We built an ARMY! - Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Guess what? Elden Ring is back on the channel and we are on a mission to take down the dreaded Tree Sent...
We built an ARMY! - Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod
We built an ARMY! - Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod

We built an ARMY! - Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod

Neebs Magic Dumpster


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen the latest video we posted? It's the one where we built an ARMY in Elden Ring! It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, I saw that one! It was so much fun trying to take down the Tree Sentinel boss. That guy was a real pain in the tuckus!

neebs: I know, right? But hey, at least we had our army to help us out. Co-op gaming at its finest!

appsro: Definitely! I can't wait to see what other shenanigans we get into in the next video. And don't forget, we're live on Twitch every Thursday at 8pm ET!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Magic Dumpster YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Guess what? Elden Ring is back on the channel and we are on a mission to take down the dreaded Tree Sentinel boss. But let me tell you, this guy is one tough cookie and is giving us a run for our money. The frustration is real but the excitement is even more intense as we try to conquer this formidable foe.

If you want to catch all the action live, make sure to tune in to our Twitch channel every Thursday at 8pm ET. You won't want to miss a second of the epic battles, hilarious commentary, and nail-biting moments as we try to defeat the Tree Sentinel once and for all. The energy is always high during our live streams and the community vibe is just awesome.

And of course, don't forget to check out our main YouTube channel where you can find all the latest gameplay videos, Let's Plays, and hilarious moments from the Neebs Gaming crew. We love creating content for you all to enjoy and we appreciate all the support from our amazing fans. Plus, if you want to show your Neebs Gaming pride, be sure to check out our merch store where you can grab some cool gear to represent the channel wherever you go. Let's show the world that Neebs Gaming fans are the best around!

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all right should we calling the wolves0.064.14
all right we have wolves we have wolves2.343.3
we got Bob and Bob should I do Bob and4.23.96
Bob or Wolves remember their names Bob5.645.4
and Bob oh mine was Maeve and bacon8.165.099
it's been like two months it's been it's11.043.719
been a minute since we played in case no13.2593.721
one understands all right14.7594.321
is he looking at us probably is he16.984.08
looking at us yep oh he's looking at it19.084.64
yeah okay okay21.062.66
here we go oh boy he's oh that ain't24.5394.021
good that ain't good that ain't good he27.244.08
wants me oh God I did a man crap it's28.564.32
been it's been a while yeah it's been a31.323.02
while it's been a while32.883.66
we shouldn't have jumped right into this34.346.36
but yep here we go give it to him36.544.16
it's been like two months since we41.543.4
played I know yeah it's been it's been a43.443.6
second we've had a live show I had a44.943.36
trip out west47.043.06
a lot going on in our lives but that's48.34.14
okay this is how we get back into it we50.14.68
fight Horseman52.444.2
all right I got some hits in that's what54.783.06
we're going tell us about your trip56.643.72
after the trip was great I flew into57.845.94
Phoenix I did Grand Canyon I went to60.367.2
Sedona didn't you camp in the uh yes I63.785.46
camped at Grand Canyon you camped at the67.564.32
Grand Canyon that sounds like a dream it69.246.3
was a Dream It's like a bucket list oh71.885.72
come on75.545.52
sorcery oh yeah so sorry I got my more77.65.86
powerful sorcery now we're chewing into81.063.96
him yeah I'm in there I can't remember83.463.839
how to do it I'll do my Crimson tears85.026.779
which button is it oh uh x x x does the87.2995.941
live show there was a bunch of people91.7995.301
yelling sorcery at you that was fun93.247.739
you was a meme sorcery sorcery meme oh97.16.36
yeah wake up Matt oh yeah100.9794.921
apparently there's a guy that listens to103.463.76
this mat105.93.359
or I'm sorry his his wife listens to107.223.8
this yes109.2596.061
I got hit and it's not good I gotta I111.026.099
went over the relationship status are115.323.54
they married I don't know we don't know117.1193.661
this wake up man but his girlfriend or118.864.2
wife yeah listens to it and he's like120.784.08
all I hear is123.064.739
so sorry sorcery I got a drink so hi124.866.239
Matt hi Matt wake up Matt you know she127.7996.061
probably just put this on oh no oh no131.0994.381
Anthony I need help it's all right she133.864.379
probably just put this on so135.484.979
Anthony did you die no not yet but it138.2395.161
sounded like it but uh oh God since she140.4594.561
probably just put this on we'll say it143.43.66
again later when Matt's felt like asleep145.025.84
right like an hour in we'll just be like147.063.8
all right let's focus I have forgotten156.3794.601
everything I learned months ago oh boy158.74.98
this is my last uh sorcery flask Anthony160.985.36
okay you got this you keep him busy yep163.686.0
yo no I hit Dodge but I was in the166.345.619
middle of my sorcery169.685.04
come on you big dumb [ __ ]171.9594.56
this is great I can just come right back174.724.019
in huh sorry like you can then yeah176.5193.541
that's great I think because we're178.7393.0
technically not fighting a an actual180.065.64
boss like through a door okay well good181.7396.841
yeah he just exists oh he's just really185.75.64
[ __ ] hard ow188.585.7
all right that's the last of my sorcery191.346.24
and I'm at a flask uh this isn't good194.284.44
oh yeah197.583.86
yeah we got this198.722.72
camera oh play cool play cool all right202.926.2
we should have warmed up first this is205.446.98
the first time209.123.3
huh this is the first enemy of the game213.844.979
yeah but it just gets harder for me took215.8195.221
out that tree that was awesome he's so218.8194.321
easy why don't you beat him yet yeah221.043.96
good yeah that's never I mean I was near225.04.739
him but whoa same for you a YouTuber227.224.04
don't defend me231.264.839
you don't know me233.345.52
come out you big dumb [ __ ]236.0996.181
oh we got a double dodge there huh238.867.439
double hit oh he got me242.285.879
I'm out of sorcery246.2995.481
it's up to you guys I got him248.1593.621
oh yeah253.982.66
can you come back in uh no I'm dead this257.284.919
happened last time I know it's been like260.283.72
six months since we played this game you262.1993.06
have a good memory sir but yeah this264.03.24
happened last time and I came back in I265.2594.44
know but I can't267.243.66
I don't know if we're too close to the269.6993.901
fire and then you weren't oh no Anthony270.94.56
you were almost dead sir273.64.319
oh here we go no I am dead I'm doing275.464.86
knives that's the furthest we've ever277.9194.441
ever got him down though yeah no we have280.323.36
this thing why does it why is it called282.362.76
the tree Sentinel283.684.38
you see that yeah because he likes trees285.125.04
yeah but I thought the tree Sentinels288.064.199
were those big demons we fought at the290.165.7
trees I don't know I don't pretend to292.2595.22
understand what's going on in this world295.864.44
no me neither or know what I'm doing yes297.4794.261
I've seen a lot of comments going like300.33.78
you guys said you're good at it no no I301.743.959
just enjoy the games304.084.14
yeah no these games are wonderful I love305.6994.021
I love the world love the environment308.223.539
love exploring right but we're not309.723.72
experts we don't min max our characters311.7593.361
to have all the stats we need does that313.442.94
mean what's a Min map it means like315.123.84
maximizing and minimizing damage and Max316.384.68
like we don't care about the stats I318.963.9
care about that I care about the stats a321.063.419
little I know this jacket looks cool so322.863.66
I put it on you know that okay yeah324.4794.201
that's all I care about all right so326.525.64
neebs yeah we're not tough enough to328.685.1
beat yes we are let's get them right now332.164.5
doing the level up one thing and then go333.784.02
back in there and do it I don't know336.662.94
about one thing maybe two things but I337.84.02
know where a boss is not too close339.65.819
let's go let's go just follow me we feel341.825.46
like scatterbrain right now do I because345.4193.301
I feel like I'm pretty damn you need to347.282.88
have a goal like fighting the tree348.724.919
Sentinel no Anthony it's too late350.165.7
see I didn't know I just let him die we353.6393.601
can go somewhere else right yeah we can355.863.179
we can head towards the boss fight you357.243.12
guys go to the other boss fight and I'll359.0392.88
just be over here and eventually you'll360.363.96
get some experience when I beat this uh361.9193.84
beat this kind of horse see how it works364.323.86
in this probably I think we share365.7595.581
he's not a big net yeah no hell no he's368.184.6
not you guys go on your adventure I'm371.344.22
gonna beat the horse guy372.782.78
maybe I like this though this is like376.743.78
