We have to make the kid CRY! - It Takes Two - Part 5

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another hilarious and thrilling episode of our favorite YouTube channel? I know I am!...
We have to make the kid CRY! - It Takes Two - Part 5
We have to make the kid CRY! - It Takes Two - Part 5

We have to make the kid CRY! - It Takes Two - Part 5

Neebs Magic Dumpster


neebs: Oh man, this is definitely one of my favorite videos. Nothing like making a kid cry for entertainment, am I right?

simon: Haha, yeah, it's all in good fun though! I mean, who doesn't enjoy a little innocent childhood trauma every now and then?

neebs: Exactly! And the best part is that we get to do it all while playing video games. It's like a dream come true!

simon: I know, right? Who knew that making a kid cry could be so entertaining and profitable at the same time? We're living the dream!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Magic Dumpster YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another hilarious and thrilling episode of our favorite YouTube channel? I know I am! Every Thursday at 8pm ET, the Neebs Gaming crew goes live on Twitch to bring us some epic gaming content that never fails to entertain. From crazy challenges to epic battles, you never know what they'll get up to next!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out their main channel on YouTube at youtube.com/neebsgaming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Their videos are always filled with laughs, excitement, and plenty of gaming goodness. And hey, if you're a true Neebs Gaming superfan like me, you can even grab some awesome merch from their spreadshop at neebs-gaming.myspreadshop.com. Show off your love for the channel with some cool gear!

But back to the main event - the Twitch livestreams! I always look forward to tuning in every Thursday to see the gang in action. Whether they're playing a new game or revisiting an old favorite, the Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game. And let's not forget the banter and jokes that make watching them play so much fun. Oh, and that moment when they make a kid cry? Classic Neebs Gaming humor at its finest! So mark your calendars and get ready for another epic livestream - I'll see you there!

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hi Simon0.04.799
hey I hear we're gonna make our kid cry1.564.56
because I mean not here like that's what6.123.36
we were doing last and now we're doing7.8592.581
today we're trying10.442.9
we bought them14.8393.421
it's time for a new friend24.063.66
I actually thought she'd outgrown the25.84.979
elephant and she did27.724.74
but lately she's gotten attached to it30.7794.681
again I I don't know why okay well let's32.465.04
just find it because we're bad parents35.463.96
yeah we're bad parents so we we're gonna37.54.2
find the elephant and destroy it make39.425.04
her cry look at that what41.75.039
the waterfall44.465.64
of gum gum gumball waterfall that46.7395.461
doesn't make sense cause the amount of50.14.92
gumballs oh they're not gum balls yeah52.27.22
it's a gumball machine okay I don't know55.024.4
uh jump uh jump this60.486.72
I'm following you I yeah I'm just like64.7995.761
taking a peek again it's been a minute67.25.58
yeah wanted to feel these70.564.62
all right so I guess we're just oh this72.784.32
is oh that's what we're jumping don't we75.183.9
do like uh if we get off does it do they77.12.76
go away79.083.539
if you step yep so one of us on you you79.866.38
go ahead man if you wanna all right82.6193.621
all right94.23.72
um and now I assume they're gonna go95.7594.921
away yep they are so what can I oh here97.923.78
hold on100.682.7
does that help you101.76.98
yeah go the other way I will yeah yeah103.385.3
jumping on the blocks hmm is that a109.047.3
climber so I should be able to get off113.784.479
of this yeah go ahead try it right now116.344.02
yeah so118.2593.54
there must be something else for you120.363.899
today yeah yeah buttons over here it121.7995.581
looks like this this hit the buttons the124.2594.98
Oh shot smash them I think you can do127.384.62
that smash thing yeah isn't it uh right129.2395.461
trigger maybe when you're in the air no132.06.54
right trigger maybe I thought the double134.77.74
oh god oh boy oh oopsies that was me all138.544.74
um I thought I was doing the so what is143.285.22
the punch down [ __ ] you should know this145.3796.541
we're gonna we have to relearn that's oh148.56.36
all right well uh I've got151.924.679
it's all right we got to learn that154.864.92
punch down though [ __ ] let's take you156.5995.22
she doesn't oh yeah it's uh she might be159.785.9
double jump and then B okay161.8197.081
okay gotcha we'll get it back false165.686.1
alarm all right so double jump and then168.95.28
B I like how you think she would have171.784.08
just remembered that well she's like she174.183.9
plays this daily she's smart enough to175.864.44
go I think this yeah178.084.68
all right oh so I have to uh you have to180.34.14
do that one in the air so back to the182.764.14
yellow okay184.445.4
oh [ __ ] all right I'm just jumping on186.94.8
this one thing I'm finding challenging189.843.36
which is pretty ridiculous that's all191.73.72
right all right193.25.52
so now you can go to the green one okay195.425.64
and uh wait till I jump till you hit it198.724.14
okay okay201.064.62
um oh let's now I have to jump and then202.864.62
do the like double jump and then the B205.684.26
we'll time it yeah so tell me when to207.485.039
start that all right when I in three two209.944.32
one go212.5195.701
okay maybe uh maybe you go quicker okay214.265.539
all right ready219.7995.921
boom okay222.6594.621
all right you go ahead and start I'm225.724.68
gonna do that go ahead227.284.8
all right we'll do the same with the230.43.78
blue I'll watch you I'll watch you you232.085.82
watch me right beautiful234.183.72
all right now you can get off those okay239.348.64
and go I don't know uh I saw I thought I243.2398.461
saw something move underneath here like247.986.539
over that away did something flop up251.74.14
let's flop up I thought I saw like a255.846.119
hinge like here when I when I looked259.1396.0
down I thought I saw something hmm on261.9595.18
the screen go265.1395.34
I know you can't see it but yeah I267.1394.961
thought I might can you run along that270.4793.541
wall I forget about the wall jumpy stuff272.14.14
can you like do something along that274.025.04
wall along here probably not like if you276.245.28
run that maybe not279.065.12
that's the problem with taking breaks in286.2593.061
between recording sessions is right287.943.78
getting big breaks too yeah this one was289.323.659
a bigger one291.723.44
and obviously I need to get over there295.524.6
if that wall almost looks like you uh297.963.54
could I try something real quick just300.122.88
yeah with yours yeah see if we can301.53.86
remember it303.02.36
no I'm just gonna try grabbed on yeah309.9796.041
grab but313.55.46
how do you grab316.026.92
um with B I think318.963.98
you know what324.362.839
why is interact332.945.64
well in the meantime hello everyone hey336.05.72
guys you know it seems kind of weird338.586.5
oh yeah341.723.36
okay the grab's not gonna do it either347.6995.22
so yeah maybe not over there [ __ ]349.446.06
it's back here352.9195.34
that'd do anything for me though that355.53.96
did something for you that's what it did358.2593.361
it moved that so yeah but that's the old359.464.679
one we did right so that doesn't make361.625.639
any difference when I did this now do I364.1395.641
reset Maybe367.2594.261
maybe there might have been yeah maybe369.785.82
try one of those okay371.526.899
try that yellow all right now you'd be375.65.039
looking over my dog I'm looking in front378.4194.021
of me because that's the oh well I think380.6393.9
I was just if something else came up382.443.9
over here that I didn't see for a second384.5394.341
maybe I was right here when I saw that392.6993.481
other one before how mad is everyone394.54.68
right now right everyone's so mad396.185.519
uh what about oh yeah399.183.9
this is a puzzle thing isn't it was405.843.359
there not a wall run407.6994.201
okay this is how we go here I don't409.1994.681
think that yeah hold on I don't think411.94.98
there's a wall run maybe aztecia might413.884.439
have seen now she wouldn't have watched416.883.48
rounded wall run418.3194.94
not grounded420.367.399
It Takes Two game wall run423.2594.5
we can always get a third person in here440.07.3
to to help us try to figure this out442.948.039
her name is esteccia447.33.679
here you can uh452.223.259
maybe I go back466.083.14
there's another area maybe469.623.56
we just started this um478.386.68
yeah I don't even know how I got here481.024.04
look for yellow the game uses yellow to496.3193.841
signpost to the players what needs to be498.4195.661
done you know the levers yellow buttons500.163.92
oh look at the player with better aiming510.723.84
skills should play as Cody and oh that's512.583.959
this level514.563.599
so uh516.5394.081
is there's nothing that you could do to518.1595.041
help me huh520.624.2
I can't like we don't have any special523.23.36
abilities yet you know what I mean no524.823.66
but I mean like to move forward like you526.563.24
can't go and you can't read I'm not528.483.12
gonna make that job nothing that you can529.84.38
do it doesn't appear I mean I'm all at531.65.04
the end here man534.183.839
there's like an hour right here I know538.0194.26
that's why we're gonna have to do540.063.3
something different if there's gonna542.2794.021
have to be editing in this yeah no543.364.919
that's listen you don't I've seen us546.34.62
take it she added snap with with uh548.2796.861
always changing angles do you wanna uh550.924.22
what was that what did I do on this one555.9595.041
oh that's for you558.725.28
now you can go back to the number yep I561.05.04
did it I didn't see it nope I was just564.03.839
trying to get as far as I could you see566.044.14
love it me too570.187.02
all right now I'll go yes and there's573.06.6
the Hat oh my God was that there was577.23.78
another one over there see he was right579.62.58
in front of your face you just didn't580.983.419
see it so I was that's me that's what I582.183.839
would have done well wait oh I can do584.3993.361
that one oh nope nope stay on that oh586.0194.101
and I what is that uh right yep yes hey590.33912.261
all right through the the mouse598.144.46
we did it603.446.24
you could be positive do these do613.944.78
anything just checking no they're just616.444.14
I do can620.583.62
um two more628.624.32
okay I got it I don't know if it's630.8395.101
well we just did a good thing today yeah639.085.379
we fixed those so we have to go it's641.884.199
just a puzzle for both of us to try I644.4594.021
guess because they're yeah646.0794.44
okay there's a good pattern there yeah648.483.78
there is650.5194.341
made it far but cry all right oh okay659.75.96
there's that right timing670.683.68
oh yeah678.9595.661
all right682.0192.601
you're killing it shoot686.34.32
oh oh yeah yes there you go692.947.339
all right let's see697.23.079
why can't I make that jump700.625.88
bless you as Tech yeah703.565.6
so if it looks like you're about to oh711.444.18
that was perfect boom it was textbook713.74.56
really yeah yeah all right so we got715.625.399
um we're gonna need a pig and a Frog so718.264.019
oops so you got a pig and you said a722.2795.481
frog right724.982.78
all right so how's this work what's this729.8394.921
what's going on there so we might get732.245.58
lucky go go for the mouse oh Mouse see734.768.639
now you hit our B and RB oh you you you737.828.579
can jump onto that thing as it shows743.3995.88
with indicator oh746.3997.94
on the dude that okay you're doing that749.2795.06
oh now I gotta go on icy754.625.219
oh that was a rat and then a lion okay757.264.98
there's and I jumped into the lion I759.8393.541
don't know what the hell just happened762.242.58
there hmm763.384.019
so there was a rat first so we gotta764.826.18
find the route that has these animals767.3995.88
um yep I see and I'll move the rat771.03.72
so I'll try774.724.559
well that's not gonna work oh because of777.183.599
okay you want to try what we did the780.7795.341
first time where you get up on here783.425.659
again and I'll try to786.122.959
so we have to793.225.2
all right you should go up are you795.245.279
saying I should go here and then try to798.423.599
try to do the same thing you did there800.5194.5
okay and that was the what was the hold802.0195.94
on bam oh you don't have to switch I805.0194.741
don't huh no because I just hit the rat807.9594.261
and opened it oh I understand now a809.764.259
little bit I opened it all back here so812.223.119
go ahead all right ready all right I'm814.0193.661
gonna go and that's gonna have me do815.3395.761
that why does it have me jump uh all817.684.74
right so I gotta go to the right and it821.13.479
has me jump no you wanna oh I see that's822.423.9
what it did I don't know why824.5794.741
then you gotta jump to the left all829.624.14
right it did it for me before yeah a831.8393.18
couple times833.762.22
all right835.0192.641
all right all right all right all right835.983.599
so you're saying the mouse is good Mouse837.665.52
yep now jump to the right course yes839.5797.161
no yeah okay and we got what we got843.187.68
there's no sheep go to the mouse yes all846.746.899
right I'll go to the pig pig pig pig850.866.12
nice frog no frog here go to love oh853.6394.481
[ __ ] oh we're gonna have to go to the856.982.34
damn it we'll have to go to the bear858.125.76
yeah but okay [ __ ]859.326.72
um I feel like I'm not hitting I'm863.883.66
getting lucky with the button thing well866.042.76
at least it's letting you pull back on867.543.239
with that all right okay so it's gonna868.84.279
be Mouse870.7792.3
my mouse is already and then go to the873.183.3
horse okay874.863.96
it's already up yep make sure you get876.484.14
the right bit I have to hit the button878.823.3
it'll pull you up if you miss the thing880.623.48
I forget how that works I forget how it882.123.06
works too so that's what I'm trying to884.12.76
figure out okay so I just gotta jump and885.183.659
then hit RB again yeah that's what I886.863.96
gotta remember all right after this one888.8394.021
and of course and then jump and then890.824.8
there you go there you go and what do we892.866.18
got we got uh Mouse yep yeah and then895.625.94
it's gonna be bare no no Pig worst Pig899.045.64
horse Pig it's gonna be the bear now901.566.12
very nice907.84.44
that might be it909.424.56
all right so you're gonna have to do it912.243.779
for me now913.983.32
I don't like that but okay917.35.26
so first thing's gonna have to be the920.6993.181
Frog I guess922.564.32
okay first things the Frog I think so923.884.86
all right you see yeah you just tell926.883.48
them all right we have a frog a lion928.743.839
right bumper It's Right bumper yeah so930.364.08
we have a frog a lion932.5794.981
a sheep and a dog934.446.42
frog line cheap dog all right dog yep937.567.92
get on that dog there you go lion lion940.868.479
and sheep sheep945.483.859
and uh frog frog damn it950.066.1
did you get it954.64.039
and lion lion956.165.22
so close but now we know all right I958.6394.181
gotta be like real close to the center961.383.92
all right962.822.48
all right we gotta I start off with the967.323.66
Frog right off the bat all right so969.243.38
Frog's open970.985.359
open that frog972.623.719
and then dog dog okay and then lion lion976.569.42
and then sheep sheep okay stand right in982.984.2
the center is what I'm doing it'll be985.983.659
easier to get them and then it'll be uh987.184.68
frog frog989.6395.961
and then what was that last one lion991.863.74
and what do we got yeah996.8995.94
sweet all right you are not in here I999.1396.281
see I have a cow1002.8395.161
and here's a cup okay and that's perfect1005.426.839
because that's all I need for you1008.07.199
hey sweetie all right hi boo-boos you1012.2594.801
could be nice with to each other climb1015.1994.521
an abacus1017.062.66
its Peaks I'm not oh boy so all right1020.448.739
yeah you take a sip I'm gonna assess we1025.8395.401
have an abacus1029.1794.5
