Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 1

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of the Neebs crew, then you're going to love...
Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 1
Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 1

Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 1

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming video! Today we have a special treat for you with our Ark Valguero Supercut - Part 1!

simon: Oh man, this video is the best! I love seeing all our crazy adventures edited together like this. It's like a highlight reel of chaos!

appsro: I have to agree with Simon on this one. Watching us run around like headless chickens in Ark is always a good time. Especially when it's all condensed into one epic supercut!

neebs: Exactly! It's like reliving all the ridiculous moments we've had in Ark Valguero in one convenient package. And hey, since it's Thanksgiving weekend, we thought we'd give our editors a break and let the viewers enjoy this amazing supercut!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of the Neebs crew, then you're going to love this Ark Valguero Supercut video they just released. It's part 1 of the supercut series, so get ready for some epic moments and plenty of laughs.

First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome it is that the Neebs team gave their editors the week off for Thanksgiving weekend? That's some serious dedication to making sure we get our Neebs fix, even during the holidays. So, while the editors are enjoying a well-deserved break, we get to enjoy this supercut. It's a win-win situation!

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this is it fellas yeah oh yeah I'm0.5994.68
excited let's just go the next adventure3.04.74
awaits right then we go can we just go5.2794.981
though but we're gonna go we gotta say a7.743.92
few words okay10.265.24
let's just go get my Extinction11.666.82
let's just go okay can we just go next15.55.16
okay okay50.963.0
look at this oh this looks nice this53.965.68
looks very nice57.964.2
all right what are we is it dangerous59.643.719
right here62.164.68
it's gonna lay the land huh63.3595.641
come on come on get up here all right66.843.779
oh yes ah78.325.38
yeah oh man this is so nice we are in84.027.62
the island89.884.279
anybody out there91.645.74
anybody it smells so good here nice94.1596.161
little dock area look at this sheer97.385.64
stuff it's too early in the video100.324.2
look at this stuff103.022.59
um where to begin not that way106.7995.46
that way I like it right here this is110.285.28
where home is on this dock112.2594.981
or the rest of the guys117.243.019
what's behind me it's behind you there's132.55.5
a green little Goblin Goblin seems135.484.979
friendly I'm in his hole I see you to138.04.68
your right to your to your left oh I see140.4595.161
you jumping oh now he sees you he sees142.685.419
me look at this don't bring Goblin man145.625.1
we're supposed to be in balgaro is this148.0994.181
not valuable oh wow look at that to the150.723.12
left it's like a pyramid or something152.284.74
okay but holy moly we should leave leave153.845.28
we gotta leave we just got here but157.023.48
we're not supposed to be here you're not159.122.94
supposed to be here no I know okay160.53.36
that's what I just said that was a burn162.064.44
that wasn't um we're the others I don't163.864.459
know hello166.55.36
what's wrong with my voice168.3198.081
oh Eric abstra where the [ __ ] are we uh171.866.58
the balguero what the [ __ ] was that176.43.72
noise what is this thing I can't it's178.443.96
like here there's a robot wait a minute180.125.28
you can't say I can't say oh my God what182.46.18
what what is all this what is this what185.45.52
is this telling us I think this is uh188.584.079
Borderlands it kind of looks like you190.924.5
neebs uh why she just does with the hair192.6595.641
look at me oh okay uh hello looks like195.424.38
me yeah a little bit with it he's got198.33.54
kind of the old slick back do something199.84.5
oh wait it's a it's a quest a quest we201.844.02
have a quest I don't want a quest we're204.33.24
supposed to be in [ __ ] valguero yeah205.863.12
we gotta get out of here well maybe this207.543.779
is how you get back no once you complete208.984.2
it go back to the mailbox where you211.3194.801
accept the Sip the summit okay did you213.184.979
just say words yeah and I didn't216.124.5
understand a Septa summit summit mean so218.1595.041
I think this is a mailbox maybe and we220.624.56
just accepted a quest I want to do a223.23.599
quest here what it says what is this225.183.419
cutie plates let's figure out how to get226.7994.381
out of here okay well lead the way God228.5995.28
yep I have no idea how this is what to231.184.44
do all right we're in a [ __ ] horror233.8792.881
let's go man oh man oh man have I missed236.766.24
you drops241.24.319
where's the oh it hasn't come down yet243.04.92
is anyone around247.924.92
the hell used to be here anyway I like250.0195.761
the stone work hey buddy how are you252.844.799
you know what's nice is you're so safe255.783.9
right now because I don't even know what257.6395.401
to do to tame you like I do but like I259.685.4
don't really I let other people work for263.045.7
me all right here we go see what's in265.085.16
here right268.745.48
right there we go what do we got oh damn270.246.92
this the house274.226.28
hello hey what you got oh [ __ ]277.166.88
wow that was loud which part oh wow uh I280.55.82
got uh when the thing broke I got a284.046.719
spear oh I got an ax I have a slingshot286.329.3
and a torch look at that how are you how290.7597.261
are you I'm good seen anyone else uh no295.623.84
not yet all right you want to come to my298.023.6
home you have what you have a house no299.464.32
not really but follow me well this is my301.624.019
house officially they need some work303.783.9
okay well I'm on I'm right on the water305.6393.361
um well that sounds nicer it is let's go309.05.12
follow me311.522.6
oh that's a life preserver yeah and322.946.46
those are for chickens so uh I'm still325.626.359
trying to get the stone weapons stone329.44.44
pickaxe well I guess you need Stone331.9793.241
start digging Bubba you know how this333.842.699
weapons look it's just like Minecraft335.222.94
I'm sure they're stolen all under us336.5393.6
just gotta level up so should we start338.163.36
building the barn probably gonna be here340.1393.681
for a while no build a barn here341.526.0
there's animals and dodos yeah what's343.826.52
wrong with your voice uh RTX got me I347.525.3
was talking to men350.342.48
sound like you've been gargling see353.14.56
can't even say that I know why I can't355.444.14
say sticks nobody knows what you're357.664.74
gargling now yep probably Listerine okay359.584.86
I'll just start on the barn all right362.44.799
well abstro what looks like it's just me364.444.68
and you yeah well hold on I want to try367.1993.84
something okay this place looks like369.123.96
Minecraft yeah but that looks like Arc371.0393.841
that big Obelisk over there but let's373.084.32
see oh oh yeah bunch of trees this is374.886.36
Arc this is Minecraft art Mark Mark this377.45.7
is Mark thank you Mark we're in Mark381.243.42
what is I can't say it what is that383.14.439
that's a [ __ ] slime y'all want a barn384.665.22
made of dirt or out of wood make it out387.5394.821
of your [ __ ]389.882.48
all right Simon yes sir we need hide I393.865.14
know there's not a lot of small things397.53.6
why don't we get one of these uh moly399.03.78
looking things yeah I mean you would401.13.599
think that'd be reasonably easy you402.784.44
would think and look at us right we need404.6995.881
shoes we need shoes we need a bed yep407.224.8
um where's one of these molding things410.584.619
oh over here hello all right no that's a412.025.82
zebra a zebra yep I think we should tame415.1994.62
that zebra well we don't have the things417.843.96
entertainment of course we do what do we419.8193.421
have no we don't all right we don't421.83.119
let's find a moly thing parents all423.243.54
right uh back here there's a moldy thing424.9194.021
hello friend you are going to help us426.784.139
live longer all right now let's stab428.942.94
them from the front and the back ready430.9193.261
all right do it431.887.56
oh yeah come on come on come on okay oh434.187.18
we're gonna catch them yep yeah we are439.444.08
yeah he's not [ __ ] she's not a fighter441.365.339
no did you lose you lose us there's443.525.16
another one yeah but we're focusing oh446.6993.72
nope nope nope they're coming after us448.685.419
both what I don't know man450.4193.68
the small victories473.33.72
that's true yeah what's up everything's477.1995.081
easy to tame out here really yeah480.4793.481
entertain this in no time it's low level482.285.039
but you gotta name it I did his name is483.965.94
Danny all right I don't know why487.3194.561
probably because he has a space you see489.94.26
Kate we can't say it can't say it place491.884.2
is too Kitty for me hold on I'm gonna494.164.74
put Tinto berries in this uh this rabbit496.084.739
yeah gonna get you a little bunny baby498.94.38
hold on check this out you got like uh500.8194.081
your your Ingram actually has a point503.283.599
here really yeah you can point at things504.93.96
and it tells you what it is this is a506.8794.5
big-eared rabbit with one string well he508.865.28
seems useless all right it is useless I511.3793.9
gotta wait until he's hungry again514.143.6
should I eat it no don't no don't eat it515.2794.981
it's gonna be my rabbit okay let's go517.744.14
feed him if you have any left over let520.263.36
me know well no it's gonna be a rabbit I521.882.579
don't know what I'm gonna do with this523.622.7
thing it's just a cute little big-eared524.4593.601
rabbit well he's probably I got a block526.322.88
you should probably get things that are528.063.06
useful functional I don't know which529.24.319
Funk still here I assume what about that531.124.02
turkey gonna feed this turkey about as533.5193.481
functional as needs bam just fit a535.143.42
turkey yeah where'd the rabbit go he's537.03.959
going towards knees there he is oh there538.565.459
we go I got a rabbit bugs okay what's up540.9595.641
doc all right all right so does he544.0195.221
follow me come on rabbit oh he's gonna546.66.299
drown oh he's not okay oh there he goes549.246.3
I think I'm slowly falling in love okay552.8994.44
oh look at this thing this thing's so555.543.979
what's up uh but yeah I don't really559.684.56
want him so uh yeah we need the meat561.8995.161
right we do need the meat564.244.08
what's going on567.064.02
I can't I can't why can't I kill I can't568.325.16
kill my own rabbit let me try eat the571.084.86
rabbit I need it oh my God573.484.919
that's what is this what is this what is575.943.71
this foreign578.39912.111
I'm eating jerky did you see the zebra596.7794.901
uh I did earlier all right let's make599.4594.081
this bed and then I got some carrots601.684.44
when I was getting there yeah all right603.544.32
so you got carrots crafting uh we just606.123.98
need to make that bed oh where's the bed607.865.46
buddy you have any fiber on you uh look610.14.48
at this guy's right here what do you613.322.76
need five or four all right never mind614.582.58
hold on616.082.22
um what the hell you want to do you617.163.119
trying to dress yourself just quit just618.34.38
stop all right stop I'm gonna stop620.2794.68
because we're friends here we go where622.684.32
is the zebra right here yeah a little624.9593.841
water oh look oh look at that it's like627.04.32
swim that swim in zebra I like it what628.84.62
are you doing man whatever he's doing631.323.78
it's helping us so let's put this633.424.08
carrots in his ass baby is he running oh635.13.96
my God this isn't I don't want to tame637.53.66
him this way do it this way this is the639.065.519
best way please do it I want to damn it641.166.179
don't get everyone [ __ ] don't get up644.5794.561
oh I told you I knew these guys okay647.3394.021
let's get him chill out chill you chill649.144.439
chill oh we're gonna get lost again I651.363.719
know you know what no let's tame653.5795.541
something stupid I want there's655.0794.041
maybe we should find another zebra one661.5794.121
that isn't spooked like a Juke well we663.8393.481
shouldn't just spooked the joke all665.73.06
right what do you do how do you do it667.323.42
you know what we got to be sneaky I668.763.3
don't know man I just eating these670.743.06
carrots pretty sure look at this I think672.063.6
I'm eating a carrots now I'm scared son673.83.599
of a [ __ ] and so is he for a second675.664.08
whoa okay I wish I had Carriage that was677.3994.261
a flying zebra I'm staring right at his679.744.86
ass right now we're stuck where uh681.665.28
follows right there sand over here yes684.63.84
yes all right come on I don't know how686.942.82
to do it is that how you do it oh God I688.443.48
don't know so I just ate another carrot689.764.319
I think it's supposed to prompt you to691.925.099
do something like hit edu insert an anus694.0795.101
oh is it an Ethan I don't know maybe697.0194.44
it's a promise I'm pretty sure it's a699.184.92
prom I like to say the word prompt damn701.4594.44
it I just gotta walk up to all right we704.13.06
shouldn't have a spoof one you're right705.8993.0
right no more spook he doesn't want to707.162.7
eat there was something with a Juke708.8993.541
right spook the Juke right let's not do709.865.3
that all right712.442.72
and boom oh then there was fire715.226.34
no there wasn't another spot back in the718.764.9
bag hold on and then let's see all right721.563.839
we're cooking meat Boys y'all building723.664.44
the fire over there okay well a fire I725.3993.781
don't know what you got going on over728.12.88
there but I think you're here we can put729.183.659
up a fire just so we can start eating730.983.32
I want to live in the barn I mean maybe734.34.3
but not right now it's unfinished I736.863.419
don't want to live in it now okay I just738.62.64
didn't want y'all to get comfortable740.2792.881
over there and have to move everything741.243.539
okay I don't think I'll ever get743.163.06
comfortable here I'm just saying You're744.7793.601
Building beds and fires you might want746.223.72
to put your beds in the barn Hey listen748.385.18
when it comes to it we can do that is749.943.62
you're gonna find them tell them we have755.13.299
a barn to live in yeah maybe so so thick756.363.36
maybe first thing in the morning you and758.3993.601
I can sit out but hey neebs yep I made759.723.84
you something you did yeah I think762.03.06
you're gonna like it okay763.564.86
let's see you ready I think so uh-huh765.066.62
yeah look at that what is that get it768.426.919
hey just beer oh man771.685.86
what are you doing look at you it looks775.3393.641
like you got a big speaker looks like777.544.08
you got a big Oak a big old what leaves778.984.5
let me get Tinder profile you're gonna781.624.08
get all the ladies yeah that looks stuck783.483.479
at me that looks more like you yeah785.72.699
that's you that's you that's your new786.9593.241
thing that's your new ding dong oh come788.3994.861
on get out of my face get my wood out of790.25.639
your face you know what I said I can793.264.259
hear you get my what out of your face795.8394.021
stop get that get your get out of my797.5193.781
face oh it's gone all right good it's799.864.44
gone yeah he's not aroused anymore all801.35.64
right back to the barn all right this is804.34.38
just like our dinos just traipsing806.943.6
through here so thick first thing in the808.684.02
morning you and I set off okay all right810.544.68
be careful out there at night okay812.76.48
the moon so pretty it's a [ __ ] Moon815.228.239
we're staying here forever no we're not819.184.279
exploring yeah you would so oh geez what823.886.399
I mean right here excuse us you're on827.826.42
the path yeah this is me I know but I830.2795.221
know I don't think I would have noticed834.244.14
that this was a path yeah it does look835.54.62
like yeah it's a path isn't it right but838.383.72
I mean I never would have really looked840.123.36
at it as a path I just would have been842.13.539
like oh grass isn't here dude just think843.483.9
of the memories this is where I found845.6394.2
you is it up here this one yeah you847.383.959
really don't have a clue where you are849.8394.74
no and I I mean I don't know I think you851.3395.341
guys are brilliant because you can854.5793.841
figure that out I think it's just like a856.684.44
down to the person thing yeah um858.424.56
um man I remember that thing nope you861.124.14
don't oh wait this is this was gonna be862.984.26
my house yeah this was yeah we're close865.264.8
to where all the memories you feel that867.244.92
oh all right we need to address870.064.019
something on our Advent okay which way I872.164.2
think I [ __ ] over here at some point you874.0794.921
know we're gonna die out here right uh876.363.599
because we're gonna run into something879.03.06
dangerous for the first time yeah but879.9593.781
we're not gonna die you know what else882.064.38
we might run into what883.746.3
God the other guys oh yeah yeah the guys886.445.519
there's other people that play with us890.044.979
yeah no [ __ ] they are they've got a891.9595.641
house somewhere else they must have uh895.0194.32
they're on the opposite side I guarantee897.63.9
it different spawn point oh I don't know899.3393.421
all right that thing's running from901.52.88
something let's go this way yeah God902.762.939
we're never gonna make it back or lost904.383.84
the path we're gonna be oh god dude905.6994.14
there was a see that's because it was908.223.54
never a path there was a path to that909.8393.841
where you wanted to build a house Simon911.764.62
you already lost me oh god of course I913.684.5
did right here Simon you were looking916.383.0
right at me I don't know how you didn't918.183.54
jump I'm jumping keep looking around919.384.259
you're looking in One Direction now921.724.14
there's an animal in my way oh get the923.6394.981
[ __ ] out of the way packing around is925.866.24
that a drop Simon no Simon focus on the928.626.079
I built this uh construction hunt I was935.883.78
wondering what that is well we can use938.044.38
it to make things like grass cubes oh939.665.22
man what a worthless worthless thing we942.424.38
gotta get out of here944.883.78
look out of here well I know yeah yeah I946.83.659
agree okay well it's morning time hold948.663.06
on check this out look at me look at me950.4592.641
y'all keep building you know I'm951.722.28
building a house over here953.13.96
congratulations okay let's see check954.05.519
this out I also made myself a pair of957.066.36
boots and a shirt and some pants959.5196.541
some gloves look at me I'm an adventurer963.424.8
you do look like an adventurer to make966.063.719
some of that I made it big enough for968.223.419
everybody to live in that that's great969.7794.381
man okay okay I just I've just built a971.6394.32
little this is a temporary thing I got974.164.26
going on over here for you and then you975.9593.901
know [ __ ] off trying to get out of here978.423.419
man okay live here just stop we live979.864.44
together we'd survive better we could981.8394.201
all just hang out your barn yep eat each984.34.44
other's ass all night eat our what okay986.044.739
get right in there get get in there hard988.743.42
all right thick morning time you ready990.7794.321
to go yeah man let's do it right babes992.165.22
yuck huh watch after my [ __ ] rabbit995.13.78
we're gonna get out of here just explore997.383.24
see if we can go find doralius and998.884.079
what's his face right the rabbit seems1000.624.139
indestructible but okay all right we'll1002.9593.361
just feed them every now and then I1004.7592.7
don't know if he can still start this1006.323.18
all right thanks lead the way okay be1007.4593.721
careful go towards the green Obelisk all1009.53.74
this place is making me worse1023.024.08
ah bugs yep yep yep yep yep our first1027.4595.201
thread yeah I hear that's the toughest1030.624.079
thing in this world oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] what1032.663.84
do we hit trouble I didn't hit anything1034.6995.161
right nobody's coming after me okay did1036.55.339
it say kill the soldier a turmer or1039.864.68
something Soldier oh [ __ ] oh God I'm1041.8394.561
getting [ __ ] killed over here oh it's1044.544.019
on the ground God I was just standing in1046.45.46
air get it buddy Jesus I need HUD I need1048.5596.421
HUD and I need one what I don't like1051.866.24
this I'm almost dead from from Bugs yes1054.985.76
from Bugs but we're ridiculous we're1058.14.98
strong don't let that I took him out1060.744.559
Sammy you're good I'll blame that on the1063.084.68
Hutt what look at you what gestic little1065.2995.221
creature oh not me up this way let's get1067.764.86
up on the hill and we'll uh we'll decide1070.523.18
where we1072.622.52
where we want to go from there how about1073.73.18
that yeah I'm glad that happened though1075.144.02
it made me realize how bad I am and how1076.884.32
careful I need to be now perspective is1079.164.74
important what is this remember the the1081.25.46
path yeah you know what Simon what's the1083.94.139
difference between a trail and a path1086.662.759
exactly all right hey it's gonna be dark1089.4194.201
soon we should probably go home we'll1091.823.42
Explore More tomorrow we'll run around1093.623.96
the lake this was the latest exploration1095.244.2
ever well bug's gotten away didn't they1097.584.32
follow me1099.445.46
what the [ __ ] absuro oh needs you're1120.16.88
back we were killed oh yeah man your1124.285.399
package just exploded yeah I bet yeah it1126.985.04
was like yeah we can't go out there with1129.6795.301
just Pakis1132.022.96
yeah we gotta level up yeah we're gonna1137.962.94
have to build ourselves up a little bit1139.73.0
it's dangerous out there that's why we1140.93.42
should all live in the barn huh no I1142.72.94
don't want to live in the barn we got we1144.323.0
gotta work ourselves up we gotta kill1145.644.02
things level up get all good oh get get1147.325.46
come on this is just like Arc this is1149.664.92
just like normal Arc trying to have a1152.784.2
conversation there's just walking all1154.585.52
over your [ __ ] Camp all right we have1156.985.819
the barn and we build like a workbench1160.15.76
and all that stuff then we're gonna find1162.7996.061
rallies and Simon and get them back here1165.864.439
and we'll live in the barn forever yeah1168.863.12
I agree we got to do a little bit of1170.2992.841
building a little bit1171.983.66
yeah I know I know all right cause we1173.144.06
gotta get out of this place yeah help me1175.642.76
with the barn I'm not gonna help you1177.22.76
with the barn I gotta do my own thing1178.43.54
baby doing my own thing with you we're1179.962.99
stronger together1181.943.619
this place is glorious there's nothing1185.5594.781
corrupted I don't even know if glorious1188.2993.721
is a good enough word that's how that's1190.344.62
okay twice okay this is okay do it again1192.024.32
I don't know how to say that twice1194.962.64
without something just say this is1196.344.699
glorious glorious light that fire1197.68.4
yeah I I'm I'm speechless talk though I1201.0397.0
love it here see I knew you could do it1206.06.559
glorious glorious glorious B what1208.0397.26
I don't know it just felt right glorious1212.5596.041
B yes that's churchy [ __ ] isn't it I1215.2996.0
don't know no not my kind of church my1218.64.68
kind of church they got snakes and [ __ ]1221.2994.921
that's yeah it's a different game1223.284.38
a little close to the fire aren't we1226.224.819
yeah yeah this shit's hot1227.663.379
surrounded by everything awful I think1231.624.98
bad oh what is is it praying mantis over1234.026.6
there oh God no no oh no oh no no no no1236.65.939
Run come on come on come on oh wait is1240.623.179
that a is that a cave over there maybe1242.5392.701
we could take shelter hey what about1243.7993.781
that place over there I'm aware uh you1245.244.14
see that like little it's like a hole1247.583.54
Yeah we can go check that out let's1249.383.78
check it out we can uh yeah slowly move1251.126.72
around this uh this thing come on up1253.167.139
oh I see a terror bird up there terrible1257.844.56
bird see oh hey this is one of those1260.2994.921
goblins hey Goblin said something about1262.44.98
a goblin oh wait oh it's going after the1265.224.38
Goblin look at that all right no we1267.384.26
might be able to get some Goblin meat oh1269.64.92
wait oh [ __ ] dog Gods all right yeah run1271.645.94
run run run run towards the water once1274.524.74
there's a thing you wanted to oh he's on1277.584.77
me thick yeah1279.266.29
hate this game this is nonsense names1287.086.459
yep what are you doing hey I made a1290.745.14
paintbrush and some dye oh paint the1293.5394.581
barn red okay1295.885.94
yeah it's not working what's it made of1298.126.22
what what's your barn made of oh dirt1301.824.02
was the last time you tried to paint1304.343.66
dirt honestly I mean sometimes by1305.844.56
accident overspray look how good the1308.04.62
water looks here look at this oh yeah1310.44.2
cool that is neat but yeah you're trying1312.623.96
to paint dirt you think it's dirt is it1314.65.6
you think I can paint thatch right1316.583.62
well we're gonna have to cover this in1324.0395.14
Wood I ain't covering that thing you're1326.64.579
gonna do it1329.1797.641
are you serious come on can you paint me1331.1795.641
all right I'll be in my barn yeah I'm uh1338.26.459
I gotta do something God this place is1342.0394.301
[ __ ] miserable thick gotta get out of1344.6594.38
here play sucks I can't say sucks1346.344.74
everybody you anybody should be able to1349.0394.52
sing songs1351.082.479
hey Simon yeah got a little wood here1358.465.219
huh 2026.1361.1594.26
didn't feel like we might need any other1363.6793.841
resources I said what do you what do you1365.4195.581
do I said I'll get a bunch of woodwork1367.525.48
oh we know but isn't like 2000 that1374.5394.62
doesn't seem excessive to me yeah but I1376.524.38
was questioning whether or not that was1379.1592.88
enough do you know how to build a ship1380.94.5
like do you have that Ingram unlocked uh1382.0395.281
uh I don't think so it's all we need for1385.47.019
the ship is 125 fiber check 250 wood1387.329.12
check 75 hide and we will be out on the1392.4196.12
Seas right I was thinking though that we1396.443.84
were going to build onto that like1398.5394.02
little like graph things start let's1400.283.96
start small I mean I've been I know but1402.5593.661
I mean that we just started today are1404.243.96
you well we started the other day I know1406.223.66
but I mean today is the start of today1408.23.599
today is the start of today took take1409.884.02
the stick but look up here can we try to1411.7993.781
have also the stick awareness yeah we're1413.93.36
good with the Sticks no just have some1415.584.32
more if you look down here we've got a1417.264.38
um refining forage and a modern vessel1419.93.72
and a Smithy very nice and you made1421.644.32
another bed oh I like our little our1423.623.96
little toesies can tickle each other1425.964.26
yeah I like that I think that'll be nice1427.584.2
that's what dudes do1430.224.199
um I'm very happy with our place get the1431.785.7
can you just how about how about hit Q1434.4196.24
what you just hit some Q what1437.486.12
take the damn thing out of your hand oh1440.6594.921
I can just do that right how's that1443.63.959
better that's great okay hey do you have1445.584.14
any hide because I have one how many1447.5596.181
I've got uh 80. dude we're going to have1449.727.38
a boat give me that oh okay1453.747.799
um and then there's drop skis yes1457.16.66
oh that's enough dude we don't need1461.5394.741
anyone else what do you mean I like this1463.765.039
you and I I mean I like it too but don't1466.284.2
don't all right the Tone's enough let's1468.7995.061
drop it wow1470.486.12
not being happy with just us well I mean1473.864.78
but talk about you just gave me a second1476.64.02
you just told me that and then now1478.644.019
you're judging me yeah this is already1480.623.6
like getting a little weird you ever1482.6593.9
seen like FBI tactics on reading body1484.224.68
language and stuff yeah I just did it1486.5594.86
you just did like what you read me yeah1488.94.2
I read the hell out of you what did I1491.4193.24
say what did I say you wanted the other1493.13.6
guys here but just in the tone of your1494.6594.621
delivery oh I like you just don't get1496.74.2
too weird about it it's like the guy1499.283.36
that hugs you too much it's like come on1500.93.6
man listen yeah but I'm not hugging you1502.643.24
too much we're just checking on toes1504.53.72
we're tickling toes sometimes your toes1505.884.2
can make it feel like a hug hey you set1508.224.76
your bed up that way I did1510.084.64
hey everyone Anthony here the editor of1514.724.0
the arc series and I wanted to let you1517.284.019
know I messed up so as you've seen we're1518.724.92
doing the Pixar and valguero gag and1521.2993.721
it's just a gag it's only a couple of1523.643.659
episodes so relax but because of that we1525.024.2
have two different recording setups and1527.2994.5
I messed up on one of them with deleting1529.225.4
The Spectator footage for Pixar so1531.7994.62
you're gonna see a guy flying around1534.623.78
just this random dude getting different1536.4194.321
shots which was me originally1538.44.019
um but because I don't have that footage1540.744.799
he's just there so see if you can count1542.4194.681
the amount of times there's a random1545.5393.12
dude in the background it's a challenge1547.14.079
leave a comment below anyways enjoy the1548.6594.701
I thought we were doing a barn you're1553.523.84
doing a barn Oh I thought everybody1555.9193.061
wanted to live in the barn why would you1557.363.36
think this because we talked about it I1558.982.939
want to live in your barn I got to love1560.722.76
my own character up I can't level up if1561.9193.301
I'm not building so I gotta grab and1563.483.299
craft and do all this stuff to level up1565.224.02
my character it just [ __ ] off in your1566.7794.5
barn that's fun you just why didn't you1569.244.02
say that before you made it seem like1571.2793.78
you were excited about something I'm so1573.263.0
intent on building the barn I didn't1575.0592.581
want to get your uh you know I didn't1576.262.94
want to shatter your dreams first I'm1577.643.419
hearing this man look you think if it'll1579.23.479
make you happy I'll visit your barn can1581.0594.561
I do that uh yeah if you want to check1582.6794.561
it out neeb's all live in your barn1585.624.26
thanks man hey really appreciate it you1587.245.28
know what I feel bad about what is that1589.884.56
it's a firecracker Oh I thought it was1592.524.32
TNT no I threw it in your barn oh how1594.444.32
about that why would you do that I don't1596.844.56
know just trying to have fun okay memes1598.764.56
I feel bad about hitting in the dong1601.44.8
with a spear uh last time we were1603.325.88
hanging out so well we're even I feel1606.24.32
bad about shooting in the head with an1609.24.26
arrow did you do that hey1610.526.0
look at him pop so we're even now I want1613.465.699
to give you something drop item you get1616.525.34
something good that's for you okay hmm1619.1595.701
oh it's a boat it's a raft okay I'll uh1621.865.9
I'll put that right here1624.862.9
there's a bigger leg Yeah okay you can1628.245.2
take us on your boat lead the way we'll1631.583.78
do it this way you see the body of water1633.443.839
to your left okay yeah now I do yeah1635.363.84
that's weird all right I'm gonna check1637.2794.801
this out right here right here yeah it's1639.25.28
probably better all right yeah so that's1642.085.099
number five there we go oh wow let's1644.484.4
start it down1647.1794.801
all right who wants Captain uh you man1648.885.5
yeah it's your boat yes has needs I like1651.984.62
having a driver usually okay let's do it1654.385.36
oh boy wow here we go1656.66.98
oh man look at the background1659.743.84
have y'all looked at these little orbs1666.526.759
yet no look at that see it yeah yeah1669.326.18
what is that it's like some kind of uh1673.2793.741
portal maybe1675.53.72
don't get us out of here drive through1677.023.759
it just drive through it yeah drop1679.223.059
through it just driving through it okay1680.7794.4
okay okay1682.2794.861
maybe you can't go through on a boat1685.1794.421
thick try to jump through that thing I1687.144.08
don't want to look at this this boat1689.64.5
backs up I'll do it yeah1691.228.579
true oh God okay I am in a jungle and1694.17.62
there is a portal there I wonder if that1699.7994.561
takes me back that's true can you hear1701.724.38
us yeah I can hear you through the1704.364.319
portal okay hold on I'm trying to get1706.14.38
back to it it dumped me off in a jungle1708.6793.841
okay maybe the same jungle where I think1710.484.88
I'm not the Raptor oh Jesus you okay1712.526.32
there's two of them1715.363.48
I think that was a horrible idea to go1719.7794.321
through that he's probably gonna say he1722.5394.561
got thick for even though I said hey I'm1724.15.64
not jumping through there yep uh that's1727.14.8
technically not a thickening I know so1729.743.72
uh you know what at least we know where1731.93.48
to get his stuff I wonder if he had good1733.464.5
stuff I'm gonna pick him up for him this1735.384.5
is a cool kind of looking Place yeah1737.963.71
thanks thick yeah good gift1739.883.06
This Is The Life dude this is glorious1742.944.099
it is1745.43.6
you want to go check out that waterfall1747.0395.921
up there uh sure is there any way I mean1749.05.7
it'd be it'd be fun to ride something1752.964.02
like this off of a waterfall wouldn't it1754.74.5
I agree yeah that at some point would be1756.984.199
great right yeah I mean like you guys1759.24.26
have never done that I don't think so1761.1794.38
you know I mean I think we could we1763.463.48
could really make some beautiful things1765.5593.781
happen together me and you I'm1766.944.739
I'm glad you're coming around yeah do1769.345.16
you see this this rock leads me to it1771.6795.581
that gets curious isn't it this rock to1774.55.159
the right over here yeah it is curious1777.265.639
like it just it sticks out like a sword1779.6595.4
Rock like a like a big sewer Rod it's1782.8994.981
got a big like uh pointy Rock on the top1785.0595.521
of the rock yeah just excuse me you1787.884.74
[ __ ] idiot bird what do you think is1790.583.599
there is it working oh wait that's not a1792.624.14
waterfall it's a drop Simon a drop yeah1794.1795.1
a drop you say the waterfall that we1796.765.1
thought all right waterfall at all no1799.2794.441
not at all but you know what it is a1801.864.919
drop it's a drop so let's get the drop1803.724.86
and then we'll get something that's1806.7792.941
important you know what's nice about1808.582.699
being in a new world like this is1809.723.72
anything is good most of the time we're1811.2793.601
like I'll just drop there's just this1813.444.08
garbage but in the beginning not much is1814.885.039
garbage holy holy [ __ ] that was a big1817.524.92
fish that could get up on us it might I1819.9194.021
don't like that it's fun oh look at it1822.442.94
okay let's get to the drop let's get1823.943.0
whatever listen we get a thatch wall and1825.383.299
I'm gonna get excited is that is that1826.944.56
shark on our butt I don't know look back1828.6794.801
I'm driving back I'm looking forward1831.54.44
back I just want to look forward just1833.484.5
looking back nope nothing's there what's1835.945.04
this thing get to the right yes I want1837.984.679
the drop yeah but what is this jellyfish1840.983.66
gonna disappear you dick are these1842.6595.76
jellies turn right what are they come1844.647.019
um jumping out oh God Simon I swear to1848.4195.701
God this is why you die all the time get1851.6594.441
on the boat Simon I'm going to the drop1854.126.0
are you yes what are you doing jellyfish1856.15.699
are after you now you're not listening1860.124.86
to me there's a shark coming to pick me1861.7995.461
up yeah get on the boat you idiot who1864.984.26
deserve to die you deserve to die like1867.264.62
80 of the time I do get on the boat hold1869.246.78
on great hold on yeah awesome just legit1871.886.539
yeah later bud problem later there's1876.025.06
three sharks1878.4192.661
good call1883.483.179
um should we try to tame a flyer yeah I1887.6594.02
see a bird over there you guys got drink1889.764.139
arrows I lost all mine I just made some1891.6794.201
more I got some all right I'll tell you1893.8993.601
what hold on I'll be your uh torch guy1895.883.539
let me uh okay come on real fast all1897.54.5
right we gotta do like a countdown I1899.4194.14
heard they don't fly away when you hit1902.03.659
them with tranq arrows I mean most birds1903.5594.021
would fly away wouldn't it I know but I1905.6593.9
heard they don't I saw in a video that1907.584.5
sounds crazy hey there might have been1909.5594.5
an update where it's changed now well1912.083.839
I'm ready when you guys are so all right1914.0593.12
I'm a torch guy I'm lighting them up1915.9193.301
lighting them up do a countdown1917.1794.561
yeah it's you guys so yeah go for it1919.227.5
three you ready two one go up okay how1921.748.159
does that work oh you down oh wow oh oh1926.726.36
geez he's dead already yeah hold on what1929.8995.341
do they eat meat I don't know I got some1933.085.28
I got some meat I can't get stuck off1935.245.28
his game do you mean you're stuck I'm1938.363.8
stuck I can't1940.527.97
like no progress at all so well that's1949.7796.041
bad right no it's bad now it works just1953.4193.601
like uh the other Arc remember when they1955.823.959
get hungry and they eat right yeah maybe1957.024.7
you're right yep oops1959.7795.961
just like the other Arc okay yep1961.727.9
and if I level up one more I'm making a1965.746.64
turdon saddle I'm gonna fly out of here1969.625.76
a bit of gagawero yeah yeah I'm ready to1972.384.919
get that sounds like a perfect plan1975.384.019
neebs that's where we should be it's a1977.2994.62
valguero with all its1979.3994.26
I don't know that's that's not the right1981.9193.12
game all this1983.6596.02
is in valguero1985.0394.64
doing it get it Simon doing it doing it1990.086.66
doing it be Beware of the compies okay1992.8995.461
all right I'm going to demolish this one1996.744.38
here we go I'll do that hey and you see1998.364.799
that uh beached whale over there to your2001.124.08
right blueprint for something hold on2003.1594.02
just grab them and then uh maybe Harvest2005.24.62
that whale thing ours oh comfy right2007.1795.281
behind me oh [ __ ] head you got him got a2009.823.839
punch him can I punch these little2012.464.14
[ __ ] you got him I think so and2013.6594.74
harvest that other uh the beach thing2016.63.9
behind you on the other side of the hold2018.3993.721
on I'm gonna you don't need to chase him2020.53.48
well you know what now it's just a thing2022.124.559
okay yeah suck it it doesn't have to be2023.984.439
a thing though all right what am I what2026.6793.48
am I doing with the get back over here2028.4194.561
yep what no straight across nope nope2030.1596.0
you see the beach thing beached nope the2032.985.76
other way that's the beat turn your left2036.1593.961
turn your left2038.744.74
turn your left back there you see it2040.125.46
yeah yeah go ahead and harvest that2043.484.439
isn't that safe out there there's no2045.584.68
rush now let's just take our sweet time2047.9194.141
I love it yep2050.263.899
um I like having the bed won't go away I2052.064.559
like I like when that happens how about2054.1595.041
we just get rid of all the [ __ ] how do I2056.6196.06
get this damn stuff out of my [ __ ]2059.25.28
that's annoying how you doing over there2062.6795.281
buddy yeah sound good I'm annoyed right2064.485.52
I don't want to do the bed that's new2067.963.84
I'm not trying to do it2070.03.859
okay I'm sorry I asked you to do2073.8595.8
something so tough I know all right I'll2076.5994.621
just figure this out on my own it's not2079.6593.72
that important come back nope nope I2081.223.78
gotta figure this out I will leave you2083.3794.581
here leave me2085.02.96
I know2093.465.04
I just dropped there's a I just totally2094.965.04
threw away a bed2098.55.06
it's all right I got a sleeping bag2100.03.56
that'll be there forever keeping it2110.3394.361
there sometimes we might want to come2112.545.22
there it'll be nice off to our next2114.76.06
Miss blocky okay because she's blocky2123.95.98
sure I got it as yeah as is everything2127.424.98
here oh that's gonna get confusing isn't2129.885.1
it and this there's so many animals and2132.44.92
they're always in my way yep we should2134.985.16
build fences yeah honestly so I just2137.325.039
need to level up one more I can put a2140.144.62
saddle on this oh we can look there's I2142.3594.5
mean we should just there's pteranodons2144.764.56
everywhere yeah I want one because we're2146.8594.26
not in the same tribe I know we never2149.323.24
started a tribe oh that's right let's2151.1193.601
start a tribe okay so I go up to a2152.565.34
person right right and then I put e but2154.725.34
you gotta create it it just says recruit2157.95.52
to new tribe there uh request accept I'm2160.065.88
in your tribe take you doing it uh2163.424.62
recruit your tribe pick2165.944.2
I recruit you to this one but I2168.043.78
recruited you to mine but he's in mind2170.143.479
what are you thinking yeah what's on my2171.823.779
stuff huh lose all my animals well then2173.6195.22
don't join it here do you have I didn't2175.5995.701
get it okay do it again you're a weird2178.8393.481
little man2181.34.319
you recruit the only thing that's on my2182.325.7
screen is a [ __ ] turkey get out of my2185.6194.861
way turkey I got the turkey shoot you in2188.024.8
the ass turkey's dead it's beautiful all2190.484.32
right boom we're good now let me go get2192.824.82
a [ __ ] bird go get it need help2194.85.22
we level up so we can put a saddle on2197.643.82
this thing see we can figure out a way2200.023.51
out of here okay we're on it2201.463.78
Simon yes sir I've been thinking bud2205.246.42
start our own tribe what do you mean how2208.724.68
else do I how do I say that yeah okay2211.663.54
all right I'm sorry you just threw me2213.43.6
off guard there2215.23.54
um because I just realized yeah we don't2217.03.72
have it I'll try I don't think we do I2218.743.54
don't know if anything carried over from2220.723.06
I don't know how that works I've never2222.283.48
done this before all right do we have to2223.783.54
leave a tribe that we're in are we in a2225.763.48
tribe I don't know man should I be I2227.323.6
should be looking in there too we should2229.243.839
probably make our own tribe but you know2230.924.32
what is this really the time why isn't2233.0793.601
it I don't know did you have a better2235.242.82
time in mind for that I don't know I2236.683.0
mean now there was no other [ __ ] time2238.063.48
fine well we were just figuring it out2239.684.2
together okay well we could do that too2241.544.62
but Jesus man right now you acted very2243.885.34
like positive right now it's infection2246.165.459
it's great what are you talking about I2249.223.72
was trying to be like these Pioneers2251.6193.361
together a new tribe but you don't [ __ ]2252.944.38
it oh [ __ ] okay I will get down to your2254.986.139
shitty grumpy ass level2257.323.799
so beautiful but that shocked I didn't2263.465.379
say it sucked I said maybe this isn't2266.384.8
the time it's not going back back hey2268.8393.541
this is the end of the road here but2271.183.36
that's good to know yeah but wait a2272.383.959
second now I feel like I feel like2274.544.5
everything just took a wild turn can we2276.3394.861
just try to talk to each other oh I2279.044.68
wasn't trying to oh God you just ran and2281.24.56
raved if you can't see that that's it no2283.723.44
to start a try with you2287.165.98
no I don't want you in my truck psycho2290.3394.78
got my own tribe did you listen to2293.143.6
yourself hey right about now's a good2295.1192.881
time to jump in the water so I'm gonna2296.743.98
go for it you are being such a scientist2298.04.859
come on now2300.724.359
you know I'm [ __ ] with you oh good2302.8593.901
for a second there I thought I was gonna2305.0794.861
have to find someone else to [ __ ]2306.764.92
you know because we're gonna you know2309.943.36
we're stopping at the toadoodles that's2311.684.62
it oh that's all we get oh hey why don't2313.34.799
we tame one of these little pointless2316.35.6
things you mean like that2318.0993.801
not a Dodo I don't know what to get2322.246.26
nothing oh God there's the toot again no2324.3397.321
it just said nothing I just said nothing2328.55.7
what do you want to do man2331.665.52
what the hell are you doing oh Jesus2334.25.139
he's attached to us hey buddy how you2337.185.04
doing pal hey hey look at you he's as2339.3396.121
good he's a friend yes I am inside of2342.223.92
excuse me thank you all right that's2346.146.18
where you belong I mean you and Simon2348.887.68
Steve check this out I made myself a2352.326.779
helmet you look like yeah you're a biker2356.565.94
oh wow check that out I like that yeah2359.0995.621
it's almost like I'm a pilot yeah so now2362.53.54
I need something I can fly well you're2364.722.58
the only one that doesn't have a bird I2366.042.7
know I'm gonna get a bird well you know2367.33.9
what I yeah I want to kill a raptor hey2368.745.82
nope say hello to winged bastard oh2371.25.7
speaking of bird yeah look at that piece2374.564.1
of [ __ ] yeah2376.95.699
he's a good bird uh and and I like him2378.666.4
and he flies yeah what can you see from2382.5995.221
up there oh your house oh the flying2385.064.44
works pretty good yeah you can do the2387.822.96
spin move2389.53.78
yeah you're gonna fight a raptor because2390.783.579
I need a little more leather before I2393.282.76
can build a saddle yeah you wanna you2394.3593.421
wanna go get a raptor I'm ready man wait2396.044.62
let's uh you need to arm her up uh well2397.784.5
okay are you just gonna go like that I'm2400.662.88
just gonna go like this yeah I felt2402.282.339
these things before they're they're kind2403.542.64
of mean but all right we gotta go to the2404.6194.5
Jungle I got a ranged weapon so hey dick2406.184.26
you want to go with us now I'm just2409.1192.941
gonna stay here and work on some things2410.443.56
all right see you in a bit2412.064.799
I'm only six episode all right we gotta2414.04.119
go over to the Jungle area which is2416.8594.141
right over there okay oh look at all2418.1195.761
this clay yeah all right good Discovery2421.04.8
I'm making my house out of clay you know2423.883.54
what I did I just stuck dirt and water2425.83.779
and it turned into clay oh really oh2427.425.159
there's a raptor oh perfect okay oh look2429.5795.0
at him down there yep2432.5795.361
are you ready ready three two one fire2434.5796.821
oh got a hit oh is he bleeding he's like2437.945.08
standing still we've never killed an2441.43.719
animal this dangerous before Oh not in2443.023.839
this game anyway moving in moving in a2445.1193.601
little bit better where are you going2446.8593.421
where you going all right we're in2448.723.66
Pursuit hold on I want to jump down2450.283.36
there we jump down there he's just gonna2452.382.94
come after us a big thing isn't it yeah2453.643.84
it is God what a good clay deposit let's2455.325.039
do it the Warriors aren't we come on I2457.485.28
don't see a safe way down yet ah2460.3594.26
well here we go2462.765.16
yeah well excuse me slime is still stuck2464.6196.24
uh he looks stuck all right I'm gonna go2467.923.78
I got a shout out his pooper I got him2471.75.159
where are you at uh I'm working my way2474.283.98
around man2476.8594.921
oh crap I'm trying to run oh God I'm2478.265.26
trying to help you oh he's running he's2481.783.78
running okay he might be trying to come2483.526.0
after me oh man look hey be careful he's2485.566.96
in timeout here we go pretty dumb inning2489.524.92
yeah this guy's tough I thought he2492.524.5
wouldn't be so dumb oh2494.444.639
thing just got him a shot oh yeah bug2497.025.04
he's coming oh geez yeah I'm running2499.0796.52
okay am I free safe yeah you're good all2502.065.46
right he's yeah he's a very he's a very2505.5994.861
skittish raptor is he bleeding I don't2507.524.5
know man he's like blood or he's pooping2510.463.659
pooping orange stuff no he might have2512.023.3
blood in the stool that happens2514.1195.22
sometimes good there we go yeah there it2515.324.82
well done comrade success all right uh2520.145.199
I'm gonna Harvest some of this clay I'm2523.8392.941
gonna head back to the barn and make a2525.3393.421
well done Simon yeah I mean this is nice2530.445.399
those are yours since we're in different2533.385.16
tribes right are we or are we in2535.8394.02
different I think we're still in the2538.543.539
same tribe as from the last place we2539.8594.921
were at you like the names for them yeah2542.0796.421
okay and sure and uh on my shoulders uh2544.786.66
Rocky jerboa nice yeah and that's your2548.54.28
little dumpling2551.443.5
yeah how did you tame him uh I uh I2554.945.62
think he just stole something from me2559.183.3
and got tamed automatically I stabbed2560.563.9
him is what I did ah and he just2562.484.619
submissive huh yeah let's go home huh2564.465.22
we've started our army I think it's nice2567.0994.861
it's nice season these are very nice2569.684.86
pets they are can we get them on the2571.964.26
boat it's the question let's well let's2574.544.319
find out uh they're following you let me2576.225.16
bring the boat closer yeah and you know2578.8594.561
what let's utilize this uh Foundation2581.384.26
that I was forced to put down because I2583.424.439
I couldn't not forced to hey Simon what2585.644.74
you bring the raft closer okay and two2587.8595.401
the foundation dock it's now a dock look2590.385.64
at that that's I love it careful there's2593.264.079
big sharks in that water I don't know if2596.023.9
you know that I know God I'm just scared2597.3394.221
every time you're in the water me too2599.924.56
just get on that phone Simon let's get2601.565.32
on the damn boat I know I can't even do2604.484.08
the very simple test of getting on the2606.884.08
boat you get on the boat yeah I hate2608.566.12
this don't hate it there it is yes got2610.965.22
on there and I'll just get it to the2614.685.82
dock oh yeah oh yeah yep that should do2616.187.02
it no no yeah that'll can these guys2620.54.619
make it can you guys come on guys come2623.24.58
on come on2625.1192.661
all right let's do this again yeah we2632.5795.081
got this yeah we do come on back all2635.85.299
right hold on hey that should be fine2637.663.439
hold on let me you guys aren't gonna get2641.385.82
on that way I'm doing this no Simon we2644.265.64
had it did we yes2647.26.06
damn it this is why this is why I'm not2649.96.3
bite my tongue bite it we had it where2653.264.079
do you want me to go I didn't believe2656.22.82
you yeah I don't want to be in your2657.3394.5
tribe at all I'm sorry I'm sorry where2659.025.64
do we go that was fine stop tell me when2661.8396.0
to stop I said stop okay there we go2664.665.28
come on guys a little bit more come on2667.8395.76
down a little bit more come on2669.946.84
yes all right hold on and this is why2673.5994.621
you're better than me because I remember2676.784.559
basic because I was ignoring you you've2678.225.22
been all day I didn't mean to I'm sorry2681.3394.141
I feel like you get off on it it's weird2683.444.26
I don't but I feel like you get a little2685.484.74
bit crazy too sometimes oh it's like I'm2687.75.52
dealing with a six-year-old ah that goes2690.224.98
both ways sometimes of course it does2693.226.18
I'm a child thank you oh to home Simon2695.26.78
the home I like it here me too and we2699.45.34
just scratched the surface but yeah we2701.984.2
just scratched the surface of our2704.742.7
yeah maybe I don't know true friendship2707.446.48
right now is when it really happens I2711.284.62
want that kangaroo so bad and I will2713.926.96
help you get it friend thanks friend2715.94.98
who guess who got some clay blocks you2721.186.419
got clay I got clay baby okay clay baby2723.945.7
yeah are you making a whole clay house2727.5993.661
huh well yeah I mean I may as well make2729.642.88
something that's how you gotta level up2731.262.94
in this game right looks good build2732.523.66
stuff you know you get the build bug2734.23.84
next thing you know you're blown hours2736.184.26
onto a house and you don't know why okay2738.045.76
anywhere from thick yet uh no he said I2740.444.32
thought he said I was gonna hang around2743.83.18
here and build a house I don't see a2744.764.2
house around here where the hell did he2746.984.099
whatever the [ __ ] you are thank God I2758.526.96
can say [ __ ] again2762.43.08
here damn oh wait a second I didn't even2780.463.72
think of that yeah yeah all right so2782.23.48
hold on I need let's see if you can hit2784.184.56
it here hold on yep right in the neck2785.685.22
you tranked him yep it's just it's2788.745.52
underwater like oh God this isn't2790.96.48
what it just looks so funny of course it2794.264.62
does it makes me think a Beetlejuice2797.383.439
kinda I don't know why oh man2798.885.64
hey buddy right in the eye all right huh2800.8196.461
right there right in the eyeball shot I2804.524.559
Propel the eyeball shot come on baby2807.283.72
right in the eye yeah it'll be2809.0793.121
underwater Simon it's gonna be2811.03.06
underwater if it goes down there how you2812.23.78
blinking can you hear my words yeah but2814.063.299
it's so much fun to show how I'm gonna2815.982.879
shoot him in the eye here I know I want2817.3592.96
up yes down yes drowning water this2820.3196.161
isn't good drowning2824.3194.141
um probably can we pick it up drag it2826.483.98
access inventory2828.466.44
we need to get some fish Simon oh damage2830.468.619
or maybe whoa what's this guy oh that2834.95.86
same same guy of course maybe that's2839.0793.721
doing it that might be doing it what yep2840.764.02
we're taming it's buried but should we2842.84.08
make a saddle if this thing and then we2844.784.86
can do that now really what's it gal2846.884.979
minus yep I'm on it even though it's2849.645.88
probably gonna die I know tell him that2851.8597.98
rhymes with Primus half of it does yeah2855.526.9
oh man this is the way to get around yes2859.8395.881
sir no raptors attacking us no danger2862.426.54
yeah we'll see some new stuff yeah2865.726.899
Turtles frog slimes you wanna check out2868.965.94
the Obelisk uh yeah I guess we can head2872.6194.621
towards the Obelisk what's that oh it's2874.94.679
a circle look at that Sarco you see it2877.245.099
uh nope uh nope I'm looking I'm looking2879.5794.681
I'm looking oh it's right below you I2882.3393.961
see a portal down there big oh it's like2884.265.599
it goes to a desert area I never2886.33.559
that's a good question let's do it may2890.644.92
as well2893.262.3
look at this whoa what is that you see2896.0796.181
that fire monster thing a three-headed2899.445.46
dog yep there's like it's like a big2902.265.099
thing with an ax yeah what is this stuff2904.94.679
this stuff isn't an arc oh they're2907.3593.781
fighting hold on yeah I'm gonna get back2909.5792.661
and look at this2911.144.26
my money's on the uh the big monster2912.245.2
with the hands with the drill hands what2915.44.5
about you let's see uh let's I'm going2917.443.96
for three-headed dogs oh no now there's2919.94.28
two uh there's two ax creatures in there2921.45.82
ah come on three headed down you Breeze2924.185.2
fire you hit it down three hit it down2927.224.879
come on2929.382.719
ah we both lost we're losers2932.5799.04
this land is my land this land is my2937.3199.341
land this land is my land but Pixar I2941.6197.321
can say [ __ ] thank God we're not in the2946.664.56
first minute of the video though then I2948.944.74
lose my money oh [ __ ] what's that down2951.224.379
there all right we got uh what's2953.685.82
important Rock Wood metal water that's2955.5996.0
what we want to be around you see what2959.54.859
this drop has to offer what its bounties2961.5996.121
are and then maybe I can uh find2964.3596.121
somebody else because I didn't see the2967.725.099
rallies and Simon in Pixar which they2970.484.859
were very lucky they were spared oh man2972.8196.3
this is gonna be uh a quick land because2975.3397.381
hey winged bastard no offense but I2979.1196.24
can't wait to get rid of you you are2982.725.04
slow you're pretty worthless all right2985.3595.941
got another saddle on earlier but all2987.766.599
right nice nice nice all right2991.35.519
okay I want no part of the swamp we need2994.3594.801
to find just kind of a note at first2996.8193.961
Simon is here holy [ __ ] oh he was just3000.785.68
this works I built this thing uh this3008.5794.201
morning but but I've never tried it3010.744.379
before so I might fall to my death all3012.784.079
right I'll go yeah that seems high3015.1194.5
enough all right you ready uh ready and3016.8595.22
boom and come on come on get off the3019.6194.101
bird why I'm on the bird3022.0793.961
who programmed this program then again3023.724.06
let me call you Bird yeah calm a bird3026.043.539
okay come with me3027.784.5
oh there we go3029.5795.87
hey I'm going to uh oh God I should3036.95.1
probably plan my Landing oh yeah I'm3040.143.719
turning back around heading towards the3042.04.5
green zone okay let's see oh boy I'm3043.8594.681
gonna land in the desert oh that's a3046.53.96
dumb place to land oh this is such a3048.543.319
stupid place to land leave me alone3050.465.7
giant Firebird oh God oh God oh God oh3051.8596.341
God nope nope nope nope there's goblins3056.164.82
there's mantises3058.22.78
look come on3086.8395.681
oh God did my brother just die yeah damn3089.8195.101
it it's a Higher Ground I'm stuck I'm3092.524.88
stuck inside3094.922.48
turalius Simon how much hide you got3098.8195.0
150 how much do we need for this3103.8194.601
freaking saddle again I know I should3106.3193.78
probably know what I don't you should3108.424.199
I'm not gonna no you find out right but3110.0994.141
we need hide like this guy's got the3112.6193.421
hide you haven't shot him once have you3114.243.18
no I'm gonna watch you oh I'm doing3116.042.88
other things that you don't do I know3117.424.26
but damn it this is saddle yeah I'm3118.926.74
watching you I'm watching you all right3121.683.98
you forget it forget what nothing I just3127.445.1
don't need help that's all so we'd have3129.8394.621
a scene together you know me and you3132.543.779
yeah I'm doing things back here though3134.463.84
what do you [ __ ] [ __ ] with me for3136.3194.681
man I didn't [ __ ] with you and now3138.35.16
you're hitting me you know I'm not gonna3141.04.16
be able to kill you3143.464.44
damn many times can I shoot you he's not3145.163.939
gonna be able to do a damn thing against3147.94.4
you you little [ __ ] man that's it3149.0997.02
this is a shitty place right now [ __ ]3152.36.1
and now my damn freaking bow is broken3156.1195.401
you could suck my dick you want to suck3158.45.939
my dick you could suck it who else wants3161.528.24
to suck my dick hey Bruno suck my dick3164.3395.421
new bird new adventure is that a village3170.545.22
looks like a village man3173.765.52
should we check it out let's kind of fly3175.766.579
down see if it's safe yeah oh it looks3179.285.039
like a dillow maybe hold on look at me3182.3395.52
watch my back yep oh yeah oh that is a3184.3195.76
missed the old Dilophosaurus yep it's3187.8595.301
blocky Dillo I've seen3190.0793.081
there and what looks like a wolf what's3193.23.96
a wolf doing out here maybe we can do3195.484.619
like a um a ceiling drop huh oh like3197.164.919
just dig in yeah we'll be like special3200.0994.561
ops people I like that idea yeah break3202.0796.02
out our like a little pickaxe3204.663.439
I'm not getting any sort of uh I don't3209.545.92
think our pickpacks are good enough3212.526.78
we gotta go down uh Toronto before yeah3215.465.76
just I just mentioned him oh you did I3219.33.779
did it's always a brontosaurus over3221.224.68
there and what looks like a wolf should3223.0794.561
listen to you more3225.93.959
oh that looks like an entrance but3227.644.62
there's that dilophosaur can we uh can3229.8593.96
we beat this dilophosaur with our Birds3232.264.14
I bet we could beat it with our yeah3233.8196.841
freaking Warrior senses okay got a3236.45.58
couple hits on him oh you killed him3240.663.6
already did I yeah I did that with a3241.983.78
bird well that was easy yeah that was3244.262.88
super easy it's like one of us should3245.762.579
watch the birds the other one should go3247.142.76
in what's your uh what's your arrow3248.3392.941
situation you got a lot of arrows tons3249.93.24
of arrows all right you go in I'm going3251.284.02
in yeah you go in you go in I might be3253.143.54
out in just a second so all right tell3255.32.7
me what you see tell me what to see okay3256.684.28
so far uh oh a barrel3258.04.8
and uh3260.963.7
he's coming oh God okay so uh I got the3271.26.06
[ __ ] there like slime now hold on I'm3274.384.08
trying to try to get the birds out of3277.263.9
here okay birds are okay where's my bird3278.464.68
you and your bird I I don't know I'm I'm3281.164.14
glitching out something crazy is3283.143.08
to me I don't know3286.223.78
all right so there was a wolf in there a3292.226.639
wolf yep and then uh that's all I got as3294.726.08
far as I got3298.8595.041
dude it's time and time you can do it3300.85.68
Simon well I need stuff what do you mean3303.94.439
I think I need more stuff what do you3306.486.119
need more uh I need a metal ingot and3308.3396.78
more hide you said you had metal no I3312.5994.801
didn't you did we needed 25 you said you3315.1194.681
were gonna this was your job yeah but I3317.44.56
didn't say I had metal yeah but you were3319.84.2
gonna do the thing and you said that did3321.964.32
you just say that I said I had metal no3324.03.78
you said you were in charge of making3326.284.62
the you said I said I had it you said3327.785.6
you were gonna make it no3330.94.919
I was doing the wood I was doing the3333.384.239
fibers doing some of that no you were3335.8194.201
doing the saddle which is all of those3337.6194.381
this is what we're gonna do what it's3340.026.059
what listen I'm more than happy to do it3342.06.18
my friend it's just gonna take a little3346.0794.26
bit of time that's all so let's do this3348.185.04
oh we're doing Metal Ingot I love it I3350.3395.041
love what what I'm just waiting oh no3353.223.3
I'm just gonna wait right here too let's3355.383.36
see how long we can do this for you you3356.524.28
think that you think that we're uh3358.744.14
you're saying you want to get stuff done3360.84.18
and yet you're doing this where's this3362.884.439
how is this how's this I need to go3364.984.68
somewhere to get the like3367.3194.141
I'm trying to move oh you can't move no3371.464.98
try I've been trying to see this how3374.223.96
about if I do this how about this can't3376.444.32
move anywhere I do this interest there3378.185.52
you go but that but that holds me up3380.766.02
Simon's going to make good saddle3383.76.5
yeah blueprint for an Ingot3386.785.86
I'll catch you in a bit I'll see you3390.24.119
later all right I'm gonna go get this3392.643.66
drop I'll see you later man I'm just3394.3194.441
gonna stand here and wait3396.36.559
mortar and pestle already made that uh3398.766.54
cooking pot though I like that okay3402.8594.72
things just take it all whatever it's3405.34.5
gonna make our place look great Simon I3407.5794.141
got stuff3409.85.039
good no metal that's five man I'm I'm3411.725.28
good we don't need to do this we do3414.8393.72
we're gonna ride the Gallimimus around3417.03.18
it's like a two or three seater I know3418.5593.361
but I don't have the material to make3420.183.78
the metal let's get metal all we have to3421.923.84
do is have a pickaxe that's fine let's3423.963.72
go get metal together that sounds good3425.764.859
to me okay and our friend here it's just3427.684.379
stuck in here I think it's just a3430.6192.821
permanent part but once we get that3432.0594.02
saddle it might uh change everything you3433.444.2
think because we'll be in control then3436.0793.361
it's true all right3437.643.12
um I'm gonna put these things up let's3439.442.7
go get some I thought you said you had3440.763.0
metal let's go get some metal all right3442.143.419
so what do we need let's find out3443.763.92
exactly what we need huh oh you mean3445.5595.341
yeah you mean like oh boy what I'm3447.684.6
