Valheim - Hiring a MERCENARY!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest Valheim video, you're in for a treat. In this episode, App...
Valheim - Hiring a MERCENARY!
Valheim - Hiring a MERCENARY!

Valheim - Hiring a MERCENARY!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that Valheim video where we hire a MERCENARY? It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that's my favorite video! I mean, who wouldn't want a mercenary in Valheim to do all the dirty work, right?

neebs: Exactly! I could use a mercenary in real life too, you know, to deal with all the chores and stuff.

appsro: Ha, I bet that mercenary would be busy with all the Cribs episodes we'd have to film in our houses!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest Valheim video, you're in for a treat. In this episode, Appsro is on a mission to build a trading post, while Thick takes on the role of host for a hilarious Cribs-style segment. And to top it all off, the boys are gearing up to face their first boss in the game - Eikthyr!

The Valheim playlist is always a go-to for me when I need a good laugh and some epic gaming adventures. If you're not already subscribed, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join in on the fun. Plus, don't forget to check out the Neebs Gaming Coffee - perfect for those long gaming sessions.

I love how the Neebs Gaming team always brings their A-game to each episode. From the hilarious banter to the epic boss battles, there's never a dull moment. And with the timestamps provided, you can easily jump to your favorite parts of the video or rewatch your favorite moments.

The music in this episode is also top-notch, setting the perfect tone for the epic quests and battles ahead. And let's not forget the outro that always leaves me eagerly waiting for the next episode. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic Valheim adventure with the Neebs Gaming crew.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, I am blown away by the incredible gameplay and cinematic storytelling in Neebs Gaming's Valheim series! As soon as the intro hits with its sweeping shots of dramatic Viking landscapes, you know you're in for an epic adventure.

The way the guys roleplay their characters and banter back and forth makes you feel like you're right there with them, whether it's Appsro wisely leading the clan or Thick comically stumbling into scrapes. When they face their first boss, the dramatic music swells and you feel the power of this ancient Norse world.

Seeing them develop their village and take on bigger challenges bit by bit is so rewarding. You get invested in their struggles and victories. The top-notch editing and sound design during the action scenes also pulls you right into the battles.

I love how Neebs Gaming takes you on an immersive cinematic journey in Valheim. Their skits and antics reveal new sides of the game while still showcasing the best gameplay moments. You get the full scope of this rich Viking survival game without having to grind it all out yourself.

Whether you're a newcomer to Valheim or a veteran, the Neebs crew finds ways to surprise you and pull you deeper into the world. Their infectious passion for the game leaps off the screen. If you want to experience the magic of Valheim through creative storytelling and comedy, Neebs Gaming is by far the best way to go!

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through my spear out there abstro2.243.36
ah i mean like i don't know if my6.163.2
stamina can do it is it best to not7.443.92
sprint is it best to not sprint if9.364.0
you're swimming should i jump first into11.362.56
the water13.361.76
yeah you know what you probably want to13.922.8
build a diving platform and then jump15.122.72
into the water16.723.04
diving platform what yeah you know use17.843.439
your momentum how deep is it i don't i19.762.56
don't see your spear i don't see what21.2792.321
you're talking about i see it let's see22.322.08
all right okay so23.63.919
okay stamina stamina i'm not sprinting24.44.24
camera's gonna go down if you're27.5192.641
swimming if you stop it's28.643.36
the stamina will stop oh i see it it's30.163.04
actually out there32.02.64
yeah yeah yeah so it's like borderline33.23.44
i'm gonna lose some health but uh okay34.643.439
my stamina is almost36.642.96
yeah right i'm gonna i'm gonna start38.0793.601
burning health as soon as i grab it39.64.56