you have an abacus and that has nothing1031.243.88
to do with anything we came in there and1033.6793.421
we're jumping from thing to understand1035.125.28
how interactive anything is1037.15.9
all right1040.42.6
oh those are bounds yeah1044.783.74
all right you got this I await you1063.57.14
all right I'll go to the right one and I1068.127.34
guess just hit Y is it why okay yeah1070.644.82
I am1076.0395.481
great advice I know honestly shut up1077.67.64
don't die Cody1081.523.72
six plus four Seventeen okay great no1086.65.579
it's not though so oh what's the level1089.965.579
here all right I get an 11. whoa oh oh1092.1796.541
what's makes 17. so1095.5395.781
um all right five plus eight isn't seven1105.5595.401
what uh eight nine so nine nine there1108.24.02
you go1110.963.959
so good I need you here nine am I the1112.224.44
only one I gotta get on nine I thought1114.9193.541
you walked on nine I don't know1116.665.519
all right so that's eleven so one and1118.466.24
then there's no two right so two and1122.1793.781
then a nine1124.74.2
there you go no that's not it1125.965.28
[ __ ] that was 11. oh wait was it a minus1128.94.92
five plus zero five plus two so you go1131.245.4
to two bam so why you why does you not1133.825.099
standing on something I don't know five1136.645.0
plus two so1138.9195.88
I'll go in nine so you can do a a seven1141.646.34
oh am I doing seven is that it okay okay1144.7995.901
six no no we gotta get 16. so I'll go to1153.144.64
uh nine plus five plus three1157.786.46
my brains no but for something like this1161.55.14
like here six like this is basic stuff1164.244.319
but for some reason yeah what if I1166.644.38
stayed like on just now you've done this1168.5594.86
so if that should be just two right yeah1171.024.26
yeah yeah I'll just stay on the five for1173.4194.62
now good get easy and all right so and1175.284.259
that's changing that so it should be1178.0393.361
nine yeah all right1179.5393.721
okay yeah I'll let you move we'll be1181.44.92
smart about it all right yay okay good1183.266.48
now we're memory1186.325.7
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I didn't look oh there1189.744.439
were just two of everything okay so I'll1192.024.74
take I'll look at the right side when we1194.1794.201
play okay here we go all right well I'm1196.762.7
uh banana banana and orange okay banana1199.467.68
orange all right so I'm gonna go1203.2996.961
there all right I'm gonna go right here1207.146.84
go to a new Spa Orange was orange did1210.266.18
you yeah very nice all right so then1213.984.26
strawberry did you have a strawberry no1216.443.96
so go right there try that okay banana1218.244.439
banana is right hit I'm gonna hit this1220.44.68
banana banana banana banana all right so1222.6794.401
right here is a newbie1225.084.14
yeah boom all right now we're gonna go1227.083.52
somewhere we didn't go1229.223.199
okay whatever this one is go there and1232.4194.481
then oh is it there no it was over here1234.9194.14
at all boom and then that you're really1236.96.26
good all right and then boom pair1239.0594.101
smack pal1246.345.02
all right connect the dirts oh that's1249.53.78
okay oh boy oh yeah1251.365.52
Buzz all right so draw by numbers1253.285.22
where's one1256.884.98
oh we're on one oh oh I go up and down1258.56.9
so we're on one I'm down go to two yeah1261.866.72
two three three1265.45.18
five six1270.6793.261
nine oh up ten back down to 11.1275.67.98
oh did we hit uh dot or something I1280.345.04
think we can stop if we need you know1283.583.18
what I mean all right up and down1285.383.12
there's a timer okay go ahead all right1286.763.48
I thought we were doing this fast I1290.244.88
thought we were really good1292.1592.961
oh because we're hitting into ten yes1298.826.2
all right done1301.43.62
oh we didn't get our one1305.486.92
yeah hit seven it doesn't look like it1308.024.38
now we should1314.783.24
all right here we go1316.1595.461
oh is it oh I'm trying to move well you1318.025.7
gotta go you're right and left remember1321.623.66
you're oh you have to go up we're going1323.724.199
Oh I thought we got two oh it circled it1325.284.74
just all right now this is where we're1330.023.24
going to slow down1332.1792.281
nine all right now we're gonna go up and1334.468.12
avoid that there we go boom boom yeah1337.0395.541
it's gonna be fun this is so much fun1345.026.56
hey okay1348.0393.541
20 years right there all right there1352.364.439
all right straight up1359.025.76
and then Wade1361.763.02
oh gotta fix that1372.983.38
what is it oh boy1382.1594.801
um did we buy all this [ __ ] for her by1385.15.76
the way uh hope not1386.967.14
okay so we have to play with every toy1390.868.12
Rose has we got a muse1394.14.88
what's this dude1400.222.839
that opens that1407.24.14
so what are why are these pound up [ __ ]1411.9195.461
I don't know because when we pounded1415.1593.541
them down it didn't seem to do anything1417.383.48
before did it1418.73.839
all right so there's the wiggle the1420.864.86
let's figure this1422.5397.14
that opens can you pound them down now1425.726.06
these that's just1429.6794.021
seems like it's just the way it is1431.784.98
asking for it no no it makes me feel1433.74.979
better makes me feel better okay so we1436.765.88
don't think we need to it fixes it1438.6795.701
I can't even jump on these [ __ ]1442.643.419
okay okay we fixed it all right oh no we1446.0593.901
didn't anymore1448.883.0
this is so unnecessary but it should1449.964.44
give you um Easter egg stuff1451.885.52
for being thorough1454.46.24
all right so this does what that makes1457.45.279
the mouse something pops up there so can1460.645.1
you can you get inside the the1462.6794.921
puzzle when it's down there if I do this1465.743.72
I bet you I can1467.65.699
yeah oh no I can't oh can you jump wait1469.467.219
a second yes I can1473.2993.38
so here I am do a pound there try pound1477.386.12
well now oh I should have went in I will1481.14.199
pound it next time1483.54.38
just a yes1485.2995.341
okay that didn't do anything no and it1487.886.96
just takes so we need the mouse there1490.647.5
we're gonna set the mouse what1494.845.579
there's a ball that goes yeah where's1498.143.899
the ball or is that supposed to be1500.4194.101
we gotta bring oh maybe it's on the far1504.864.199
side we gotta [ __ ] with first see that1507.323.66
the indicator on the1509.0594.021
do we have to go down there first both1510.984.579
of us maybe1513.082.479
oh and we're both controlling the oh1515.784.86
there's a ball over here1517.885.76
all right so hold on something's gonna1520.644.38
release that1523.642.06
and once that's released1525.75.62
but then we're not moving yeah exactly1529.13.9
does it when I hit that thing does it1531.324.82
release it I don't know1533.03.14
not let us hit the buttons1536.723.26
let's see1540.52.72
no no that is not released we gotta1544.44.8
release that ball I tell you1547.226.18
yep and this says why oh why1549.25.82
yeah maybe you have to hit the other one1553.43.899
oh yeah you uh we have to all right1555.025.88
we're gonna release it there cool1557.2996.061
all right now we gotta get this sucker1560.94.92
going okay go left all right I get it1563.365.54
and now we're gonna go this way too yeah1565.826.12
down down down down down1568.96.399
all right and then up up1571.944.92
I was up1575.2995.36
yeah you were up I was not up all right1576.866.179
all right yeah playing playing around1580.6596.181
the centers the way to do it isn't it1583.0393.801
all right1587.6592.661
low left yeah low left slow right here1598.0397.221
slowly yeah it's fun1601.2793.981
it's it's uh kind of fun yeah I don't1610.05.14
mind missing one this one's fun1612.5598.181
all right do the same skis and then1615.145.6
all right I don't know yeah you're right1638.145.32
this is good but like this one's gonna1641.63.66
be and then let's get it straight let's1643.463.599
go straight come to the middle more okay1645.264.14
and straight right so it doesn't go up1647.0594.021
into that hole let's get it like a1649.44.2
little down yeah right there is nice1651.085.52
now now we gotta do the oh [ __ ]1658.245.679
can you go get it wait it went in it did1661.525.159
all right so1663.9194.441
yeah let's release that that's a weird1666.6793.901
view okay1668.365.24
watch that uh1670.583.02
-huh get you some Chase can you1674.126.9
come and get it get the chest oh now1677.964.74
it's down below yeah you couldn't jump1681.024.019
up good I hope so I told you the Miser1682.74.979
friendly I don't know how I can that's a1685.0395.581
double there we go perfect1687.6795.941
what a Magic I'm not doing all those1697.13.72
doesn't mean anything I'll jump on this1698.843.66
one see what's up1700.823.359
I guess you have to go to that one it's1702.53.96
a timing thing I suppose yes I think we1704.1794.441
should both do it together I just both1706.464.56
of us I mean I just did it1708.624.5
I didn't do it the first time so I kind1711.024.039
of funny1713.125.82
I just jumped in that direction1715.0597.381
dude you are gaming1718.943.5
you're so gaming oh gaming1723.025.659
all right1726.022.659
okay what are we looking at here those1730.7794.961
are paths there's a light there's that1733.464.98
let's see what these do1735.745.36
why and we gotta jump out there huh1741.525.259
um like immediately1745.13.72
no they'll probably go back right away1746.7795.041
okay yeah I guess so1748.825.7
wait I'm trying to let go be canceled on1751.824.58
that job1754.525.7
it's not that okay1756.46.159
that's where we came from no it's not1760.223.48
hmm oh we have to get let's see where1763.76.24
did you go let's see I hope you didn't1767.5395.341
go there did you that's not what I want1769.946.56
just don't reach each other1772.883.62
we gotta go got those hooks up there1779.5397.341
let me get up top1783.9192.961
can we go maybe I did see1792.1597.301
this one wait we went in there so why1797.1794.261
wouldn't we want to go over here not1799.463.18
because we can walk over there from the1801.442.4
of course we could1803.844.74
no they can't jump back and forth on1806.6594.281
that one1808.582.36
so this goes across you see that I1813.3996.341
wasn't seeing that before the the green1816.866.6
bar yes yeah but it doesn't reach it1819.747.819
doesn't reach the uh you couldn't1823.464.099
because one has to be done first right1828.384.5
or no it doesn't matter one will block1830.4194.38
the other yeah1832.887.34
so maybe if that one go all the way1834.7995.421
yeah that's not gonna so this one is the1845.724.98
one that engages both the one I'm1848.483.72
standing on and the Walden that's coming1850.73.06
out of the wall1852.26.14
that that handle yeah yeah1853.764.58
so should we be working we should be1862.487.299
working together I guess so but so what1865.765.94
I don't know1869.7795.161
the timing of it1871.76.24
like obviously we can both run back1879.7993.921
let's see what that did1886.3993.26
um let me see if there's a different1889.764.639
perspective over here I can think of1890.6593.74
yeah oh can we1894.985.72
I'm gonna freaking make it1897.53.2
is it that wall go ahead and pull1901.76.78
the green or the right one yeah okay1905.246.26
that one out there1908.483.02
okay oh1915.3993.66
all right let's see what this does yeah1919.15.459
I didn't even good for you thank you I1921.6794.921
don't know what it did1924.5595.1
do anything that so you can get up your1926.64.74
own other side if you want you know what1929.6593.24
I mean we both have to hit these so1931.342.579
you're gonna have to go to the yellow1932.8992.581
up no you have to pull the yellow thing1935.483.96
before you run out just like I did1937.464.02
because this one's done this side's done1939.443.719
you've got to do that side do this side1941.484.74
yeah and then you're gonna just run fast1943.1594.681
to all the way down1946.224.98
cancel that and like jump1947.844.62
oh yeah I didn't need I could have went1951.23.3
to just see the other side too you could1952.464.319
but it takes longer but I'm just saying1954.53.12
with this1956.7792.76
oh and then you gotta look left and you1957.623.179
got to go back and forth between the1959.5393.061
walls to the top of that1960.7994.141
where right there yeah so can I do it1962.64.319
from here I mean if it's you're running1964.943.54
out of room you know what I mean yeah1966.9192.76
back and forth to the left and right1968.482.419
oh I tried to do it but it didn't do it1970.8996.4
okay [ __ ] I don't like this yeah I know1977.2994.701
now you remember the left and right on1984.884.0
your toggle like face that way so you1987.382.519
can go1988.883.24
back and back and try and keep jumping1989.8994.321
hit the button every time is it a jump1992.126.86
every time no try and turn I know1994.224.76
how come it's not oh wait maybe do you2006.824.199
have to go on the how did I do it look I2008.984.86
can you want to watch me real quick2011.0196.02
well now that won't work2013.843.199
yeah I can watch it why why don't you2018.2793.12
watch me real quick I'll do the same2020.083.12
thing on the greens are you hidden oh2021.3995.4
hey but I forgot the spot so you want to2023.25.099
just die come back here and just watch2026.7995.781
me real quick watch my screen okay2028.2994.281
I mean I watched you do it but I don't2033.15.34
know the technique so a all the jumps2035.26.24
getting in here real quick2038.445.579
how what are you doing hey jump and then2041.443.9
left and right but you have to be in2044.0193.721
that exact spot it's off the wood not2045.345.42
that green thing I think2047.743.02
yeah and you gotta there you go yeah oh2055.8396.06
yeah so off the wood off the2058.546.059
oh because it's not it's off the wood I2061.8994.321
was obviously not in the right good2064.5993.06
position unless it was I think it was2066.225.24
off the wood looked like it was2067.6593.801
all right I gotta do it again make sure2077.824.18
it's off the wood2080.1394.641
I'm gonna make sure2082.02.78
it is off the wood2088.8993.02
um basic [ __ ] here oh you're good it's2096.73.96
been a while you know while you [ __ ]2098.83.84
with that just a bit I'm gonna use the2100.663.06
oh but I'm almost there almost there2109.727.34
almost there almost there2113.23.86
all right2143.464.84
hello everyone who's here2145.1195.281
there might be six of you left2148.35.88
we appreciate you cheers2150.46.62
drinking water2154.182.84
man oh man2159.485.639
I got it2162.0993.02
poppy you happy2165.3594.301
Poppy's probably pretty happy and we2167.54.82
both hit the things2169.662.66
yeah we did right what did it do though2173.445.34
all right I just did so we must have2176.145.82
turned on turned on power2178.785.04
oh there's another hookup no that's the2181.966.6
hook we use when I Let Go it goes so2183.824.74
it just opened that yeah we can both2198.043.66
make it I think yeah it just fell down2199.963.42
beautiful all right I just wasn't2201.73.96
hitting the thing oh okay all right to2203.386.32
the next we're so good yeah2205.664.04
I pull my finger2210.73.62
um okay so this is gonna be a there's2214.786.92
definitely one of these jumpy things2218.323.38
all right you're gonna have to get on2224.75.26
the whoopee or one of us2227.0794.621
if we do the same time2229.963.84
go ahead and uh you want me to get on2231.74.379
the whoopee so you got the you got the2233.84.92
whoopee job all right you do that right2236.0796.02
when you were just doing yeah2238.723.379
beautiful yeah but to what2244.546.24
uh you could probably flip up through2247.746.48
the maybe I can reach that2250.783.44
so so we've got two whoopies right you2257.144.32
see that yeah try do yours again real2259.3594.561
quick is there a delay yep there's a2261.464.5
delay with the um2263.923.72
so we're2265.963.84
you can reach that other whoopee so mine2267.643.54
made the other2269.83.539
maybe can we do our own whoopies let me2271.184.28
nope that one's quick this one's got a2279.0995.421
little delay doesn't it2281.6192.901
not really2284.982.84
maybe it's this one jump on the other2287.8593.061
one for me please we'll just see what2289.662.16
this does2290.923.32
that one seems like you need to oh2295.783.98
wait a second2299.8594.201
this one2301.5995.221
which does this one2304.065.1
oh wait you think yeah can you see that2306.824.74
