Jeep Stuff FROM ABOVE!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming aficionados! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Episode 24 is here, and le...
Jeep Stuff FROM ABOVE!
Jeep Stuff FROM ABOVE!

Jeep Stuff FROM ABOVE!

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen our latest video, 'Jeep Stuff FROM ABOVE!'? It's a real doozy!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That one cracked me up! Those beta boys really thought they could outsmart the alpha tribe with explosives from above. Hilarious!

neebs: I know, right? I couldn't stop laughing when they were trying to be all sneaky-like. Classic Ark moments, for sure!

appsro: Definitely! It's one of my favorite videos on our channel. The chaos and mayhem never fail to entertain. Can't wait to see what other shenanigans we get up to next!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming aficionados! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe? Episode 24 is here, and let me tell you, the beta boys are up to some sneaky antics in this one. They're coming in hot from above with explosives, trying to take down the alpha tribe. I mean, are the alpha tribe even paying attention at this point? It's all-out war in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, and you don't want to miss a minute of the action.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Neebs Magic Dumpster on YouTube for all the latest and greatest content from the Neebs Gaming crew. These guys know how to keep you entertained with their hilarious commentary and epic gameplay. And speaking of gameplay, Ark: Survival Evolved is where it's at. If you're a fan of survival games and epic battles, this is the game for you. Head over to to learn more about the game and get in on the action.

And of course, don't forget to subscribe to the Neebs Gaming channel for more awesome content. These guys are the real deal, and they always bring their A-game. Plus, if you're looking to support the channel, check out their Patreon and grab some Neebs Gaming merch. And who can forget about Neebs Gaming Coffee? Get your caffeine fix and support the channel at the same time.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for some epic Ark: Survival Evolved gameplay. You won't be disappointed.

