This Series Is Over if We Don’t Get to That Bunker!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for some epic new content from our favo...
This Series Is Over if We Don’t Get to That Bunker!!! - Generation Zero
This Series Is Over if We Don’t Get to That Bunker!!! - Generation Zero

This Series Is Over if We Don’t Get to That Bunker!!! - Generation Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Generation Zero! Today, we are on a mission to find that elusive bunker before it's too late!

simon: Oh man, I can't believe how intense this game is! We have to be on our A-game if we want to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

appsro: I don't know about you guys, but I am not ready to let this series end just yet. We have to push forward and make it to that bunker no matter what!

neebs: That's the spirit, Appsro! We can't let a little thing like impending doom stop us from having a good time. Let's do this!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for some epic new content from our favorite YouTube channel. Well, buckle up because in their latest video, the gang is embarking on a wild journey as they run north in search of a new bunker to call home. Can you imagine the chaos and hilarity that's bound to ensue? I can't wait to see how they navigate this new challenge!

And that's not all - they've also kicked off a new series called Ranch Sim, which promises to be an absolute blast. If you haven't checked it out yet, you're seriously missing out. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single episode of this exciting new adventure.

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I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of the hilarious antics and epic gameplay from the Neebs crew. From their awesome cartoons to their thrilling adventures in games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, and Minecraft, there's never a dull moment on their channel. And let's not forget their epic music by Karl Casey at White Bat Audio - seriously, it's the perfect soundtrack to all the mayhem.