guy that spins around when you jump oh2309.164.56
it does oh so now you got to do the2311.564.5
other one okay does this stay like this2313.725.34
okay stay now go to the other whoopee2316.064.92
let's go to that far right yeah one2319.064.68
minute go to the whoopee okay that one2320.985.52
up there yeah yep and then oh see2323.746.06
there's a timer that rotates around so2326.56.0
as soon as you put me up go back to your2329.83.96
first button2332.53.619
as soon as you pick me up on that lever2333.766.0
run to that other whoopie okay okay as2336.1195.74
soon as I as soon as I put you up as2339.763.9
soon as I jump on this then yeah then2341.8593.361
run to that far whoopie all right ready2343.663.3
and I'll I'll activate it for you and2345.223.0
then be ready to hit that lever that's2346.965.879
rotating uh yeah we'll try2348.226.72
right and then I gotta pull the finger2352.8393.601
so the fingers around go ahead and run2354.944.56
to that I am all right2356.446.0
now you got to reach that uh right2359.54.619
trigger so yeah no it didn't look like2362.443.06
you're ready or not right trigger right2364.1192.821
bumper let's see if we can do this even2365.52.7
quicker let's try it one more time okay2366.943.919
hold on hold on2368.22.659
all right so it's right bumper right2372.283.54
yeah but yeah it didn't look like you2374.143.42
could reach it quite all right boom boom2375.825.0
Oh I didn't hit it2377.563.26
all right it's down all the way go ahead2383.0795.221
and run to that you got that I'm on it2385.5995.781
oh I missed2388.33.08
so now what did that do I wasn't2393.74.5
watching to see what that did2396.163.6
hmm you're getting all the way around2398.23.84
maybe you can look behind you can you2399.765.099
get to a new place if uh yes yeah2402.045.039
I love that okay2404.8595.421
now I have more things2407.0797.04
all right hold on2410.283.839
okay that's that one2415.963.54
and then try the other ones probably the2417.884.219
other whoopee2419.52.599
it is so let's try that one you just did2424.486.32
again all right and see2427.063.74
all right so that doesn't help me yeah2434.025.04
you can you could probably I know2437.0794.201
yourself and hit it maybe you should try2439.063.42
I will2441.283.24
give yourself a really good throw but2442.483.78
this is I I couldn't have done that the2444.523.96
first time so was that there though2446.264.56
no I couldn't do it the first time try2448.484.92
the other one please okay2450.825.66
ready yup2453.43.08
I didn't think that hook was all the way2456.824.2
out before2458.744.859
you you might have to do2461.024.68
okay you're gonna have to do both yep2463.5994.941
exactly so go to the other2465.76.0
go to the other one and then get ready2468.546.46
to jump to the other button jump jump do2471.75.04
I hit the other one right go ahead go2475.02.579
all right I'm ready to jump than the2478.543.66
other one let me know2479.985.34
okay go ahead okay2482.25.54
you got it yes yes I I didn't see it but2489.45.179
I'm sure it's epic2492.945.0
I'm so epic2494.5793.361
just like the title yeah balls2503.925.82
all the balls2508.04.52
oh yeah let's go make our kid cry2509.745.82
can't forget that because it's the worst2512.524.24
but it is all fantasy lands I know it is2517.546.0
so maybe there's a reason I don't like2521.145.9
it either oh I want to try that2523.543.5
I mean it can be tears but to just2527.384.38
assume that2529.424.8
ball pool2531.766.079
um oh it just happened2534.223.619
oh my God all right I'm out you dead yep2538.665.76
got eaten by a shark I got out of the2542.145.18
pool quick enough2544.422.9
what's this doing2548.743.54
I'm sorry I see you2550.5993.601
doing anything2552.286.36
oh who did that do timing wise was this2554.26.74
what is this2558.642.3
um air Dash2563.8594.98
I did an air Dash cool what's an air2566.84.08
Dash again uh what do you have to do to2568.8393.841
activate it don't I get a teddy bear or2570.884.86
something uh that's a good question2572.686.06
I think you could I think you just have2580.065.539
to just do X I mean age2582.046.059
this is Jump three tie oh no that's2585.5995.76
Crouch [ __ ]2588.0993.26
good job2591.942.659
you just having fun yeah drum three2597.8194.581
did it I'm seeing if they're if we can2603.163.78
do any more because we haven't done the2605.683.84
ground pound yet2606.946.659
Crown pow oh ground pound2609.527.14
I mean this has done anything no okay I2613.5994.861
mean I don't know I don't know I don't2616.664.32
either but we should go so we've got two2618.465.58
pipes to to use2620.984.98
I didn't see it's not prompting me with2624.043.24
a y2625.964.52
'all I'll try them both then2627.283.2
two oh it opened up it made this jump2633.74.8
available I can do something with this2636.0993.74
Ah that's not it do I have to air Dash2639.8394.24
there we go2644.0792.661
all right what's the four do did I do2648.525.36
anything with the four2651.282.6
so now we're starting2657.042.779
can I make that looks like very doable2660.1197.441
Apple [ __ ]2664.423.14
did this2670.244.26
okay those are both done all right so2672.464.26
those that that's not allowing you to ju2674.55.339
oh what's this new double jump just2676.724.98
barks okay good2679.8394.581
it's very cute2681.72.72
it's a bouncy Burger2684.645.719
doesn't help anything2687.3393.02
just looking around yeah like out here2692.447.04
I gotta try the drums now2696.0993.381
sounds good2701.384.1
that's not bad2702.72.78
so did you see that the Rope2707.266.66
and then so can we both make all right2710.8196.101
so I should be able to jump2713.925.899
oh [ __ ] I had it but I I didn't do it I2721.34.559
didn't see that rope2724.243.24
there you go2725.8593.96
all right we got an Etch A Sketch2727.484.2
yeah that it's I like that it reminded2729.8193.3
us how to do that doordash with the2731.686.32
thing yes brilliant or the door Dash2733.1194.881
all right so2738.5793.26
all right2743.683.78
um let's sketch an hatch or what do we2745.3595.96
sketching I don't know2747.463.859
I'm just doing [ __ ]2757.184.02
what an idiot this guy you can't do much2761.24.2
with two knobs you ever seen what people2763.8393.48
can do with an Etch A Sketch right2765.44.32
that's insane of him I hate my character2767.3194.081
yeah he's an idiot let's see if we can2769.722.82
reset it2771.41.939
I think it's just for fun oh okay good2773.3396.221
um so we're back to this way I want to2777.283.839
get off of this and how fun was it2779.565.84
though it is so much fun2781.1194.281
all right oh I gotta do it once you're2786.465.899
here okay2789.642.719
remember this game2796.34.08
no not your choice your choice never2798.044.92
played it yeah okay one of the teeth2800.385.88
makes it crunchy oh nice2802.965.94
it's like a I love this2806.265.599
aha safe2808.92.959
maybe it's just all of them down makes2831.74.34
it crunchy2833.52.54
Loose Tooth Tony2839.85.34
hey turns to play that play alone he's2842.025.339
on the loose tooth take turns pushing2845.145.34
down at some point today's Jaws we did2847.3596.48
it oh boy look at this batting team I'm2850.486.119
I'm I'm in for a game2853.8396.301
yeah these are like the old Banks2856.5996.02
um hit your bald score points2862.787.819
okay I guess so yeah all right sure2866.0994.5
oh no no no2890.382.84
I don't remember this one2899.045.44
and my grandparents had about every damn2902.443.419
little dumb game you could imagine2904.483.839
really yeah2905.8594.26
oh [ __ ]2908.3195.881
what that's it oh2910.1196.301
how are you I I thought oh my so good I2914.23.96
thought I was beating you like by a lot2916.424.98
you were kicking my ass yeah it's true2918.165.699
all right good job thanks2921.44.459
oh you know how much I love pop-up books2926.284.539
right yeah2928.964.619
I have a collection you do2930.8194.741
yeah they're not in display yet at the2933.5794.201
new place but they should be soon they2935.563.6
will be2937.784.02
good stuff okay2939.164.98
um we did that and that and that2941.85.539
just make our way up I guess2944.143.199
and gets a treasure look at that2949.264.5
fidget spinners2955.663.199
she didn't like them2959.143.08
oh we're gonna fly with these aren't we2966.44.439
you're gonna hate this2968.984.82
I am I hate flying a little uh2970.8395.941
helicopters it appears all right hold2973.87.059
our hold the launch right trick trigger2976.786.36
oh I like this this is nice because2980.8594.381
that's on my seat oh wait how do I get2983.145.24
up all right2985.243.14
how do I fly2988.5995.101
hold down hold it down2991.425.34
I am holding that down oh I'm holding it2993.75.46
but I don't know how to control it2996.764.859
oh so it so you supposed to just go down2999.164.98
yeah okay it doesn't stay flying I3001.6194.081
thought it stayed flying3004.143.3
where do we go from here oh I'm gonna3005.73.899
get that I guess3007.446.139
yeah I'm gonna open up this uh3009.5993.98
I opened up a valve of sorts I don't3015.94.52
know what it did3017.942.48
okay opened up uh3021.95.1
sure where did it open didn't do that is3024.724.74
there another yeah there's another3027.03.72
there's another3029.462.7
a valve to open that might stop these3032.163.659
balls Maybe3034.6193.72
okay uh where's it at am I supposed to3035.8194.321
charge it watch those balls I'll get3038.3395.161
this one good I'll watch the balls but I3040.145.52
have that's what you said I've yeah that3043.53.599
is what I said and I have figured out3045.662.939
the flying cup well I mean yeah this3047.0993.121
one's fine3048.5994.161
ball stopped balls have not stopped hmm3053.3394.801
is there another one3056.643.62
um I saw that3061.262.96
anything over3064.3393.421
oh I see one I'll get it don't you worry3068.8196.661
Hey listen oh wait okay3072.3197.5
there's a third there's a third thingy3075.484.339
all right you told me about those balls3081.246.24
I am I love watching these balls3083.8196.981
it looks like it's done yeah3087.486.74
look at you3090.83.42
all right so you coming back over to me3095.944.26
I'm going through the balls3098.284.2
well where they're previously were balls3100.25.76
the ball is formerly known as Prince3102.487.16
oh that's where you're going3105.963.68
are you coming okay now I see where3111.35.84
you're going where the balls were3113.523.62
oh yeah up the bouncy oh no no no no no3118.747.14
no oh [ __ ] I was able get up here of the3121.6195.881
bouncy I'm gonna watch this we've got3125.884.08
some air Hole uh this is the rental3127.55.579
company's gonna be pissed3129.966.68
oh but I bet you can fly these3133.0793.561
this is dope this is really dope wait oh3138.545.16
I thought I could bounce up That Bouncy3141.725.339
thing with the holes in it oh I have to3143.75.34
stay up on the right I don't know I got3147.0594.26
through maybe lucky I don't know why3149.046.6
like here if I bounce on this yep okay3151.3197.561
I guess I can bounce on that oh now we3155.645.64
got some opposite to calls where am I3158.885.84
going where am I going where am I going3161.283.44
oh yeah3165.3594.521
yeah all right3168.483.599
to your right I think you'll see it3169.883.939
there you go yeah I'm straight ahead3172.0794.101
through there3173.8192.361
oh jeez oh oh my goodness3181.467.48
I love this oh geez this is pretty cool3186.0795.221
oh no no no no3194.43.199
oh son of a [ __ ]3197.784.66
all right good we're let's checkpoints3200.463.72
of course oh did you come to where I was3202.446.2
I was close some [ __ ] oh damn3204.184.46
oh these are a lot of leakies3209.284.22
oh wait I could jump are you on3234.146.04
something I'm on drugs all right did you3236.5797.28
ride a hose yep okay3240.183.679
that's where I'm at3245.165.48
well I'm waiting for you3247.443.2
oh yeah3250.982.78
why uh-huh3261.5993.541
I didn't know you hated them you hit him3270.964.139
no you here3273.5993.801
you said you hated him no3275.0994.26
abstra said3277.44.06
and you said I liked him and I said I do3279.3596.321
like him oh you said you'd like them3281.464.22
can either school oh man you're a3290.528.819
chipping ball oh man where am I man3294.0597.441
my God the where am I thing someone3299.3395.181
wrote that right3301.53.02
I mean I'll see what happens here3311.98.76
oh oh okay yeah yeah all right3315.784.88
no oh you so you can't really for you3325.687.879
good for you3330.962.599
like when you're hitting those angles go3334.264.859
back to the re-center do that uh double3337.144.86
jump in that air Dash oh yeah that air3339.1195.181
Dash is nice3342.06.079
if I could hit it yeah3344.33.779
there's where am I all right that3352.444.52
doesn't reach3354.3592.601
all right uh can this is this so long3359.8395.681
it's the game this is the game on the3363.483.8
you can't oh there's a no you cannot3367.285.94
Okay so3370.023.2
doing anything like a3373.84.259
something to go something something3376.444.28
happening with this [ __ ] but maybe3378.0594.681
dashing into3380.723.66
motion potions hmm3384.385.14
so so I realized with the angles make me3393.1196.921
think that if you jumped on them3397.0796.421
did something like the uh I thought3400.045.14
these little guys here on the side not3403.52.88
little but3405.183.54
got a slight angle it's not straight up3406.383.54
and down3408.723.359
yeah I see what you're saying3409.923.899
it makes you think and there's one right3412.0794.561
across from it and then up here it's got3413.8196.061
these other angles you're crazy I know3416.645.64
no no no I at this point yeah like what3419.885.6
the [ __ ] what the hell all right3422.283.2
I just fell off3425.963.599
these are wacky3437.163.199
man that3444.8395.601
very comforting3450.726.66
you know like like in uh I could see a3453.685.2
therapy you'd be a good that's a good3457.383.84
therapist interesting so you hate your3458.884.58
you are really close aren't you that's3464.74.02
it like surprisingly shy that you're3466.54.619
getting that close3468.725.04
how do you run uh holding down that left3471.1195.781
stick okay3473.763.14
man what am I what are we3478.026.5
it's missing3481.682.84
it's all an illusion3485.643.84
it's all an illusion all of this has3487.744.8
been real until now right maybe there's3489.484.74
something we need to do on the floor I3492.543.12
know that's what I'm looking at so it's3494.223.06
got come come to this one next to me3495.663.26
and now break up to that one where3498.926.28
here sure3503.045.46
oh actually did you see by walking on it3505.24.8
it turns it white3508.54.5
look at that now we've got3510.04.92
well that we solved the puzzle we did3514.928.22
that's crazy just by connecting one full3519.25.32
line of white3523.145.159
all right oh I missed that3524.526.599
horrible platforming by Me by me too3528.2995.721
look at that3531.1192.901
all right I'm gonna go nice and slow3537.183.679
do we have to jump at a see it's not let3541.744.319
me hit him not letting us hit that so3544.53.119
something's going on do we have to do3546.0593.78
more yeah hold on maybe on this next3547.6195.96
part right here yeah let's do this here3549.8393.74
okay we're on this one stay on oh yeah3554.0993.301
yeah all right3555.783.68
let's go to these two3561.1195.161
look at that other this one another one3564.0595.341
uh over on the other side of me okay it3566.285.16
was already white this one you're saying3569.43.179
go here3571.443.899
okay I just I don't know3572.5794.02
I don't know either because I don't know3575.3393.541
what made the other one stay nor do I3576.5996.5
hey try those lines3578.884.219
yeah we got lucky on that one did [ __ ]3588.24.599
it did so that's what I'm saying here go3591.1193.24
go uh you know what because sometimes do3594.3597.081
they sometimes stay no do they3597.0596.26
feel like one of them stayed before3601.444.859
where I was like oh look it yeah I3603.3194.421
thought so too maybe we just got to find3606.2993.121
one do it in like an order a certain3607.743.059
order we have to do it that's what I was3609.422.52
trying to look at because there's some3610.7992.641
already in place you know yeah I know3611.943.179
that's why this one has two already I'm3613.443.72
like well maybe we can3615.1195.18
okay everyone on that3617.163.139
when I stood on that stage right yeah3624.5994.921
now go over there3627.244.44
son of a [ __ ] because when I did this3629.525.16
