Blade & Sorcery - VR

Alright, guys, it's time to dive into some epic VR swordplay in Blade & Sorcery! This game is seriously next level when it comes to virtual ...
Blade & Sorcery - VR
Blade & Sorcery - VR

Blade & Sorcery - VR

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into some Blade & Sorcery VR action. Get ready for some epic swordplay!

simon: Oh man, I love this game! It's like we're real-life warriors battling it out in virtual reality. I can't get enough of the sword swinging and magic spells!

appsro: Haha, Simon, you're always going on about your magic spells. But let's be real, I'm the true sword master here. Watch and learn, my friends!

neebs: Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong! Appsro thinks he's the sword master, but I'm ready to show him who the real VR champion is. Get ready for some intense battles, folks!

Alright, guys, it's time to dive into some epic VR swordplay in Blade & Sorcery! This game is seriously next level when it comes to virtual reality combat. We're talking intense battles, magical spells, and some seriously badass weapons. If you're a fan of fantasy games and VR, this is definitely one you don't want to miss.

The Neebs Gaming crew is bringing you all the action and excitement in this gameplay video. From swinging swords to casting spells, they're taking on all kinds of enemies in this virtual world. And let me tell you, it's absolutely thrilling to watch. These guys really know how to bring the game to life and make you feel like you're right there in the action.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, you already know that they always bring their A-game to every video. Their commentary is hilarious, their gameplay skills are on point, and their chemistry as a team is unbeatable. Plus, they always keep things interesting with their banter and inside jokes. It's like hanging out with your best friends while watching some seriously cool gameplay. So grab your VR headset and get ready to join the Neebs Gaming crew for an epic adventure in Blade & Sorcery. Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Blade & Sorcery VR is the ultimate medieval fantasy battle simulator that allows you to fully immerse yourself in intense, physics-based melee combat. With its unparalleled physics system, you truly feel the impact of every sword slash, mace swing, and shield bash.

The attention to detail in Blade & Sorcery is astonishing - from the way weapons stick in enemies' bodies to the ability to grab and throw items in the environment. Every encounter is a gritty, visceral struggle for survival against enemies like armored knights, agile rogues, and menacing monsters. Mastering the nuances of melee combat with the touch controllers is immensely satisfying.

While playing, you'll forget you're in your living room as the action transports you to epic battlegrounds like ancient ruins, moonlit forests, and misty swamps. The environments are gorgeously rendered with a level of realism that fully capitalizes on VR's immersive capabilities.

And that's just the single player! The addition of co-op and player vs player modes provides even more replayability. Teaming up with friends to take on the game's challenges together is an absolute blast.

Neebs Gaming's cinematic videos are the perfect way to preview Blade & Sorcery's intense combat and beautiful worlds without actually donning a VR headset. Their entertaining commentary and editing make you feel like you're right there in the action with them. It's the next best thing to playing it yourself!

With its commitment to realistic physics-based combat and continual content updates, Blade & Sorcery sets the gold standard for melee combat in VR. Whether you ultimately decide to play it yourself or enjoy it vicariously through Neebs Gaming, it's an experience no fan of medieval fantasy battles should miss out on!

