There's No Way This Works??? - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a nut under a juice box to see if it collects juice...
There's No Way This Works??? - Grounded
There's No Way This Works??? - Grounded

There's No Way This Works??? - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're trying out this ridiculous experiment - putting a nut under a juice box to see if it collects juice. There's no way this works, right?

simon: Haha, yeah Neebs, this is definitely one of the most ridiculous ideas we've had. But hey, if it works, we'll have a new way to enjoy our juice, right?

appsro: I can't believe we're actually doing this, guys. But hey, if it does work, we might just start a new trend on YouTube - juice box nut collection challenge!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a nut under a juice box to see if it collects juice? Well, wonder no more because the Neebs crew is here to test it out in their latest video. I can already tell this is going to be hilarious and entertaining, just like all their other videos.

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oh I can hit his leg I don't even know0.925.14
how do it man we might kill a spider and3.245.279
stay back day hell yeah come on baby oh6.067.999
he's hurt bad really it's so bad oh yeah8.5195.54
what are the chances we're gonna get a24.34.38
drop right now ah are we sure this even25.744.799
works and it's a great idea I don't see28.685.66
why I wouldn't it's been a while30.5393.801
and sex is going nuts about it okay well36.0594.261
I mean but do they know I mean well38.284.38
sometimes yeah and a whole bunch of them40.323.96
like they'd have to organize together42.664.14
and say let's fool neebs right I feel44.283.959
like the comment section has been wrong46.83.36
in the past about many of things it48.2394.381
happens I'm afraid to look away but we50.164.5
should but maybe we should keep someone52.624.38
on duty at all times there's no need for54.664.14
that no I want to see this I'm here I57.03.42
kind of want to see it what happens like58.83.72
once a day right I don't know once a day60.423.299
I don't know I would have thought maybe62.524.44
twice a day maybe twice but a day here63.7195.161
is pretty short so even if it is once a66.964.32
day what's that 15 minutes I say we68.884.14
commit I'm committed I'm committed I'm71.283.48
watching this all day how are you yeah73.023.36
that's all you want to do today I'm here74.762.82
I got to see it I gotta see if it works76.382.76
it's even gonna be the thumbnail waiting77.584.74
all day for a drop dead yeah salmon what79.144.619
you want to shoot some hoops over here82.323.24
and while we're waiting there's a hoop83.7594.801
better yeah but you guys are there how I88.564.739
mean what uh I don't know maybe a rock91.084.94
okay I don't have a rock I don't either93.2996.121
find around here ah I just want to play96.025.08
some people I'll play your rocks and99.423.48
then the chest inside oh yeah we have a101.13.96
chest yep we're gonna do that102.93.84
playing around the world around the105.064.14
world I was or horse horse yeah it's a106.743.9
good one that's the one that's gonna be109.22.66
kind of hard110.645.28
suck on that oh [ __ ] I don't know if111.865.56
this is how you're supposed to play you115.924.32
know what though I'm getting a basket117.425.76
all right is it hard to do it is maybe120.246.0
if I jump and then oh that we can123.183.99
actually slam126.243.9
man I'm starting to think this comment130.144.44
section is completely wrong neebs I mean132.483.72
they've they seem like they're wrong134.583.72
well we'll just say they're wrong even136.26.539
if they're not right I'm having a beer138.36.6
yep are you are you doing that on142.7395.701
purpose which part missing no I'm doing144.96.0
jump I'm practicing jump shots you know148.445.939
little fade aways still made one shot150.94.699
nice try oh155.5993.841
it lit up didn't it yeah it did that's a161.725.799
big deal that's dope it was worth it can165.125.94
we throw this at the straw come out I167.5194.621
think that ought to wiggle some juice171.062.759
down right maybe if you go squeeze it172.144.2
come on wiggle that juice I'm gonna try173.8194.441
to hit it with something yeah with the176.342.88
you know juice boxes work right yeah you179.224.08
either suck on a straw or you squeeze181.83.659
the Box183.35.24
assistant squeeze the Box185.4593.081
come on come on come on193.0197.281
juice you gave it your best effort [ __ ]195.424.88
all right foreign229.224.239
I think our comment section is full of254.0995.281
[ __ ] yeah maybe maybe it appears but I256.0194.68
mean we don't know it's been it's been259.383.96
all day right yeah yeah I'll be giving260.6994.5
up yeah does it you know what let's go263.343.419
to sleep check in the morning yeah let's265.1993.0
go to sleep and see if it feels uh266.7594.921
during the night okay okay run but I'm268.1995.161
running straight out here oh yeah me too271.684.4