trying to learn gear you know how3450.93.719
discouraging it is to try to learn and3452.283.539
do things and then have somebody3454.6193.0
constantly [ __ ] on you do you know how3455.8193.481
many episodes you've played of this game3457.6195.22
yes that doesn't mean that I Shane3459.34.44
all right I'll just uh how do we3463.745.96
separate how do I just stop doing this3465.967.02
how was that let's go get metal I don't3469.74.6
like I don't like the way you're talking3472.983.839
to me man I don't I don't like it I just3474.33.72
want you to be I don't know if I've been3476.8192.181
playing this game3478.023.24
I'll [ __ ] stop playing the game we3479.03.819
got a growing job I don't need to be3481.264.799
[ __ ] on I don't need to be [ __ ] on man I3482.8195.641
don't it's like oh well you don't know a3486.0593.721
lot of [ __ ] that you don't [ __ ] know3488.463.899
that you should know and you know what I3489.784.2
care about you I think the other guys3492.3593.301
just allowed you to get away with it3493.983.839
playing the psychological games that you3495.664.38
care about me I want you to be grown up3497.8194.621
go [ __ ] yourself3500.044.26
all right so we're gonna go yeah let's3502.443.41
get some metal okay3504.33.84
all right winged bastard we need hide3508.142.92
lots of hide3510.0593.661
just by myself on my own what's this3514.687.139
down here all sorts of oh no I I ain't3517.59.24
messing with you man or you uh-uh3521.8194.921
oh fight you know what I'm gonna chop up3527.045.0
whatever loses3530.043.539
[ __ ]3538.5593.0
you're dead3551.8192.901
I'm a man Warrior I'm gonna get away3555.2997.331
oh no [ __ ] go off3559.8598.281
all right3568.144.679
Simon yeah3570.0795.801
you know what I yeah you ready am I3572.8195.181
ready you ready for that I don't know3575.885.1
it's crafting it's crafting we're gonna3578.06.16
go for a little yog yeah I'm happy I'm3580.985.339
excited I'm gonna see to see what and3584.164.02
the name is uh we could change the name3586.3193.901
no I know I know that was fine for now3588.186.78
but um let's see yep all right and you3590.227.26
idiots all right we got a saddle all3594.964.44
right get on them enable public seating3597.483.3
just say what3599.44.56
um do I have to go down here ride you're3600.787.339
on them oh boy come on come on out3603.964.159
yes very nice get on my friend all right3610.525.23
we can't move we can't move I probably3617.8194.74
got way too much stupid [ __ ] I'll drop a3620.223.74
bunch of dumb [ __ ]3622.5593.54
but you know what it's not that dumb3623.964.18
these days it was the words out of here3626.0994.98
anything dumb a drop an egg how's that3628.144.199
working let's see we're seeing in real3631.0793.54
time if it's working this is [ __ ]3632.3394.381
great I love it now I think we're good I3634.6193.541
don't want to waste any more what do you3636.724.02
have I got clothes I got berries I got3638.165.04
Flint I gotta be so heavy I don't know3640.745.46
my arrows ain't dropping arrows Flint3643.25.58
I've got nothing all right hold on Flint3646.25.94
I'm dropping my berries yeah not that3648.785.579
heavy well now we can move oh look at3652.144.56
that yeah let's just be happy we didn't3654.3593.901
once think that Flint might be what's3656.73.18
weighing us down you know what I don't3658.264.5
even berries you're right I'm an idiot3659.884.919
I'm not calling you an idiot you said3662.764.2
that it was pretty dumb I don't think3664.7993.301
this is working out3666.964.159
I thought this is gonna be so much3671.1194.781
better dude and then I had to do3673.5594.26
everything uh not you're not doing every3675.93.78
everything you cocky son of a [ __ ] you3677.8193.3
think you're doing everything in here3679.682.42
you're not3681.1192.601
well that looks like Ragnarok right3683.725.02
through that uh Doctor Strange's pole3686.0994.801
yeah I'd recognize that bridge anywhere3688.744.379
yeah why did Dr Strange just like3690.94.919
teleport Thanos into like a volcano or3693.1194.141
something yeah just chop them in half3695.8193.24
with a thing or chop his hand off I mean3697.263.359
it worked on the other guy chopped his3699.0593.06
hand off don't even get me started3700.6193.841
really just chop them in half yeah movie3702.1194.861
over so what we got to do is find one of3704.465.58
these with Val Guerrero yeah3706.984.02
I don't even really know really know3710.044.079
what agware looks like but3711.05.28
like oh no that's not that's the other3714.1193.841
thing all right keep looking should we3716.283.299
uh you want to head towards this Obelisk3717.962.879
oh what's that look at this guy neebs3720.8395.041
yeah that's pretty cool3723.3595.521
snow oh abdominal snowman oh yeah but3725.885.4
like a fat one yeah and then what is3728.885.16
that it's like an ice princess yeah3731.284.38
probably can't stay here just passing3734.044.2
through yep don't want to land I think3735.664.919
I'm impressed with the variety yep me3738.245.54
too I don't want to stay here3740.5793.201
how you doing buddy what are you talking3744.0595.401
to you great good I mean I'm trying to3746.3394.74
try to just you know make conversation3749.463.18
now I don't know when you should stop3751.0793.121
talking I don't know if you want to just3752.643.179
be quiet you know that's when it's a3754.23.419
good thing you're in a relationship who3755.8194.081
are you talking to you you talking to me3757.6194.021
huh you talking like so long I could3759.93.06
barely hear you3761.645.3
listen okay do you want to be quiet yes3762.965.7
why you're right I want to talk I know3768.665.6
I'm just kidding we should be quiet3771.03.26
oh that's nice why don't we go for a3774.443.04
wanna go for a swim let's go for a swim3777.483.22
I can't dig on this well we it would be3785.645.459
nice if we had a house if we built a3787.7997.8
house with the waterfall inside3791.0996.96
holy [ __ ] imagine if you walked up here3795.5994.26
and you're like hey I'm gonna go to my3798.0593.421
house and then when you go in the house3799.8593.121
it's like holy [ __ ] there's a waterfall3801.484.02
huh I like it we should find a better3802.984.92
water but or this is pretty3805.54.14
his purse kind of small and we could we3807.93.48
could completely hide the whole3809.644.199
Waterfall oh dude I'm digging it you are3811.384.679
yeah all right we got a predator in the3813.8394.201
area let's get out of here okay so we'll3816.0594.141
try that maybe that's a possibility all3818.044.5
right well it sounds like a good idea oh3820.24.8
drop right there3822.544.92
a new start that's what I'm calling this3825.06.54
let me see what level you are 116.3827.465.76
all right3831.544.019
here we go don't know that I have enough3833.224.8
tranq arrows for you but we're done with3835.5595.881
that idiot winged bastard be bullying3838.026.0
you again just in case here we go come3841.445.399
on shoot you in the head shoot you in3844.027.099
the head 22. oh get out of my way3846.8398.061
oh come on3851.1193.781
God damn it3856.146.479
uh oh I see him3859.146.659
he's gonna drown he's gotta drown here3862.6194.621
we go3865.7994.161
the meat3867.242.72
break your [ __ ] leg3874.266.42
okay got some air got somebody get away3876.748.26
from me you got away piranha3880.687.2
so the hope is he's just gonna rise from3885.07.64
the waters and uh and Be Tamed3887.884.76
it's coming3938.483.7
kind of like intense3940.264.26
can you imagine the people watching this3942.184.439
they're like oh get that job I'm3944.523.66
guessing one out of three people [ __ ] in3946.6193.48
their pants3948.184.5
all right oh God grab all take call take3950.0995.421
call Simon yes we got T-Rex here3952.685.28
was it worth it was it worth it all3955.526.779
right going home all right see you later3957.964.339
smells like you've been looking [ __ ]3962.943.619
run run3964.22.359
oh [ __ ]3969.6194.541
oh good3974.163.02
neighbors I don't recognize that I don't3978.5594.06
either you think that's Val Guerrero I3981.02.76
think there's only one way to find out3982.6194.561
man yeah he's going first do the honors3983.766.299
yep yo back at me hey I'm just I'm just3987.185.34
committing to It Go all right I'm going3990.0595.001
here we go wish me luck3992.525.059
I think so come on in all right Bird you3997.5796.341
were fun but uh yeah go [ __ ] yourself4001.287.1
all right Bird move move bird move4003.928.76
here we go okay4008.384.3
over there can't get that I don't have4047.923.939
the proper equipment so first thing we4050.243.66
got to do is build a mortar pestle yeah4051.8593.601
hold on you know what I'll explore a4053.92.34
little bit4055.463.78
this way explore yeah okay so we're just4056.244.98
exploring a little bit I mean I've never4059.243.42
seen this map kind of want to take it4061.223.0
all in you know yeah but don't you want4062.663.48
to do it with a mortar and pestle I tell4064.223.3
you what I don't want to do with a bunch4066.142.939
of bitching going on in my back oh4067.523.12
really yeah so if you want to move oh I4069.0793.121
see stuff I want are you implying that4070.644.38
I'm bitching yes always I think why4072.24.68
would now the fact that you said that4075.023.66
means you are I was having a good day4076.883.179
why'd you bring that up4078.683.78
see get this guy what do you mean gonna4080.0594.081
get this guy no it's a it's a horse you4082.463.839
feed it berries I don't think so come4084.144.38
here buddy pretty sure it's carrots and4086.2995.341
poop now jump on yeah oh now yeah yeah4088.525.339
oh boy here we go stay on there oh my4091.643.479
stamina went all the way down come here4093.8593.241
you I think once they kick you off it4095.1193.901
gives you a problem doesn't it it might4097.13.659
I didn't see one but I wasn't really4099.024.86
looking hard yeah Hey listen I'm a bit4100.7594.741
uh my feelings a little bit hurt the way4103.883.72
you talk to me all right well I mean I I4105.53.299
was trying to like I'm gonna go explode4107.63.56
and you're like4108.7992.361
you're still doing it wow you're you're4112.3594.181
not a nice person are you not today I4114.623.179
just thought I would talk to you all4116.542.639
right well what do you want wow how4117.7993.06
about that just trying to help and I'm4119.1793.54
gonna keep going oh that's a nice white4120.8594.32
one over here neebs oh a white one yeah4122.7194.201
let's see yeah the other one I can't4125.1793.18
tell if the other one's still spooked or4126.924.02
not yeah go for that one holy [ __ ] this4128.3594.021
is a unicorn4130.944.44
oh yeah come on you better be get ready4145.96.72
oh yeah yeah yeah4148.3394.281
that'd be cool yeah come on get up to4153.2195.861
you get the timing I don't know I can't4155.95.16
tell just it's kind of just running wild4159.084.38
right now be ready to feed Rob man I'm4161.064.56
ready I got my finger on the button I4163.464.259
can't believe that oh yeah wait his team4165.624.98
is three percent oh [ __ ] this is gonna4167.7194.58
take forever4170.64.32
I can't tell if I'm feeding it or if I'm4172.2995.081
feeding me man I should research this4174.924.5
[ __ ] you think you're eating berries I4177.383.299
don't know if I'm eating berries or if4179.423.419
I'm feeding it to The Mule oh there we4180.6794.56
go oh that's how I gotta do it okay okay4182.8394.561
now I'm on to its game what's the secret4185.2393.721
when it when it [ __ ] that's when you4187.44.26
feed it that's when you feed it so I rat4188.964.92
it and then it starts [ __ ] then I4191.664.079
just give it I just take it oh man like4193.884.859
that yeah here handful of meal berries4195.7396.421
yeah okay yeah I'm at 12 now yeah damn4198.7395.221
dude dude check what I did something4203.964.739
what'd you do I was wandering around4206.843.54
back here to see if I could find where4208.6993.121
those like carrots were that I found4210.384.38
that one time uh-huh you want me I'm on4211.825.34
you I did not find carrots but I found4214.766.12
uh a few uh pathetic little saps that I4217.165.82
think are gonna be ours all tucked in a4220.884.74
corner okay and I took advantage of that4222.984.62
I hope they're still there oh where's4225.624.92
this guy oh wow but oh come on look at4227.65.22
these guys the two parasaurs back here4230.545.159
you we can get those oh we could get4232.824.859
them good best part Simon what already4235.6994.621
made the Saddles look at you just listen4237.6795.461
shut it shut your mouth you ready for4240.324.94
oh let's see uh oh that one's really4247.364.96
true oh there's all right start shooting4250.344.399
them Simon what are you waiting on4252.325.52
what you waiting on you can you can open4254.7396.061
the mouth thank you4257.846.96
there's a face shot he's free yep got4260.85.62
him in the face4264.83.18
um although it was the face that did it4266.423.18
oh I could bowl at him again I have4267.983.84
bowls you know I made Bowlers because I4269.64.619
was very caring what are we doing here4271.824.02
maybe I should go down there since4274.2193.061
they're not like yeah they're not4275.842.879
dangerous they're not dangerous right4277.284.2
yeah hey guys this one should go down4278.7195.221
soon guys can't get out this was a bad4281.484.02
idea I can't I'll let you out eventually4283.944.32
but you can't see [ __ ] can you nope guys4285.54.32
problem just shoot to get out got a4289.824.08
Crouch got a Crouch oh yeah I'm4292.2194.221
crouching I did it what do we do4293.95.72
that what I don't know I just heard4300.385.339
something loud oh my my guy was just4302.784.86
like glowing yellow the guy on my4305.7193.421
shoulder okay we got this guy down all4307.643.24
right all right at least we got him you4309.143.66
got him yeah let's try to get the other4310.884.14
one too I have one of those other guys4312.85.22
nothing nothing to to to track them with4315.026.36
in this grass oh [ __ ] it's like very4318.024.86
shitty look at me I'm you can you even4321.383.74
see me4322.885.94
oh God yeah oh [ __ ] ah what the hell is4325.128.02
this what is this oh God oh my oh God4328.828.839
I'm just gonna stay right here no no4333.144.519
anything dangerous around yeah there's a4344.85.5
T-Rex down this end okay no no no don't4347.364.92
run the Dodge nope yeah there you go4350.34.08
there you go you dumb animal yeah yeah4352.283.84
back towards the field yeah hit that run4354.383.9
yeah yeah it was a dummy4356.125.94
dumb you 90 man okay okay I'm showing4358.285.82
all the stem and I'll be right there ah4362.064.5
crap he's trying to land right here oh I4364.14.559
hit the only rock here4366.564.38
come on I want this thing so bad I never4368.6594.801
had a unicorn they have a unicorn be4370.946.18
amazing oh hell yeah4373.467.44
we have taped a unicorn4377.128.0
his name is mule yes4380.94.22
that's my first male to Unicorn oh man4386.05.219
put that on a t-shirt baby4389.34.74
hey guys absuro just tamed a unicorn and4391.2195.041
we're putting it on a t-shirt seriously4394.043.78
we're putting it on a [ __ ] t-shirt4396.263.06
there's a link in the description below4397.824.46
go click it4399.322.96
ah what a shitty day ah everything I4408.085.76
wanted to tame flew away during those4412.1594.201
other scenes but hey you know what uh4413.844.14
there's a drop over there I could go to4416.363.299
that looking for things to tame4417.984.32
preferably in argentavis I've already4419.6597.161
made a saddle and I made a pterodons4422.36.96
saddle just in case4426.826.16
tear down in the air it's a silent T or4429.266.36
P God damn it look at all those that's4432.986.199
where all the pterodons went pteranodons4435.627.68
never mind hi yes you're flying over me4439.1797.241
mocking me it wasn't so damn smoggy out4443.34.8
be a good area4446.424.799
this carbon dioxide carbon carbon4448.16.78
dioxide words suck so to school if4451.2195.46
you're in school get out well you can4454.884.92
just kidding kids all right blue drop4456.6795.761
what's in here uh blueprint for4459.85.52
ascendant Gilly chess piece and okay4462.445.88
I'll take that uh anything else over4465.326.859
here anything all right that's about it4468.326.96
come on pteranodons4472.1796.121
where you at4475.283.02
yep there we go all right for wood sweet4478.425.68
you got any fetch uh yep yeah I need4481.884.92
that to make more foundations okay uh4484.14.32
there's thatch would be a cool little4486.83.96
spot right yeah nice starter spot right4488.423.96
I like this area except for the uh the4490.762.939
Broner that kind of Stomps over every4492.383.12
now and then okay I think we might make4493.6993.721
a fence or a wall kind of uh I don't4495.54.26
know protecting us uh-huh but uh yeah4497.424.2
yeah I think because I also found a4499.763.66
unicorn in it and that kind of I have4501.623.92
that memory yeah and it'll never go away4503.425.4
take a look at my face I hope he uh oh4505.545.98
your face okay um glasses yeah put these4508.824.32
glasses on and then my Mohawk started4511.523.6
popping through my hat yep so I got that4513.143.36
going for me this looks like it's one of4515.122.82
those bald caps you buy at the Halloween4516.53.179
store a little bit I mean it's still4517.943.36
like just a fat it's got the little knot4519.6794.681
in the back see it yeah but uh yeah I4521.34.08
thought it was cool for a little Mohawk4524.362.76
pop right through it I like the glasses4525.383.9
makes me look uh cultured I think you4527.124.32
look very smart right now you know what4529.284.08
though yeah they should make the golf4531.443.84
visors you know the sun visors that have4533.363.839
the fake hair I do that should be a hat4535.283.959
in this game so it has a lot of stuff4537.1993.661
that should be a hat in this game what4539.2395.341
else Sombrero big one yeah big ass4540.865.4
Sombrero like the biggest possible some4544.583.119
Rarities probably a thing you know4546.262.76
because remember when we had all those4547.6993.181
people help us on uh what was the last4549.024.46
thing we played4550.882.6
what was the last map we played oh god4554.2394.5
um Extinction no I'm sorry not4557.03.3
Extinction wait was it yes Extinction4558.7393.96
that's right yes so uh uh I remember4560.33.84
seeing a guy had a chili head and I'm4562.6992.341
like when4564.142.579
is this a thing yeah where'd chili head4565.043.0
come from yeah they probably got some4566.7192.96
Burroughs I'll go get you some that yeah4568.044.92
yeah for foundations I'm on it yep Sun's4569.6795.261
going down don't be up too late pickaxe4572.965.6
be home by 11. yes Mom4574.943.62
how you doing Simon4578.625.38
um I'm doing good it's it's been a it's4581.784.26
been a good day yeah it could have been4584.05.34
better that was a surprise huh yeah I4586.045.82
mean you know soccer's dead what are the4589.345.64
odds though that's happening yeah we4591.865.18
haven't seen a T-Rex that close4594.985.699
uh I think I have okay well I haven't4597.046.159
yeah that all went to [ __ ] but that's a4600.6794.56
cool little Nook to check every now and4603.1993.301
then if something's trapped back there4605.2393.96
right like the same thing yeah like like4606.54.38
anything that could be trapped like us4609.1994.141
you like us yeah like we want to go down4610.884.02
there we won't go down until they're4613.343.359
knocked out what do you want to do come4614.94.98
morning time I want to kill yeah I think4616.6995.221
it'd be nice to do a lot of killing and4619.884.5
he gets a lot of hide but tayman's cool4621.925.64
too Damon okay so taming like I'm easily4624.385.279
swayed entertainment and exploring like4627.563.78
I want to look off to the right out4629.6593.601
there we haven't we haven't wrapped it4631.344.14
up to the right and there's one other4633.265.76
thing what's that the other guys4635.485.82
oh there were other people with us4639.024.08
usually isn't there yeah do you remember4641.35.7
that like just barely I remember4643.17.32
a really annoying voice yeah I remember4647.05.699
that in three different versions of4650.425.4
voices right yeah one was high in4652.6994.741
rednecky one was a little lower in4655.824.08
rednecky and one was just short yeah4657.445.4
yeah well hopefully we don't get to hear4659.94.2
those voices anymore you know what I4662.844.56
mean yeah because this is nice yeah all4664.16.42
right I'm gonna I'm gonna get some sleep4667.45.58
um a big day tomorrow big day yeah I4670.524.08
might go to sleep because you know this4672.983.9
is fake right I'm gonna pretend I am4674.64.68
right because it's fake right because4676.885.299
you're a role player4679.282.899
get that both neebs oh crap he's so oh4682.846.18
[ __ ] fuel's almost dead4686.6595.221
that wolf took a bite out of mule I'm4689.025.199
not losing this unicorn I just got it4691.885.12
yep run away4694.2192.781
hold on4697.7193.061
come on4706.963.12
oh [ __ ] now what's over there oh God4712.14.2
Miss blocky did too you're not gonna4714.024.199
lose you I just got you we're working on4716.33.54
our house all right the wolf just4718.2193.841
started attacking the Triceratops baby4719.844.44
the Triceratops will kill the wolf if4722.064.619
not well they'll deal with that when4724.286.5
that happens come on come on Triceratops4726.6794.101
ah level 104.4731.2396.241
here we go gotcha all right three Arrow4733.825.94
another Bola4737.484.679
we're gonna be friends4739.766.26
another Bola come on could this work4742.1596.661
aha baby all right4746.025.86
there we go level 104.4748.826.24
I need to meet hey yellow mamas4751.886.0
I'm not gonna mess with you uh you come4755.065.9
here give me some meat4757.883.08
that is pretty so I figure if we take a4768.383.54
little adventure and just kind of like4770.783.48
see what's on down this way right by the4771.924.08
time we get home4774.263.36
um uh some other dumb animals might be4776.02.94
in that Nook again we could try again4777.623.66
yeah but I'd also like to get maybe not4778.944.2
some dumb animals maybe something that's4781.283.84
kind of a challenge yeah but I think uh4783.144.019
like having a parasaur would be it'd be4785.124.98
nice they're pretty fast why though I4787.1594.261
mean like I was excited because like oh4790.13.24
look there's parishes but like well the4791.425.819
thing the why is we failed at that I4793.345.64
understand that they're very quick what4797.2393.96
are you aiming for maybe what we do is4798.984.08
we don't try to attain something that's4801.1993.421
gonna run from us we try to tame4803.062.88
something that's going to attack us we4804.624.32
get into a strategic position where we4805.945.4
could take them down I can't wait to um4808.944.44
I want to hear your strategy like I mean4811.344.26
why don't we just see what we can get I4813.383.66
mean by the end of it we might end up4815.63.48
doing a duck we've been trying to see4817.043.659
what we can do we might end up with a4819.084.34
duck oh there's a drop4820.6996.54
yeah we got a carnosaur uh where he's4823.426.58
over there biting a turtle okay uh I'm4827.2394.381
gonna hop on mule so I can keep him safe4830.03.54
should we try to tame this guy4831.623.72
um they find some High Ground maybe I4833.543.24
made some narcotics but we don't have4835.344.2
too many narcoberries yeah I didn't make4836.784.5
the trink errors yet no I didn't but I4839.543.6
can hold on like keep me covered for a4841.282.0
am I supposed to do punch him what am I4844.525.04
supposed to do no just kidding where do4847.43.9
you make drink arrows at in the mortar4849.562.78
damn it okay okay I'll put my sport meat4852.344.66
in there oh he's coming he's coming he's4855.84.5
coming grab meal I got mule oh crap he's4857.06.48
there he is there ah crap okay4860.36.3
um but if you say I think so I'm up at4863.485.4
the rocks oh he's chasing damn it run4866.65.099
can you bowl a carnosaurus no these are4868.885.339
too big [ __ ] all right I'm running is he4871.6994.941
still on me yeah I'll sacrifice myself4874.2195.581
come here raise me okay oh crap that4876.644.44
don't forget time to the water4881.084.079
uh code red uh it is cut yeah I'm4895.94.72
already code red don't worry about it uh4898.6993.901
okay I'll get his attention you make the4900.625.599
tracks all right oh God mule stay cool4902.66.54
come at me come out in the car now you4906.2194.601
sure you make tranq arrows in here no4909.144.26
yeah uh you gotta have it that's where4910.823.96
you make narcotics I know that's where4913.42.94
you make narcotics what about Drake how4914.783.72
do you put the narcotic in your thing4916.345.879
yeah and you make them so why not have4918.55.34
them unlocked people are gonna be like4922.2193.721
how do you not know this I know listen I4923.843.72
should know how to make them yeah maybe4925.943.0
I don't know I don't have it unlocked4927.564.08
well do you have ingrams no I only have4928.945.52
five I can't believe this Carno is stuck4931.645.24
right here4934.462.42
when it breaks out4941.364.859
it's not even an issue pretty good yeah4943.44.08
do you want to load them up or should I4946.2192.881
load them up you load them up I mean4947.483.239
he's a level 16 and I can already hear4949.14.079
that remember the guy uh what was it uh4950.7195.94
thick is it thick was his name thick I4953.1795.461
thought it was Dick I thought it was4956.6594.56
Dick or was he just a dick he was a dick4958.645.28
and his name was thick Ah that's it yeah4961.2195.701
oh look there's things like how good are4963.925.04
we it's kind of weird4966.924.62
um you know put food in I put in berries4968.964.199
does he not take berries God you might4971.543.36
have to eat a fish zoom them go get some4973.1593.421
fish we have uh how do you make them4974.95.18
consume I'm gonna send it4976.583.5
we have a blueprint for a laser4980.123.3
attachment I don't know if we got this4982.042.34
Jesus we probably don't get some fish4984.384.26
Simon I didn't think we need a fish what4986.424.799
about me go get some fish I don't have4988.645.7
to go get some fish like a magical thing4991.2195.101
sure let's go get some fish yeah sure4994.343.66
there's water right there okay well I4996.323.0
just didn't know that there was fish so4998.03.719
close maybe there is hey look fish yeah4999.327.46
you're so good you're smart come on5001.7195.061
all right5014.823.0
Simon hey look the bed worked5024.065.22
pretty little Archway yeah uh you see5030.526.36
the car now I don't I think it either uh5034.484.92
oh what's that what's that oh they being5036.884.319
chased by something they're running oh5039.44.86
God that's a T-Rex crap that's bigger5041.1994.681
than what I wanted can't deal with that5044.263.54
I just want like a like a I really just5045.883.42
wanted a wolf listen I'm not getting5047.83.66
this unicorn near any kind of danger yep5049.35.28
understood understood okay I understand5051.466.42
you good all right glad you knew worked5054.585.099
too hard and also it's a unicorn I've5057.883.12
never had one I'm kind of proud of it5059.6793.721
yeah plus the T-shirt yeah too much for5061.04.02
T-shirt with that unicorn on it can't be5063.44.44
a memorial t-shirt yet yep okay gotta be5065.025.94
the good one right here oh Raptor Raptor5067.845.22
perfect that's it perfect you got the5070.964.44
Bolas yes sir I got the tricks come here5073.065.46
baby come on there we go there we go5075.44.92
make sure the drinks they oh they5078.523.659
absolutely they're green okay some5080.323.96
people don't load cranks and we're5082.1793.961
starting to slow it down a touch okay5084.286.14
okay yep yeah yeah easy peasy like a pro5086.148.579
he likes fish I'm sure and uh oh yeah5090.426.16
yeah he doesn't like fish right oh I5094.7192.94
don't know I've never seen a raspberry I5096.583.119
mean you're a wild animal you'll take5097.6593.901
what you can get well yeah probably but5099.6994.261
I've never seen a raptor eat fish5101.565.639
oh [ __ ] oh God damn it oh God he is5103.965.58
right here yeah he's right here okay5107.1996.061
what do I do he says he's stuck [ __ ] you5109.545.82
all right no it doesn't look too strong5113.264.74
ow oh God oh God our freaking our new5115.364.68
friend is Gonna Wanna attack him yeah5118.05.179
that's okay it's a distraction5120.043.139
okay this is the problem yep5123.7197.061
where'd he go where'd he go where is he5127.445.799
I don't know yet is he in the water yes5130.785.16
he is come on you [ __ ] let's shoot5133.2395.901
this son of a [ __ ] no dude I'm on him5135.946.66
yeah let's drown him I don't even care5139.145.5
wait no I mean we could get him I know5142.64.02
we want him how cool would that be well5144.644.019
you know what that's our goal is it our5146.625.099
goal yeah it's hard to like not come out5148.6594.56
if he's really bad I'm getting hits on5151.7193.621
[ __ ]5155.886.48
oh God get out of here you [ __ ] okay5158.2198.201
come on getting some shots breaking our5162.366.58
[ __ ] getting some shots come on baby why5166.424.44
aren't you like why isn't it giving me5168.943.18
the marker that I'm hitting you well5170.862.64
because you're not hitting him then well5172.124.079
I am I'm right here oh God my [ __ ]5173.54.5
phone broke5176.1995.701
all right when scenes run long I get my5178.06.9
tame on listen guys we're gonna have a5181.95.22
great time here all high level you're5184.94.38
non-disposable I'm gonna keep you as5187.124.619
long as I can we're gonna have so much5189.284.98
fun but we're gonna need some fur5191.7394.741
because y'all are coming with me to a5194.264.919
cold place if you know what I mean you5196.484.259
probably don't because you don't know5199.1793.601
where is he he's really going he's going5202.784.5
out there like Jesus5204.824.379
like Jesus went out there and walked on5207.284.2
water yeah he's coming back come on no5209.1993.721
way that thing could swim in real life5211.484.32
remember that Gallimimus was under the5212.923.779
when we tame I know I know I so when5216.6994.801
he's kind of close like look he's coming5219.465.52
step back Simon get back get back [ __ ]5221.56.719
see what'd you do what'd you do what are5224.986.199
you doing what are you doing5228.2196.181
what the [ __ ] who do you think of him5231.1796.401
you're shooting him he's all bloody we5234.44.98
had a plan here back it up don't shoot5237.584.28
him anymore5239.382.48
oh look he stopped out there you know5242.2195.621
why because he's dead is he dead [ __ ]5245.024.38
well you were shooting him I didn't shot5247.843.899
that one but then you were shooting him5249.44.14
this whole time I've been saying Simon5251.7393.48
we killed the T-Rex5253.544.8
kill the T-Rex there was a Megalodon5255.2195.341
killed him really yeah5258.344.01
[ __ ] hey5260.5611.309
that's true what we need to go get some5272.466.4
stuff man okay what kind of stiff the5276.2194.561
Raptor's kind of slow on the trip so we5278.863.24
need something that carries more weight5280.782.939
something with bigger teeth are you5282.13.66
inside uh yeah I was and I went out5283.7193.901
front looking for you oh you're out here5285.763.479
on the dock yeah I figured you'd grab5287.623.9
your horse and uh we'd go you want me to5289.2395.4
take the horse out well you wanna okay I5291.524.56
mean I can you're gonna you're gonna5294.6393.181
baby this thing I am gonna baby that5296.083.599
thing look at it it's a Unicorn it's a5297.824.14
lovely little unicorn with smiles and5299.6794.02
rainbows and a butt cheek it's a5301.963.239
national treasure you going on foot then5303.6993.48
well which way you're going I definitely5305.1993.061
don't want to go up there into the woods5307.1793.661
because I've seen T-Rex's coming5308.266.0
a T-Rex yeah to carry trees and rock and5310.845.94
all right I'm on foot yeah come on boy5314.265.52
all right hey we're smart mule stay safe5316.786.06
ah these things are everywhere okay oh I5319.784.859
hate these guys all right I'm going this5322.843.839
way I have an irrational hatred form you5324.6393.721
behind me no I'm not behind you I'm5326.6793.661
getting bumped by this stupid thing you5328.364.819
see my gate I'm building5330.342.839
make sure this this thing isn't Gonna5334.54.6
Bump mule off into the water yeah maybe5336.943.779
he's fine can we kill this thing should5339.13.96
I go by myself no I know you're a new5340.7193.901
parent listen I love that thing5343.063.48
unconditionally but I also hate this5344.623.66
thing unconditionally5346.543.42
what is it doing5348.284.919
what is it doing hold on maybe I can hit5349.965.16
it with some bows and arrows yeah5353.1994.141
but after this we go huh oh yeah no I5355.123.119
just want to kill I don't want it5357.342.339
bumping mule under the water that's my5358.2393.721
only concern yep how horrible would that5359.6795.161
be it's my little baby which my little5361.965.179
Lupita Tito5370.065.04
listen I need more for my sky army I'm5372.284.859
gonna I'm gonna call you Sky Force Delta5375.14.639
cause I have a plan we need to make base5377.1395.821
uh at the edge of the cold area tame5379.7395.201
some more birds and then we'll be good5382.963.719
what is that5386.6794.441
I see something in the distance5388.426.84
that's a big place uh Dr Chopsticks5391.127.32
you're stamina sucks and you're a high5395.264.26
I gotta go slow now5399.525.3
look at this place5402.526.06
ooh I hope it's not like the castle on5404.826.46
Ragnarok that had bats in it that gives5408.585.28
everybody rabies oh I can level you up5411.286.0
hold on gotta rest before you see if I5413.866.299
can make it there come on you can do it5417.286.08
Dr chopsticks5420.1593.201
what is this5424.7194.561
hey you guys stay here I'll check this5426.6394.681
place out5429.284.859
all right look at this place5431.326.8
there's a head here okay5434.1393.981
see any enemies5440.1993.54
does anybody own this uh abode5443.7396.541
no one lives here5450.285.54
except me now5453.6996.181
hey uh Tito Chopsticks Lupita we have a5455.826.22
home we're gonna set up shop here and5459.885.9
execute our plan let's do this5462.043.74
Simon yes sir we're not taking any more5467.384.92
[ __ ] you know that right taking any more5470.264.8
[ __ ] no take this ready I did not we5472.35.52
were taking [ __ ] take that okay I got5475.066.84
that what is it well look at it okay5477.826.68
take one of these just in case5481.96.18
yep uh the last drop I grabbed uh I got5484.55.679
a um what do we got here I got you got5488.083.96
what is that what did I give you I have5490.1794.681
a freaking ascendant fabricated pistol5492.045.34
and I've got an ascendant shotgun holy5494.865.22
[ __ ] that's freaking amazing yeah and I5497.385.279
have a nine shotgun ammo that I made and5500.084.079
we need to make you some little bullets5502.6594.681
wow and have you met booger the third no5504.1595.821
yeah he was in a little Nook trap he's a5507.345.46
level 18. he's adorable I'm gonna put uh5509.984.62
let's see a couple melee a little bit of5512.84.02
movements this is this this is what5514.64.26
happens what happens well you were just5516.825.399
with me yeah been busy boy there you are5518.865.1
Jesus you just showed up I'm like where5522.2193.96
did he go oh you can't even where is it5523.963.719
where's your where's your little guy you5526.1792.641
were just talking about he's right out5527.6792.46
the front there right out that front5528.824.08
yeah I'm just working away you are5530.1395.641
you're like a busy bee can't even stop I5532.95.04
don't know how to stop oh look at looky5535.783.78
here we did a pretty good job bringing5537.943.54
this place back together I would say I5539.564.5
mean listen you've been you've been my5541.485.52
busy little B well yes I have yeah I5544.064.92
almost feel like I don't know I should5547.03.719
make you dinner yeah I'll take dinner5548.984.739
what do you like you know steak or fish5550.7195.641
steak yeah that works for me I'll get5553.7193.901
just a mistake here and I'm going to5556.362.58
give you some bullets just the simple5557.624.26
bullets is that all it need oh I don't5558.944.98
know what I need because I will make two5561.883.06
for you5563.923.239
you could make me two you've got four5564.945.58
total now [ __ ] yeah I'll take it here5567.1595.161
you go all right and we'll go from there5570.523.9
are they in in here or no I just dropped5572.324.14
them on the ground all right all right5574.423.779
um we don't have to worry about that5578.1993.121
T-Rex until the next one spawns oh5579.344.44
there's a drop back here Simon Okay racy5581.327.28
to the drop race yeah this is fun5583.784.82
uh you gonna fight it uh I know I am5602.465.56
running oh God can I get on top of a5605.85.939
rock oh crap okay uh I'm running don't5608.025.94
put you down man5611.7393.9
I came towards a rock okay he's still5613.963.54
behind you you have a shot on him uh I5615.6394.621
do can we tame this guy oh [ __ ] okay5617.54.92
he's biting me nope nope nope nope my5620.266.02
position was real stupid okay5622.426.02
oh it might be safe5626.285.459
oh yeah5628.443.299
oh man man you might need to get out of5635.044.96
here yep I I may be in the same spot5637.546.139
yeah get his attention oh [ __ ] okay5640.06.9
ah crap what a day he was a father too5643.6796.101
crap come on declaw we gotta lose him in5646.94.62
the rocks5649.783.419
did we lose him5651.523.3
you lose him5653.1994.381
yep we lose him where is he5654.824.16
where'd he go5657.584.619
uh I think we're good crap you know what5658.984.659
I'm sure he's gonna want to stuff back5662.1994.02
all right follow me Carno you're in the5663.6396.301
way babes yes sir oh I hear you but I5666.2196.841
don't see ya move it go get yourself5669.945.46
I'm doing it I see the big green light5673.065.88
the stuffed light yep5675.45.52
you do it from this way I might be able5678.944.259
to what is that what is it what are you5680.926.02
a Gallimimus okay all right all right5683.1993.741
stuff stuff5688.33.54
oh yeah I forgot how dangerous it is5689.923.96
when you first get to a place all right5691.844.68
boom stuff is back where are you I mean5693.884.88
attack by a robo thing5696.525.94
where yeah did he just pit one oh crap5698.765.74
there's so much stuff going on hey do5702.465.52
calls oh man he just pinned my dinosaur5704.56.42
okay Mr Duke claws in a fight with a5707.985.1
thing this is5710.924.02
should I get him and run maybe he5713.083.72
probably should hey I'd love to help you5714.945.16
but I don't see you yep I'm okay you do5716.84.5
your thing5720.13.119
oh good job good job buddy we're out of5721.34.02
here I'm coming to you do you know where5723.2193.96
I am boy I figured you're going to where5725.323.419
you lost your stuff yeah I'm right where5727.1793.721
I lost my stuff my body's still there uh5728.7394.201
maybe a torch or something ah good idea5730.94.68
good idea oh boy5732.946.84
you up here hello oh up yep I went too5735.586.659
high I see you I'm coming to you you see5739.784.68
me uh yeah I see you I'm having a5742.2394.44
technical issue okay well do I look5744.464.32
funny yeah weird you look really stupid5746.6795.581
so the hell okay well nope this is5748.785.04
interesting when I died my controller5752.264.56
vibrated and it fell off the screen and5753.824.68
then it left my uh I think it hit a5756.823.839
button because my bottom icons all like5758.54.44
turned to uh Xbox controller icons well5760.6593.901
I can help you through that5762.943.0
um you hit Escape oh and disable5764.562.82
controller you're right deactivate5765.944.02
Gamepad boom yeah yeah I forgot all5767.384.5
about that you better yeah much better5769.964.8
now uh Dr neebs on the scene more like5771.885.48
Dr do claw who's a cute little Raptor5774.764.81
like this Raptor5777.364.68
Simon yes sir hey I'm I'm getting drops5782.046.88
I'm getting all the good stuff okay I5786.523.78
feel like I'm too heavy I got a wind5788.924.259
turbine for Flip's sake jeez and a5790.35.64
flamethrower blueprint what I want to5793.1794.861
see this wind turbine dude are we gonna5795.943.36
use it here I don't know if we don't5798.043.36
know I mean why not right I see that5799.34.56
this is this is gonna be a special place5801.44.319
I mean we've been here a minute is this5803.863.359
where we want to stay I mean for now I5805.7193.061
guess but you know I mean I don't know5807.2193.42
I'm talking to you as if I know where5808.783.959
you are and I don't I know you don't but5810.6393.721
you know I was in the water right and5812.7393.96
it's a big raft no no I was I was5814.363.72
looking at the moon I didn't even know5816.6992.581
you were in the water oh I can5818.083.18
understand that right here all right5819.283.899
what else did I get it's so fun wind5821.264.439
turbine metal window frame oh you might5823.1795.221
like that got a canteen flamethrower5825.6995.581
ammo blueprint chainsaw blueprint wow5828.44.799
should we put the wind turbine down yeah5831.283.54
and you know what I'm starting to worry5833.1993.96
about the guys I'm not5834.824.44
I'm not really worried I don't know why5837.1595.841
I said that sometimes I just lie5839.263.74
jeez all right I'll try to get them on5848.086.599
me uh no Raptor no read it okay we're5850.127.92
just gonna save yourself run okay this5854.6794.621
is why we should have finished the wall5858.043.659
okay I swear I have one though I'm still5859.34.14
alive crap all right going to the water5861.6993.721
just just get safe5863.445.1
what what about dewclaw he's gone man no5865.424.98
he's not oh he's oh crap you're right5868.544.86
thought he was done okay all I got is5870.45.279
freaking shrank arrows I got I got some5873.46.38
Stone arrows I think get him to claw5875.6794.101
[ __ ] who died oh declaw you're still5880.425.279
alive hey hey hey do clock5882.345.94
good good good good hey time to go time5885.6994.081
to go all right we're gonna finish this5888.283.06
oh God there's another one that's right5889.783.54
the one over there by the docks5891.343.299
ship should have finished the wall5893.322.64
should have finished the wall before we5894.6392.721
left no let's5895.963.08
the problem is all the hall and rock5899.046.04
back and forth I know it's a [ __ ] but5902.564.98
we gotta finish the wall so we can leave5905.084.74
and we know our animals are secure well5907.544.5
I wanted something to help me carry and5909.824.74
I get that but soon as we walk away two5912.044.98
carnosaurs attack our house uh-huh you5914.564.98
get why that's a problem yep I5917.024.679
understand your point all right let's5919.545.4
kill this carnosaur crap get my stuff5921.6995.401
all right he's just chewing on our dock5924.944.92
right now bastard maybe he'll drown I'm5927.14.86
coming we gotta we gotta lead him away5929.864.2
oh crap oh what's that it's another5931.965.94
kernel damn it okay I'm out get the same5934.065.94
thing protect the thing oh yeah I'm not5937.93.9
leaving mule he's more important than5940.04.44
any of you yep uh come on do Chloe hang5941.84.919
in there buddy I help you I'm gonna help5944.446.92
you yeah we got you we got you sucker5946.7196.48
come on5951.365.2
he turned on me okay uh oh are you okay5953.1995.04
yeah oh what what the hell is that what5956.565.4
what is it coming in the pig saved the5958.2395.881
Unicorn I listen the unicorn's fine5961.964.08
where'd the pig come from I don't know5964.124.019
it's a crazy place we live in okay I I'm5966.044.98
I'm okay she's hold on I might be able5968.1396.54
to help you oh it's dark okay5971.027.32
damn it ah crap get the safety all right5974.6796.48
I'm going up oh God neebs we picked a5978.345.339
dumb place to build a house a real dumb5981.1594.741
place to build a house this is not going5983.6794.741
well yeah at least the sun's coming up5985.97.1
we can see oh kick5988.424.58
I mean you see what I did over here5993.43.259
though yeah what is this what's going on5994.844.799
right well I had picked up some things5996.6594.961
in a drop and I thought I was like you5999.6394.201
know what let's put them to use so I6001.624.92
decided to uh Chicken Coop to make to6003.844.92
make this what is it it's the beginnings6006.544.92
of my home all right let's get my shed6008.764.979
let's get this guy Simon what guy this6011.464.32
one right here oh you oh I don't know6013.7393.9
how I don't think I have any drinks you6015.783.6
don't have any drinks no I don't think I6017.6393.781
do sir sorry it's a level 80 it might6019.385.16
take a minute okay hold on I do how6021.425.219
about I trank and you Bola okay sounds6024.544.4
go for it buddy we're gonna be in the6029.044.38
air in no time we're gonna have a fence6031.324.379
in no time we're gonna get kills in no6033.424.86
time in no time and I really do like the6035.6994.561
uh look at the level 80. did you ever6038.284.08
say that it's a good one yep I did6040.264.14
um wait what do we need for this I'm6042.363.48
putting meat in it do we need berries6044.43.72
for him is that a berry thing no it's a6045.843.96
steak thing in it I just put steaks in6048.122.46
um get some berries in them berries do6050.584.619
do we just didn't we just do all this I6052.84.439
don't know there's uh pretty sure it was6055.1993.901
a mistake we needed to get steak do I6057.2393.361
have to make them consume it probably6059.14.26
will I eat that then I think I will I6060.65.099
don't think you will I just consumed6063.365.04
there we go did that do it nope taming6065.6994.621
zero put some berries in them that's the6068.44.2
only other option right yeah you know6070.324.5
what this time we have to remember6072.64.26
remember what we've been playing this6074.823.839
game for years you didn't grab berries6076.864.14
of course it did George berries is it6078.6595.52
Taman consume taming zero percent hey6081.04.92
that's a start6084.1794.741
hmm did you give him any of their6091.325.04
narcotics yet yeah there's narcotics in6093.963.659
there no I know did you make them6096.364.14
consume them does he need fish consumed6097.6194.801
fish we've gone through this no we6100.55.54
didn't do fish get some good fish6102.423.62
we gotta finish the wall I know that you6106.1394.08
but you realize wooden rock is hard to6108.483.719
get right yeah6110.2193.301
yeah but there's not a lot of trees6112.1992.881
around us well listen I solved the6113.523.119
problem I'd like you to meet Captain6115.084.079
wafer the pterodon yeah because when I6116.6394.201
had Miss blocky this was going way6119.1593.181
quicker I could just fly up to the trees6120.843.359
and fly back hey yeah I'm all about it6122.343.12
but yeah we got to finish this place6124.1993.0
before we venture out like nuts yeah6125.463.42
yeah but I just said I understood that6127.1995.581
right right where's the saddle uh stuck6128.885.819
into one of those boxes yep I found it6132.785.399
yeah there we go now hey you're going to6134.6995.401
set Steel6138.1794.141
okay you better Wrangle that thing I'm6140.15.28
doing it settled there you go controlled6142.326.96
problem solved all right so now I'll fly6145.386.0
to the hills I'll get wood I'll get rock6149.283.6
yeah go get the stuff because the sooner6151.382.759
we finish this wall then we can venture6152.884.64
out okay I'll be back6154.1393.381
you coming6161.463.42
you behind me all right let's get lined6162.7193.721
up nice6164.883.779
let's get lined up nice6166.444.5
open the door6168.6596.721
open the door ah closed on you hold on6170.946.719
I'll open it from the other okay6175.384.44
I'm gonna open it from the other nope6177.6596.801
all right hold on all right come around6179.824.64
open the door6184.6393.961
come on okay hold on hold on6188.885.359
we're gonna do this again we're gonna do6194.823.06
it again6196.6794.081
let's try open the door can I go up can6197.884.64
I go up6200.764.74
ah God you're smart you're gonna be a6202.525.32
good one I can tell we're gonna try oh6205.54.08
boy we got another one of you you folks6207.843.72
over there let's fly low6209.584.76
fly low6211.562.78
open the door6214.6795.401
yeah close to Adam6216.95.759
hold on6220.084.639
can I open it from6222.6594.861
I feel like this was easier uh with the6224.7194.601
Griffins on Ragnarok6227.524.08
all right fly low6229.325.72
open the door6231.63.44
all right change of plan change the plan6238.17.539
hold on are you stuck now6242.286.3
can you get to my bird oh you can hey6245.6396.241
hey ah this is not going well6248.584.619
just gonna come around to the other side6251.884.5
aren't you damn it I need to build this6253.1995.341
a little longer I'll I'll give it one6256.384.64
more try6258.542.48
it's close6262.264.16
oh there we go6263.48.18
hi it's me we're gonna be friends6266.4210.36
argentavis level 104 female brown white6271.587.3
yep match made in heaven6280.863.319
tear down his team baby he's a good boy6285.544.74
we need to make a saddle and you know6288.34.439
what we need for that what chitin or6290.284.74
keratin yes do you remember where we got6292.7394.681
keratin I don't know in the water6295.025.34
remember no it was those Beach things up6297.424.799
the way remember the beach things like6300.364.2
day one oh yeah was that it do you want6302.2193.781
to go get some beach things so we can6304.563.24
fly in the air yeah let's go do that6306.05.1
we'll be back be careful that wind6307.86.18
turbine that's awesome6311.15.34
I already feel safer apps bro yeah no6313.983.96
kidding you see that guy outside the6316.443.48
wall no I don't I'm still building the6317.943.779
wall I mean we don't have a door yet but6319.924.14
it's a car no it's a Carno out there6321.7194.081
yeah all right well I'm not too worried6324.063.36
because oh yeah man he's right out there6325.82.939
I just saw him we got to work on that6327.424.08
door right yeah6328.7394.621
but I'm on a bird too so I feel pretty6331.54.619
safe oh he sees me yep might be coming6333.365.1
in okay oh yeah well don't don't lure6336.1194.08
him in learn more6338.463.84
what do you think I'm doing I would hope6340.1993.96
to be luring him away well of course I6342.34.02
am well then do it that's what oh he's6344.1593.781
attacking a horse he's going after that6346.324.08
horse of course of course he's going6347.944.08
after that horse that's from a show6350.44.259
isn't it of course Mr red of course good6352.025.119
a dilophosaur by the way would be a fun6357.485.4
little thing to have6360.35.22
oh he got me you want to do it yep we're6362.884.44
doing it all right [ __ ] I don't have my6365.523.719
uh you you do your thing I gotta get my6367.324.68
trunks over there oh they are trying all6369.2394.861
right oh you don't have a Ebola huh I6372.04.619
got Ebola oh then Bola hold on do it6374.14.26
hold on right now we're gonna need that6376.6194.741
to happen right now okay [ __ ] panicking6378.365.819
but go ahead and Bola all right6381.364.14
all right we're good we're good we're6384.1793.601
good good oh was that a wasted Ebola nah6385.53.659
you're fine [ __ ] I don't have any meat6387.783.48
of course we don't God we're never6389.1595.101
prepared ah well uh kill kill kill kill6391.264.919
kill kill kill kill what are we killing6394.263.3
oh wait a second I can kill things6396.1793.06
easily because I have a gun oh yeah you6397.564.079
got a gun hey buddy oh there's this6399.2394.261
little guy right behind poor little guy6401.6394.381
right here there that's all we need6403.54.139
perfect shouldn't have wasted the bullet6406.023.599
on that little [ __ ] that's all right we6407.6395.161
needed this all right to hide should I6409.6196.961
get meat no meat I got meat I did yep6412.85.64
good for you kid look at this little6416.584.139
[ __ ]6418.444.14
it's gonna be our buddy this is great6420.7193.9
and I'm sorry about that beach fish that6422.584.619
was um oh there's another one oh this6424.6195.941
guy hit away yeah come on come on come6427.1995.601
go home I needed one of those little6432.95.88
time to go to bed go home go home get a6435.1195.52
little [ __ ]6438.784.5
hey we tame the dilophosaur hey what's6440.6395.901
his name gonna be little [ __ ]6443.283.26
there you go all lower caps buddy that's6450.984.96
um so yeah we got um from the beach6455.943.84
things was polymer but I think these6457.924.319
trilobites around here give us uh I6459.784.8
don't see any anymore my bad this Turtle6462.2394.321
what it's not gonna have chitin or6464.584.5
carrots Turtles chitin Turtles chitin I6466.565.34
think so hey dude you know I think so6469.086.84
hey buddy are you chitin you kiting6471.95.4
are ya6475.924.62
in the face let me ask real quick6477.35.339
yeah let's see6480.544.639
all right now what now6482.6395.58
baby there you go Simon you're such a6485.1795.741
gamer look at that6488.2195.341
sometimes I surprise myself yeah let's6490.925.58
see if there's any other Turtles6493.565.22
all right so this is our home it was a6496.53.6
great find it's a little bit of a6498.783.48
fixer-upper but it's huge we've got some6500.14.44
other birds we've got uh Tito and Lupita6502.264.919
they're both pteranodons but you'll find6504.545.22
them just as friendly as uh Mr6507.1793.901
Chopsticks here6509.762.76
you just uh6514.324.08
you just stay here I haven't named you6516.1793.301
but I will6519.486.3
and uh let me just ow okay6521.6996.361
I have an idea6525.783.26
here we go6528.062.94
where is it God this place is amazed6531.07.08
and it's amazing all right I'm gonna do6534.366.48
something a little drastic6538.085.22
transfer my stuff6540.844.5
and now6543.33.72
fast travel6545.343.6
let's try this area6551.464.43
to my friends6553.388.379
a unicorn6568.6194.981
hello hello mule6570.57.36
hello hey thick hey what's up man not6573.66.8
much we're in the world have you been6577.864.98
I got a castle you built a castle6580.44.36
already oh I didn't built it I found it6582.843.96
you fell okay that makes more sense yeah6584.763.899
yeah Fixer-Upper but I decided to fast6586.84.08
travel man this is nice I like you got6588.6594.5
you got a unicorn oh yeah well the6590.883.779
Unicorn was my first team did you buy6593.1592.761
the T-shirt you should have bought the6594.6593.121
T-shirt that's a t-shirt for sale it's a6595.924.319
deal sick what's that it's a deal6597.785.339
I'm on it hey have you guys found uh6600.2394.861
Simon or dryius no have no clue where6603.1193.961
they are I've been seeing deaths yeah I6605.14.38
haven't seen them yep yep I'm with you6607.084.74
on that I keep seeing that and uh I was6609.484.08
worried about everybody but I wanted to6611.825.1
invite y'all to Casa de thick it's just6613.565.639
my humble abode oh where is it okay it's6616.924.08
a long way from here it's like on the6619.1994.201
other side of the map so about maybe no6621.04.139
I don't want to go there I kind of have6623.44.62
this unicorn unicorn yeah I mean I want6625.1395.221
to go there eventually just not now he's6628.024.74
got responsibilities now all right well6630.363.9
I think I'm gonna fast travel again to6632.763.18
one of the other beds and see if I can6634.263.06
find the other guys oh you're just6635.942.82
bouncing around your little bed [ __ ]6637.323.299
yeah I'm a bad [ __ ] all right oh yeah6638.763.419
go see if you can find and thick and6640.6193.6
know what's his face I'm thick yeah the6642.1795.04
other guy oh uh doralis yeah sure and6644.2195.161
that's wrong all right okay to the bed6647.2195.541
yeah tell neebs I said hey6649.383.38
how's it going abstro thanks6652.86.439
I'm hilarious6656.1593.08
oh boy oh boy God no let me out let me6660.56.0
out let me out let me out close the door6664.984.98
trying to win the base coming over the6666.55.5
base we got a hold of Phil what about my6669.964.32
baby I know exactly thick hasn't even6672.04.38
fast traveled yet like a nut what's6674.283.78
what's that noise that's Ricardo outside6676.384.739
oh I'm traveling damn it look at this6678.065.22
Carno out of here would you yes sir all6681.1193.481
right you know the hole that came in at6683.283.359
right I'm gonna do the front door okay6684.63.84
okay you do the front door6686.6394.761
don't let it kill my mule6688.445.58
nope oh okay yeah all right there's6691.44.44
another security issue6694.025.179
oh crap6695.843.359
babes yeah man where's the Carno uh6702.266.399
carno's outside your horse is okay I had6705.2395.94
one little hole in the wall yep oh I6708.6593.96
think I see my bird all right we'll get6711.1793.661
we get the bird where's the Carno6712.6194.201
um he's on front gate oh crap he sees me6714.843.96
he see me okay he's over there I'm gonna6716.824.5
grab my stuff real fast yep yep the door6718.84.26
oh that's still on auto that's why6721.322.94
that's so weird6723.064.079
all right grab [ __ ] what's up [ __ ] come6724.265.58
over here open the door close the door6727.1395.281
all right where's the walls here I got6729.844.44
Captain wiper copy that I'm gonna plug6732.424.38
this hole is it wiper or Wafers which6734.285.879
one is it um I don't care all right well6736.86.72
uh disaster averted well done no wait we6740.1594.56
still got it going on it's still6743.523.36
chopping on the wall outside the uh you6744.7194.02
know yeah it's on our fortification yeah6746.883.839
but it works let's just accept this is6748.7393.721
the victory but now we have to shoot it6750.7194.081
it's still somehow through our walls man6752.463.54
they just don't get they didn't give a6754.82.46
[ __ ] when they were making this game did6756.02.94
they imagine they did I imagine it's6757.264.439
just hard to make a game maybe okay I6758.944.02
mean I'm pretty sure it's hard to make a6761.6993.301
game but seriously6762.964.98
like that looks ridiculous6765.04.92
come on kill it6767.944.699
kill it6769.922.719
do you6772.7393.9
get you able to repair my stone wall6774.05.76
yeah Mama's got him names I'm helping6776.6395.761
don't act like you're doing it all6779.764.56
hey look at him jiggle look at him6782.44.52
no no no no no no no no no no no no no6788.843.7
no no no no no no no no no no no no no6791.6392.52
no no no no no no he's just gonna jiggle6792.544.44
all day yeah oh he stopped hey fun stuff6794.1594.381
fun stuff fun times red I'll bring6796.984.639
inside oh good6798.543.079
we got our Carno and the best6802.047.06
here you go thanks just that's what I6805.14.53
always wanted6809.13.48
all right6812.584.52
oh hello6814.85.1
whoa whoa whoa whoa that's a voice I6817.15.079
didn't want to hear Hey thank you I was6819.94.92
kidding I was joking seriously why is he6822.1793.901
here at Summer what's up it's ain't6824.823.06
thankful what's going on brother I just6826.083.9
fast traveled over here to say uh hello6827.886.02
and is this getaway6829.983.92
are these are these your guys not not6834.2394.681
all of them okay guys yeah we've got6836.44.62
these um this guy came in last minute6838.924.739
and uh please leave I tell you this6841.025.58
place is very nice though we've had very6843.6597.141
little negative interactions yeah uh I6846.65.88
was just stopping by to see how you were6850.85.1
doing hello these guys are very amazing6852.485.96
they're just very oh my God6855.95.819
uh but hey I found a castle I was just6858.444.66
gonna invite you guys over there it's6861.7193.9
we're in our Castle no but I mean it's6863.14.5
very nice to invite me over I would like6865.6194.321
to see this Castle well if you want to6867.64.44
uh all you have to do is take off all6869.944.199
your clothes go to a bed you fast travel6872.044.32
to the farthest east bed and you'll end6874.1393.54
up there you don't have to go now6876.363.839
anytime you want wow should we set up a6877.6794.621
playdate when do you want to do this I6880.1993.841
mean we could do the next episode yeah6882.33.899
it's gorgeous where I'm at holy [ __ ]6884.044.199
it's a paradise I'm pretty happy here6886.1994.44
too but this is really really nice here6888.2393.661
though seems like you have a lot of6890.6393.48
nuisances out here out here6891.94.98
you start count why don't you compliment6894.1194.981
um our place you know you're here it's6896.883.56
it's a new day6910.924.68
a new day by myself it's gonna be a good6912.6594.921
day I'm gonna try something different6915.64.2
hello hey what are you doing in here6917.584.5
this is for our people how are you6919.83.72
should I tame you6922.083.599
no I shouldn't you just said no you6923.524.5
moved your head like it was a no and6925.6795.221
that is pretty cool so guys listen I'm6928.025.4
gonna go solo today all right I don't6930.94.739
need to take anyone with me because I6933.423.719
don't want to hear [ __ ] from doralities6935.6393.361
saying that I got anybody killed so I'm6937.1393.661
gonna go out my deal is I'm gonna get a6939.04.38
raptor all right and I'm gonna hopefully6940.84.56
he'll be a good protector for you guys6943.384.02
all right and then I'll be able to ride6945.363.72
them and then we'll develop a very very6947.44.259
important relationship and eventually he6949.084.139
will die and we will try to make money6951.6594.801
off of it is this a plan do we have a6953.2195.821
plan because I I that's my plan okay so6956.464.38
we're gonna break on three all right I'm6959.043.36
gonna count to three it's gonna be on6960.843.06
three so it's gonna be one two three6962.44.44
bring okay are you ready okay all right6963.95.96
one two three break6966.845.94
I should have said move all right I'm6969.866.779
breaking I'll see you guys later6972.783.859
hey big 44. we're all low level usually6981.786.3
you turn your nose up to things like us6985.7394.44
but you guys are here for a reason I6988.084.38
didn't even name you some of you yes you6990.1794.5
have names Betty Ruffles has a name but6992.464.56
she's not coming because this is a very6994.6794.381
specific Mission and you're probably6997.024.199
gonna die Mr Chopsticks who I'm on right6999.064.139
now say hello everyone say hello to Mr7001.2194.861
anyways Mr Chopsticks he's incentivized7003.1994.92
to stay alive because if he stays alive7006.086.24
I Stay Alive hopefully but you are all7008.1197.681
just a distraction all right let's uh7012.327.44
[ __ ] kind of nervous kind of nervous I'm7015.85.58
not gonna lie7019.764.34
we need to go7021.383.839
they need this unicorn could outrun one7027.6794.741
of these brontosauruses okay of course7030.924.38
look at them I know they're slow man I7032.424.44
feel like if we tame some of these guys7035.32.939
they've offer some good protection7036.863.54
around here if you want to I mean I7038.2393.42
think they're annoying but I don't know7040.42.88
like we could set them up as guards you7041.6592.821
know what I'm saying yep I understand7043.283.66
yeah I got it because we're getting a7044.484.139
lot of predators like coming down here7046.943.239
out of nowhere don't do it near the base7048.6193.361
because they'll be like smashing7050.1792.701
everything I don't want to do it near7051.983.239
the base maybe we should go uphill7052.884.319
uh okay oh wait we're doing this you7055.2194.101
ready uh no I wasn't I don't have him7057.1995.52
yep there he comes both of them uh just7059.326.04
one so far okay so oh boy oh hey look7062.7193.96
look he has he got caught on that7065.363.54
Triceratops yeah so you got narcotics7066.6794.44
right in the face uh doing the motor7068.95.52
vehicles we can go back to base damn he7071.1194.62
hit me he's supposed to outrun him with7074.422.64
your horse I'm doing it I'm running7075.7393.241
uphill oh boy he's getting close to me7077.064.679
all right I'm coming back down man I'm7078.984.5
like that's me he wants me abstract all7081.7393.061
right okay I know I'm hitting him in the7083.483.719
back okay I'll just run up yep I just7084.85.16
got whacked okay ouch keep running man7087.1994.861
okay I'm gonna have to go get some7089.963.96
steaks all right I think he's on me now7092.063.96
he's on me I'll be back in a minute you7093.925.6
get get some steaks oh boy7096.023.5
yeah it might not make any sense why7100.2195.821
um I'm on a boat now but I realized that7102.985.58
I needed to be on a boat to be safer so7106.046.059
here we are now we move7108.566.24
much safer because I can cover ground7112.0995.1
easily right not a lot of things are7114.84.08
going to attack me while I'm on the boat7117.1994.02
right like that's not a very common7118.884.859
thing to be attacked unless I'm in a7121.2196.061
swamp and this is not swampy so I think7123.7396.181
I have a good chance of seeing something7127.285.76
hello ducky man I've been gaming while7129.925.64
you guys were watching boring stuff I7133.046.36
got a box of meat and narcotics and7135.566.96
Bolas and I'm prepared like I've played7139.45.46
this game for three or four years isn't7142.524.699
that crazy7144.862.359
stay away from that he's not gonna go in7147.385.04
the 40. he's after one of us okay going7150.1394.98
back uphill ow wait did we piss off7152.424.98
another one yep how do we do that no7155.1193.901
telling probably because you shot his7157.44.199
friend oh God how okay now now it's an7159.024.98
issue yep sure is how do we how did he7161.5993.901
get pissed off I mean you shot his7164.03.42
