Trapped in the Spider Cave!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation like falling into a spider cave? Well, that's exactl...
Trapped in the Spider Cave!!! - Grounded
Trapped in the Spider Cave!!! - Grounded

Trapped in the Spider Cave!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another crazy adventure with Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why being trapped in the spider cave is our favorite video ever!

simon: Oh man, that spider cave was no joke! I mean, who knew those eight-legged freaks could be so terrifying and hilarious at the same time?

appsro: Yeah, I still can't believe we fell right into that cave! But hey, at least we got some good footage out of it, right?

neebs: Absolutely! And let's not forget the epic moment when we finally escaped and realized we were grounded the whole time! Classic Neebs Gaming humor, am I right?

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This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation like falling into a spider cave? Well, that's exactly what happened in the latest video from Neebs Gaming and let me tell you, it was intense!

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oh there's your insect back that's mine0.784.62
thank you okay you got the signs oh God2.765.18
what these ants doing in here I don't22.824.959
know man I think they're after my aphid25.8593.781
well if they are they're not being very27.7793.84
aggressive anymore don't worry they're29.643.84
not gonna get you they're not gonna get31.6193.78
you whatever your name is33.483.419
I feel like I've stopped naming them35.3994.98
yeah my last one was was Frank the third36.8996.18
and I didn't even see it die yeah you40.3794.68
want to just clear these ants out I mean43.0793.781
you get that one I'll go work on these45.0595.421
yeah there we go46.863.62
all right I'm gonna hand this chip into50.5395.621
burgle see if we get anything good hey53.167.559
Vernal I got a chip oh you're sticking56.166.239
in your head idiot man we're gonna have60.7194.501
to cut that signs it's too pure Let's62.3994.981
see we gave him the chip now if we come65.224.439
over here to the terminal we might be67.385.4
able to access new stuff yep new stuff69.6594.861
for everyone right see man we only got72.784.44
one more Burger chip to go in the entire74.524.44
world and the entire well yeah there's77.223.66
well there's like secret ones hidden out78.963.479
there but there's only one more he80.883.059
really wants oh wow we unlocked the82.4394.561
recipe for the in beginning cocktail hey83.9395.401
we're gonna need that to get home okay I87.04.619
thought there was like six more years89.344.2
and where we are right now like you said91.6193.721
that there was so much more to do in93.545.16
this game but is there yeah there's a95.346.36
lot okay well we're hearing things that98.75.64
we need to do to end the game let's see101.74.86
Advanced production buildings that104.344.8
sounds good oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah106.565.16
we're buying this do they have any food109.145.88
let's see oven yeah we can make an oven111.725.28
yes I want that I want to make some115.023.959
baked zit yeah we should make an oven117.04.2
today that's what we're doing Simon yes118.9795.361
we can do here121.23.14
foundations I don't care about hey I'm124.7594.241
running low on science do they have a127.324.139
pasta recipe or no we got no freaking129.04.62
pasta recipe easy131.4594.561
homemade pasta is so much better than133.625.72
the box I'm just saying136.023.32
yeah we got an oven available now oh142.4595.14
yeah yeah we just need some ever Char145.684.32
cold chunks for them and we can make one147.5994.441
and here's how it describes it oven big150.04.62
various things into better things what's152.044.44
wrong with this oven this oven's Vine154.624.74
it's a better brand yeah hey we're never156.485.22
happy are we here's the game okay what's159.364.26
new in here what's new in the place161.75.119
what's new in here163.623.199
yeah it's a clock yeah it's got the real170.2396.58
time on it oh really yep it's uh three173.47.08
three five yeah wow in case we want to176.8196.301
