Ark Survival - We're Going Back In "Prepared".

Hey everyone! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're going to love their latest video on Ark Survival. In this episode, they're goi...
Ark Survival - We're Going Back In "Prepared".
Ark Survival - We're Going Back In "Prepared".

Ark Survival - We're Going Back In "Prepared".

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark Survival! Today, we're going back in prepared.

simon: Prepared? Ha! That's a first for us, isn't it, Neebs?

neebs: Hey now, we've learned from our mistakes...sometimes.

appsro: Yeah, like that time we tried to tame a T-Rex with just a slingshot. That went well.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey everyone! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're going to love their latest video on Ark Survival. In this episode, they're going back in "Prepared" and it's going to be epic!

I always look forward to their Ark videos because they bring so much humor and fun to the game. The Neebs Gaming crew always has me laughing and on the edge of my seat with their crazy adventures and unexpected twists.

And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to make sure you never miss an episode! Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the action. Plus, if you're a true fan like me, you can also support them on Patreon to help them keep creating awesome content.

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So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready for some wild Ark Survival Evolved Aberration gameplay with the Neebs Gaming crew. I can't wait to see what crazy antics they get up to this time!

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neebs yes sir deep got a present for you0.0794.601
um let's see baby hold on now4.685.339
um Rob you're gonna love that here we go7.25.16
uh you got a present for me do not oh10.0194.681
it's okay pump action shotgun yeah and12.365.16
here's 18 shells I got 18 shells as well14.75.82
we got two pump action shotguns made oh17.524.98
yeah oh Simon I've got a gift for you20.524.44
you're all good cause I have hooks I'm22.54.099
happy to have them though here you go24.965.04
shotgun oh Barely Used you're gonna love26.5996.46
it nice thank you all right so any any30.06.6
ammo uh no ammo sorry okay great uh33.0595.101
listen I'll take I can make a few36.62.88
shotgun shells I didn't want to waste38.162.82
all our gun powder I'll make you a39.483.599
couple times thank you maybe I'll shoot40.983.48
him with one of the bullets do you think43.0793.841
that'd be fun yeah that'd be a well use44.465.46
of that good what do you think five46.925.76
um just one no I'll I'll take five maybe49.925.4
in the middle three five okay I give you52.684.14
five I'll give you five here you go baby55.324.32
thank you baby and Bob shave y'all56.824.5
shooting instead all right neighbors59.643.54
what's the plan today baby I want to go61.324.08
deep into the dangerous zone so who's63.185.34
coming with me I will go I'll be behind65.45.1
you yep and I'll be with you just call68.524.56
me Kenny Loggins baby all right me and70.57.04
Kenny Loggins and abstro out let's do it73.087.92
I want to be someone special I'll be77.546.06
Molly Hatchet81.02.6
this is nice yeah it's quite beautiful109.525.26
but it also makes me think because this112.4394.561
is swampy and normally I think of swamps114.784.92
as being dangerous yeah we got canoes we117.04.86
can outrun danger right uh I mean I119.73.72
think a Sarco should be able to like121.864.14
very easily like Snap this canoe in half123.424.559
and kill us yeah well when you put it126.03.599
like that you're not wrong right hey127.9793.06
don't forget we have climbing hooks129.5992.941
though oh wait I see the cave up there131.0393.601
oh yeah it's right up here oh all right132.544.14
well then that ain't too shabby at all134.643.84
and I'd like to say that maneuvering136.684.44
this canoe is quite pleasurable is that138.485.04
a word pleasureful pleasurable I think141.124.8
that one word you're looking for lizard143.524.5