oh hey here look look i i hook you up41.683.68
bro are you making up44.163.04
are you making the thing i'm not making45.363.12
a thing i'm giving you a little bit of47.23.199
stamina here so here have a48.484.719
let me split this up okay here have i50.3994.561
have a little neck meat oh i'd love that53.1993.2
thank you and then i'll tell you what54.963.2
drink uh yeah have a little bit of that56.3993.361
and then maybe eat some uh58.163.12
strawberries i've been out gathering59.763.2
stuff i'm starting to shop okay great oh61.282.8
you're starting to shop62.962.8
yeah starting to shop well that's good64.083.44
to hear i could use some things from65.762.48
yeah but if you uh you eat that stuff68.242.96
that'll boost your stamina you should be69.762.96
able to get out there and get your spear71.22.16
okay that should72.723.92
yeah as simple as that let's see i can't73.365.119
eat any more grilled necktail but i can76.643.119
have some of that78.4794.64
and some of that oh that feels good79.7595.36
that little yellow bar down there pop up83.1193.201
yeah okay85.1193.441
all right i'm getting it do it i wait86.323.52
for my okay here we go88.564.08
come on baby uh i'm rooting for you go89.843.12
go i'm going i'm going i'm going oh boy92.964.08
we're down it's going so close so close95.362.32
so close97.043.68
come on back got the spear coming back97.685.68
come on back okay getting down to the100.724.079
last bar of stamina103.364.719
right now come on and we're out of104.7994.881
stamina going into the health but we got108.0793.921
good health we're good 48 we got this109.685.439
thank you so much thank you112.06.079
i'm glad i showed up i am i really am uh115.1193.521
where's that deer now go get you118.643.6
a deer yeah you know and speaking of120.244.159
deer are you ready to fight a boss dora122.245.999
am i yeah a deer boss yes up to your124.3995.36
yeah we're fighting a deer boss that129.75914.081
sounds stupid132.4811.36
we should probably go for those bores173.363.92
huh wait there's boars right here175.124.399
that's a bore right there in it yeah177.284.4
yeah yeah i guess what i need179.5195.36
uh boar juice yes i need foreign181.685.199
i'm going to try to get some more juice184.8793.041
wait what is that i got bow and arrow187.923.76
hello boy190.2395.681
whoa hey oh yeah it's on191.688.0
come on i need the juice195.927.44
give me the board juice slice disgusting199.688.0
is that you oh come on come on203.364.32
come on i'm trying i think i got him i208.564.399
just learned some stuff211.843.2
from killing that boar would you learn212.9593.121
just kill the boy215.043.119
i killed there was two boars okay i'm216.084.239
gonna run over here now you carry on218.1595.121
okay i hope you killed a boar me too i220.3193.84
don't think i did223.284.0
but thanks oh being chased by boar224.1594.72
memes you see he's great right mommy227.283.76
yeah oh that was yours maybe228.8793.761
maybe all right go for them i got you231.043.52
back i'm gonna try but don't run away232.643.04
buddy come on come and234.563.039
keep on chasing with you all right with235.683.6
you come with me okay come with me where237.5993.601
is your where is you buddy239.284.239
where is ya you gotta do a call do a241.23.36
boar call okay243.5193.681
uh hold on244.562.64
that not working huh that's a pig hold251.23.119
right there oh that was the poor thing254.3193.92
that was the poor call right at my256.564.239
tucus come on simon come on i'm i'm258.2393.52
chasing i'm running260.7993.761
it's hard for me to see him on the run261.7593.601
come on264.564.0
come on take him down yeah is it right265.363.92
i can't even see it yeah that bloody269.284.32
spot that's you simon oh is it are we271.362.88
we're warriors oh yeah i got some raw274.246.88
meat that's all i need just one raw meat279.123.76
i think so you gotta cook it though the281.123.2
night we feast yeah282.883.039
actually i need that to make a bow284.323.599
tonight we make bones285.91911.921
yes and love287.9199.921
oh hey what's going on guys thick44 here308.243.92
welcome to311.283.44
valheim cribs this is my first crib uh312.163.599
come on in314.722.88
as you can see it's pretty crude but315.7593.841
pretty heavily enforced with lots of317.63.84
beams and wood and beams and wood319.64.159
over here i have a chest i keep things321.444.08
in it keep things in it323.7593.28