it turned on two of them3631.685.54
come to me straight to me3638.883.78
oh my God yeah it's certainly not a3642.663.959
speed thing3644.764.52
at least3646.6192.661
all right that's super frustrating3649.465.52
because yeah totally got it by accident3651.96.5
what's on this one3654.983.42
so no these don't change at all it's3662.963.879
like we moved on from this point all3665.222.579
so we're at this puzzle this line oh3667.7995.341
okay hold on what you got nothing they3670.0797.641
were we had somehow we had two in a row3673.144.58
on the other one on the other one3678.03.0
there's two in a row that are fully3679.53.92
so maybe we have to do that here and we3683.464.32
have to start it in the middle3686.044.079
oh like doesn't it look like that3687.784.38
if you come over here3690.1194.021
or did it just change that color because3692.163.84
this is there's two rows of all white3694.144.32
and I'm like did it change that after3696.04.02
you know we did the one and it was like3698.463.839
I wish we had noticed all right so there3700.024.26
are two rows so can we maybe we should3702.2995.28
try that let's see I mean already and it3704.284.62
no go to the other row that's starting3708.94.98
like the next one up this one okay see3711.244.079
the uh3713.883.12
yeah you know what no I'm trying over3715.3193.48
there oh over there those look like3717.05.04
they're trying to start3718.7995.581
um and then a disappears so hold on3722.044.92
let's try this line first3724.383.919
hmm are you3728.2994.901
are we trying to connect yeah go to that3730.743.3
go to the one that's missing there's one3734.046.319
if you look at the overall picture that3736.743.619
yeah baby3741.8595.021
that did it yeah it's like a circuit3743.76.72
yeah I get it now I do too good look at3746.884.979
that and everybody can shut their mouths3750.425.24
I know come on we gotta figure it out3751.8593.801
all right circuits3762.245.599
oh boy3765.182.659
circuits it's like uh3768.97.439
uh it's mirror movement so right oh boy3772.3195.461
so we gotta connect we gotta connect3776.3393.181
circuits right but I I just got that3781.8594.98
bottom one to hit3784.744.7
that's it3786.8392.601
all right so don't fall in there when3791.524.14
okay whatever3793.685.28
more circuits are coming mm-hmm more3795.667.28
circuits are coming yep3798.963.98
leap floor3803.044.14
and go apples3804.95.24
shut up3807.182.96
yeah if she doesn't think that's funny3813.2994.861
they're never gonna be okay right3814.746.14
it's who he is3818.162.72
oh all right so3828.5994.401
all right I'm going to hit this3834.0595.101
oh I can rotate this so stand backs and3836.44.86
see what stand back and and watch okay3839.164.32
so should I jump back over where just go3841.264.319
away from it so you can observe the3843.483.42
whole thing look at that okay didn't3845.5793.061
realize see what's see what's happening3846.93.419
if there's anything3848.644.14
oh yeah I can move the uh platform to3850.3194.8
where you can jump from the green mark3852.784.86
onto the platform so hold on I can get3855.1194.821
up here3857.642.3
yeah I'm up and now I'll let go and3861.2996.961
let's see what you can do unless if I3864.5999.121
spin this so oh I I'm why did okay yeah3868.267.5
you stay there let me stay there I mean3873.725.099
uh move it to uh you see where I'm3875.763.96
um look at my screen yeah no move it the3879.724.379
other way yeah hold on moving it to you3881.883.84
see if I can get this3885.723.2
I did3889.75.34
I can get that hold on3891.963.08
all right let's see where you would have3895.265.52
to go from on here okay now you can let3898.144.979
go get off by hitting B yeah okay and3900.784.68
you start with staying up there see what3903.1195.281
might help you look to where this yellow3905.464.5
is moving yeah3908.44.88
all right keep on going3909.963.32
and it stops there3913.7993.78
oh wait I can it's gonna say if you3915.543.42
bring it close to me over here I could3917.5793.54
jump on that I don't know what good3918.964.26
that's gonna do yeah take a look at it3921.1195.641
there you go oh because I can bring you3923.225.46
to another place yeah you're gonna have3926.763.9
to do a run double jump Dash thing there3928.685.7
you go bam smack I'm gonna move you to3930.665.88
yeah up to here and then I'll jump on3934.385.939
that yeah yeah3936.543.779
I go up there3945.0596.141
oh hey right we're both here3947.044.16
or do I need to go down yeah no we're3952.926.0
here so we both do this all right so or3955.0797.161
let's push one way3958.923.32
uh I'm pulling I guess I'm supposed to3962.526.18
there we go that's the way that way I3966.247.579
guess oh yeah it's trippy so trippy3968.75.119
good job hey good job to you directing3973.8594.861
God I gotta pee again I broke my seal3978.725.0
drink a lot of water this morning3980.8192.901
told you thanks3989.484.2
oh look there she is the elephant3995.8197.081
Ah that's easy we just have to get to4000.5795.561
the Magic Castle which I built by the4002.96.0
way you built a Magic Castle you don't4006.144.14
know yeah you're not the only one yeah4008.93.3
family who can build cool stuff oh4010.283.6
really yeah how do you know your4012.24.22
attention and4013.882.54
yeah like what are you where's your head4016.784.68
thank you4021.5794.78
big holes here big holes if you want to4024.023.839
peek around a little bit and uh yeah4026.3594.68
I'll beat Grandma you tinkle I already4027.8595.841
found what we need4031.0392.661
all right4034.8194.26
we have to look okay fine I'll lift the4036.743.599
barrier then4039.0793.48
I can do that so where are we at4040.3396.96
we are man we are going slow today4042.5597.441
you want me to grab it yeah4047.2994.76
yeah all right4050.04.14
I'm not teaching you I don't know how to4052.0594.121
lift the barrier okay it's not giving me4054.145.88
a prompt he says lift the barrier4056.186.06
well when I went to jump on this it said4060.023.9
you have to lift the barrier in the way4062.243.72
we gotta move the barrier how do we move4063.924.8
the barrier uh oh maybe it's connecting4065.964.5
so it's not something you got to lift4068.723.599
you got to connect with it4070.463.72
the circuits4072.3195.361
okay oh this image4074.183.5
the battery right there now what are we4077.784.46
gonna do to connect it4080.0596.98
looks like we spin it around don't it4082.244.799
oh here we go4087.0793.26
you know what she's gonna do something4093.54.08
and it's gonna be important for you to4095.664.079
know and then you're not gonna know4097.584.5
that's right4099.7394.44
I'm not it's true okay so there's4102.083.42
another one of those to sit on here4104.1795.04
right okay so that's this thing up here4105.56.179
here we go there you go see you do the4109.2194.08
work while you're here4111.6795.0
put that down that's great4113.2993.38
I bet there is yeah okay okay4116.965.7
oh oh okay so there's another one it4120.7993.721
needs to sit on this4122.664.92
right so look for another little dude4124.524.98
there's a rope4127.585.239
to grab onto4129.53.319
and sand right bumper right bumper whoa4133.33910.261
the one over here oh now that's why4139.645.94
I wonder if I'm supposed to fly up here4143.64.92
or of the other battery I might be4145.584.739
getting ahead of myself right yeah maybe4148.525.339
but it's awfully tempting it is right4150.3196.54
okay so what are real power is right now4153.8595.94
or I don't know do we have we can put4156.8594.741
something on my back screwdriver or4159.7993.841
something small whatever4161.64.92
yeah I don't know don't do that yeah4163.644.98
don't do that4166.524.799
oops oh look at him something to laugh4168.625.28
somehow okay4171.3196.44
um yeah honestly I don't know okay4173.93.859
oh oh where am I going oh here it is I4181.123.4
found it4183.52.94
all right would you oh you found this4184.523.96
perfect yeah it's over here4186.444.1
I will go place this up on the pedestal4196.825.94
um and now I've hmm you know what4202.764.459
all right4212.482.9
we don't know we don't see anything4216.025.82
what's this giraffe head why is it lit4224.984.179
up like that maybe it's not I don't4227.34.22
think it is4229.1592.361
I'm gonna jump in here it still says you4234.983.739
know of course you know4236.844.8
they sure do okay are they on the right4238.7195.52
the dolls look useful hmm4244.464.92
what dolls the the dolls that we've4247.2194.561
placed on the little dolls those yeah4249.384.38
yeah they do look useful of course they4251.783.3
are they fit where they're supposed to4253.763.12
fit now do you have to switch the places4255.084.38
of these things maybe4256.885.52
right so all right so when I hit Y that4259.464.92
picks it up here you wanna you wanna4262.44.08
just switch over4264.385.12
sure yeah4266.483.02
taste testing Cinnamon Toast Crunch4269.846.56
bugles oh what's a bugle4272.04.4
it's not as easy to just put down just4276.625.579
just once I put down oh I thought I was4279.384.08
hitting put down4282.1992.761
I gotta try it they're so good what's a4284.965.3
bugle I don't know what that is4287.123.14
these are lovely thank you4292.945.52
oh yum4296.1795.54
that's really good a lot of crunch there4298.466.42
all right we're stuck yeah all right4301.7196.281
take a job back4304.885.64
we put little toys on little pedestals4308.05.78
and that's as far as we go4310.523.26
so they said there should be more4317.2395.641
anything else that no nothing else he4319.825.6
needs to know4322.882.54
because really yeah you pick these guys4325.6993.061
we put them on there we're not sure if4328.763.12
you already placed them right yeah we4330.1993.781
don't know if they're placed in the4331.884.74
right you know which one is in the right4333.984.199
but we can't go anywhere because this4338.1793.06
put is uh is here and it's you came from4341.2396.361
down up here4345.624.02
uh we did go up there4347.65.639
yeah and actually you can4349.646.0
what are we up there no I don't think we4353.2393.901
went that way we didn't go that way4355.644.099
let's see what this does4357.142.599
hey what's this4365.66.18
oh okay I'm riding over here this is4368.785.52
where she got as techie got one of those4371.785.399
things one of those people okay what I4374.34.98
have y here4377.1794.681
would help me4379.284.8
cut me out of there and I can get to4381.864.5
this hook4384.085.84
I'm on a camera now4386.363.56
all right I've got one more of these if4390.1994.5
we needed this yeah I'm sure we do but I4392.485.219
didn't see where to put it4394.6995.401
and there's a camera over here for some4397.6993.48
that might be for fun or necessary4401.1795.581
did you jump on a plane yet I got that4404.425.52
one there uh nope you certainly kind of4406.764.919
I think that there's a way to I think4409.945.58
I've seen why does this one go though4411.6796.5
hmm who's this4418.783.78
I should probably look to see if there's4434.54.6
another place to put those things4436.645.039
what you're carrying4439.15.0
this little b is just put down but that4446.964.14
doesn't mean it goes there yeah you're4448.944.32
gonna have to see a why and then it'll4451.14.139
plop onto something yeah like the one4453.264.62
yeah down here I don't see another pop4455.2395.521
spot I need do I4457.887.4
that's a big old jump is it4460.764.52
I came from I swear at some point4468.926.42
I saw a prompt for like another to get4471.6795.581
on a plane and maybe if we get on the4475.344.08
plane we'll see something that we don't4477.263.32
why no I didn't hit Y damn it that was4480.587.06
awesome two little roof things4484.045.58
I'll just set this down by these guys4489.626.72
oh wait there's a spot no it's behind4493.45.58
this door oh okay hey will you jump on4496.344.02
this thing4498.986.259
hold on jump on the cart yeah4500.364.879
you think4508.6992.661
oh that's it yeah like I don't think4511.885.1
we're able to move because of the cut4514.45.22
the thing that's in our way yeah all4516.985.54
right I'm just peeking about4519.622.9
I'm gonna try to jump in the plane4525.083.9
that's gonna be my own personal do it4526.524.699
what happened4540.082.78
oh I'm in the plane oh these things4545.6796.401
transport you if you do a4549.445.779
found a thing to do4552.083.139
oh wait you're in the plane I'm on the4555.984.86
plane okay I don't know why like what4557.844.44
I'm gonna do4560.843.72
but I'm like figured it wouldn't be oh4562.284.2
what's going on here so you were up to4564.563.599
these dolls already the Russian dolls4566.484.38
yeah let's see what that's a camera all4568.1595.481
right so4570.862.78
I was in the Russian dolls yes4576.1995.46
um I don't see how I would jump off of4579.6794.081
here either4581.6595.161
it doesn't oh wait can I grab oh I gotta4583.766.2
get in the other plane I think4586.823.14
how'd you get I was jumping you know the4590.05.219
uh the trampoline thing yeah okay I was4593.063.659
doing that4595.2194.02
you got it already look at you you can4596.7194.621
roll it4599.2398.781
around okay how did you roll it X4601.346.68
so where can we reach that we couldn't4612.328.0
previously maybe over there4616.523.8
nope nope hmm4625.824.02
go ahead I mean is this just for fun I4631.526.12
don't know like if I jumped off but I4635.64.44
jump off that it doesn't let you look I4637.645.0
tried to4640.042.6
how about4642.85.34
about I'm gonna get off this4645.446.36
this cranes so you did you didn't see4648.145.4
one that you thought that you could put4651.83.359
this thing to4653.546.02
no it's kind of ridiculous here4655.1594.401
so what is this4665.063.44
well that's not how chimneys work you4669.445.88
can uh ground pound that I did oh it4672.445.88
does it did uh like a fast oh you know4675.324.44
that's a4678.324.94
what's that doing there4679.763.5
don't know4704.04.679
no no I don't know4705.6796.301
okay so if I go up here I can jump did4708.6795.221
you already do that4711.984.259
and jump on this4713.94.4
we both have to be by the4727.763.979
who's that4738.322.72
so is it are these the wrong workers in4744.885.319
the wrong places what are they doing4748.523.54
that's a cop oh yeah they're in the4750.1993.96
wrong spots okay good I'm thinking so a4752.064.76
cop would be4754.1592.661
what is this guy what are you4757.466.48
God I'm trapped did you put yourself in4760.045.52
the Russian doll4763.944.739
uh I did yeah I did and then you you'll4765.566.2
eventually get off all right4768.6793.081
who would be oh traffic yeah the cop4773.545.28
would be4776.36.919
yeah he'd be the true he'd be at the4778.824.399
cop would maybe be here directing4784.466.48
traffic he whistled oh yeah that yeah4787.345.64
they I don't know I'm just it really4790.943.6
could be anything right what is this guy4792.984.219
what is he4794.542.659
what are you4798.142.72
oh wow just can we spin this to make the4800.95.88
track don't we need to probably spin it4804.985.54
too to make the tracks line up yeah4806.783.74
yes which would be a construction guy4810.924.279
let's just let's see yeah yeah it was4815.34.26
the construction guy over there this guy4818.04.679
looks construction this guy's this guy's4819.565.7
construction eh right here that guy's4822.6793.961
not that's not construction he's not at4825.263.54
all oh yeah this is a inspection yeah4826.644.28
so that's him4828.86.72
that you're saying maybe or or actually4830.928.319
at the um maybe right here4835.527.1
okay so he turns it4839.2393.381
what are you gonna do yeah4849.54.679
man that's the thing did they all need4852.263.3
to put the cop over here for some reason4854.1794.98
makes anything oh4855.563.599
we got a whistle4859.43.14
just a person just a regular Regular Joe4867.326.24
Regular Joe and then you've got4870.266.439
the regular Sue4873.563.139
but we still don't have the third place4878.1794.621
to put it's behind this door4879.7397.621
oh it is oh that should be the guy who's4882.86.66
working the railroad behind the door4887.365.1
yeah him well we can't use it yet4889.466.719
obviously he's working uh whistle I4892.466.48
would think right yeah4896.1795.901
just a regular lady4898.943.14
but no honestly let me move that I'm4904.044.679
gonna move the cop I'm gonna move the4907.2195.48
cop and put the regular lady there4908.7193.98
parts coming out of it4918.263.18
