A Wizard, an Archer and a Warrior Walk into Trine 4

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest adventure with Neebs, Mirdon, and Drak in Trine 4 - The Nightmare Prince...
A Wizard, an Archer and a Warrior Walk into Trine 4
A Wizard, an Archer and a Warrior Walk into Trine 4

A Wizard, an Archer and a Warrior Walk into Trine 4

Neebs Magic Dumpster


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Trine 4 video we did? It's like a wizard, an archer, and a warrior walk into a bar... I mean, walk into Trine 4!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a blast! Neebs, you were killing it as the wizard. I've never seen someone cast spells with such finesse.

neebs: Thanks Simon! And Appsro, your warrior skills were on point. It was like you were born to wield that sword and shield in Trine 4.

appsro: Haha, thanks Neebs! But let's not forget about Mirdon and his archery skills. That guy was picking off enemies left and right like a pro.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Magic Dumpster YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest adventure with Neebs, Mirdon, and Drak in Trine 4 - The Nightmare Prince? It's a wild ride filled with puzzles, action, and plenty of laughs - and you know Neebs is loving every minute of it!

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hello neebs hello episode is this0.04.86
Baldur's Gate uh nope I kind of feel2.224.2
like hey we should switch controllers4.864.26
huh oh because that this guy looks more6.425.219
like uh Envision you just because yes9.125.399
I'm always the blue guy yeah all right11.6394.74
yeah you know what yeah there we go14.5193.661
switching controllers right right okay16.3793.66
so let's try this again yeah hey neebs18.184.259
hello abstro hey leaves hello hey look20.0394.201
at this I can summon a [ __ ] look at me I22.4393.781
can summon a box oh I can make my box24.243.55
disappear oh26.224.749
all right uh this is trying for okay so35.665.98
you've played this more than me so show39.63.54
me how to try it oh wait you know what41.643.599
I'll be the best wizard look I don't43.143.48
know if I have played aboard the new45.2395.3
Wizard all right we go this way don't we46.623.919
nibs how long you've been trying and50.644.02
I've not been trying in very long I52.83.48
played a try in a while back and I don't54.665.219
think it was four so this isn't it oh56.285.79
look how pretty59.8795.23
wow look what I did yeah you're hanging67.1594.541
oh no okay72.9794.96
now you have half Health oh wait ah no75.724.259
look I stand outside and I'll get that77.9394.5
wizard help and I summon a box okay and79.9794.021
then I'll let it go over here can I fit82.4394.441
this box through84.05.28
um wizard candy we've got a box through86.885.76
a door okay well I'm leaving89.285.76
oh wow let's get this party started okay92.644.439
let's go let's get pretty I like the way95.043.74
it moves97.0794.801
yeah yeah this is like any 2D like98.785.32
Castlevania metroidvania feels good okay101.885.34
I got it is that a tear teardrop could I104.14.86
have played this if I owned it with you107.223.899
is it just two I think you're gonna plug108.963.42
in another controller plug in a111.1193.901
controller Simon oh yeah plug in a112.384.019
controller Bring it on Bring it home115.024.02
right now116.3996.301
while we wait we'll practice our boxing119.046.079
I'm On Top I'm gonna put it in your box127.166.159
yep where'd we go okay oh wait wait a129.5996.0
minute slam your head where's my guy ah133.3193.42
I'm running I don't need to be running138.5995.78
ah boom can I can I grab this box140.287.56
oh yeah oh yes wait you can never touch144.3795.161
me oh I got you147.846.42
look ah oh air box hey149.546.94
I climb your box oh wait154.265.76
stand on top of this box now you oh this156.485.339
is gonna be a thing isn't it it is hold160.024.439
on wait don't let me stop it get on get161.8194.92
on the box yep all right ready yeah164.4595.701
oh I can't control do you want to jump166.7395.341
do you want to jump170.163.9
wow as soon as you get on there twist it172.084.08
turns oh really all right174.064.98
oh so neat oh wait if I climb it oh but176.164.859
it drops all right you lift it I got it179.043.12
and then I181.0193.72
a bit lower and then and then I jump182.164.079
drops immediately okay but I can see184.7393.241
that being useful at some point yeah186.2393.661
yeah all right Simon what's taking so187.983.6
long man I know it's plugged in I just189.92.94
don't know what to do and you guys were191.582.7
talking I don't want to interrupt push192.845.179
buttons press the start buttons194.286.66
wait what color are you I hit the menu198.0195.321
button it does start wait which one oh200.944.46
here I am okay203.344.979
which one looks more like me205.46.04
none of them not a damn one yeah he's208.3195.28
the blue thankfully he's the blue wizard211.444.14
I am I'm the blue wizard yeah I know I213.5994.381
said thankfully he meaning you talking215.585.04
to him all right and Simon's got like a217.985.7
pink on his head yeah it's pinkish it's220.624.92
got a little pink line to it so it works223.683.9
out okay so how do I do the things that225.545.339
like what are the buttons I'm hitting oh227.585.64
that was what button did I right trigger230.8794.321
and then you hold right trigger and you233.223.9
can move it all right I can hold it235.24.44
right trigger uh there you go no I'm237.124.14
trying to hit right here okay you know239.643.179
what I'll just wait until it's time yeah241.262.82
don't worry about it all right let's242.8192.761
move forward this way the folks want to244.082.82
see what's going on here all right245.584.019
coming coming246.93.78
snowballs okay250.685.22
break branches with snowball253.3195.961
there we go wow255.93.38
yeah let me pick up one so I can pretend264.024.3
like I'm doing something all right267.123.84
obtained a tear right trigger is it268.324.5
right trigger yeah and then left and270.965.88
then right toggle thank you that's the272.827.319
one I need it just went way up and276.846.68
dropping it down probably there you go280.1395.521
you can hold that big thing up there283.524.84
above us see it oh I bet we're gonna285.664.38
need that big thing because look at this288.364.619
we'll never be able to jump up this290.044.74
all right but if we were to can you grab292.9794.581
the big thing maybe let's see294.784.919
I've got a297.563.52
I'm doing a thing here I gotta get299.6993.0
snowballs out of here these snowballs301.083.3
are getting all up in our business okay302.6994.28
here let me grab this snowball all right304.384.8
snowballs are right out of the way oh we306.9793.341
got it309.183.239
we're gonna drop in here right set it310.324.2
down there and then I bet we jump up on312.4194.021
it and then boom good call look at that314.524.399
yep very nice316.444.979
teardrops okay318.9195.201
let's see oh simple321.4195.881
a simple puzzle with my friends yes you324.125.76
gotta grab this move it here and then327.35.399
there's and then329.884.68
and then you did it now leave that up332.6995.22
there and then just leave it yeah334.566.359
drop it can we climb this number can you345.4194.921
climb the snowball can you climb a348.64.14
snowball yeah oh that phrase is350.346.299
ridiculous it is okay what about a whole352.745.94
lot there you couldn't do it okay we can356.6394.201
do these358.685.7
no let's stay there oh almost got it now360.845.4
stack we can stack up you know what364.383.539
together we're gonna be unstoppable366.243.72
stack yours on top of mine all right367.9195.961
hold on oh how do I do that369.963.92
all right375.125.639
that's not looking good no no it's not377.6997.081
okay look right here yeah yeah boom380.7599.0
jump on jump and climate yeah384.784.979
a box come on now okay so now we can401.4196.4
grab we've got our stuff oh yeah but it405.065.1
also looks like we could grab that move407.8193.72
that there uh we're just looking around410.164.08
the box for everything yeah rotate with411.5394.801
up and down oh so look at that so if I414.244.26
rotate that and drop it I'll just I'll416.343.9
just run with the Box418.54.979
and then and then now check this out if420.245.88
I got this the bottom piece but then423.4795.181
rotate that way426.125.72
and then yours yes428.665.979
stop carrying that no I'm just keeping431.844.62
the Box434.6394.201
we've got to win the Box436.464.72
Oh see now we need the box I will summon438.844.68
my box441.185.7
jump on the boxes I just jumped up there443.526.739
because you're using Master Wizards446.886.62
if I450.2593.241
can I do it yeah baby yeah see let's453.9196.521
keep the boxes babe look at that oh we458.0394.201
dropped the Box oh no and I'm left460.443.599
behind yes you are I'm going off screen462.244.079