got a crafting bench along with a325.523.679
chopping block so i've upgraded my327.0393.921
crafting bench by putting a chopping329.1993.28
block there which allows me to make more330.961.92
this right here is a bed if you don't332.883.039
know what uh beds do go334.42.96
smack yourself in the head with a hammer335.9193.681
idiot i just learned some stuff337.364.96
out here is the backyard also known as339.63.52
the ocean342.323.92
the ocean is my yard ocean yard pretty343.124.639
soon i'm going to be adding on346.244.16
building all sorts of things hold on i347.7593.041
i see a bird over here as you know i get350.86.8
pretty distracted by things boom354.46.0
boom and what shall i make with these357.63.439
that i got from the bird well i'll tell361.0393.761
you i'm gonna make363.284.0
some flaming arrows that's right that's364.83.36
what we do here367.284.96
uh valham cribs so anyways i'm pick 44.368.164.92
you're not372.244.0
napes yeah that's a one star deer what's378.43.44
that mean381.1991.84
i mean you could probably get a trophy381.842.96
from that guy uh usually with deer you383.0392.801
want more points384.83.839
like a eight point you should oh all385.844.56
right i got him but yeah he's a toughie388.6393.521
yep you gotta eat him again come on390.43.12
chase his own knees on392.164.8
okay here we go baby looks like your393.524.72
arrow's dropped a bit396.965.44
no i got him but yeah oh yeah he's quick398.245.04
he's quick402.43.919
yep he's a deer i'm not quick i need my403.284.4
i'm running slow i'm trying i'm getting407.683.44
lost in the woods here409.9194.801
yep oh come on411.125.68
come on get it get it get him get him oh414.723.44
man oh it's416.84.32
dark oh i got more stamina i think418.164.319
that'd make you run slower because of421.123.359
cramps and stuff422.4794.481
oh okay others on this thing yeah he's424.4794.16
still behind me oh he's out in the field426.963.76
i'm behind you might be my chance come428.6393.28
on come on430.724.4
yeah it's far away not you off we431.9194.161
need the other one435.124.56
yeah the one star you getting some hits436.085.92
yeah no not really he man he's squirrely439.684.16
i think he may have gotten away442.04.24
damn it all right but uh i know which443.843.199
way he went446.243.12
so i'm hunting boy we're getting far447.0394.0
from home yeah i don't care yeah we're449.362.88
out here in the middle of the night it's451.0392.401
probably stupid452.243.679
yeah oh there you are there you are453.443.44
still keep still neat455.9194.481
okay nope no he's still running oh i got456.885.2
him yeah god damn i got him460.44.799
okay shot in the dark baby462.084.88
oh man come on come on give me some good465.1993.28
give me some good yeah got me466.963.2
some deer hide four raw meat468.4794.081
no trophy no trophy but still why are we470.163.28
excited again472.564.079
we got a one star deer huh bragging473.444.56
rights yeah bragging rights476.6393.041
i'm hanging that on my wall and478.03.28
it's morning time look at this479.684.48
uh-huh you've been out this far uh nope481.283.84
it's all new to me484.162.64
but it looks the same yeah it's the485.124.0
meadows way to go the dark dark forest486.83.679
you'll have a good time there neebs i489.125.04
assure you sounds like a place i'd like490.4793.681
you have no idea the hell it awaits us494.723.919
looking to me i gotta cook some meat i'm501.7595.521
to cook some meat simon507.286.639
yeah i just made a bow oh510.725.36
good for you i'm looking forward to513.9193.68
making a bow but i'm gonna cook some516.083.199
meat so hold on this says cook517.5995.521
item e so sure okay that's my first519.2795.521
meat cooking and then wait and watch523.123.12
that meat and it tells you when it's524.83.12
done you gotta watch it you know oh i'm526.243.039
gonna watch it you know what it reminds527.922.32
me of529.2792.801
you know that meat no the meat that you530.244.0
know uh when you get a girl532.084.24
oh man and they're just carving that the534.244.8
lamb and the beast536.322.72
oh god it's so good and you know what540.724.88
there's places that'll sell you the the543.763.199
meat and it's already like545.63.52
pre-cut in little there you go you546.9593.521
cheating son of a549.124.8
that's not real don't try to fool me550.486.0
yeah let me see you shave that sweet553.924.96
almost gelatinous squishy556.485.68
ah foamy looking meat in my mouth558.884.72