I want to see it's leaving the morning273.369.32
here we go283.944.649
nope nope nope holy [ __ ] so much288.685.98
last time I listened to these people me292.683.9
It's gotta be any second now296.583.26
we're not standing here all day to watch299.943.72
it okay I'll just wait I'll wait a few302.043.12
more minutes and then y'all I'll meet303.663.479
I'll catch up with you guys Simon put305.164.2
your flippers on okay a Flipper's fine307.1394.071
geez I'm gonna say it nicely309.368.04
shut up I think they're cute yeah they317.44.26
are I don't care about those little320.223.66
noises okay so with that breather you321.663.24
should be able to breathe a little bit323.883.18
but I'm hoping we find oxygen bubbles on324.93.6
the way all right you ready yeah let's327.064.52
do boom328.53.08
first time with flippies yeah and I have331.625.04
I made a lantern so do you see my light334.624.5
I do I probably should have had a layer336.664.2
oh I guess that's a special obviously339.123.6
for underwater yeah if you just follow340.864.08
me you'll be okay okay it was this way342.724.56
that I found yeah I found this pipe it's344.944.08
like an air pipe yeah see the bubbles347.283.72
coming out of it so we can breathe349.023.239
through that351.04.86
you look cute thank you okay all right352.2596.121
so like hang here let's get a let's get355.865.339
a bubble in US hold on a second here we358.385.22
go well yeah there it is there it is all361.1993.72
right you gotta suck yeah did you see363.64.319
this uh no I Lost You Jesus Christ where364.9194.321
the hell did you go right over here367.9193.481
there you are all right oh wow yeah cool369.244.62
underwater T-Rex that's beautiful yeah371.47.28
little toy yeah wow and here we go373.864.82
all right379.6994.301
okay so now I haven't been down here382.024.7
Simon so384.02.72
um oh boy and now where I'm jumping into390.123.68
the current width yeah392.165.58
coming I'm trying to393.86.459
oh boy oh boy397.744.92
um we'll see some science God I hope400.2595.421
there's oxygen in here yeah me too402.665.87
Science Diet405.685.579
you took a right yeah I don't know if411.2594.78
that's the right way oh God I love you413.584.739
oh boy you went down no did you go low416.0397.041
oh God no no no this is bad oh God418.3194.761
is he right you didn't see any drops439.9794.921
right no but we know it drops it looks441.5395.1
like there's something in there444.93.72
what do you like can you slurp it right446.6395.46
now uh yeah you can just do away with448.626.24
the uh animation and just feels it is452.0994.741
that wait you guys didn't notice that I454.863.6
mean it looks like it's it's either on456.844.259
empty or the one one notch up I mean it458.464.26
says you can slurp it but we never461.0993.32
looked we were just looking for462.724.62
I just slurped it you had slurps yeah I464.4195.56
got slurps but we didn't see anything no467.344.919
but did we see this go up look at the469.9793.78
chances we missed it there's a chance we472.2592.88
missed it it's been a whole day looking473.7593.921
at this thing yeah but I know we I know475.1394.921
stupid what do you want to do now let's477.683.94
go we gotta do something I'm gonna fight480.063.479
something not with this though you just481.623.54
want to fight something maybe this yeah483.5394.621
I'm a warrior all right well that was a485.165.039
letdown but I'm glad we're gonna get488.162.939
watch it just drip just watch it drip491.0994.561
right when we leave watch it yeah and493.684.32
fight something here we're in here yeah495.664.5
don't you drip without me looking498.04.34
all right we're gonna go faster this502.343.82
time Simon yep yep yep all right current504.35.04
number one number one oh and current506.165.879
number two number two I don't see is it509.344.68
up there all right are you with me no512.0393.541
hold on I'm waiting I never got current514.024.68
number two oh okay but I see you yeah so515.584.44
yeah let's go let's come to this door518.74.68
I'm trying oh [ __ ] I'm I am exhausted so520.025.52
this is where I got you you can't stop523.384.139
going oh [ __ ] you're right I mean525.543.299
there's a scanner here there's a scanner527.5193.541
here Simon all right I don't have a head528.8394.201
oh okay531.064.32
is open do I scan come on please be533.044.5
doctor yes yes all right I'm just535.384.639
following you537.542.479
we're looking for you I think yeah yeah544.443.899
I I didn't even really know what you546.33.9
were looking for yeah we're gonna find548.3394.081
one of those Nintendo games550.24.579
okay oh I got these little guys again555.364.919
crap stop it stop it we're on a hunt557.226.0
they're very annoying yeah but I'd like560.2794.321
that to come to you because we need563.224.16
those for more564.66.84
yep yeah [ __ ] off I'm right there is567.386.16
that one of them do it bomb a deer571.444.019
Beetle yeah Straight Ahead have you573.544.919
bought one nope you oh this is gonna be575.4594.44