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we should have figured out how I play0.126.06
first right huh turn around2.12913.411
ah create oh there we go okay okay there6.1810.97
we go15.548.36
all right anyway look at me that's me17.1511.52
hmm ladies and gentlemen or playing the23.916.69
sorcery game stoning swords welcome to28.6718.369
the gun show this is all I need really I40.599.69
don't even really need to to fight47.0397.381
anything I had any arrows I play the50.286.41
Oh what sword came out so I got a sword62.5722.02
now and I have dropped it yep72.1812.41
look at this okay hmm87.75912.731
I'm never gonna get to the game guys did96.227.03
you know you can she's up to four100.493.78
I don't want to hear this oh here we go104.273.889
yep that's my arm is that gonna fit108.1599.691
perfect training area oh here we go117.858.559
all right so the boat looks fun I'm123.0495.69
gonna grab it126.40919.561
there we go we got it and loose that was128.73919.391
a face shot I think you can throw some145.977.38
things right so if he was down there148.135.91
he'd be dead153.354.729
definitely a throwing weapon shield154.047.039
okay get out of here165.117.63
alright folks it's battle time over167.9115.08
there look at my look at this yep yep172.7415.15
yep okay we finally made it to the table182.996.61
I think we're here he'd be throwing up187.893.69
on camera by now I was just waiting for189.64.94
uh what am I waiting for water191.587.8
marketplace travel Oh ting all right194.5411.4
marketplace how are you today I am Simon199.3810.2
everyone and I see weapons over here205.948.35
easier [ __ ] whoa209.589.24
what's easy wave one start in three214.295.25
give me my give me my that's my my damn219.5412.06
sword all right hold on lady hold on228.9594.141
let's see if I can do the backup thing231.63.72
that will go back to Oh God233.16.29
what are you doing my swords right there235.324.07
what is happening my arm is gonna punch242.757.51
you all right go ahead take me take me246.817.85
no sword250.264.4
Oh ha can't believe them still alive255.2213.52
come on yes okay all right all right258.54910.191
damn cannot believe I'm still here come269.079.54
on all right276.676.89
you are in trouble Missy yeah I know278.617.36
know where you're gonna go in the well I283.566.01
moved me to the well come with me to the285.9715.66
well okay oh Jesus come on and I'm just289.5721.87
doing the stab jab stab face there you301.6313.71
go was that worth it was that worth it I311.445.34
don't think so315.346.41
go on huh316.7810.5
hello it was nice to know you but now321.7510.93
you can suck it oh hey I cannot believe327.287.26
I'm gonna say this but that was too easy332.685.79
there's a place in the market let's334.548.91
travel here we go I do like the shield338.4712.96
just grab that I just okay okay and wave343.4511.04
one I go to take out the enemies and get351.437.7
somebody in this whale hey hold up lady354.497.23
okay sorry359.137.09
that's for sewers oh come on oh hey okay361.726.78
oh I got two swords did you see this Oh366.224.76
how do I heal up I do not okay she's372.286.12
gonna kill me already377.237.44
okay I'm sorry ma'am two guys okay that378.410.65
was obviously in your thing okay all384.674.77
I'm just gonna hope for the best I think389.446.66
this is working somehow yeah all right393.345.82
look at this there's somebody cut behind396.15.46
me in the arch it's dead already399.166.84
look at this okay yep okay and I do like401.566.93
the old chopped in half thing I saw that406.05.13
the gladiator I'm gonna go back to my my408.497.62
one move that's happening again my arm411.1310.26
is okay just sorry I'm gonna need that416.119.95
arm I think how far away can I go from421.397.7
huh look a strong I am426.069.03
yeah we just see that oh wait we drink429.098.61
out of that corner ruins435.096.42
this ruins been spotted a large uh not437.711.76
scared at all oh I should do it441.5121.0
oh thanks easy it is and wave one let's449.4614.49
get back up hi I don't know whether oh462.5126.13
okay little happy jump okay alright I463.9526.61
like the staff thought I was doing488.645.9
before but I lost my I lost one of my490.566.75
hey this [ __ ]494.544.48
alright I'm gonna do wave one at medium497.313.48
[ __ ] that what am I do what am I499.025.01
thinking I can't even hold this [ __ ] Bam500.798.57
Bam alright three seconds oh hey hey504.037.62
let's see if I can get stabby with you509.364.74
real quick511.652.45
come on come on really she's good Oh dad516.829.699
oh look at you okay this is not a good521.4198.61
weapon like the bad weapon this is not a526.5195.01
good weapon these people are highly530.02911.0
skilled highly skilled we're locked up531.52919.98
Hey I wish I could just punch you head541.02913.74
[ __ ] [ __ ]551.5099.151
suck it lady all right so let's arena554.76910.24
now that sounds pretty epic I forgot to560.667.919
grab my potion okay yeah this is this is565.0096.39
a proper like glad Oh yep those are568.5796.031
potions and here's the weapons571.3995.94
I just need uh you don't want to end up574.614.8
with you back to that let's move on up577.3393.961
because we're professionals we're gonna579.414.52
go we're gonna skip that one and go here581.35.7
and then we're gonna go wave one up583.937.81
hello my name is needs I have a spear587.09.36
right - you're on it's okay oh right in591.745.159