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after anything else other than silica0.124.7
we're up we're down about the ocean yeah5.2793.961
you're gonna grab Anthony7.23.96
right now yeah get on the butt there all9.242.64
okay hold your breath11.883.9
what's your name uh well silica pearls13.984.08
are gonna be the main thing you know15.784.8
gunpowder production right now God you18.065.879
are ugly not you names20.585.459
silica pearls I'm making the gunpowder23.9394.141
and uh yeah yeah I think we'll be good26.0395.451
with that for a while okay oh God28.085.3
yeah okay all right we'll be back with33.385.32
uh silica Pearl shortly sounds like36.545.72
please you sexy man38.73.56
all right I'm giving up that bed unequip45.0795.32
your tool and just grab this clam with48.34.439
your hand okay on equip I'm still50.3995.64
grappled on yep oh I'm too far now okay52.7395.46
as soon as we go back down there's56.0394.02
sharks okay all right hit me hit me hit58.1994.461
me hit me60.0592.601
hold on68.1193.061
do you want to uh would you like to uh120.185.039
go ahead go ahead buddy okay122.7593.96
um I'd like to say for everyone here125.2193.9
first of all thank you yeah for your126.7194.621
service you've done a really good job129.1194.741
what do you think yeah yeah and the fact131.344.74
that you're alive says a lot yeah all133.863.54
right either you were put on the wrong136.083.78
setting on the wrong team right137.44.26
definitely the wrong team whichever it139.863.18
is we're happy that you're here we've141.662.88
got a couple people who've been here for143.043.6
a long time like Punky what do you think144.544.02
yeah no punkies that punky's been here146.644.38
for a while at least yeah we've got some148.564.5
we never had like about we never had151.024.439
like nothing you know we didn't play a153.064.74
game of pool or anything you know no no155.4594.801
we didn't but we did have fun and we've157.85.04
connected and listen today might be your160.264.92
last day yeah all of ours really we162.845.22
don't know right I'm here so I just165.184.68
wanted to take this opportunity to say168.063.92
thank you very much both of us wanted169.864.92
yeah well I really I kind of initiated171.984.539
it and then I think you jumped on yeah I174.782.88
don't know why we would call that out176.5192.641
one second177.665.52
um let's see hey what do you hey179.164.02
come join the come and join the party184.143.42
we're saying goodbye to you too here we186.123.66
go who are we missing over there uh I187.564.08
think that was it okay but what the name189.783.84
see what gave it away as I saw your tail191.644.44
sticking out oh as far as oh I see what193.623.6
you're saying yeah what was the name of196.083.12
the animal oh this was Tico Tico okay197.223.78
yeah Tico you're one of the new ones no199.24.14
wonder you you know you're still alive201.03.72
you haven't been here for that long203.342.7
Tico's just waiting for the door to open204.723.54
to run and jump off a cliff okay by the206.044.26
end of the day no matter what we will208.265.0
sacrifice Tico210.32.96
right anyway I'm gonna I'm gonna level217.943.82
up Snickerdoodle and then this will be a220.083.12
thing oh thank you and I'm gonna go and221.763.42
uh take a post you guys are great thank223.24.319
you uh to try to take a donut on your225.183.36
way out227.5194.921
we have Donuts we do not no we don't228.545.82
you don't have to call that out232.444.579
you're right234.362.659
welcome back boys hello thank you thank241.985.039
you we got lots of silica pearls but244.925.879
lots what do you mean uh like 850. yeah247.0196.3
that'll do it more importantly number250.7995.581
seven of our army for the finale what do253.3194.861
you plan on doing with the dodos oh the256.384.74
attack oh sure yeah okay who's got the258.184.799
silica Pearl Anthony sorry go toss them261.125.519
in the fabricator okay okay so all right262.9795.641
we're gonna turn that on I've made a266.6393.901
little bit of gunpowder but I need more268.624.859
and with that we can make270.544.86
can at least make two of them all right273.4794.321
we got two more C4 charges being made275.44.2
right now only two more I thought I277.83.0
thought silica Pearl was all you need279.62.64
Gunpowder gunpowder's the biggest thing280.83.48
for me right now oh but I did need the282.243.78
silica Pearl so that's uh now that we284.283.419
have that286.023.179
um oh wait maybe I didn't need silica287.6993.181
Pro for this yeah we just spent all day289.1993.241
again until Caper wait I need silica290.884.5
Pearl for for it oh yeah the electronics292.444.14
