This Is Basically Cheating!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video featuring the Gnat yet? If not, you're in for a real treat! This l...
This Is Basically Cheating!!! - Grounded
This Is Basically Cheating!!! - Grounded

This Is Basically Cheating!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Have you seen this video 'This Is Basically Cheating!!! - Grounded' yet? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video with the Gnat? That thing is a game-changer! It can do anything and everything!

appsro: I don't know, guys. Using the Gnat seems a bit like cheating to me. But hey, if it works, it works!

neebs: Come on, Appsro! It's not cheating, it's just using the resources available to us. Plus, it's hilarious to watch!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video featuring the Gnat yet? If not, you're in for a real treat! This little guy can do anything and everything your heart desires - and then some! Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the fun and excitement.

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hey buddy oh who can get a boo-boo the0.625.679
warning shot hey it's not funny all4.084.34
all right guys here she is it's a long22.1997.4
time coming boom boom25.57.86
Oh and bang we got an oven Simon quit29.5997.361
playing I hate Simon computer this okay33.366.3
fine yeah the fact that I could just36.965.52
walk on top of it back into it is really39.664.5
annoying well be aware of it you know42.483.54
like then it's a hot oven you don't just44.163.36
walk into it yeah it's been there a46.023.3
minute yeah I'm with Simon I can't stand47.523.719
the thing either yeah right right I know49.323.6
honestly and it's about this about this51.2394.021
this is an oven yeah all right so with52.923.959
the oven what can we oh we can make55.263.72
mushroom bricks oh with the mushroom56.8794.261
slurry we've been making okay let me uh58.983.059
tell you guys a little something about61.142.099
mushroom slurry you got to make them62.0393.061
over here in the grinder so the63.2393.901
mushrooms you pick up the little ones I65.13.54
don't make mushroom slurries with the67.143.24
little mushrooms okay we want to make68.643.72
mushroom slurries with the big mushrooms70.384.02
right so you guys with some chunks with72.363.299
the little mushroom we can only make one74.43.0
at a time with the big mushroom we can75.6593.78
make ten at a time ten but I have a77.43.96
little mushroom farm start out here oh79.4393.901
you can just eat the I don't know I81.364.079
don't like eating those yeah well then83.344.919
don't you shouldn't have done it so that85.4395.701
I can use our mushroom slurries yeah we88.2594.621
can make mushroom bricks I don't91.143.18
understand that yet but I'm gonna go92.883.3
with it well just they're just bricks94.324.32
yeah made of mushrooms mushroom bricks96.184.079
yeah it's kind of stupid a little bit98.643.119
dumb huh yeah there's always all sorts100.2593.301
of gum okay I've been saying that for101.7594.68
years not not really not years well103.564.98
maybe this year yep it was an106.4393.96
exaggeration maybe years well hey this108.543.119
is going to take a minute to make oh110.3993.601
neebs I can make you something there we111.6594.441
go I know why you you're gonna love this114.04.04
I know I'm gonna love it116.16.92
and then let me drop it for you boop118.044.98
there we go hold on you ready yep put it125.424.3
on put it on put it on128.282.66
oh look how bright yeah that's so nice130.944.96
how do I turn it on and off I have no134.046.98
idea yep nope trial L nope V nope135.97.38
you might not be able to turn it on and141.024.6
off that can't be the case oh that would143.285.599
suck yeah that would be stupid145.623.259
all right door let's get it all right150.784.8
scanning a stupid mushroom brick see153.125.06
what other stupid stuff with mushrooms155.587.019
okay all the mushroom things wow man we158.186.88
can make a killer base now wow so long162.5994.441
as uh Simon and leaves find something165.063.72
okay I feel like you went out man we167.043.66
need to go out and find mushrooms yeah168.784.44
do I have what I it takes to chop them170.75.34
down yeah just an ax sounds yeah we173.224.2
should be able to we should be able to176.042.88
find mushrooms I don't know if it needed177.423.0
a certain tear178.924.26
I don't think so you gotta think it's a180.424.56
soft mushroom don't kill this one this183.184.74
one's mine oh my God there's psychopath184.985.58
