CRAP. I'M STRANDED AGAIN | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log on Planet 4546B? The crew is back on a secret mission, bu...
CRAP.  I'M STRANDED AGAIN |  Subnautica: Below Zero
CRAP. I'M STRANDED AGAIN | Subnautica: Below Zero

CRAP. I'M STRANDED AGAIN | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of 'Crap, I'm Stranded Again' with your favorite YouTuber, Neebs!

simon: Oh yeah, because we all love watching you struggle to survive in the depths of the ocean, Neebs. It's like a train wreck - you just can't look away!

appsro: I have to admit, this is my favorite video too. Watching Neebs panic every time a sea creature comes near him is pure entertainment. Plus, who doesn't love a good underwater adventure?

neebs: Hey, I'll have you know that I am a fearless explorer of the deep sea! And besides, it's not my fault if the ocean creatures have a vendetta against me.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log on Planet 4546B? The crew is back on a secret mission, but as usual, things immediately go haywire. I mean, when do things ever go smoothly for these guys, right? If you haven't seen it yet, you're in for a wild ride!

And if you missed the original series, no worries! You can catch up by clicking on the link provided. Trust me, it's worth it - these guys never fail to entertain with their hilarious antics and epic gameplay. Plus, who doesn't love watching them navigate through the depths of the ocean in Subnautica?

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So grab your snacks, get comfy, and prepare to laugh your socks off with Neebs Gaming's Subnautica Log.

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all right supply vehicle online12.087.279
life pods also online it looks good16.327.44
all systems are systemy19.35910.641
oh boy23.7622.08
all right let's do this30.015.84
come on52.647.2
okay okay i'm good i'm good64.089.44
of course there's a fire of course72.244.0
there's a fire oh no open up oh no open73.523.84
up open up open up76.245.919
open open come on77.364.799
oh god where's the light pod light pod84.083.52
oh there it is okay85.64.96
okay uh supply vehicle damage but if i87.64.32
could make a repair tool i should be90.564.48
able to fix that no problem91.923.12
okay crap104.4794.64
oh where are you what are you doing113.4396.481
okay okay you're warm i like that about116.7994.801
are you gonna try to eat me or anything121.65.36
where's the life pod please be on land125.045.76
please be on land please be on land126.963.84
i want to go in the water133.523.359
here we go again139.284.56
oh yeah oh oh wow it's actually actually144.8793.521
a bit warmer in here147.284.8
it's nice hey boomerang148.46.72
it's been a minute which has been longer152.084.32
than a minute we should have been a155.122.399
never seen you again you little any157.5195.36
papers whoa160.724.799
you're different162.8792.64
okay you cool you're cool166.46.96
paper oh you know what170.2397.121
come here okay sweet life pod looks173.365.28
intact at least one thing went right177.362.879
yeah oh and i'm about to cook me a big180.2395.601
all right i got to keep this real simple195.24.0
uh set up a base of operations and start197.23.36
exploring to see if i can find any199.22.88
evidence about what happened to sam200.563.92
stay stealthy stay quiet and no one202.084.719
needs to know i'm here204.484.399
communication center come back is206.7993.52
everyone okay208.8794.481
neebs yeah what are you doing210.3195.441
who's this it's it's abstract zero zero213.363.04
what are you doing here i thought you216.43.36
got off the planet yeah i did yeah i did218.03.28
get off the planet i went home219.763.839
and a lot of happened but uh well221.284.0
i've already got emergency crew headed223.5993.441
your way no no don't don't sin225.283.76
don't send anybody we'll send a chopper227.043.44
no don't send the job don't you229.044.16
don't send anybody okay but fire rescue230.484.24
no i don't need anybody look233.23.039
hold on i've already got everybody234.723.439
headed that way no okay yeah cancel it236.2393.28
cancel it okay238.1592.8
uh yeah this is neeves altera239.5193.681
communication that was a false read240.9595.36
cancel deployment over okay so no one's243.23.52
um probably not probably not okay listen246.724.879
i'm here i'm hearing a secret mission250.03.439
neebs my sister sam251.5994.401
yeah sam sam yeah what do you know about253.4394.401
sam how did she die do you know256.04.079