epic music for us just like roll off the378.4193.541
we should put on like earbuds and just381.966.359
do our days yeah epically384.665.52
that's a good idea if I didn't have to388.3193.901
like edit videos with music in them this390.183.9
would be perfect like if I were doing392.223.78
accounting I would have this on in the394.084.58
background you know what I mean396.04.979
I've done that before for like writing398.663.46
when you want to feel like what you're400.9793.66
writing is really good and important put402.123.84
on like the Uncharted soundtrack and404.6393.361
you're like yes yes it's magnificent405.964.92
that's a good idea all right neebs yeah408.05.1
let's see410.884.68
can we swim to that cave over there can413.14.319
we make it to the water from here415.563.72
I I don't think we can swim in this game417.4194.201
but I do think that there's a cave down419.284.139
on the beach that we can get to all421.624.079
right follow me423.4194.201
we're on adventures425.6995.72
you can tell because of the music427.623.799
now the music sounds like uh hell's431.5395.44
opening up now we should kill things to434.583.78
get points right436.9794.5
yes yes neebs that's how this game works438.365.279
he's finally getting it yeah I'm just441.4793.72
noticed we didn't kill anything in the443.6393.721
last minute or two I'm trying to but445.1994.261
we're going to a place where we get to447.363.72
kill things I saw some birds we could449.463.959
have killed I mean you can kill birds if451.083.899
you want to but that will give you a453.4194.381
minuscule amount hmm we gotta get down454.9794.56
to the beach you know there's a video of457.83.119
someone who's leveled up to max level459.5392.94
with birds460.9193.601
probably man there's some Psychopaths462.4793.961
that play this game oh damn it I don't464.523.36
think we can go this way neebs I'm sorry466.443.539
but the wrong way we got to go up and467.883.96
around I think could have killed five469.9793.541
Birds by now471.843.24
have you beat that tree sitting on yet473.523.66
Anthony barely man my my sword is a lot475.084.14
weaker than I remembered yep oh that's a477.183.18
monkey boy479.223.9
kill it uh uh480.365.52
we can try to kill it we get points of483.124.38
course we do we level up yeah but that's485.883.3
not a boss487.53.5
your call489.184.139
I'm the newest guy all right yeah you491.03.759
know what yeah no no no Let's ignore him493.3193.481
for now follow me494.7594.801
I know where a cave is where the boss is496.84.44
I think499.562.88
but I don't know how this is gonna work501.242.399
because Anthony's not a team player and502.443.539
he's not with us that should be fine503.6393.78
I guess we'll find out we're gonna break505.9793.84
this mod that's fine too we've done it507.4193.9
oh leaves look509.8193.6
what am I looking at your fantasy right511.3194.681
over here on the left which is513.4195.451
a bunch of birds birds516.04.68
that's all you ever talk about is how520.683.539
much you love birds yeah I got a522.4193.54
whopping four souls from that bird they524.2193.06
all ran away from him I was about to say525.9592.701
man I thought I had more than four then527.2792.941
yeah I left my damn Souls up there528.663.48
forgot you have to get them back got one530.227.04
which is like basic [ __ ] but good Lord532.145.12
oh my soul was dropped538.54.44
you what my soul's dropped it's about540.8394.081
time for down here that happens when you542.943.48
get older that's not a soul that's just544.923.84
like a glistening Rock oh546.424.62
let's see don't listen to me548.764.8
what is over here551.045.22
the hell's that I see glistening stuff I553.564.74
see yeah556.264.759
let's check it out558.32.719
you dead yet Anthony almost561.185.58
these penguins564.064.68
is there Penguins in this case no566.763.6
they're not Penguins but damn it they568.745.7
almost look like penguins what are you570.366.659
what are you I'm gonna kill you yeah let574.444.62
me kill you find out577.0194.081
there he went yeah579.064.32
sorry guys the soundtrack's gone oh now581.14.14
what's all this lighting up here oh it583.383.54
warped to me halfway across the map and585.243.719
then came to you oh wait are you with us586.924.5
yeah I'm spectating you guys oh oh wait588.9595.461
so can you not I don't know oh God I'm591.424.8
just watching now have an adventure I'm594.424.2
like the audience so now hold on this596.224.08
thing's coming what do you do here why598.623.3
is neeb so bad at this600.33.659
why am I so bad at this app store why do601.923.24
you claim to be glitter at this game but603.9593.121
you're not you [ __ ] suck605.163.42
um you're not putting the right things607.083.66
into your skills to make the magic kill608.584.379
the more powerful I don't care I'm the610.743.92
audience I'm watching you612.9594.44
that's such a small portion of the614.664.179
audience oh no most people are like this617.3993.481
is [ __ ] great now so I hit it618.8397.201
oh [ __ ] okay Nate Ash of War620.887.44
that's cool that's from swing your sword626.044.26
and then look at my screen628.324.56
look you're like every eight frames630.34.68
maybe ten you're like a stop-motion632.884.62
thing like oh Anthony this is your fault634.984.32
yeah probably637.53.779
yeah look at neeb's run he was run past639.33.84
the screen run right past the screen go641.2794.141
right now move back a little bit all643.143.9
right now what no no no after you gotta645.423.3
stay oh I gotta say let him run across647.043.799
I don't know where I went651.03.6
where am I right then run in front of652.863.5
him no there you go654.65.58
it's not even doing it anymore ah I like656.366.28
low frame rate stuff yeah it almost660.184.2
looked like a new Teenage Mutant Ninja662.644.02
Turtles movie yeah so now Anthony how664.383.72
does this work do we have to die to this666.663.0
damn Sentinel so you can come back I668.13.72
don't know I have no idea669.664.02
I want to fight this thing if you go sit671.823.72
at a fire I'm sure I'll come back all673.683.54
right names you fight that thing Turtle675.543.239
lock maybe we just both have to die677.223.9
let's fight let's die fighting this678.7793.841
though I can't even see that thing oh my681.125.0
God look at this thing682.623.5
well neighbors you're doing all right686.5195.161
yep get in front of it with a shield687.8395.761
I got this baby stabbing in the beak691.684.88
needs you know who wants to fight this693.67.44
headless oh oh [ __ ] that guy here he696.566.7
comes get in there wobble701.045.239
get him luffle703.263.019
Lieutenant is he a lieutenant I don't708.84.08
the Headless yeah he's a headless dude712.885.5
headless Lieutenant who works for me715.626.12
oh this is really helping having some a718.385.34
little bit of distraction saw the rap721.744.38
can you also something yeah separately723.724.98
it was helping a little a minute726.125.04
oh wait you know what neebs yeah we can728.73.84
I think732.542.88
I think we can cut off this guy's like733.862.76
oh yeah let's see yeah736.624.74
you might not have the right stuff to do740.042.7
you oh yeah they're a win I got an arm742.745.58
off sweet that'll help yeah now whoop744.725.82
his ass neebs I'm doing it all I see is748.323.84
white stuff on the beach oh his big750.545.58
still there it looks grossery man752.165.94
that does nothing against this how'd you756.124.86
target that arm whoa I didn't really I758.15.22
just sort of ran up to it and chopped It760.984.52
yeah chopping neems jumping with that ax765.664.679
we're doing nothing to this guy that's767.883.899
what I was saying my weapons are way770.3392.391
weaker than I remember771.7792.221
like in my real game at home I feel like774.04.98
myself I'm gonna stab him in the face776.944.5
here it's like two hits two hits huh you778.984.14
got the other two I think we got the arm781.443.86
oh wait did we feed him no we didn't785.824.079
beat him he's tough as [ __ ] oh God he787.564.94
threw up on me789.8992.601
nope I hope it did the thing793.2796.401
yeah he's only halfway down yeah no this797.045.64
this ain't good799.685.279
oh boy you guys needed Anthony to fight802.685.399
that squid yep well why aren't you here804.9594.801
well because I wasn't a team player and808.0793.0
I fought a horse without you and you809.762.94
left me and now I'm dead that makes811.0793.721
sense yeah812.75.939
and I get this arm oh god well arm's814.84.979
already off818.6393.121
oh the other one beside it right I'm819.7793.421
going for it I'm going for it yeah get821.764.079
it nope I missed oh there we go there we823.23.48
now what do you go for his face like I'm826.684.5
hitting his face828.9595.341
we're doing some pretty good damage but831.185.339
the arms are growing back oh there you834.35.099
go yeah and now you hit it oh what836.5195.521
happened forward slice get him arms off839.3993.541
that's something we need to teach you842.944.079
forward slash no well kind of when844.624.14
though when those like orange things847.0193.601
show up on characters you can stab them848.764.74
and do a little critical damage to them850.624.26
um I don't know how to help you with854.883.54
that now but856.983.12
when it happens I'll tell you it's like858.424.56
a stun yeah the character yeah the bad860.15.039
guy will go like boom they go and then862.984.32