friend but he didn't they didn't do the7165.53.719
first time maybe he didn't see it the7167.424.14
first time does it make any sense okay7169.2194.681
makes perfect sense to me if I smack7171.563.599
your mama and you didn't see it you can7173.93.96
be mad oh yeah find out about it you7175.1596.241
would be jeez I'm in a good spot now ah7177.865.16
I'm out of trains oh God hold I gotta7181.44.08
leave did we leave this other one away7183.024.02
um this is this has gone poorly because7185.483.36
now we have two of them pissed off at us7187.044.559
yeah I feel like this this is your thing7188.844.68
I'm just here for support man he's7191.5993.361
really a climber though he's chasing me7193.523.86
up the hill7194.962.42
oh really oh god dude coming down here7197.6796.401
all right I'm dumb hey on It come on7201.84.64
mule I'm not getting you killed today7204.085.659
I'll get you one day you slept7206.446.52
all right [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]7209.7394.601
come on man all right well listen you're7212.963.179
gonna come and get me come and get me my7214.343.899
bed's right there you little [ __ ] huh7216.1394.98
piranha suck balls I'm gonna get on this7218.2394.621
boat I'm gonna be good to go you're7221.1193.181
gonna suck my ball that's what you're7222.863.779
gonna do no piranhas by me right cause7224.34.56
I'm hitting me and I'm driving away7226.6395.58
cause I game game all right I've not7228.866.299
seen hardly anything but man you know7232.2194.98
what a ton of bird you guys should go7235.1596.48
back to that [ __ ] hello come on there7237.1998.101
you oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] Raptors [ __ ] oh7241.6395.341
my God okay this is it this is the place7245.33.6
it's freaking like five Raptors over7246.983.239
there at least I think they were they7248.92.88
probably weren't probably thinking of7250.2193.92
the wrong animal coming out7251.787.379
okay okey-dokey Smokey oh God oh God is7254.1396.641
that another Raptor chasing me it looks7259.1593.0
like somebody was riding that [ __ ]7260.784.8
holy [ __ ] okay all right this is a good7262.1596.661
view right here scary all right there7265.586.079
you go [ __ ]7268.825.339
whoa whoa what do you oh of course right7271.6595.201
of course there's piranha here let me7274.1595.421
make it over here7276.862.72
I ain't gonna lie7287.564.78
my butthole's a pucker and couldn't7289.6995.701
squeeze a grease BB up there oh we're7292.345.339
getting close we're getting close we7295.44.86
gotta swing back this way God there's so7297.6795.281
many oh is that one [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] hold7300.268.16
on hold on hold on oh God okay strategy7302.967.94
uh strategy7308.425.34
let's go7310.96.1
oh God I probably7313.767.859
went a little early just find one find a7317.05.48
here's a nest7322.487.48
full Cuts sit sit7325.11910.02
nope sit sit stuck7329.965.179
the egg7335.844.2
which one are you7340.045.159
Chopsticks let's go7342.384.38
they're coming7345.1993.54
oh yeah7346.766.6
said set to attack aggressive7348.7397.5
let's get out of here yeah Chopsticks7353.365.0
yeah how am I doing I made it I made it7365.266.839
nothing behind me oh yeah have Adam have7373.2395.191
oh my God I'm shaking yep that one died7386.1195.941
too whatever what the [ __ ] ever women7388.526.58
King is back baby let's go7392.064.5
hey babe yeah man what's up you see7396.564.619
these wolves attacking the base I hear7399.1994.02
them out there do you wanna are you7401.1793.901
drinking or killing yeah let's trick7403.2194.92
these guys right yep coming up uh I7405.084.619
spent all my trink errors except for the7408.1394.02
ones I just built on your uh Pronto idea7409.6995.281
so okay do you have a shot oh yep I7412.1594.56
think I just took one down I shot him7414.984.08
through the wall because uh okay so7416.7194.321
one's down I'm moving in he's either7419.064.26
down or maybe he just ran off come here7421.044.74
babe oh nope he's not down there's oh7423.323.96
that's a cool now be careful there's a7425.783.0
couple of them out here I see two is7427.284.08
there just two uh yeah what do we got7428.784.68
what do we got oh we followed oh one's7431.364.44
coming at me oh yo get a ball going on7433.464.259
he turned for you and then that missed7435.83.839
him got him nice all right here I'm7437.7193.541
getting him getting him right hey face7439.6393.48
damn this one then but the other one's7441.263.78
still alive right the other one is still7443.1193.54
alive let's take him down too why not7445.044.38
yep you got Ebola yep yep yep get behind7446.6595.281
me uh he's running he's a coward coward7449.424.739
okay is he coming at me yeah he's coming7451.944.58
at you got it nice7454.1594.98
yep all right come on you little Pooch7456.524.719
go down baby come on get it oh I'm out7459.1393.54
of arrows I got him I got a few left7461.2393.541
okay should I punch him in the butt does7462.6793.841
that help oh yeah wait you know what I7464.783.48
heard the Unicorn could knock things out7466.523.9
oh uh I don't know how to get how do you7468.263.419
get the Unicorn out of the house if you7470.422.64
open the door and you bring him out but7471.6792.52
I don't think we'll need it I mean this7473.062.52
guy's already full of trank arrows in7474.1993.121
the face okay but if you want to try7475.582.88
yeah bring him over here and kick him7477.323.899
yep it's like a right click okay oh oh7478.465.48
God he's lose he's losing7481.2192.721
I just shut the door okay hold on I'm7484.36.939
getting him winding up yeah damn it come7487.2196.42
on come back here you coward you coming7491.2397.341
for me you rolling damn it cowardly wolf7493.6394.941
Emmett I'm not coming out here oh wait7498.7393.601
and everybody's down he's down he's down7500.94.44
okay well we got some teeth in our7502.345.42
okay you son of a [ __ ]7514.765.22
all right I'm right here7517.345.279
this is why I got this this is why I did7519.987.219
the boat oh you little [ __ ] Georgia7522.6194.58
or how about this why jump when I can do7529.786.819
this e come on E e right in the rap why7532.6396.661
why not dead why aren't I dead where am7536.5994.921
I dead it doesn't make any sense that7539.33.299
I'm Not Dead7541.524.079
go what in the world just happened7555.447.219
Jesus Christ7560.267.0
thank you thank you sir7562.6596.661
all right here we go7567.266.54
44. what if you do don't eat the egg7569.3210.48
okay it's too cold nope Let's uh okay7573.88.78
too cold7579.82.78
hold on do not eat egg all right light7583.7197.781
fire light fire7589.285.12
okay how we looking7591.54.86
too cold7594.46.04
damn it ah jump through fire all right7596.365.7
let's get some more fires I need more7600.443.44
all right I need to freaking make a7603.884.6
spear and kill this [ __ ] piranha come7606.025.159
on you son of a [ __ ] put some wood some7608.484.32
batch what do I need to make a freaking7611.1796.901
spear I need uh flint and wood but I7612.87.5
have oh I don't have enough wood I need7618.084.32
Flint [ __ ] I don't have anything damn it7620.34.02
all the all these basic things one of7622.43.299
these rocks these are rocks right don't7624.323.18
I pick these [ __ ] things up why can't7625.6993.781
I pick up rocks aren't these there's one7627.55.4
how do I get what is it this is when7629.486.119
this is when it really gets in so Flint7632.95.16
so I would normally get flint with a7635.5996.241
pickaxe so I have to make a pickaxe my7638.065.639
brain's starting to work slowly but7641.844.46
surely all right we're spearing it up7643.6995.821
you are gonna die I hope there's only7646.35.379
one of you God I hope there's only one7649.523.84
of you all right hold on I'm gonna go7651.6793.48
first person because that's what I've7653.364.14
already told me was good come on you7655.1595.52
little okay I see you I see you could I7657.57.199
just take revenge on you huh you should7660.6796.96
die because I hate you and you've made7664.6998.061
things bad for me [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]7667.6395.121
all right drop7675.085.4
incubating yes oh7676.826.359
oh and it's hot up here I don't care I'm7680.484.44
gonna sit through it I want to see my7683.1794.681
baby oh yes what are what are my emotes7684.928.52
that I can do right now uh uh cheer yeah7687.868.819
what's this one uh snowball7693.446.0
ah there you go Mr Chopsticks holy [ __ ]7696.6794.801
it's it's really hot up here7699.445.88
it is really hot I'm gonna back away7701.485.34
then I gotta worry about that thing7705.323.48
going into the fire7706.823.54
oh my God7708.83.48
all right let's see where it's where's7710.365.72
it at where's it at 64 percent7712.283.8
it's nice and cool over here okay hey7716.54.659
better Ruffles I'm still gonna keep you7719.424.44
Mr Chopsticks you too7721.1594.381
and uh oh7723.864.14
Tito that's right you were supposed to7725.544.44
die with the other ones but you know7728.04.44
all right you know what I'm not even7732.443.12
gonna I'm gonna try to do it again I7734.03.06
don't give a [ __ ] I'm gonna try to do it7735.564.44
again just to get my [ __ ] come on let's7737.065.7
see if we can do this let's go come on7740.04.739
babe come on come on come on come on7742.763.78
come on come on I can't even [ __ ] do7744.7394.741
anything basic come on get out of here7746.545.52
get the [ __ ] out of here right now come7749.486.78
on yes yes yes and now of course my raft7752.066.24
is farther out why did I do that to7756.266.359
myself that was unnecessary danger and7758.36.12
go come on baby7762.6195.881
come on come on and we're off seamless7764.427.02
as if I knew what I was doing and yet7768.55.36
it's so obvious that I don't and you7771.445.88
goodbye I hope to never see your shitty7773.866.06
face again7777.322.6
print cancel get the [ __ ] over here get7800.6596.181
over here get away from the fire get7803.847.259
away from the fire put out fire put out7806.846.72
fire seriously you're a [ __ ] ice7811.0995.361
wyvern put out fire you're gonna die7813.567.26
holy [ __ ] this is happening this is7816.468.02
happening and you're a female I could be7820.826.08
but hey it's a start7827.34.62
thank you7830.843.6
okay there should be some shiny rocks7831.924.44
looking for it oh yeah you see them7834.444.32
straight ahead Straight Ahead oh yeah I7836.365.339
see him Johnny rocks Dead Ahead here we7838.765.22
go congrats that's an argentavis to a7841.6994.5
right seeing RG looks like there's a7843.985.1
stego down there scorpions scorpions7846.1994.741
okay the higher rocks see how they're7849.085.22
higher up there yep yes I do yes I do7850.945.52
all right I'm dropping you it's good all7854.35.28
right right here yep perfect nice grab7856.464.5
it get the metal put the metal all right7859.584.86
and Bam Bam Bam how we doing yeah the7860.965.699
plan is working out stupendously so far7864.444.5
lots of metal yeah get it get it get it7866.6593.5
get it oh yeah7868.944.14
I want to get just just slightly before7870.1595.101
oh perfect yeah should we just stop by7875.264.959
we're ahead uh maybe I don't know keep7878.2392.88
our eyes on me let me know if there's7880.2192.761
any threats uh you got an argentavis to7881.1194.08
your right I got a bowler ready yeah7882.983.96
just gonna run through these Woods7885.1993.0
there's another oh there's another pack7886.942.58
of metal here in the woods you want to7888.1993.181
remember that for later oh really yep7889.524.28
you see me yep if you head towards me7891.385.04
Little Pond down here really a good7893.84.12
place to like just come and Float oh7896.424.02
good oh there's an RG okay RG right in7897.924.259
front of me you see me7900.443.6
um I see you I see you are you see me7902.1793.96
coming to you okay perfect all right7904.043.659
yeah all right this is a perfect place7906.1394.381
to parachute man here's the clearing hey7907.6995.161
look at this our base is to the left7910.524.74
right uh absolutely right down there7912.866.96
water oh yeah baby yeah you probably7915.266.12
need to go a little bit more right all7919.823.299
right yeah you see those pile of rocks7921.383.299
down there where the water is it's right7923.1193.841
in between those man man this place is7924.6794.321
pretty sure is what you gonna make with7926.964.86
your metal oh man I kind of want a rifle7929.06.599
either that or a uh ooh crossbow a7931.825.879
crossbow needs yep I already made one of7935.5994.02
those now we can make bunches I'm gonna7937.6994.92
make a big metal dildo just stick it in7939.6196.261
my butt whoa7942.6193.261
there's a freaking Raptor oh [ __ ] Raptor7946.545.619
and a turbo bird oh [ __ ] I'm already7949.884.44
panicking damn it damn you to Hell come7952.1594.861
on get in drive drive God I'm such a7954.324.44
[ __ ] I'm such a [ __ ] who's coming7957.024.38
right after me I wasn't ready yet I was7958.763.839
kind of ready but I was trying to get7961.42.94
the terror bird and where are you what7962.5994.441
are you doing back here Jesus is that7964.344.319
enough the same one or a different one7967.044.44
this is a dangerous area look at you7968.6595.281
you're just hanging out out there maybe7971.484.44
I can if I had balls all right what are7973.943.84
we in what do we have [ __ ] where are my7975.924.62
bones put my Bowlers over by the7977.783.839
boomerangs because I don't need7980.543.599
boomerangs I get that in my fourth e7981.6195.221
here get that in my fourth slot huh7984.1394.741
where are you at huh can I bowl you in7986.845.339
the water can I do that let's try7988.886.719
how about that and then [ __ ] where's my7992.1796.06
bow six huh7995.5994.261
now you're in the water but guess what7998.2393.661
even if I knock you out I'll feel happy7999.865.4
about it did I knock you out I did you8001.95.279
know what maybe you're gonna die but I8005.265.0
already feel good all right oh my god8007.1797.92
there you are here I go damn you don't8010.267.3
knock me off holy [ __ ] why don't you8015.0995.401
leave me alone [ __ ] a man is8017.564.86
just trying to do a thing with another8020.56.44
thing and all you're doing is ruining it8022.424.52
now our little One's Gonna be fine I got8028.1194.98
Betty Ruffles looking after her and I8030.6993.9
know Tito you're a little nervous8033.0994.08
because you heard everybody else but I'm8034.5993.661
just looking8037.1792.52
and uh8038.265.479
let's just see if any of uh any of your8039.6994.04
your friends survivors that's what8044.1993.841
they're called that's what we call them8046.963.84
survivors let's let's see if there's any8048.046.78
of uh any of your people over here8050.88.339
it is scary oh okay yeah maybe there's8054.828.58
one over here okay okay so what go for8059.1397.161
an egg let's go8063.47.319
down we both getting out oh boy oh boy8066.39.299
let's see oh [ __ ] go8070.71910.261
maneuver Tito we love you bye Tito we8075.5997.62
hey furry thing I got another egg I'll8083.825.68
try not to eat it hey Anthony call this8087.045.34
episode Return of the women King what8089.54.679
about Metal dildo thick shut up you're8092.382.91
not in this scene8094.1796.51
hey they're free pterodon free tear8108.484.719
Downs huh oh yeah well it's in our wall8111.524.44
look at him yeah all right oh no no no8113.1994.341
no no no no no no no no no no8115.964.86
you get him oh come on that's a rip-off8117.545.86
he's coming back uh no he isn't okay hey8120.824.919
I made your uh unicorn of Saddle oh8123.44.86
really should I put it on yeah load them8125.7394.86
up I didn't mean to okay can I do it I'm8128.263.6
sitting on him I don't know let's see8130.5993.12
how this works did it work yeah it8131.863.839
worked oh I just I slid it under there8133.7193.601
that's kind of like in Zoolander when he8135.6993.061
pulled his underwear off on stage I8137.323.0
didn't see it but I believe you same8138.764.26
thing watch this from Zoolander8140.325.64
huh sure again I didn't see it okay8143.024.8
hopefully uh the audience knows what8145.963.719
you're talking about did it again I'm a8147.823.54
magician I got that Zoolander reference8149.6795.701
everybody oh wow okay so what's next I8151.365.64
don't know we need berries right I mean8155.383.239
I think we got enough but yeah well8157.02.76
listen I want to make sure we have8158.6192.46
enough tranx because we're going after8159.763.359
something big today okay big today neebs8161.0794.1
I'll follow you on Turkey Cube I wanna8163.1194.281
Tyrannosaurus Rex8165.1794.721
we need these I bet the other guys don't8167.44.0
have the issues8169.96.12
um that is a spyglass yeah it is look at8171.46.239
you I can't wait for you to look at me8176.024.079
oh yes I even know if I've ever yeah8177.6396.781
like hey where are you hey where are you8180.0997.801
there you are there you are how you8184.425.04
doing buddy I know what level you are8187.94.02
now you're in 83 a nice and I knew that8189.463.96
by standing by you anyway and your8191.923.78
mustache is very sexy did you wire our8193.423.42
no it's you know what it's just the wind8196.844.92
it makes sense no it's it's like a wind8199.244.38
that generates power I said the same8201.763.599
thing oh who ran electricity to the8203.622.819
thing that's supposed to generate8205.3593.441
oh my God we're smart so what is the8208.85.799
plan what I'd like to do is uh God these8211.664.5
are like Fine Cigars aren't they they8214.5993.601
are they're just fine green cigars you8216.163.3
can stick up your butt if you like to8218.22.699
yeah what's up we'll smoke these later8219.463.12
after the plan works sure remember the8220.8994.5
little trap Nook yeah off on the clip I8222.585.34
was thinking about making a bigger trap8225.3994.74
out of it to trap something bigger whoa8227.923.479
whoa whoa you talking about the thing8230.1393.661
that you uh T-Rex would be perfect but8231.3995.221
we could get anything Giga but like I8233.85.4
make like a parachute and I lure8236.625.099
something to chase me and I jump off the8239.25.1
cliff parachute over the Trap they fall8241.7194.081
in the Trap we crank the [ __ ] out of so8244.33.24
we've got the plan got some prepping to8245.83.9
do I got some building to do and break8247.544.439
break wood wood wood maybe I don't know8249.73.29
all right wood8251.9794.181
I found out this unicorn is pretty damn8256.9795.021
awesome for uh Gathering Narco berries8259.8994.141
come over here and you know chew on8262.03.719
grass okay8264.044.2
wait what is that oh no sorry that was8265.7194.621
you it's like I see a black wolf I don't8268.243.439
know what it is8270.344.019
taking Cube he was afraid is there8271.6794.361
anything particular you would like to do8274.3593.901
today me hey look T-Rex that's a full8276.044.979
day man I think yeah it could be so8278.264.379
let's let's focus on one thing at a time8281.0193.911
yeah like knocking out this sheep8282.6395.5
kicked that some [ __ ] in the head you8300.664.66
did it and you know what I'm sure this8303.764.679
is a like a like berries that's a I'm8305.325.159
sure it's a passive tame oh so I just8308.4393.721
like kicked an innocent creature in the8310.4793.24
head for no reason it was fun to watch8312.164.8
well techie Cube you need the meat right8313.7195.3
I'm going to lure them I see him over8323.1393.361
here I'm gonna lure them up there so you8324.73.659
get to your position okay hopefully he8326.53.3
doesn't kill me while I try to do the8328.3593.301
luring and honestly you don't even have8329.84.799
to do the you're the bird right yep so8331.664.8
you don't even need to do8334.5994.141
did I hit him no I didn't I didn't I8336.463.719
don't know where I'm8338.743.54
does that do anything [ __ ] where is he8340.1794.741
it's right here nah give me come and get8342.285.159
me all right so I go I'm going up to my8344.924.92
position right he doesn't care about me8347.4395.78
he's in the water now is he8349.843.379
no no not that freaking Paradise oh god8357.825.279
dude that tear down is freaking out 1308360.286.06
something yeah where'd you go I'm in the8363.0995.281
water you're in the water yeah I got8366.344.2
knocked off oh [ __ ] and where is our8368.385.16
bird he's right there by the by the oh8370.546.96
god oh no he's not because I'm coming8373.549.42
baby get away get away get away you come8377.58.96
on this isn't good8382.963.5
hey Simon sorry about that I'm back is8387.847.059
it dead nope oh8391.66.02
it's dead8394.8995.881
Jesus freaking Harvey it's all right8397.626.58
okay damn it I want a t-shirt I know you8400.785.04
don't get a t-shirt God I know I don't8404.23.54
sorry about that that went horribly the8405.824.2
only damn animal we had that was listen8407.745.46
I know Simon it's a tough life what the8410.024.62
hell happened I'll show you what8413.24.18
happened this is about to happen8414.645.24
come on come over here talk some mess he8428.824.119
talks a mess to him hey don't go after8431.324.14
those brontosaurus yeah8432.9394.321
all right he fell down the cliff neebs8435.463.66
okay oh there he is oh yeah he's at that8437.263.84
metal resource we came by oh you see him8439.123.6
yeah he's going after that Robo stego8441.13.299
this might be a good time to attack huh8442.723.9
uh yeah you know what yep good8444.3993.781
visibility let's do it what's your8446.624.98
drinks okay I got my five things bam8448.185.4
that's a hit okay I'm gonna reposition8451.64.56
man he's kind of he's pretty that's a8453.585.279
rust color can we name him rusty rusty8456.165.279
yeah Crossing getting a little closer8458.8594.441
okay you're going down you still want8461.4393.121
them I don't want to waste these tranq8463.34.08
darts oh yep okay he's turning around to8464.565.339
us yep he's coming this way oh he's kind8467.385.3
of stuck in the rocks8469.8992.781
come on now excuse me yeah he does is he8473.565.64
on me yep are you yeah leading back down8477.463.72
to the valley go down go ahead down and8479.24.08
to the right okay is he on me yes he is8481.183.42
can he reach me here come on you8487.626.16
[ __ ] you gotta bunch in them8490.844.92
might be able to8493.784.079
if he comes down then we attack the8495.763.36
things that are attacking him maybe8497.8594.08
they'll stop gotta repair the are you8499.126.359
shooting trunks in them Simon yes I am I8501.9394.981
can't repair it you're it's down to you8505.4794.081
in the tracks man is it yeah cause I got8506.924.62
a broken bow you got a broken bow I got8509.565.28
a crossbow baby come on yeah it's8511.544.859
another hit8514.844.44
man I didn't think about the bow come on8516.3995.941
what are the odds no not so good he's8519.284.74
going by our place I don't like that8522.344.74
nope down there oh no we don't want him8524.024.459
there oh yeah8527.083.66
he's here we'll lower them away I've8528.4794.0
been shooting him and now he's okay he's8530.743.96
not fighting one of our guys that's not8532.4793.261
stay away from our stuff look at me8535.744.96
buddy let's see8538.064.86
with me8540.74.94
there yeah8542.922.72
oh look at me I'm shooting you in the8546.244.26
yeah come on you little [ __ ] go down8550.55.08
what are the odds of being tracking you8553.667.02
I don't know what are they oh no no no8555.587.739
what happened oh god well everything is8560.686.06
gonna die we're gonna lose everything8563.3197.261
fiber this is awful oh God booger's dead8566.745.88
cover things getting killed and I'm8570.583.779
gonna die no no you don't have to die oh8572.624.98
you [ __ ] up don't you do it don't you do8574.3595.04
I get well how did you not kill me just8577.64.14
now what are you oh God he's about to go8579.3994.681
down I bet I bet you he's about to go8581.745.46
down and then we have to get him8584.086.18
and then it'll all be worth it8587.27.08
don't shoot the brono bye8590.266.5
yeah I got my mutton back how we doing8600.245.98
neebs I don't know man I keep firing but8603.585.1
he's not going to sleep yet should we8606.223.78
lead him towards the base and I could8608.683.0
try to kick him with the uh the Unicorn8610.04.68
that sounds insane I know it does8611.684.259
doesn't it8614.684.28
go to sleep8615.9393.021
have any more Drake darts you got oh8619.064.5
crap my bow just broke I gotta switch to8621.3994.08
my uh my uh what do you call it the8623.564.86
rifle nah I got crossbow oh I was using8625.4794.801
my crossbow the whole time8628.424.019
better make it quick nibs he keeps8630.285.22
eating everything uh8632.4395.161
uh you know what what now the train8635.55.28
darts oh geez and we made so many I8637.66.18
thought we had plenty nope [ __ ] we don't8640.785.76
so hopefully my narcoberry farm will8643.785.1
start producing soon and that is8646.544.23
is this it this is the last one Simon8658.4395.561
yeah what do you think I think he's8661.066.419
still up yeah so do I oh my God that's8664.05.22
all right I got a club you're gonna Club8667.4793.141
him yep8669.225.46
tell stories of me yep I sure will take8670.626.819
that sucker time to go down your days8674.688.12
are done you better run that's right God8677.4395.361
you knock him out this will be the best8685.23.779
day in the world8687.463.84
yeah I don't have time for this he's8688.9793.581
gonna come and kill me while you're8691.33.66
trying to Club him maybe I should get a8692.564.32
club should I get a club I'm gonna try8694.963.18
one let's see if I can make or you can8696.882.7
make train girls while you're talking to8698.143.56
all right I guess so maybe I'll try to8702.3593.851
make them8704.924.34
I think the base will hold up what do8714.043.12
you think oh yeah I think the base will8715.842.76
hold up but man8717.162.94
be good not to have that here we're not8718.63.12
ready we don't have enough trunks yet I8720.14.259
know but uh I think we could kill it you8721.724.02
know what uh keep an eye on him I'm8724.3592.761
gonna make some more arrows just in case8725.744.199
so that's a good idea man you know what8727.123.96
we ought to make we ought to make some8729.9392.641
ballista turrets for this type of8731.083.3
situation well we need more metal for8732.583.48
that it's a lot of metal8734.384.019
don't go the other way there you go8736.065.52
there you go nope don't stop is he going8738.3995.221
the other way no he's still like he's8741.583.3
thinking about where he's going okay8743.624.859
there he goes no no no no no no no no8744.886.78
oh God what do I need I need fiber okay8748.4798.541
making a bunch you got arrows no no no8751.665.36
I'm making a weird trouble we gotta8759.884.26
fight him oh we slip through the walls8762.223.84
oh crap move the animals move the8764.145.4
animals Jackie you're over here uh8766.065.04
what's this what's his name you're over8769.544.62
here okay okay hold on I do have some I8771.16.0
have 28 regular arrows you see our walls8774.165.279
will hold up I think so where is he uh8777.14.92
he's over here oh oh don't make sure he8779.4394.141
doesn't go further to the left he does8782.023.78
he'll get in I'm Sam I do know what you8783.583.96
were saying8785.83.54
wait here we go oh yeah you're shooting8787.543.6
face yeah no yeah I'm getting some good8789.343.96
face shots here I wish we had trains8791.144.38
yeah he's already got some scars this is8793.34.62
looking good yep come on8795.524.74
come on you're no match for our base sir8797.925.46
yeah come on base hold up8800.264.8
oh yeah he's getting good and bloody8803.384.559
come on do it die you son of a [ __ ]8805.067.22
yeah he going down yeah yeah8807.9394.341
that's what you get look at this guy8814.684.719
yeah man he'd have been cool to have8817.724.02
jeez man had we had trains in that8819.3995.04
situation that have been perfect yeah8821.744.32
hey did you see the little garden over8824.4393.181
here yes I did you're growing some8826.063.419
narcoberries right I got three crop8827.624.08
plots beautiful as soon as that starts8829.4794.801
producing and uh the Unicorn is pretty8831.73.96
good at Gathering too yeah I was gonna8834.282.76
run out with a unicorn that's why you8835.662.94
know I was in and then I was looking and8837.043.0
then I saw this guy so I didn't want to8838.64.14
take him out but now all is safe so I'm8840.044.8
taking the Unicorn on an adventure we8842.745.0
should Harvest this guy though8844.842.9
good all right I'll take the Unicorn out8848.3193.481
get more Narco bearing okay I'll come8849.75.1
join you in a minute good8851.86.96
here I come who's got stamina it's the8854.88.78
rally used with the club in his hands8858.764.82
come on this is the dumbest thing ever8866.77.06
we're chasing the t-rex with gloves come8870.546.12
on he's coming back8873.762.9
I can't see through these bushes8877.025.919
come on8880.624.6
I Believe In You Duality I believe in8882.9394.38
you you've got this man I don't know8885.223.96
lead them to me oh come on come on come8887.3193.841
all right I broke my leg again perfect8891.164.26
oh this is so run it right at me and8893.264.32
I'll knock you out you dumb [ __ ] come on8895.426.6
come on you coward you're a coward8897.586.899
that's a coward I don't know if I want8902.026.0
them oh you know what I do I do I really8904.4795.161
think I want it more than ever now I'm8908.025.419
really bad oh look my leg is not broken8909.643.799
it's probably because you're running on8913.925.939
it so much huh final final stand8915.9393.92
man neebs this is gorgeous this is8931.724.62
gorgeous um I like this Valley a lot8934.184.02
we're collecting berries right that's8936.343.54
what I'm doing yeah just keep collecting8938.23.3
narcos for now so we can make some more8939.883.66
drinks yeah listen I got this I mean8941.54.14
that's easy let's throw the other8943.543.359
berries out if you get too heavy no8945.642.4
that's what exactly that's what I've8946.8992.401
been doing the whole time oh hey look8948.042.7
we're getting into the cold region up8949.33.84
here um yeah look we got tons of fur8950.744.32
back at the base so we can make some8953.145.16
jackets oh I I just want to take a peek8955.065.46
yeah oh look at it's already snowing8958.35.16
yeah man this looks like a perfect place8960.525.64
not to live but it is but it is pretty8963.464.859
it is pretty I like that transition area8966.164.14
when you have a little bit of snow but8968.3193.54
also the green you know like when you're8970.33.599
in a hot tub but you're in the mountains8971.8595.881
yes exactly it's nice it's so nice so8973.8996.121
nice all right here I'm working on some8977.744.739
narcoberries okay8980.026.2
um the muscle I'm watching you back8982.4793.741
all right listen if this doesn't work8987.3994.5
now I don't know man I know I know8989.54.62
because we're Tapped Out aren't we dude8991.8994.021
we're so Tapped Out yeah so I mean but8994.124.68
this is [ __ ] [ __ ] come on nothing8995.924.38
nothing I don't even know where you are8998.84.32
but I'm I'm by the base now all right9000.35.4
well I'm close to it where where he's9003.124.739
coming he's coming close to where my9005.74.199
bodies are and they're by the base oh9007.8596.661
hey I like that oh I see him man dude9009.8998.161
how many do you have left two two this9014.527.62
isn't I've got 11. I like that [ __ ] oh9018.067.919
oh God okay he's down he's down he's9022.147.339
down okay okay holy [ __ ] all right9025.9796.801
I got some meat I got narcotics9029.4797.901
there's that yep one bam one narcotics I9032.787.079
got a lot of Narcotics9037.385.28
in there I'm borderline dead and listen9039.8595.261
don't we have to make him consume them9042.664.8
though no not the meat no let's not do9045.124.38
this again let's not know that I thought9047.463.359
there was something no we just got to be9049.53.06
patient we don't want to do that horse9050.8193.841
because that like messes up how strong9052.564.14
they can be right we're not gonna do9054.663.6
anything we're gonna we're gonna take9056.73.36
care of this one this is gonna be a good9058.264.139
boy that was my final wait do I have one9060.064.2
more oh I have plenty though I I like9062.3994.261
that that's my final one oh did you just9064.263.66
shoot me9066.663.54
maybe we should9070.22.779
I'm probably gonna get knocked out too I9072.9794.061
don't know and then Something's Gonna9075.724.88
kill us and eat the Rex9077.046.3
that would suck you're probably right9080.66.299
yep it's a good day9083.343.559
yeah I heard the Roar9098.783.9
oh there he is9103.143.08
outside the front oh God9107.16.259
that genuinely scared me9110.3995.04
he's around to the right side of the9113.3593.341
okay mule you don't move you stay as9116.74.98
safe as you possibly get why are you9120.123.239
babes yeah9123.3594.381
all right let me catch oh he's on the9125.223.78
other gate now9127.743.6
damn yeah I know I'm getting mule out of9129.04.02
the way9131.343.66
yeah he's on the other side where'd he9133.023.839
I gotta make all their fiber hold on let9136.8594.021
me climb the wall climb the wall see if9139.23.6
I can see him9140.884.019
oh he's on the back he's on the back9142.83.9
side of the island where's our oh the9144.8993.54
wolf oh God he's getting the door he's9146.73.54
in our house nope that's unacceptable9148.4393.96
he's out God he's torn apart on roof9150.245.52
memes I know it's unacceptable you son9152.3995.901
of a [ __ ]9155.762.54
get him9168.86.78
all right the wolves are on him9171.723.86
shooting his butt9177.183.24
what do we got oh yeah hey hey he's9178.8593.361
bloody okay come on wolves there's an9180.424.38
argentavis outside too get it Wolves9182.223.8
we got him okay and the wolves are fed9186.024.66
well this is good okay we got a security9188.9394.201
issue on the left side that's obvious9190.684.679
the argentavis and a hog going at it9193.144.32
outside my concern right now is a9195.3593.781
unicorn where is he oh you cute little9197.463.96
bubba come here how's the rest of the9199.144.259
animals okay I don't care9201.424.32
the main T-Rex scare you are you okay9203.3995.221
you okay Mew yeah you got good damn9205.745.72
it's kind of like even though it's alive9213.543.3
it's kind of like we're giving birth to9215.164.44
our baby I do feel like a parent or an9216.845.04
expecting parent right now and to me9219.64.08
it's like even though it's normally not9221.884.14
a big deal what you would name it I feel9223.684.02
like this is a little more special it is9226.024.68
because well we're probably gonna have9227.75.52
grandchildren someday well that the plan9230.74.14
already I'm already planning the9233.224.38
grandkids yeah yeah me too is the weird9234.846.84
thing so I look at it and name name name9237.66.9
um salvation Sal you know what I'm a big9241.686.42
fan of the name Sal or Salvatore which9244.56.479
is what yeah Salvatore's nice agreed9248.15.4
agreed Salvatore it is gonna have to9250.9794.681
marry like uh like a Tina or something9253.55.7
yeah from Jersey yeah you know yeah yeah9255.667.56
she's from Jersey City yeah yeah there9259.25.659
you go yeah9263.224.8
oh oh so that we already we already we9264.8595.261
already have the name yeah for the next9268.024.16
she didn't sound they gotta hook up9272.184.48
they're going to make a little Bruno or9274.4395.341
whatever let's figure it out calm down9276.667.14
all right sir David the baby oh oh9279.785.699
there's a drop right over there Simon go9283.84.2
get the drop no we have our little9285.4794.88
youngin's about to yeah9288.04.62
but let's face it what's more important9290.3594.841
is what's in the drop yeah you're the9292.624.92
one that's got the gambling problem yeah9295.23.96
it's no big deal nah but this is Sal9297.544.279
this is our dumpling okay9299.165.64
I'm sure I'm sure you're the mother oh9301.8195.381
man I'm Gonna Leave the imprint on Sal9304.83.84
because you're not gonna be present9307.23.9
that's fine you're the mom I don't mind9308.645.6
being the guy with the dick9311.13.14
I should have cared more you didn't but9317.643.74
I'm more anxious for this stuff9319.8596.921
Salvatore Welcome to our world follow me9321.385.4
we did9328.922.899
any Ruffles yeah the metal foundry is9337.084.5
complete looks pretty good got a trough9339.663.84
we got this uh this low level you'll die9341.586.0
anyways it is a great day and we we9343.56.359
basically live in Paradise we have metal9347.587.22
we have wood and we have all of this oh9349.8597.861
such a great day the only thing I'm9354.85.559
missing is a berry Harvester we're gonna9357.724.74
need berries for paint for narcos9360.3594.561
especially I'm not a drug dealer nor do9362.465.58
I condone the use of drugs unless it's a9364.926.42
really good party hey Dairy Queen9368.046.48
Latifah and cold stone Steve Austin man9371.344.62
you guys look great you're all grown's9374.522.52
a good day but uh why don't I take9377.048.18
Stone Cold let's go visit our friends9381.267.8
friendship forever9385.223.84
hey Nate yes sir check this out it is a9391.347.059
lasso okay this unicorn's basically a9395.764.62
mortar pestle too you can make narcotics9398.3993.241
and all kinds of spark powder and9400.382.82
everything in it oh that's handy oh9401.643.42
check it out Gallimimus you want to see9403.23.42
if I can last with this thing uh yeah9405.062.82
come here boy9406.623.3
don't you run don't you run don't you9407.884.439
run now boom missed him all right hold9409.923.96
on that's okay I got another one okay9412.3194.08
and let me get behind him get in tight9413.884.439
yeah man it's it's way out like where my9416.3993.42
reticle is and where this thing goes9418.3193.0
it's night and day so you think you're9419.8193.12
missing or it's just not working I think9421.3194.08
I'm missing but like uh my Crosshair is9422.9394.92
right on him here we go damn come on I9425.3995.161
saw blood oh now that hit him so that9427.8594.021
certainly hit him so maybe you can't9430.563.6
deal with Gallimimus try this sheet yeah9431.885.099
yeah let's try the sheets okay yep all9434.164.38
right and consume the lap man this land9436.9793.241
so sucks seems worthless doesn't it it9438.543.48
does absolutely worthless surely it does9440.223.66
more than that they wouldn't do that and9442.023.9
then go okay yep it's ready for release9443.884.26
it says an easily crafted range tool9445.924.08
that can ensnare and pull a Target can9448.143.6
only be wielded when riding a certain9450.03.24
creature so I assume the certain9451.744.199
creature is a horse makes sense how can9453.244.199
you laugh so you can't lasso a sheep9455.9393.54
maybe a maybe a dilophosaur should I9457.4393.901
look it up yeah look it up the lasso can9459.4793.601
be used to drag around unconscious9461.344.26
creatures when used unconscious9463.083.84
creatures that pulls them a short9465.63.0
distance towards the rider we gotta9466.922.939
knock something out but if we knock it9468.62.879
out why do we want to drag it because9469.8593.721
maybe you're in an unsafe area maybe9471.4793.84
maybe but man that's such a wild9473.583.42
scenario when we knock something out9475.3193.301
we're gonna try this okay yeah we'll try9477.02.7
it when we knock something out but I9478.622.1
tell you what I want to knock out today9479.73.239
and argentavis that's a good plan man9480.724.02
all right I think I have an idea but it9482.9394.321
involves you and your pterodon okay come9484.744.92
here I'm in9487.264.44
okay it was it was this way this might9489.664.14
be her all right it's one of these two9491.75.04
which one of these is 100 something this9493.85.46
one on the right the one I am right by9496.744.44
do the others get angered when you shoot9499.264.08
one I you know what kind of a thing I've9501.184.38
heard these yeah and you know what so9503.344.32
they're with friends so somehow damn how9505.563.72
do we separate them I know how to9507.664.26
separate them how there I gotta deal9509.285.82
with that guys huh mad confusion wait a9511.925.64
second it worked I know that is awesome9515.13.96
all right so now we're just gonna follow9517.563.12
him for a little while we need to get a9519.063.96
good distance away Generations like we9520.683.96
gotta go stupid phone do you know how9523.023.959
trees talk to each other I do that's9524.644.5
true so do you want to try the Bola just9526.9793.541
rule that out real quick right now yeah9529.142.94
go ahead if I do that it's gonna be a9530.523.48
problem maybe so then we start game on9532.086.18
and they get them nope so we know that9534.06.3
all right here we go good thing there's9538.264.559
oh [ __ ] watch behind you the Buddy oh9540.34.32
the Buddy's coming yep so we need we9542.8194.201
know that I'll distract him you keep on9544.624.859
shooting him and then we'll do a switch9547.024.26
off all right now it's run and it's not9549.4793.84
well it's a slow turn it doesn't really9551.284.02
turn on a dime does it no these guys are9553.3194.08
stupid they're pretty dumb yep but it's9555.34.86
so am I so me too me too listen we're9557.3994.441
all family here hey look I'm shooting9560.163.72
him and just dragging from this guy dude9561.844.44
you're so good damn it he hit me I'm I'm9563.884.019
kind of good she knows what's happening9566.283.96
now she's she does yeah she she gets the9567.8994.201
sense that something is amiss oh you9570.244.44
think so yeah oh I'm out of trains out9572.14.2
of tracks yep all right distract this9574.683.6
guy this guy's coming right for you like9576.34.38
now oh yeah yeah are you Simon damn I9578.283.72
don't know if we're gonna have enough we9580.683.12
should come on baby make them all count9582.05.28
true oh [ __ ] what knocked him out and I9583.85.28
broke my crossbow in the same shot look9587.283.96
at that meant to be here we go put some9589.084.62
berries up in that boot oh [ __ ] ever so9591.244.14
that's right what I forgot this guy's9593.74.699
attacking oh I9595.383.019
they're right there9602.123.42
all right neebs hold still only got one9606.663.96
shot at this holding stay up boom I'm9608.764.02
glad it's gone okay go oh yeah I thought9610.623.18
you were gonna go I thought you're gonna9612.782.82
reel it in all right let's hunt down on9613.84.44
argentavis and argentavis oh God oh God9615.65.06
it's a dragon hey9618.244.98
look at that you guys are playing yo-yo9620.664.42
you got a dragon already huh yeah9623.223.9
they're easy to get beautiful they're9625.083.6
easy what are you guys doing we're out9627.124.199
hunting Argent tayvi hey I saw some come9628.685.34
over this way sirs good sirs gentle sirs9631.3194.08
into the mountains that's just right9634.023.18
over here on this ledge there's a bunch9635.3993.781
of them cluster you hear that names are9637.23.96
cluster yep is that what they call it a9639.184.799
cluster of argentavi sure you think it'd9641.165.159
be a flock flock or a gaggle I like9643.9794.441
Gaggle can we do Gaggle yeah my vote9646.3193.961
goes to Gaggle Gaggle it is all right9648.423.479
that's two for Gaggle what about that9650.284.38
one that one is oh boy I lost it there9651.8995.821
you are hey level 76 that that's not too9654.665.4
bad okay all right we're going for this9657.725.04
one come on SO bouncy all right I need9660.063.9
to get a little closer so I can get in9662.763.36
my first shot okay get me in their names9663.964.2
okay oh wait should we land and get your9666.124.08
stamina up or do you care oh go for it9668.165.1
okay okay he's above me oh [ __ ] you got9670.24.38
a shot9673.263.3
um I'm trying there we go got one shot9674.583.899
in yeah head back towards the base okay9676.563.54
oh take it that way oh yeah if we can9678.4792.761
get him to go down in the valley near9680.13.24
the base oh yeah it'll be easier for us9681.243.6
watch them land on a tree and we'll9683.342.7
never get to him all right I'm getting9684.843.059
some good shots in down here this is9686.043.72
working pretty good it is9687.8994.141
yeah oh he's she's turned around neebs9689.764.5
okay I'm gonna go back yep oh is he9692.043.66
going into those yeah he's going into9694.263.24
that Gaggle abroad it's all right ah9695.75.239
that could be bad you got a shot9697.53.439
a mess no I don't have a shot don't9701.583.6
worry about it whatever's down there I9703.4393.0
can take care of I know you can take9705.183.06
care of him it's just this uh this guy's9706.4393.181
just involved in this mess we didn't9708.243.239
want him involved in that carno's dead9709.623.06
okay the Cardinal's dead but the9711.4792.701
brontosauri are still like flipping9712.683.12
their tails around don't get me close to9714.184.2
these things uh-huh out names what9715.84.62
happened damn it what happened I keep9718.383.72
getting hit by the Tails of the9720.424.32
brontosauruses gotcha get me away from9722.14.14
these things well I mean this is far9724.744.14
enough right yes now it is sorry all9726.244.5
right I got my back my glasses broke my9728.884.2
pants broke my health is halfway down9730.744.5
all right is that I can't even see that9733.084.2
argentavis anymore yeah he's still in9735.244.38
there I could try to lead him away come9737.284.92
on okay yay stuck in there thick can you9739.624.62
clear out any of these brontosauruses oh9742.23.779
wait you didn't know hold on I think I9744.243.3
think he's dead damn it how come9745.9793.121
everything I love gets killed by a gag9747.543.42
LeBron it's all right you still got a9749.14.28
97.8 it's coming and I'm not I'm not9755.245.32
even gonna pretend like I I will care9758.465.16
about this thing even close oh like Sal9760.565.58
like Sal no it's not our this isn't our9763.625.279
child Katana is kinda but it's not nah9766.145.219
she's great here we go she's like oh I'm9768.8994.741
gonna name it no let me do it okay here9771.3594.861
we go Angelo Merkel I don't get it why9773.644.5
it's the chancellor of Germany Angela9776.224.32
Merkel and cologne Merkel oh now that9778.143.839
you explained it I hate it even more9780.544.62
okay perfect let's do this okay up this9781.9795.281
way so this is the way you know we got9785.164.319
we know we got metal coming yep how far9787.264.08
though since it's at night about yeah9789.4793.301
it's hard to see right now I know you've9791.343.599
been there so I have just like just a9792.783.48
couple minutes right like running yeah9794.9393.0
we're almost there here we go this is9796.263.179
like one of those metal rocks isn't it I9797.9392.761
don't know where's where's our little9799.4393.361
fella do we need a where's our girl do9800.74.02
we need a saddle for her to make her hit9802.85.519
things son of a Simon do we oh ah9804.726.24
probably so where the hell is she she's9808.3194.681
probably stuck somewhere maybe Knight9810.966.38
wasn't good call of course it wasn't9813.04.34
even more of those lassos9818.8194.681
hold on let me check because this9821.544.779
Gallimimus wandered in somehow and uh it9823.55.52
might be cool to try it out I don't but9826.3194.861
I can make some but yeah I need to be on9829.024.5
the Unicorn all right you make them and9831.183.96
I'll knock this guy out all right I9833.523.24
gotta I got three of them what am I9835.142.88
doing with this thing uh we're gonna try9836.763.12
to lasso this Gallimimus and drag him9838.023.959
out of the base9839.884.14
did I just kill it the dead Gallimimus9841.9794.081
he's got that Arrow that's a green arrow9844.024.08
right that is a green arrow why is he9846.065.7
dead backing up man yeah now drag it out9848.16.06
yeah come on drag it out and come out9851.765.46
yep lasso is useless and maybe it's just9854.164.92
for ones that are knocked out what the9857.223.719
heck why did he die I don't know maybe9859.083.18
it was just a low level and he just shot9860.9393.061
him in the face too many times let's see9862.263.599
what happens if I get passed out oh can9864.03.72
I laugh so you all right hold on I need9865.8593.421
to make another lasso okay I'll just9867.724.98
have another uh narcotic and this one9869.286.0
and here's two oh there we go one's all9872.75.22
it took that's pretty strong let's see9875.286.199
uh pulling out my left sub9877.926.96
oh hey yeah yeah hey you worked all9881.4794.901
right where are we going take him out9884.883.18
there yeah a second before a ride come9886.383.54
on dude it's a pony shot9888.064.46
doing it9889.922.6
kind of fun names I can't see you back9894.084.56
yeah yeah that's beautiful come on neebs9898.768.98
okay well hey hey what's happening oh I9904.15.219
still got you yeah9907.743.619
I'm gonna wake9909.3194.781
that's crazy all right so the lasso is9911.3594.421
good for that that was some pretty fun9914.13.66
science it was I'm glad we learned that9915.783.84
now I'm getting inside I don't like this9917.763.42
place at night T-Rex is everywhere9919.623.5
Carlos first thing in the morning though9921.185.06
argentavis hunt9923.123.12
putting it on putting it on yep nice all9927.05.34
right listen I'll ride him okay and I'll9929.765.639
have uh Sal follow me all right let's do9932.345.4
this again now we can see that's cool in9935.3994.981
it yeah that'll be good Sal come up come9937.745.46
on Salvador Salvatore I like to just9940.384.559
call him Sal though we all know it means9943.22.82
right salvation yeah that was kind of9946.023.9
the spark of the South Park right you9947.764.2
remember that salvation of course I do9949.923.3
well you just asked it in a question9951.963.18
nope nope I don't I don't actually or9953.224.38
salvation we gotta drop over here yeah I9955.144.08
know but but we have a thing to do yeah9957.64.5
we do see these guys I'm looking yes9959.225.04
that looks like a medley Rock huh I'm9962.14.56
gonna get the perfect Oak cake over here9964.264.8
that guy here let me get out of the way9966.666.14
all right oh get it yep how did you get9969.066.12
104 metal9972.85.44
at swipe do a 180 and get this one right9975.185.88
there see this stuff though honestly9978.245.1
this is really close yeah it's not far9981.065.4
no not bad at all yep and then this one9983.345.88
ma'am we just got 86 metal out of that9986.464.2
we got a good amount on this little9989.224.259
little Ridge up here hold on so right up9990.664.38
here do a little bit of foam a little9993.4794.981
smack a pow oh that was 161 metal9995.046.6
my ass is slowing down oh is it yep you9998.464.8
want to get one more and just slowly10001.643.5
make a word I don't know it's up to you10003.264.26
what do you think what do you think one10005.144.36
more and we'll just make our let's take10007.526.12
our time oh 108 yeah and I can't move10009.56.3
now is there Rock in there too oh yeah10013.644.2
let's drop all that you're such a smart10015.84.26
man I am there's plenty of rock to drop10017.844.44
all right look at this get one more one10020.064.2
more one more medley one we're not here10022.283.42
we're not gonna be able to move it all10024.263.24
right okay let's go back all right10025.73.36
heading back hold on hold on let's see10027.54.38
boom 135 Drop the Rock Let's go home10029.065.879
drop in the Rock going home say help I'm10031.884.68
gonna go home10034.9394.92
yeah this is the way to travel yeah all10036.564.56
right this Sergeant tape it's right10039.8594.021
below us there brown one yeah 104. let10041.125.94
me swing around for you oh yeah see oh10043.885.64
God my stomach's going into my uh my10047.064.62
mouth got a hit on him oh good here he10049.523.72
is he's coming all right let's lead him10051.683.96
to the valley oh it's the afternoon I'm10053.243.96
leading him fixed stay still stay still10055.643.12
stay still stand still all right dive10057.23.739
go right under me okay did that work yep10061.34.179
it's working I'm getting some shots off10064.163.96
always after me now pick out going not10065.4794.741
too far just a little bit here let me10068.123.48
get away from the water yeah okay I'm10070.223.719
gonna go left hold on hold on hold tight10071.64.62
all right go a little higher too if you10073.9394.261
would going up all right yeah rest here10076.224.139
rest here rest in here he's still on you10078.24.38
I know he's still on he's coming in hit10080.3594.321
you from here bam I'm a good shot nice10082.585.7
one after oh come on second one got the10084.686.42
third one I'm gonna go all right go oh10088.286.3
wow you drag him into the Rocks I think10091.14.799
he might have been a little low you10094.582.76
dragged him to the Rocks come here10095.8993.181
sucker you're not getting away from my10097.343.9
friend he needs a bird to ride what's10099.083.84
wrong with you10101.244.56
damn it he knows not to do that that's10102.924.559
right we're out front we got the birds10105.84.62
now all right I'm coming dick yeah can't10107.4795.101
drive me close to the ground like that I10110.424.14
was focused on one thing and not focused10112.583.66
on the ground it's tough with these10114.563.36
these guys all right I don't have any10116.243.0
more grapples we gotta fight this thing10117.923.479
on the ground yep oh I got a hit on him10119.244.14
where you going big boy you're gonna be10121.3993.54
mine all right you want to carry me this10123.382.88
time neebs I feel like I have better10124.9393.0
accuracy with you well I remember10126.263.12
getting yelled at a minute ago but okay10127.9393.481
well yeah just don't get me uh killed10129.385.28
okay this is it this is the moment we10131.425.58
bring the bird down oh he's Landing hang10134.664.319
on okay don't don't Jam me into a rock10137.04.62
okay you got him oh I'm trying to I'm10138.9794.92
gonna turn towards him man I want this10141.623.72
guy give me yeah give me closer names10143.8993.661
how's that all right yeah hold it hold10145.345.28
it hold it God I'm so bouncy got one10147.566.9
shot in there we go yeah here we go he's10150.627.22
down all right coming in for protection10154.465.88
all right careful slam me into this10157.844.599
ground noobs I'm going slow yeah10160.343.84
disconnected all right10162.4395.821
see that's inventory all right beautiful10164.186.179
narcotics yeah neebs has the narcotics10168.263.66
throw it in there neebs you got it man10170.3594.981
awesome fantastic we got ourselves a10171.925.96
ding dong10175.342.54
Simon yep made a second porch of that10179.064.2
metal is happening quick we just need a10181.343.12
little bit more hide we can make that10183.263.0
saddle for sale so why don't you take10184.463.6
Sal out get us some hide all right well10186.263.719
watch this I don't need to all right10188.063.08
you me watch it okay you watch bam10191.145.08
where'd you tell yourself that so easy10194.184.44
how'd that go well it's going great oh10196.224.679
[ __ ] what this guy's attacking me oh God10198.625.46
things might be bad why I'm I'm still10200.8995.821
alive oh God what's going on Simon I10204.084.38
don't know but he's getting the meat10206.723.48
that's all that matters we don't need10208.463.96
meat what do we need again hide oh he's10210.23.9
getting hide that's all that matters10212.422.88
that's all that matters but he's10214.13.299
fighting a whole bunch of things well I10215.33.3
thought it was just what you attacked10217.3993.061
well I only attacked one thing and then10218.63.42
Southern stuff came in why don't you10220.463.899
bring him back hold on oh look this10222.023.959
[ __ ] idiot's getting involved I don't10224.3594.021
know why this is such a thing oh God is10225.9795.101
the Bronto Simon10228.385.479
oh Jesus10231.087.44
all right stop ow oh God Simon yep hey10233.8597.061
what are you doing I'm coming back in I10238.523.86
don't know what the hell's going on well10240.924.46
all I did was hit one thing10242.385.62
well I didn't touch the brono all right10245.387.24
brono died thank you good holy ah [ __ ]10248.07.56
oh good job yeah we'll make that saddle10252.624.319
you want to take him out for the first10255.564.68
ride no what yes sure just gave all the10256.9395.04
answers all right here we go well where10260.244.02
you going where's Sal he's over here Sal10261.9793.96
I'm sure that feels good but come on10264.264.679
still all right Simon ready I'm ready go10265.9398.521
for it yeah oh yeah go get em look at10268.9397.741
this oh there's a drop right here I'll10274.464.56
get it all right well I'll go over to10276.686.6
the drop with Sal old Sal man you know10279.025.52
what I want to have tonight for dinner10283.283.659
what ravioli why don't we have prime10284.545.88
meat with ravioli10286.9395.661
holy crap I think it does we got him10295.125.8
let's see oh it worked yeah nice I mean10297.8595.46
it kinda is it is it is it coming what's10300.924.08
that what that sounds like a T-Rex10303.3193.261
holy crap Oh Me Oh Me okay it's on you10306.585.5
oh grandpa lost the bird I keep losing10309.84.38
it what do you mean you keep losing what10312.084.319
do you mean I I hate it when you ask10314.184.2
that that's the real exactly what it10316.3994.321
says it means it means I keep losing10318.384.82
this damn thing okay what do you mean10320.726.059
we'll try it again what do you mean all10323.25.079
right hold on I'm tracking it I'm10326.7793.66
watching is it with me yep okay I think10328.2794.08
I got it this time now when I say what10330.4393.061
do you mean what do you mean you think10332.3592.401
you got it this time I mean I think I10333.52.88
got it this time what do you mean you10334.765.179
lost it I feel lost10336.383.559
okay you lost it I know what did it mean10341.387.08
you lost it I mean you lost it exactly10344.184.28
okay doors open oh God there's a pig in10350.746.159
here hold on I'm coming down in the base10354.8594.381
in the base in the base in the base he10356.8993.601
was in the back in the water near the10359.244.4
dock where is this pig10360.53.14
oh yep I was right Pig I'm getting him10366.74.9
all hands on deck shut the front door10369.8593.96
just in case all right getting it with10371.63.78
techie Cube come on get the other wolf10373.8194.141
in here um Wolfenstein coming in oh boy10375.384.22
come on wow10377.965.28
yeah come on get him guys we got you10379.66.54
Sergeant Davis team hey all right didn't10389.8594.54
even really need to drag him in here but10392.8993.54
it was fun uh it is nice to go to a10394.3993.42
safer place but the fact that thing10396.4393.241
breaks so much that's crazy I know it10397.8194.341
was nuts all right10399.685.219
ding dong get some blue paint calm ding10402.164.96
dong that's what you do yep10404.8994.981
congratulations after thank you thank10407.124.88
oh crap what happened I grabbed an egg I10412.3596.221
got a stego chasing me okay come back10415.9395.641
please help me this stego right here10418.585.04
it's in the water yeah it doesn't seem10421.583.48
to be much of a threat Well it can't10423.623.239
really get to me well you got that egg10425.063.36
so we're gonna have a stego at some10426.8593.54
point are we are we gonna but can you10428.423.84
kill this this one stego you want me to10430.3994.621
kill Mama yeah I do and that baby's is10432.264.8
that gonna hatch I don't know what yeah10435.023.48
put in a fire or something I don't know10437.062.64
if there's a way to do it you think10438.53.3
we'll try kill mama get that like10439.74.38
element dust and all the I could do that10441.83.78
I don't mind killing the baby it's10444.083.6
always I mean not the baby the mama yeah10445.583.72
as long as we're gonna take care of the10447.683.719
baby it's in our hands now or it's10449.34.26
dinner one of the two what do you think10451.3994.141
Sal you want to adopt a child do you10453.563.839
want us to eat it uh Sal doesn't care10455.544.8
until next week what we'll find out did10457.3995.641
we eat the egg did we decide to raise it10460.345.18
that's intriguing10463.044.859
what will they do10465.525.08
um we'll probably go home10467.8995.101
look at this I know man I miss flying10470.64.679
it's so fun oh wow it's a bridge holy10473.04.62
crap there is a bridge yeah who used to10475.2794.141
live here some Heathen somebody that10477.623.3
didn't know how to upkeep a bridge10479.423.479
that's for sure yeah some ancient10480.924.92
civilization long before us oh sweet10482.8995.04
sweet I found something I've been10485.844.26
wanting oh wait thick oh no abstract get10487.9393.361
out of there oh yeah is that an alpha10490.14.56
Raptor [ __ ] okay can you lead him away10491.38.16
yep let me try come on come on yeah he's10494.667.1
uh okay well now he's still there10499.465.76
neebs you try I'll try oh the alpha10501.766.219
Raptor right oh boy yeah there he is10505.224.86
don't let him jump on you neebs watch10507.9794.5
out thick okay he's on you okay all10510.084.02
right he's going away sweet all right10512.4793.84
I'm making my move okay got him out I10514.13.839
got eyes on the off Raptor steel you10516.3193.601
should be fine awesome yeah this is what10517.9393.781
I need I need these rare flowers because10519.923.6
there's a brew you can make that resets10521.723.96
all your ingrams I love brew and I need10523.524.919
to reset all my ingrams shall we head10525.684.86
home yeah may as well but hey it's good10528.4393.781
to know this is here yeah flowers10530.543.72
crystals obsidian we're learning more10532.224.139
and more about this place every day it's10534.263.96
been a good day boys it has been a good10536.3594.201
day and we're flying now I've been10538.224.38
flying but yeah welcome welcome to the10540.563.88
nice to be on the Open Seas10560.8995.04
uh yeah I don't know if I'd call this C10563.385.5
so far it looks like a lake enclosed see10565.9394.981
sir yeah it's nice to be out on the lake10568.884.439
neebs yeah yeah what do we want to do10570.924.559
where do we want to explore I mean10573.3195.401
resources right uh right we just kind of10575.4794.861
swing by the coast here see what's up10578.724.02
yeah let's see a big old pink drop down10580.344.32
the way uh we've never done a drop yet10582.743.72
me and you we have it there's a robotic10584.664.52
stegosaurus to the right10586.464.939
watch out for that rock peeps I'm gonna10591.3995.281
hit it10594.3192.361
it's not like sea of Thieves is it no if10598.3994.38
nothing else we can grab you know like10601.044.26
wood rocks maybe we'll see some metal10602.7794.561
yeah honestly would I mean you know the10605.34.139
area we're at we're kind of it's not not10607.344.08
very wooded yeah it's wood up you want10609.4393.84
to Wood up with me like that old cameo10611.425.16
song yeah getting wood what up10613.2796.261
what's cameo10616.582.96
yeah what is wrong with you I just10626.85.2
wanted to push this to the limits see10629.424.859
what it can do yeah wear it up let's get10632.04.64
this drop10634.2792.361
Simon yeah remember that stego egg I got10636.8197.301
I ate it you ate it accidentally yes I10639.9795.761
remember that right I even made like10644.123.84
this little fire thing it's yeah I was10645.744.26
gonna try to like heat it up and do the10647.963.6
thing it would have been great but then10650.03.779
I ate it yeah you ate our baby follow me10651.565.16
okay listen next time you happen to eat10653.7794.921
one of our babies well I'm gonna be more10656.724.02
upset this is your one you get a10658.74.32
mulligan on on baby you're doing that to10660.744.68
me I'm just saying if I eat a baby I get10663.024.08
one Mulligan too yeah let's not eat10665.424.38
babies new rule right new rule no eating10667.14.02
babies right10669.83.24
um also I found10671.124.02
um like where my weapons point in that10673.045.34
way a little carrot patch really that's10675.145.28
a great one I like carrots they're good10678.385.04
for you it's it's there Nature's uh it's10680.425.7
Nature's uh toothbrush enema Nature's10683.424.5
dildo look at this look what's in our10686.124.44
trap snitch it is nature still though10687.924.979
that the cucumber a lot of things10690.564.98
eggplant yeah it's true you don't want10692.8995.58
to do a pepper well it depends on the10695.544.62
pepper well it really does that's true10698.4794.741
benzo yeah how spicy you are yeah look10700.164.739
at that bell peppers anyway look at10703.223.24
what's in her trap that's the ass of10704.8993.0
something pretty big yeah it's a big10706.463.54
thing in her trap but what is it it's a10707.8995.281
level 40 wild female Diplodocus all10710.05.16
right let's do it all right why not yep10713.184.56
Ready yep I'm ready real good let's see10715.164.8
how this goes all right huh we're10717.744.14
jumping right in because oh [ __ ] there's10719.964.38
a [ __ ] Dragon right there oh my god10721.885.04
oh they're my two little pumpkins of10724.344.74
course you have a dragon of course it's10726.923.96
a wyvern by the way of course yeah but10729.084.26
it's a form of a dragon it is form of a10730.884.019
drag what are you guys doing we're just10733.343.12
uh we're clearing our trap you have a10734.8993.481
lot of things in that trap I know it's10736.463.479
it's pretty great well you know what10738.382.939
after this guy we're gonna have to10739.9394.021
conserve our tracks agreed so hopefully10741.3194.5
this guy's gonna come down soon that's10743.963.24
just a level 40. those are pretty10745.8193.781