i'm gonna hit this little right562.163.04
here oh you563.64.0
know i'm not god i'm done oh i have565.23.92
finished thank you567.63.44
oh wait oh do i have an arrow on now do569.123.36
i have an arrow yep571.043.12
i improved bows just by shooting that572.483.919
rock can you grab the arrow can i grab574.163.28
the air out of the rock576.3992.801
that's some that is some577.443.36
i don't even know if i got meat579.23.36
out of that by the way that i hope i got580.82.24
i thought i was enjoying this game and583.043.12
now i do not enjoy this game584.563.68
wow i just lost that meat did you tell586.163.84
me i didn't even get any of that meat588.243.92
it just got some coal or something590.04.0
things went south real quick for us592.162.239
son of a i almost raised orgasm594.3993.521
and then and then597.123.04
boom oh me too now i'm just flopping597.923.84
about yeah come on come over here i'll600.162.56
give you handy601.765.84
no i'm good okay i'll take one602.724.88
oh yeah they're coming back oh you're612.04.079
throwing rocks at him you're gonna throw614.562.719
rocks at a skeleton616.0792.641
that's how you're gonna do it where you617.2792.881
gonna go where you gonna go you're not618.723.2
getting into that skeleton's house620.163.52
oh now you got a buddy he's coming in621.923.84
too what are you guys gonna do623.684.24
his cousins are gonna eat you beat you625.763.92
you've just given up oh nope now now629.683.36
you're back in it oh632.03.279
you just got your ass hit yeah that633.043.919
skeleton at the front gate635.2793.12
he's not messing around he's just636.9593.281
swinging look at him swinging638.3995.281
oh okay hey little he got a hit in640.246.4
oh man do i even want to go in here kind643.684.96
of do but646.645.68
i got a club and a shield648.643.68
really stupid to go in here oh hey hey i652.3993.361
didn't know you were coming over here654.563.519
you fight no skeletons i mean fight me655.763.44
if you want to it's a658.0794.401
death sentence okay all right659.23.6
you know662.484.08
what i'm gonna peek oh we just got him662.86.24
oh it's his buddy get in there get him666.563.68
get him669.044.4
oh skeleton wins the round670.246.719
okay skeletons one grey dwarfs zero673.446.639
now can i take these skeletons and claim676.9594.961
their castle for my own680.0793.601
this is stupid isn't it this is stupid681.923.68
what i'm doing let's see let me get some683.683.44
it's too early to be around in a687.124.0
dark forest okay688.9594.161
here we go oh yeah it helps down a691.123.279
little bit693.122.959
oh yeah there you go how you like that694.3994.0
buddy okay nope696.0793.76
your health's low though peek your698.3993.041
little damn head out699.8395.041
come on peek boom701.445.519
some all right i know you got a704.883.76
buddy in there i seen him706.9593.361
raid this castle where's your708.644.96
pal huh oh yeah there's your pal come on710.325.04
oh that's a mess come on yeah stay right713.63.52
there stay right there boom how you like715.362.159
pay like that come on come on come on717.5194.241
come on oh yeah you want to hide you're720.483.039
going to hide in there you piece of721.763.519
oh i should probably eat yeah mushroom723.5193.281
now yeah get my725.2793.921
health back up that's how you survive726.84.0
out here in the wild729.22.8
oh you're stuck you don't even know how730.82.96
to come out your own damn stairs god732.02.72
you're stupid733.764.48
come on come on oh i want you so bad734.727.679
i watch it so bad boom okay one more hit738.247.36
one more hit come on742.3995.841
all right i'm going in i'm going in i'm745.65.76
i'm coming in after your ass748.243.12
come on bring it on751.682.88
oh man yes got me some skeleton754.723.76
ooh now what's up top of this hopefully758.484.159
good treasure761.044.0
oh it is stupid coming out to the dark762.6393.44
forest though765.042.96
black forest dark forest something766.0793.681
anything up here nothing but hey pretty768.03.04
good look out769.764.319
and i got some skeleton fragments okay771.044.88
victory oh it's getting late i'm heading774.0793.521
home i'm heading home775.9211.919
got a shot to maintain777.610.239
man these pigs are a lot harder789.046.0
than i thought they were going to be792.163.76
yeah hey did you get anything simon here795.923.2
i cooked the meat798.243.76
there's three uh pig pig things oh you799.124.719
just gave me pig things thank you so802.03.519