because I need to make Electronics295.383.42
that's right yeah so with that and those296.584.74
oh yeah no I'm crafting 100 Electronics298.84.26
right now we're good okay on the301.324.379
electronics right gunpowder that's303.064.56
that's why I'm uh you see all the fires305.6993.06
around right307.622.46
oh yeah yeah yeah I'm working on the310.084.8
gunpowder thing okay I'm sneaking up on312.543.3
the bushes is he doing a Dodo thing315.844.639
again I don't know317.942.539
how do I know how do I know how to find349.464.36
this out I don't know did you get him352.025.82
knocked out he's level 55. what what are353.825.58
we under attack what's happening uh no357.843.96
you just got shot with a trench dark it359.44.26
seems to have happened again abstra yeah361.83.36
I wonder who's doing that I don't know363.663.36
is this to teach me a lesson you've got365.165.039
great times oh there it goes367.027.2
there we go good stuff neebs look it's a370.1995.78
bonding moment for the two of them yeah374.224.44
put put bearings you pick up one I'll375.9794.241
pick up the other put batteries in the378.663.42
world make them kids put berries on them380.224.699
I can pick this up I thought you could382.085.58
you have to take him to the bird here we384.9194.06
now they can cuddle oh wake up they'll392.185.44
be best friends look at that it's like a395.463.37
little Cronenberg creature397.623.84
well I think we have just an extra403.165.259
barrier protection to keep these animals405.845.82
from going crazy with these spots going408.4194.441
on with that what's going on right there411.662.879
we gotta fight right in front of you I412.863.899
do I see it's one of my my fellow414.5394.741
Griffins so that's gonna piss off all of416.7594.801
our stuff isn't it yeah actually it is419.285.22
maybe I should do this maybe I should421.565.54
hey buddy come here424.54.68
okay that's good it's what you you427.14.659
deserve it yep and it's getting shot by429.183.359
uh-huh yeah I'm just gonna sit here and432.5394.921
watch it go down yeah this is a really435.4193.961
really pretty gribbon this might be our437.463.44
only win today439.384.62
are our animals uh just chilling in440.95.44
there like nothing's happening uh Yep444.04.44
they're having a good old time they're446.343.96
just relaxing that's nice you know the448.444.319
top must crumble eventually like because450.36.6
you get greedy and lazy and we represent452.7596.961
the top that's us I guess it's nice to456.94.68
be at the top at some point I enjoyed459.724.259
every bit of it Simon yeah it was it was461.585.459
nice but uh but maybe we shouldn't give463.9796.12
up quite yet because we have a an ace up467.0396.06
Our Sleeve you damn right we do nobody470.0995.581
knows about it except for us yeah we473.0995.461
made sure we were extra quiet and sneaky475.685.82
secret sneakies yeah yeah we're478.566.6
practically like uh spies yeah you know481.55.94
like cut our nuts off what's that you'd485.164.379
have to cut our nuts off yeah in order487.444.62
to make us I like I probably would if489.5394.56
you if you cut my nuts yeah see I've492.065.28
never nuts so let's try there see see494.0995.22
I'm weak I'm the weak link I got nuts497.343.9
yeah I cut them off last time I was a499.3195.041
spy wow just for just so they wouldn't501.245.16
threaten to cut them off right you did504.367.019
it yourself yeah that's a win suckers506.44.979
all right neat yeah I want to experiment511.625.46
you got the rocket launcher I do so if514.744.26
you're flying can you shoot the rocket517.083.839
launcher as you're flying let's find out519.04.86
here we go science520.9195.241
stop it all right so I guess we'll just526.166.7
do this out here okay that's my target529.984.74
um anything we just want to know if you532.863.36
can shoot it so I'm dropping you okay534.724.2
I'm flying right behind you rocket536.225.34
launchers out538.924.32
I didn't know if I could hit something541.564.08
though hmm543.244.86
oh wait how do I dive again545.645.42
that's falling with Styles548.16.9
Goodbye neebs Oh I'll turn around551.065.459
okay so my target is that tree right in556.5194.961
front of me all right you ready yep I've559.265.639
got it on Target and nice561.486.24
where'd it go did I hit it oh there we564.8996.681
go yeah that was great567.723.86
yeah hit the target and the tree beside572.045.6
it okay that should work then573.8993.741
it's like okay so yeah land over here578.883.54
land on this Cliffy580.84.14
go beautiful okay so here's what I'm582.425.039
thinking is we go over to their base and584.944.14