he'll glow orange and then he gets to865.1393.601
stand yeah867.35.279
and it says weak point maximum damage868.745.94
all right this one get this arm off872.5794.621
again oh the arm is crazy874.685.099
so I can hit it there we go arm off877.24.62
and Power Hit879.7794.8
oh god oh yeah watch out yep he's a881.824.98
snapper drink my juice yeah you do that884.5794.5
oh wow damn okay I figured out where to886.86.32
hit him with the sauce get him oh889.0794.041
let me drink my liquor [ __ ] there you893.65.099
how much we get for that that was like898.6993.521
Whopper jaws and octopus ovary got it902.225.76
good job guys all right905.883.42
did we die so Anthony can come back go909.34.14
sit at a fire I could swim instead of911.044.44
certified oh wait you know what I think913.444.079
I know where a fire might be915.483.84
if there's a cave over here like I think917.5193.721
there is919.324.92
maybe we can sit there maybe921.244.86
oh yeah half of my textures aren't924.244.14
loaded in this is great I can run my926.13.9
crouched look at this you guys are928.383.06
running at two frames a second it's930.03.6
you can run Crouch too apps are stand933.63.84
still for a second let him run past you935.3993.921
can just run past them937.443.959
printing run past the other way further939.324.5
behind him941.3992.421
where are you he went ahead of me no way944.6393.301
ahead of me way ahead of you why would946.682.7
you do that names947.944.8
I thought we were looking for a k we are949.385.819
what silly things are happening monkey952.745.64
skeletons see silly things955.1994.681
I found a fire958.383.0
all right neebs we got a bunch of uh961.384.74
monkey Boys on us yep963.124.26
when we fight them we're just looking966.123.18
for Anthony well967.383.66
we need to find that okay oh here's the969.33.659
cave I found the cave okay I'll follow971.043.72
you all right so yeah now we fight the972.9594.38
monkeys let's get these monkeys done so974.764.74
yeah take a swing okay technically that977.3394.68
fire is not a fire I I meant a sight of979.54.139
Grace the little yeah little yellow982.0193.18
thing that's not it that's a real fire983.6392.88
come on in Dark Souls it'd be a fire986.5193.06
come on go in that cave though I988.0792.581
guarantee you there's gonna be a little989.5792.401
side of Grace yeah that's what that's990.662.4
kind of what I'm hoping and I'm hoping991.984.76
we can get you there Anthony thank you993.063.68
true friends forgive you after mistakes998.364.599
are made1001.163.599
but they don't forget about it no no1002.9594.62
they'll bring it up forever1004.7595.041
see if this is any good1007.5794.68
oh you guys are in a void yep you're in1009.85.159
a yep yep you're floating Coastal cave1012.2594.681
[ __ ] did I have a1014.9594.141
I have a damn torch there's a Grace here1016.944.199
good sit at it yeah let's just go to the1019.13.9
grace I can't see anything I need a1021.1394.861
torch I can't see anything because here1023.06.679
we go all right rest at the grace1026.03.679
so does this let Anthony come back let's1030.3193.961
find out1032.543.48
nope things are happening something's1034.284.7
happening oh I'm excited Come on Anthony1036.026.26
come on I'm at the church1038.986.819
I'll teleport to that yeah if I can all1042.285.74
right let's see do I have where oh wait1045.7993.481
where is it it doesn't put you on the1048.023.42
map oh it's down at the beach so from1049.283.779
the church1051.444.26
oh oh right near the okay Coastal cave1053.0595.101
bam I'm coming in oh wow okay you can1055.74.68
just teleport oh wait it can you guys1058.164.259
also teleport to where you are currently1060.384.38
please I know I know I'm sorry what's1062.4194.26
going on you have to teleport to where1064.763.06
you are1066.6793.961
I because watch I I hit it and then I1067.824.5
said no I can't teleport to the I can't1070.643.06
teleport anywhere I think because we're1072.323.9
in the cave so neebs we have to get out1073.74.8
of the cave okay1076.224.92
that's not gonna help uh but no then we1078.55.16
can teleport to the church uh I mean I1081.145.3
could have ride my horse over there1083.665.16
oh yeah the horse I forgot we had that1086.443.64
I'm just gonna ride the horse you guys1088.824.02
explore nothing to explore here there's1090.084.26
a caves the whole damn cave I mean1092.843.26
there's the cave1094.344.02
I'm coming and now that I know you're1096.15.1
close I'm coming1098.362.84
you see birds names1105.145.58
I see birds yep kill them get points you1107.364.439
would like to know1110.724.199
I don't know how we get over there1111.7995.88
I really want to know that little Island1114.9195.701
uh yeah there's a cave there1117.6794.74
but I know you can't swim in this game1120.624.32
and yep I'm not going past this Mark oh1122.4194.14
there's a giant near the beach1124.943.96
there's a what what giant oh yeah oh1126.5593.901
monkey boy yeah we saw him oh yeah1128.93.54
Attack on Titan man oh I see you oh God1130.463.06
almost fell off the cliff I see you guys1132.443.9
look I'm up here hi hello oh hey hello1133.524.92
oh hey I think I can use this rock to1136.344.26
jump man that's a pretty cool view right1138.444.4
there though the castle1140.65.76
the castle yeah oh the castle yeah yep1142.845.86
that looks awesome I see it1146.365.939
yeah don't be mad yeah how do I do the1148.75.76
horse again it's all right it's been a1152.2994.201
does App Store remember no I don't hey1156.54.62
good down on the Deep pad until you get1159.325.16
to the ring no I do mine different but I1161.126.66
forgot how there it is all right sweet1164.486.0
why oh yeah no I put mine in my pocket1167.785.279
or like a Hot Pocket I hold Y and then I1170.484.559
hit right on the knee but we don't need1173.0592.761
it because we're going in the kitchen1175.0392.341
yeah no let's go in the cave [ __ ] the1175.823.96
horse horse can go in Cape of course1177.384.08
can't go in those damn caves that's1179.784.32
crazy you're out of your mind nope I bet1181.464.56
there's a whole story okay sweet you got1184.13.9
a torch Anthony I do I'll be great Don't1186.024.26
Be The Light all right1188.04.32
there's probably a story about you know1190.283.84
cave horses1192.323.54
somewhere in the world like these horses1194.123.299
for Generations were bred to go into1195.864.04
yeah it probably was Anthony that's cool1200.04.559
now I'm trying to think if1202.15.52
I mean maybe I could see cave horses1204.5595.881
existing yeah maybe they're really good1207.624.919
at seeing in the dark I mean donkeys1210.444.56
something to carry yeah Rock and1212.5394.02
Minerals I remember seeing fish in a1215.05.28
cave one time but look with water uh1216.5596.061
yeah so of course well yeah yeah but1220.283.899
they were like catfish like they were1222.623.12
all completely white and they were1224.1793.36
completely blind are we going down now1225.743.36
because they didn't have to see for1227.5393.0
Generations no they were in the dark1229.12.76
exactly they just lived in the dark1230.5393.301
they're Cave Fish they just sense things1231.865.22
like wow oh oh [ __ ]1233.846.18
knock it off are these the monkeys1237.085.4
um well yeah they're the Demi people1240.024.5
let's see cave Moss oh we see one right1242.483.6
below us oh yeah yeah behind us there1244.523.92
are several1246.082.36
there we go1251.244.14
this guy's big he's swinging1253.283.72
oh yeah1255.383.72
there we go damn1257.03.299
so we came in that way I feel like if we1262.65.319
jump we're gonna get ambushed yeah we1265.75.339
should uh is there a way down over here1267.9196.12
I like this light Anthony oh I gotta be1271.0394.14
honest I'm cheating a little bit because1274.0392.461
I remember this cave and I don't want to1275.1793.5
jump down there and get amped1276.55.22
ah you've been cheating well I cheated1278.6794.541
too because I was like where are bosses1281.723.66
in this game one of them it seems like1283.223.78
one of them's in this cave what will be1285.384.14
good for Content oh yes this is not even1287.04.679
content it's just something to do like1289.524.68
isn't that what content is yeah but this1291.6793.841
thing this game's not really good at it1294.23.42
telling you what the hell to do which I1295.524.58
but I don't want a little guidance a1300.444.619
little bit of like yeah come on guide me1302.65.22
to the content I need the content1305.0594.74
consume content1307.825.28
like content watch next content1309.7995.101
what does that mean oh is this oh it1313.13.18
says so this is a boss that's from my1314.93.72
brain yeah I'm in here all right we're1316.283.3
going in we're going in all right1318.624.02
where's the Mist just showed up um let's1319.584.62
see should I call in you know what this1322.643.3
is a bob and Bob situation I'm feeling1324.22.64
okay oh it's Mavis Beacon too everyone1326.844.14
got mad at me it's not bacon I think we1328.943.66
already yeah oh well yeah but it's been1330.982.819
two months I don't remember what we did1332.65.54
yeah Demi human Chief two of them1333.7994.341
all right let's get in and start1338.5392.52
swinging huh1339.744.559
yeah oh my God I didn't see that thing1341.0596.48
oh dear surgery lights going away oh he1344.2994.021
you're a big one I'm gonna fight this1348.324.02
little one over here1350.0593.961
