The town mayor might be a murderer...- RANCH SIM

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They're making some serious progress on a barn in Ranch Sim, but things t...
The town mayor might be a murderer...- RANCH SIM
The town mayor might be a murderer...- RANCH SIM

The town mayor might be a murderer...- RANCH SIM

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ranch Sim! Today, we might have uncovered a dark secret about our town mayor... he could be a murderer!

simon: Oh man, that's crazy! But you know what's even crazier? The fact that this is now my favorite video on our channel. I mean, who doesn't love a good murder mystery in a simulation game?

neebs: Haha, I know right? It's like we're living in our own little soap opera. Who needs TV dramas when we have Ranch Sim drama right here?

simon: Exactly! And the best part is, we get to build a barn while uncovering the truth about our potentially murderous mayor. It's like multitasking at its finest!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They're making some serious progress on a barn in Ranch Sim, but things take a dark turn when they realize that their days might be numbered thanks to an unstable neighbor who also happens to be the town mayor. Could this guy be a murderer? You'll have to watch to find out!

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that their content is always top-notch. The banter between the guys is hilarious, and their gaming skills are seriously impressive. I love how they always manage to find humor in even the most intense situations, and this video is no exception.

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simon hey we need uh metal and concrete4.165.12
to finish the second house feel like we7.044.559
need to build a barn as well okay it's9.285.2
time to start dealing with uh pigs and11.5995.121
cows yeah no i mean that sounds good14.484.4
what the this is what i'm thinking you16.724.319
can't know no you're not allowed to18.883.84
that's so much bigger than ours and we21.0393.521
don't that's obnoxious and yeah you're22.723.68
right it's in the wrong spot yeah it's24.563.84
on our property yeah it's in the wrong26.43.84
spot that would be our problem yeah28.44.78
do we even want this piece of [ __ ]45.363.49
no bam47.682.719
oh look at that i didn't even get my50.3994.081
crowbar out bam52.2393.84
get out of here54.482.88
pretty sure that's where your daddy was56.0793.12
you're gonna pick a barn pick one59.1995.841
barn front barn back barn meant what61.65.12
front back middle of the barn all right65.043.6
well this looks like the proper place66.723.92
for a fr68.644.0
runt oh70.642.96
wow we're getting there75.1197.561
bam that'd be a nice barn i agree77.65.08
is that a gas is it out of gas did it101.23.68
just run out because i don't know i mean103.1195.521
i still don't know [ __ ] picked it up104.885.599
keep on [ __ ] doing the wrong buttons108.644.479
man driving me crazy yeah yep laughs on110.4794.401
the ranch is hard why don't you guys go113.1193.521
and get some gas oh yeah all right114.883.839
you're driving simon116.644.159
all right so is this place close oh yeah118.7194.4
super close oh [ __ ] you're good120.7993.991
gas stations right here all right so132.646.16
let's see here hit the brakes135.447.64
do i click it over here nope138.84.28
okay so144.9595.121
[ __ ]147.682.4
e to start refueling152.8793.44
took way too long but i yeah156.648.2
hey hey hello man barely made it back164.9596.321
man it got dark quick yeah i almost took168.485.759
this uh whole thing out oh gotcha yeah171.284.4
yeah i'm pretty sure that's where your174.2393.92
grandmama was conceived oh really yep so175.686.08
grandma was conceived here and then the178.1596.08
man that grandma ended up marrying181.764.24
happened to also be conceived in a184.2393.681
building right next door186.04.72
we should go to bed187.922.8
oh simon oh good morning you look weird196.3196.801
um really you're not even facing me oh200.44.64
so how do i see you i don't know but i203.124.32
but the back your neck looks oh yeah205.044.96
sweaty yeah i am looking this way i just207.446.2
assume you look weird210.03.64
now okay i got a serious question for216.484.8
you sir yeah why don't you ever leave i218.7994.401
like it here i like you guys is it221.284.16
because your wife doesn't allow you to223.23.28
be home225.442.96
nearly as much because you drive her226.484.479
crazy oh bobby joe does she like it when228.44.24
you're home oh hell no don't you have230.9594.081
mayoral duties yep232.643.46
oh yeah242.8794.481
wow what a barn okay it's done we're244.564.48
gonna need some fence out front and247.363.599
stuff like that we'll figure that out249.044.24
that's fantastic yeah now it's ready for250.9595.12
some pigs or some hogs on a hogs in the253.284.32
cow and the chicken coop now the257.64.4
chickens don't have feed i have no idea259.7593.681
where they went we're going to take care262.03.52
of it bam that's where our new chicken263.443.36
coop's going to go265.522.87
guys here's one of them266.83.2
oh there's gonna be some happy fat ass270.05.04
happy stupid chickens dumb chickens can272.06.639
i [ __ ] that chicken no no you can't okay275.046.719