let's go all right hold on let's uh here464.0393.78
we go right trigger I'm gonna pick up466.3194.081
the box thank you thank you [ __ ] quality467.8195.28
we've lost the boxes okay here we got470.45.519
more stuff all right hmm so we want to473.0994.5
get up there huh475.9193.9
how's it about477.5994.5
right okay I've never played these games479.8193.961
but so far I'm really liking this482.0993.421
because I love a good quality puzzle483.783.78
game yep me too this is only gonna485.524.079
escalate into frustration I can tell487.563.12
I think we're having we're having fun490.683.0
now oh there you go because that's it492.184.5
basic like hamster puzzle yeah all right493.685.1
so put it up you had it up before I496.683.419
can't I can't move it because you're498.783.18
standing on it all right sorry oh here500.0994.461
we go do the rotation now go back down501.965.7
right well it just there it doesn't504.564.8
that's all you need507.666.98
in the news beautiful come on people509.365.28
all right when do we learn new powers uh516.05.039
I don't know hold on I need a beer518.0996.06
time yep you drink your beverage and521.0394.74
I'll okay524.1594.821
all right pushing forward525.7793.201
we got the boxes but529.3395.021
conjure a box532.443.899
there we go I did it and I got it536.3393.841
whatever it was and then we do this538.55.06
little staircase there we go540.183.38
yeah man with three of us oh we want544.085.04
these we want those wait haha you're546.65.52
welcome thank you oh look at this how do549.125.52
you put down the boxes again yeah right552.124.14
right toggle move it where you want it554.643.36
box and then just556.263.96
I've been saying right trigger right558.03.36
you said right toggle right well that's561.364.38
how that's how you move it used yeah563.883.48
it's the trigger the trigger holds it565.743.3
the toggle moves the trigger holds it567.363.72
the toggle the joystick moves it569.043.84
that's that's what I'm calling toggle571.085.52
okay yeah that's my problem oh look572.885.639
look uh and then we'll put the box here576.65.82
stay there neebs lift me there you go578.5196.781
upstairs my trustworthy box magic what582.425.099
it's box magic585.34.74
I can't wrap my head around this picking587.5194.141
up this damn thing don't worry about it590.043.419
just climb that box you should worry591.664.2
about it I really should593.4594.32
there you go Simon's up now we gotta get595.865.159
neebs up yep how do we get me up oh I597.7794.021
one of you here I got it I got you I got601.84.38
you neebs you know what I'm doing man605.045.06
I'm just gonna get all the things606.183.92
I want to be awakened okay610.444.8
is it is it not doing it613.084.879
oh wait I can get rid of my box615.246.659
look at that we're Geniuses so uh Simon617.9596.401
sorry here do your box we'll wait here621.8993.901
for you624.364.02
no I don't want I don't want you to I'm625.84.68
not gonna sit here like a monkey not628.383.92
like a monkey630.484.5
you sign in your box okay you hold the632.35.2
right trigger you say Simon yeah writing634.983.9
we're holding right trigger and now you637.53.899
take your thumb and you go like this638.885.459
see you know what right thank you very641.3994.801
much what else do you need to know no644.3395.821
that it oh that's it now Simon and then646.26.9
they'll let it go boom yeah and then you650.164.679
can get rid of it if you push in on the653.14.799
joystick like so and so654.8396.06
got it uh I didn't push in on the657.8996.661
joystick did I Simon needs box push660.8995.241
summon box664.565.459
delete box yes box go box hey box666.145.28
goodbye box670.0194.44
well who's this box goodbye I'm jumping671.425.46
but it's not summoning because674.4597.701
x a jumps didn't hit X once676.887.48
there you go682.165.28
hey wizard Harry684.363.08
I hate control688.5194.481
I think I know this this should be690.923.46
pretty easy I think everyone stand here693.04.2
and then look something in the box and694.384.86
then come over here and get697.24.8
it oh yeah yeah yeah we all do it yeah699.244.86
no we don't all need to do it let's do702.04.019
it let's go big or go home right704.14.979
fine all three boxes uh I'm trying to do706.0196.181
the uh toggle yeah right toggle I'm709.0795.581
doing it right right toggle I have to712.25.1
hold down nope right thumb yeah it's not714.663.66
doing it717.33.659
okay two boxes ready boxes yeah one two718.325.12
three drop720.9592.481
isn't right toggle that we can still724.14.72
make it though727.323.42
oh just move your right thumb right728.824.079
there oh and it's not working are you730.744.32
holding right trigger at the same time732.8996.56
there you go I hate my life735.064.399
I deleted your box739.982.9
Mountain Cold what's wrong with his goat745.0796.901
hmm levitate the log749.048.12
is the goats oh oh you're welcome751.985.18
all right757.562.6
I wish that would react better uh yeah761.644.02
no like when it landed on my head if it763.863.24
actually like killed me they're just765.663.359
ragnology or something yeah this kind of767.15.16
slides off made a funny noise oof769.0195.461
wouldn't the oof be fun772.264.079
oh tears hold on I must collect These776.3395.06
I don't even know why I'm liking these782.5193.541
uh there's a reason I'm sure there's784.1393.781
currency it's currency of the realm all786.063.54
right let's see someday we'll be glad787.924.56
that we got them I can't all right789.64.679
summons this yet792.483.84
stand back I'll let you uh I'll let you794.2794.021
do some Wizarding leads okay it rolls796.324.38
like this oh yeah but look I can move798.34.88
the bridge take the bridge up here800.75.22
Teamworks on it803.185.74
if I drop it here nope805.926.359
oh we can walk over to it I really808.924.2
should have812.2792.281
scarred earlier tomorrow813.124.74
oh we're sending a postcard why isn't814.565.339
isn't located any closer to civilization817.865.64
hmm good question819.8995.94
this seems like a box puzzle yes it does823.54.2
come on some of the Box put the box825.8395.0
there yes oh wait827.76.42
a box here double the weight nope I830.8395.981
[ __ ] up leave your box yep my box is834.125.94
left Simon place your box support or836.825.16
boxes and we were unboxing I don't think840.065.33
I can do dogs are you doing it dude841.985.7
I don't know if that's gonna do it like847.683.36
the wrong way851.045.16
oh uh that's that what if I climb over853.325.94
here hmm856.26.02
okay and859.262.96
doesn't seem like you're going high862.983.919
enough does it864.242.659
oh sorry not good all right nope we're870.125.58
good yep yep yep can you reach it all872.3395.461
right yeah all right I got up we got one875.74.52
person up877.82.42
okay get those over there so wait can I881.6395.581
push down oh I absolutely can oh you884.3394.5
pushed down instead of letting it go I887.223.119
can push down on it so we could just888.8394.381
yeah that's easy enough890.3395.341
push down huh893.224.619
last night's Avalanche laid waste to the895.684.74
bridge now how am I going to get to the897.8393.421
how are we going to get to the mirror901.264.68
box hybrid I have no idea hybrid oh902.765.12
what's that oh it's a goat oh he's back905.944.92
oh thanks go he knocked over the tree907.886.1
for us thank you you owed us one go or910.865.24
me oh look at this pretty little patch916.925.34
of green here more of this please oh I919.1994.2
think we're getting it are we going down922.262.4
it doesn't seem like we're going down923.3994.341
can we jump that924.664.859
you can't927.742.63
oh wait is there a bridge thing932.14.2
can we jump on the did we already say we934.265.96
can or can't jump on the boxes936.33.92
oh nice and then we put all of our940.765.86
things or at least a couple of them yeah943.986.02
a couple would be good there you go946.623.38
how are you950.065.56
quality Wizarding oh damn it there's953.3394.381
tears up there and I want them all right955.623.719
we want to get the tears all right Simon957.723.6
hold that box there okay hold on let me959.3394.261
do that yeah do that at an angle and put961.325.34
it right there hold on I can't uh I was963.65.28
gonna do that okay fine do what you were966.664.26
doing can't put it up who's doing this968.883.18
I'll do this one972.065.16
yep Jesus Christ there's a lot going on974.7795.68
here yeah I'm screwing things up977.226.419
it takes a team to screw something up980.4596.301
all right watch out abstro okay I'm983.6395.041
trapped this is what you get986.764.319
that'll work I can't move that'll work988.685.779
that'll work just be patient okay yeah991.0796.841
it was free striving from his trap you994.4595.401
don't say997.925.839
I didn't lift the bridge999.863.899
thank you1004.126.04
you were freaking out Simon1006.865.15
you almost died there1010.163.359
oh okay if you hold left trigger check1013.5193.0