a mess yeah they're still getting578.4593.841
attacked can I knock it up real quick579.8994.981
all right oh wait oh it's already582.35.82
bombardiering well it is yeah oh crap584.887.16
now look you want poison or gas588.123.92
ah I never asked you but that's what I592.085.0
really want to see okay594.362.72
straight on uh-huh is the gas killing599.485.34
him I don't know602.2796.68
yeah that stuff's toxic Morgan604.824.139
I'm moving I'm doing the things throwing609.324.86
whatever that is611.72.48
all right when you run away I'll guess617.542.979
and yes there we go all right620.5196.601
for sure624.685.94
oh he's down man he is so far down627.128.42
here we go oh here we go oh yeah630.624.92
see anything in here oh boy that's not645.925.32
good oh no all right well what are you648.8393.541
he looks different than the one we651.242.339
fought before652.383.48
um we'd be fighting him with what um653.5794.5
hammer I think hammer do you like a655.864.2
hammer all right I got a hammer out all658.0795.601
right let's Hammer's butt Miracle660.067.519
whoa whoa whoa whoa663.683.899
shoots electric stuff okay oh God he's668.3394.761
got my ass671.945.899
come on come on don't673.14.739
that's fine683.064.54
and one more hit there you go there you684.9596.181
go perfect all right come here you cute687.65.16
little [ __ ] thank you691.145.0
okay so that guy's fun yeah692.766.24
all right pretty hurt oh I got bandages696.144.78
so I prepared yeah and hey there's a699.03.899
loop thing here I was gonna get to that700.924.099
slime on okay hey we'll take that stuff702.8994.861
all right do I uh get it as well no it's705.0195.641
empty fine all right power grid control707.765.759
I need to be see what's going on here710.666.419
hey I'm gonna pull this lever why not713.5196.601
reset okay we got to reset the breakers717.0795.38
where the hell are the breakers well720.125.1
these don't look like Breakers you're722.4595.241
doing great725.222.48
you seeing this730.4595.201
there was a spider that was had me733.164.9
trapped what man he's right on me the735.664.679
another one I got a plan yeah there are738.064.019
two spiders I'm gonna go for the stink740.3393.901
bug oh wow I see it now and see if the742.0793.481
stink bug come over and fight the spider744.242.7
do it745.564.56
oh crap I think he's getting me what746.946.5
hold on can I put a mask on750.123.32
I think my mask is working oh good753.486.06
sounds nasty down there it doesn't sound757.443.839
okay uh761.2794.381
the spider's probably stronger oh boy763.224.119
I'm gonna at least like shoot over in765.662.54
that direction767.3393.421
go after the spider spider's probably768.24.42
stronger all right I can't tell which770.763.06
one but772.626.5
he has more legs yeah is that what it is773.825.3
oh I hit it the spider again how's the779.726.76
uh stink bug looking oh I'm hitting that784.445.12
spider from here I don't even786.483.08
oh man can we take the spider down maybe790.6395.561
can I hit his leg oh I got his leg793.444.92
s oh I can hit his leg I don't even know796.25.06
how do it man798.362.9
hell yeah oh come on we need to801.445.5
Bombardier though uh I know but still804.545.64
this is you know we lost him oh baby oh806.946.48
he's hurt man really looks so bad oh810.186.12
yeah I am not ashamed to kill a spider813.427.08
this way oh here we go come on816.36.62
oh yeah820.56.98
I'm coming oh wait is he running822.924.56
a dip that's not a different one how do829.5795.26
you regen so much oh you're doing so832.84.159
oh boy come on Lee I gotta get back to838.0194.041
my league839.822.24
worst day844.82.779
Simon I see a breaker oh oh out there848.665.619
that I didn't even notice this was like852.64.26
looking out in the water oh yeah yeah so854.2795.281
uh man that's a breaker tell you what if856.863.96
you want to stay here I'll try to go859.562.64
I'll try to go see if I can get to it860.823.6
yeah well it looks like this you see862.24.56
this graphic of the breakers yeah oh864.424.14
yeah you're absolutely right I didn't866.762.759
even I didn't868.562.399
read the graphic of the breakers all869.5194.94
right you hang here yep870.9593.5
back this way oh yeah oh you see it879.484.859
uh somebody's still in that room yeah882.04.98
hey is there a way to get water like884.3396.24
when you're down in areas like this I886.986.479
don't know oh look at that work turn on890.5795.581
in there uh yes yes so there's two more893.4594.5
Breakers two more break oh crap you know896.163.359
what I think I see one across the way897.9593.24
all right go ahead and do that and then899.5193.361
I'll tell you that this light turned on901.1994.26
that's my job oh baby oh is that yeah902.885.34
that's a big spider oh don't be mad at905.4596.661
me okay yep hit it and go hit it go oh908.226.799
lights on baby okay912.125.519
oh and I see the other one can I get to915.0196.101
the other one 45 seconds uh917.6395.82
oh crap it's behind something okay you921.123.779