wait she's dead yeah she's dead i got a257.843.519
letter in the mail and i'm trying to260.0793.041
figure out what the happened to her261.3593.521
the company's not talking to me263.123.6
that was she dead i don't know i don't264.883.68
know how she died i thought she was266.723.12
ghosting me man268.563.76
i sent some pretty mean voicemails over269.843.28
the last few days272.322.159
ghosting you she wasn't returning my273.122.56
calls why are you caught why are you274.4793.041
calling my sister cause we were kind of275.688.16
dating a little277.526.32
okay resources this this this that that285.64.24
i gotta go out and gather materials so289.846.32
look i'm not sure292.884.64
like i feel like i get in trouble for296.163.92
this because i'm supposed to be297.524.08
you know not keeping stuff secret you300.083.119
don't have to help me if you don't want301.62.96
to matter of fact i could probably do303.1992.241
this all on my own304.563.919
what is that a c-glide fragment down305.444.72
here oh god i need to make a scanner308.4794.801
i don't think you could what make it310.163.759
without me313.282.08
remember last time you never would have313.9192.801
gotten off that planet without me yeah315.362.88
but this time i actually you know i316.723.12
ooh bladder spider-fish bladder fish318.243.28
give me that this time319.843.6
i i have a plan to get out of here i321.523.2
don't really know what that is yet but323.443.68
i'm sure it's going to go smooth let me324.724.88
link i'm just reading your327.126.32
signals right now there we go download329.65.12
let me download what are you downloading333.442.24
i've just downloaded all your334.722.24
information why you're downloading my335.682.48
information because i need to keep an336.961.92
eye on you338.162.72
oh but listen i'll rename the file so no338.883.12
one will know it's340.882.64
yeah i've got it called zero they're342.03.039
gonna know that you hold on no don't343.522.48
don't tell them it's me345.0393.921
we'll make up a code name um zero zero346.03.759
yeah there we go yeah no one i know no349.7593.601
one know what it's me then here we go351.842.24
zero zero353.363.839
f u two wait t-o-o or number two you354.083.92
know what pick one357.19910.641
fu2 t-o-o got it save358.09.84
these guys little penguins they almost368.3193.521
like penguins with weird like370.243.76
kkk hats no there's not hats that's371.843.199
their mouth374.03.12
right oh wow they got they got little375.0393.361
oh hey little fella ow okay all right378.45.359
all right all right hey look381.1994.321
quit you dude did you i picked up the383.7592.88
little guy i just wanted to check him385.522.64
out don't pick up their young don't you386.6392.961
know anything okay fine look all right388.162.879
he's down he's down389.64.24
geez hey i'm just looking at where you391.0393.521
we may have some emergency supply caches394.563.359
in that area really396.83.36
stand by let me do a search yeah send me397.9193.361
that data400.162.56
if you keep doing stuff like that neebs401.282.96
i don't mind you being around well i402.722.96
don't think you ever minded me being404.242.48
especially how i saved you last time406.723.52
also made you a celebrity no i feel like408.6392.96
being here and being in the survival410.243.28
situation and actually getting out of it411.5993.841
despite overwhelming odds that made me a413.523.679
celebrity yeah but no one would have415.443.52
known if i didn't make the t-shirts417.1994.081
no everyone everyone knew everyone knew418.963.04
about it company421.282.319
tried to cover that up but they couldn't422.03.12
yeah because the t-shirts423.5993.201
should probably get another t-shirt made425.123.68
no we don't need another t-shirt made426.83.679
once it's over no once it's over it's428.83.519
gonna be secret forever430.4793.84
forever neebs no one knows about this432.3193.921
that's not how history goes usually434.3193.521
usually you do something secret then you436.243.359
go hey look what we did and everyone's437.843.44
super excited history you heard about439.5993.201
what about the history you didn't didn't441.281.919
no happened everyone kept their443.1998.081
mouth shut445.5997.44
you good on food should i have some food451.283.6
sent out no i know how to collect food453.0393.44
here it's peeper and bladder fish isn't454.883.12
it look i'm gonna do that right now456.4794.081
flatter fish making some water baby oh458.03.12