know what time it is yeah and you know180.484.08
if it's day or night because you look183.123.78
outside that's right that's right babes184.564.8
okay all right this is this is quite the186.94.919
room we have the beds in it our clocks189.365.04
in it just need some hanging uh hanging191.8196.0
lights hanging lights okay yeah anyway194.44.979
what are we doing I'm gonna go kill197.8193.721
lightning bugs okay yeah I'm down for199.3793.541
that I think I could do that wonderfully201.543.059
okay I'm gonna wait till night though202.923.899
okay and I'll look at this to know when204.5995.541
that is we'll just stay here and look206.8193.321
come on night come on come on night oh211.5198.5
the heck was that an arrow takes it216.844.679
out did you just shoot it with an arrow220.0193.421
I did221.5196.661
one second God directly sorry about that223.4417.069
all right let's who's playing okay you245.364.599
hit one of those stink bugs with your248.4593.42
crossbow yeah we draw them over to the249.9593.661
lightning bugs yeah we have our gas mask251.8793.42
on uh-huh and we get a bunch of253.624.32
lightning bug parts okay without doing a255.2994.321
thing here we go257.943.9
we might have to fight we got contact oh259.624.68
yep here he comes be ready to run or261.844.68
block because he will jump you too oh264.34.64
it's coming it's coming we're going266.524.8
where's the lightning bugs right we're268.943.34
just going to make sure it's close271.323.18
enough to stay following us oh where are272.284.74
these bugs nope right I think you're274.54.38
going the right way pawns that way I277.023.54
lost them like I don't see him man he's278.884.44
right where I'm at stink bug you can't280.564.62
get too far ahead of him he'll just turn283.324.14
around and go back unscrew him I mean if285.183.48
I don't see lightning bugs over that way287.462.58
now I don't know where they are now I288.664.02
lost them oh we're close you're hitting290.046.02
him wow that's a skeeter292.683.38
what in the world308.363.66
come on baby315.782.72
oh headshots are really good yeah320.6994.161
that was beautiful it was Dude Sweet325.7596.22
that was great that was fantastic and329.345.88
Sharpshooter yeah I'm just using the331.9797.321
white uh dot gotcha okay that was bad to335.227.1
the bone yeah339.33.02
oh Simon we need charcoal yes charcoal342.66.599
killed me once yes it did charcoal is346.1996.681
bad but I tell you what I made something349.1993.681
hey I've heard I've heard that these353.4796.461
hats can help you from sizzling uh yes356.587.399
hopefully with this dumb hat I'm wearing359.944.039
you sure you don't want to368.03.479
this one's really stupid I mean they're373.0394.66
all stupid but this one's a special it's375.4195.34
kind of dumb yeah all right so charcoal377.6995.521
charcoal we know where to get it uh I380.7594.681
got this Sizzle hat we got the hammer so383.224.44
uh yeah let's do it come on idiot all385.444.74
right oh and you too aphid yeah I387.665.22
figured you were talking390.1818.079
thank you408.2595.02
come on just come on snug up on his that413.666.94
was obnoxious huh okay so I don't trust418.2593.841
being in this little Ravine I wouldn't420.63.0
either I feel like I've died here before422.13.06
but it might be just similar to another423.64.14
one yeah I'm gonna jump down and you're425.165.28
gonna cover me as best I can all right427.745.16
here it goes do you have an out approach430.445.22
yet nope well that's poor planning names432.93.66
I'm in yeah you're in all clear that's437.6394.801
clear I think all right let's see we're440.345.52
gonna bust this Mueller all clear yep442.447.319
two man445.867.38
got it edge of the seat everyone yep and449.7595.641
then let me look hmm453.243.6
so far455.44.56
I don't see a lot I don't see one thread456.845.88
yeah what was that um can we bust this459.966.78
what is it this is a supreme court site462.726.479
do you have a good Buster it needs a466.744.28
bursting yeah469.1994.801
can't do it oh there's a b above you471.025.38
okay well we're really looking just for474.04.199
anything huh you want to try your new476.44.799
bow on that I mean listen I love bees478.1995.881
he's coming I know I just love the heck481.1997.94