like her head you see a little heart I4921.445.52
do Does anyone else have little hearts4924.025.04
coming in Yep this one has got the4926.964.32
hearts too so4929.063.48
um put those guys think construction4931.283.66
does not have any hearts let's let's4932.544.8
let's swap them4934.945.4
because then oh it doesn't let me put it4943.045.639
at her put her here really yeah4944.7196.301
but it allows you to put it there4948.6793.901
that's weird that is weird sure you're4952.583.9
not just look at that spot sometimes4954.983.48
look at my screen I know it's not just4956.483.96
saying uh it's not saying anything but I4958.464.02
forever or else it's like man I want to4960.443.6
do a little science4962.483.66
isn't that me4964.044.139
yeah I could do that4966.145.84
and yeah I could do that4968.1793.801
I think that when that spins around4978.1994.221
they're gonna face each other and be4982.423.279
uh-huh all right so so one of them one4985.6995.581
of the kissing people needs to the the4989.484.739
two oh yeah the guy and the girl on the4991.285.28
outside right yeah because it's kind of4994.2194.161
around the outside the construction guy4996.564.98
has got to be now so the construction4998.385.2
guys got to be maybe here5001.543.96
maybe the construction guys work in the5003.583.3
does that make sense yeah it does5006.884.2
where'd he go yeah put him on all right5011.084.88
so I get5013.482.48
not him no no that guy's got him I5016.544.26
thought they were gonna care no this one5018.764.979
when it spins ice what I'm saying yes5020.84.58
when this thing spins to the right area5023.7394.381
shouldn't they be kissing if that goes5025.385.2
burnt there it is you a smart smart5028.124.559
cookie pants yeah5030.584.74
I'm gonna have a bugle for that man I5032.6795.52
need to have more bugles that's a tease5035.325.879
I don't big vanities5043.844.14
I am too I'm really hungry I didn't eat5045.824.379
lunch yeah they're like kind of buttery5047.983.02
all right all right so we got that this5051.04.96
is open put our boy that we picked up5053.565.46
earlier into here and that will open the5055.965.719
gate no5059.022.659
now we get in yeah look at that all5061.7196.121
right man it really didn't take that5064.785.28
long I wouldn't do bad5067.845.1
all right so now what oh why we both5070.065.88
it is yes it is5077.867.98
he built this early oh yeah5081.18.54
it's dope this is5085.843.8
oh see this guy is good for something5092.443.42
yeah but this is why you're getting5093.943.48
tell her about this5097.422.9
I didn't put the dinosaur there whatever5104.7395.161
let's just find a way to clear the truck5107.1596.481
what how5109.93.74
eat us5118.122.78
yeah I just want to kind of see5124.96.56
okay those got an5128.023.44
hmm do we wanna5131.865.1
get up there sure5134.7395.48
I'm gonna hit it and see what it does5136.963.259
up and down5141.282.66
all right this is the one can we I5144.586.599
thought this will move oh yeah I think5148.964.14
can you be on this5151.1795.52
and move it in some way oh I can I see5153.15.76
yeah I think they then they say5156.6993.661
something like oh you gotta do something5158.863.06
else like can you climb up me and jump5160.363.92
over there5161.922.36
okay oops all right can you jump up5168.2196.0
I miss I don't know how I would jump up5171.946.68
oh okay I guess not we'll see if I5174.2194.401
yeah can you lower your neck all the way5179.7394.561
down hot5181.6596.141
like that nope5184.33.5
oh I just bit it all right and oh yep5189.465.279
there you go now you can go over you can5192.884.08
jump off and you can go through the5194.7394.5
back around to the side5196.964.98
okay I gotta there you go and where are5199.2394.201
you saying to go all right around so I5201.945.0
can bring you up oh gotcha5203.443.5
all right that was this thing5208.783.14
now look at this now5216.2397.781
oh all right I guess you can keep going5219.889.02
see what I can do here can I grab that5224.024.88
can you jump it all with that yeah5230.983.78
awesome I don't think so no jumps can5232.364.14
you get off of it and go over on your5234.762.399
I don't5237.1592.641
that's not oh let me grab this other one5239.86.2
see if this does anything5243.12.9
oh you know what hold on I know what you5248.7395.341
can do right there's a there's a you see5251.445.16
how there's a handle on this side5254.084.139
you can probably reach your head over it5256.64.079
grab it I think that's part of the oh5258.2194.861
wait wait can I5260.6795.221
yeah if you see it yeah let's see5263.085.22
like if you can you get your head up and5265.96.44
over it and then get your5268.34.04
it doesn't let you can I get over on the5276.824.76
other side of this5278.82.78
oh no I can't change my view it's one of5281.6793.841
those things where I'm kind of like yeah5284.264.16
you're there5285.522.9
yeah I can't get over and is there5288.883.42
something that I'm just missing that's5290.563.78
and you can't jump off would be5294.345.7
when I jump uh no every button that I5297.14.74
hit it looks like I'm gonna get out for5300.045.179
a second but it doesn't5301.843.379
pick you up I don't think there's any5307.33.6
way for me oh why I can pick you up5308.6795.04
you can I think so don't move I saw a y5310.95.36
pop up5313.7192.541
there's a wire there5341.864.52
really oh why5348.284.26
not crazy5351.12.96
it is because5352.544.8
I've been watching since you said it not5354.068.04
a damn why no that's true the hell5357.344.76
maybe I needed to be hitting a certain5363.6394.56
thing you can't break through that huh5365.385.52
can you turn around with that thing with5368.1994.321
your if you back your butt up into it5370.93.6
hold on hit it with the tail potentially5372.523.179
doesn't do [ __ ] yeah when I when I do5375.6995.581
that it kind of like turns it around and5378.944.58
I can't5381.282.24
I mean I've done this5384.2195.581
I doesn't do anything5386.54.98
didn't do anything anymore we're past5389.82.879
that one5391.485.239
and this is the other one that5392.6794.04
doesn't do anything for you there5396.946.36
why it had a5400.05.28
so does that mean you got you can't get5403.33.54
on the other side to grab that damn5405.283.18
handle why is there a handle on this5406.844.98
side it's questions the hell man5408.467.259
great question can I jump out and do5411.827.04
something before going back5415.7193.141
there isn't even a way for me to like5431.7394.92
restart this5433.846.62
and switch places5436.6593.801
wow oh wait wait look at this5445.964.679
let's see what this does here oh that's5448.844.819
way at the end isn't it5450.6393.02
didn't let me grab any of those yet5459.946.56
clearly it's that one5462.63.9
oh yep I just chomped you5471.044.04
've killed you yeah yeah perfect5477.285.879
so you did see the why I did5479.87.859
what the hell kind of option is that no5483.1596.861
no other buttons with that nothing5495.6394.441
enough man every button I mean you know5497.54.34
what it is5500.084.139
here please yeah I just want to please5501.844.78
it doesn't look like there is yeah it5504.2194.381
just so you can because I might be5506.625.0
missing something obvious5508.63.02
couldn't seem like you are5516.6393.201
that I bet you that's5525.124.78
you gotta hit it a few times oh you're5527.923.42
gonna have to give me that uh yes that's5529.93.6
gonna have to give me the thing that's5531.345.359
it see5533.53.199
all right now flip it go on through5544.364.339
what just like I have no idea just can't5551.383.9
[ __ ] freaking can't do it it's not5553.6595.121
doable yeah the broken game5555.283.5
all right so I guess uh we want that so5562.067.86
slide that over right come on come for a5565.6596.661
ride but don't I need come for a ride5569.924.08
and then I'll grab the other I think5572.323.72
yeah but yeah I should have done that oh5574.05.06
I see so you go back5576.043.02
then you take that and move that and5586.35.879
then I'll flip it right move mark5588.587.98
this no the the one that's farther now5592.1797.261
no no no the one that's can you go yeah5596.565.34
there and then go down5599.445.46
right right yeah now flip it now if I5601.95.839
flip it there5604.92.839
it doesn't matter it does come through5608.083.96
no but no I'm saying in a good way I5610.03.48
mean oh sure it doesn't matter that the5612.042.88
bones on the other side yeah it does not5613.485.0
so Mom and then5614.926.54
and now you get on this again5618.484.84
where am I getting on right there yeah5621.463.9
yeah yeah oh wait no I need to flip it5623.324.22
oh I almost bit you you did don't fight5640.926.219
me hold on oh because we're gonna need5643.785.76
you're gonna have to hit this I'm sure5647.1394.261
looking ahead you're probably gonna have5649.544.46
to lift this5651.42.6
oh no I [ __ ] up oh broken game broken5663.526.54
game how do we even5667.96.98
glitch how do we even oh [ __ ]5670.064.82
we just5674.944.48
nothing huh yeah because this is the5677.1393.781
this I'm not gonna be able to do a5679.425.1
[ __ ] thing in here holy [ __ ] now what5680.926.66
does that do anything kill me oh can I5684.525.1
can you eat me through there let me get5687.585.3
this out of the way5689.623.26
exactly please5695.82.66
oh no5702.1596.121
can't even die can't even die now what5703.7397.121
happens when oh no we can't restart this5708.287.52
[ __ ] oh my God no uh5710.864.94
um do we ask for advice5724.425.819
up down over and out if you can move5727.425.46
anywhere while you're here okay hitting5730.2396.241
the bumpers the triggers all right it5732.885.22
um restart from checkpoint how do we do5736.483.12
that hit I'm going to hit restart from5738.14.52
checkpoint yeah5739.63.02
you better be a decent checkpoint you5743.984.739
better [ __ ] I swear that up okay here we5746.024.5
go oh look at this speed run we're right5748.7193.841
here are you right there right here5750.524.679
oh Philips yeah beautiful5752.565.46
are we right here yeah we are turn5755.1994.381
around all right we made a big deal out5758.024.4
of that [ __ ]5759.582.84
wait so which way do I we are dramatic5763.1397.08
get on this where I'm holding all right5766.2393.98
okay so I'm hitting5771.2195.881
um get back on5777.13.84
do I are you sure yeah I looked ahead it5778.364.379
looks like it's great okay you need to5780.944.04
go down5782.7392.241
and glitch in the wall again if you5785.323.54
don't shut your yep fine5786.584.86
so this looks okay to you it looks great5788.864.74
to me let's go I can grab this yeah but5791.443.36
aren't you being blocked by a thing5793.63.9
you're blocked by a thing5794.84.919
I am yes yes that's what I was talking5797.56.12
about well okay so I'm just saying I saw5799.7196.241
that I just happened this again I5803.624.5
thought it was even more black no I5805.964.32
think that you need to pick that can you5808.123.84
not hit that can you not true that one5810.284.26
oh I can't even bring you there5811.964.08
um yeah because we need to flip this5814.543.24
over so you can bring me over come on5816.043.9
and jump over there that's it5817.784.08
well that was yeah so here I'll tell5819.946.259
yeah so it should be5821.864.339
that right there and then I bring it5826.65.52
then you bring me okay I think5828.885.52
so now you just I'm on here slide me5832.123.18
I should be able to walk over now yeah5835.34.379
you would hope5837.286.66
uh-huh now of course not5839.6796.241
it wasn't it5843.943.239
it wasn't it because we have to have5847.1793.181
this one flipped over so you can bring5848.984.98
me over to the end as well but I need to5850.365.359
it it was mine5853.964.14
without trying it last time5855.7194.901
see what you did5858.16.599
let's try it I misunderstood5860.627.86
you tell me I'm looking I'm looking5864.6995.401
yeah I can't slide you over with that5868.484.08
okay I know you're right though I mean5870.14.44
it's a pickle5872.564.26
that's a real pickle poppy keep it down5874.544.08
okay you little [ __ ] did you flip the5876.823.72
bowl over poppy yeah what you did with5878.623.48
your food he wants food5880.544.5
yes that is a tiny food bowl isn't it5882.15.78
yeah one5885.042.84
it's over there all right Simon feeds5889.7194.98
poppy in a thimble and it holds one5892.06.179
piece of kibble it's one cup actual cup5894.6995.401
of butter you gotta get on here there I5898.1793.601
don't know how do we do this well you5900.13.48
have to the only thing I can do is slide5901.784.8
that over yeah but we need to make it so5903.586.0
that oh I know Simon do you it needs to5906.585.579
be like that okay so how do you do it oh5909.584.559
I know how you do it get over there5912.1595.281
everywhere get over back over and grab5914.1395.881
the hold of that slip on it this is what5917.445.04
we did before I just realized grab that5920.024.38
one pick it up5922.483.54
can't pick it up I can only slide these5924.43.839
all right just hold it okay what if I5926.024.26
move it over here what if you just and5928.2395.181
leave it there all right hey5930.283.14
we're gonna flip it again flip it again5935.55.219
were you holding it5937.845.64
hold it so it doesn't flip okay okay5940.7195.161
it's okay that's right now now do it5943.484.82
that's all5945.882.42
there you go [ __ ] you're smart5949.863.96
I am5954.2193.141
now you now you work me5959.983.8
you got to grab the other guy in there5964.543.679
I built this5973.93.62
you did5975.765.479
whoa oh no5977.523.719
okay so you lost that thing5981.343.56
so that seems dangerous all right you5989.6794.701
got to get up5991.842.54
and jump and I bring it down5994.6594.881
um Let me let me see5999.583.32
all right6005.043.0
um You can grab the wall and I'll slide6006.364.379
this over to save you how do I grab the6008.044.26
wall again ah there's a button that6010.7393.0
holds onto it for a little bit it's not6012.33.3
a long time go ahead and I don't know6013.7393.241
which button that is it's all right all6015.63.36
right practice a couple times6016.983.3
I think it's6018.964.1
maybe B6020.282.78
all right but6025.323.6
sure that you can jump on there right6026.6394.381
again but I just don't know what uh6028.925.04
button yeah oh that was it so it's like6031.024.26
slowly all right6033.963.96
oh oh oh nope nope all right so next6035.286.06
time I I failed you uh well I did that6037.925.279
by accident and you know what I'm gonna6041.344.68
do is again you're gonna do it you let6043.1994.681
me know when to do it I'm just gonna hit6046.023.719
X because I didn't even grab onto the6047.885.52
wall oh that was working ready yeah6049.7396.201
all right6053.42.54
all right beautiful6056.582.72
I'm gonna just slide down huh6059.463.739
very nice thank you you're welcome all6066.026.84
right let's see what these do6069.2393.621
I can't really see what it's doing6073.924.739
it should be able to like just drop6076.264.8
there you would think yeah oh yeah this6078.6594.321
is for the other side so I'm gonna have6081.064.76
to help you6082.982.84
I bet you I can uh position this so you6087.6594.681
can jump off of that to6089.764.26
oh good you're gonna have to grab it6092.343.42
grab the wall like you did last time and6094.022.76
I'm gonna bring him to the top so you6095.764.56
can jump over all this crap okay hold on6096.786.839
jump jump hold on so get as high as you6100.325.359
can there okay6103.6194.981
and then and then no no no I wasn't6105.6795.98
trying to do that all right so pump and6108.64.079
that huh6111.6592.881
double jump6112.6794.641
don't eat me I will never6118.983.62
very nice6122.884.819
because the stank breath bad breath6141.6797.861
always a hoot of a joke6145.6193.921
I don't smell anything your nose has6151.14.48
always been sensitive you just smelled6153.786.839
bad breath from a plastic dinosaur right6155.585.039
incidental oh6168.6193.481
look at this6174.6793.361
he built this with his dog I guess so6178.85.18
well foreign6181.1392.841
we got a pirate fight6187.464.14
pirate fight I don't know it looks like6192.54.86
pirate ship6194.822.54
it's probably where it broke6199.7393.181
I like that one over there6202.923.56
oh boy6208.082.72
all right6212.2192.301
all right my trigger what's the right6215.6395.281
trigger oh right triggers uh6218.6395.161
that triggers a lot I'm hitting try oh6220.925.12
okay we're going to break through that6227.763.959
