Blowing EACH OTHER Up! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Episode 14 of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe is here and it's packed with all the chaos and excitement we lo...
Blowing EACH OTHER Up! - Ark Fjordur
Blowing EACH OTHER Up! - Ark Fjordur

Blowing EACH OTHER Up! - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that latest video, 'Blowing EACH OTHER Up!' on Ark Fjordur? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where we kept accidentally blowing each other up with those traps? Classic Neebs Gaming content!

appsro: I still can't believe you guys fell for those traps multiple times! It's like watching a comedy show with explosions.

neebs: Hey, Appsro, at least we kept things interesting. Plus, it's always fun to see who can outsmart the other in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Episode 14 of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe is here and it's packed with all the chaos and excitement we love. From sinking boats to exploding traps, this episode has it all!

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs and the gang's adventures in Ark: Survival Evolved, then you're in for a treat with this episode. The action never stops and the laughs keep coming as the noobs face off against the alpha tribe in epic battles that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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So grab your favorite snack, settle in, and get ready to watch the noobs take on the alpha tribe in this thrilling episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe. Trust me, you won't want to miss a minute of the action! Let's show our support for Neebs and the gang as they face the challenges of Ark: Survival Evolved with their signature humor and camaraderie.

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anybody looking for some socks yeah well1.3197.681
here you go oh yeah socks4.564.44
Dora yes Simon yeah I'm pointed right at12.545.52
him okay that's perfect okay I'm in my15.545.579
position for uh phase B I don't know if18.065.34
they're they're here because my pastor21.1194.621
didn't detect them Let It Rip but I was23.44.799
tall okay ready let it rap all right25.745.119
explode explode some32.2793.3
nothing I don't know I'm over here I35.5794.441
know I'm doing it again because look it38.463.119
didn't seem to do anything40.023.059
and nobody's41.5792.581
looked like it would have been like43.0793.241
right on top of them there hmm44.165.16
maybe go investigate huh I'm gonna I'm46.325.46
in a good spot hey might be uh for49.324.86
naught wait a second wait a second okay51.784.759
are you54.182.359
yeah doing the hubba with another lover58.684.219
yeah so I'm pretty sure that they have a62.8994.481
bird down there that's kind of65.882.94
protecting it so that kind of you know67.383.66
what I'll have to do what is it uh is it68.825.52
left click to fire up the bird no that's71.046.36
fight here you go get away get out of74.345.419
here oh God77.44.92
oh everything's turning green and I79.7595.68
don't know why I got plant species on82.325.52
there oh [ __ ] okay well that's working85.4395.281
yeah yeah well then damn well you would87.844.919
hope that my my rocket launchers would90.724.64
have you know didn't broke that up92.7595.82
okay well let's see hold on I'm gonna95.365.74
I'm not I'm not done here98.5794.321
closer let's see101.13.72
I'm right at this plant102.95.219
hey huh I think I got the plants and104.824.799
when I broke the boat up a little bit108.1195.04
okay all right hold on109.6196.901
more more destruction this is good I113.1597.161
would call this Fair Revenge116.523.8
you're freaking broke120.8996.741
yeah but uh but very good123.04.64
are you a man128.74.36
so now I have never messed with these157.8196.041
before can I put it on the ground okay160.566.48
there and then maybe okay yep I see it163.866.18
hopefully they won't hmm167.045.46
so this is this is a dumb idea all right170.043.779
let's fill these torches with as much172.53.18
wood as we can okay wood and a sign173.8193.541
maybe two right yeah something that'll175.684.26
distract them I think so yeah okay all177.363.54
right let me run out and get some wood179.942.28
real quick be careful this is a180.93.419
dangerous area okay yeah see this is182.224.2
exciting I'm enjoying this this is fun184.3193.721
yeah let's see we can't we can't trip186.424.319
these can we don't try it yeah I don't I188.045.04
don't know well you be careful too yeah190.7394.201
I will be you just made one no I made193.083.18
two you have to make two and they link194.943.42
oh see that yeah that's why that one's196.263.36
there well that means one though doesn't198.362.64
it yeah kind of I guess but I had to199.622.94
make two of those yep I think what you201.02.879
got to do is build a few things you know202.564.259
like build a box maybe a forge you know203.8795.101
like a distraction what do you want to206.8194.261