gotta come back I gotta come back for923.4593.601
that one better safe than sorry boo-boo924.8993.961
because you know I ain't rescuing you no927.064.23
yet should I put my mask on and then um935.5194.141
yeah on bring something back to me I'll937.264.74
go in there you'll be safe up here uh939.665.4
yes okay let's see but uh how how are942.05.04
you getting back up well you'll figure945.063.839
it out huh I mean yeah I'll try to lure947.043.84
him here you take over I'm down yeah948.8994.68
dude here we go let's do it950.886.06
so uh yep you uh yeah we already had a953.5795.7
plan oh ladybug what are you doing back956.944.32
here this is gassy that's a tough little959.2794.321
ladybug we're in the gas right I don't961.265.519
know it looks gassy she immune am I in963.64.799
the gas I feel like I'm in the gas are966.7793.961
you okay I mean it's hazy she might be968.3994.981
immune that'd be something after wearing970.744.38
a little mask like you973.384.319
oh there's a sea of gas there no telling975.126.12
what's in there oh what is that what oh977.6997.08
it's a uh infected larva981.245.099
bumper deal984.7793.36
be ready in case something chases me all986.3393.901
right yeah you tell me I'll be there in988.1395.421
a lickety-split skis990.243.32
I thought you were singing Jurassic Park998.943.72
oh no no I don't know that I don't know1000.55.04
that franchise yeah you do hardly I've1002.664.859
seen the first one and never all the way1005.543.719
through where the hell are you going why1007.5193.18
are you going up that way all right1009.2593.901
guess it's right over here because it1010.6996.861
was telling me to go right here1013.164.4
this out all right now oh I'm getting1021.0195.94
some oh wait hold on [ __ ] all right1024.55.54
can't get out of here get out1026.9597.021
come on diamond oh God you're dumb I1030.045.32
that says nothing to do with1033.982.66
how dumb you are man you're dumb look at1036.644.659
you look how dumb you look is it because1039.3194.62
I have something in my hand1041.2996.26
some reason I had the water in my hand1043.9396.841
what's the uh there you go all of that1047.5597.12
time nice all right well we made it here1050.786.6
wherever here is yep oh hey this looks1054.6794.081
like a big red button I'm gonna push1057.383.36
push it1058.764.02
um maybe I'll close that it'd be nice if1060.743.84
there was a freaking like water jug1062.783.779
because you know there's one right by1064.583.78
our place like yeah we'll look for a1066.5593.0
water cooler hopefully there'll be one1068.365.92
in here oh [ __ ] yeah come on1069.5595.881
hey what was it was it it's just an1079.285.18
affected wavel just blew up ah1081.385.52
okay I got some more fungal growth man1084.464.0
that's probably good that's good you1086.93.899
gotta imagine it'd be good oh wait they1088.463.66
own the lab1090.7993.361
what is that1092.124.02
am I stepping on stuff1094.163.78
we're gonna need to come here at some1096.144.8
point for sure can I get in1097.945.76
damage door requires explosives what is1100.944.26
requires explosives do we need to make1105.25.16
those like grenades yeah I think so okay1107.2996.181
we're close to that okay hey stop it1110.366.439
that's you no you're doing this1113.487.319
okay cool man yeah we gotta come back1116.7996.76
here with explosives gas masks that's1120.7995.0
this way we haven't been this way yet I1134.5593.401
don't think1137.03.84
or have we where are we1137.964.92
so let's see we came up here I remember1140.844.5
seeing Footprints oh yeah this is open1142.884.14
now Simon look1145.344.98
all right my footprint's here okay1147.025.279
he's looking good maybe there's a water1150.325.34
cooler up here that's what I really need1152.2995.341
oh all right we got it buddy all right1155.663.06
come on hit me1157.642.399
idiot yeah you are so dumb science oh1162.168.33
Simon look what victory oh1166.647.02
yeah yeah yeah yeah I always Pawn shake1173.664.74
it I always punch this [ __ ] thing1176.663.74
love it1178.43.84
oh man1180.44.06
oh salmon yeah I think I know where1182.243.9
we're at I remember seeing this thing1184.464.44
like from the outside and I couldn't get1186.145.58
in oh okay like this like Dome type1188.95.76
honeycomb thing yeah all right uh1191.724.86
connection area reboot required that's1194.663.78
it that's the reboot don't we just push1196.583.959
this button it's the Nintendo Game this1198.444.44
you just picked it up we got it good and1200.5394.561
I just hit the reboot1202.884.38
if I do it says I'm the doors oh yeah1205.13.5
look we're at the bottom of the pond1207.264.98
yeah the dope that's cool that's very1208.66.699
cool nice oh except for that stupid1212.245.58
spider yeah screw that guy we hate you1215.2994.321
I just gotta figure a way out of here1217.824.32
and uh that's great we got the Nintendo1219.624.26
chip yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah1222.1421.38
thank you1243.523.0

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