full sounds a little naughtier yeah it145.924.8
sounded wrong yeah you know that should148.024.56
be a PornHub search I'm looking for150.724.379
something pleasurable like a canoe yeah152.585.159
I'm looking for that sweet sweet the new155.0994.941
you know what I mean I'm having a hard160.224.68
time picturing it162.362.54
yeah it just would be uncomfortable I'm165.144.9
just guessing the paddle man come on the167.74.74
battle could be fun come on you know170.043.96
what I mean baby here we go he's gonna172.443.18
pull up right after me oh shoot there's174.03.3
metal I'm getting this metal we need it175.622.94
you're gonna carry that around does it177.33.86
make you heavy178.562.6
okay all right so what do I should I181.224.42
should I park to the right or should I184.143.3
leave it yeah let's beat it over here to185.644.26
the right all right perfect you ought to187.443.96
make a little house down here this is189.94.199
nice yeah waterfall base yeah191.44.5
be careful if you step in that water194.0994.14
you're going over I'm not doing it looks195.94.559
dangerous the hard way man well there's198.2394.86
a way down uh if we go back and go left200.4595.28
I think there's a way down abstro is is203.0995.161
doing the uh doing the rowing thing for205.7394.161
yeah yes I found that very pleasure ooh209.96.4
it's super pleasurable look at me can't213.544.38
get enough of this can you216.33.48
God I better not go in that water I go217.923.539
in that water I'm done all right so how219.784.2
are we gonna avoid going tell you what221.4594.381
why don't we Scout the place out build a223.984.08
little uh base of operation with a225.843.84
respawn point and then we'll look into228.065.3
it I like it follow me boys229.683.68
how do I put on this uh wingsuit glider279.86.88
suit you want to grab it and add it to284.284.32
your chest piece like it's a mod just286.684.079
drop it on the chest piece drop it on288.64.92
the chest piece boom that's right okay290.7596.44
little bitty Wings there you go and then293.526.06
it's so tiny it doesn't make any sense297.1994.601
interesting and it's a chest size and299.584.5
what do I do to deploy it spacebar uh301.85.52
when you jump space bar yeah okay so we304.085.64
want to make sure our climbing hooks are307.324.8
equipped oh [ __ ] what have you done I've309.725.46
jumped and tried to uh just land and now312.125.94
I'm below have your climber oh you lucky315.185.4
man what are you doing right there all318.064.74
right yeah okay man I was like well he's320.584.86
done he's about to be a rescue322.84.44
all right so what are we doing we gotta325.443.599
be careful man so you want to actually327.244.38
just dive in here huh I think for us to329.0394.321
progress in this game we're gonna have331.624.139
to make it down there yeah but okay333.364.38
let's pick a spot and try to get to a335.7594.141
safe zone so what looks like a good spot337.744.5
for us down there nothing there's no one339.93.84
place down there that's safe I'm telling342.243.72
you I've been down here oh no that ain't343.744.399
on the side of the cliff you know you356.124.18
want to go okay so let's pick a a little358.2594.981
Cliff ledge we can go to you know I just360.34.56
realized I'm like there's probably a lot363.243.48
of things I shouldn't have on me because364.864.08
if I die you can put them there in the366.724.319
storage and spawn the bid yeah spawn on368.943.539
the bed but then what you don't have a371.0393.6
wingsuit hey it's better than not having372.4794.44
a bed and a place there okay all right374.6394.5
hey this is your idea all right how376.9193.541
about where that glowy stuff is right379.1393.18
there you see that what are you out of380.463.84
your [ __ ] mind stuff everywhere all382.3193.72
right let me rephrase that purple glowy384.33.48
stuff right there where that vine is the386.0393.421
one like right below us like it might be387.783.359
a gas orb or something it is definitely389.463.959
a gas orb okay well I threw out391.1393.361
something you threw out something where393.4192.28
