
there I like you playing shall I get in1031.14.859
place yeah you're getting placed let me1034.13.54
get my federal down1035.9594.021
look at this big boy so we're getting up1037.644.74
top I mean it's a fat right he's a bat1039.984.439
yeah so he's just gonna be able to like1042.383.919
get you well he might be like a chicken1044.4195.041
not fly right like you think you can fly1046.2995.26
but he doesn't because he's whoa okay1049.463.719
yeah but he's not a bat he's a chicken1051.5593.841
did you fall kind of controlled fall1053.1794.081
maybe maybe get up on the side there1055.44.38
yeah there you go oh he mad oh he pissed1057.267.34
off he's coming oh wow oh big boy1059.784.82
wow he got a hit on me already oh that1072.746.26
ain't good all right I'm up top oh boy1074.724.28
okay I'm on it all right I got some1079.723.94
please damage okay he gets a little1082.164.56
tired when he does that okay okay oh God1083.666.48
I'm out I'm out [ __ ] this you run yep oh1086.726.0
boy oh boy hey spot back on your bed I'm1090.144.26
gonna wear him down1092.724.56
I'm at home oh good I probably clicked1094.45.04
the wrong button I am nowhere near neebs1097.284.62
and I've lost all my [ __ ] damn it come1099.444.26
on BET as soon as my friend wakes up1101.94.5
you're gonna get it that's right plenty1103.75.76
more where this came from yeah1106.46.6
tough guy that's right boom right in the1109.466.599
wing I can do this all day1113.04.679
all right how do you want to approach1116.0594.141
this guys we got okay so the this place1117.6794.321
is called the Valley of the Hulk which1120.25.099
are big gorilla Apes yeah guaranteed1122.06.24
they're not bearing reptile hide what do1125.2994.5
you think gorilla hide do they have1128.243.84
their classification you would think1129.7994.021
that'd be thick thick you would think1132.083.42
you went right above us you know that1133.823.359
right yeah1135.53.72
um I'd rather shoot at the one below us1137.1793.661
but someone tells me that they're going1139.223.66
to be able to climb let's see here we go1140.843.66
all right you both have bows all right1142.884.02
oh all right he still wants that list1144.53.84
out on that thing he doesn't even see1146.93.42
you as a threat I don't care this is1148.344.079
perfect oh wow and it's pretty hurt yeah1150.324.32
yeah are you kidding we're not no I mean1152.4194.021
this is but it's very hurt right now1154.644.08
like this is shocking yeah I've seen1156.444.08
videos on YouTube they should be a lot1158.724.14
harder to take down all right so you've1160.523.96
got about 20 arrows and then it hurts1162.863.54
right but they use like pistols to save1164.484.5
children and it is down it's dead that's1166.46.139
crazy jump with excitement1168.983.559
so that thing really might be badass I1176.085.32
would not try to kill that thing oh God1179.363.9
I'm trying to kill us no Witnesses all1181.43.3
right here try to get whatever you get1183.264.02
out of this uh monkey oh it's dead okay1184.74.08
all right they're already dead give me1187.282.94
the first right out of the butt right1188.783.48
out of the [ __ ] oh my God I got I got 241190.224.16
thick high oh1192.264.5
24th hate then listen we got to kill1194.383.82
that one that was above our heads yeah1196.762.88
we have to like get rid of the species1198.23.42
let's do it okay and let me let me go1199.644.26
ahead and get this guy do it what if1201.624.74
it's more reps into the beach and you1203.94.8
guys shoot it yeah perfect that's fine I1206.363.96
also kind of want to stab at it like1208.73.719
that would be fun too yeah that's1210.323.68
there's the other one uh oh Mr gorilla1214.06.34
hello monkey we'd like you to come here1218.483.54
please thank you excuse me do you have1220.343.12
some time to pencil it already has an1222.023.659
arrow in it yeah yeah oh you're oh1223.463.78
there's another one behind me oh oh boy1225.6793.181
we don't want two two monkeys I don't1227.243.48
want two I'll keep this one distracted1228.864.02
beat that one all right okay the other1230.723.66
one just really hurt because this one1232.883.0
doesn't seem to be going down hardly1234.383.919
oh yeah come on why are you okay1246.165.04
we're doing good on the beach okay oh1251.745.62
yeah okay oh God what I got one oh he's1254.05.039
got a lot of them in the butt that hurts1257.363.96
okay I'm gonna have to fight this guy1259.0394.621
all right you get him where'd he go but1261.324.02
I'm gonna do your house in a minute oh1263.663.48
God oh my God this lizard's spitting1265.343.959
yeah it's not okay at least he's1267.144.32
distracted more lizards all right bleed1269.2994.861
damage come on baby I'm gonna run I need1271.464.8
a bandage oh no not now not like that1274.164.74
run run run run1276.264.2
he's doing the king of the jungle thing1278.94.159
yeah everybody likes that yeah1280.466.0
oh I Got Mine mine's dead okay and1283.0595.5
mine's about to be down okay is it get1286.464.38
him into play get you in the back1288.5595.221
Simon you okay I'm okay I didn't die oh1290.844.8
no this son of a [ __ ] is still on my1293.784.62
ass bro God he shoot me again speak too1295.645.64
soon there we go will somebody kill this1298.45.759
freaking lizard coming coming Melissa's1301.285.7
coming fight me lizard spit like a1304.1595.941
