After 4 Years, WE FINALLY HAVE HORSES!!! - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's a wild ride as our favorite crew finall...
After 4 Years, WE FINALLY HAVE HORSES!!! - Conan Exiles
After 4 Years, WE FINALLY HAVE HORSES!!! - Conan Exiles

After 4 Years, WE FINALLY HAVE HORSES!!! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we finally have horses in Conan Exiles after 4 long years!

simon: Horses?! About time! I can finally ride around like a majestic warrior on my trusty steed!

appsro: Hold on, hold on. Let's not forget the real highlight of this video - Dora finding that sweet helmet off-screen! That's the real MVP moment right there.

neebs: Oh yeah, Dora always manages to find the coolest loot. But let's not overlook the epic battles we had with the rock boss, bat boss, and croc boss. It was intense!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's a wild ride as our favorite crew finally gets their hands on some horses, takes on some epic bosses, and even manages to craft some steel. And let's not forget about Dora finding that awesome helmet off-screen - talk about a lucky find!

If you haven't checked out the episode yet, you're in for a treat. The team over at Neebs Gaming always brings the laughs, the action, and the epic moments that keep us coming back for more. And if you're like me and can't get enough, be sure to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for even more exclusive content.

I don't know about you, but I'm always excited to see what shenanigans the Neebs Gaming crew gets up to next. From their hilarious banter to their epic battles, Conan Exiles Season 2 is shaping up to be one for the books. So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, sit back, and enjoy the ride as they take on new challenges and conquer the exiled lands. And don't forget to show your support by checking out their merch and joining their Folding@Home team. Let's show them some love and keep the fun going!

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wow this horse poops a lot that's what0.785.82
horses do yeah there's like 345 nuggets3.34.74
of horse dung in here oh you can use6.63.12
that for something probably oh wait I8.042.88
got a little garden thing over there I9.722.16
wonder if I can just throw it in there10.922.7
this is perfect the horse poops you'll11.883.54
get to poop so well now the horse I13.623.419
think is done so I'm gonna take the15.424.56
horse yeah and I completed my journey17.0395.221
how do I put the horse down give me a19.984.2
second okay22.264.08
um what kind of horse is it a pinto it24.185.72
is this guy oh yeah26.346.419
horse fighter he's a fighter he's a29.94.839
fighter horse or she I don't know okay32.7594.561
all right but if I look at it can I I34.7394.861
made a saddle can I just pop the saddle37.324.82
oh yes you sure can39.65.299
so if I interact yeah42.146.3
check me out I'm checking you out44.8997.441
you look goodbye baby I'm horsing around48.445.92
this is awesome can you fight from52.344.059
horseback uh let's see I probably would54.363.48
need a sword all I'm carrying around is56.3993.48
you know the size oh really yeah I don't57.843.48
think size are gonna do anything from59.8793.601
horseback I have a I have a sword let's61.324.5
see oh my next step my journey is tackle63.484.26
an enemy while riding a horse oh there's65.823.6
an enemy over there oh give me can I67.743.059
have your sword you don't tackle with69.422.699
swords you ever tackled someone before70.7993.721
oh yeah I think yeah attacking enemy72.1193.86
while on a horse74.524.5
speed I need speed and I need swing let75.9794.481
me draw your sword79.023.599
come on they've already sort yep sword80.465.1
you only got these ass once more drop it82.6196.781
there it is yes okay85.565.58
that's a nice hey this is a nice sword89.44.259
oh yeah you'd be uh cool that's that's a91.144.26
manly man sword so right so let's I93.6593.42
don't know if you can swing it I'm on95.44.38
here can I take out the sword yes here97.0794.441
we go wow I guess you yep you're good at99.784.159
that aren't you101.522.419
