Two Drops on the First Day!!! - Rust

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready to dive into another exciting adventure with the gang? I know I am! In this new video, the...
Two Drops on the First Day!!! - Rust
Two Drops on the First Day!!! - Rust

Two Drops on the First Day!!! - Rust

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Rust video! Today, we're talking about why this is our favorite video ever.

simon: Oh yeah, definitely! I mean, who wouldn't love watching us struggle to survive with only two drops on the first day?

appsro: Haha, it's a classic Neebs Gaming moment for sure. I mean, we really know how to make the best out of a tough situation!

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget the countless times we've had to start over in Rust. It's like a never-ending cycle of chaos and fun.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready to dive into another exciting adventure with the gang? I know I am! In this new video, the Neebs crew is starting fresh on a new run with all the experience they've gained from their previous adventures. I can't wait to see how this run turns out, it's always a wild ride with these guys!

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a new beginning folks yeah yeah yeah man4.164.8
i'm excited to be back7.24.16
too yes8.962.4
we all have to decide where we're gonna11.5193.12
set up right yeah13.123.28
yeah we just got in here we need uh hold14.6393.601
on let me take a peek at the old mappy16.43.76
poop i'm looking at the map too18.244.0
okay you look at the map yeah yeah you20.163.44
said you said you want to be near the22.243.279
bandit camp i feel like that's a smart23.63.679
thing to do since we can buy some stuff25.5193.201
there so27.2793.681
about maybe the k-8 region that puts us28.723.92
kind of in between a gas station power30.964.0
plant bandit camp i like that options32.645.919
kind of centralized yeah yes yes yes so34.966.32
what are we aiming to do this particular38.5595.121
round tank man we got to take that tank41.284.48
down yeah the tank beat us last time43.683.6
it's not going to happen this time we're45.762.799
going to build ourselves up we're going47.283.84
to take down i figured you'd say that48.5595.041
yeah i got a marker set for k-8 so if we51.124.64
want to head that way lead the way if53.63.52
i'm following you thick i'm following55.763.92
you baby whoo that cute little skinny57.124.48
butt man i love a good thing we all have59.683.679
skinny butts every one of us has a61.63.76
really skinny butt i wish i had a fat63.3595.951
ass just a just a big old dumper65.3643.28
can i throw my rock i wish you could i108.644.2
don't i don't think111.041.92
yeah i can oh what did you just throw it112.841.08
you talking so112.960.96
left wow i never knew that i'm gonna117.4392.881
grab this crap you guys get the deer118.963.04
that's great no yeah we're not gonna120.323.68
catch that deer that's dumb122.04.719
all right so i see that gas station and124.04.479
then let's see i'm going to keep hitting126.7193.841
m for map okay we're a little off track128.4794.001
we got to head a little bit more to the130.563.6
to the east132.483.6
find any good stuff in these barrels of134.164.32
scrap hey man we can use the scrap [ __ ]136.085.2
yeah we can scrap his currency somehow138.484.64
yeah i was bass boy i felt last time i141.283.599
don't mind doing that again hold on be a143.124.4
little bit boy you're a good bass boy144.8794.321
i am pretty good at it what with147.523.999
building and stacking and organizing149.24.64
these faces are wigging me out it's like151.5193.841
this is weird153.842.72
trying to look at yours you won't stay155.362.64
still there we go yeah but i was looking156.562.959
at each side of you do you see that line158.03.519
around the hairline like as if you oh159.5193.36
yeah you got one too it's like you're161.5193.761
wearing a mask it's weird it's like yeah162.8793.121
okay look up for me look look up yeah166.04.48
too high up look down a little bit168.563.28
look at your eyes you're like looking170.483.36
around like you like you're up to171.844.399
something well you know what mask i am173.844.96
up to something i'm wearing a mask176.2395.601
i knew it i knew it oh scientist178.86.68
he's behind the trees181.843.64
use this mound oh man we got nothing for188.1594.641
this guy right now no now he knows about190.2394.08
us he's going to tell us192.84.159
should we run towards uh like east 110194.3193.92
kind of head straight out that direction196.9592.801
towards those hills that might still be198.2393.761
in his line of sight and distance maybe199.764.32
but if we all book it he can't kill us202.04.4
all let's go204.083.84
that's the leader i want to go needs206.43.28