you want to go that pillar I'm looking394.53.479
at right now neebs pretty sure that395.6994.861
little face we had is right like on that397.9794.141
pillar behind it is that where the400.563.78
things kept eating you yes uh is there402.123.78
anything good there no there's nothing404.343.54
good anywhere here I don't know how many405.93.54
times I got to say that now there's got407.883.06
to be I bet there's a great loot down409.443.599
there loot drops I bet there's stronger410.943.9
animals even playing hard there's413.0393.72
nothing down there414.844.979
stronger animals to tame yeah but if we416.7594.801
can't tame the stronger animals we'll419.8193.481
just go into a death trap let's do that421.563.479
let's go down there and tame a stronger423.33.179
animal that's a great thing all right425.0393.061
Hey listen I'll go on your suicide run426.4793.901
whatever okay it's the last day anyway428.14.98
all right go in there ready yep sure430.384.259
who's going first433.084.02
[ __ ] I'll do it434.6393.961
look man I'm right behind you all right437.13.96
I'm doing it too okay I don't see any438.64.319
kind of Base yet it's uh behind the441.064.5
pillar so maybe go a little brighter442.9195.4
look oh let's see a drop already I bet445.565.28
there's a shoe in it hold on lights on448.3194.621
right are there other things yeah my450.844.259
light on I got my light on here we go452.944.56
watch this be the best thing well I see455.0995.521
a megapithecus and a rat what do we got457.56.96
here oh got more blue gems wow wow we460.627.079
got a Grenade oh oh a grenade a grenade464.465.28
and some uh congealed gas balls which467.6994.261
I'm not going to take right now see this469.744.98
is good oh oh okay we have a threat471.964.56
where where are we going let's decide474.723.419
where we're going let's get height476.523.299
there's a little thing over here pull478.1394.741
out your climbers okay how come I'm so479.8195.16
dumb why can't I there we go how'd you482.883.96
do it you gotta make sure it's green not484.9795.101
red all right I'm up green not red there486.845.34
it is I got the damn things out click490.084.2
you guys better get up here quick click492.184.32
how do you use these damn things494.284.56
um yeah you just click face click it's496.54.259
not wanting to for me like I'm looking498.843.18
at it right now it's green and I'm500.7593.06
clicking the damn thing oh yeah Simon's502.024.26
halfway up his yeah there he goes there503.8194.261
we go now you get on top of one and506.284.02
we'll fight this creature it's not easy508.084.68
apps row but I expect you to be able to510.35.22
do it Jesus that took long enough no512.764.04
are you chopping what's going on down516.83.34
man I think I'm glitched or something520.143.48
like okay this thing just isn't working522.063.899
at all there we go good god of my damn523.624.26
look now we're safe and the threat's525.9593.841
gone perfect good I'm glad I didn't come527.884.98
over here okay so529.85.099
what's this our base I know our base got532.864.14
destroyed did I leave this to the wrong534.8995.281
place it looks so much like it I'm gonna537.06.5
peek around the corner okay540.183.32
come on come on now that's some [ __ ]544.565.1
yeah you should have had that548.14.82
oh maybe it was up on that one549.663.26
okay now what all right I think we're553.684.26
safe right now so let's just uh scope556.23.48
the place out and find something to go557.943.86
anything I saw the make I think it's569.246.4
called a megalosaur just keeps popping573.243.779
out of my range I know it's down that575.644.02
way though you want to try man maybe try577.0194.26
to lure back here you might be able to579.663.48
take it yeah I don't know is it easier581.2793.781
for us to go there or for me to lure it583.144.139
here I do like the fact that we are you585.064.44
know up high somewhere potentially safe587.2795.341
yeah right okay and there's three of us589.55.339
you know different pillars all right let592.624.62
me hmm all right let me take a look hold594.8394.381
on thieves yeah come back to me I got a597.245.219