all right let's see it yeah I'm gonna go104.224.64
do some shopping hey tough guy yeah105.95.24
I got a horse108.865.14
hey you want some I know he does he was111.145.56
messing with me earlier okay hitting the114.07.079
wall hit the wall and yeah oh he's going116.76.84
to spare you oh yeah he is not my watch121.0795.04
let me get a run and start yeah come on123.544.499
what do I name this thing um I don't126.1193.661
know get it you got it you gotta let it128.0395.361
burn its name oh yeah come on get it129.785.7
okay he's going for you he's going for133.44.059
you come on135.483.3
okay I'm gonna get him he's after me138.783.24
again I'm gonna get him you leave my140.583.89
friend he's alone yeah142.025.63
I'm a swordsman and a Horseman names149.124.68
there it is yeah I've been here with Vic171.9595.341
you have neeb says there's a strong foe174.9595.941
up there yeah it's a bat thing and um uh177.35.579
after thinking I beat it um fix sliced180.94.44
me in half oh it was an accident but I182.8795.461
mean you know it was it oops I caught my185.345.7
friend and a half an accident yeah yeah188.344.74
so do you think uh we're gonna do this191.043.66
toot sweet193.084.86
toot sweet yeah that's quick oh uh I194.75.16
think it means quick I never heard it in197.943.719
my life he just makes up things what do199.863.18
you want to do I'll follow you I'm I'm201.6593.3
here to Simon lead the way lead us into203.043.66
battle I don't I don't even know how to204.9593.601
yeah all right well I guess we got to206.73.24
get up there so let's start climbing208.564.259
yeah so just this week I'll try to lead209.945.939
the way until until uh oh I see a ghost212.8195.521
over here oh yes they're dancing spooky215.8796.841
ghosts oh no oh yeah all right I'm gonna218.347.34
run this way while you guys222.726.5
all right we'll run run get up there225.687.0
oh yeah there is a bigger one oh wow all229.225.26
right you know what is he he's much232.684.04
bigger oh yeah he's got a skull234.484.319
the Health's already down I think we can236.724.68
do this all right238.7992.601
get off of me now267.565.32
oh you got that Simon I'm trying I'm not270.04.259
even gonna I'm not even gonna intervene272.883.86
don't even274.2592.481
that's our leader I'm Your Leader you're276.964.2
our leader Simon guide us to Victory279.34.98
okay okay let's go baby I'm getting some281.165.28
stuff from this big pretty one I'll be284.284.38
right there victory yeah be right there286.444.14
I'll be climbing getting a bunch of good288.664.319
stuff I gained a level good for you be290.586.059
right there holy buckets292.9795.641
geez Anthony's Tower is looking pretty296.6394.261
crazy uh yeah Simons looks perfectly298.623.48
no I like the way Anthony anything302.13.12
Anthony's has formed you know what I303.63.539
mean you don't think uh Simon Says porn305.225.4
you do I mean Define form I don't know307.1396.961
shape like well-defined shape oh like310.626.12
it's Anthony's more plain but yeah um is314.14.2
that a compliment okay all right you got316.743.12
your sword back and the sword was nice318.33.36
but I'm thinking if I got a horse I319.864.32
don't need a sword I need one oh my321.663.62
that's that's something right there325.286.22
did you color it with the pink on it no329.14.439
it just came this way oh what that's331.56.3
okay see I I am uh I'm a queen look at333.5396.121
me I'm a queen I can't wait to see you337.84.08
fight some of that okay yeah I want to339.664.379
see how do you do it well there's no one341.883.9
else you want to kill somebody oh wait344.0392.88
you know what there's some idiots over345.783.18
the hill here come on let's check it out346.9194.161
all right right behind you348.964.5
uh yeah I'm doing it I'll just sit back351.085.28
let's see353.462.9
oh my God356.6394.321
what the you took him out was that358.9793.481
instant crap let me get a run and start362.463.26
watch out there you go I'm out I'm out363.845.579
man I'm like a queen I'm a damn queen365.726.88
I'm a Justin Queen yep there he goes yo369.4194.881
oh man372.64.56
he threw a kikachu374.35.2