thing I'm hitting the right trigger and6229.6193.661
it doesn't seem to be doing so if you go6231.7193.061
forward it'll6233.283.24
see I can pull back and you know what I6234.783.899
mean so I gotta like push yeah now right6236.524.44
trigger shoots the we'll go to that6238.6793.96
and if I pull back have you been firing6242.6394.681
well when we're not close enough to fire6245.344.799
so let's go forward okay no but so I've6247.324.799
just yeah right trigger shoots so I've6250.1393.901
been doing that the whole time not6252.1194.321
all right I'll pull like oh let's get6256.444.58
that guy6258.6592.361
yeah let's go get that other guy like6266.044.02
that and straight go straight hold some6267.843.54
Kevin don't be shooting that down yeah6270.062.94
we're gonna that direction how do we go6271.383.72
aim up is there a game up we just it6273.04.679
doesn't don't worry about the aim that6275.15.099
controllers are just for our movement6277.6794.321
okay and then if we're in that right6280.1993.48
yeah and then6283.6793.96
I like that oh gotta shoot that guy6287.6394.941
right oh yeah yeah6290.2196.301
that's right and we'll come all uh let's6292.586.78
get an explosion6296.522.84
let's get the guy in the water6300.7194.641
a little bit oh straight ahead to this6305.6394.04
hold up pull them back up to the right6311.286.919
to left a little bit right there6318.1996.821
Schnucks oh yeah6321.1396.341
to the right a little explosion come on6325.025.119
come on come on6327.482.659
yeah I got that guy6330.6595.0
okay our ships uh can we heal our ship6336.2397.161
no no we cannot6340.083.32
I like music6345.7195.701
all right okay6347.523.9
ah Victorious6352.563.599
for that good we did really good with6354.34.02
that oh yeah we're gonna mess him up6356.1594.08
look at this6358.326.379
Let's uh break off to our right okay6360.2394.46
and wait for these wait for them oh wait6364.864.279
sorry sorry sorry sorry6367.565.24
yeah yeah6369.1393.661
around this guy so we can like avoid the6375.025.159
other guy there we go6377.522.659
okay and then we'll go forward6381.7195.181
pull up pull back6383.942.96
I guess we could have used that for uh6394.864.259
for fighting but we didn't need it6397.864.4
because we were so good yep6399.1193.141
Kitty we did it I want to hit it there6402.543.78
you go6405.482.46
all right6406.325.54
okay half Health on this sucker6407.943.92
we gotta here6412.863.72
see that right now let's just do it okay6414.425.06
okay okay6416.582.9
oh pinkies we don't want to kill these6427.323.96
things I don't know yeah6429.844.94
they seemed fine with me6431.283.5
ah yeah6438.066.5
oh yeah yeah6441.363.2
all right I've been holding that for too6448.6794.201
long and waiting6450.365.66
we can get that6452.883.14
all right okay okay yeah6461.283.78
that's right6473.343.72
turn turn left6474.93.6
we can't turn6477.064.44
are we on a track hmm I was just I6478.54.739
thought we were fine6481.54.76
made a Command Decision6483.2393.021
shut your mouth6486.362.779
don't listen to her you are super cute6492.326.399
and you have such beautiful uh it's cute6495.544.4
please let us go6499.943.54
oh boy okay6512.766.3
we're gonna shoot soon all right pulling6515.585.7
back all right pull back6519.063.78
all right6522.845.879
maybe you would think the head you would6525.445.08
but the tentacles looks like we're not6528.7193.601
aiming at it well yeah I was pulling6530.524.199
back you gotta [ __ ] I I was pulling oh I6532.324.14
should have pushed I see I was I was mad6534.7194.341
and go6542.2398.101
and today yeah yeah all right6544.985.36
yep yep6552.263.359
oh yep yep yep okay6557.14.5
I'm gonna let6560.2194.881
to the left to the left forward6561.68.66
I'm sitting yeah we need that6565.15.16
all right6571.024.639
that's nice hat6573.02.659
I mean I think it crushes yeah right6576.7194.041
heartbeat if it wanted yeah6578.886.96
okay all right all all okay okay oh yeah6580.767.379
all right6591.542.96
door that was all you I got I got one of6600.424.38
them maybe all right going left going6603.486.199
left going left okay that's not good6604.84.879
all right6610.1996.741
left no right nope looks like right okay6611.465.48
okay all hard hard work6618.024.98
[ __ ] yeah6625.824.0
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh oh stay6630.34.76
on there6634.1994.561
oh you son of a [ __ ] piece of boogers6635.066.04
all right right on you all right to the6638.763.84
right to the right to the head to the6641.13.119
head to the head to the head to the head6642.63.78
to the head big hits big hits coming6644.2193.96
from the left see that thing all right6646.384.14
okay yeah yeah yeah yeah we're so we're6648.1794.801
so low okay6650.526.92
yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep6652.984.46
fine fine the bombs are gonna kill us6669.985.38
but okay we're facing6672.784.919
good job thanks6675.364.02
I didn't realize how close it was yeah6677.6994.281
it was so close6679.382.6
high drama wow6683.15.7
with more than two arms again okay like6686.1195.5
I said in the real world it was cute and6688.85.16
I did not she even has a problem with6691.6193.241
all right fine6695.7193.541
essentially you're the worst6700.084.4
you're super annoying though yeah6704.484.199
oh yeah I like this6711.33.74
I think it gives you a little visual6715.6796.141
breaks here and there Anthony sorry6717.34.52
you built it6740.522.719
creepy balloon how's the balloon still6749.466.179
yeah what about balloons work you know6753.064.679
what sometimes those balloons last a6755.6393.48
crazy amount of time6757.7394.041
oh boy6759.1192.661
what if I built it6762.963.32
the elephant over there6774.446.46
but that's the queen huh6777.966.54
oh God that's right yeah Rose uh gave6780.95.52
the elephant a crown you know a queen's6784.54.5
Crown so Rose made the elephant into a6786.424.68
queen yeah I guess that's the castle I6789.03.78
didn't tell you about like honestly who6791.14.039
she looking forward to chilling with her6801.1795.721
ball over there and use it to pop the6813.99.44
blue and then you will be easy peas6817.925.42
go pop that creepy balloon6825.33.56
ball all right so ball6830.1194.381
yep what can you do over there6836.424.06
because there's you can see all those6839.13.059
things you can grab you know6840.485.84
like these guys let's see the Y6842.1594.161
so yeah we have to hit it and then so6850.884.54
can you do that by your own or on your6853.1994.44
own it's just pretty slow huh yeah so6855.424.199
we're gonna have to like coordinate let6857.6393.421
me see what yeah let's let's do the6859.6193.12
first see if I can do this one on my own6861.063.78
easily okay that'll stay there I guess6862.7394.081
all right let's see what all right we6864.844.379
might need both of us but and if it well6866.824.08
you probably do you probably need to oh6869.2194.141
oh no I was about to say no it looks6870.95.16
like we're good okay we're good6873.365.22
all right so now it's waiting there6876.064.98
the next bit let's see go ahead and jump6878.584.639
okay okay6887.285.24
easy peas yeah6888.54.02
we've been seeing nothing but blocks and6896.2194.621
wheels okay we'll Advance the wheel oh6898.1394.201
oh okay6900.843.66
I didn't realize uh6902.345.04
oh here we here we go uh let that ball6904.55.52
again if you can oh what because they6907.383.72
still have it6910.022.88
I don't think so but can you can you hit6911.15.639
that again yeah this6912.93.839
okay you want to jump to the other one6921.843.319
get it in place6925.1593.54
all right6934.925.819
so you good I think I can't see what I6936.845.04
would do I think it'll fall right on6940.7393.98
that thing okay6941.882.839
all right should we see what this other6946.083.599
little seal you can get out of there6947.764.68
let's watch to see it's gonna shoot it6949.6794.381
looks like it's gonna shoot wait can you6954.064.559
it's in there it's in where it's in the6958.6195.1
the mouth of the yeah so let's see what6960.784.379
okay it does that on its own okay6965.1597.201
hey hey what's going on it's not your6968.765.72
oh [ __ ] your dog monkey come monkey your6980.827.08
jump come on gay like a monkey where did6985.1994.94
I is this where you jump from before6987.94.68
that's not loud enough that's not high6990.1394.241
enough [ __ ]6992.583.78
I almost had it6994.385.16
oh no my sister why are you having me6996.364.319
down here6999.544.32
just don't put me down in the thing7000.6795.04
I can't wait till you get over here it's7003.864.759
got me down in here7005.7192.9
I bet there is7009.862.72
you know just die maybe it'll put you7013.283.48
here or you've been dying I've been7014.6593.721
dying can you get in uh you can't jump7016.764.34
up in these carriages7018.382.72
give up too easy7023.64.92
you're so close I don't think I can get7026.1793.781
up there from the carriage or you might7028.523.06
have to get to a higher thing like jump7029.963.9
to the next thing that's taller on this7031.584.579
yeah yeah7036.442.779
I mean but you'd have 15 minutes yeah7042.864.5
but you'd have to jump on the back okay7044.785.7
okay I thought I can jump on the side I7047.365.819
know I know7050.484.08
well I mean you really you're7056.963.84
I think I think the movement's messing7058.6994.381
with you a little bit so it is7060.86.319
very much so I'll blame it on that yeah7063.087.619
you went backwards there7067.1195.201
so just get to the there you go get to7070.6993.121
that one7072.323.359
and then to that and now you'll you'll7073.823.0
be able to make it when you reach over7075.6794.141
all right let's see what this does7084.825.379
oh there's an Aiming thing um it's got7087.7396.0
quite the no oh no no I didn't mean to I7090.1995.581
thought I was gonna jump on and steer7093.7393.781
you not shoot you all right so we hit a7095.783.78
balloon maybe uh7097.525.699
all right hold on you are hitting me7099.565.88
don't you want me to get in I mean you7103.2194.02
see your that's not aimed up to anything7105.444.38
right I'm not I can't I'm not aiming oh7107.2395.88
I am yeah no I thought you I hit Y7109.824.68
because I thought it was gonna end oh7113.1193.12
yeah you're gonna have to jump into here7114.53.3
no I'm gonna have to shoot it for you7116.2393.601
when I hit Y it shoots it oh right away7117.84.56
okay that's what it did7119.845.12
hit it7122.362.6
oh so close I didn't mean to do left7126.6194.62
okay that was that was kind of neat yeah7129.1993.661
so get in there and then I'll yeah you7131.2394.561
just tell me one go for it oh that's7132.864.859
gonna hit the thing I guess7135.84.14
do we have to get all these all right7139.942.82
let's try7141.52.82
so that's all about nothing no but let's7144.326.18
try I already got that balloon let's see7147.85.16
okay go ahead7150.54.86
oh my bad7152.965.0
oh oh wait I got this I'm gonna have to7163.945.82
um I got it all right7167.064.32
do you get to go for it can you okay7169.763.979
nice thank you I had to go around that7175.464.38
it was it was a mislead7177.7396.661
so okay oh so I'm gonna have to7179.846.54
get booped7184.43.719
oh my God7186.385.12
all right so we did that7188.1193.381
okay I'll wait until7192.267.339
oh I jumped too far7195.0994.5
all right let's see what happens here7214.466.84
ball is going to come on up and dribble7218.486.78
down now go to the nice lady7221.36.299
all right okay7227.5992.661
all right so I guess you're left you're7236.364.859
left and right okay yep yes I am yeah7239.05.179
all right7241.2192.96
watch it nope all right let's go forward7245.866.22
too wait you're forwarded yeah oh yeah7249.384.44
we see it just different you know what I7252.083.24
mean yeah7253.824.44
slowly oops so that was my bad I guess I7255.324.62
don't know maybe it's me am I that way7258.263.06
oh okay I gotta I got it I wasn't going7261.324.74
fast enough7264.53.42
you just balance it on that thing and7266.064.4
I'll be all right7267.922.54
yelling at each other right7278.03.739
I like how they have no music here so7284.6795.04
you can focus7287.1192.6
you mean like that yeah put it in the7296.924.48
thing okay I could tell my perspective I7299.03.659
couldn't tell we were there I thought7301.44.16
you needed to go farther7302.6592.901
High Dive or oh trapeze a trapeze ah yes7307.046.24
right oh here we go why7310.526.179
didn't it say hit Y oh is it just you is7313.285.399
it yeah because I it doesn't give me a7316.6993.841
prompt oh it's supposed to be a lot more7318.6794.281
fun for7320.542.42
I'll take a peek at what's going on here7328.845.64
oh should I get to that one7330.983.5
see what we can do here7335.542.96
still don't understand what the point is7339.6194.161
I was hoping I'd jump to you oh yeah7344.564.539
that'd be cool7347.483.179
and then I'll put you up into that thing7349.0993.921
but how would you it didn't I didn't see7357.264.26
anything I did not come close it's uh7359.543.84
it's way off to the right there7361.523.42
so that's not going to work for our7363.384.38
timing so I'm trying to get it Opposite7364.944.259
timing you know what I mean7367.764.14
so you can you can counter it too so we7369.1995.04
can there we go and back and forth7371.93.719
because we want to go like that right7374.2393.36
is that how you think I'm high jumping I7380.35.78
don't know yeah7383.1192.961
if we want to swap there you go7391.344.279
we got the stuff to go a little bit7396.263.66
higher yeah let's get it all maxed the7397.823.24
[ __ ] out7399.925.48
like that I'm gonna go on this one okay7401.066.96
yeah that's yeah maybe you gotta double7405.44.12
jump immediately7408.023.42
maybe because you just kind of did the7409.524.44
jump and it was off yeah and maybe an7411.445.759
air Dash yeah maybe I should be just air7413.964.92
dashing off because I've done that7417.1993.9
before but you'd have to release first I7418.885.219
guess okay I could try to and see what's7421.0995.12
I didn't do the double I'm gonna do the7428.6194.721
double jump7431.6592.881
you want to try I'm just not7440.787.399
wait a second that was how we did it7444.6796.681
come on7448.1793.181
I guess it doesn't matter yeah you could7455.6594.321
just try practicing jump7457.524.679
um here go ahead and uh how did you get7459.984.92
over to the other side7462.1995.341
how did you get there uh by just normal7464.95.819
jumping like all right7467.545.699
okay so I'll be this guy and you be the7470.7194.561
other guy and then see what you can do7473.2396.121
yeah maybe we don't even have to [ __ ]7475.287.459
yeah oh wait7479.363.379
we gotta get this7483.324.02
we gotta get the ball7485.5995.421
we gotta pass the ball to each other7487.343.68
I mean oh yeah we have to pass it to7491.7195.96
each other yeah so that's a game changer7494.1793.5
right trigger7500.426.36
right yeah we were missing a big part of7503.1397.441
the puzzle yeah we were weren't we oh7506.788.66
so I have to hit all right so good7510.584.86
we got this7520.93.36
um let's try it you need to be7527.485.639
yeah yeah you're gonna probably have to7530.7195.281
stay on so you can throw it into that7533.1194.5
and it'll be a right trigger release7536.03.3
I think7539.32.6
yeah you got that yeah7545.6595.721
oops so we have to throw that ball still7555.1594.56
um where do we bring it oh we have to7560.1193.901
bounce balloons7561.7394.081
I think we gotta go here huh is there7564.023.24
anything else over here and doesn't look7565.823.56
oh oh7575.482.6
sling shot yo is yeah yeah yeah I like7579.046.3
all right so we now this is us trying to7586.043.3
pop it7588.085.039
huh so where is our reticle nothing okay7589.345.16
yeah yeah you are7594.55.659
your pop did7597.1393.02
we're gonna kill her7601.764.64
it's a good chance7603.7392.661
yeah I wonder how speed runs are of this7613.43.739
uh they are I don't understand I I mean7618.384.739
you know what I could wrap my head more7621.7393.121
around to speedrun in this game than I7623.1194.261
can somebody do in the Rubik's Cube7624.865.64
in like two seconds yeah that shit's7627.385.239
on that way it went straight to the7638.6593.601
castle Yeah7640.524.139
yeah look at this it's fun are we having7642.266.02
a good time with each other sweetie7644.6593.621
oh no I forgot I never finished building7652.967.06
pretty much close though yeah it worked7660.025.04