it out like when there's a bunch of1015.382.94
objects look at this see what I'm doing1016.5193.781
you hold left trigger you can kind of1018.324.259
like oh yeah what object you want like I1020.34.8
want this object okay I'll bring this1022.5795.821
object over here and I'm gonna do that1025.17.079
obviously kind of work but yep yep okay1028.47.32
now we need to get to that teardrop1032.1795.78
all right1035.725.459
if I do this yep oh it sticks there1037.9595.1
which is nice1041.1793.66
there we go1043.0595.02
quality would you do this letter for me1044.8396.24
so this is where the mailbox is oh1051.323.599
there's abstract how come you got to be1053.243.059
in the cuts um because I'm the best1054.9193.561
of the utmost urgency1058.484.54
ah Heatherwood Hall1063.024.32
two years ago yeah you1065.1795.101
first place I got ahead Prince Alias a1067.345.64
ward of the astral Academy he has1070.285.22
vanished under mysterious and1072.984.98
Troublesome circumstances this game's1075.53.69
got a cool style yeah1077.962.52
to learn1080.484.92
lunch that's salmon I am going to burn1082.884.76
nice lighting mm-hmm1096.345.92
where to start maybe the Necronomicon1102.266.72
I'm thinking box magic yeah oh I love1106.1794.601
Moons and stars1108.984.819
start studying those1110.783.019
emptied Heroes was Pontius the night1114.747.04
just before the quest was about to begin1118.5395.861
Pontius was out and about with his1121.786.1
duties and to that end wait he was1124.46.36
headed towards the cursed man do we get1127.884.26
to play more than a wizard are we1130.763.48
Knights as well are we Pontius I don't1132.144.84
know I don't know let's start it1134.244.319
oh it's Fat Bastard he looks great1138.5593.62
he's got a rug as a cape though that's1142.945.099
weird the night had returned from the1144.987.079
grave landed and bitterly wrathful and1148.0396.5
troubling to his neighbors1152.0595.581
but Pontius had come to take care of the1154.5396.76
matter armed with a sword a shield and1157.645.88
the hope that there would be power are1161.2995.521
we all Pontius we're all Pontius1163.526.12
so now it's like okay a attacks we gotta1166.824.84
attack and jump anything else crazy1169.643.6
jump and attack hey is there I've only1173.245.34
got her attack I'm only getting A's jump1176.5394.561
a is jump jump and then X is attacked X1178.585.339
attack but also right trigger1181.15.819
it's like a quick attack yeah yeah1183.9194.26
can we hurt each other yeah it's about1186.9193.301
the same no no weird1188.1793.721
all right who's leading this party I'll1190.222.819
do it1191.92.82
follow me I assume we're going right1193.0394.441
again now that we jump1194.726.44
destroy boxes with your sword1197.483.68
very good all right teardrops we can't I1201.324.739
was about to say we could smash the1204.9192.64
pumpkins all right Smashing Pumpkins1206.0594.381
yeah oh what a great van they're touring1207.5594.74
are they still still yeah no I think1210.443.96
they just they have a new album1212.2995.461
okay yeah oh is that bounce1214.45.7
well uh yeah we are bouncing on1217.763.48
mushrooms there1220.13.78
I have lost track of Who's Who me too1221.245.12
here I am1223.885.159
oh his tended feels full of everything1226.364.84
good you'd want to eat in a pie green1229.0393.661
stuff seems bad right it looks like it1231.23.12
would hurt you jump on the pumpkin to1232.73.599
ride it1234.324.38
here we go here we go here we go here we1238.73.12
three people on One what if we all oh1241.824.68
here we go there you go that's it I'll1243.9195.581
go since I'm across oh no okay yeah this1246.55.299
is easy1249.52.299
all right1252.024.74
okay all right1253.847.9
yeah okay so actually yeah my player1256.767.32
name is kind of yellowish green1261.744.08
uh app service I assume you're like the1264.084.56
turquoise blue no this is me this is me1265.824.5
oh that's him1268.644.98
and this is me nice so yeah you can't1270.326.44
tell who we are that's here1273.623.14
let's see jump and then okay so if you1278.266.4
hit a and then B you stop1282.146.84
A and B oh yeah okay he's like a1284.666.54
Halloween Level look at this damn oh1288.985.22
28 tiers what are we going to spend our1294.746.419
tears on beers oh1296.845.819
I got it I got it I got it all right1301.1594.201
both of you guys get on this end where1302.6594.02
I'm jumping right now you can't stay1305.363.36
there I'm here and1306.6793.721
all right so we're on the other side1310.44.38
oops sorry I probably time that poorly1312.744.319
that's okay uh we'll wait I bet if I do1314.784.5
this and it comes back down almost do it1317.0596.801
again yeah oh yeah there you go1319.284.58
at noon1328.1795.281
in the daylight ghost never haunted noon1330.986.9
curses are stupid how pretty is this no1333.466.28
this game looks great oh wait here's the1337.885.4
thing oh hit me wait this one yeah1339.745.48
I got these I got the tears1343.285.019
come up here stay there Simon ready yeah1348.5593.681
right here oh right there here we go1353.9197.721
oh wait seven what all right get on your1358.286.3
end yeah and boom now you jump oh no1361.646.96
jump jump down like this boom Oh and1364.587.74
then stop oh I tried to turn all right1368.66.66
stop stop hey1372.326.02
there we go look at that1375.263.08
we're playing seesaw it's fun maybe yeah1380.723.98
I'm playing break them two eggs with my1385.225.52
sword do it okay tears of the Kingdom1387.265.76
that's gonna fall on you1390.744.679
so you gotta jump quick I'm gonna do it1393.024.26
right here1395.4194.26
look at that look at that do it neebs1397.285.519
yep man we're all such Brave Knights so1399.6794.86
now wait is this game get to a point1402.7993.481
where like I could be a knight you could1404.5393.321
be a wizard1406.285.16
yeah I want that to happen oh all right1407.865.319
I see it looks like we got to go up and1411.445.04
swing do it again I'll swing1413.1797.201
or me yeah okay I'm slam there we go and1416.486.24
now do it again oh oh the light no look1420.384.38
at that oh the light came in1422.723.3
oh whatever1424.763.6
goo is in this uh haunted castle it1426.024.98
doesn't like react to sunlight okay all1428.365.699
right ah here we go1431.06.06
down here to the basement boys1434.0595.181
spooky basement and it's noon yeah I do1439.244.9
like this type of game1442.44.62
it's fun huh yeah uh you know the whole1444.144.98
whatever you said this is platformer so1447.024.5
we gotta redirect awesome right so yeah1449.124.679
use the right toggle like Simon neebs1451.524.32
look at me he's the right toggle you can1453.7994.86
direct your Shield right oh I'm sorry1455.846.719
right joystick I said toggle too yeah I1458.6595.64
get that oh God that's something I won't1462.5594.141
be able to grasp wait I'll try how do1464.2993.961
you hold your Shield up Simon stand in1466.73.78
the middle of that light light pile1468.264.56
okay yes and now use your right joystick1470.485.28
yeah I get it yep I see that there yeah1472.827.14
burn this burn this away Simon okay1475.766.24
running it yes it will crash that and1479.963.66
then we will get yeah you got a tear how1482.03.72
you doing the shield anything else a1483.624.08
right joystick is there anything else to1485.723.72
burn right there yeah okay there you go1487.74.08
running that okay you're the burn guy1489.444.88
all right1491.782.54
okay hold on1496.244.48
I'll get out of the way can you shoot1498.624.34
down lower where I'm sorry1500.725.459
to the right yep no it doesn't want me1502.965.8
to hold on let me back it up oh yeah1506.1795.101
yeah there you go do all this oh shoot1508.766.419
at me leaves okay trying1511.283.899
just I'll back up let me back up let me1515.24.66
back up1518.124.74
um there jump1519.864.74
I can't jump and hold the shield yeah1522.864.62
don't Crouch oh there it goes all three1524.65.76
you know what neebs don't Crouch I'm not1527.484.559
crouching yeah it looks like you are1530.363.36
yeah he's not doing it first it's like1532.0393.14
the character's doing it1533.724.079
here I was standing up yeah I'm just1535.1794.061
curious yeah you're right yeah you're1537.7992.941
right how do we get that tear right1539.243.24
above us1540.744.26
oh wait it's from this it's from this1542.483.96
room oh wait1545.03.659
there's there's goo right right directly1546.444.2
above me Simon can you shoot it at me1548.6595.341
shoot the light at me Simon I will try1550.645.519
I will try1554.05.4
there it goes yes yes1556.1594.581
look at that love it1560.746.46
oh for Tears okay this is a stay there1564.27.14
yep you got it again I don't know where1567.26.479
I'm going where am I going oh we gotta1571.344.62
do you here you ready1573.6794.261
nope me do you1575.964.39
there you go1577.944.14
you're going that's fun okay yeah this1582.086.42
is Trine four yeah yeah like we gotta do1584.7796.9