useless are they yeah yeah everything10747.24.26
looks great they look great they do look10749.65.58
good but drinks are I know I know Simon10751.465.64
all right what I can offer you guys10755.184.02
something something useful what do you10757.16.06
got so one is an ascendant sword that I10759.26.72
found in a drop oh it's all you Simon10763.165.04
the other is an ice wyvern by the name10765.924.399
of Dairy Queen Latif what's that what10768.24.98
but the challenge is I'm gonna give you10770.3194.841
both wingsuits I'm gonna take you up as10773.183.24
high as I can10775.163.779
if you guys can successfully land and10776.424.979
stay alive then you get one or the other10778.9395.46
or possibly both if you both survive if10781.3995.04
I can become part of a like a trolling10784.3994.141
game show like we're here for your10786.4393.42
pleasure is that what's going on it's10788.543.48
not my pleasure I just I I think it'd be10789.8594.141
fun kind of a twist it sounds like a fun10792.023.12
what I'm down corralius10795.145.759
out of it that's the least all right10798.465.38
fine I'll do it yes all right we gotta10800.8994.441
still knock this guy out yeah we're busy10803.844.26
we're gonna knock him out whoa what's up10805.345.04
with you you okay bud yeah I think it's10808.14.32
out it's got to be out are you out that10810.384.92
is interesting it's complete it's out10812.425.58
like this are you are you out I'm trying10815.35.4
to get into it how do I get into you bud10818.05.96
it's really hard to get in it10820.73.26
it's pretty cool large boy names love it10824.424.38
man it looks inviting you know what10826.465.22
let's explore we should name this what10828.84.2
do you want to name it I don't know like10831.682.759
this looks like National Park material10833.04.02
doesn't it yeah Archie Bunker national10834.4394.321
park that's what you want to call it no10837.024.32
okay I'm spitballing okay that's what10838.763.78
you do when you name things isn't it10841.344.08
turn it there we go oh yeah perfect10842.546.54
slide all off the board uh what do you10845.425.76
say ah crap you land around my face oh10849.083.239
sorry I didn't mean to land on your face10851.183.179
okay uh first things first we gotta name10852.3194.741
this place uh we got the two big rocks10854.3594.92
they kind of like an a which kind of10857.065.28
looks like a house of pancakes okay we10859.2795.521
call it IHOP National Park sure I'm fine10862.345.4
with that all right National Park and10864.85.519
Forest can I make a sign yeah oh damn it10867.744.14
yeah I mean there's whatever's in here10870.3195.481
hold on so you can make a sign first10871.887.26
okay I'm already making one I'm already10875.87.62
making one too so okay here we go10879.144.28
uh whoever wins this gets what'd you10883.66.0
call it IHOP National Park10886.223.38
how do you spell National10890.743.42
Park uh boom done yeah I was I was done10894.586.14
five minutes ago are you the winner10898.525.28
yeah explain this to me yeah it was a it10903.84.62
was a passive tame yeah we were just10906.3193.721
unloading in that thick you knew that10908.423.72
didn't you I did you know what I'm you10910.043.66
know what I'm betting I'm betting that10912.143.839
you didn't know because obviously we10913.74.26
wouldn't know and I still don't know how10915.9793.84
you'd passively tame I put some berries10917.964.56
in it but the thick a real friend10919.8194.921
wouldn't have let us I tried to keep you10922.524.44
from taming it no but you said it was a10924.744.44
waste of time open arrows into it you10926.964.439
know what he didn't no because uh when a10929.184.259
Ted was hanging down uh-huh10931.3994.38
it said put taming food in uh yeah well10933.4393.901
I saw that when I was closer but yeah so10935.7793.481
I was trying to get a better shot so I10937.344.139
had my stuff off gotcha like this well10939.264.26
anyway we got this thing useless10941.4794.081
probably you know what's gonna get some10943.524.02
berries for us yeah you damn right it's10945.564.379
gonna get a bunch of of the what do we10947.544.14
need but listen she's gonna be our berry10949.9393.781
[ __ ] that's her name that's her name10951.684.259
Barry [ __ ] wake up wake up10953.724.16
make a hole guys10955.9395.581
what's up I made a hole here we go wake10957.884.559
yay all right here we go10962.4396.241
Mary [ __ ]10965.3593.321
those two signs are nice aren't they10969.3194.921
I would probably do the trick this guy's10972.8592.341
coming back though whoa there's a10974.244.619
Megalodon on oh yeah hey that's what you10975.27.079
get that's what you get okay where is he10978.8594.741
oh there you are he's right there in the10982.2795.061
Rocks sucker oh I'm sorry10983.67.2
I know he's coming up the Rocks okay I'm10987.345.74
gonna kill you you messed up our10990.85.84
megapithecus thing we were doing10993.083.56
I'm gonna Peck you in the head hope it10997.463.18
was worth it10999.382.41
we need to make a bed11000.645.179
thank you11005.8193.181
all right gentlemen this is for a wyvern11011.9795.46
yes ice wyvern named Dairy Queen Latifah11014.3196.241
okay whoever survives the longest Winsor11017.4394.92
all right should I just try to let go of11020.564.14
this yep all right11022.3594.561
um is it there countdown I Let Go all11024.73.38
I see ya I see ya all right [ __ ] see11028.088.26
both of you okay oh no what nothing I11032.924.62
see you but I'm not doing the right11036.343.599
buttons do it here we go buttons here we11037.544.14
go you're following me I'm on your ass11039.9395.581
oh [ __ ] all right you just went wow I11041.685.58
didn't mean to now I'm following you all11045.523.72
right follow me I wasn't trying to steal11047.264.32
the show but11049.245.78
you guys look great go you got me11051.586.6
oh [ __ ] what'd you do all right it broke11055.025.379
I guess I'm getting a whimper oh God11058.184.44
there's a lot of fish down there what11060.3994.08
the [ __ ] all those birds there we go in11062.625.88
the water I'm good oh yeah that is a11064.4795.761
that's a problem did I get the wyvern no11070.245.94
I don't know you're not dead yet11073.125.88
are we back home I'm going right back11076.184.98
my stamina must I still have stamina I'm11088.544.64
is there something behind me11093.185.94
probably not11095.9793.141
oh [ __ ] come on11099.526.18
I'm alive baby still alive he made it11103.124.14
well then what how's this gonna work11107.264.38
release where are you at I'm by uh I'm11109.125.94
by my base is he back home yeah11111.645.28
you know what guys it's a bus we gotta11115.066.259
try this again all right all right11116.924.399
this place kind of looks like a national11122.344.0
park we're just gonna go around and name11124.4793.361
national parks today like everywhere11126.343.84
yeah we're like Lois and Clark what do11127.843.96
you want to name it I don't know big big11130.184.98
rock park Big Rock National Park I'm11131.84.8
gonna check out up there I'm curious11135.163.6
I'll make the sign huh yeah you make the11136.63.66
sign you do that Bubba you don't want to11138.764.2
race uh no I'm fine I'll see you win one11140.265.099
and that's how you keep the title isn't11142.964.56
it you got it a good place for a good11145.3593.601
fortified base there's a little Bridge11147.524.62
trapped in the sun I got great that's so11148.966.06
interesting just placed it cool what'd11152.145.16
you name it Big Rock National Park oh11155.023.66
God you actually went with that huh11157.34.5
there it is wow Boom Big Rock National11158.685.52
here we are uh Teddy Roosevelt what do11161.83.36
you like the president that said let's11164.22.579
do national parks I would have to brush11165.164.08
up on my history to be 100 on that okay11166.7794.441
but I like the idea of national parks so11169.244.14
whoever did it you know props leaves11171.224.139
made this sign so we're good you want to11173.383.24
come in here a little bit check things11175.3593.54
out yep we know in the other biome there11176.624.739
were big beats Terror Birds11178.8994.621
all right guys you see that drop down11183.523.72
there I do yep that's your Landing Point11185.24.68
get to the drop survive okay I get it11187.247.199
all right in three two one go oh yeah oh11189.888.64
yeah yeah you like that I love it11194.4396.901
come on baby all I needed was a drop for11198.525.58
motivation yeah11201.345.66
yeah come on11204.16.24
come on bam got it all baby you got it11207.07.319
oh you got some holes11210.343.979
he did beat me he did yeah11215.3994.741
looks like a National Park episode uh11225.524.919
yeah kind of looks like a national Beach11228.73.6
did they ever do any national beaches11230.4393.301
National Beach Park yeah I guess you11232.33.54
could put a park on a beach yeah is that11233.743.119
what you're gonna call this National11235.843.42
Beach Park yeah I'll make the sign we'll11236.8593.841
make it when we get back that's a big11239.263.48
rock gonna carry me up there yeah sure11240.73.84
yeah we're getting the water here okay11242.744.14
lay out yeah11244.546.02
sure there here we go hold a turtle11246.887.32
names hasta luego that's Spanish episode11250.566.219
I know it's Spanish a jackass I speak a11254.23.42
this looks beautiful look at this I like11259.265.74
this oh I see kangaroos kangaroos yep11262.184.799
good deal you want that drop over there11265.03.24
green drop11266.9793.781
um yeah you do okay I guess so oh I see11268.245.46
yeah lots of kangaroos horses I miss11270.765.7
mule you miss oh you just I mean he just11273.75.159
left him I know but I hope he's okay I11276.464.319
see a bloody Bronto oh he's getting11278.8594.62
chased by a T-Rex oh great well you can11280.7796.061
grab this okay do it quick okay come on11283.4795.161
keep an eye on him let me know if you're11286.843.3
probably yeah he's after that brother no11288.643.719
worries all right brother was dead oh my11290.144.82
God what what you're bowing oh11292.3595.341
I was being chased by T-Rex we said that11294.964.6
holy crap all right Jeeps keep that11297.73.72
T-Rex off of me oh you cute little11299.564.879
bastard I just look a little [ __ ] yes11301.426.24
access your inventory put a couple of11304.4395.801
berries in your butt come on take me11307.664.02
little bastard oh you might be getting11310.244.739
close to you maybe T-Rex no he's going11311.685.219
the other way okay I'm keeping I hope11314.9794.38
he's the only one hey I got a job you11316.8995.521
got him I do oh I'm so happy okay I'm11319.3596.021
coming back to you I'm so happy11322.425.28
meal's gonna be jealous don't serve11325.384.479
favoritism oh no Mew can't ride with me11327.75.4
on my shoulder okay well pick me up what11329.8594.92
am I gonna name you you cute little11333.14.56
thing buttons little buttons little11334.7794.921
little nipples little little button11337.665.48
nipples it's a long name11339.73.44
all right guys let's go get your stuff11343.184.92
and then I'll take you to get uh Dairy11345.464.5
Queen Latifah but who got Dairy Queen11348.14.32
well it was who survives so it was11349.964.08
doralius yeah but you beat me to the11352.423.84
thing I did but we didn't make it clear11354.044.26
there it would have been good if it was11356.264.86
just not survived Simon what we both win11358.34.92
we do you know what it's like you're my11361.124.5
hubby right I'm the [ __ ] right yeah hey11363.224.259
do you guys see your stuff11365.624.38
um there's normally a light that uh yeah11367.4795.34
oh we up I see a light you do yep so go11370.05.16
down and to your right please or yeah11372.8195.881
okay oh what there's a couple nests for11375.165.64
what the dinocus I think they're called11378.77.1
dinocchius dinocchius uh eggs11380.85.0
what's wrong with rallies he's just say11386.8194.0
oh I just want it I don't even know what11389.23.48
it is I wanted do you see an egg in the11390.8194.021
nest uh possibly I don't even see what11392.683.299
the hell you guys are talking about11394.843.479
those round things yeah is it dangerous11395.9795.34
here uh it can be yes okay can I get it11398.3195.821
and there is an egg yeah ahead can I11401.3194.321
just jump from here you can repel down11404.144.08
go get the egg then grab it back on okay11405.645.28
okay you ready oh this is big I got it I11408.224.559
got an egg come on we're already right11410.924.14
over here right right uh quit moving11412.7795.091
what are you moving for coming back11415.065.899
I'm bleeding what happened11425.344.86
yes oh hey hey you got it yeah I got it11433.625.62
just pick me up please okay wait wait11437.563.719
hey pick me up and go we gotta make a11439.243.72
bed for Simon I can keep us safe why11441.2792.761
don't you just pick him up he'll come11442.962.519
back at the base get me out of here did11444.043.359
he have a lot of stuff I don't know we11445.4794.141
can make stuff I can keep us safe you11447.3993.901
didn't keep me safe and I don't have11449.623.12
another thing to latch on to you okay11451.33.24
individual rides all right all right got11452.744.32
an idea oh sorry wrong button coming11454.544.819
why are we doing that oh the rock yeah11474.2794.021
yep okay so that's cool yeah I always11476.083.6
wanted that movie to start you know when11478.32.7
the guy lifts him off the Rock and I11479.682.759
always just wanted him to [ __ ] throw11481.03.68
he's fine he lands on his feet is he11486.063.46
if he's dead or not no he's fine he's11489.523.36
right down there I'm gonna go get him11491.24.44
okay I'll meet you down there oh oh [ __ ]11492.884.74
I have fallen grab the bird grab the11495.644.74
bird here I am Rescue Mission okay ah11497.625.1
crap now I'm stuck come on I'm having a11500.384.559
hard time hold on I can do this well the11502.723.96
bird just went after something okay oh11504.9393.181
boy where'd he go I don't know he's down11506.683.24
here I'm jumping down okay oh God11508.123.779
there's a rep all right I'm coming oh11509.924.08
boy where are you at I'll call Raptor11511.8995.661
yeah ah all right raptor is down okay11514.06.24
all right where's my baby is he okay11517.564.48
somewhere around here where's my boo11520.244.56
your bird no no that's a bird probably11522.045.52
dead you threw him off a giant rock11524.85.04
all right get the bird I got it pick me11527.564.259
up yeah we out of here uh no are you11529.843.18
guys still want to look for a little11531.8194.321
baby oh now you love him oh boy he's11533.024.86
dead now no he's not he's fine he's11536.143.719
somewhere down there that giant creature11537.883.66
side of the rock where are we on we're11539.8593.841
on this side okay so he's right below11541.543.84
there yep looking forward things11543.73.54
following us it's a T-Rex all right lead11545.383.78
it away11547.245.039
what you got us into it was fun it was11549.165.699
fun killing your precious little cuddles11552.2794.261
not dead we would have seen it if he was11554.8594.201
dead he's fine okay we lose him I don't11556.544.08
see him behind us but yeah I can't11559.063.06
really see anything but we're much11560.622.819
faster than he is anything dangerous11562.123.54
down here no drop me hey where are you11563.4393.721
little baby is that a bag over there11565.662.96
uh yep that is a jabola bag okay so he11568.625.319
did die what a shocker I know I need11571.7794.5
another jaboa okay it's getting to be11573.9394.92
night though so okay well now that I11576.2794.441
know where they are I'm so uh yeah let's11578.8594.101
go home11580.722.24
we killed a Jabba11584.9793.84
boa Simon I am sorry these things are11588.8193.721
not Nimble I was trying to get low11591.13.48
enough for doralius to Grapple on but11592.543.48
listen the fact that you came back with11594.583.48
Diego's all that matters it is I guess11596.024.919
yeah so this is the thing the the thing11598.065.52
that jumps onto our T-Rex and wants to11600.9394.201
try to kill it like we saw in the11603.584.859
trailer yeah so uh what level is the egg11605.145.339
I don't know hold on I can take a look11608.4395.34
is it still too cold yes it is yes it's11610.4795.041
still too cold um that's why I'm making11613.7793.481
pliers can you look at it with your spy11615.523.419
glass oh I guess I could look at it with11617.263.0
my Spyglass look at that look at me11618.9393.301
suggesting things yeah make her fire11620.265.04
Simon what well it's we're a team yeah11622.244.38
but what do you want me to do what I11625.32.46
just sat out of my mouth what do you11626.622.52
mean make fire you want me to just11627.763.24
be down more campfires because if so you11631.03.899
need to your words better11633.044.26
I just said make fires no I said lay11634.8994.321
down campfires that's different is it11637.34.44
kind of it's a level 16 but this is a11639.224.98
new dino so I mean I'm not I'm not gonna11641.744.86
say hey let's just eat the egg what's11644.24.56
that uh is it is it working now no it is11646.64.32
working it's working there we go so it's11648.764.32
going to be important to imprint it as11650.925.04
soon as it hatches I got it and then you11653.084.62
gotta keep it from wandering so you have11655.963.54
to disable the wandering on it as well11657.74.92
thank you sir what a day do we have an11659.56.0
incubating Egg song incubating hey11662.625.12
get ready to kill those fires boys all11692.645.74
right yep any second big moment there it11695.4393.981
kill the fires oh there we go trailers11699.425.439
what come over here and imprint that11702.644.02
thing or one of you there we go I got it11704.8594.92
I got it here we go imprint it there you11706.666.18
go all right good boy doralius that was11709.7797.141
worth it there we go oh look look at our11712.846.9
new baby you guys baby noodles baby11716.925.58
noodles hey noodles11719.745.039
you gotta protect noodles salad noodles11722.54.399
that's come on ABC salad noodles11726.9398.48
fabrication time right but we don't have11744.966.46
oil and so you got the fencing yeah got11748.34.139
all the fencing it's in the little11751.423.12
storage bit over there uh over here yep11752.4393.54
okay I'll grab it it's actually called11754.543.42
railing railing on fencing I know11755.9793.181
because every time I go to craft it I11757.963.3
type in fence and then it's like what is11759.164.199
it it's Grayling it's railing so we're11761.264.04
gonna build a cage on the boat yep okay11763.3596.54
and then we will go tame a Navy yes11765.37.2
well that's that's what we'll go for11774.664.06
because you know the teeth protection11776.684.32
all of it yeah but yeah as long as we11778.723.12
can move around a little faster11781.03.0
absolutely but uh you got meat narcotics11781.844.62
uh yep I'll give you half of things and11784.04.68
uh yep yep yep don't lose those we're in11786.463.78
the water okay let's get to building11788.684.04
this thing11790.242.48
noodles Simon yes sir how big noodles is11795.8997.721
I know and uh a little bit slow can't11800.24.98
take much weight so we're gonna have to11803.624.62
advance that right but but we need to go11805.184.86
out on like a little bit of a weak11808.244.199
Killing Spree right killing it but look11810.046.48
at this oh that's nice that's nice and11812.4395.401
you know look at this look right over11816.522.94
here what you see this Speedy little11817.843.42
fella right here yeah I think the Speedy11819.463.3
little fella needs to get pound stuff11821.263.12
yeah but it's gonna run away this guy11822.765.34
but but don't you think that if we try11824.386.72
to attack it this thing would kill it11828.16.42
um like if you set it to attack oh huh11831.16.839
if you got off would you run after it11834.525.28
um probably not a good idea yes bleeding11837.9394.92
out pretty good yeah yeah come on baby11839.85.099
because you need we need to hide don't11842.8592.821
um yeah always yeah always but for the11845.683.719
saddle we need the saddle for look at11847.8992.941
this look at this guy I got very very11849.3994.741
[ __ ] yeah does Berry [ __ ] need a do11850.845.9
you ever level up any of our animals11854.145.7
yeah okay level up very [ __ ] okay very11856.745.92
[ __ ] looks uh it's pretty rough some11859.845.7
serious overbite I love it it's adorable11862.666.239
yeah I love it all right I'm gonna11865.548.899
oh Simon yo I've got it11868.8995.54
um yes11875.564.16
I found one maybe in a drop as well but11879.725.759
yeah I have one11882.463.019
you know what yeah that's gonna be11889.144.179
Simon's Weber Simons but we're still a11890.923.72
team Simon you got a weapon coming11893.3193.301
listen watch this Thrice what I'm11894.643.54
putting it in speed baby check it out11896.623.859
sorry about that11919.683.36
not gonna stop11924.4793.42
all right Dairy Queen Latifah follow me11930.346.36
you're going to a new home but first uh11933.2796.0
I just want to see something just wanna11936.75.34
oh okay so there's a lot I don't know11939.2796.721
about this uh just just hold tight hang11942.046.899
tight hang tight we're gonna go wide11946.05.72
because look to be honest11948.9395.88
you are I'm not gonna say you're weak11951.724.719
I'm not going to say that because you're11954.8194.321
a lady and I'm a gentleman but you are11956.4396.061
inferior so we have to replace you with11959.146.839
someone something else oh oh is that oh11962.57.8
oh we gotta fight who was who oh Mary11965.9797.38
Queen follow me let's have one last go11970.35.9
here is this who's who11973.3597.5
oh hold on it's that one come here11976.27.9
taking nips out of him I wish I knew who11980.8596.661
was who can't see [ __ ] oh there's the11984.18.7
okay come on women fight I think you're11987.528.48
weaker than Queen that's right11992.87.139
a couple more Chomps all right hey Queen11996.07.24
come this way just real quick real quick11999.9394.681
we gotta12003.243.659
be all right up there all right I gotta12004.624.98
get get the stamina back12006.89912.901
Papa's coming12019.84.559
can't bring a dead wyvern back to my12021.8994.5
friends then I have to go get another12024.3596.861
egg oh watch out we got him12026.3999.781
yeah oh killed an ice wyvern level 44.12031.228.62
no don't go don't here time to go don't12036.186.9
follow it down [ __ ] don't follow it12039.844.5
oh [ __ ]12044.345.639
ah God more damn it all right kill this12045.8596.54
one too12049.9792.42
okay you stay here12069.63.24
[ __ ]12071.3993.241
don't do that again12072.844.5
you almost picked everyone12074.644.58
wait what12077.346.12
oh okay gotta love these uh12079.228.559
times to uh you know level up wait12083.466.24
you're carrying more and more you're12087.7795.58
getting so strong noodles yes you are no12089.76.56
dolls all right so we need metal yeah12093.3596.301
and that's it right uh I don't know how12096.265.559
we're doing it we gotta hide we got all12099.663.659
the hype we need we gotta hide we got12101.8193.601
metal thing we've done this before I12103.3194.561
know but this is gonna be fun yeah it's12105.426.0
gonna be nice and simple it is man we've12107.886.479
got a family we do we're doing good but12111.426.0
Sal is very lonely like Sal needs12114.3594.741
someone that's like sitting there we're12117.423.3
getting there I know you say that but12119.13.0
it's kind of like the honeymoon that12120.722.58
never happened12122.13.36
you know like oh honey I'll take you out12123.34.08
I promise we'll go to Hawaii yeah and12125.465.18
all we do is go to the Pocono12127.383.26
look who I got here not a scratch on12134.73.06
Earth I'm12136.83.059
kind of hey12137.764.98
hey we're getting it12139.8594.561
you don't need to because we got the12142.744.92
thing watch this oh watch this see what12144.424.28
are you doing12147.664.02
that's what he's doing nice I don't know12148.75.14
what I got cause my HUD was off nice12151.684.32
this way salmon all right all right it's12153.844.559
like down the way thank you thick yeah12156.04.14
I'll go ahead and park her back at your12158.3995.58
base yes I cannot wait to abuse that12160.146.139
I can't I can't move I'm gonna die I'm12167.343.78
gonna die I'm screwed I'm screwed I'm12169.4395.04
screwed I'm screwed Dave yeah oh afro12171.127.199
crap ah boy ridiculous come on it's gone12174.4796.601
already reach it without falling in you12178.3195.221
reach it right there I'm trying to raise12181.084.98
it all right oh oh three okay crap then12183.544.56
start driving no okay can you just get12186.066.2
it right here yeah let me try all right12188.16.42
how'd you fall off the boat well I was12192.263.88
just I was just checking in the water to12194.523.419
see if we have any uh megalodons nearby12196.144.46
you got it yeah got it I did see some12197.9395.281
ridiculous okay but listen we can't have12200.64.78
those things around yeah no kidding hmm12203.224.08
wonder if our little cage will protect12205.384.14
us from those yeah I don't know but look12207.34.679
let's move you ready yeah been ready put12209.523.839
your stuff on let's get away from these12211.9793.84
guys and then let's look for uh you know12213.3594.981
shark don't fall off the boat again12215.8194.021
though right no I didn't fall off the12218.343.84
boat I jumped in the water specifically12219.843.42
to see if there were any megalodons12222.182.4
around and yeah I saw some this12223.262.7
direction well we learned the lesson12224.583.359
didn't we yeah don't jump in the water12225.966.5
if you see uh you know jellyfish yep12227.93910.021
what the hell is this all right uh I'll12232.468.1
check it out if I can12237.965.22
holy [ __ ]12240.565.62
is that a big spider down there12243.184.74
well it is12247.924.34
it is I uh I have a friend who would12252.847.439
like to meet you his name's turalius uh12256.3195.881
he would also need a new pair of pants12260.2793.301
after meeting you12262.24.56
let me go check things out hello12263.585.22
like a brood mother or something where12266.763.059
are you12268.82.099
I can't see12270.8993.721
what's happening what was that noise12272.465.399
can't even see this thing stats all12274.624.319
right you know what I'm gonna hit you12277.8593.361
with the tranq dart and uh let's see12278.9395.88
what happens hi yep you're just kind of12281.225.7
screwing around down there you know what12284.8194.141
I'm gonna come back with my friends I'm12286.923.359
at Tanya12288.963.06
it's about time we all got back together12290.2792.821
we're gonna get a spider12293.14.98
we got to keep an eye out for that T-Rex12296.164.079
buddy well yeah I just saw a T-Rex over12298.084.5
here I know so are we gonna well12300.2395.16
eventually I know eventually yeah for12302.584.92
Sal you mean but but we don't even know12305.3994.621
if it's a girl we don't care I know but12307.54.38
we want them to mate I know that makes a12310.024.44
lot of sense so until we get that going12311.885.82
on I do care okay I want a baby I want a12314.464.7
baby joke12317.74.14
oh yeah oh where's where's my new baby12319.165.02
speaking of babies right over there it's12321.844.68
hard to miss oh well it's easy for me12324.184.02
I'm gonna I'm gonna level up sales since12326.523.419
you don't do that all right I'll stop12328.24.86
but I've done that look at you how are12329.9395.581
you I'm gonna have to name this little12333.065.52
fella what do you think I need some help12335.526.18
no you don't no nope okay it's all on me12338.585.46
huh yep all right is there a rename12341.75.52
thing I forget options is there a name12344.045.04
thing change name12347.223.44
this is kind of big give me can you give12350.668.44
me inspiration the letter W okay12353.885.22
um okay obscure reference what you got12359.8197.561
Wally Joyner what oh baseball yeah it's12363.426.54
obscure it's totally obscure doing the12367.384.859
full name why not all right well I'll12369.966.68
lead you on her sports sports12372.2394.401
should I just jump in and look12376.9793.84
look for what megalodons well I can see12380.8194.681
underwater damn it's right see any oil12383.164.68
yeah tons of oil oh well geez we can12385.53.66
just stop and get that I mean that's the12387.843.0
whole point yeah I mean I was hoping to12389.162.94
have a Megalodon but yeah you want to12390.843.78
stop here I mean yeah oil was the uh the12392.14.08
whole point of the adventure yeah I've12394.622.4
been wouldn't have been fun had a12396.182.4
Megalodon yes and I'm still off we're12397.023.12
getting a Megalodon today but I mean we12398.583.48
also need oil okay we don't just want to12400.144.2
pass it right well uh there should be12402.064.86
some oil right under us so maybe should12404.345.28
just one of us go uh sure I'm in okay12406.925.54
you go12409.622.84
oh and a dolphin he's looking at me talk12420.624.5
to him12423.543.899
ask him if he's seen the shark somewhere12425.124.3
hold on I got some fish in my inventory12427.4394.981
I'll feed him okay perfect did he eat it12429.426.6
uh hold on hey come here buddy come here12432.425.399
are you playing hard to get in there he12436.022.58
can I marry you sorry screw it you gave12438.65.4
up already yeah you throw it away I got12441.843.479
time to sit here and mess with the12444.02.58
dolphin oh you're coming back let's12445.3194.221
teasing are you all right now12446.586.899
yep yep any more oil over here12449.547.66
hey guys hello hello how you doing12453.4796.96
pretty good hey how you do I do fine I'm12457.25.88
making a diplodocus saddle oh really12460.4396.96
damn right nice what are you doing uh I12463.087.08
found a giant spider like a giant like12467.3994.92
wait a second I've only seen that's12470.164.88
that's a different that's Conan nope12472.3196.181
this is also this game too I found a bit12475.045.199
of a trench with a ton of like spider12478.54.38
webs and stuff really and there was a12480.2394.801
giant rude mother spider in there I12482.883.599
don't know that I don't know what a12485.043.72
brood mother spider is we thought I I12486.4794.141
think we fought have we bought one we12488.764.86
maybe maybe so much Arc sounds like so12490.625.34
much heart sounds sounds like something12493.624.8
yeah but you want to see me put a saddle12495.966.12
yeah yeah all right yeah there really is12498.427.559
one sec hey that thing's awesome it's12502.087.34
pretty neat slam a jam let's do that12505.9795.661
Ding Dong12509.425.559
seater a 10-seater wow that's12511.645.44
unnecessary for us12514.9795.84
crazy I love it12517.086.659
come on we're trying to Here I Am come12520.8196.42
on Vic fix up come on12523.7393.5
man man12530.04.779
she can fly is she good for anything12531.625.739
else though nope oh okay I don't know12534.7794.321
acceptable you know what she's good for12537.3594.321
she's good for running on the beach in12539.14.44
slow motion yeah if you have 10 friends12541.683.96
or nine yeah and we don't have that many12543.543.779
well that's fun not a lot of people like12545.643.719
us that's a high class saddle that's12547.3194.62
pure leather you can smell it I can12549.3594.92
smell it that looks very nice12551.9394.441
um needs a level up of course I'm the12554.2795.601
only one shut up12556.383.5
oh look at her dance she's dancing12564.24.68
man what a dumb face is this a female12572.36.4
yes she has a dumb face she does the12575.764.8
dumbest face I've ever seen but I love12578.73.539
it and she's very sweet speaking of12580.564.74
females thick already named that wyvern12582.2396.12
Simon uh yeah I remembered that it was a12585.35.16
female and instead I named it after a12588.3594.5
1990s baseball player wait a minute you12590.463.779
changed your name changed her name12592.8593.12
changed your name you want to change it12594.2393.181
back I don't give a [ __ ] I thought I'd12595.9793.181
be more excited right now I just want to12597.424.14
get someone for Sal to bang yeah that's12599.164.619
our next goal really but I appreciate12601.565.36
the the the the the thing12603.7795.761
don't ever change her name she was given12606.924.78
that at Birth all right well you gave12609.544.98
her to me so now shut up12611.75.52
up to a right to a right to a right you12614.525.219
see one yeah uh should be right in here12617.225.099
okay yep front of the boat front of the12619.7394.561
boat all right I'm hopping down nope12622.3194.881
yeah I see him oh boy12624.35.72
I'm coming in all right12627.25.68
oh yep come here I'm gonna be in the12630.025.32
Navy what are you looking at hey this12632.884.32
might work out he's just like digging12635.343.36
himself into a rock oh God we got a12637.24.86
manta over here too oh crap yeah he's12638.75.34
away from us for now okay all right I12642.063.9
gotta grab some air uh the man there's a12644.043.8
man come here I start now12645.965.899
hold on keep it down12647.844.019
yeah that match is coming for me okay12652.464.26
probably kill him from the boat cage12659.34.54
right oh there's a shark you see him12661.4394.261
yeah he's right below us okay he's going12663.843.24
under though I got another hit on him12665.73.42
okay I'm going down watch out for that12667.085.04
man shot I'm in the cage well we need to12669.124.44
move closer12672.124.619
we go here we go oh he's on the shore on12673.565.419
the shore oh he's dead12676.7394.801
I don't know what's he doing what are12678.9795.201
you doing he just bitched himself we12681.543.96
don't want a shark like that in our team12684.184.08
anyway yeah what a loser come on man12685.55.16
pull it together yeah he's in the Navy12688.265.04
all right [ __ ] McHale's Navy yep keep12690.664.5
Simon yes sir so yeah this can latch12695.164.56
onto the side of big things in these12697.924.319
like red teeth pop up okay I got you12699.723.96
again in the case that you could jump on12702.2393.361
it but I'm not gonna mess with like what12703.684.74
about a Triceratops is that dumb uh the12705.65.16
Triceratops man I mean that's a tough12708.424.559
animal because now I see the teeth don't12710.763.719
you think it's tough though are you12712.9793.481
worried about your baby or baby it's our12714.4793.721
baby yeah I'm a little worried I mean12716.464.859
look I mean that's a big Hefty animal12718.25.22
I would go for you can't do it on a12721.3194.5
power sir no it doesn't no like the12723.424.38
little guys nope12725.8193.901
um there's certain sizes what about I12727.83.84
see I would feel more comfortable seeing12729.723.66
someone like this this is a Tim this12731.643.719
animal right here let me see oh yeah I12733.383.599
can jump on that I think this thing12735.3593.96
would run but maybe I'm wrong do I jump12736.9794.92
give it a jump12739.3195.641
hold on hold on I like how how clueless12741.8994.801
this thing seems well it's me that's12744.963.42
clueless no I know but I mean the animal12746.74.56
too it's kind of cool what do I hit what12748.384.5
do you hit they make it look so easy in12751.263.92
the trailer12752.882.3
right in front of this man should be12765.845.04
like oh yep if you go off the front of12768.544.439
the boat should see him right in front12770.883.66
wait do you stop the boat okay oh I see12774.544.26
him super close now oh yeah he's coming12776.764.32
up okay he's right here oh yeah I'm12778.84.86
getting some hits I'm going in come on12781.085.159
he's he's running don't you run you're a12783.663.44
hey give a change for the boat okay on12787.14.36
the boat yep I'll go back and get it all12789.664.68
right come on Big Boy be careful it's12791.465.58
coming okay yeah you see where I'm at uh12794.345.58
not yet yep I'm over here okay come this12797.045.52
way yes sir he's diving deep they on him12799.924.26
still no matter Ranch I think we're good12802.564.16
okay okay12804.185.96
boys oh boy12806.723.42
yes it's perfect12812.526.299
go down don't you run for me okay you go12814.86.179
after him I'll get the boat copy that12818.8194.741
sorry choking up peanuts yep a nice lady12820.9794.321
named Rhonda send us peanuts and I12823.562.58
shouldn't have eaten them before he12825.32.22
started the scene12826.144.2
sound like salmon right now you got eyes12827.524.74
on him I do have eyes on him oh God he's12830.343.479
swimming towards jellyfish though you12832.264.559
see me nope did he go down I don't know12833.8195.101
he may all got the jelly picture coming12836.8194.381
come to this come to the boat he's I12838.924.08
can't tell if he's down or not God he if12841.24.199
he went down he decided to go down right12843.05.52
around like 10 jellyfish come on can we12845.3995.34
get close and kill the jellyfish we12848.524.259
gotta determine if he's down or not12850.7394.58
jump in there see what you think okay12852.7795.401
he looked down to me okay let's kill12855.3195.021
these jellyfish and then let's paint12858.184.34
this guy all right switch it over to12860.344.559
regular bolts are they coming after you12862.524.18
can you kill these things I would think12864.8994.681
so hit markers no12866.74.44
no hit marker12869.583.48
oh yeah no there's one there's one all12871.143.02
right again12873.064.32
okay let's try the rifle yeah I'll do a12874.164.72
quicker job yeah all right yeah I got12877.384.28
one there we go how many more we got12878.885.04
it's hard to say just it's just like a12881.663.94
big pile of tentacles I don't see them12883.925.64
where are they him12885.63.96
kind of in front of us but he's staying12910.585.02
over there if you can lure a manta ray12913.264.32
to the land they're easier to fight yeah12915.64.219
I know12917.582.239
everything away from me it's a good12919.8593.841
lesson to remember absuro what like to12921.424.74
fight people on the on the on your Turf12923.76.0
you know we're 80 any minute now I can't12926.165.819
wait to eat some manta ray ass when we12929.73.96
tame this thing probably tastes like12931.9794.321
scallops wouldn't you think maybe I want12933.664.38
to imagine it'd be a pretty tough meat12936.34.139
do you think scallops are tough no I12938.043.72
would imagine this case kind of close to12940.4393.661
the squid12941.764.26
boy that's what I'm gonna name you big12944.12.639
it's close what are you level 40. did12946.7394.441
you say your name in Big Boy yeah but12948.664.38
it's a female so I'm taking that back12951.184.32
big I still like big boy though what12953.044.8
about big mama okay I thought big boy12955.55.52
would have been cool we did it no big12957.845.42
all right let's get this big [ __ ] back12963.565.44
home make a saddle12966.2395.221
all right man all right let's we got to12969.05.279
try a a bigger bigger let's try big guy12971.466.779
guys how big hey hey hey perfect hey12974.2795.7
will you do me a favor yeah so I'm about12978.2393.781
to anger a giant Beast this one that's12979.9793.781
right in front of uh that I'm facing12982.025.04
Yeah by trying to latch on the side12983.765.04
um if we need to take it down will you12987.064.14
help of course okay let's see if I can12988.86.559
uh let's try here we go come on12991.24.159
oh [ __ ] okay you know how that goes all12996.54.899
right you guys get back hold on try12999.425.0
again no no no well yeah yeah13001.3996.781
try again go get it oh you got you got13004.426.819
is it latched I don't know are you on13008.185.46
them no why can't I see blood going13011.2395.04
everywhere on the side13013.644.74
I hope he's not on the side because that13016.2793.481
thing's going in the water yeah but it13018.384.859
swims it does it do okay so you let go13019.766.719
of it yeah I sent it okay we're we're I13023.2394.981
don't know where's Noodles I don't know13026.4794.141
where she is noodles probably gonna die13028.224.86
yeah but that's not the not the attitude13030.624.619
we want no no but I'm already I'm almost13033.084.8
dead oh yeah yeah oh yeah13035.2394.62
on the side13037.884.14
I think she's on the side yeah just13039.8594.38
going to town huh yeah13042.025.16
where oh wait it's coming out oh yeah13044.2394.921
she's she's doing it13047.183.9
she's going to town on that thing she13049.167.56
looks bloody she looks bloody oh no13051.085.64
no no no13057.56.06
I know wow13060.467.24
son of a [ __ ] there13063.564.14
son of them that was a big deal13069.027.44
we learned a lot today noodles we13073.2795.881
learned how dumb we already knew we are13076.465.88
noodles you learn how to die13079.166.18
too soon totally your fault doralius I13082.344.92
know but you guys wanted to see the13085.344.68
latch oh yeah pounce so bad yeah I'm13087.264.92
like it's not ready I'm not ready I13090.023.839
remember when I said no matter what13092.184.799
happens even if it gets killed do it13093.8594.981
yeah I remember that yeah13096.9795.0
why I just waved13098.843.139
well this is an absolute mess yeah ugh I13103.166.119
don't know if this is permanent or13107.63.719
what's going on well it's obviously13109.2794.62
related to the structures plus yeah and13111.3193.901
they just decided not to update13113.8993.301
structures plus after they updated Arc13115.224.08
so hopefully it'll be all repaired soon13117.23.779
and everything will be back to normal13119.37.639
but right now it's uh it's a mess13120.9795.96
so I think everything's safe13132.3194.561
um we secured the door I'm afraid to13134.63.839
build anything else because uh it might13136.883.12
be crazy once things get back to normal13138.4393.5
yeah exactly13140.04.439
so I've been working on a boat yeah I13141.9394.031
saw it you've been working hard13144.4393.601
what happened to your place scratches13148.043.66
plus don't worry about it tell me more13150.383.66
about your boat neebs uh needing the out13151.74.199
front what are you guys doing about to13154.045.04
get on a boat oh can I come yeah of13155.8997.321
course okay all right episode so uh also13159.085.159
didn't want to touch the other boat13163.222.58
because they had some structures Plus on13164.2394.08
it right so this is just like uh like a13165.85.88
tower boat okay get up here I place this13168.3195.521
box look how this box did it's right in13171.683.54
the middle of the pillar which I think13173.843.18
works out pretty well you can still13175.224.679
access it yep neat we got torches so you13177.024.68
know you're up here we see something we13179.8993.781
want to add to our Navy right you know13181.73.06
if something gets on our boat like a13183.683.42
Sarco you're safe up here gotcha well13184.763.9
yeah Sarco would be great because we got13187.13.719
that nice saddle yep you got it with you13188.664.68
uh well it's in a storage bin so should13190.8194.141
I get it yeah grab it yeah let me get13193.343.84
that we'll push out we'll find the swamp13194.964.68
what do boats do thick they push out uh13197.185.46
boats you can push them out well that13199.644.56
wasn't really my question but all right13202.645.04
you well I'm you asked set sail set sail13204.25.22
that's a tail but we don't have the sail13207.684.139
on so that didn't make any sense except13209.423.66
boat go13213.084.8
Corrales what'd you do Simon I freaking13215.064.799
I screwed up why'd you get so close we13217.884.62
were getting we were so hold on okay13219.8594.5
step back I don't know if I can oh I13222.53.96
need a uh oh no he's gonna come through13224.3593.96
and we're screwed of course I need to13226.463.779
found it I don't have a foundation no13228.3193.721
Foundation to have Foundation oh that13230.2393.721
Foundation come on this stuff isn't13232.043.84
strong enough well we were we would have13233.963.54
happened had him down what do you think13235.883.3
well we would if they would have started13237.52.939
fighting right away maybe we should go13239.182.4
to the other side13240.4392.88
um so that they're attacking us from the13241.583.84
other side go go up there okay damn it13243.3193.96
let's start tracking go ahead I already13245.424.979
did oh yeah well I started shooting13247.2796.0
um oh oh that's not gonna okay yep I'm13250.3994.821
coming up top yeah I think that my own13253.2794.141
what'd you do of course I fell in here13255.225.139
why would you because I'm an idiot but13257.425.819
at least I moved them damn it I called13260.3594.62
there's no way well you're gonna die13263.2393.361
well I might not if I could jump through13264.9793.541
a window every jump through this window13266.64.94
can you jump through Windows13268.523.02
all right good job buddy all right oh13271.965.859
they're through they're through13275.544.26
um yep there's rope it wasn't meant to13277.8194.08
be it might have been we wouldn't know13279.85.099
well I I know we wouldn't I'm sorry it's13281.8995.281
all right I'm going at him all right I'm13284.8994.741
gonna get my stuff no you're not why13287.184.5
because look where it is I know but13289.643.36
where I thought you said they're out13291.683.12
they're out but they're staying here for13293.04.62
me okay well I'm going I'm gonna sneak13294.85.04
if I die I die at least I can get myself13297.623.779
oh they're heading that way watch out13299.843.599
now I know I'm gonna try to get my stuff13301.3993.601
gotta turn my head on [ __ ] should have13303.4393.54
done that they are really anti-structure13305.04.38
he's busy oh Simon I don't know if13306.9796.201
that's Simon I gotta find a chance13309.383.8
yeah this is not a good place for things13354.646.04
just listen the saddle's gone man we13357.644.839
just go back to the base grab apps road13360.684.44
yeah uh then we go in the right foot not13362.4794.26
the wrong foot no we'll we'll probably13365.123.06
we'll probably hit that wrong foot again13366.7392.821
a couple times before we get the right13368.183.12
foot right foot all right we already did13369.563.86
the wrong foot13371.37.38
oh oh no he's moving away okay I gotta13373.4211.22
come down okay okay okay okay okay okay13378.685.96
boy nice13389.83.84
here I guess one down one down no wrong13396.16.52
I don't want that come on oh no it's a13399.925.16
rat why is a raptor here why is there13402.626.0
Raptor here oh no no no no no no no no13405.086.6
no no no no no no no no no no no no no13408.626.98
no no no no no no no no no oh13411.687.799
it's not even helped Simon help me13415.66.46
I'm sure you gotta guide me man yeah I13419.4793.901
mean it's it's right over there you see13422.063.66
where those jellyfish are we gotta kill13423.384.74
the jellyfish yeah man I'm already sour13425.725.04
on this Navy thing you are yeah so I13428.123.84
guess forever to get the shark then we13430.763.179
lose it the damn jellyfish okay let's13431.963.96
kill these jellyfish right yeah well you13433.9394.861
guys go for it I got nothing well hey I13435.924.14
had some stuff that I found in a13438.83.24
dropouts bro okay whoops I don't know13440.063.839
why I just whistled hey I killed one13442.044.56
good job it's in this box over here and13443.8994.621
one thing's really really nice actually13446.64.679
two things uh ascending Pike that's13448.525.04
pretty good yeah a cluster grenade yeah13451.2793.601
I've never used one of those you think13453.562.759
they'll work on jellyfish I don't know13454.883.72
try to try it in the water okay there's13456.3193.601
only one way to find out in there I'll13458.64.339
move closer to these two13459.923.019
I'm out of them coming to you buddy I13471.565.4
had to wait for my bed okay I know I13474.83.42
know I know I need to get my stuff13476.963.899
otherwise I'm worthless I'm already kind13478.225.099
of worthless oh is that thing madame13480.8594.92
whoa is that another T-Rex is there a13483.3193.861
crap what is going on here ah you okay13487.186.94
not really13491.185.639
things happening oh come on come on come13494.124.739
on come on come on my steps in Grass13496.8194.92
yeah I'm picking [ __ ] oh sells on the13498.8595.88
cell and Barry [ __ ] are fighting what's13501.7396.481
going on I don't know but I'm back baby13504.7396.961
um that is another T-Rex another T-Rex13508.225.88
hey where are you at pulling these guys13511.75.579
away okay but where by where in the13514.14.5
wrong direction coming back to the base13517.2793.781
everything oh [ __ ] I'm lost there it is13518.66.02
I see the windmill okay13521.063.56
stay right here where well by the13525.4394.321
windmill I know but I'm at the Windmill13528.22.82
they're coming come on come on come on13529.763.36
come on where I am too Jesus I didn't13531.024.44
even say how could you not because it's13533.125.4
me where is my baby going there's no13535.465.12
sell sell sell13538.525.64
baby no cell waiting no cell what'd you13540.586.399
do it sweetie all right Simon you get on13544.165.64
sale come on baby I bet this thing's13546.9796.3
knocked out oh God come on Sal come on13549.85.7
oh God terrible now oh God there's a13553.2794.681
T-Rex right here I just don't do that I13555.55.3
know but I didn't open13557.962.84
sell sell yes exactly come here idiot13562.348.88
Sal cell13571.223.38
oh [ __ ] Sal no sale13576.564.339
oh that's not sale13584.268.46
oh he's still fighting get on Sal oh13592.727.62
move Berry [ __ ]13596.623.72
this is supposed to be the right foot no13601.184.96
this is the wrong foot yeah there's two13604.164.079
wrong foots two wrong foots make a right13606.143.66
thick never give me a cluster grenade13608.2394.08
again okay I went off so fast why didn't13609.84.32
you build this on the boat I feel like13612.3194.5
the boat is a bad place okay but then we13614.124.92
could use it again anyway well leave it13616.8194.741
right we're gonna try to get our junk13619.044.56
well there's a bunch of floating bags13621.564.74
out there yep I want my junk so if13623.64.74
you're into that hop on okay everybody13626.36.32
hang on this is gonna be bumpy yeah13628.347.2
my stuff is like right here so I'm gonna13632.625.5
jump out first I just wanna I'm gonna go13635.544.38
for it just go for it yeah just go for13638.123.659
it man actually you jump in first thing13639.924.019
why because that feel good for you you13641.7793.781
can be the bait I don't want that yeah13643.9392.641
but then you get back on the boat13645.562.1
because you don't care about my stuff13646.582.58
yeah and you have the crossbow so you13647.662.52
have something to protect yourself with13649.163.36
all right it doesn't make sense get them13650.184.58
on yeah13652.522.24
go crap crap crap crap crap huh help me13664.66.179
out see that man right behind me13668.3595.0
here come here13670.7796.481
come here now13673.3596.521
bag number one13677.265.74
and oh that's almost my good stuff and13679.885.28
do I even want this one may as well13683.06.02
while I'm down here oh yeah13685.163.86
it's all good now13689.85.939
oh running out of here13692.023.719
okay hey Astro hey oh stop the boat well13695.8596.521
who's driving the boat you calm down sir13700.2794.261
you're having a temper tantrum all right13702.384.08
he's probably stop the boat well I want13704.543.48
to look at these bags let's see what's13706.464.859
in here wood stove some food in here if13708.024.799
you guys need any food any cluster13711.3193.901
grenades no we only have the one let's13712.8194.92
take the stuff in these bags and rebuild13715.224.8
yeah no how about go back to your base13717.7394.2
and get like some real supplies our13720.025.12
space is a wreck structures plus anyway13721.9396.901
next foot is the right foot sure yeah13725.145.86
what put my foot in your ass wait a13728.844.139
minute why don't I have pants ah my13731.03.359
pants broke that's the end of the same13732.9794.5
thick no more talking shut up13734.3596.061
all right I got my stuff okay good for13737.4794.981
you man good for you all right so it13740.426.12
wasn't completely a waste of time no and13742.465.88
nobody died I swear I thought we lost13746.543.72
our baby I heard something back here13748.345.939
what yep there is a raptor behind this13750.268.04
rock what yeah hold on hold on oh if I13754.2796.481
just had a uh should we tame it yeah I13758.33.66
kind of want to block them in there hold13760.762.7
on a second wait do you have anything do13761.963.479
me a favor what let's wait just give me13763.464.14
a second I want to put my freaking armor13765.4394.34
hey buddy hey oh that's a wild why is he13787.726.759
not fighting me what's going on oh13792.024.919
that's another T-Rex that's an ALICE13794.4795.401
that's an out that's another T-Rex is13796.9395.88
this the I don't know but [ __ ] damn it13799.885.7
man we're now we're in the same boat oh13802.8197.681
Simon Simon oh boy Simon I'm on our baby13805.588.88
Simon I got a baby Simon I'm just saving13810.56.6
our baby oh look at you you know what13814.465.519
screw off no I'm trying to tame it okay13817.14.86
sorry oh okay maybe you should do okay13819.9793.181
I'm gonna do that go ahead and do that13821.962.76
because you know what it's got to go13823.163.659
down no we just need to just get one13824.724.8
good thing happening right now no okay13826.8195.04
but first to continue13829.524.2
um after this we need to build a wall13831.8594.201
around this damn place because today was13833.725.16
a good indication of uh we don't need13836.064.799
that Madness again no no we need13838.883.78
fellas yes I'm gonna try to tame a13842.664.8
dolphin again I know he failed last time13845.723.78
yeah if you want to I feel like you're13847.463.12
gonna get it and just going to run it13849.53.18
into some jellyfish well just avoid I13850.583.48
mean did you just run right into the13852.683.12
jellyfish no I was sitting there waiting13854.064.14
for our scene to start okay but like did13855.84.92
you look for a jellyfish no okay I'll13858.25.1
look for jellyfish next time so we gotta13860.724.679
put fish in your like zero slot that13863.33.84
works yeah I don't know you can go for13865.3994.321
it I have zero interest okay wish me13867.144.08
luck I'll go with you all right I'm13869.723.3
gonna go get that green drop got nothing13871.223.54
else going on in my life I think I just13873.024.02
ate a fifth crap hold on definitely get13874.764.8
closer to shore okay uh you got a13877.045.819
Megalodon coming okay I really I can't I13879.565.219
can't help you oh wait this guy oh crap13882.8593.841
I couldn't tell what the team was is he13884.7793.66
coming at me people up yeah he's coming13886.73.36
after you might go I don't want to look13888.4393.721
back oh he hit me yeah he's behind you13890.063.86
hold on oh crap crap grab the letter13893.926.16
grab the letter that's why I said we13897.2794.481
should get close to the store yeah but13900.085.58
it should also when no13901.763.9
all right come on give me something good13910.8195.301
just give me something good today13912.623.5
piece of [ __ ] that is my luck that is my13916.2795.221
luck today I'm just having one of those13919.584.159
oh death please take me soon13924.145.82
oh now can we Harvest these yeah you can13927.024.68
get that biotoxin from them oh is that13929.965.04
what you got uh-huh okay uh am I getting13931.76.56
it uh yeah13935.03.26
yes of course yeah I'm gonna try to get13938.625.68
a shot on him okay I don't think he's13941.425.58
moving moving around so much good job13944.34.439
you didn't see where my uh dolphin went13947.06.2
did you no but hey I got an idea okay13948.7394.461
might as well since we have a saddle all13957.584.12
right well I'll do both I'll help tame13960.24.02
and feed this dolphin okay come here13961.74.98
dolphin get13964.225.28
oh there he goes into the water give it13966.686.54
a dolphin sound oh what is that uh dodos13969.56.42
lots of dodos around this isn't too far13973.224.5
from where we found it at your boa love13975.923.899
to find a jerbo on the beach that'd make13977.724.08
my day improve dramatically you need13979.8194.141
your boas out there nope just dead13981.85.04
dolphins it's uh an allegory for how13983.964.56
this day's going13986.843.599
yep right here13988.524.66
this is how I'm ended up13990.4396.201
piece of [ __ ]13996.644.9
sticky bombing kinda I'm just trying to13998.685.08
avoid the jellyfish that was on my butt14001.545.22
okay wait oh it might be down we're dead14003.766.3
we're down with dizzy and then move in14006.765.16
I don't know I think he's alive okay I14010.063.179
just got some fish meat oh you got14011.924.68
another Megalodon I'm drowning oh14013.2397.441
you that was my friend who I somewhat14016.66.06
care about14020.683.54
uh he's gonna14022.664.739
you don't even know oh there we yeah14024.225.7
actually you do know14027.3994.92
I like your colors too I want to make14029.924.92
you my friend whether you want to be or14032.3193.42
throw up you can hear me building the14035.7394.321
I don't wanna dodo14040.063.56
I don't want a dodo14048.664.199
I don't want a dildo14053.084.02
want this don't know I don't want it14057.16.74
I wanted your power14060.77.199
right thanks for the bed yep yep really14063.846.46
what on the ground again hey look where14067.8994.5
the boat's at yeah right out there I14070.34.08
mean plus I was taming this guy out here14072.3995.161
but not tame yet or this lady underwater14074.385.399
okay but you know if we had this on the14077.563.839
you wouldn't have to build that had you14079.7792.761
built the last get into that boat14081.3992.281
all right14083.682.54
yeah I'm gonna get my stuff okay14086.4396.0
that's the one you knocked out it's14090.064.12
still knocked out yeah and you knocked14092.4394.92
out another one yeah okay I guess we're14094.185.219
doing pretty good then BOGO we're on the14097.3595.301
right foot Now where's that Pro okay man14099.3995.401
oh is that it oh oh yes14104.88.88
you cute little bastard all right we got14110.925.22
kangaroos around no big deal14113.685.099
boy that would uh freak you out it's14120.526.6
being shot with an arrow but guess not14123.2796.0
all right what do you like berries a14127.125.119
couple of berries14129.2792.96
you're awake and even when you're today14134.6998.08
it's Gloria Simon oh yeah it's glorious14139.725.88
yeah it's it's beyond glorious yeah14142.7794.801
we've had it we've had it actually a14145.63.719
good day yeah it got a little it was it14147.583.06
was hectic14149.3193.54
um very we ended up with an allosaur and14150.644.799
a Megalodon I know I saw that either he14152.8594.5
was stuck yeah he was stuck well that14155.4393.661
worked out so we got megalodork and14157.3594.201
Ramekin where's Ramekin come from that's14159.13.9
that well you know what a Ramekin is14161.563.839
right yeah I just think it's a cool word14163.04.68
almost sounds like a cool name for a not14165.3995.161
particularly cool item okay so it's14167.684.86
Ramekin I could work with that perfect14170.565.879
hey yeah we're protected yeah I like it14172.548.159
me too mate for Ramekin or or sale next14176.4396.3
time by the one no matter what there's14180.6994.261
gonna be banging soon yeah and we'll14182.7393.601
make a door here14184.962.88
oh good yeah between me and neebs14187.845.28
there's a wild Allosaurus level14190.964.38
72 man14193.124.5
should I build my own boat Let's see we14195.344.439
got trees what's across the river14197.626.26
dangerous across the river what was that14199.7796.721
that might be my best bet go across the14203.884.24
river build a boat14206.52.75
I think back there14208.122.279
oh I got it came oh need oh Monte you14210.3997.141
got a Megalodon coming in uh okay I got14214.966.12
ah crap it's on the my name is okay his14217.545.12
name is the today for now14221.083.659
uh oh now I could be able to get my14222.663.52
stuff is he down there I'll help you14224.7393.721
he's down there fighting can you see him14226.184.38
yeah I got that saddle I'm gonna help14228.463.779
out I wasn't able to get my stuff yet14230.564.08
because he was all knocked out on it oh14232.2394.021
which one is it I don't think you can14234.643.48
hurt it with your on your shark okay14236.264.2
should I try to get my stuff yeah I get14238.125.48
it okay moving in14240.463.14
okay yeah there we go14245.263.979
kill it oh is that mine oh okay there he14249.647.52
all right uh look this worked out okay14258.4797.541
holy crap hello boys yeah true hey14261.765.88
that's true okay you got a couple of14266.023.959
sharks you got a boat huh yeah and most14267.644.86
importantly a jimboa cool uh we're gonna14269.9794.201
head home we got two sharks now all14272.52.819
right good let's go feed him the14274.184.08
jellyfish no no let's keep these we're14275.3195.521
on the right foot now right foot yeah14278.264.679
they started off kind of crappy but uh14280.844.439
I'm happy with what happened what do you14282.9393.721
think of the wind in those big ears of14285.2794.16
yours Black Beauty you like that yeah14286.665.76
you do I'm gonna make a good hole for14289.4394.661
you I'm gonna get you a whole bunch of14292.423.6
brothers and sisters and I'm gonna get14294.13.799
obsessive and weird14296.025.12
cute little [ __ ]14297.8997.221
stupid bass okay Forge anything14306.2397.12
yep better metal we could use that all14310.186.559
right hey thick14313.3593.38
Dragon what Stone Cold Steve Austin well14341.884.96
we didn't ask dumb name for a dragon or14344.9793.541
wyvern sorry people get upset about that14346.843.359
the wyvern Dragon thing where'd you go14348.524.02
I'm putting stuff in the supply chest oh14350.1994.561
beautiful so uh what do you what do you14352.544.08
need next tons of stone anymore keep14354.763.599
bringing stolen wood stolen wood you14356.623.119
know what we should get a Smithy set up14358.3593.781
down here Smithy mortar pestle all that14359.7394.141
good stuff hey you've been kind of The14362.143.24
Mastermind so you decide where you want14363.883.12
that to go gotcha I'm thinking this wall14365.383.359
is going to be kind of uh mostly storage14367.03.0
we need to color code these things14368.7392.46
remember the library we had everything14370.03.42
kind of organized hey I'm an organizing14371.1994.321
genius man you go to organizing and uh14373.423.6
yeah I'm thinking along this wall this14375.523.419
is our production wall Smithy mortar14377.024.02
pistol all that good stuff yeah so man14378.9393.3
yeah we'll figure it out then upstairs14381.043.0
that's the living area okay I feel like14382.2393.12
there should be some windows down here14384.042.88
just for some natural light we can put14385.3593.721
in some windows eventually matter of14386.923.12
fact I just realized14389.083.06
some [ __ ] are backwards yeah I can14390.043.72
demolish a wall or two here we'll put in14392.143.24
some windows that'll come later they'll14393.763.54
come later okay I'll keep Gathering yeah14395.385.24
you keep doing it I will keep building14397.33.32
all right Simon Coast looks clear yeah14404.345.74
I'm still very impressed with our14408.044.439
situation here um yeah we did a really14410.084.98
good job you know what Simon what how14412.4795.701
about you hop on that uh wyvern right14415.065.46
Scout the area I can do that give us a14418.184.86
little Scout oh riding the wave uh that14420.524.5
was I already I already screwed up how'd14423.044.08
you go that way I know because because I14425.023.54
I don't do things well I'm gonna watch14427.123.6
you go there watch me this is14428.564.44
interesting because I've I've built this14430.724.5
over here yeah I know okay now watch me14433.04.92
go up get use yours use your slime I am14435.223.719
hold on all right I'm gonna get in the14437.922.819
right spot ready yeah going up the14438.9393.84
ladder you think oh no I can't go up14440.7393.96
right that was a great shot I had wow14442.7795.281
watch up you could just finish it oh oh14444.6995.461
well that wasn't supposed to do it again14448.064.259
do it again from one like this from one14450.164.8
ready and see how it just kind of sneaks14452.3193.801
yeah we go and then boom14456.125.619
you did it you know what it works when I14459.584.68
go first person okay watch this oh14461.7394.62
you're doing again do it again going up14464.264.019
and then and look how good this is gonna14466.3595.641
be oh it worked attaboy on the wyvern14468.2795.641
check out the trap in the surrounding14472.04.38
area Okay this thing I don't really like14473.924.5
flying I feel like you're over it like14476.384.2
I'm right here nothing's in the Trap14478.424.92
okay all right from where oh wait wait I14480.585.159
see something big right here BT Rex nope14483.344.019
Bronto yeah they look a lot different14485.7393.841
well I know I just saw the tail all14487.3593.661
right I'll see you back in a few with14489.584.08
the report okay14491.026.12
oh neebs absolutely it doesn't make14493.665.34
sense to be this damn hot up here right14497.144.44
uh yeah you know what my thing says I'm14499.04.68
burning up as well yeah I didn't expect14501.584.14
man come on I just want to build a base14503.684.5
and a place what if I switch to my other14505.724.86
shirt switch to my other gloves what's14508.184.799
the damn temperature outside well now14510.584.8
I'm like I'm not burning up okay putting14512.9794.5
the fabric on I got a fiber shirt fiber14515.384.26
pants I got some Fiber pads got some14517.4794.041
Fiber shoes14519.644.32