oh real water i know you have a thing461.124.16
for pee it's bladder fish water463.283.12
if you're going to end up drinking your465.282.319
own pee again i'm not drinking my own466.42.96
damn pee okay467.5994.081
all right let's see make batteries i469.363.679
need tools so471.682.799
scanner is my first thing i need a473.0393.761
battery in titanium making a battery474.4794.16
right now476.86.16
and then making a scanner478.6394.321
yeah brand new scanner490.245.679
yep that's information on a peeper okay493.523.84
tell you what since you're already uh495.9194.081
logged in to me i'll just send it over497.364.559
send it over i'll put it in your file500.04.16
wink wink yeah the file that doesn't501.9193.441
exist that's right504.163.039
well if someone went through my files505.363.519
they'd see it but okay well after this507.1993.201
we're deleting these files well it says508.8792.32
two so510.43.58
they never put it together i think511.1994.481
knock me around why don't you picking515.685.599
one up again520.1593.281
look what i got don't do it look what i521.2795.361
got i'm tossing him in the damn ocean523.447.2
ow go get him526.645.6
what did you do i tossed one of their530.643.36
babies into the ocean that's rude532.243.76
yeah go get that one too oh they come534.03.44
back look they're fine536.02.64
it's good for them it's good for the537.442.64
baby to get away from the nest every now538.641.92
and then540.083.759
okay all right tool wise i want a540.564.88
flashlight that's battery in glass i543.8393.041
need to find quartz survival knives545.443.2
silicone rubber and titanium546.883.84
what did i make silicone rubber out of548.643.36
oh creep vines550.7211.52
quick vinyl seeds552.012.399
all right found some creep vines okay at562.243.599
least something that's similar enough to564.3992.321
creep vines565.8393.361
might be a different that same species566.723.04
genus is that right i'm sure genus davis569.765.6
no not genus davis did you see thelma573.64.0
louise it's been a long time we should575.362.72
uh maybe i can hold on hold on i gotta578.084.08
they got a little critter after me here580.325.6
okay boom what is that sea monkey oh582.165.04
yeah let's see585.924.479
wait stop stop stop what what son of a587.24.319
son of a stole my scanner uh591.5194.961
you're gonna need that back593.765.759
hey hey give me my scanner back stop596.484.32
come here come here come here little599.5194.081
give me600.85.92
oh that i see them neebs the uh seaweed603.63.52
seaweed seeds seeds yes i want to make a607.124.959
knife so i can stab a sea monkey in the610.242.4
yeah it's weird you make knives out of612.643.52
seaweed seeds right614.05.839
yeah super weird616.163.679
limestone outcrop copper copper is going625.365.2
to come in handy to make electronics oh628.3992.801
yes yes i want you so bad i want you so631.25.6
boom just scanned a c-glide fragment636.883.44
okay yeah639.2792.56
so c glider you gonna try to build one640.322.8
of those i would love to build one of641.8394.881
those oxygen yep i know hold up643.124.8
so what are you dealing with right now646.723.76
just a life pod yeah just a life pod i647.923.039
see i had all of my blueprints and650.9593.681
everything in the vehicle i came in on652.563.76
uh-huh of course i hit a meteor on the654.643.36
way down you know as you do656.323.84
so you're not a good driver no i'm a658.04.0
fine driver there was a meteor shower660.163.6
you should probably put it in autopilot662.03.36
if you'd not no there was no663.763.44
it it's a vehicle that you have to drive665.363.2
i tried to steer away from the meteor667.22.72
the meteor hit me668.563.36
piece broke off listen it's a disaster669.923.919
already it's a disaster then you showed671.922.24
this has been a day so far okay but674.163.2
completely it's like a reunion look okay677.363.919
maybe a little bit680.322.639
i i honestly like if anybody was going681.2793.521
to contact me i'm glad it's you682.9594.401
cause i won't say anything anybody else684.84.159
would have said something yeah exactly687.362.64
so please688.9592.88
do me a solid we're friends right yeah690.03.12
look i feel like i have leverage now691.8392.481
this is great no you don't have693.122.64
don't have leverage you can't you can't694.323.28
use this against me all i got to do at695.762.72
any point697.65.359
is just make a phone call you698.484.479
unless you start getting rude703.765.519
okay i've made a little locker i'm going706.884.0