the one through four already yeah we got1588.54.62
a lot of uh catching up we don't know1591.6794.74
the backstory all right Shield works as1593.125.7
a platform okay so if you hold that I1596.4195.961
can stand on that ah1598.827.16
it's just so great1602.383.6
now how do you get up bring that box1606.265.58
down here oh I got it1608.367.199
can I catch it oh boy oh no but that's1611.845.4
okay look look get out of the way yep1615.5594.201
there you go move that there we ought to1617.244.14
be able to jump on that and get it all1619.764.76
out thank you1621.383.14
this is my shield1624.5593.901
projectiles can be blocked off with the1625.95.68
shield okay so you said it was uh so can1628.466.0
you aim it at the uh1631.584.18
it's over here1634.466.06
does it hurt you if I hit you with the1640.522.7
do me a favor oh wow1644.96.3
hey it's the Bellagio1647.7997.181
oh that's fun uh what a uh I can't do1651.25.82
anything in the middle1654.985.04
you're the monkey nice oh that's1657.028.519
beautiful all right should we [ __ ] okay1660.025.519
hey come over here I just want to make1666.443.78
sure there was nothing over here okay oh1667.945.339
see it's my gamer Instinct man yep I1670.224.86
just die nope you just fell just fell1673.2794.821
down a hole you can climb1675.083.02
moving on1680.242.66
okay so we gotta break oh wow so we1684.085.459
gotta jump in together and do front back1687.984.98
so yeah hold on back again oh whoa all1689.5394.801
right you hit that stuff right above1692.964.62
gotcha damn okay okay we're gonna go in1694.344.92
the same time who's doing front who's1697.583.599
doing back I'll do back okay Audi front1699.264.14
you ready Simon uh well I don't know1701.1793.781
what I'm doing just try to be in the1703.42.639
middle of us1704.963.959
yeah hey you know what you try to be in1706.0394.441
the middle I'll do the back you'll do1708.9193.901
back yeah and who's doing front I'm I'm1710.484.38
watching I'm gonna watch this okay you1712.824.14
ready all right yeah you're gonna run it1714.864.98
right behind me I'm staying the face the1716.964.56
same way that I'm doing right now okay1719.843.719
and I'm gonna try to guard the the left1721.526.539
side okay I'll time it ready yeah three1723.5596.301
one go1729.864.08
all right1732.7993.421
Now we move towards it to give App Store1733.944.14
room to sneak in the middle yep all1736.224.319
right push him forward push forward1738.085.04
okay all right go ahead and jump out and1740.5393.421
wait wait until we call it1743.965.28
and jump1746.6795.401
so now we gotta block left and up1752.086.459
all right I'll block up and then I got1755.846.02
left side right now okay yep1758.5395.041
what do I do you're free to come down1763.583.839
and explore just go in the middle of you1765.383.419
guys right here we knocked that out1767.4193.901
there you go1768.7996.38
oh Poppy's barking yeah1771.323.859
okay there's a cat outside1776.146.519
I know she hates cats oh she loves cats1778.7795.921
proudly but she just wants to play with1782.6596.061
it okay Simon go okay hold on just [ __ ]1784.75.699
jump on the bridge1788.724.15
all right neebs yep go going1790.3994.321
hold on wait for me oh my God oh my God1794.724.62
I can't see myself okay ready no you're1796.763.96
all right we're clear1802.884.56
this game's awesome I love it yeah it's1804.465.319
very cool I'm glad I'm glad I was able1807.444.7
to be here for this oh [ __ ] all right1809.7796.561
ooh look at the boss what is this1812.144.2
trying to sit here walking let's go see1819.53.899
if she can eat that cat take her for a1821.5394.52
walk oh1823.3992.66
you know what oh [ __ ]1827.1796.901
is going on it's a fight okay1830.5397.321
[ __ ] oh I hate him like that1834.085.699
oh we gotta kill it with light1837.863.96
oh we have to kill it with light all1839.7792.88
oh he hit me [ __ ]1842.6596.061
okay and I could guard the [ __ ] with1846.225.8
okay uh you see the light up yes I do we1848.725.22
gotta when he shoots that green [ __ ] at1852.026.019
us we gotta reflect it up top I bet okay1853.946.78
oh he's really wearing The Shield's not1858.0395.321
oh up top1860.725.54
yes there it goes1863.362.9
we burned him I hit him hit him hit him1867.025.22
hit him Simon oh [ __ ]1869.1794.86
I don't know where I am okay we gotta do1872.246.559
the light again huh oh ow I took a hit1874.0394.76
okay I can't I can't get hit again1879.024.74
all right hold on can we bounce it oh1881.7794.581
it's all right we gotta uh you see those1888.9194.201
Vines up there right above us yep when1891.024.259
he throws green [ __ ] at us so not the1893.124.86
sword Dodge the sword we gotta bounce1895.2794.741
that up to those Vines oh boy that did1897.983.6
not work we need him on the other side1900.023.779
of us oh I'm out of here1901.583.9
yeah get over here yeah get out of here1903.7994.98
reflect to the vines oh wait no jump1905.486.36
that oh [ __ ] okay oh God now my Shield's1908.7794.26
oh that's the that's the green stuff1913.0393.86
we need to do that on the other side sir1917.1794.321
all right hit us come out1921.53.86
there we go yeah all right oh no1925.469.06
there we go yeah yeah oh he's down let's1930.747.319
go over here yeah that's it nice1934.526.5
good job boys1938.0592.961
way to go Pontius look how fat this1941.6593.861
Knight is1943.823.9
absurdly big and that the metal is1945.525.5
formed around that belly1947.725.4
like yeah the blacksmith had to go all1953.123.62
you're fat yeah1956.745.38
I need you to and the blacksmith did a1959.64.819
really good job1962.124.56
of trying1964.4193.401
unfortunate case of a missing Prince but1967.825.64
we trust with your extraordinary skills1971.126.2
you'll find him swiftly1973.463.86
Prince Alias has some talent for magic1987.0396.281
but some time ago he was involved in an1989.9196.041
accident using his powers uh-oh he1993.325.3
pooped his pants1995.962.66
be treated firmly but gently firmly but2001.367.799
gently our last hero was Zoya like2005.626.24
Amadeus and Pontius oh she was also2009.1595.221
enchanted with the mystical powers of2011.864.74
trying what was her name fate and2014.384.919
Fortune had brought her to a city this2016.66.179
is going to be a serious potentially2019.2994.98
I'm kind of interested as the quest was2024.2794.081
about to begin2027.13.54
Simon I love that you're liking this2028.365.46
doing things becoming to her secretive2030.644.32
perhaps not all of those things2034.966.839
appropriate for a Hero2038.5196.061
so this is a classic you know2041.7995.461
masquerations and Dragons fantasy world2044.584.66
your wizard your knight this is probably2047.263.78
your Rogue2049.244.32
is a Rogan Archer2051.046.559
yeah she has a bow her name is Zoya2053.564.039
I don't either okay2062.8595.04
but I know like your classic fantasy2065.8594.461
so I really want it to let us choose2073.3593.841
these characters there's so many2076.062.52
paintings surely it's going to get there2077.24.26
yeah I got it better all right I'm still2078.585.46
the kind of the yellow name [ __ ] there's2081.466.78
aim it's not so bad same right aim and2084.045.7
then right trigger and then you let it2088.243.06
go right you don't even actually you2089.742.639
don't even need to use the trigger if2091.32.879
you just use a joystick2092.3794.141
oh you just let it go even let it go2094.1794.021
that's pretty cool yeah I like that a2096.523.48
lot yeah I could I can get into this2098.23.899
with a controller the fact that I don't2100.03.359
mind aiming2102.0994.081
all right yeah and even the trigger's2103.3594.021
nice too2106.182.88
they're both good but yeah I like2107.382.94
letting go2109.062.82
yeah Letting Go feels good Letting Go2110.324.32
feels good all right oh2111.885.1
we're very agile look at that yeah yeah2114.644.979
we can do a lot of bouncing off yeah2116.985.52
little speedrunner love2119.6194.621
I love what I'm feeling like2122.54.68
speedrunners meaning the jump the same2124.245.359
it says X oh2129.883.46
oh that's cool that is cool so if you2134.925.4
have to shoot the action no no you just2138.524.26
have to just hit X and hit X2140.325.0
great well he acts like you could be2145.6196.041
standing still and hit X oh boy2147.946.72
yep so I should be able to hit X there2158.984.74
you go uh can you swing like this2161.25.159
that's awesome okay and I can shoot you2163.724.92
also like a little short little shorty2166.3596.26
or a way down yeah2168.643.979
look at us on the roofs of the city I2173.5796.52
like this is beautiful man when when did2177.0994.26
this come out2180.0992.461
Neves when were you playing this uh2182.564.26
years ago I just bought it and I didn't2184.964.2
I just I'm dying what the [ __ ] am I2186.824.44
dying no I remember playing I think I2189.163.3
played someone else's might have been2191.264.56