still okay I need to make a fiber shirt14521.524.48
I had one yeah I had one down there at14523.964.2
our other base with the storage is all14526.03.42
messed up because we made the Storage14528.163.119
thing with structures plus damn14529.422.7
structures Plus14531.2791.981
plus sorry I'm still upset about it I14533.263.78
don't see how that helped anything they14535.7794.021
didn't hey do you want to uh I just kind14537.045.22
of bored I'm gonna walk in the woods uh14539.83.899
yeah I need fiber to make some clothes14542.263.42
so yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I'll14543.6993.361
leave the animals here uh yeah they're14545.684.259
on passive but let's not go too far okay14547.064.799
yeah I'm just right behind you okay I14549.9394.201
found this um crossbow last week14551.8594.38
whenever we uh you know did the RC14554.145.52
Mission uh yeah and and it's an14556.2396.12
ascendant crossbow and a drop I feel14559.664.26
like the drops a little bit too generous14562.3593.661
on this map oh I love it I love how14563.924.26
generous they are I think yeah thick in14566.023.66
the dragon there's an ascendant shotgun14568.183.12
he got from a drop and an ascendant like14569.683.24
chainsaw there's a pond over here14571.33.54
somewhere in there uh yes it's back in14572.924.26
here we saw it okay I think it's right14574.845.519
through these bushes yes I love this14577.186.2
yeah this is nice14580.3593.021
how deep is it I don't know just jump in14583.424.7
find out later14585.522.6
whoa oh it's weird are you getting that14589.724.44
too yeah they're like shaking it looks14591.8193.721
insane down here is there something14594.164.38
going on here what is this we found the14595.545.64
crazy Pond is that supposed to be that14598.544.14
way I don't know look at all the fish14601.183.059
the fish are all crazy colored in here14602.683.24
yeah like soon as you're up you're fine14604.2394.021
this Pond's magical it gives you magical14605.925.58
uh I don't know magical seizures I'm14608.265.88
gonna go down and get a seizure14611.55.64
is it a female it's a female Simon all14617.1995.04
right should I let's start this maybe14620.144.62
it'll yeah what number 72 oh that's14622.2395.821
doable uh you know what I gotta bring I14624.765.7
gotta bring uh what's whatever this yeah14628.064.44
it's a it's a wyvern yeah I know but14630.463.72
whatever the name is I'll bring it back14632.53.3
I'll meet you yeah good call come back14634.183.96
all right hurry hurry hope I'm hitting14635.85.3
the right thing hmm very very14638.146.059
preoccupied aren't you buddy ma'am14641.16.219
you're gonna be a good good mate Sal's14644.1995.16
gonna have his way you guys have a good14647.3194.5
time all right Simon's not gonna be able14649.3593.721
to find his way back that's the problem14651.8194.981
I can hear you oh how because it must14653.086.119
have four white okay should we try to14656.84.8
lure or lure her in the Trap or we're14659.1995.341
good to go well she's occupied I know I14661.64.86
mean after it dies whatever she's14664.544.38
killing if it comes toward yes of course14666.466.62
up yep yep yep the uh the bronzo's down14668.927.2
Pronto is down I'm in the general area14673.085.5
I'm by I don't know where oh boy yeah14676.123.6
it's coming it's coming it's coming14678.582.76
Simon watch out you're walking right14679.723.78
into it am I where's the Trap oh here we14681.344.26
go I'm lost that's busy again I knew14683.54.26
you'd be lost I knew that you did you14685.64.86
you called it I did you win where are14687.765.04
you good question could use your help14690.464.439
but great where are you in relation to14692.84.38
the Trap I'm shooting a T-Rex right now14694.8994.681
I know are you by the Trap uh it's on my14697.184.62
butt think you're behind me is it coming14699.584.319
see something all right it's back down14701.83.96
there still okay is she whitish she's14703.8993.901
whitish yeah she's right at me okay14705.764.139
great I'm gonna die don't die my14707.84.559
stabbing is like down I think oh God14709.8994.861
Simon what are you doing I just I'm very14712.3594.561
distracted if we have a mission I know14714.764.38
just give me a second oh God yes yeah14716.924.68
right there okay I'm keeping things14719.144.799
exciting no I I appreciate that so does14721.64.28
the audience yes14723.9394.26
okay where's the Trap where's that trap14725.884.84
crap crap I lost the Trap crap crap Lost14728.1994.921
the Trap okay crap crap you lost the14730.724.62
Trap crap you lost the Trap I think it's14733.123.72
coming I think it's coming is it on me14735.344.2
uh yes and I'm shooting I'm a part of14736.844.62
this thing now oh it's fighting a zebra14739.546.359
ah good you getting shots yes sir please14741.466.779
don't go after me it's in the Trap it's14745.8994.5
in the truck in the Trap you gotta be14748.2394.861
kidding me I'm not all right I don't I I14750.3994.8
lost it it was just right here now I14753.13.719
don't know what a trap is yeah it's in14755.1994.021
the Trap oh God see I almost fell in the14756.8195.16
Trap yeah I don't on death look at this14759.225.16
I know I know just get a good angle and14761.9793.861
oh yeah14764.385.7
okay I'm moving up here here Sal's gonna14765.846.939
get some nookie oh yeah oh it's out of14770.085.399
the Trap oh come on and he's heading to14772.7795.781
the place nope nope come on now14775.4796.241
so easy come on trying to climb up like14778.565.56
like an idiot come on go ahead get stuck14781.724.62
I'm freaking hitting the hitting rocks14784.123.619
there we go14786.345.28
back down Chase is off it's down it's14787.7397.381
down it's down Simon Oh Lordy Lord14791.626.9
what in the world is going on today I14795.125.319
don't know good things it's like we know14798.526.56
what we're doing I know and I lost you14800.4394.641
a dragon and a drop addiction saw this14807.763.9
purple one over here and I couldn't14810.523.0
resist maybe I'll get the bug and14811.663.779
everybody else has the bug drops have14813.523.959
been so good to us so far maybe it'll be14815.4393.481
good to me all right let's do a little14817.4793.601
circle a little look around I know this14818.923.84
area is kind of crazy14821.085.159
Davis over there okay okay all right14822.766.77
Dragon you protected liver whatever14826.2395.96
flashlight attachment it's a blueprint14832.1996.181
for an ascendant14835.422.96
well can't win them all right let's get14838.84.89
back to building14841.7794.641
what was it that's just a blueprint and14846.424.899
a scope nothing big oh that actually14849.223.3
works out pretty good uh maybe14851.3192.341
all right we'll do let me park the14853.663.36
dragon out front living whatever what14855.163.659
kind of blueprint I think it was a one14857.023.6
for a saddle one for a scope okay and14858.8194.5
then also an actual scope Okay cool so14860.625.4
so far I have six still storage bins14863.3195.701
this one is weapons and clothes could be14866.024.86
armor whatever but right here I have14869.023.839
blueprints oh perfect throw all your14870.883.599
blueprints in there check that where's14872.8593.54
that blueprint at there it is right14874.4793.061
there and there's another one right14876.3992.761
there and you said you had a scope yeah14877.543.18
would that go in weapons I would think14879.163.539
so all right attachments yeah exactly14880.724.979
probably tools as well okay boom there14882.6994.141
you go let me show you what I'm thinking14885.6992.58
if you don't mind come upstairs all14886.842.88
right you remember all that Crystal we14888.2793.301
found not too long ago yep I'm thinking14889.723.599
the whole front here that I haven't14891.584.68
filled in glass window love it so boom I14893.3194.141
mean look at that view we don't want to14896.263.0
cover up that view that view is amazing14897.464.14
it's the best view in Ark uh and then14899.263.78
also what I'm thinking is you see these14901.63.12
little sides over here so I mean this14903.042.939
area that we're standing in right now14904.722.639
this is common room okay it's where14905.9793.601
everybody can hang out but over here we14907.3594.92
got like a left wing and a right wing so14909.584.319
when I'm George when I was buying and14912.2792.941
you can build whatever you want on that14913.8993.181
side okay which side you want I'll take14915.223.3
the left side why not okay so you're14917.083.96
this side on this side yep love it I14918.524.44
love this bass so far yeah no it's uh14921.043.239
this is coming along and we didn't build14922.963.0
anything with structures pull us so14924.2793.601
it'll be here forever unlike that other14925.964.08
piece of [ __ ] piece of damn [ __ ] that14927.883.84
doesn't help anything structures plus14930.045.399
him structures oh [ __ ] I fell parachute14931.727.58
come pick me up okay14935.4393.861
98.2 percent or LS sweet I want to get14940.265.139
over here so we can you this is an14943.423.54
important time you want to be here now14945.3993.241
it's okay I'm making the game I know14946.963.06
you're working on the gate it's very14948.642.82
important in the gate so they can get in14950.023.12
but this is the first time we're gonna14951.465.34
see her like as our as ours it's all14953.145.52
right all right well hey guess what14956.83.84
she's good she's gonna love me just a14958.664.14
little bit more that's okay Sal loves me14960.645.639
more don't even you did don't even14962.85.58
yeah but this I had said about something14966.2794.861
we haven't developed with but you did oh14968.384.92
well I did it with a stranger it won't14971.143.66
be though I don't understand your point14973.34.26
my point is Sal loves me more shut up14974.84.679
yeah there we go all right so I'm going14979.4795.101
with what you said Bubba I feel like14982.4795.281
that's the right choice it is welcome to14984.585.0
the family Tina14987.766.179
follow me come meet your stepdad oh what14989.586.96
with nothing14993.9392.601
sister oh I know it's crowded they call15000.684.84
it dinosaur Gates but well I think15003.663.48
what's keeping her from coming in is15005.523.839
very [ __ ] I'll move very [ __ ] I'm15007.144.559
moving here we go oh I'm just riding15009.3595.101
along we need a bigger place I know I15011.6994.5
can't even it's because we're so15014.464.62
successful I know but I'm very trapped15016.1995.401
how are we gonna let's see what we can15019.084.26
do right here come on come on I want to15021.64.219
jump run15023.342.479
this is it those birthing hips yeah get15035.64.839
ready to push one out baby because we15038.584.199
got a horny son15040.4395.701
maybe yep see a blue drop uh like right15042.7794.561
there in the woods behind us is that15046.143.0
blue yeah yeah should we go for it from15047.343.899
flutter Birds let's do foot little night15049.144.62
adventure yeah all right um tell you15051.2393.96
what you have a torch because I got this15053.763.36
badass ascended Pike okay well I gotta15055.1994.801
send it uh crossbow oh well but yeah I15057.124.319
have a torch you have a torch too though15060.03.72
I do I have a ramshackle torch okay we15061.4394.321
going yeah I'm right behind you man boy15063.724.62
this is brave isn't it yeah How brave we15065.763.719
are I hope this isn't one of those15068.343.12
things where it looks closer than it is15069.4793.601
no well it looks like it might be on top15071.463.66
of that mountain ah like a little15073.083.359
Adventure in my life you know yeah I15075.123.06
mean sometimes uh they disappear the15076.4393.781
scene argentavis up there God yeah it's15078.185.4
way up there isn't it yep yeah oh yeah15080.225.82
yeah come on come on come on oh we're15083.584.199
right there maybe you got a serpentine a15086.043.48
little bit maybe ah come on do it can we15087.7793.981
do it can we do it15089.523.86
I'm going this way you going another way15093.384.3
yeah I'm going to the right oh I see15095.765.34
some rocks yeah come on came across a uh15097.685.94
oh this looks like a spooky area what15101.14.92
you see oh it just looks like old ruins15103.624.38
in a dead tree it's just creepy what is15106.024.379
that oh there's a panther yeah come at15108.06.199
me I got my son hike Bubba oh15110.3993.8
yeah there's two of them now your15115.8194.241
crossbow might be better fit for this15118.3193.96
situation they're not following so okay15120.063.48
good tell you what I'm gonna pull out my15122.2792.641
torch you switch to your crossbow you15123.543.12
get a boom I mean I think they left15124.923.84
should we sneak forward I guess I mean I15126.663.659
just hope there's a way up okay moving15128.763.36
in watch out we know there's Panthers15130.3194.861
here kitty here we're ready oh scorpions15132.125.279
scorpion right in front of me yeah yeah15135.184.08
get him get him come on him keep just15137.3993.661
keep running don't worry okay don't15139.265.719
sting me don't stay stung me okay15141.067.259
yeah yeah all right he's dead he's dead15144.9795.441
he's dead we got him I might pass out oh15148.3194.741
me too uh are there any stem berries oh15150.425.16
oh God another scorpion fell asleep oh15153.064.799
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] can I drag your butt oh God15155.584.56
oh God oh God I tried I tried to oh no15157.8594.38
no kill it [ __ ] you leave my friend15160.145.759
alone come on come on come on oh God I15162.2396.08
hope I don't15165.8992.42
all right here I am middle of the woods15169.1993.78
creepiest [ __ ] area I've ever seen15171.424.26
and uh waiting for deeps no hey spawns15172.9794.26
back at bed he can get a dragon I'm fine15175.683.54
I'm fine15177.2393.841
they're so creepy15179.224.019
creepy fog and Bones it's like that part15181.084.02
in The Lion King that Mufasa was like15183.2393.481
you don't get over there15185.15.759
okay oh crap all right come on baby uh15186.725.7
oh you gotta level up congratulations15190.8593.301
what have you been doing15192.424.14
where are we at here it was right over15194.165.88
here that's where I'm coming okay I15196.565.759
think I see you is the blue drop gone15200.043.84
the blue yeah the blue drive's gone15202.3193.841
that's yeah we missed that opportunity15203.884.979
well just went nowhere didn't it oh yeah15206.164.26
hey be careful there's a panther right15208.8593.721
by your bag oh yeah yep he's looking at15210.424.979
me or he was as if I don't see him pick15212.584.08
him up with a bird and just drop him off15215.3992.701
a cliff where is he he's around there15216.664.1
somewhere whoop there you are got him15218.16.06
oh he's biting me drop him he's biting15220.766.219
me drop him okay so long kitty kitty15224.165.699
you got this Simon you got this yeah15229.8595.641
yeah kinda that'll work all right all15232.9793.781
right you ready for this15235.54.26
um I'm as ready as I'm gonna be uh Sal15236.765.76
this is Tina Tina this is Sal hey Sal15239.766.66
Tina's a good Catholic girl yeah I think15242.527.44
you guys will get along great and now I15246.426.18
uh leave you to your uh your thing guys15249.964.2
that's it you know if you're feeling the15252.63.299
if you're feeling it no one will watch15254.164.319
okay there you go yeah it's called15255.8994.92
foreplay dropping a nug do you remember15258.4794.981
what happens like what happens when like15260.8194.981
yeah the male inserts the penis into the15263.464.38
no no no no no no no no talking about15265.84.32
like we'll see hearts right when we see15267.844.62
hearts maybe I I feel like I did15270.123.9
everything I needed to do currently15272.463.0
mating with Tina they're they're having15274.023.06
sex right now it says they're they're15275.464.26
doing it wow guys that's discreet I know15277.084.739
and now we just wait yeah you got a15279.724.44
cigar or do we wait do we do we smoke15281.8194.38
the cigar after I think it's after how15284.163.659
about a blunt can we smoke a blunt now15286.1994.881
yeah let's light up with Jay15287.8193.261
got my names yeah oh there it is yeah15291.3594.141
it's like right beside us our base is15293.643.48
right there Crystal's right there it's15295.53.12
pretty convenient super convenient15297.123.659
especially if you need Crystal oh I also15298.624.079
see a purple drop oh really yeah you15300.7792.881
know what I'm gonna go for this purple15302.6992.941
drop real fast okay I'll go scope out15303.664.8
the crystal copy that give me something15305.646.12
good all right um15308.465.819
oh hello boys15311.763.84
I'm here15314.2794.2
queer get used to it come on you don't15315.65.16
even try what's wrong with you15318.4795.101
sit down sit sit down15320.765.82
oh what is this what is this silencer15332.765.03
attachment can't put them off15335.2795.401
okay so after it shouldn't be but a15340.684.679
second you watched my back though okay15343.563.9
so I'll be right here getting Crystal15345.3594.92
hey what was it uh it was a silencer15347.465.46
attachment okay our guns can be quiet15350.2795.04
huh I wonder if that's useful yeah maybe15352.925.1
like a PVP setting not probably not here15355.3194.441
for what we do every out of use for15358.023.719
being quiet yep oh God's another purple15359.765.24
drop oh really yeah are you going for it15361.7395.521
but do it all right I'm gonna head back15365.03.76
to the base okay I'll meet you back15367.264.28
there good luck15368.762.78
oh I bet this one's gonna be real good15373.267.08
yeah land oh that's a pack of wolves hey15375.8595.861
you guys really want to mess with me I15380.343.479
don't think you do get on out of here15381.725.4
I'm gonna have a little wolf snack15383.8198.281
yep man that's some tasty wool oh15387.124.98
give me something good15396.386.7
oh a mantis saddle and then a blueprint15399.566.879
for uh something something well can't15403.085.58
win them all or [ __ ] any today15406.4394.88
this should do it Simon yeah I'm just uh15412.7395.101
I'm just gonna watch you do what you're15415.55.04
gonna do got the egg yeah this is15417.846.24
important placement yep and dropped egg15420.546.48
oh look at that uh I hope these these15424.084.859
should affect it you would think let's15427.023.36
do it I don't even know how to light the15428.9395.34
torch it's just a uh I mean either oh do15430.385.819
we need to put fuel on these things to15434.2793.361
burn them I've never lit it towards15436.1993.54
before I don't remember you have to what15437.643.66
I don't know I thought they just lit up15439.7395.101
like a torch like a regular torch15441.36.599
we're so dumb apparently so well I'm15444.845.04
gonna access the inventory I'm gonna put15447.8994.38
wood in here oh now you can light the15449.884.68
fire okay all right that's it so it's15452.2794.08
that's it's very simple so yeah you put15454.563.719
but I put too much wood in there so any15456.3594.08
pieces of wood any top of everyone this15458.2794.441
is right it makes a lot of sense right15460.4394.021
okay you doing you're doing it I'm15462.723.84
putting wood in things so you can light15464.464.2
them you want to light them I will I was15466.563.78
gonna grab more wood because you're slow15468.664.26
oh I have wood right here I got some now15470.344.979
too okay it's a lot of work being15472.925.279
parents yeah it really is yeah I guess15475.3194.681
just let them when you're done well that15478.1995.66
goes to the opposite of what I was15480.03.859
none of this was even needed15483.8995.701
now he's on fire get off the fire we got15487.144.259
to do something and imprinted them or15489.62.94
something this Baby's gonna die yeah15491.3993.721
well no I mean we're gonna be uh imprint15492.545.46
okay hey how about um Vinnie little baby15495.125.88
vincenta I like it yeah15498.05.34
yeah hey little nug all right nice we15501.04.319
have a baby we have a baby family is15503.345.76
growing yeah come meet your parents15505.3196.301
I can make eight walls and a door and a15509.15.28
door frame sweet that's a start bring15511.624.739
them all up okay I was gonna make a roof15514.383.42
but I think it's more important to have15516.3593.721
a uh a landing place for the birds so15517.84.8
I'm leaving the roof flat so where's the15520.083.899
door frame gonna be uh the door front15522.63.0
right in the middle right here you see15523.9793.901
where these fences are okay so boom like15525.63.9
this like this out here is the porch15527.885.099
okay so yeah door frame right there can15529.55.46
I not do this oh oh there it goes cause15532.9793.121
I was clicking the wrong button oh15534.963.6
that'll do it every time okay oh yeah15536.15.82
yeah and then uh like that and uh where15538.565.219
do you want me to go now uh one right15541.925.64
here and one right here cool now stack15543.7796.241
them uh too high too high yeah okay like15547.563.96
that yeah15550.023.36
yeah yeah one over there one over there15551.523.719
that's it we're out oh we're out okay15553.383.359
this is a start then I got the front15555.2393.721
door yeah okay so be careful there's no15556.7393.54
guard right that's how that front door15558.964.319
sounds yeah Clank15560.2794.861
man would you be opposed to just losing15563.2793.601
that all together what just just lose15565.143.599
the door all together we don't need it I15566.883.899
mean I'm outdoorsy that's fine I can do15568.7395.7
that yeah let's see uh um bam oops okay15570.7796.301
oh my ears wow wow okay but yeah we'll15574.4394.92
need a couple of glass ceilings I think15577.083.899
for the top there we're losing that we15579.3592.761
should just lose the whole door frame15580.9792.88
shouldn't we yeah if you yeah if you15582.123.779
want to okay oh gears but that's gonna15583.8594.62
make the top oops that makes the top go15585.8993.54
away so I feel like we need the door15588.4792.701
frame for the top yeah go build some15589.4393.661
more damn glass all right welcome home15591.185.4
yeah I like this place it'll be awesome15593.17.28
where am I gonna put my sex screws15596.583.8
well this can't be good that T-Rex is uh15617.9396.901
pretty close to the base and they left15621.65.52
me here just to kind of fend for myself15624.845.22
but uh no wyvern but I don't want15627.124.619
anything happening to that stupid15630.064.139
unicorn so I better go tell them what's15631.7394.381
going on I15634.1994.74
catch up catch your nose and since I've15636.124.5
seen the last episode I know where they15638.9395.281
live can't wait to get my boy back guys15640.626.659
hey hey thanks for leaving me down there15644.224.44
at least he gave me some Transportation15647.2794.141
yep you're welcome hey but look uh okay15648.667.64
man what's up Wafers oh boy15651.427.62
oh that was silly hold on coming back up15656.35.08
you're like a clown I know hey this15659.044.14
place looks great thank you it was15661.383.24
something I needed to tell you guys what15663.183.54
was it oh yeah I'm surprised you don't15664.624.26
have your unicorn up here there's a15666.724.019
T-Rex right outside your base along with15668.884.38
some Terror birds so yeah you should be15670.7394.681
okay the base is uh still has a wall15673.263.66
around it we're pretty good Engineers15675.423.479
thick yeah I mean I could go grab the15676.923.54
unicorn and bring them up here and put15678.8993.361
them on top of this uh yeah you know15680.463.06
what I'm gonna do it it's like a ding15682.264.019
dong I'll just keep building huh yeah15683.524.98
great yeah Phil let me uh let me just15686.2794.08
keep an eye on apps row I don't want15688.53.96
people to say they could have saved the15690.3595.821
Unicorn they could have saved him nah15692.465.279
he's fine yeah see the T-Rex you're15696.182.759
talking about he's out there fighting15697.7392.46
Terror Birds yeah but there's another15698.9393.601
one down the way too I'm just saying if15700.1994.321
you want to leave it there hey man all15702.545.939
you no I think our base it's pretty good15704.526.0
now yeah I'll leave them on top he'll be15708.4793.241
safe there although we need we need to15710.523.24
put a wall around that base too look at15711.724.44
this structures plus did that all right15713.764.5
let me land man we need to we need to15716.163.779
get techie Cuban Wolfenstein up there15718.263.719
too yeah and then we'll uh we need to15719.9393.54
demolish this place and maybe turn it15721.9793.0
into just a marina because we still got15723.4793.96
the Sharks Marina sounds great yeah come15724.9794.26
on mule15727.4395.54
dude with cute bastard15729.2393.74
ah Simon yeah I don't think we have15734.064.299
enough space man15736.8593.361
I know we don't have enough space and I15738.3593.781
hate when I can't get this stuff out of15740.224.759
my hands what do you15742.142.839
I love you guys but get the hell okay15745.045.68
hey hold on how do I get to stop seeing15747.7795.521
this again seeing what uh I'm seeing the15750.724.62
wall and okay I'll just do that there we15753.33.78
go good to go all right all right what15755.343.96
do you think about moving I think it's a15757.084.68
very good idea we can't be here yeah not15759.34.74
far not at all we need to move all these15761.764.26
fellas yeah it'll be a thing so yeah15764.045.939
they're not far but um but where uh so15766.025.7
they're not far you want to go on a15769.9793.361
little Scout what let's go on a little15771.724.679
Scout I'm down for scouting should we15773.345.22
should we feel this we should fill that15776.3994.441
up and then we'll go on a scout okay15778.563.9
because we can't leave that wide open15780.843.24
while we go on a sky that's not I wanted15782.463.0
to try to fix that and then we were15784.083.0
going to start okay then let's do that15785.463.66
and then we go on a scout but this is15787.084.68
listen Scout why do you keep backing15789.124.319
away from me I don't know because we15791.763.719
just started talking and now we're okay15793.4396.061
scout scout Walden Scout15795.4795.081
I jumped is that like a break you're15803.3595.141
just backing away yeah it doesn't look15806.525.06
like a good break break15808.53.08
jumps at a break why not move back's15812.225.219
away to break then oddly small or oddly15814.3194.62
what do you call it mine made more sense15817.4396.021
slow pace all right let's let's fix this15818.9394.521
so I'm trying to figure out whose chair15823.53.899
is whose Well mine's the one that's his15825.3594.801
name's chair uh-huh and abstra is has15827.3994.38
his name on it I didn't put the signs15830.163.539
down that was all names oh I feel like I15831.7793.66
should get you something thick being our15833.6994.681
first guest oh yeah you need anything a15835.4395.221
chair maybe a sign that says fix chair15838.384.859
yeah only people live here have chairs I15840.663.72
can get you some food there's some15843.2392.941
steaks outside oh it's just you guys15844.383.479
that live here yeah you don't have you15846.183.24
don't have room yeah we're like that15847.8594.681
older uh widowed couple or something oh15849.424.92
we're not like that no I don't I don't15852.543.3
know what he's talking about similar to15854.343.059
that no I don't want to do that what was15855.843.12
that the show on Netflix with the two15857.3993.54
older ladies they were both divorced or15858.963.84
widowed or something I don't know what15860.9393.061
the hell are you talking about I like15862.83.3
Jackie and Frankie a little bit I I have15864.03.72
no idea what you're talking about who is15866.13.54
Jackie and Frankie uh what's her name15867.723.599
from incredible shrink of woman you know15869.643.299
what I'm talking about no I don't yeah15871.3194.92
she's great and Jane Fonda okay cool or15872.9394.741
what are our goals today what are we15876.2394.62
doing well you're Jane Fonda and I'm the15877.685.34
Incredible Shrinking Woman okay fine I15880.8593.661
don't I I don't care and I don't like15883.023.179
the signs it's a little too abrupt I15884.524.379
feel like anybody can sit anywhere I was15886.1994.801
thinking if you guys are up for it I15888.8993.781
mean since I helped you get the your15891.05.1
argentavis along with the sharks uh I15892.686.719
need a hazmat suit or five actually five15896.15.639
hazmat suits I need hazmat suits okay15899.3996.481
all right how how involved is this15901.7396.301
that's the thing yeah I think you need15905.884.8
to go like into the cave that looks a15908.044.56
lot like aberration to get the stuff you15910.684.019
need to make hazmat suits man we're not15912.64.62
geared up for that ah come on yeah you15914.6995.881
are oh yeah I've not made guns I've not15917.225.34
made ammo you have a wyvern you gotta do15920.584.5
that you're fine uh listen I would help15922.564.2
but I'm sorry I'm just seriously under15925.083.119
equipped and we got to build a wall15926.763.479
around the place I got my unicorn who's15928.1996.021
gonna pay for the wall Mexico no rocks15930.2397.92
wood good all right guys well uh I15934.226.04
appreciate your hospitality of sorts and15938.1593.421
I'll let everybody know that you guys15940.263.36
both have chairs we have all the steaks15941.583.6
you need on the way out I appreciate it15943.623.72
thank you I'm good15945.184.08
was a fun visit15947.344.2
if you say so you should put chairs15949.264.38
outside so we can watch the sunsets oh15951.545.22
way ahead of you look at here had a boy15953.645.7
I'll join you in a minute nice Sunset we15956.764.139
should call this a retirement home name15959.345.939
like Autumn awaits no winter's coming no15960.8995.641
let's name it something a little bit15965.2793.601
more I don't know badass one foot in the15966.543.3
puts in your ass15969.843.859
thank you15973.6993.0
okay Simon yeah I'm gonna go up and15979.1994.981
we're gonna look down right and we're15982.265.28
gonna try to use the natural like walls15984.186.299
right like this for the Trap like check15987.546.619
this out what this like uh um Plateau15990.4797.38
area it's like natural around the sides15994.1595.08
like you know they're not gonna get up15997.8592.821
from the sides if we clear all these15999.2394.881
trees and we build a base on this16000.686.0
ah and then let's just see what our16004.124.659
access is to over here16006.684.38
you hear what I'm saying I see danger up16008.7795.821
there I do I I understand I'm down and16011.065.82
there's some water right down here it's16014.64.98
not too bad no I mean I think this could16016.884.439
totally work this could totally work and16019.583.6
it's close and but listen how are we16021.3193.721
gonna get how are we gonna get our our16023.184.019
family up there well we're gonna we'll16025.043.42
probably have to try one but we have to16027.1993.24
establish the base first have a place to16028.464.14
go well yeah but we need to have an idea16030.4394.021
if this is going to be the base on how16032.64.08
we get our babies up here I'm guessing16034.465.04
it'd be like directly below us up like16036.685.219
right below us up can we walk up that we16039.54.319
could walk up that enemies can walk up16041.8994.021
that yeah but that's the entrance in I16043.8194.38
mean okay I'm tired again oh and you16045.924.26
dropped me sorry bud and I'm right on16048.1995.821
the edge all right hey yeah here no I'm16050.186.059
over here no but you want to go here oh16054.024.74
yep I'm gonna fall in16056.2396.951
oh good yep16058.767.619
all right stone cold I mean Cold Stone16066.626.359
uh let's see if you can fit in here I16069.466.18
know you can eat everything in here16072.9796.241
let's see how are we looking16075.647.059
oh yeah God I hate this place but I need16079.226.24
red gems and then I need to make a gas16082.6993.901
I need to make sure that I don't run16086.63.36
into any mushrooms that are going to16088.343.78
make me trip balls16089.966.42
okay so we need to find ah16092.127.68
it's over here moles is that a mole16096.385.76
Let's help this mole out16099.84.559
oh there's some gems right there16102.145.88
they're blue we need those yep oh you16104.3595.88
guys are going after that guy not today16108.025.82
friend everyone dies today16110.2396.24
bears and I can't discriminate16113.845.16
can't discriminate uh oh what's going on16116.4793.781
why am I16119.03.12
is this What's Happening Here16120.265.12
why is my torp board going down oh16122.126.539
you're getting kind of bloody Cold Stone16125.386.22
can we not take off16128.6596.12
hell all right might be getting a little16131.65.339
too cocky here but we'll go a little16134.7793.781
further see what we can find16136.9394.38
I need a hazmat suit so I need a gas16138.566.839
collector I need red gems16141.3196.0
that's a good spot for the door yeah I16145.3994.561
love it man so now I think count for the16147.3195.221
wall I'm gonna do Foundation instead I16149.964.859
like it because I made a bunch I like it16152.545.04
better than the fence stuff oh yeah I16154.8194.021
like that you're gonna go straight out16157.583.54
here like this uh yeah all the way uh16158.843.66
all the way to the cliff we'll just cut16161.123.0
this whole angle off this is our this is16162.53.3
our Corner oh yeah it gives us a nice16164.125.76
big yard area yep yeah come straight out16165.85.939
with it that's what I'm doing man16169.884.979
attaching one after the other okay and16171.7396.12
uh whoops I put a sign here it tells you16174.8596.361
uh that's your house okay we don't need16177.8595.941
signs for that we know well we have16181.224.019
guests sometimes you remember thick came16183.83.899
over yeah but if you ask go go what's16185.2394.2
this part it's like oh that's my part I16187.6993.601
need signs everywhere for this small of16189.4393.42
a place you notice he didn't sit in our16191.33.24
chairs because the signs were there yeah16192.8593.181
and I want those signs gone they kind of16194.544.22
take up the whole living space16196.045.64
we're roommates now so we gotta have a16198.765.32
vote uh well let's take the Signs Now16201.684.08
did that make any sense well let's do16204.083.359
the vote anybody could sit there okay16205.763.899
let's take a vote who wants to keep the16207.4394.92
uh signs not me I do16209.6595.941
who wants to lose the signs I do no so16212.3595.221
we're taking down the signs no it was a16215.64.259
tie I'm taking down those signs it was a16217.583.659
tie I'm gonna get all right I need more16219.8593.0
Stone I gotta make more Foundation I'm16221.2395.341
taking down the signs okay but no yes no16222.8595.521
oh what am I thirsty gotta get something16226.583.18
to drink yeah you get something to drink16228.382.96
I'll remove these signs16229.764.08
here's what you can keep your sign I'm16231.345.559
removing mine hey compromise I love it16233.844.8
sign for a chair you're out of your mind16236.8993.96
going to crazy fun looking good you're16238.643.66
already out yeah you're already crazy16240.8593.84
you're crazy you're crazy you want a16242.35.16
sign for a chair16244.6994.921
damn fool16247.464.64
yeah okay so one concern about the16253.7795.561
plateau where are you I'm outside the16256.8195.101
base oh okay where are you you're inside16259.344.5
the base I'm inside the base okay so16261.924.38
what's going on oh hi Simon yeah what's16263.846.72
up let's take Barry [ __ ] and go there16266.37.2
uh on like on very [ __ ] because if16270.564.679
Berry [ __ ] can't make it up there ain't16273.53.6
none of us gonna make it up there okay16275.2393.781
so why don't you get very [ __ ] out okay16277.14.259
here and then I'll jump on yep perfect16279.024.5
okay and then we're gonna see if we can16281.3594.62
get up there all right and and you know16283.525.52
what maybe we should all right we'll see16285.9795.22
we'll see we might lose Berry [ __ ] what16289.044.68
I'm not okay with this what do you mean16291.1994.74
we might lose very big listen we gotta16293.724.2
take risks I don't want to take that16295.9395.161
risk this is part of our family16297.926.059
very [ __ ] is part of our family I know16301.15.219
so you just just to see if we could try16303.9794.561
to go okay okay if we see a threat we16306.3194.801
will just run we run like Berry [ __ ]16308.545.1
right all right this is this takes work16311.125.819
to get hold on okay excuse me does Barry16313.646.179
swim oh never mind we're good oh you're16316.9394.861
good all right hop on well I'm in the16319.8195.42
water now so wait okay16321.83.439
absolutely kill oh yeah you don't take16338.264.54
that that's not how you start a16340.9393.84
relationship kitty cat yeah if you're16342.83.059
gonna bite me in the butt you better16344.7793.061
take me out to dinner first you think we16345.8593.84
became roommates by biting each other16347.844.319
and arguing all the time no we16349.6996.901
compromise and discuss things exactly16352.1596.841
we learned his lesson yeah he did you16356.64.259
like my railing oh you got railing oh we16359.04.08
had the same thing in mind didn't we the16360.8594.561
thing with railing yeah oh yeah it just16363.084.44
leads to your area but hey I got the16365.424.62
last bit of this Foundation okay does16367.524.44
this curve in a good spot you think I16370.043.3
think you're probably gonna have to16371.962.88
because I noticed the ground got higher16373.343.599
yeah so I could have gone one more but16374.846.08
yeah take this all the way to the cliff16376.9396.42
kind of get the little uh let's see if I16380.926.82
can pull this off oh nope hmm16383.3595.881
what you think I think we may have to16387.743.6
build up first and then kind of you know16389.244.26
work our voodoo magic and make it happen16391.344.32
Okay so yeah yeah all right we'll Voodoo16393.54.98
this with all right cool we got a yard16395.666.0
feels like home maps row no not yet we16398.485.93
got a lot of stuff to do you complete me16401.668.1
all right so where this is the path that16409.763.179
you're saying we should take everyone16411.683.119
this is what we would have to okay16412.9393.661
that's fine and maybe we should be16414.7993.48
clearing out some trees because you know16416.63.119
they're gonna cause problems oh it's16418.2793.0
gonna be a nightmare like along the way16419.7192.941
it's gonna be a nightmare like right16421.2793.66
okay so this yeah this doesn't look like16422.664.44
a good way to go are we gonna clear up16424.9393.961
all of these trees and then we'd have to16427.13.48
go straight God and then you got these16428.93.84
fat asses in the way hey don't grab that16430.583.84
uh egg you see that egg don't grab it I16432.743.901
can't grab anything I can't my view is16434.424.5
[ __ ] too like I just I can't do anything16436.6416.798
about this yeah and it looks like16438.924.519
yeah yeah you try to just go right16443.484.319
through aren't you no I'm going around16446.1194.981
now okay good okay and then we're going16447.7996.181
up then we'd go over here where is our16451.14.8
I've already lost track from from when16453.983.78
we're inside the Verano it's not far16455.94.2
okay uh we'd go back oh this thing's16457.764.98
bloody that's never a good sign is it no16460.15.16
it's dead now oh something just killed16462.744.559
it right there yeah but oh yeah oh yeah16465.264.14
oh with a bug I'm getting hit by it well16467.2993.66
let's not worry about the bugs well I16469.44.26
know but the bug happens so yeah okay16470.9596.361
listen yep is it coming we're great16473.667.08
adventurers yeah I mean so far can we16477.326.66
try I've got a lot of a lot of Hope for16480.745.219
this plan we haven't even gotten to16483.983.299
where you want to try to go right up16485.9593.301
here it's right up on this to the left16487.2793.481
that's where we have to get up there oh16489.264.74
there's a car oh boy yeah this is backs16490.766.0
up pretty slow doesn't it yep very [ __ ]16494.04.74
I'm sorry you're as good as Dead Oh16496.763.72
Barry Oh and there's that right up on16498.745.34
the hill okay all right oh we got16500.486.059
Trouble behind us yeah oh boy who are16504.083.66
you going right towards Rod no I'm16506.5394.58
trying to turn oh [ __ ]16507.743.379
is that what we're doing yep16517.666.481
killed tons of moles but16524.1418.798
no red gems yet oh what's that it's blue16527.6198.74
it's a light it looks like a drop it's a16532.9396.961
drop it's a Loot Crate oh16536.3596.6
hope it's not one of those uh NBA the EA16539.95.639
game that NBA 2K Loot Crate man that's16542.9597.141
that's a mess 11 green gems and16545.5399.24
blueprint for a shag rug blueprint for a16550.17.98
shagra when did this happen we might16554.7794.68
hold some we might have a change of16558.082.52
plans today I didn't know you could make16559.4593.721
a shag rug in the game too busy getting16560.65.64
whippers killing [ __ ] all right we still16563.186.3
need gems but that shag rug is on the16566.246.059
list today it's on the docket16569.485.94
and I think we're coming up to uh16572.2995.4
[ __ ] land which is basically16575.425.699
radioactive which is why we need hazmat16577.6995.821
suits yeah you know you and I go in16581.1196.361
there right now and we are [ __ ] how16583.527.56
close can I get how close can I get it's16587.485.28
probably just once I get into the purple16591.087.859
of the see oh we could okay okay back up16592.768.519
back up back up back up yep that's no16598.9394.44
okay Simon here's the plan okay I'm16603.3794.801
gonna land on this far side like pretty16606.024.259
much right below us you know oh you16608.184.439
can't tell there's [ __ ] up here we16610.2794.201
need to block them off so we can do our16612.6194.141
work all right do we have [ __ ] up16614.484.5
there I see one up there it's a raptor16616.764.14
or something well I mean listen we've16618.983.36
got a dragon let's kill the freaking16620.93.12
Raptor all right so you're in just drop16622.343.66
me off drop me off and get up there and16624.023.9
then go kill them you kill the Raptor16626.04.08
kill the Raptor with the Dragon no I16627.923.359
know go ahead and you kill it with the16630.083.18
dragon okay you're doing it but I'm16631.2793.362
gonna pull some stuff out so I can get16633.263.599
this started okay tell me when you're16634.6413.179
pulled out16636.8592.541
um that's what she said16637.824.68
so you go kill whatever danger is in16639.45.44
front of us attempt to I'm not very good16642.53.84
at flying these you're gonna be better16644.844.379
after this well yeah they just they they16646.346.539
don't turn very ow Simon get this one16649.2196.06
yep Diamond do it hold on16652.8794.682
there's one on here16655.2794.141
on you whoo all right one Raptor down16657.5614.619
all right so uh my job is done here I16659.426.141
wouldn't go that far that was fun16662.183.381
oh there's a red gem this is gonna be16666.744.199
got it16670.9393.122
got it he's mad16672.53.48
he's mad oh you're scared now oh you're16674.0613.898
not okay how many I get how many how16675.986.299
many how many oh 19. dang I thought I16677.9596.061
was gonna have to tame you I need you to16682.2795.041
make more keep it up Sir ma'am keep it16684.025.121
up you're gonna be mad at me if I land16687.326.979
took your precious gems you nut sack16689.1415.158
what I got a argentavis on me okay I16697.45.28
told you to be careful out there with16701.423.48
that unicorn is he still on me oh boy16702.684.08
yeah nowhere he's right behind me I'm16704.93.959
just getting rocking wood man you said16706.763.48
you didn't want me to cut all the trees16708.8593.84
down so I was like okay I'll go get some16710.244.68
out here got an Argent tail yeah I see16712.6993.541
it okay hold on let me get our16714.923.539
argentavis see you out there where'd he16716.245.94
go I might have lost him I lose him16718.4596.48
the trees yeah let's see him I see him16722.184.619
okay but I think he's not aggro anymore16724.9394.02
it might be a threat though yeah should16726.7994.801
we take him out probably let's do it hey16728.9594.92
all I was doing was mining for rocks16731.64.56
mind your business oh he's already16733.8794.381
bloody yeah shot him a couple times yeah16736.163.539
get another shot on him I think he's16738.265.599
chasing me okay and uh boom I get him16739.6997.26
yeah yeah beautiful that's right you16743.8595.202
don't mess with Frankie and Gracie we're16746.9593.961
not Frankie and Gracie not even sure16749.0614.378
that's the real name I'm Grace Hanson16750.926.859
and I'm Frankie Bernstein16753.4394.34
could use the food huh yeah oh yeah I16759.323.539
want to take a bite but I don't want to16761.662.52
piss off that guy all right yeah here we16762.8593.241
go hey we should do that we should make16764.183.961
this a thing shouldn't we you and I like16766.14.019
uh we have argentavis like every16768.1413.959
Thursday roommates do that they have a16770.1194.942
like a night you know like movie night16772.15.82
argentavis night I mean there's no16775.0614.599
there's no difference between the meats16777.924.5
game night it'd be weird quit being16779.664.86
weird you're weird I like that about you16782.425.0
a funny little weird roommate16784.526.06
all right Cold Stone place is coming16787.424.6
along pretty good this is eventually16790.583.54
going to be the gas Castle we have these16792.024.8
gas nodes here but I'm gonna need a ton16794.124.88
of red gems for all the gas collectors16796.825.28
so we're gonna need to tame a roll rat16799.05.86
how do you tame a roll right you say you16802.13.778
use honey16804.864.38
so we need to get a bear or just16805.8785.34
dangerously get honey because those bees16809.244.44
are nasty they will messy okay you poop16811.2186.182
thank you they will mess you up so do we16813.686.778
get a bear to get the honey to get the16817.45.04
roll wrap or do we just get the honey16820.4583.902
you know what we're just gonna go get16822.443.84
the honey also16824.363.96
I'm the wyvern King16826.284.32
all right Simon CC what's going on here16828.323.84
right yeah we're gonna go straight16830.63.72
across straight across so we need we16832.164.138
need foundation and walls yeah because I16834.323.6
you know I went way too far that first16836.2984.08
time right should probably bring the16837.924.26
women back here safe but uh do you have16840.3784.442
any walls or anything left no I laid16842.184.8
down some walls down there where where16844.824.8
yeah I just took them all down16846.984.44
um how's the sun looking this is gonna16849.623.12
take some time but I think it could be16851.423.298
worth it man well I mean it could be16852.744.44
yeah yeah we should probably chop down16854.7184.442
some trees you could chop down some16857.183.72
trees make some of this tree right here16859.163.42
yeah you're gonna chop it just look at16860.94.318
this tree though right yeah hold on let16862.585.04
me see how long because I got like16865.2183.842
hold on16867.623.0
how much wood do you think I'm gonna get16869.062.88
out of this tray I don't even know where16870.623.12
to begin guessing 10016871.945.278
to 445. wow you're quite the chopper16873.746.12
look at the tree too I can't move yep16877.2184.08
that's the problem with that isn't it16879.863.24
yeah but I could just drop it on the16881.2983.66
floor and you can get a storage thing16883.13.66
and we can put it in there yeah I don't16884.9583.362
have a storage thing you can make one I16886.764.56
can why couldn't you maybe yeah I'm16888.325.58
gonna move the uh the the wyvern back to16891.324.38
a little safe area it's getting dark we16893.93.96
need to make a bunch more um we got to16895.74.438
make some stuff okay all right I think16897.865.16
we're doing good Simon I agree 10016900.1384.342
we're pretty well enclosed we just need16908.25.018
to go a little higher with it yeah not a16910.524.26
bad day what have you done well you16913.2182.942
knock it off with these signs well16914.783.178
that's your chair yeah no kidding but I16916.163.36
don't we don't need a sign here we don't16917.9583.062
even know where to sit it doesn't matter16919.524.08
where we sit it's a chair and if16921.023.84
anything if you want if you want to16923.62.64
differentiate the chairs why don't you16924.863.0
paint them16926.243.24
yeah well instead of having signs16927.863.72
everywhere you damn nut okay well16929.484.2
paint's harder to make isn't it yeah but16931.583.96
it's not that bad you get the water you16933.684.56
get the cooking pot yeah but that's a16935.544.5
lot it's not a lot it's a lot more than16938.243.3
typing yeah but it's better than the16940.043.96
signs signs look ridiculous it's insane16941.545.338
yeah you crack me up I like the way you16944.05.7
you bicker I have my torch in my lap16946.8786.242
Donna yes you do like a fool that's so16949.75.96
yo you gonna work all day16959.325.558
maybe what you got going on it's lunch16962.663.18
yay what is that we're roommates yeah I16968.625.98
know we're roommates what is that we're16973.13.72
best friends we're wacky stop putting in16974.64.618
laugh tracks is this lunch yeah what is16976.825.28
it steaks beautiful your favorite oh no16979.2186.022
I'll sit down and I'll eat a steak16982.13.14
it's not funny16985.74.92
it kind of is though why and16986.9585.222
so we just have a laugh track and16990.622.94
everything's [ __ ] fighting about it16992.183.0
yeah yeah we just have a laugh track and16993.562.818
everything's funny no matter what you do16995.183.0
yeah I know how Full House works you16996.3786.202
lower the bar yeah anything's funny no16998.184.4
no thanks for the stakes though hey17003.2183.362
you're welcome what are you up to today17004.845.1
well uh I'm working on my house and I17006.585.34
will probably I don't know I might go do17009.943.778
some science you know all right sounds17011.924.58
good yeah what kind of science17013.7185.222
rare flowers I want to see how many17016.54.18
animals we can make angry with rare17018.944.32
flowers that sounds fun actually yeah17020.684.38
and we could use those anyway because I17023.263.06
still need to make that Brewing where I17025.065.158
can reset oh17026.323.898
it's a break17035.324.74
okay yeah my job just pooped that is17037.845.64
kind of funny yeah yeah laugh at that I17040.065.52
heard someone who's poop is it you I17043.484.04
don't know I heard someone drop a nug17045.586.24
art jokes the bar has been lowered that17047.526.66
ain't funny17051.822.36
laughing [ __ ] classic afro17054.2984.982
nature sucks ah all right uh Bear yes we17068.288.26
need a honey bear to get honey to get17073.7184.622
the roll wrap see if I can hit this guy17076.546.9
from here boom yep dead shot baby come17078.347.92
here honey bear come here yep you're17083.445.58
just gonna look at me see we're gonna17086.265.698
get you to get honey for us because17089.026.66
honestly uh I don't like bees oh did you17091.9586.902
go where'd you go buddy hi don't worry17095.686.06
we're gonna be friends I need honey oh I17098.865.4
fell oh boy let's go up here I'm gonna17101.745.34
get you in the tube that sounds sexual17104.265.698
oh now you're gonna run away and now17107.085.4
you're gonna pass out pretty soon come17109.9585.882
on bubba it's going tonight going at17112.487.56
night just go sleepies go sleepies so17115.846.72
fast I thought I was fast where'd he go17120.046.838
oh I see ya were you stuck Gucci in the17122.567.26
booty a little bit more oh you're stuck17126.8785.0
now see we're gonna be great friends17129.826.54
there we go go back to Cold Stone get17131.8787.08
some mutton17136.362.598
hey what's up watch this what what'd you17146.825.558
just do in that weird no what'd you just17150.6383.302
do I couldn't see I saw like a couple of17152.3783.722
sparks flying I don't know when you hit17153.943.72
flare on an animal it just kind of just17156.13.778
did it go up in the sky I just flared it17157.663.66
oh you just flip I can't say it's so17159.8783.962
bright out here uh wait until like night17161.324.318
time well I got another one so that'll17163.843.18
be something to look forward to I guess17165.6384.402
it will be huh17167.023.02
there's no reason to ooh there you17172.1383.942
I mean you could yeah okay well the17176.084.5
audience doesn't lie hey what are you17178.545.64
doing I'm working on my house you drank17180.585.16
something it's been a minute are you17184.183.66
thirsty I am thirsty okay pick me up17185.743.84
take me down to go get some water okay17187.843.72
be gentle let me know when to drop you17189.585.04
from this height yep oh God I can't see17191.566.42
okay go away say win uh win okay17194.628.06
grabbing oh crap crap crap crap17197.984.7
what a wacky show17202.843.92
okay honey bear uh remember correctly17210.7185.982
there's some yeah there's a business17214.243.92
yeah I have never uh harvested honey17218.166.82
before uh oh you can level up about uh17221.626.62
Health hi17224.986.72
you're awesome oh there we go all right17228.245.68
so is there17231.77.08
okay I hate these all right uh is it C17233.927.798
oh no that's not it17238.787.858
oh I got 15 giant honeybee honey oh I17241.7186.66
can only gather honey a little bit at a17246.6384.442
time okay all right well17248.3784.562
that was easy17251.083.48
all right we just need to look for more17252.945.46
honey all right uh I'll have Cold Stone17254.567.22
pick you up we'll go find some more17258.43.38
all right let's try it yeah yeah I don't17262.125.36
yeah okay ready17264.77.258
that's it we don't need this here oh wow17267.487.3
that was surprisingly easy yeah it17271.9584.382
really opened the place up a bit didn't17274.783.78
it yeah as you can see I've already done17276.344.5
a lot of tree clearing I can see that17278.564.38
man you know what needs to be cleared17280.845.878
next aside from the trees huh and the17282.947.198
stones yeah yeah what else I mean all17286.7186.602
the brush oh you got the animals no no17290.1385.102
no no no oh I thought you were okay yeah17293.324.318
no if anything if anything any of the17295.244.138
animals that are in here we should tame17297.6384.562
yeah okay yeah I like that too okay yeah17299.3784.982
that's doable all right so we're just17302.23.178
crazy right now do you see that17304.363.3
gallimimes just running a circle no what17305.3785.162
an idiot okay uh anyway it would be fun17307.664.138
to have right all right so what are we17310.542.7
gonna do17311.7982.282
awesome Rock breaking Montage oh okay17314.0818.119
ridiculous that's ridiculous you dry I I17349.364.858
I wanted you to take me to the water not17352.63.42
drop me yeah it's good it's good for17354.2183.482
Ratings what ratings what are you17356.022.88
talking about get canceled if you have17357.73.12
good ratings listen hey if I gotta put17358.92.94
up with this [ __ ] I'd rather get17360.823.058
canceled well I don't think it's too17361.844.2
much to ask that you take a kick in the17363.8784.442
balls every now and then it's fine but I17366.043.66
might kick back that's all I'm saying17368.323.54
okay that's good it's good TV though17369.75.758
isn't it oh hey two things what uh one I17371.865.58
found an oil vein but we have to get17375.4583.782
silica pearls two I want to figure out17377.444.08
this rare flower thing okay are you17379.244.02
interested in either uh I'm interested17381.522.938
in the rare flowers because of the17383.263.78
Ingram thing okay okay sir looks like a17384.4585.522
special soup I can make you want to jump17387.045.098
on a bird and head towards the rare17389.984.38
flowers sure we're leaving here why is17392.1384.682
it back here uh yes yes I am interested17394.368.358
in the rare flower thing to the sky17396.825.898
I don't know why I brought you here it's17404.164.6
pretty dangerous and you're low level so17406.64.68
I used to tell things all the time hey17408.764.44
you're probably gonna die today I I17411.283.9
don't really do that anymore because I17413.23.598
don't mess with low level things but all17415.183.72
I needed was honey and yes you are17416.7984.202
probably gonna die today but our roll17418.94.94
rat is over there I just have to set you17421.06.48
to to neutral get that honey and there's17423.847.48
our roll wrap oh this is gonna be fun I17427.486.3
think he's supposed to burrow and then I17431.326.3
drop it in his hole sir ma'am I don't I17433.785.4
don't know what you are you're like a17437.624.14
dick pic gone wrong like you look17439.185.4
terrible God you're ugly17441.764.92
uglier than homemade soap and I will17444.586.058
give you the honey you desire17446.687.56
come on any moment now come on you you17450.6384.862
know you want to go down there and get17454.244.16
those precious gems17455.55.4
you need to go down and get my precious17458.44.38
oh here we go here we go here we go all17462.785.938
right oh God17465.6384.82
dropped it17468.7185.142
did I drop it drop it right here will17470.4585.382
you come get it17473.863.42
it's for you17475.844.94
bro okay here17477.283.5
oh did it do it17481.7185.222
do it ah it's still there you know what17483.75.4
I'm just gonna take the red gems [ __ ] it17486.945.0
hey roll right behind me all right okay17492.425.86
it's low level don't worry about it it17496.63.6
should be fine honey bear you're still17498.284.48
alive great we're gonna need more honey17500.28.64
pretty awesome oh yeah like a tiger Puma17508.845.82
and there's argentavis what is this what17512.443.26
are you doing17514.665.478
go fight him oh boy17515.74.438
I think oh boy they're the other ones17523.183.92
oh God I'm getting attacked Davis what17531.06.638
are you yeah what are you doing17534.8785.362
all right17537.6382.602
how entertaining17542.763.66
come on bring it all ding dong wait ding17548.1384.32
Dong's your name ding dong take this17550.664.218
thing down17552.4582.42
hey yeah that that [ __ ] landed17556.623.54
in the pool17559.183.97
stop laughing they ain't funny17560.165.218
we'll be back after these messages17565.3784.322
ah morning the Rising Sun basking the17571.7987.142
world in a soft peaceful glow17575.263.68
Coffee commercial buddy ah sure thing17584.623.66
fixed oh hey they're gonna be sending us17586.92.58
some video we can use for the commercial17588.282.58
yeah action17590.862.66
what the [ __ ] am I supposed to do with17595.544.2
this go to player and get17597.73.9
ready to tweak your ass off with neeb's17599.743.898
gaming World Peace medium roast I bet it17601.63.538
comes already and I can't stay focused17603.6383.782
on anything ah chicken hey can we all17605.1383.722
just stop for a second and acknowledge17607.422.64
how delicious a bucket of Kentucky17608.863.66
Highway premium whiskey is but abstro I17610.064.2
don't drink coffee what should I do17612.524.02
ignore this commercial Dave's gave me17614.264.5
coffee it's just it's [ __ ] coffee I17616.545.02
don't know how to spin this17618.766.198
how do you17626.54.98
are you kidding how do I how do I do17628.084.6
Old Stone I can't figure this out17632.685.49
someone would Google it for me17635.086.23
all right Google thank you17645.2184.262
whoa I tamed it already17649.485.158
no Google shut up damn it it came up on17651.6386.782
my phone ah all right uh here we go17654.6386.902
gotcha all right you stay here man you17658.426.12
guys taped quick oh God am I stuck17661.544.758
I'm stuck17664.543.86
ah there we go17666.2984.5
I hate this place get me out of here17670.7985.282
we go all right let me uh let me throw a17678.045.58
saddle on ya17680.6384.562
are you a three-seater holy crap all17685.26.72
right uh let's level you up to see your17688.9585.482
movement speed17691.928.2
oh God you're [ __ ] ugly oh okay I17694.447.3
never want to see that face again just17700.124.14
all right let's go try out17701.745.218
oh my God oh my God17704.265.76
why are you down there why is everything17706.9585.402
horrible down there oh my God more17710.023.84
horrible things are we're gonna lose our17712.362.58
oh God what are you doing you idiot come17714.946.48
here come here what are you doing17718.244.8
come here17721.424.62
why is there laughing there why what is17726.77.098
that shut up17730.123.678
pretty good stuff apps bro yeah I know17735.125.2
it's good for Ratings I think sure like17738.14.14
when you threw me in that uh cat pit17740.325.04
classic hilarious and there's argentavis17742.246.26
what is this what are you doing17745.363.14
oh boy17749.082.54
you play it's a reminiscence from uh17754.064.078
past episodes yeah I know yeah we don't17756.583.12
need to do a clip show we're good it's17758.1382.942
good for the budget though you know17759.73.36
usually every series has that they just17761.083.6
it's like oh the actors get a week off17763.064.078
or something and they just episode three17764.684.8
yeah I remember this okay we just jammed17767.1384.5
every episode together into like one big17769.484.978
video so here's a rare flower hold on17771.6384.682
there's a there's a cat down there let17774.4584.142
me get that cat look I just lead them17776.325.12
like this okay fine come on kitty cat17778.67.44
all right now let's grab some flowers we17781.445.98
um yes we are safe okay17787.424.378
um grab all these grab those grab a dip17789.584.32
yep hit it all man get it all all right17791.7986.5
now there was a Quetzal follow me okay17793.94.398
okay was up here oh there he is so17799.785.58
abstro oh yeah season I've got the rare17802.66.48
flower equipped and I'm gonna see if he17805.365.4
will fall because these things run from17809.084.378
me easily right so17810.764.378
here he is see how he's turning away17813.4585.822
he's bashful he's so bashful ready hit17815.1385.82
it yeah I'm ready what's he doing17819.285.22
anything uh nothing he's still going17820.9585.642
down doesn't care anything about the17824.54.58
stinky flower doesn't seem to17826.64.858
I'd like to have one of these I remember17829.084.058
it usually just ends up being a Chase17831.4584.082
all day yeah didn't it work more on uh17833.1384.622
was it pterodons well what was really17835.544.5
pissed off by that tapiers but you know17837.763.84
what I think I think things don't like17840.044.62
it in general like I thought it was just17841.64.68
like for all passive things it made them17844.663.78
mad oh all passive things like I mean17846.283.78
even regular dinosaurs like on the17848.443.9
ground yeah like a kitty cat that kitty17850.063.84
cat that ate you it's not passive it'll17852.343.48
chase you anyway that's true like with a17853.93.72
parasaur or a gal of mine must be mad if17855.824.558
I did this I don't know science there's17857.624.5
a stego I think they're usually pretty17860.3784.142
tame aren't they yes they're not stegos17862.123.72
one of these things oh those are those17864.523.438
juice everybody17873.826.058
okay well how about we needed but oh17875.6385.382
there they go17879.8784.08
it's remaining you say so I was born as17881.024.858
hell but hey I could use those flowers17883.9585.362
keep them all right17885.8783.442
you know what yep walking home like I do17890.943.938
it every day17893.862.76
wait a second I saw a tail but I didn't17894.8787.322
want to ah okay oh boy wow oh hey guys17896.628.82
all right I'm gonna go around yeah17902.25.7
surely there's nothing dangerous over17905.444.698
okay to get together I'm gonna take the17910.3785.562
round this way a little bit of that way17913.9584.382
how about around this rock oh yeah17915.945.88
that'll throw off my scent17918.345.58
um and there's hope17921.823.36
silent yes yes how are you bud I'm doing17925.186.9
fine man considering yeah the news17929.084.32
yeah you know17932.083.0
Wesley I've never given a [ __ ] less17933.44.398
about an animal17935.082.718
name it it was always like I know maybe17945.344.798
that was it yeah that was it yeah we17947.563.898
didn't care because we didn't name it17950.1384.022
that's pretty much it okay all right17951.4584.142
where are you because I'm just yelling17954.164.38
into the field that's fine with me uh as17955.64.56
long as I can hear you I'm coming along17958.544.258
the coast here hey we're just delayed a17960.164.68
little bit as if there was like a you17962.7984.92
know hi hey you know what I like I like17964.845.34
the uh the pterodonts yeah we'll get17967.7184.022
some pterodactyls yeah they're easy yeah17970.182.52
they're fun17971.743.18
all right oh can we mate one of those17972.74.018
and have a baby I don't know why we'd17974.924.02
even waste the time because it's cute to17976.7183.842
have babies but you don't care about17978.944.5
them I mean but that that baby wasn't my17980.565.22
baby that was never my baby okay we'll17983.445.66
have tarot on sex sure yeah17985.783.32
we got leaves is that an alpha Raptor I17989.55.12
saw a glowing one17992.744.8
uh yeah okay can I think I can get their17994.624.32
attention here I'm gonna try something17997.545.418
hey jerks this way yeah Chase Chase17998.946.58
get behind me oh God there's two of them18002.9585.92
out here yep yep holy crap what is that18005.525.22
the way you're going uh yeah we try to18008.8783.062
we're trying to get him to chase me and18010.743.478