much wait a second let me see oh so i803.8392.961
could eat these805.5193.681
oh yes wait a second you gotta eat806.83.839
vegetables too you can't just eat meat809.22.4
in this game810.6393.44
well that's fun you can but i'm trying811.63.76
good yeah you could814.0793.361
i'm trying to put it in how do i eat it815.363.44
i'm trying to put it in my slot but it817.442.399
doesn't wanted me to818.83.36
drop it there hey just right click on it819.8395.521
you don't need to put it in a slideshow822.163.2
yay i'll take it i'll take it thank you825.3993.88
you're welcome so the bow is what eight829.2793.841
eight eight hide and i got uh i guess i833.124.64
got wait a second i have leather scraps835.5194.161
i do have leather scraps837.764.319
one i'll give you two more if you want839.684.64
oh of course how many do you said i need842.0792.801
i think so oh wait yes i i grabbed them844.883.199
here you go all right846.9592.32
actually i'll give you mine too that848.0792.961
that puts you it did i get they go to me849.2792.161
nope you got it i've got seven now i851.443.839
just need one more853.925.44
oh i got one oh yeah come here here come855.2795.92
over to my shop it takes a village859.363.12
takes a village to raise assignment861.1993.121
rallies that's right i know862.485.359
we all know that welcome to absorb shop864.325.199
simon uh what would you like to purchase867.8394.0
today oh perfect uh i would like to869.5193.201
um i'm looking for just one leather872.724.16
okay you got a 20 wood what are you876.883.6
going to trade hell i'll give you878.564.639
i'll give you 34 wood 34 wood you know880.484.0
what for that for that amount i'll give883.1992.88
you two leather scraps i like it i'll884.483.28
take it so how do i uh886.0794.241
drop a drop of drew do i do that yeah887.764.96
there you go and then you know what i'll890.325.68
give you two bam there you go oh892.725.04
this is nice hey listen you got any896.02.95
ladies back there897.762.48
no good you passed the test900.246.88
prostitution's horrible unless of course904.3993.44
it's legal907.122.399
and they do it themselves and they make907.8395.12
good money yeah and they're909.5193.44
but there's somebody else here right now918.323.199
and i like privacy what i'm saying919.64.72
okay see you later hey what's up how921.5195.44
much i've been hunting924.323.759
i know you guys were talking about926.9593.361
wanting bows and i've got a bunch of928.0794.641
deer hide is it deer hide that you need930.323.199
oh you need uh932.723.28
it's just leather scraps of scraps i933.5194.32
have 14 leather scraps936.04.48
well don't worry i'll i'll i'm sure need937.8394.321
them at some point but i think940.483.68
no no no i won't i'm going to need them942.164.0
at some point who needs them now944.164.96
neebs neebs does names need them why are946.164.32
you sneaking949.123.92
oh is that sneaking why are you yeah you950.483.599
were sneaking why953.042.96
yeah i was sneaking oh yeah look at this954.0794.241
crude bow baby oh wait it says i need 10956.04.079
wood i gave you my wood i can't958.325.36
get it do it man simon here960.0798.691
take some wood963.6811.04
everybody here yeah uh yeah yeah yeah974.724.32
yeah i'm ready to fight this thing if i977.5192.081
could just979.042.159
uh get some berries i think absolutely979.63.039
might have berries for sale981.1994.401
i think so oh yeah listen i just found a982.6394.56
berry i found a blueberry in my985.63.44
inventory i was so surprised my health987.1993.841
is at 70. i feel like a new man989.043.919
well welcome welcome welcome to the shop991.043.599
got berries yeah what are you gonna994.6393.281
trade fair trades around here fair996.242.399
trades only997.922.96
i got uh are you going to do the fight998.6393.041
with us uh1000.882.72
maybe you need mercenary services that's1001.683.04
the window to the right there's a1003.61.599
oh boy i got dandy lions you have women1005.1993.521
back there1008.0794.081
by chance no no women okay dandelion not1008.725.039
interested in dandelion i got1012.166.16
uh got a deer hide oh deer hut i'll take1013.7599.041
okay fair trade for berries okay oh yes1018.326.08
that's uh probably about 25 berries1022.83.44
worth it all right i think he took my1024.42.799
berries what1026.243.439
did you say 25 berries that's a lot of1027.1994.64
berries yeah what's a bear trey1029.6794.16
that's a lot of berries listen i'd love1031.8393.2