to edit the name709.2795.201
names nope i'm naming it food710.886.639
wait actually food water food no it's714.484.64
not it's not neebs food bag it's food717.5192.721
and water this is like where i'm going719.122.64
to store some extra food and water when720.242.0
i need it721.762.72
okay well let's name some things after722.244.159
me no let's not name some after you724.483.599
well this is going to be history as well726.3993.601
what is this twisted man i want to be a728.0794.241
part of it oxygen okay oxygen i'm close730.03.519
to the surface732.323.519
what i'm saying yeah no uh yeah listen733.5193.601
at some point maybe i'll name something735.8392.721
after you if i name things but again no737.122.64
one's got no one's gonna know about this738.562.48
we actually we don't want our names all739.762.72
over you know what i mean741.043.68
do you remember paul revere and that the742.483.68
guy that ran through town screaming the744.722.88
british are coming yeah do you remember746.162.799
the other guys that did that747.63.44
no exactly because they know how to keep748.9593.201
their mouth shut nope751.043.28
i don't want to be one of those you're752.163.679
trying to make yourself paul revere and754.322.8
i'm the other guy no i'm not trying to755.8392.961
make myself paul revere paul revere was757.122.959
an just running through town758.82.719
screaming he was probably a nut at the760.0793.44
time most of town probably hated him761.5194.401
okay it worked out for him you know you763.5194.241
know america won the war it worked out765.923.2
had it not he would have been labeled an767.761.92
okay how history goes isn't it well i769.683.2
don't want to be on the wrong side of it771.762.56
it's all i'm saying part of history772.882.72
you're going to be the history guy774.322.959
okay glass i need i need glass and775.64.08
boy my font is really big how do you780.883.6
change your font size on a computer782.6393.76
there's how do you not know this don't784.483.039
you work in786.3992.56
an operation center where you have to787.5193.12
use computers every day788.9593.361
yeah but always just kind of deal with790.6393.681
the large font it's a huge font i can792.322.72
barely read794.323.92
but three words at a time795.043.2
well there's got to be a size option799.443.28
well let's say801.444.56
format decision okay802.726.799
okay come on come on i need a bigger806.09.839
tank neebs809.5196.32
oh your air tank oh yeah oh that's right816.0793.12
your oxygen was low818.03.92
yeah thanks my fawn out here don't worry819.1993.44
about your damn821.923.279
fun or actually worry about it i really822.6394.081
don't care but i found ribbon plants and825.1993.041
i found enough quartz826.723.359
i think i can make some glass ooh look828.244.32
at my shapely body830.0794.401
yeah i'm looking good shapely body832.563.6
you've been working out no i got a sex834.482.32
oh really yeah you still sound like a836.84.0
man yeah i didn't change the voice i839.042.96
just popped down to the pharmacy840.83.039
and got a quick sex change you know what842.03.76
all the fame is really what did it843.8393.041
i couldn't i couldn't go out to845.762.639
mcdonald's without somebody recognizing846.882.0
me hey848.3991.921
this is a review what are you doing like848.883.519
oh god it got so annoying850.325.36
yeah yeah was it you liked it and i852.3993.68
i want to look like someone cool and856.0793.44
someone i think is cool is my adopted858.02.16
so i just popped down to the pharmacy860.163.2
got a quick sexy tape861.65.039
okay now i'm a skinny black lady863.366.719
banging hips with a man voice yeah866.6395.921
deal with it870.0792.481
oh i can make some fins it's the left876.245.36
yeah some of that silicone rubber oh and879.8394.401
there is an oxygen tank any fiber mesh881.66.0
look up what fiber mitch remember and884.244.08
flashlight go ahead and make a888.322.879
flashlight i fit the word fiber mesh on889.363.599
my screen my font's so big don't you891.1992.721
just highlight it892.9594.0
there's got to be a view it's893.924.479
don't worry about it i'll just deal with896.9593.041
it there's got to be a tab up top that898.3993.12
allows you to change your font size900.03.44
yeah we've they've changed user901.5193.68
interface here it's crazy wait make903.443.199
another battery i reckon905.1992.481
what do you want to know about fiber906.6393.2
mesh uh what do i need to make it907.684.56
uh all right where did they put the909.8393.841