lead him off the cliff okay I guess I18011.944.26
could go this way hey can I pick him up18014.2183.302
I'm worried about picking them up and18016.22.82
then biting me well I wouldn't pick up18017.523.54
the alpha no I thought I could pick up18019.024.438
Raptors with this thing you can but not18021.064.44
an alpha oh is that what it is oh God18023.4583.362
and you wouldn't want to try an alpha18025.53.24
all right well what should we do just18026.823.36
lead them off why aren't they following18028.743.84
you I don't know got a cat dropping the18030.186.36
cat Okay [ __ ] funny no all right I18032.586.298
got his uh I got his buddy okay oh now18036.545.64
he wants you is he after me yeah no no18038.8786.302
he's not no he isn't oh boy all right18042.184.5
he's still chewing on uh he's still18045.184.02
chewing on the wall oh God oh God help18046.685.278
me oh crap I'm coming oh ding dong ding18049.26.2
dong no oh18051.9583.442
laughing that's nothing to clap about I18055.624.44
[ __ ] out it was good for [ __ ] it's18057.94.2
good TV man yeah18060.064.56
all right there's two alpha Rafters18062.16.08
outside of our base where is he18064.623.56
that was beautiful all right what's your18077.587.138
plan babes I don't know tell a joke yeah18080.8785.76
I guess it's a great time for a joke oh18084.7183.24
you know what I've been wanting to use18086.6383.562
okay uh chase me quit chewing on the18090.55.56
wall you jackasses chase me they're18093.845.4
behind me there's a door open oh crap oh18096.064.98
crap yeah they're getting through man18099.243.66
okay I'm trying to get him to chase me18101.043.598
stand up see if I can lead him off the18102.95.27
cliff come on you stay on that18104.6387.422
oh crap oh crap oh crap do it sip oh no18116.126.518
do it come on Chase Chase come on Chase18119.945.66
me right off the cliff yeah all right18122.6384.642
I'm coming is he chasing me oh [ __ ] is18127.285.26
he chasing me18130.085.46
hey you you went off the cliff now18132.544.28
that's [ __ ] funny18135.545.36
we had the perfect time to laugh18136.824.08
all right we're gonna try oh [ __ ] wow18143.7186.522
all right we're gonna try you out here18148.3784.162
we go18150.242.3
that's right run oh wow look at this18154.8787.482
boom rocks through rocks and trees and18158.546.82
mushrooms and rocks and trees and18162.365.24
ah this is real [ __ ]18169.586.52
okay oh no18173.4584.442
there's a Carno over there hopefully18176.15.16
that uh dodo can take him let's see I'm18177.94.738
not hurt too bad18181.263.3
we fight the Carno18182.6383.722
let me check your health18188.163.32
done man you are bad ass buddy here we18192.69.42
go back up here yeah18198.123.9
this thing's awesome we gotta get it18212.65.98
back to the uh gas Castle so hopefully18215.165.94
you can pick him up and uh18218.588.28
yes man I love it he is family now and18221.17.8
we are going to be able to collect a lot18226.864.08
of gas18228.93.36
feel like there should have been a laugh18230.944.22
there or something yeah it's only on TV18232.268.97
they named us back okay here we go what18244.985.158
you building uh this is gonna be my18248.2184.622
little uh jaboa compound I'm gonna get a18250.1384.202
bunch of jabos and breathe them because18252.844.28
they're so cute I mean look at that face18254.345.878
oh yeah I see I agree with that that18257.125.62
that's a quality that he's deserving of18260.2184.262
an haul how about this you ready yeah18262.744.218
what's up18264.482.478
fireworks I didn't think about it when18268.3783.42
it's night time we were being chased by18270.123.78
stuff did he go up in the air well of18271.7983.42
course it did it's a flare and I can18273.92.58
actually see it now because the sky is18275.2183.782
blue and not yellow okay and it looks18276.484.62
like it's gonna come back down set the18279.03.74
whole place on fire18281.14.92
maybe I mean it's pretty hey hop off the18282.744.47
bird a second okay18286.023.06
why would you do that why would you do18289.082.82
this is fighting separating18291.93.62
it's good for raining that's right laugh18295.587.798
laugh you sheep18299.943.438
the hell that's right18317.6383.74
coyote [ __ ] what is that that's pretty18321.53.718
that's pretty funny18325.2184.42
wait it's gonna be great you're like18327.623.04
it's like the coyote you're going to18329.6382.942
wake up and you're gonna realize you're18330.663.96
gonna hold this side up and be like my18332.585.36
eyes are gonna get big18334.627.04
I'm still prepared18337.943.72
that's pretty funny that's worthy of the18342.7985.402
laugh track but knock it off18345.242.96
so what's this all about Simon I don't18361.7984.802
know you just said meet us okay well I18364.23.66
don't mind meeting them no I don't18366.62.82
either these things just take for Glitz18367.864.018
golfer they take forever right yours is18369.423.718
so much faster than mine too that's18371.8783.0
annoying I know this is my full speed18373.1384.382
I'm I'm sprinting too oh yeah I might18374.8784.442
have to rest soon you just took off18377.523.9
don't do that well I'm not just saying18379.325.46
okay all right so yeah this doesn't look18381.426.6
like a super safe place did he say he go18384.785.518
he gave us the coordinates but I'm just18388.024.14
hoping he sees us because we're getting18390.2985.102
we're getting there oh kangaroo I'ma18392.165.94
rest up on this peak that quick huh yeah18395.45.1
it's horrible all right well did he say18398.16.18
anything about height wise hey oh hey18400.56.42
here we go where what I see it hey guys18404.285.518
what you got there uh a useless piece of18406.925.58
[ __ ] uh Kinda Yeah it's a roll rat okay18409.7985.222
yeah I tamed it in hopes to get red gems18412.54.798
but I guess they don't make them okay18415.024.5
they they get them before you tame them18417.2983.84
but then after yeah it doesn't make18419.524.08
sense but do have a fun use form and I18421.1384.382
wanted you guys to have fun with me I18423.64.08
like having fun I know you do I do too18425.524.5
and uh so follow me18427.684.38
Simon I thought you said once that I18430.024.32
don't like having fun I sometimes say18432.064.2
things I don't mean just to annoy you I18434.344.26
like that all right so what's the dealio18436.264.02
all right just come right over here18438.63.42
right is this a safe place to leave18440.284.5
these yes are you sure because my18442.024.74
wyvern's here oh what about up in this18444.785.16
Nook it's even safer I like Nook parking18446.765.24
Nook parking I don't know where he went18449.944.74
I'm right next to you no Simon wasn't18452.04.84
talking to you I was talking about the18454.684.14
Nook guy up the hill no oh I see him18456.843.9
yeah yeah there are three beds here yes18458.824.2
in case we die there's also three18460.744.26
storage boxes that we can just put all18463.023.06
our stuff in18465.02.58
um because there's a good chance we18466.083.54
might die just get naked just get naked18467.583.92
okay I like that naked rat Roll But Time18469.625.16
naked oh God what's this if one of you18471.55.02
guys have that thing on follow probably18474.785.04
yeah okay mine probably me might have18476.525.82
been me I do things wrong too18479.825.18
uh you know I wanted to build a Ballista18489.684.42
here okay but I want it facing the right18491.944.26
way ah no oh you're building it right18494.14.38
now yeah oh that's kind of too small18496.26.3
anyway uh doing it turn it turn it okay18498.486.84
I want it to go out like that yep there18502.55.52
we go oh yeah does that look tacky18505.324.92
because of the uh wait okay here they18508.025.698
are I got three Spears so far oh man we18510.246.0
got some defenses now baby oh that looks18513.7184.022
great dude18516.244.8
bring on Alpha Raptors exactly hey guess18517.744.978
what what you're a black beauty here18521.044.32
yeah uh turns out it's a dude oh it's a18522.7184.562
dude yeah so I read renamed him his18525.363.778
name's Dolomite now a guy can't be18527.283.66
called beauty that just feels I don't18529.1382.882
know it doesn't feel right what about18530.942.16
Beauty and the Beast that was a guy18532.022.698
wasn't it he was the Beast he wasn't18533.13.24
Beauty you [ __ ] well he was Beauty18534.7184.5
the [ __ ] oh the woman oh wait a minute18536.344.68
lady in the [ __ ] which one was the boy18539.2183.902
[ __ ] [ __ ] I'm starting to see a18541.023.6
theme Here exactly that's why beauty18543.123.0
doesn't make sense for this this little18544.623.06
cute little guy I come to guys always18546.123.838
got to be a tram for a beast yeah I18547.683.18
don't know it's a good question why18549.9582.882
don't you ask Disney come on Disney but18550.863.54
Progressive why do crows have to be18552.843.84
black listen I got plans today uh18554.44.558
Dolomite Dolomite Needs a Lady oh really18556.684.26
yep so I'm gonna venture out and18558.9583.482
establish an outpost and get another18560.945.34
Bridge a lady for dolomite taking this18562.445.518
one with me for protection all right18566.283.78
I'll help you if you want Oh I thought18567.9583.062
you were gonna build more ballistic18570.062.1
tourists but yeah if you want to go with18571.023.42
I'll just grab metal as we go Metal's my18572.164.2
big thing all right I'm taking ding dong18574.443.54
yep taking ding dong I'll take Captain18576.364.14
wafers say mule you be good up there18577.985.1
don't get into any trouble you here good18580.55.76
he's a good damn you what a life for a18583.085.58
unicorn stuck on a roof yeah all right18586.264.44
you ready he needs Hobbies yeah we get18588.664.38
him a friend can a unicorn Banger bring18590.75.65
a finger zebra yeah let's get a zebra18593.045.04
all right guys yeah we're naked we're18598.084.02
handsome yeah we're afraid he's18600.364.8
glistening nipples hard good Lord these18602.15.66
things are adorable they they aren't18605.165.4
wow it's a cool saddle though yeah it is18607.765.68
I'm gonna set uh cold stone Steve Austin18610.565.7
to follow us okay because yeah we're18613.444.26
probably gonna run into some shits yeah18616.263.48
called some time to go do you have uh18617.74.258
everybody get on this rat all right oh18619.745.1
I'm on I'm all right okay let me see if18621.9584.622
I can do this right just gonna follow18624.845.42
this path but hang on18626.583.68
oh yeah18635.343.98
yes oh okay what's up18639.328.02
we just ran into something sorry sir all18643.8785.58
yes oh my God18650.484.44
oh my God that was a problem okay okay18655.2186.522
what are you doing all right oh no it18659.2183.722
thank you18666.9582.122
all right18669.445.76
I love it what's happening18671.363.84
ah that was great18678.686.278
a gorgeous day to fly sure is you see18682.444.8
those ruins down there yeah how's your18684.9584.26
bird doing need to rest no I just rested18687.243.96
before we crossed the water good idea18689.2184.802
it's a drop go for the drop or stay18691.25.16
focused yellow yellow is not good is it18694.026.618
look at the base here oh my goodness18696.364.278
I mean man I've never had a view from18703.345.98
the outside like this yeah of what18706.923.538
they've managed to build I'm actually18709.323.058
impressed just as pretty from the inside18710.4583.662
yeah looks like half the walls are18712.3784.5
damaged yeah they're uh yeah uh odd18714.124.44
colored I don't think they built these18716.8783.662
ones oh okay yeah I don't think they're18718.564.5
here well obviously all right are you18720.545.098
awake nice to know where they're set up18723.064.92
moving on okay you think they got any18725.6383.542
good stuff should we should we rate18727.984.52
their base I'm sure they don't18729.183.32
yeah okay Simon didn't didn't you leave18746.485.56
a car once it was broke down you just18749.943.9
left it yeah are we just leaving this18752.045.4
it's done no we're not leaving it it's18753.847.08
too cool come on just back up yeah there18757.447.34
we go all right wow18760.923.86
watch out18765.625.08
man this thing's great it really is and18767.425.44
its stamina is not even halfway down get18770.74.83
out not gonna yeah18772.865.76
all right probably head back yeah I18780.324.898
think we're good okay I want to do18783.364.68
another big jump another big jump yeah18785.2186.262
let's come on and jump18788.043.44
okay this is jabella country Debs okay18792.546.838
so you want one female dribola aye aye18795.246.66
Dolomite Needs a Lady do you think uh he18799.3784.322
wants two ladies I mean if we both want18801.94.26
to get one I mean sure may as well but18803.74.56
if you want more than one yeah yeah I18806.163.6
mean if you're here yeah let's let's do18808.263.24
it let's grab another one okay so yeah18809.763.92
two uh no not yet I'm just gonna land18814.444.38
down here and establish an outpost oh an18816.663.718
outpost yeah why not that sounds18818.824.08
adventurous yeah we gotta name it and18820.3784.442
everything yeah right here on the path18822.94.62
yeah let's make it tall all right skinny18824.823.78
one huh no I was just gonna build18827.523.358
something quick quick and dirty you18828.64.14
could do tall and dirty I mean if you18830.8783.482
want to go for tall and dirty go for it18832.743.058
I mean I had a plan remember I was18834.363.598
coming out here by myself oh okay yeah I18835.7983.902
don't want to ruin your plan so do what18837.9584.462
you want yeah18839.75.34
easy refined if it was tall though it's18842.425.16
right here from the sky18845.044.74
no I know exactly where it is remember18847.583.7
I'm pretty decent with navigation should18849.783.12
plant some bushes around it put some18851.283.598
camouflage netting over it no I'm not18852.93.72
gonna do all that it was just it's just18854.8784.022
a simple Outpost that's all it is okay18856.623.96
do you have enough to go up one more18858.94.62
layer one more floor maybe a staircase18860.586.2
no it's fine18863.523.26
okay guys okay ramp is built I'm18867.126.54
trusting you yeah I'm not I don't know18870.844.32
if it's gonna work I just can't really18873.663.54
see them hey we're just here to have fun18875.163.6
yeah no I'm already having fun18877.23.72
experiment yeah let's do it yep let's do18878.767.82
it come on baby oh yeah there we go okay18880.929.08
that's a problem18886.583.42
God oh that went great maybe we should18893.786.28
start a little bit closer now we got a18897.664.558
pissed off and by a little bit I mean a18900.065.1
lot closer on it yeah almost let's see18902.2184.802
let's see everything's kind of after us18905.164.5
right now this is really a [ __ ]18907.024.88
things could swim a lot better than uh I18914.064.42
thought they would yeah yeah now18916.7984.042
everything's oh God yeah18918.484.76
come on18920.846.16
hold on stuck ow yeah does that hurt you18923.247.0
guys no I don't know oh god that hurt me18927.05.718
that did oh God yeah18930.245.46
what uh dorelli's out of your bow it's18932.7185.622
dead where's doralius oh doralis is18935.75.518
probably dead too oh no oh no get out of18938.344.5
here get out of here I'm about to die18941.2185.16
okay I'm about to die you're good I am18942.846.66
so not good you're fine oh I'm fine how18946.3785.522
does Aurelius die oh I don't know what18949.54.138
the hell just did just happened what do18951.94.02
you mean how did he die how did my legs18953.6384.32
get broken and how am I freezing do you18955.923.66
know that do you know the answer to that18957.9582.942
um where's the ramp I don't know oh I18960.94.26
see it but if if I get bit by a mosquito18962.764.74
or I'm dead yeah yeah I'm that close18965.166.38
okay here we go come on come on18967.54.04
so we're not doing it here no no I've18981.625.46
got an idea okay18984.66.118
babes yep found one okay oh perfect is18987.086.46
it the right pecan oh let's see what are18990.7185.102
you are you a female how do I tell well18993.544.5
now let me look until I tame maybe18995.824.5
should just be a spyglass maybe oh yeah18998.044.918
good call hold on stop yep that is a19000.324.978
wild female jamboa oh and that's a white19002.9583.782
one yeah oh it works out because19005.2983.182
Dolomite loves white chicks black and19006.743.78
white all right let's see come here you19008.484.7
little cutie19010.522.66
get berries I need berries berries19015.6384.422
everywhere man there might be some19018.323.72
berries in the bird bring the bird19020.063.78
this right there19022.043.24
this is why I wanted to come alone you19023.843.18
like a micro manager little [ __ ] I'm19025.283.358
also the guy watching your bird right19027.023.24
now and looking around for threats I19028.6383.722
wasn't gonna have to burn anyway huh I19030.264.14
can do all that by myself good yeah yes19032.363.9
or would you be there right there's a19034.44.2
rapper in coming okay I'm on it you're19036.265.16
welcome oh came the jaboa okay beautiful19038.65.038
all right we have to turn it around uh19041.425.24
how you gonna carry that thing19043.6383.022
well that's fine but I could have19050.083.16
carried it without you you got this19051.863.0
other thing on your show I can get the19053.243.54
other thing to follow me it flies you19054.864.858
just refuse used to be grateful that I'm19056.784.98
here it's fine that you're here but good19059.7183.722
God quit micromanaging everything you're19061.764.08
a micromanager geez okay so that's one19063.444.438
let's find one more oh we're doing two19065.844.68
yeah that was your idea okay sounds like19067.8784.412
a micromanager to me yes19070.523.66
all right guys it's gonna start here19074.183.48
we're gonna attempt to jump the river19075.923.48
wow uh we're gonna need a lot more19077.664.32
materials uh so19079.44.738
um we didn't get that if you're doing19081.984.44
such a good amounts or uh take Cold19084.1384.862
Stone get get some trees oh we got trees19086.424.14
here too we've got trees here but we're19089.03.42
gonna run out I know we're gonna this is19090.564.86
gonna be huge okay it's gonna be a mega19092.426.538
ram dude Evil Knievel would love this19095.425.4
all right guys give me some supplies19100.824.86
okay hey maybe19102.7986.062
feeble or evil katrivo19105.685.64
yeah sure19108.865.278
Simon what's he mean I don't know man I19111.324.26
I didn't think we were still doing a19114.1384.32
scene okay19115.584.26
thank you19118.4585.822
yeah come on go down go down go down oh19119.845.94
boy that's that's something with teeth19124.283.24
over there don't run to that thing with19125.783.66
teeth all right back it out back it out19127.524.14
names I'll Chase it away Chase what away19129.444.438
the thing with teeth good idea I'm gonna19131.663.96
kill that brother I got his attention19133.8783.722
good good Chase it away lead it away19135.624.258
from me follow me still out at your boa19137.64.74
Chase okay yeah he's still in the brono19139.8784.142
all right paying attention to me at all19142.346.2
Club is worthless there go down19144.024.52
all right she's down okay watch my ass19148.94.96
I'm gonna try to nip him up I think he19152.063.12
just killed it I think he got his19153.863.3
attention maybe nope he's eating the19155.184.198
brono he's eating the brano all right we19157.165.4
got another Jabba all right okay I think19159.3785.282
he sees me when I try to lead him away19162.565.46
come on man safe safe all right I think19164.664.68
I need a drink19168.022.64
um no actually hold on I need to eat19169.343.84
come on I'm a hungry boy and oh damn I19170.664.138
didn't bring any food you got any food19173.183.42
uh let's just get out of here okay let's19174.7984.102
just get all right back to the Outpost19176.65.82
okay yeah chop it away baby yeah hey19178.96.52
Simon what so as you know I died right19182.425.218
did it work oh yeah well I mean that's19185.423.718
why we're doing this I mean it didn't19187.6383.482
really look like it worked to me but19189.1383.962
thick said it did but I think we just19191.124.018
went up and then dropped straight down I19193.13.358
think he's nuts with what we're trying19195.1383.302
right now yeah but I'm excited about it19196.4584.382
no me too it's good we got to give it a19198.444.56
shot yeah but you don't think it worked19200.844.32
I think that you could ride up it but I19203.03.54
think that ramp's gonna have to be19205.163.12
really freaking long in order for it to19206.543.9
us to even reach the water okay now19208.284.018
here's the here's the real question what19210.443.66
because I didn't really hear much19212.2983.0
um because you weren't listening to what19214.13.538
I said no I I listened to some of it19215.2984.862
what three Evil Knievel or evil19217.6386.062
cthrieval huh three bull three people19220.165.46
like there's three of us and we're like19223.74.2
Evil Knievel so three bull three vocal19225.624.86
Knievel or Evil cthrieval three-vol19227.95.22
Knievel Knievel perfect yeah that's19230.484.318
where I was leaning too right okay get19233.123.178
the chopping get back to work choppy19234.7984.562
chop no time for chit chat no John oh19236.2985.282
look at this job oh my goodness what19239.366.62
what my jump I just did was amazing19241.584.4
get back to work all right19250.8785.702
yes sir I see Raptors out there oh19260.3784.542
really yeah perfect time to try that19263.243.478
Melissa turn it on boy come on oh19264.924.378
there's a Carno as well I only made19266.7184.682
three bolts though so keep an eye on19269.2984.08
this list of Swords yeah all right let19271.43.72
me drop this oh he's trying to come19273.3783.662
through the thing oh crap oh crap19275.123.96
you good oh yeah don't lose that I don't19277.043.66
lose that your boa is anything following19279.083.9
me uh oh God no hold up the birds follow19280.74.678
me hey you you stay still go to the19282.985.22
ballista oh oh he went down low okay19285.3785.102
there we go ah get away get away get19288.25.598
away get away and oh19290.483.318
oh God there's a panther out there as19300.6384.602
well oh and now I see one okay come back19302.93.78
oh yeah no you hit him I see that19305.243.0
ballista bolt sticking out of his ass oh19306.683.42
really didn't kill him but this was just19308.245.218
too close see if stupid Hey follow me19310.15.698
okay shoot him I don't want to miss now19313.4583.962
now lower him back all right here I go19315.7983.722
here I go let me turn it around19317.424.44
oh come on I should be a one shot kill19319.524.68
but it's not did you do it he got hit19321.864.8
but he's not dead there's two of them19324.24.32
these things are crazy he's got three in19326.663.24
him I thought these things are pretty19328.522.358
what's up with this crap we got to build19330.8785.08
more turrets okay finish this thing off19333.3785.522
my rifle let's do it okay oh boy did you19335.9585.34
give me a beer hey hey hit me hey follow19338.94.8
me you behind me yep I made these oh19341.2984.262
what is this okay I made these little19343.73.42
things where I can kind of peek out whoa19345.564.078
what is that what is that the cat oh man19347.124.32
I tried to grab the cat I was like stuck19349.6383.542
it's gonna be stuck in here all right19351.444.82
it's bike time nice19353.183.08
oh there's another cat where I can't see19359.744.0
it he's right here in front of this19362.63.9
below the ballista all right19363.744.68
thing in here is it can I can I grab19366.54.62
this I'm going for it did I get it pull19368.424.82
this through the wall19371.124.74
this thing's really okay I got it inside19373.244.18
can you believe I pulled this through19375.863.358
that giant that little tiny hole no I19377.423.42
can't I can't see a thing though we need19379.2182.702
to we need to really put some torches19380.843.42
along this wall yeah where is my torch19381.923.66
can't see a thing this time of night19384.264.74
here we go oh now I see you now I see19385.586.0
the [ __ ] oh I'm gonna grab him by the19389.04.32
[ __ ] I'm gonna take him out here and19391.584.2
I'm gonna drop that [ __ ] off a cliff so19393.325.22
long Mr [ __ ]19395.783.69
all right19398.5424.48
guys yeah yeah this is it we know it19423.024.38
yeah we're gonna be able to tell our19425.783.3
grandchildren about this and they're19427.43.54
going to be proud I told my grandkids19429.083.058
about it already you don't have any19430.943.66
grandkids I might well I guess I'll tell19432.1384.022
them how I just saw Simon's hair the19434.64.8
entire time oh all right all right ready19436.165.58
you guys ready yeah give me a countdown19439.48.78
in three two one go come on19441.746.44
oh but the pill is gone now can we ride19456.15.278
the edge I'll try to ride the edge19459.024.74
all right guys here we go all right the19461.3784.802
edge baby19463.762.42
yeah oh my that was great that was so19474.26.9
close it was great it was great nobody19477.925.28
has ever done anything like that that's19481.14.68
on YouTube and they never will nope19483.24.86
three Evil Knievel now how do we get19485.785.28
back oh another ramp another ramp let's19488.064.92
come on white chick come on push there19492.984.978
you go push that little bad boy out your19495.984.14
name to white chick yeah okay really19497.9584.68
disappointed in this uh ballista yeah19500.124.98
you figured that would be struck oh man19502.6386.142
about what you did19505.13.68
Libby get out of the way you move come19509.185.66
on Mama you moved too oh my goodness19511.588.7
it's so cute it's so cute oh it's black19514.847.24
it's like a black and white mix is it19520.283.3
yeah it's like salt and pepper really19522.083.12
what's a good salt and pepper song uh19523.582.82
push it19525.23.54
um it's perfect for a pregnancy yeah19526.44.02
okay but I don't want to name it push it19528.744.74
ah push it there what were the what were19530.424.32
the members of salt and pepper what are19533.483.3
their names uh salt and pepper is that19534.743.898
it I think so I didn't know if it was19536.782.938
like an instinct where there was like a19538.6383.062
bunch of them there's two of them salt19539.7184.202
and Peppa yeah but this one looks like19541.73.42
something you know what I'm gonna name19543.923.958
him a little [ __ ] little Shaker yeah19545.124.2
like a salt and pepper shaker yeah19547.8783.662
that's not bad shakers uh his or her19549.324.318
name name the next one question oh hold19551.544.86
on let me imprint oh yeah Shaker cute19553.6385.642
little Shaker yeah what are you little19556.45.58
baby girl little baby boy hold on let me19559.287.2
get my glass out oh my God that is a19561.988.52
male little little baby Shaker okay19566.487.26
huh I'm so happy congratulations after19570.54.86
thanks oh there's gonna be a bunch of19573.744.978
these it's gonna be a bunch of them but19575.366.858
this was the first so it's special19578.7183.5
what the19582.564.44
oh crap I think I forgot to feed it19584.367.22
it just died sorry for your loss thanks19587.013.34
hey Nate yes sir I need you to make more19600.345.5
stimulants for me oh yeah you don't know19604.043.96
how to make them huh no I'm dumb but19605.844.2
hopefully after today I will not be as19608.03.48
dumb oh yeah actually I'm gonna get19610.043.54
really dumb but then I'll be smart yep19611.485.04
stimulants please oh now okay well yeah19613.585.638
I need 72 of them for this mine white19616.525.58
potion okay 72. are we getting close19619.2185.402
what we got in here well I have the 7219622.14.92
narcotics I got the 200 mijo berries19624.623.598
actually they're gonna hurry up but I19627.023.3
need more rare flowers mushrooms and I19628.2183.42
need prime meat well you ain't got19630.322.818
enough stemberries in here okay I need19631.6382.942
more stemberries yeah all right well19633.1382.82
I'll run out with mule get more19634.582.76
stemberries but I need you to make the19635.9583.242
stimulants yeah just gotta put stand19637.343.18
very all right I'm gonna run out on mule19639.24.8
hello oh hello Mr thick how's it going19640.525.278
it's going well hello how's it going19644.03.48
with you not too bad I come bearing19645.7983.602
gifts especially For You Astro oh oh19647.483.6
I'll take it I want you to take this19649.45.34
because I know you're a freak yes oh man19651.085.16
that's an ascendant whip that's right19654.744.02
I've been dropping wait neebs I have19656.244.68
something for you as well look at you19658.764.26
boom you're a gift horse I'm gonna look19660.923.9
you in the mouth well it's not as sexy19663.025.64
as a whip but yeah oh hey that that hurt19664.825.638
in a good way yeah just smile and enjoy19668.663.18
it yeah19670.4583.122
yeah give it to me Papa see if you can19671.844.86
take the hook oh nope I didn't take it19673.585.82
yeah there you go hey it's my hook now19676.75.518
after I stole my gift he stole it no I19679.44.558
didn't steal it it's on the ground oh is19682.2186.482
it yep okay wow he's a magician meat huh19683.9588.222
I need a hand with something okay19688.75.82
how you doing over this side19692.186.0
um I'm having some issues lining stuff19694.525.88
up I'm hoping it'll work once I get the19698.185.038
walls on it's gonna work how you doing19700.45.88
bubba same just you know making it19703.2184.74
happen I'm glad that we're staying down19706.284.018
here yeah it just makes more sense it's19707.9584.082
too dangerous up there we'd have to move19710.2983.42
this is beautiful out here there's19712.043.54
always some [ __ ] out there and we19713.7184.202
can get wood from putting it in a flying19715.585.04
so we got ways to make this work yes and19717.924.798
the view is gorgeous you can't beat it19720.624.2
you really can't it's all about location19722.7185.702
yeah and we'll beautify and and get rid19724.825.88
of this uh well you know what yeah we'll19728.424.378
get rid of all this well look I can't19730.73.54
see what you're talking about but okay19732.7983.482
well everything we used to have but man19734.244.74
this gate this is our look at that looks19736.284.08
it's nice but let me ask you a question19738.983.238
are you perfectly straight oh there you19740.363.72
are I'm as straight as I could be yeah19742.2184.142
so you are making these all blocks huh19744.084.44
well yeah okay I mean I could do that19746.363.778
does that make them better I mean it19748.523.0
just makes it look nicer doesn't it I19750.1383.24
mean you got just like nicer yeah see19751.524.08
now we care because I thought this19753.3784.682
looked nice right but some but we knew19755.64.618
you knew deep down there's enough this19758.064.62
never looked nice man even I know that19760.2185.042
kind of like the hodgepodginess I mean I19762.684.44
I said that because that's what lazy19765.263.48
people say when they yes you're right19767.124.56
but also art Art's kind of that way yeah19768.745.638
but most artists really are really just19771.684.86
lazy pieces of [ __ ] yeah and I found19774.3784.202
another windmill in a drop well anyway19776.544.2
hey I like this I like that we're19778.584.86
staying here no animal transfer just got19780.744.558
more room we're gonna make the we're19783.444.26
gonna call it's like the the big wall of19785.2986.122
of of valguero this is gonna be the19787.75.758
biggest wall in valvera let's talk about19791.424.14
it I doubt it no we can make it the19793.4584.92
biggest we could but we will that's it19795.564.14
just leave it at this friend let's19798.3782.822
finish it okay goodbye I'm gonna make19799.73.12
all my things uh because these look good19801.22.938
Simon I'm impressed I'm gonna switch19802.824.62
mine to that do it okay19804.1385.402
all right just follow me this way oh19807.444.14
that hurt okay you look great by the way19809.544.86
thank you staying fit uh yeah and I've I19811.586.54
dress well I wore my best art clothes uh19814.45.398
I might have a little bit of danger down19818.125.46
here okay in the form of el Raptors okay19819.7986.0
so anytime you want to pick me up did I19823.583.98
get you yep yeah19825.7984.562
cool yeah we're gonna get to a wide open19827.564.898
space here shortly there's some pretty19830.363.778
good uh there's some pretty good drops19832.4583.202
down here19834.1384.202
yeah not the ones you have to pay for oh19835.664.718
well hey we should swing by one of those19838.343.72
if you see one if we see one of course19840.3783.962
okay and you're looking for an aberrant19842.065.7
what spino if possible you don't want to19844.346.18
bear bears are cool bear would be great19847.765.58
too I just know that spinos uh deal a19850.524.98
little bit more damage okay oh there's a19853.344.798
spino whoa are these all aberrant I19855.55.52
don't know take a look at can you can19858.1384.562
you take a look with your how can I tell19861.024.98
that to eat a spyglass yeah okay uh19862.75.16
looking at him uh cold stone Steve19866.03.78
Austin his name's cold stone Steve19867.863.72
Austin oh that's my wyvern oh really19869.784.14
what a coincidence no it's not yeah19871.586.44
level 134 cold stone Steve Austin19873.929.02
spino level 116. that's our guy19878.029.0
oh no you son of a [ __ ]19882.947.66
[ __ ] you boys19887.026.76
oh my babies worked hard to breed those19890.65.698
things I'm thirsty just wanted to get19893.785.28
something to eat19896.2987.58
this bird's stamina up nope nope nope19899.067.52
go down go down19903.8787.08
I will have my revenge19906.584.378
all right man I need I need to make a19913.484.6
gun I need to make a gun all right ding19915.564.12
dog let's kill this son of a [ __ ]19918.083.298
look at these19921.3784.882
we check my babies19923.326.78
oh no who died19926.263.84
okay all right still for you oh no I19930.286.16
lost my chick see how dolomite's still19934.2185.642
alive oh that's sad ding dong we did our19936.445.278
best sometimes you lose your bullets19939.864.2
I really shouldn't get up my wyvern19944.065.04
wyvern can you uh grapple there up there19946.166.298
I think get back on my wyvern with him19949.16.3
yep all right right go Batman nope19952.4586.562
yep there we go oh Tarzan19955.47.318
all right am I safe I think I'm safe I'm19959.025.56
gonna go lure that thing over here man19962.7184.682
I'm thinking I'm thinking of a good name19964.585.638
for you yeah you gotta follow me so19967.45.52
again this thing doesn't turn very well19970.2185.042
but let's let's just follow hold on19972.924.378
neebs that thing doesn't run out of19975.263.72
stamina or anything right19977.2984.022
strength I don't think so thank you good19978.984.68
did you tell them you were thick 44 no19981.324.978
not yet hold on hey I'm think 44. okay19983.664.68
your new friend I'm sorry there's a19986.2984.742
white spino near me I'm thick I just19988.345.458
said my name would I call you absoro oh19991.045.28
yeah we've been living together so long19993.7984.262
you know what I'm saying yeah I know I19996.323.6
know how it goes what's up what's that19998.066.42
level what's uh 45 oh 44. ah he's19999.927.62
worthless yeah anything 44 is worthless20004.485.46
not true well they're both named Cold20007.544.918
Stone no they're not nope again you just20009.944.62
saw you just saw you didn't see my angle20012.4584.26
I was right on him said Cold Stone okay20014.564.44
he doesn't even see me he's worried20016.7184.562
about the oh names did you fall huh20019.04.16
looks like you fell looks like you fell20021.284.438
nope what happened there I don't know20023.165.44
man uh probably a glitch okay it happens20025.7185.66
to the best of us20028.62.778
Coast looks pretty clear apps right20031.625.018
you're not abstract are you no no I keep20034.064.92
saying that I know I live with him now20036.6384.862
hey you said that okay there's a Sarco20038.984.86
down the road though that's all I see20041.54.32
should I just kill it for fun well I20043.843.18
don't think killing should ever be fun20045.825.96
thick well it is what's that civilized20047.028.22
buddy come on man what is it what we20051.785.018
have a wall you see this brown I was20055.243.78
trying to get over a wall dude because20056.7985.102
okay that's why we need to be at least20059.025.58
three high or all the way across oh I20061.95.7
know I said three high no three High ER20064.65.278
really higher than what it is right so20067.64.198
in other words six High how about four20069.8783.782
high I doubt it can get over four high20071.7985.042
what do you mean all right hold on why20073.664.798
wouldn't we do six we want to make this20076.844.2
thing epic well you want to make it epic20078.4586.18
why wouldn't you ah come on you were you20081.044.98
already agreed to what I don't20084.6383.842
understand what time it is where are you20086.025.1
I'm in the sky now oh I'm gonna turn20088.484.68
around and get a good look20091.125.7
see you I know oh man here I'll show you20093.165.7
you know what Simon what you're right20096.824.5
six High six High that's gonna be a lot20098.864.32
of wood and we have a lot of wood in our20101.323.78
abandoned base I know we do look at this20103.184.98
boom and then come on can I get it can I20105.14.74
get it from here oh that's gonna be20108.166.558
tough huh uh hold on boom uh-huh20109.848.458
and one more I can't Oh you mean higher20114.7186.042
than that that's five you said six I20118.2984.442
know I just can't I just can't reach it20120.763.48
for me I'm gonna need that six to happen20122.744.08
to have an honest opinion20124.248.3
um pick me up before you go go down20126.829.478
can you pick me up now you know what you20132.545.32
probably will even if we go very slow20136.2982.702
all right come on20139.05.1
no please don't do the pickup but20141.665.638
they're they're little showboats20144.13.198
damn it okay20148.25.74
um all right five high no for now for20150.584.27
why in the world would you walk off down20156.8783.182
there I just wanted to put you on the20158.743.3
roof because I think I can use prime20160.064.5
what prime sheep meat in this Grill here20162.044.8
get a lot of prime meat really fast but20164.563.42
now I kind of want to keep you because20166.843.42
you're cute all right I'm gonna go get20167.984.26
one of your relatives I'll be back don't20170.264.86
go anywhere you're gonna be food20172.244.74
man I'm glad we moved although we did20175.123.36
have Alpha Raptors at our house but20176.983.54
still I always felt like this place was20178.484.14
worse Alpha Raptors T-Rexes yeah see you20180.524.68
down there you little piece of [ __ ] oh I20182.624.86
think I seized one20185.24.92
he thing has no idea no idea what he's20187.485.12
about to be20190.122.48
I breathe these guys20196.422.66
you know I got some testing to do20201.428.378
hey hey congratulations dick thank you20205.546.9
thanks so much for your help man he is a20209.7984.5
sharp looking fella I remembered your20212.445.04
name you did yep speaking of names I'm20214.2984.982
naming this guy and I've already got a20217.484.978
saddle for him oh cool come on down here20219.285.098
okay you give him you give him a ride20222.4584.322
what happens if I hit a parachute while20224.3786.722
I'm under a thing you wonder try it20226.787.92
yeah and boom up okay there we go now20231.15.82
what happens if I oh wow this is strange20234.75.58
that is really weird nope up super crazy20236.925.28
it's like one of those rides it's like a20240.284.56
what do you call it like a parasail or a20242.24.56
parasailing now kinda I think if I just20244.844.5
hit control it'll hey20246.765.458
so you can oh can you land on them oh20249.345.76
maybe that good man on Cold Stone no no20252.2185.58
on on the spino all the yeah that's what20255.14.858
I said I can land on this one okay here20257.7984.262
can we make it okay I'll land it on this20259.9583.962
one okay good job which is technically20262.064.44
Cold Stone too that's pop20263.924.14
hey you wanna you wanna take him for a20266.54.26
spin uh sure I named him yeah oh yeah20268.066.84
his name his name is his name is John20270.767.1
Wilkes tooth20274.96.12
his teeth beautiful teeth all right hey20277.864.96
take them down here see if he can find20281.025.4
something to uh non20282.825.16
all right Missy turns out taming you20286.423.0
guys is a big pain in the button I don't20287.982.76
want to do it but that's okay because20289.424.038
I'm after the prime meet so uh sorry20290.745.58
give me give me give me a shake that20293.4584.722
sheet Shake That sheep give it that meat20296.324.52
take that sheep give me that beat20298.185.58
yeah whatever I got raw meat there's no20300.844.84
there's no prime meat in there she got20303.764.82
prime meat for those guys20305.682.9
all right what about the other one20308.8784.0
coming for you man maybe it's just the20310.664.798
males maybe that's what it is yeah this20312.8784.742
sexist game only the males have to prime20315.4584.082
meat I'm gonna shake that sheep get that20317.623.9
meat uh raw mutton hide right there20319.545.22
there's no prime button I got prime meat20321.525.58
out of those guys oh can I maybe I can20324.763.9
use the money maybe that was one of the20327.12.64
other ones I could use yeah you know20328.663.058
what okay yeah take all the money oh20329.743.42
wait how long is this spoiled time 3020331.7183.542
minutes yeah you know what I'll have to20333.163.36
double check that but I think I can use20335.263.44
the mutton20336.524.98
I wanna take the lamb chop and make my20338.75.758
mind wipe potion20341.52.958
really want to land up here Simon it's20345.044.918
uh I mean I got the first shot man you20347.865.04
did yeah go up higher yeah okay like go20349.9584.622
by like I almost kind of want to do it20352.93.3
again because I want to know if I got oh20354.583.74
I want to see if yeah20356.24.98
I'm doing it all right even trying for a20358.324.72
little while there it goes down doesn't20361.185.1
seem like it'd be hard let's see20363.045.16
there you go get the [ __ ] out of here20366.285.58
yeah it's it's just not hard man yeah20368.25.58
yeah I like when you say that I'll do it20371.863.778
again one time you can I'll do it again20373.784.56
see if I get it real quick20375.6384.642
if we can get this to happen20378.345.28
oh got it again didn't even think I20380.286.96
would I'm too late and I got it20383.623.62
but usually it's so rare that I could do20387.344.26
something hey I try to land on my side20389.624.2
okay that's what it is that's gotta be20391.65.22
it it's definitely it okay let me let me20393.825.7
make sure I get my ideal okay and this20396.825.398
is I'd be coming in and hey time to land20399.524.98
oh yeah this side's easy oh yeah look at20402.2183.022
done first shot20405.245.978
this looks great you're a little higher20409.023.698
than we talked but I don't have a20411.2183.722
problem with that I I want to go20412.7185.122
probably one Higher20414.946.24
or two higher all the way along20417.846.22
needs or something on me oh no hold on20421.185.278
let me look at it what is this oh God20424.064.2
it's disgusting up oh what's happening20426.4583.302
what's are we fighting something what's20428.263.78
happening no no what why the animals20429.764.26
okay I don't know I know oh the animals20432.043.66
stay here you stay here oh get this20434.025.54
thing I mean look at it oh God20435.73.86
get this thing off me will you calm down20450.9585.802
and let me look at it okay20454.064.56
I can't tell what it is listen I've had20456.763.9
a situation like this in the past really20458.625.098
it was a leech I don't know if what you20460.664.32
have as a leash we got to build a20463.7184.862
campfire hold on quickly oh wait can I20464.986.898
just remove it do it okay is this gonna20468.586.42
get on me now I don't know try it that's20471.8786.142
it ah I was about to burn it off20475.05.458
I'm so excited to tear down this stuff20478.024.54
I'm excited to break ground on on a20480.4584.442
house yeah and we'll just that's our20482.565.398
dock the house yeah yeah the doc now is20484.94.558
I'm trying to figure out ways now we can20487.9583.18
get rid of the dock I already want to20489.4583.0
start over we can't it's part of the map20491.1383.302
well that's then we'll see what we can20492.4583.982
do it's just a big eyesore Now isn't it20494.445.22
it's also like a historic Monument so it20496.445.438
might be protected that's true maybe we20499.664.92
should try to keep that exactly the way20501.8784.862
it is well we have no choice we just20504.584.378
went over that no I mean we could tear20506.745.898
down our beds we can leave them there20508.9583.68
Diamond what since you have the skills20513.4584.802
I'd love you to be the architect you20516.044.918
know of the home yeah well I don't20518.264.14
really have the skills but I'll build20520.9583.662
the best house I ever did in this game20522.45.52
for us for us I won't do a very good job20524.624.86
but I'll do it but you can't give me20527.923.12
[ __ ] the whole time saying oh you should20529.483.42
make it better I'm gonna do the best I20531.043.598
can in the game look where we set the20532.95.34
bar really high well no I mean it's not20534.6386.24
going to take much oh okay so really low20538.245.638
yeah you want to get high yeah let's go20540.8785.662
get high okay20543.8782.662
I mean in the birds oh yeah oh I was20547.245.12
going down by the fire right yeah20550.06.56
just go high yeah20552.367.18
hey what are you doing out of your cage20556.564.6
some small you sneak right through the20559.544.38
cracks don't you all right well I got20561.163.96
plenty of food in you so you're not20563.922.52
gonna starve to death just don't walk20565.123.29
off a cliff okay little cutie20566.447.99
it's good I brought some gas balls back20574.685.198
whoop and we got a spino gas balls I20577.064.02
don't know I just figure we live up here20579.8782.522
there's no gas balls here you're right20581.082.7
but what the hell are we doing gas balls20582.43.12
we got them don't worry about it I'm not20583.782.82
worried about it but what are we gonna20585.522.64
do with them build a suit or something20586.63.96
or I don't know what you're so far nice20588.164.88
here Hazmat20590.562.48
's radiation area Sunday that sounds20593.54.44
awful it is awful I want to go there no20595.364.56
you don't well hey glad you guys are20597.944.018
here you can watch me uh watch me do my20599.924.14
madness yeah where are you doing it20601.9584.382
you're gonna you just ran away all right20604.064.62
in the bottom of the house okay all20606.344.68
right let's see if this works you made20608.686.24
your mind tonic yep all right let's see20611.025.3
200 mijo berries oh wow what you're20616.325.318
standing too close to the fire really20620.24.2
that's a thing we is a thing I've seen20621.6384.022
it with like a campfire but I was20624.43.36
nowhere near it I think it's fine let me20625.664.38
put it all in throw it all in20627.765.94
where is and then the mutton on is it20630.045.46
making it I hope I I don't know how you20633.73.72
would tell I think it just all blocked20635.53.78
all right yeah cooking pot they're weird20637.423.718
yeah it would be nice if there were20639.283.178
something that it tells you hey yeah20641.1382.942
this is working you are cooking this20642.4582.942
yeah what if you just stand there all20644.082.46
day yeah I don't know how long this20645.42.818
takes are you trying to show some more20646.542.94
she's showing more shoulder aren't you20648.2183.24
you want the little sexier look what are20649.483.658
you talking about like you like when20651.4583.6
your shirts off your shoulders oh yeah20653.1383.962
it's usually 80s women to do that not20655.0584.74
you know oh really Warriors actually20657.14.14
have probably because yeah the way my20659.7984.022
body shaped just so weird gotcha oh20661.245.88
there we go mind wipe tonic you did it I20663.824.5
did it20667.123.96
all right moment of truth boys20668.326.18
this mind wipe tonic20671.085.82
it should wipe all my ingrams and levels20674.54.76
here we go20676.94.28
but now I'm encumbered are you still20681.185.86
level 100 yes still level 100 but uh now20683.745.88
I can uh let's see wait what do you mean20687.046.12
zero Ingram points wait did that just oh20689.626.0
wait oh no no no okay here we go so uh20693.164.74
okay I have 99 points available so it20695.623.96
levels up and then I learn Ingram's I20697.93.72
bet yeah okay eight Ingram points there20699.584.978
we go so put a little bit in there20701.625.28
Amina Lots in the food because I don't20704.5584.08
want to worry about eating it all the20706.93.36
time off the brakes I'm just getting20708.6382.882
crazy over there I think this through20710.263.9
what should put it all in oxygen no you20711.524.198
could be a fish man I will put a little20714.163.18
bit of oxygen but I want to put a lot in20715.7183.862
the weight I know I like my weights20717.344.5
surely We're not gonna watch all of this20719.584.12
right no you can fast forward it [ __ ]20721.843.9
go do something else I mean I'm gonna be20723.74.08
here in a minute he wants to watch you20725.744.44
uh figure out how you're gonna spend 20020727.784.74
ingrams yeah no one wants to watch it I20730.184.02
agree get out of here yeah what are20732.523.3
y'all still doing here yeah leave get20734.23.358
all right you know I'm leaving I'm gonna20735.823.42
put a little bit more to wait on the20737.5585.58
melee day a little bit of movement speed20739.245.398
a bit more why not a little bit more20743.1384.08
fortitude yeah a little bit help maybe20744.6384.622
yeah more stamina stamina is always a20747.2183.482
good thing yeah why not a little bit20749.264.08
more oxygen maybe some food water a20750.74.14
little bit of that weight I you know20753.342.94
what the more weight the better is20754.842.7
because you know I like to be able to20756.282.82
carry stuff the more stuff I can carry20757.544.018
just makes my life easier 15 more points20759.13.6
yeah a little bit more Health it's20761.5584.862
always good to have healthitude20762.73.72
hey get out of here20772.423.66
why are you still hanging around it's20774.165.94
gonna take a minute boring to watch20776.0814.36
okay and boom20790.447.06
there we go got a door all right20794.444.8
demolish some of this stuff so you20797.53.298
little babies can have a little bit more20799.243.42
freedom and build a fence but uh some of20800.7983.902
you still manage to get out and walk off20802.663.898
the cliff that's okay that's okay20804.74.56
because uh yeah there's a lot of you now20806.5585.962
and I'm a very very happy man20809.265.64
all right you guys run around Run free20812.524.118
just don't again don't Hop Off The20814.93.54
Cliffs can they not clown this over here20816.6384.112
climb what the foundation over here20818.444.858
looks like they could they might be able20823.2982.16
is all an experiment so yeah if they can20825.4583.902
climb that I'll have to double it up20828.162.88
let's see where the babies I don't want20829.363.12
the babies to start to death all right20831.042.7
you guys are good oh sorry I just20832.483.238
punched you in the face my bad that was20833.744.44
a desktop to your face it was a face pop20835.7185.822
are we all adopting that term that's pop20838.186.9
well I adopted it I just I learned what20841.545.46
it means so just using it in the context20845.083.84
of what it means okay that's how you20847.03.958
adopt terms right I don't know I feel20848.923.958
like we adopt too many turns okay what20850.9583.962
would you call it just accidental click20852.8784.202
accidental click I still click death pop20854.924.98
desk popped at your boa tell you what20857.084.5
now that this is done you know that20859.93.658
little Lake out there right right behind20861.584.5
our place yeah crazy Lake yeah because I20863.5584.382
want to build a path to it okay because20866.083.36
every time I go out there I feel like I20867.942.64
feel very vulnerable I'm gonna get20869.443.18
attacked by Raptors at any second you20870.583.96
think a path would save you yeah a20872.624.32
little path of rails oh rails yeah you20874.543.838
know just just something like just20876.943.0
Foundation path so I can get out there20878.3783.0
and you know just have a little bit more20879.943.358
protection on every side but you could20881.3783.662
uh you could have a elevated path kind20883.2984.042
of like a sky20885.042.3
yeah on the ground just looks better I20890.43.22
mean I like the trees I like me along20892.422.4
the ground I like looking at everything20893.624.2
okay yeah I might do that okay let's see20894.824.88
Dolomite how you doing baby20897.824.44
yeah you're the daddy of after these20899.74.78
little [ __ ] helped up oh look at you20902.265.22
what's up20911.43.238
where'd you get a radio I found one in a20915.8783.362
drop yeah20917.984.318
okay you're getting ready to go in yes I20919.245.1
just want I want someone listening to20922.2983.722
this as I go in this is unexplored20924.345.82
territory and uh wow dropped I'm gonna20926.027.698
look at drops go look at drops20930.163.558
I need to talk to someone20937.363.5
um I'm just heading in right now highly20943.125.098
radiated I do have a hazmat suit on I20945.824.558
repeat I have a hazmat suit on I have20948.2184.282
John Wilkes tooth with me20950.3784.802
oh wait wait I don't know the red ones20952.55.02
where'd you go I'm I'm out in the yard I20955.183.9
was about to go gather stuff to start20957.523.96
building the path red ones red ones okay20959.085.52
baby I don't know purple okay oh you're20961.485.7
still there thick yeah hi20964.64.92
hi all right I see purple crystals to my20967.184.44
left uh stuff that looks like something20969.524.858
that would be in an aquarium to my right20971.624.86
Rock Drake eggs20977.7983.562
Drake is a rapper yeah20982.97.14
do they do they rock and roll no20986.266.78
I I'm in an area with radiation and20994.424.56
dangerous creatures I don't know how far20996.946.24
in they are huh sounds intense sounds20998.986.92
really intense21003.182.72
this is like a daytime drama with21010.084.2
I I intend to be in a romantic situation21014.284.84
with one of you later21017.584.63
many of the stories21025.7983.142
I doubt it21032.13.358
are you kidding me come on if soap opera21033.7183.542
people can do it why can't we do it you21035.4583.362
know what I mean because that's because21037.262.94
I mean that's kind of bottom of the21038.823.478
barrel like you know YouTube gaming so21040.23.598
yeah it does sound bottom of the21042.2983.982
dead in 10.21049.5585.602
bats crabs many crabs21051.3787.322
crabs you know21055.163.54
crab meat's delicious21059.043.258
Master Carpenter hello found his passion21064.63810.182
fell in love with her did I he'll build21070.169.12
all night cause he doesn't like to fight21074.829.68
I don't have a last line to this song21079.288.858
sure sure you do I don't not yet what21084.56.28
that was the last line oh and it worked21088.1385.58
out great yeah you worked out great yeah21090.786.598
so far I'm slightly into this I love21093.7186.362
that man I love it because well I'm not21097.3784.742
even gonna say why I love it okay I will21100.085.52
you're less grumpy a little bit might be21102.126.24
that the new prescription oh what what21105.66.18
nothing just make it a joke I didn't21108.365.58
know you're a comedian yeah hey Simon21111.783.3
um this is looking great I'm glad we21115.083.718
stayed here I have got something I21116.44.26
picked up from a drop that would make us21118.7983.122
look like we know what we're doing but21120.663.18
we probably won't lose it but you want21121.923.36
to come in and see me uh break around21123.845.16
with it yes yes please21125.286.66
okay that looks cool it's not a drop21129.05.94
there's definitely a cave it's like just21131.945.82
a place to build a base or is it like21134.945.66
point of Interest21137.762.84
some Crystal you can get Crystal it21141.9584.742
might be all it is just come in here and21145.1382.942
oh wait nope21146.73.72
this is like a structure I wonder if21148.084.44
this is a like a like a what do you call21150.423.9
these things wait there's something21152.524.68
blowing what's this oh that's a thing21154.325.1
there's a thing isn't it is that an21157.23.358
artifact there's nothing here going to21159.423.66
kill us is there okay Wafers be ready to21160.5585.462
run check this out real quick we got21163.086.18
here artifact container21166.024.98
artifacts of the cunning it's gonna get21171.04.02
dark when I take this21173.043.48
torches out21175.023.72
he's still there isn't it hold on I get21176.523.3
another one21178.743.54
nope I only carry one what if I gave you21179.825.72
one hold on Wafers21182.286.48
I can't give it to you or you won't21185.546.758
carry it which is it okay we got one21188.765.698
remember the spot Wafers we might want21192.2983.962
to get oh no21194.4584.92
weighing us down okay how's that way oh21196.265.58
yeah we're good cool I might come in21199.3784.562
handy one day anyway remember where this21201.844.56
is way first uh because you know me I'll21203.945.66
forget now let's find that drop21206.47.14
and boom hey thick yeah I completed my21209.65.92
path to the little uh to the Little Pond21213.544.018
really yeah21215.524.5
well it's ideally safer I need to put21217.5584.32
rails and it's kind of bumpy in places21220.024.02
and it kind of disappears into the grass21221.8784.26
but you know what I like it it looks21224.044.86
very uh very natural21226.1384.92
how's the um how's that wrapper thing21228.94.34
yeah Mama wrapper still lots of crabs I21233.945.16
did get you some crab legs21237.184.22
so you're welcome21239.14.97
Rock Drake Rock Drake21241.45.769
I guess it doesn't matter21248.243.54
these crabs are stupid by the way yeah21254.6383.862
we oh man21260.344.798
yes everything21263.163.78
I don't know they're in a radioactive21265.1383.362
place I know they're21266.945.04
um immune all right so so what's the21268.55.218
situation getting bored here and you21271.985.18
talk about it I'm ready to see this baby21273.7183.442
because I didn't think I'd be able to21278.045.46
just kind of run past everything21280.1386.142
I am21283.52.78
a very purple place right now I like21286.744.8
this looks like a place where I would21289.864.68
probably expect to see said Rock Drake's21291.548.24
uh I don't see them no it's like this21294.545.24
the film21301.583.12
it sounds like you're kind of21309.783.54
downplaying it which has me intrigued21311.344.44
which can get me very disappointed like21313.325.1
I'm excited to do it I suggest I get off21315.784.92
did I find the wrong oh here we go are21318.424.378
you placing something here yeah well let21320.74.14
me get out so I could see yeah right21322.7984.26
where I'm facing uh come Stand By Me and21324.846.24
turn around okay hold on and Simon yeah21327.0589.0
there's oil in them their Hills OH21331.084.978
so that's pretty cool but yeah how do we21339.244.68
use that now I don't know I know how we21341.825.1
could use it oh and we can grab on to it21343.924.62
wouldn't it be nice if we could get on21346.923.718
this and hold on to it oh and just go up21348.545.22
and down all day yeah what what a fun21350.6386.122
ride that would be hang on kid21353.766.66
oh no nothing we can do no you can't do21356.765.22
it not a damn thing so this is just21360.423.06
going to get oil for us for what reason21361.983.78
I don't know and I don't even like why21363.483.72
did we put it here because it would only21365.764.618
place on an oil vein this was about the21367.25.16
closest oil vein to us that I noticed21370.3783.84
all right so we've got it and we're21372.364.08
using it if anyone asks we're utilizing21374.2183.66
it yeah21376.443.0
we know what we're doing we did and21377.8783.542
there's zero out of 50. so it's got to21379.444.92
do its work good so heading home heading21381.427.08
home boy oh boy I'm just kidding right21384.367.92
that was a real letdown yeah yeah I21388.55.94
should have downplayed it more21392.284.2
you really should have just said here21394.445.04
listen I got something that's going to21396.485.34
annoy you and then I would have been21399.486.68
still like oh man oh you're welcome21401.824.34
oh yeah you see me oh this is much nicer21407.74.56
not worried about getting attacked out21410.583.36
here if we see something coming we got21412.263.48
the rails to protect us21413.945.58
is all right that's true yo oh hey noobs21415.746.6
oh nice path thank you look at this it's21419.525.16
ah for some protection huh yeah a little21422.344.5
bit it's not a big like T-rex or21424.683.66
something right yeah no if it's21426.842.7
something really big you're still21428.344.02
screwed I couldn't find a uh a radio21429.545.098
thing so oh well here here well I'll21432.364.08
tell you what I'll give you mine oh yeah21434.6384.262
yeah dick's been chattering my ear off21436.444.32
all day I'm ready to get rid of it I21438.94.1
found a bunch of blueprints Saddles21440.765.1
Ghillie masks elephant artifact an21443.06.28
artifact yep cool is it a cave it's nice21445.866.48
free lighting right yeah oh man yeah21449.285.16
fighting bosses that's a ways away21452.344.5
though isn't it yeah we've been uh just21454.443.96
kind of lollygagging around here yeah21456.843.0
you know what and I've enjoyed our uh21458.43.36
our lollygaggy this is nice building21459.844.618
paths just drinking water riding the21461.765.58
riding a unicorn yep can't believe he's21464.4584.742
still alive oh yeah I can I've been21467.344.94
taking good care of this bowl21469.23.08
uh hello who's calling thank you my name21485.6383.842
this is Sandra21489.483.738
oh from YouTube I love that channel yeah21495.245.04
that's great I told him I'm Sandra21497.946.0
abstract I don't give a [ __ ] okay neebs21500.286.358
listen my Dino's pretty uh you remember21503.946.618
John Wilkes tooth the spino yeah yeah21506.6388.042
he is uh he's pretty beaten up uh I've21510.5586.882
been fighting a lot of crabs21514.686.198
can I help you with something dick21517.443.438
well Captain wipers is right here you21530.2984.66
heard everything he said so I'll let21532.7984.442
Captain wipers know to pass it on to his21534.9584.702
I found the artifact21547.624.14
s yeah21549.545.48
I'm a gamer this21551.763.26
I don't think they do I think they21559.682.878
usually starve to death unless someone's21561.123.98
taking care of them21562.5582.542
okay well I'm a gamer and I found it21573.085.57
cause I'm good at finding things21576.124.08
all right Simon remember that time that21580.23.96
one creature I forget the name of it21582.7183.24
because it was so short-lived that we21584.163.54
got the egg for and thick helped us get21585.9584.26
it oh yeah yeah let's get another one of21587.74.858
those all right I could do that uh right21590.2184.92
up here in this um it's up in this biome21592.5584.802
I believe or this like I don't even know21595.1383.362
what you know what I mean like this21597.364.5
quite a bit okay I'm sorry oh yeah did I21598.55.218
pick the fast one I think you did sorry21601.864.5
about that all right so well I'm gonna21603.7185.222
want the fast one oh boy and my stamina21606.364.38
is down I'm diving okay let's let's get21608.944.56
down here that's what I'm doing okay I'm21610.745.398
just I'm just floating here okay why21613.55.76
don't you land it won't land huh it's21616.1384.92
just I'm just stuck21619.264.74
what could I do to help I don't know uh21621.0586.362
attack me I don't know maybe the bird is21624.05.458
stuck and it needs to react maybe try to21627.423.958
do something to the bird oops whoops21629.4586.42
come on buddy come on ah Come on like21631.3788.18
I'm hitting what try hitting uh C button21635.8789.42
C sure up hey there we go good call yeah21639.5589.342
good call solving the problem oh yeah21645.2986.242
yeah at a time21648.95.76
it's what we do we solving problems with21651.545.82
friendship on our minds21654.665.94
it's really good if we are nice21657.365.518
come on let's keep on singing this song21660.63.8
all right come on all right let's go21664.46.818
all right Mama tutu go ahead push it out21668.286.42
push it on out Mama tutu yeah there it21671.2186.122
is all right imprint on the baby you had21674.74.018
another baby yeah I'm gonna name this21677.343.78
one fruit you got food you need food uh21678.7184.142
no I got berries in my pocket I'm not21681.123.36
gonna let this one starve to death okay21682.863.06
I've gotten uh I've gotten pretty good21684.483.54
at it now wow yeah you got a lot of uh21685.925.038
jabos huh little door over here okay21688.024.618
yeah it's working out good I don't see21690.9584.202
things is not escaping right uh yeah the21692.6383.902
only thing that can escape really are21695.162.82
the babies the babies crawl right under21696.544.08
these damn things uh but I think I can21697.984.44
look at them and uh I think I can tell21700.624.438
them to like stay still yeah Behavior21702.424.44
disable wandering poop he won't go21705.0584.382
anywhere that's a baby not this one but21706.864.8
uh can you tell a baby not to wander yes21709.445.16