plan okay I like plans what's this plan599.225.28
uh can you climb up on the Rock I'm on602.4593.541
Simon you too you think you can fly over604.53.839
here uh yeah hold on come yeah come get606.04.38
on this rock all right608.3394.5
anything else nice landing Simon thank610.384.38
you I just used your body to stop all612.8394.201
right get up here get up here where's my614.764.38
climbing thing is I'm telling you they617.043.739
don't work for [ __ ]619.144.139
yep and you gotta just aim it just right620.7793.881
oh you go ahead and start telling the623.2793.24
plan I can climb endless coffee all624.664.02
right there is uh you see that Branch626.5194.021
over there I'm like I'm looking right at628.682.7
um yes this way uh we fly over to that631.385.22
Branch but looks like it climbs up634.684.5
pretty high if you look to the left and636.65.94
from that we can uh fly over to that639.186.06
pyramid all right I like that it's a642.544.859
good plan thieves you got that yeah yeah645.244.02
okay right behind you all right right647.3994.081
behind me take a minute yeah uh let's do649.264.8
it all right I'm doing it too651.484.46
may not make it654.064.56
oh actually just might actually just655.945.139
might okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all658.624.56
right Simon you're here yep needs I'm661.0793.841
jumping you see I see you okay good good663.184.8
good we got this all right perfect so664.925.4
yeah let's climb uh yeah let's climb667.985.72
this as high as we can okay670.323.38
we're working together we got plans673.924.2
plans we're prepared this time675.34.8
so underprepared for this place well I678.123.6
didn't say adequately I'm prepared I680.13.479
just said yeah no you're prepared for681.723.299
this place for me to come in here with683.5793.481
like 70 tanks685.0193.871
hard to climb these things687.0614.56
it's all there gas balls down there with705.124.26
all that pink stuff not the gas balls I707.3993.421
don't know should we go into that Loot709.383.12
Crate over there that green Loop thing710.824.259
yeah Green is no good yeah no other712.54.98
color is good either uh we could take715.0795.041
this Branch down there if we want or we717.484.26
could fly to the pyramid from here which720.123.719
I want to fly to the pyramid all right721.743.599
Simon wants to fight at the pyramid723.8392.761
where'd you go oh sorry I was eating726.63.299
um yeah I'm up for either one of the729.8994.081
flying to the pyramid yeah let's do it733.985.16
that's right damn it here we go how much735.726.96
fun is this this is a lot of fun oh yeah739.145.939
I get some speed now I'm gonna land742.683.719
right at the peak of the pyramid because745.0794.5
I'm really good at this no I missed it746.3994.921
I hope Simon there is a lot of danger749.5793.901
down there be careful Bubba yeah I think751.325.579
that's that's oh [ __ ] yeah there is I753.484.799
decided to check out the green drop756.8993.06
because I don't know why but I'm doing758.2795.761
it right okay I am getting close to the759.9596.241
pyramid come on let's land on top of764.044.29
this thing yeah766.25.209
I'll be there in a second I knew it but773.164.26
I want to know yeah that's what he said775.0794.141
let's see all those ravagers down there777.423.96
Simon where'd you end up Landing um I779.224.559
landed at the I just missed the top I781.384.259
landed at the base and now I'm like783.7793.721
trying to climb on this metal and it's785.6394.161
not wanting to put me where I want to go787.55.579
huh did you get down here hold on coming789.86.4
down you got a plan no okay coming in793.0795.221
with you Simon there you go there you go796.24.139
nice very nice very nice all right yeah798.33.96
we're safe up here right no we should be800.3394.261
yeah we want that mega store over there802.264.74
we have a lot of threats around uh we I804.65.76
see a snake I had some megalosis oh that807.05.899
one's a 44 that's a sign810.365.94
okay okay so uh what do we think we812.8995.081
start peppering this idiot uh yeah we're816.33.06