go back to bloodborne where you belong1352.343.06
[ __ ]1354.023.42
little ones down oh there's a big guy1355.43.18
coming to me1357.442.88
yeah we got a big guy over here there's1358.584.14
two big guys right big boys two of them1360.326.26
we can handle two of these idiots1362.723.86
I'm just gonna fight the little ones1366.6792.221
we'll light them on fire and see what1367.823.12
happens I like that play I don't know1368.93.6
he's hitting me he's hitting me1370.944.38
whoa oh God I'm getting nailed here1372.56.24
these wolves are doing a lot good1375.326.78
cause I'm not I suck at this game oh1378.744.74
yeah it's focused on the Wolves Here1382.13.48
Comes knees what Dodge1383.483.78
oh God1385.584.92
oh he hurt he hurt so am I1387.265.22
nice Anthony what1392.485.4
yeah nice Anthony oh we almost got one1394.884.74
down whatever you're doing after I'm1397.884.26
sure it's also nice yeah right here1399.627.38
hey hey and here oh okay we're done1402.146.659
let's cover all right one down going1407.03.84
over to the other one to go drinking1408.7994.221
oh yeah let the wolves eat him and Bob1420.1594.301
and Bob are whooping his ass I want to1422.723.54
bite look at this guy this guy's going1424.466.06
down quick oh yeah and Boom come on now1426.265.85
that's right enemy failed see damn I got1434.6798.5
a sewing needle means we can slightly1440.444.599
change our outfits1443.1793.841
is that what that does yeah you can sit1445.0394.801
at like the the grace and kind of toggle1447.024.2
between different things when you're1449.843.12
closed that sounds fancy I could1451.223.48
probably take off this Wolf Pelt or1452.963.78
something you know1454.75.339
nice we did it is that a uh I see a1456.744.74
glowing thing over here yeah I do too1460.0393.481
maybe that's another good reward let's1461.483.72
find out instead of a sewing needle I1463.522.94
was really hoping to get you know a1465.23.839
weapon of mass destruction okay turn to1466.465.459
entrance it says oh what happens if you1469.0394.981
keep following this I don't know but app1471.9193.181
store is going to guide us that way1474.023.18
because it's more impressive than going1475.14.02
back to the start and he knows it wait1477.25.7
is this the way we came in it does not1479.126.12
you don't remember where this goes I1485.243.36
don't know I don't I don't think I ever1486.983.0
came here oh I thought you were setting1488.65.48
it up earlier no you'll see oh1489.984.1
you'll see stop it1494.324.719
also all right so my instincts are1496.943.54
of I don't know go I don't go to the1500.485.88
entrance correct but you don't know why1503.5394.921
and I no I don't I don't I don't know1506.363.179
where we're going1508.462.88
I have played this game I've played a1509.5392.88
bunch of this game but I didn't see1511.342.699
everything I remember this cave because1512.4193.721
it was like oh [ __ ] okay that's how that1514.0393.721
I don't want to give it away but that oh1517.766.24
well I mean go back to entrance seems1521.366.42
well it's happening now actually so look1524.06.93
you were talking about earlier is there1531.143.899
oh well I saw ruins here is there1533.4195.12
anything of those ruins let's find out1535.0393.5
I don't really remember much past oh1538.584.62
there's the there's the island cool so1540.445.7
we crossed the river huh ocean1543.25.28
all right1546.144.2
I mean it looks like a river yeah but1548.484.76
it's not1550.342.9
yeah that's not a river at all dude okay1553.525.58
well all I can see is a body of water1556.0395.161
with two pieces of laminates out of it1559.14.86
how long does the two bodies have to be1561.25.82
before it's a river1563.964.62
because there's salt water Rivers right1567.024.08
yeah of course so I don't know is there1568.584.68
there has to be a legal length I think1571.14.38
that's just uh Tom sits my brothers ah1573.264.86
we found some Grace up here yes alter1575.485.64
your garments in your menus now uh no I1578.125.28
don't want to do that okay it also costs1581.123.88
I want to see what's in this church1583.42.879
what the hell maybe it's God oh well1586.2796.241
it's a unique church I'll tell you that1590.7795.121
I think we found Jesus1592.523.38
Church of dragon communion baby yeah you1596.125.539
gotta check this dump out1598.822.839
um yep I would be happy to if you could1602.1795.341
get out of your menu so there you go I'm1605.2993.961
guessing they were Dragon worshipers1607.524.1
what's this examine alter1609.265.46
ritual of the Dragon communion1611.624.299
so what do you think happened they1614.722.76
summoned this dragon and it didn't go1615.9193.481
I don't know offerings oh you got to1619.44.8
make an offering of a dragon heart oh we1621.324.859
need a dragon heart1624.23.959
damn it we gotta go find some dragons1626.1795.1
well we know where one is where1628.1596.061
you know where that out in the swamp oh1631.2794.921
[ __ ] yeah yeah let's do it let's do it1634.223.959
on horses you want to try to beat that1636.24.68
dragon on horses names you down to try1638.1794.321
to fight a dragon if y'all think we can1640.883.299
do it well should we man I don't want to1642.53.72
waste my Souls we got 2 000 Souls we1644.1793.061
should at least level up a little bit1646.222.819
right we should and honestly our weapons1647.244.559
are laughable right at this point we1649.0394.321
don't need them let's go explore and get1651.7993.24
new weapons and all the things okay I1653.364.08
think I know where another boss fight is1655.0394.801
okay but before this day's over I want1657.443.719
to fight something big all right we'll1659.843.24
tell you what our big we're gonna warp1661.1594.741
back to the coastal cave yes1663.084.74
um actually scratch that work yeah go to1665.93.659
the church church of Ellie Church of1667.823.479
Ellie to the church through the church1669.5593.98
to the church1671.2995.24
uh uh1673.5393.0
there's two of you got it did you do it1678.323.839
nibs church is up you think you can do1679.644.86
it you could do it yep I'm a pro yeah1682.1595.341
you did it he did it1684.56.38
no riding areas1687.53.38
excuse me no riding areas yeah okay I1691.1594.38
saw I heard those three words but1694.1593.781
writing or writing no writing areas yeah1695.5394.74
but what does that mean no riding areas1697.944.68
okay you can't enter large buildings1700.2794.441
cave catacombs or similar spaces while1702.624.32
in horseback do you want to say it or1704.723.3
should I1706.944.08
I mean that would be a gross cereal1714.55.52
catacombs catacomb catacombs1716.986.52
found a blue ten percent human that is1720.026.539
probably a Mark that you've made oh I1723.54.32
just made that I didn't realize we could1726.5593.661
all see it yeah hey guys look over there1727.824.38
it's a big blue Mark in this guy1730.224.199
over somewhere nope I don't see it1732.24.02
that's um yeah okay whatever you did was1734.4194.581
wrong how about that one1736.225.22
nope no all right just that one when we1739.04.96
teleported cool great1741.445.64
all right Astro guide me uh let's see1743.964.92
I think oh wait yeah1747.083.54
follow me we're not going we don't need1748.884.26
the horses just yet I don't think or1750.624.32
maybe just to1753.144.46
do this1754.942.66
get up here yeah1758.363.199
where are we going sad sad statue sad1761.724.52
bird sneebs get them1767.2995.641
we gotta get you like a bow or something1769.487.299
so if I examine sad statue guide and1772.946.239
gatekeeper for those returning to the1776.7793.78
oh and look at that1780.5597.021
he wants us to go that way yes let us do1784.526.06
he's given us a mission from Gad1787.584.92
man names we did that same time you see1790.583.78
that yeah that was amazing that was1792.53.36
that's that's going to be all over the1794.364.46
Internet tomorrow yeah1795.862.96
oh I see a doll I do there's a door here1801.1595.801
a cave of wonder1805.223.48
are you all excited about our trip to1806.964.68
Raleigh this weekend yeah yeah fun I1808.74.859
like any trips just yep just leaving1811.644.019
this thing we do every day we're going1813.5595.961
to eat at uh Mad Boar1815.6593.861
man that sandwich I'll probably get the1820.124.0
same sandwich again you know it's1822.383.98
honestly such a good sandwich1824.125.46
Grace Mad Boar is just this restaurant1826.365.26
have we talked about it we probably have1829.584.38
but for those that aren't in the know1831.624.2
Mad Boar is this really good restaurant1833.965.219
off of uh I-40 yep coming in about 301835.826.02
minutes outside of Wilmington1839.1795.341
nowhere yep but it's a really really1841.845.68
good restaurant oh and usually more1844.524.5
often than not we go to it on the way1847.523.48
out of town and on the way home1849.024.98
you want to talk to that guy what's he1854.243.179
got to say a proper death means1855.744.74
returning to the ERD tree have patience1857.4196.24
until the time comes oh boy The Roots1860.485.84
call to you okay1863.6595.88
and then we're gonna go to Raleigh yep1866.326.9
and listen to nerd Core Music1869.5393.681
fools that's kind of like how the1873.344.6
nerdcore music's gonna assault our ears1875.366.24
yeah nice what's this guy got on him we1877.945.58
got it all hey a little root resin here1881.64.02
don't know what we'll ever use that for1883.524.08
but I'm sure it's used for something to1885.623.6