oh the psych path killing all the all187.924.38
the things I love your days are numbered190.564.14
little [ __ ] I might name him that little192.34.2
[ __ ] come on little [ __ ] yeah a little194.75.52
[ __ ] he's cute come here I mean he looks196.56.06
like every other one like yeah now he200.223.42
could easily yeah he could easily get202.564.399
him confused hey buddy oh yeah203.646.17
who's gonna die soon206.9595.2
warning shot hey212.1593.381
that's a spider little [ __ ] run no come217.045.57
on Dora I'm going221.0994.681
this thing really doesn't turn off Simon225.784.98
uh no his lights all day long but does227.345.1
it bother you like it like I forget230.764.32
about it in seven in the other world232.444.56
seven days like I'll forget the lights235.084.079
on I mean I'm close to something it's237.04.62
really noticeable yeah like in the base239.1594.741
it's like super bright all right you241.623.96
just take it off then right I was hoping243.92.94
I could just leave it on all the time I245.583.659
know yep but now we know okay that's not246.844.5
good well we want this over here we want249.2393.601
the dry grass we just gotta get dry251.343.42
grass getting it out but next to the dry252.843.899
grass is Badness like there's a there's254.763.84
an infected but look it's right here I256.7395.22
know it's right here please watch out we258.65.099
just grab a few pieces we get in we get261.9594.68
out it's fine with me I can do this yeah263.6996.181
I can do this okay grab it real quick oh266.6397.081
God is it crap yeah yeah yeah that's bad269.885.34
news right there you can go jump in the273.723.72
either fight it we jump in the water I'm275.224.02
running I'm jumping in the water I'm277.444.92
hoping to avoid him give myself some279.247.56
medicine and then jump screw you you282.366.059
gonna do it you're gonna sting I'm in286.83.42
I'm in the water maybe they're not on me288.4193.961
I'm coming to the water too it's good I290.223.3
don't feel like fighting these right now292.385.22
no okay and you too you too oh boy he293.526.3
got me okay nope here we go all right297.64.08
they're on you hey guys what you're299.824.14
gonna look at my cute little butt leave301.684.739
my friend alone well if you just jump in303.964.86
the water don't leave I know why I did306.4194.141
jump in the water I know but I see you308.823.18
not in the water so you're telling me if310.563.24
I jump in the water they're gonna go312.03.72
they'll give up but it looks like they313.85.1
gave up anyway here you go pal let's see315.724.68
so now they'll give up because they318.92.82
already gave up when I was up there but320.42.46
you're saying now they're gonna go away321.722.699
and they won't be a threat anymore I322.863.36
think they will yeah go back home yeah324.4194.801
all right man the ones that got away I326.225.539
hope you're right329.226.479
I see some red mushrooms derelish oh I331.7596.22
do too all right let's get him335.6994.741
what am I thinking right I'm a Nut we337.9794.321
can uh we can tune this science center340.444.38
for red mushrooms okay oh yeah yeah342.34.5
let's see I'll go ahead and do that what344.824.08
do you use yeah the resource surveyor346.84.86
Toadstool chunks yeah let me do survey348.95.7
resource yeah we got some right near us351.664.68
we got a spider right next to the354.63.9
mushrooms they're all over the place oh356.344.56
yeah it's true but yeah yeah yes a358.54.58
spider all right I'm coming for him360.95.54
oh it might have363.085.86
is he366.444.06
still know about that oh I don't have a368.943.06
yeah I need a higher tier tool I can't370.53.18
do these with this [ __ ] oh you still372.04.139
have a Level One X I do didn't that land373.684.019
yeah we gotta get you upgraded man I376.1393.721
know it's really lame let's see here377.6994.261
I'll be your ah there this is the good379.864.26
stuff Toadstool chunks this is what we381.963.12
um oh yeah nothing suggests making a385.086.6
strong base and more than a toadstool388.385.28
chunk how you doing little dummy here we391.683.66
got the spiders here393.665.159
oh yeah hey I'll be right back oh god oh395.345.82
little [ __ ] little shit's [ __ ] whip398.8197.261
oh [ __ ] little [ __ ] run run faster run401.168.18
faster run faster406.083.26
leave the spider away oh oh gotcha all418.44.96
right let's get can't die I just got it421.384.86
this little [ __ ] is to me insignificant423.365.22
I believe hey can I chop this web up426.245.16
there you go run all right he's free all428.584.44