Anthony's and then I wanted to get the I2192.464.86
want to get one I don't know where I am2195.823.66
uh you're off screen I'll come back to2197.324.98
you oh except for Neves he's got to go2199.484.639
with us okay2202.34.44
oh coming back oh now you're back this2204.1193.941
oh good thank God because I don't like2208.064.5
jumping and hitting X for some reason2210.524.079
okay it's not making me happy are you2212.564.86
down there uh yeah so I gotta hit X and2214.5995.52
then hit up okay boom2217.425.06
up on the d-pad2220.1194.22
okay I didn't know and then just go like2224.3394.0
that there you go yeah thank you we're2226.3593.561
getting it2228.3394.201
hmm X2229.924.78
oh yeah that's right oh so nobody's2232.544.559
trying to do how do you pull back the2234.75.34
arrow to aim again is it2237.0994.621
it's um2240.043.96
because I can't seem to do that2241.724.04
it was2244.04.619
oh maybe it just doesn't do it here oh2245.765.26
wait I selected okay yeah just right2248.6194.561
trigger just hold down the right trigger2251.023.92
oh that's it2253.184.74
all right so I'm gonna do the Bell Ding2254.944.36
Dong The Bell2257.922.82
how did you guys get this to go down did2260.747.04
you just break my my rope2263.983.8
I did but oh I did it I did it right2268.544.5
here oh wow yeah you can do that that's2270.5794.141
how I got that to go down because you2273.043.48
were hanging all right stay there2274.724.92
no not that one damn it2276.525.52
yeah yep there it is all right if I'm2279.644.62
here ah you're tripped2282.044.92
are you trapped get that tear oh the2284.265.54
tier yep2286.962.84
all right2290.824.12
hold on stay still I want to see so I2292.544.079
can cut your rope with my arrow can I2294.944.44
seems like it do it yeah okay that's the2296.6193.96
now do we need this lever up here I2300.5793.241
already hit that level up there so just2302.443.84
go down yes let's go down all right come2303.824.56
on let's do it all right2306.285.76
should probably clarify I'm look I'm2308.385.88
this lady yeah your name is always blue2312.044.86
yeah player one is always pink it2314.264.38
happens to be pink yeah it's your2316.94.679
natural colors I'm yellow which is2318.645.959
if you have blue it's green2321.5793.02
aim and press Arrows with that one yes I2325.36.36
bet we can cut that rope2329.446.08
ah good car yeah2331.663.86
oh yeah rope indeed2336.823.9
yeah uh surely it's gonna let us pick2343.1195.521
who we want to be yeah no at some point2346.3593.661
that's that's gotta be where this is2348.643.66
building two one can be a knight a2350.026.3
wizard yeah balloons2352.34.02
what type of Engagement2366.466.119
oh yeah all right cool there you go2368.985.42
just keep pulling2372.5794.381
nope we go up2374.45.26
nope there's tears down here look at2376.964.82
these tears2379.665.699
sad sad [ __ ] yes now you want to go up2381.785.98
okay but there's also one down okay yeah2385.3594.321
but I guess I'm gonna get to it okay2387.764.2
well then here pull that yeah there we2389.686.679
go oh hold on yep sorry oh2391.964.399
tight roping baby I can walk on your2396.47.26
ropes we can do a jump rope wow that's2399.166.08
we did that hey I got one too oh yeah2405.246.7
oh look at that2409.6195.321
all right this one's great some actual2415.33.9
thought was put in this game okay I see2417.224.26
what you do yeah pull that neebs2419.26.09
and then I go this way me too me too2421.485.28
run over come on over we'll hold it over2426.764.26
here you go over there you shoot yep we2429.045.22
got this oh perfect go go are you2431.024.8
playing this single player it seems like2434.263.96
it's designed to make you work together2435.824.62
that's a good question all right let's2438.224.619
see oh pull it this pull this this way2440.446.12
get that tear Simon I'm sorry uh2442.8395.481
yeah thank you everybody2446.566.62
okay and then let's get out of there2448.324.86
nope not that one2454.424.02
said it says all right everyone's all2458.446.3
right yeah you couldn't do that all2461.564.92
right I'll let you figure out maybe okay2464.744.32
I'm up here oops sorry2466.485.22
and then we want to go2469.064.68
highlight rope targets switch between oh2471.73.78
wait what if we do this perfect I come2473.744.82
over here and2475.483.08
yeah that seems like it's a good thing2482.8593.061
does that do something maybe pull that2484.663.24
back out2485.923.6
when you let go of that where's it gonna2487.93.84
go is it gonna snap back well this was2489.523.66
stopping you from getting to the lever2491.742.82
so if I pull this out of the way maybe2493.182.76
you can pull the cart to the left jump2494.563.539
on the cart get up to the lever2495.944.02
no with the X I don't even see the lever2498.0994.201
but now jump on top of that cart okay2499.964.379
I'll jump on top of it okay that was on2502.34.08
top oh sorry hold on give me a second2504.3394.441
all right oh that should be an easy jump2506.382.95
oh boom that's gonna hold it right2515.285.74
uh yeah yeah leaves you jump on this2518.54.94
oh I go oh crap2523.544.579
I know I know I hit it bad twice now2528.246.4
wait can I oh yeah look at that2531.75.28
oh you attached it to that thing yeah2534.644.4
oh I just hit that there you go baby oh2545.026.62
I did it again2548.8592.781
anything back here let's take a look the2551.983.66
gamer brain says we got to go back here2553.965.28
might be something oh who shoot those2555.647.439
yeah oh another step there's one green2559.247.619
two green and three green bam look at2563.0795.661
chickens is that a teddy bear drowning2568.747.119
get a damn aquarium back there yeah2573.0994.441
can you get in there2575.8594.621
the ladder it's a dunk tank2577.544.559
oh I don't know that's where all the2580.483.22
stuff dumped out2582.0993.0
nothing there huh okay let's get out of2585.0992.641
what is next area2589.3196.401
there that's wisteria I love Wisteria it2592.484.619
doesn't last long enough2595.724.619
all right ropes also work as Bridges2597.0998.601
yep so someone go here and then right2600.3399.0
and I will pull this2605.75.68
there it is oh and then I can attach it2609.3393.24
doing that boom got it2612.5792.941
there we go2615.523.5
see a lever up there you see a tear over2619.025.079
here I'm gonna pull this this way why2622.242.82
don't you guys go ahead and get that2624.0993.0
go okay2627.0994.74
if we can do that we could do a little2629.684.8
bridgey thing2631.8394.561
I cannot I probably can't jump to there2634.484.68
but if we do a bridge roll it back2636.44.98
roll it back all right pull it back okay2639.164.14
as far as it goes2641.384.56
uh as far as I could hold I thought I2643.33.96
was attached to this I think I'm2645.944.139
attached to that thing yeah me too2647.264.92
what if2652.182.84
so how do I undo this one I'm trying to2655.34.319
do up there2657.883.78
is there a way to undo this rope um hit2659.6195.161
B I think on those on your ropes I want2661.664.919
to undo2664.785.819
that one right can we yeah oh wait2666.5795.28
that's right2670.5993.0
all right so now I'm not touching it I'm2673.5995.461
gonna let you do your plan Okay so2676.545.88
oh oh sorry is that it's supposed to be2679.064.559
holding on2682.424.14
can you climb up oh yeah I can now you2683.6195.041
can jump yeah2686.565.7
pull the lever ah very nice oh we left2688.665.04
neebs though you did leave me give out2692.262.52
hmm how do I get up there uh all right2695.84.74
let go of your rope let's let's get rid2698.6194.141
of that okay and then maybe pull that up2700.542.94
okay and then2703.485.58
I can just go for this thing gotcha uh2706.5994.561
Boop boop boop boop2709.065.039
oh that's it oh yep but now now he's2711.165.88
okay see what I'm doing so that's one2714.0994.861
thing that they should do in these games2717.044.38
is white out you know widen out far2718.965.899
enough we gotta do it together2721.423.439
far enough2727.385.62
can we not do it from this far2729.886.12
you can okay can you not tether okay2733.04.74
good there we go2736.04.28
there we go2744.03.3
look at us we're assassins oh [ __ ] I2747.546.16
don't see a thing that I actually don't2751.8393.661
want to there's one two three check it2753.72.58
there it is yeah you got it okay2756.283.74
there it is you got it all right oh baby2760.727.74
we're on the Chain uh Arrow or just oh2765.045.88
yeah you drop down just push down either2768.465.34
push down or hit B one or the other okay2770.924.8
bats there's cats in the background look2773.85.22
at that yeah Poppy2775.723.3
hobby where's Poppy2780.3395.121
she's like what are we going home2785.463.84
okay I pull this up you broke my thing2790.067.92
okay oh wow you can actually shoot while2794.446.72
you're hanging oh there you go2797.986.839
I keep pulled that oops sorry you lost I2801.166.0
wasn't trying to shoot you I'll try to2804.8194.681