put on the sign buy one get one yeah208.984.92
BOGO yeah so yeah you think we should211.084.26
lay some of those other things down yeah213.93.66
mix it up yeah make it look like215.344.259
something all right give me a minute man217.564.259
all right uh I need to gather some what221.8197.801
what did neeb say gather some materials226.7397.821
yes it's a Lava River okay okay okay229.628.699
I've not checked out this place but uh234.565.98
I'm gonna get a gander238.3194.98
oh this is hell I've been here Cleveland240.545.279
ah just kind of stay a little high oh245.81910.14
okay okay so I see a tunnel oh [ __ ]249.7810.62
is that it's real hot okay okay I need255.9599.321
to uh get out maybe260.44.88
and Simon yes sir I was in the wrong266.164.5
spot last time but I'm saying what I268.683.9
came to another spot that's270.665.4
pretty likely for travel uh-huh and I am272.585.0
are you being cool well you know277.585.14
remember when I was talking about with281.524.56
the little underwater Oh no I know this282.724.919
is the first time you mentioned it you286.085.339
know it's beautiful well I mean yeah287.6396.421
yeah I think so now I'm glad that we291.4194.801
don't have a boat because yeah I'd294.064.5
probably go across it by accident yeah296.224.259
for sure I wonder how those things work298.564.62
yeah hopefully we just hear a yell from300.4794.081
the Next Room really wouldn't that be303.184.079
nice I'd love it I'm gonna do a coastal304.564.98
little look up this way so you know307.2595.781
we're on the prowl today yeah we are309.543.5
here we are pumpkin spice is dead okay313.1999.081
okay you prowl I'll howl copy that oh316.086.2
what I said I was gonna327.243.84
have it but you know how it packs they329.0395.641
respond true but then all right and I'm331.084.74
on a prowl334.684.28
I'm on the prowl too335.823.14
man my howl was you have a good [ __ ]339.065.82
hell you have a good house all right342.066.859
easy easy show off344.886.42
look at JoJo you throw it in my face348.9195.041
come on351.32.66
that's a little snorting face355.9193.56
let's go for snorticulture360.664.259
oh boy363.064.5
nope that's good [ __ ] that's [ __ ] that364.9195.641
stays is what that is yep is that367.565.84
forever kind of [ __ ]370.562.84
okay that one that one it's cozy man377.786.82
see I think it'll look creepy at night382.43.579
hopefully that's when they uh they find384.63.12
it yeah you never know he's more likely385.9793.421
to be seen huh yeah you would hope so387.723.72
and I think I got enough fuel in this389.43.18
you know what I'm gonna grab one more391.443.12
I'm gonna grab one more run right just a392.584.08
little little Bop I should have just394.563.72
done this with the damn hip yeah well396.663.42
didn't want to get the beaver out oh you398.283.0
might as well load it up because it400.082.76
could be uh it could be months it's true401.282.94
that's true I'll have to check on it402.842.699
every now and then but yeah this one's404.223.24
this one's almost full this will burn I405.5393.241
wish it told you how long it would burn407.462.64
you know what I mean yeah that'd be408.782.88
great to know oh this one this one will410.13.719
go for a while seven days does that I411.663.9
know and it's super convenient okay413.8194.141
we'll open this door they can say like415.564.74
yeah come on in boys come on in maybe417.964.2
it'll work it's a big maybe I've never420.33.48
I've never used traps like this before422.162.759
um I don't think I have either yeah I424.9194.261
think I've fallen into them yeah maybe426.783.72
what should we do now should we go check429.182.76
on the boat yeah let's do that maybe430.53.479
grab some silica pearls you know go431.942.65
all this down here438.385.379
I believe440.945.12
oh that's his poisonous443.7595.581
if I go in here is it gonna [ __ ] me up446.068.079
all right let's see ya oh it's very hot449.347.44
oh and bats nope I'm turning around454.1397.34
kinda let's go out of here456.784.699
Barbecue Cooking Barbecue's thick461.7594.821
I'm trying to get this freaking power467.725.02
sir and uh I I want to say I hit him at469.865.399
least three times okay usually shitty472.744.44
ones go down once you don't know what475.2595.121
level it is huh nope nope nope nope nope477.186.06
mind blowing with this T-Rex here that480.384.659
I've never seen a paint job quite like483.243.6
this it is gorgeous it looks like a485.0394.081
salamander really really yeah kind of486.844.199
like a salamander489.124.56
here you are PAL listen I gotta get you491.0395.041
if I teamed him I'd call him salamander493.685.34
that's a T-Rex got a different I can't496.084.86
tell with those colors damn it my long499.025.0
neck rifle freaking broke broke500.947.02
I just want to kill you oh no [ __ ] oh504.026.399
yeah that's what it's come to oh yep507.964.079
it's coming to me killing the thing that510.4193.36
I can't tame if you can't happen no one512.0393.481
can have them and then killing a Dodo513.7793.421