right now time to whoop some spider ass431.44.639
okay all right433.023.019
big boy446.665.2
oh yeah all I got close this is to me I448.564.859
don't like how close you are how you451.864.08
doing buddy I have me yeah I'm in a fire453.4194.56
I feel like he's clocking all this uh455.945.0
these Clover leaves yeah457.9792.961
kill them all right461.663.96
hey we got him all right give me that467.8193.801
get sick out of here all right so now we471.624.359
know where mushrooms are so I guess yeah474.722.759
we just keep hunting for more mushrooms475.9793.601
all right I'll be your security detail477.4794.62
yeah right I love it oh I already see479.586.2
some over here oh482.0993.681
Simon you got the pebblets to finish487.945.319
this thing uh yes I do I didn't realize490.086.36
I had so much stuff uh yeah there it is493.2595.88
yep yeah how do I oh geez Stacks that's496.444.56
right here we go so now we can just499.1393.84
build the stairs going up the wall and501.04.02
it'll just pull from these I don't see502.9795.28
any grass anywhere to you grass no okay505.025.1
where was it where where where did we508.2594.321
grab it from last I mean there's usually510.123.839
grass around there's no grass in this512.582.879
area no I know but I thought there was513.9593.361
one little bit of grass that we cleared515.4593.901
out maybe not all right we ain't cutting517.324.5
grass down today hey tell you what can I519.365.099
jump on this thing nope see we're521.824.62
already filled up on stems all right524.4594.741
listen salmon look at what I want you to526.444.38
um I want you to watch my body okay529.23.78
watch your body well I mean keep530.823.6
stacking that but keep checking on me532.983.0
okay all right yo yeah you're on the534.424.38
path in between yeah so uh I'm gonna be535.984.919
a gnat now all right you being that and538.84.32
I'm gonna throw whatever stems we have540.8994.261
next to that one pile saying oh hey how543.123.42
you doing good I'm gonna head to the545.162.64
base let's see if I can bring stuff back546.543.66
from the base okay we're like What like547.84.14
grass what we were just talking about550.24.68
okay but just just grass yeah watch my551.946.019
body okay554.883.079
here we go all right now hopefully I can560.3995.461
just come down here and just grab a563.14.44
bunch of grass565.865.0
oh is it e is it e or g e567.547.38
oh yeah oh man he carries so much this570.866.3
is stupid574.925.5
I'm dumb as this all right577.166.48
hey hey hey neebs you're still here is583.646.699
my light still on yep oh hey they are587.3397.62
still on yep okay look how much grass590.3397.081
man that's great and that's dry grass it594.9594.141
doesn't look like it's dry no why would597.423.479
it be dry grass because I thought what599.13.179
we needed was dry grass you just600.8992.961
retained we did that already602.2794.021
that's why I was getting that mixed up603.864.0
earlier yeah because I was like didn't606.33.96
we just get grass but we got dry grass607.865.46
right okay all right that's overlapping610.266.24
we don't want that what's overlapping uh613.325.1
it was just a blueprint from one to the616.53.6
other was overlapping that's all yeah I618.423.979
hit the wrong button620.14.5
looking good you still got one more622.3993.821
still carrying one more little piece624.64.56
gotcha how do I drop this [ __ ] it I626.224.799
don't think I can with this guy he629.164.38
doesn't hook oh gee there he goes there631.0194.26
you go all right633.544.88
um I'll keep doing this635.2793.141
like oh I I mean it looks great I don't642.665.46
get it but it looks great yeah I have no646.144.56
idea how mushroom turns into this this648.125.219
looks like damn concrete doesn't it yes650.74.74
but uh man now that we got all this653.3393.361
stuff yeah we just keep collecting655.442.579
mushrooms and we're gonna be able to656.73.78
build a castle all right I upgraded my658.0194.741
um my ax so I can help oh so yeah you660.484.62
got a better accent I do I do all right662.763.96
um man where can we find the most665.13.9
mushrooms like all the mushrooms didn't666.724.38
you uh do that thing at the thing yeah669.04.74
okay so yeah I guess we just look on the671.16.12
map and we go get the mushroom what are673.746.36
you doing Nat I need some grass oh677.225.22
perfect we're building steps is that Nat680.14.979
talking to us uh yeah that's need Nap682.447.079
oh hey Palace hey hi I I love the wall685.0796.481
oh yeah I'm gonna tear it down I just689.5193.181
wanted to see what it looks like it691.563.48