oh yeah simon yeah278.6394.641
that looks like the beginning of281.7593.44
something buddy i283.283.52
couldn't agree more285.1992.56
look at that nice287.7594.961
that is a nice fits boys all right let's290.166.84
chop some more wood yeah292.724.28
we're out of gas [ __ ]324.04.479
[ __ ] there's a lot of ripping that's a326.04.06
lot of ripping328.4792.881
what's the gas on the uh the cart oh331.367.0
[ __ ] i can't look334.563.8
breaks and left that's a nice thing339.9195.201
about living in a small town simon you343.283.759
get to know the place i'm usually not345.124.079
good at that you know but there's not347.0394.401
much here it's just a tiny little quiet349.1994.881
town full of perverts full of perverts351.444.23
yeah lots of perverts354.087.04
pick this up see look you're an expert361.124.799
now i am you did that so much faster363.444.8
than last time i didn't do it though365.9194.881
and don't boom it does reach it's it's368.244.56
stretched all the hell but it reaches it370.83.679
does we're not going to be able to go372.82.959
sell this [ __ ] we're going to be in the374.4793.041
dark we don't need to go see shadeed375.7595.081
until morning377.523.32
hey home sweet home hey387.124.079
welcome back welcome back welcome389.443.28
welcome back391.1993.601
let's go to bed all right bedtime i've392.724.319
got a surprise for you in the morning oh394.84.08
just make sure it's not a wet willy with397.0394.801
my dick oh398.882.96
good morning time good morning i'm407.0394.88
eating some cashews okay you want some408.83.85
good morning414.964.959
good morning if you'll notice i was able416.6395.68
to take this down oh yeah all right419.9193.761
simon rip the rest of this wood we got422.3193.361
to finish these before we go get metal423.685.34
and god i pick it up every time425.6817.43
oh it's a stormy day boys dude is it447.284.479
always this stormy here it's crazy oh449.7593.361
yeah down here in the valley you just451.7594.401
get storms jesus okay we need um roughly453.126.32
20 metal and 60 concrete to finish house456.165.12
number two and everything else on the459.444.0
bar on the coop all right um let's see461.285.039
what we can sell and let's take it from463.445.92
there all right466.3193.041
oh damn beautiful that's how you put a473.845.359
damn out how you doing476.564.96
the riders on the storm479.1994.081
i don't know481.524.16
i did some stuff and things and i'm483.285.44
building me a wrench have sex with your485.687.28
mom no i will not get488.724.24
what do i chop it with crowbar have you495.844.4
ever in your life chopped up a deer with498.163.7
a crowbar500.244.689
yeah we are beautiful508.565.52
let's sell some [ __ ]511.1996.72
well means sellout 105 bucks yeah nice514.085.92
but we're gonna need more bullets oh i517.9194.8
like that and we're gonna need feed yep520.05.12
oh my bad yeah don't shoot indoors522.7192.961
so sir where are you from originally oh527.363.84
i was born and raised here oh you were529.2794.801
yeah grew up in a cave in a cave531.25.28
who raised you my daddy mama too mom and534.083.92
daddy were cave people536.483.68
i was pharaoh for many years simon538.03.44
though this is what you need to buy look540.163.52
at this oh yeah y'all you guys are541.445.2
rocking this piece of [ __ ] but this so543.685.44
what yeah we can't get everything no we546.644.24
can't so the second house just won't be549.123.04
done yet until we can afford more550.883.12
concrete could go see my wife she might552.163.359
have another job for us that's what i554.03.12
was thinking and hunt everything on the555.5193.361
damn way until we run out of bullets557.125.24
which will be quick558.883.48
how are you doing564.324.24
oh [ __ ] that's a bear that is a bear565.685.12
holy [ __ ] we should kill that for me568.564.8
let's get it570.82.56
bear hunt come on come on575.364.24
come on can i shoot through this i hope577.8392.961
i can yeah579.61.89
come on580.82.159
no i can't582.9594.161
[ __ ] [ __ ] oh it killed the deer584.084.56
okay that's good though587.124.719
oh my god it's taking forever588.643.199
that's some meat he just shot me593.5195.361
i get you baby don't worry let me reload596.644.639
oh look at all that meat can someone598.884.88
bring the vehicle around yeah man you601.2795.201
got to stop shooting me man but it's fun603.765.84
it's not it is606.484.96
oh yeah it is kind of fun you're right609.65.16
told ya611.443.32
oh jesus618.642.48
we got bear meat we got to be saving up625.124.719
for this saw man please let that be one627.63.6
of the things that yeah you can also do629.8393.041
some jobs around town yeah go see my631.24.879
wife and go see my husband wait632.884.56
the first time you brought up the636.0793.041
husband does your wife know your husband637.445.399
yeah okay639.123.719
doing great647.443.6
all right hey655.8393.12
let's do657.762.8
this oh is that going to complete the658.9594.641
coop um660.563.04
look at that happy fat ass plump ass666.05.36
chicken and that door is done668.85.279
and that door is done yeah all right i'm671.364.24
taking the basket i'm gonna pretend like674.0792.801
i'm doing something but i'm doing it675.65.359
over here do it oh yeah 600 yeah look at676.885.84