just for the hell of it I'm very Dahmer515.523.86
of you that's me517.26.12
Dahmer God knows where the hell is my519.386.76
dragon please oh this way good that's523.326.48
the next hit film Dahmer no where the526.146.18
hell is my dragon oh yeah that that529.85.099
could be oh and those who made how to532.325.34
train a dragon and Dude Where's My Car534.8996.261
brings you537.663.5
look at that what happened I said I ran544.2794.961
up to his son and said we're coming for547.563.66
you and then all of a sudden there was549.244.2
some sort of explosion dude that's a551.225.7
genius it was fantastic this really goes553.446.18
to show you how like we give gifts yes556.925.099
we do they're very nice it's nice to559.624.2
give gifts I think that it's hilarious562.0193.861
it was like a little prank563.824.98
when you grab the gum the chewing gum565.885.079
I'm burning it by the way the chewing568.84.32
gum and it snaps on your finger570.9594.141
I like that573.124.98
yeah something like that all right I'm575.14.799
gonna go check out roughly where I guess578.14.919
you saw their boat okay okay a little579.8996.301
bit deeper since it's prowl day all583.0194.981
right I'm still in search of a parish586.24.139
sir I keep on knocking out and then they588.04.44
keep on getting oh needs yeah we need to590.3395.281
run what's running from uh uh oh gotcha592.446.42
oh crap I like that movie no595.625.339
see us I don't think so oh yeah they598.863.74
who is that Dora602.64.62
enjoyed it604.924.56
hit you like that don't like that do you607.224.6
who's there611.822.72
hello door where you at I'm out on that615.145.74
top of the Northwest Island give me a618.485.039
map hey Dora hey where where you at620.886.98
buddy oh you know oh hang it around oh623.5196.361
you didn't say anything I would have627.864.8
never seen that629.882.78
it is man are you hitting me no never634.2796.18
oh well it was good good seeing you oh641.05.14
it's a pleasure my friend all right need644.16.2
Spanish okay uh Vanishing646.144.16
hey Simon hey hey buddy so yeah I found652.0196.121
a little little husky yeah oh man I feel655.624.38
a little bad a little bit right I don't658.143.36
know should I even be bothering to come660.04.94
no no no oh [ __ ]661.56.54
these are dangerous they're so dangerous664.945.32
so you don't think you see them anymore668.044.26
like they ran probably vanished when and670.265.1
they said vanish what does that means672.34.44
they probably yeah they can they can675.363.3
jump in a bed and vanish oh I don't do676.744.38
that they can though okay well I'm sorry678.664.32
it's not something we ever usually did681.123.839
ever when we played so it's kind of682.983.84
freaky to hear well684.9594.38
in a gameplay it apparently is so I came686.824.139
all the way here for nothing I didn't689.3394.641
tell you to come here damn it690.9593.021
you think they're still out there uh I705.424.38
don't know if it matters man wait is707.883.78
that what uh that's a dolphin no I know709.84.38
that's a dolphin Beyond it is a jelly oh711.664.26
good I don't think I'm hitting it though714.183.899
it's kind of like our security system715.924.859
isn't it maybe but I don't like having a718.0795.641
security oh oh what'd you get our raft720.7795.341
was destroyed by Simon they found the723.724.44
waterfall that's fine yeah exactly we726.123.48
don't need that okay well then we know728.163.239
we're they're still out there so we729.63.239
should uh you know obviously go up for731.3993.841
air but then swing far left around them732.8395.521
I was gonna say out the front and far735.246.3
right huh or what do you want to do well738.365.159
you know the wraps on the back side of741.543.72
that island so tell you what just follow743.5194.56
me should we lay low or oh yeah yeah lay745.264.86
low for a while so just sit here no not748.0794.141
here I say lay low out there okay like750.123.959
we'll get low yeah look if they see us752.223.92
we'll get low hello754.0796.061
to the window and the walls until sweat756.146.27
drops down my Beamer760.1419.13
IC tucked away in this corner779.6394.14
could have sworn it was tucked away in782.2792.661
this corner783.7793.841
yeah isn't this the same wasn't this784.944.959
where the ref was yeah but you know what787.624.98
thing didn't really did they do this one789.8995.041
did the raft you have have a name792.65.299
because we just saw raft destroyed794.945.22
see this thing not even and put up a797.8994.0
fight hold on because I got stuff under800.164.02
here well I'm gonna grab what's801.8994.74
important here oh my God we lost that804.184.32
thing that sucks well there's some good806.6394.621
stuff under here so we're all right oh808.55.0
all right man814.385.759
there's no no egg nothing816.8395.881
he's kind of up top there820.1396.121
Ah that's one man that's fast that was822.726.48
fast all right I'm getting out of here826.267.44
oh that's yeah yeah are you yeah because829.25.72