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what the hell's in there probably a2.084.08
robot yeah it sounds like a robot right4.083.36
or a ghoul6.163.439
either one i want to see it it's7.444.96
rattling you hear it yeah yeah9.5995.281
oh should we try to blow this door uh12.44.24
maybe hey throw one of those tanks down14.883.6
we'll shoot it i got one all right yeah16.644.479
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let me back up18.485.92
it's sad backing up backing up okay this21.1196.0
is yep this is dumb has any has any door24.45.119
ever been distracted no this is dumb all27.1195.041
right let's see29.5192.641
yep did it work32.2393.641
oh locked requires key on this side59.526.639
unlocked it's open who's going in let's63.1995.521
see oh there he is right now holy crap66.1594.241
that's a big one that is a big one here68.723.04
hold on i can shoot at him i'll put a70.43.68
tape right here at the door do it yeah71.764.56
come back maybe he's friendly huh no74.084.16
maybe me why don't you pop him one and76.323.04
see if he can get him because78.242.32
that's not friendly i want to see if i79.362.48
can talk to him he's not going to be80.563.76
friendly he popped them81.843.52
hey are you friendly85.365.28
oh something else87.842.8
i knew he wasn't friendly well i don't92.7993.121
know no peanut friendly there's another94.242.879
hey i was trying to be friends with you97.1196.241
oh god he's got buddies100.963.119
all right103.362.64
it looks like see there are people not104.0793.441
using uh106.03.6
not using what not using silencers right107.523.68
well we're not loud we really don't need109.63.519
to now okay well good i'm just saying111.23.279
nobody pitching me113.1193.761
never oh yeah114.4794.801
you'll not be back in a second oh nice i116.884.32
think okay the fake one in the barn is119.284.24
down holy boy yeah he's in the way here121.25.64
come his buddies123.523.32
i went to get cover and heal myself and139.043.68
now i got stuck in the corner man i140.8793.681
might ate health wow maybe there's some142.724.0
cool stuff in this barn144.565.28
ah this thing's in the way146.723.12
that's a good old shotty sorry buddy we154.05.12
needed the barn i feel like we did a157.24.56
good thing today159.122.64
let's see how the bike does in this big163.5994.481
ramp oh god well we got to go north and165.5193.841
i kind of want to stay off the main road168.082.879
because that's where the baddies are oh169.363.84
okay we're taking a gamble on this170.9594.241
yeah yeah yeah yeah175.24.8
man that is the best ride you could ever177.924.72
do okay don't want to fall and be in180.04.8
shambles okay just stop yeah you did182.643.599
that now's the time to stop you didn't184.83.12
need it yeah i'm stopped i'm not trying186.2393.681
to be after retirement stop while you're187.924.56
behind i'm in the bramble man i am here189.924.959
whoa whoa okay hold up hop it off what192.484.479
is this going on down here probably some194.8794.64
bramble soup is there like a robot196.9594.0
shooting at each other down here what's199.5193.44
let me get my scoped thing out i've seen202.9595.92
the scope thing yeah i'll park my bike206.05.519
sorry is that what you see possibly a208.8795.36
big robot shooting at the smaller robots211.5195.121
i i accept that i'm even blind with the214.2393.601
scope all right i'm gonna move in a216.643.679
little closer cause god damn curious oh217.843.759
i see it oh they see me too we entered222.724.879
combat what we entered combat and i224.8795.28
didn't move it's far away inner combat227.5995.121
listen i could start shooting these guys230.1594.8
one just went down yeah no we probably232.724.239
shouldn't right we don't kill each other234.9593.761
yeah that's fine236.9593.92
oh man they got drama238.723.68
they're fighting other robots right240.8793.201
there's not people down there242.44.16
yep that's a this is a big deal244.084.56
wow the [ __ ] has hit the fan down there246.563.36
all right i've got a little closer let248.643.2
me take a look is there like a scanner249.923.76
on these guys whoa whoa whoa what is251.843.599
going on whoa whoa253.683.519
what is it what's happening what is255.4393.441
happening down there look at that that's257.1993.921
like a transformer thing or something258.884.16
you have suffering like a beetle and a261.123.519
beetle flip's over are they coming for263.043.36
us i don't know maybe264.6395.441
oh okay do you see me do you see me266.45.28
holy crap270.083.6