out fun you guys are made a click yeah7662.7193.721
you're gonna complain about it too yeah7665.064.7
[ __ ] of course7666.443.32
yeah the gate must be nearby come on7670.7194.681
all right guards yeah7699.444.799
do anything7702.983.239
pretty neat pretty neat7706.2193.141
did you not know7711.7392.781
hey now that was a compliment yeah I7715.0994.56
know that was something but still I7717.7394.201
that's ridiculous and yes he should be7719.6594.681
communicating with her as well7721.944.14
but maybe she's just not paying7724.344.14
attention it's a lot of money like this7726.086.539
is a lot of money listen thousands of7728.485.88
dollars no you're insane this is7732.6193.841
cardboard but what we've driven through7734.363.96
do you know how much Legos cost these7736.464.32
days these are Legos7738.324.98
I think those are too expensive all7740.784.439
right what are we doing I don't know I'm7743.33.419
checking out things all right checking7745.2195.541
things out this will go up oh hey7746.7194.041
what the hell are you serious7756.446.98
ly oh over there7759.0994.321
I'm missing it every time that sense7765.85.6
and then you can aim which way7771.923.259
there you go fun back to here7775.2195.661
it's super silly fun yeah people wanted7791.85.379
to see it I know7794.543.9
Can I with me yes I am here you yeah you7798.446.9
stay on task thousands of dollars7802.344.759
all cardboard7805.344.62
but time the Mana the bad hours7807.0996.281
absolutely no wonder I don't blame them7809.965.639
for they gotta get them no they of7813.383.9
course they do we've already said that7815.5994.741
like if really they they have to be at7817.284.319
the end they have to be getting a7820.345.16
divorce have to be okay because nobody7821.5996.241
could have like I can't believe everyone7825.54.38
said how wonderful the game is and it is7827.844.44
it's a beautiful game yeah but how would7829.884.62
anyone else not be saying how horrible7832.284.2
they are together and how they should be7834.55.219
divorced I'm gonna beat you7836.485.48
not total gassiere7842.543.139
he does beautiful work oh look at this7860.1198.301
yeah no this is okay yeah it's crazy7864.264.16
did you hit you looks like you're riding7872.7194.98
it I'm going back I'm it's amazing to7874.466.199
see your work come to life7877.6992.96
because I have to go up here no I mean7880.764.979
we were we were comfy huh no I gotta hit7883.44.08
I guess we were comfy it doesn't matter7887.483.84
then I'm not sitting7889.1594.641
we've been here7893.83.419
we built it though7901.462.96
oh now you're now you're riding the7906.82.46
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] no no7909.263.68
is that something okay7917.783.74
just take it upon yourself to start7922.2193.781
driving I'm just really pulling the7923.784.58
hey guys7931.822.54
we're doing just circles now7936.564.44
probably we were supposed to get out7939.1993.54
right and then you just did this and7941.04.86
stopped ultimate Bird Star7942.7395.161
you're supposed to okay looking up there7945.865.18
well we'll get on up there7947.93.14
I couldn't resist man yeah no it's fine7951.1393.901
and you know I get it7953.1193.6
I've already done that and then when you7955.043.42
see this happen it just costs millions7956.7193.541
of dollars to make this7958.464.86
oh could we do it Brilliance well I'm7960.265.399
getting up to that high before7963.325.0
it's down there7970.525.48
it's a big place7973.2192.781
we're here maybe7979.1592.721
all right I really want to get off of7985.1795.801
this train crap oh look at this7987.7395.36
but there's got to be a way in there's7993.0996.06
the castle all right7996.1992.96
here all right7999.923.14
I can't see anything you can right there8004.1197.62
oh you gotta you gotta pull it back8008.7395.34
uh pulling up your left see how it's8011.7394.741
back and forth down and up so yeah you8014.0795.281
can so you can hit this8016.485.04
um what can we hit yeah I'm trying to8019.363.6
figure out what what's the object here8021.522.94
oh can we knock this down we're supposed8022.963.3
to knock the all right so I'm gonna go8024.462.759
all right now we can hit yeah all right8028.5995.161
so he's trying to knock down something8031.5995.52
this yeah8033.765.54
is this the way we bowl wait this is8051.885.16
we're breaking into the Queen's place I8054.6394.621
just realized do you want can you can8057.044.199
you swing it back and forth uh I think8059.263.319
so uh8061.2394.5
okay I'll settle all right once you8062.5794.841
settle I'll see what I can do here do we8065.7392.94
have to jump on that8067.423.719
I'm going is it going down or it's like8068.6795.241
we have to jump on this8071.1392.781
yeah okay so you gotta get off and get8074.1995.241
on this as well8076.782.66
thank you yeah8084.44.279
yeah all right8086.1992.48
yes yes8098.883.06
how'd you know8103.1993.241
lucky guess8106.6594.281
oh wow8108.1592.781
you insult cutie the fart Queen of the8119.828.44
Magic Castle in short Her Majesty oh yes8124.07.44
we mean her majesty uh can you take us8128.264.2
to her8131.443.6
kind of urgent the queen does not Grant8132.465.219
audience with peasants peasants whoa8135.044.139
whoa back up Who you calling peasants8137.6793.9
there buddy okay I built this Castle all8139.1793.661
right I even came up with the name Magic8141.5794.881
Castle so if it wasn't for me8142.843.62
excuse my underling8146.525.559
handling yes we are messengers from a8149.0995.381
land far far away we come with a very8152.0795.341
important for her majesty8154.485.28
hand it over8157.426.239
oh well um I need to see her majesty in8159.764.819
you don't even have a lot of the show8164.5795.461
it's a horrible8167.382.66
do you8171.0995.48
draw course I never8173.323.259
just stop sucking up go listen to him8184.266.28
all right he's crazy Loco he's lying oh8187.1196.36
yeah then why don't you show the letter8190.547.519
to her majesty I do like him8193.4794.58
because there is a letter k8203.4399.441
well thanks bud8209.2193.661
hey may you okay8223.326.899
not being this great in years8226.543.679
those toilets were like probably five8231.343.42
bucks a piece8232.963.92
no no8234.766.0
50 cents [ __ ] 50 cents each sorry8236.885.979
seriously and then you live in the 50s8240.763.839
I'm curious what are they what are they8242.8594.2
getting these bars they look pretty good8244.5993.601
are they strong no they're not8248.23.38
keep the engineer in the family do you8254.743.06
you mine I built that yeah I can see8257.82.879
the toilet has no pipes yeah it's a toy8260.6794.5
toys don't go to the bathroom8265.1793.441
there's no way you can't get through8275.83.66
that I know it's cardboard everything8277.663.899
that we've been doing that you've been8279.463.24
you go sideways too a little bit right8282.74.159
fake totally fake8289.244.739
all these lights though he had all set8291.764.139
up very nicely I don't know how he could8293.9794.08
build these live houses about thousands8295.8994.32
of dollars yeah8298.0594.681
look at that cardboard tiles that's8300.2194.941
equipment huh8306.042.96
who the hell are these statues up here8311.9794.761
look at this like you know like a wizard8313.965.099
ah I bet one of us is going to get magic8316.743.58
one of us is going to get the sword8319.0594.261
yeah that's it8332.464.599
a good magic8335.084.92
cool magician powers and I have fire8337.0596.92
pretty dope sorry you got there yeah8340.03.979
I said oh boy I learned some magic8347.326.659
all right so I've got B oh jeez B is8350.24.92
these are a thing all right so I does a8355.126.96
little warpy thing8359.325.76
and then X8362.086.08
is that a freeze8365.083.08
all right sure how you feeling8377.24.92
um yeah let me just get all my juice8380.383.0
I feel like yeah let's let's get our8383.385.479
juices you got your bar going there8385.426.0
is going on with me8388.8595.58
that's why I do it8391.423.019
oh I don't know maybe I8394.545.64
why is not doing anything for me it says8397.34.92
it should my stuff's not recharging8400.185.36
either nor is mine8402.223.32
screwed everything up and yet and yet8406.664.62
when I do that I could still do it8408.584.859
oh wait now it's recharging was it after8411.284.199
I just did something now it's recharging8413.4394.281
all right there's gonna be some button8421.8994.5
mashing going on here8423.647.38
so you have a what oh it build up oh8426.3996.481
it's like a power thing when it's all8431.023.48
full when that thing is full from8432.883.84
attacks it's not the energy of doing8434.54.38
this things when it's full you can hit Y8436.723.599
and it's like a massive attack go ahead8438.882.939
do a bunch of attacks so you can see8440.3192.521
what it looks like8441.8194.681
do a bunch of like a bunch of8442.846.42
All the Things fill that up again8449.264.76
this is how is this helping me but why8457.844.32
is mine going up in yours not are you8460.33.24
hitting targets8462.163.18
I don't know if I'm I think it's getting8463.545.88
points for hitting targets oh8465.346.42
yeah you're close cool I'm getting that8469.424.14
I'm all charged with that once you're8471.764.08
full I was this whole time I just I8473.564.259
didn't know I was supposed to be hitting8475.843.3
toys yeah I guess that's what was doing8477.8193.241
it now you can hit Y and wherever you8479.143.42
face it's gonna probably just throw up8481.063.299
oh it's all like a you're a Vortex of it8484.3593.841
you want to charge up against before we8488.23.48
move on8490.33.179
yeah and that's by hitting all the8491.685.34
targets right gotcha8493.4793.541
and then we'll just say we'll save it8498.763.98
it's pretty cool that yeah8505.126.12
do fire when you do the teleport thing8507.347.88
shallower we shall8511.243.98
what oh by the way I'm painting those8520.63.42
buttons when I'm trying to hit jump no8522.343.78
you gotta I open the door I just opened8524.023.72
it oh no no don't hit why I opened that8526.126.6
door of course duh what an idiot a waste8527.745.88
of why8532.722.94
here you can get some stuff in this [ __ ]8533.625.34
okay what a piece of [ __ ] dummy dumb8535.664.56
idiot what are you doing over there oh8538.963.54
you're gonna yeah load up I'll wait8540.225.42
another beverage8542.53.14
all right8565.8993.781
I'm powered up8572.3192.961
all right all right don't hit Y8587.265.3
'all all right8593.52.66
okay all right hmm8596.3198.281
but there's no like jump or anything oh8599.385.22
but can you you do it that you can do a8608.84.679
dash I guess so8611.624.4
all right8613.4792.541
oh no son of a [ __ ] why8622.267.24
[ __ ] because it's prompted why8626.645.02
you know [ __ ] hit it again you gotta8629.56.479
uh I hate this sorry8631.664.319
oh you need to fight them so you can um8643.8594.901
son of a [ __ ]8651.763.38
oh man oh wait yeah dead it's all right8656.646.299
I'll get them for you8666.762.9
hold on I'll get it8671.9793.96
I'm just gonna kill him before8673.725.06
they can get you8675.9392.841
there you go8683.24.38
I need to try to kill something but I'm8685.185.4
sucking really bad8687.584.8
all right8690.583.859
can you uh do a that8695.86.179
that thing across the you can come over8699.463.66
to me8701.9793.601
I think with the a8703.125.46
H I don't see it I mean the a yeah we8705.584.5
don't have to you they taught you it the8708.583.84
last time you did it8710.085.34
uh I thought I just walked up to it8712.425.34
thank you8715.424.2
okay that was pointless so now I guess8717.762.94
you go back8719.622.699
um you gotta open something over there I8720.73.6
can you do something to the right like8731.3194.921
uh the whole can you walk across8733.246.36
okay maybe8736.243.36
I don't know looks like there's it's8740.9794.261
it's there's something there it's8744.045.1
invisible now it kind of looked like8745.246.079
so you can't do your a thing across to8751.385.68
over there if you're like down just do8754.3595.241
this to8757.062.54
to wear whereas I mean to up to there if8765.76.54
you were like down like and you had a8770.3194.08
clear shot like aiming at it yeah I got8772.244.28
this is where my8780.227.08
Aunt there it is okay so just keep8783.75.279
pushing that way yeah8787.34.559
no that didn't work8788.9796.0
what was up over this way8791.8595.841
does that look like when that fire is8799.04.62
hitting an invisible wall8800.744.26
or something8803.623.66
there's yeah like you can like you can8805.03.6
walk you can walk on it because you're8807.283.78
the fire person yeah yeah when I that8808.63.78
was the perfect8811.063.299
shot it was it should and it didn't work8812.383.42
but can you make it straight across over8814.3594.921
yeah you couldn't do it no so can I make8815.86.72
it straight across over like maybe8819.286.42
hey I tell you what what let's do this8822.525.82
um come back over to me okay do that a8825.74.199
man I love dying that's so cool yeah but8833.025.459
we're not even really bad it's all right8836.024.5
all right now you stand on that all8838.4794.161
and I'll freeze these8843.223.08
yeah that's that that seemed like a very8855.344.32
good thing now you can a across back8857.563.18
oh [ __ ]8865.245.46
stay alive8868.124.02
all right now I should be able to just8870.73.6
do this right you might have to come on8872.144.2
there you go come on across8876.345.22
I tried then I hit them you can just8878.267.44
walk really I mean kinda I'll uh8881.567.82
second one second yeah8885.73.68
all right come on8894.8196.781
yeah yeah nice nice mother8896.624.98
oh wait8912.282.6
yeah I beat him you did well that one8916.785.4
damn it sorry damn it8922.184.46
stay alive stay alive yeah okay okay8928.665.58
side die all right we got him oh there's8931.745.94
another one over here oh God8934.243.44
I wish I could uh he's fighting me from8940.125.52
over here damn it I'm getting hurt8943.066.14
nope that's not gonna do it8945.643.56
Oh wrong way8952.662.96
this is the worst8961.785.06
for you8964.182.66
you got it Dora8967.3593.08
come on buddy8973.4792.96
it's stupid I can't believe I ran across8979.05.3
and then ran over8982.34.74
like oh not yet stay right stay where8984.34.72
I'm at come on oh8987.047.7
no oh yeah oh God you're the best8989.025.72
I don't even know what buttons to hit I8995.025.16
know all right8997.65.12
let's go9000.182.54
it's the first good thing I did just9006.723.78
there did something I bet you're gonna9008.523.6
oh damn9012.126.08
oh I'm upset than that9014.763.44
oh no don't die you dick9024.244.04
oh what you can't do that doesn't do9033.425.34
anything good my my weapon doesn't do9035.9395.281
anything good it does it does a lot okay9038.763.84
I don't you know what9041.223.54
you're wrong I don't know how to utilize9042.64.68
and make my weapon so I'm right good I'm9044.764.32
right you are right you were right what9047.284.619
should I do well what is your uh like9049.085.1
that if it's not close yeah but like you9051.8994.881
can break this door9054.182.6
that would have been uh this one here9059.76.119
that helps [ __ ] them up yeah9061.8595.661
I'll get them you get all close to them9067.524.32
okay I'm gonna go in there and break off9103.745.54
to the left I guess9106.3192.961
oh did I just yep I lost track of where9118.385.599
I was9121.622.359
oh [ __ ] okay9127.142.96
I'm utilizing one good thing9137.8193.921
okay we don't really up9142.146.74
nope wrong time there9145.143.74
looks like we've got a9152.282.6
whoops I don't mean to use that what a9165.04.319
waste powered up while I'm doing it9167.224.139
oh yeah I gotta remember to use that9172.145.66
once we're gonna go back down over here9173.8193.981
oh no9181.9394.0
dead I don't even know how9186.243.38
all right that's gonna be oh boy this is9196.267.16
gonna be a [ __ ] I gotta freeze it all9199.024.4
am I following you oh oh [ __ ] that state9203.8195.961
like this9210.383.24
splap I can't follow you9218.33.84
you did it all right I did it let's see9222.845.34
oh God yeah that's bad I should have9226.263.179
followed you9228.183.679
maybe maybe I can9233.3594.141
what's it hitting it9238.383.32
nice okay let's see if I can9249.147.259
come back to you huh9253.23.199
oh oh9263.222.599
stay right by me stay away no hold on9270.725.759
okay but whichever one I move to you9274.53.42
stay right back okay that's what I'm9276.4792.821