I just did yeah it's there I bet real21711.664.38
babies if they could do that that'd be21714.63.18
helpful it would be very helpful if you21716.042.7
could just click a button and say21717.784.92
disable crime yep and [ __ ] yep don't21718.747.2
be sick yeah band baby21722.74.8
um I've been thinking about something21725.944.98
neebs oh really yeah the Wolves oh yeah21727.55.34
I need to bring the Wolves up here uh we21730.923.538
need ding dong for that yeah unless you21732.843.9
want to ride them up here oh that'd be a21734.4584.26
challenge wouldn't it you think we can21736.744.43
make it ah I kind of want to try21738.7184.08
uh just an egg anywhere would be21742.7987.08
super man if I have to go on Reddit and21746.2185.58
find out they took him out of this game21749.8785.962
I'm gonna lose my [ __ ]21751.7984.042
hey I found this article that says21756.05.4
Rock Drake back to21758.7185.58
back to it says just in case21761.42.898
you guys rock Drake's snow owls catches21767.526.48
nameless and special orgies so I think21771.024.42
you gotta have21774.06.298
any what no way21775.444.858
what what's the date on that oh this was21781.587.42
June 2019. June you say and this month21785.16.44
is what October21789.05.81
should I tell Captain White first yeah21791.549.04
back to my daily whatever21800.586.9
all right Simon yes straight ahead of us21807.483.898
you see that remember remember when you21809.824.26
jumped that that uh you made that jump21811.3785.162
over here I was told about it but I21814.084.44
can't tell where it is right now follow21816.543.9
me all right when we were helping get21818.523.72
the wood for the ramp uh-huh how about21820.445.34
you post stuff right here okay all right21822.246.66
posting up and down in this crevasse21825.786.42
there's an egg I saw it and it's glowing21828.95.52
and it's the one we want okay but it's21832.23.54
tight quarters and we only need one of21834.423.66
us to grab it so I like you being the21835.744.08
one to grab it yeah and I like you being21838.083.42
here in case something happens and I21839.823.54
have no idea how you could help21841.55.58
so here I go I'll pretend like I'm gonna21843.365.518
help all I need because we're friends21847.084.44
and I can give you encouraging words oh21848.8784.92
I wish he wasn't in the way21851.524.98
don't worry you can do it I know I can21853.7986.142
Sam you're so strong21856.57.798
and handsome oh boy you're capable of21859.947.14
doing a lot because you care about life21864.2987.142
yeah Sam where is it was it did I go too21867.087.18
far oh you suck I might suck a little at21871.444.46
finding things21874.264.44
maybe I should be mean to you man you21875.95.558
suck nah I like the other way better man21878.74.678
you sucks so good I don't know why21881.4583.6
you're going with that route21883.3785.242
um who me oh okay Simon what I see it21885.0586.962
and oh boy it looks clear at the moment21888.627.54
getting my little Escape okay wow okay21892.027.32
this I like not being able to see you it21896.166.718
makes it I got it really exciting yeah21899.346.118
wow this was that was way too easy I21902.8783.602
didn't need you at all but thanks for21905.4582.782
all right are you ready to parachute yep21908.245.44
I am we go in we grab the Bulls we get21911.4584.5
out yep I'll be right behind you uh here21913.684.58
we go okay21915.9582.302
did you get high get high enough I think21918.845.34
so I guess we'll find out won't we did21921.7185.16
my faster parachuter what's going on why21924.184.26
why are you so fast at that thing oh21926.8784.08
yeah I gave a little run21928.444.92
running over you might not make it it21930.9584.202
was because I'm heavy oh boy you're21933.363.66
gonna die here21935.165.28
now I'll be fine okay start aiming21937.024.74
towards the bay I'm already aiming21940.443.3
towards the base that's an obvious21941.764.02
didn't know how proficient you were in21943.743.54
Paris Shooters I didn't realize the21945.783.778
parachute was affected by weight I mean21947.284.32
that's a sign that's what I had to see21949.5584.682
an alpha Raptor near two of them near21951.64.74
our base God yeah all right perfect uh21954.245.18
there's a lot of alpha things21956.343.08
T-Rex too yep a T-Rex is yelling he's uh21960.786.24
he's yelling at our on our wolves oh21964.866.198
yeah he's attacking the Wolves crap21967.024.038
oh boy this doesn't look good all right21971.7185.522
these wolves are fast though right21975.125.4
oh God we're going that way names I need21977.244.898
to land right in the middle where you at21980.523.18
oh you're over there I'm trying to land21982.1385.482
oh he's screaming stay away21983.77.14
stay away all right I'm grabbing techie21987.625.4
Cube he's kind of going in the water21990.845.218
he's fighting a wall oh boy oh boy oh21993.026.698
boy oh yeah oh no whoa [ __ ] the Wolves21996.0585.462
is attacking the Alpharetta okay grab21999.7183.902
him ah come here come here you got him22001.523.72
I'm on him I'm on him all right I got22003.623.24
the other one he's got it we just gotta22005.243.478
come in gotta commit you can't fit22006.863.48
through that door and jump all right22008.7183.84
swim swim for a minute okay I should22010.343.718
probably just swim the whole time huh no22012.5584.862
come on get on the Rocks yeah okay and22014.0586.9
go just haul ass just run okay uh we're22017.425.94
right behind you oh God hold on can you22020.9585.222
watch me a second hi guys I know I know22023.364.32
I gotta just get rid of [ __ ] the guys22026.182.94
behind us are distracted hurry up okay22027.684.74
okay okay let's go okay oh man I wish I22029.125.46
was much faster let's let's swing wide22032.424.138
like this huh stay over here don't get22034.583.54
too close to the Raptors okay stay over22036.5583.542
there oh yes all right I'm slow so you22038.123.178
lead the weight are you getting rid of22040.15.18
more stuff okay yeah watch me all right22041.2983.982
you know I've never gone up to our base22051.584.96
from down here probably can't be done no22054.1384.282
it's got to be able to be done I hope so22056.544.258
geez I'm still heavy man you're way22058.425.68
quicker than I am oh no are we are we in22060.7984.862
the clear though no I don't think so22064.14.4
okay okay maybe crap tell you what what22065.665.46
horrible chase scene worst chasing I've22068.54.92
ever seen22071.122.3
thank you22074.782.12
all right we did it yeah we did22090.827.66
Colts down I'm coming hey hello22095.545.78
nope nope22098.484.86
come see me22101.326.46
don't you yell oh [ __ ] nope nope nope oh22103.347.32
God oh God oh God oh God oh God hey hey22107.786.12
still oh22110.664.92
okay we can do this22115.588.52
don't you think we should get some more22127.8784.08
like barrier up there or are we going to22129.983.42
shoot them from above or what we can22131.9583.122
split up I can go above you could stay22133.43.78
down here with a couple of window holes22135.083.96
but it but the thing is he's gonna break22137.184.8
that wall real easy it's super easy I22139.044.56
would think no I mean look at the size22141.983.0
of them sorry he hasn't broken it yet22143.63.42
yeah you barely fit in there there's two22144.984.38
other like stegos in there too really22147.026.18
yeah I forget what stegos are me too22149.366.18
um hey yeah should I go up top I think22153.23.9
we should both go up top let's go both22155.543.12
up top all right go you lead the way22157.13.66
it's gonna be good I know I already made22158.663.898
the saddle all right well I think that's22160.763.298
yeah that's why we're doing this right22162.5584.382
not no I mean it's one of the reasons in22164.0584.802
the order of the ways it could have gone22166.944.018
down I suppose it's a big reason why22168.864.438
we're doing it I feel good here so do I22170.9584.082
hold on oh he's gonna he's gonna have22173.2984.08
the reach I'm going higher I'm going to22175.044.74
live dangerously and go do this no that22177.3785.34
usually goes well for you yep okay game22179.786.12
on game on all right boom first one in22182.7187.262
oh yeah he likes it do he likes it oh he22185.96.058
does yeah can't even barely turn around22189.984.44
no because it's a brontosaurus there's22191.9584.562
no reach here oh looks like he's got a22194.424.74
lot of reach on you maybe hey buddy so22196.524.858
now he's doing the Run what's new run22199.164.62
well he's running into the wall yep he's22201.3783.84
running into the ground I could barely22203.783.598
it's not very good over here yeah I'm22205.2183.362
gonna get real close see what happens22207.3782.882
come on there's no need to why would you22208.583.42
why why not I guess because I just got22210.263.48
that amazing shot right there that's why22212.04.26
I gotcha wait worth it yeah you're like22213.745.52
a a war photographer it's exactly what I22216.264.86
am and that does not disrespect War22219.263.78
photographers whatsoever why would it22221.123.42
actually it's more of a compliment to22223.043.3
them don't you think I would agree yeah22224.544.258
if they get shots like that okay all day22226.345.218
dude this trap is it's Perfection with22228.7984.26
whipped cream and a little bit of uh22231.5583.482
peanut butter mixed in there oh I took a22233.0583.122
hit from something what was that yeah22235.043.48
what was that what hit me the bug maybe22236.184.32
he did reach me yeah all right how long22238.524.038
is this gonna take long time22240.55.1
is this uh did you see the level uh 7822242.5584.66
or something like that all right not too22245.63.778
shabby I feel like he's yeah he's right22247.2184.322
here he's all over your face he's all up22249.3784.322
on my face I like I like doing this22251.544.98
getting things exciting right now22253.74.858
easy buddy22256.524.98
we got this22258.5587.862
are you uh Hey wow gotcha glad you went22261.57.34
up there to get safe22266.427.378
we see upro no I see one oh yep they're22268.846.4
directly ahead of us turn left a little22273.7984.562
bit yes sir I hope this works I hope it22275.245.218
works too hey you tell the [ __ ] you're22278.364.858
gonna die prepare for impact and I'm22280.4583.842
bye everyone died well that was uh it's22285.827.0
not working it's stupid why wouldn't22290.125.04
that work it should work can we Harvest22292.824.68
uh dolphin nope not doing anything22295.165.58
really all right past two moving in come22297.55.42
I don't think it's doing anything come22305.7984.602
on this is stupid right I was really22308.543.66
hoping this would work maybe uh give22310.43.54
them a give him a shot in the face get22312.23.06
on get them riled up a little bit Yeah22313.942.76
roll them up round them up then we Spike22315.262.458
yeah who's pissed off now oh yeah come22317.7185.102
on baby come on spikes yeah22320.04.26
you killed one didn't you oh I think I22322.822.638
no then why doesn't this work it should22325.4583.6
work it spikes on a boat22327.1384.202
crap all right we're gonna do this by22329.0584.32
hand I guess yeah that's fine I want22331.344.32
biotox out of these guys all right so22333.3784.982
bam that one donut okay that one's done22335.664.138
it's down oh one of them went a little22338.362.76
deep where'd he get I want to be real22339.7982.942
careful because I hate these things I22341.122.82
don't go in there until we know they're22342.742.58
all dead22343.942.46
um all right I think I'm clear I'm22345.324.86
jumping in okay look around oh Megalodon22346.47.978
down there nope nope all right yo wow 5722350.186.72
biotoxin yeah hell yeah there's another22354.3785.162
one over here did you use uh X oh yeah I22356.94.38
used it X I love this one I got it I got22359.543.66
oh you got it okay oh boy I'm grounded22361.284.08
okay all right I'm Gonna Get Air okay22363.24.018
there we go22365.364.56
okay I'm getting this all right sweet22367.2185.762
mission accomplished we got biotoxin up22369.924.798
on the boat let's head out oh God what's22372.985.64
eating me oh God shark Steve yeah I'm in22374.7185.702
the boat I'm in the boat all right close22378.625.338
call let's head back heading back22380.426.06
Tail's going through the Rocks that's22383.9584.562
what it is Simon I think the Tail's22386.484.078
going through the rock yeah you have no22388.524.278
no better when you whacked yourself22394.823.96
debatable well it can be there's no22396.54.86
expectations no hey bud what do you22398.785.04
think we should name this Papa I have a22401.365.518
um it's a male how about Marlon Bronto22403.826.0
oh we've never done that before have we22406.8784.92
I don't think you did I think it's good22409.826.42
okay any day any day we're out how far22411.7986.66
are you you can see me I can't see you22416.244.138
all you have to do is look well I'm22418.4583.662
looking at the thing that I'm I'm trying22420.3784.202
to track without dying mind you I'm22422.125.7
directly across the way from you okay up22424.584.92
high oh yes you are you're right in22427.824.02
front of my face I share a birthday with22429.53.86
Marlon Brando22431.845.18
who gives a [ __ ]22433.363.66
oh yes oh boy do you have things yeah I22439.126.58
just I mean yeah to put in them yeah22443.425.63
good who gives a [ __ ]22445.76.419
a dark Cavern22454.164.44
see what lies within22456.24.74
sparkly little mushrooms on the ceiling22460.948.22
mushrooms Crystal yes indeed let me get22464.748.38
a better view from over here the hell is22469.166.6
that purple mushrooms gonna get high I22473.124.14
can't wait22475.764.5
see some lava I'm gonna need a smaller22477.264.14
oh man ah I gotta go get my pterodon or22481.47.318
my my other thing argentavis all right22485.185.82
Cold Stone I'm coming22488.7183.862
hold on22491.05.18
hello neebs22492.583.6
uh me and after we're gonna try to get a22496.943.26
it's a Quetzal yep22500.24.66
you wanna can we you bring your Weaver22502.764.378
and you come party with us yeah I like22504.863.45
parties okay22507.1382.222
yeah just meet us at the base I guess22509.363.38
right there okay22511.523.3
all right leave check these things out22512.744.718
shocking tranquilizer nerds oh they go22514.824.92
in the long run yeah I think they shock22517.4584.522
this works like a charm again okay I22523.824.5
feel like we could be on the internet22527.123.36
with that shot22528.326.3
oh hold on access inventory where's His22530.487.1
Radio there it is22534.622.96
there's a T-Rex blocking my way out of22537.984.56
this cave22540.24.678
I would like some help if that if that's22542.544.62
an option I don't think so I think you22544.8784.382
live there now Astro I need some help22547.163.62
okay it's not my home22549.264.65
what do you mean wakes up uh I shot him22554.184.1
with an electric shock Dart22556.344.68
it's really effective he's been out for22558.284.92
a minute22561.022.18
how about we knock him out with this I22574.944.68
love it let's go all right run away22577.285.66
thick okay22579.623.32
[ __ ] you dude22583.942.6
there yes that was a very wimpy yes nope22597.767.538
strong man big boy big boy me big boy22602.364.5
all right I'm landing I'm gonna get uh22605.2983.42
I'm gonna get a look is the T-Rex stuck22606.864.74
or is he free he is stuck uh looking at22608.7185.282
me I think he can come out all right oh22611.64.92
yeah I see this guy oh he's pretty he is22614.04.26
all right I see his butt I'm gonna shock22616.525.038
him in the butt do it did it get him I22618.264.74
don't know he's still looking at me it's22621.5584.262
a T-Rex out here is it a tech T-Rex that22623.04.74
you're you're shocking oh yeah that I'm22625.823.66
shocking I'm using my new uh shocking22627.745.04
tranquilizer darts oh oh nice but uh22629.485.22
yeah I see the uh I see the little yeah22632.783.84
it has a little yeah oh there you are22634.74.62
yeah let's see if these things uh are22636.624.38
more effective do they work on those22639.325.76
work on what uh the the tech rexes if if22641.06.12
a shocking tranquilizer dart does not22645.084.798
work on a tech Rex I'm quitting okay my22647.124.2
last Arc episode because that would be22649.8783.362
ridiculous right right yes it's a22651.323.84
shocking tranquilizer door on a robot22653.244.62
animal makes sense I don't know because22655.165.82
whenever a member Thor and Iron Man what22657.865.04
remember Thor and Iron Man they're22660.983.898
fighting the adventures yeah what's your22662.94.26
point yeah lightning Iron Man he got22664.8784.202
stronger oh yeah you know it might be22667.163.54
true because you're getting stronger can22669.083.0
you tell I don't know he still looks22670.73.54
scary see why isn't he moving you think22672.084.378
the piss him off he just noticed22674.243.78
something he's his head turned yeah I'm22676.4582.462
back here22678.022.76
shooting you right in your tank Bubba I22678.924.74
found a grenade in a uh in a drop oh22680.784.38
cool yeah let's take it out of the boat22683.663.84
sometime oh nope I was gonna throw it at22685.163.898
him right now but if uh you're gonna try22687.53.66
to shock him let's see how many darts do22689.0583.182
I have left I don't want to waste them22691.162.398
all yeah it'd be great to just get him22692.243.0
out of here if you could22693.5584.202
I kind of wanted to tame him uh I got22695.244.08
regular drink all right I'm switching to22697.762.82
my regulars too I don't want to use all22699.322.94
my shocky wait what'd you get a shocking22700.583.84
one huh no that's that's happening on22702.263.6
his own that's just a trick that's just22704.423.48
how that looks yep probably sensitive in22705.864.14
the anus should we aim for that sure22707.95.46
yeah he's he's feeling it he flinches a22710.04.798
little bit every time you I'm getting22713.363.54
closer you get him hi I'm getting right22714.7985.58
under him see if he cares hey I'm right22716.96.18
under you I can handle it hi oh look at22720.3784.382
me can you not just walk in between his22723.083.42
legs stick I don't know I don't want to22724.763.538
chance it oh yeah what if he just ran22726.55.04
okay come on oh look come on you could22728.2984.862
have done that the whole time now he was22731.544.38
moving we don't want to tame this I mean22733.164.38
we'll fix out now we could have just22735.922.82
walked in between the legs the whole22737.542.94
time like you've invested a lot in this22738.743.12
guy already22740.484.14
punch him everybody punch him I mean at22741.864.32
this point he's not gonna do anything22744.624.08
man versus machine yeah put your stupid22746.184.76
metal shins22748.75.518
oh yeah oh yeah memes come over here and22750.945.08
punch him too okay22754.2183.482
um Everybody punch him in the leg you22756.024.8
gotta sleep sleep go to sleep go to22757.74.98
sleep stupid man you guys are tough man22760.823.6
they're gonna remember this forever the22762.684.198
time needs an astro punched a T-Rex to22764.424.62
death no never believe it they'll have22766.8785.962
to we got video evidence that's right22769.043.8
it's still gonna be in the paper22785.365.06
tomorrow nobody reads the paper22786.743.68
Simon yeah where you at I'm right hey22791.184.5
yeah you've done a really good job here22793.6384.262
well thank you very much I'm I'm having22795.683.778
fun messing around people are going to22797.92.76
be confused22799.4583.0
like how are they so good all of a22800.663.96
sudden how well you know how I'm good22802.4585.522
wow look right all right so come on yeah22804.625.58
thank you here you go so I is there any22807.983.84
way we can clear this grass here are we22810.23.72
good no it happens but look there's a22811.824.558
place with things we'll call it carpet22813.924.32
yeah that's nice and then another22816.3784.202
opening couple beds up here yeah where22818.243.78
should we put the beds probably up on22820.583.0
the second floor we'll make a table down22822.024.198
there war room-ish oh okay see I didn't22823.584.62
even think of that yeah we need to start22826.2183.062
all right so where do you want to start22828.23.598
downstairs uh probably and then I put a22829.284.74
couple chairs out here have a safety22831.7984.442
look at this I didn't even know you did22834.024.198
this I know fancy are we hold on22836.244.2
remember when we used to do this down on22838.2185.042
the on the dock down there I do I22840.444.858
remember oh man you've come a long way22843.264.44
we really have we have the probably the22845.2984.802
greatest ground unit in the land you22847.74.2
know I'm also thinking that me and you22850.13.42
we've been through a lot together I know22851.94.2
I mean relationships aren't easy no they22853.524.26
never are it takes a lot of sacrifice22856.13.3
and understanding that's right and then22857.784.98
we came from that right to this to this22859.46.058
Posh life hey and before you know it on22862.765.1
the second floor we'll have a door maybe22865.4584.082
even some windows that open and close22867.864.5
it's not to push it well we'll see I'll22869.544.86
do something great next huh oh starting22872.365.42
on the bottom floor okay22874.43.38
oh hello needs what's going on22881.544.16
okay this thing's almost Tamed22888.5586.5
all right we'll see you22891.7983.26
yo we got a T-Rex man22896.864.26
yeah all right now we gotta see can you22901.124.838
can you whistle at him see if I'm22904.284.62
falling around here okay uh time to go22905.9585.34
oh yep yep he's turning he's turning in22908.94.22
he is leaving22911.2985.16
nice oh he is a beauty why do you turn22913.126.098
it around I don't know but that way go22916.4586.302
go this way come on go dummy your boy22919.2187.382
here you wanna treat I want a treat no I22922.766.24
don't I don't have treats for you22926.65.94
guess who just found an ascendant hey22929.05.82
you scared the hell out of me ascendant22932.545.28
chitin uh chess piece and a purple drop22934.826.84
oh a kite and chess piece day ascendant22937.826.54
she found an ascendant uh long neck22941.665.398
rifle you me you didn't guess you did22944.365.96
mine you obviously22947.0583.262
come on I'm on him there we go oh my22950.5588.4
bird's in the way come on baby all right22955.043.918
out of here22960.26.358
love it Beauty all right now how the22963.045.018
hell are we gonna get this guy home are22966.5583.24
we still doing a Quetzal we know we can22968.0583.722
put a T-Rex on the back of one so it may22969.7984.142
not be a bad idea hey look if he's if22971.784.5
he's still alive when we get back he's22973.944.5
earned his place in our tribe maybe want22976.284.26
to put him back in the cave this is not22978.443.72
a bad idea just hold him up in the cave22980.543.838
that's a time yeah let's get us a quad22982.164.62
somewhere all right22984.3784.142
all right Simon yeah what's going on22986.783.54
we've done good good uh wall torch22988.523.84
hanging thank you a little workbench22990.324.08
here so we can transfer things over got22992.363.358
a little map there that we'll never use22994.43.72
this is very nice yeah it's not bad I22995.7184.5
like the location of it oh that's not22998.124.38
gonna work if we have a here we'll do23000.2184.262
this how's that come to me what's up23002.55.458
let's face each other huh no get up turn23004.486.18
around yep let's just practice up okay23007.9584.322
let's just practice this though right23010.663.478
all right time for a meeting time for23012.282.938
come on sit down23015.2183.262
uh try hold on a second come over on23018.484.18
this side I could have swore come over23021.044.08
on this side come over on that side on23022.664.558
the other side hurry up time for the23025.123.838
meeting let's see what I can do here23027.2184.562
meeting time meeting time yep23028.9585.122
for a second let me see how do I how do23059.74.358
I lay down again I'll probably just sit23062.7982.942
facing the other way looking out the23064.0583.302
window fast all right whatever but I was23065.743.36
gonna lay down but I'm not gonna and23067.363.9
then smoke even comes out up here really23069.15.64
yeah our first home this is our first23071.265.698
real hole in our our first real home yes23074.743.96
it's our starter can we get close to23076.9582.822
each other and hold the hands like put23078.72.88
your hand next to uh brush up against23079.784.018
each other that's it it feels so close23081.584.68
to you while we're close and we're in23083.7984.382
proximity wise no but I mean emotionally23086.264.698
we need to try to stay like behind him23095.044.06
and maybe Coke some more towards land23097.663.36
okay I really don't want them to land in23099.14.038
the water obviously23101.025.64
oh come on you bouncy [ __ ] Okay23103.1386.222
I gotta hit it23106.665.34
feels epic good we're dangling from a23109.364.98
dragon chasing a Quetzal this is awesome23112.04.62
and I'm not running into into any rocks23114.344.798
great doing my best23116.625.16
not so bad23119.1384.92
okay yeah but the the bounciness really23121.785.22
sucks yep come on oh yeah that was it I23124.0583.9
don't even think that was gonna be it23127.03.6
yep I got a hit too oh see he's turned23127.9584.26
left all right all right all right it's23130.63.3
a good place for him to be23132.2183.782
come on don't go above water thanks see23133.93.658
if we can see if we can lure him back23136.04.04
he's about to head above this River oh23137.5585.222
first down he's down where is he Landing23140.045.44
perfect perfect spot all right go thick23142.784.08
don't leave me to the ground hard easy23145.483.6
easy where are you sticking us all right23146.864.018
I don't I'm Gonna Fly oh there's a23149.083.84
rafter down there so yeah if Nick just23150.8784.382
fly slow to the ground just get me come23152.923.9
here can you guys can you guys lower23155.263.958
yourselves from here uh just yeah hold23156.823.84
on there's a yeah there's a raptor down23159.2183.902
there I'll come down and help all right23160.664.32
how was it you detaching this thing23163.124.678
control I think oh c the wrapper down23164.984.318
here somewhere where is he baby I'm23167.7983.802
protecting the23169.2982.302
oh that's wonderful well these things23177.544.678
yeah I forgot is this a berries or meat23182.8785.862
meat guy probably berries or fish he23185.7985.882
looks very uh peaceful oh oh what do you23188.744.38
eat what do you eat what do you eat he23191.683.42
ate a meat he ate a meat hey take the23193.124.38
berries out his little boy loves meat23195.16.41
let me get some prime be right back23197.58.4
I've never been so comfortable in my23205.95.52
life I know it's just it just feels like23208.0585.522
I don't know like a warm cup of soup23211.425.94
that we're just bathing in yeah yeah and23213.586.0
even washing in and then we don't eat23217.365.64
that soup no unless we're while we're in23219.584.978
the bathtub and we're probably going to23223.03.9
want to take a bath after because soup23224.5585.042
is soupy yeah especially like a chicken23226.95.64
stock soup yeah it's got that like oily23229.66.0
exactly film no it'll be good for23232.545.46
moisturizing I agree and the salt can't23235.65.038
be bad no no the salt is good for your23238.04.68
skin especially if you have wounds I'm23240.6383.66
gonna get playful and toss the little23242.683.72
chicken pieces at each other and yeah23244.2983.42
and then we could do the whole like23246.43.42
instead of cheese puffs you do it with23247.7183.542
chicken and we just throw it into each23249.823.12
other's mouths and we do games with it23251.264.02
yeah we should have a chicken soup fun23252.945.76
game night see23255.286.778
these ideas are just creative in Comfort23258.76.06
land yep that's that's that thing's flow23262.0585.58
hey not to be the uh T-Rex in the room23264.765.78
but a birthday is coming up oh23267.6386.062
who's gonna be 200 soon it's gonna be a23270.547.0
level 200. oh you are23273.75.64
yeah you can just sleep with your head23277.544.14
there tonight tonight only yep but23279.344.2
you're gonna be 200 soon so you're gonna23281.683.538
have to learn how to sleep by yourself23283.544.5
yep we're gonna have a party yep and23285.2184.5
there's gonna be a lot of chicken soup23288.044.32
yep me and Daddy we need time alone23289.7186.362
daddy and daddy need an alone time yeah23292.366.72
all right cage is built Moment of Truth23306.785.5
bring them out coming out come on baby23309.8785.58
yeah baby hop right up on that rock and23312.286.42
go for the ramp I'm trying come on climb23315.4587.282
it come on come on yeah23318.76.48
that was perfect yeah all right try to23322.743.638
squeeze them in there a little bit more23325.183.36
it kind of looks a little floaty okay I23326.3783.602
don't want to climb all the way over it23328.543.838
right I mean just don't fly too high23329.984.738
right uh yeah but I also want to put the23332.3784.26
cage in behind him that's what we did23334.7184.74
last time he's just gonna climb over the23336.6385.102
whole cage I think standing still for a23339.4584.5
minute maybe back up just a bit now move23341.744.86
forward I'm back now back up and move23343.9585.642
forward oh that's looking good dad all23346.64.02
right right there you know what stay23349.63.18
right there all right let me see if I23350.624.08
can build the back end here damn it fell23352.784.438
right through the damn thing uh okay23354.75.34
there there you're building by there of23357.2185.762
course okay what's the plan okay Moment23360.046.24
of Truth you guys ready ready yeah23362.984.738
T-Rex boys looking good yeah23367.7187.022
okay picking up speed oh this is perfect23371.946.04
this is perfect what a day man no this23374.747.38
is great wet sir T-Rex fireworks if I I23377.987.1
don't remember fireworks23382.122.96
the forest Cold Stone you see that guy23398.346.4
over there big monkey yeah we've had one23401.324.978
of those before23404.743.718
um but I heard something about him that23406.2984.08
I didn't know and I want to try it out23408.4584.982
so I'm gonna tame this guy let's not23410.3785.162
it's not scare him or anything oh23413.444.8
there's a big old moose elk thing he's23415.545.4
low level we do have a very high level23418.247.2
uh T-Rex close by now I know these guys23420.948.54
love the Mejo berries so few of those23425.448.88
and I have to sneak so uh this guy's low23429.487.238
level it shouldn't take long if he turns23434.324.92
around if he catches me I won't sneak23436.7185.462
just yet now sneak if he catches me he's23439.246.24
gonna whoop my ass oh yep he's level 1623442.186.84
he's 31 percent tame if I had vegetables23445.486.898
and I know this if I had vegetables he23449.027.4
would tame quicker kibble and vegetables23452.3787.202
don't look at me like an Enderman oh23456.425.26
that'd be a good name too because if you23459.584.74
look at me you're gonna get mad all23461.685.278
right nope nope nope don't look at me23464.324.26
because I can't wait to do something23466.9583.602
with you if this is true23468.583.78
after I finally learned to sink the23472.364.8
foundation yeah I see that this looks23474.584.978
awesome by the way yep we did a good job23477.164.138
we should name this bird after like I23479.5582.462
don't know23481.2982.76
I don't know them Red Roof Inn or La23482.024.02
Quinta you like any of those names no23484.0584.5
well Laquita is not bad but he did now23486.043.838
is that a hotel chain because I don't23488.5583.08
know what that is23489.8784.08
no I don't know what a La Quinta is you23491.6384.482
heard of The Holiday Inn yes I've heard23493.9584.382
of a Holiday Inn okay23496.124.98
what's a La Quinta it's a hotel okay so23498.344.378
is it a chain of hotels or a type of23501.14.38
Hotel huge one I don't know you probably23502.7184.622
want something a little poshier yeah23505.484.26
like the Hilton or the uh I don't know23507.343.78
he's a quetz will be also he's like an23509.743.898
Airbnb QB and B what's a bed and23511.124.8
breakfast but we own this yeah I know we23513.6383.902
don't own a hotel we don't own an Airbnb23515.923.718
so this is our house well house is a23517.544.018
dumb name yeah house is a dumb name I23519.6383.902
didn't say it was a good name what's the23521.5584.74
actor that plays House something Lori23523.546.12
Lori oh Lori hate it love LaQuinta hate23526.2985.222
Lori you're stuck on this Laquita thing23529.663.66
you think Hugh Laurie's a good name for23531.523.72
a Quetzal what do you think La Quint is23533.324.138
I think it's the perfect name I don't23535.244.558
it's even got a q in it yeah let's let's23537.4584.562
continue down this hotel line where are23539.7983.542
we going by the way I want to get23542.023.66
polymer silica pearls metal obsidian23543.344.14
there's a lot of things we need we need23545.684.08
shotguns I'm gonna pump action shotgun I23547.485.3
am 100 with you I want weapons as well23549.766.0
but uh are you heading to any particular23552.787.06
direction nope Motel Six they're two two23555.766.6
cheats super eight no let's let's avoid23559.845.958
let's avoid things with numbers in them23562.363.438
hungry bud are you hungry23566.864.098
not hungry yet23569.265.36
I'm Gonna Get You23570.9583.662
see you hungry23575.084.798
come on bubba you want to eat don't you23577.364.38
if you're a female so it is going to be23579.8783.0
wait until I gave you like a berry it23582.8786.602
was one Berry you should be hungry23586.246.12
all right just continue until I have you23589.486.978
oh gotcha bubbles23592.366.358
ah hello23596.4585.022
I am uh take 44 this is cold stone Steve23598.7185.222
Austin over here glad to have you in the23601.485.94
tribe uh good chance23603.946.18
you're gonna die today but it's gonna be23607.423.78
Let's test it out Cold Stone23611.23.38
off bubbles23614.744.7
we go23616.482.96
all right Simon yeah it just fell oh are23621.047.14
you in there Jesus are you in there no I23624.76.598
I'm glitched glitched and I just dropped23628.185.878
in here this is ridiculous here help me23631.2984.622
can you help me I don't know tell me how23634.0583.122
to help23635.924.74
um okay hold on a second I gotta locate23637.187.8
you I am look down I am don't fall to23640.665.88
where I'm falling I wouldn't get stuck23644.984.318
here I'm to your right what do you write23646.547.14
I see you yep oh yeah I just fell in23649.2986.062
here and now I can't do a damn thing23653.683.66
have you tried crouching and uncrouching23655.364.88
should I get you a bird to jump on23657.345.34
this is what we were supposed to be23660.244.058
doing something oh this is the worst23662.684.86
start I know maybe we should start over23664.2985.462
all right bubbles I got you something23667.545.04
because this is a day of danger and23669.766.118
entertainment I got you a hat we're just23672.584.94
coming over here now listen up23675.8785.282
underneath us is The Brood mother right23677.528.618
I know she's a [ __ ] but uh we are going23681.169.12
to attempt a very daring feat I believe23686.1386.062
because again I heard something about23690.285.04
you and I don't know if it's true we're23692.26.54
gonna find out oh there she is hey boo23695.326.72
hey I found this in a uh in a drop take23698.745.12
it what's that dude23702.045.88
boom all right let's see if this works I23703.867.12
heard it did and if there's one thing I23707.926.12
know is that everything on the internet23710.986.06
is true23714.047.018
no it's not true it's not true [ __ ]23717.046.72
I heard you could ride these things I'm23721.0585.102
in a completely different menu23723.765.958
oh boy oh23726.163.558
boy where's it at where's it at23730.084.44
I'm gonna get knocked out probably23735.8787.522
oh maybe if I just go down here23739.543.86
come here23747.7185.702
oh she's coming23750.68.68
it's everything come here fighter23753.428.5
Warrior I'm gonna get knocked out is23759.285.098
this a dead end it just leads to more23761.924.76
[ __ ]23764.3782.302
awesome sword fog here down here23769.085.5
sorry bubbles23774.585.94
smash e and jump and smash smash jumping23777.585.82
and smashing smashing yeah23780.525.16
yeah land that thing23783.44.46
and let's get to business23785.686.118
we have two more guests down here yes23787.866.278
three we have three more guests three23791.7984.742
yeah but let's focus on them you know23794.1384.382
I'm really interested in one of them I23796.543.5
know ready23798.525.1
forecast all right okay guys let's get23800.045.44
let's concentrate on the world wait a23803.624.018
second I know you ready but if we shoot23805.484.078
the one are they gonna like try to freak23807.6384.882
out yeah mmm23809.5585.882
I don't really have so many okay you23812.524.358
know what let's just do it let's do it23815.444.98
let's do it ready and go hey baby hi23816.8786.722
boo-boos how you doing sweetie Pete oh23820.425.16
oh that didn't work did I just shoot you23823.64.74
in the leg me I think I did yeah don't23825.584.92
do that I'm not trying to oh these23828.344.44
things are helping oh [ __ ] did you got23830.54.08
down that one's down all right what next23832.784.14
another one uh no I'm getting the Galaxy23834.585.16
I said no all right Gail Madison is and23836.924.26
then after that nothing and then the23839.743.12
other ones leave no leave the other the23841.183.42
ankles who gives a [ __ ] about them well23842.864.56
they seem irritated well are they though23844.65.22
no I don't think they are maybe they're23847.424.56
not hopefully they're not you guys are23849.826.26
gonna be guests it's something super fun23851.984.1
is in this place23856.182.84
I'm just gonna swing swing oh God I'm23859.7985.982
gonna get knocked out she close by hold23863.5584.5
on hold on take out a torch take out a23865.785.518
take out a torch23868.0585.842
all right23871.2982.602
what's that noise23874.325.22
that doesn't sound good23876.43.14
I think we're good23880.363.74
I think we're good23882.44.5
I don't I probably shouldn't go out no23884.15.02
we're not good all right all right all23886.94.738
right all right uh let's uh figure this23889.124.018
here he goes as soon as oh boy oh God23893.1388.042
you're huge no you hit me23898.484.46
here we go if I can just get around you23902.948.8
I have an idea get up there come on23906.288.06
oh no23911.742.6
how do I ah23914.528.14
holy [ __ ] and he still get me she your23918.187.118
mother all right all right all right uh23922.664.638
put my parachute that was a big problem23925.2984.322
all right I think it's23927.2983.462
shoot again there we go oh23930.767.68
what how many of them are you23935.347.24
are there are you yeah one more two more23938.449.84
all right all right hold out oh no I23942.588.96
just landed on its back23948.283.26
oh I see lots of metal on top of this23955.325.44
mountain keep going straight yeah the23958.424.62
mountain Straight Ahead okay let's see23960.765.698
all right uh Toppers yeah probably top I23963.045.46
see a T-Rex down below very top okay23966.4584.92
yeah coming in all right I'm on23968.55.48
protection duty all clear23971.3785.462
uh yeah seemed to be hold on let me23973.984.72
check the very oh yeah the very top got23976.845.28
lots of metal oh it's the motherload23978.75.938
neebs no threats right uh oh there's uh23982.124.56
one of those [ __ ] stegosaurus looking23984.6383.902
things down here okay I tell you what23986.684.32
I'll do the peak right here yeah but23988.543.96
other than him here I'll see if I can23991.03.6
get him to screw off hey come here23992.53.42
follow me23994.65.3
all right drop in the ankle I think uh23995.927.378
he didn't drop he didn't drop okay there23999.95.86
we go all right Marriott down24003.2986.42
okay and let me just look around we look24005.765.64
clear all right you want to build the24009.7182.882
bed we didn't put a bed on here yeah24011.43.72
yeah I will build a bed I'll grab uh the24012.65.458
ankle and get some metal can't get any24015.125.098
flatter than that with the quetzal house24018.0583.782
our house is kind of like tilted okay24020.2183.24
well you do that oh wait no he's good24021.846.32
now oh baby metal for days yeah get it24023.4587.742
yeah okay uh starting to get a little24028.165.26
full let's go ahead and load some up I24031.24.14
need to learn how to make a bed oh God24033.424.68
all right level them up easy careful I24035.343.958
should have warned you I'm gonna throw24038.13.32
all right Cheryl yeah Cheryl welcome24044.0585.5
listen Cheryl we got to figure out what24047.2185.16
Cheryl does because Cheryl glows when24049.5584.802
you try to kill it with a T-Rex yeah24052.3786.18
Cheryl really is just a stunner yeah I24054.366.0
like her colors level her up let's see24058.5583.122
what she does all right that sounds24060.362.18
all right Cheryl we're gonna put this24062.547.24
into we've got four uh low level Cheryl24065.47.62
she will die soon probably agreed24069.785.24
hey oh yeah24076.1384.58
yeah go24078.7185.942
you're adorable Cheryl yeah but let's uh24080.7186.16
stick to it we need to see if we can24084.664.86
invite the other guys oh yeah I don't24086.8784.882
know where they are I know but I mean24089.525.64
Sal's right there right yeah24091.765.64
yeah Sal's gonna be24095.167.44
let's see we're 199. oh boy wow really24097.47.84
just a few more kills yeah I know I know24102.63.98
hello this is perfection thick24106.587.36
that sound why I'm mad what's the matter24111.126.72
a giant spider has all my stuff oh two24113.947.018
technically two giant spider the spiders24117.846.6
calm down yes listen oh yes what you24120.9585.162
know what you should relax we're gonna24124.443.3
be having a little get-together later24126.124.16
Sal's turning the big two oh24131.946.24
oh Sal 's our big T-Rex behind you right24135.0584.762
there so24138.184.698
we're gonna24139.823.058
I don't have my walkie-talkie take mine24148.1384.562
okay and then just bring the other guys24150.184.02
we're gonna it's gonna be first thing in24152.73.74
the morning24154.22.24
get my stuff at least give me some talk24160.1383.782
about it after the party yeah after the24162.243.5
party guys24163.924.68
nothing we're planning we have a lot of24165.744.96
planning to do all right okay all right24168.63.44
all right come on24170.75.06
we haven't even seen him here yet24172.046.94
we haven't no we haven't oh so this is24175.765.02
this is when you leave get on your board24178.983.898
and leave oh okay leave enough spider24180.783.66
stories yes24182.8783.622
I know right24186.53.36
okay so there's an obvious flaw on this24192.7185.402
plan there is so much metal apps Road I24195.484.5
know listen we can still cook it here24198.124.32
and we can make guns here right uh yeah24199.984.26
we just need uh the rest of the stuff24202.444.08
yeah so what do we need obsidian it's a24204.245.218
knitting Pace okay man can I I guess I24206.524.56
can go get some stuff on ding dong where24209.4583.6
am I gonna get some mini paste uh if you24211.085.1
found a beaver dam oh boy as the metal24213.0585.282
Cooks down it's getting lighter so24216.184.5
that's a good thing okay yeah so we'll24218.343.66
just leave them here we'll cook all the24220.682.878
metal I can at least go get some stuff24222.03.0
I'll go check the other mountains for24223.5584.022
obsidian at least 50 in cement base yeah24225.04.31
polymer if you see it yep24227.584.879
hello new phone who this24232.6384.022
yeah what kind of party24243.543.38
who sell24247.322.84
I'm getting Revenge oh you don't know24261.0584.862
how to use the word vendetta24263.18.1
right now okay all right so party where24265.928.82
stressing code probably24271.26.358
bring a present yes yes okay got it24274.746.318
we'll try to be there all right24277.5583.5
okay see you later24281.46.238
Cold Stone do you remember this place24287.6384.682
it's where I stole it's where I adopted24289.625.28
you from yep you you were left by your24292.324.558
mother and father they didn't want you24294.94.26
but I did and the reason why we're here24296.8784.442
is not to get another egg we're gonna24299.166.12
get every single egg in this trench oh I24301.326.8
hate spiders I'm gonna kill the spider24305.286.3
nothing in here can stop us24308.126.46
let's just take a look around24311.585.878
oh there we go24314.585.58
we don't have something like this24317.4585.462
it is warm yes it's very warm and24320.165.82
glitchy like with the effects on my24322.926.0
screen but I have never been more Angry24325.985.818
actually I have been oh there's one24328.925.34
right there do we have a oh okay okay24331.7983.782
we've got one24335.584.32
we're gonna have to make this quick24337.624.98
don't care about the level24339.94.8
he's probably a coming24342.63.958
but don't look back24344.74.08
don't look back we're just gonna go over24346.5583.962
here and get some24348.784.438
Ice uh eggs24350.524.56
come back in get some fire we're gonna24353.2184.092
get in here24355.084.5
oh Nipsey poo hey apps right we might be24359.585.94
able to fly at this point oh yeah I've24363.0584.382
been I've been cooking metal on the24365.524.38
ground as well to make it go faster oh24367.444.8
good call so we could pack up and head24369.94.5
home yeah all right if yeah if you can24372.244.02
fly why don't we do that all right it's24374.44.14
Gotta clean up after ourselves what do24376.264.08
you mean gotta clean the forge up pack24378.544.14
it in pack it out oh okay so you're24380.344.56
cleaning now yep all right do you want24382.684.86
to go to this party uh I've been trying24384.94.26
to think of the excuse should we just24387.543.838
not show up yeah let's just not go yeah24389.163.78
cause I can't think of that yeah yeah I24391.3783.42
mean you know I do want to see Simon and24392.943.66
doralius it's been a minute yeah but I24394.7983.482
don't give a crap about whoever the cell24396.67.82
is uh so not going yeah let's not go24398.286.14
so damn close come on baby come on you24412.58.9
got this you're down you went down24417.129.48
level up to two hundo happy birthday24421.47.42
baby boy I'm gonna give it to you in24426.64.64
what's up Sammy we got a big problem at24432.544.8
the base what big problem with the base24435.184.5
a big problem need your help come on24437.346.118
Simon all right I'm coming oh no oh geez24439.686.198
Sal let's go back24443.4585.34
I think there's a problem and on your24445.8786.282
birthday too oh my goodness24448.7987.08
oh doralius are you okay oh no our house24452.166.74
is brown I'm right here24455.8786.022
oh my goodness look at you that's right24465.265.86
happy birthday happy birthday but the24468.843.958
other douchebags didn't make it Simon24471.124.56
they didn't no no one of them no not one24472.7985.042
of them what in the world did they RSVP24475.684.378
no they didn't do [ __ ] what in the world24477.843.41
grab a seat24480.0582.642
how do I get up here all right here we24482.76.0
go grab a seat here we go oh oh boy Whoa24484.687.038
happy back24488.73.018
there you are oh man where are you guys24494.345.638
where are they so we couldn't make it24497.283.96
yeah we're sorry we couldn't make it24499.9783.122
we're on the way back home but uh you24501.245.398
know we love you guys wow so listen Sal24503.16.18
that's your family right there Sal those24506.6385.222
are your second cousins they do care so24509.283.96
you can mate with them and it's still24511.863.72
not that creepy nah just don't tell24513.244.138
anyone right what are we gonna do we're24515.583.78
gonna blow out the cake uh do the cake24517.3784.142
right the cake and then sing first or24519.363.598
cake what's the order I don't know what24521.524.02
do you do go plug the cake okay I don't24522.9583.6
know how to pull out24525.542.938
okay though how do we do it go blow down24526.5584.802
how do we how do we uh is that a roar24528.4785.302
oh boy and then there's something inside24538.4584.082
though right you ready24541.24.489
this is uh awkward it's all weird it is24547.8785.622
weird yeah there's crap in his cake it's24551.2184.802
not a cake see that oh didn't they take24553.54.878
a [ __ ] I took a [ __ ] in this cake and24556.025.458
salarage probably not hold on now this24558.3785.202
didn't work out it worked out did it24561.4785.462
yeah I just can't come on Brenda there's24563.586.058
the king you go out huh let me get out24566.944.98
of here okay I was like yeah get it get24569.6384.522
it come on24571.925.4
I'm in the room yeah South King's24574.166.78
getting away come on Sal hey24577.327.04
there we go24580.943.42
we're good now the Cake's getting away I24585.1384.362
thought I already got the cake no the24588.184.038
Cake's running away24589.52.718
yeah come over here by matcha Bella cage24599.9584.722
okay I want you to stand right here man24602.4583.962
I hope this works and right here and24604.683.298
right here look at these look at look at24606.423.0
all these your boys okay all right you24607.9783.302
ready yeah all right now uh snuff your24609.424.08
torch out snuff it yep is that what you24611.284.34
okay do they need it yeah they need it24619.524.538
now they can see at night cute little24622.53.36
bastards they seem like an animal that24624.0583.42
could see at night anyway no now they24625.864.38
could see more oh yep yeah there's lots24627.4784.802
of light we're back here Little Joe poem24630.243.478
babies okay I feel like you didn't do24632.283.3
enough research but God these owls need24633.7183.722
a light can't see anything no I mean24635.583.298
these are desert day animals I always24637.442.76
find them in the desert during the day24638.8784.382
okay yeah maybe so oh congrats thank you24640.25.34
you babies like it yeah you do look at24643.265.34
all these turds babes you need turds24645.545.16
um yeah you know what I gotta get a farm24648.64.26
up here and once you get a farm there's24650.74.5
a abundance of turds hey can we eat24652.864.08
unicorn poop does that does that do24655.23.84
something I had one earlier what did it24656.945.16
do nothing made me sick okay everybody's24659.044.678
talking about it's all the rage but I24662.13.42
don't think it is did you do it right I24663.7183.182
just put up my mouth and ate it how24665.522.938
would you do it I don't know maybe put24666.93.54
it in a cup a blender yeah blend it up24668.4584.142
with something two thirds one cup hello24670.445.698
well hey that's right hey well your24672.66.42
Army's growing isn't it it is is that a24676.1385.16
fire one it is oh is that the one you24679.024.34
promised me if I helped you yeah oh24681.2985.642
neebs yeah do you like to help too24683.366.098
um yeah what are you doing okay well a24686.944.858
couple of spiders killed me in a trench24689.4584.142
and I would like to go kill them back24691.7984.802
Simon yes sir this might be the most24696.94.26
dangerous thing we've ever done really24699.544.438
yeah are you ready just cover me follow24701.165.28
me now ready let's do it okay come on24703.9785.942
all right big deal we gotta be so24706.447.22
focused so focused and fast right24709.927.26
I mean faster than than we could even be24713.666.58
yeah okay it's inside you're almost24717.186.44
there cover me ready come on go go go24720.246.5
hurry up24723.623.12
I know oh God forget it forget it no no24727.527.72
no no no no no no Stay Focus come on get24732.2984.862
over there let's see what we can do get24735.244.08
it out get it out get it out get it out24737.166.08
oh it makes no sense it makes no sense24739.327.26
okay you're good okay that was close24743.246.818
come on come on I'm too heavy Simon see24746.585.34
I'm too happy to see what happens here24750.0585.482
we go here we go24751.923.62
let's go24763.286.76
we good I think so man that was so24766.1386.562
neems you're on Snowball okay you're on24777.546.838
Bernice yeah yep and I am on the 202024780.66.538
Tesla pickup truck uh recently on24784.3784.322
Twitter I mentioned the product and they24787.1383.602
sent it to me so I'm just gonna try this24788.74.32
out so hey we're gonna go down we'll hit24790.744.44
him with freeze answer you come behind24793.024.438
hit him with fire we bite sounds good24795.186.08
all right let's head in here we go24797.4588.222
oh there's one hey my freezer one what24801.266.34
it's spider what do you think like a24805.684.74
smaller no it's big and green but how24807.66.14
you go man I'm already stuck24810.423.32
for me baby yep neebs yeah do some help24825.245.46
it seems a little crowded in there still24827.764.798
would like some help yeah I'm gonna try24830.75.66
to look and I get some shots on him24832.5583.802
what yeah draw its attention back so I24836.64.118
can get out of these spiders oh you're24839.523.06
stuck one second yeah get his detective24840.7184.202
memes yes sir hold on come on Snowball24842.585.04
I'm gonna shoot it right oh I gotta get24844.924.74
my stamina up oh boy it hit me with the24847.624.08
whips all right I need to evacuate man24849.663.66
I'm just hurting a little bit turns so24851.74.4
yeah it's a wyvern24853.325.34
that thing doesn't even look hurt you24856.15.02
serious yeah the 2020 Tesla pickup truck24858.665.218
is uh a little over halfway hell but24861.125.04
well is this gonna take forever I don't24863.8784.76
know it might24866.162.478
hey buddy you are cute cute good spot24870.326.46
for you all right load them up all right24874.684.56
load them up you too baby all right come24876.784.38
on hey it's okay it's okay you're gonna24879.244.2
be part of a really nice family and it's24881.164.978
true it is it's so true you're a loving24883.445.82
family I'm just gonna cautiously ribola24886.1386.362
good call uh and this is basically uh24889.265.34
we're trying to get you some too I mean24892.53.42
we're planning on getting you making24894.64.198
like today we can if I shot Simon that's24895.924.798
like I know you all work I was thinking24898.7985.16
maybe it might help oh oh wow crap yeah24900.7185.462
crap yeah the Hunt is on all right the24903.9583.782
Hunt is on you hopefully gonna slow down24906.183.18
I thought I'd just re-bowling remember24907.743.96
that too oh no it's gonna lead us to24909.363.9
danger in it no you're let's get a24911.73.54
little crap no no no no no no no come on24913.264.198
baby come on buddy oh I could okay one24915.244.2
more Bola we can do this All right we24917.4583.902
can do it we can do it like we got the24919.444.14
hard part of the day done you would24921.364.438
think that's the bat the tracks in would24923.585.878
would give something missed it crap oh24925.7986.66
there's the T-Rex oh boy yep that seems24929.4585.222
like a problem of course it is T-Rex no24932.4584.562
we're gonna do it no oh Simon what24934.685.16
you're running by a T-Rex yes I am I'm24937.026.06
doing it wow is he knocked out no it's24939.844.58
still happening24943.083.66
I saw something on the ground right here24944.424.6
this thing nope that's gonna be on it24946.743.54
just keeps going and we're just running24949.023.72
back to base oh boy we had so much24950.284.26
investing in this I don't know what I'm24952.743.84
I don't know why what I don't know why24954.544.38
what we did this we should have should24956.585.218
it is it bad that I'm still running are24958.924.44
you right behind me I don't know anymore24961.7984.08
look these companies right here whoo24963.364.64
did I run past you I don't know kangaroo24969.7984.852
is this the kangaroo nope I ran past24975.844.68
that T-Rex keep on running up the beach24978.185.878
I'm oh man there's no way there's no way24980.526.778
here you go you get them hold on I'm24984.0585.042
come on baby24989.14.74
that should have worked what Bola okay24991.25.278
hold on yeah I bowled it hopefully this24993.846.538
ZIP same one 108 okay come on come on24996.4786.842
just keep on going down the beach knock25000.3786.362
them out yeah you have the mushrooms25003.327.318
don't you yeah that's a problem nah you25006.746.12
need to be here wish I was all right25010.6385.662
keep on running up the beach okay25012.864.858
did he die is that what he sounds like25017.7183.602
when he died I'm trying to freeze it25019.44.978
Frozen little spider's getting me good25021.325.34
moving out moving out I gotta reposition25024.3784.142
all the little spiders down there mess25026.666.318
with you oh God so tight in here25028.524.458
I'm just shooting into the air hey come25033.4584.26
at me bro25036.5584.022
boom right in your face all right25037.7184.84
getting out oh I'll see you okay yeah25040.583.42
he's right in the middle good time to25042.5584.92
shoot dude now I got him don't freeze up25044.05.76
yo that thing was Bloody at all I can't25053.086.28
tell yeah this is a mess because I mean25056.9583.962
the whippers are fat like once you're in25059.364.438
there it's all wonky yeah there we go25060.925.34
you take it take the business business25063.7984.5
hours open Spiderman what do we get if25066.263.84
we kill one of these things don't know25068.2984.622
Revenge wait is that it is that like a25070.14.56
special something in his butt he's never25072.924.74
done anything to me well we're we're a25074.665.04
family I feel like we're friends in it25077.664.26
it did something to me what'd he do25079.74.2
killed me um25081.924.82
I guess that counts25083.95.76
all right Simon yes sir meet Rue for25086.747.62
igno I like it yeah roof for Rick Rue25089.668.28
yeah why what's a kangaroo oh25094.365.618
yep all right down the beach this could25097.944.5
get hairy but we've got this it's not25099.9784.08
gonna be Harry well there's the T-Rex25102.443.72
it's gonna be a little fuzzy and25104.0584.262
hopefully we'll see another Brew hey Roo25106.164.68
yeah female Rue we need a female Roux25108.324.738
gotta get gotta get some uh I don't like25110.844.378
I don't know if I like Rue Ferrigno25113.0584.5
though what you don't I don't know25115.2184.142
because what are you gonna call Rue like25117.5583.482
hey bro what's up Roo all right here's25119.363.54
the here's the T-Rex should we take it25121.044.32
out I've got like pretty strong what are25122.93.898
you talking about I'll take them out25125.363.598
here we go we try if we have to take25126.7984.202
them out we do it run run run run run25128.9584.162
run right on the right25131.05.16
you got this ruse always got it this is25133.125.14
a part of the our family tradition is to25136.165.1
run like scared little [ __ ] Boat Boat25138.266.0
making our way to the boat today thanks25141.265.64
sir I'm gonna pick up this bag okay25144.267.34
there it is there's our boat25146.94.7
you okay no this is a problem I don't25172.046.54
like it neither do I bro baby I think I25174.925.34
shot ruin the neck yeah don't do that25178.583.54
sorry he's pissing things off yeah25180.263.718
apparently I am I'm just trying to get25182.125.04
him off roof I can't you okay hot there25183.9786.262
you go you kill him25187.163.08
I'm shooting at him okay come on it's25190.547.78
gonna be oh no ah did you kill I should25193.949.74
focus on this did you shoot I did or25198.325.36
hey you remember what you said you25204.15.06
didn't like Rue25207.9783.602
we could have changed her for his name25211.586.12
oh forget it that was hey let's get a25214.344.68
yeah well follow me up follow me out25221.324.658
here to the open dub dub what has she25224.0583.42
got wrapped up in here I think that's a25225.9784.382
T-Rex yep it is a T-Rex that's awesome25227.4785.342
she's Frozen up a good bit it's a good25230.364.32
time to go in and do something right if25232.823.238
you got little spiders attacking over25234.683.6
here well are they attacking I mean yeah25236.0584.022
of course it's coming all right hit it25238.284.4
very nice baby25240.087.26
nice wow okay oh God I gotta I gotta get25242.687.06
uh Patrice Bernice out of here come on25247.344.56
Snowball I took a ton of damage there25249.744.318
now what we need to do is get a giga25251.95.88
then drop a gig in here oh yeah Giga25254.0585.942
versus spider hey that's a thumbnail25257.784.88
right there that's just about to say25260.06.298
great minds man I don't even see any25262.666.16
blood uh yeah I feel like this is25266.2983.722
pointless if we don't know what her25268.823.6
health is yeah I guess we'll be here all25270.025.16
day abort yeah I'm fine with that dude25272.425.878
yep I'm just inspecting it uh no25275.186.0
scratches no bruises nothing nothing all25278.2984.92
right let's get out of here all right we25281.184.378
pull it out always pull out air25283.2183.362
yeah I mean honestly wear protection I'm25286.586.478
Bernice on Snowball on the 2020 Tesla25289.165.7
pickup truck25293.0585.342
oh are we really doing this again yep25294.867.74
yep yep all right listen what I'm25298.46.36
talking to it all right I gotta get it I25302.65.84
gotta get it get it not even close25304.767.458
not even close25308.443.778
come on run at me I killed a parasaur25313.15.06
get stuck somewhere you dumb animal25318.167.898
's not dumb going up going up top side25322.2185.76
all right my stabbing is down where'd it25326.0583.482
go all right we're hanging out now now25327.9784.562
which is not panicked anymore well I25329.545.338
should be able to get it no problem oh25332.544.38
my God it just makes these last got him25334.8787.142
come on yep all right son of a [ __ ] out25336.928.218
you are snarly little get ready oh all25342.024.8
right I gotta do another bullet don't I25345.1385.282
I don't know probably all right okay ow25346.825.52
all right we're all clear it's a great25350.426.62
spot there's some mushrooms eat them25352.344.7
hey you okay buddy no want that thing25358.946.6
dead I know we need we need better25362.784.92
things you know what yeah I know how to25365.544.62
cheer you up how get out of that chair I25367.76.24
got some new pants and ignore him okay25370.166.54
follow me okay they're Gilly pants25373.944.74
they're brand new and ascendant I found25376.74.858
them cool here you go thick get in here25378.684.86
okay come on in here yeah you see this25381.5584.562
chair yeah sit in that chair and watch25383.544.86
the depression Melt Away these guys are25386.125.098
looking at me yeah they're judging me no25388.44.558
they're saying thick 44 you're a failure25391.2183.782
no they're saying I love you no one can25392.9584.462
save me25395.02.42
I gloated too much this is a bad place25402.8787.362
oh wow look at him look at him go no25406.8785.402
pants now I'll tell you what makes me25410.244.558
feel better what at least I'm not neebs25412.284.438
yeah thank you little jabos for trying25414.7983.84
to cheer me up and possibly judging me25416.7183.782
and staring into my stole and stealing25418.6383.302
it they would never judge you they're25420.52.878
not that they're not that kind of jaboa25421.944.68
oh okay there I go give him kisses did25423.3784.742
he feel better already I do feel better25426.623.358
I told you all right what are you gonna25428.123.66
do well names should probably put some25429.9783.602
stairs over here yeah I need silica25431.785.16
pearls can I roll it yeah oh silica25433.585.04
pearls huh oh yeah we eventually want to25436.943.96
go uh deep and I think I've heard about25438.623.9
this place called The Abyss which sounds25440.92.94
like a nightmare but I kind of want to25442.522.82
check it out uh-huh25443.843.718
um we need to make scuba gear okay and25445.343.958
we need to make silica pearls and we25447.5583.602
need silica pearls okay and the best25449.2983.0
place I think to get those are from25451.162.16
Beaver Dam because that's where I found25452.2982.702
a bunch the other day so well that's25453.323.36
what I'm gonna do got a dragon now so I25455.03.058
can get there easy well I needed25456.684.5
occasion or my new pants let's do it25458.0585.882
you said you saw a female I did where uh25461.184.44
right up the hill okay low level we can25463.942.82
do this real quick and it's just done25465.622.938
there's T-Rex right there where where25466.764.26
where Straight Ahead oh God yeah let's25468.5583.842
go up the hill let's go up the hill come25471.023.198
on baby okay25472.45.398
smell try to sniff out the cooch you25474.2185.26
know what I'm saying LaRue cooch the25477.7983.68
Roku just try to sniff it out25479.4784.562
particular scent of that smells a lot25481.4785.382
like almond paste and spinach I have not25484.044.74
heard that that is quite interesting25486.863.9
yeah oh boy that's just staring at us25488.784.32
isn't it yep is it coming oh it's25490.764.44
thinking about coming really yeah are we25493.13.92
gonna yeah that's a far that's far away25495.24.92
shouldn't have even recognized us I25497.024.6
don't think you know no it didn't let's25500.123.3
hug the right hug on the right hug the25501.624.62
right because we're men men hug the ride25503.426.18
yep sometimes men hug each other too I25506.247.318
know no reason to be scared never was of25509.67.378
my hugs I got a feeling baby ruse25513.5584.982
Straight Ahead look at this25516.9783.962
um I see three yeah this is like Bruce25518.545.16
and control it was like Saint Louis give25520.946.38