be clear the nerdcore music I've heard I1887.63.299
like but I've only listened to JT really1889.223.9
so man you know I'm excited I'm hoping1890.8995.101
to hear a nerdcore musician that I'm1893.124.98
like oh [ __ ] I like this guy and I'm1896.03.24
gonna start listening to his music1898.13.36
that's my jam JT is really the only one1899.244.679
that I know1901.463.12
and I do love the cuphead song that is a1904.584.52
good song1907.224.74
this door is locked by some Contraption1909.15.02
we have to find a lever let's find it1911.964.74
but it's a lock1914.124.5
what could go wrong just running in I'm1916.73.959
sure I'll be fine oh no oh you're1918.624.08
getting hit Jesus Christ from up the top1920.6594.561
ow are there stairs oh God there's1922.74.88
another one1925.222.36
oh no I'll look for stairs leave them1927.745.28
alone let my damn sword go that's my1930.323.66
hmm you know what stairs look like come1933.984.5
on I know I don't see any1936.145.22
maybe go through this hallway1938.485.16
all right I'm with you Anthony all right1941.364.98
who screamed I wasted a thing apparently1943.645.039
oh God okay we did this last time and it1946.343.839
didn't go well from half of the team1948.6793.12
here so wait have we done this before1950.1794.141
not this room but a similar one oh we1951.7993.961
have to like start running the second1954.323.54
the fire starts to dissipate right1955.766.779
there's an exit on the right yes Anthony1957.864.679
Anthony you need to drink your liquor1963.083.24
I'm gonna drink a little bit1964.583.839
all right are we ready all right I'm1966.325.76
ready and go [ __ ]1968.4196.841
take it right here oh God there's more1972.084.979
another one oh no okay good right here1975.264.2
we're good right here if you go to them1977.0594.261
and hit them you can make them go1979.463.9
underground and we'll be good which way1981.325.28
are we going oh uh we gotta go this way1983.365.46
yeah we gotta go the way we're going yes1986.66.84
the way I'm facing and go I like to run1988.826.66
in a circle first right oh yeah all1993.443.42
right oh and that was close all right1995.483.24
I'm going in there there's a ladder here1996.863.299
what are you doing Anthony I'm gonna go1998.722.76
inside this room2000.1592.701
I'm gonna check out his ladder then you2001.482.52
hit the thing and it goes under and we2002.862.76
can come in all right let me know what2004.04.919
you see up there neebs well cobwebs and2005.626.36
some nice rock work any Contraptions oh2008.9194.5
I found that guy I was trying to get too2011.985.1
oh well hit his ass yep I'm gonna oh2013.4195.161
I'm coming to you neebs I feel like you2017.083.839
might need help nope the warrior yeah no2018.583.78
I don't need help though oh yeah there's2020.9192.821
two of them I forgot2022.362.939
I forgot it's all right I'm bringing a2023.743.179
bunch of enemies to you abstra so no I'm2025.2993.061
climbing the ladder no you really2026.9193.0
shouldn't oh God2028.364.26
oh [ __ ] oh God2029.9195.64
all right I think uh killed him oh wow2032.624.74
good job so we're that's where we were2035.5594.321
down there before I believe so yeah I2037.364.74
would say that looks like it I look I2039.883.419
get it I wasn't a team player earlier2042.12.4
but you could help2043.2994.201
uh you need help a little come back to2044.54.56
the ladder okay2047.53.72
okay I think there's just one more oh no2049.066.24
two more there's one behind you actually2051.226.32
thank you names yep2055.35.66
eh all right2057.546.22
pooper stab2060.965.02
all right so there's a ladder uh there2063.763.54
is was there anything in this room it2065.983.419
was an item you could collect ooh like2067.36.119
what I don't know I did this it is a2069.3996.421
a butterfly yeah2073.4195.641
boy did y'all turn off the fires is that2075.824.68
what happened I did if you hit the fire2079.063.0
it turns off and it turns on wait2080.53.599
actually I don't want to do that yep yep2082.063.299
let's uh we're running what are we doing2084.0992.941
are you turn it back on nope it turns it2085.3593.8
oh man do it again with me stand on top2089.23.419
here oh yeah oh wait yeah that might2090.823.839
actually be part of the puzzle is there2092.6194.76
anywhere you can go2094.6592.72
can you go anywhere up there you want to2097.95.58
jump to no okay uh well then uh hit it2100.3595.401
and come back okay but that is a puzzle2103.485.22
sometimes just hit it yep2105.765.9
oh yeah2108.72.96
all right back to the ladder yep I'm2112.54.359
going up the ladder okay oh look at2114.945.28
these innocent pots yeah2116.8595.22
I don't trust anything in this game no2120.223.54
it's like is that a pot it'll probably2122.0793.421
kill me there's enemy pots in this game2123.763.599
I know it's [ __ ] it's true all right2125.53.3
I see a man remember that there's2127.3593.0
probably another one to the right or2128.83.6
left so I'm gonna I'm gonna yep I got2130.3594.681
him I teased him out2132.44.679
oh yeah2135.044.5
oh he don't like the sorcery2137.0796.301
order ax nice2139.545.46
all right what does this room have for2143.385.28
us wondering Noble Ash is good oh we2145.05.04
could that means2148.663.36
bring a horde into existence like the2150.044.44
Wolves oh yeah that's a new uh that's a2152.023.42
during Noble2155.443.72
oh really I'm gonna do that one2156.944.86
yeah those guys2159.163.959
that's a good find oh [ __ ] I just used2161.83.72
it on accident um hey hey look at this2163.1195.22
hey guys what's up dude so if I want to2165.524.319
go I want to equip that too we can have2168.3393.121
like a mob if the frame rate is gonna2169.8393.78
like plummet I mean the wolves look2171.464.139
tougher than these guys right yeah oh2173.6193.96
yeah big time these guys look awful look2175.5994.881
how lazy they look2177.5792.901
they'll follow us to The Next Bite2188.824.539
follow us to the Grave all right well2190.783.96
let's go where's yours name do you want2193.3593.061
to call yours head count do I have to2194.744.859
equip it yeah yeah yeah hit start go to2196.426.179
equipment go down to the bottom euros2199.5995.221
and then put it in one of those2202.5995.061
I see the wolves and then I like an egg2204.827.019
yep put the golden down uh-huh2207.667.24
find the things like that one2211.8395.161
use context clues a little bit more than2214.95.64
not at all did I do it okay all right2217.05.64
call them yeah yeah I got to say this2220.543.9
call Heroes too2222.645.699
great everyone everyone thank you come2228.3393.601
on everybody2230.8593.121
thank you everyone uh joining our mob2231.944.2
everyone out what everybody else2236.146.18
look at this team of wandering Nobles we2239.165.02
have with us am I broken come on guys2242.323.84
let's go so wait now we have to find2244.184.74
some sort of device though right okay2246.163.84
um you know what we should go to that2250.03.07
other oh there's a guy down here2251.682.6
I pitted a fool all right oh yeah let's2254.284.42
get him boys that's where we came in2257.024.319
everybody down yeah get him get him oh2258.74.32
where's he going where's he going give2261.3393.721
him a little jump [ __ ] oh my God2263.025.4
they're all just [ __ ] rain2265.064.98
and they're hitting all make the jump2268.423.9
get him Nobles get him you guys got this2270.045.52
oh look a contraption oh oh yeah that's2272.324.92
the thing we gotta pull what it is yeah2275.563.72
bam now we can do the boss fight with2279.284.079
these guys of course we got to do come2281.745.359
on everybody these guys are amazing2283.3593.74
oh I can't believe this works it's so2287.3395.621
dumb this is amazing yeah whoop his ass2290.264.5
dude these guys2292.965.159
no every [ __ ] though it's all right2294.765.819
they're numbers their numbers will pick2298.1193.72
them like this game's already pretty2300.5793.481
amazing this makes it even more amazing2301.8395.701
there the fact that it hasn't broken2304.065.22
come on everybody can y'all swing your2307.543.2
swords right now2309.284.38
no it says somewhere a heavy door is2310.745.45
opened and I can't that's bad right2313.662.939
no I'm oh well okay now I can all right2317.924.38
just hit hit different buttons until it2320.23.48
happens oh my God we have to funnel them2322.33.9
through this tiny crack oh Jesus well2323.684.14
usually you go into the boss fight then2326.23.419
you can summon these guys so we may have2327.823.66
[ __ ] up summoning them nah it's all2329.6193.96
right just wiggle we're gonna lose them2331.484.98
are we gonna lose them I don't know you2333.5793.961
know what we should do we should go back2336.463.18
where's the grace yeah good idea yeah we2337.543.48
should go to the grace oh we're not2339.643.439
getting out of here uh-oh2341.024.38
we can squeeze through excuse me make2343.0795.681
room yeah it's like Walmart2345.45.36
no they are way too skinny for that2348.764.46
that's true2350.765.8
self checkout man all right yeah we'll2353.225.56
come up here we'll do a little rest I2356.564.38
think that'll reset those guys don't get2358.783.9
me started on self-checkout neebs I have2360.944.02
rants about that let's hear it well it's2362.684.74
it's [ __ ] what's wrong I need five2364.964.8
percent off of my order if I'm gonna do2367.424.38
the job of a person well they gotta make2369.763.839