right here oh two guys all right yeah271.683.68
they're coming here do they see us i273.683.519
don't know they just ran right past me275.364.16
oh god no you're good oh god all right277.1994.0
no we're in trouble we gotta go i'm279.523.76
staying now oh they sure to you drallis281.1994.481
i have a silencer head back towards the283.284.24
i'm down should we come to you287.523.76
holy crap guys291.7594.72
those guys are no joke huh yeah maybe294.324.72
spawn back at the uh barn i don't i296.4794.241
don't mind wasting an adrenaline shot i299.043.04
might just die again yeah we're300.723.6
outnumbered here302.085.24
all right guys no bikes this time and uh310.43.76
let's really try our best not to enter312.43.92
combat we gotta get to this bunker314.164.4
yeah so here's my plan we're gonna stay316.325.12
off the main roads uh we're gonna travel318.566.0
east to the river go north to a bridge321.444.24
and then hopefully get to the bunker324.562.56
from there mm-hmm325.683.6
i trust you with my life327.124.639
no matter that about work last time well329.285.68
i died but i tried better off with him331.7595.121
what how have i entered combat i don't334.963.519
even there's nothing around here i know336.884.56
what the [ __ ] it's a territory thing338.4794.641
is it those robots way out there i've341.443.12
escaped combat did everybody escape343.123.359
combat i never got into it oh wait yeah344.565.199
there's all right everyone crouch okay346.4795.44
i see it it's right to the north oh yep375.65.719
i see him377.9193.4
said something about outback i heard it404.45.519
run east until you hit a river okay406.4796.081
and then die409.9192.641
after are you about to the river418.4793.921
yeah i'm back the river420.564.4
i think those uh robots oh [ __ ] right422.43.6
this guy's right [ __ ] here let's take426.02.96
him out428.04.16
mikey's right here look turn around428.965.28
what you don't see him oh no432.164.08
oh god he's right on top of it oh we've434.244.959
had this before yeah436.244.72
oh my god you're surrounded by three in439.1993.921
my shot440.964.48
uh you got freaky dickies i don't think443.124.0
you need to revive me445.443.44
what's happening no that'd be a waste447.123.519
huh oh wait wait you know what do it and448.883.36
i'll run yeah you're driving you're450.6393.28
gonna run me and i'll run okay you're452.242.959
ready to give me a fighting chance yeah453.9192.72
yeah okay here it goes that's what455.1993.681
i'm good there we go run away all right460.04.56
i'm running away trying to good luck462.05.039
simon thank you all right boys stay464.564.88
crouched and just head north along the467.0395.041
river okay we can't cross this river can469.444.319
we we'll probably drown472.083.44
hey guys head north along the river473.7593.28
because that's where i'm going and then475.522.959
there's a bridge up here and we'll be477.0393.121
able to cross the river he said i478.4792.961
entered combat but it said you480.162.56
interconfidence yeah that's that's the481.442.24
whole reason482.723.199
listen no i was running he was being483.684.639
cheap he's in the upside down [ __ ]485.9195.361
god damn it seriously i'm crouching488.3194.88
hidden in the [ __ ] woods491.283.68
should anyone make it across the bridge493.1993.921
i did i made it across the bridge but494.963.76
damn it they still see me somehow what497.123.759
is that coming behind me498.724.159
man good luck neves is all i can say i500.8794.401
finally escaped combat i'm just crouched502.8795.681
in the woods right okay oh god this505.285.68
might be a safe house maybe508.564.0
i have some structures to the north of510.963.759
yeah we are all we're looking at us515.8395.041
right now we are all517.9192.961
i've got one in the way of me and the524.3993.041
bridge and i'm the furthest back i think525.8394.641
i'm gonna [ __ ] with this guy527.443.04
yeah it was me i shot you530.564.8
why isn't he reacting532.9594.401
oh yeah they are everywhere they're535.364.0
literally everywhere well right there to537.364.32
my right right there okay just keep539.363.44
oh boy i'm gonna try to get to you542.84.08
yeah i think i see him chasing you544.723.52
yep i don't see you though you're546.882.639
heading towards the bridge yep i'm548.242.8
pretty close to the bridge549.5192.561
look up there you are oh did someone see552.083.68
me i'm hidden oh my god i'm hidden554.03.6
behind a [ __ ] tank which is probably555.764.32
stupid holy crap to the bridge557.65.84
there's fire yeah okay560.085.12