I believe they have like a bunch of587.4594.741
those plants on top I take you as high589.086.12
as I can and I drop you you swoop in and592.24.68
you nail those damn plants perfect595.23.9
mission impossible596.884.079
Mission possible now now that we know599.14.08
you can do this that's right so uh what600.9593.961
you got two more Rockets left two on the603.183.779
yeah perfect all right we're doing it604.923.38
let's do it606.9593.841
I think that's their Peninsula right610.83.12
down there right uh it's hard for me to612.422.96
see they're uh yeah613.923.479
okay I'll tell you what I'm gonna get as615.383.28
high as I can right now and drop it you617.3993.361
ready okay maybe uh all right go for it618.664.14
maybe uh all right go for it yep I'll be620.763.42
careful here we go around I want to come622.84.5
in kind of all right bombs away stay624.185.099
with you until I have to fail got it I627.33.539
have a visual on the base looking for629.2793.661
confirmation of strike thank you Anthony630.8394.861
copy don't see the base yet but I think632.944.38
we're in the right place yep oh I see635.72.94
the top it looks like oh there's a637.323.54
griffin on top oh really yeah one just638.644.44
like spawned in I got a griffin back640.864.08
all right neebs I've lost sight of you I643.083.12
kind of went back towards the mainland644.943.18
the base isn't spawned in for me yet646.24.22
yeah I think I'm starting to see some652.83.9
stuff I'm gonna dive a touch oh yep I654.124.26
see you circling around getting up for656.73.18
that group and up top names come on base658.383.6
as soon as it spawns in for me I'll have659.885.04
a better look yeah the plants we661.984.799
plants gotcha yes664.924.68
yes come on for real boy I'm flexible in666.7794.74
the hips here we go669.64.739
I'm pretty high there's not much oxygen671.5194.981
okay oh I'm seeing it I'm way too high674.3394.761
let me here we go no676.56.24
getting closer guys stand by okay679.15.5
I'm a little high I'm gonna lower my682.746.38
Approach there we go take a name684.64.52
confirm hit690.8992.661
any plans taken out I didn't see it it694.5194.481
was on the opposite side can you can you697.143.36
take a shot at more plants yep circle699.02.399
come on baby trying to get closer701.3994.801
taking fire704.044.62
oh they're firing at me all right yeah706.25.54
get out of there Dave get out of here708.663.08
no I didn't attack [ __ ] that's one of719.122.93
them isn't it721.562.0
I think that's your wild I'm diving into723.564.3
the canyon and I am going to try to726.065.58
catch it okay you can chase anything how727.865.52
do you detect [ __ ] all right that's the731.644.56
problem there's a griffin chasing me on733.384.92
the dive I have a sniper I'm turning736.23.66
turn back your way that might be an738.34.159
enemy Griffin739.862.599
am I getting hit744.542.84
yeah uh if you can grab names yes I see752.125.76
you okay I see Anthony755.225.4
very close very close are we being757.884.78
chased negative I think they've turned760.623.27
class copy764.9596.041
that copy that moving back I don't know767.545.08
if we actually got any of those plants771.05.42
though I don't either man that was fun772.623.8
I am officially scared yeah it's a776.8394.961
little scary yeah but that's okay780.33.12
because you know what I'm gonna do I'm781.83.24
gonna say I'm saying goodbye right now783.423.659
to my bird oh wow you're really going785.044.02
that far okay what the hell man and I787.0794.44
mean everything just ran off I know I789.064.38
know I know attacking your target mine791.5193.901
would have been gone if I wasn't if if I793.443.78
if eating a block by a wall so I messed795.423.84
up I797.226.2
I messed up the [ __ ]799.264.16
all right neebs uh-huh this is gonna be806.34.839
a little crazy but you got the C4 I do809.044.08
all right you need to land at the tip811.1394.82
tip top of the tower813.125.159
I think you can pull this off I hope so815.9594.301
so tip tip top of the tower actually I818.2793.421
see the tip tip top of the tower right820.263.72
now there's like a uh like a Ballista821.74.139
turret up there or something okay but823.983.78
land up there and then just see if you825.8393.3
can plant that stuff and then get out of827.763.84
there do my best oh great there's a Dodo829.1395.041
near their base should I grab it oh yeah831.64.14
I'm sorry one more damn thing about the834.183.06
dodo I'm moving into this all right I'm835.742.94
sorry I'm moving into position I'm I'm837.243.0
here to see what's going on I got you838.683.8
all right840.242.24
yeah that's a thing isn't it winds out844.24.259