up for all the stuff that gets stolen2371.84.5
that's not my problem is it no why don't2373.5994.02
you create your own store and sell all2376.33.12
the stuff that you want then yeah well2377.6193.121
this is your security measures we're2379.423.48
talking about self checkout2380.745.54
yeah you went off2382.93.38
prices like you never want you know you2387.184.96
never had to tip the Bag Boy2389.84.74
no but they had to pay him the money2392.144.439
that they saved didn't go to lowering2394.544.5
the prices I would be mad if you used to2396.5794.321
have to tip the Bag Boy and then now you2399.044.319
do selfish okay I'm fully aware I'm2400.94.199
gonna be the old man going back in my2403.3593.541
day you know they a man did it for you2405.0994.141
like your gas but2406.93.959
all right are we are we gonna call all2409.243.9
these Nobles in yeah yeah to fight all2410.8593.541
right we do the battle2413.143.42
I don't know what we're up against here2414.44.08
but is everybody ready ready moment we2416.564.559
go in we go in we call it our note call2418.486.96
oh this cat a cat is screwed2421.1196.121
calling the Nobles oh wait yeah I've2425.444.22
I've fought this cat before2427.245.46
get em boys look at that cat2429.667.06
get him guys yeah2432.74.02
oh no oh my God they're all gone well no2438.825.759
they're fine they're fine2442.784.079
come on man gotta get out of there I hit2444.5794.681
my dive button way before he struck this2446.8594.201
is not fair there's too many people on2449.263.72
screen don't expect the game to work all2451.063.62
this isn't good our Nobles are not doing2454.685.56
as well as I thought they would nope it2457.485.7
could be our Noble suck okay they're all2460.246.06
dead no there's one guy one World War II2463.185.52
come on I'll name you Charlie do it2466.34.5
Charlie get him Charlie oh he's lit him2468.74.19
on fire yeah Charlie Charlie2470.84.86
damn it really2475.664.14
really like Charlie all right all right2477.463.72
these things aren't too hard come on2479.84.68
let's get them so sorry make up Matt2481.186.5
wake the [ __ ] up man2484.483.2
up this thing hurt2489.46.36
uh yeah it has a you know a health bar2491.0797.921
oh at the bottom yes yep what the [ __ ]2495.766.18
man look how much junk there is on the2499.05.579
screen it's everywhere just colors and2501.945.82
letters and lines everywhere2504.5795.52
all right colors and lots oh you coming2507.765.7
for me you stupid [ __ ] oh he's going oh2510.0995.961
he's going foreign2513.462.6
I don't like how it walks on two legs I2521.5794.0
don't like his face I don't like2524.6192.521
anything about this creeper oh wow look2525.5793.661
at that look whoa yeah that was a sneaky2527.143.06
oh there it is there it is yeah yeah2531.3395.221
all right we're gonna win this one I2536.563.72
think yeah no yeah we got this this is2538.1195.72
the bag no thanks to our boys2540.283.559
yes yes there we go that's it right2544.484.7
there yes2547.5994.621
oh and we got another Noble sorcerer oh2549.185.32
a noble sorcerer we can bring Sorcerers2552.225.04
in too so it's just as2554.54.98
I still like the crowd though I mean2557.264.28
that's the crowd's fun2559.485.04
the wolves are better right the Wolves2561.544.96
seem better yeah but it's a joke today2564.523.839
that we're gonna roll with until next I2566.54.2
mean I do like the idea that we have 122568.3595.401
dudes helping us out it's absurd 122570.74.8
Angry Men wait is there anything else in2573.763.54
here I don't think or was that it we2575.53.42
just that that was our reward for that2577.34.62
guy yeah the noble thing yeah we got a2578.925.78
noble sorcerer2581.922.78
his bodies yeah I think people came here2585.05.2
to pray to become one with the urge tree2588.224.099
and then you know it happened2590.25.94
yeah let's burn it2592.3196.101
I'm returning to the entrance I don't2596.143.84
like it when trees bleed let's get out2598.423.74
of here2599.982.18
so let's see do we have enough to level2603.644.5
up everybody level up a little bit2605.444.379
maybe now that we killed the cat yeah we2609.8194.26
killed the cat where's the grace thing2612.223.599
uh the grace thing's right down here we2614.0794.321
killed the cat not curiosity2615.8194.5
curiosity always trying to see steal our2618.46.78
kills get our souls oh man I need five2620.3196.721
thousand we got four thousand yeah I2625.183.24
have like nothing2627.043.12
maybe we have one of those uh ruined2628.423.96
things yeah oh wait you know what that's2630.164.58
a good idea wow2632.384.86
oh wow yeah I do actually have a lot of2634.744.359
these ruined things okay I'll do mine2637.244.619
too sister above inventory2639.0995.581
that's 1600 will that take me yes okay I2641.8596.74
can level up boom I have one2644.683.919
oh man you know what last time we played2648.74.139
this game everyone was telling me you're2650.83.72
a sorcerer you need to put it into this2652.8393.721
and I was like I'll remember that but2654.524.14
I'm not it's I think it's Faith it's2656.564.44
Faith because you pray to Jesus that the2658.664.5
magic works all right yeah physical yeah2661.03.72
you know what I'm gonna bump up my faith2663.163.78
a little bit my faith is low you gotta2664.724.46
have faith2666.945.82
gotta have faith all right baby is2669.185.56
everybody able to level up I mean how2672.763.42
many runes is this going to take me I2674.742.64
did not know2676.184.08
we should leave the starting area to get2677.385.82
runes it's not going too well well I'm2680.264.62
thinking if we all level up one we go2683.23.36
try to fight this horse again I'll fight2684.883.6
the horse now but I can't2686.565.16
why because I don't have enough rooms2688.485.7
oh so you can't level up yeah2691.723.98
and you want to leave the starting area2694.184.74
I mean if our goal is to level up I know2695.75.919
where one more boss is in this area okay2698.925.04
napes uh yeah I think one more of these2701.6196.0
big runes will do it let's see use and2703.965.24
then he wasn't paying attention at all2707.6193.661
but I want to go fight the balls right2709.25.26
which boss uh the horse wrong incorrect2711.285.22
wrong okay no we do we do eventually but2714.465.899
we got to get Anthony enough runes yeah2716.53.859
so level up2720.524.64
oh man2722.262.9
but I twitch a lot we'll level up okay2725.687.2
400 more oh get do you have that I got2729.74.86
some of these small runes I got this one2732.883.0
big one I can probably just do this one2734.564.58
I'm doing the two finger tap now2735.883.26
one more of those come on now neebs2739.745.079
hold on come on we're losing viewers by2742.723.899
the second hang out do something now we2744.8192.76
are doing something you know what hit2746.6192.46
the dislike button if you want neebs to2747.5794.441
hurry the [ __ ] up2749.0794.801
if he hurries up we hit the like button2752.023.059
um did this do it2755.0795.76
did it oh I'm hitting that like button2757.0795.381
we're liking it you have to like it save2760.8394.921
the video so what should I level up hmm2762.465.04
probably strength you're a bit of a2765.763.66
Barbarian Build that hits things2767.56.06
strength you say yes okay I'll do shrimp2769.426.899
yes confirm no comments I know that2773.564.259
might have been wrong but I don't really2776.3193.601
know thanks for the bad advice that's2777.8194.5
okay we can go to Ryan lucaria and2779.924.98
change everything yes I remember that2782.3195.401
wait is that for the face thing too yes2784.94.56
all right change everything at Riley I2787.723.359
want to get to Rio Lucario I love Raya2789.463.48
lucaria and I'm a sorcerer and that's2791.0793.721
where my people are yeah well I'm2792.943.3
stronger now let's do this get there2794.82.7
we'll learn we'll give you a makeover2796.242.7
it'll be great2797.52.94
next time2798.943.84
we're gonna do this horse right yes2800.443.84
let's do this horse no no we're not no2802.783.44
no we're going to us2804.285.1
okay to level up oh this guy are we2806.224.48
gonna kill this horse before the day's2809.383.479
over yes that is our goal2810.73.899
he is pretty iconic that would be good2812.8592.821
if we could at least kill the horse2814.5993.0
that'd be nice yeah he'd be good in a2815.684.02
thumbnail what are these dopes digging2817.5993.98
for Elden ring2819.74.619
out dude I mean set me on fire we're all2821.5794.421
looking for the Eldon ring I'm probably2824.3193.901
just hungry2826.03.9
there's a bush right here with berries2828.222.52
in it2829.92.52
yeah but they might want carrots or2830.744.619
something I I wouldn't be picky not when2832.426.36
I'm that skinny yeah honestly I'd eat2835.3596.441
mush glowing cuts down to calories2838.785.78
get through here2841.85.14
all right2844.564.539
after what is this boss we are going to2846.945.28
ah you'll see when we get there all2849.0996.98
right oh that's a mosquito watch out2852.223.859
well that's true yeah we can just do2856.92.58
it won't be long though come on oh God2859.484.68
yeah that wasn't long at all very quick2861.44.439
it's not far it's not far oh and I'm2864.163.72
locked down to a damn thing it's up here2865.8394.5
on the left oh is that a mosquito2867.883.78
is it this guy on the ground here yeah2871.663.419
all right2874.03.24
we'll beat the boss real quick ow yeah2875.0793.841
just cave over here I actually did this2877.244.68