to have some berries too1033.8393.041
you got any deer head hey no but i do1035.0393.52
have some rocks1036.883.919
sir this sucks here hello hello1038.5594.161
mercenaries the wrong window sir1040.7994.16
oh all right what what can i can i get1042.723.44
one berry1044.9593.12
and and uh what are the what's the other1046.163.6
food besides meat and berries what's the1048.0793.84
other one mushrooms mushrooms yeah1049.764.0
yeah i do have a few mushrooms pretty1051.9193.12
low stock on mushrooms though1053.762.48
all right so what kind of do you need1055.0392.801
for a mushroom i don't know what do you1056.242.96
got i'll give you uh1057.844.88
i'll give you uh two lumps of coal1059.25.12
okay for that i'd give you five1062.723.36
mushrooms oh best1064.323.84
best deal of the day you burnt food1066.083.28
worth something yeah1068.163.36
oh yeah no it will be soon a little help1069.363.52
here a little bit of help over here1071.521.68
all right yeah ho ho hold on i'd like1073.23.92
something though we're at the fair trade1075.362.48
right now hold on sir you have to be1077.844.0
right with me1079.282.56
somebody pick them up figure it out what1082.03.52
do you want what do you want dave i'll1083.9192.481
feathers feathers let's see oh let's see1086.44.24
yeah a little low on1089.62.16
feathers right now let me check my1090.642.56
inventory all right all right i think1091.763.12
thick got your mushrooms maybe i'll give1093.22.8
you some mushrooms1094.882.799
thick you got mine oh i just threw1096.03.28
them over there give me i'm taking them1097.6792.561
i dig them thank you1099.282.96
i just booked come on all right1100.243.84
appreciate that i got uh i got six1102.242.96
feathers well what do you give me for1104.081.76
that thing ooh1105.23.12
six feathers you got a deer hide two but1105.843.6
that's a lot for1108.322.56
yeah give me two deer hide i'll give you1109.443.04
the six feathers there you go all right1110.882.88
there you go there you go all right now1112.482.88
hold on let me all right if everybody1113.763.039
said it let me talk to this customer no1115.361.92
no no1116.7992.561
my mushrooms i never got my mushrooms1117.283.519
okay you figured out i gave you the1119.363.12
mushroom but then he threw him back over1120.7993.041
there and then1122.483.28
hey get your lottery ticket some other1123.843.36
time dick1125.764.159
wow hey how are you is this the right1127.24.64
yep mercenary services oh1131.845.44
you wanna go fight the the boss with us1135.444.08
maybe suppose i couldn't that's gonna1137.283.44
ghost you1139.523.76
i got some mushrooms for you i'll take1140.724.079
them son of a1143.285.56
there want my mushrooms back i just woke1144.7996.321
it has been my pleasure thank you sir1151.123.76
all right let's gear up1153.364.72
yeah absolutely i had 15 of them1154.885.039
absolutely please friend wants mushrooms1158.083.36
please please absorb1159.9196.081
please shop's closed you gotta fight1161.448.4
i just need one mushroom1166.03.84
seriously give me a mushroom1170.243.2
hello uh1175.24.64
are you leading the way thick sure let's1180.163.2
go all right1182.42.88
okay can't wait to kill this thing oh1183.365.12
little guy coming over here1185.283.2
he just wants a morning hug1190.03.12
oh hey fox cleared out nice good okay1195.446.96
it's at the top of this little mound1200.083.2
i like that word mound1203.285.279
here we go try not to get wet if you get1206.5593.921
wet it's going to mess up your uh1208.5593.841
stamina it'll be hard to not get wet1210.483.92
yeah i just got to jump that1212.45.6
two minutes of wet oh man yeah oh man1214.44.96
i bought them berries those berries1218.03.84
right here yeah you paid for convenience1219.365.439
berries all right this is the place oh1221.844.56
all right everybody ready1224.7993.521
everybody gather round gather round all1226.43.279
right i think you got enough deer heads1228.327.52
i believe so1229.6796.161
all right good good good good all right1241.63.12
here we go1243.764.72
uh yeah dear god uh we we1244.725.76
give you this offering in order for you1248.483.04
to appear and1250.483.12
us to kill you and get powers here we go1251.523.68
right dear god or1253.64.16
dear god i think his name is it fear1255.23.52
kind of1257.766.08
come with thee or something like that oh1258.725.12
that smells good it's not bad1266.2411.6
all right1270.1597.681
here we oh go1301.525.519