man okay so they were all chasing me out563.443.36
there so the bridge is actually clear565.23.68
kind of a little bit okay566.83.52
i just got this one to deal with then568.883.519
i'll come570.324.48
coming to you after okay i'm coming up572.3994.0
to a barn are you at the bar and after i574.83.92
am at the barn okay576.3995.12
ah man are they yep they're chasing you578.723.92
are they oh yeah you're bringing the581.5192.88
pile off man oh man582.643.52
is this a safe house sorry i can run the584.3993.521
other way it's not a safe house but hey586.163.2
get in this barn right here did you see587.923.28
me yeah all right get into this barn get589.363.76
into this bar okay and then just just591.23.92
lay down just lay the [ __ ] down yeah593.123.76
like this i'm gonna lay down all right595.124.0
just hide in here for a minute okay holy596.884.639
i like to brought them all out here yeah602.03.839
got friends now i figured you were604.482.32
hey should i lay down my field radio606.83.52
this guy was right on top of my ass i612.723.2
didn't even see him614.482.4
damn it615.921.84
this barn's pretty dark if you get in617.764.24
here to hide like a rat you should be619.924.64
fine i'm in the barn hiding like a rat622.05.12
the scope i got has x-ray vision on it624.564.399
i can see all the robots627.124.08
that are surrounding us one two three628.9596.32
four five six seven eight wheat man631.26.8
we're screwed635.2792.721
hey guys it's me uncle thick i can't640.0793.601
stay long because i'm on an adventure641.8393.44
i'm going to buy a fried pickle in the643.683.36
shape of jesus christ i'm found on645.2793.521
marketplace anyways i found this647.043.28
incredible song and i've been listening648.84.64
to it all day step that i take gets me650.327.199
closer to death a waste of a life such a653.446.48
wrecking old rich it's been written by657.5195.681
some oh it's me [ __ ] i wrote this song i659.925.919
don't even play this game am i dying to663.26.8
live or am i living to die anyways go to665.8396.24
spotify and any other streaming service670.04.16
you could buy listen or steal this song672.0793.2
i don't know i don't care i'm just674.163.04
excited about the damn pickle675.2793.361
ah i hate cinnamon678.645.899
neebs yeah i have a land mine i'm gonna696.04.72
crawl out here and place one and then698.3994.321
throw a radio beside it okay i've got700.724.32
car battery empty702.725.359
oh i escaped combat i didn't know that705.045.599
all right that's there and mine708.0794.801
and then throw it hope there it is back710.6395.76
up there yeah come on baby712.886.0
oh that's my jam716.3993.44
oh yeah718.884.0
oh yeah robots719.8395.531
what's over here722.884.24
that's so good727.126.159
oh wow that brought all of them come on733.2795.201
step on it not one of them735.363.12
yeah we got a couple of them at least741.123.6
one oh man do we have any more land742.82.88
explosives [ __ ] we can put out there745.684.88
guys i think i'm in the other barn and748.323.84
looks like you're surrounded pretty750.564.8
heavily oh yeah i know i know752.165.2
oh absolutely what just went by i don't755.363.84
know what something something scanned757.363.279
might have been a drone yeah they're759.24.96
looking for us stay prone760.6393.521
where you putting it i was i was wanting766.163.119
to put it outside767.923.44
all right we escaped combat again769.2793.441
i don't see me771.363.919
oh they're everywhere there they are772.724.239
this is not good can you get it out775.2792.401
man i'm trying there's a drone like777.683.36
right outside maybe we should go back to779.044.0
the front yeah maybe damn it yeah781.043.44
they're looking in here783.043.44
let's go back to the front guys784.484.159
yeah i'm just trying to make my way i'm786.485.68
kind of in a pick a little locked here788.6393.521
oh god i'm in the water oh that helps795.2796.321
mind i think i'm good oh nice well for799.046.32
now i will surely yeah801.63.76
ah comes the drone pick up the drone806.04.56
he sees me drone sees me okay okay okay808.0795.921
i am going to put the radio810.563.44
come on boys come on come take a sniff823.046.799
sniff sniff sniff come in the big guys825.684.159
that was a good one832.6393.121
that did look good834.243.039
can i help can i help what do you what835.763.759
do you want me to do let me see simon i837.2794.24
see a robot that's about to kill me839.5193.281
oh come on baby842.84.0
i think i see where you're at yeah oh845.043.44
now he's gonna top my ass846.82.8