out of bees man I'm here I'll help okay484.085.059
I'm sorry how you doing oh man we're489.685.82
taking them down Quick aren't we492.5392.961
sorry buddy yeah we're good at this walk499.023.49
free dude501.1810.739
stupid dummy511.9194.821
dummy it's back like back this way513.385.8
have you been talking to me no I was516.745.679
talking stupid here oh stupid oh you're519.185.48
stupid yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah522.4194.381
I hope he doesn't follow me into the524.664.48
charcoal because uh you know that would526.85.099
be dumb yeah it would be but he is dumb529.144.199
so I'm I'm just expecting him to die a533.3394.741
slow painful dead maybe maybe it'll cook536.163.96
him we can eat him that would be538.084.56
convenient oh that's yep that's a little540.124.26
bastard right there542.644.98
all right Shield's up oh yep544.386.24
you do not keep an eye on your health564.9593.681
come on Boom you little all right570.56.459
come here buddy574.744.62
all right let's see576.9594.32
can we get a hold of it oh there's a579.363.78
tooth somewhere out here so we got that581.2794.801
going for us yeah I'm so excited okay583.145.639
yep it's hot this is where it gets hot586.084.98
I'm gonna pull out my hammer stupid you588.7793.301
stay here591.062.719
you too open592.083.84
uh here we go593.7794.301
going in going in going in going in oh595.924.02
God damn whoa whoa whoa good God good598.084.8
job yeah good got a mighty damn I think599.945.94
I think I've uh I think I'm on strike I602.884.5
don't I don't appreciate you calling me605.883.66
stupid what are you gonna be are you607.384.5
gonna do this today I I don't appreciate609.543.799
it can I not just611.884.98
play with you anymore613.3395.921
I mean I mean I think that it's a bit616.865.159
much I keep bleeding today are you619.265.759
saying that I'm I'm I have my period622.0195.421
because I still want you to call me625.0196.241
stupid yeah come on play have fun let's627.445.86
have some fun I know but it's a bit it's631.264.8
a bit one note and I and it's annoying633.35.88
to you and we're stupid at636.065.459
oh there he is639.183.779
all right I don't know if we can get641.5193.961
this charcoal I don't think we can man642.9594.741
do we need to make a whole suit just to645.483.72
go get charcoal647.74.68
you might even need a guitar649.24.74
I don't I don't get that what does that652.383.07
oh can I grab this one oh please grab it662.486.96
yeah yeah man I grabbed a molar and665.4593.981
yeah what about this yeah grab that grab672.264.78
it is that like a watch or something I675.362.19
don't know677.043.08
yeah you still got that uh sticky bomb I680.124.959
um maybe there's something down here you685.0794.44
know there is that ladybug I mean what686.823.84
are you looking you gonna hit it from689.5193.661
here oh yeah we'll try that it's just a690.664.08
guarantee and it's not in the middle of693.183.659
maybe total madness Okay yeah you're694.743.48
getting pretty close can you make that696.8393.541
shot uh that's a good question you gotta698.224.52
Huck it700.382.36
what happened what happened705.123.68
oh that didn't do didn't hurt it at710.664.72
all that really sucked I don't even want713.943.42
to use this next one I don't want to715.384.98
waste it it hurt at all a little bit717.365.4
like not worth it that sucked you and720.363.539
hope it would be like a one shot hey722.764.199
let's run yeah why would we Master yeah723.8995.341
yeah you with me I'm with you here we go726.9595.041
all right you got your tough I do yeah I729.244.5
want to jump okay oh there's science732.04.14
here is that really more science oh my733.745.539
God two scientists736.143.139
all right I'm down here with something740.2794.56
flies oh these are the flies that take742.4594.141
the stuff744.8394.94
here we go746.63.179
oh there it is I got it750.423.38
yeah oh there's your insect back that's754.5195.44
mine thank you okay you got the signs oh757.384.76
again this is bad oh my god spider down764.3395.461
below dude okay yep I don't like where766.925.219
I'm at at all no it's not bad get on769.83.479
your knees I don't think you get here772.1392.461