where are you at i'll meet you there oh207.925.64
boy here we go here we go209.683.88
he's running out oh yeah he's running at216.562.61
us we've got nothing for his ass218.082.64
100 east 100.220.724.079
oh he's like blasting shoddy shots so222.724.56
it's like not as accurate it's nice oh224.7993.681
yeah it looks like he gave up looks like227.283.76
he came up good job guys228.484.399
right behind us231.047.64
oh god that's a ball oh oh god232.8795.801
i hit the252.642.319
they're all dead255.763.92
it's too bad that i'm faster257.3593.6
more afraid262.244.73
oh boy where am i um272.246.48
okay oh blue guy right there you kidding275.9194.641
me um278.724.08
i'll go this way280.565.6
yes sir i believe got eaten by dogs282.86.24
do they not know i'm a dog person286.165.12
yeah i love dogs they just get to know289.043.84
me a little better291.284.24
okay uh avoided that guy successfully292.885.28
because i'm a survivor and you know what295.525.44
the guys told me to meet298.164.4
i know where they're going to be they're300.963.76
going to be up here yeah right in there302.566.28
all right heading that way304.724.12
all right hey this is working out a310.05.199
bunch of mushrooms okay i311.7596.88
got a ways to go315.1994.641
what are you319.843.52
oh is that a horse god yeah if i could320.84.48
found a horse yes323.363.119
boy huh oh yeah things are looking up326.4794.321
all right am i still on the map okay at328.963.519
least i can get there quickly330.84.08
is this anything or is this just dumb332.4794.321
it's just a big dumb hole oh yeah god334.884.4
you got some speed oh okay whoa lots of336.84.239
barrels whoa whoa whoa oh is that a cave339.283.12
oh that's a cave341.0392.961
stay here342.44.16
bufus beefus is your name344.04.32
hey buffus346.563.84
beaufort the doofus348.324.719
um oh this is probably stupid yeah this350.45.519
is probably real stupid353.0394.241
stay there buffus i'll be right back358.4795.121
oh god what am i doing what am i doing361.444.8
what am i doing i just got a horse what363.64.0
is this366.243.04
what is it367.66.0
what this is like oh god oh god oh god369.284.32
i'm at the bottom of a hole373.683.519
of the assignment of this episode i375.683.76
found a [ __ ] i'm feeling a hole377.1995.601
did anybody get me out of hole379.443.36
well hello lovelies hello388.167.2
two of yous two viens392.44.799
all right two of you there was a bunch395.364.08
of animals397.1994.241
and it looks safe and i know one of you399.445.12
is faster i know one of these faster i401.446.879
shouldn't be picky i look safe now404.563.759
hey just respawned over there on the410.883.759
beach we'll grab a horse i'll grab this412.725.039
one two horses what two horses414.6394.881
oh man i did and i found another horse417.7593.521
out over there by a hole well look at419.524.16
you're the little horse whisperer king421.283.84
lucky horse423.683.2
thing yeah hey dude you want to go with425.124.4
me to a weird hole not really426.883.92
okay well i'm gonna go back to that429.523.679
weird hole i think uh or yeah you're430.84.08
gonna make your way back to base did you433.1994.881
die via said hole oh god it just fell434.885.68
right into it no i need to do it438.084.08
why would you go back to falling into a440.563.919
hole well i'm not gonna do that this442.164.8
time oh should i watch maybe i could444.4793.44
hard to turn down a good hole447.9197.441
all right pig455.364.559
i'm doing well here you know457.0395.801
let me see if i can get you459.9196.081
what my dead shot there we go462.845.479
oh you're still coming466.03.759
wait i have a sword468.3192.961
oh you're running469.7592.961
not for long471.285.8
let's see long shot here we go472.724.36
mine now all right and get my arrows i481.684.959
love that mechanic of the game let me484.244.16
chop you up chop486.6392.881
leather cloth leather cloth bone489.523.6
what else am i getting any meat raw pork493.124.56
love it496.244.639
i'm a huge fan of pork bacon you know497.684.639
i wonder how the other guys are doing500.8794.801
because like i am a millionaire here i502.3196.481
have built home man i've got a sword i'm505.685.22
like a knight508.84.479
here we go again stalactites to lag514.883.76
i'm guessing bear huh522.9595.44
man don't say something like that525.23.199
it is a cave the bears go this deep528.644.16
though feel like a fair like a bear damn530.83.28
you know they don't they don't go this532.83.28
damn deep do they if they can you know534.084.16
if it's a pre-milk or pre-built system536.084.08
there they'll go as deep as they they538.243.52
can okay540.162.48
these bones nope this is whoa542.644.48
oh my god this is really becoming545.124.32
something this is man oh boy we do not547.125.68
want to get lost in here well549.445.92