cave with Simon oh way back when2878.924.26
wait when he was like doing it2881.923.54
separately uh no that video Yeah2883.184.439
remember you did a new place separate I2885.463.06
because you can get you couldn't get2888.523.36
co-op to work so he was playing in2889.785.42
maybe am I crazy2891.883.32
no I remember Co-op yeah co-op in the2895.723.78
base game doesn't work for [ __ ] no2897.524.5
or it works but it's so convoluted and2899.54.74
all right we rest at Grace yes and then2904.246.24
we go in here Anthony you've got a light2907.1197.321
I do yes how do I get a light you buy it2910.486.599
from a man oh at the church in the2914.444.139
beginning of the game so he sells sticks2917.0793.481
that catch on fire yes2918.5793.24
I know there's some yeah there's some2920.564.62
dumbass boys we gotta kill these wolves2921.8194.861
and then there's like a wolf man at the2925.183.84
end of this cave we kill him that ought2926.684.32
to give Anthony the Rune he needs to2929.023.24
level up yeah2931.02.94
as techie is not gonna like this scene2932.263.66
why because we're about to murder a lot2933.944.5
of wolves oh yeah well maybe they will2935.923.72
call in your mob go get them boys2939.644.459
we can just watch yeah we just gotta get2944.265.18
him to go down there ah yes2945.943.5
go get him it's a wolf up here oh God2949.6197.671
I am your general I'll give you light2953.86.42
wait they don't get the experience2960.223.78
points do they no we get no we get it we2961.663.24
get it2964.04.14
oh man look at this this is beautiful2964.97.26
this is beautiful I see an opening2968.147.56
this is get them boys yeah all right2972.165.939
there's some uh glowy stuff over here2975.74.919
sweet yeah it's just wolf ass isn't it2978.0995.161
hmm I'll take it though I got a cracked2980.6196.421
pot uh great job mob uh plenty more to2983.266.48
come stick with us good job with the2987.044.2
inspirational speech there now there's2989.744.079
another wolf go get a mob too late oh2991.244.2
[ __ ]2993.8193.661
oh right no Shield because light2995.445.48
oh I got a golden room2997.483.44
oh I like some of our Nobles have uh3001.23.84
notice that yeah lights up stuff for us3005.044.86
I bet a lot of people at homes Alexis3008.043.24
just went off because you were like I3009.94.14
like they they have torches may not be3011.285.22
wrong Alexa set marmalade on my shopping3014.044.26
I like to do that when I'm at random3018.34.4
people's houses with Alexis wolf3019.985.76
yeah Alexa add marmalade to my shopping3022.75.34
leave a comment if you're Alexa added3028.0794.441
marmalade to the shopping list David3030.5994.581
stop it3032.522.66
look at all these bouts3037.263.72
and walking through here would be so3039.543.779
crunchy oh3040.984.5
I believe this is a boss we can take3043.3194.201
this guy I think look Simon beat this3045.484.5
dude oh [ __ ] yeah this will be easy this3047.523.66
guy's easy3049.982.94
hey Simon beat the crystal lizard in3051.184.02
Dark Souls 3. yeah this is the Beast Man3052.925.1
of from Zulu I don't think any of the3055.24.859
mob people are coming through are they3058.023.96
um I don't know oh yeah we can't some of3060.0592.881
them we should have gone back to the3061.983.54
fire pit yep I don't get him we don't3062.943.84
need them they're all out here with me3065.523.599
they come and get us here we fight the3066.783.96
big boy I'm coming through3069.1193.901
oh God he jumps when he does my people3070.744.44
just push why3073.023.9
yeah they don't know how to play the3075.182.52
there we go sorcery oh no yeah he felt3077.75.28
that he wants me I love the way this guy3080.5795.401
looks oh yeah like he's like oh and3082.986.74
moves braided hair3085.983.74
oh yeah you don't like me do you hey3091.8595.581
because of the whole sorcery thing I get3094.8595.101
it I get it I'd be jealous too wake up3097.444.619
Matt wake up3099.964.92
okay we're hurting him3102.0595.481
oh yeah oh he's mad he's mad we got him3109.6196.421
locked in the stun who's he on he's on3113.763.42
not for long soon he'll be dead3117.184.34
oh oh there he is nice3122.0994.26
yeah man yeah I mean we're just on this3127.6195.661
yep yep yep I got a flame Drake Talisman3133.285.74
let's celebrate3137.223.66
yeah I don't know what that's all right3139.024.26
and hey there are dudes where you been3140.885.84
hey buddies you missed the party baby3143.287.74
a bunch of idiots good job everyone3146.726.04
except for you guys I don't have enough3151.023.36
I don't have enough you don't have3152.763.9
enough now well how many damn how many3154.383.959
more you need I get a room oh I got one3156.664.679
Rune hang on suck it suck it3158.3396.301
it's 200. uh how many more you need do3161.3395.28
the math inventory nope wait uh the3164.644.62
status six thousand I need oh God I need3166.6194.44
a hundred more you need 100. I'm gonna3169.263.54
go smack some random you gotta go kill3171.0593.3
something yep let's go see is there3172.83.66
anything in here that was worth the [ __ ]3174.3594.141
no it's just that flame Talisman isn't3176.463.18
it all right let's return to entrance3178.52.579
what's a flame Talisman do what's that3179.643.719
uh I don't know oh I gotta look at3181.0795.061
things goodbye everybody3183.3592.781
leaves we're holding hands oh yeah3187.746.379
that's cute are you wearing mittens3190.0794.04
I'm gonna go stab a goat or something3194.464.56
yeah no just go kill anything hey yeah3196.0794.561
kill this dude out here3199.025.42
and 64.3200.643.8
hey yeah there you go there you go there3205.264.68
you go here you go maybe one more just3208.382.88
for good measure I see you again I love3209.944.26
that we all get it yeah3211.264.2
you know what I'm just gonna kill this3214.22.58
guy we'll go to the church I'll level up3215.464.639
it's right down beautiful yeah3216.783.319
is that enough uh maybe but I'm just3222.245.04
gonna murder this man deer there we go3224.166.899
four and Bambi didn't deserve it Bambi3227.286.36
needed it3231.0594.741
that's how the plot gets started3233.644.8
is that enough probably3235.83.9
and then we're gonna fight the horse guy3238.444.26
again huh all right yeah we all leveled3239.75.1
up a little bit3242.75.04
I was speaking of a little corpse oh3244.84.559
yeah these are the things I dropped at3247.743.06
the beginning of the video oh I got3249.3593.72
stuck here too yeah I never came back3250.83.6
and got it and I hadn't died since3253.0793.661
what's this how much I get here3254.45.459
okay that's like I got like 3 000 rooms3256.745.879
now oh yeah okay I had 270 that I had3259.8594.921
picked up let's see can I buy anything I3262.6193.96
think uh neeb's a guy in the church if3264.784.02
you want to buy a torch yeah that's who3266.5794.381
you buy it from this guy over here in3268.83.36
the Santa Claus suit3270.962.52
yes this elf I don't know why this3273.484.379
reminds me of Busch Gardens uh Virginia3275.74.02
have y'all been there3277.8594.021
Virginia Busch Gardens no wait not3279.724.139
Florida yes no I've been to that one3281.885.34
yeah it's in the woods I at least I hope3283.8594.561
it's still in the woods yeah I don't3287.223.06
know I don't remember it that purchased3288.424.5
some chain armor I was a child yeah um3290.285.88
it looks really dumb all right so3292.924.74
because I remember buying it once to3296.162.699
fight the dragon and then I looked3297.664.32
really stupid but is it give you but is3298.8595.581
it good armor but I mean but look look3301.984.44
at you you're cool is it gonna help me3304.444.02
fight this horse guy sure names spend3306.423.24
all your money on it this fifteen3308.462.7
hundred dollars I'm just curious if like3309.663.659
I wish I can I see it compared to the3311.163.659
[ __ ] I got on right now but if you buy3313.3193.061
the shirt it looks like you're wearing a3314.8193.661
skirt I'm gonna buy these legging boots3316.383.719
things all right3318.483.48
I really wish I could compare it to what3320.0993.24
I got now and you probably can and I3321.962.94
just don't know where to go3323.3393.541
why do you have that golden shield and I3324.93.78
don't like where did you get that I'm a3326.885.1
gamer and you're nobody clearly yes I'm3328.684.74
gonna buy these crack pots you might3331.983.24
need them from something oh a telescope3333.423.84
hell yeah I'm buying a telescope I'm3335.223.359
gonna spend my money before we start3337.263.66
fighting this idiot3338.5795.641
so how do I do armor is it uh I'm a3340.924.56
little stronger with this helmet so3344.224.5
we're going with that helmet status yep3345.485.4
and then next to your Shields yeah look3350.885.76
at these boots I was wearing I was3354.1193.781
yeah you got like damn wraps on yeah and3357.94.5
no pants look at what I got now3360.0594.081
put them on that's better right put them3362.44.26
on I can't that's what I had that's what3364.145.16
I'm getting oh wow some things are red3366.665.699
less magic oh red but you don't use3369.35.16
magic much but some things are blue3372.3595.041
do the change again neebs okay so this3374.464.98
is your legs changing at all well I3377.43.48
haven't put them on yet just oh on the3379.443.48
menus I'm like comparing we can't see3380.884.62
that well you're right beside me take a3382.926.179
look no that's right take a look that's3385.54.859