looks cool okay made out of mushrooms692.74.379
that's crazy you've been saying for695.044.979
years uh yeah it's pretty silly not697.0794.5
yours though he hasn't been saying it700.0193.421
for years yeah years he exaggerates you701.5794.44
know him but like a lot uh yeah no he703.444.38
exaggerates he's been exaggerating for a706.0194.281
yeah speaking of little [ __ ] where is he741.744.24
right here would you like me to kill him744.184.2
no oh there you are hey Bubba oh my745.983.96
goodness oh my goodness who needs a748.383.98
little rub don't you get in my way749.947.22
I don't think he likes the light wow752.364.8
okay let me look at the map now and see759.986.82
where we can go let's see oh wow what762.666.6
there is a bunch of mushrooms not too766.85.039
far where like neebs and Simon are769.265.04
building those stairs well well that771.8393.781
well we still have to bring them back to774.33.36
our base though yeah okay but man all775.623.54
right what to make the man if we make777.663.78
Castle close to that we're moving the779.164.619
whole castle huh uh well yeah we'll781.444.26
build a new Castle a better Castle okay783.7793.541
yeah one made out of you know mushrooms785.75.28
mushrooms okay787.323.66
so you think we got enough names I hope799.046.16
so yeah I'd like to be on top I was802.83.42
hoping to be building on that wall805.24.02
already yeah well just it's just in a806.224.619
matter of another five minutes and I809.224.2
think we'll be there I hope so that's my810.8394.56
guess well it should be at the pretty813.423.659
close to the oh there we are I knew we815.3993.481
were close to that handle or that net817.0794.861
that's it all right so I loaded up we818.885.16
got plenty of weed stems so I'll load up821.944.5
the grass yeah you ended up bugging up824.043.9
there I'll start building again and make826.444.26
you proud okay and Make It Rain827.944.199
um oh wait this is the first time I'm830.73.0
getting out of this so what did I hit G832.1394.981
to get in hit V to get out of it B yeah833.75.28
I'm gonna go up here you know what would837.124.26
be cool I don't know but I was gonna say838.984.2
I'd like to kind of hook it back around841.383.36
this way but we might be underneath843.183.959
should I just keep going straight I mean844.745.159
don't you think hold on I'll keep going847.1394.021
straight wait it looks like straight849.8993.541
would do you right and then as soon as851.163.78
you get up there when you get a lot853.442.94
closer you'll know what you have to do854.943.8
okay okay856.386.48
keep those things full up please dim858.746.039
is it because I'm too far away is it is862.864.8
it empty uh no it's not empty here's864.7794.021
what we're gonna do we're gonna grab it867.662.64
we're gonna drag it a little closer it868.83.24
might be just Out Of Reach what if it's870.34.68
in in on my person uh I don't think872.045.22
it'll take it from there no take it from874.984.919
like off of me no I don't think that877.264.68
works no so what I'm gonna do is879.8996.361
relocate f can I put it on the steps881.946.43
let's try that886.264.04
probably just put it closer like890.34.44
okay you're fine you're good but yeah900.064.079
just keep uh but you know you might want902.044.26
to move that grass as well gonna have to904.1393.661
do it here too yeah you know how to do906.34.08
it no I mean it should prompt you look907.84.68
at it and see what it says910.386.93
all right yeah to relocate f912.486.84
damn it what'd you do freaking right924.685.26
clicked when I should have left clicked928.322.84
now you gotta do it all over again929.944.8
apparently all right F I tell you if931.165.799
there's two ways for me to do it you'll934.744.98
pick the wrong one listen I recently936.9596.24
picked Tails nine times in a row and939.726.72
lost nine times in a row lost what heads943.1995.58
or tails was there something at stake946.444.8
there no it was just a dumb like hey948.7794.5
pick it you know heads or tails and I951.243.779
was like oh I lost I won tails and I953.2793.661
said I'm gonna do it again and then I'm955.0193.841
gonna do it again and I'm gonna do it956.943.54
again and then that was just like well958.863.18
it's a matter of time I know it's gonna960.484.08
happen so when's it gonna happen and it962.045.159
didn't happen for nine times I believe964.564.94
thank you971.544.419
oh yeah door this is great we're974.13.78
grinding down mushrooms we're cooking975.9593.961
the bricks all them bricks we're gonna977.884.56