can you get down there552.84.08
i wonder555.363.44
all right this is just turn it down556.883.36
circles i don't want to fall down558.83.92
another hole though here we go560.245.599
oh but no it leads to a damn pole562.725.36
holy moly oh boy565.8393.361
god what do you see what do you see door569.24.0
what do you see i see green it's lit571.124.159
down there but that might be a torch573.24.16
is that water that might be water575.2793.841
no it's probably not water and i'll577.364.159
break my everything can you jump into it579.124.08
i'm gonna do it i'm doing it this time581.5192.481
okay doing it all right all right do it584.05.16
do it586.03.16
okay i'm okay i'm okay you okay590.565.68
let me see uh more cabbage593.046.479
let's see another can i reach that596.245.599
yeah i'm in another cave here come on599.5193.281
all right602.83.039
okay i'm already doing better than612.3994.401
before i got tons of mushrooms uh still613.684.24
running around the rock but i got616.83.76
clothes i've been eating worms617.925.52
which i didn't know was a that's a bear620.564.8
three horses625.362.479
is that bear gonna kill those horses627.8393.521
there's two bears629.763.28
why is there so many bears like i think631.363.36
six bears today633.042.799
all right634.723.679
i'm gonna go to the left here635.8394.721
and i wish i had a gun kill the bears638.3994.081
i'd eat the bears and i would get three640.563.04
now return to the camp a hero643.64.64
oh he's going646.643.84
he left and there's three horses i can650.484.479
get down here653.442.88
jump on654.9592.481
okay uh new plan just one horse660.326.0
take this one oh boy i'm gonna rob this663.924.479
thing with all right i guess i'm666.323.44
grabbing loots668.3992.721
loot drops669.765.48
all right whoop bear671.124.12
that was names right yeah i heard nabes683.684.8
he was like a like a giant a horse685.684.32
oh god i bet he's still one of our damn688.483.12
horses well there were three there so we690.02.8
should be fine that's true so there's691.63.28
still two hey this is working out but uh692.83.92
all right so now which way left or right694.883.12
well let's look right because it looks696.723.76
like it's a drop off like another hole698.05.48
all right but that that one's safe do703.8393.12
you want to look you want to look yeah705.683.04
let's look let's look let's look let's706.9594.0
look all right all right708.725.6
so far no bears ah are you kidding710.9596.641
oh man another is a [ __ ] maze714.324.959
yeah let's look at this straight one719.2794.56
let's check this one narrow it down this720.884.399
looks clear723.8393.841
[ __ ] and then it's another oh725.2795.36
but hmm looks like there was a gate here727.684.48
okay if i didn't know this place was730.6392.961
gonna be the labyrinth i wouldn't have732.164.0
come in this is insane yeah yeah is it733.65.28
going to another four split up oh my god736.165.119
oh god we're gonna starve to death in738.884.959
here what is this we got a room that741.2794.56
might be the hole up to the oh wait yeah743.8393.521
is that where we came in at745.8393.68
oh man let's see wait can you hop in747.364.159
that and use it use lift yeah you can749.5193.681
use the lift okay oh is that going to751.5192.801
take that time753.22.48
that's our way out should we just search754.323.36
a little bit more no well here tell you755.683.44
what let's uh757.683.599
oh sorry sorry i didn't me i couldn't759.123.279
buy it761.2792.56
goodbye buddy762.3993.041
i'll send it back down but what we763.8394.081
should do is uh we should leave this765.445.44
lift up top go back to base gear up then767.926.08
come back we need that to get up in the770.884.32
first place774.02.959
i know i'm gonna i'm gonna send it back775.23.36
down to you776.9593.761
and then you can send it back778.562.88
oh wait it goes back oh [ __ ] it goes781.444.48
back down automatically uh-huh see we783.2794.641
gotta go back down okay785.924.08
i'm gonna search all right take a peek787.924.719
but be careful i'm taking it790.06.45
yeah okay good advice792.6399.48
right through the trees don't get stuck805.2792.8
on the trees806.9593.12
cheap okay you're doing great you doing808.0795.2
great uh okay i see purple right there810.0794.961
is there a scientist or a bear right813.2793.841
here come on stop stop stop stop stop815.045.84
stop stop whoa stop popping off817.124.64
how'd he die there's a dead uh scientist821.764.639
right here oh bear i bet824.3993.761
bears are everywhere so you got anything826.3992.961
why's he want to have a gun seriously829.365.52
oh boy okay throw the crap out we don't831.925.68
need that after him get his look at this834.886.079
holy moly i cannot die whoa look at this837.65.52
armor already840.9593.041