I'll keep telling the shield up he's773.2793.961
fighting he's focused on me you wear774.64.34
them down man yeah777.246.659
baby now please really yep your bum oh778.946.94
yeah I got a bomb uh You're Gonna Hate783.8995.06
You Mess With Us spider785.883.079
oh my God and now he's796.6396.161
no names yeah it's Gotta Be You oh oh799.325.639
you got me okay oh man you're a hero802.85.159
today I'm going to the good arrows804.9595.88
oh God whoa whoa I'm in the whip what's807.9595.341
he waiting on he's just staring at me810.8394.44
there we go look he's already halfway813.33.42
down we're getting him we're getting it815.2794.641
yeah oh yeah okay816.727.919
yeah see Man Spider Killers Simon yeah819.927.359
well when we got one spider and he's you824.6395.101
know back in front it works exactly so827.2793.901
we're gonna do the same thing with the829.744.92
ant lions well we're gonna try no we're831.185.279
gonna do it that's this is what we gotta834.664.799
do back front look this tag team this836.4595.761
I'm going in the back looking oh839.4595.0
yep yep yep842.224.559
all right so whenever he's looking at me844.4594.541
the whole no okay now he's looking at me846.7794.74
I Shield up here we go all right look at849.04.5
me my Shield's up oh there you go we851.5195.541
heard him we heard him fantastic853.53.56
you don't care always looking at you all859.164.679
yeah yeah see how much damage did you869.725.559
take like I didn't take any damage873.184.68
exactly I know that's the way it's Gotta875.2794.5
Be went on the sand and when there's two877.864.5
of them okay good I'm just gonna say yay879.7794.5
all right yeah no there's two of them882.364.62
that's when we say tactical bailout all884.2795.701
right tactical Retreat TV tactical886.984.2
cowardice there's nothing wrong with889.986.32
tactical coward Simon I like it foreign891.185.12
I'm in the water below943.923.74
I don't want to be here948.53.839
the other one's in names there's so many954.567.42
webs right oh why I just want to not hit958.685.58
webs I don't feel bad for you because I961.984.919
don't like where I'm at either964.264.95
oh crap that her bed966.8994.461
I'll see some day neebs971.364.32
save me I don't know if I can I don't977.15.419
even know how to get to you dude979.53.019
that's my bag is in that hole right now992.425.979
uh I don't see the big spider do you no995.225.76
there's a big one in the hole down wolf998.3994.141
spider or the other one uh it was1000.983.299
another one it was a garden spider one1002.543.78
those kind okay my Health's good I got a1004.2793.781
few more Health bandages I'm jumping in1006.325.48
there you coming I'm gonna help you yeah1008.066.18
I'm going in too then all right I don't1011.84.599
see you you stay above I'll jump in okay1014.243.899
yeah yeah and if you get through that'd1016.3993.421
be great okay I see some baby spiders1018.1394.14
uh-huh oh it's in my bag oh baby spider1019.824.56
behind you oh what sweater baby spider1022.2795.101
okay I don't know why I'm still shooting1024.385.0
those things1027.383.62
yeah I got the bag but I'm fighting too1031.04.679
many spiders1033.142.539
all right1036.52.66
you get out of that web well I know how1056.7994.0
it works1059.784.7
okay how do we get out of here1060.7993.681
I wish you wouldn't have done that I1065.083.64
wish everyone I don't want to come back1067.164.28
do I have the quick thing yeah1068.726.079
we're good I'm trying quick1071.446.76
moving I'm not I can't move okay I think1074.7995.701
I'm helping uh-huh1078.25.339
just the wrong way which way how'd you1080.54.84
go to eat out last time uh this way1083.5393.781
let's say this way you don't know do you1085.344.56
it was this way follow me I don't trust1087.326.239
you now trust me okay these just respawn1089.97.38
yeah does this seem familiar sure are1093.5596.181
you sure nope dang it yeah we're good1097.284.98
we're good you're good yeah where'd you1099.744.1
it's okay it's dark I can't see okay hey1103.846.78
we made it let's go home please1107.243.38
1987. you were here A Year ah1114.0395.861
rest in peace hamster all right thanks1117.446.14
for your help yeah no problem1119.93.68

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