gonna make sure we didn't eliminate any817.983.24
other threads first819.363.779
seems to be other than that snake I821.223.119
don't see a lot of others see a823.1393.541
centipede out there red that centipede824.3393.601
might leave us alone he's a distance826.683.24
away you want me to draw in the827.944.44
megalosaur uh yeah let's start hitting829.925.4
him with uh tranq arrows doing it go for832.384.92
it I gotta hit all right where are you835.323.78
gonna go Megan yeah that's what I want837.34.14
you to do get confused well I don't have839.14.979
a shot anymore she's she's squirrely you841.445.76
got a shot right out sir well here I'm844.0794.621
gonna try to jump down see if I can get847.23.42
a shot oh848.73.9
careful Simon careful I like what you're850.623.92
doing though all right852.65.16
come on baby oh me you think you can854.544.359
jump in one of those little pillars out857.763.24
there man I don't know what their bite858.8994.261
radius is surely she shouldn't be able861.03.779
to get you on top of that pillow I would863.163.179
hope not but would you rather be where864.7794.021
you are on that pillar oh he's running866.3394.381
that way oh boy okay this is where868.83.539
they're running oh she's running is she870.722.94
running away already she went that way872.3394.201
right uh is that uh I don't even know if873.664.44
I'm shooting is she over by a rock like876.543.539
running but still yeah she's stuck in878.13.539
that pillar over there you see her yeah880.0793.361
I'm trying to shoot at her but it's not881.6393.661
saying that I'm getting hits and it883.443.139
seems too far885.33.779
back here so you can absolutely do it886.5794.601
really oh God there's a centipede here889.0794.021
though yep oh and here comes another one891.183.54
coming in okay893.13.539
uh did we shoot at that one too I'm not894.723.119
confusing this is the one we were doing896.6392.88
for now the one we're doing before is897.8393.841
run it okay but it's also not running899.5194.801
running stuck okay once we drop it we901.684.2
need to get down there with our shotguns904.322.94
and now it looks like it's trying to run905.883.24
back at us but it's still stuck oh this907.263.3
might be perfect as long as nothing909.123.24
hates it yeah we got to get in there and910.563.3
protect it but now there is there's912.362.88
another one of those things right below913.863.12
us all right we're at the shotgun that915.243.92
all right that one's down yeah okay all919.624.86
right shotgun time right we gotta find922.743.959
the thread it's over here somewhere oh924.484.38
right below us so are we joking down926.6994.5
there with shotguns kind of fly out to928.864.5
the one we brought down all right I got931.1994.14
two shots on it I'm here all right933.364.68
shooting in shotgun shots on it nice I935.3396.06
got one too seeing blood yep938.045.82
oh another shot what am I hearing oh God941.3995.12
your lights are on lights on makey's946.5195.32
down all right let's see what do you949.324.74
like oh God951.8393.901
and get the meat out of the mankings954.062.639
damn that's awesome get over here okay956.6996.361
coming in man to meet we're so prepared959.046.419
what am I hearing except I'm writing DDD963.064.38
in the in the menu something's growling965.4593.421
at me I don't know what you're hearing967.444.259
oh monkeys monkeys yeah yeah monkeys968.885.78
lights oh [ __ ]971.6996.301
fight fight I'm typing two I'm trying to974.666.359
I'm trying to climbing978.03.019
I mean984.745.44
we gotta go to bed you better get the987.364.2
building damn do we even have any water990.182.7
around here uh what are we what about991.562.639
here what am I hearing what is we992.883.36
hearing I don't know more monkeys does994.1993.841
this eat meat yes I've already put meat996.243.899
and [ __ ] in it more meat got it you have998.043.96
a light turn yours off in case mine goes1000.1394.14
out okay let's stick together light off1002.04.019
you and me both have shotguns let's1004.2793.541
stick together until this idiot team1006.0193.781