shoot the Bell2807.164.439
can we go now2809.54.079
um well I don't know oh we didn't do2811.5993.24
this though we didn't do what we're2813.5793.661
supposed to go in there did we okay I2814.8395.28
don't know I guess we did I mean we why2817.244.14
are they letting us through I hung on2820.1192.7
the thing you shut the Bell who's this2821.382.28
oh a pleasure oh hey in exchange for the2823.666.84
stolen painting Sawyer received a purse2827.3195.361
full of gold oh2830.56.56
all right nope first of all the gold huh2832.688.22
oh I just about walked off2837.068.039
and I did oh oh2840.97.0
okay good just keep going2845.0993.961
may as well be yep2849.066.9
nope got hit ax2852.766.54
hit it as soon as you spawn back in2855.964.48
oh you landed up there2860.442.96
can I jump now let me jump and like face2865.685.08
it maybe the moment2868.36.559
I still can't do it huh damn it2870.764.099
so I'm jumping and hitting X while2874.94.679
facing you would fall down and just hit2877.724.619
X yeah2879.5796.181
there you go I just swear I did that on2882.3395.901
over and then jump and hit addicts again2885.765.099
oh you did it now yeah okay good there2888.243.64
you go2890.8592.941
and we can jump hit execute you can2891.883.18
actually just tap X while you're2893.82.519
swinging it's like right now there you2895.064.559
go you don't really need to jump okay2896.3195.52
even better but now come up be where I2899.6193.551
am what2901.8393.121
cam Out Boys2906.3395.721
that's okay I'm gonna die there you go2912.065.68
perfect it's gonna happen the fact that2916.063.72
I'm still here is amazing you're doing2917.744.28
um uh yes a little bridge to do this up2922.785.72
okay do it again2930.463.26
all right here we go and then I'll pull2934.565.799
this this way okay all right get that2937.666.33
lever salmon uh yeah2940.3595.101
all right and now we can all go2945.463.5
oh what's that dude2952.724.56
I'm just making my rope2957.284.92
how long does that rope go huh2959.3195.221
I don't know is it we'll never know2962.24.379
because someone won't let me do it2964.544.799
all right that's not shooting it2966.5796.321
I was shooting it2969.3393.561
that was me yeah I was being how long2973.485.4
does the Rope go yeah I gotta take a2975.883.959
yep all right leak break for Simon2979.8396.0
yeah I gotta I gotta use the restroom2983.443.74
ah well I don't it's okay so2987.187.12
hmm what can I get into I gave this rope2991.3596.141
then jump over here2994.37.68
uh well you uh X shoots a thing2997.57.24
oh that was Tech yeah hello3001.984.68
where are we going what's the goal right3004.742.7
um oh you want to continue forward oh3007.443.54
yeah you just moved forward then oh I3009.422.699
forget then3010.982.76
you can play for me whenever the3012.1193.541
restrooms oh good I can't wait to learn3013.743.9
all the characters your bathroom girl oh3015.664.199
hey cool you walked into the cutscene I3017.644.38
did it the same Simon's gonna miss it it3019.8594.521
usually internalizes3022.024.62
she's cute3024.386.18
oh that's weird3026.643.92
she's sassy though3034.5795.28
no nothing isn't you can give it some3037.564.68
I'll go buy some food like the rest of3039.8593.161
she did it all didn't she she's all in3043.023.54
there's no one's around to see this new3044.882.939
that's a low for her she's used to being3047.8195.061
the bad girl3050.222.66
someone saw it I wish my mail got3053.3596.061
delivered like that3056.642.78
especially when you get big packages3062.943.6
from Amazon yeah3064.3195.78
you just busts through your front door3066.543.559
he's out there alone the prince is in3070.747.5
certain danger of Shadows sure3073.3194.921
how dare was that a nightmare3079.3397.181
oh whoa that is a crazy looking damn dog3083.1196.101
Man memes and salmon are both out3086.525.4
they're missing a dog3089.224.74
Simon you missed this crazy damn dog3091.924.82
poppy look3093.962.78
oh and Hogwarts is on fire [ __ ] this3096.96.0
yes visit us in the astral Academy3101.224.879
you're an arsonist Harry3102.93.199
Potter Mr Wizard is what are we now oh3111.5995.101
wait I saw three of them3114.5995.581
come on wait yeah3116.74.859
what's happening we're skipping3120.183.54
narration because I don't give a [ __ ]3121.5594.621
what was in that letter3123.723.2
I don't know3126.184.8
hey it's Pontius here we go3130.985.66
are they all together3133.945.44
I don't want to be there oh I'm Pontius3136.645.5
so let's switch yes switch controllers3139.384.679
all right yeah which one are that's that3142.143.84
was that's you is this a wizard I don't3144.0593.841
yeah that's the wizard oh thank God all3145.983.9
right all right so here let me be you3147.93.84
should be the I should be the fat guy3149.884.16
yeah and I'm the Archer there you go3154.044.539
that'll be good yeah cause hold on wait3158.5794.5
am I the Archer I'm not the Archer nope3160.53.9
we didn't have to trade controllers3163.0793.54
there's a way to do that3164.44.199
okay because he just switched it but it3166.6194.681
doesn't matter you know let's just make3168.5994.621
it okay all right sweet yeah we'll make3171.35.22
this work wait I want to be I want to be3173.225.76
I'm Ponte I want to be the fat guy here3176.524.38
switch again thank you we're gonna do it3178.984.02
this way the old school way this is3180.93.959
we're flying with this okay I'm all3183.04.5
right all right you're the Archer neebs3184.8595.041
I'm the wizard who can suck the box so3187.54.559
in Simon you're the fat Knight all right3189.93.84
so the fat night what's the best thing3192.0593.601
for the fat night to do I'm just hitting3193.743.9
X right now what else remember your3195.662.939
oh accident in The Shield3198.5993.74
shines things yep so that's it for me X3202.388.16
and shield oh it's on oh yeah3207.186.679
look at that whole band together3210.543.319
makes everybody play as a certain3213.93.84
character it's like oh which one do you3216.244.02
like yeah and yes yeah exactly and you3217.744.98
get to see yeah and really understand3220.264.319
what the other person needs to do3222.724.139
because you've lived it at least so3224.5793.841
right neebs you're the only one that can3226.8594.591
acquire these yep so hopefully I can3228.426.39
Hey fatty why don't you stand on that3238.285.26
sin I'm sorry stand where I'm standing3241.026.0
oh do your jump thing jump a b okay3243.545.64
yeah there we go3247.026.18
good job tub hey there3249.186.96
oh let's see oh wait now hold on that's3253.24.36
you in it3256.143.479
depend upon this oh can you lift it with3259.6194.801
me you're on it I can't okay I can3262.23.84
probably make this jump though3264.423.3
yeah easy3266.045.36
can tubs make it though yeah3267.723.68
oh we know this oh yeah yeah yeah3272.0995.641
um oh yeah try it again okay3277.743.5
here we go oh tears I mean I3281.5796.78
can uh you can lower those and oh he3285.725.339
just climbed up didn't you yeah okay I3288.3594.081
made a big deal out of that over nothing3291.0593.721
it worked out all right good I'm so glad3292.444.02
I don't have to pick up those [ __ ]3294.783.74
things I hated them3296.464.5
oh they gotta get under there oh hey3298.524.72
this looks like something that uh oh3300.965.52
yeah I can pull this out yeah tears look3303.245.64
at me looks like it's worth something oh3306.485.46
I found celsius's coordinates now is3308.884.14
there something underneath your blocks3311.941.8
looks like there's something underneath3313.744.099
there perhaps3314.882.959
with your fascist of asses3322.8595.22
what's this I mean the damn look at this3325.165.74
they think that's smashable yeah it's a3328.0794.801
bunch of damn little ass dude George3330.94.26
yeah all right3332.886.92
now tubby climb climb these boxes3335.164.64
here we go oh3340.5794.301
create a bridge bridge baby yep I can3345.1194.2
create a bridge wait I hit X I guess oh3347.163.84
yeah because I don't all right hold up3349.3194.141
here we all attach to that [ __ ] no no oh3351.05.18
it's just that one dude you hit things3353.465.28
okay I just thought that we could all3356.184.54
grab on like you know with a rope get on3358.744.74
there fetty okay get up here and then3360.724.68
there you go swing across you Rogue3365.47.08
all right and hip up this is great yeah3368.647.14
this is fun can we this is wonderful let3372.485.94
me get that perhaps3375.785.039
not anymore no we can't it's gone3378.424.58
because it ruined it3380.8195.331
no hold up3383.05.859
we're going in oh no we're climbing3388.8593.96
we're going in we're climbing let's3390.8393.78
climb it first oh this might be a dead3392.8192.941
what in here nope nope ah we got locked3395.766.12
out oh wait no we didn't yeah there you3399.963.32
now we get it what are we trying to do I3403.285.5
don't know maybe3407.462.879
all right neebs get off that yeah stand3408.782.819