this [ __ ] i didn't even realize that680.9594.081
this door had two sections it opens up682.724.72
in two sections i love it farm doors do685.044.479
i know i love that687.444.8
is that chicken dead we got dead chicken689.5194.961
[ __ ] he's moving but he ain't moving a692.244.159
lot hold to skin694.482.799
wait is the other one dead yeah oh so697.2794.481
that's four chickens that starved to700.163.679
death so far that's true701.764.72
we have got an enclosed barn with a703.8395.361
fence this is amazing it's hog time now706.484.799
right pretty close yeah get some money709.24.48
get a hog yeah i want a hog then a table711.2794.161
saw i feel like we've done really good713.684.719
[ __ ] yeah baby bedtime see you boys in715.444.32
the morning i'll see you in the where718.3992.801
are you going oh i'm going to sleep in719.762.4
this house721.24.84
simon that's your house it is isn't it722.167.28
simon yeah i don't know why you're729.443.36
letting him sleep in your house you know730.884.16
what i feel safer in here with you732.84.159
sleeping in a puddle735.044.16
hey good morning736.9595.601
what the hell wait where'd you go739.26.48
i got teleported742.564.959
hey there's somebody running over there745.683.92
oh that's you yeah i got to tell them747.5194.721
before well yeah749.62.64
hey things are magical sometimes out752.564.16
here on the ranch clearly let's go see754.564.67
your wife and her husband yeah756.723.679
oh see that bright yellow path it's hard760.3994.161
to miss yep go up that bright yellow762.84.08
the hell of a path767.444.32
it really is yeah that's weird it's like769.364.88
the lighting is just not affecting the771.763.69
oh yeah this is a nice don't drive in776.725.28
the damn field now no it's too late779.044.72
oh i bet he's hanging out on the porch782.05.04
yep i see his ass hey joe bobby all783.765.28
right we got deconstruction under787.044.239
construction trailer delivery treasures789.044.799
of the ancients um i guess starting at791.2794.721
the top deconstruction the old barn793.8394.0
behind me needs to be demolished i'm fed796.03.92
up looking at it oh yeah i've been sick797.8393.601
and looking at that thing for years why799.924.32
didn't you do the honeydew stuff801.445.92
what was that baby okay804.245.12
bam we're really good at the destruction807.363.76
part been wanting to tear this thing up809.365.0
for years811.123.24
oh yeah there we go814.484.08
oh yeah get the hell out of here816.0795.12
oh yeah818.565.279
i'm getting the midsummer vibe from you821.1995.2
sir mid-summer yeah what's a mid-summer823.8395.041
it's a movie and things get weird things826.3994.641
get real weird what happens in the movie828.886.92
a celebration where [ __ ] gets weird831.044.76
yeah that's what i'm talking about you848.724.0
do a good job you get paid does he have850.6394.32
any other jobs trailer delivery i'm852.723.76
really good at driving trailers yeah854.9593.601
trailer delivery um could you pick up my856.483.919
fuel trailer from the gas station you858.563.279
could leave this trailer here cause you860.3993.201
got to come back for it and then simon861.8392.961
and i could stay here and watch the863.62.32
this is gonna be great i'll be back865.925.919
you guys have fun all right868.563.279
all right don't cut through the damn872.0793.841
like you fishing here oh no all the fish880.324.86
in here dead882.886.0
well it's not really filled with dead894.6393.44
fish right there's just no no no we896.483.919
killed them all okay why is that898.0793.841
dynamite in there you threw enough900.3993.921
dynamite in here to kill all of the fish901.923.76
yeah it was several years where we904.322.879
discovered we could easily hunt fish905.683.44
with dynamite killed every damn one of907.1996.281
them sad there it is909.124.36
is this guy loaded like should we be925.443.68
doing like all of his jobs right like927.1993.921
yeah it's loaded i'm kind of the sugar929.123.36
daddy in the situation if you know what931.122.24
i mean932.483.279
really do you want to give us some money933.366.28
that's a weird thing to ask a man right935.7597.02
oh i see a big old red tank coming not944.9594.401
through the damn field jesus947.1994.0
that is that951.1994.721
big flame on the side holy cheese952.6395.361
nice all right955.924.64
um where do i put this oh god okay drive958.05.04
it out probably damn he can see it960.564.8
we had stuff in here i just flipped it963.044.0
still in there good all right you figure965.363.36
that's that's a six hundred dollar job967.042.88
what you just did968.723.6
that's a dangerous uh it's a hazardous969.923.68
load yeah don't forget to give a little972.323.12
hazard pay there joe i brought the973.62.96
120 for that what i mean it is just976.565.04
driving it is just what do we do we979.684.0
always we just smack this building981.63.76
around for all right yeah that was983.684.079
actual labor i mean [ __ ] just driving985.363.52
all right how much you expect to get987.7593.921
paid just sitting on your ass 600.988.884.8
yeah get it up on there991.684.48
no no no need for that bye joe i love993.684.32
so good not to the damn the field i'm998.05.72

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