he's coming after me377.163.979
yep that's what happens okay this is the381.1396.4
most ridiculous weapon yeah I love it384.95.16
you don't mess with the queen no you387.5394.621
don't you mess with the queen you gotta390.063.6
get the bean right in your mouth I'm392.163.539
gonna stick my [ __ ] in his mouth I think393.663.24
everybody knew what that meant yeah they395.6992.421
that's a t-shirt mess with the queen you398.125.22
get the beam400.742.6
hello again it's been a while I don't405.5395.041
see it you don't how do you not see that409.1393.421
way up there see that that how do you410.583.78
not see that oh a little bat head yes412.563.419
that's the bad head so what's the414.363.72
strategy here to win well you guys have415.9794.261
bow and arrow right I got a shield and I418.083.66
made a special sword so I'm gonna try420.243.239
and block him and you gotta shoot at him421.743.239
it's gonna turn into a little we're423.4793.241
gonna be running around in a circle up424.9793.06
here yeah426.722.759
um down to the right and the left up428.0392.821
you'll see all right I'll try to hold429.4793.601
his attention I mean do we want to the430.864.32
Tower of bats you ready for the the433.083.6
start oops I didn't mean to do that oh435.182.76
my God you guys want to get into better436.685.72
all right here we get started started437.944.46
all right bat me look at me please nope445.384.86
he went right past coming to me yeah oh448.2594.981
yeah oh and the running begins all right450.245.519
he's mad at me running yep all right I'm453.245.06
blocking him455.7592.541
okay all right arrows getting them458.4197.141
there he goes you can go around466.0394.201
the shield is hold though The Shield is470.245.13
not holding oh I'm holding this okay472.625.46
oh wow he's already more than halfway oh478.084.5
[ __ ] you're going after me come on480.4194.861
double with this uh well no I mean it482.584.619
was years ago we probably didn't want it485.283.3
way too early and there was only two487.1993.601
people it was the last episode oh I'm488.583.6
talking about when I was with thick oh I490.83.26
don't know I didn't yeah492.185.16
was he by himself uh he had abstro he494.067.359
always was by himself yeah497.344.079
that's it bad boss bad boss nothing I'm503.347.44
I'm where the boss is now oh I'm going507.05.7
to the top here see what's up you are510.784.379
yep made it to top Angie what'd you find512.74.92
oh the altar of the bat I'm gonna open515.1595.101
it okay yep it's an altar with over the517.624.26
bat nothing good in it how do you open520.263.899
an altar isn't an altar just a place we521.884.38
brought some blood what is that thing I524.1593.36
don't know we could make things if we526.263.24
had the right things I bet it's pretty527.5194.701
cool I bet so too one day we'll find out529.56.98
can we go now yeah let's go532.224.26
so I guess the eclipse is done now we537.185.82
got moons yeah that's pretty look at539.765.46
that this is beautiful yeah yeah I mean543.03.54
the eclipse was cool but when they545.223.059
happen every day you kind of get sick of546.543.06
them you know yeah and you know what548.2794.261
looking at the Simon's place at night I549.64.679
think I like it better oh wow you know552.543.419
it's it's nice and lit up that makes me554.2793.361
want to do more Lighting in my place we555.9593.781
always had the eclipse so yeah dude557.643.36
that's that actually looks sweet559.743.0
Anthony's got to catch up Anthony's561.03.42
place looks like crap at night it looks562.743.599
like trash yeah Simon's place that's a564.424.5
beacon yep see that for miles can you566.3395.221
does your horse swim man if it doesn't568.924.44
I'm gonna be mad all right let's try it571.563.5
out okay573.365.94
oh yeah it swims hey575.066.58
okay why don't you uh why don't you call579.34.2
him Beans uh Bean I've already named her581.643.96
oh you have it's been oh bean bean hey583.53.779
we're on the same wavelength wavelength585.63.239
yeah we got it we got it you great minds587.2793.601
right Bean sounds better but okay yeah588.8394.741
this is bean and she's a queen it's all590.885.94