on the box3410.3393.121
and then like a quick jump and then a3411.5994.821
jump to hang there and then over here3413.465.82
yep wow that's a big tier let's get the3416.425.139
big tier let's see try to sum it a box3419.286.6
and break it and smack it here no you3421.5596.301
know what you have some nice3425.884.64
so jump on there okay up here like that3430.525.799
and then jump off the bar okay now oh3433.745.04
[ __ ] jump off of that you gotta do it3436.3195.24
quick as soon as you jump grab them3438.786.6
to where I am and then to the wall all3441.5596.28
right neebs get off the Box okay all3445.383.84
all right come fat night3449.225.28
quickly and start swinging right smack3452.04.059
the bars3454.54.859
smacks yes we did it good job yeah yeah3456.0595.821
all right now hold on let me3459.3594.141
do this3461.883.8
yep oh that'll work3463.55.94
hey we're adventurers look at us strange3465.684.49
like better than others oh yes3474.5596.181
thank you3478.3192.421
choose what does that do is that thing3482.285.039
black yeah aim it down oh yeah yes3483.966.02
that's it3487.3192.661
okay oh now to grab on to that thing3494.285.579
nope see that little swinging thing look3497.164.939
at this3499.8592.24
you gotta wait for it to spin in the3502.6194.321
right direction and then yeah you look3504.783.72
you jump on this what are you trying to3506.943.32
go that way for you're gonna get crafted3508.53.72
about getting this maybe an activity3510.264.24
what am I supposed to do kind of what I3512.224.079
um honestly I didn't pay attention okay3516.2994.161
check it out3517.982.48
oh yeah okay just jump over3529.044.5
there you go thank you3537.385.08
what I could have stopped up the whole3540.8393.0
day hey there's a rope there look at3542.463.48
that look what I've done I can connect3543.8394.141
your box to that cool hey do you see3545.943.72
that rope right above us man hey it's3547.984.44
cooler than just a quick cool3549.667.82
is it yep there I can hold it or3552.427.5
I can do that am I supposed to I could3557.485.079
follow you guys whenever all right look3559.924.86
can you climb that rope no I just use it3562.5593.841
as a bridge right no I can't climb the3564.784.079
Rope you can climb the road okay um all3566.44.14
right that rope you're gonna have to3568.8593.96
shoot that am I going over here I'm3570.546.799
following you yeah yep okay all right3572.8194.52
up here Simon take the bridge there you3578.045.819
go yes good stuff hit that box you3580.3196.3
monkey yes hold on hold on you can do3583.8595.7
the jump thing too yeah yeah yeah3586.6195.94
oh now what this is a mess down here3589.5595.581
okay now I can go away across take this3592.5595.821
easily yes very easily boom yeah look at3595.145.82
that yeah yeah yeah oh like it's a3598.384.14
cheeseburger that looks like a shield3600.965.04
thing either that or a box thing oh okay3602.525.099
I'm fine with that3606.04.38
I have you protected my friends3607.6195.821
thank you thank you very much but now I3610.384.679
might need protection3613.443.419
you know what wait I I don't need3615.0594.441
protection you looked it up again lift3616.8593.681
it up3619.52.72
I got the shield but okay yeah3622.224.379
all right I got this one nice oh the3629.224.98
light that came through this light look3631.384.739
at the light so you and I work together3634.25.899
let's look at the light3636.1193.98
well no actually Simon aim the light3642.984.599
towards this3645.784.799
all right I've been doing that or that3647.5794.381
oh yeah yeah you do that you're gonna do3650.5795.341
that yeah that's it baby3651.967.399
oh it's right behind me3655.927.82
we ain't messing around yo3659.3594.381
thank you3663.8593.24
all right hit3665.8195.121
hit the barrel yeah3667.0993.841
okay now oh there's a lot of moving3672.6196.821
Parts here sure be3677.044.38
I can't grab anything my Powers there's3679.444.619
a wizard of limited I'll summon a box3681.424.56
and then I'll place this box right here3684.0595.841
good call now Simon yeah I can um3685.986.96
holy geez whatever just happened there3689.94.659
that was nice that was pretty good you3692.943.06
know what's yeah leave that there neebs3694.5595.481
okay go here I go here3696.04.04
neebs you let go we'll figure out how to3701.463.48
get you up okay3703.264.38
and I think I know how come on you get3704.944.639
almost yep the most take them okay take3709.5796.161
them okay oh yeah3713.43.53
look at this team Buddha's a bird3722.466.3
that was a griffin of Gryffindor where's3725.8395.141
it hunting season for them I will attach3728.764.7
this bridge using my wizard power to3730.985.76
shyman's face thank you have it with3733.465.8
your face oh wait here we go it did he3736.744.379
attached to my face3739.264.44
yeah come on do it do it I see what3741.1195.0
you're doing3743.72.419
hold up3749.663.459
yeah but you see you're swinging too3751.5595.361
yeah you need to make that man okay3753.1193.801
yes now I gotta get back on top rich now3760.984.56
we have the tears of the Kingdom oh no3763.743.619
oh boy3765.544.98
what have you done I spawn right back in3767.3596.22
so let me grab that how do I get oh it's3770.525.339
so heavy I can't lift it it's so heavy3773.5795.04
where is my I can't let my rope out for3775.8594.021
some reason3778.6194.5
because you died perhaps if3779.885.52
can I help perfect okay now3785.46.439
I don't think that would work3789.56.04
uh there we go there you go oh boy and3791.8396.041
then now I'll lift this up stick this3795.544.079
over here3797.884.26
Coke wonderful3799.6195.841
ah nice3802.146.479
this is yeah this game's great oh leaps3805.466.359
I got it yep3808.6193.2
drink drink fatty3812.163.12
do one of these gate just closed with3818.187.06
the gear can I pull this over nope3821.8194.98
how about one of those3826.7992.961
any ideas3830.94.84
a box hold on let me get up here if I3832.984.859
stand on this what happens ah that gate3835.743.9
opens that opens so we need to get up3837.8394.321
there right bye3839.644.679
oh wait hmm3842.164.86
yeah like that I can do that there you3844.3194.8
go there you go yeah3847.025.52
man ready3849.1193.421
all right that's got you guys up there3853.5594.621
how do I get up there wait oh yeah3856.0794.081
abandoned me no I wasn't I was just3858.183.659
wondering if I did something on this3860.163.899
side I might have seen something uh3861.8393.181
there you go look what the game's3864.0592.76
telling us ropes can be attached to3865.024.44
concert boxes3866.8195.161
take your box and put it up here3869.464.139
but you could probably climb this rope3871.983.5
without doing what they're exactly3873.5995.121
that's it3875.483.24
oh my balance is whoa3880.168.8
whoa Wowzer come on goofball let's do3883.8197.181
this oh spikes3888.964.98
I hate spikes chop that3891.05.119
chop it3893.946.919
sorry I didn't even see the spikes3896.1194.74
what is all this Shield's up Shields up3902.246.42
whoa whoa whoa whoa fight it3905.523.14
can I yep that was good nice smoke3909.485.9
smokey all wrong3918.5995.22
there's Magic's at work3920.765.4
let's see all right hey leaves check3923.8194.441
this out okay this is where you and I3926.164.8
work together all right so attached3928.266.66
there you go and and then oh nope I want3930.966.659
to do the box and then yeah that's it3934.925.179
drop a damn box on your head I'm gonna3945.5595.381
get that boobies3949.0794.381
oh no I didn't get it damn it didn't get3950.944.379
the boopies oh wow3953.464.56
okay let's get in here and get this done3955.3194.561
all right he got it I'll please we're3958.024.099
but break those wooden boxes okay3963.96.78
nice shatter him shatter them with all3967.7995.401
your might uh what can I break that3970.685.22
thing just by myself I could do like3973.25.52
this and would it would it wrap it up3975.94.62
we'll never know3978.724.139
jumping here do a little a b right here3980.525.4
trying to hit break this thing3982.8595.641
no that that one doesn't break3985.924.199
AP right here3988.54.26
come to me you want to do what a and3990.1195.341
then B okay right there3992.763.96
right here3995.463.359
I don't know how to say it right here A3996.727.7
A and B yeah that oh okay yeah yeah3998.8195.601
let's see there's nothing oh there was4004.464.56
something back here4006.384.56
all right so neebs looks like you could4009.025.22
grab these with your Rogue ability oh4010.945.58
can you attach oh let me move this one4014.245.099
attach that to one of the wheels yeah4016.526.5
that's it exactly4019.3393.681
oh I messed up hold up4024.7996.181
usually that works go for it4027.6195.24
oh no it doesn't yeah4030.983.839
it could have been a little higher but4032.8593.641
sure I'll just do the whole way it4034.8193.901
worked out you did great I think this4036.54.799