I'm not833.76.3
oh no Alicia no I didn't care for you834.928.14
really but um I mean uh you know what840.05.519
it's not that bad I can get bats843.065.82
anywhere like the bad King but with one845.5195.341
dead one all right they probably didn't848.885.519
see so it doesn't matter okay getting850.867.2
out of here where's out of here [ __ ] all854.3996.261
right bye858.062.6
I just want to hold more for more866.942.639
pick up large metal Mall869.5793.621
what happened buddy yes but I just fixed881.5196.12
our base a little bit so we ain't gonna885.423.539
get in from it887.6395.101
that's great to laugh about okay man I888.9595.461
could have collapsed this whole [ __ ]892.744.8
thing yeah you probably could have hey894.425.7
I'm glad it worked out me too I can't897.548.419
wait to see it wow okay sorry yeah900.129.54
man the sky is extra dope tonight is it905.9596.161
oh I feel like a moth and I want to fly909.666.979
right into it do it moth fly I'm a moth912.128.399
I must resist I'll resist okay where am916.6395.32
I I don't know but I'm picking up920.5193.06
campfire you're gonna be happy I did921.9593.981
this it's gonna be a lot easier923.5794.801
yeah excuse me daily I started feeling925.945.88
early onset Alzheimer's928.383.44
all right yeah yeah yeah okay neebs933.486.18
couple things how's our baby quick look937.323.6
I don't know what's happening what the939.663.479
[ __ ] the hell wait I think it just helps940.924.26
dropping I think it's just maturing a943.1393.901
little bit so I think it's okay wait945.183.659
yeah wow the health is really dropping947.043.12
what are we doing wrong I mean there's948.8393.0
food in it it doesn't say it needs950.163.179
attention yet I'm gonna transfer this951.8393.18
fish food out of there do we do we feed953.3394.321
it I don't know you can force feed you955.0194.921
see it can you force feed why is it957.664.02
doing that I don't know yeah it's Foods959.943.06
all the way down it's not eating I'm961.682.399
gonna force feed it I don't know what963.02.579
else to do it doesn't want attention964.0793.901
what's happening I have no damn idea man965.5794.26
this game is [ __ ] from start to967.983.9
finish yeah Health's going down don't969.8393.901
know why I don't know why you like this971.883.3
game neebs well I don't like this part973.742.94
of it I don't like a lot of parts of it975.183.3
I'm just gonna keep Force feeding it no976.683.42
the hell's going down well stop doing978.483.599
that wait no now the help yeah I don't980.13.179
know what to do I'm just gonna leave it982.0794.2
in there yeah is it cold is it hot it983.2795.161
doesn't say what it says once care in986.2794.201
five hours it's not five hours is it no988.443.899
it's still going down yep still going990.484.14
down oh no maybe maybe you need some992.3393.961
space for being helicopter parents I994.623.959
have no idea man yeah this is garbage996.34.2
does it does it eat something besides998.5793.661
meat no it's a damn wyvern I don't think1000.54.74
so Dick's flying today so1002.244.86
um oh God I hate we're gonna lose this1005.245.099
for him here there's your daddy so you1007.15.4
happy no he still looks pretty sickly1010.3394.92
what is going on it's dead1012.56.66
ah we got art again what on Earth anyway1015.2595.64
that really took the wind out of this1019.164.26
here's your [ __ ] back1020.8995.221
thank you and I got one more thing for1023.424.86
you here's a GPS so now we can1026.124.799
communicate with radio oh hey yeah hey1028.284.32
guess what1030.9194.621
the waiver died for no reason uh I'm1032.64.8
sorry come again the wyvern died for no1035.543.899
reason uh1037.45.48
copy over1039.4393.441
you got her oh yeah1044.747.6
come on Miss we just need some milk1047.9196.461
we got a little one at home1052.345.76
oh yes is that it yep she's down I was1054.386.0
down to three tranq darts yeah I still1058.13.54
got some1060.383.36
there you go milk milk lemonade around1061.645.94
the corner fudge is made grab it1063.748.22
that was that was a day I agree a nice1067.586.9
day it was productive a lot of1071.965.04
Destruction good searching right good1074.484.92
prowling I feel like that you know our1077.04.919
our peepers are are getting a bonus they1079.43.6
might be1081.9192.821
um maybe they're they're perked up or1083.04.02
peepers are perked perked peakers1084.744.92
pickled peppers you know pretty pot pies1087.024.62
you know what seems appropriate what1089.664.8
maybe some uh softer softer howls1091.644.44
because it's nighttime1094.464.8
oh yeah okay so like1096.085.599
um go ahead1099.262.419
I like here1109.483.48
close to the castle I1116.6797.74
I bet they're scared that or or in here1119.64.819
we're making them wet out there that's1128.4195.221
what we're doing every animal1130.946.06
good night good night1133.645.94
now I'm getting wet1137.04.08
it's the leak in the roof you just made1139.584.339
oh yeah1141.082.839

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