okay baby um tell you what let's uh844.04.0
i want that other one but it really846.9593.281
should regroup should i regroup848.04.24
it looks clear doesn't it850.243.68
i put all the armor on852.245.039
okay just be ready to run all right853.925.68
move in now when i say whoa i mean it857.2793.521
i don't i don't okay860.84.08
stop right here863.2793.601
all right be quiet why are you still864.883.92
walking why866.883.68
look at this mess868.85.2
this is insane this is day one all right870.564.56
you're going874.02.399
you're going875.123.92
i want that that that876.3994.56
pants extra paint these pants are better879.043.68
than my pants we'll get that'll do880.9594.641
that'll do of course uh where's the base882.726.96
that way all right come on baby885.64.08
oh my god what am i what am i dora893.365.36
yeah yeah it's abs rope i'm gonna go get896.9594.24
a horse and head back to home cause i898.724.32
don't know what to do here yeah i'm not901.1993.361
i'm not doing this903.043.76
how anyone would want to904.564.56
there's the hole i'm going906.86.8
into the hole chat all right909.125.839
i'm in the hole913.63.12
do i see any914.9593.12
anywhere oh my god is that light okay918.0794.32
that's light921.123.12
and that goes back up922.3994.0
you know what goes to this924.244.399
empty room that i might live in for926.3993.44
can what930.9593.761
i can't make that932.884.56
[ __ ] that's a total just fall down damn934.724.64
i am in a pickle939.364.64
i am in such a pickle can you grab that941.125.36
oh yeah you can climb that oh944.05.759
oh yeah you can climb that i'm climbing946.485.039
this and then949.7593.76
jump into that951.5194.161
okay look at me953.5195.601
like indiana jones except955.686.24
not even close is that still959.125.68
no no no no get up there961.926.479
oh yeah okay i'm on the ledge964.85.68
okay gotta be close968.3993.601
see that marker970.482.88
wait is that972.04.56
oh boy street's usually dangerous okay973.365.839
that looks man-built doesn't it976.564.16
is that our base979.1993.601
i think i made it man look we can get980.724.16
there get a bed get some of this stuff982.83.36
hey hey987.043.52
you wouldn't believe what i found man988.724.799
what you i got guns i got my god i got990.564.48
metal armor i got ammo we got to993.5193.44
research all this stuff yeah look at you995.044.56
you look great come on in yeah yeah this996.9595.12
guy he never stops places and999.64.96
it's not done yet but hey welcome to1002.0795.44
vista buena vista buena yep it's a good1004.565.199
view wow we can we can sit chairs out1007.5194.081
here watch the sunset every day yeah oh1009.7594.161
my god it's somewhat romantic i mean1011.63.12
but uh hey yeah that that's a nice gun1014.727.44
yeah i got more yes let's get1018.565.199
what's that that's my bed that's my1022.163.759
sleeping bag so you should make one uh1023.7593.841
there's there's stuff all over hey you1025.9194.961
hungry um no okay i'm a survivor i got1027.65.52
tons of food i'm actually stuffed oh all1030.884.0
right very well1033.124.48
well hey make yourself at home um we1034.885.679
need more materials to build this place1037.64.56
and yeah where are the other guys have1040.5593.921
you seen them nah i lost them we all1042.164.799
died the wolves you remember oh wait hey1044.483.68
hey hello1046.9592.801
i'm down here on the road i think i see1048.163.44
you guys hey1049.765.01
found a horse got that going for me hey1056.44.399
me too oh rock and roll yeah did you1058.964.16
steal our horse near a cave uh1060.7993.76
i think horses are up for grabs around1063.123.6
here well that's true uh doraleous is1064.5594.561
stuck down in a hole okay uh that's too1066.724.64
bad do we want to like mount a rescue1069.124.24
mission go get him yeah but maybe1071.364.48
is this the1077.843.51
is this how we came this is oh1079.0394.0
i got i can't see1083.0395.121
but i'm up is there a a horse [ __ ] how1084.966.16
did this work again it's so dark1088.165.2
anything could just1091.123.84
okay there's that thing1093.363.6
and then the [ __ ] there i see the1094.965.44
silhouette of a horse all right1096.964.719
i hope i got the better one this time oh1101.6794.561
boy let's see and i marked it on the map1103.764.799
i thought i might yep i guess i'm1106.244.48
[ __ ] it's gonna be tough they're gonna1108.5594.081
be tough all right1110.724.48
um can we go this way okay1112.644.48
i hope it goes1115.24.8
yep okay we're going this way1117.124.4
man we might run into a wall and if1120.03.84
that's the case i'm so sorry buddy i i1121.523.44
i'm sorry1123.842.88
this might hurt your face a bit this1124.965.2
trip oh yep sorry sorry about that1126.725.92
oh yeah oh1130.165.8
oh wow1132.643.32

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