ingredients for this stuff912.245.2
uh fabricator oh here it is creep vine913.684.88
creep by oh i got a knife i can go918.563.68
collect creek vine samples easy peasy uh920.07.279
it's creep vine samples oh922.246.88
oh nope nope nope you little bastard you927.2793.68
little bastard you little bastard go929.122.159
go away little thieves are out here931.2793.441
little steven ass monkeys933.363.52
oh sea monkeys up off they're934.723.28
trying to get your stuff yeah936.884.959
try to steal crap from me yeah um938.05.279
look into that maybe there's some sort941.8393.201
of blueprint synthesized943.2793.68
nope nope nope nope nope you little945.043.919
you got my knife946.9593.841
get it back absolutely god my oxygen's948.9593.281
come here come here little bastard hey960.564.719
hey hey give me that963.5194.961
give me give me did you get it that965.2796.401
bad sea monkey bad sea monkey968.484.88
spank that sea monkey all right what am971.682.959
i looking at all right i got enough973.362.399
creep vines i'm heading back974.6392.721
gotta hate these things little thieves975.7593.041
little monkey thieves well977.363.039
they're just curious i'm curious why i978.85.039
beat the out of them980.3993.44
i guess next once i get some food and984.84.0
water in me i'll head towards that uh987.362.56
supply cache988.83.68
okay cash is a funny spelt word in it no989.924.2
one can figure out how to say it992.484.24
c-a-c-h-e cashe994.124.76
cash cash i i've always heard it996.723.6
pronounced cash but998.884.48
okay i feel like it should be kiss sh1000.325.199
cash let me look that up yeah look that1003.366.64
up would you1005.5196.721
what does my search say you ready yeah1010.03.6
cash it said cash1012.242.719
cash yeah it's yeah it's pronounced cash1013.63.12
isn't it peter's saying cash1014.9593.761
food anything else you're not sure how1016.723.6
to pronounce i can look up1018.723.52
not yet if i run across something i'll1020.324.08
i'll remind you1022.243.36
i'm gonna head out to that emergency1024.42.96
supply cache cash that's right yeah1025.62.319
that's right1027.362.88
ooh oh please yes remember keisha1031.127.28
is that the singer yeah this place is1035.763.679
about to blow1038.43.919
whoa try to forget her always place1039.4394.161
about to blow1042.3193.441
hold on neebs hold on first to get these1043.63.199
give me driven plants1045.764.24
more batteries oh this might be number1046.7994.641
c glide you know what now1051.445.2
plans have changed plans have changed we1054.7993.201
are making a sea glide1056.643.52
battery lubricant copper wire titanium i1058.03.2
think i have all that1060.163.2
i think i have all that okay if you make1061.25.04
this thing don't go crashing it1063.366.4
oh yeah neebs1066.243.52
the seat light is a personal1073.363.36
transportation device1075.24.24
used for high-speed free diving contains1076.724.72
a built-in light and map1079.443.92
oh it's got a built-in map look at that1081.445.119
that is super handy1083.363.199
i like my words and hit right now it1091.442.88
would probably be over the top there's1093.21.92
probably a thing like1094.324.56
format oh yeah format font oh i can do1095.124.16
fonts okay i'm going to do italic1099.286.24
it doesn't matter to me what you go with1103.443.92
all right i'm 140 meters away from this1105.522.88
supply cache1107.364.319
yep the glide is killing it oh it's got1108.45.44
a light on it1111.6793.041
i don't even know why i built a1113.843.44
flashlight let's use a sea glide look at1114.723.199
ow what the was that what are you1117.9197.441
what are you what are you1121.447.04
scanning this little nipper yeah hey i1125.364.8
just realized i've got a font on here1128.483.199
called thick 40 font1130.164.56
it's a font my friend made really1131.67919.761
i didn't even no this was on here1134.7221.44
uh mineral detector fragment1151.446.4
what the hell's a mineral detector1156.163.2
exactly what it sounds like it probably1157.843.28
is it just detects minerals1159.365.84
first aid kit hell yeah1161.125.52
they're talking to me twice 30 seconds1165.23.04
of oxygen doesn't matter now i got a sea1166.643.44
glide take me right to the top1168.243.679
no problem just don't crash on your way1170.083.68
to the top i won't1171.9195.361
all right let me look around here a bit1173.765.919
oh you know what i'm taking this bacon1177.284.56
he was gay1179.6795.041
you can name that baby1181.842.88
people are talking to me at once geez1185.764.08