mine sorry Bean I tried let's see593.585.1
um I think yeah we need to go north596.824.139
because I've heard of an ancient tomb598.685.099
that might have sulfur in it and we need600.9596.361
sulfur to make steel okay so follow me603.7794.881
I'm following you607.322.82
yep so what's this building up here do615.04.26
you guys see this it's like a oh is that617.3394.081
a hand uh it looks like a hand yeah I619.262.94
it's been a minute I kind of want to622.22.88
stand on that hand let's walk out in the623.73.12
hand we'll take selfies yeah I don't625.083.24
know how you not want to that's very626.823.36
intriguing yeah it's a hand you don't628.324.019
have to get held at least not after your630.184.62
baby dude I wanna yeah this would be fun632.3394.201
and we got a little Camp up here we can634.84.38
raid after and take their stops oh let's636.546.06
do it okay hashtag hashtag oh what do we639.186.02
got here oh642.62.6
the book646.52.72
um there she is647.74.68
that's difficult to move okay she ran649.225.5
and jumped okay I don't think she lived652.384.68
nah hey this is fun and look at this654.723.799
what a surprise we got a little buddy657.063.38
he wants some selfies too come on no660.446.899
wait well oh no663.7793.56
is he gonna try and make his way back up667.443.42
this is the party come back all right668.764.139
all right come on guys punch up smile670.863.78
smile oh there's a guy up there smile672.8994.141
I'm gonna shoot you in the face oh [ __ ]674.644.98
ah come on oh that was the one that fell677.045.28
it came all the way back679.625.279
this might be it leaves okay the682.324.92
legendary tomb of galliman I should684.8994.321
probably go in first I I think I would687.243.659
have made a good Queen's guard oh yeah689.223.299
you can be the Queen's guard I like this690.8993.421
except I have a lot of opinions I might692.5192.94
not always agree with that Queens well694.322.639
that's fine does that make it harder for695.4593.12
me to be a queen's guard nothing all696.9592.701
right hold on let me let me leave the698.5793.5
horse I know I know Bean you're okay699.667.7
galliman's tomb okay one second Queen702.0795.281
safety my servant all right does it look707.766.12
okay so far I would come uh partly in710.2795.281
okay you know what no I'm the queen I713.883.06
gotta be in front Okay because we don't715.562.82
know if I agree with you well no yeah I716.943.42
gotta be in front Okay that isn't how718.383.6
Queens do no I'm a different kind of720.363.0
queen I'm like a kick-ass Queen all721.983.5
all right Bean you stay right here and736.5194.481
you guard the front a lot of gators in738.8394.201
here okay we can handle Gators fiend741.03.779
doesn't like Gators though okay all743.043.479
right all right I'm Gonna Leave This744.7794.641
skater yep yeah there you go746.5197.341
yeah we're coming okay749.424.44
yep carefully all right I'm gonna take753.983.88
this when you take that one yep I like756.423.359
it put it a little bleed oh he's gonna757.863.96
bleed to death there you go yeah there759.7793.12
we go761.825.04
whoa okay oh he's rolling at you oh nice762.8996.0
tour torch broke okay torches are trash766.863.96
man did you make an improvised or a768.8994.201
regular I don't know it's probably an770.824.019
improvise try to make it regular I think773.14.02
they were regular I got mine okay good774.8394.74
oh wow yeah look at this place ancient777.125.1
oh like my grandma you'll be a grandma779.5794.741
one day maybe I can't wait that would be782.224.4
the best Queen Grandma Spaulding babies784.326.18
okay I'll look forward yep what is that786.626.88
is that another alligator yeah it's a790.55.76
big alligator pile isn't it yep actually793.54.68
my Soldier servant thank you living796.264.139
Gators yes I'm on it thanks for the798.184.86
light you're welcome oh whoa just going800.3994.261
in it and you better get good at803.043.06
fighting alligators because if I'm804.663.0
seeing right there's a big one over806.13.84
there a bigger one yep okay I'm in807.664.32
trouble my servant yep you just stay809.944.199