be able to make a awesome castle Yeah no979.923.9
it looks like it would make an awesome982.442.579
castle Yeah I'm gonna make a place983.823.18
bigger than this something absurd you985.0193.421
know what I mean yeah987.02.76
um this place was absurd is it oh yeah989.764.92
with the trampoline the trampolines like992.6393.781
screw the trampoline for sure yeah now994.683.12
there's been no trampolines in our new996.422.64
house see I can't997.82.76
getting out of my I know we've talked999.063.48
about it at length but like the castle1000.565.519
made of mushroom and if it rained you1002.546.359
just picture squishy soggy right yeah1006.0796.481
all the walls get nice and soft cream of1008.8996.0
mushroom Castle maybe that's what we1012.564.38
should call it yeah that's more cream of1014.8995.461
mushroom that's a steak hey there's a1016.946.54
man what there's a tooth nearby oh we I1020.365.64
want ooh you want to go find it I think1023.484.14
it's near the tree because we've been1026.03.299
over here before because yeah right now1027.623.839
the bottom left I see the thing blinking1029.2995.221
what's like yeah it's nearby I really1031.4595.281
wish I had uh turned on my use more1034.523.84
mutations thing1036.744.4
oh for uh yeah your next to use three1038.366.599
mutations I would love that yeah but I1041.145.319
messed up and I put it to other things1044.9594.141
but soon with more teeth I can live my1046.4594.201
oh I found it you found the tooth yes1050.667.82
where was it oh right here yes good job1053.547.519
very nice very nice1058.485.92
let's see I'm about to smack it snap1061.0594.541
that too1064.44.04
all right1065.62.84
looking good news what do you think1069.825.62
about that I think this is great smooth1072.5595.461
huh yeah all the way up it's fantastic1075.444.739
this is it we made it to the top all1078.024.5
right the upper is finally sunk in what1080.1794.86
you want to do this is the upper upper1082.525.22
yard yard in our old place is over there1085.0394.941
by the tree yep and then what do we do1087.745.16
we well we're gonna be laying Foundation1089.985.5
here for a new base but we should be1092.94.86
putting a zip line right at some point1095.484.02
right this will be like a groundbreaking1097.763.12
you ready okay that's what we're doing1099.55.46
okay yeah uh today marks a brand new1100.887.74
chapter and small people survival I1104.966.74
build this first wall of1108.627.08
mushroom wall yes of mushroom wall this1111.75.26
isn't gonna work we're not actually1115.72.88
gonna keep this right you should say a1116.963.66
few words too oh1118.586.479
um this is very special and can you show1120.625.7
up can you please turn off that light1125.0593.24
take up here it's insane isn't it can1126.323.42
you take off your hat please take it off1128.2994.5
please can you yes I can I just wish I1129.743.96
could just1132.7993.481
thank you you really know how to ruin1133.75.58
the flow okay of what I was this is a1136.285.58
momentous day and this is very special1139.284.5
and you know what forget it I had1141.863.36
something better neeb's Delight the1143.783.06
light hat ruined it the light ruined it1145.224.199
yep okay and now that sun over there is1146.844.699
ruining it too1149.4193.661
so beautiful I hate it from now on we1153.085.76
write speeches okay yes can't Wing them1155.966.44
no not at all1158.843.56

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But what really stands out is how Neebs Gaming presents the game in their signature cinematic style. Through creative editing and humor, they bring out the absolute best in this game. Their commentary and reactions make me laugh out loud while also drawing me deeper into the story. The way they intersperse gameplay footage with cinematic sequences works brilliantly.

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming play this game is the next best thing to playing it yourself. In fact, I'd argue their videos are an enhanced version of the gameplay! They spotlight the most epic and hilarious moments while moving the story along. Their chemistry and banter make the game even more fun to experience.

In summary, the gameplay looks incredible and Neebs Gaming's cinematic style takes it to the next level. This is an absolute must-watch series for any gaming fan. Neebs creates the definitive way to enjoy this game without even picking up the controller. If you haven't seen their videos, go check them out now! You won't regret it.

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