what all right whatever hey flares1190.244.799
what is this grab trap fragment1195.6794.321
now does your tank have room for more1203.23.839
upgrades so you could have more air1204.884.24
yeah no uh abs well i'll have to find1207.0393.52
the damn blueprints again had the1209.122.72
blueprints on me1210.5595.041
but i decided to blow up my damn vehicle1211.846.64
they were in the glove box oh hey here's1215.64.959
another one of these uh1218.485.04
grab trap yeah um you should probably1220.5594.801
put your blueprints on a usb and film in1223.522.72
your pocket1225.362.96
that would have been much smarter yeah1226.243.12
i'm an old-school guy1228.322.4
i like to keep them in the glove box1229.364.16
yeah were they the big like 24 by 481230.724.88
inch rolled up blueprints yep yep they1233.523.84
were big that's what you use1235.64.079
yeah i don't know what i was thinking1237.3611.439
might be the hormones1239.67911.921
okay so man i need to make a compass too1248.7994.88
i don't know what direction i'm in1251.64.24
is that before the grab trap should i1253.6794.161
update your list well right now what i1255.843.44
kind of feel like i need to do is go out1257.842.48
and gather1259.283.92
materials oh i got some lead what oh1260.324.96
what is this1263.24.479
oh that's a ton of copper holy crap i1265.285.759
just found a damn copper deposit1267.6795.281
did you find a battery deposit somewhere1271.0393.52
no but if i find some more1272.964.48
um damn it oh wait yes yes yes battery1274.5594.721
deposit not a battery deposit but it's1277.442.8
those little uh1279.282.399
the ribbons i don't know why they're1280.2410.08
called the ribbons yep oxygen if1281.67912.24
what the hell is that what are you1290.326.64
what are you little guy1293.9193.041
a brine wing oh1299.126.72
holy crap all right these brine wings1307.763.279
they they they freeze you1309.763.919
they shoot cold spunk in your face yeah1311.0393.601
uh well you seem okay yeah i managed to1314.644.24
wiggle out of it but damn1317.363.12
i mean the oxygen's going down but yep1318.882.96
nope that's why i'm swimming towards the1320.482.48
surface here1321.845.12
yeah all right don't mess with the brine1322.964.0
okay is there oxygen here i'm taking a1332.725.28
risk going under these glaciers1335.65.84
oh wait i got a map kind of look at1338.06.48
kind of look ahead can i1341.443.04
all right i see any holes in here1345.363.84
oh yeah it looks like it comes up over1349.763.76
here somewhere1350.962.56
you don't get trapped under those rocks1355.0393.601
i see a hole1358.643.2
wait a minute1365.9192.561
hold on i gotta scan this guy1371.525.76
yeah look at the dead on this thing okay1374.883.679
a thermal lily1377.282.96
it's like a plant it's like a it's like1378.5593.041
a living heater1380.244.72
right awesome1381.66.4
but uh i found a light1384.967.04
stick okay which tells me1388.07.12
oh neebs all right clearly humans have1392.04.64
been here which i guess humans have been1395.123.919
about everywhere on this damn planet now1396.644.0
yeah cool new blueprint synthesis got a1399.0394.801
light stick1400.643.2
oh it's cold oh neebs yeah1404.5596.081
discovered a base there you go that's1407.9193.281
good right1410.642.24
maybe your sister's there maybe1411.23.44
somebody's here like you should here's1412.883.12
what you should do if you see her if you1414.642.399
go there and you see her1416.03.12
you should call her and see if she looks1417.0393.361
at her phone no if i see her i'm going1419.122.96
to cuss her out because i know she's not1420.43.92
here because i got a letter saying she's1422.085.839
dead huh looks like they made a snowman1424.327.44
oh yeah yeah is it a good one1427.9196.561
it's um yeah it's a snowman like they1431.764.08
were cute it looks like they put a1434.483.12
mask on it yeah like like a breathing1435.843.92
thing oh this is cold it's cold it's1437.63.36
cold all right i'm gonna try to get1439.763.36
inside this place looks wrecked by the1440.964.88
okay okay a little bit warmer in here1451.2794.081
here we go1453.444.16
you should go back to those plants yeah1455.364.319
plants are too far away i'm okay in here1457.65.679
can't see a damn thing man neebs place1459.67912.721
looks abandoned1463.27912.961
oh i found sam's room1472.43.84
got a pda does she have a picture of me1481.123.6
she's got a poster a picture ah look1484.724.72
it's a picture of my sister and her1488.03.2
stupid ass cat1489.444.4