i'm gonna try to help you i'm gonna848.483.84
throw an emp849.62.72
geez what has happened oh names are you852.6395.2
alive yeah855.1992.64
what the [ __ ] i'm using my thing all858.243.76
right okay859.762.24
okay oh i got i got one uh863.126.279
come on866.163.239
don't you want to be around it uh no i882.563.76
wanna i've escaped combat and i'm884.83.039
getting out of the barn oh i did but886.324.079
yeah they're all on simon right now yeah887.8394.401
come on pick that up890.3994.0
you wanna suck on this [ __ ]892.244.48
come on894.3992.321
dude what do you guys just fire a rocket897.1995.2
yep you missed i know898.6393.76
hey names yeah904.564.56
listen i'm in the barn across the way i906.84.479
believe oh yeah so909.123.6
i can see911.2794.641
i see you through the door yeah exactly912.724.96
so where are you915.922.96
look up917.683.44
look up into your right918.886.079
oh hey hey there you go yeah hey babes921.126.0
yeah i've escaped combat and i'm924.9595.041
crawling kind of alongside the river i'm927.124.719
trying to make my way to the tree line930.04.8
to the north i'm being scanned yeah i931.8395.92
got out of there i can't do it anymore934.85.68
i'd like to be out here too oh god i'm937.7594.481
afraid to even stand up every time i940.483.44
while i'm not i'm afraid to even crouch942.243.12
i feel like even crouching gets you seen943.923.039
out here yep945.363.599
it does all right where's that damn946.9594.641
bunker god it's still so far away but if948.9594.8
i can make it to the bunker maybe i can951.64.88
get a safe point that'd be great i'm953.7594.371
gonna try my best956.484.61
should we try to crawl to you or what's1000.725.359
going on uh you can uh i got good news i1002.565.76
see the bunker we're supposed to get to1006.0793.521
you're there1009.62.08
dora what you doing i'm biking through1011.684.079
the woods1013.2792.48
oh hey you're all i mean there's a lot1016.323.519
of woods oh okay i see yeah you're1018.05.04
approaching a town not too far with me1019.8395.521
the farm and yeah see a robot1023.044.32
and he's so close oh my god he's so1025.364.079
close he's definitely he's seeing me i1027.365.199
unlocked the safe house1029.4394.4
in this town1032.5593.041
oh wonderful1033.8394.08
all right we might be needing it yeah we1035.63.12
i don't think he saw us i didn't and1038.723.68
crouching works like a charm right1040.884.4
drowning pruning the whole time1042.45.76
we're in the chrome zone baby yeah1045.284.399
kenny loggins do something with that1048.163.44
[ __ ] this bunker seems pretty damn1049.6792.88
oh man have we scanned all the stuff1052.5592.961
yep inside the bunker1055.524.159
come on scammy baby did i get all this1058.05.039
[ __ ] yes i'm inside the bunker1059.6796.481
all right push him forward1063.0393.121
oh i gotta power up the generator and i1066.323.599
know there's damn robots in here1068.324.32
somewhere no way holy [ __ ] it's dark we1069.9194.401
made our way to the bank we're beside1072.642.96
the river1074.322.8
you okay yep1075.64.079
what'd you fight bugs bugs and uh little1077.124.72
little dogs i had a bug that jumped at1079.6793.36
me earlier and it blew up that's1081.842.64
something that's got a taser on it that1083.0394.801
little okay a bug it blew up it blew up1084.484.64
i hadn't seen that yet you know what a1087.842.88
bee stings you it dies1089.124.16
same things don't blow up though i know1090.724.959
but this just blew up okay so they're1093.283.519
not alike1095.6793.041
well just in the way that they die after1096.7994.641
they attack right i don't know1098.724.48
it's just as much as the whole hot dog1101.445.4
argument oh there oh don't1103.23.839
need i went there buddy no1106.841.079
i even1107.0390.88
you know where you should go download1109.6792.961
the song1111.363.199
hot dog lover that's what you should be1112.644.24
put it on repeat we needed views all1117.363.92
right doing a pretty good job clearing1119.6793.841
these bastards out i'm close to you1121.283.36
man barely how did you get ahead of us1124.644.48
because i was smart with my brain oh1126.323.76
dang it1129.122.88
we should have used our brains yeah it's1130.084.08
overrated next time1132.04.4
yeah yeah there he is1134.164.399
oh mr shotgun i'm so happy you're here1136.43.44
and this is a really good shotgun i1138.5592.801
don't know if i told you you did all1139.844.56
right generator rooms here to the left1141.365.199
it was hell getting here man1144.44.72
simon near neebs you guys okay you1146.5594.24