no wings up nothing flippers up for UNC845.825.72
baby Seahawks man I don't know848.4593.081
the top there is nothing on top there is858.485.039
no animal it is clear come on oh boy I860.2794.62
gotta circle around that's not gonna863.5193.601
happen yes there's a lot of plants right864.8994.38
below it I know you gotta stay right in867.123.719
the middle I like I'm aware of how869.2793.3
dangerous this is okay it was nice870.8393.141
knowing you872.5793.781
just laying right on top don't give them873.984.06
false hope876.364.2
oh I see a griffin flying one of them878.044.2
like running into the wall would be a880.563.839
lot easier than Landing right on top but882.245.42
that's where the plants are right yeah884.3993.261
too low at this point too low okay I'm897.1394.121
coming in coming down for an extraction899.5192.82
babes you're looking great buddy well902.3394.68
thank you you look awesome all right904.323.9
gotcha all right carrying you a little907.0192.701
higher I need to use my shot it was908.223.479
great this is okay909.723.72
just a little bit all right you let me911.6994.08
know okay and let's do it all right go913.444.92
that's one leans out915.7797.041
so we know is on the top of the tower918.364.46
holy crap I did it926.05.98
let's go [ __ ] awesome put it put that929.044.859
stuff down931.984.32
boom good job oh wait and it might be933.8994.021
over there and then jump back towards me936.33.479
jump back towards me after you got it937.924.14
which way are you I can't see I'm back939.7794.981
towards the Redwoods that way yes this942.064.079
direction I'm over here in the woods944.762.939
holy crap can I get over here okay here946.1393.801
it goes947.6992.241
all right970.823.16
I'll try to help you out Simon's972.483.859
shooting me973.982.359
all right979.5793.661
he's reloading981.8994.68
come on come on come on983.245.68
all right hold on he's running after me986.5793.661
coming I'm trying [ __ ] come on I think a990.245.48
Griffin's dead993.122.6
oh gotcha all right Simon's down neebs996.727.22
here we go and okay I'm out999.7794.161
accomplished all right all right Retreat1005.744.12
Retreat there's still one more part of1008.03.3
the mission right there you go good job1009.864.26
good job uh strategically advancing to1011.34.62
the rear all right Anthony you see me1014.123.959
negative to your left copy you with me1015.924.74
don't go too far1018.0794.5
come on follow me follow me oh names I1020.662.88
can't believe he got out of there I1022.5793.301
couldn't either man that was Harry that1023.543.06
was amazing1025.882.819
oh my1026.63.839
oh my Griffin to death uh I think I1028.6993.901
might have chopped it to death [ __ ] yeah1030.4394.201
are they following us I saw Griffin is1032.63.54
that a wild I don't know keep running1034.644.22
keep running yeah1036.142.72
where's Neves what I'm tracking them I'm1040.763.419
watching them1042.863.66
[ __ ] out of my body oh thank you sorry1044.1794.02
my body should be right here are we1046.522.76
bleeding what's happening yeah something1048.1992.941
something bit me I'm good I'm a little1049.283.779
nip nip so you still got a C4 charge1051.143.899
still got it let's hope it works1053.0593.381
[ __ ] a1055.0394.081
little higher please should we go to the1056.444.42
other plateau and see if that was my1059.123.12
plan that's where I was headed all right1060.862.34
all right1062.242.16
all right let's just hope they land1063.22.52
their bird on1064.42.94
on that1065.722.819
it's Barney1067.343.0
I might have lost them dude I think I1068.5393.301
lost him1070.343.719
and I [ __ ] close this door closing1071.844.92
the [ __ ] door locking myself in okay1074.0595.041
all right there is oh wait that is at1079.13.66
the very top hold on yeah let's see if1081.322.4
we can get close and get a little bit1082.762.88
more of it to load in I can't see any of1083.723.6
it there we go I got it loaded and look1085.644.32
at this the remnants of [ __ ] Biff the1087.325.099
sniff Griffin if you were great Biff I1089.964.26
loved you buddy what'd you have on your1092.4194.5
person you can keep that stake take it1094.224.68
with you to the afterlife oh [ __ ]1096.9194.201
there's a I see Dora I see they're1098.94.139
coming back yeah pretty sure here we go1101.124.38
all right they're being uh yeah they're1103.0394.561
they're on a mission huh I think I just1105.56.14
saw a bat fly down touchdown somewhere1107.64.04
shot it getting a shot at it the bat's1112.464.5
over here dude1115.43.32
come on1116.964.14
uh there's nothing up there though well1118.723.76