the face596.366.089
okay back up boy okay alright the leg596.8996.571
careful sorry602.4493.87
right face and just to make sure you603.4712.809
never know okay okay I'm getting ganged606.31912.39
up on here I'm gonna need to back up616.2795.101
back up doesn't work okay let's run okay618.7097.081
oh no oh boy what's happening621.388.32
sorry no backup me backup should work625.796.94
that's a really important thing right629.712.29
there in the legs just okay these crap632.739.26
those bursts yeah you were seen that was645.8918.84
bad oh [ __ ] I had a bow and arrow651.1813.55
yep that's me Jesus682.1622.869
this up here708.476.309
what's up that's up here okay look at710.934.769
what's up see this up here what's up715.69913.411
just suck you're all bad fighters there729.319.81
be I'd be a bad dad be ad Oh fight ended734.985.219
well thanks for telling me739.126.719
alright medium-wave one [ __ ]740.1998.82
where the [ __ ] is my shield this is my745.8393.69
alright [ __ ] you alright where's my749.5296.0
[ __ ] where's my shield752.8897.38
alright I'm gonna get a new shield it's755.5299.03
probably in my pocket but are you760.2697.05
friends you're up firm was here I just764.5594.621
stamped or in the face got you in the767.31911.611
neck button hi769.1812.48
sorry that's my health that 96 not too778.933.18
hey nobody what's going on boom oh I've782.119.029
no shields again as I dropped it there786.2797.11
it is I wants to get it me first you791.1395.76
you're eager I like your enthusiasm and793.3896.351
we'll call the deal796.8992.841
okay my name's Simon gonna stab you in800.52910.381
the face what about you she named Tony803.367.55
no a pretty day814.2410.0
um wave - don't mind if I do kind of819.556.77
like this back in the corner thing Oh824.248.84
a sword didn't know did you just get him867.7622.71
a corner all day long except for at that878.19913.561
point I can't do it anymore890.475.01
alright let's do this again medium let's891.765.55
check out wave 2895.485.87
hello everyone I am here to to have fun897.317.55
all of a sudden I'm talking see God God901.356.88
what are you talking up don't you904.8618.19
you try it up you try it up oh [ __ ] I908.2317.84
want to redo923.053.02
that's not good these guys are good with927.2722.59
the shields what are you doing hello935.0514.81
I'll drop that and I'll try to grab a956.079.16
sword oh all right where the [ __ ] what958.3329.4
in the face oh I want this there all965.2324.27
right take two I have more weapons now I987.735.58
have a potion here and I'm gonna easy989.56.96
cuz improve wave one alright what I993.316.05
don't want is people sneaking up on me996.469.0
here we go all right ma'am yeah what you999.3610.42
got alright the face up turn turn turn1005.469.45
okay okay oh there she is1009.7820.91
right okay alright there comes a guy1014.9119.26
gotta move quick okay here we go open1030.695.13
the bags didn't see that coming hey I'm1034.173.78
glad same thing it's a combo alright1035.824.67
here we go1037.952.54
just back up1041.786.24
man the send that lady is after me okay1044.3613.14
I'm just gonna there we go alright1048.029.48
alright alright alright just to get a1059.9316.23
taste of like hard it's gonna be quick1071.466.31
wave three hard1076.164.699
you stink sucks1084.90941.4
well I guess I guess Big O medium I have1112.61916.091
to okay let's just be friends put your1126.3096.62
swords down your swords down real quick1128.714.219
sword one hit sorts done yeah yeah1137.1410.87
whoops down again yep this is way that I1142.817.06
lose all caring about what's going on1148.018.61
with them yeah that's great yeah I'll1149.8711.07
drop this down up go that go like that1156.6210.2
oh yeah nice - nice to meet you guys1160.949.68
I'm [ __ ] done easy cuz we're pros1166.826.99
wave 1 what right1170.626.91
I just lost the sword already crap1173.818.73
alright okay baby1177.538.21
oh sorry okay here we go1182.546.78
let's move in and I'm moving swing1185.747.66
listen I'm gonna move in her before the1189.328.94
slow-motion there we go into the face1193.47.35
and one for you and your mind oh wow1198.266.8
she's really good at this whoa holy moly1200.757.43
I'm just gonna need you to stay back1209.524.23
while I fight this guy really nuts to1211.264.41
the head oh boy1213.756.6
I just need a second to go back in okay1215.6710.8
and don't lose this weapon geez okay no1220.358.57
if I could run that would be awesome1226.474.89
I'll just keep swinging behind me I1228.923.91
think I might have killed somebody1231.366.47
oh they're all back there oh look1232.837.08
there's no way I'm gonna get this cork1237.834.599
off father oh boy they're all back there1239.918.7
I need this cork off there we go there1242.42911.391
we go okay let's go this way1248.619.15
all right we're healing all right I just1253.827.69
need something maybe that big one grab1257.768.26
it okay here we go let's throw that down1261.518.74
oh wait a second not ready at the back1266.026.87
of this and all right we're doing it1270.2513.14
come at me folks we're ready now we're1272.8914.49
getting really Bobbie somebody gotta be1283.396.5
getting hurt right just swing around1287.386.06
here we go one load up that was the legs1289.898.17
on high this leg and look there holy1293.446.41
crap I figured it1298.0616.17

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