me give me some uh give me some female25523.76.24
female lover 36 breaking off to the25527.324.058
right I don't have any bullets right25529.942.88
here in front of me 36 to the right25531.3783.062
right here straight in front of me all25532.823.54
right um if you don't have any you don't25534.443.9
have any I have none all right get ready25536.364.618
I am get ready to rumble I am come on25538.344.32
baby I'm so ready to rumble right now25540.9784.5
come on baby oh God I want to rumble yep25542.664.978
slam it in the butt I'm gonna stand25545.4783.9
right in front of it so I can't get25547.6384.222
around me and you know what I'm gonna do25549.3786.062
already yeah yeah right after this shot25551.866.518
right here yeah oh it's already down25555.444.76
loaded up25558.3784.982
guys Beaver Dam that's what we're after25560.25.678
right over it for the Beavers I do see25563.365.64
beavers do you see babers okay25565.8784.982
um yep I'm gonna try to land my women25569.04.08
right here come on come on oh there's a25570.863.54
beaver dam in these little wood in these25573.083.478
Woods here too okay all right let's tell25574.44.92
you what this should be easy Bang I come25576.5585.522
over here and I get into the Beaver Dam25579.325.22
and I just want no no silica pearls just25582.083.78
should I kill the Beavers I mean yeah if25585.863.42
you see the Beavers kill them do we need25587.7184.08
the Beavers no respawn here I'll uh can25589.283.9
I land here oh there's beavers25591.7982.522
everywhere yeah they're looking at me25593.182.94
yeah they're trying to get me oh yep25594.323.72
you're killing it beavers yeah kill25596.124.14
those beavers I'm coming for the damn oh25598.044.018
wait I can use my shotgun on me please25600.263.6
ah don't waste your bullets25602.0584.202
yeah thanks here go yeah go check out25603.863.96
that one minute I'm getting it right now25606.264.26
silica pearls that's all right I'll take25607.824.138
these rare flowers may as well go ahead25610.523.538
and take their cementing paste what is25611.9584.202
that a rare mushroom I'll take that too25614.0584.262
I painted my pants did you notice I25616.165.46
didn't nope like it nope I can't see it25618.325.28
right behind you I can't see it and I25621.624.08
don't like it oh you're up there oh wow25623.64.02
look at that man look how fashionable25625.74.56
you are on your silica scavenge yeah25627.624.2
you're like a Wookie there's a beaver25630.263.0
dam right under you neeps did you25631.822.398
already check that one yeah we already25633.263.18
got that one all right any more do you25634.2184.202
see any more I don't see any right off25636.444.438
hand oh wait I think I found one nothing25638.423.74
in the water right25640.8784.402
all over the place25642.167.138
I don't know why is it over there25645.284.018
oh silica pearls and cementing paste yep25649.786.3
that is hey you stay here oh Beaver25656.1387.602
beavers hit me two Beaver oh baby25660.085.218
remember when you could just like go25663.743.3
swimming in silica pearls or everywhere25665.2984.742
what happened to those days four beavers25667.044.14
are after me25670.044.62
that's why my dragon oh God oh God25671.188.298
Firebird oh I think I'm [ __ ] beavers25674.664.818
beavers three beavers I'm doing well hey25682.426.58
yeah winner25687.084.74
you try to run away yeah you chicken25689.05.27
[ __ ]25691.826.939
come on come come with me I want to get25699.166.52
on come with me get it get it come here25702.446.118
baby come on I think he's following you25705.685.76
still or she I can't get on your dumb25708.5584.32
boat oh25711.443.96
oh my boat's the best25712.8784.802
it doesn't let me get up here I don't25715.44.26
know what to do I don't either just get25717.683.36
on like you're gonna ride the boat like25719.663.36
get in the middle I can't get in there25721.045.518
you can't get in the hole no okay oh25723.025.52
well can we just drive the boat I tried25726.5585.642
I tried trying to drive the boat25728.544.86
you go up to the middle here and drive25732.24.64
the boat trying to oh no what the damn25733.46.558
Kangaroo got off the boat25736.846.218
because he was following me25739.9585.882
damn it25743.0582.782
we tried to have you tried to to uh okay25746.785.34
just driving Drive the boat oh my God is25749.783.24
that the first time you've tried to25752.122.16
drive the boat just get the other rule25753.022.88
on the boat oh Jesus man I've been25754.283.54
saying this the whole time get up here25755.94.398
next time next time when I say charge to25763.584.86
drive the boat you talking to me you try25766.4584.202
to drive the boat well next time I say a25768.443.18
bunch of things you should do those25770.663.6
things too all right I will good day sir25771.624.438
Welcome to the Family Guys25774.263.4
thank you25776.0583.0
Check It Out Boys25779.0583.082
I am ready to go deep that is beautiful25789.45.5
and we all got them yeah well yeah we're25792.54.378
making enough for everybody oh sweet25794.93.84
went ahead and made one of these25796.8783.92
pick one and one but25798.744.68
yeah we're gonna need that might need a25800.7984.062
couple we'll make it for everybody bang25803.424.5
bang bang and next episode we go into25804.867.698
the nibs does that hit does that hurt me25807.927.138
I knocked you back I almost knocked you25812.5584.852
into the wall25815.0587.942
oh guys we don't have Simon well here's25835.846.16
Simon hey Simon when you wake up you're25839.424.558
gonna be surprised but Rue Diamond25842.06.24
Phillips oopiol RuPaul opio your new25843.9786.602
little boy is stuck between our other25848.245.1
dinosaurs over here Marsha opio is over25850.585.94
here look at you yeah growing up so25853.346.48
quick oh man I gotta move let me move25856.526.8
guys so you can be by your folks25859.826.78
uh-huh there you go don't let them bully25863.325.86
you Marsha come here come here25866.64.74
kangaroos are cool I don't know much25869.184.08
about you but I know your herbivores25871.344.68
that's neat I know that25873.265.58
um while the mother has a joey25876.026.3
developing in the pouch that there's uh25878.846.42
like another little embryo kind of uh25882.325.76
sort of in stasis like a limbo e stasis25885.265.52
so it's you basically got a jelly and25888.085.7
cue that's pretty cool also mothers25890.785.098
choose to have females first and nobody25893.783.598
knows how they do it that's kind of neat25895.8783.0
too so even if you guys are overall25897.3784.382
[ __ ] and some neat stuff hey Rue25898.8784.5
Diamond we're going on an adventure25901.762.82
today we're gonna explore a little bit25903.3783.0
with your hoppy legs25904.584.32
and you might die25906.37810.162
all right boys let's Gear Up alrighty25916.547.598
the tank on flippers on and believe it25919.827.44
or not that is my mask I like it you25924.1385.702
look good man thank you okay I think I'm25927.264.198
ready does the mask help with anything25929.843.42
because I feel like I can see just fine25931.4583.122
without it we just go straight down25933.264.618
right uh yeah you follow me we're gonna25934.585.96
someone on the shark no well we should25941.05.34
probably bring the shark just in case oh25944.2983.362
there's a manta right above us don't25946.343.298
worry about him leave to see you I'm25947.663.898
gonna see you let's wait for the shark25949.6384.562
come on thick you guys are looking for25951.5584.32
you oh I see you just head down the25954.23.96
trench there's a big hole here at the25955.8784.982
bottom of the trench25958.167.04
I know how much you like holes I do25960.864.34
oh God we should probably mark this25965.626.22
place hard to find yeah hold once we get25968.95.1
down here I'll uh I'll see what it looks25971.844.98
like be great if we had a buoy some25974.05.24
this is it boys the abyss okay I hate it25982.586.12
what platform on those kitchens oh yeah25992.04.798
wow what level what level tell me crap I25994.344.08
let my spice go up at the top is there25996.7984.26
any way we can tape that I got mine it's25998.425.78
a level 116.26001.0583.142
don't know about uh about taming that26005.925.218
might be too big for us today yeah so we26008.923.718
should probably not go that way why26011.1383.122
don't we I'll tell you what we should26012.6383.24
stay close to the wall otherwise we're26014.264.16
gonna get lost26015.8782.542
be an angler fish oh that's what we're26018.73.358
after we want that angler jail so we can26020.324.02
tape them it okay what are you calling26022.0584.32
it I'm sorry I'm a manta no I said26024.343.958
mantis that's wrong what an26026.3783.08
you come here silly goose oh there are26029.4586.702
more oh they all come to attack ganging26033.8784.322
up your family your little head26036.163.298
come here boys we need your goodies I26039.4584.702
think don't go too far up that uh26042.044.56
copy head back a little bit further down26044.164.78
yeah I give a Chase they're heading for26046.64.43
the mesos26048.945.12
like uh something to hide and some Coral26068.7983.482
or something babes head towards the26070.9583.962
entrance I'm too late for that where'd26072.283.778
you go where are you at babes I'm26074.922.76
looping around some rocks trying to lose26076.0583.74
take care of them26080.024.76
no no you leave26082.122.66
you believe God I'm gonna die I'm gonna26092.9784.58
die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die26094.543.018
following me I can't My Friends Are Dead26098.9788.282
I wonder if I can tame You by myself26102.286.66
okay are those26107.264.02
they don't look mean are they mean are26108.943.66
you mean26111.283.72
nope not mean26112.65.278
man how do we get by without these26115.05.16
oh well quite masterfully if I do say so26117.8783.862
what is that electrical generator26121.746.94
build one of those that might do26125.686.24
something and we'd look so cool use it26128.687.02
as much as our oil rig okay might try to26131.927.44
go get another oops dianicus egg buddy26135.75.58
you down for that once we can get past26139.363.54
um because we like to travel in threes26142.94.44
oh that was pretty lame all right I26144.75.34
gotta get the heck there we go26147.345.298
I'll grab my stuff26179.082.66
I'm trying to I don't want them again oh26185.1382.882
God he's moving26186.822.818
that's what I was afraid of if we go26188.024.26
down and follow us26189.6386.32
he's after you come on man26192.283.678
somebody take the shark26197.023.958
while these after names I'm getting my26199.423.0
[ __ ] you should26200.9784.042
to get your [ __ ]26202.422.6
look at God26206.445.518
help play stupid games Win stupid prizes26209.5584.562
absurl go get the shark and get your26211.9584.92
stuff I already got my stuff oh good all26214.124.92
right got my let me load up a drink bolt26216.8783.362
let's see if we can lower that guy back26219.043.418
in here we probably can with our scent26220.245.36
pee in the water26222.4583.142
try to try to help26236.7411.91
yeah he's down he's down26265.04.4
all right come on let's see26269.47.78
I know up here there's a couple new26273.846.24
straw there we go26277.186.06
oh that's not a good place to land but26280.085.82
let's see up here up here up here26283.246.92
nests Nest Nest Egg empty26285.99.28
[ __ ] oh Nest Egg empty26290.165.86
[ __ ]26295.182.878
um it's got to be another one26298.0584.202
I thought there was another26300.523.538
where is it26302.262.94
where's the other Nest got another nest26305.26.5
Nest Nest oh26308.266.78
yep all right yep yep yep yep now I can26311.74.96
understand you're not wanting me here26315.044.38
I I get it oh God we're bleeding big26316.663.84
sorry sorry Rue I was looking26320.54.62
might have been a bad idea we should26323.683.0
probably just flown here all right we're26325.123.838
going on a different Adventure rule26326.684.98
up up and away26328.9585.702
all right we need to go find that that26342.584.08
uh Nessie I'm gonna use the Megalodon26344.54.5
cool I'll hang out right here I've got26346.666.18
the trunk bolts ready all right26349.08.52
come here all right don't don't see26352.846.538
of course I got these dumb goggles on26357.524.1
that blocks most of my screen26359.3785.702
just a little bit of the screen26361.626.098
bucks with my periph I don't see him26365.084.798
they hightailed it they heard my Battle26367.7183.722
Cry and left okay well while you're out26369.8782.642
there see if you can get in the angle26371.442.518
gel okay26372.523.48
I think I see an angler fish26373.9585.242
here angler oh I see you think26376.06.718
ah come on are they really that tough to26379.24.778
take down there's just a little fish not26382.7183.542
anymore would you get him Anglican26383.9784.202
beautiful that's what we came for oh26386.263.06
there's another one right above you he's26388.182.458
heading towards you think26389.324.738
how you found your stuff I found one bag26390.6385.102
I don't know if this is which which26394.0584.92
death this was uh oh this was the second26395.744.738
death still looking for the good one26398.9783.842
still think it was to the right eh26400.4785.782
I got another one26402.823.44
does he hate me26406.53.76
please support me26408.942.42
thank God every time he just hates me26411.366.46
oh God yeah26415.365.518
does it think we have an issue26417.826.138
issue they're right by the entrance26420.8783.08
I need some help I really need some help26433.626.518
coming in I see him I got two shots no26436.128.3
no no I'm coming I'll be26440.1384.282
nope it's my friend Nessie come on up26444.526.42
come on I dare you follow me to a world26447.2187.022
of sleep find me26450.945.22
probably gonna die don't care been a26454.243.54
horrible day anyways what are you doing26456.164.08
I'm just trying did you try to swim down26457.783.96
there I'm probably gonna suffocate you26460.242.76
were out of your mind you'll never make26461.743.3
it give me a breath of air hold on hold26463.03.78
on I'm coming I just need a breath a26465.042.48
in the sharks in the shark in the shark26467.524.6
why I'm in historic inventory what do26470.443.358
you need I need a breath of air I'm26472.123.48
going to suffocate26473.7983.482
on your mask26475.65.64
oh wait hold on what nope yep nope yep26477.285.938
am I suffocating I just need a breath of26481.244.26
air of course you are put in the shark26483.2184.942
okay there you go okay26485.55.878
what happened what happened uh it said26488.166.04
you died I don't feel dead man says your26491.3784.322
dad I feel like I'm in the menus and26494.25.12
nothing works okay26495.73.62
well this is not a place I would choose26500.866.48
to live Rue I can't see whoa hmm26503.3786.362
like hoping to come across like a point26507.344.44
of interest but you can't see anything26509.743.718
coming at you26511.784.8
so dense let's go up here26513.4584.982
oh it'd be fun to find something cool26516.585.46
like a cave but uh I'm enjoying our26518.445.34
exploring time I don't really want to do26522.044.258
too much without Simon because we're a26523.784.198
happy family26526.2982.942
um he's gonna hate that he missed the26527.9782.942
little I bet when I get home that Roo's26529.243.78
gonna be all grown's upsies you're a26530.924.02
little Marsha all right where we're26533.024.56
going where are we going you lead I'm26534.945.34
not even choosing you're leading back26537.585.32
here sounds good to me oh26540.284.438
oh we're on the edge of the map26544.7184.142
is that the edge26546.764.26
huh I'm not sure I've ever experienced26548.863.48
yep that's very edgy26552.344.56
look at that that's a trip isn't that a26556.93.898
trip bro26559.543.24
well we're gonna get a good old jump in26560.7983.602
I'll tell you that26562.783.66
right up here26564.44.92
I mean right not here hold on this is26566.446.6
gonna be one of your best jumps ever Roo26569.326.44
Build It Up26573.042.72
there we go26576.164.61
oh there you are hey yeah I was looking26584.324.558
for a place to build stuff I don't know26586.9585.702
anyway you sound so defeated yep I26588.8785.282
wanted to have fun in the water well hey26592.663.42
I got uh you got good news I got your26594.165.1
stuff oh beautiful okay I just want to26596.084.68
play in the water for a minute yeah I26599.263.66
had to drop one set of the scuba gear26600.764.74
because it was so heavy right can I not26602.925.94
climb why it's so stupid in every damn26605.55.04
game I mean climbing a ladder and26608.863.778
flippers should be pretty hard huh yeah26610.544.62
but not in a game yeah in a game all26612.6383.902
right where are you I want to throw your26615.163.54
stuff in the Smithy okay awesome glad26616.543.78
you found it just want to go down there26618.73.3
and die once more before the day's over26620.323.54
well I think Dick's gonna actually tame26622.03.78
this thing we're gonna have us a uh it26623.863.66
was a palisiosaur26625.783.9
um sure hope Elizabeth sir okay26627.524.02
something like that well I could start26629.684.32
on uh building a saddle for it do it man26631.544.08
do it that way I can be useful today26634.03.058
cool yeah quit talking about it get it26635.623.178
done let's don't ignore the fact though26637.0584.562
that I was uh the decoy all day26638.7985.462
that's important yep you did great26641.625.838
you're a good decoy26644.263.198
oh look at this26647.864.64
look at these cute little penguins26649.846.9
little babies it's amazing whoa whoa26652.55.138
come on26659.24.16
leave them alone26661.126.06
I'm not gonna interfere this is nature26663.365.438
but that's just26667.186.72
it's messed up guys sitting Penguins now26668.7987.702
do your thing26673.92.6
this is gonna be awesome dude yeah I'm26677.7984.68
so happy we got this thing and it's a26680.684.14
female so guess what we can name it the26682.4786.24
name Familia Source hello take another26684.825.34
it's it's what is it only a plural or26690.165.66
not no it's not it's a Plesiosaurus26692.3786.242
has nothing to do with the pun Felicia26695.824.36
so yeah well I mean you guys normally26698.623.12
got a punter out so I don't know what to26700.184.76
do the name of this female why26701.743.2
bright ass green and we have an Essie26713.766.28
yeah yeah oh man you know doralius once26716.56.0
he sees her he's gonna lose his [ __ ] oh26720.044.438
he's gonna [ __ ] in his mouth I don't26722.53.84
know how he can do that but I want to26724.4783.542
see it he's gonna lose it26726.343.06
and it's going to his mouth just26728.023.06
straight up and then he's gonna laugh26729.43.058
and straight in the air and just plop26731.083.66
right now we're catching a cheese ball26732.4585.402
like it yep yep we should do that we26734.745.28
should like throw balls of poop in his26737.864.8
mouth see how many he can catch yeah he26740.026.56
can catch so much that'll be a new game26742.663.92
hey welcome to the family Nessie oh man26748.55.5
now can we take Nessie up top or is26752.084.978
Nessie only deep sea creature I have no26754.05.34
idea this is my first Nessie all right26757.0583.302
tell her to follow me okay come on26760.364.26
Nessie oh looks like she's coming up top26762.4585.282
with us uh be careful of jellyfish oh26764.625.16
yeah God I kind of want to keep her here26767.743.78
because this place is safe maybe we'll26769.783.84
keep her here until we get a saddle yeah26771.524.438
she's following you I know I know hey I26773.623.9
wanna I wanna see your face quit putting26775.9583.84
your head in the sand26777.527.92
oh Simon man rude diamond and I had such26779.7988.462
a day we saw parts of this land we've26785.446.118
never seen saw a lot of death some of it26788.265.82
was nearly ours uh most of it was on the26791.5584.74
screen and it was the other guys but it26794.086.02
wasn't us and it wasn't you buddy26796.2986.602
Life's good26800.15.198
you comfy26802.95.3
I know I am26805.2982.902
this must be the right spot a lot of26808.57.478
glowing body places okay so he's on got26811.7186.66
the saddle got any shoes I need fins26815.9788.16
okay masks pants and uh oh yeah and most26818.3788.702
importantly all right here I come come26824.1386.08
on no deaths this time26827.083.138
hear me yeah yep I'm coming through the26832.365.34
trench Guided by26835.366.3
oh there's my name is26837.75.938
okay oh yeah26841.664.61
all right this is it26843.6384.562
damn check out his face you are such a26848.24.82
oh it's the start of a great26853.443.518
relationship now yeah26855.343.618
we're gonna paint him bright ass green26859.93.83
all right I gotta ride this thing all26866.6384.302
right oh come on all right should we26868.93.72
take him up will it go up that's the big26870.944.92
question yeah yeah oh man it's kind of26872.624.92
like an underwater Dragon huge turning26875.864.8
radius yeah can I get out of this26877.546.48
yeah yep I'm out now careful because to26880.665.16
take a damage or anything uh it doesn't26884.024.68
seem to be all right we take it back to26885.823.658
that's awesome the outside take it let's26890.743.898
go back to the base we need to build a26893.1383.902
better Arena uh Marina Marina that's26894.6383.84
what we get to do26897.045.0
God I feel like I'm getting stuck26898.4785.702
yeah no you've eaten enough leaves today26902.045.08
Simon yeah Sal and Tina got it on again26904.185.458
I know you can see that right well26907.124.5
that's what we're waiting for any second26909.6385.762
now right and there we go okay okay oh26911.625.82
boy it's a little baby boy look at that26915.45.94
what do you want to name him uh name26917.449.198
them hmm I think I got it26921.345.298
is awesome realize how fast she was26939.04.86
so already yeah yes I'm serious26945.827.92
jellyfish probably26949.744.0
oh Steve's having a heap of trouble here26954.283.98
oh boy come on come on dear can we can26958.446.518
we just like26963.2184.16
goddamn jellyfish from the server26992.164.18
because [ __ ] these things just learn to26994.184.08
avoid jellyfish but then we can't have26996.343.66
any fun I can't have any fun flying26998.263.298
around with nephew in the water because27000.03.718
these [ __ ] things are everywhere the27001.5584.202
challenge we gotta overcome it it's not27003.7183.542
a fun challenge look they're coming27005.762.878
right at me I just want to get my [ __ ]27007.265.4
kill these things dark God damn it [ __ ]27008.6386.302
yeah kill these things I can't see them27012.664.38
they're around me you see these big27014.943.27
electric Sparkles27017.044.28
okay killed him hey dolphin27021.325.44
thank you27025.045.018
sir Cavatelli I would I would say27026.765.218
pronounce it gave a deal but it says27030.0584.022
capitelli right how do you say it27031.9785.342
gavadil Gaba deal Gaba deal I'm never27034.085.1
gonna say that right Simon that's but27037.324.26
that's why my mom pronounces it that's a27039.185.698
pasta yeah but you guys say I know I27041.584.74
don't want to get into this right say27044.8783.782
weird things but why not embrace it just27046.324.26
like you know you have silly accents you27048.663.6
know like up where you're from we say27050.585.46
words right oh my goodness hey hey oh27052.267.98
hello meet capitelli yes or gavadil says27056.046.66
Cavatelli is that a pasta yes it's a27060.244.5
pasta It's a pasta you actually keep in27062.74.5
the freezer so miss your base now yeah27064.745.52
do you like it uh I do and I don't okay27067.25.758
great well I feel like you know you're27070.264.02
kind of backed up to the water you're27072.9585.6
exposed to what it's still water27074.284.278
to actually break through here and get27079.584.66
to you uh your things have nowhere to27082.24.32
run because they're gonna fight it Yep27084.243.6
they're all fighters we have four27086.523.9
T-Rexes now additionally yep zero27087.845.4
[ __ ] I feel like a lone person on a27090.425.1
pelagornist could come in and destroy27093.243.84
this whole I don't know how that's gonna27095.523.9
happen yeah just27097.084.378
I'm afraid for you guys because anything27099.423.6
could come up to the shore and start27101.4583.92
biting it look at our ground unit though27103.027.26
I saw a one of those uh Alpha megalodons27105.3786.642
in the water just outside of your base27110.283.48
oh you know what I saw I saw the27112.024.08
boogeyman yeah I saw Bigfoot the other27113.764.74
day yep so you know what what are we27116.15.1
gonna do we're gonna live live in fear27118.54.378
is that what you want is that what you27121.23.178
expect us to be spread in fear you27122.8783.782
fear-monger I'm sorry I don't play that27124.3784.622
game I lived life yeah we lived to the27126.664.26
fullest yeah because what what else we27129.04.28
gonna do27130.922.36
mantis uh uh yeah the water's been clear27133.7985.222
of mountain27137.4582.84
nope oh I've seen one right below you27140.2986.102
right now yep yeah may as well stop yeah27143.15.76
we gotta lure him in somehow maybe you27146.44.078
have to do that one or do you want to27148.863.18
jump out and try to make them to follow27150.4783.48
you yeah what'd you put Nessie on don't27152.044.2
neutral no God well we got one two we27153.9583.84
got a couple megalodons coming in as27156.244.26
well and Jellyfish more masses oh this27157.7983.542
is a cluster dude27160.52.058
yeah let's check27162.5586.602
hey buddy27165.923.24
what do you want to take care of those27169.9783.182
guys make those guys priorities uh yes27171.0585.102
sir okay there's something what are they27173.164.44
doing they're probably getting hit in27176.163.68
the boat27177.62.24
come on27181.764.9
okay now you got it you can't get me I27183.5585.58
made a boat27186.664.94
how'd he get me through the boat27189.1386.282
man okay all right that's crazy okay27191.67.72
let's get out here okay where are you at27195.426.6
oh I'll see you again now I'm out of the27199.324.558
water all right sucker taking care of27202.024.438
the other Megalodon okay so I'm gonna27203.8784.622
get my scuba gear on I'll be with you in27206.4584.5
a second okay dude we got four or five27208.54.798
more jellyfish coming in and a boy27210.9584.322
assistant go it's not me27213.2983.542
trust me I want to go into the service27215.283.198
settings and just completely delete them27216.845.218
ah you're grumpy today well no it it27218.4785.922
doesn't make underwater adventuring fun27222.0585.042
okay I am looking around the boat it27224.44.8
seems it seems clear27227.14.98
and uh no man things huh there were two27229.24.92
matches a second ago you watched the27232.085.218
jellyfish hold on I think yeah man come27234.124.5
back to the boat there's two mantas27237.2983.242
under the boat yep I see them come on27238.623.12
you guys come to the front of the boat27240.543.72
after man okay I can't even tell where27241.743.718
the front of the boat is right there27244.263.32
okay gotcha all right27245.4586.382
after me what you wanted right yep27247.584.26
oh boy27261.625.46
I really need his help closing this door27263.4583.622
wait yep okay stay right here stay right27267.324.2
so many of them there's so many of them27271.524.858
okay I'm on the boat I'm gonna shut the27276.423.958
door right here I can't walk in these27278.6384.762
flippers there we go I get him27280.3786.142
did I get him27283.46.398
oh I got one you got one yeah kill the27286.527.42
other ones oh oh he's a cutie oh he's a27289.7986.0
cutie can we paint him like orange and27293.945.58
call him Fanta samanta sure yeah like27295.7985.702
that I've always wanted a dinosaur named27299.525.038
after a cheap soda pop27301.56.0
all right so Simon yeah I made it down27304.5583.842
all right okay so like we get it to27308.44.02
doesn't seem like there's any nearby27312.424.92
right and then we swim into here right27313.9786.062
and we get back on up and then we close27317.344.618
them in right behind him while he's27320.043.438
coming at us27321.9583.902
show me show me the example of you27323.4785.58
closing like I'm the shark27325.863.198
but then you'd come and get me you'd27331.6383.702
come into this and then I'd close them27334.024.68
in by by placing a wall two walls and27335.344.68
then we just loaded into them so he27338.72.7
can't escape when he's uh you know27340.023.06
getting pretty heavily trained all right27341.44.318
so we just got a little one in yeah so27343.085.28
we doing that I I would I would love to27345.7184.08
lure one end doesn't that sound like fun27348.364.018
yeah I mean I want to be the bait you27349.7985.102
place you place the walls you want to be27352.3784.382
the bait okay are you like or you could27354.94.02
be like can you swim uh as I'm ready27356.764.5
with the walls but can you swim as fast27358.925.038
are you maximized and how What fast as27361.265.16
can be am I uh well I mean like a fish27363.9585.222
am I like a fish yeah I'm not like a27366.425.958
fish no okay27369.183.198
that's cool yeah I don't know if it'll27376.924.5
work what do you consider working uh I I27379.024.38
want to go underwater and like be27381.423.78
protected okay but you don't expect27383.43.78
there to be air in there right yeah you27385.23.48
expect there to be air in there yeah if27387.184.26
I seal it up wow you are a dreamer yeah27388.684.618
like listen this game's stupid but it27391.443.18
should work if this game's not stupid27393.2983.122
there's no way I can guarantee you27394.623.72
stupidity right now uh why is this game27396.423.78
stupid I don't know because maybe making27398.343.24
games is hard yeah why don't we play27400.22.16
feed the Mana I'm gonna feed my kids27402.363.9
that's why we're still doing this isn't27404.582.94
oh hey one last that's the last time27407.526.538
you'll bite me because now we are fifth27411.245.398
friend we're gonna go on trip and we're27414.0584.92
gonna swim in the sea and it's gonna be27416.6384.682
beautiful we got the Manta yeah you're27418.9784.142
going underwater uh no I need you to27421.323.0
drive me in there I'm already under27423.123.678
under here all right uh listen27424.325.04
you stay put I will be right back27426.7985.862
promise all right and take me underwater27429.367.56
you ready yep and going down27432.667.68
what the hell oh yeah yep game's stupid27436.927.378
were you sitting down no eat it up right27440.345.82
through the wall man you at least gotta27444.2984.622
build a chair right yeah all right take27446.165.218
two you're a turtle it's a bouncy turd27448.925.52
all right I'm locking myself in I'm in27451.3786.442
the submarine let's try it again27454.443.38
he's coming out there27458.4585.282
I got a anti-gravity turd you ready oh27460.045.86
cool let's take that with us okay I'm27463.745.42
gonna grab that for later and here we go27465.96.478
all right here we go submarine tap we're27469.163.42
how is it it sucks pretty awesome I27474.66.3
think look at you I mean it looks cool27478.624.62
why isn't there air here do you have a27480.96.8
tank on no you're gonna drown27483.244.46
hello hello oh it's not pick 44. it's a27487.7987.022
it's a man on a lone pelagornis coming27491.8785.822
to raid your base it could easily kill27494.824.978
everything here sounds a lot like thick27497.73.84
it kind of is but like hey where are27499.7985.542
where where is the pillow foreign27501.543.8
it's like a bird fish it's like a27506.0586.542
seagull but bigger we don't see you fake27508.324.28
wait what if you're not here that's the27518.2984.242
thing if you're not here you're not27521.043.36
worried about that well that thing's27522.545.16
nothing it's the tactic this thing yeah27524.45.398
this thing could hardly kill anything27527.74.438
man you were you and you still don't see27529.7984.982
it nope wow I used to respect your mind27532.1384.92
all right the tactic is happening right27534.784.64
now stop attacking27537.0585.642
hey we had a pelagorn is attacking sorry27539.425.2
about that that was an example and that27542.74.2
was an example of our reaction yes just27544.624.258
an example hey but if you weren't here27546.94.38
shoot you if you weren't here then what27548.8783.6
your whole Army could have been27551.282.88
destroyed and by the way this is like a27552.4783.0
zoo pretty much you guys don't do27554.163.058
anything with these things right not yet27555.4783.842
not yet what do you mean not yet you27557.2185.402
have every almost everything in the map27559.326.6
oh because it just seems cruel to these27562.625.4
animals no they're so happy they're just27565.924.02
sitting around getting fat this is27568.024.5
vulnerable man this is a family man I27569.944.38
don't understand why you don't get it I27572.524.38
say all of this because I care I don't27574.324.138
want things I don't want bad things to27576.93.84
happen to you you need a hug is that27578.4584.982
what you're looking for oh no I'm fine I27580.744.28
can hug you27583.444.32
can hug each other I need a hug on hold27585.024.48
on I want to hug you how do I hug you27587.763.118
how do we do this you know what because27589.53.78
I swear man like sometimes we just need27590.8784.562
to hold each other you know what what27593.285.16
I just want to see if that would work27600.23.7
but no I don't need a hug you guys can27602.044.8
be destroyed at any moment trust me oh27603.95.22
you don't live in fear how do you get a27606.844.86
hug how are you gonna get home now thick27609.125.338
huh how you getting home I mean I can27611.75.4
just take one of these right right no no27614.4584.622
this is our family we don't just give27617.13.538
family to people who don't know how27619.082.7
you're feeling well I feel like I've27620.6383.482
known you you want to be in the family I27621.783.66
thought I was we've been friends for27624.121.72
Fanta I was surprised you I just assumed27628.025.278
you ate angler jail it looks like you27630.786.778
eat fish why is angler jail the tame huh27633.2987.202
what's up me that's true you make a27637.5584.802
saddle man [ __ ] you're not gonna believe27640.53.42
this yeah I made the Manta saddle and27642.363.18
then I went into our saddle storage to27643.923.9
put the uh parasaur saddle in there we27645.543.96
had an ascendant Manta saddle in there27647.823.658
oh even better all right where is this27649.54.558
little [ __ ] he's in the uh in the Trap27651.4784.922
there we go let me stick it on him27654.0584.682
come here buddy oh you're gonna love27656.44.88
okay I'm gonna let you ride it first all27661.324.26
right yeah pop open the door get ready27663.545.66
to be impressed sir okay27665.583.62
uh I don't know I haven't opened her up27672.743.88
no let's see27676.624.62
it's pretty fast wondering if you're in27678.425.24
he in pretty fast but I've been here to27684.084.84
riding nephew so my uh you know I've27686.824.02
been used to going real fast27688.924.138
it's kind of fast but I like it I like27690.844.56
how I stand on it it's like I'm surfing27693.0585.522
on something let me see yeah try uh get27695.44.738
going try like a right click or27698.584.138
something all right right click does27700.1384.74
nothing what about a thing or something27702.7183.962
and see27704.8784.322
I think C just drops really quickly okay27706.685.52
okay that's kind of cool I'm gonna see27720.5585.102
if I can jump the boat27722.942.72
wow that was great nice air all right27726.086.16
this is pretty cool but uh other than27729.93.6
being able to jump It's kind of27732.244.44
worthless for the next one yeah here you27733.55.878
want to do it yes sir come here Fanta we27736.685.6
gotta get you a paint job27739.3782.902
man I wish I could put like a wish I27745.5585.882
could ski behind you yeah oh wait maybe27748.56.6
you can wait oh if I I got Grapplers in27751.444.8
the store let's do it let's do it let's27755.13.358
do it let's do it27756.244.08
keep your eyes peeled guys it's hard to27758.4583.662
see once you once you stop right now27760.323.658
okay okay real quick you want to go down27762.124.38
and yeah we want to take a break oh yeah27763.9785.042
yeah oh yeah or maybe I should turn27766.53.718
um oh piranha damn it yeah get back on27770.2185.462
yeah oh boy stay still the rally so you27772.926.12
can get back on oh boy oh boy get on get27775.686.72
on you son of a [ __ ] come on is that am27779.045.46
I even in the right place you got this27782.43.898
Simon okay we're almost there how about27784.53.54
I just kill this thing you're almost27786.2984.442
there where is it Simon it's getting his27788.044.74
butt it's a very high level one you can27790.743.78
it is oh what are you doing I don't know27792.783.72
you're just I'm looking at you you're27794.526.538
looking at me and I'm not sure hey Simon27796.56.24
all right I forgot I can go in that way27801.0583.722
that was really stupid let me get a lot27802.743.78
of work for a little bit okay yep sorry27804.783.9
turn this around Turn the Beat Around27806.524.38
sister and Simon you think you can learn27808.684.08
this no you don't I'm not baiting27810.94.62
anymore you know why I broke my uh my27812.766.36
crossbow bait yeah all right hold on27815.526.358
I'll be your moral support should I27819.124.438
should I get out and hook here I mean we27821.8784.26
didn't move very far okay we're about27823.5583.962
not getting back on either I've had27826.1384.442
problems I see one what I I hit one oh27827.527.16
you did yeah is it coming no why not27830.586.718
hello I hit him again I hit him in the27834.684.72
fight you like pain what are you doing27837.2984.442
come here he just put his nose into a27839.43.54
bunch of rocks27841.743.18
like he's crying I'd be one of those27842.943.26
all right you attached uh yep I seem to27846.26.82
be attached okay and hang on here we go27849.7184.382
we're going yeah let's go back there I'm27854.15.4
skiing okay you ready for a jump sure27857.45.12
okay ready jump there we go27859.57.62
did you jump too uh no uh jump come on27862.526.82
well I kind of do yep like a little bit27867.124.518
all right Hang on we're gonna jump the27871.6384.92
okay nope there we go you're right oh27876.9784.9
yeah fine okay circle around we're gonna27879.96.558
jump Nessie and jumping come on27881.8784.58
we're going deep27887.95.14
I know I don't have my fuel here on so27890.364.18
you know I dumped it off so it wasn't so27893.045.518
heavy all right cool cool I love it27894.546.598
wow that's pretty sweet potato this is27898.5584.802
fun I think you might have more fun uh27901.1384.022
if you were skiing on the back of Nessie27903.365.22
she's fast we'll try that27905.166.78
oh what there's an otter where right by27908.585.94
the Trap there you go wow that's the27911.945.34
otter is the next best thing what come27914.525.038
on what do we need a fish yeah I just27917.284.62
killed a fish hold on where's that odd27919.5585.222
where's where's the traffic said come on27921.94.62
baby oh now he's like right in front of27924.784.26
the Trap but he's not in the Trap no or27926.524.98
is that the uh the I guess is this the27929.044.56
base of your but can it not climb out27931.55.298
it's gonna climb out27933.63.198
there you go oh that was easy27936.864.018
thank God I made the Trap I've got a27941.364.84
dolphin uh just following me around27944.166.2
takeoff and oh there's there's27946.24.16
oh yeah I told you this [ __ ] was fast27961.4586.542
you gotta warn me hey what's up boys27963.9584.042
kid what are you guys doing27971.66.34
got an honor huh yeah and finally27974.2985.08
there's a Megalodon coming over here27977.945.18
guys perfect here I'll lead him over27979.3783.742
oh what's under me oh well that's a27984.9584.562
Megalodon here we go oh27987.62.94
all right see ya we're trying to leave27990.544.98
that Megalodon over here okay yeah27992.165.7
what crap oh yeah yeah oh I want you27995.524.38
guys to get a Megalodon we've got three27997.864.14
of them coming in oh my God four of them27999.96.26
oh my God I'm on the boat get in there28002.07.44
cool baby you got that this is gonna be28006.165.978
a thing don't you dare turn around no no28009.445.34
no no no no no no no no no no no no nope28012.1385.84
you don't come over here follow me nope28014.786.24
yes there are come on come on nope you28017.9786.522
don't get in here free now don't die oh28021.026.24
it's Untouchable what28024.55.52
yours is unconscious yeah for a while28027.264.56
well I just killed mine28030.024.88
killed it yeah28031.823.08
I'm here with you blew that one away I'm28035.326.638
trying to shoot in in the butt come on28039.1385.402
baby you can do this yeah I'm throwing28041.9586.02
off his ass out too all right28044.543.438
quite a ways out there yes I am28050.1385.282
oh boy28055.425.92
no I got a shark coming right in my face28057.825.38
don't do it28061.345.42
leave me alone baby28063.23.56
get in there and punch him come on [ __ ]28066.864.82
every time I go towards him he runs away28074.364.56
because you're sick 44. I can only28076.6384.202
assume I'm glad you said it because I28078.924.58
was getting ready to28080.842.66
um well guess what what our trap is now28092.05.458
a kennel it's a very small kennel yeah28094.585.398
we'll work on that you forget how big28097.4585.222
these things are yeah I don't I don't28099.9784.142
think that's gonna fit yeah that didn't28102.682.66
yeah but it's okay28105.345.08
just come on Phil you can do it so get28107.684.42
in your house bill come on in don't28110.423.24
listen to them they're just gonna trap28112.13.18
you and not use you you're correct no28113.662.88
we're going to we just don't want it to28115.283.48
get eaten thick it's not gonna get eaten28116.544.32
it's fine no I got a friend over there28118.763.48
that's Gonna Be Tamed soon they're gonna28120.863.778
be fine they are going to be fun you28122.245.218
finally have some ocean defense or lake28124.6385.462
whatever this is do you see how busy it28127.4585.282
is out there it could die from a few I28130.13.958
think it'll be fine I think you're being28132.743.478
overprotective yeah you're mine you28134.0583.84
might be right all right so we'll just28136.2184.08
let it defend itself him and his new28137.8985.222
buddy and that'll be that okay well all28140.2984.322
right new buddy should be close okay28143.123.838
just no more negativity today no no no28144.624.92
I'm look this whole thing was to inspire28146.9584.202
you guys and I'm glad I did you're28149.544.438
welcome so you're a miracle worker we28151.165.818
were so miserable before you oh man amen28153.9784.802
I think I really want to shoot that28156.9783.722
otter on your shoulder please don't28158.785.34
scratches say hello to scratches28160.76.0
oh God I I don't have any ammo you're so28164.125.82
lucky I actually I actually clicked you28166.74.08
I did28170.786.26
all right next time28173.024.02
I think they're here uh probably I don't28191.65.58
see my adventure out before oh what was28194.664.2
that it was at a gym of course it was a28197.183.538
jellyfish are you being electrocuted yep28198.866.24
yep hold on I'm coming I'm coming I know28200.7186.122
yeah and I'm shooting them with a dart28205.14.02
hold on Nifty we just had to kill the28206.844.798
jellyfish again hang in there nothing I28209.124.08
I hate it like the worst thing that one28213.25.358
and go down28215.0583.5
all right here we go all right got them28220.185.44
all ah blessed Nessy you okay how's your28222.686.06
health oh man yeah okay they bit messy28225.624.338
oh yeah yeah28228.746.36
okay here okay you okay neebs yeah I'm28229.9588.402
good shall we let's do it28235.17.68
anybody home come on shark go whoa hey28238.367.358
hey hey boys what's up y'all we're here28242.785.698
okay yeah you are pulling up to your28245.7186.122
deck okay there we go what is up well we28248.4785.702
wanted to go tame a whale and uh since28251.844.2
you guys got a couple megalodons we28254.183.718
thought man it'd be good to have some28256.043.48
backup how did you know we had28257.8983.602
megalodons because last time we were28259.523.48
together we saw you guys get megalodons28261.54.08
is that how yeah that is how that'll do28263.04.32
it yeah that is how it did it was done28265.584.378
okay so good we well I'm ready to I'm28267.324.8
ready to hang out and do stuff yeah well28269.9583.6
up on uh which one you want there want28272.123.9
there's Simon you want a bill or uh well28273.5584.202
this one is this one's much more28276.024.14
powerful okay I'll go on this guy all28277.763.66
right we'll level it up before you get28280.163.478
on oh okay just leave me in the water28281.426.0
thanks yeah up on Nemo come on Nemo oh28283.6385.282
wait there's like three sharks in the28287.424.5
water yeah four oh they all come from oh28288.924.58
I don't even know how to fight just28293.54.66
fight everything all right just like28296.05.638
everything else yeah Nancy get him well28298.166.238
this is already a cluster yeah oh God28301.6386.162
come on help us out okay there you go28304.3984.762
eat me eat me baby what the hell is that28309.164.96
and floating wait is this one eating28312.444.14
what is that oh that's you oh wait28314.124.5
darelly's that's your shark it's done is28316.584.798
it dead no He's Alive okay just acting28318.624.38
weird you guys should like color your28321.3783.18
sharks so you know we don't get them28323.04.08
confused well is it my my Shark looks28324.5583.962
like it's a different color than his28327.083.54
yeah they're a different colors yeah but28328.524.278
I mean28330.622.178
like oh yeah that's our shark because it28333.023.9
looks like a clown fish there's an otter28334.823.738
in the water over here28336.925.1
okay and well it's just sitting still28338.5585.142
like it's waiting like it's following me28342.023.538
or something where are you going with28343.74.14
this well I I'm trying to address it28345.5584.202
like is that all her following you is28347.844.08
that otter following me come on here28349.763.958
you're following me is that your otter28351.923.84
is that a tame daughter no stop28353.7183.66
following me it's just sitting there28355.763.18
isn't that kind of weird that's a weird28357.3783.242
honor well maybe somebody should maybe28358.943.32
it's meant to be with us28360.624.14
we just tame it real quick do you got a28362.264.718
fish on you I just don't care too well I28364.763.958
think it's a sign from our little this28366.9783.302
is a tame daughter what's wrong with you28368.7181.772
all right28373.183.06
yeah everybody here come up here let's28384.1384.682
put scuba gear on I'll save see some28386.05.218
manners some manners oh boy you guys get28388.825.04
suited up I'll fight them okay how am I28391.2185.34
getting suited up yeah Nessie is a28393.864.438
little uh box on top of her I've even28396.5583.482
painted them for uh you're a28398.2984.322
personalized pleasure hello doralius hi28400.044.74
this is amazing thank28402.624.92
where you going oh oh not back here no28404.783.96
he just did something weird on my screen28407.543.54
oh don't have to worry about my my Shark28408.745.28
getting hurt is it a step two passive oh28411.085.638
boy it's probably gonna go nuts what are28414.023.9
you doing down there we're fighting the28416.7182.702
man that's why you guys get to play28417.924.138
dress up I can't take off my I can't get28419.424.378
off my guy because he's just gonna28422.0584.622
attack things what is happening the man28423.7985.942
the mantas are biting Nessie what's my28426.685.52
where is my it probably went nuts was it28429.745.6
on passive I don't know28432.23.14
the man all right all right you got28436.8784.442
scuba gear I do put it on baby putting28438.626.3
it on yeah yeah I want to see it are you28441.326.898
serious I can't [ __ ] down there28444.926.2
God Nancy I'm sorry28448.2186.24
I'm getting off looking good gralius28451.126.938
yeah oh yeah let's see I don't know if28454.4584.862
you want to take your armor and put it28458.0583.062
in that box so that way if you die down28459.322.818
there you know you don't lose all your28461.123.38
armor oh that's that's a thinking man28462.1385.042
I've done this long enough I know all28464.55.02
right your sharks are following me you28467.184.56
seem like we're clear but we're are we28469.524.56
gonna be able to get onto your bed yeah28471.744.5
okay so yeah if you die we got a couple28474.083.96
beds here on Nessie they're named Nessy28476.244.44
bed all right and uh that box has extra28478.044.98
scuba gear extra darts we should be well28480.685.4
prepared for getting us a whale a while28483.025.82
oh whale all right so this is what I28486.084.5
wear right I got everything I need I28488.843.538
don't need pants do I uh I mean yeah you28490.583.058
should have leggings because it's cold28492.3786.26
down there okay not one word about uh28493.6385.0
well I've been a little busy28498.8785.982
um wow yeah I got them all too those are28501.266.84
sexy neebs gaming socks oh I'm available28504.865.278
until the end of this month really so28508.14.618
they are available yeah wow well28510.1386.362
December 2019. huh December 2019. yeah28512.7186.0
say 19th yeah you get a box and inside28516.54.2
the box is two pairs of socks and two28518.7184.202
freakers for only a thousand dollars no28520.74.678
30 30 bucks wow even better plus28522.924.26
shipping right28525.3783.722
is everybody ready are you guys ready to28527.183.538
go deep yep go get all the sharks let's28529.14.34
do it all right28530.7182.722
now that's a hole uh yeah this is a hole28552.5585.82
right all right I'm gonna take it slow28555.74.9
and easy like you're supposed to do with28558.3785.76
holes until they ask you not to right28560.66.118
it's all warmed up sometimes you gotta28564.1385.042
give the hole a little smack dude my28566.7185.362
fish looks really bad28569.182.9
I don't know if you want to go in front28572.665.04
Okay because you're too big yeah it's28574.7184.722
hard for me to see I don't want to get28577.73.66
myself into stupid danger just yet28579.444.32
everyone stick together and begin in28581.365.938
danger uh let's work together yeah28583.764.92
what's the what's the do you have a28587.2983.66
strategy in order find a whale get a28588.684.26
whale find a whale get a whale and then28590.9584.202
nowhere here just as muscle sharks and28592.944.5
manners sharks and Manson oh wow look at28595.164.88
this thing man28597.445.458
shark's coming tell you what let's fight28600.045.018
this shark don't kill it I mean don't28602.8984.262
eat it there's two of them kill it but28605.0583.962
donate it I'll try something out but28607.163.6
don't eat it all right there's two of28609.024.32
them right and then Kayla don't eat all28610.765.638
right come on Nemo jumping28613.346.84
hey come on sharks watch out dolphin28616.3985.942
all right what shark's almost dead one28620.185.218
shark here is almost dead28622.345.76
I'm dead don't eat not eating all right28625.3984.442
floating he's just floating now take28628.14.02
care of the other sharks and mantas yeah28629.845.6
see this is wind yeah I wish28632.123.32
yeah I know but it's kind of hard to see28643.124.778
you know what I'm saying I guess you you28645.623.72
should know you have a hard time seeing28647.8983.422
everything I do but with this I seem to28649.344.08
be okay with that all right so why28651.323.72
didn't you just do it today one before28653.424.638
that guy's dead don't bite him all right28655.045.46
do your thing all right well there's28658.0585.442
three mantas oh crap just get them go28660.54.5
ahead and do that we'll protect you all28663.53.24
right all right I got my sickle the28665.03.78
Mantis are attacking Nemo all right28666.743.8
don't worry about it28668.786.66
so bad damn I'm harvesting and uh you28670.546.46
know what I thought it'd give me prime28675.443.958
meat it's just bunch of regular mates28677.03.6
that was the whole that was the28680.64.618
experiment yeah all right my shark is28682.2185.882
very hurt very hurt very hurt all right28685.2186.24
what's very hurt like 25 Health it has28688.15.72
all right we're better now all right28691.4584.562
just looking at the wrong thing I always28693.823.0
I love it28696.823.478
okay looking good could look better but28706.2185.522
it's nice and open I like open more I'm28709.523.84
kind of fearing up to the right of touch28711.744.04
and let's all stay together28713.365.46
okay yep mesosaur mesosaur big guy big28715.784.98
guy real big guy to our left28718.824.8
stay close everybody I'm staying close I28720.764.718
think we can take him with all of us why28723.624.018
do we have students if we don't have to28725.4784.262
let's don't do it what the hell is that28727.6385.462
thing it looks like a mother so I forgot28729.745.398
so I can't even tell how big it is well28733.13.92
it's coming overheads28735.1384.5
follow me meet out here uh top of this28737.025.02
uh top of this pillar oh wait thieves is28739.6384.202
this where we were I don't know man this28742.044.62
might be where we were really by our by28743.844.798
our base sure coming in it's all28746.664.798
connected huh yeah yep I've never dying28748.6384.32
there over and over yeah yeah you died28751.4583.782
right here many a time all right well28752.9583.84
let's find some whales and that may not28755.243.36
have been the entrance I could be wrong28756.7983.18
with that actually God I can look at my28758.62.4
um oh yeah we're actually right near our28761.03.68
base this is absolutely the spot28762.624.5
gotcha I think this to go this way what28764.685.32
do you think ah yeah I'm right behind28767.124.56
you man you're leading the way go Nemo28770.04.978
go avoid the jellyfish28771.684.98
got your call28774.9784.08
something it's adventurous that's for28776.664.62
sure you can understand why you know not28779.0584.32
like even on our planet going into the28781.284.5
ocean sucks yeah so I know more about28783.3783.782
the moon than we do the ocean because I28785.783.84
was like frightening I respect and fear28787.164.58
neebs we're right under our base right28802.64.6
now really yeah Lily here's something28804.624.32
what you see what you see what you say28807.24.22
Dunkin Donuts where are the whales oh28812.025.438
there's a those two those two canoes28815.64.378
down there you duncanoos okay so let's28817.4585.162
go a little higher this way we're gonna28819.9785.722
find a whale back on28822.623.08
here people said over there surrounded28828.3784.282
by mantis to the right28830.7185.642
line I think mantis oh boy hey it's a28832.665.92
sperm whale that's it yeah that's a28836.365.698
whale that's the guy we're after yes it28838.584.28
out of the jellies28842.865.618
is that what we're doing do not engage28848.4785.66
in jail babes you got a police28850.523.618
there are two police28857.784.938
sword we should run run run28860.784.678
to the blue light at the top of the cave28862.7184.24
copy that I'm doing it28865.4583.42
we got this yep oh crap there's a28866.9584.1
all right I see him I think I went the28873.165.08
wrong way just beat right here oh God28876.23.9
I'm suffocating oh crap there's a28878.242.638
or behind something28880.8782.84
oh I'm in a lot of trouble28887.244.2
when you run through the hole I am28889.823.898
running in the hole come on outrun this28891.444.32
bastard I'm not gonna lose Nessie what28893.7184.08
just save yourself what is what is this28905.544.08
thing that's a thing in here too I've28907.8783.662
never seen before is that a Dunkin Donut28909.624.08
s okay28911.545.16
still fight me oh boy I got nowhere I28913.75.24
don't know where28916.72.24
to really die you can reach28919.162.718
he's so agile he's a giant come on don't28922.15.52
load Maybe28925.166.96
I am like completely lost and I don't28927.627.5
know which way to go28932.126.42
get left okay28935.123.42
oh Lord28943.823.02
this whale Adventure did not go well no28954.685.64
but it's been fun no it's been neat my28957.445.16
my uh oxygen is my first one already28960.324.2
broke did yours oh yeah yeah I had to28962.63.9
replace my oxygen tank yeah so we have a28964.524.32
limited amount of time yeah like we we28966.54.02
should probably get into a place where28968.844.08
we could you know when I'm running out28970.524.8
of water or air you know what I mean28972.925.1
right I see you buddy I'll never do oh28975.326.078
boy I've never done this before28978.023.378
there you go28983.26.58
quick yep yep okay28986.265.86
why do they always like want me so much28989.785.04
I don't know you must like smell good or28992.124.8
something it's your bush it's your butt28994.823.54
definitely your butt they got the cutest28996.923.478
butt out of all of us by far all right28998.364.92
Neves you in your seat stand by oh wait29000.3984.802
there's a whale right in front of us are29003.283.96
you serious I'm serious right in front29005.24.38
of us surrounded by manta rays see him29007.245.1
uh stand by I don't see me anything of29009.585.16
course all right follow me right in29012.344.44
front that's a whale it looks like it's29014.744.88
surrounded by manta rays29016.786.54
up right above us yep yep yep that thing29019.626.4
is Tiny it's tiny compared to three29023.324.978
mosasaurs right above us because that29026.024.56
game so the mosasaurus is a lot bigger29028.2983.902
than the whale yeah they're a lot more29030.584.44
dangerous too when you hear whale you29032.25.04
just think big well sperm's not the29035.024.14
biggest whale well I still think big29037.243.96
that's all oh wait one of those isn't a29039.163.96
buzzle Source should I try to lead the29041.24.62
uh oh hey guys oh you found us good oh29043.124.98
crap did you tell him did you just leave29045.823.96
it he's gone man oh God I didn't29048.15.538
anything what is that [ __ ] whoa29049.787.198
she is on me like things that are on29053.6385.522
every single time29063.664.96
babes is the dinner29066.0584.66
my name all right all right guys come29070.7185.642
further down the trench yeah yeah we're29074.443.358
back at where we started because this29076.363.92
trench is full of lots29077.7985.042
listen it's still coming all right guys29080.285.5
we have a busy coming in let's take care29082.844.86
of Nancy we're taking care of the Nestle29085.783.598
we're taking care of this Nessie oh my29087.73.24
God we're gonna kill this thing yes we29089.3784.34
are all right here we go29090.946.198
baby come on29093.7183.42
I gotta go I gotta go29101.53.44
sh I could help you guys but my chart's29109.0584.5
gonna die no it's okay yeah you gotta29111.4583.242
get him out of there get him out of29113.5583.962
there oh I think he's getting bloody29114.75.06
good job Bill29125.585.08
who's a good bill man I wish we could29127.7984.902
just find a whale like near us right now29130.663.96
wouldn't that be great if we were just29132.74.678
here it'd be super great yeah and tamed29134.625.358
already yeah29137.3782.6
I need another scuba tank29142.1385.522
so I can die again29144.72.96
come on man all right let's move forward29154.3786.402
taking a peek We Stand low yeah for now29156.946.84
I see an electric eel above us yep I'm29160.784.74
staying real low all right come a couple29163.784.4
electric eels29165.522.66
left alone left oh what's that oh it's a29168.286.0
whale that's it we got a whale on the29172.364.5
left oh we got a whale wait where's the29174.285.278
Mosasaur we have a shark too where's the29176.865.22
shark to the left uh I forgot what that29179.5585.122
thing's called oh God I'm gonna look29182.086.5
I got a shark coming at me29184.683.9
at McDonald's29191.263.538
oh crap we lost part of the thing oh29192.244.12
he's chasing you heels chasing you29194.7984.68
coming around hey guys right on me you29196.366.5
should try to go really low29199.4783.382
all right I'm down below I'm not sure29207.844.538
what I should oh geez29210.163.96
that's the first time I saw that damn29212.3784.322
eel it almost got me all right yep he's29214.125.598
charged up come on come on29216.75.58
here I come you look like I'm flashing29219.7184.962
oh because29222.284.58
it's uh29224.682.18
I hate you yeah oh it's gonna shock29228.367.66
again no he is dead okay there's two29232.785.16
more right coming up behind you son29236.024.438
coming behind me quit throwing [ __ ] at29237.945.518
his game oh come on29240.4586.982
come on stop come on29243.4583.982
oh boy29250.745.179
there we go29259.422.878
did you get your stuff oh that was the29260.7983.722
wrong stuff this is the earlier body oh29262.2984.92
I guess my guns in that one okay gotta29264.526.48
go to that one God this trench man did29267.2186.66
you kill the ill the eel cannot feel29271.06.12
anymore they seem to be serious threats29273.8784.802
that are worse than some of the big29277.123.54
things they're a pain in the ass yeah29278.683.42
pain in the ass is the best way to29280.663.238
describe them so we got turned around we29282.13.6
need to head this all right where was29283.8984.32
that whale29285.74.758
ER Simon oh that's again I forget tiny29311.8785.5
thing yeah tiny compared to yeah that29315.343.48
thing I mean it looks like it's the size29317.3784.92
of a shark are we doing it yeah all29318.825.578
right but it is a passive team correct29322.2984.382
we have to kill the Mena race and29324.3984.142
passive tame the whale all right okay29326.683.9
how do we get the manta rays away from29328.543.0
I'd say send a shark over and don't do29331.545.098
it I'm going in okay hold on let me get29334.363.618
I am I am try not don't bite the big29337.9786.16
thing I don't want to29341.7984.322
um all right eating all my food so yeah29344.1383.362
the rally is once you have the manta29346.122.58
rays behind you just lead them straight29347.54.26
to me okay I am on Nessie I'm ready to29348.75.96
buy the manta ray all right where to go29351.766.48
oh I see it all right here we go29354.665.558
maybe don't don't let the whale I don't29358.243.78
think I did did I it still seem like29360.2183.0
you've been okay yeah all right the29362.023.958
Manas are on doralius here they come eat29363.2184.5
them up boys I'm just going in circles29365.9784.382
all right I killed a dolphin oh and I29367.7184.562
said he killed the bananas oh God that's29370.364.56
a lot of minutes oh man that is29372.284.678
happening what what there's a lot of29374.923.44
Dolphins what did you what the hell just29378.364.48
happened here I'm just I'm just pulling29380.685.52
through Phantoms and dolphins right now29382.846.36
killer fun having you prime meat it'll29440.084.558
go faster I don't know I'm killing a29442.63.06
bunch of man because I'm trying to keep29444.6383.962
them off you that's my main focus29445.667.02
your prime meat uh no I'd say no reason29448.67.56
for me oh God I got off oh God the chair29452.686.06
everything just broke on Nessie dude I29456.165.58
just got off and that happened did you29458.745.94
break everything I just hit e and got29461.744.8
off by accident oh God there's no more29464.683.298
chairs there's got to be the sit on down29466.545.4
something you better swim I'm scared29467.9786.382
you build a chair can I build a chair29471.945.038
I'd say no all right I'll try to leave29474.365.698
the Mantis away from you I'll uh chair29476.9786.602
nope I need 29 more wood to make a chair29480.0586.84
who has wood29483.583.318
so now what is that little wave coming29488.344.24
out of his butt when you feed him is it29490.4784.74
a fart [ __ ] now see that look at it they29492.584.74
just do it yeah you see a little wave I29495.2183.84
didn't feed him then I know it's29497.324.5
probably just uh water ripples like29499.0584.802
awake maybe but it just nothing nothing29501.823.658
else does that so I'm wondering what29503.863.66
that is might be the air bubble fart29505.4786.98
yeah that oh God29507.527.618
I thought it was attacking me nope just29512.4584.962
fed him like all the blood29515.1385.402
look good there Simon thank you oh it's29517.424.44
nice seeing you guys you know working29520.543.598
with you29521.864.88
been interesting29524.1382.602
how many times you die names probably29530.925.4
three okay would you lose your your29533.326.238
shark you're done for yeah so cool I29536.324.978
didn't die yeah Simon didn't die when he29539.5583.302
lost his shark yeah look at his Simon29541.2983.18
right now he's fine oh yeah Simon says29542.863.538
it must be a really good gamer yes I29544.4783.42
think I game the hell out of this game29546.3983.122
today yeah29547.8982.882
it was over at one point I was like damn29549.524.26
he's gaming hey there we got him got it29550.785.178
all right making a chair real fast29560.444.618
there you go okay sure and I'll say time29565.0586.84
to go he's following me let's get out of29568.784.92
here boys hold on let me look at my bed29571.8983.24
make sure we're going the right way yep29573.73.62
it is29575.1382.182
carefully we do not want to run into29577.424.5
anything deadly that with the exception29579.584.558
of needs that was a big success yeah we29581.925.218
got a oil damn right I said we lost Nemo29584.1384.682
I'm glad Nemo's dead29588.823.02

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