let's build a bed for Simon1007.823.42
um I've got I got I still have1009.83.839
foundations on me uh okay yeah here we1011.244.5
go get to it I'm keeping an eye on a1013.6394.32
centipede making a bed here we go I'm1015.743.839
covered yeah keep an eye on that since1017.9593.541
centipede's coming in1019.5794.141
oh God did he just1021.54.26
when you press your arm he broke every1023.725.339
bit of my armor oh no what that is some1025.765.1
[ __ ] we're gonna have to build you1029.0595.36
something to put that wingsuit on now1030.863.559
I do one hit yeah it's a centipede spit1036.024.62
one hit was done great rhyme by the way1038.783.899
all right you need to name the bed or we1040.644.38
summon someone to see it we seem to be1042.6794.5
oh God1047.1792.601
hey Simon find your body get your stuff1057.883.84
oh snake poison I like poison I don't1061.725.199
have any stemberries the stem Bears I1064.464.94
don't think I have any Snippets1066.9195.88
right now that's nice oh [ __ ] I don't1069.44.899
have stem Birds either I'm pretty sure I1072.7993.541
got rid of them nope don't have them oh1074.2993.421
but you know what there's got to be1076.343.06
stuff to pick right here right probably1077.723.6
get some uh yeah grab some stuff find1079.44.019
some Thin berries uh keep them out while1081.323.84
you're doing that yeah I've got so I got1083.4196.181
14 18 20 24. yeah I got some stemberry1085.165.82
um stemberries make sure you got aquatic1090.983.36
you don't want them to dehydrate I don't1092.783.72
have any aquatic no but I gave him stem1094.343.36
berries he's a big boy he could choose1096.53.12
what he wants okay well he doesn't get1097.73.24
to do it you have to force feed it to1099.622.7
him oh well I just put it in his1100.943.18
inventory yeah I let him wake up on his1102.324.099
own all right that's fine1104.127.5
Barry make it Harry fill me up with1106.4197.661
sweet stimberry1111.625.1
all right come on back up sir1114.084.92
how's that team looking Simon uh the1116.725.04
team's actually 71 yeah oh boy I see1119.05.34
another Megalosaurus way out there Boy1121.764.32
bar guy wakes up he can help us fight1124.344.74
all right is he coming in maybe I got a1126.085.58
shotgun I have seven bullets left get1129.085.16
some high ground and look around yep I1131.664.379
see the mega losses you talking about1134.243.84
neebs yep I'm up top I keep an eye on1136.0395.041
him what level is this idiot he is a1138.086.78
scene 56 he's strong stronger than our1141.086.0
guy I think I could take him I wouldn't1144.863.78
fight him right yet if we don't have to1147.083.36
if our guy wakes up we'll have a lot1148.642.94
better chance1150.443.18
he's getting closer I can lure him away1151.584.44
how about that1153.624.38
oh we got it we got him we got him we1156.023.72
got him we got all right should we try1158.03.78
fighting now uh1159.743.78
no no hold on let's heal this guy up a1161.783.3
little bit Yeah level him up heal him up1163.523.3
yeah hold on let me heal this again Leah1165.083.54
let me heal let me heal what are the1166.824.38
chances we can tame another one1168.624.679
I think we get back home he's coming1171.24.56
right at us is he not yet no he just1173.2993.961
turned around he was looking come on1175.763.48
lead up the dummy how's it coming Astro1177.264.02
uh I almost got his health all the way1179.245.7
up yeah she's a he she she she is a1181.286.24
level 58. oh we just passed that one all1184.945.58
right boom and all right we're good you1187.525.72
want to fight this thing1190.522.72
all right yep it's that attacking my1193.463.959
target yeah we can fight it1195.025.64
shots fired up all right hit him as many1197.4194.981
times you can before he gets here1200.663.78
um I was not okay I wasn't really ready1202.44.94
that's two going1204.442.9
out yeah it does oh boy monkey1208.826.44
oh God1212.386.28
come on new Dino fight oh boy am I1215.265.08
getting hurt from back here1218.664.98
get them new guy oh boy my legs hurt bad1220.345.52
oh boy I don't have a shot1223.644.2
it's up to you new guy1225.864.92