has been really nice oh it has a thing4038.724.7
right right back at you4043.525.7
can you chop that Simon can you hit this4046.524.86
door with all your might4049.226.26
uh the door behind me this one smack it4051.388.179
nope that doesn't work does it4055.484.079
I keep on going Papa I'll make you proud4059.5995.281
all right so Neves you can climb up that4062.243.599
then what did we miss anything at the4067.165.699
bottom Maybe4070.286.9
finally a puzzle worthy of our vast4072.8598.541
knowledge we could test our intellect4077.186.78
hmm all right4081.44.679
can you bust it with it4086.245.16
try to bust it with a log busting does4088.945.159
make me feel good4091.44.879
and seem to bust it with a log4094.0995.461
you can't bust the bottom part either oh4096.2795.08
there's a rope4099.563.36
where's the Rope there's a there's a4101.3593.661
rope inside that grate that I'm looking4102.924.319
at right above us okay you see that rope4105.026.54
nope you know the Rope Rope in the oh up4107.2397.261
there up there yes a yellow shiny rope4111.566.6
okay can you hang from that and shoot4114.56.179
yeah that's it that's gonna trap the4118.164.699
nice that was a very good I'm a cute eye4124.45.76
my friend yes all right now we gotta be4127.2794.101
on the ball4130.165.099
one two three everybody on the ball oh4131.387.14
[ __ ] oh [ __ ]4135.2593.261
I shouldn't send the ball back okay wait4140.8396.241
I got it yeah thank you get off the ball4142.946.48
all right Simon yeah your turn on the4147.084.199
ball okay thank you4149.423.56
oh move move you come this way I am I'm4152.987.359
gonna let it go you take too long ago I4157.584.159
don't care4160.3393.621
you'll be patient4161.7395.04
be patient4163.967.259
not I gotta bring the ball back to me go4166.7797.121
okay you come you come you can come fast4171.2194.96
I come fast I come real fast I come real4173.94.08
fast in your mouth4176.1794.801
what do you want me to do this maybe and4184.945.7
no there it is all right do it okay okay4187.6995.1
okay okay4190.643.84
and then4192.7994.021
come factory4194.484.44
okay buddy4196.824.2
yeah I love the teamwork in this game4201.024.38
this is great4203.2395.901
all right try I see you4205.43.74
hmm all right4217.824.8
you want me to stop oh yeah let me do4220.364.6
that yeah yeah yeah I got it all right4222.625.76
it was just that one right yeah okay4224.966.719
all right so Simon you think you could4228.386.12
stand up there and then aim4231.6794.321
no nothing you want me to break this4234.53.179
thing though if you want yeah go ahead4236.03.12
and break it stand like right here okay4237.6794.281
Stan where neebs is standing yeah Shield4239.125.46
at that little thing of a gigger yeah4241.964.48
right there4244.584.34
and push it4246.442.48
there it is all right and then I can4254.427.04
jump up there you got it okay4256.884.58
but y'all are something else we are4270.265.36
something else don't you forget it4271.943.68
I don't like uh I don't know you can't4276.324.56
see you got to get where you can see I4278.843.0
all right you can hold on a second4281.844.44
what's the uh how are you guys doing4283.645.46
this very simple task uh jump you could4286.284.56
well you could jump here and then there4289.14.68
over there then when I go there you go4290.846.42
finally finally finally all right now4293.786.18
box up there here4297.267.16
yes look at that bam bam bam4299.966.239
Wizards hope we find the prince4304.423.7
somewhere on this here4306.1994.591
I wonder what brings him oh please4308.125.749
hey that worked out4314.383.72
all right oh boy oh I'm not good in the4326.785.399
fight all right I'm fighting right now4330.53.8
hard come on4332.1797.04
yeah there's our Knight shining bat4334.34.919
I love it it's just one button4340.1797.301
ah look at this so now look at this I4344.7194.621
have a bridge here all right well think4347.483.66
of a gigger yeah4349.345.46
so how could this benefit us4351.147.5
oh can you can you lift me once once you4354.88.54
grab it uh you can't do it false yeah4358.644.7
looks like you're moving a little bit a4364.943.06
little bit without much it's really4366.623.599
heavy you're heavy okay gotcha so hold4368.04.98
if I stand here can we do that nope has4370.2195.041
that lever been activated already oh hey4372.984.199
there's a thing back here guys4375.263.41
oh yeah oh boy is that gonna hurt us we4383.56.219
gotta go under it hold on maybe I can4388.284.62
block it nope4389.7194.801
just gotta run under it real quick stuck4392.93.12
up here4394.524.44
all right yep yep nope and then block it4396.024.38
yep yeah he's gonna block it right there4398.963.92
perfectly very nice very nice very nice4400.45.16
then we leave4402.884.72
never figure this out we gotta go higher4405.563.48
looks like4407.62.46
what is it I have to jump okay yeah4410.066.78
okay so I can do this and then again I4413.426.12
need to make a a bridge maybe for y'all4416.845.22
and perhaps4419.544.82
ah here we go check ourselves4425.063.8
I'm checking it out yep bridge look from4431.6593.781
to one of those okay and then it'll4435.446.12
create a bridge yes4438.385.16
nope yeah yeah you're on the right track4443.544.02
you just gotta I forget how to connect4445.463.42
this apart4447.563.84
that's what I gotta do nope this one4448.884.859
this one4453.7395.901
here we go and now oh no it is4455.084.56
yep Simon what what are you doing4460.44.88
uh you guys were doing your own thing I4465.55.219
didn't I didn't I feel like you guys get4468.564.26
ready you're ready to jump where where4470.7193.361
are my jump he's making a rope Bridge4472.822.7
you're on the Rope yeah now run to the4474.083.24
right run to the right go to the right4475.524.26
and jump jump ass okay there it is there4477.326.98
it is there oh Simon ready your Shield4479.788.58
all right frigid leaves ready your arrow4484.36.52
my arrow is ready use your arrow to drop4488.367.4
the ball shoot the Box in a second4490.824.94
shoot the part of the box with your4498.023.13
um am I blocking the light with me I4503.33.12
don't know where I'm supposed to shoot4504.85.49
shoot it you're saying against the Box4506.426.319
stay right there Simon4512.7394.361
and where is the thing that we're trying4515.33.419
to shoot I don't even see it from the4517.13.3
left you see it inside the gray to the4518.7195.841
top whatever that monkey4520.46.92
I hear you Simon4527.326.399
um okay4530.6593.06
oh maybe Simon was here around there4534.925.46
back up a little bit it's never here now4536.7195.94
maybe a little forward4540.385.299
before a little bits forward4542.6595.341
I'm thinking that you need to move your4545.6794.241
Bria I think you you needed to be the4548.03.78
one that's really focusing and then I4549.925.48
could fine tune to that yeah4551.783.62
let's do4558.644.96
I got an idea what what uh Simon's up4560.485.16
here and the box is down here and he can4563.65.16
you're gonna angle that do it you go up4565.645.94
there you may you come up here okay and4568.764.56
he'll get the light to you and then you4571.584.52
do it okay4573.322.78
that might be easier yeah yeah good call4576.326.66
me yeah thanks why you're the road all4579.325.52
right I think we can move forward4582.984.03
leaves out4584.843.839
let's go oh magical should I break4588.6794.5
things yeah it needs a break4590.7194.46
there it goes4593.1795.821
we got this block that4595.1796.52
go forth my friends4599.05.159
nope okay4601.6994.821
reaction yeah let's see4606.864.52
oh I took a hit I took it this is great4611.545.159
it's a small hit small hit4614.064.8
do the tears give your health back man I4616.6993.361
don't know we haven't know what to do4618.864.94
with the tears all this time no I'm4620.063.74
all your Health's already back yeah4624.824.26
might be able to get that there's that4632.125.88
so we gotta get up top huh4634.6596.461
uh seems that way let's find grab that4638.06.3
you can stabilize that that way4641.126.78
okay yeah so I can get up there4644.35.52
easy peasy4647.95.54
yeah yeah look at that4649.823.62
what is it just jump into the right4657.084.079
all at once4659.34.2
so yeah hook you here and then if you4661.1597.161
hold right boink there it is4663.54.82
okay is that a oh go get him Simon this4670.645.96
is when you shine4673.822.78
I'll block that thing4679.464.14
the bird's good huh I guess so here's a4683.64.619
baby bird oh4686.1793.841
she's gonna oh you're a creepy looking4688.2193.621
I want to see ears on a bird4693.384.5
that's a griggle4697.887.52
oh where are we going to Frodo town4700.644.76
what's the story is anybody internalize4709.44.16
what the hell's going on4711.55.64
even close yeah things are happening but4713.565.38
it's fun we're trying to catch a prince4717.145.78
I think is that what's called Tron4718.943.98

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