should see the grass oh here we go here1149.122.559
we go1150.7993.76
crazy going down yeah it does look cool1151.6794.801
but i feel like we're at a point1154.5593.761
where we could actually like maybe try1156.482.88
to run1158.322.88
don't you you want to take that chance1159.363.28
once i hit the tree line it was pretty1161.22.719
clear from there to the bunker to be1162.643.36
honest okay what's up heads up it's a1163.9194.081
run okay we're good here uh yeah i bet1166.04.16
you guys could probably run and uh do1168.04.08
okay okay let's give it a shot we're1170.163.68
running you got them doors1172.083.2
yeah jesus1173.843.92
i know no not the gun just the thing1175.283.68
jumping you shot it in the air it was1177.762.88
awesome yeah i'm pretty good hey i think1178.963.76
the uh generator room's right here yeah1180.643.44
hey guys1182.723.68
we're at the bunker i just saw a robot1184.083.839
though it was pretty clear out front1186.43.04
when i was there there was a big green1187.9194.321
thing no there's like a big round fat1189.444.96
floating drone1192.244.64
oh crap oh my god oh my god what the1194.43.84
hell what the hell1196.885.679
holy [ __ ] right here yeah i know1198.244.319
he went right by us that was crazy1202.644.399
i really liked that robot i thought it1205.364.88
floated it's just rolling around yeah1207.0394.961
let's see okay the objective right now1210.244.319
is restart the compressor in engine room1212.06.159
a so [ __ ] um hey neebs yeah and you and1214.5595.681
simon find engine room a i think we're1218.1593.041
in b1220.242.24
that's a robot right in front of us1221.22.4
isn't it1222.482.88
oh [ __ ] can we take it out with our1223.64.72
silencers should we try it we can try it1225.364.559
where should i be shooting them i don't1228.324.56
oh i see a tank um i don't see a tank1229.9197.601
but okay three two one go1232.884.64
not even moving good stuff1237.65.36
[ __ ]1240.7996.521
okay we got him on our way1242.964.36
nope i hear you guys yep hold on close1248.324.88
got some little spider guys sorry oh1251.124.64
he's on [ __ ] there we go1253.24.24
we good1255.763.36
yeah there we go1257.443.599
okay hey1259.124.32
there it is war board we gotta get that1261.0394.801
war board did we do it oh yeah all right1263.444.0
uh there should be like blue signs1265.843.68
pointing to the war room meet there meet1267.443.119
you there1269.525.93
right simon yeah we did it1270.55910.48
oh crap get him boy1281.0393.601
the shotgun's a boost all right let's1284.885.44
see war room right here opening up man1287.26.24
this is this one's very deep oh yeah1290.326.08
here we go all clear okay yeah we can1293.445.119
get missions from here and uh try to1296.44.48
figure out where survivors are however i1298.5594.0
feel like we're the only ones left like1300.883.919
this island's ours now yeah that was yes1302.5593.841
i mean i'm thinking we're not i'm1304.7993.201
thinking there's at least another four1306.45.06
or five or hopefully six women1308.012.3

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Wow, I am absolutely loving watching Neebs Gaming play Ranch Sim! This game looks like such a blast. As soon as I saw the first episode, I was hooked. There's something so relaxing and satisfying about building up your own ranch from scratch.

Neebs and the crew have such great chemistry as always. Their banter and joking around makes it so entertaining to watch them try to figure everything out. You can tell they're just having a total blast playing together. And their personalities shine through perfectly in the roles they pick - Thick as the no-nonsense boss, Appsro as the crazy animal wrangler, Simon as the clueless city boy. It cracks me up!

The cinematic shots and editing they do for this series is fantastic too. It really makes you feel immersed in the big open world. The music and little cutaway gags add so much. Neebs Gaming is so talented at turning gameplay into an engaging story. Even just watching them build fences or herd cows feels epic!

Overall, Ranch Sim looks like an awesome game, and Neebs Gaming's series takes it to the next level. Their commentary and filmmaking style make it so much fun to experience the game through their videos. I'd recommend any fan of simulation or casual building games to check out Neebs' Ranch Sim series for sure. It's the perfect way to relax and virtually run your own ranch. I can't wait to see where they take the series next!

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