come on baby uh what's going on I don't1227.844.079
want to shoot because I can't tell which1230.783.24
one's ours okay wait which one is our1231.9194.14
why isn't ours five oh wait was it1234.027.159
killed yeah oh God mankeys1236.0595.12
I'm trying swim bad this went bad all1242.327.42
right I didn't say it was a great plan1247.823.35
all right1252.54.4
come on few more1253.646.5
oh boy1256.93.24
all right1260.364.28
Next plan will be better1261.53.14
memes I'm coming to you a respawn to the1265.825.34
old base how close is the old base yeah1268.944.08
actually it wasn't too far it's down the1271.163.6
road and there's not much left of it so1273.023.3
I wouldn't really call it a base just a1274.763.539
uh looking for you I don't see you I'm1276.324.38
coming in uh let's see God it's probably1278.2994.441
gonna be something in between us okay oh1280.76.0
yes I see my glowy bits wow this has1282.747.5
actually been a peaceful run hey1286.76.66
respect that okay so what now well we1290.244.62
can fortify here we've killed we've1293.363.12
killed threats we could just build up a1294.863.42
little you know a little safe Fort area1296.484.5
a safe word area here and then the next1298.285.519
dinosaur comes around we'll be more uh1300.984.86
we should have what we should have all1303.7993.901
had High Ground you know man nudgee's1305.844.5
dead lights lights got monkey monkey1307.74.8
make I got nothing I got nothing to eat1310.344.079
I got nothing I need you I gotta protect1312.53.36
me from the monkey trying I'm already1314.4194.021
hurt I'm already hurt oh boy these1315.865.4
preloading reloading help me out1318.445.46
okay all right where's your oh there's1321.264.94
another one1323.92.3
okay stay near me stay near me okay1328.364.48
we're lit up uh we should go to the bed1330.9195.541
hold on I gotta I gotta find my bags1332.843.62
on right my lights on yeah your lights1336.944.239
on it's working great okay1339.23.359
let's see okay here's all here's the1341.1793.541
good stuff let me get my good stuff let1342.5593.961
me get reorganized here1344.724.68
get submit armor back on this Armor's1346.525.039
okay okay shotgun back in Action all1351.5597.321
right you good no but I'm here let's go1355.75.219
over where the bed is where's the bed uh1358.883.659
over here we have to stay close together1360.9193.961
right yes1362.5395.88
a dinosaur right but we had one no1364.885.34
that's so easy I don't want one of these1368.4193.061
things anymore they're worthless well1370.222.88
let's fight two things and you guys died1371.482.939
right away we should have all had high1373.13.5
we know monkeys spawn over here1376.946.3
food you got hungry and died of hunger1380.25.979
trying to save you instead of me1383.245.819
oh how many yeah1386.1797.261
okay can I get my wingsuit off of you1389.0596.781
added on you right all right wing suits1393.444.14
back in Action where's neeb's dog give1395.844.38
me a dog all right I'm getting the hell1397.585.18
out of here uh can I make it out of here1400.225.28
if I can get high if I can get up high1402.764.72
here we go come on bolt dog we're1405.53.24
getting out of here we're not staying at1407.482.64
this dump anymore1408.744.559
we are gonna Escape you and me over here1410.125.58
too long so want to get out if I can1413.2994.021
make it to the branch come over here and1415.73.839
jump make it to the branch we keep1417.323.78
looking to leave we can leave this is1419.5394.76
the last day last day we're done1421.13.199
never happens1430.363.299
okay didn't do it that time love this1436.944.44
game love this game's Quality quality1439.1594.4
I think I may see my way out of here1444.644.36
last time I did this I didn't have a1447.023.3
weight suit1449.02.68
I want both of them1450.323.479
oh yeah oh this is looking good Paul1453.7994.26
blog I'm gonna get you out of here yes1456.083.839
that's where we build our base1458.0593.781
right there I'm never going back in1459.9194.041
there again1461.847.26
boom I made it out baby wow1463.965.14

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