i never knew she had a cat she's a cat1491.24.67
is the cat there it's probably starving1493.844.56
scanning this room like with a uv light1498.45.6
no i'm not sure you want to do that with1502.084.16
a scanner1504.06.0
okay multi-purpose room synthesized1506.246.64
all right i'm going on a scanning spree1510.04.93
go for it1512.886.79
new blueprint synthesized new blueprint1519.9196.401
new blueprint synthesized1527.6793.681
new blueprint synthesized new blueprint1532.1595.681
damn a modification station already1541.2797.121
this is great oh1544.727.839
i remember you neeps found an ion cube1548.46.32
remember those oh really already an iron1552.5594.561
cube i know1554.724.079
just leave there's laying around so yeah1557.123.039
they were clearly researching some1558.7992.961
aliens up here oh hold on i got a1560.1594.161
this a control room yeah i'll look at1564.485.199
all these pdas later oh i found another1567.9193.76
picture sam's stupid cat this must be1569.6793.281
her workstation1571.6794.961
so she was studying robots1572.965.68
sam was studying robots neebs how do you1576.644.24
know well this is her workstation1578.643.76
there's robot parts everywhere well do1580.882.96
you think she's studying cats she just1582.43.68
found a cat thing no the cat's a pitcher1583.844.0
okay it's a picture of her stupid cat1586.083.36
the robot's the decoration and my1587.842.8
inventory's full1589.443.2
poster what can i get rid of what can i1590.643.2
get rid of1592.642.24
can you eat something you know what i1593.843.04
can drink of water i'm taking this1594.883.2
picture of the cat1596.884.48
oh cute little1598.087.04
oh my goodness what are you1601.366.4
lantern fruit okay meat i'm gonna scan1605.123.84
these lantern1607.766.08
fruit trees okay1608.964.88
i'm gonna pick one up my inventory god i1614.44.0
i didn't expect to find this place oh1616.7994.321
wait i got a decomposing fish1618.44.399
drop that fish i'm gonna pick up one of1621.123.6
these lantern fruits oh wait you know1622.7994.0
what i bet they're big yeah they're big1624.724.72
looks like you can use it for energy uh1626.7993.841
in the bioreactor1629.443.599
really okay if i build a bioreactor i'll1630.643.6
do that ooh a locker1633.0395.12
anything in here no you'd also eat them1634.245.2
but all right well i know how to make1638.1593.841
the tree so i tell you what if i1639.443.76
i can make one of these grow beds and1642.02.32
come back here eventually because i'm1643.22.959
not giving up this copper and1644.323.76
titanium i could give up you know what1646.1593.041
i'm doing i'm gonna give up1648.084.479
four titanium don't you need titanium to1649.25.92
make your grab trap oh you're right but1652.5594.161
it's easy enough to find1655.122.72
hold on i just want to look at one of1656.723.28
these lantern fruits you can eat it uh1657.845.04
food they actually give you body heat1660.04.0
now that's handy1662.883.679
that is handy once you eat that get your1664.04.159
titanium back so you can make your grab1666.5592.961
trap didn't you want a compass too i1668.1592.64
want a lot of things neebs1669.523.36
i just got here all right you know what1670.7993.36
i want to test this out i'm going to1672.882.32
step outside a minute1674.1595.041
see if it's cold a window i can make1675.24.0
oh yeah needs a prawn suit fragment1686.5593.521
oh wow1689.0392.801
great man we're finding a bunch of stuff1690.085.92
early this is good1691.846.559
one super great oh man i need two more1696.04.159
though i only see two of them here1698.3993.601
so yeah you get a prawn suit maybe you1700.1593.601
can stop uh those sea monkeys from1702.02.48
stealing your stuff1703.762.639
oh yeah no i would i would just stomp1704.484.36
them at that point cause i'm in a prawn1706.3995.441
okay all right hypothermia imminent i'm1711.9193.201
eating this little lantern fruit see1713.762.0
what happens1715.123.76
okay oh yeah oh man you could feel that1715.764.0
inside you1718.884.0
yeah whoo you warm oh it wore me right1719.764.08
yeah okay anything over here worth the1723.843.6
i don't see anything weather's getting a1727.443.04
weather's getting a little crazy here1730.483.12
neebs you better go back inside1731.6794.0
uh you know what no i saw a path over1733.64.24
here i kind of want to follow1735.6794.801
you taking me1737.842.64
so you're just gonna get a letter and1744.5593.441
somebody's dead well the letter said she1748.03.279
was dead1750.643.68
okay but i'm just saying there are1751.2796.161