coward yeah yeah it's a really exciting1306.985.52
battle yeah look how exciting this is I1310.14.559
bet the music's really epic there we go1312.56.299
yeah yeah I got some thick good me too1314.6597.561
sweet all right hmm maybe uh check these1318.7994.701
boats see if there's anything in them1322.224.319
okay nothing shitty boat good job yeah1323.56.78
good job Simon oh here's a chest1326.5393.741
this game doesn't know is I'm a damn1334.223.839
genius I'll just drowned myself and1335.94.519
spawn on the right bedroom1338.0596.24
game designers are idiots all right hey1340.4196.341
Dave chips oh what took you so long I1344.2994.86
found that my bed back home is my bag1346.763.659
still here1349.1593.5
um yeah your body's right there I'm good1350.4195.161
but still there's a bed on it okay oh1352.6594.541
he's walking away I'll stop shooting1355.583.3
keep him distracted keep them distracted1357.23.979
I've wore them down pretty good1358.886.299
and loot and take off bam all right I'm1361.1795.62
back in Action let's get the hell out of1365.1793.061
here oh we're not fighting I'm gonna1366.7993.061
fight this thing okay I need like a1368.243.419
shield or something I just wore them all1369.864.14
the way down to like 95 I'm just gonna1371.6595.581
leave oh wait he's he's down 95 or he's1374.06.299
down 295 yeah he's got 95 of his health1377.245.939
still oh [ __ ] off now we're out of here1380.2997.5
okay watch this jump you ready yeah1383.1794.62
boy oh boy1398.083.36
what are you are you what you're1404.6795.461
shooting it right now oh my God1406.73.44
you're insane holy crap you don't just1412.486.04
you don't just shoot at it how does that1416.124.98
even wait did it nip at you it made it1418.524.639
it hit me1421.15.22
that's absurd that is insane Simon you1423.1594.181
hit it see if the same thing happened1426.322.82
yeah yeah hit it guys all right hold on1427.344.14
hold on let me see see if it freaks out1429.144.32
again I hit it there look it did like a1431.484.62
wiggle see right now it's and I hit it1433.465.699
again it's almost dead good get it yes I1436.15.34
think it's dead all right you want to go1439.1595.701
skin it and go home sure oh God what no1441.444.92
no we're good nothing now we're fine1444.862.939
yeah that didn't look like a much of a1446.364.02
slide down now I noticed that that's why1447.7993.841
I didn't do it what do you think a snake1450.386.84
gives us fur surface fur reptile hide oh1451.647.74
what a twist with the Rhinos dead too1457.224.02
everything down here is dead good taking1459.383.32
it all1461.245.58
too deep not too deep oh damn oh I hate1462.76.7
these birds1466.825.339
a shoe build yeah they're just [ __ ]1469.45.58
I see many Gorillas maybe a few more1472.1594.681
before we head home yeah let's get a few1474.984.199
more okay we're horrible people there's1476.844.319
three of them first time three we can1479.1793.411
take it1481.1596.21
hey buddy I made this bow so check it it1487.487.059
doesn't look there's the christening of1492.984.439
my ship yeah shut up nobody cares deebs1494.5394.861
all right so it's like what have you1497.4193.961
noticed my Tower's getting pretty tall1499.44.2
okay you shut up too I was showing Simon1501.384.86
about it's gonna rival yours soon we're1503.65.16
trying to Chris on a ship Sir now's not1506.244.26
the time there's a man oh will you1508.763.539
please can everyone just shut up except1510.53.48
for Dora yeah I was just talking to1512.2995.341
someone your place too why Chris Cindy1513.985.939
and says Anthony1517.644.74
the poison sorry Dallas1519.9194.201
I'll be down in a second is that poison1522.383.419
I want to know if I'm gonna die in the1524.124.32
SS names yeah that's poison okay I just1525.7994.141
wanted to know for safety reasons carry1528.443.42
on with your bullshit's really so anyway1529.942.04
leather to make that uh I used 20 uh1533.9195.981
thick leather to make this in the health1537.5594.74
damage on this bow is 12. oh that's cool1539.94.98
yeah so it's like five more than I think1542.2994.5
my bow looks cooler it it looks fine1544.884.44
yeah I I wish with all the all the stuff1546.7993.841
you had to do to go through the making1549.322.4
it just looked better you know what I1550.642.639
mean yeah me too it looks like it yeah1551.723.9
wait how did he make that one look so1553.2794.081
good well the one I just1555.623.9
traded back in like not using anymore1557.363.66
looked significantly better than this1559.522.759
one but this one's just better oh1561.022.13
awesome made this1562.2792.461
that's an arm you didn't make that yeah1564.743.179
you didn't make that at all got enough1566.6593.421
needs body Oh that's oh that's even1567.9194.321
better that's you open with that he1570.083.36
should have christened his place with1572.244.52
that you just smack something1573.446.739
that's hilarious1576.763.419
it doesn't move shut your ass yeah1583.845.26
that's happened look how tall I am God1586.465.099
you know hi I am up here do you see you1589.14.559
are really needy for attention look at1591.5593.261
yep I'm seeing you1594.823.9
ah you're kind of sad all right guys1598.765.419
you're all fairly sad1600.7993.38
thank you1624.223.0

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