back I'm running damn and then with it811.984.799
do they call him that man probably my814.1395.161
Lord I'm a lady or Mom Mom they say mom816.7795.101
a lot damn British people all right you819.33.599
know what yeah you're right you're right821.883.12
but I don't like that I like my lady822.8994.981
yeah sorry my lady there you go see825.05.04
nailed it827.884.199
you guys ready to do this ready ready830.044.08
let's do it I'm doing it come on baby832.0794.221
charging I'm charging834.128.0
all right time to fight yes836.35.82
I'm shooting blindly I might shoot to842.34.599
one of you okay we got a couple all844.923.359
right I'm gonna go up to the side here846.8993.721
this actually looks like this looks like848.2795.24
a peaceful Little Village850.622.899
oh crap yeah sorry guys yeah they might854.37.12
be are there any children here are we858.8994.44
not seeing any so now they're strong861.424.099
they're very sure863.3394.581
I'm in a lot of trouble865.5195.981
I can't cover you oh God okay stay up867.925.2
yeah yeah pull back pull back if you871.54.8
need to uh yeah I need to do Advanced oh873.124.86
gosh there's a sexy witch coming at us876.34.02
yeah that she might have yeah yeah oh is877.983.9
that a problem they seem to have stopped880.324.04
fighting just outside their borders881.885.1
does anyone really I don't think I want884.364.36
to do that anymore I do after my886.985.06
Health's full yep okay after your house888.726.299
I'm gonna eat some roast haunch it's892.044.479
fine there's one coming out at you right895.0192.94
now there is no he's not coming to me896.5193.301
he's coming to you okay uh please don't897.9594.701
interrupt me I just went to fun now899.827.56
yeah he's ever made right902.667.26
honestly had kids907.385.579
dead biggest mistake that guy ever made909.926.159
was dying right before he died you912.9594.56
didn't get to see you die that was a916.0793.421
mistake that would have been funny baby917.5194.32
hey wow Hey listen we don't want to kill919.53.899
all of you we just want to steal your921.8394.021
stuff yeah that's all I'm gonna Duke and923.3994.88
Dodge you here and then I'm gonna go925.865.58
oops wrong way yeah I think it's Juke928.2795.261
and Dodge you can die it's you can drive931.443.62
what's a Duke933.544.56
oh I just cut him in half it's Juke and935.065.68
Jive that's what I meant to say a Duke a938.14.2
Duke and dive that's a whole other thing940.743.779
well that's what you said that involves942.34.979
a cantaloupe I can't even get into that944.5196.661
I don't want you to not going to947.2796.141
that's a big boy951.184.38
bandage up a little bit the only damage953.424.479
I've taken in here is [ __ ] you I955.564.74
don't know about this Mom are you957.8994.38
bandaged up I mean I'm bandaging but are960.33.3
we gonna fight that big thing by962.2793.601
ourselves the gator it's a gator is it963.63.84
gonna tell you what I see two little965.884.139
Gators beside it hold on let Mommy lure967.445.1
one in there we go see one at a time970.0194.26
that's not gonna be one at a time972.545.239
they're all coming in aren't they yep974.2793.5
here's the plan little ones first big984.385.579
ones last go the plan's not run yeah986.885.94
little ones first okay how about climb989.9594.901
out of Harm's Way and then fire you're992.823.959
not a very good warrior servant I feel994.863.899
like this is tactical this is not996.7794.021
tactical this is me your queen your lady998.7594.32
your your lord your mom yep chasing my1000.85.219
[ __ ] Gators okay I'm on boat oh boy1003.0794.921
here we go I can't protect you if I'm1006.0193.601
dead you need to get down here I'm1008.02.88
fighting it from here you should be1009.623.839
doing the same maybe no Mom no I'm a1010.885.16
damn Queen ass Warrior one little baby's1013.4594.56
down two little babies down all right1016.044.56
the big one's almost halfway down so not1018.0194.44
like you're doing everything flash it1020.64.979
here we go oh yeah okay okay big ones1022.4595.041
looking at me now oh careful he jumps he1025.5794.441
does oh boy I'm about to call the Jaws1027.56.0