oh yeah okay so he has a white yeah he1304.644.08
has a stump he's got stomps1307.0394.481
spear you know kind of has a wide area1308.724.56
of attack1311.527.12
oh he's looking at me1313.288.32
oh no get away from me you little1318.643.76
i don't1321.62.88
see his health barred it's like not1322.44.399
existent i don't see it oh it's fine1324.484.88
oh no okay all right i'm having a i'm1326.7993.76
having a little glitch then1329.364.0
i'm doing great here we go come on come1330.5593.521
on come get1333.364.24
get you some big 44. you can't1334.086.32
oh bro i can respawn and do this some1337.63.52
more huh1340.42.24
yeah that thing took me out with like1341.124.96
one blow yep it'll do it1342.643.44
watch out simon get out of there i got1357.64.959
it i got to move1359.443.119
oh yeah get him door a couple shots in1363.6794.321
him smell his blood1366.083.44
be great if he ran into the water he1368.03.12
just electrocuted himself you know what1369.525.039
with those crazy ass antlers1371.123.439
what's his health that thick i can't see1386.883.6
it a little less than halfway1388.5593.6
oh that's a halfway all right we're1390.485.36
doing good keep cutting this oh boy1392.1593.681
ah that spear out again he looks crazy1397.846.079
he does look crazy1401.764.88
i hit him from here watch out yeah there1403.9194.0
we go1406.644.399
oh i got zapped i got zapped oh that1407.9195.921
oh oh he's on my butt oh my1411.0394.321
remember to eat if you see any of your1413.842.56
food places1415.363.84
he's right there can i get out of water1416.44.639
in this game just get out of the water1419.24.079
he's going well watch out he's gonna do1421.0394.161
it there you go1423.2798.561
get him i'm trying1425.26.64
oh yeah he's going down we got this guy1441.845.92
oh we got a one there's a board we got a1445.9193.12
four we got a one more1447.762.96
i'll take care of the damn board all1449.0394.321
right i'll take care of the deer1450.729.12
oh you hey i'm in the creek1453.366.48
together brothers and arms1468.1595.681
oh there it is there it is get the head1484.883.76
got all the goodies good for you yeah1486.7992.641
all right1488.643.84
thick did you get the head i did yep all1489.444.56
right all right everybody follow the1492.482.64
thick and me1494.03.76
let's go oh yeah we gotta go uh we're1495.123.679
gonna go this way1497.762.88
yeah that's my spear somewhere but great1498.7994.24
job everyone anybody see a spear okay1500.644.24
did you lose that damn spear again i1503.0393.361
don't know whatever i'll make another1504.882.49
all right oh yeah here we go1512.326.88
yes this one right here hang his1515.526.399
head thick1519.22.719
and now we get special powers yeah if1522.7994.321
everyone goes up and rub the deer head1525.522.639
it'll give us all1527.124.88
the power of acting i like that1528.1596.4
so yeah now so like oh yep hey hugging1532.04.559
yeah please just just jump right in1534.5593.921
tidings you won't shut the hell up so1536.5593.521
all right now here's how these powers1538.482.16
it's kind of a there's an activation1540.643.12
area we can all benefit from one person1542.04.96
using their power some nibs1543.763.2
what am i talking about guys1547.0393.201
they gave it to all of us oh really yeah1552.723.28
but what1555.522.639
what yeah that gives us a real big1556.04.24
stamina boost yeah i can do that1558.1593.76
after the cooldown uh yeah there's a1560.242.96
little cool down you probably see a1561.9192.481
little number up the top right1563.23.12
yep it's a good care yeah well actually1564.43.04
there's a number at the bottom left1566.322.32
that's the time that you could really1567.442.56
use it but that's the1568.642.72
time at the top right that's how long1570.04.159
you have the power oh1571.365.679
yeah that's more important do we have to1574.1594.081
be within like uh1577.0393.12
distance or does it happen to just1578.243.2
everybody that's1580.1593.041
no yeah you have to be around each other1581.443.28
all right it's best to get together1583.23.68
and then do the power boom power love1584.723.76
now we can run fast i'm running fast1586.882.08
back home1588.483.52
hey hey hey1588.963.04
good job guys good job yeah i got your1592.484.0
spear doraleous1594.965.199
oh sweet yeah that was the easy part1596.487.52
now shit's about to get real oh god we1600.1596.4

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