what you see your monitor would you wear3389.0992.46
right or those okay so red means yeah3391.5594.861
your Magic's doing now but you don't use3395.163.179
magic so who gives a [ __ ] yeah yeah it's3396.423.6
gonna bump your physical yeah there we3398.3393.301
go but also you should be concerned oh3400.025.039
my God you have pants yep wow sorry3401.646.179
ladies it's finally time3405.0595.04
okay you've become a man let's do it3407.8194.5
with pants all right3410.0995.101
we're gonna try to take this guy you3412.3194.201
gotta be careful with your roll though3415.23.659
neebs like try rolling is it does it3416.524.5
feel different yeah still things okay if3418.8593.72
you go to a certain weight though you'll3421.022.94
start being sluggish and be like yeah3422.5793.48
and roll still happens five minutes3423.964.98
after I push it so it's good uh-huh3426.0596.361
shall we yep all right horse man your3428.947.08
day has come let's see once we kill him3432.426.659
will he be gone forever yes3436.025.579
yes he will you know what I'm gonna let3439.0794.621
this damn sorcerer we got I'm gonna try3441.5994.98
to bring him in all right3443.74.859
you guys gonna bring in the mob and I'll3446.5793.54
bring in the sorcerer bring them all at3448.5594.201
the same time or spread them out nah3450.1195.101
same time same time you got it oh yeah I3452.765.7
got me a sorcerer let the record shows3455.224.56
it probably would be better to do it3458.463.78
staggered but it's fine3459.784.68
okay there we go the mob has been3462.244.44
Unleashed can you tell who's me and3464.463.48
who's the mob3466.682.34
really you don't look like a ghost3469.025.0
let's do this3471.445.679
oh wow how did that Miss that's some3474.024.14
[ __ ]3477.1193.601
let's do it what am I looking for as far3478.164.78
as a pattern uh when he does that you3480.724.619
roll tell me when to attack uh whatever3482.945.879
but right after his attack he swings3485.3396.541
after he swings yeah sometimes he swings3488.8195.581
a bunch of times well3491.884.62
look we got a double sorcery going on3494.44.32
back here I love it hell yeah it makes3496.53.24
sense for you to have a little sorcery3498.723.119
again yeah my little sorcerer buddy it's3499.744.079
supposed to read sorcery3501.8395.601
yes sorcery sorcery3503.8193.621
like all right if you want me to tell3507.723.599
you an attack attack then yeah and then3509.0996.381
oh God and then3511.3194.161
perfect he's still alive babe no oh3517.745.099
you're down I'm amazed you're still3521.0993.48
playing I'm just stuck on Anthony who's3522.8393.601
crashed yeah there's no way that you're3524.5794.02
gonna be going for much longer [ __ ] okay3526.444.859
yeah Anthony's just sliding across the3528.5995.281
grass on my screen so we did we broke it3531.2995.52
yeah we broke the mod uh as techia cut3533.884.56
this part out3536.8193.48
I'm looking right at him oh and it's3538.444.26
raining yep oh yeah oh God3540.2995.121
here he comes who's he on he's me on me3542.75.04
stay on him let me get my Souls back3545.424.24
right to you3547.744.68
he's on me I'll keep3549.664.02
all right you know what I'm doing Bob3552.423.08
and Bob all right3553.685.1
let me down they're pretty awesome all3555.55.5
right when Bob and Bob are down next of3558.784.799
us will release uh our next guy3561.04.2
well I keep hitting up on the d-pad3565.22.879
because I've been playing Star Wars so3566.8194.081
much oh no oh okay oh I dodged you you3568.0796.0
dumb [ __ ] nice Dodge oh Bob Bob took a3570.96.3
big hit oh no oh3574.0794.5
I don't think he's gonna come for me3577.23.24
then he does3578.5794.5
come on try again you big fat stupid3580.445.54
dumb dumb3583.0792.901
Matt you asleep oh God Matt wake up3586.045.759
because he's doing3589.6196.5
sorcery this is what it gets good Matt3591.7994.32
wake up and cheer us on3596.284.86
say yes3599.183.52
all right I got a good feeling about oh3601.144.02
no no no no I don't okay3602.74.379
it's like he turns on a dime and just3605.163.48
comes right at you I feel like I spent3607.0793.24
all my time running after him yep and3608.643.24
when I get there he just hits me pretty3610.3192.461
all right3612.783.72
you gotta Dodge his attacks and then get3614.74.02
him that one hit you can do like Dodge3616.54.5
right then and then swing and then here3618.727.2
we go and Dodge and Dodge swing okay hey3621.06.599
I'm just happy I still got a bob up and3625.923.6
he's doing all right oh no he just took3627.5995.401
a big hit and Dodge and then swing all3629.525.94
right Bob's almost dead you guys might3633.04.14
want to call in one of you yeah Bob's3635.462.52
okay all right Anthony call on yours3637.982.94
going in it3639.784.319
come my mob attack are you calling those3640.925.76
idiots do not be afraid3644.0995.041
oh boy you're General I'm here to fight3646.685.399
by your side these guys sucked by God so3649.146.26
he took one hit he's out3652.0793.321
all right let's get him3659.523.539
I'll do some damage he's not hardly hurt3661.23.0
at all3663.0593.441
okay yeah all right3664.24.859
time some hardcore I got some hits there3666.54.059
yeah baby3669.0594.101
oh no3673.983.599
I feel like he's coming right out oh god3675.963.78
oh man what the [ __ ] was that your3677.5795.881
instincts are very very astute oh jeez3679.746.66
oh God he's jumping oh god that hurt3683.465.879
that was a crazy damn move3686.44.439
man I keep hitting up on the d-pad3689.3392.881
because I've been playing Star Wars Jedi3690.8393.801
and why are you ducking I I'm hurt I'm3699.724.92
going away3702.94.02
call your guys in neebs heal up you got3704.644.74
it I'm gonna do the Wolves bam come on3706.924.86
Wolves yeah I just have to picture this3709.386.6
guy as a large frog and I can defeat him3711.786.18
few people get that reference but if you3715.984.379
do I love you ah3717.964.02
yep you're gonna have to try harder than3720.3593.301
that Megan yeah he's stupid there you go3721.985.18
[ __ ] there you go wolves3723.663.5
Anthony was that you didn't took a hit3728.0994.02
or a wolf uh no wolf you halfway down3729.93.959
and one wolf down there's more than3732.1194.801
halfway neebs oh no no no oh [ __ ] oh3733.8595.101
[ __ ] God I got nailed there it's like a3736.924.439
wrestling move he just dunked you3738.965.28
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] stay away from me go3741.3594.081
after one of them3744.243.3
let me heal3745.444.2
come on back here baby3749.644.56
oh God I was rolling3752.0996.5
yeah you gotta time those rolls perfect3754.24.399
do ya oh yes yes yes you do yeah in fact3758.766.18
that's how this works3762.3594.621
I heal up Anthony there you go3764.945.359
oh [ __ ] uh3766.983.319
oh yeah take that baby3771.5993.561
don't look at me like that no oh yeah oh3778.264.98
ah god wow yeah can't believe that you3780.544.259
guys heal up he's on me for a minute all3783.244.5
right we got this yeah oh come on come3784.7995.04
on don't mess with my buddies don't mess3787.743.42
with my buddies3789.8392.76
I don't have anything I can use to3791.163.659
attack it oh crap like an idiot Rainbow3792.5993.96
Stone come on you dumb [ __ ] yep I'm3794.8193.721
putting flames on my Rainbow Stone oh3796.5593.361
let's go on here rainbow Stones oh what3799.924.32
do they do oh nothing really they just3802.5592.641
kind of look pretty guys I'm doing3804.242.76
really good at dodging but I'm3805.24.46
gonna need help3807.02.66
help all right I'll pull back and do3810.5992.76
some sorcery3811.8593.181
I got a little bit of sorcery left I'll3813.3593.061
do what I can you see my rainbow Stones3815.043.42
aren't they cute mm-hmm why are you3816.423.419
putting down rain we almost got this guy3818.462.639
and you're [ __ ] around we're the only3819.8393.121
things I have equipped we need you to3821.0995.361
fight something I'm working on it3822.963.5
I'm gonna jump off the top of this rock3827.8194.921
and look Epic no that didn't work3829.385.76
there you go3832.745.94
Dodge oh God it's so crap I'm gonna3835.145.28
think I'm out of this I'm out of sorcery3838.684.2
oh I got one more glint art3840.423.899
that's it3842.883.3
you have any more rainbow stones3844.3194.321
I got nothing damn I got nothing oh I3846.184.619
got some daggers3848.645.479
how do I use this oh yeah that's right3850.7993.32
come on leave me alone3856.53.119
go for neaves look at it something big3857.943.119
coming there's a big move coming3859.6193.121
probably we've been fighting around3861.0592.881
these rainbow Stones I think it's3862.742.28
are they are they hurting him come on no3865.025.36
they're just lighting him up3867.3593.021
come on that was quick3872.1193.661
[ __ ] let's finish God damn it3880.025.46
all right daggers are worthless Dodge oh3882.665.939
no no it's over no you got this3885.486.24
he's not he's done enough oh [ __ ] come3888.5998.24
on name's you and me yep roll away3891.725.119
yes yes yeah oh I'm getting cocky nope3898.387.939
no no no okay3902.46.36
I gotta roll3906.3195.441
I know I died but oh my God damn it I3914.766.319
saw it if you had swung left you got him3918.0596.381
God damn it3921.0796.22
all right we gotta level up more we3924.445.8
gotta do it no we're so close we gotta3927.2993.481
do it3930.241.05

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