cases throughout time where neebs1754.324.959
someone turns up not dead right they1757.445.44
found an alien marker1759.2795.76
it looks like this is leading me into1762.883.2
from a desk1765.0394.721
i want to make a desk i'm scanning this1766.083.68
yes i can make a desk blueprint1770.643.6
desks aren't hard to make you1774.244.6
just put a piece of wood over1776.05.52
whoa neebs yeah1783.0397.201
found a uh an alien facility1786.086.64
okay is this what sam was researching1790.244.159
what is this1792.724.8
ice stalagmite1794.3996.4
it's on the ground yeah okay but it's1797.524.48
like glowing green1800.7993.281
it's like it's oh man it's not infected1802.03.2
remember that disease that made1805.23.12
everything glow green but it wouldn't1806.324.32
infect ice that'd be stupid right1808.325.44
um yeah weren't you uh1810.644.72
wait stuff was attacking you when it was1813.764.0
glowing right when what was glowing1815.364.08
was there some sort of sickness before1817.763.12
yeah i was sick the car1819.443.359
the car i think that the virus was1820.883.679
called right that like everything on the1822.7993.12
planet was getting infected by1824.5594.24
that's right but we cured it yeah you1825.9193.681
remember all that1828.7993.041
we cured it we were heroes you got the1829.64.319
fame i got hardly anything1831.844.16
no i did the surviving so you know it1833.9193.841
makes sense yeah but1836.04.159
paul revere his buddies yeah yeah did1837.763.36
you did you hear about1840.1594.081
paul revere's assistant no exactly did1841.123.679
you hear about1844.244.72
zero zero fu's assistant no exactly1844.7996.88
start putting my name on stuff no i want1848.963.52
to be famous1851.6792.401
too okay neebs i don't know how to open1852.483.76
this facility1854.085.12
yep there's and there's no ion cube or1856.245.279
anything to put in1859.24.56
so paul revere needs his assistant to1861.5194.801
figure out the door1863.764.399
hmm all right i'm gonna have to come1866.323.52
back to this1868.1594.801
come on all right tell you what1869.844.88
i'm heading back to the life pod we're1872.963.04
heading back to the live pod1874.722.72
we're heading back to life pod i got a1876.03.44
lot of stuff oh wait i'm gonna stop by1877.443.839
the base pick up that titanium i dropped1879.443.839
yep then we're gonna make some grab1881.2794.161
traps grab traps1883.27910.561
next on the list1885.448.4
all right neebs i got a grab trap made1894.083.28
and i guess i'll just put it somewhere1897.3610.48
near the face maybe right over here1899.68.24
is it working oh yeah hold on let me1908.083.28
take a breath1909.6793.681
names this thing just like grabs every1911.363.199
fish in the vicinity1913.364.88
yeah look at oh my god1914.5596.24
it just hangs to them man i can get so1918.244.0
many fish this way1920.7995.6
come here oh come here come here oh yeah1922.246.559
is it reusable i don't know let me see1926.3994.721
if i pick up all these fish1928.7994.561
yeah it just keeps grabbing them really1931.123.2
dude i'm getting so many fish you're1934.323.839
gonna get chunky aren't you1936.3993.601
oh man i'm gonna be so fat on fish1938.1593.681
bladder fish i got water1940.04.88
hoop fish oh okay i'm probably going a1941.844.4
little bit crazy i'm getting way too1944.881.76
oh you know what i know the perfect1946.643.36
thing to do with them1948.885.44
okay hey guys who's hungry1950.07.039
fella want some come get it what are you1954.323.52
doing yeah1957.0393.52
feeding the penguins oh oh with the grab1957.845.04
trap fish yeah we got enough fish now1960.5593.921
hey i thought you were looking into the1962.883.2
disappearance of your sister oh yeah no1964.482.96
i'm gonna do that but right now i wanted1966.083.439
to feed these penguins here you go guys1967.445.28
yeah they they love it they love it oh1969.5193.52
they're like i can't even as soon as i1973.0393.841
pull them out they're gone1974.7994.801
come here you want one oh you're hungry1976.884.799
yeah eat it1981.6792.641
here you wanna what about bladder fish1984.723.6
oh yeah guys they like bladder fish too1986.7992.24
they like it all1988.322.32
they like it all oh yeah they're1989.0393.12
penguins fish1990.645.12
here oh these are gonna be my pets1992.1595.76
all right see i'm feeding you guys i'm1995.763.039
right here another bladder fish there1998.7994.48
you go one more one more2000.884.96
another one2003.2792.561

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