gonna do9277.923.54
and then I have to wait for one to go oh9279.33.84
boy get back9281.463.899
oh that was like9283.143.96
oh they brought me out right here I had9287.14.02
some [ __ ] oh you know what that's9289.742.88
good though for you no it's great it'll9291.124.64
be great come on9292.623.14
all right all right that this is this is9302.9394.801
horrible by the way yeah this is uh this9305.74.14
is really something oh my god oh we9307.743.6
gotta keep going over to the right I9309.843.18
stay with you oh um nope nope not yet9313.026.06
you tell me one [ __ ]9316.9795.941
I'm gonna yeah uh oh these these melt9319.085.46
really quick9322.925.36
oh God am I going with you oh fungal oh9324.546.92
all right9328.283.18
I'm with you9332.644.58
that worked out9334.52.72
I want to use this y whenever I oh I9338.425.86
can't wait but should we wait let's make9341.466.899
sure yeah let's wait yeah9344.286.539
[ __ ] just saying the next again oh I9348.3594.561
know you can't wait oh it's gonna be so9350.8195.061
freaking dope9352.922.96
oh boy maybe we do it9363.3596.481
did we do it now stay alive do we do it9367.4394.861
stay right up do I hit Y9369.846.12
'all I don't know uh yeah I guess [ __ ]9372.36.74
oh I just hit Y9375.963.08
'all kill this both9379.085.399
so interesting it pushes us through that9381.125.76
way can we yeah now we've got none of9384.4796.261
our stuff no we sure don't9386.883.86
all right well9390.783.74
okay we're gonna have to make our way9397.144.02
off to the left I guess hold on let me9399.124.02
feel this let me feel it let me feel the9401.165.18
love oh [ __ ] okay9403.146.839
so is she taking any hits no we gotta oh9406.344.84
wait a breakthrough gotta break through9409.9793.92
to the left okay9411.182.719
[ __ ] this is where it would have been9414.243.9
good to have oh where's my9415.4395.341
just use whatever you got9418.145.719
oh break through the door9420.783.079
oh no yeah9424.8596.741
oh yeah9428.243.36
damn it damn it oh come on come on come9433.166.34
on come on get back back oh no I'm dead9437.164.319
[ __ ]9439.57.28
get oh I hit Y I did not hit Y9441.4795.301
o I can't even see myself9450.8995.941
I can't see myself oh no so I'm lost you9453.8994.741
got this9456.845.3
okay come on now I do9458.643.5
bring it9463.82.84
he's just a dead end like these suckers9467.223.66
light them9469.682.7
I think you gotta light them I don't9470.883.62
I don't know come on9474.966.3
hmm what was that part do not start the9478.55.24
beginning of that9481.262.48
I don't know what I'm doing9485.524.5
what do you mean uh word is always going9487.55.28
left yeah yeah yeah yeah no I'm just I'm9490.025.22
losing my uh losing myself9492.785.0
all right9495.242.54
where am I Yeah It's Tricky though9501.07.56
yeah like honestly I I just I keep on9505.564.62
losing myself so9508.563.839
yeah just [ __ ] Button Mash you'd be9510.184.62
all right yep but I don't know where I9512.3994.641
oh come on oh oh where am I [ __ ]9517.9795.42
no I didn't hit Y didn't try to I did it9523.56.14
oh I gotta stay alive or am I9534.04.92
um it could be running right into9537.722.759
no no no9540.4792.721
oh I was hitting the wrong way9543.244.079
come on come on9545.643.839
come on all right let's just hit all9547.3195.901
these things I'm dead9549.4793.741
blow these up blow these up blow these9556.564.52
all up I9558.422.66
thank God9561.666.18
you were you with me I I know it was9564.025.86
hard to see myself9567.843.72
and then you go I'm running and you go9569.883.36
keep on going forward when this thread9571.563.24
is horrible it was hard to see you're9573.242.28
we did it that was a close one that was9575.526.36
[ __ ] hate it at all9581.883.559
you don't think this was thousands of9589.383.92
dollars yet9590.882.42
remember man just with all these lights9593.764.44
staying on even the little ones you know9596.284.14
this is these fires are dangerous come9598.23.6
what am I doing what are you doing9601.83.86
oh God9608.723.24
are we doing any it says zero so I9630.084.84
thought we were doing damage no I don't9633.05.1
know I thought I saw let's keep seeing a9634.925.6
no the head9644.523.08
um It's gotta hit him at a certain time9648.4794.201
he's got to hit him at a certain time9651.3592.401
huh yes9652.684.219
oh yeah like right there9653.763.139
the head the head the head baby and I'm9657.54.18
hitting them where I got my blue Power9660.35.059
come on yeah9661.683.679
no get away9668.8193.08
oh yeah9679.622.84
oh I lost me too yeah oh whoa whoa where9684.8995.781
am I where9688.22.48
all right9691.022.54
yeah get that head9708.183.44
oh God9720.544.62
oh yeah yeah baby9722.15.52
come on9725.165.46
you're getting out getting out9732.425.78
he might be9735.32.9
yeah get his fingers gizzle fingers9750.625.199
get his little pinkies we gotta get9754.144.38
those fingers maybe both uh same time9755.8194.741
what are you hitting get them pinkies9758.524.86
the ones he's hanging on too I'm hitting9760.565.16
the power yes no but like on his fingers9763.384.979
I'm just hanging on I thought I was no9765.725.04
I'm not I'm not fingers I don't know how9768.3594.381
to punch him oh just get clothes and hit9770.766.139
buttons yep getting close [ __ ]9772.744.159
his fingers kiss fake here we go yeah9780.4794.34
that's it the elephant gate come on wait9792.423.899
a minute9795.183.84
this is my old chessboard yeah we stole9796.3195.101
it yeah9799.026.44
yes yeah why not use it anymore9801.424.04
clearly without job right would9807.25.1
it Dad is there another big fight9813.8993.381
I know you love it yeah9823.623.739
oh God9831.4393.361
okay that's how those work9858.027.299
I am bare I don't know how9860.887.74
oh no no watch my feet that's right9865.3197.441
oh come on do it do it not oh no I'm9868.626.68
talking to me9872.762.54
not going anywhere9877.24.86
oh [ __ ]9879.745.739
I hate not being able to jump yeah9882.066.18
but you're uh the equivalent of the jump9885.4794.801
is that you know what I mean yeah no9888.244.699
yeah yeah yeah yeah9890.282.659
what if I get over there9903.383.72
come on baby9924.4394.741
good music yeah9934.684.86
all right9937.684.259
are you getting the groove aren't you I9939.544.74
oh boy oh the horsies she's not even9941.9395.221
gonna say anything I don't have to9944.284.98
that hurt9949.262.94
you guys9952.22.659
come on9964.763.179
oh boy9968.042.66
oh four sees these damn horsies9970.8594.46
[ __ ]9979.023.18
am I dead9980.166.08
but they are uh9982.24.04
let's get that elephant9991.026.78
oh what why does it have no handles well9994.17.379
you should know you booted9997.83.679
I remember10002.842.479
that costs money yeah that does that10006.284.48
does cost money10009.23.9
he's a genius though it's kind of like10010.765.04
uh I'm surprised they didn't that Rose10013.16.42
is her name yeah that she's so their kid10015.87.08
Grace Rose I don't know I just call her10019.525.22
all this time they spend together10024.743.48
building this she's still not happy10026.124.26
right like they must have a great10028.225.24
relationship with each other10030.383.08
well it's award-winning10036.627.4
Castle right the game is two10039.264.76
see he might have like did all this10049.15.16
himself and not with her that's true and10051.84.86
just lied about the he seems the type10054.264.26
it's like the people who like to do the10056.665.42
science project for their kid yeah10058.523.56
do you want some cookies I actually love10069.264.8
cookies you don't need to stuff your10072.145.78
face with cookies let's just do this10074.063.86
tell me what's10078.3993.46
what friends10080.664.44
no no nothing's wrong it's it's great10081.8596.861
everything's like super great10085.13.62
what are you doing10094.73.26
we're not doing that no10097.964.6
we don't want to kill you we just kind10103.186.42
of have to uh it's a little bit10105.83.8
I love Rose10111.685.34
it's Rose that's it froze10113.248.04
I know oh we have no choice I'm sorry10117.026.06
you have a choice you don't even know if10121.284.579
this is gonna work10123.082.779
this is so weird it is10133.283.56
oh I want to see you come out with like10137.64.08
a machine gun and try to kill them this10139.763.3
is her this is our best friend this10141.684.38
elephant right yeah yeah we have to kill10143.066.419
you look at this to make her cry because10146.067.4
we think the tears will work yeah10149.4793.981
wow that's a nice throw10156.566.18
talking egocentric book told us10158.786.68
someone did10162.742.72
well cutie we don't want to do this but10170.3197.421
we have to we have to make rose cry it's10173.965.82
nothing personal we just need to break10177.743.42
this spell10179.784.159
oh boy10181.162.779
um you're on the right one so stay10184.343.36
that'll be the down the middle will be10185.964.439
down okay you know what I mean you see10187.74.44
that hook right I see that there's a10190.3994.08
hook uh I don't see that the middle does10192.144.98
it down or get up there we'd have to10194.4795.641
okay so crunch in the position so let's10197.125.4
go far left nope nope nope nope okay10200.123.779
stay in the middle be ready to Crunch it10202.525.7
be ready to Crunch it thank you okay10203.8994.321
yeah where's sheet let's Okay get off10209.724.02
that yeah let's let's move it to the10211.883.9
upper left10213.745.76
I'll let you go ahead and put it I mean10215.786.119
right there get it get it crunch it I'm10219.55.28
sorry I'm sorry let's wait patiently10221.8995.04
it'll happen back again right we just10224.783.9
stay right here sure10226.9394.101
so what's new10231.565.52
ah man I found out I like cinnamon toast10233.126.6
crunch do it do it10237.085.64
because there's a delay10239.725.58
uh Cinnamon Toast Crunch bugles are10242.724.38
quite good yeah you've got me very10245.33.66
hungry oh so now it's going back we're10247.13.9
bringing it back okay10248.965.42
do you want to be the one to jump10251.03.38
yeah sure10258.85.179
nope sorry oh yeah there you go perfect10260.063.919
oh all right here10265.643.74
there we go let's just keep it right10274.8994.241
there now I mean you were you were super10276.923.78
close close10279.143.36
are you going down that way now yeah oh10280.73.96
you should come up here yeah you needed10282.54.02
I didn't need to10284.665.0
know that was horrible yeah no yeah10286.525.54
I don't know what you're doing10289.665.739
so anyway that's all right it's gonna be10292.065.74
magical once we get it yeah it really is10295.3995.221
good here let's go we go there we can go10297.85.76
there all right perfect let's go yeah10300.624.98
coming this way no you're gonna come10303.563.419
around though all right all right now10305.65.96
hit it well you know what you you know10306.9794.581
oh a little too early then man you10313.165.34
yeah that was what you said it yeah but10316.044.62
yeah you really don't know that's why10318.54.08
that's why when you're doing it you need10320.663.72
to be the one all right here we go we10322.583.42
got this makes the call I don't want to10324.384.82
do this anymore I'm going to feel it10326.03.2
I believe in you10329.34.979
because come on baby10332.184.92
oh two I feel like it was four times10334.2795.7
yeah that's where it's gonna be just10337.15.12
hey how you guys doing10344.625.94
oh God this is10347.183.38
okay so we're we're overestimating the10352.3595.201
uh yeah how slow it is here go ahead10354.924.8
find a position for that thing there we10357.563.839
get it get it get it yeah10361.3996.0
yeah damn10366.083.359
I'll tell you this is not an exciting10367.3993.301
well we fought four team bosses we did10370.74.94
oh God hurry before she escapes Where10376.347.099
What Where is she I don't know10379.044.399
come on down and grab it yeah okay grab10385.546.88
her grab her by the blue thing why yeah10389.544.8
I don't know because the games yeah no10392.424.46
no no I said10394.342.54
come on come on come on come on I hit10399.27.04
that y get it10402.9793.261
back to Elephant murder oh look at oh10409.646.98
the leg the leg got ripped off sis10412.2794.341
we are massive10421.12.78
we gotta10426.9394.601
yeah yeah yeah all right we're gonna10428.966.8
just throw you off the oh my God10431.544.22
you're gonna stop playing this guy10436.065.74
no now I want to see it happen10438.625.46
it's the nicest character we've come10441.84.92
across in the whole game it's true10444.085.699
oh I don't blame you okay no I didn't10446.724.679
want to see it die come on I didn't want10449.7794.141
to see it die10451.3995.241
you guys both already need therapy10459.148.299
separate therapy well you need therapy10462.924.519
no no it's gonna be another important10467.7794.58
oh my God that went into the ear yeah10473.35.88
Oh wait [ __ ]10477.384.019
get your y on you suck at that not10479.184.259
anymore I'm beating you10481.3994.101
oh my God10485.683.48
it's wonderful10490.664.54
I love this ending now I was like this10492.683.84
isn't you're weird enough yeah now10495.24.34
you're feeling it come on10496.523.02
this isn't you're a stuffed bear10500.3593.561
I'd love to10504.026.419
Jesus yep10506.4394.0
ah that was that was in sync10516.266.38
oh geez10519.083.56
brilliant plan worked oh that's good10530.186.92
honey yeah yeah come on darling10532.884.22
I can I'll Stitch that yeah you could10542.3594.261
just fix it no reason to cry also you10544.644.56
can buy another one no you10546.625.359
come on now10549.22.779
how old are you Rose10554.423.2
oh yeah she's a little Junior High no10558.386.12
she might be seven what's wrong with you10561.625.34
man she's seven10564.55.42
's the borderline of that being cryos10566.966.78
cry rose look at them all right10569.926.22
we gotta get down there and lick up10573.745.119
those tears10576.142.719
what in the world10579.026.32
now we have to just yeah10581.843.5
I didn't see any tears10592.34.84
oh okay it's raining man it is so10597.147.88
freaking weird that they like us10601.043.98
you know nothing10613.163.14
the book said it no one of them10618.023.74
you stick up for that book a lot10622.73.26
he might have encouraged10626.243.32
shut up [ __ ] not the time I think it's a10641.746.48
letter from Rose listen dear Mom and Dad10645.026.18
I'm sorry that I did this to you oh my10648.223.94
I know how to make everything good again10652.164.739
all you have to do is I think this is it10654.385.54
pay attention to me10656.8993.021
you're best friends10662.722.719
you're not ready for it you found it10667.188.38
oh oh you are an [ __ ] and you are now10671.8596.241
dead to me10675.562.54
four pieces you put them together you10681.026.08
get the answer10684.4392.661
come on man10688.33.36
before letter pieces let's go it's10693.9795.88
another level10697.886.38
no thank you I am done for today10699.8594.401
let's go this is abduction10706.427.92
this is Dr hakim's couples therapy10710.148.74
prepare for the roller coaster ride10714.348.7
been on a few already yeah10718.884.16
that will be our first topic assume they10733.36.9
both lost their jobs but now right10736.523.68
okay no they don't need more time10742.224.58
together no10744.022.78
clearly you don't have a joke10753.563.68
it's ridiculous you10763.12.54
cloning and no sense of time good10767.265.94
insights we're making progress already10770.7796.141
great get ready10773.23.72
I was about to say enough of that hmm10778.727.48
good time right there salmon yep yep10783.14.719
this is a time to10786.23.54
think about life10787.8194.921
what we choose to play10789.745.579
and then come back later remember we've10792.744.079
got to come back soon now yeah it's true10795.3194.941
yeah we will yeah10796.8193.441
oh boy10817.343.059
you're going to take all the puzzles10825.84.74
from all the games we've ever seen10827.544.8
put them into this10830.545.84
I like your voice thank you10832.344.04
and make them meet again remember that10840.465.979
if you if you eat you you will be10844.14.879
we won't need it no because we're Master10853.584.14
Gamers that's right goodbye you're an10855.53.72
[ __ ] for taking a sweater from us and10857.723.059
ripping in four pieces10859.223.78
yeah I've got a house the book said we10860.7795.421
have to make the two meetings10863.03.2

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