here we go yeah oh okay I got hit hard1030.025.7
there Retreat if you need to oh I1033.55.04
switched I punched him in the ass yep1035.724.56
McQueen and I punch Gators in the1038.544.799
[ __ ] that's how you roll oh that's it1040.285.22
baby you were worried look at you up1043.3393.84
there you were worried I was worried for1045.54.44
you Mom now we came in here we're1047.1796.061
something very particular oh yeah is1049.945.52
this it is this what I'm after a rock1053.245.7
rock Brimstone baby Prince that's1055.466.0
sulfurize it's sulfur but Brimstone yeah1058.944.8
all right my servant any Brimstone you1061.464.92
see get it I don't like the term servant1063.746.059
you monkey Queen's guard sounds cool to1066.386.24
me how about Queen's mule it's better1069.7993.661
I don't know why we're still searching1073.463.42
Queen's guard sounds fine Waits mule1074.784.68
whatever all right that's not bad I1076.883.2
stuff well we got a couple1082.13.6
over here1083.843.75
three oh1085.73.24
oh yep you're gonna come and help well1088.944.619
I'm kind of someone are you already dead1091.225.339
can we lose Simon yeah1097.466.78
oh my God damn it wait he can hear us1101.025.44
all the way over here well it's a canyon1104.244.939
it echoes1106.462.719
let's read right up to the where the bat1111.624.679
was as if it wasn't gonna attack me but1113.4195.64
it is don't do that too late I'm gonna1116.2995.12
run away1119.0596.381
jumping okay I'm gonna jump open slide1121.4196.241
you can die1125.445.7
you can die1127.663.48
so Neves I think we take the tar out of1133.646.36
the uh Tannery and then with the tar1137.0596.601
from the Tannery and the brimstone we've1140.07.919
got we can make yes steel fire there we1143.666.48
go cooking 105 steel fire right now and1147.9194.201
then once we have the steel fire I think1150.143.899
we put that over here in uh Astro's1152.123.9
hotter Hunker uh-huh and then we can1154.0393.901
make steel we can upgrade all of our1156.024.38
gear weapons oh weapons okay all of it1157.944.739
we'll have steel yeah yeah okay that's1160.43.48
what we're talking about hey let me ask1162.6794.561
you something yeah so I have thin armor1163.885.58
plating and armor reduction kit how do I1167.244.559
put that onto my armor do you know no1169.464.38
clue I would have to research that until1171.7994.141
I go like this do I drag it on there1173.844.74
nope do I is there because like with the1175.945.52
dye there's like more more info and1178.584.86
repair repair are you trying to repair1181.463.24
it you're not trying to repair it I'm1183.443.119
trying to add stuff to it like I assume1184.74.14
I could make this read the description1186.5594.381
of the uh the thing does it tell you uh1188.844.199
nope this game's really weird sometimes1190.943.84
you really gotta get digging yeah a lot1193.0393.901
of stuff is very unintuitive I'm sorry I1194.784.8
said it all right I'll uh I'll figure it1196.943.9
out yeah you'll figure it out and when1199.582.459
you do you'll let me know when I'm when1200.843.36
I upgrade my armor that's right yeah1202.0393.301
because that's how we work together1204.24.32
we're a good team queen and the Queen's1205.345.63
Mule the Queen's guard1208.523.899
Hee Haw1212.4193.721
Emma let's go well I'm working on it1216.143.96
what are you doing I had to get all my1218.63.48
things and not die and now I'm hurt you1220.13.56
you just chose1222.084.2
yeah well they're gonna murder me if I1223.664.48
oh boy oh oh wow not a happy a beast1228.146.84
wait these usually don't attack oh this1232.945.28
one this one's going forward maybe it's1234.986.54
faster I'm just running okay me too just1238.224.92
to run it I thought maybe he was chasing1241.523.18
you because you had that that like1243.143.6
helmet on it might be like the skull of1244.74.38
one of his cousins oh God come on now1246.744.64
all right I'm running1249.086.0
on my way God this Castle next to us is1251.385.799
pretty cool it is wish I wish my1255.084.86
inventory wasn't full thick and I have1257.1794.74
we did this Castle we'll come back for1259.943.54