I don't know if they got anything left I1121.14.68
killed the gun money in the suit come on1122.485.28
so he's carrying one of them I know1125.784.22
they're still1127.762.24
missing I'm missing and I'm missing we1130.525.279
had somebody here shooting at the same1133.824.62
time with me oh he just got hit well I1135.7995.181
know and you also gotta [ __ ] be here1138.445.4
yeah you know yeah okay no I know I'm1140.984.12
just saying I really think that you1143.842.76
should be here turning us against each1145.14.1
other no I1146.62.6
let's do that oh God knows they win I1150.345.02
was I was hoping we could get one of the1154.162.7
birds to land up there yeah they're not1155.362.819
doing that now but this could be cool1156.863.0
all right yeah if you want to do it go1158.1794.321
for it neebs here we go ready and three1159.866.14
two one1162.53.5
God damn I hate this game swear negative1168.7994.561
on the explosion I swear I'm with you1171.22.67
this time1173.361.62
maybe fly you over for distance is it a1174.984.079
distance thing okay worth a shot where1176.964.14
you at neebs1179.0593.781
watch out they're out there they're out1181.13.36
there I know all right they just came1182.843.9
out can you do it oh boy they see me1184.463.719
can you push the button while you're1186.743.24
flying I'm sure I can all right yeah1188.1794.321
let's do it1189.984.74
where is he I'll hit him back he's on1192.54.38
the wall near where we were okay and1194.724.44
drop me whenever all right dropping all1196.885.1
right he dropped them uh-huh good1199.166.379
[ __ ] I'm right over top yeah1201.983.559
there we go1206.62.84
a radio made out of wood and rocks and1234.286.1
some crystals how dare it not have good1238.16.439
reception come on come on1240.384.159
come on I've been up here forever we1246.52.88
should dump things up here we should1247.943.18
have animals1249.385.159
you did sure he did so Simon you're up1251.126.179
there yep I don't see anything1254.5396.841
[ __ ] art [ __ ] get off yeah stairs1257.2996.721
don't let go they went up here and I I1261.386.06
see like there's these two things here1264.026.84
so this is like explosions no let me see1267.446.119
oh I guess oh maybe so one of them I can1270.865.64
access and one of them I can't okay so1273.5597.201
what I so maybe I can't in cachet owner1276.56.24
of ballista turret I don't know what the1280.764.38
[ __ ] this is I pull that up from the top1282.744.02
maybe they blew it up it might have been1285.142.76
the top of the list of that we had1286.763.84
placed and they blew it up okay so good1287.96.36
for them good for them huh yeah right1290.67.02
that's my guess you know yeah all right1294.265.76
well oh my God just [ __ ] land up here1297.626.559
land there's a platform1300.024.159
all right so when can we uh what do we1304.245.86
do next we'll just chill out I'm going1308.1794.681
down at the bottom I don't care what1310.13.04
and I don't want to ever go up this1315.287.379
again no the worst Tower yeah1317.964.699

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I just can't get enough of watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Ark: Survival Evolved. Their Noobs vs Alpha Tribe series is absolutely hilarious and totally addicting. I'm always excited when a new episode drops because I know I'm in for a treat.

In this latest episode, the Neebs boys decide to get sneaky and attack the Alpha tribe from above using explosives. It's genius really. I was literally laughing out loud as I watched them try to coordinate their attack and then utterly fail in the most comedic way possible. Only Neebs and the gang could make getting completely wiped by the enemy so funny and entertaining.

The best part is the Neebs crew doesn't just show you highlights of the best moments. You get the full experience of watching them play Ark from start to finish, with all the grinding, taming, building, and of course shenanigans in between. It really is like you're playing the game alongside them, without all the frustration.

And their cinematic editing takes it to another level. The music, sound effects, and cuts between gameplay and their skits add so much production value. It feels like you're watching a movie at times. A very goofy, mildly inappropriate movie.

So if you're looking for a wildly fun way to experience Ark that will have you literally LOLing, then you need to check out the Neebs Gaming playthrough. Their blend of humor, creativity, and top-notch production is unmatched in my opinion. I seriously can't recommend their Ark series enough!

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