them we'll come back for you it's not1261.9193.421
easy but yeah let's come back let's do1263.484.86
it yeah for us it will be yeah I like a1265.345.04
challenge you're like dying I'm good at1268.342.48
stay that queen I am okay you got your1272.0595.701
trunching I do uh making part of our1275.1795.221
kingdom yeah okay yeah he's got some1277.765.1
spikes I like him okay mom stay back1280.45.22
here we go with the mom thing it's mum1282.864.26
you're gonna do it do it right you know1285.625.1
didn't I say Mom you said mom Mom okay1287.126.6
yeah yeah oh like there you go did I1290.724.439
kill him it kind of looks like you did1293.723.18
just the way he fell like I think he1295.1593.0
might have beamed him a little too hard1296.94.259
nope he's not okay wow yeah he just he1298.1596.181
flopped okay let's see uh poop got him1301.1594.621
all right take him to the Friendship1304.345.52
Wheel you got it look at this what is he1305.786.48
does it say sometimes it does oh he's a1309.865.76
fighter oh a fighter yeah okay well we1312.265.34
need like uh you know we need Carpenters1315.624.679
I know things like that these guys have1317.64.439
no skills you want to go uh well you1320.2993.601
want to get this guy on the bench how1322.0393.061
many people can be on the wheel at the1323.93.24
same time I guess one I don't know but1325.13.3
this guy needs you know what I might1327.142.76
have some food yeah give him a little1328.43.0
bit of food a little encouragement I'll1329.93.36
share my food there you go there you go1331.44.92
all right start pushing go you got a1333.266.24
whip uh nope fine whips work really well1336.326.0
look at this get the pushing nope how1339.54.32
come he's not pushing I mean I'll put1342.323.66
food in there didn't I did you uh put1343.823.78
the steaks the last guy I like the1345.983.84
grilled steaks okay what else has it got1347.64.14
in him I mean grilled steaks is enough1349.823.54
grilled steak should be enough you don't1351.742.7
want to start upgrading then they'll1353.362.64
want it every time oh yeah you're right1354.443.06
yeah yeah which I've been cooking a1356.03.059
bunch you visited the bar recently1357.53.48
plenty of food oh wait did I do1359.0593.36
something wrong did you I'm gonna hit1360.984.88
play don't I oh there yeah there we go1362.4195.401
there it is1365.863.76
all right we got another Warrior for the1367.823.78
tribe which eh okay I'm not impressed1369.624.38
with Eeyore look at him we need somebody1371.64.62
for every table up there yeah oh1374.04.26
speaking of Eeyore looks like your horse1376.224.5
has done neighbors oh hot dang let's get1378.265.94
it let's see all right yeah let me pull1380.724.98
him out there's more poop in here for1384.23.78
you okay okay I gotta make another1385.74.8
saddle what the heck is Eeyore thinking1387.984.02
about all day long I don't know he's1390.54.2
he's lost in thought isn't it okay you1392.03.96
better pull your weighty or we got1394.73.3
another Fighter coming and boom there1395.965.699
you go neebs oh yeah oh he's a Butte hey1398.05.52
buddy you know what I'm gonna name him1401.6594.441
what Frijoles1403.525.519
I like Frijoles yep and he and beans can1406.14.86
play together I gotta make my own saddle1409.0393.721
Donna I can make you a salad I'm working1410.963.24
on it right now you gotta tell you what1412.763.779
you can do Royal mule is go get more1414.23.9
hype we need a lot more Heights for1416.5393.481
Saddles yeah I can get hide1418.14.14
so you remember on the guard yep right1420.024.32
Queen's mule got it this guy follow yeah1422.243.24
we probably won't leave him here until I1424.342.4
have a saddle you know you don't want to1425.483.72
go into like a alligator Den okay do1426.744.62
something dumb yep got it all right I'm1429.24.02
working on you hide baby yep hater house1431.365.34
we have returned oh hey Dora okay hello1433.226.3
I really wish they saw my helmet1436.75.04
nice helmet really you really miss1439.525.279
something special son of a [ __ ]1441.745.1
hey look a horse1444.7994.581
thank you1460.1799.27

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